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(48.68 KB 640x480 jenhsunsad.jpg)

(174.77 KB 1920x1080 linus-laugh.jpg)

NVIDIA LEAKS A FUCKLOAD OF GAMES Anonymous 09/13/2021 (Mon) 14:34:47 Id: 4d5d3c No. 414768
https://archive.vn/df3qS Basically some guy was able to just get into NVIDIA's system, actually reported it to NVIDIA, but they just flat out ignored it. Therefore he was able to leak a shit ton of games including: >Dragon's Dogma 2 >Human Fall: Flat 2 >Crysis 4 >The Talos Principle 2 >Earth Defense Force 6 >Tekken 8 >Bioshock 2022 >Chrono Cross Remaster >Soy of War >Demon Soul's >Injustice 3: Gods Will Fall >Shin Megami Tensei V >Catherine: Full Body >Grand Theft Auto HD Collection >Kingdom Hearts IV >Final Fantasy XVI >Final Fantasy VII Remake >Tomb Raider 25th Anniversary (2021) >XCOM 3 >Cities Skyline 2 >Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 >Monster Hunter 6 >Titanfall 3 >Bayonetta 3 >Sniper Elite 5 >Destroy All Humans 3 >MGS 2 & 3 HD >Payday 3 >Ghost of Tsushima >Death Stranding Director's Cut >Ratchet & Clank >Resident Evil 4 Remake >Returnal >Sackboy: A Big Adventure Thanks NVIDIA,
>>415624 >I did play the game retard If you say so. >but apparently this was the only "gotcha" you have against me Your assertion that the game was about "wypipo" was wrong, I don't recall the characters ever complaining about white people, which is one of the extremely few positives about that game. >>416496 It did change a lot of things from the original though.

(8.64 KB 238x279 [autism intensifies].jpg)

>>414839 >exclusive Lol it's been hinted at by Platinum and Nintendo that the latter might be lenient when it comes to some once exclusive titles they have made like W101 and possibly Astral Chain. Probably won't happen until the Switch has run it's course though. >>415242 This is autistic but you're kind of right. >>415480 That's nice, they should release Source 2 SDKs so that faggot Garry isn't the only one developing with it besides Valve. >>415497 (((free marktet)))
(194.90 KB 1224x1445 Retarded on purpose.jpg)

So now Nvidia is claiming this just was just "speculative"? Weird to see their engineers speculating about "Unannounced Square Enix Game" and Bioshock 2022, but not a Bloodborne port.
>>416659 They have to say "Something" to try and save face. Although saying nothing at all probably would have put slightly less of a spotlight on this, now that they've acknowledged it that's only making more people look at the leaks. Damned if you do Damned if you don't. but either way It's their own fault for letting this happen.
>>416414 >I can't even name one good remaster or remake Because you're a newfag and you barely play videogames.
>>416716 Or because I have standards.
>>416717 Stop lying to yourself
>>416721 Remasters are fine when they're actually remastered. It's rare, but there are a handful that actually did use the original, pre-compressed (master file), audio/graphics instead of new shit vaguely (or not at all) in the style of the original and look/sound way better, but perfectly in line with the original. The only one that comes to mind is Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection, which has the original quality cutscenes and voice acting for the ZX duo in place of the versions heavily compressed to fit on the DS (which is important since those two have full voice acting in Nipponese). Also there's a small number of PC games where the remaster is the only way you'll get it to run on a modern PC.
>>416414 >I can't even name one good remaster or remake. The Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy Remasters for the PS1 were good. So was FF1+2 remake for the SP. I havent played it yet but I haven't heard anything bad about the LoM remaster.
>>416730 >>416716 Good Remakes/Remasters are very fucking Few and Far between, I don't blame anyone for not being able to rack their brains hard enough to think of any. since the standard is something that's "Good Enough" if you're lucky. Most times when something is Remastered it actually tends to be worse then just playing the original version game. Even good remasters aren't perfect. Like the Recent Turok 1 re-release, it was great for the most part but there was still something missing bits and peices like sun Lens flars not being in the PC version, and they were only bale to fix that hardware detail in the Swtich port. DMC1 HD plays "Good enough" but that's missing a ton of Effects and Shit from the PS2 version. When it comes to Actual Remakes, that's highly debatable too. Resident Evil Gamecube, and The Journey Man Project Pegasus Prime are the only Remakes I can think of that actually make sense why they're quality is so high. And it's because technology at the time got rapidly better very quickly, so the people who actually Made those original games re-did their works to take advantage of the technology. And even then it's a debate just how much better it might be over the original, since anyone can just Do something they already did a 2nd time, and make it seem allot better when they now have way better tools to work with. The Remakes might be objectively better in allot of ways but that doesn't make them more impressive then creating an original concept entirely form scratch. Mega man Maverick Hunter X on the PSP, is a pretty good game, but it is Objectively better then the Original Mega man X just because the graphics are 3D and you can play as vile now? Is Mega Man Powered up better then the original Mega Man, just because it has the advantage of coming out in 2006, rather then 1987? These can be good, or even Great games on their own, but they're pretty much never something that deserve to Replace the original games spots in history.
>>416753 Specific to Powered Up/Maverick Hunter, I think they're inferior games because of the slow-down you get thanks to the PSP. Really the most superior remake I can think of is Oath in Felghana. Not only is the game great on its own but the original wasn't particularly good so it's twice as neat.
>>416761 Yeah, the problem is most game remakes is that they are Remaking games that are already great, when in reality the proper reason to Remake a game is to take advantage of a projects missed potential. When Hideaki Itsuno was asked about DMC Remakes, he really just said that DMC2 is the only game he can see that Needs a Remake, and for good reason since DMC2 has tons of good ideas, but the production was a hack job, that it's impressive the game is even as functional as it is. Of course they will almost never remake Flawed games, only ones with big names that sell copies. but we can see today that the Fan Made Sonic 06 Remake Just put out it's Shadow levels update, and it's getting more hype surrounding it then Sonic Colors Ultimate, since they fucked up that "Remaster" and they have to patch it to fix bugs. where Sonic 06's remake is trying to realizing some of the potential of what should have been the best Sonic game ever made if the production wasn't rushed and fucked over.
>>416753 Powered Up is superior because it lets you play as Roll.
>>416766 There are also two different kinds of "remakes." There are remakes like Super Mario All-Stars, where the intent is to make something that is almost 1-1 like the original but with technical upgrades and perhaps some new features, and there are also remakes like Castlevania IV, which just has the same title as the original game (they're both just called Akumajo Dracula) in Japan, because it's supposed to be a remake. But it's a remake in that it's the same story, and has some elements that are supposed to be the same locations, characters, and events, but really the level design, not to mention game mechanics, are different. But this is closer to what people mean when they talk about a movie remake. In movies, shot for shot remakes are rare and seen as pointless. In video games, shot for shot remakes are the standard, and usually just as pointless. "Remakes" that try to capture the spirit and evoke the original but still be their own thing are rarer, and usually better. Except for Ratchet & Clank. That was the latter kind of remake and way worse than the original. Also, the original Castlevania game technically has five remakes, or six different games that are all supposed to be alternate versions of each other, but are different games. They all have different names in the west, but are all just called Akumajo Dracula in Japan. The NES one (Castlevania), the MSX one (Vampire Killer), the arcade one (Haunted Castle), the SNES one (Super Castlevania IV), and the Sharp X68000 one (not released outside Japan). Also the game Castlevania Chronicles (which is actually called that in Japan) is a remake of the Sharp X68000 game, but it's the other kind of remake, where it's practically shot-for-shot, with only minor differences. But you could consider it yet another remake of the original game. With the amount of new content in Mega Man and Powered Up, I'd consider it more like Castlevania IV than Super Mario All-Stars. The content that comes from a previous game, even if changed is very little, and the vast bulk of the game is new content. All those new characters make the game feel very different. Two new levels. Even old levels have some significant changes, to the degree that you can play the original level layouts as an option. All those challenges are a huge amount of content. Beating the regular game is just a miniscule part of Powered Up.
>>416753 Your post got me thinking about what remasters I actually liked. Here's what I came up with: >Starcraft Remastered Despite Warcraft III Reforged being a legendary dumpster fire, the Starcraft remaster was basically perfect. They took the original 3d models that were used to make the game's sprites and just remade the sprites at a higher resolution, implemented widescreen and higher resulting support, some other QOL, and made absolutely no gameplay changes. In fact a non-remastered client can still crossplay with remastered players because it's exactly the same engine. Also, I think it was only $20, a reasonable price in my opinion. >Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition This one makes more departures from the original than SCR but I still think the end result is a superior product over the original. Better visuals, more content, Steam integration (cloud saves, etc), and QOL. According to the developers, this is using the same engine as a base, so it counts as a remaster. >Master Chief Collection PC I've heard that MCC's launch on the xbone was horrible and it took them years to fix everything, but by the time it got to Steam that's basically been resolved. MCC now is great, and I had a fun time playing through the series on legendary with friends. Purists have pointed out a few lighting and audio issues, but from what I've seen the MCC team has been addressing most of those as they come up. Overall, I'd say it's a very good remaster. Dishonorable mentions: >Spongebob BFBB A full remake in UE4. Looks nice, but is buggier than the original and they didn't quite get the movement right. Hard to describe but it just feels subtly less responsive. >Wind Waker HD Way too much bloom, but otherwise it's an inoffensive update. Not worth the price. Just emulate the original with Dolphin. I think there's even HD texture packs if you want.
>>417556 One thing I'd like to add to my comment on MCC. I don't play the multiplayer so I don't know if they fucked that up. I did hear that controllers have aim assist on PC so people use controllers instead of KBM to get an advantage. So that's pretty retarded. >>417494 Super Mario All-Stars isn't a remake, and it's not even a remaster. It's a sourceport with no changes. Literally the only thing they modified was uprezzing the UI in SM64.
>>417560 >Super Mario All-Stars isn't a remake, and it's not even a remaster. It's a sourceport with no changes. Literally the only thing they modified was uprezzing the UI in SM64. >SM64 How did Super Mario All-Stars include a game that originally came out on hardware that didn't even exist yet? Or are you actually such an underage faggot that you aren't aware of one of the most popular Super Nintendo games ever?
>>416766 >Yeah, the problem is most game remakes is that they are Remaking games that are already great, when in reality the proper reason to Remake a game is to take advantage of a projects missed potential.
>>417556 >Halo MCC Halo CE is the game that for the most part has the most problems. due to the fact that Halo CE Anniversary, and by extension Halo MCC's version is all based off of the Shoddy as fuck Gear Box PC version of Halo CE. so the Anniversary graphics actually have some problems that are only there because the devs doing the graphical update where looking at the Gearbox port for reference instead of the Original Xbox Version. and the "Classic Graphics" option is the Gearbox Graphics that has tons of broken effects and shit like the Beta Version of Captain Keys, instead of the proper finished model. Yeah they've been trying to fix things, they only used the Gearbox port due to the fact it already had Working Net Code, but in the long run it would have been less work to actually just try and do everything agian from Scratch instead of Working with Gearbox's messed up garbage. It's in a better place now then it was a number of years ago, but Halo CE Xbox Purists that still play at Lan Parties say that the Multiplayer isn't even close feeling the same for a number of reasons. >>417560 Yeah I play on KBM and I personally find that more fun, but when I saw to Controller just for the sake of checking it out the Aim Assist feels so fucking strong it's almost like Cheating. If you were to make a jank set up that had Mouse control with the Aim Assist it would be ridiculously broken. but people have been playing Halo on Controller with AA for Decades so it's a bit of a problem trying to balancing things for a different control scheme. They waited far too long to put in input based Matchmaking, so now it's either you play with Controller, or you play with mouse and are at a disadvantage. social games on Mouse for me are just fine, and fun. but playing competitive against all the people who have been playing Halo for decides using controller, isn't a fun experience if you just haven't put as much time into memorizing everything about the game. >>417565 I almost didn't even think of Razors Edge as a Remake, but it adds changes and improves so much about NG3 it might as well be called one rather then an "Update".
(86.90 KB 640x908 17374_front.jpg)

(437.31 KB 640x899 86002_front.jpg)

Also, if people want an example of a remake port that completely misses the point of the original, there's Rygar.
>>417568 Wouldn't the NES game also qualify since it's so different from the arcade version? And that was quite common on the NES, with other examples like Ninja Gaiden.
(248.50 KB 926x1500 71whlPxCIJL._SL1500_.jpg)

>>417563 Calm your autism, I thought you were talking about Super Mario 3D All-Stars.
>>417571 You were the one autistic enough to get mad about me describing the game wrong when I also called it something different. That's like me looking at your post and thinking you were talking about Super Mario Bros. DX, then getting mad at you for describing Super Mario Bros. DX wrong.
(74.62 KB 640x1481 448974-ry_020.jpg)

(296.98 KB 1200x1600 project-rygar-art-big.jpg)

>>417570 >Wouldn't the NES game also qualify Not what I'm talking about. The Rygar game on the PS2 and the Wii are the same game. HOWEVER, one of the biggest changes with porting the game from the PS2 to the Wii is the addition of a challenge mode (Big whoop) and a complete redesign of Rygar himself. This latter change is the point I was trying to make as you can tell just by looking at the cover. The setting for the game is during Rome's expansion into Greece, so, given that setting, which design of Rygar do you think is more appropriate; the original design on the PS2 (Image one) or his redesign on the Wii (Image two)?
>>417574 I dunno, Wii Rygar has like 10 layers on his skirt. Hard to say no to that.
(312.91 KB 570x932 cristo-1-1.gif)

>>417574 > That wii design > That face
>>414873 isnt that the faggot game where they set it on arizona or w/e with nothing but faggots as main characters and none of the originals coming back?
>>415418 Good lord, they even fucked up the design of the blind, i mained that shit back then even though any naked scraping spear chad would wreck my shit in a single hit because it looked like a butterfly wing, now it looks like it's made of acrylic or something, selen herself looks like she came out of WoW, what happened to her dress and golden helmet?
>>414846 I would imagine Heroes of the Storm 2 would be a tipoff, if anything, given that the first one was dead on arrival. But I'm willing to wager it real. Seeing EM8ER on there is neat.
>>416414 >Even MGS MGS2 and 3 HD were fine nigger. >>416752 >The Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy Remasters for the PS1 were good CT was a port with added cutscenes and load times. It's shit
(135.38 KB 512x512 card RPG.jpg)

(313.68 KB 1920x1080 remake.jpg)

>>415096 Well boys, the recent Nintendo Direct pretty much confirms these leaks are real.
>>424609 >Well boys, the recent Nintendo Direct pretty much confirms these leaks are real. Nice, that means the chances for a Tactics Ogre is pretty fucking good too! I just hope it's not a mobage. Has anyone played the Act Raiser remake? It kind of looks like ass compared to the timeline 16-bit sprite work, but I'll give it a shot if the new levels and bosses are fun.
>>424646 I know I'm practically shilling for the game but play Smelter if you'd like more Actraiser. Here's the DL >>415507 I'll play the remake later this week and if this thread's still around I'll let you know how it is.
(29.85 KB 475x533 shiggy2.jpg)

https://archive.is/khWUM Ubisoft filed a takedowns on the list and its reuploads. This combined with the Squeenix leaks being true without a shadow of a doubt confirms it's all real.
>>424835 Funny how it's those french Canadian fucks being no-fun allowed about this.

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