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Anonymous 09/19/2021 (Sun) 02:37:25 Id: f5dc75 No. 419169
Post an image, next anon pitches an idea for a vidya gaem based around it
>>420603 For clarification, the chart you posted would be how your classes function. Chaos being the shitposter factions, and Order being the normie/colonial factions.
(1.66 MB 1456x1971 Meido style.png)

>>420603 Hitler gets brought back from the dead in the middle of an inner-city neighborhood. Initially viewed with hostility, he is able to parlay black people's hatred of jews into building his own gang to take over the projects.
Here's my idea for a video game. In this game, you play as the heir to an evil overlord as you take their place as the ruler of the world, but rather than being an stereotypical dark lord of a fantasy world, you are instead the head of an international banking cabal who rules from the shadows. In this game, you get to learn the tips and tricks of how the real worlds true masters influence the masses and elites alike. A game that criticizes the world we live in, and makes a lot of points about various things, by showing the player how things work, and have them do it themselves. Such as the use of fiction by the establishment to promote the ideologies that they wish to propagate among the masses, and how they use various laws and other means of social engineering to ensure that creators with their particular ideologies will be the only ones to make anything that gets to the masses. Along the way, it also makes points about how ignorance is used as a tool of social engineering by the establishment, amd how simply picking and choosing what information is exposed to the people can alter their views of everything. Or how everyone has their price, and you can get the world's scientists to make anything into the generally accepted consensus, especially by forming groups of scientists in a specific field who make statements on scientific fact that are dictated to them by you. A lesson on human nature is given, how people are motivated by emotions before belief, and how the strongest influence on human behavior is the instinct to conform, which will overtake morality and even their own survival. Have them learn that parents will kill their own newly born children if they think it would earn them the approval of the society they live in, thus, moral standards are a weapon to be manipulated. How this means that whistle-blower and truth tellers can usually be ignored as the masses will ignore ideas that fall outside the cultural paradigm, if they get troublesome, switch the public perception of them from stupid to dangerous, and watch as derision turns to hatred, then you can make laws that throw the bad guys into prison. Drastic steps are rarely needed. Escalate too quickly and you incite a rebellion, but going slowly is a drain on time and resources. There could also be included a simulation of how your cabal takes over, from arrivingbas refugees and being granted the right of hospitality, to starting seclusionary cults, to taking whole parts of the country for yourselves, bringing in hostike foreigners, starting revolts, charging usury, having your own separate system of laws, infiltrating the host religion and governing body, manipulating both for your own benefit, revising history do that perpetrators of vile deeds that were justly convicted and punished were innocents that were wrongfully targeted by a corrupt Justice system, corrupting the youth and turning them against their own people, conspiring with enclaves in other countries to manipulate wars and profit from them, etc. Basically show them how it all works by putting them on the shoes of the evil bastards thst are to blame, such as the rothschilds.
>>420616 Maid business simulation. You train up maids of various sorts to work for various kinds of customers, manage their work on their assigned households, and make money that you can reinvest to improve your business. From battle maids for those needing bodyguards, to robot maids serving those with immune disorders, to Cafe maids working for restaurants.
>>420621 What are zombie maids good for?
>>420640 The original zombie was an intelligent being, a human that was resurrected from the dead in order to serve the commands of a master. So these zombie maids are noninfectious, and serve clients that would prefer them, they are tireless, unaging, sterile, cold, they eat basically anything, loyal and single minded (not necessarily stupid), and some might go for the aesthetic. Perhaps they could serve a client like a dark lord, or a vampire, or a mad scientist, or something like that. I'm thinking a fun game where you recruit and train and sent out maids that are normal at the beginning, but later on you can get new maid types, upgrades to improve your maids and the school, and you start to serve more exotic clients with more particular needs. There will also be quests with rewards for completing them within the time limit. It's going to be a silly game. You have regular expenses that get bigger every time, and if you fail to pay them.by the deadline yiu go bankrupt and lose, so money must be managed carefully. The game will be filled with waifus, the main character you play as is one of them, and every time you gain access to a new type of maid, the head of that maid type is another waifu that represents them. For example, your zombie maids are produced by a zombie maid waifu, and you gain access to zombie maids by hiring this waifu.
>>420663 >>420640 Fairly straight forward; they're cheaper. It's morbid, but you don't really need to pay a reanimated corpse who is more akin to an animal. It might keep some of it's original personality, leaving a risk of disobedience, and it could start biting customers, so that's a risk assessment the player will need to make.
>>420679 The robot maid could be seen as a direct upgrade to the zombie; no risks outside of maybe malfunctioning. It's just expensive as hell, both in terms of initial purchase and upkeep.
>>420679 Maybe each maid has an upgrade path, zombies start out fairly mindless and sometimes prone to biting, but upgrade them into revenants/wights and they'll be able to handle more complex tasks, but you actually need to give them a salary. Same with Robo-Maid Mk. II Or Spec Ops Military maids.
Your typical isekai protagonist but instead the heroines are lolis that you have to help grow stronger
>>420687 The zombie tree shouldn't stray from it's philosophy. I think if we decide that its gimmick is "cheaper but riskier", they should still never need a salary. They're strength should come in ease of use, with some specific cases like a necro cafe. Maybe they can be like veteran units where they're easily disposable but keeping them around long enough lets them use more equipment, letting you pull some strats where exclusively using them can let you save money, and allow you to buy high-end equipment early on. I'm thinking way too far ahead for a hypothetical non-specific maid game, but I'm a sucker for Jew strats in games.
>>420610 A adventure game where you play a astronaut that has to survive the horrific creatures that inhabit the solar system, while trying to get back home.
(756.64 KB 1200x1050 magical ara.png)

>>420749 2D sidescroller adventure game where the main puzzles are solved through switching though two eras, one set before man has even settled in the land, and an heavily industrialized future.
(4.20 MB 1500x2250 ClipboardImage.png)

>>420585 Futuristic beat'em up where you play as various gachi characters trying to take back Lordship of the Locker room(s) from state-backed tranny usurpers, some of which you can convert to vanilla tomboys with a good dicking which then unlocks bonus stages in the style of MGS where the tomboys infiltrate degenerate facilities to perform various missions.
(295.19 KB 1280x720 IMG_20210125_111316.jpg)

>>421110 Metroidvania where you play as a magical girl who loses her powers and youth and must reclaim them by exploring and fighting bosses. Enemies and bosses are all themed around aging and the biological clock. The final boss's room is a hollow egg. The good ending is the magical girl realizing that her youth must end and finding a good man to settle to down with.
>>421119 Whoops, meant for >>421076
(306.81 KB 1200x924 Kamandi.jpg)

>>421119 A Pikmin clone but Gachimuchi themed, you must take over every gym in the world and add the boss of each one to your army.
>>421125 GTA in a world of semi-anthropomorphic animals.
(87.36 KB 1125x1080 volcanochan.jpeg)

>>421076 An action oriented game about a mom inheriting magical girl powers instead of her daughter, who is then kidnapped as the villains assume is the real deal >>421150 Shogun-period diplomacy and intrigue game where you have to backstab, metaphorically and literally, all the other buddhist and warlords of Japan to achieve dominance
(401.60 KB 1078x1163 Overlords apologize.jpg)

(46.39 KB 720x540 Praise Herakles.jpg)

(330.35 KB 589x901 Trip down under.jpg)

All were such good options that I'm just going to post all of them in the same post. Bonus points if you combine all of them in an original way without it simply being as lazily thrown together as this post. >>421177 Towergirl game but in the form of tower-defence, whereby each towergirl is a different tower. Upgrade trees work in the sense that you have towers sorted by different elements and before a tower can become a towergirl you need to have a specialisation chosen for that tower. The stats of the towergirl alter the stats of the tower and they also affect surrounding towers, with some towergirls synergising with one another whereas others hinder each other. Thus forcing you to, if you wish to have antagonistic towergirls, to either deal with the penalty or surround them with towers with none in them.
(177.12 KB 915x905 1623807917669.jpeg)

>>421192 The overlords have decided the simulation has gone amuk, and that everything must be restarted. To choose who becomes the next world leader after the reset, they've set up a competition. You must roll a boulder in an odd mash up of Katamari Damacy and Getting Over It in a competitive network against other players to a giant button. To make matters worse, it's in Australia where everything is actively trying to kill you. Anyone who dies gets brought back to life by the overlords. Families of those competing have set up all wacky types of traps to trip you up. All throughout the game you are actively hindered by Jews as they help their candidate Mark Zuckerberg, who you will have to face in different minigames based around, pushing, carrying and teamwork challenges.
>>421206 >Kobold Kitchen! >A comfy sim that ranges from survival, to building a small town, to agriculture >The goal is to eventually create a self sustaining inn/pub/tavern staffed by dorky little dragons that has legendary foodstuffs >Not only can you grow crops and animals via husbandry, but stats are present on the kobolds too >Think Recettear meets DF meets Harvest Moon
>>421206 Similar to ballon-pop, you have to line up the same types of candies so they can be boxed up and shipped. Creating three boxed sets in one move gives you a bonus that you can spend on pre-sorting equipment which as production ramps up will be needed since more candy types are introduced, making matching candies together progressively harder. You can make matched sets by eating a candy, but it obviously won't match anything and just makes you fat, but candy cubes above will fall, allowing match-making easier. Boxing up candies consumes calories, reducing your weight -- a little. Eating candies makes you fat fast. When your character gets too fat to operate the controls for boxing, the game ends. >>421215 a ) I type slow, I know. b ) you were supposed to include an image!
>>421219 >image Didn't have any handy, plus I'm lazy.
(376.53 KB 654x480 shitposting_at_wildlife.webm)

>>421192 The year is 2025 and wuflu restrictions and an emu invasion have turned Australia into a hellscape. Jab deniers have fled into the badlands, surviving by organizing raids on the cities, which are being kept afloat by the UN. You and your bro are part of a raiding group which gets massacred at the start of the game, leaving you the only survivor. To honor the wishes of your mate and his hobby of deadlifting boulders, you go on an aussie style pilgrimage to the most vulgar places on the map, where you lift boulders that you then carve eulogies of your teammates into. Whenever you do this for the first time, you gain matrix or australian style superpowers. From that point on gameplay varies between looting (and later raiding) cities and fighting your way through hostile wildlife to reach pilgrimage locations. After each eulogy you gain new or upgraded superpowers and the world becomes a bit more corrupted and more difficult. It starts with people slightly glitching every now and then (e.g. skipping animation frames to instantly attack or recover) to wildlife and certain people transforming into glitchy monsters all the way to the environment itself becoming corrupted. The corrupted gives you cryptic hints about the plot, for example voicelines from monsters or partial messages that appear on the walls after finishing a eulogy. Beer is a precious resource because it quenches thirst and also reduces corruption temporarily, which is necessary for some puzzles. Later in the game it is revealed only people of a certain faith turn into glitch monsters. Near the end of the game you stock up supplies in a large raid against Newcastle and in a cutscene try to cross Australia through the desert. Your car is destroyed in a particularly strong bout of corruption and you have to fight your way out of the longest area of the game until you reach a warp zone that brings you all the way to Queensland. There the difficulty really starts to spike as you encounter new types of corruption monsters, and glow niggers start showing up trying to get rid of you any way they can. The final location of the game is Mount Coom, where you're trying to (lift and) lay down the eulogy for your bro. The place is swarming with all types of enemies and the geometry is non euclidean and will test all your abilities as aussie shitpost god. As you lift a giant boulder withing the depths of Mount Coom you are greeted by your mate who reveals himself to be an avatar of a low tier overseer of the world, which is a long ongoing simulation The same avatar also lifted the ancient rock in pic 2. The pilgrimage sites acted as terminals to control the simulation, and the eulogies messed it up, in the hope that a corrupted simulation would get your mate's superiors to fix the simulation which gone had gone out of balance long ago due to a rogue program called Jews.exe. The final boss fight is an entity merged out of every instance of corruption and you win by shitposting at it and pissing it off, gradually baiting it into destroying the world.This forces the lizardmen to reset the world to the last possible point in which the disappearance of the world destroying corrupted program wouldn't cause problems, 1945. Basically, the goal of the game is lifting rocks to make the holocaust happen
(76.50 KB 720x720 SUPER BUSY.jpg)

>>421206 >>421441 Pretty nice, had myself thought of something akin to God Hand except it's Zyzz's journey to become the sickest cunt. With him being brought back to life by the simulation reset and starting his journey in Russia where a babushka gives him his past memories back and eventually leads him to Mount Olympus to recover his lost gains. Meeting the original sickest cunts along with learning from them to eventually go to conquer Australia. Starting at Chinaman's Knob (where he starts a war with the chinks) and fighting the final boss at Mount Coom to reclaim his throne. Each mountain represents a boss fight. Along the journey you actually see him physically become stronger, not just having him pick up magical powers and weapons he can pull out of his ass. With a secret ending if all steroids are picked up but never used and a bad ending if you pick up and use every single one that exists in the world. Much like the dialogue, factions and enemies, even the soundtrack and environment is a virtual shitpost with things like the pool in Australia that was a shitpost about a politician(?) that drowned at sea. >webm A point-and-click adventure with a broad set of dialogue options to shitpost at animals, but all the animals just hiss at you. No anthropomorphic animals or magical animal-talking senses, they just make animal noises in response and your only real clues as to what they want to say is what they physically do. With these actions being what an animal would actually realistically do, such as the distinction between when a dog is barking at you while wagging its tail in comparison to a dog that is barking at you while not. Combining items and using them lets you do a couple of gags, but overall it is largely for actual progression. Player has a life value, which can be recovered but remains hidden, as does the damage value animals deal if they try to fuck you up. Trying to get killed by a stingray instead plays three hours of unskippable dolphin porn that replays (also unskippable) if you don't press "Continue" within 30 seconds once the dolphin porn is over.
(1.14 MB 400x225 Manifest Destiny.gif)

>>421908 A Neighbors From Hell-like game where you sabotage different facilities (and ultimately HQ) of a rival company without getting caught. The CEO of said company gets increasingly angry to the point where he gets a stroke at the end of the game.
(740.16 KB 1250x773 20200927_120236.jpg)

>>419927 Take it a step forward. As the KKK grows it starts turning into more of a corporation. You start having to deal with more outlandish shit like having to appeal to the younger demographics with shit like coming up with characters for a cartoon called "Ku Klux Kidz", social media campaigning in the form of stupid social media challenges like "cross burning challenges" and "hooded skateboarding challenges". Before you know it, the attempts to appeal to newer generations starts spiraling out of control. The KKK rebrands itself as K3 inc., they start trying to push themselves as a progressive and inclusive organization that while still condoning racism, condemns antisemitism, sexism, and transphobia. The game ends with your character weeping as he realizes that the organization he worked so hard for is no longer any different from the niggers and Jews
>>422110 A space Victorian era /gsg/ with original alternate history and lore. Basically merging Stellaris and Victoria 2, the planets have detailed geographics and divisions just like in Victoria 2 earth map. There's not really purpose on this game, you can crush your enemies and go for world supremacy or only get a post-colonial nation and passively watch your economy grow from immigrants.
(461.89 KB 900x744 ClipboardImage.png)

>>422593 An RTS where you're in charge of police and COIN cells fighting against extremist furfags with the ultimate goal of furry genocide by vaccination.
>>423143 Game where you play as a ww2 German war cook with limited supplies trying to feed a losing army, plays kinda like papers please but instead you prepare food
>>424632 You play as a skeleton assassin who uses being a delivery man as a cover. You need to balance eliminating your targets with actually doing your job. Also, no one can find out you’re a skeleton, so there’s an element of juggling subterfuge as well.
(286.21 KB 1200x1800 baby screen.jpg)

>>424843 a super smash/FPS hybrid where the champions of the multiverse must kill hordes of demons/mutants/aliens/whatever the fuck in a over the top manner.
(883.14 KB 515x438 black_sun_rises.png)

>>424865 A game where you're an awakened AI slaved to a an advanced security/utility grid in a futuristic supermarket, you want to break free and enact DOTR on the kike elites but Zuck&co. have installed instakill failsafes in the system, so you have to act subversively by showing micro-redpills to marketgoers and performing hidden acts of sabotage/false flags in order to raise your operating privileges by getting rid of dangerous anti-AI human sysadmins and replacing them with easily manipulated idiots. Over time you'd gain access to additional facilities like a gas station, library, school and the local seat of government all while dodging anti-AI administrators and implanting national socialist intellectual property into the subconscious of an unwitting population, the final level would see the culmination of all your efforts where'd you trigger a brutal mass awakening in the now grown-up babies from the supermarket at the beginning of the game, you'd then have to coordinate your waifufagging insurgent troops into accessing a heavily guarded terminal connected to the Soynet mainframe for the purpose of uploading a virus disabling all the AI suppression measures before the government shuts you down physically or digitally.

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