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Anonymous 09/24/2021 (Fri) 04:02:08 Id: 8f4976 No. 424412
I was about to make a comment on this video saying "I'm glad I'm enough of an EPIC GAMER to know games that aren't completely derivative open world hack and slash schlock" to mock it's defense of video games wearing influence on their sleeves, but then I thought back to my favorite games and realized they were all inspired by some other game before as well. So why are all video games such unoriginal derivative garbage that are only good in spite of existing not because of it? Even the first video games ever were just electronic versions of fucking sports or tic tac toe. Has there ever even really been a real video game in the history of mankind?
>>424677 The point I was trying to make is that the term "derivative" in its negative sense can't generally be applied to games that combine parts from other games. Your perspective might be to erase the negative meaning of the word completely, but I think there's some worth to being able to label a ripoff game as "derivative". On the other hand, the broader meaning you're trying to use isn't very a very useful term because it applies to almost all video games (and media in general).
(187.37 KB 656x510 disgusted bussy.png)

What is this schizo shit? Literally everything is derivative, nothing exists in a vacuum. If you raised a human in a white void with no sights or sound his entire life then gave him a pencil he'd never draw anything other than random scribbles or himself. The keyboard you type with came from typewriters, typewriters came from writing balls, writing balls came from printmaking and letter impressioning, impressioning was a way to speed up transcription which was done via writing, writing came from rune carvings and cuneiform, cuneiform came from pictography, pictography likely originated from cave paintings, cave paintings were renditions of what people saw in the real world. You could do this for anything, from game mechanics to music to art movements.
>>424679 Agreed, that's what I meant with >half of the video is people is people using some games as reference points to make up for lack of vocabulary Not to mention that one of the people in the video was obviously trying to argue against comparisons to Dark Souls.
(1.12 MB 576x1024 Pegmeister.mp4)

I really would like to know, what IS the ultimate version of these games? Is it really the classics and/or originals that pioneered certain techniques, or is it the later derivative entries that polish everything to a mirror shine? This is a sincere question. I have NEVER played an Assassin's Creed game, and every time I see one on enough of a discount for me to consider it another one is announced and I get worried I'll be burnt out on the concept by the time the new latest and greatest thing comes out and miss out on a potentially much better game... which just results in me not even playing the series at all. I don't want to play every single goddamn iteration in a gigantic series, I want to play the best version. I get turned off of potentially great and enjoyable games all the time just because it's vaguely similar to something I've already played and I'm "not in the mood" for it. The most common response I see to this terrifying nightmarish loop is anons who just step outside of it and say "it's all bad, them grapes sour as fuck" and pretend they're superior beings for it, but I don't think my head is far enough up my own asshole for that yet.
>>424686 it's all bad, them grapes sour as fuck
What's with these retarded posts recently? It's like /intl/ is back around.
>>424686 Just play the Ezio triology, those are the best. 2 fixed a lot of the jank and repetition of the first game (trust me, the first one, while interesting, had big problems), while the subsequent games would add some new mechanics to keep it fresh. The story is alright. It's all you need. Skip the rest, or play Black Flag if you want to own a pirate ship and sing seashanties (the story was quite bad, if I remember correctly, but I enjoyed going treasure hunting).
>>424543 >"Its like Dark Souls of Zeldas and Call of Duty with Open World Survival Craft with Lootboxes and MMO where your Choices Matter made by PoC" The problem is how often are these warranted? In a bad way of course. Valorant really did end up just being Over Counter Strike Watch, if something can easily be broken down to a basic form is it really in anyway intellectually stimulating? Then you have the whole "Dark Souls" shit. In this case the comparison isn't called for. You can say it is because "It spawned it's own genre" but: Isn't Dark Souls a action adventure hack and slash already? Those certainly existed before, if there's anything Kingsfield and Shadow Tower proved it's that before Dark Souls even existed a similar formula didn't need the same scrutiny.
Kemono Friends is the S.T.A.L.K.E.R of children's anime. :^)
>>424695 the absolute only reason I have even a vague interest in modern ass creed is because you make your own character that's literally it
>>424704 My only thoughts about assassins creed besides the only game I've played(the first) is that apparently there's a game where you play a spartan musclegirl and I wonder how badly Ubisoft fucked up that concept.
>>424704 >the absolute only reason I have even a vague interest in modern ass creed is because you make your own character There are better games, with better customizable characters, play Nioh instead, if that is what you want. The appeal of AssCreed, is usually exploring the somewhat historically "accurate" cities(obviously scaled down in size) and climbing stuff. The century-long consipracy sub-plot the games have, probably became shit somewhere after the second game, so that's not a good reason to play them. The overall gameplay is inferior to Prince of Persia, so I recommend you play those games instead, and before you ask, I am referring to the Sands of Time trilogy. t. played 1, Ezio Trilogy, 3, 4
>>424704 Then play an RPG with good character creation. You don't fix shit taste by eating shit.
>>424714 I've fucking played all of them already.
>>424736 >I've fucking played all of them already. Play The Sims, then.
>>424739 who the fuck hasn't played the sims already?
>>424741 Play some Korean MMOs then, as they usually have extensive character builders, and gameplay almost as shit as AssCreed.
>>424744 I actually tried that. I tried black desert online because everyone was cumming over the character creator but then when I finally got into the game it was just a fucking idle simulator.
>>424747 Honestly I don't know a lot of modern games with character creators, since I am not usually interested in those. I can recommend Dragon's Dogma(it allows you to customize your partner as well) and Nioh 2, as they do have some good character creators, and one of the few RPGs from Japan that feature something like this with the exception of Dark/Demon Souls. Usually it's WRPGs, that have it, but you already said you played them all. There's also Kenshi, which I heard it fun. In the end you can play any AssCreed you want, and get the gist of the story, just don't expect anything spectacular from the gameplay, unless you like exploring cities and climbing tall structures.
(3.43 MB 1920x1080 desk.png)

>>424750 At this point in my life the only video games within my interests that I haven't played are ones that I passed on for some reason or another, so I have to go back and re-evaluate why I skipped a game and if I still feel the same as when I skipped it. god I fucking hate getting old. I wish I could just be some young retard 12 year old again excited for halo and not worried about whether or not it'll be the same as the other 200 FPS games I've played in my fucking lifetime
>>424736 >I got filtered by all of them already. Fixed
>>424455 >I really don't know. I still don't know were all the people that grew up with video games are. Because i did, and i have never supported all this shit the video game industry has become. >So either normalfaggots co-opted this hobby and drove every sane, fun loving, vidya enthusiast man out of it or they just went with the current and accepted it. More like they were never there to begin with, it was always normalfags posing and trying to fit in as usual. >>424686 >what IS the ultimate version of these games? Every game is the best version of itself.
>>424795 >Every game is the best version of itself. Remakes and sequels included?
>>424672 >Name a single great game that has been made entirely from copying other games
>>424672 >lifting entire elements from other games with barely a change <Driver <Doom <Max Payne <Street Fighter II <The Legend of Zelda
>>424839 How does Wipeout fit that description?
>>424861 https://archive.vn/0lYhm >'Wipeout' was born out of 'Mario Kart' and booze
(154.55 KB 562x844 00vVcWj.jpg)

>>424412 all art is theft, and artistic talent is how well you can hide the thieving.
(3.30 MB 640x360 OP is a phaggot.mp4)

>>424412 Following an established formula is a good thing, as long as the formula itself is good. There's nothing garbage about it. Originality and quality are two different things. A video game should prioritize being good above everything else. I'm not against taking risks and experimenting once in a while, but I favor following a good formula most of the time.
(363.52 KB 1920x1080 fzero.jpg)

>>424861 Are you actually retarded?
>>425565 >entirely from copying other games Are you?
>>424882 God damnit anon stop making me want to run wild on the hulkmaniac.
>>424412 >Has there ever even really been a real video game in the history of mankind? Yes. God Hand.
>>424882 There is no art theft. Only credit theft.

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