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QTDDTOT Anonymous 09/10/2020 (Thu) 03:18:57 Id:fecc31 No. 102530
GOJIRA EDITION What are some good Godzilla games? Not exactly a Godzilla game but i've been playing War of Monsters.
The one I enjoyed the most when I was young was the Gamecube one. It wasn't very good but playing with friends was fun.
I'm not expecting anyone to know this but I'm looking for a Mac exclusive game back in the late 90's. It was a top down shooter like Jurassic Park for the NES. The main character had a bazooka and tank top (this could be completely wrong). It wasn't bloody , the only other thing I remember is one level was prehistoric times and the enemies were dinosaurs.
(11.59 KB 203x256 Powerpetebox.jpeg)
>>102539 I'm a faggot for the triple post but I found the game I was looking for by going through the entire Mac game library. Wasn't very big.
(162.66 KB 1280x720 This is fine.jpg)
I've never played a Godzilla game I could enjoy, and I have the most time spent in the NES one. It seems like the better the license, the worse the games tend to be in many cases. Mad Max was fun, I suppose, but it has zero replay value and no Mel Gibson, so those are two major detractors.
Are there any good controllers that have all the inputs of a modern controller, but six face buttons? I just want to be able to play Sega/N64 games without having to swap controllers or deal with fucked up custom control schemes that don't actually match how the layout was supposed to go. Mapping X/Y/Z/C to shoulder buttons seems to be a standard move, but sucks in a lot of games, and mapping the C-buttons to the right stick seems like something a lot of people do, but also sucks in plenty of games.
(119.31 KB 800x638 4516949100_da32771cf0_c.jpg)
(254.35 KB 1200x1600 index (1).jpg)
(110.65 KB 1426x1500 index.jpg)
>>102574 The Hori Pad EX2 Turbo. Outside of that, just got for an N64 controller, or a 3D Saturn controller.
(345.02 KB 1600x1600 xbox_ctl_duke-718595.jpg)
>>102574 >>102582 I forgot, also the original Duke controller.
>>102584 Do you know if the 2018 rerelease of that controller is good?
(48.98 KB 300x300 ClipboardImage.png)
(1.54 MB Mystery Song.ogg)
1.) Which telltale games are worth playing. I've heard that the later games like minecraft games or the game of thrones one are total garbage, but what about the early games like sam & max, bone or monkey island. Also are the "popular" telltale games like walking dead or wolf among us actually decent? 2.) I've been having a lot of trouble getting some of the keen games to work with commander genius? I can't seem to get keen dreams or keen 6 to work with it. Is there something I should be doing to get it to work? 3.) What's the name of the song I uploaded and where is it from? sorry for asking to be spoonfed, I just can't find anything
(37.72 KB 391x354 bombs.jpg)
While we're on the scent did we get anywhere on what's the best controller for the PC? Wired ideally. I know the 360bawwx ones were ideal but they're getting hard to find at a tolerable price and every generic I've tried of that sort has issues either with overly sensitive thumbsticks making aiming retardedly inaccurate or some sticky button/bumper issue. The Nu Xbone design doesn't work with Win 7 (despite it's claims) so that's a bust.
>>102592 Any game that wasn’t licensed, even their Back to the Future games suck ass, and that was before they went insane with Talking*Dead
>>102582 >>102584 But these don't have all the other inputs that have become common since the mid '90s, like four shoulder buttons (at least two being triggers would be good), and two joysticks (hopefully clickable). Also the N64 and Saturn lack a Select button or equivalent. Yeah, I could just get the actual controllers and swap when I want to play those games, but I'm looking for one that would be good for all major consoles and wouldn't require swapping all the time. >>102592 Back to the Future: The Game is the only Telltale "game" I give a shit about. It's not a good game, but it's as close as you're going to get to the fourth movie. There's a comic adaptation of it, but the game does have many of the original actors. The original Biff is only in some later version they released, but that's also the only version you can get a physical copy of, so it's the only one that would be semi-worth getting anyway. If you're looking for actual good point and clicks, just go play stuff from the '90s.
Are there any good games with a protagonist like Kenshiro from fist of the north star? Looking for a change of pace
Are there any turn based rpgs where you play as the villain or at least have a party based on having monsters as opposed to human based allies?
>>102609 Yakuza. There's also Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise which looks really good but it's only on PS4.
(422.82 KB 763x1080 mass3-pc.jpg)
(581.28 KB 755x2616 spiders_musk.jpg)
Just finished the Mass Effect trilogy. This was such a rollercoaster of dissapointment that I'm glad I played it so I can have personal rage over it. I want to know now if there's anything referencing the trilogy or something positive for me to bother playing Andromeda. I've already seen the webms of the bad animation before in 8kun.
>>102613 You play the series bad guy in Wizardry IV. It's a very old game, legendarily difficult even for fans of the series, and probably impossible to complete legitimately without outside knowledge you can only get by playing Wizardry I or reading a FAQ. It's up to you if you want to torture yourself. Of course, the (Shin) Megami Tensai and related games work the way you describe since you fill your party with the demons you're fighting. However, your main character is always more or less human and you generally have at least one human ally. Also a lot of the non-mainline ones are on old consoles or just aren't translated. Lastly, Japanese porn RPGs sometimes like to do that, either hero-fucks-monster-girls-into-his-party or straight up you as the bad guy, but vanishingly small numbers of those are translated and I don't have any names for you except MGQ Paradox.
(443.03 KB 480x360 ClipboardImage.png)
>>102592 The song you posted is an arrangement of a boss battle theme from Megaman ZX. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w5dPlTuzg7A
>>102618 Better off staying away from Andromeda. From what I've seen it doesn't have much of anything to do with the trilogy and is so bad it makes even the worst parts of the ME trilogy seem like game of the year.
>>102592 >1.) Which telltale games are worth playing I liked Wolf Among Us, first season of Walking Dead and their Sam n Max games everything else I thought it was crap, even the monkey Island and I'm a huge monkey island fag. Still it's a big stretch to call any of those "games". >>102609 Godhand
>>102593 I got a good deal on a razer wolverine ultimate when my 360 controller went down. It's a good controller if you can find it under 60 bucks, but it's technically a xbone controller so I had to get custom drivers offline to make it work. I've never had any luck with any other controllers, especially the previous versions of the razer controllers. I've tried their first 2 360 controllers and quit using the first one because the triggers were stupid and uncomfortable, the second model fixed the trigger problem but had some of the worst solders I've ever seen. I had to re solder the post where the controller connects at least three times as well as one of the rumble motors, then the shoulder button quit working. I took a gamble on their wolverine which is like the 3rd or 4th xbox controller and it's stood up better than the previous ones so far. But in no way is it worth what they are asking for retail.
>>102530 I've always wanted to try out the PS4 Godzilla game, but it's been delisted and never got ported. That plus limited physical release means it's ~$100 on eBay.
(144.27 KB 640x797 Godzilla vs cover.jpg)
(149.91 KB 528x258 Biollante bite titanosaurus.jpg)
>>102530 >>102731 >Godzilla games Ok, a little tricky but: >I want to fight opponents in destructible environments The Atari Trilogy are the best ones for that with Save the Earth arguably being the best one of the set. That said, if you get used to the minor motion controls, the Wii version of Unleashed allows you to craft your own story and includes monsters such as Titanosaurus, Biollante, Obsidius, and Krystallak. >I want to focus on destruction The PS4 Godzilla game. It's basically a reinvention of Godzilla Generations where the monster is VERY slow AKA film accurate and your goal is city destruction. Many stages will have an opposing monster that tries to stop you, but after you beat them, you still need to destroy the city. That said, change the dialogue to Japanese audio ASAP. the english voices are so disjointed...
Do any (non-VN) games have genuinely good male/male romances? Everything I've seen either feels like hardcore pandering or is obviously written by straight women for straight women. Mass Effect is the worst for this.
I reported Hotwheels on twitter because he made a post threatening the president with violence. You guys think hes gonna at least get suspended for a bit or nah?
>>102798 Obviously not. Twitter basically exists for nothing but threatening the president and those who agree with him with violence.
>>102798 I reported zoofag accounts and the turnaround time was 1-2 weeks
>>102588 I had a friend who liked it for about half a year before it broke. Sent it in to get fixed, then it broke again in a month. Repeat that again in another month. Not sure if he just got fucked or if they just made a low quality controller. >>102618 They made andromeda to basically get the hell away from anything that happened in the trilogy. A quick search has some nigger from IGN listing the references though. https://archive.vn/qyFdh
(33.11 KB 640x631 1592012091317.jpg)
ASSFAGGOTS are all terrible, but I vaguely remember there being a third reason (Hirez being a garbage company being the second) why Smite was worse than the others. Is there actually a third thing, or am I just remembering things wrong? >>102530 Unleashed on the Wii is the best if you can tolerate waggle, there's probably a mod out there that removes it. Avoid the PS2 version of it. >>102592 Sam and Max is worth playing, watch a silent playthrough of Wolf Among Us, don't bother with anything else. >>102613 Shin Megami Tensei. >>102798 Of course not.
(652.48 KB 960x720 local_man_Nier.png)
(35.68 KB 328x301 lisa (2).png)
(80.27 KB 680x671 fe (7).jpg)
>>102613 You end up doing some horrible shit in these dad simulators. And in the most recent fire emblem you can side with the mentally retarded thot who does not understand the concept of diplomacy.
>>102893 Andromeda isn't worth your time, beyond a few throwaway references and a ham-fisted cameo by Liara, there's no connection to the main trilogy. The only good thing to come out of that game is that we finally got a female turian that you could fug... and she ended up being essentially a female rehash of Garrus.
https://youtu.be/4stROUSVhLY?t=311 Can someone please tell me where the music at 5:11 is from? I vaguely recognize it vaguely but I have no idea what it is.
Why does using a bluetooth controller suck ass on PC? If I use my PS4 then it works just fine, but the same controller in the same room is laggy as shit on PC. Do consoles use some propriety protocol over BT? Or is my USB adapter just shit?
>>103027 Whoa dude you're responding to the wrong guy. I don't even like mass effect. >>103062 Something fucks with my connection whenever something is in the way, such as my leg or my massive cock.
>>102724 Cheers for the response, I couldn't get an official bone controller working with win7, tried all kinds of shit to no avail and in the process realised as much as I hate wires I fucking hate batteries and pissing about even more so I gotta be wired all the way.
>>102846 > Is there actually a third thing, or am I just remembering things wrong?
>>103205 Just end the internet. Jesus christ.
>>103205 Thanks for reminding me why I don't check out Smite anymore.
(1.91 MB 599x334 a68.gif)
>>103205 While I don't think that was the third thing, I'll just go say it is because jesus tapdancing christ.
What are some mods that make the gameplay in Skyrim not shit I'm not interested in visual mods or anything like that
>>102829 Damn I was hoping it was a good alternative to a xbone controller.
>>103289 Jolteon I guess
(46.74 KB 545x675 Face mod.jpeg)
>>102636 >>102829 >>103027 Thanks, might make another run of it in the distant future to sate my collection autism and install those ending mods(possibly that Tali mod as well) >so bad it makes even the worst parts of the ME trilogy seem like game of the year. >Take Star Control 2 then do a theme shift near the end and do a lazy take of Deus Ex's endings I'm impressed they managed to top that. Speaking of which, I'm going to be checking the modern Deus Ex games next. I would like to ask next of the major gameplay changes from the original and invisible war
>>103376 As someone going through the ME trilogy for the first time, what did you think of it? I've been a fan for a long time. Got ME3 on midnight release and took two days off just to play it. The disappointment with the series was immense and the way they introduced all those interesting characters in 2 just to not use any of them for your team in 3 pissed me right off.
(14.32 KB 320x320 1384458478890.jpg)
Is there any gud alternative to UT99 monster hunt gamemode and Sven co-op that has tons of maps with gud modding potential? I'm getting tired to see that the buy menu for Sven co-op is fucking useless as the money doesn't get saved and the bought weapon is lost as soon the player dies, UT-99 monster hunt server is way too much of a mixed bag for me which I can't enjoy over the long run.
So why is Among Us super popular now? Is it because of that henry stickman collection being by the same devs?
>>104283 Streamers
(40.71 KB 600x405 1455863779977.jpg)
>>103430 >ME1 It's an ok game, gameplay wasn't something to write about but it was enjoyable. The morality system was shit and I don't why they could just have the other choices available through further investigation or actions which was already something they were doing. The story at first, ancient robot race similar to Lovecraftian elder gods out to destroy every organic species, was alright by me. The worldbuilding and characters are pretty good but I'm not sure it's as sci-fi heavy as some acquaintances who played it before seem to imply. >ME2 >Nothing happened: The Game After killing Shepard off at the start just to revive him, I've already expected the story to dip in quality and Bioware didn't disappoint with that. The Reaper threat is being covered up to reduce panic while Cerberus has you revived and assigned to gather teammates to defeat a new threat, an offshoot of the husks but marginally different (Why the geth or just developing the already established husks weren't used instead, I don't know). More than half of the game is spent gathering new and old teammates. The main threat is barely there and most of the missions has you doing the Reaper's job for them, the Geth and the new threat shows up in 3 missions each while you shoot up every human, salarian, asari, turian, krogan, batarian and vorcha in your way to your recruits. Gameplay was simplified, removing RPG elements of the first while also focusing cover based shooting elements which pissed me off (I would have preferred just improving ME1's system). On top of that was changing the ammo system from weapons overheating when overused to ammo being detachable heat sinks which included retarded lore. Not sure how to word it but an area transitioning to a battlefield when the plot provides like the 1st game was changed to mission zones with a mission clear screen as a shit cherry on top. The morality system is worse as the extra choices are now behind a certain paragon/renegade percentage if I recall correctly. What kept me trudging on this one was the characters and their personal missions and the last mission with the final boss looking something from Contra. Finally being able to fuck Tali also helped I think I can cover a few more from 2 but I'll keep it at that, I'll do ME3 later. >>104283 Backstabbing people or figuring out who is is the flavor of the month now. Deceit is another one I know the keeps getting mentioned.
>>104283 To answer your question, ask yourself what first made you think that Among Us is "super popular" right now.
(261.23 KB 460x215 ClipboardImage.png)
Is Divinity Original Sin 2 worth it at $17 if I co-op with a friend?
>>104312 I watched one video to get the gist and then my recommendations I really need to use ytdl got flooded with a thousand and one AMONG US VIDEO #69 and fanmade animations for it. >>104308 I can see the appeal of the deception games. At least it's not a battle royale. >>104285 Figures. Can't wait for something like Fall Guys to be forgotten in a month.
>>104315 It's also a very simple town game. No roles 10 player cap Town can win even if there are imposters left
>>104319 Oh. Someone's finally knocking off that one game. I didn't think the genre was popular enough to support two games.
>>104314 Story is cringe, and I hate the word cringe, but I cannot find another way to describe it. Cliched? Idk Combat is fun and challenging at times if you aren't a build abusing faggot. Just keep in mind, early in the game you gain the ability to respec for free so experimentation is encouraged.
>>104314 Unless I'm mistaken the game doesn't have DRM with the GoG version. I also think the steam version might not even have DRM, I recall doing some weird shit where I did the Steam family/shared library thing to download the game from my friends library, then I just booted the executable outside of steam and we played together briefly. Maybe that was the first game, I'm not sure.
>>104324 That is correct. Also you can connect to a multiplayer session via LAN
>>104308 Well said. Sums up the issues with Mass Effect. I enjoyed 1 as a cool little intro/tech demo but expected them to develop it more. Seems like they chucked the entire game into the trash can before working on 2 and just kept the name and a few plot elements. So much work went into building a seamless world and developing the lore in ME1 and they just threw it all away for 2 in the first couple minutes. Not to mention them asking you what happened at the end, implying that nothing you did actually mattered since you can just pick different endings. Everything about ME2 bothered me. The reloading and the bad lore justification, the removal of the vehicle sections, removal of the elevator loading screens (people only complained because of how long they were; the PC port developers already had fixed it). I was expecting the game to be akin to ME1, but instead of visiting hubs and talking to people you just did linear missions, one per party member. That's it. The entire game was building your team Ocean's 11 style for a final "heist". Totally pointless. The intro of ME2 makes me laugh every time I remember it. You save the Citadel from a double agent and then die unceremoniously on a routine patrol. Yeah, sure, makes sense. I feel like they just did it to establish why you can remake the character, but they should have just forced continuity with ME1 and not bothered.
>>104323 Eye-rolling? Hackneyed? Uninspired? Corny? Kitschy? Rote?
Is the PC port of the original FFVII any good?
>>104579 There's a mod that makes it the definitive version. The only problem is it only works for the Steam version, not the Square Enix store version which is the only one I could find a download for
>>104648 >definitive version Does the PC port have the western Super Nova or the original japanese Super Nova? USA version: https://youtu.be/2CCI-UZtEi4 Japan version: https://youtu.be/89kPJy29uDc
(301.30 KB 620x877 ClipboardImage.png)
Would you fuck a pixie?
>>105015 did you just want to post hyperfuta
(153.98 KB 600x706 smt matador duel.jpg)
I've put a significant amount of time into Nocturne on PCSX2. Should I continue it or wait for the HD remake. Matador wasn't that hard if you use buffs and debuffs, why is he a meme?
>>105022 For reference, I just kicked Thor's ass and got two extra demon slots from the Mantra boss.
>>105023 would you stop being a weirdo who shares his fetishes
>>103205 Do they even have the legal rights to that dog's likeness? Both the dog and the photos his owner took are copyrighted. Or maybe they just didn't care and knew its was unlikely they'd be sued. >>104579 The 1998 port? Not really, on a technical level it's a bitch to run properly and is missing a bunch of basic features like windowed mode. On a quality level, it's got a ton of bugs and the audio is in a low quality than the PS1 version. >>105022 >HEY GUYS WHAT POKEMON WOULD YOU FUCK >HEY WOULD YOU LIKE TO SUCK FAT TRANNY PIXIE DICK >I'M JUST SUCH A FUCKING FAGGOT I LOVE COCK >NO I WON'T GO AWAY >Also should I keep playing xyxy? If you're expecting a genuine response from anyone while acting like a cancerous tumor you can fuck right off and kill yourself, you literal furry faggot.
(271.52 KB 1920x1080 [Dwarf Gekkos Intensify].jpg)
>>105043 >bitching about what's essentially another way of saying "benis" in these threads fucking newfags, answer the question or fuck off.
(265.60 KB 1360x768 19089321.jpg)
(47.20 KB 470x317 1468247571599-1.jpg)
>>104340 > The intro of ME2 makes me laugh every time I remember it. I find it funny because the same thing happens with Saints Row, your character gets bombed along with Hughes by Julius (voiced by Keith David which makes it funnier) and brings you back in 2 as a burned coma patient to justify remaking a character. >ME3 Gameplay is still the same with weapons having more variety and skills being expanded, the weight system on weapons was interesting and weapon mods are back. Exploration is now a more simplified version of the 2nd game or for those who played it, Star Control 2. Story is now resolving conflicts with the other alien races so they can help you defeat the Reapers (again Star Control 2), something that the 2nd game should have been. The problem was this all amounted to filling a bar to get a better ending which decided it wanted a new theme. The Reapers now get a motivation and more backstory through DLC just to hammer home that the player has to feel bad that you're interrupting their 50,000 year old genocide tradition. What got to me the most was the ending decisions are almost similar to Deus Ex's, why? The Citadel DLC is where the disappointment comes to a head, all of the squadmates from the previous games you couldn't pick are relegated to a battle simulator, one of the weapons that you take brings back the old ammo system and works wonderfully, and a silly action movie plot that shits on reviving Shepard with an ending party that could have been. Anyway, should I bother getting Disgaea 4 Complete+?
>>105522 >You get to have Wrex back in your party >But it's only for a few missions in this meta DLC. >You don't get any of you ME2 party save for some wave assault simulations and a few cameos. The only good part was coalburners getting cucked by Jacob canonically hooking up with some Cerberus scientist.
Is there a decent SP, offline poker (or casino sim) game that doesn't suck balls?
(1.04 MB 1152x720 ClipboardImage.png)
(1.07 MB 1080x608 ClipboardImage.png)
>>106018 Poker Night at the Inventory 1 & 2 are the only single player ones I know. I don't play many gambling games so I have no idea how well they stack up to other poker games. Multiplayer wise, PSO2 has a casino section, and Tower Unite (game based on GMOD Tower) has a casino area too.
>>106028 Seems like they're the only game in town, or that I can find seeded anyway. Gave both of those a whirl, they're passable-ish but I can see the characters becoming annoying/repeating themselves more than I can tolerate (especially Claptrap and StrongBad). I know it barely makes a difference but playing the same chumps over and over gets a bit dull too. Found a bug in the second where if you enter your Check/Bet/Fold too quickly the game locks up, the menu drops away and everyone just idles as if waiting. Pain in the ring.
>>106028 First >Max - Annoying but tolerable >Strong Bad - An occasionally vaguely funny line in a sea of noise >The Heavy - 'Everyone is baby' ad nauseam, I keep expecting him to go into some insane gmod dance >Tycho - Douche (is he supposed to have a personality?) Second >Brock Samson - Stands out as weird until you get playing, then fits right in >Claptrap - As always, the very essence of 'Please, PLEASE Strangle Me!' >Ash - Considering his fellow players are a cartoon, a robot and talking dog this guy is the most out of place of them all >Sam - More tolerable than his counterpart and quite apt for the setting Despite the Claptrap/Glados combo the second one has a better cast and at least you can mute them if not turn off their turn-dragging-out antics. It also has percentage odds on the showdowns which is handy when you can barely focus.
Have any of you guys ever played Titan Quest? Is it good? Is it more on the Diablo side of hack-and-slash RPGs or the Divine Divinity side? If it's just a mindless skinner box like Diablo I probably won't play it. >>106028 I want to fug both Claptrap and GLaDOS
>>106240 I never played Divine Divinity but I remember Titan Quest being really similar to Diablo II, I really liked it back then
>>106240 It's really fucking boring and you barely get any spells. The spells you do it get are boring as fuck. It's fine as a clicking simulator if you just want a stupid mindless thing to do, but I wouldn't expect much out of it. Grim Dawn is basically the same game but done better, but Grim Dawn is optimized like absolute dogshit. All ARPG's sort of just play the same to one another, and they're all fucking terrible. The only one in recent memory that managed to break the mold of brain dead gameplay and aesthetics was Wolcen, but they shit the bed on their talent system and released a broken buggy mess so the game ended up being dead on arrival. Such a depressing state this genre is in.
>>106314 Try Divine Divinity, then. It's an ARPG with an actual game attached. It's what started the whole Divinity series that eventually lead to Original Sin. It's pretty old at this point, though.
>>106316 It's been on the backlog for a little while now. I'll probably get around to it soon since I just finished DS2.
Which SMT should i play first? And which ones should i avoid?
>>106628 >which ones should i avoid? All of them
>>106240 Fair warning about Claptrap, as if he couldn't get more annoying he's a Robojew: >mentions having memories of his bar mitzvah erased >'Bubelah' I gots the urge to purge
(3.27 MB 1300x2000 poster a block.png)
(3.29 MB 1300x2000 poster b block.png)
this seems like the most appropriate place to post this Join /wooo/'s G1 party over at smugloli.net/wooo
(1.91 MB 1300x1500 g1 30 september.png)
(1.89 MB 1300x1500 g1 30 october 1.png)
(1.93 MB 1300x1500 g1 30 october 2.png)
>>103376 Finally got to playing Human Revolution and I just noticed there's a Director's Cut which fixes some things while breaks another due to them using old code from what I've read. Is it worth switching over to that version or should I just press on?
>>109224 I never played Director's Cut but it integrates the DLC and fixes the boss battles being entirely combat-oriented. But you'll want to mod the orange glow back in https://cookieplmonster.github.io/mods/dxhrdc/#dxhrdc-gfx and also play on the hardest difficulty. Two cells of battery regenerating is just too much; it's the only check on your powers in the late game and you won't want to sit there and wait anyways.
>>109224 The DC does kinda fuck up the balance because you gain extra XP from the DLC, but overall go with the DC. Also play stealth only on the highest difficulty, otherwise it's way too easy.
(109.49 KB 418x366 mmm lemens.png)
I've been wanting to get into sega saturn emulation for some time now, but I dont really know where to start. I've heard mednafen gives breddy gudd results but requires a powerful cpu so I'm not sure if mine will do (I have a 2014 i5 4670k). Other emulators produce "good enough" results, but aren't as consistent, apparently. Any tips or guides/ how-tos regarding this? Also, what are the chances of a saturn mini getting released in a reasonable timeframe, and then being cracked to run everything?
What's the best Mario Party game? I heard is either 3 or 6.
>>111150 IMO, definitely 4. Best minigames out of the series Although, I did enjoy Mario Party 9, I know most don't like it.
So I am playing Yakuza 0 to start my entry in the series. I have question about the repeated street battles. You usually start getting gang fucked 4 on 1 so I end up running around like a chicken to grab something to hit them with and taking severe beatings in between throwing them on the ground because they do not interrupt that move. I could use some help with starting strategy. Also, equipment is merely stat padding, I can't use the gun I have equiped, right?
>>111432 Heat moves can help to thin out the herd otherwise focus on the easiest faggot. >Also, equipment is merely stat padding, I can't use the gun I have equiped, right? Some of the equipments have special effects like increased damage or reduced heat loss. The weapons can be used by pressing down on the dpad assuming you're playing on a controller. >>109226 >>109285 >Play on the hardest difficulty, stealth only Done, just feels like I'm playing Hitman Absolution again with these mechanics except being able to throw large objects is enjoyable. Is Mankind Divided the same or is there some kind of bullshit I need to be aware of?
I remember seeing a video a while back of some game, if you typed in "yiff" or some furfag shit as your name it will cut to a really creepy picture of skull in a black background. Does anyone know anything about it?
>>111150 It's very subjective. I would say either 2 or 7 is the best.
>>111499 I know what you're talking about, I think it that was Bucky O'Hare or Jazz Jackrabbit but I couldn't find it for either. I'm pretty sure it was a late 90's/early 2000's game with a rabbit as the MC.
>>111532 I tried looking these up but couldn't find anything. I remember the game being newer than that, I think it was a small online game.
>>111432 Do you not have Beast/Breaker modes yet?
>>112168 yes, but what one is best to start in?
>>112223 What, for crowd control? >Kiryu Beast mode, walk towards any bike or grabbable object and then press X(or square) a couple of times and you're golden. Not golden? Knock someone down, grab them on the ground(by the legs) and do that heat move where you spin them around into people. Can't knock them down? standing grab them and move them towards a group of people and use that other heat move that also spins them into a group of two. >Majima Square->Square->Square->Mash triangle while pointing your left analog towards the nearest group of enemies.
>>112233 Thanks anon. This is what I was looking for.
Are all of the "Dark Picture" """"games"""" just a big ruse on a budget? I can't imagine an actual writer writing this dialog.
What are the best Gundam games?
Since a lack of /fit/. I'm asking here. Why is Crossfit bad?
>>113595 Weird ass exercises. You may as well do a program and run.
>>111532 >>111543 I'd be interested in the results of this if anyone knows what it is. It sounds like the kind of screamer that a goofy newgrounds game would throw in. If it were a well-known commercial series I think it'd be talked about a little more and would be more or less common knowledge by now. I wasn't big on the flash game scene back then, so maybe someone else has suggestions. Could it have been one of the FNAF fangames? That seems like the kind of thing they'd pull.
>>113518 F-91 (SNES) for the proper full story for the planned F-91 series that got truncated to a fucking movie Gundam vs Zeta Gundam Federation vs Zeon Super Robot Wars Ultimate Knight Windom XP
https://yewtu.be/watch?v=e9x7hMGP1dM Anyone one know the soundtrack used on the video link? The description said Crossbone Gundam but it didn't work when look up the ost for it.
/v/ I brought a gaming headsets form Amazon. the Speakers work fine but the mic died nearly 10 days after the Return policy. What do?
>>115136 Weep. Don't buy cheap shit on Amazon and don't buy from Amazon.
>>115143 Where Should I buy from? My paycheck came yesterday.
>>115162 Try and buy from local stores if there are any around. They need your money way more than Amazon does. Depending on the headset you bought an electronics or even a cellphone repair shop might be able to replace the mic cable, which is most likely what's damaged. Make sure you can't get it replaced or fixed for free by the manufacturer first, though. It never hurts to ask.
(989.98 KB 1016x585 Wayforward Shovelware.png)
What the fuck? I know everyone jokes about Shantae but since when does Wayforward do licensed shovelware? The Mummy game looked much better.
>>115162 BestBuy has a good customer rewards program, and they'll price match Amazon, and a lot of their stuff will ship for free.
Whats the easiest way to set up a WinXP machine to play old games? Windows 98? I have one or two nostalgic games I would like to play
>>115193 >he fell for the Shantae meme WayForward is a shovelware dev. They always have been, Shantae isn't even good. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WayForward#Gameography Let me list out some of their amazing work. >Mickey's Ultimate Challenge >The Smurfs 2: The Video Game >Thor: God of Thunder >Despicable Me: Minion Mayhem >Marvel Puzzle Quest >Sabrina: The Animated Series: Zapped! >Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus >Happy Feet Two: The Video Game >SpongeBob SquigglePants >Shrek: Ogres & Dronkeys
I hear the enhanced editions of baldurs gate 1&2 are trash. Should I just play those or go for the originals?
What would you anons choose: Nier Automata or DMC5?
>>116893 I'd choose your whore of a mother instead.
>>116899 Sounds like the actions of a simp.
>>116905 Watch your tone faggot. Soon enough I'll become your step daddy you little bitch.
>>116909 It'll be hard having a niggerfaggot for a step dad.
>>116914 I'll be hard having a legally retarded cocksmoking homosexual for a son, but don't worry I'll send you to the synagogue for retards where Mark lives so you can be with your own kind. And I'll have all the time in the day to continue porking your sperm bank whore of a mother.
>>116931 Sure you shouldn't be using tor? Seems like the spergings of a TORpedo.
(70.00 KB 639x455 BARE IP.jpg)
>>116934 I have nothing to hide from you, son. But seriously I'm done with this now I won't choose either one I love them both too much to chose favorites I hope you have a good night or great day where ever you are anon
>>116946 He did literally nothing wrong.
(43.94 KB 735x624 MSGZZ Puru Fuck You Faggot.JPG)
>>113595 Some of it is 'ok' but there's a lot of shit that just wears down your energy levels with little return and some very dodgy pull-ups that can put your arms out of joint also the people who're into it are fucking insufferable faggots about it, like it's not just a series of exercises but like some arcane ritual they're 'so superior' for doing. They stay noodle armed and scrawny while someone simply lifting and swimming will put them to shame.
>>116893 DMC5. Call me an idiot but I have no more patience for games with an overabundance of story anymore.
I'm ready to be crucified so here it goes. I enjoy SRPGs but am awful at them. Is there any hope or even easy starter ones to play? When I say I'm bad at them I mean getting stuck in FFT at around the 4th mission bad. Am I doomed to be a tacticless faggot? I did manage to beat Metal Gear Ac!d but that's about it. Not sure if I'm under leveled or even how that could be fixed with FFT when I try to grind I get destroyed by random encounter battles even.
>>117030 FFT is notorious for some of the plot battles being kind of bullshit, but I think that is a little early to be getting stuck. I don't remember exactly where the silly shit starts, though. You could get an emulator and try Shining Force and its sequel for Genesis. That might help you learn the basics, like judging where to put your characters to support each other and not rushing in and getting surrounded. Those games are a little simpler although they do have some gotchas like the hidden items on some maps and no grind potential. You could also try FFTA and its sequel since they tend to have a little bit less bullshit in the plot encounters and have a few of the same mechanics as FFT--not many, though. It's tough to say what you're doing wrong, really, because it could either be a team-build problem or just bad tactical work. Do you get ground down over time, or do you make head-slapper mistakes, or what? I do have to ask, though: how do you know you enjoy the genre if you're so terrible at them? What other ones have you tried that you failed at?
>>117039 Disgaea 1 I got pretty far in then hit a wall, can't remember exactly what part but it was definitely longer than FFT. Same with Disgaea 4 and 5. Advance Wars 1 and 2 I enjoy a lot, never tried Fire Emblem though. It's not that I can't enjoy the games being so terrible at them its I want to enjoy them to the full extent by being able to complete one without a guide. There was also some SMT one on DS that I liked a lot but forget the name. I think the big problem is team building, I do make some big mistakes like rushing my characters in to attack as soon as possible which is stupid, I looked up tips on FFT and seems like my job selection is trash and I should be gathering more JP to get skills. I'll give it a try again later this week. I'll try out Shining Force too.
>>117030 After you've beaten FFT, give the PSP remake of Tactics Ogre: Let us Cling Together a go. One of my favorite SRPGs (though the early levels are a bit of a slog), but mechanically I'd say it's much more difficult, yet if you're competent with the genre, the builds and such are fantastic fun
>>117030 Have you ever tried the Super Robot Wars series?
Whatever happened to Marvel vs Capcom? Was Infinite DOA?
>>117204 No but they look fun. What's a good one to start with?
>>116947 Who? Mark?
>>117112 I'm actually in kind of a funny boat compared to you, anon. I like that type of game, but I hate actually playing them even though I can do reasonably well in them. I just don't have the patience these days.
>>117252 this chad dad >>116946
(2.79 MB 424x240 Photonic Beam.mp4)
>>117240 I'm not exactly an expert with the games, I've started with the Gameboy versions of the game then worked my way up from there. Anyway, just finished Deus Ex: Human Revolution and moving to Mankind Divided. Any tips regarding the gameplay?
(331.03 KB 2000x1000 Jydge.jpg)
(25.93 KB 264x377 Urban Chaos.jpg)
(33.42 KB 460x215 Judge Dredd.jpeg)
What games let me lay down the law as a cool police officer? Preferably more on the side of Dredd than SWAT.
Anyone have any (system) save files for Gal Gun Double Peace? Specifically the ones that have the Ekoro route unlocked. Want to see if the -onethread launch modification fixes a certain game crashing bug and I don't think I can get there on my own in the hour I have left before I lose my refund rights.
Are the Legend of Grimrock games any good? If so, which one would /v/ recommend I start with? Trying to find a good old-school Wizardry clone that isn't SMT, preferably with a deep combat system, if possible.
>>120516 Yeah i liked them. There's only 2 so obviously start with 1, 2 is better but 1 is still good. The combat isn't super deep, it's mostly strafing around and timing your attacks so you don't get hit, don't facetank shit and don't get surrounded or you will die. Honestly the games scratched my Zelda itch more than anything as they have a huge focus on puzzles and secrets which are often very well done.
>>120516 Grimrock is not Wizardry. Dungeons might be similar but real time combat makes it VERY different. Both are pretty good. I'd actually argue that 1 is better. 2 is more "open world", which means it's bigger and a bit shallower, and the puzzles have a bit of a different flavor. Grimrock 1 puzzles tend to be more self-contained which I think is preferable.
>>120527 >There's only 2 so obviously start with 1, 2 is better but 1 is still good. Will do lol. >The combat isn't super deep, it's mostly strafing around and timing your attacks so you don't get hit I've grown to really like timing-based combat in RPGs, so this should be cool. >they have a huge focus on puzzles and secrets which are often very well done. I admit I'm not always the sharpest when it comes to puzzlers, but this sounds refreshing. One thing that's missing from a lot of newer RPGs, is the idea of environmental hazards and traps in dungeons; the idea that you have to use your brain as well as your weapon of choice definitely makes it more akin to a tabletop approach. Thanks, anon; I'll check it out.
>>120534 Sorry for the double-post; didn't see your reply right away. >real time combat makes it VERY different. That's actually pretty intriguing; I've never heard of a dungeon-crawler with real-time combat. I just assumed it was turn-based. >Grimrock 1 puzzles tend to be more self-contained which I think is preferable. I assume you mean puzzles in 2 might require items, hints, etc. from multiple different areas of the game to solve? If so, that sounds like a major headache. Thanks again for the advice; I'll stick with the first one for now.
>>120516 Grimoire is unbelievably dense and was made by a legitimately insane person, but if you can figure out how it works it's pretty okay.
Is there any easy way to tell if the text is Taiwanese or west Taiwanese? I keep seeing games that come out with chinese character's and I want to avoid playing anything by bugmen.
>>120582 Probably not. There's not even an easy way to tell if text is Chinese or Japanese unless there's hiragana or katakana in it which most, but not all Japanese text has.
>>120586 Japanese is pretty easy because there's always some hiragana or katakana when you go looking through the developer's posts. Taiwanese and bugman I have no idea. I know Taiwanese is traditional and bugman is simplified but of course if you plop it into (((google))) it will always just return "chinese"
(19.23 KB 340x511 Cleveland Mark Blakemore.jpg)
>>120549 >Grimoire is unbelievably dense I had heard of it before, but your post inspired me to do some digging. It really does seem like there's an insane amount of stuff in the game, which isn't surprising considering it's apparently a 20-year old passion project. > and was made by a legitimately insane person Lol, I also looked into him, and he seems like an interesting individual. Apparently a renowned anthropologist who may or may not have been a consultant for FarCry Primal (which explains his regular references to "manboons" and cro-magnons), but man, does his writing style read weirdly. It's unnervingly close to full-on word salad at times. Does this make him the Terry Davis of CRPGs? >but if you can figure out how it works it's pretty okay. I have an autistic fascination with arcane systems and jargon in general, so this might be right up my alley. Thanks for the recommendation, anon.
Are the following games/franchises any good? >Sleeping Dogs >SOCOM >Infamous >Saints Row >Max Payne
>>121401 >x good Sleeping Dogs No. SOCOM I couldn't say but the games are decent from what I played many years ago. >Infamous first two are good but mediocre realistically. >Saints Row First two are good the rest arte abominations. The second game has tons of "wow that's messed up" moments like the one young man you hire on you mercy kill, you lock the opposing leaders gf in a trunk of a car and he kills her without realziing it. >Max Payne First two are good buit thet differ from ehach other tonally & writing wise. Third is okay on its own but isn't Max Payne.
>>121401 >Sleeping Dogs Many say it's good, but I didn't enjoy it myself. something about the driving really felt off and the melee combat wasn't all that fun either. >Infamous I've only played 1. It's basically Hulk Ultimate Destruction with edge, play it. >Max Payne First one is a fun, stylish game with some outdated design decisions like sticking shotgunners behind doors or corners in a few places, but is otherwise really worth playing. MP2's gameplay is much smoother, although I found it was also much easier because of the new slow-mo mechanics. I also found the story and characters retarded because of how much they changed just to fit a mold. 3's okay gameplay wise(It has this "weight" to it that newer GTA games have, I hate it) but you'll be interrupted every minute(this isn't hyperbole either) with unskippable cutscenes because muh story that's ripped off from man on fire.
>>121427 You're confusing Infamous (electric powers, moral choices bullshit) with Prototype, which is basically what you've described. I personally enjoyed Prototype much more as the freedom in the movement system is my cake
I want to get into SS13 because I've heard the name here and there back on 8ch, but I don't know where to start. From what I gather, it's an open source multiple servers kind of game like City of Heroes has become, but I don't know any good servers to start with. I looked into a /tg/station, but I dropped any intention of joining when I saw they had a NO BIGOTRY SHITLORD rule (on their forum, there was a specific example given by an admin that "all trannies must die" being considered unacceptable, source being https://tgstation13.org/phpBB/viewtopic.php?p=573708#p573235 ). Any recommendations?
>>121460 I think pretty much all the public servers have some "no bad words" rule unfortunately. The game is still fun. Just sad that it got taken over.
>>121455 Oh, my bad.
Why hasn't anyone made a MAC OS 9 emulator? >>102539 What a coincidence I was going through pangea software's website. The game you probably were asking for is nanosaur.
>>121460 You should have joined us in 8station back in early 2019. The servers dead now but it was shitposting central, crew members were allowed to say nigger, there was race wars, the average player was fucking great at the game and was very helpful towards newcomers. The rounds where traitors went and sent the station into chaos and everyone had to act quickly and responsively according to the situation was my favorite rounds. I think I am the last guy to use 8station left unfortunately. I would be sad but everyone knew 8chan was going to die eventually.
>>121590 The high point for me was probably Nel's Pizzastation
Should I get a 2DS or a 3DS XL? I heard the 3DS line was going out of production and I want to snag one new while its still possible. My hands haven't really grown since I got my launch model in 2011, but my eyesight has gotten worse. Is there any real reason to get a 3DS XL over the 2DS aside from the larger screen? I know about the NEW distinction but I don't care for that since I don't plan on emulating anything stronger than GBA games on it.
An issue I had with God of War(PS2) and Metal Gear Rising is how none of the combos seemed to differ that much at all in terms of both animation and function(Maybe a bit with God of War having some more AoE based attacks, but every attack felt like an AoE based attack). Does DMC/Bayonetta/God Hand have that issue or are combos more function based?
>>121595 The best time for me was right after the Ssethtide happened and 8station had around 30 players in it at once. It was chaotic and eventful as fuck, which was really damn fun. >lazer tag gun in 1st pic Wew I tried to get the lizard guy fucking killed over a lazer tag gun. A race war was starting I was super on edge haha. >>121603 Get a n2DS XL. They are all around cheaper and more durable. A normal 2ds is made for mentally handicapped kids with gorilla strength who tend to snap their DS's in half but a 2ds looks better and has more prossesing power so it can run games like MH in 60fps and play Xenoblade. The microSD slot is in an easier to access spot too, with the n3ds you would have to screw the bottom plastic part off to access the slot.
>>121674 Agree about the N3DS, but I highly recommend never taking the SD card out after you install CFW anyway, since you can just install an FTP server and connect to that to upload files. It's not as fast, sure, but it helps avoid whatever wear would come from taking the card out and putting it back in all the time. Especially if it uses a spring-loaded slot like the other 2DS model, that can be a terribly annoying point of failure.
I want to play FFX, but I've heard a lot of complaints about some of the new textures. Are there any good mods to fix it, or should I just emulate the PS2 version?
>>122072 At the risk of sounding like a shill, you should probably just play it. A PS2 game played at higher resolution and with your face a foot away from the screen is going to look janky compared to the game being played at PS2 resolutions from your couch. That's true even if they gild the lily a bit with spiffied up textures. You might want to look and see if the PC version has fixed stuff that the PS2 international version left broken, too, before you make that decision. Might be worth putting up with some garbage textures if you get something tangible out of it.
>>121590 >>121455 There's a SS13 thread over at zzzchan, you might find some more anons there.
I recall a scene from one of the mortal kombats(it was 3d, might have been one of the earlier ones) where Raiden is surrounded by like four people ready to get his ass kicked and then it cuts, and cuts back to Raiden getting lightly pushed around by them like they're in a playground. Does anyone know which game it was from?
>>122754 Sounds campy enough to be MK4
>>113518 Gihren's Greed V: Menace of Axis Gundam Musou 1-3 Despite being a clunky mess, I enjoyed Gundam Crossfire/ Target in Sight
(4.54 MB 5700x2620 Xbox-console.jpg)
I found my old OG Xbox. What are some good games to put in it?
>>123033 I hope you soft-modded it and ripped out the time cap
(135.28 KB 544x768 Whacked-NTSC-XBOX-FRONT.jpg)
>>123045 >time cap It has the 1.6 motherboard so there's no need. Also i'm going to try Whacked! because there's a hot chick in the cover.
>>123033 Jet Set Radio Future and Panzer Dragoon Orta for sure.
(90.99 KB 640x451 Ejvf1kXUwAEcoGG.jpg)
Speaking of GOJIRA theres going to be a new godzilla anime N*tfl*x adapation thats coming out in 2021. Hopefully the world had already ended and we're all dead by then.
(20.80 KB 450x320 kms.jpg)
>>123219 Wasn't the stupid 1998 version able to change genders so it could reproduce?
>>123219 Didn't the 1998 movie make Godzilla asexual? This is the next step, you shitlord. Also, Showa Godzilla is the original Godzilla's mate. And so are Heisei and most of the Millennium Godzillas, IIRC. Both original Godzilla and the various iterations of the second Godzilla are treated as male. Godzilla is a fag. So actually, since it's Netflix, the next step will be to have Godzilla molesting Minilla. But it's okay, because they're gay, you homophobe. Those two twins that hang out with Mothra will definitely be black, if they appear at all.
(75.51 KB 574x340 1500189492.jpg)
>>123220 >>123221 Zilla was a hermaphrodite a la Jurassic Park. It had nothing to do with current year tranny shit. >>123221 >Those two twins that hang out with Mothra will definitely be black MEME RESPONSIBLY YOU FUCKING NIGGER.
Everyone knows Godzilla fucked that moth.
>>123234 Yes, and?
>>123234 >>123237 You raise a good point. We see tons of baby Mothras. Who is the baby daddy? Might as well be Godzilla. Also, there are two Godzillas in both major timelines, three if you count Minilla/Godzilla Jr, and there are usually multiple individuals of many other species. There are two Rodans in the original movie, then later there's a third one that teams up with Godzilla a bunch of times. Godzilla kills Angirus, then later becomes best friends with a second one. We can probably figure that most of the other monsters that just appear after being killed aren't actually the same individuals that we saw in previous movies. It would be cooler if they were.
>>122784 Looking around it was actually MK10. This was a serious scene.
Are there any good third party joy-cons?
Does anyone remember an old DmC video that shat on the FUCK YOU dialog of the game? Had a bit of ytp to it at the end where Vergil talks about closing the demon gate but the BIGGER DICK part kept getting spliced in the dialog, and the part with the demon whore who goes "let's play with him little one" is followed by a scene from Bayonetta going "where are you from little one?"?
Is there a definitive way to play the original Sonic games?
>>126129 Just emulate. Optionally play Sonic 3 Complete after and any other improvement hacks since you won't know what exactly you consider definitive otherwise. Patch Sonic 3 Complete yourself, it's customizable. For Sonic CD there's no perfect definitive version so read the sonicretro wiki page. Modern releases come very close to definitive though so it'll probably be that one.
>>126226 I looked around and the android versions of 1 and 2 seem to add some content and widescreen, would it be best to emulate that?
>>124141 sounds like fetish bait
>>126129 For some reason, the best versions of Sonic 1 and 2, remakes from the guys who later did Sonic Mania, were only released on iOS and Android. You can get an Android emulator and run them if you want. The originals are still good, but these remakes include things like playable Tails and Knuckles (though Knuckles was already playable in Sonic 2 if you had Sonic & Knuckles), time attacks, and Sonic 2 has a whole new secret stage based on one that was famously cut from the original game. The same people also did a remake of Sonic CD. That one was released on PS3, 360, and Steam, IIRC. That is definitely the definitive version of that game. For some reason, Sonic 3 and Sonic & Knuckles (or their combined version, Sonic 3 & Knuckles) never got this remake treatment. However, Sonic 3 & Knuckles is the last one, and already features a lot of the improvements that the other games didn't have until the remakes, so the regular version of Sonic 3 & Knuckles is already hard to beat. However, I've heard good things about Sonic 3 Complete, which is basically Sonic 3 & Knuckles with a ton of autistic options for very minor customizations. For example, some of the music in Sonic 3 is replaced in Sonic 3 & Knuckles. Sonic 3 Complete gives you the option to change it to the Sonic 3 music. There are a ton of options like this. There's also Sonic 3: Angel Island Revisited, which apparently has things like widescreen and some other upgrades like that, which the official remakes have, but Sonic 3 complete doesn't. I never cared enough to play anything other than the official Sonic 3 & Knuckles, though, since it's already so good. Also, you're probably not autistic enough to consider Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2 to be "original" Sonic games, but if you are interested in them, the HD versions on Steam are generally considered the best, but with "Dreamcast conversion mods" which do change back most of the changes that were made in the various ports. Without these mods, the Steam version is a port of the earlier PC version, which is a port of the Gamecube version, which is a port of the Dreamcast version, and each port introduced problems, but the fans are autistic enough to make mods that fix all of those things, and keep the actual improvements that were made. Also, there is a mod to fix the subtitles to better match the Japanese dialogue, but translated properly. People make fun of the bad English dubs, but the subtitles normally just read out the English dub, instead of accurately translating the Japanese dialogue. But there are mods to fix that, and then you can just play with the Japanese voices.
>>126468 >Also, there is a mod to fix the subtitles to better match the Japanese dialogue, but translated properly. People make fun of the bad English dubs, but the subtitles normally just read out the English dub, instead of accurately translating the Japanese dialogue. But there are mods to fix that, and then you can just play with the Japanese voices. Fucking hell, just how many games I played back then got borderline rewritten? Also, Endless Space 2 is on sale, which is good as I've been hankering to try out the game since a certain review. Unfortunately, a patch in August or so more or less broke the game. Something about Darth Paul. What's up with that?
What's more fun for a roguelike? >Classic D&D gameplay with shit like AC and clever item interactions, but simpler stats (Nethack) >Simulate every attack, several body parts that can get individually damaged (Dwarf Fortress) >Loot treadmill with magic items until your character becomes a ball of stats (Diablo 2)
An English version of Robopon Star was leaked in the Nintendo gigaleak. Unfortunately Robopon uses a weird save type and unusual RTC hardware that mGBA isn't supporting automatically (even on the released Sun version) and won't save as a result. Either A: Is there a way to setup mGBA to properly play it B: What GB emulator will actually play it?
I wanna play some Company of Heroes. Should I play 1 or 2?
(1.05 MB 1280x720 ClipboardImage.png)
(2.24 MB 1280x720 ClipboardImage.png)
Should I replay Kataw Shoujo or play some other school romance-esk VN like Everlasting Summer?
>>127276 >2nd pic Those girls would be killed on the grounds for looking beautiful.
>>127276 Play ES, its about on par with KS in the feels department. It was made by dudes from a russian slowboard.
>>126238 It wasn't. Something I remembered was that there was a bass-boost of Linkin Park's numb on the last scene of the game and the text "fans" on the white wig that donte gets in the not in a million years scene.
How do I use CreamAPI? Instructions in both the cs.ru thread and the readme are vague as fuck. I just want the Pheromone Z DLC from Gal Gun Double Peace.
What are some games with good character creators? I'm one of those autists that spend a lot of time in them, thinking up a backstory in my head for the character- how they relate to the game's world and everything. The genre doesn't really matter to me. If the game actually has good gameplay, then that's just a bonus. Also, I know about Black Desert Online and Dragon's Dogma already.
Where can I download just cracked EXE's? I want to back up my steam library without re-downloading a whole game
>>127434 Gamecopyworld usually has cracks. You can also use a steam emulator like Goldberg or SSE.
>>127202 I'm going to be one of those guys and say it depends on what you're going for. I personally like all of those to some extent. Also, I'm going to write my post in the sense that you're asking from a game design perspective. Sorry if that wasn't what you're asking for. Something like Nethack could work better for exploration and puzzle solving. I think something like Dwarf Fortress works better for small scale combat, where there aren't going to be too many characters fighting. Though something like that could work very well for a pro wrestling roguelike. Loot treadmills are better for when you want the player to feel™ like they're progressing often or constantly being on the lookout for the next great thing. Of course, then there's the consideration of whether or not you can control multiple characters. TL;DR: depends on what you or the developers are going for.
>>127436 >Gamecopyworld Just what I'm looking for, thanks >Goldberg This works for a few games, but a lot of stuff requires an additional crack
>>127544 It was getting spammed by 4channers
>>127559 You mean Cuckchan?
>>127558 Stuff sometimes tends to get deleted as long as its about topics that mark doesnt like. Me and some anons also shat on Xenoblade 2 a little while ago and all of our posts got deleted. But by then we already got our point across so it doesnt really matter. I wonder if hes gonna try and stifle any discussion about steve in any future smash bros threads?
(84.56 KB 616x353 capsule_616x353.jpg)
I WAS initially going to make a thread about this but anyways. RuneScape just came out on steam today. Is it worth playing current year RS or has it aged like shit? If it indeed had can you tell me how so? Is it even the same game as oldschool runescape?
(5.18 MB Yesteryear.mp3)
>>127578 Out of curiosity I tried it(RS3, not old school) earlier this month. What I noticed is how easier the grinding got. Mainly it's the mining and smithing, since there was a big overhaul of the skills. Basically now you get ore bags that can store up to 200(I got up to iron tier) or something ores of an ore type(this means a single ore bag can contain 200 copper ores AND 200 tin ores), and rocks now operate on some stamina and progress bar system. Every swing fills up progress, filled progress gives you ore(also you can level up to get multiple ores per bar). Every swing also depletes stamina, once it's depleted you need to click(on another rock or the same rock, doesn't matter) to replenish it or else you fill up progress at a lower rate. As for smithing(keep in mind I fucking hated smithing and mining so I'm mostly fine with the overhaul), a furnace acts as everything you need. You first deposit ore in a furnace that acts like an ore bank, and then you can create as many ingots as you want(while also depositing them in the same interface as the ore bank. this stuff would be really comfy in a singleplayer game). Then you go to a smelter(usually right next to a furnace) to choose what you want to smith. You consume the ingots to create an unfinshed item which fills up the heat bar of that item. You then go to an anvil(which is right next to smelter/furnace) to start hammering at the unfinished items. Again you have a progress bar which fills up quicker with a heat bar. If your heat bar depletes before the progress bar is filled, you have to reheat the unfinished item at the smelter or else the progress bar fills at a snail's pace(again by leveling up the skill the heat bar increases which means a few levels in you won't need to reheat your current tier). Otherwise I felt the game was far too flashy, with ability cooldown combat, lots of overproduced animations, voice acted cutscenes for quests, shiny graphics with everyone having insane cosmetics and pets and what have you, you getting rewarded every 5 seconds of gameplay, it just lost a lot of things and I've lost the patience to sit down and play something like RS anymore. I realize most of my like for the game was probably nostalgia. The overhauled music was mostly decent though. Old school I heard is constantly getting fucked and since it has the GE I doubt it's worth playing either.
>>127578 I would say Runescape hasn't aged well, but the changes they made in modern Runescape just make everything worse. The new artstyle, despite being higher fidelity, somehow looks worse than when they used flat shaded polygons. Everything looks extremely generic now. The EoC update added ability bars, which do very little outside of require you to keep pressing buttons for very little gains. It just takes more effort without making the combat more interesting. There's also all the modern cancers they added to the game, like microtransactions. In general, RS3 feels like a shitty WoW clone.
(150.48 KB 400x240 1398331679667.jpg)
(121.21 KB 400x240 1430938060169.jpg)
(62.91 KB 400x240 1430938681403.jpg)
(148.04 KB 400x240 1433449981790.jpg)
(71.62 KB 400x240 doublebedholdhands.png)
>>127430 If dress up is important to you, the Style Savvy games are great.
>>127324 Not the same anon to whom you replied, but I'll have to check this out. I was actually thinking about doing another run through all of KS' routes for old time's sake, but I think I'll play through this, first.
>>127440 Yes, it was from a design perspective. It would be a solo character, no companions but maybe some summoned critters. I realized that I could take basically all the mechanics of D&D combat, and just use my own system for damage. So instead of doing d8 to your HP, it applies it to whatever limb as a wound/injury, plus bleeding damage, then you die when you bleed out or something
Has anyone played Remothered? Curious if there's something about it worth playing >>127276 Everlasting Summer is good, the Miku route somewhat scared the shit out of me though so probably fitting for Halloween
>>126468 I see, thanks. Speaking of Adventure, would you recommend any other 3D sonic games? I've only really played Heroes and all I remember of it is how frequent it was to clip into geometry and die.
beyond gay and retarded but what piece is this https://youtu.be/uBgv-m8qCQs assuming mozart but i can't find it also bonus points if you nignogs can list decent games were classical music is the main soundtrack like chess ultra
>>128034 The rest are varying degrees of mediocre to straight up lousy. I'd say Generations and Colors, but those have a lot of 2.5D sections. There's also the Unleashed Mod Project which is Sonic World Adventure without any of the padding and filler, but some miss the non werehog missions and hubworlds that came with the original game. All 3 of the aforementioned games are somewhat polarizing since their gameplay diverges quite a bit from the Adventure style as they are reliant on the high speed boost maneuver, which is a turn off for those wanting more control over their platforming in a 3D Sonic game;
>>123220 >>123221 >>123229 >Godzilla fights all comers and shits on tanks the whole series >kicks the entire menagerie's asses but is left battered and worn out by last eps >goes up against Mechagodzilla and gets his ass whooped >suddenly a half pink 'Goddesszilla' emerges from the water 20ft taller and with a dick bigger than Godzilla's like a female hyena >she cucks the fuck out of him whipping the Mechashitter into next century >to celebrate she takes the roof off a birth control factory and necks the contents so there's no 'Son of' in the works.
Pretty specific question, but anyway what would be the better translation for Mystic Ark? There are 2 currently, one by Dynamic-Designs and the other by Aeon Genesis. I know that Ghideon Zhi is a colossal faggot with the SMT blunders and all, but are their translations good? Isn't Dynamic Design one of those that change the text for politics or am I remembering wrong?
>>128582 >>123229 Its only a Godzilla if its made in Japan.
(79.32 KB 304x193 ClipboardImage.png)
>>128252 >not knowing the marriage of Figaro Watch this and learn you some western culture as you should https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_OYtlGpApc0
>>129338 The distinction is rather lost when there's a 100ft lizard in it and it's branded 'Godzilla' it's also immaterial to the majority of the audience. It may smack of giving up but take it from someone who used to like Star Wars it's smart to let go of the idea of things being 'canon'. Being precious about any franchise is pointless when all it takes to attach an eternal stink to it is one shitty nu-writer/director. Don't get me wrong it'd be nice if it wasn't like this.
>>129356 Its even more sad to just give up on things you like. Sure they can make as many shitty entries or reboots as they like. Doesn't change the former movies that i like. Star Wars is dead now because they original Fan base hated the new movies and all interest was killed. So at least they got what they deserved. If you just keep abandoning things then where is the end? >Dont get attached to anything. Just consume, abandon and move on to the next thing. Sounds like how they want you to behave.
>>126468 I forgot to mention that in the HD remake of Sonic CD, you have a choice between the US and JP soundtracks, since the soundtrack was totally changed in localization. The JP soundtrack was the original and the game was designed around it, while the US soundtrack has good songs, but is more disjointed (as some JP songs are left in, and were supposed to match with and reference other JP songs, but now don't match at all). Anyway, for some reason the vocals for the JP opening and ending themes were removed from the remake, with the instrumentals left in place. I'm sure it must be easy to mod it back in, though. >>128034 There are two "eras" of non-spinoff Sonic games. The first is Adventure, Adventure 2, Heroes, Shadow, and Sonic '06. These games all control with the same basic idea of controls (though how well the controls are executed in each game vary), same general type of tone, visuals, etc. (though again, there is a degree of variation). Generally, they tried to convert the feel of the 2D gameplay into 3D, with a bit of focus on momentum and being able to gain a lot of speed if you're good and can keep a good flow. How well they succeed is debatable, but I think it was a good basis, and the different games succeed to different degrees. The story is also the type of stuff the original games had, but expressed outside the manuals, since now they had voice acting. People who never read the manuals sometimes don't like this, but my point is that it was the natural evolution of the series. I'd say to start by playing Adventure and Adventure 2. Adventure 1 has more actual Adventure game elements, such as a hub world that is meant to be explored, and NPCs that have rather complex stories that evolve through the course of the game. It also has six gameplay styles (not counting a few smaller minigames), and some people don't like some of the alternate gameplay styles. I don't mind them, but I can understand why people don't want something like 1/12 of a Sonic game to be a fishing game. Adventure 2 is extremely streamlined. No hub worlds, only three gameplay styles (no fishing). The level designs are strongly improved over the previous games, and there are things like extra missions and a points/ranking system that gives it a more arcade-style replayability. If you don't like the adventure game elements and other more expansive features of the previous game, you might like this one more. I'd be comfortable saying it generally has much better gameplay. The trick is that the story mode is basically just a practice mode, and the real meat of the game is replaying levels for the extra missions and higher ranks. If you don't like either Sonic Adventure 1 or 2, I don't think you'd like any of the other games of its era. Heroes and Shadow tried to change things up a little bit with the team/gun/morality gimmicks, and lighter and darker styles respectively, but fundamentally they play like Sonic Adventure 2, only not as good. I don't recall having problems with clipping into geometry, though. I've heard youtube faggots and their retard audiences that never actually played the games say that's a problem with Adventure 1 and 2 as well. Try pointing the joystick where you want to go instead of deliberately running into and just grinding against walls for the entire game. Sonic '06 tried to be Sonic Adventure 1, but was released as a clear beta prototype, with empty hub-worlds, absurd loading times, and even unfinished elements that weren't dummied out, and break the game when used. Specifically, Sonic can buy these gems that give him extra abilities like invincibility and stuff, and they were supposed to work with a meter that drains so you can't abuse it, but the meter just never drains, so you can just be invincible forever. Also the gems are never required anywhere in the game, or mentioned outside the shop where you buy them. Clearly they were supposed to be dummied out, but weren't. It has more ambitious ideas, like NPCs give you side-missions now, giving you more to do in the hub worlds, but the loading times for them are absurd, and you have to wait through like two minutes of loading to replay a 30 second side-mission, which makes them just unbearable. Only a couple are required to beat the game, but the rest are just wasted, because nobody will ever sit through the loading to play them. This is the real biggest problem with the game, not youtube faggots deliberately running into walls and then screaming when they eventually clip through. After the awful response to Sonic '06, they completely threw out practically everything that the previous games did, and tried to reinvent the series. These games are Sonic Unleashed, Sonic Colors, Sonic Generations, Sonic Lost World, and Sonic Forces. These games introduce a new central gameplay style, where you can press a "Boost" button that immediately takes you to near top speed, makes it so you can simply run through the majority of enemies, and rings are magnetically attracted to you. IMO it plays more like a single player racing game where you occasionally jump over things, rather than a full on platformer. They try to remedy this by making half the game (or more) 2D instead, but it's the same moves and basic controls, just with different level design, it doesn't play like the "classic" games. So then they did Sonic Generations, which is the one from this era that you should play. Almost everyone agrees it's by far the best. Half the game is the "Modern Sonic" I described above, with the Boost mechanic and the half-2D gameplay, and the other half is "Classic Sonic," so it's all 2D and tries to play like the Genesis games. How well they succeed is debatable, but it's basically fine. This also means that this game is basically 3/4 2D, but people still count it as a 3D Sonic game because of the other 1/4.
Unleashed and Colors came out before Generations and have the Modern Sonic gameplay style. Personally, I like Unleashed a lot due to how much content it has, including hub worlds done well for the first time since Sonic Adventure 1, tons of extra missions, etc. Plus I think it has a great graphical and musical style, and I appreciate that it still has a bit of a story, even if it tries to be a lot lighter than previous games. Later games would have nothing but excuse plots and "ironic" garbage written by people who never played the old games. On the other hand, the game has two gameplay styles, and most people seem to hate the second one. Sonic turns into a werewolf with stretchy arms and it plays like God of War or something, but with a little bit more platforming. I don't hate these bits, but they're a lot slower than the other stuff, and I get people not liking that. The graphics and music in these sections are great though. Colors is loved by many but not by me. It has no alternate gameplay styles, just Boost Sonic, but actually the 3D sections are a very small part of the game, and the level design is mostly 2D, but as mentioned, it doesn't play like the old 2D games. You still Boost a lot, and in this one game you actually have a double jump, which isn't in any other game except Sonic Blast on Game Gear, which might be the worst game in the series. The level design, graphical style/level themes, and story (which is just an excuse plot) is nothing like the old games either. I think a lot of people who like this are people who just never played the old games but claimed they did, and kept saying that Sonic must simply go fast (Boost) and also shouldn't have alternate gameplay styles. This one did that. After Generations was Lost World, which to me felt like Colors 2, but with only the 3D gameplay. It technically removed the Boost but instead had a Run button like Mario. It also has spherical, or more often cylindrical, planets, like Mario Galaxy, but this is rarely significant to gameplay, and usually just means you have several tracks that run next to each other, and at the beginning, you can go around the planet and pick which track you want to go down. Aesthetically it's again pretty similar to colors, with things like graphics, music, and story. I personally like this more than Colors, but not by much. Forces is the newest one and it basically tried to be Generations 2. It did not receive a very good reception, with people saying the level design wasn't nearly as good. But at least it was working from the best fundamentals out of the Modern Sonic era, so it's still better than Colors and Lost World IMO. I've heard people say it's glitchy and stuff, but I beat it and never had a problem with those things. It's certainly no '06 or even Shadow. In addition to Modern Sonic and Classic Sonic, who play like in Generations, about a third of the game is a custom character, who plays basically like Modern Sonic but with a few customizable gimmicks, which is how alternate characters should have always been handled (though maybe not always customizable). The graphics and music are alright as far as Modern Sonic goes. The story is fucking retarded, though, as the same people who did the stories since Colors, who clearly never even played any previous games, apparently finally heard all the people saying they wanted the "Adventure-era" style back. Instead of playing those games and seeing what that style was like, they went based on cultural osmosis of how people made fun of 12 year old fans on deviantart in the mid-2000s, so the story comes off as practically a very dry parody written by people who don't actually know what they're referencing. Of course, even when I like the stories in Sonic games, I'm not playing the game because of them, and the last bunch of games before this only had excuse plots anyway, so this isn't a deal breaker for me. >tl;dr: play Adventure for more a expansive game with hub worlds and stuff. Play Adventure 2 for better level design and more arcade-style gameplay. If you don't like these, don't bother with Heroes, Shadow, or '06. If you do, play those in order because each is worse than the last, so just stop when you stop liking them. >If you don't like Adventure 1/2 play Generations. Completely different "Gotta Go Fast" gameplay style with no strange alternate gameplay styles and no anime style story. If you like this game, then go ahead and try Unleashed, Colors, Lost World, and Forces.
>>129347 thanks but i'm not hearing the same composition
>>129407 Oh fuck me, I remember playing shadow because I thought that the intro was the sickest shit ever. Thank you anon for the comprehensive overview. I'll be sure to try them out if I don't burn out by the time I get to Mania.
>>129408 The night sections in Unleashed weren't helped by the combat music overpowering the actual night themes for the areas. Hearing that one track over and over makes the gameplay feel even more monotonous.
>>129338 Remember, the Gozilla: Monster Planet trilogy never happened, if you still remember that shit flush it out of your mind already. Its the Starwars sequel trilogy of Godzilla.
>>129436 Having played DMC1 for its birthday, they did themes in that game the right way: 1 theme for the beginning levels of the game, another until the second main boss, 2 special enemy themes for mini-bosses/elite demons, and a couple or so where the music is just environmental like the final trek into the underworld. The remixes when you select the Sparda costume were another nice touch. The demos of the GOW games and Dante's Inferno (which is in the same style) were enjoyable, but I'm not sure if I can ever go back to playing the werehog after playing much better action games, especially since those levels were 30fps with drops. That whole concept of the werehog was embarrassing and they should have sprung for something more original if they were that set on making something besides boost levels.
>>116946 You're a nice dad, anon.
>>129558 Lock n load and the Shadow miniboss theme are etched into my mind. DMC1's pretty fucking good, I'm glad I played it before 3 and 4. >>129436 How would combat work in a sonic game, though? The only thing I can think of is revisiting Shadow's idea of using guns, and reskinning a Shadow the Hedgehog game to be a slightly faster Vanquish with more verticality and melee options.
I have a mod for Serious Sam HD The First Encounter made by TeknoGods that allows me to use LAN play without internet. However, I prefer the Second Encounter HD more. As far as I've seen there is no mod that does this for the Second Encounter HD. Is there no way to port the content from TSE HD to TFE HD or perhaps do LAN with Serious Sam Fusion without using the internet at all? Split screen co-op seems to be the only option for playing strictly local multiplayer on TFE+TSE HD without a mod.
>>129796 Maybe something built upon an expanded Sonic Battle system in 3D? Chain attacks and string combos from a variety of heavy, upper, pursuit, dashing, and special attacks together on enemies whilst you zip around everywhere .Though I reckon it might be better suited for a Power Stone esque spin-off since that type of gameplay was what Sonic Battle was closest to begin with It also might be more geared towards weapon users, but the Shinobi and Nightshade games had characters dash and teleport around and weren't particularly mashing heavy, iirc. That could be up Espio and Shadow's alley. Last thought would be use of ramps, walls and loops to launch yourself off of and have the character launch themselves at them or thrust and spin enemies towards environmental hazards for additional damage.
>>129380 >even more sad No argument here but once you're saturated with the old 'thing'/bit of media to the point of not really caring if you ever see it again then all that's left is the new and if everything new is trash what is one left with?
Speaking of Sonic, isn't there an anniversary next year? Have they announced anything for that?
>>130541 Sonic Forces 2
>>130556 Starring Infinite squared?
>>130557 No a new foe called Doughnut Steel.
(876.46 KB 500x375 678iokjhgfdcvnm,lpo.gif)
>>130129 >what is one left with? 1. If you really think that in this day and age you can not find any worthy entertainment, than you are deluding yourself. You have literally an endless selection and this may be the problem. Its like the rich kid that had all the games but could never decide to play anything. So you could widen (or narrowing depending on your situation) your search for entertainment or you go one step further... 2. Go from being an consumer to being an creator. This does not have to involve your current favorite media or any media at all. Even participation in any sport could be seen as an act of creation (of oneself). Of course the traditional ways are good too. Try out different things and see what sticks. 3. The endgame is this: Don´t make your entertainment depended on others. You should be capable of entertaining yourself without being reliant on anything or anyone.
>>130559 I thought that was the name of the player avatar. Speaking of Sonic Forces, which song did you anons think was the best? The soundtrack was overall lackluster(I'm not a big fan of the OC's vocals) but I really liked Mortar Canyon.
>>129558 >That whole concept of the werehog was embarrassing and they should have sprung for something more original if they were that set on making something besides boost levels. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I'm convinced that the werehog began development as Ristar. The stretchy arms used for both platforming and combat, translated to 3D, would perhaps play quite similarly to the werehog. But then someone at Sega got cold feet about reviving a character that only had one game (and a significantly different handheld port, but they'd count that as the same game or not count it at all) that never sold a huge amount to begin with, so they say to put that character in a Sonic game instead. But then the reception to '06 made them decide to only have Sonic as playable, so they convert Ristar's gameplay into a character that is technically still Sonic (completely missing the point of why people only wanted Sonic, but Sega missed the point many times when reacting to Sonic '06). But a Ristar like character has already made it into early development, so they just shift him into being a new character, Chip, who, like Ristar, is some sort of personification of a celestial being, but who takes the form of a tiny kawaii mascot character. >>129796 >How would combat work in a sonic game, though? The only thing I can think of is revisiting Shadow's idea of using guns, and reskinning a Shadow the Hedgehog game to be a slightly faster Vanquish with more verticality and melee options. Sonic '06 actually had a decent idea for how Shadow played. Instead of guns, he had little energy blasts which served similar purposes, but weren't quite as powerful, and gameplay didn't emphasize them as much. He then had moves that did more damage than Sonic could do, but didn't have as many agile movement options. He was also much slower than Sonic, which is a problem. But besides that, he was a great example of how to do alternate characters in a Sonic game. Make them play mostly like Sonic but with some differences. One other thing I'd change is that, since '06 was from the era where Sonic enemies took multiple hits, Shadow's moves typically just do more damage. I'd swap that out for enemies that all only take one hit (maybe some that have shields or something that must be broken first) and then give Shadow more AOE and combo moves, in addition to a few basic projectiles that Sonic doesn't have. But Sonic can do more movement related stuff, like maybe bouncing, light dash, etc. Sonic Adventure 2 Knuckles and Rouge also had okay combat options. Maybe they could be touched up a bit more, but fundamentally it could work to give them levels that emphasize combat a bit more. Tails and Amy from Sonic Adventure 1 also work kind of. I don't think Sonic himself should be focused on combat more than movement, but other characters could work with styles they've already had.
(903.34 KB 1280x720 ClipboardImage.png)
>>127324 >>128030 I finished playing ES and I really really enjoyed it. Thanks for the recommendation. oh and I also got spooked by the Miku route
>>132190 I get they were going for the empty skull or scary black eyes thing, but they missed. Somehow they just didn't achieve it. The thumbnail's more unsettling than the full image. I think it's that one little shadow under her nose that ruins the effect. I've seen it used strikingly before.
>Denatonium is the most bitter substance known Can an anon suck on a Switch cartridge to confirm this? I'm really curious now
>>132720 Where were you when the switch came out and e-celeb faggots were licking switch games
>>133004 Not playing on consoles or watching ecelebrities
(63.23 KB 800x450 THREE NOPE MAN.jpg)
>>132720 >Lick a Switch cart. For what reason? Why would this knowledge help you?
>>133036 I once told a guy that eating a whole lemon was a cure for headache. Guy did it while I watched, and I laughed at his discomfort. This is what trolling was back before the Internet made it easy.
>>133036 Basically I want to know whether it's "kind of" bitter or "what the fuck is wrong with you why did I do that" bitter
>>133082 Its very fucking bitter anon. Its the first thing i did when i got my switch was lick the cartridge to test how bitter it was. Extremely bitter and also a bit spicy my tongue felt numb afterwards for a few minutes and drinking water and eating something didn't help much. Would not taste again and would instantly stop your nail biting habit.
>>133412 Interesting, thanks for the information
(4.54 MB 1280x720 The Dragon of Black Mesa.webm)
(575.84 KB 1884x2640 Half Life 0.jpg)
What's with all the recent SFM Half Life content? Also, is Half Life Alyx worth playing? I don't have a headset but I saw there was a mod that removed the need for one.
If you had a motherboard with pop and static no matter what, would a dedicated sound card even help or is it too much about some bad shielding or something on the mobo?
>>134320 >What's with all the recent SFM Half Life content? Source 3 my dude, a whole lot of new models and stuff. >is Half Life Alyx worth playing? If you dont expect it to be HL3 and take into consideration its a VR game then yeah, its pretty fun, no poz, and more city 17.
>>134446 Try a USB soundcard. If it is your motherboard a USB output should work just fine.
>>134446 But would could you make me a sandwich?
(244.17 KB 616x353 specopstheline.jpg)
Is playing Spec Ops the line worth it even though I already know the game shames you for liking war shooters and some fucked up shit happens at the end or something?
>>134598 Do you like cover shooters in general? If yeah, then go for it and the storytelling might be an interesting new flavor. If not, then don't bother.
(1.20 MB 320x180 wew.gif)
>>134514 Nice, going to test that, probably the best solution to fix both the mic and headphone. It's some hellacious Silent Hill radio sound, like you can hear every computation through the headphone jack on the front panel no matter what I do about drivers.
(186.55 KB 2048x1280 Computer Security.jpg)
I'm building a shitbox PC for my nephew's first system, and I got so involved in loading it up with games and cool programs like Space Engine that I completely forgot that he's going into this thing completely blind. Anyone have some good ideas on semi-recent educational games, especially something that will teach him how to type? He's a bit too young for TotD Overkill, so I was thinking maybe the first TotD... but those games don't really teach about the number pad or punctuation or shift functions. I don't even know if they teach anything about the home row or finger positioning. I guess I could get him Mario Teaches Typing - but I never used it and it's a bit old. All the typing games I used as a kid are even older than that. He might not take to them. Thinking about also getting him a copy of PC Builder Simulator. It won't really be all that useful, but it should get him familiar at least with the very basics of how PCs work. Any other games or decent software suites that teach you how to use a computer? On the latter, games are prefered, but anything interactive to get him the basics would be fine. It'd be better than plan B, which is just putting links to a bunch of Youtube tutorials in a folder on his desktop.
>>134924 Make sure your case is shielded (no pci slots open, etc.) and grounded. And make sure there are no ground loops (system grounded in more than one place).
>>134955 I hope you're teaching him some GNU/Linux basics so he doesn't grow up a faggot. Also if you want to teach him to type properly have him learn DVORAK
>>135160 >GNU/Linux >Cant even type >Hurr use a different keyset than what everybody else uses This is like homeschooling in entirely latin then being confused when he goes to school and has trouble with the schoolwork and talking
>>135160 >>135173 Teaching someone how to use Linux is basically a full time job, and they'll only encounter problem after problem trying to figure out workarounds whenever they run into random bullshit in day to day life, especially with all these new weird programs people are forcing onto people to do work and school from home. Until Linux desktops are standardized in schools they're best left as something to tinker with in virtual machines or otherwise figure out on their own. Trying to force it on a young child is just retarded. Setting them up on a linux machine with games pre-installed is one thing, but actually "teaching them linux" is another. Also dvorak is a retarded meme.
(191.45 KB 1280x720 mahjong.jpg)
Can anyone recommend a Riichi Mahjong site that's available in English in some form and that allows playing for money? Not MahjongTime, that shit doesn't work.
>>142251 There's that waifu bait site with actual Mahjongg, Mahjongg Soul.
>>142317 I know, but that doesn't allow you to play for money as far as I'm aware and I need my betting fix while I can't play in person.
>>142251 >playing for money Give up on riichi and learn whatever version the vietnamese old folks play Gonna get fleeced my man
Resident Evil 1 PSX or GC? Why?
>>142251 I know a site that has roulette where you can play using real money. I tried it and did the trick where you double your bet every time it goes bad until you get the right one but I started with too little and lost it all when my RNG finally got a little iffy. If you're gonna at least do what I did start with at least 300 bucks, you can make 50 bucks in 20 minutes, which means 150 bucks and hour, which means, 1.2k in an 8 hour run. Once you make it to 3k you can level up to using $10 coins to get to 30k, then after that level up to $100 coins. Once you get to the $100 coins you could make 120k in 8 hour shifts. The coins don't have higher tiers than that but in little more than a week you could become a millionaire anon. I found that out from a youtube video that was previously hidden behind a $500 paywall, but it eventually got deleted.
(83.20 KB 870x1174 KhLerz4IONG0h7HlVjeD.png)
How is the modding scene with the PC port of Mario 64 going? Has the controls been modded so that it can be playable with mouse and keyboard? Can romhacks be imported to it?
>>143522 As of now there is no way to port ROM hacks without rewriting the entire port to fit the ROM hack due to the amount of space ROM hacks take up compared to a vanilla ROM. Word is going around that discordfags are in the process of porting Star Road, but I haven't seen anything concrete. As of now I don't think there's anyway to play with a mouse and keyboard simultaneously. I'll report back if there is, I'm rebuilding an updated version at the moment.
Would Watch Dogs Legion be considered one of the shittiest games to come out this year?
>>144521 I have heard nothing about it which is a terrible sign also The Kike of Us 2 was this year too.
>>144554 The game constantly bricks itself and theres a shit ton of glitches. But then again it is Jewbisoft so i'm not really surprised.
How is the Lost Planet series? Is it any good?
What are some decent modern games to roll at a modern toasterish PC? I have a 1030 in it which seems it was adequate for that new Hitman at 720p at least, didn't really push it over since don't care.
>>145537 The first two were decent, I believe there's something about one of the versions of the first one on PC being trash compared to the other. Lost Planet: Extreme Condition Colonies Edition is the one that has broken GFWL integration still, I think.
How's Crosscode?
Are there any good websites for Xbox 360 roms? because i'm getting tired of 1filchiers shit tier system of waiting for 107 minutes before downloading a new iso >>146819 It's ok, the story is mostly feels like .hack but with "haha were in a jrpg and we're self referential" dialogue buut the gameplay is like a mix of xenoblade with zelda elements for the dungeons. The musics pretty good
>>146819 >>146988 Isn't there some ugly black tranny in the intro, or is it something else I'm thinking of?
(2.47 KB 206x270 Carla-portrait.png)
>>146989 You mean this sheboon? She only appears in about 3 cutscenes before the plot forgets about her entirely
>>146819 The game is solid as fuck and will last you quite a while. Its downright one of the best indie games I've ever played, its criminally underrated. If you're achievement hunting be sure to trade with people because that can get you easy to miss quests, or you can just look them up on the wiki instead, also the good ending is really easy to miss. I clocked in 51 hours in the base game but they are still adding new updates and expansions to the game years after it came out.
>>146814 Nevermind this, ran across the thread >>145212 for non-trash games of the last decade.
I recently picked up Vampire: the Masquerade - Bloodlines for the first time. I remember there used to be an infographic about the game floating around. Can someone please post it here?
(504.23 KB 1200x2268 1439650445295.jpg)
>>147007 This is a very fun ass game, thanks a lot anon. >Look up Apollo's wiki page to see if I missed anything by not 5-0'ing his ass(5-1) >"Apollo is a very challenging bossfight" I mean he wasn't a pushover but this wasn't God Hard or anything.
>>147186 Thank you.
I've been using a DualShock 4 as my PC controlled for years. Recently the d-pad has gotten loose on the down direction and will often register down when I'm not pressing it and sometimes get stuck on. Is there a fix?
>>148567 Take it apart and clean any contacts with a q-tip and alcohol. Something might of gotten loose or dirty. Most of the time controller problems are pretty easy to fix.
Which total war has the best combat AI? I've played Medieval 2, Shogun 2, Warhammer 1/2 and Atilla and what I can conclude is that they all suffer from the same suicidal general and lack of adaptability issues because I'm constantly winning sieges and fights when the autoresolve would give me a crushing defeat and I'm outnumbered one half stack to two fullstacks. Also, any decent vidya jewtubers?
How do I stop being a turboautist?
I accidentally posted this in the wrong thread before, but anyways: Should I get Fire Emblem Three Houses? If it's more like the newer Fire Emblems then I don't think its for me. However, I'll try to be fair. What are the pros and cons of Three Houses?
>>149655 >Should I get Fire Emblem Three Houses? No. >If it's more like the newer Fire Emblems then I don't think its for me. It's not for you. >However, I'll try to be fair. What are the pros and cons of Three Houses? There's quite a lot of "content" but over 2/3 of it is non gameplay related fucking around at hogwarts. Also the game is easy to the point of boring even on hard. Seriously if you didn't like where awakening was going you won't like this either.
(6.75 KB 253x41 ClipboardImage.png)
Is this worth a pirate yet? >>149060 Roleplay as someone else.
Anyone else having trouble with FitGirl's RSS feed?
I'm trying to get into JRPGs and I've got two questions >Just so I can get my expectations right, where does the Trails in the Sky trilogy rank as a JRPG? >Any recommendations?
>>151926 toppest of the top-tier for JRPGs in terms of story, world, plot and characters. Gameplay is good. Music is top-tier. I don't like the character models, but the environment models are alright. Animations are eh, but they get really good in Trails 3rd. Trails in the Sky is a very unique JRPG trilogy, but you have to play the first two no matter what. They are intended to be played together. You wouldn't read only Fellowship of the Ring and think you finished the LOTR trilogy. Treat Trails in the same way. 3rd is also very good to play, though its a bit less connected to the other two than they were. Talk with every NPC after every event in the area and they will usually have some new dialogue. They do their best to create a thorough, breathing world where the NPCs have lives within the context of the world. >any recommendations Depends. There's a lot of variety when it comes to JRPGs. What kinds of things did you want to see when it comes to JRPGs? Did you have anything in mind? For example, any kinds of settings? Did you want a traditional one, or a more recent, more stylish one? Did you want a monster-collecting one? One with a serious story or something more light-hearted, or something in the middle? Etc. Some general recommendations could be something like >Chrono Trigger Beautiful story that's time-focused and 'isn't shit., lovable characters, pretty spritework, cleverly crafted world and themes. Overall a quite memorable experience even if it is pretty easy most of the time. >Persona 4 Golden Deep character and relationship focus in a town setting. This is what you go to if you want a more stylish, character-focused JRPG. Good themes covered. Overall fairly immersive, very relatable, and the characters are quite endearing. This is where "nu-sona" shows since the gameplay is somewhat casual compared to SMT, but it has plenty of merits on its own and is a quite enjoyable experience if you're not some tool or faggot. >SMT Nocturne SMT games are for more hardcore mechanics and combat involving demon collecting, fusions, and often some level of story involving choices between lawful, chaotic, and neutral routes; they also tend to be a bit darker in general, but usually less character-focused. Nocturne is usually considered the quintessential game for SMT and a good game to start with. >Dragon Quest V Considered to have the best story in Dragon Quest games usually. Fairly traditional. I personally thought the gameplay was okay, but I hate the "front-view" JRPGs where you can only see the monsters and spell/attack effects, rather than the side view where you can see your characters fight and shit. Use the "talk" command frequently on the overworld for character development and insight through dialogue. A very endearing JRPG, with some pretty seriously fucked up shit happening to the main character. One of the only JRPGs to use timeskips well in a story as well. >Final Fantasy 6 I haven't played this one yet so fair warning, but from all the things I've heard about this one from pretty much every place, its apparently pretty goddamn legendary. Look into it more on your own and decide for yourself though. Expect traditional JRPG stuff though. >Neptunia Rebirth 1 Something a bit more lighthearted and fun. A very referential game to vidya that expresses a love of it with characters that represent game consoles and shit. Flashy (when you get the EXE drives), cute, lots of dialogue, some fanservice. Its low budget though so patience with that aspect is required. >Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time/Darkness/Sky A pokemon spinoff game that's better and more well-fleshed out than anything the mainline games could produce in my opinion. An actually very compelling story and characters with excellent music and environments. Game is a top-down roguelike dungeon crawler. Fun mechanics and fairly difficult at times, the progression and plot as well as the twists are overall phenomenal. If you're open to TRPGs/SRPGs, shit opens up a lot with games like Fire Emblem (7), which is a masterpiece in pretty much every way in my opinion. Valkyria Chronicles 1 was pretty excellent in my opinion, even if its not very punishing for having characters get downed. I don't want to go too much into them right now unless you want to know more about them because I feel a bit tired to make too long of a post. Trillion: God of Destruction is a princess raising sim JRPG, technically a TRPG but you control only 1 character and a small squad of AIs at a time, but it has a beautifully tragic story and characters. there's a fetish RPG I wish I could recommend, but someone I know browses here and its too risky to share as a result; plus even though its a well-made game regardless of the fetish material, the fetish content's sheer integration into the story makes it basically unable to be ignored so if you don't like it, you'd be kinda fucked with it>>151926
I know this is off topic but Where did /fit/ go? My I have pain in the posterior of shoulders and it's very hard to for me to squat anymore because I have to shrug my back to hold the barbell but floor pressing is fine. Been doing lateral raises and it helps and stretching but I feel like my shoulder will never be the same again.
>>152213 zzzchan
Mild blogpost, but I moved into my current location about 5 years ago, and meant to downsize and go through my shit, but never got around to doing it. Is it worth keeping old consoles like Atari, XB classic, modchipped PS1? I have SNES and N64 too, but their controllers are all fucked. Don't have many games for the N64, but I have all the cables for everything. I also have a bunch of old Nintendo Power magazines (very beat up) that I'd like to get rid of, but I don't know if I want to part with my childhood like that. I don't need need the space, but I want to condense everything and organize it better
(5.42 KB 1080x36 srsly dude.png)
>>152256 >zzzchan >3 users I don't think that is correct.
>>152213 It was on Julay until that died and I think the entire board just disappeared afterwards. There's a small colony on zzz with some of the classic guides. I saw at least one shoulder pain one.
Was there a goreposter going ballistic last night? I had a dream that there was, but after waking up, I'm not sure if it was because I actually saw someone posting gore or not
Can I install Windows on an old pc using my phone as a flash drive?
>>154484 If you're on Android then look into DriveDroid.
>>154523 Thanks anon
>>152097 What about the later Trails games? Cold Steel and Zero? Basically what I want out of an RPG is a compelling story, world and characters(so far FC is delivering really well on this) and engaging gameplay(not so much here, although I like fighting the bosses. I'm unsure if this is the case with every JRPG because I can't imagine how you'd make 20+ hours of gameplay always compelling especially when there's overworld encounters involved.). What are the best in terms of gameplay?
>>155021 I haven't played Cold Steel or Zero yet; my sibling got around to Zero/Ao and finished them though, and says its just very nearly on pair with Sky, only slightly below it at most but still a masterpiece worth playing and I trust his taste and understanding of quality. Best in terms of gameplay is a very tough question to answer because one's mileage can vary tremendously on these, it would honestly depend on you more so than anything else, you should try them and decide for yourself. Hardcore fags tend to like SMT games for gameplay reasons, so maybe that might be your thing. There's some level of depth to the gameplay that's required if you want to do well with demon fusions and whatnot. Ironically enough the one my favorite gameplay out of the ones I said in my post is the fetish RPG, and Fire Emblem but that's a TRPG so its almost unfair. In general TRPGs tend to have better gameplay than JRPGs though since it often forces a bit more of a cerebral approach and things either aren't as ridiculous of a power difference between the enemies, and the player characters as in JRPGs, or at least taking some time to get to that point.
give me some femenine benis games
>>155144 Breath of the Wild
>>150021 >worth a pirate Vanilla? No way in hell. With mods? It depends, some mods just add makeup onto the shitty game in order to fool you, some mods replace one of the aspects of the game that are lacking and can do massive improvements if multiple are used correctly, and then there are the few mods that can completely change a game. In this case, there are all 3, but if you don't want to spend your time looking to carefully craft your modding experience, a mod that automatically changes the game from a draining pile of shit to a fun but flawed game is merctech. Merctech basically just improves and adds upon all the existing weapons, mechs, equipement, and more in almost every way, even adding new additions and fixing problems you never even noticed when playing vanilla. Its not a solve all though, and it wouldn't be a bad idea to play it with other mods that are compatible with it.
>>155144 Sekiro
(1.77 MB 256x256 1595542610990.gif)
Got a request. I've been making an autistic list of different genres of video games, and now I've made it to rpgs, but got into a rut. I'm looking for fantasy rpgs that have the right mechanics for freedom of choice for the characters to do what they want and pursue their own interests, while still being very good games or being very unique. So far I've got on my list: Morrowind, fable 1, baldur's gate 1&2, neverwinter nights 1&2, elona, arx fatalis, and gothic 1&2. Its a good selection, but the list I made needs 12 titles per genre, and my autism/ocd is making me want to complete the list. Trouble is, I don't have much experience at all with the rpg genre, and research online has been difficult seeing as all the good ones seem to be almost to over 2 decades old at this point. Could any anons help me out for the last 2?
>>155406 BG and NWN are actually incredibly linear. You get gated until you beat specific quests with choices like "yes", "no", and "later". Look at Fallout 1-2 and Geneforge series
>>155438 Thanks for the heads up and recommendations. I'm actually already using fallout 1&2 in one of the other genre lists but never heard of geneforge.
>>155406 I've got a new title, but now I need 5 more. Il keep looking myself but I would really appreciate some help from anymore charitable anons.
>>155406 Check out Boiling Point, Xenus 2: White Gold, Precursors, and Brigand Oaxaca. They're all extremely jank, but the magical kind, open world RPGs. I hope those help. A person on YouTube named tehsnakerer has done videos on them if you want more info on them.
>>155483 >Boiling Point, Xenus 2: White Gold, Precursors Heard about all these games before, jank open-world rpgs, but don't really have enough unique appeal, unique mechanics and depth to justify the lack of quality. But I never heard of Brigand Oaxaca before, looks very weird, very obscure, and very well-liked seeing the steam reviews. I'm actually looking for fantasy based games to make up my list so all the games listed weren't quite what I was looking for, but this brigand game seems very interesting and on sale. I was planning to play edf 4.1 this weekend, but I think il try brigand out. Also, tehsnakerer is a dumb commie, I found his channel looking for obscure games, but quickly realized he had the blue cancer. Do yourself a favour and look for obscure gaming websites if you are looking for cool unknown titles rather than quality, youtubers are almost all just somewhere on the spectrum of cancer and not worth it.
>>155134 I see, thank you very much anon. >>155533 The issue with tehsnakerer is how long winded and artsy fartsy he is about certain things. You can notice this the most about his Neuro video where he spends hours talking about how deep the characters and stories of this jank badly translated russian game are.
>>155553 Thank God no. Mauler's voice is grating enough on its own when it's not scripted, but adding two furfags to the mix? No thanks.
>>155562 Used to listen to it while biking but when it started getting pozzed I only tuned in when someone actually good like e;r came on, then I stopped entirely recently. Honestly, its become very apparent youtube is slowly accepting its dead anyways, I should have started moving away from it a while ago, when I first smelled the rot instead of waiting until the flies made it unavoidable.
Am I missing anything by not finishing Doom 2016/Eternal? I tried, I really tried. I gave Doom 2016 7 playthroughs, two of which with a mod that takes out the glory kills and buffs up the weapons. I gave Eternal a couple of shots. But 2016 I've genuinely hated every second of the game and the farthest I've gotten was when you get the double jump and start fighting revenants. The slow movement speed, the completely bare bones arena that introduce absolutely nothing to he fights, the terrible enemy design that simply ups enemy damage, the dogshit weapon balancing, the headache inducing music and the earblowing sound balancing of the possessed zombies. Eternal was slightly better but it was somehow designed worse than 2016 with the ammo counts, stage hazards and weakpoint systems. I want to like them. Over the top gore with (allegedly) fast paced gameplay, I want that. I liked how Eternal tried being a cuhrayzee game and I actually enjoyed it for a bit until it got old by the time you got to your one hit ko lightsaber. But it was so poorly designed and it kept dragging down the game so heavily.
>>155715 If you're not enjoying the game, why keep playing it? It's okay to not like things anon.
>>155721 Because everyone outside of this site talks about how it's like a 10/10 and I feel like I'm crazy or something.
>>155715 I uninstalled Doom 2016 about halfway through, a little while after I got the BFG. Just got too repetitive. Unlike you, I actually enjoyed the first few hours or so; the first level when you're in the outdoors area was great because there were pre-placed enemies and the level design was non-linear. I had the weapon position on the center of the screen and I disabled most of the hand-holding elements in the HUD and I was really having fun with it. Then I guess somewhere before the half-way mark, the level designers got burnt out and just turned the game into a linear corridor shooter with "Waves" of enemies, except <our linear corridors are much wider, so we're different from the other AAA shooters!! If they didn't have enough creative juices to consistently make good levels, then they should have used the "linear, but passable" levels near the beginning to lure in the normalfags and then used some of their better levels throughout the middle. I like how normalfags defend the glory kills by claiming that it forces you to stay in the action, but that's only comparing it to cover shooters where you have to hide and wait for your health to regenerate. Older FPS games did just fine keeping you in the action by placing health kits throughout the level. All a glory kill does is just negate the damage that the enemy did to you during the fight, and it's really just a way to hide the fact tha the combat is unbalanced because there are too many moments in the game where enemies spawn behind you and you have no idea why your health just went from 100 to 25 in less than a second. Anyway, to answer your question: Probably not. Even in the sections that I somewhat enjoyed, I felt like I would be happier playing the actual Doom, instead. In fact every time I closed Doom 2016, I found myself automatically opening up old Doom, almost as if I was cleansing my soul. >>155722 Start talking shit about it and bring up valid points as to why it's shit. They're normalfags, anon, they're not going to realize why things are shit without someone pointing it out. Right now for the average normalfag, the idea that NuDoom is shit is practically unheard of, but that was also the case with Skyrim up until about 2016 or so when anons slowly got a bit more public about their grievances with Bethesda's gameplay loop.
I know Class of Heroes isn't the best, but is Class of Heroes 2 worthwhile?
All this talk about Doom reminds me, is there any news on Douk or is gearbox still holding on to that?
(118.29 KB 227x392 gearupbadass.png)
>>155911 gearbox still has it.
>>155911 Within the last few years: >DNF 2003 leaks on RPG Codex in 2018 >Further footage leaked of a mission in 2019 >Release of a few big mods such as Alien Armageddon and now an in-development mod for Manhattan Project called Deep Freeze >Ongoing Gearbox/3D Realms lawsuit >Unreleased Duke Nukem DS game discovered >World Tour maps can now be played on a source port >Further screeching at Randy for sitting on the IP
>>155960 *DNF 2001 leaks, and the footage that was leaked: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OX0pfzoFDGU
>>155960 I've played alien armageddon, it's pretty great. I liked Bombshell's legs too. Fuck randy.
>>155406 Went from not having enough titles to having too many, next time I will just research instead of making a request.
Somewhere a few days ago I could remember a thread about "games you liked" or "OK games" that contained a few posts about Little King's Story - but I cannot find the thread for the life of me. Anyone any clue?
(366.33 KB 871x955 Teagan What.png)
>>156046 >Asks for help >Complains that they got too much help
BloodRayne's remake is out. 60fps rather than 1000fps in the original, still worth playing over the original?
What's your opinion on Dungeon Keeper 2? I saw the series recommended in another thread and started playing the first game and after beating it I'm playing the second one but it feels like such a huge step down. After tasting the tremendous amount of detail in the first game the second one feels like a parody and it's frustrating.
>>159040 1 felt arbitrary in some of its design (possessed imps cant reinforce walls, cant use every skill a wizard uses, imp teleports anywhere but you only teleport to heart ) to downright broken (guard posts let you arrange groups, really?). Every map becomes a race of "I need infinite gold so I can rally my group of shitty overpaid monsters to this area" and slog through lightning and boulder traps. Dont even fucking get me started on that one level where you assault a wide human fortress in the north, or how tedious it is to claim all 20 treasures in that one map with the central room surrounded by water and checkboarded with ground and water. Oh and the secret levels are lame 2 had a better mana system i guess
>>157053 Found a lot of titles by myself while researching rather than got too much help, but honestly its jarring how few of those good rpgs have the ability to just kill whoever you wish. Even legendary crpgs still handicap you in so many ways, and the worst part is having to sort through all of them for hours just to find if the game cock-blocks you or not while dogging any spoilers for when you inevitably get to them on your backlog. I wish there was a website that organized all video game titles, even if it was a barebones piece of shit, autistically searching for hours stops getting fun after a while.
>>156928 If its not on the catalogue, just look through the archive.
>>159054 I don't think 1 is a flawless game at all and I share a lot of the complaints that you mention (specially boulder traps holy shit, they're infuriating), but it felt like a game with huge production values. 2 doesn't even have that going for itself.
Which is better? Baldur's gate 1&2 or Icewind Dale 1&2?
>>159147 I think Baldur's Gate is a lot better overall. Icewind Dale is much more combat-centered with a weaker (but still good) story
(8.73 MB 1280x960 BloodRayne.webm)
>>157538 Seems unchanged gameplay wise besides the upscaling and changed lighting. There's some screen flickering during the cinematics on this one but may just a problem on my end. Xinput support is present for those who need it and save files from the original work on this version.
How do I enlarge the UI in Total War: Shogun 2?
>>160485 Nevermind, I just looked it up on my own,
(691.82 KB 505x617 ClipboardImage.png)
Does Total War Rome 2 require any modding by default for AI or anything? I've heard the release finally settled in a bit and am scurving it presently.
>>160575 Isn't total war time two meant to be tucking garbage? Why even bother sailing the seven seas for lousy loot.
>>160725 >tucking If you're going to phonepost like a faggot at least take the time to correct your typos
>>160749 literally f above t. and it was tablet posting. fuck i hate the keyboard on anything except pc.
(1.03 MB 844x944 Giggly tucker trap.png)
>>160725 >tucking OwO
(1.12 MB 788x720 ClipboardImage.png)
>>160725 I played some last night vanilla and only just prologue because of time. I didn't run into much retarded through the first part aside from some fucky pathing here and there when moving a mass of units at once. They supposedly worked out a lot of the shit since release. If nobody in here actually plays video games I'm just going to look into overhaul mods later.
(710.79 KB 680x1007 he died to save SEGA.png)
(18.88 KB 640x347 white.jpg)
(148.06 KB 1500x844 Gray.jpg)
Which Sega Saturn model would anons recommend buying between the gray or white variant? I don't know enough of the Saturn's hardware to know which one is superior, I just want to play Japanese games.
Looking for an rpg or fantasy game where your allies aren't 100% reliable. Kind of like ultima 7 but not as autistic.
>>161433 >where your allies aren't 100% reliable Do you mean mechanically or story wise?
>>160970 Model 1's are better if you plan to use composite cables on a CRT, there's no difference if you're one of those soy-guzzling faggolas that uses $120 RGB cables and a $300 upscaler to play on a modern television, as the image quality will be utter shit regardless of hardware differences. Keep in mind that the difference is minuscule, so don't spend upwards of 200 dollars for a model 1 when you could get a model 2 for 50 bucks or less. I really hope you're planning to use a modchip for this thing because saturn games are a (((collector's))) paradise and the flashcarts are both hard to get and expensive.
>>161439 Mechanically, I'm okay with mods too.
>>161465 If I got one of those modchips or flashcarts, would they be able to load roms similar to, let's say a Wii with CFW, where I can just transfer them to something like a SD card, USB drive, or hard drive? My concern with having the Saturn is relying on the laser that reads the discs to play games as I suspect it won't read them as good as it used to or putting more strain on it like the Dreamcast or PS2.
(344.48 KB 1903x1045 ClipboardImage.png)
In Super Filovirus Sisters, is there anything else to do after beating Joki? I already found two other optional post-game bosses, Zika & Draco. I know there could be some potentially be some hidden shit, since at the beginning of the dead lands you can find a pretty well hidden weapon that I discovered by accident. There seems to be nothing to do with the leftover human souls, and I find it odd that there's only (((6 millon))) total souls to be found when there were over 7 billion people during 2014-2016.
>>161433 Any SMT game? I dunno.

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