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(837.04 KB 1524x832 Ff11_logo.png)
(5.01 MB 640x360 gondola fantasy xi.webm)
(113.81 KB 241x226 tonk.png)
(58.63 KB 1024x819 red mage.jpg)
Final Fantasy XI Priv server group Anonymous 09/20/2020 (Sun) 21:32:35 Id:7c75a3 No. 110486
i've been postponing making one of these for a while now. i've been wanting to start a group again to play on an oldschool private server of the game, locked around the 2007 version. with minimal QoL changes to keep the experience as similar to the old version as possible. Download & Install: http://edenxi.com/install you can launch the game through either Ashita (default, it has SHIT in the name for a reason) or Windower (an alternative launcher thats found in the game folder), these custom game launchers allow for the installation of plugins/addons that enhance the game and customization of visuals. the server has a list of allowed/prohibited addons so check that out before just installing every addon in the list. resources & data: retail wiki: https://ffxiclopedia.fandom.com/ data might be inaccurate since this wiki is for the retail version, unless you change the date of each page to a version of it around 2007 by clicking the blue arrow next to the page's title server specific wiki: https://classicffxi.fandom.com/wiki/Classic_FFXI_community >whats FFXI? its the first final fantasy MMORPG, released in 2002 entirely different from the wow clone that discord trannies fawn over these days. its heavily group focused to the point grinding solo is nil impossible unless you focus only on enemies below your level >why not retail? retail server costs 13.99 a month to play and the content after 2008 became pure powercreep and a gear threadmill that never ends. >why not -other serv-? i've looked around for a server that was as vanilla as possible and had a decent number of players. sadly, i came out with only 2 servers. nasomi and eden. i then went to look at the rules of each and i concluded Eden was slightly better less bad. every other private server out there has too many custom changes, ridiculous xp rates, has like 20-30 players, dumb custom changes, or a combination of all of these. >why the fuck do i need a code to register? thats some bullshit because some pajeet couldn't stop creating accounts to spam the in-game global chat. the codes are easy to get, but since they expire 10 minutes after being generated you might want to ask in their discuck for one, alternatively, join this group https://s.team/chat/E9P6d2DJ and i'll give you one when im online. >i've never played before, what job/city do i start in? its overall irrelevant, the game is designed so that your character can learn every job and eventually do every quest. there's a slight advantage to stats for each race but nothing really game-changing. you cannot fuck up your "build" like in other games. >how do i get in touch? i got a linkshell for us to shitpost in, post your IGN and i'll find you when im online or @ me in the steam group i posted earlier. post any questions you got and i'll try to help.
>>110486 >its heavily group focused to the point grinding solo is nil impossible unless you focus only on enemies below your level So, it's like PSO and XCX. Why was there no offline version of this game, or a version with LAN? https://archive.vn/285e1 <Although there are currently no plans for this, if we were to do so, I don't feel it would be feasible to simply take Final Fantasy XI as it is and create a standalone version. We could create a much better offline version of the game if we used game design philosophies that are focused on an offline experience. Bullshit!!! They don't need to change much of anything, just make it playable offline. If they feel the "need" to add anything, just have randomly generated AI companions that could show up every now and then. Also, what's the "main" difference between the PC version compared to the 360 and PS2 versions?
>>110490 >what's the "main" difference between the PC version compared to the 360 and PS2 versions? none. the 360 and ps2 versions got merged into the PC versions when the servers died. if you want an offline XI, just play XII.
Does it work on linux? I might be interested if it's not a pain in the ass to get working
I'll give this game a try. The pirate class looks interesting.
>>110617 it should, technically. https://drive.google.com/file/d/14PbRW9fF4bNhY3HtWNz1VTu0GkJuZVzC/view this is a community built guide on how to get the game running on linux, i use windows so i have no idea how to help you other than linking you this. good luck >>110622 Corsairs specialize in using guns, elemental shots, and their own unique buffs called dicerolls. its a nice job to have in any party, though you need to unlock it first.
(832.09 KB 581x715 cantprtsc.png)
I can't take screenshots. Don't expect me to play much yet. I better not run into those tards from Secret of the Solstice. Fucking assholes.
>>110793 take your time. the first thing to do in this game is reaching level 10 by yourself, and maybe doing the first story mission. then you can start to party.
(114.45 KB 200x240 ClipboardImage.png)
>>110894 Thanks for the invite and the weapon, OP. I should hit level 10 tonight or tomorrow. The hours of slaying Mandragoras meme is real.
>>111798 hey no problem, hopefully more people join in soon
(77.06 KB 261x208 Mandragoras.png)
(143.72 KB 438x681 Mandragora-ffxii.png)
>>111798 These are cute little buggers. I wish you could befriend them in FFXII.
>>111829 i completely forgot about the mandragora variants in 12. which is weird because the tomato one is literally the tutorial hunt target. man those should have been a thing in 11.
>>111835 The boss fight is hilarious and maddening if you fuck it up.
(511.15 KB 399x377 sniperwild.gif)
>>111829 They have a serious Kingdom Hearts vibe to them.
>>111835 They were trying to be the cutesy new monster mascot for the game, but since they're goofy fucking plant monsters they didn't have a chance. Just let them be a weird FFXII thing.
(67.32 KB 623x713 shaggy what the fuck.jpg)
>>111798 Just wait for the class quests. Summoner is simple but surprisingly horrifying to pull off. If you want some weather effects as soon as you get it you actually have to coordinate with people to get you places, otherwise you're literally waiting weeks for some weather to show in certain areas. I payed a dude to guard me to an endgame area and I had to run my ass all the way back to the starter zone myself to get the rest. After grinding for hours on slugs to get the gem to even start it. You're going to want to be a Red Mage to effectively solo early on. You can pull Black or Warrior but Red can heal himself quicker to get back on the grind train. Useful in parties too, early and late due to the heals and buffs subbing in for other mages. I just want to summon a Carbuncle god fucking dammit. After I got my Summoner, though, smooth sailing. Was fun though, most of it was actually teaming up with people. Content's hard enough that people actively go out together. Training White Mage for the subclass was hell afterward though and actually fucked my usefulness hard because it turns out Red Mage is fucking OP as a subclass due to the buffs and my dumb ass had to grind longer then I needed to.
>>111882 I wish I could remember why, but I always appreciated that the RDM in FFXI wasn't just a hamstrung white mage mixed with a hamstrung black mage mixed with a shitty fighter. Even just getting some spells out of order, if that's all that was different, was refreshing. It always felt like a class that could've been able to kinda-sorta cover multiple roles by using unique spells, rather than just providing the same spells as the other mage classes at lower power. Then again, it's not exactly inspired design to give Red Mages Cure 1.5 and 2.5 instead of 1, 2, and 3, so maybe my idea wasn't so good after all.
https://topaz.catsangel.com/ OP, is this server playable in any way or form if I'm looking for the latest content? I've already played through the original levels of the game before 2008, do you recommend it at all? Also, in the case you don't like it, can you list what you don't like about it? I might consider playing the eden one IF you think it's wise to do so.
(24.89 KB 600x646 D6zbbS5XoAAjW_4.jpg)
>>111852 Imagine her doing that against your tenting erection Imagine if she didn't stop until you came in your pants
(8.13 MB 300x276 soccer level japanese.gif)
>>111888 RDM had a lot of buffs and debuffs along with straight damage spells, could cast a lot of stuff quickly, could do fair damage when MP was fucked and basically was always a help to a party against boss enemies because you could cast shit against certain status effects and elements. Basically all your stuff was to cast weak shit, buffs, cures and restores REALLY FAST. Which in a slower game like this made the damage loss worth it. White Mages, Black Mages, all other damaging classes were still needed, but having a dude cover your party on top of them is a clincher for most fights, especially since pure mages are squishy as fuck. RDM was a perfect choice for most hybrid classes like Dark Knight and Paladin too, since it basically only added to what they could do. If you were a black mage or white mage you wouldn't subclass with a Red Mage, but fucking everything hybrid that wasn't a no-magic class benefitted, to the point that RDM was STILL a solid subclass option for pure mages, because of Convert and Fast Cast allowing you to essentially have infinite MP as long as you healed when not a target, and just speeding up all your shit passively. RDM was crazy good mechanically, it just didn't do as much damage as everyone else.
>>111880 I don't think they were trying to be a mascot, Kupos and to a lesser extent Chocobos already exist. If you look at the other games Squeenix was making around the same time you'll see they were more or less on a kick of designing cute enemies. >>111882 >After grinding for hours on slugs to get the gem to even start it Grinding basic enemies for hours on end is the basic component of all MMOs, anon :^) >>111892 Super hot, but not relevant to the thread.
(253.06 KB 483x420 mista 4.png)
>>111896 0.92% drop rate at Arrepego Reef before the game added expansions that added leeches with 10% drop rates in endgame areas. The max level summoner I asked (newbie at the game so no guide at all and found out through him by luck) told me it took him three fucking weeks to find it there and I found it in 2 hours. I have never seen someone radiate mad through text like that in my life and I could feel his adrenaline through the screen.
(2.24 MB 1818x816 waiting.png)
Waiting for a ship to arrive. How immersive.
>>111896 >>111906 carbys ruby is pretty easy to get. just go farm some leeches on the beach outside of mhaura which is also a pretty good way of making some cash due to the bird blood drops getting the fire weather, now thats the real challenge, because it implies you have to unlock the outposts in kuzotz, yuhtunga, or yhoator so that you can get there quickly when it happens, and it goes away really fast.
>>112042 Prior to several patches changing the wait times, and prior to the Jump to Lightspeed expansion (so no ship of your own), in Star Wars Galaxies you could wait up to 10-15 minutes for a shuttle. It was interesting in hindsight. A bus stop simulator, for 15 minutes, where you get to make friends potentially. It's aggravating now, having to wait.
>>113268 When MMOs were still social games, instead of weird shallow singleplayer RPGs trying to tell stories but never telling any story that doesn't shatter the ludonarrative of the gameplay because you always see the other chosen ones, or you are just barely relevant to the plot which isn't engaging either.
(572.87 KB 596x586 1469244839739.png)
>>113287 I just want to be a humble lumberjack and carpenter, who builds himself a cabin in the woods outside of a village, and whose primary concern on a daily basis ranges from "some bandits have camped over by some valuable lumber" and "the carpenter on the other side of the village is undercutting me again". And there's a few hundred others just like me in their own villages, although perhaps some of them are dealing with foreign invasions, orcs, or whatever else. Instead I have to constantly be one of a million other Chosen Ones and crawl the same dungeons over and over so I can watch a cutscene. I never asked for this because I don't want it; I want to compete with other players for resources and market share and show up to town hall meetings to complain to other players about the llama infestation!
>>113291 that sounds like archeage online. wont find that on XI. as much as i love FFXI it has zero sandbox elements. its just a very difficult and social themepark.
>>113291 Try Wurm Unlimited
(113.36 KB 338x212 ClipboardImage.png)
bumping thread got about 5 guys in so far.
>>113321 >it has zero sandbox elements Did they remove fishing?
>>114577 how is fishing a sandbox element?
>>114582 Come to think of it, I guess it's not. It's more of a thing that you can do in sandbox games.
>>114593 resource gathering isn't really a sandbox element unless the resource is physical and scarce. the fish are infinite here.
(459.76 KB 549x502 ClipboardImage.png)
here i am doing sandbox things :v)
(136.29 KB 1372x772 metalmario.jpg)
>>115252 No, you are the bait
>>115334 because its just me around here and like a fat kike once said, "i dont have enough computers"
(91.06 KB 633x408 FF (2).jpg)
I left the groupchat because the game isn't really my cup of tea and I knew the grind and slow as sin was gonna drain my soul like a vacuum on crack. Sorry you guys. I can understand why an anon said that FFXII has an mmo kinda combat system, it feels like FFXI but WAY more polished intuitive and smooth to play. FFXI is just too fucking ancient and counter intuitive for me how people spend hundreds of hours on that game is beyond me but have fun you guys.
>>115427 12 is a single player game. but i get it, XI aint for everyone.
>>115334 who this tho
(1.56 MB 1062x818 amistake.png)
Guys, I think I made a wrong turn somewhere. Dead ends and one-way tunnels are always never fun.
(1.25 MB 1062x818 very mature joke.png)
any anons have the beginners guide infographic? with the windower addons and keybindings?
>>117133 i accidentally deleted it in a moment of retardation. apologies. run eden through windower (appears in the installation folder, its not the default shortcut) and install battlemod, timers, and DelayMeNot. maybe enemybar too if you feel like having a more visible enemy healthbar and don't mind manually configuring its onscreen position.
>>117147 No worries. I was curious because computer had to be reformatted, and my retarded ass didn't back it up
(1.05 MB 958x604 ClipboardImage.png)
killing fauna with the boys tonight
>>117517 Man. I remember killing crabs as--what is that in the background, Hume Male Face 5 or 7? I mean, killing crabs on that one beach is about when I stopped and I wouldn't go back for the world, but at least the memories are good.
(722.67 KB 1641x372 ClipboardImage.png)
my money garden is set and ready to go
(1.04 MB 1142x614 fugg.png)
Wait OVER 5 HOURS OF YOUR LIFE for a ride. They don't make MMOs like this anymore, shame. At least, this isn't as bad as SoS's 1 WEEK'S WORTH COOLDOWN 43-STEPS PET QUEST
>>120548 once you get the loycense you can ride anytime
(576.52 KB 1920x1355 haruka-shimazaki-03041696.jpg)
>>120548 there some quests that have a "wait until jp midnight to proceed" time gate too.
(62.20 KB 500x248 ClipboardImage.png)
So I played this game for about a week now. Here's where it falls under my fave MMO's. 1. Old-school Mabinogi 2. Old-school FF11 3. Pre-GE Runescape 4. Guild Wars 1 5. PSO BB There are things FFXI do better than Mabi. Basically, Mabinogi is smaller budget & focused yet fine-tuned gameplay, while FF11 has the bigger budget, better models and pre-established world/lore. This game will slow your pace down if you try to go faster than you're supposed to. I'm okay with that since I like my immersion to some degree. Experiencing the game as an actual world that seems alive instead of some cheap backdrop where you go through the grind motions like any other skinnerbox. The controls are a bit on the old side but nothing you can't get used to. I never did learn how to drive manual stick but that's what it feels like for this game with it's customizable macro system. Soloing for the first 10 levels isn't great, especially with moving mobs that can only be hit them with a spell or when they stop long enough for you to get a hit in. The game starts to open up once you can party with others. However, finding players can be a challenge at inconvenient times. Private servers are great because you don't have to pay-to-play. Subscriptions are a highly cancerous model. The tradeoff is the type of playerbase you deal with. Newer players are at a disadvantage and one of the few ways to leverage that gap is by using wikis and guides. NPCs aren't marked so you never really know who is for quests, maps, shopping, etc. unless you look them up in advance. This gets complicated as a bunch of quests have trash rewards while others have good stuff. Support job unlocking being an example. It's really easy to miss content in a blind playthrough. Of course, that can be handwaved as dated game design plus other players have an incentive to help out there. Obviously, there are weak points in every mmo. Since it varies with each person, I can only give my take. One is gilmaking. You will NOT make enough gil to sustain your character past the short-term by playing normally [leveling up]. Crafting also has costs to train from 0 so you end up losing money if you pick that up right away. The options left for zero or low cost moneymaking are resource gathering (which has no level ups, except for fishing) or killing monster loot. The latter being the slightly less boring pick. You essentially sacrifice exp for gold with your time. Next is reputation. In-character, I haven't been given a reason to give a single shit about what faceless NPCs think about me. The main reason to do these errands would be extra inventory space tied up on ranks. Currently, that's not an issue for my character but those walls are definitely going to close in eventually the higher I choose to climb. Playing a solo job is merely a bandaid solution which I suppose is better than no solution at all. It still stinks, however. Honestly, I wouldn't have been able to enjoy this game had I still been employed and it's quite fun. FF11 already asks a lot of time as investment to Level Up and I wouldn't like to have to treat it as a 2nd job in order to keep up with the experienced vets who've been at this game for way longer than some of us had with this particular genre. Maybe the other MMOs have spoiled me with their dailies for spending money and skill over gear gameplay but who knows? It's morning already.
>>122025 >Maybe the other MMOs have spoiled me with their dailies yes. pretty much.
>>122025 The money situation in FFXI is worse than you think. As you reach the mid 20s to early 30s, you'll find that your combat efficiency will plummet down to nothing. And the only real solution to that is to get gear upgrades. And with how important it is to level up different jobs, the gear you will buy for low levels will keep on being useful for a very long time. And with a large amount of content using level synch and capping your character at a certain level for story missions and instanced fights, the gear you will buy for low levels will keep on being useful for a very, very long time. I've been playing on and off on FFXI Nasomi for close to 5 years now, and I still have my +2 STR lvl14 rings. And I still use them fairly regularly. And make no mistakes, groups will kick you out if your gear is too shitty for higher level stuff. And you won't be able to solo even as a BST/SUM/BLU without good enough gear. And you'll need consumables, too. It all costs gil. Get to farming.
>>122081 the auction isn't rocket science either. its pretty easy to make good money in there with very basic, common drops from single-digit level enemies. people have been absolutely ruined by dailies and giveaways and free shit, they dont even remember what it was like working for that new gear you wanted.
>>122033 Let me clarify what I mean by dailies. They're missions that grant guaranteed rewards. No RNG. No spending hours farming skeletons around the continent for some magic head. Some players don't want to play medieval Jew simulator 2002. They just want to vendor their drops at a fair price, and go back to the battlefield or hang out with their friends' parties without waiting for someone else to hopefully buy their goods. Remove the rose-tinted shades for one moment and acknowledge that not every old game mechanic was a decent idea. The only real fun to be had with auction house systems is for rich trolls to crash the market with their unlimited gold, otherwise it's a slower and inferior version of NPC vending. >>122081 One gear set takes up at least 23% of my bag. I've got a bunch of drops in my safe which I don't know if they're valuable or not. Lack of info is kind of like playing with an arm tied behind your back. That's enough of my piece, back to taking it easy.
>>122081 I remember running into that really early in FFXI. I understand that traditional thinking is that progression can't be fast in an MMO (otherwise people won't play as long and monthly money will dry up) but it was annoying to be level 10 and already having to scrounge to afford the second shittiest sword.
>>122314 >They're missions that grant guaranteed rewards. No RNG. No spending hours farming skeletons around the continent for some magic head. And directly because of that, it lead to the gear treadmill. You can't both have guaranteed drops, and meaningful (gear) progression. It's one or the other, and I'd take hours of grinding for bigdicken sword +9999 over repeated +.00001 to dps/heals every other second any day of the week.
I'm making a counterstance monk tank and no one can stop me.
(251.72 KB 641x503 warning.png)
>>123540 why are you even opening POL launcher?
>>123564 Addiction to Pol launcher music.
>>123594 just listen to it in kiketube, geez
>>123604 Never for my autism is permanent.
(272.85 KB 997x701 stealing.jpg)
(208.77 KB 1359x733 mining.jpg)
Did some lifeskills. No skill ups or exp. Mabi did this part better.
>>125213 just remember to have the 2 pieces of "Field gear" that boost the chances of the lifeskill you're performing, otherwise you'll run out of tools incredibly fast. its usually the chest piece + one of the other 3. gathering plants in Giddeus can be really profitable, just like mining in Gusgen mines. i am really not sure whats a good place for woodcutting
>>125213 there is no exp/skillups just hard earned gil. yughott grotto is good for trees. check the wiki for better info and AH to find out what is profitable. some sketchy places like ifrits cauldron/halvung have pretty damn good mining profitable at great risk.
invitation is still open, we got a group of around 6 people plus 2 or 3 who couldn't handle the tism and quit
>>127303 I'd join, but I've never played FFXI in my life or another MMORPG for that matter. Also I'm a europoor with a good internet connection but I don't know how this game's servers stack up, I don't want to get an invite and then throw it away.
>>127304 not like invites are consumable or anything.
>>127305 Alright, downloading the installer right now. I'll ask for the code later, is the wiki ok for beginner tips or is it just raw info?
>>127308 beginner tips are go out of town and get to level 10 in any of the 6 starter jobs. 10 is the level where you can start partying with people and at the same time doing this sologrind gets you used to the basic gameplay.
(1.42 MB 921x736 ClipboardImage.png)
killing marine fauna with the boys tonight.
Ready for 2-3 in bastok after I get off work tonight if anyone wants to punch a dragon with me.
(123.63 KB 280x290 ClipboardImage.png)
(10.68 KB 501x585 friendly ally.gif)
(885.74 KB 1920x1080 dabs on u.jpg)
:^) reminder
>>115245 Nel you faggot, I knew you were from here. You played with my wife and I a few times Jagaimo and Kitcat
(126.63 KB 782x758 1573255340238.png)
(649.10 KB 688x795 BST.png)
(82.50 KB 900x650 carbyandme.jpg)
(155.69 KB 307x306 cuteactionfigures.png)
(36.12 KB 500x500 oujolaugh.jpg)
(140.53 KB 664x518 Tarutaru.jpg)
Bumping this bread with potatoes.
>>130930 oh hey, its shitpost-san. how are you doing? you gonna play again? i guess i can invite you and your dishwasher to the shell now that i know you're epic™ 8chin™ gamers™. i'll be on later tonight.
>>130963 >4th image Oh, wow. They're almost tolerable if you go the FFT route and get rid of the silly black nose.
Hey Nel you faget, it's Arb , I thought you quit the Eden server because of faggot mods. Can't let go of XI huh?
(596.22 KB 811x519 ClipboardImage.png)
>>131522 yeah i just want to XI a few hours a day man. i'll do without /yell if i have to. call coneboy and hop back in if you want.
>>131528 I'll do that when I figure out why the game keeps crashing when I login, and I did the update just a moment ago...
>>131713 are you still using the retail client? im afraid you'll have to download edens. see, their client has separated enough from the main repo that running the retail client causes a bunch of new bugs that make the game border on unplayable without their client. at one point i couldnt even enter korroloka tunnel because the doors wouldn't open in the retail client
(1.36 MB 1588x670 FFXIIssues.png)
So, does the EXE ban any plugins? Disabling a few of them managed to make the game run but... Now I have this problem. Had to clip it in MSPaint since the screenshot function wasn't even working right. Do some plugins cause issues?
>>131719 I downloaded that 5.0 update that you linked, had to make it a fresh install.
>>131723 see >>131719 >>131724 did you launch through ashita or windower?
>>131725 Windower, the one that was with their installation.
>>131730 well yeah, you did everything the way you should. maybe you installed one too many plugins. i suggest a fresh install with no plugins, and you can take it from there. not all plugins work with windower on this client. for example the EXP bar one breaks the client outright.
>>131732 Alright, doing a fresh reinstall then, going to test this in the morning. Did you have to do the steps of deleting the 0 rom file and doing the file repair on the play online client by any chance with this new version of Eden?
>>131737 no, that was a retail thing. edens client is just install & go. battlemod, timers, and DelaymeNot plugins work fine. so if you got those 3, those are likely not the problem. however try it pluginless for once to see if it works. i probably wont be on in the morning but eh, there's plenty of players around to test out the text thing
(97.14 KB 500x598 EUuhaI0XsAApqp5.jpg)
>>129112 >>131528 Damn it looks like you guys are having so much fun together. I wish I could enjoy slower paced MMO's too.
>>131745 2nd picture im the only one from here, those people are just randoms. on the first picture tho, only 1 person is a random, the rest are all from here.
>>130975 I would if I wasn't dealing with health issues, it's why we stopped playing.
>>131745 Game is natively built for 30 FPS and the new clients can up it to 60 FPS. The game is literally twice as as it should be.
>>131522 Also I didn't know you enjoy being bullied by Nel, Arb.
(424.25 KB 1599x896 FFXI 2020-10-20 18-45-51-434.jpg)
comfy night fishing also fuck this "event" which is just a glorified gachashit RNG fuckfest
(187.53 KB 215x414 golden homer.png)
>run Royal Jellies BCNM once >drops 2 Ni's at once, someone has to hold the other one for me while i go to town and learn the first one NIN's mad NIN's mad >>131777 whatever you got, hope you get better m8. >>131785 banter isn't bullying, its <|fun|>
>>131732 >>131737 >>131741 Turns out what caused the no-text issue was doing that extra step with the 'file repair' update through play online. now I know that it's working properly.
(2.71 MB 640x360 2016Octagon.webm)
(12.99 MB 1280x720 webbum4retards.webm)
The reason why I associate Chocobos with Octagons. Second video is a butchered edit since I can't find the theme for that FF gacha game. (WotV) Wish we as a guild partied more and for this game's ebin :^) gil grind to be less ass.
>>131971 well of course, the eden client is a fork of the emulator. if you do the retail update you're putting retail files on a custom client, its a fucking miracle that you could even launch the game textless. >>132083 hard to party when everyone went RDM at the same time.
I hope you're still playing, OP. My IGN is Shue.
>>134233 yeah, we are. i can't find your player online though.
>>134233 you were just on ya? in bastok? tried to message but you went offline
>>134248 figured i'd catch you tomorrow, someone will give you a pearl for the linkshell
>>134248 Just logged back in. I remember there being an image guide for this game in previous OPs, does someone have it saved?
(343.22 KB 1190x677 plants.jpg)
Are you all enjoying the Spooktober festivities?
>>134257 its on the archive.is BUT only in thumbnail form.
>>134262 does gardening work on eden?
>>134327 >>134368 to develop further, moghancements also work. so you can change furniture around to receive certain bonuses.
>>134368 >>134371 fucking rad. what level are you guys?
>>134393 we dont have anyone above level 50 yet. im kinda waiting on everyone to catch up so we can run LB1.
server was down all day but its back up now.
This whole server transfer ordeal is a shitshow. Worst tech support ever.
>>135453 server transfer?! nani
>>135464 they moved the server from the place it was somewhere else and now people are experiencing blackscreens and other issues. guess gotta give it a day or two for bugs to be ironed out.
(729.17 KB 1509x2332 it's not even well done.png)
>>110486 I apologize profusely
>>135466 oh well i guess thats good. long run probably better.
(753.01 KB 795x618 ClipboardImage.png)
>>135555 nice quads
>>136717 >video is private huh?
(874.82 KB 1180x433 muhstorage.png)
My bank sans Wardrobe. The rest of my trash is on AH. Just posting to see if any of you have helpful advice on some of these for turning in.
(40.33 KB 413x407 1503511089612.jpg)
>>136897 >all those water crystals >flint stones >random bits of animal meat >goblin attire >LIZARD TAILS
>>137280 thatd better be some kinda bait
>>136897 give me the goblin gear, it can be de-synthesized into useful materials. or put it on AH people buy it to de-synth. lizard tails drop in NPC; lizard skins put on AH they're valuable Leathercraft materials. water crystals either NPC, AH, or store them. mostly everything else just check price on AH and put it there at a slightly undercut price. remember: the last item sold is the one at the bottom of the list.
here's a pretty useful game resource http://www.pyogenes.com/ffxi/timer/v2.html it is specially useful to know what the Race Specific Gear (RSE) week is. getting race specific gear involves finding a chest key in one of the mazes and opening a chest while having the quest active during the (game) week appropriate to your race and gender. the gear is decent and can take you to level 50ish without being expelled from parties for having shit equipment.
(322.40 KB 509x632 towerclimb.png)
(755.89 KB 741x827 mekote.png)
Good play on 3-3. I'm stuck on 4-1 for now. Kamos has his ship keys btw. You're welcome. Someone teach him how to OP warp please.
(117.65 KB 257x352 Cock.png)
>>139209 goddamn i keep forgetting to take screenshots from the parties we have to bump this thread with
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vhe8oCtglpo >be 2004 >login after school >other friends do the same >bored finding shit to do >decide to try low man some hard fight >go in with little to no strategy >talking smack and shouting all fight >inevitably lose >all laugh for a few minutes >try find something else to do those were much simpler times
(692.12 KB 753x509 ClipboardImage.png)
blasted to level 33 in one party, despite internet disconnections and some bugs. bard is so much fun
(6.49 MB 1326x720 spookymining.webm)
I tried to get Dashcam in-game to work. It didn't so Bandicam it is. Encoding these with my retard-proof app takes a while.
I don't want to use discuck. If I download and install, will someone stand by to give me a code here?
>>147188 Sure! Just hop into the steam group channel linked in OP and let someone know when you're ready to sign up.
Not into Steam either (sorry about the faggotry. also Im ip hopping), can you just drop the code here? Unless theres some fag watching this to snipe it I can probably use it before anyone else. Im ready to enter it into the registration thing.
>>147255 What do you use? Mibbit, Rizon?
Either will work fine. Which channel?
>>147266 I opened a throwaway #igger room on Mib.
Ok I got help from a helpful anon and registered. Grinded just a little bit and this game's camera is the absolute worst load of horseshit Ive ever seen, is there any way to fix it? Also I cant find any of the people from screenshots online, what time do you lads play usually?
>>148172 What's your char's name? Nel can invite you to the group if you /tell him.
>>148172 camera is bad probably because you're trying to play it with the mouse instead of just the keyboard. use the arrow keys for the camera and the numpad - for menu. then the wasd keys for moving, also tell me your character name so i can find you and go give you a pearl.
(752.14 KB 1600x900 img_20201031_211656.jpg)
fishing is pretty comfy in this game. fish can be caught in different zones too so if you get bored you can go try a different area for awhile.
(81.75 KB 728x971 awake_for_50_hours.jpg)
(48.79 KB 495x640 Robbie.jpg)
>>155561 Forbidden planet's a pretty good movie. The Protectrons from Fallout were based on Robbie
my sleep schedule did a double negative flip and returned back to normal, goddammit. i just wanna stay up until 5am and hang out with the boys.
(256.60 KB 552x386 ClipboardImage.png)
and we got 2 more niggas up to rank 4 with only 1 death in the process.

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