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(51.90 KB 1024x576 Xbox Sex vs PS5.jpg)
9th Gen Console thread Anonymous 10/07/2020 (Wed) 20:42:03 Id:45c619 No. 122965
Thread to discuss and mostly laugh at these two pieces of shit and how bad Sony is being seen by everyone right now. SOYSTATION 5 LAUNCH TITLES >Astro’s Playroom >Demon’s Souls >Destruction AllStars <Also on PS4: >Godfall >Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales >Sackboy: A Big Adventure SEXBOX LAUNCH TITLES (ALSO ON PC) >Forza Horizon 5 >Gears 5 >Gears Tactics >The Falconeer >Tetris Effect: Connected LAUNCH TITLES ON BOTH CUCKSOLES >Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla >Destiny 2: Beyond Light >Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition >Dirt 5 >Fortnite >Madden NFL 21 >Marvel’s Avengers >NBA 2k21 >Watch Dogs: Legion >Yakuza: Like A Dragon (Not on PS5, but also on PS4, Xbox One, and PC) >Observer: System Redux
Edited last time by Mark on 10/07/2020 (Wed) 22:21:28.
(489.13 KB 1533x721 ClipboardImage.png)
Jesus Christ, It's the original Xbox all over again. Like this thing is HUGE, here's a screen shot of the dimensions. Anyway are you gonna get a PS5 /v/? or are you sticking by your guns and not buying it due to censorship of weeb shit. Personally I think I'm getting one for Christmas so I won't really have to worry one way or the other. Still, it's a slow news week and it's something to discuss. https://www.yewtu.be/watch?v=CaAY-jAjm0w
>instead of a pc, are you going to pay more money than a pc, get worse parts than a pc, have access to proprietary games that aren't exclusive, and take up like 80 gb just to play Gee i wonder
Can't we have a main thread for all Soystation 5 and Sexbox news and shit? >>122958 >Anyway are you gonna get a PS5 /v/? No, and anyone that does is a gaylord.
>>122963 Sure, I'll make one closer to launch.
Honestly have there been ANY ninth gen exclusive games (As-in, unavailable on PC) that are worth buying either system for? So far, it seems like everything worth buying this generation is on the Switch.
>You can merge threads now Cool
(93.62 KB 642x465 Bert.stretchyband.cropped.jpg)
>>122958 >Anyway are you gonna get a PS5 I didn't buy a PS4 until Gravity Rush 2 launched, and I don't see a reason to buy a PS5 until it has something at least on that level. My general rule is that you never adopt a console until either it's first price drop and/or first hardware revision, and until it has at least 5 exclusives you really want. That way you save a bit of cash, get some games you want, and don't have to worry as much about hardware level feature creep or crippling design fuckups. The only reason I even have to consider getting a PS5 earlier than that is for better PSVR performance, but Sony shit all over that idea by saying that only "select" elite titles will get any kind of improvements at all. Some titles may not even be backwards compatible at all, I still don't know exactly how their fucking plan even works. If it does. It doesn't look like there's any reason at all to get a PS5 anytime in the foreseeable future. Hell, I'm more likely to get a Series X because it at least has the same level of backwards compatibility the One S/X does with hardware level improvements baked in, and they may or may not go back and start adding in more older games now that the Series X is close to being out in the wild. Plus, I'm pretty ok with GamePass as a rental service, and at least that will work across platforms. And with MS pushing crossplay, the Series X will make a decent livingroom shitbox for my friends and family to play on while I play with them on the world's most inefficient LAN network.
(59.64 KB 583x521 ClipboardImage.png)
>>122973 Sure, but I still can't get any fucking icons to display
Beat me to it. SOYSTATION 5 LAUNCH TITLES >Astro’s Playroom >Demon’s Souls >Destruction AllStars <Also on PS4: >Godfall >Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales >Sackboy: A Big Adventure SEXBOX LAUNCH TITLES (ALSO ON PC) >Forza Horizon 5 >Gears 5 >Gears Tactics >The Falconeer >Tetris Effect: Connected LAUNCH TITLES ON BOTH CUCKSOLES >Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla >Destiny 2: Beyond Light >Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition >Dirt 5 >Fortnite >Madden NFL 21 >Marvel’s Avengers >NBA 2k21 >Watch Dogs: Legion >Yakuza: Like A Dragon (Not on PS5, but also on PS4, Xbox One, and PC) >Observer: System Redux Will Soytendo release a new version of the switch with non-shit joycons and non-shit battery life? I fucking hope this is the last generation. My dream is Dreamcast 2 mid-generation beating both Soyny and M$ but that won't happen.
Can we just laugh at the journos who were worried that the series X was hot like a fireplace and subsequent people who were scared that their house would burn down because of it. It's like these people don't know how cooling works. I'd be more worried if it didn't release that heat somewhere because that would mean the system would be cooked on the inside and we'd have another xbox360 situation. None of the consoles have that appealing system seller of games. Demon's Souls may be the only one but I'm not in a rush if that is the only game and with the PS5's limited supply and hassle that comes with it.
>>122997 You laugh, but I have seen computers actually explode while rendering RTX. Still don't know how it's possible, but it's on video.
>>123003 > but I have seen computers actually explode while rendering RTX I'd like to see that.
>>122958 >Anyway are you gonna get a PS5 /v/? No thanks I don't need another Gaystation in my life. I'll just wait for all of those announced games to eventally come to PC and enjoy my games as a straight man instead.
>>122958 Why the hell would I pay for entertainment? This >>123011 is the only valid approach. >>122984 >Dreamcast 2 That is the X Box brand, anon.
>>122997 >Can we just laugh at the journos who were worried that the series X was hot like a fireplace and subsequent people who were scared that their house would burn down because of it. There was one editor who "burnt" his hand on it. Turns out the journalist that covered it was full of shit (shocker) and that the editor neither burnt his hand - it was just uncomfortably warm to the touch, nor did he understand that NVMEs under load get fucking hot and the guy just yanked it out of his system and started playing with it like a retard. There's a reason why these things tend to require their own cooling solutions.
(55.28 KB 960x720 Thermal.jpg)
(273.21 KB 2000x1500 1542219331zldrbbvmfj_1_1_l.jpg)
>>123003 >You laugh, but I have seen computers actually explode while rendering RTX. Wasn't there an issue with FurMark not allowing a bunch of graphics cards throttling to kick in, causing them to catch fire during stress tests?
(608.80 KB 600x600 a.png)
Which one would you fuck?
>>123060 Best Switch-tans. Has anyone made PS5 and Xbox SeX tans that aren't shit? The latter really writes the jokes itself.
(338.10 KB 1280x677 Demon Souls PC.PNG)
>>122997 Not only is Demon Souls a shitty Bluepoint Remake but it's also coming to PC. So you can pirate and pretend like it's good like the irredeemable Soulsfaggot you are
>>123066 >Best Switch tans That's not the dog
(50.32 KB 540x720 1dqt25lq9hm11.jpg)
>>122965 >PS5 looks like a fucking Soda Stream. >Xbox looks like a Down's Syndrome borg cube. Yeah, fuck off stick with PC.
(211.81 KB 501x496 radgrin.png)
>>122965 I see no point of owning both consoles since their first party games are fucking mediocre and some of their IPs are moving to PC, its funny that the Switch is getting more popularity and has some solid first party titles.
>>123099 >>123099 >>PS5 looks like a fucking Soda Stream. Did you know Soda Streams are made in Israel?
>>123095 Or you can play the original on RPCS3 >>122997 Well the form fator looks poor and too small to properly cool the hardware (see Mac Pro wastebin edition), but it does also have a potentially very good custom cooling solution
(31.99 KB 1000x1000 1569616.jpg)
>>123106 And you never can find the proprietary gas cylinders for the damn things either. That's why I replaced mine with a normal seltzer siphon instead.
>>123099 (Checked) I said it in the GG thread and i'll say it again. If you could transform your cucksole into a mecha/gunpla/transformer it would sell millions. Also miss opportunity to make the Sphere console real.
>>123104 The only console that I could see myself buying is the Switch.
Is the Playdate still a thing?
(346.14 KB 640x360 L suspcion.mp4)
>>123116 And it will be exclusively for piracy, right anon? You wont give nintendo a single fucking penny for their garbage console, subpar games and their mediocre/subpar as hell online service, right? I have had a switch since June 2018. Its seriously not worth buying it first hand, 3 of my joycons started drifting, online servers made by smash fans run better than nintendos official servers, the benefits the online service gives are dogshit compared to PS4/XBX/PC, the games are okay but its better just getting them digitally where you can fit literal DOZENS of games in a single microSD.
>>122958 Hardware wise, I like the series X better. But I could never get over playing for online and never have. Demons Souls is a system seller but I just can't give Sony and money because of their behavior and I played it to death on the PS3 anyhow. I wish Sega would release a Dreamcast 2 with free online, that would be the only console I would buy.
>>123120 >3 of my joycons started drifting Nintendo has been having that same issue for how many years and how many consoles now? I wish they would step it up already.
>>123116 Where do you get a wood case like that? I have only seen shell replacements that have a wood pattern. I bought a shell replacement once for a 3DSXL, but the plastic felt so cheap I never used it. I never got a replacement shell for the Swtich because of that cheap plastic experience with the 3DSXL shell in the past and I also hear that joycons are notoriously difficult to disassemble without breaking them.
>>123120 >And it will be exclusively for piracy, right anon? Not him but I'm planning on getting one next year and hack it for NMH3 and Bayonetta 3. Are there any good third party joycons that don't drift eventually? My brother has a switch and hasn't used it because he doesn't want to spent 70$ on another pair of joy-cons. I found these but i don't know if they're any good: https://www.amazon.com/Controller-Vivefox-Ergonomic-Replacement-Alternatives/dp/B088K5PF2Y/ref=as_li_ss_tl?dchild=1&keywords=vivefox+joycon&qid=1596987440&sr=8-1-spons&psc=1&spLa=ZW5jcnlwdGVkUXVhbGlmaWVyPUFWMlNBTlIyQUlBT0UmZW5jcnlwdGVkSWQ9QTA0Njk4NzEzSUVWUVdNUEI4QlQwJmVuY3J5cHRlZEFkSWQ9QTA4NjM1NzEyVjA2WE5VUkM2VVNIJndpZGdldE5hbWU9c3BfYXRmJmFjdGlvbj1jbGlja1JlZGlyZWN0JmRvTm90TG9nQ2xpY2s9dHJ1ZQ==&linkCode=sl1&tag=spaw07-20&linkId=4529aca5f4d92a2f5ead2aa0bd74f4b3&language=en_US >>123124 >Dreamcast 2 I wish. I always considered the OG Xbox the Dreamcast 2 since it had JSRF and a bunch of other sequels. If SEGA were to make a new console they should make it as nostalgia-bait as possible. Ports of Saturn and Dreamcast games, The games they published on the OG Xbox, flashy menus, A bunch of indies, they could port all the Personas and SMT. There's so much potential. I just fear they would go the AMICO way and make it mobile shit.
>>123116 >the only console I could see myself buying is the console I can just emulate on PC
>>123138 >Saturn and Dreamcast games They'll probably just continue rereleasing the same handful of Genesis games for the rest of eternity.
I hope these new consoles end up failing making the intellivision amico look like the smart choice. Would be even funnier if the amico turns out to be the ouya 2.0 causing a fresh generation of consoles to fail and cause a video game crash.
(241.63 KB 1707x960 ps5_motherboard.jpg)
(215.32 KB 1707x960 ps5_liquid_metal.jpg)
(107.17 KB 800x601 ps3_cell_delidded.jpg)
(166.97 KB 1777x893 AMD-Radeon-RX-6900XT-leak.jpg)
(139.70 KB 1292x1080 AMD-Radeon-RX-6900XT-leak2.jpg)
>>122958 >liquid metal on CPU Won't that eventually damage it a decade from now? This is reminding me of the YLOD issue on the PS3, where the culprit is the shitty thermal paste on the die. Also, since both of the consoles use a custom Radeon Navi 2 GPU, how hot would it get with a single fan used? The leaked reference Navi 2 GPUs might not be using the housefire blower design from the previous reference cards.
>>123179 Do you think console makers care much about whether or not a certain console will work ten years from fab date? Or, maybe a better question, do console makers know or care if average gamers know or care about potential issues with their consoles ten years after they buy them? Most people who bought a PS2 would probably still have purchased it even if they knew the laser was likely to crap out in, what, eight or six or however many life-years.
>>123184 >Most people who bought a PS2 would probably still have purchased it even if they knew the laser was likely to crap out in, what, eight or six or however many life-years. Wasn't that a problem with the slim models? Thus far, the only consoles I've ever had problems with was my DS Lite having a failing L button and the hinge breaking, and the GC losing the rumble feature for the first player port.
>>123192 largely a problem with about 1/3 of launch models too, as a factory fire forced them to abandon standards to make delivery quota >tfw my 2nd year PS2 still works
>>123179 >Won't that eventually damage it a decade from now? Deciding to look this up in comparison to how traditional heat sinks work. For those ignorant, like me, here's the rundown on the purpose of a heat sink: https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=qO6AuFc72AA And, how they work: https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=7UwKZvDo-Ug As far as why liquid metal is a problem, here's a couple explanations: https://archive.vn/ozWss >Gallium (and some of the other metals similar to it) literally dissolve Aluminium. Some argument is made over whether it amalgamates (literally forms an amalgam with the gallium) or actually just dissolves, but either way - the aluminium structure is very, very quickly broken down into a rough, fragile heap. >The effect spreads, so a s mall amount of liquid gallium on the centre of an aluminium plate will spread out from the centre - like mould growing on a plant - and eventually damage the entire surface. >The process is accelerated with both moisture and heat; moisture being less of a concern unless you're using a loop, but the heat increases the rate of change exponentially. If you use a loop and the gallium damages all the way through a full aluminium block to the inside, it'll start to dissolve/amalgamate the other components in the loop. An aluminium radiator would be very quickly damaged in this case as the fins are very thin in comparison to the other components, and the process cannot realistically be stopped. Anti-corrosion additives do not help as they prevent oxidation, which is not what Gallium does when it interacts with Aluminium. >Basically: Liquid metal is awful, awful stuff if mishandled or misused. It can cause a lot of damage. https://archive.vn/JJTKG >While on the surface this might seem to be a good idea, in actuality, this is a very bad idea. >There are two metals (not including alloys) that are liquid at room temperature: Mercury and gallium. >First off, mercury is extremely toxic and should only be handled by experts. >Gallium will corrode aluminum and steel, which is what the coolant runs over/through to sink heat. It will eventually destroy the joints and heat sinks, which will lead to the next problem. >Both mercury and gallium are electrical conductors. If either of the two liquids were to leak onto the electronics, it could cause shorts and even damage the electronics. And again, mercury is extremely toxic. This alone is a reason not to use them. >Mercury and gallium have a high rate of volumetric expansion due to heat. Under high heat, they can expand greatly and the pressure would destroy the cooling lines. >Gallium itself isnt a liquid at room temperature. It has a melting point of 85.58°F (29.76°C), which means of the PC was turned off and it completely cooled, gallium would solidify. This of course could cause problems, since the liquid would not be able to flow. >Editing in some more thoughts: >Mercury is very, very heavy. One liter of mercury weighs a hair under 30 pounds (13.5 kilograms). One liter of gallium weighs 13.02 pounds (6 kilograms). It would take a massive pump to move that liquid around. The weight alone could cause PCBs to flex or break. <Everything in Keltari's answer is right, I just want to expand it with some other important info: <When you want to "transfer" heat, you need to deal with 2 major values: Thermal conductivity and heat capacity. First is how easily get/give heat from/to other material, like get the heat from hot surface and give the heat to cold surface. The second is how much energy can it store. <Thermal conductivity of liquid metals are very low compared to solid ones. Pure, solid, aluminium has a thermal conductivity of about 200 W/(m K), pure copper is about 390 W/(m K). Mercury, on the other hand, has a value about 8.5 W/(m K) and the value for water is about 0.6 W/(m K). So liquid metals are better than water for heat transfer, but much worse than solid metals. <The heat capacity is another part. A 1 K change in temperature (i.e. 1 °C or 2 °F change) for liquid water requires 4.187 kJ/kg, while the same change for mercury is 0.125 kJ/kg, this means same heat from the CPU surface incurs a 32 times larger temperature change in mercury! <If we think simply, 14 times better conductivity and 32 times worse heat capacity is about 50% worse sum related to water cooling, and still not taking into account other dangerous factors, like toxicity or the short circuit factors. (This calculation is not proper, because there's many other parameters which these values depend on, such as current temperature, pressure, and there is side dissipation on transfer, etc.)
>>122958 Why in the name of God did they design a console that requires a separate base plate for it to sit right regardless of orientation? >>123179 Actual liquid metal would destroy shit with in days to hours. What he's calling "liquid metal" is probably some kind of new proprietary thermal past. You can tell it ain't real liquid metal because gallium shines like a mirror and mercury won't "wet" a surface. >>123207 >mercury is extremely toxic and should only be handled by experts Elemental mercury isn't all that that toxic. It's only about as toxic as lead and actually has a shorter biological half-life. It's just that several of it's physical properties make it more likely that you will become contaminated by it if you are incautious. >allium will corrode aluminum and steel As far as I know neither gallium or mercury will touch iron alloys
(28.69 KB 243x426 ND this is the torah!.jpg)
>>122958 >Anyway are you gonna get a PS5 /v/? Fuck that, why should anyone buy that piece of shit? To play TLOU3 aka sodomy simulator 3? Soyny clearly stated that their target audience is the LGBT... freakshow, so they can get AIDS and die as far as i am concerned. That and the whole censorship shit.
>>123342 .. and this will be the story of this generation. These consoles are just closed-garden PCs with a very limited # of exclusives in their closed garden. Buying them is a complete waste of money.
>>122958 So modern consoles are basically entire PC towers?
(44.02 KB 753x334 index_Earthworm-Jim-4-1.jpg)
>>123057 I swear this is the only 9th gen console I am interest.
>>123350 Yep, welcome to 2020 Now pay for your 559.98 multimedia machine. Games? What games? Go watch Netflix or something!
(588.95 KB 4000x4000 Gaystation.jpg)
>>122963 >>122968 But is that not exactly what this thread is? >>122969 Considering the wage stagnation that's happened since the 2000's along with how expensive consoles are, I don't think there's any game worth buying entire console for. >>122984 This is probably one of the worst launch lineups in years from a non-casual perspective. A lot of these games are on PC too, so I don't even see the point in buying a console besides not wanting to do all the PC part research and Apple-style brand loyalty. >>123011 Jesus fuck that video slayed me >>123060 You mean their tans? Most of the are robots, but I like the look of the Xbox S-tan the most. If you mean the actual consoles, then the PS5. >>123144 Is Switch emulation already a thing? If so, that's impressively fast. >>123194 My PS2 still works fine, but the games certainly don't. Those discs were so goddamn prone to scratching from anything. >>123352 And honestly, the game doesn't even look that good. Nothing fits into the environment.
>>123355 What's even the point of having Netflix on consoles given that Smart-TVs are increasingly popular.
>>123358 So kids can watch it in their bedrooms.
(116.54 KB 1130x727 AmicoFAQ.jpg)
>>123356 >And honestly, the game doesn't even look that good. Nothing fits into the environment. Do you want long ass tutorials, long ass loading screen, annoying cutscenes, 500gb size game for only few hours gameplay, complex control scheme or have some input lag? The Amico wants to deliver quick, easy and couch coop games what modern console/smartphones still struggle today.
>>123358 Not every TV is a smart TV
backwards compatibility seems okay thing for this since a lot of games struggle on PS4. I would like to catch on PS4 games I missed like Gravity Rush, Tsushime and Persona Royal and why bother with 30fps stutters on ps4 if ps5 could run it on 60, but thats really BIG IF. If they cant deliver that then I will just have to wait for CFW on ps4 like I did with ps3.
(38.49 KB 400x481 Toothie.jpg)
>>123374 >backwards compatibility seems okay thing for this since a lot of games struggle on PS4 PS4 games on the PS5 will play exactly like they did on the PS4. Only a few "select" games will get any kind of framerate or resolution improvement. Also, save games from PS4 titles won't transfer to the PS5 for some fucking reason. Leave it to Sony to somehow fuck up compatibility between two machines both running x86 architecture.
>>123373 EVERY SINGLE TELEVISION that has been released over the past few years is a Smart TV. You don't have any other options, unless you buy used of refurbished.
>>123384 Some saves will transfer. It's up to the devs to implement it
>>123227 People have been using actual liquid metal for a few years with PCs, faggot. Aluminum and steel aren't the only materials heatsinks are made out of. Nickel-plated copper or even just bare copper get stained from contact with it, but that doesn't affect performance. https://www.gamersnexus.net/guides/3362-how-liquid-metal-affects-copper-nickel-and-aluminum-corrosion-test >You can tell it ain't real liquid metal because gallium shines like a mirror And actual liquid metal being sold is not pure gallium, it's usually some sort of propietary mixture. Fucking hell. I thought people here wouldn't talk out of their ass, but I guess God's really left us after all.
>>122958 >huge >shitty cooling >the gameplay reveal stream used an off-screen devkit instead of the console that was on display >snoys constantly seething and fabricating lies about xbox heat "issues" because Microsoft bought up more exclusives >sony is a california company and censors everything japanese while allowing TLOU2 to have an unappealing sex scene What a joke you have to be to buy this trash.
(899.87 KB 1452x1163 amd.png)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iuiO6rqYV4o&feature=youtu.be >giving a shit about consoles What year is it?
(353.14 KB 1920x1200 are_you_having_fun_yet.jpg)
Are there any fun games on these brand new video game devices?
>>123426 >Gynoid It's shit
>>123443 Faggot
PS5 looks interesting, too bad I try not to give money to Commiefornians.
>>123426 Well Intel is getting so thoroughly fucked I fear AMD might actually go full jew on us.
>>123356 >them It's SHIT
>>123463 We got time, AMD still doesn't have enough market share yet to go full zhid.
>>123463 >>123465 >just a $50 increase in MSRP I mean the product is definitely good enough that i don't care too much but still that's worrying, maybe Big Navi won't be be as bad because Nvidia has AMD beat in every way. Getting that 5800X at launch most likely.
>>123368 All the games look like mobile-shit. I'm still on the fence on EJ4. Is TenNapel working on it? If so that's a good thing because even if it's bad it won't have pozzed shit like Crash 4 or NuBattletoads.
>>122958 >Anyway are you gonna get a PS5 /v/? Fuck no, it looks like it's going to be the PS4 2.0 with even more problems and after playing on my normalfag brother's PS4 extensively I can say that it was the worst 8 gen console and probably the worst console I've ever used.
>>123508 Even more so then the OG Xboner?
>>123466 >Getting that 5800X at launch most likely. I'm thinking about it, but I also want to update to a motherboard with PCIe 4 and I don't want to lock myself into using this board for another 3-4 years. I could just get a AM4 socket board with PCIe 4, but this is the last CPU in the line that's going to support AM4. So I figure I might as well hold off until Ryzen 4 and just get a new board, cpu, and memory all in one go. I should still be good on graphics cards compatibility. Apparently the 2080 was only saturating just over half of the PCIe 3's capacity - so it probably won't be an issue for a few years yet.
>>123520 PS4 was better than the Xbone at the start of the 8 gen due to lack of features and Microsoft's retarded decision to force kinect onto it but as time went on it got more features added in and removed kinect from future models while the PS4 got worse as Sony increased the cost of PS+, stopped giving away free PS3 games with PS+ instead of just adding backwards compatibility like Microsoft did and started censoring games more, that's on top of all the other problems that the PS4 already had.
>>123529 Depends if you really need the upgrade and what you currently have, PCIe 4.0 isn't worth unless you have some NVMe SSD centric task in mind for your build.
>>123543 I've got a Ryzen 1600 right now and I'm not really feeling much of a pinch. I'm more concerned with being able to play games well once the next generation consoles start to push NVME speed improvements into newer games. We've still got a year or two before those really start to become more common, and since Ryzen 4 launches (probably) next year - I don't think anything is going to come along to really stress what I have. Also, I've got a B350 motherboard so I'm not even sure if it will handle Zen 3. The support site says it will after a Bios update, but even if it does it probably won't take full advantage of the chip so it seems like it'd just be a waste of money for me at the moment.
>>123547 I mean with that even a good deal on a 3600 (sub 120 bucks I'd say) is something worth considering if you feel the need to upgrade. > but even if it does it probably won't take full advantage of the chip You'd be surprised, unless you have really crap VRMs throttling the whole thing I wouldn't expect any noticeable performance decrease, outside of the lack of PCIe 4.0
>>123133 I owned a wii, wiiu, ds, dsi, 3ds, n3ds then a switch. The joycon drifting problem only appeared with my switch and it drives me up the fucking wall. Replacement joycons eventually start drifting too, probably perhaps due to dust eventually landing on top of them and seeping inside somehow, its unavoidable. At this point 3rd party joycons may be the only acceptable types to get. >>123138 You can buy it and try it then mail it back to amazon if you don't like it. But I have low to basic standards so I may just like it as long as its not the default joycons and it works as intended. >>123547 >>123565 How do you guys know so much about internal PC parts? Are you both computer technicians? I've been learning that but my online class requires a lot of reading and my ADHD/ADD riddled mind kinda struggles with it. It also gets boring really fucking quickly, any tips I should know?
(186.03 KB 1920x1080 Bugsnax.jpg)
I know you guys are excited for this. Bugsnax confirmed for launch title! Comes out for PS4, PS5 and PC (epic game store) for Nov 12th. Looks like PS5 has got its second system seller along with Demon's Souls remake. How can Xbox Series X compete against Bugsnax?
>>123466 I'm probably getting it too. I have a gen 1 ryzen now. I'll probably stick it on as small case as I can and run a shitton of VMs on it.
>>123569 Internal PC parts aren't a problem other than learning the basics and what they do (power supply, processor and its features, memory and what it does, etc.) For specific parts, just by reading you can get a good idea about them. Try https://www.logicalincrements.com/ for a tiered comparison between parts. Used to be a regular png post by some anon wayyy back until he made the site.
>>123570 WOWWWW OMG OMG OMG Can you preorder something like a Bugsnax™ Insect Feast Collector's Edition™? Would it come with, dare I say, A BUGSNAX™ FUNKO?!!!! This has truly been the most cancerous year in gaming. If 2007 was the opening of the flood gates, I hope this is the high-water mark for garbage quality and standards.
I will buy PS5 to play PS4 games via BC.
>>123579 (you) Just get a cheap PS4 and try to get a hackable model. Don't be a retard.
>>123580 PS4 has shitty performance.
(762.86 KB 680x696 ClipboardImage.png)
>>123582 >not buying the official fix pic related
>>123582 And the PS5 doesn't?
>>123589 PS5 can run PS4 games at stable 30 FPS and with faster loading times. Plus some games will have boost mode.
>>123589 There's hope, at least with the fact that 90% of the console is a giant heatsink.
So I think I am going to get a switch (maybe a lite since so much games i want for the system are going to be dumped next year like smtv and no more heroes 3 and a bunch of jrpgs I want to get into are also on the switch)
>>123392 Thats the problem. The devs have to do something that should be an automatic process.
(137.01 KB 1920x1200 JDp0pZN.jpg)
>>123603 It's not like a lot of those saves are even unique to the platform. I didn't have a PC when Fallout 3 and Oblivion were new, so I played them on the 360. Put enough time into the characters that I stupidly thought it'd be worth the effort to bring them over and didn't want to start over again. Turns out, the save files are pretty much exactly the same. You just had to make a make a tweak to the file header. The hard part was getting around Microsoft's file encryption, and that's just in the effort it took to track down a program that would do it for me. Apparently there was a lot of demand for programs like that to allow people to fix broken save files and cheat and whatnot. At any rate, I had just started to mess with modding so those characters didn't last. Point being that what generally differenciates a PS save from a PC save from an Xbox save is just the shit added to it by Microsoft and Sony to keep you from tampering with the file. Shit that's completely within their control to bring forward to the next generation if they gave the slightest shit. Apparently Sony doesn't.
>>123591 That makes it worth $500? At least you can pirate shit on a PissPoor. And if you care about performance, you wouldn't be playing on a console in the first place.
>>123603 >>123384 >>123392 Microsoft has a system for this whole thing, Smart Delivery I think, and Sony's trying to half-assedly copy it. Most current gen/next-gen shit can be transferred between the Xbone and SeX and the saves go as well. People saw that and started hounding devs to also do that on PS5 so some of them do. I think Major Nelson also spoke about being able to transfer Backwards-Compatible stuff along with saves out of the box as long as it's tied to your account. So it's an automatic process for the most part on Xbox's side and Sony just doesn't give a shit.
>>123621 Gravity Rush Gravity Rush 2 Bloodborne Dragon's Crown Crash Team Racing The Last Guardian Crash Bandicoot 4 Nioh 2 Deception IV I think it worth it.
(305.40 KB 507x553 laughing potato.png)
>>123591 >Paying 500$ for 30fps. >>123638 >Crash 4 >The Last Guardian >NuCTR
(9.08 KB 268x284 laughs in sand.jpg)
>>123638 At least three of those are not exclusives, for one. And two, again, it makes it worth $500 + full price for those games to play them at slightly better performance when you can get them for free? Hell, aside for Nioh and Bloodborne, do any of them even have performance issues?
>>123645 400$ for digital. I don't use discs since 2010.
(288.38 KB 481x600 1458489695858.png)
>>123646 >paying full price for games <paying $400 to play games you already played but very less shit This better be bait.
>>123638 That's not a lot of games
>>123650 I'm not going to buy them for full price. >>123652 It's enough for me. Then there might be even more good games for next gen only.
>>123645 >Nioh and Bloodborne The funny thing is the performance difference of performance of Bloodborne between PissPoor and PissPoor Pro is non-existent. Unless From releases a patch for PS5, (which they probably won't) it will run the same. There's even an unofficial patch to make Bloodborne run at 60fps on a hacked PS4. Anon is just being a fucking moron or is baiting everybody.
No one else here is going to buy PS5?
>>122965 >>122958 I've been considering whether I should get one for the next God of War game, but there's no assurance that it is going to be a PS5 exclusive and I don't really want to pay $560 just to play one game
>>123723 Did you actually like nu-GoW, Torpedo?
>>123726 If nothing else, when you've been stuck on PS2 era graphics and suddenly get an upgrade to PS4 graphics it does look impressive. But what was wrong with it?
>>123732 What about III though?
>>123732 Gameplay-wise, it's Arhkam-tier in the "mash one button to win" department. And like any good Sony exclusive, two thirds of the game are holding the analog stick forward and hearing characters talk. I know people were talking about Kratos being a cuck though I don't recall if that turned out to be true or not. At the very least, it was a departure from a badass Kratos who doesn't give a fuck in some attempt to tell a more "adult" story, so he now just hangs out with his son and tries to keep him safe instead of being an actual God of War, fucking bitches and killing other gods.
>>123638 >Gravity Rush >Dragon's Crown >Deception IV On the Vita. >Crash Team Racing On the PS1. >Crash Bandicoot 4 >Nioh 2 On PC. >>123652 There are ALL games worth getting a PissPour for: <Bloodborne <Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise <Ghost of Tsushima <Gravity Rush 2 <Judgement <Shadow of the Beast <Sakura Wars <Until Dawn <Yazuka 6 Something that you should take note of is that ALL of these games are either owned by Sony or owned by Sega, and both companies have announced that they're giving PC gaming a serious consideration, so who knows how many of these will remain exclusive.
(636.79 KB 200x242 gif trying to hold laugh.gif)
>>123713 >>123638 >Buying a completely useless hardware >>123732 Everything.
(138.98 KB 426x276 Musky laugh.png)
(13.29 MB 888x500 God of War surpasess DMC.webm)
>>123713 No >>123723 >But what was wrong with it? vid related >>123591 >PS5 can run PS4 games at stable 30 FPS and with faster loading times. Plus some games will have boost mode. The XBOX Series X can run almost all of its game at 60fps, despite that both consoles have the Zen 2 arquictecure from AMD. Microsoft made some custom modifications with the CPU and created some machine learning software to boost performance of the games.
(78.07 KB 801x961 Anon shiggy.png)
>>123739 >Ghost of Tsushima >Until Dawn >Sakura Wars
>>123739 Personally, the only PS4 exclusives I liked were Gravity Rush 2 and Tearaway: Unfolded. I did also like Gravity Rush: Remastered, just because it's the best version of a very good game, but it's not like it's super different from the Vita version, aside from having the DLC on disc. I have very little hope of getting any games like Gravity Rush and Tearaway on PS5. I also enjoyed the Ratchet & Clank remake, and would say it's different enough to consider it a different game from the original. However, it's still the worst Ratchet & Clank game, and the PS5 one looks like shit.
>>123746 Rumors were that Sony saw the SeX's performance, panicked and overclocked their CPU, which is why it doesn't have a confirmed consistent top CPU speed.
>>123746 I never payed attention to NuGOW and i'm glad i didn't because it looks like shit.
(439.83 KB 2168x1593 ZXSpectrum48k (2).jpg)
(176.77 KB 1024x682 MSX2.jpg)
>>123713 Maybe off of ebay in 5 years but even that doesn't look likely. I am greatly considering buying a ZX Spectrum and/or an MSX. I'm not sure which to choose.
>>123744 Nothing funny in my decision. I will play Ninja Gaiden 4 on release date while you will wait and beg for port. Same will happen with next From Soft exclusive and many more jap games.
(386.80 KB 1920x1080 TheMedium-KeyArt-HD.jpg)
(438.73 KB 1440x810 Bugsnax-Key-Art-06172020.jpg)
>>122965 This list is missing Bugsnax for PS5 and The Medium for XSX (both on PC but exclusive to each console).
(19.85 KB 557x344 Juncker.jpg)
>>123760 >Kekmo garbage and Soulshits 1 year exclusive only on the Trannystation Oh no, anything but that!!!
(495.58 KB 1280x720 ClipboardImage.png)
>>123760 But I can play Ninja Gaiden 4 on PC right now.
(38.38 KB 583x438 1500160801859.jpg)
>>123760 What the fuck are you talking about? Ninja Gaiden 4 is not gonna be a PS5 exclusive. Neither will be Elder Ring.
>>123761 Well Bugsnax was confirmed today and The Medium doesn't have an official date, just 2020 right now, even on the steam page it still says holiday 2020, even if you can pre-order it.
(10.38 KB 605x259 0d5.jpg)
(125.46 KB 1174x1280 nani_nani.jpg)
>>123760 Did you actually come here, to the last redoubt of imageboards, to fucking shill for Sony and the PS5 of all things? Are you retarded.
How glorious will the salt pile be if Demon's Souls and Bloodborne are given PC releases especially if it's because PS5 are in the shitter?
>>123783 >Bloodborne >PC releases I fucking hope so. BB needs a spiritual successor too.
>>123788 The faggots didn't even restore the lost Archstone.
>>123794 Why would you want anything restored by Bluepoint? Have you seen what did to the art design on this game and SoTC? They have face mocap available and used by every Soyny studio and they didn't even implement Wanders facial animations when jumping or attacking, that shit was on a 2006 game for the fucking PS2.
>>123757 Get an 128k Speccy, or the Spectrum Next. Do you really want to play 48k games with a shitty PC-Bleeper?
>>123799 >Spectrum Next How is it? Is it good quality?
PC gaming is unplayable because of cheaters. You should buy PlayStation®5 for better experience. Play Has No Limits™
>>123886 >has no limits >can't even cheat
>>123788 >>123909 I am now fully convinced that the Soystation 5 is just a money laundering scheme.
(36.93 KB 735x624 MSGZZ Puru Fuck You Faggot.JPG)
>>123886 So it was bait. Fuck you, faggot.
>>123811 I've heard good things about it, it can play just about any game you can throw at it, you don't have to fuck around with tapes anymore as you can load tape images through the filebrowser, that sort of thing. The only bad thing is that it's a pain in the ass to find one for sale now, as they seem to be only doing orders through Kikestarter for some odd reason.
>>123933 >PS5 Exclusive >The entire trailer was captured on PC >Also available on PC LMAAAAAAAAAAAOOOOOOOOO Why even bother owning a PS5? Its just a PC but shittier, has anti animetiddy censorship, cheaper, and much larger at this point.
>>123956 It is starting to look like the 9th generation was a locked in PC deal like you would get with a cell phone plan. You get decent hardware for the price, but you pay for indefinitely if you want to play online. In the end, you are poorer than if you bought a better PC and your hardware is now unsupported. A Kansas city shuffle of sorts.
>>123961 Out of curiosity, has the second hand market and the market for older PC games grown of shrunk over the past several years?
>>123963 What the fuck are "second hand" PC games? No one is going around trading CD keys and discs with each other. The raw sales of older PC games is probably doing fairly well with the advent of things like GoG and the death of modern AAA gaming.
>>123638 >CTR On everything else. >Crash 4 On most things coming to Switch later. >The Last Guardian Actual shit. >Bloodborne Its just fucking Dark Souls with long arms and furries. >Dragon Crown You wont see another one on the PS5 >Deception IV Same as above. >Nioh 2 That is only a time limited exclusive but its not very good to begin with. The only good games you mentioned are the Gravity Rush games and PS fans are forever branded as the ultimate faggots for not buying Kat's game.
>>123983 >>Bloodborne Its just fucking Dark Souls with long arms and furries. Bloodborne is legitimately a really good game. It tickles my pickle in ways that the Souls games don't. It ain't worth buying a PSanything just to play it though. Not unless you get one at a massively reduced price second hand. >Nioh 2 That is only a time limited exclusive but its not very good to begin with. Well I don't like it as much as Nioh 1 but it's fine.
>>123983 >Switch Imagine playing crash bandicoot 720p 22fps.
(1.04 MB 1500x1051 Untitled-1.jpg)
(136.98 KB 400x300 017.jpg)
>>123975 He did clearly differentiate between the second hand market and the market for older PC games as two separate and distinct things. Also, spotted the poor son of a bitch who never witnessed the glory of Computer Shows. Used to be able to get tons of used and also pirated PC games at those. They're still around, but they're rare - we haven't had one in my area for the last 15 years.
So here's a question about FF anons, would you prefer 16 drop the kingdom hearts pretense and just be a full on action RPG similar to say Dragon's Dogma, or return to turn based combat? I'd like either, to be honest. I was never the biggest fan of how KH played and this in-between just isn't working(although I haven't played FF7remake yet so maybe that's better than 15's combat.)
>>124006 I think FF was strongest when it focused on turn-based combat, which allowed for clear and concise forays into spin-off territory when they came out with Dissidia or whatever. That said clearly all their staff who is capable of telling a good story are long gone, so maybe they need to go the Souls/DD route and focus more on interesting combat. Whatever they do, they need to ditch the FFXV/FFVIIremake style of combat because it fucking sucks and either shit or get off the pot
>>124006 Unless they either make another FFIX type game or another FFXII then I really cant be bothered to give a fuck about mainline Final Fantasy anymore. A new Crystal Chronicles would be nice though.
(38.51 KB 475x284 gay.jpg)
>>123990 >Not playing crash when on the shitter. Check out this homosexual.
>>123990 >Imagine playing crash bandicoot 720p 22fps. I played the Crash games in lower resolution with no problem at all. On the original PlayStation
>>124028 Yeah but it ran well on the original consoles. If you've ever played Wrath of Cortex you know what I'm talking about, compare how smooth Crash 2 was to play compared to the buttery, floaty shit that was WoC.
>>124029 >30fps is smooth >drops inputs time to time yeah nah
>>124031 also to add as i forgotten about it, wrath of cortex actually runs at 60fps, best played on the xbox port obviously
>>124031 I'm 60% sure crash played 60 fps on the ps1.
>>124039 You are 100% wrong. All ps1 crash games ran at 30 fps.
>>124039 Nope, it did 512x240 @ 30fps witth dips 60fps is rare on PS1 even more so game that can do it with any sort of stability in more than a separate special mode.
>>124006 I wish they would return to turn based combat. Also to get decent Tactics game once again.
>>123645 >when you can get them for free? where? if you mean emulation you need a lot more than 500 for it to run nice
>>124080 Hack and pirate them on the PS4 that the other guy clearly already owns.
>>124039 >Early 3D games >60 FPS wew
>>123227 >Elemental mercury isn't all that that toxic While elemental mercury is not too toxic (unless you're a retard and pour it on your open skin) it's still a hazard. Its fumes are also highly toxic, and spilled mercury slowly evaporates on its own. >>123349 >closed garden walled garden. At this point the only thing they've got going for it is backwards compatibility, but there's not much point to it if it's so horribly gimped: >only PS4 discs work >you're gonna have to rebuy old games, and only select titles will be available, negating most of the benefits >>122984 >Tetris Effect: Connected The co-op looks awful. I'm sure they'll find a way to fuck it up like Tetris Party Deluxe (one player had SZT, other had LJO in that one). It will be so fun dying thanks to a 10 piece per minute shitter's constant misdropts. At least they were smart enough to add multiplayer this time around. Not that it matters because Puyo Puyo Tetris 2 is coming out.
>>122958 >Anyway are you gonna get a PS5 /v/? Fuck no, why would you ask a gay question like that?
>>124065 Just get the new bravely default when it comes out. There you go. It's turn based FF in all but name. Even has the same monsters/ weapons/ items/ classes/ spell names
>>123983 There's no PC release of CTR.
>>124138 I guess, I will do that instead then.
>>124140 They said it was coming. Was is apparently the keyword >>124124 >The co-op looks awful I meant, it's turn-based, turn-based is sluggish as fuck. I'm guessing they made it that way to avoid sync issues with online. They should have done it like in TGM2 (simultaneous play, both players needed to reach level 200, pieces and lines grant 1 level, you need to get past _99 levels with line clears). They could have even turned it into competitive co-op (highest score wins. 1st player to reach target level ends the game and gets score boost, topping out resets the field and deducts score. to prevent stalling use step-reset lock delay).
(1.09 MB 900x675 dead_game.png)
I hope the Piss5 and XSex' combined mediocrity will make the Amico the winner or at least Vita of the 9th generation.
>>123963 >>123975 CDkeys are the second hand market right now. And just like the regular second hand market, publishers fucking despise it. >>124140 If they gave it for free with a Crash 4 pre order I might actually get it.
(655.05 KB 1012x1888 Square is dead.jpg)
>>124006 >>124012 >>124015 >>124065 Square is just a walking carcass at this point. There is 0% chances of anything made by them being good.
I knew the Medium wouldn't make launch day. It's coming out December 10th. This is like the only interesting game to come out for Series X (even if it's also coming out on Epic and Steam).
>>124228 These articles are over a period of eight years, it's a bit dishonest putting them all in a collage like this.
>>124248 >These articles are over a period of eight years That's the point
>>124006 I'd prefer they drop the KH shit and just go full ARPG and leave the proper Final Fantasy stuff to Bravely Default/Octopath Traveler
>>124228 Balan Wonderland looks like an old Sonic Team game.
>>124041 >>124057 >>124096 So wait, did Armored Core and Crash Bash also play 60 fps on the hardware, or was this an emulation thing? Because I know for a fact I played Armored Core 1 with 60 fps because it took me a while to find the correct settings. I had Crash Bash on the original hardware but it's been so long I can't really remember if it was actually 60 or not.
(9.31 MB 720x720 Intel Tranny.webm)
>>124006 Anon, Kingdom Hearts is an ARPG and so is Dark Souls and Dragons Dogma. I don't know why no one has even pointed that out to you yet. As long as the gameplay for FFXVI is fun I don't give a shit what genre it is and so far it looks good. Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2 were fucking amazing games when it comes to their combat and gameplay but FFXVI should really just be its own thing. >>124015 >Unless they either make another FFIX type game FFIX is aids and makes me nauseous every time I look at its character designs or cut scenes. Its just do uncanny and gross in the worst kind of way. I'm glad that no game after it tried to mimic its godawful artstyle. >another FFXII We did get another one, its for the nintendo DS.
>>124202 >CDkeys are the second hand market right now. not exactly, as kike publishers don't allow keys to be transferred. I'd argue buying an account with games is a closer analogue. However, you have to be retarded to pay for an account from some random guy online. >And just like the regular second hand market, publishers fucking despise it. probably has to do with a number of keys coming from credit card fraud and chargebacks ensuing, or asking for review keys and turning to sell them don't you think? on the other hand they can fuck off for sperging out over people buying keys on discount and selling them.
>>124314 >Kingdom Hearts is an amazing game >FFIX is aids Lmfao
(254.49 KB 387x470 Aj see's a a gay.png)
>>124314 >FFIX is aids and makes me nauseous every time I look at its character designs or cut scenes. Its just do uncanny and gross in the worst kind of way. I'm glad that no game after it tried to mimic its godawful artstyle.
(172.63 KB 1024x1024 ff protags.jpg)
>>124393 Literally everybody but vivi looks like oonga boonga genetic freak shows, even worse than Jimmy Neutron characters and its CGI and animation style legit grosses me the fuck out. Also you're calling me a gay when its protagonist is pretty much fujobait so much so that hes basically a trap when shown in a non shit artstyle.
(613.77 KB 1078x1078 gay_inside.png)
>>124314 >Shitty Disney Trash is good. >FFIX is aids.
>>124399 >That sameface art style >The shittiest art style of of all >a non shit art style. Go back to cuckchan, faggot. Kingdom Heart is the epitome of faggotry from Square with Disney's cancer.
(357.93 KB 2000x1000 Ej40HLQXkAAZVEm.jpg)
>>124436 Its story is retarded and later on starts getting downright cringy as nomuras mental state declines year by year but the gameplay in 1/2 is pretty damn solid, fun, top notch, balanced, etc. There is just not as much platforming in 2 compared to 1 though and thats a bit unfortunate. Never played 3, I asked my friend to borrow it but he was being a faggot and refused to do so for some reason, I think that game is shit anyways so more shit on his plate I guess? >>124439 Anon I think you may be confused. Pic related is the artsyle I think looks like shit, they look like a bunch of circus freaks. You guys must be so mad at one anons opinion because you all know I'm right and the only way to cope is by going through the 7 stages of grief lel. Just accept it anons, FFIX looks like shit.
>they look like a bunch of circus freaks Oh wait, maybe thats the entire point and I just never really tried to look at it that way? Well in that case enjoy your ugly as fuck game anyways. Calling me gay won't change the fact that it still objectively looks like shit btw.
(120.78 KB 740x481 Crom.jpg)
>>124448 >Nigger keeps digging his autism hole. >Says the FFIX cast looks like circus freaks but plays a game made for babies that has mermaids, fairies, Disney Princesses, talking animals and ships made of fucking jello. You have to be black no way a human can be this dumb.
>>124448 I'm not mad, it's just baffling you can have such shit taste.
(2.29 MB 2479x1630 ain't no one gayer than u.png)
(2.71 KB 267x252 Promotions_inbound,_over.jpg)
>>124456 >mermaids, fairies, Disney Princesses, talking animals and ships made of fucking jello. You're talking about those things like as if they're bad. >Implying you wouldn't fuck a vast majority of disney princesses or even tinkerbell >Implying FFIX doesn't have a literal furry and 4 literal oonga boonga's for party members What did the ship make of fucking jello do to you? >>124465 We all have shit taste anon, thats what makes us all unique. I went into the top 5 favorite games thread and for the most part nearly everything I saw there was shit (in my eyes at least). >>124482 pls no bully 😢
(66.14 KB 401x611 better not be.jpg)
>>124484 >mermaids, fairies, Disney Princesses, talking animals and ships made of fucking jello. >You're talking about those things like as if they're bad. So you telling us you are a child that likes Disney?
>>124486 Nope. The last time I bought a KH game was maybe back in 2016. I'm just not gay, I like games with fun gameplay and I really enjoy messing with you guys. I would also say that you're at the bargaining stage of grief right now anon, you're more than halfway there! I don't know why you have a vendetta against the gummy ships though.
>>124484 >We all have shit taste > I went to the top 5 thread and it all looked like shit in my eyes Definitely a (You) problem.
(426.27 KB 640x360 Itjustdoesn'taddup.mp4)
>>124505 >I'm just not gay <Praises Nomura's Yidsney fanfiction <Posts on /v/ <Likes gay things >not gay
(78.77 KB 525x512 u gay.jpg)
>>124505 >I'm not gay >Plays Disney games. >LIkes building jello ships. Anon I am sorry to say but you have the gay.
(2.50 MB 640x480 laughing_human_bean.webm)
>>124505 >games with fun gameplay >KH
(808.52 KB 406x720 So(y)ny.mp4)
>>122958 >Personally I think I'm getting one for Christmas so I won't really have to worry one way or the other Is this you, faggot? >>124255 I think it's being made by ex-NiGHTS developers. >>124262 I see Jim Sterling finally transitioned. >>124484 >We all have shit taste anon Speak for yourself.
(2.01 MB 576x1024 Gamer.mp4)
>>124599 Every time
(53.20 KB 652x960 gamer dating.jpg)
>>124639 >And they even have the nerve to complain when people bully them.
(227.34 KB 477x397 maximum soy.png)
>>124607 Anon stay mad. Sony over the last couple of years has proven its the soy boy machine. The picture uploaded is an actual Sony dev.
>>124662 If he's an actual sony dev why was he hamming it up for the camera? Besides I was just posting soy shit.
>>124663 Fag worked on Spidersoy Anon.
>soy soy soy soy soy Am I playing Moonbase Alpha here or something?
>>124671 Soy Sorry, anon.
(210.79 KB 666x972 soy-based_gene_therapy.jpg)
(466.94 KB 6000x6000 smug rapist.jpg)
>8cucks claim to hate 4chan memes >constantly soypost
(88.68 KB 825x959 soyboy_2.jpg)
>>124682 It was very popular on here until it became a normalfag meme.
>>124705 Didn't they ban it for a while because people were making fun of PS4fags with it? I know some phrase was filtered.
>>124707 Soy on 4cuck? I think they have it wordfiltered as "based" now.
>>124682 Soyposting is questionable but can be discarded as an issue. Wojak posting commonly associated with soyposting should generally not be allowed outside of cuckchan, it is the epitome corporate watered down normalfag memes.
>>122958 I'll get a PS5. Dreams is the only game I care about though as I'm far more interested in making games nowadays than I am playing them plus the console functions as a Blu-Ray player and I'm more interested in movies than I am in videogames (inb4 jokes about the "cinematic experiences" the PS5 will most likely offer). As I'm not really into videogames these days, the lack of exclusives on the console, to me, is just someone else's problem.
(88.12 KB 640x640 go-away.jpg)
>>124769 >I'm getting a PS5 >I'm not really into videogames At least that much checks out.
(206.49 KB 700x525 thinking.jpg)
>>124769 >I'll get a PS5. >As I'm not really into videogames these days, >Do not like games. >What console is is perfect for a joyless faggot. >Of course the no games PS5. His logic checks out Anons.
(44.89 KB 289x431 HentaiPhil.jpg)
>>124769 >I'll get a PS5 >I'm not really into videogames these days <not getting an Sexbox instead and just playing games on Game Pass
(1.24 MB 917x3107 Cuckchan stealing memes.png)
(152.82 KB 480x579 Cuckchan on E3.png)
(4.74 MB 3200x4535 Cuckchan D&C 2.png)
>>124682 <4chan memes >Started on 8/pol/ early 2017 >Used sparingly along with numale >polacks being the crossposting cancer they were spread it on cuck/pol/ >cuckchanners attach Wojak to it >spam it to the point that the faggot mods filter it to "based" >consolewarriors attach it to the Switch and Labo >Some autistic Discuck nigger spams it on 8/v/
>>124800 >Spams it on /v/ Disregard that, he spammed it on every board including /sudo/ and /swami/
>>124800 >>124803 And now newfags know why we hate wojacks
(89.51 KB 566x356 Back to cuckchannel.png)
>>124682 Also Go back >>>/cuckchan/
I wish Mark would actually fucking clean up threads for once, this kind of autistic bickering happens way too much.
>>124810 I too loved the days of threads being cut in half and half the catalog being gone due to Mark "cleaning up" by banning by IP. Those were the days...
>>124804 I never even visited 4cuck in over 5 years and I still like wojaks. It depends on the wojak and how its used though. >>124810 >this kind of autistic bickering happens way too much. Where do you think we are?
(557.98 KB 710x675 anime tiddies.png)
>>124822 >>124824 >every thread should be allowed to derail into arguing about the same 5 things until the end of time You are the reason /v/ is fucking dead.
>>124829 >/v/ is fucking dead /v/ dies every 2 years cunt
(66.48 KB 625x626 bait.png)
>>124769 >I'll get a PS5 >Dreams is the only game I care about though >I'm more interested in movies than I am in videogames
(77.70 KB 800x771 doctor-frankenstein.jpg)
>>124810 >Complains to Mark >About people being autistic.
>>124810 I mean, what do you want me to do? People will likely talk about the consoles after they bicker about wojacks for five minutes. It's not like the entire thread is derailed.
>>124851 >what do you want me to do? Livestream suicide.
>>124853 You first, faggot.
>>124853 Please, pave the way. Be an inspiration.
>>124839 What's wrong with Dreams? You get to make games, and even movies, if you want to. I think I'll be watching more movies than playing games but yeah, when I do want to play, Dreams seems great as a creative outlet.
(133.53 KB 462x446 394311.jpg)
>>124851 >>124853 >Mark posts. >Mark gets told to kill himself. Every time without fucking fail.
>>124857 >>YAAASSS I NEED JAPSTATION TO COMSUME ME EPIC HENTAI GAYMS FELLOW LEDDITORS You're just as much as a faggot as consolefags.
>>124859 He's not saying anything wrong about dreams, he's saying you're trying to bait people by buying a PS5 when you have no interest in playing them. Might as well just get a PS4 Pro or a Sexbox
>>124865 I value our noble traditions.
>>124900 >tfw no sexbox bf
(178.22 KB 1000x1000 this image cannot be explained.jpg)
>>124006 Could Yoko Taro save FF should Square grow desperate enough to hand the franchise over to him?
(420.32 KB 1692x1080 ClipboardImage.png)
>>123066 >>123096 you mean the loli you plebs
>>124950 That's worse than the dog, and the dog is a forced meme.
>>124950 >Barefoot I hate footfags so much.
>>124851 Don't listen to the retard, leave the posts there. He can eat shit for all I care. Don't turn entire threads into swiss cheese again, that shit is far more frustrating than it is helpful. Anons like to see a good shitshow and hate censorship, those are the reasons that were all here out of any other place in the internet in the first place. Remember if you forget and decide to go full retard just like what happened on julay that then were all moving to zzzchan. >>124829 In that case 8/v/ has been "dead" since 2014 and I wouldn't have it any other way.
>>124953 >implying zzzchan doesn't have deletion-happy jannies There is an especially obvious one too, as he can't stop himself from using his unpaid volunteer powers to avoid losing internet arguments.
(102.59 KB 1024x785 ENoWm7cW4AkDURq.jpg)
(1.52 MB 1553x751 the_crew.png)
I'm interested on the UFO If it even releases. Imagine playing Black Lives Splatter on the go.
(74.91 KB 317x275 Switch Bitch.PNG)
>>124900 Ah, well I won't be getting the PS4 Pro because according to my research, the PS5 can play 4k Blu-Ray. This is in contrast to the previous Sony consoles down to the PS3 which can only play standard Blu-Rays. There's another reason why it's advantageous to get the PS5 though and that's because it's new. When I wanted to play PS2 games on my console, I had to buy a new controller. Unfortunately, the official PS2 controller, due to being rare in 2011, was fairly high in price whereas the third-party versions were only £10-20 or so. The problem with these third-party versions however is that they wouldn't even last 6 months before issue began to appear. I've also had issues with PS3s. I bought an original PS3 with bc with PS2 games in 2010 and twice, it overheated to the point of YLOD when playing Dragon's Dogma. I bought a Super Slim from CEX and it wouldn't play Blu-Rays like I hoped. Due to these experiences, I have decided that what I should do is buy a new console when one comes out and also buy a lot of the official controllers and store them in their original packaging as spares. I'll buy one for myself, another three to open in case of multiplayer (a common situation growing up was other kids being dragged to my house because their mom was visiting my mom but, as I'm now in my late 20s, this has stopped completely. Nonetheless, it can't hurt to be prepared although it's kind of moot now as I should be moving out within the next few years I expect at which point, following my life's trajectory, one would assume I wouldn't have visitors) and another three as spare-spares. You get the maximum life-span out of stuff that's new. When the later PS5 revisions come out, I can buy those too and with the spare official controllers, I'll never have to deal with third-party controllers again. I'll be set for a couple of decades I suspect. I'm honestly surprised I don't see more people talk of the advantage of hording official controllers as spares. I know it the hard way: they don't stay at their initial price forever.
(55.41 KB 1328x942 Mark BAKED.png)
>>124960 Well in that case I guess I'm stuck here then. I hope mark gets fit, starts taking iodine tablets and avoids twitter. Maybe he will finally grow as a human being and stop being a complete and total manchild. Also he should learn to invest in stocks, he can make a hyper giga mega jew fortune that way. >>124969 Is that like a switch but with no joycon drift and is capable of playing PC games? I'm interested in it too. Especially if I can port my steam library to it.
(1.19 MB 973x522 lebowsky_mgs.png)
>>124983 >this entire post pic related >according to my research I assume the bulk of your methodology involves watching and, in exceptional circumstances where extreme academic rigor is required, reading ads. >There's another reason why it's advantageous to get the PS5 though and that's because it's new. This sentence makes me hope to fucking God this was all just bait, because if it was, 15/10 you motherfucker. There were very few things you could have said that could have been dumber than that statement. >I had multiple problems with official hardware Guess it was built like shit and you shouldn't have bought it to begin with, much less at release price. >third-party versions wouldn't even last 6 months Wow you really know how to pick the best of the best when it comes to hardware. I'm sure if you had utilized some of your research skills you might have helped you pick better controllers, but I can't blame you for rushing into any poor decisions. After all, you should consume as much as you can, as quickly as you can, fellow gamer. >Due to these experiences, I have decided that what I should do is buy a new console when one comes out and also buy a lot of the official controllers and store them in their original packaging as spares. How the fuck do you reach such a conclusion? Holy shit you better be a paid shill. <Huh, this is overpriced shit, guess I just gotta buy more of it. >I know it the hard way: they don't stay at their initial price forever. Your research results really are outstanding. I'm sorry to admit this platform does not do them justice: you should aim to publish them on a more widely distributed publication, perhaps in the form of a reddit or a halfchan post. No, actually you should go straight to facebook with this.
(105.97 KB 1280x720 laugh at them.jpg)
>>124448 >cope >I'm right Look at this powerless cuckchanner talking like the niggerpill from /cowtards/ FF IX's art is objectively better than the sameface shit from later FF titles. Go back to your hugbox, you soy infused freak who thinks that faggot samefaces are pretty. >>124505 t. literal faggot >muh you guys hate things that are shit >muh it is your fault Literally talks like a woman. >>124516 >>124562 This. >>124623 Kingdom Heart was always shit. >>124682 >Being this buttmad about being exposed as a soyfreak. >>124769 >>124983 >don't like games >prefer movies >"likes" to create games >literal paid shill for Soyny Soyfreak propagandist for the leftards and his brain damaged by soy. The only advantage of the soysation 5 is that it will kill Soyny, providing true entertainment in it's demise.
>>124983 >buying a 500$ system and 7 official controllers >Just to watch blu-rays and play Dreams Just get a blu-ray player and a hacked PS4, cunt. My DS4 and DS2 still work to this day after almost a decade.
>>124983 >I bought the original PS3 and it had overheating issues <therefore I should buy a new console at launch
(1.88 MB 2121x3000 FFXII.jpg)
(572.62 KB 1263x1786 FFXII (2).jpg)
>>124997 >FFIX >Having better art than FFXII Anon please don't lie to yourself, it doesn't benefit either one of us. >t. literal faggot >Literally talks like a woman. STAGE 2, DENIAL
>>124949 >Could Yoko Taro save FF should Square grow desperate enough to hand the franchise over to him? Square put the man to make some irrelevant mobileshit title. If they ever put him to take care of some main FF (if 16 doesn't kill the franchise like it's looking like it will), be assured that he will not have the freedom to create a quality product. The meddling from the corporate suits will ruin the game, regardless of who is "in charge" of it.
(193.83 KB 1000x1500 4af6907207440e455729a8613e6e8ae9.jpg)
(579.33 KB 1920x2716 f3d7d8fb5d0af32da9cde5f1d4fdad12.jpg)
(317.83 KB 1280x828 5h8s0ttxgyez.jpg)
>>125008 I haven't played either but IX looks more interesting and fun. The PS1 graphics have a charm to them. XII looks generic. Modern Square is shit anyways.
(513.91 KB 1920x1080 FFXII-10_battle_B.jpg)
(1.02 MB 480x480 day of the smug.mp4)
>>125027 Nigger none of that is even official art. You literally have to resort to fan art and not even screenshots from the game to get your point across. Thanks for proving me right!
>Mark deleting posts again Like old times
>>124983 >When I wanted to play PS2 games on my console, I had to buy a new controller. Unfortunately, the official PS2 controller, due to being rare in 2011, was fairly high in price whereas the third-party versions were only £10-20 or so. DS2, even official Sony ones, are going for $25 on Amazon. Even lower at thrift store and antique shops.
>>124999 >Just get a blu-ray player and a hacked PS4, cunt. The PS4 and the Xbone are actually worse Blu-Ray players than your average PS3, IIRC.
>>124952 This, except footfags are based.
(35.85 KB 574x591 foot dust.jpg)
(103.44 KB 445x130 JUST_johnny_depp.png)
>>125154 This is fucking pathetic, and it's not about being a footfag or not, it's about being a fucking beta orbiter. I remember some thot selling her used bath water to these fucks.
>>125154 Not even a loli foot, shit.
>>123713 >No one else here is going to buy PS5?
(287.90 KB 587x541 what why.png)
>>125324 >Buy a Ps5 For what reason? For most games I have my PC and for portable lewd Jap games I have my shitty Nintendo tablet and my old Vita. I have zero fucking reasons to touch a current year PlayStation or a an Xbox for that matter.
>>125057 Official art you say? Here you go, faggot. Beautiful ain't it? Makes whatever you posted look like shit.
Looks so good and fun.
(782.14 KB 1200x543 GarnetsBedroom.jpg)
(160.71 KB 672x900 AlexandriaAlley.jpg)
(431.23 KB 1025x1300 Alexandria-Residence-FFIX.JPG.jpg)
Man, i got to give this game a try. I usually don't like JRPGs but this game looks so great.
Why the fuck do they both look like air conditioners?
>>125375 To keep them from overheating obviously
>>124975 I WANT TO FEEL HER SMALL WET CAVE AROUND MY FUCKING THROBBING COCK SO FUCKING BAD HOLYSHIT! >>125008 >>125027 >>125057 >>125373 >>125374 Why are you two having this gay slap fight. Both games are beautiful looking they just have different art styles and art direction. Also we will never get to play Fortress because Square are retarded, treacherous niggers FUCK.
>>125377 (checked) You cheeky cunt.
>>125391 >I WANT TO FEEL HER SMALL WET CAVE AROUND MY FUCKING THROBBING COCK SO FUCKING BAD HOLYSHIT! I didn't notice you were replying to somebody and thought you were talking about that magic door you posted.
>>124951 >That's worse than the dog No it's not, you furfag. Nothing is worse than the dog.
(138.40 KB 744x1109 would you a door.png)
>>125396 based objectophilia
>>125416 Anon, I really don't like the idea of someone creaming themselves just going through my front door.
(857.69 KB 240x228 disgusted clint eastwood.gif)
>>124599 Even the cat couldn't stand his faggotry
(22.75 KB 532x395 EMXSSrrUYAAkB22.jpg)
>>124599 >Grown ass man not buying his own consoles. >Acting like a child. >Cat has had enough of his fucking bullshit and goes for the throat. Seriously that cat attempted to kill him.
>>125421 >>125422 The owner mentioned the cat is also very violent and he isn't the first person he attacked.
(188.48 KB 480x724 lovecraft-cat.jpg)
>>124599 >cat decides to test if the level one commoner meme is for real >>125422 The only time that I've seen cats act like that to other cats is when they're faced with an entirely hated rival. That was not a "cat was scared and struck back in defense" reaction and it wasn't a "cat is grumpy and want's you to piss off" either. That cat wanted that man dead or run off and it didn't care which.
>>125435 The cat was a hero but the fact the guy is still living mouth agape and posting on reddit knocks him down to slight disappointment.
>>125435 >dogs are dumb because they are servile and anywho owns one must be a simpleton who is also servile >haha cat tell me to play with it I would post a brainless wojak here if I was retarded enough to save one in the first place
(29.50 KB 600x450 wat.jpg)
>>125431 >The owner mentioned the cat is also very violent and he isn't the first person he attacked. Anon if I was in the same room as people like that I'd be very fucking violent as well.
>>122958 I barely got a used PS4 just to play Bloodborne and Persona 5. I'm gonna wait until PS5 either has more than 5 worthwhile games or gets to under $100.
(90.99 KB 1278x582 OfficialPS2Controller.JPG)
>>124996 If something is new, it will last longer. One can expect a used car to break down within weeks of purchase meanwhile one can expect a car fresh off the assembly line to last years (I assume this is how reality works. I don't drive but nonetheless, I think this is at least the conventional reasoning amongst the uninformed, if not outright the correct reasoning). I bought a used, original PS3 and it broke down twice when I tried to play Dragon's Dogma. Had I bought the Slim or the Super Slim, I wouldn't have had such issues. Every product has a certain life span. When you attain ownership of a product at an earlier point in its life span, you'll be in ownership of it for the majority of its life span. I cannot for the life of me see how wanting to own a new product and expecting it to last longer because it's new could be bait. Even if I'm wrong, surely, my mistake is at least a common one? (e.g. doing ab exercises to lose belly fat) >Guess it was built like shit and you shouldn't have bought it to begin with, much less at release price. Plenty of people bought the PS3 at release and as far as I'm aware, none had issues like what I had. >I'm sure if you had utilized some of your research skills you might have helped you pick better controllers, but I can't blame you for rushing into any poor decisions. These third-party controllers weren't from proper companies with names like MadCatz. The controllers would literally have no brand nor brand logo on them. I don't believe, outside of reading comments on the product in the comment section for its page on Amazon, there's no way to know its quality. One must very much jump in blindly, yes. >How the fuck do you reach such a conclusion? Holy shit you better be a paid shill. Attaining ownership of a product earlier in the product's life means it lives out as much of its life as possible under my ownership, thereby prolonging the need to purchase a replacement for the greatest possible length of time, thereby saving me money. In my experience, the price for the official controllers, on online shopping websites like Amazon, for consoles balloon beyond their initial release price as time progresses and the console becomes discontinued. By buying them when they're new, I save money. Scenario 1: Buy one controller as needed. Later on when the console is discontinued and official controllers are no longer in production, official controllers that are still in their original packaging start to ascend to prices beyond their initial release price. One now has to spend more money for the same product that hasn't changed since its release. Scenario 2: One buys multiple official controllers in advance and preserves the spares in their packaging. As time progresses, rather than buy new controllers, one simply uses their spares. When the official controllers are no longer in production and one is in need of a new controller, one is not forced to pay the new, inflated price as one can instead use one of their spares. I think you're critiquing my strategy because somehow, I've failed to properly convey it. >>125001 That's a good point. It's painful to admit as I don't want to wait for revisions but it is true. I should probably wait. The original PS4 didn't have any issues though as far as I'm aware so I think Sony were careful after the blunder of the original PS3. >>125081 I just checked Amazon and it seems official DS2 controllers are selling for £100. It's even worse than I remember.
(24.21 KB 228x300 portalgheist.jpg)
>>125416 Please do not fuck the portalgheist anon!
>>125652 I'm gonna slam the door
>>125635 >I just checked Amazon and it seems official DS2 controllers are selling for £100 <Same pic used as evidence lists that "New and used controllers" are starting at $15
>>125715 Fairly certain that just means used controllers are starting at $15.
>>125372 >>125373 >>125374 >Imagine getting so mad over a videogame that you never played that you show me 15 different images of a game you know I dont give a shit about lol >>125391 Would you sperg out at me too if I were to say that fortress also looks like shit? Its world map looked pretty cool though. >>125431 Of course its violent its based. God i wish that was my cat, we would be chads and eliminate soyboys together.
>>125739 >no argument Lol. You asked for official art, I gave you official art. I'm not mad, I'm just amazed at your shit taste on visuals.
>>125416 Now you've got me thinking about a game where you transform people into objects to use to clear obstacles or for your personal use and you get to decide whether you turn them back to normal or not. I haven't checked all the porn game sites so it probably might exist already or should exist now. >>125420 Don't make your door sexy. Problem solved.
>>125840 Objectification for porn purposes I'm not sure about. Of course there have been games where you turn people or animals into objects. But I don't think we've had "A Boy and his Knob" knockoffs yet. Maybe some shitty VN.
>>125635 >If something is new, it will last longer. That isn't how it fucking works!!!
>>125008 >doesn't addresses the fact that it talks like a woman >Defends faggot "art" >muh denial Nobody here is at faulkt for you being a soy faggot that likes faggotry. I am not lying. FF IX's art is objectively better than the sameface faggotry of other instalments, be those Nomura's or Amano's. >>125057 > muh I am right! Brain as defective as of a woman's. And talks like one. You are wrong, You like shitty art. That style won't stop being shit just because you like it. >>125635 >If something is new, it will last longer. When I don't buy it and instead wait for it's games to be emulated (which is inevitable), my money lasts longer. >>125739 >Imagine getting so mad Faggot passive aggressive defense 101. Still talking like a woman. >eliminate soyboys together Says the literal faggot who talks like a woman.
>>125879 If something is new it is much more likely to last longer in many instances. With controllers with is true. With a laptop it may not be true. But an used laptop that is old will be more likely to last longer than a used old laptop. The more usage something has received the more likely it is to fail.
>>125908 >But an used laptop that is old will be more likely to last longer than a used old laptop.
(102.74 KB 771x768 Nigger what.jpg)
>>125635 >If its new it lasts longer. You must be new to consoles. Shit that would happen to a console within a year of buying it. >NES you had to blow on that shit to get it to work. It was not the carts it was the machine the contacts would wear out and even a tiny bit of dust would cause it to spaz out. >PS1 eventually you had to do turn it upside so the laser could read the disc. >Dreamcast same as the above. >Ps2 see the last two entries. >Ps3 would just stop reading discs all together. >Xbox 360: Red Ring of Death Edition. >3DS that would not break it would break YOU. Eyestrain for all. >Wii U problems with some of the touch screens on pads. >Ps4 the fan would eventually start sounding like a fucking jet engine. Cleaning it does not fix the issue. >Switch Joycon drift and randomly exploding SD card ports.
>>125972 I hate to be that faggot, but in fairness the newer consoles are much more densely packed with more sensitive and quality critical hardware than a NES, yet they still have to be made on the cheap. There are more systems that can fail, less airflow, actual cooling requirements, etc. Yes, I admit there are other commercial devices that don't have these ridiculous quality issues. However almost none of these were early bathtub curve problems--buying a used PS2, for instance, didn't mean you had some well burnt-in unit that won't eventually have laser problems. It means you bought a unit that was that much closer to having laser problems. Of course, that's assuming that the specific issue you're talking about is due to actual wear and use cycles and not something that starts failing as soon as it's installed like a battery or something.
(12.94 KB 400x400 moon man.jpg)
>>125979 Valid points but you are still a faggot because imagine not buying an already busted console on the cheap and swapping out the broken parts with superior components.
>>125972 I had a weird experience with this where my original fat PS2 and original 360 never had any issues whatsoever, but my Wii died within months of purchase.
>>125972 How common were those issues with Playstation consoles amongst all units? Do you have any stats regarding this? If not, I'm tempted to "gamble" and assume there's a slim chance of myself having any issues. After all, my PS1 and PS2 never developed laser issues. My only poor experiences with Sony consoles was when I bought them Used.
>>122958 Anyone who bought any 7th gen or later console, new or used, doesn't belong on /v/.
>>126091 What's the problem with used?
(83.48 KB 640x480 Chad Warden still ballin.jpg)
I wish Chad Warden would have posted a photo to celebrate the PS5 reveal, just like he did for the PS4.
>>126111 (checked) It's been 7 years since then, 13 years since his original video. He has a job and family, likely couldn't give less of a shit.
>>126091 Thats the ps3, xbox 360 and wii era dude, that was 13 fucking years ago. I'm pretty sure a vast majoirty of /v/ probably had at least one of those at one point, I myself had all 3 in different points in time, I still have my jailbroken ps3 sitting right over there. Are you saying you want /v/ to me more of a barren wasteland and have just a handful of dudes circlejerking each other off talking about the same oldfag games constantly? >>126128 Sony really ain't winning anymore either. Nintendo, PC then Xbox with their gamepass are fucking Sony in all 3 of its holes. >>126095 Hes retarded don't speak to him.
(547.41 KB 1920x1080 where do you think we are.jpg)
>>126133 >Are you saying you want /v/ to me more of a barren wasteland and have just a handful of dudes circlejerking each other off talking about the same oldfag games constantly?
>>126128 His old shitpost are still gold and good for him on having a family.
>>126154 >good for him on having a family. I'd say the same but he's living in the USA
(347.51 KB 586x586 ISQUIGGYDIGGY.png)
>>126133 >I'm pretty sure a vast majoirty of /v/ probably had at least one of those at one point >seriously replying to a retarded shitposter >Nintendo, PC then Xbox with their gamepass are fucking Sony in all 3 of its holes Yeah, things aren't looking good for Sony, they started off strong in the 8th gen but then fumbled half way through it. This next gen is make it or break it for them.
>>126204 With the state the rest of Sony is in it really is and even if the Ps5 sells well it might still sink them if they do not sell enough software for it. Units sold at a loss and all that shit.
>>126133 >Confirmed to be a shill
(264.56 KB 1801x1005 Playstation evenet.jpg)
>>126204 >they started off strong in the 8th gen Son they literally dominated the console space for all of 8th Gen, to the point that their main competition became the PC, like representatives stated multiple times in interviews and like they've stated in their yearly financial report. They didn't even do anything special, the PissPoor didn't even have BC and was an overexpensive already outdated brick, that's how badly Nintendo and Microsoft fucked up with their consoles. They don't even acknowledge the other consoles as competition, they'll probably have to now though since Microsoft pretty much gave a blank check to Phil Spencer.
(41.65 KB 700x803 0-0.jpg)
>>126486 Those nerds in that picture don't look that terrible compared to soyboys and consumer bootlickers of today.
>>126559 The soyboys were all hipsters or meek beta males back then. Those men in that pic are just guys being dudes.
when did mainstream vidya "die" for you? I think for me it died in 2011, bought Red Orchestra 2, Crysis 2 and Battlefield 3 and then I stopped buying games altogether after witnessing how bad these fucking things had gotten despite fuckhuge production values.
>>126567 2007. There have been scattered good games since, but the ratio has been far lower than before. And everyone knows the peak was in 1998 anyway. It was dying ever since, but it took nine years to get to the point where I'd call it "dead," and it took even longer for me to admit it to myself. The PS3 and Wii came out in mid-November 2006. That year was mostly still PS2/Gamecube era. Christmas came and a lot more people got these consoles, and now it was the age of online, and that's where the cancer really became terminal. It started much earlier, but this is where it completely took over.
>>126576 I know 2007 was when it started to truly metastasize. I'm talking about you, personally
>>126567 >>126576 >>126585 For me, it was by the middle of 2007, when online became mainstream, but above all else, when DLC was tolerated by the braindead masses. I refuse to pay for anything from the games industry since then.
>>126567 2016's the last time I played a modern video game, probably. I don't mean a new one, though. I think I played Dead Space sometime that year.
>>126486 True. The PissPour still doesn't have many good exclusives (Around 5 i'm interested in but i'm still waiting on the hacking scene to get better). The only reason they did good is because the competition fucked up pretty badly. It will be funny seeing them go to the shitter this generation. >>126567 Probably mid-7th generation and the game that made me realized it was Uncharted. I liked Jak & Daxter and Crash Bandicoot a lot and seeing the succesor be cinematic bullshit turn me away from most games. I still have my hacked PS3 and enjoy playing on it but part of the reason i enjoy it is because I can play whatever i want at anytime. Back in the 6th generation i could play a single game for months without getting bored. I don't think i could do that with most modern AAA titles. At this point i don't get a new console unless i can mod it. The last ones i got were a vita, a 3ds and a Wii U. Again, just because i can mod them and play whatever i want on them. The only console i'll maybe get this generation is a switch if they fix the fucking joy-cons and once NMH3 and Bayonetta 3 release and maybe a PissPour if the hacking scene improves and Bloodborne and Gravity Rush 2 remain exclusives.
(4.36 MB 640x360 Loser-5Z1-5wNjMgs.mp4)
>>126567 Probably 2013? That's when I noticed for the past few years that were really weren't many games interesting me at all. It was quite sudden, only over the span of a few days I realised I didn't care about any of the upcoming consoles at all and I didn't enjoy any major releases since Portal 2 which in hindsight wasn't that great either. It was also the time that DLC was starting to get really egregious, it seemed every few weeks there was another major gaming controversy about a greedy publisher ripping out content and reselling it. All the genres I really loved went away over just a few years, there were no more cool action platformers like Ratchet & Clank besides for R&C itself or short adventure games like the classic Tomb Raider series. I've been playing indies and AA titles pretty much exclusively since. Great games are still being made, but you won't find many in AAA.
(26.00 KB 360x315 hi_speed.jpg)
uhoh, what now?
>>126977 Apparently iphones come with headphones and a charging cable. This new version is apparently just the phone so good goys can pay $240 for wireless headphones, $40 for a 2m cable, and $25 for a charging brick
>>126977 It's iPhone day
oh no, apple and verizon are announcing something related to video games
>Apple just called LoL one of the best games of all time wew
https://archive.fo/1AVmg Ghost of Tsushima will reach 60fps with PS5's Game Boost "And while loading speeds on the PS4 are already great, just wait until you see them on the PS5!"
>>127072 >You can now play Nip Asscreed made by literal faggots at 60 FPS Woah!!!
(6.41 MB 360x360 A Fortnite.webm)
>>127090 Fuck out of here
>>126986 Doesn't matter. Version doesn't know shit about games, and Apple users don't play games. Whatever it is, it's doomed to failure.
>>127106 it was League of Legends, thank christ.
This is probably the only time I'd agree with David Cage. Having 2 consoles (like the Series S & X with its different specs) makes developers focus on the low-end version. Same complaints I have with smart delivery. Of course there will be cross gen games but mandating it for a year or two holds the next gen console back as well as the next one if this is here to stay. Developers might opt to skip it but the pressure of consumers with a fear of missing out has made it a mandate to want free updates instead of being conscientious consumers or avid pirates. If there is a push for a digital console version, removing the disk drive should be the only thing affected. Also, I've got to say, I'm surprised that retail stores are evening allowing digital only consoles sold in their store since in the long run, it will eat away at their game sales. Sony and Microsoft benefit more if you get the digital only console since they'd get more money for less overhead of producing game copies, shipping to retail and still charging the max price you'd get from purchasing from retail with less benefits to you. The biggest move to an all digital future that has shown more problems than pluses if you compare what is happening to streaming now. That'll be the all digital future if we let such a thing pass.
>>127092 ROLF XS
>>127212 ...you monster
>>127184 The Series S isn't a move that benefitts consumer but one that benefits M$ Not only do they have the cheapest console which is what most CoD kiddie / Sportsball buyer / parent will grab but it allows them to have proper binning for SoC meaning less wasted silicon, something sony didn't go for and is biting them in the ass pretty damn hard, especially since they're genuinely trying to push a GPU to 2.3Ghz as within spec for a consumer product and even AMD isn't pushing desktop RDNA2 anywhere near that hard (last i checked 2.1Ghz maybe 2.2Ghz in the highest boost on reference design)
(174.37 KB 481x449 gun.png)
The whole point of consoles was basically a home computer designed specifically to play games and games alone. Ease of use. You pop in the game and bam you can play straight away. Neither the new Xbox or Playstation offer this and unless you like handheld gaming (Switch) you really are better off with a PC. Add the fact that the so called "next gen" are already under powered. If you buy one of these over priced toys your are a fucking retarded.
(115.67 KB 1280x720 Dreamcast 2.jpg)
>>127309 never ever
>>126567 I stopped buying AAA titles regularly somewhere around 2009. Still got the occasional title like Total War, Space Marine, Skyrim, etc. for the next couple years, but it dwindled from six or seven AAA games a year to one or two per year to one per two years... Last AAA game I bought was Total Warhammer II, in '17, and with how that series is going, 3 is going to be my last ever AAA game and that just for completion's sake. >>127309 I miss the times when you could just come home, bang in a cartridge/disk and start playing. System updates have been a thing since the PS3, IIRC, and they're cancer.
>>125972 Man, that whole award category felt like a fever dream.
(162.80 KB 1600x1067 GEN_EARTHWORM_JIM_M.jpg)
>>127311 Something I miss that also started to vanished on the 7th generation are lengthy manuals. I remember as a kid when I would get a new game and while driving home to play it I would just read them and admire the art. Now there's none of that and with the release of the first digital-only consoles (If you exclude the PSP Go), They will probably never come back.
(789.37 KB 1280x720 AJ gays done.jpg)
>>125431 >The owner mentioned the cat is also very violent and he isn't the first person he attacked. Of course he isn't, if his friends and relatives are as gay and stupid as he is, then the cat is justified.
>>127315 Reggie's reaction to Sonic Fox when he thought he was off camera was gold.
>>127184 >I'm surprised that retail stores are evening allowing digital only consoles sold in their store since in the long run, it will eat away at their game sales. Remember that Microsoft just cut a major deal with Gamestop, that does in fact give Gamestop a way to profit over digital sales. Meanwhile more general stores that sell games, like Walmart, won't care because the games are such a small part of their overall profits. They can afford to cut the entire game department and sell only the hardware.
(58.94 KB 1242x830 EkT2ILLXgAgm-5i.jpg)
Sony is gonna make sure you don't say the n-word
>>127590 Imagine paying for the internet access after paying for the dlc for the game you payed for on the 400 dollar paperweight you bought, to jump online with a couple of friends, only for the next day to find that your account has been banned because you were fucking around and said nigger.
>>127593 It's gonna be real fun when someone gets banned for something they didn't say but gets picked up over the mic. Streamers and f2p crossplay games are gonna be a shit show
>>127595 I think they're only recording audio from your party chat, not the game's audio.
(255.72 KB 1600x1118 unite.jpg)
>>127590 Good. getting fucking tired of jews spamming "nigger" every other word while simultaneously encouraging roody-poos to loot and burn their cities.
>>127590 This isn't a surprise at all.
(163.57 KB 500x425 1526961773387-2.jpg)
>>127590 Not really a surprise.
(709.08 KB 1060x1374 c68c024b8b6820442d14c50e5755dadf.png)
>>127590 >nogs and spics will get banned now for saying "nigga".
Borderlands 3 is now added to the launch of both Series X and PS5 if anyone cares. Free update if you have the PS4 and XBONE versions. Makes sense since Godfall is coming out on launch. Even if it did sell well on epic as they claim, the story was derided as shitting on the previous games in the franchise a la the Disney Star Wars treatment. The annoying twins didn't help being even a weaker villain than Handsome Jack. The loot was a much better upgrade from 2 where it all felt a little samey gunplay wise because of specific manufacturers for guns. Personally, I stopped caring about the Borderlands franchise with 2 since I could see the direction the franchise was going. Is that movie ever coming out? With the survival of theaters up in the air, that is is question, but Monster Hunter movie is set to release so who knows how desperate Hollywood is at this point (even though they are the ones causing the problems for themselves).
>>126567 2016. Yes, I was slow to realize it.
(4.39 MB 2048x1536 ClipboardImage.png)
>first ps5 game printed >its not exclusive lmao
>>127999 Why does the weapon have Overwatch text? Is it a epic meme or something? I'm sure this time the always online looter shooter will work.
>>127999 >Pre-Order loot. That totally goes against the point of fucking loot.
>>127999 Godfall feels like it's going to be such a disaster and I can't wait.
>>127999 I find this upsetting to no end. Thanks, God.
(1.77 MB 320x180 apple_customers.gif)
>>126977 >claim to have speed >screen is 60 Hz
(101.55 KB 299x225 Sheeeit nigger.png)
>>127590 NIGGER I G G E R
(28.47 KB 495x495 fucking LOL.jpg)
>>127590 >Sony is gonna make sure you don't say the n-word Never owned a Gaystation never will. I hope SonyNiggers enjoy their police state.
>>126620 >The only console i'll maybe get this generation is a switch if they fix the fucking joy-cons Unless you have tiny little gook hands the joycon things are going to give you cramps anyway. Get a pro controller ASAP if you get a switch.
>>127590 back to Teamspeak, niggers
(8.06 MB 1280x720 The Playstation Experiance.mp4)
Sony gaystations from outer space.
(32.99 KB 450x510 AJ eliminate gays.jpg)
(363.53 KB 267x768 The Sony Community.png)
>>127590 Is Sony trying to destroy themselves on purpose? >>128010 >Why does the weapon have Overwatch text? Is it a epic meme or something? It's in that font because the weapon is from Borderlands. >>128122 For The Gayers
>>128122 >>128125 >>128134 This is especially funny considering nobody in the LGBT community likes the corporate takeover that happened to Pride, several offshoots happened that exclude companies from taking part.
(2.06 MB 1920x1079 ps5-ui.png)
>>127590 <Who wants more bad news? Their fucking UI was just revealed. It is a blatant rip-off of Xbox's tile shit UI which wasn't even good to begin with, even worse than the PS4 UI (which felt like a Retroarch rip-off).
>>128135 It was shit the moment it became an identity because amerimutts have no culture of their own so they need to identify themselves with their products and mental illnesses.
>>128138 Berlin was doing it long before America.
>>128146 Weimar died in 1933, but the remnants all fucked off to Ameriburger.
>>128137 >Sony steal the Xbones shitty UI. >SonyNiggers will claim its the perfect UI.
(31.89 KB 680x465 It all goes into the trash.jpg)
>>128137 >they took the PS4's UI and managed to make it even worse BRAVO SONY
>>128147 Point taken, but my point is that faggotry wasn't magically invented by Americans. I'd almost argue that America is like a reflection of other nations since so many people emigrate here. Indeed the original Americans moved here to ESCAPE a degenerating church authority. >>128157 >>128154 Why does every single UI need to be minimalist but at the same time bombard you with giant useless images and use that same sans serif Arial/Calibri/Whateverthefuckitis fucking font? I really hate it when conventional wisdom converges into stupid shit.
(143.49 KB 500x421 ´STOP DRINKING WATER.png)
>>128164 >but my point is that faggotry wasn't magically invented by Americans. No, not at all what I'm trying to imply, faggotry has been present in society since forever, it how it handled that matters, and nobody has handled it has poorly as the USA, from making it an fucking cultural identity to a corporate sponsored commie joke.
>>128164 Minimalism and Pastel colors are the new trend.
>>128168 >No, not at all what I'm trying to imply, faggotry has been present in society since forever, it how it handled that matters, and nobody has handled it has poorly as the USA, I think it's not primarily the USA's fault, mostly because the USA was known for most of its history until after WW2 as the place that the most die-hard Protestants go because Europe was just too Catholic for them. JFK being Catholic was a major point of contention in his election. If it was handled poorly, it wasn't because the people inhabiting the nation were too soft on gays. It would be because our society is too spread out and confederated such that gays were able to go to specific locations, get away from everyone, and make their own gay havens. Then private actors were able to go around nurturing their behavior and promoting it.
>>128122 Just by judging how these people behave and their body language, they are a bunch of degenerates and some of them can be considered actual creeps. >>128137 This UI looks like a digital media player like Apple TV and Nvidia Shield, it doesn't look like a video game console UI.
(324.94 KB 382x417 1438297062481-06.png)
How can anyone be thinking about buying a next gen console when you have anywhere between 20 and 100 games in your backlog?
>>128183 Most people don't have a backlog and only look forward to current games.
>>128185 Normalfags don't bother finishing most of the games they purchase, do they? When you look at Playstation trophies or Steam achievements, you often see that after two or three bosses the achievement rate suddenly drops from 80% to 50-60% and often even lower than that afterwards. Really, really strange.
>>128189 They don't want to play those old games because none of their friends are playing them and playing games by yourself is for gay neckbeards lmao.
>>128191 Pretty much, gayman has become a social hobby thanks to the fucking internet. Sad to see
>>128183 >>128189 I dunno, use your brain dumb dumb. It's a console, people buy one to play new games, or they upgrade their PC, not that hard to puzzle out is it
>>128200 >people buy one to play new games, That's funny, since there isn't much of that coming to the new consoles.
>>128200 >It's a console, people buy one to play new games But a bunch of those new games are coming to PC either way. Why buy a console in that case, especially now that Sony can get you banned for saying naughty words in a private party chat. >>128210 Demon Souls and FFXVI look nice but they're coming to PC so whats the point of getting it on PS5 then? I asked a normalfag at work and he just called us PC users tryhards or what not. That was the only explanation he had.
>>128225 Normalfags don't know any of that shit, for them a console is an appliance no different than a washing machine or a TV. They buy console to play videogame and don't think too hard over it.
>>123057 It's gonna be OUYA all over again.
>>128225 Anon, most normalfags are either scared or don't want to bother building a PC. If you gave them a PC and they launched a game that wouldn't run well unless you set it up properly, most of them would immediately give up. They just want a machine to play the latest FIFA or CoD without having to learn about graphics card and specs.
>>123713 Of course not, the last console worth a go was the 360, didn't the entire last gen of pure shitness clue you in? I'm as tempted to buy a PS5 as I am a PS4, which is to say not at all, neither thought has ever even occurred to me to be honest.
>>123760 You could do with some patience and accurate information.
>>126567 The PS2 generation. The XBOX was absolute cancer to the industry and marked a huge shift to Westernization.
>>126567 Middle of the 360 generation. Some people considering the PS2 to be where things started falling to shit, and I can see where they're coming from. But 2005-2008 were actually some somewhat creative years for the gaming industry. Lots of experimentation with genres. Unfortunately, it all went off into the wrong direction.
>>124607 Jesus stop please. >>124639 >knows how to dress Is in tracksuit top any scunner would throw on. >Denounces capitalism Taking pics of himself on his slave chink made phone in what appears to be an underwear store while wearing his slave made Ambercrombie and Fitch shit. >respects women and minorities Some people just can't be helped. Why don't these soybods just kill themselves? It's like ugly girls taking duckface selfies no-one ever wanted.
>>128183 I have like 5 games in my backlog and I'd still never consider buying a console.
(153.25 KB 455x341 ClipboardImage.png)
What will Soyny do if PS5s start LARPing as launch 360s?
>>128293 Maybe the reason the tear down is so simple is because they suspect people will need to replace the liquid metal every 5 years. That is unless it has done some weird corrosive shit.
>>128275 >(23) wtf how do you keep your IP static like that? >scared Of what? A fucking virus? Not having to pay subscriptions to pay online? Cheaters? Modding, hacking , piracy and texture packs? People who are actually good at games, etc, etc? >or don't want to bother building a PC Thats not even necessary, you can pay people to prebuild PC's for you or just buy prebuilt PC's at best buy, somewhere online or some shit. Normalfags are SHEEP, THINK FOR YOURSELVES DAMN IT. Also I'm an autist on a barely populated imageboard so I'm not any better. At least I actually got even more and better running games. >>128242 I guess so. I had to give myself multiple decent reasons to buy a console and the only one worth it was a switch and I did not just get it off a whim, my reasons were >Cheap price ($250 refurbished) >Piracy with CFW (Free games nigga) >Portable >2 players anywhere (Anyone who got a switch lite is fucking retarded including mark, but he probably doesn't even have any friends to play it with anyways) >Decent multiplayer games >Some decent singleplayer games >Emulation >Custom 3rd party controllers My only gripe with it is <The motherfucking Joycon drift
>>128299 >wtf how do you keep your IP static like that? Depends on your ISP and router setup. Personally, I've never had a dynamic IP.
>>128183 But Soymouth and Titsgirl are streaming NEW GAME and making LOUD NOISES! Don't you want to HAVE FUN?
>>128110 What's the point on getting one then? The main selling is that it's portable. Besides NMH3, Astral Chain and Bayonetta 3 there aren't any games I'm interested in. >Inb4 Why would you get a console for 3 games, you retard? Because I could pirate all these overpriced ports that I wouldn't buy otherwise and played them on bed or on the go. >>128299 (checked) >Of what? Most of them think building a PC is like assembling a 1000+ IKEA furniture. One of my friends is seriously considering building one because these upcoming consoles looks like shit. Just until now he's considering it because he thinks building one is really complicated. >just buy prebuilt PC's at best buy Aren't most of them like more than a 1000 bucks?
>>128302 Oh I know how to do that I think! I can mess with my PC's IP settings but I really prefer not to fuck with my router though. >>128330 I saw one at bestbuy for like $800 or $750 and for some reason it had better parts than my PC but not by a far margin but it was better, my parts all together costed me $850, not including my monitor. My PC can run anything it can throw at it but of course chugs with poorly optimized games like Kenshi and Space Engineers.
>>128330 >>128374 Newegg has better prices if you have access to it. I think they only ship in America. You can get a PC that will play modern games on med-low settings for around 600 bucks, zero assembly required. I will say that the hardest part about putting a PC together is choosing the parts to buy. Everything else is at worst, tedious and annoying due to small parts (and that's usually only when attaching things to the motherboard). The instructions are really clear and everything is designed so that it can only plug into the one thing it's supposed to plug into and nothing else. There are some minor mistakes you can make, though, like plugging your graphics card into the non-express PCI port, but it will just result in worse performance not your PC exploding.
>>128411 In the old 3.5" floppy drive days, which for me was a good long time, the keying on the power connectors for some of the drives wasn't too good. That is, it was actually pretty easy to get the pins misaligned by one. In that state you can try to power up the computer, but what results instead of normal booting is fire. Now, those chunky Molex power connectors for everything always feel like they're about to give up the ghost and fall apart in your hands, but they're actually fairly sturdy.
>>128193 >gayman has become a social hobby thanks to the fucking internet That was actually the most sickening thing about the PS5 UI demo. Where the most "innovative" part of it was watching other people playing games. >>128330 >Most of them think building a PC is like assembling a 1000+ IKEA furniture. To be quite honest, building your first PC is a bit of nerve-racking with hoping that you don't break something important as you're building it from scratch. And, this is coming from a guy who's repaired cell-phones and laptops.
>>126585 For me personally it died in the early-mid 2000s when 3D platformers were largely phased out and replaced with shooters as the dominant genre. People started pretending all these other genres that weren't fun were fun, but they weren't. Not just shooters, but as Jak & Daxter became a GTA clone and Ratchet & Clank did a full on TPS spinoff, shooters were the genre that bugged me the most. Then they just got replaced with Uncharted and shit like that, and here we are. I was right. It was the downfall.
(66.20 KB 141x258 nut.png)
(149.59 KB 3165x117 sony.png)
(111.83 KB 283x253 kek.png)
Sony will now ban your account for using glitches to level up your Bloodborne character.
>>128568 Does this mean speedrunners will get banned?
(121.39 KB 964x554 Labyrinth_Mole_Concept_Art.jpg)
>>128568 RIP finding cut content in chalice dungeons.
(11.75 KB 259x194 dog.jpg)
>>128576 >>128577 Trannies and Dark Souls Youtubers WILL get their PSN accounts locked at some point.
(16.09 KB 300x300 41S7T0T106L._QL70_.jpg)
>>128583 >first Powerwolf and now this Hasn't ymfah suffered enough?
As expected, most Japanese players are not happy with the button layout change to match a global standard. Since it was something ingrained into them since the first Playstation, forcing a change now at this point seems unreasonable. Reminds me of the metric system when it comes to the US. For all that talk about diversity and enjoying other peoples culture, why can't we retain our diversity and not be like everyone else in following the metric system? I always get this complaint from a friend and it's fucking annoying that we can't be different from other countries in how they do things in certain situations. As they old saying goes, "When in Rome, do as the Romans do." You aren't going to force Americans to drive on the left side of the road when they go used to doing it from the right so you might as well stop trying to force the metric system down their throats since the time to integrate it is far gone. Same for the button change for Japanese players. If it ain't broke, then don't fix it. Not all things have to be standardized.
>>128598 What literal fucking benefit is there in changing their button layout? Seems like such a pointless change to make. Almost zero benefit, at the cost of tons of negative backlash in a country that is still hesitant to even publish a lot of their games outside of Japan.
>>128598 >forcing a change now at this point seems unreasonable. The only reasonable change was changing triangle to O to cancel because there's a fuckhuge gap between X and triangle. They should have kept it as the Japanese original though, they even have the space and UI to make a tutorial explaining how it works, it's fucking retarded >Reminds me of the metric system when it comes to the US. For all that talk about diversity and enjoying other peoples culture, why can't we retain our diversity and not be like everyone else in following the metric system? Metric is more accurate and less of a hassle, you can literally just add zeroes where you would otherwise be doing fractions all day. To the point that pretty much all major institutions in the USA use the metric system. It's not much different than using Roman Numerals over Arabic ones.
(26.37 KB 600x421 sad-smoosh.jpg)
>>128632 >What literal fucking benefit is there in changing their button layout? Americans pushing their norms on another country. Its fucking sicking to be honest. America needs to fuck off and stay fucked off. Any goodwill the world had towards them is now gone. I mean how the fuck do you go from being the leaders of the free world to less popular than North Korea in only two decades?
>>128598 Wait, isn't the button layout the same was as always. WTF.
>>128638 Bush Jr and Obongo raped the country dead, two of the worse extremes.
>>128642 Obama was a prime example of a politician lying to get into power. >Claims he is the first black president. >Reality: first mutt president.
>>128654 I loved the nigger pandering rhetoric too >He's a brotha like you poor black man, even though he's an Ivy League Yuppie mutt
(92.28 KB 432x288 roadkill.jpg)
>>128638 >Americans pushing their norms on another country. What fucking Americans even know about the O/X swap, and why would it matter to them though? Less than 3% of the western PS userbase doesn't import games, and those that do have long since come to terms with it. It has zero effect on anyone, and even if it did, it's as simple as providing a software toggle in the OS. Even Nintendo managed that. Again, it's an absolutely pointless change for zero benefit to anybody. The only conceivable reason for it that I can see is Sony giving a middle finger to Japanese developers and consumers. A subtle reminder that they are in charge, and they'll do whatever (including censorship) they damned well please - and there's nothing the Japs can do about it. That's just insanely fucking petty, though.
(7.12 KB 243x208 cat is trash.jpg)
>>128670 Californian based company pushes a change on Japan just for the fuck of it Anon. Its just nothing but Californians being cunts and causing ill will for no good reason.
>>128670 >>128673 Well, when you centralize all entertainment there and the common folk are indoctrinated to be useful idiots, shit like this tends to happen.
>>128634 >>128598 I'm one of those faggots who thinks that the Imperial and Metric systems can exist side-by-side because they both have valid uses. <But what possible use does the Imperial system have? I'm American, so maybe I'm just not "accustomed" to fundamental metric units. But look at the room around you, and try to imagine a "meter" or a "centimeter." How far is it? Can you eyeball it? The Imperial system was designed for ignorant farmers to be able to reasonably eyeball measurements without any tools. Look at your thumbnail -- from corner to corner, that's an inch. Your foot is a foot, or close enough, assuming you're male. A yard is just three feet, and that's roughly equivalent to a meter at small distances. So that's how I have to eyeball a meter -- by using the Imperial system. Ironic isn't it? Just use metric for documentation and engineering work. It isn't that complicated.
>>128687 That's how it was implemented in my country back in 1854, attribute certain metrics to the customary eyeball measurements and go from there. It was such a huge success that it became the standard in 20 years. Plus customary units are still used in many specific cases along with Roman Numerals. And again, the USA only uses Britbong units for common day to day measurements most of it's infrastructure and science/industry sectors all use metric, so it's pretty a mixed use already, I don't see the point in forcing it outside pretentious cosmopolitan Euroboos. You can easily convert common measurements between Metric and Imperial. t.Alberto Barbosa
>>128687 >a foot is a foot or close enough Well that's the point. Metric is designed to be standard, uniform, and universal. Imperial is fine for estimates like your height or weight, but dealing with precise fluid amounts or mechanical precision, you need metric. Amusingly, most construction seems to use imperial units even in canada and I agree with its use there
>>128687 Of course they can co-exist, that's how it works pretty much everywhere but in the US, for some reason americans just get incredibly upset whenever you use metric. >that guy is nearly two meters tall >ummm what? how tall is that? why can't you use imperial you fucking moron? get out of my country! >>even though metric isn't an estimation, it has to be "foot", "inch" or "yard" else their little brains can't grasp it
>>128909 >attempts to act smug >immediately applies metric to the exact situation that I already established is completely unnecessary, i.e. casual estimation of height >contradicts himself by saying that "metric isn't an estimation" while using metric as an estimation I guess for some reason, Euros can't read.
>>128598 >Reminds me of the metric system when it comes to the US. They had the chance to change it back in the 50's, but all the unions bitched and moaned, so the U.S. is the only country to still use the Imperial system
(59.17 KB 484x462 obongodickhead.JPG)
>>128638 >I mean how the fuck do you go from being the leaders of the free world to less popular than North Korea in only two decades? Pic related
>>127999 First of all, >check'd Second, what is this Godfall? Is this some sort of Darksiders MMO? Why do so many fucking companies want to make the new Destiny or Warframe?
>>129397 It's not Nioh but worse by Gearbox.
Well, Phil Spencer pretty much confirmed that their Bethesda acquisition is exclusive. If it's going to be on other consoles, they have to allow Game Pass so that you have to sign in on a Microsoft account. Not as direct as I said but he pretty much what he meant. I guess they'll play a really long game to recoup their payment, or like what they did here, rely on their computer division to pay for it all. I guess those who complained about Sony exclusives look to be outright hypocrites for supporting Microsoft exclusives now. Microsoft is doing what Epic has been trying to do: buy their way to success.
>>129515 >they have to allow Game Pass so that you have to sign in on a Microsoft account PR. They're going to make Sony out to be the bad guys for not bowing to MS and preventing their customers from accessing Godd Howard's next werk.
>>129515 >buy their way to success. That is the best way to achieve success.
>>129515 It's a lot harder to care about "exclusives" when microjew games aren't actually exclusive anymore. They're just not on soyny consoles. While the microjews are scum of the earth they do end up with the better optics by having earlier adoption of PC/Steam releases. Meanwhile soyny scrambles around like retards when they accidentally put text on their demon souls trailer saying it'll be on PC. Of course porting soyny titles to (((microsoft windows))) also helps the microjews win in the end anyways. You reap what you sow when you're in the proprietary jewware industry. Soyny should fully adopt linux steambox compatibility for all their first party titles to spite microsoft. Of course that's a retarded pipe dream but it would be lovely.
>>129515 They let Nintendo have Cuphead and Ori, I doubt that's ENTIRELY true.
>>129357 benis
>>129650 Neither dev teams were owned by Microsoft unlike Bethesda

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