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(124.50 KB 500x332 1463107267191.png)
#GamerGate + #NotYourShield [#GG + #NYS]: Dunban laying in bed Edition Anonymous 10/11/2020 (Sun) 17:41:13 Id:3a405a No. 125526
ONGOING DISCUSSIONS: >Cover, the company behind Hololive, suspended Kiryu Coco and Akai Haato for 3 weeks over mentioning Taiwan, which makes the CCP mad https://archive.is/1Yjqf >13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim localization rewrites character to be "non-binary" http://archive.is/gfize >The 8chan.moe URL works again, loli boards are currently only accessible via Tor, Russian and German IPs will be blocked >>>/site/1138 >How Cuties Got Caught in a Gamergate-Style Internet Clash: https://archive.fo/e1YuB >Kotaku UK and Gizmodo UK close down as Future Publishing licenses lapse http://archive.is/VAU4p >Gamergate is now 6 years old >343 Industries removes police sirens nameplate from Halo 3: ODST, VG24/7 calls people who disagree "alt-right" http://archive.is/tDcI2 >Zchan replacement from z/v/ volunteer launches at zzzchan.xyz >WOTC to censor depictions of D&D orcs and drow, "correct" reprints of 5th edition books, hire more "diverse talent", and incorporate "sensitivity readers" into creative process http://archive.is/ltM5X >Possible explanation of Sony's censorship https://archive.fo/14BdL >Journos make up "patronizing comments onslaught" story about old grandmother, get corrected by said grandmother herself: https://archive.is/iB1Aj https://archive.is/YwOzU https://archive.is/S9Fhd >Twitch launches new "Twitch Safety Advisory Council" filled with SJW organizations and individuals. SJW transgender trans-deer council member cries harassment as backlash erupts from Twitch viewers/streamers and Reddit's /r/livestreamfail. http://archive.is/7X3f4 https://knowyourmeme.com/memes/events/ferociouslysteph-twitch-moderation-controversy >EA promotes "No Pixels For Fascists" and "Good Gaming - Well Played Democracy" projects in German blog post, one of them headed by former Stasi informant http://archive.is/KfCus >Sony DMCA'd 8chan.se http://archive.li/QBlLb CURRENT TASKS: 1. OPERATION TRAJAN: Collect and catalog all of the various localization and censorship accounts of past video games into a single repository from these sources: romhacking.net The_Cutting_Room_Floor Segaretro https://yewtu.be/channel/UCFItIX8SIs4zqhJCHpbeV1A 2. OP OUR LIFE OUR HOMETOWN: SONY FORCING JAPANESE DEVELOPERS TO CENSOR THEIR GAMES IN ALL REGIONS http://archive.vn/XQOHW Sony's policies forces censorship; JP devs allegedly have to go through ENG approval process: https://archive.fo/awzFF Japanese blog post about it: https://archive.fo/bF9bE Sony Japan President Says PS4 Censorship Policy Is To Match Global Standards And Protect Kids https://archive.fo/U3GLa -Confirms censorship was deliberate https://archive.fo/XgAgP -No rules for censorship policies, games judged case-by-case https://archive.fo/37DhK -Marvelous partner starts petition against policy https://archive.fo/rxQtf https://archive.fo/84UHo •Twitterfags: Tweet with Sony's stock code $SNE so that investors see your tweets and know you're pissed. •Consider spreading OP Timber materials to targets as well. http://archive.vn/URjtu ONGOING TASKS: A. Support archive.fo! Accountability needs proof: https://liberapay.com/archiveis/donate B. OP DisNod: Contact the FTC and advertisers about violations and unethical practices http://archive.vn/9bylT C. Internet Censorship happenings: Spread the word about the dangers of FOSTA/CLOUD act/Article 13, etc. https://www.eff.org/de/deeplinks/2020/03/earn-it-act-violates-constitution D. OP End the Era: Dig into resetera and their connections to journos, devs, etc. http://archive.vn/JfuSb Reminders (important, READ THESE!): •Use https://archive.fo to deny sites ad revenue and traffic and preserve pages in case they are deleted later •Be civil if you have to argue with people on Twitter, Tumblr or any forum - don't make us look like douchebags •Do not accept requests for any goal, demand lists or personal army requests: https://pastebin.com/p5dVp1e5 •Beware COINTELPRO: The Gentleperson's Guide to Forum Spies: https://cryptome.org/2012/07/gent-forum-spies.htm •STOP REPLYING TO BAITS AND OBVIOUS DERAILMENT ATTEMPTS, JUST REPORT AND FILTER Resources >Summaries of #GamerGate:https://www.yewtu.be/watch?v=wy9bisUIP3w - #GamerGate - If It's Not About Ethics •https://www.yewtu.be/watch?v=5fnRSL3d_xU - #GamerGate in 60 Seconds •https://archive.fo/23Fde - GamerGate: A State of the Union Address >Background and Evidence for #GamerGate: •The #GamerGate Dossier: https://archive.fo/nv1Fb •#GamerGate Wiki: https://ggwiki.deepfreeze.it/index.php?title=Main_Page •History of #GamerGate: https://www.historyofgamergate.com/ •View the timeline links in the Current Happenings section! >Lists: •GG Steam Support & Boycott List: https://v.gd/vzRsRb •Key GamerGate Hubs: https://v.gd/LNJbat (Needs updating) >Thread Repository: https://gitgud.io/gamergate/gamergateop/blob/master/ThreadRepository.md https://ggwiki.deepfreeze.it/index.php?title=Thread_Repository >Full OP Text: •Current: https://ggwiki.deepfreeze.it/index.php?title=The_GamerGate_OP >How Can I Help? https://8chan.se/gamergatehq/ •All OPs: https://gitgud.io/gamergate/gamergateop/tree/master/Operations •OP Vulcan: Learn logical debating: https://v.gd/Kbzw0L •An Anon's Guide to Twitter; basics: https://v.gd/nwrbYF >Want to Contribute to GitGud or Wiki? https://gitgud.io/gamergate/gamergateop/tree/master/How-to-Contribute
Fuck Niggers
(151.88 KB 407x376 bikubiku.png)
(5.99 MB 640x360 Niggerz - DuckTales parody.mp4)
(2.49 MB 1536x2173 GAMERGATED.png)
>>125529 Fuck niggers, you say? 5 minutes in GIMP
I don't like wasting threads so early. Anyway, I'm angry about commies, gypsies and lots of many thigns more. Any good news?
>>125534 I never thought of 2P as a nigger, just a tanned version of 2B. In the Nier FFXIV crossover that Yoko Taro was in charge of her skin is lightened.
(1.37 MB 1920x1080 nissan_altima_get_cucked.webm)
>>125515 >>125493 Here is the ad mentioned.
>>125539 Anon im honestly not seeing it, theres not even any interaction by the woman, she isnt even staring at the guy for long, just went to check who was at the door and went back to the kitchen.
(322.81 KB 729x760 oh shitreat.jpg)
>old thread only had 619 posts >locked another day another mark
>>125544 I had to clean up 50 or so posts bitching about niggers, it was enough.
>>125539 It's just some regular internet joke.
>>125537 >I never thought of 2P as a nigger, just a tanned version of 2B. Me neither, I just did this because "dark skin".
(35.02 KB 374x450 golem.jpg)
Bigass takedown of the ADL.Obama's freshly installed leadership were Hamas supporters. Share with /pol/, share with Jews, share everywhere. https://apelbaum.wordpress.com/2020/09/09/the-anti-defamation-league-must-go/ https://archive.is/3dV0B If there's still anyone around from OpGolem, use those networks. (Remember, the ADL was anti-gamergate and we never understood why)
>>125540 I can't fucking not see it. >black guy with brand new car gets text >immediately starts his car >races off like he's late for a store looting >white chick on a motorcycle checking out the melanin abundant successful black man in his new car >lots of jump cuts up to him standing at the door notice an entire day has passed since it has gone from day to night >four-eyes in a button down shirt answers door >woman in background makes appearance >invites the professional negro inside >woman starts to walk off as jamal of the jungle enters the home After the ad netflix did I just can't fucking see these commercials as anything but.
ARCHIVE OF PREVIOUS BREAD https://archive.is/UKuZi
>>125554 Anon i think youre juping the gun here, if anything it would be the woman in the bike, but she splits off in the sideroad, they dont even interact.
(224.33 KB 499x447 farcry6.png)
>>125557 Have you forgotten Dan "hold'er tighter she's a fighter" Schneider and the treasure trove of fetish shenanigans on Nickelodeon & Disney shows? If that shit can happen on a large network with loads of people, why wouldn't it happen in smaller advertising outfits? You get to own the plebs by shoving your enlightened pp tingles on their screens.
take the acid stuff to the meta thread.
>>125561 Anon that is a thing that happens, yes, but i dont think it is the case with this particular add, theres literally no interaction, the guy's wife just does what everyone does when the doorbell rings and someone answers, just check whos there.
>>125561 >>125564 >white women + black men = xxx It really reminds me conditioning the fetishists got
>>125553 >Obama's freshly installed leadership were Hamas supporters. What's the deal with the Dems always associating with these kinds of people? You don't need to dig, and there's shady fucks pooping out.
>>125568 >popping out*
>>125553 How can the ADL be pro hamas? Why would jews side with the people that are activly fighting israel?
(147.98 KB 309x224 you think this is funny.png)
>>125565 You think this is funny?
>>125553 That's fucking hilarious.
>>125573 ADL more like ABDL
>>125573 Dunno, jews are not well known for their right decisions making allies.
>>125579 Yeah, Jews make bad decisions all the time. Speaking from experience.
>>125573 >why would Israel want permanent US involvement in the middle east Palestine's erasure is a foregone conclusion anon, have you seen how insignificant the gaza strip is? But if the angry palestinians aren't evil enough anymore, then why would the US stick around to do our bidding?
(446.80 KB 1000x1000 confused orks.jpg)
>>125576 >>125579 >>125581 I think this is some 4D paradox poker we are not seeing here.
>>125576 That's actually appropriate, considering their fondness for toilet humor.
(288.27 KB 810x1200 youredumb.png)
>>125562 Just let anons get their jabs in on Acid and move on. Overreacting and deleting posts makes it look like you are trollshielding, which could actually encourage MORE shitposting in the long run. How have you not learned this Mork all the fucking years you have been here?
>>125582 I might see one >have business/stocks/whatever gives money on weaponry and armament >see this conflict between Palestine and Isreal >support both sides so the conflict goes on >have business sell weapons >money get How far am I from the truth?
>>125584 fine jeez, just don't complain to me when the thread goes to hell.
>>125587 I see what you mean but israel mostly builds their own stuff, so unless the ADL is somehow linked to IMI i fail to see whats to gain here.
>>125589 Fetishes can only be displaced by other fetishes; robot girls stripping, for example.
>>125592 Post cute robot wives keeping the house clean for their husbands while they work.
>>125565 Hey Acid
(109.30 KB 970x1080 xc (2).jpg)
>finish Xenoblade DE at least, the original story earlier this week >new bread is Xenoblade related
>>125537 I always thought 2P was way too chocolate for a tan >>125534 I like this, but not as much as the Hat Kid one. I'm not so sure about attaching GG to it. >>125535 >>125544 >>125552 >>125584 He really just had to do nothing and it would have died down naturally. Just like the last time Acid posted cuck porn. This situation already played out once, with Mark poorly backing up Acid last time. Maybe he thought "This would've ended immediately if I started deleting posts last time, I'll not make the same mistake again!" and proceeded to white knight Acid even harder than before? Now he has to deal with Acid cuck mockery and discontent with post deletion and moderation style. >>125581 >our >>125589 >just don't complain to me when the thread goes to hell. Was anyone complaining to you last time? Were posts being reported? Because nothing was being touched by the vols before you showed up, so I only have to assume you decided to delete posts because you personally took offense to Acid's honor being sullied, again. >>125592 I approve of this. On that note, this Jenny cut-out is too cute for some reason, and I just can't take it.
>>125574 In a cosmic sorta way, yes.
(2.03 MB 640x360 qe5pUIRWNJj8Iu9z.mp4)
Remember to just take your lumps & move on. Getting defensive just makes it worse. You'll just become a bigger target. Maybe Acid should spend more time working on the site so IDs stop changing instead of retweeting BLACKED porn.
>>125598 >I like this, but not as much as the Hat Kid one. I'm not so sure about attaching GG to it. I don't think I have the skills to design a good looking GAMERED tramp stamp so I took what I had in hand. Meanwhile the hat kid pic was from an actual drawfag, so of course it's superior. I would have asked for more, but I already gave a request, and I didn't expect to get one picture the first time.
>>125603 >Maybe Acid should spend more time working on the site so IDs stop changing Are people still having that issue? Acid said I was supposedly the first one to "confirm in the wild" so to speak, but then upon checking I discovered I was having dynamic IP issues for some reason on my end. I've only seen a few posts complaining about it since then and basically nothing.
>>125604 >Meanwhile the hat kid pic was from an actual drawfag, so of course it's superior Even if you want more, I'd say it's better to stick with original art than to make a stamp and edit it on to other people's shit, no matter the quality of the stamp. It's not just that quality is higher, but stamp edits are extremely low effort and easily mass produced. There's also something about it being part of the piece itself that's satisfying in a similar way to official lewds of a character, like the Wakfu sketches.
>>125611 >I'd say it's better to stick with original art than to make a stamp and edit it on to other people's shit I agree with that statement.
(814.60 KB 2004x3022 49.jpg)
Does GamerGate like Phil Collins?
(28.45 KB 253x333 nod.jpg)
>>125594 >robot
(210.79 KB 1280x720 EjtiiPnX0AAeUHn.jpg)
(189.82 KB 850x1100 Inclusive-America.png)
>>125573 > How can the ADL be pro hamas? It was probably "do it or else you don't get CIA/DHS/FBI funding" mixed with "you need some diversity, kikes"
>>125616 >doom 2016 >mario odyssey >smash bros >earthbound >phoenix wright >splatoon >sims >halo >fucking castlevania >crash >left wing games What are you smoking?
>>125579 They even indoctrinate their own people on the Holocaust and use them as pawns. >>125597 There's been rumors that MonolithSoft's been working on a new IP. I really want a new Xenoblade game. >>125616 >image What the fuck is this shit?
(904.07 KB 150x150 Stop fucking posting.gif)
>>125616 >Falling for the right/left wing dichotomy like a good goy >Games I dont like vs games I like Absolutely abhorrent post,reconsider suicide since a faggot like you should have considered it at least once before now.
Man, where are the lol threads? I get the feeling not everyone likes me posting this shit.
(426.71 KB 956x974 (you)4.jpg)
>>125616 >Harry Potter unannounced RPG game >Right wing
>>125623 Delete this.
(726.14 KB 254x401 maidspin.gif)
>>125622 Make one then you fag. Unless they're banned again. Allowance of lol threads has been on and off for so long I'm never sure if they're banned or not anymore. >>125624 TERFs are as right wing as it gets anon. All Harry Potter games, even lego ones, are retroactively right wing because the creator revealed she's a TERF. :^) >>125625 >Unsettling That robo-pede is extremely cute, you faggot.
(38.74 KB 750x847 4six4124bs931.jpg)
>>125616 >minecraft >left wing Maybe nowadays, but I'm pretty sure Notch is in this thread as we speak.
(3.09 MB 2480x1754 Bug killers karaoke night out.png)
>>125626 Centipedes are for burning and not cute at all.
>>125629 I unbanned you, y'know.
>>125616 What the fuck is this?
>>125631 >I unbanned you, y'know. I think you're mixing me up with someone else.
(75.17 KB 364x669 6wjimgm1j0d51.jpg)
(269.71 KB 558x488 ClipboardImage.png)
(213.15 KB 443x494 ClipboardImage.png)
>>125554 >white
>>125636 I unironically want a rumba just to give her a maid hat, i find it hilarius and cute.
>>125636 I actually got a rumba in my home, it will be kinda funny and cute to decorate it with a maid dress.
(111.05 KB 500x600 delivious_brown_oomukade.jpg)
>>125628 You'll burn, you homo. >>125634 Who knows how many were banned? Digging through the logs is a pain.
>>125636 I should hire a maid.
(270.28 KB 922x878 AADrivel.png)
>>125616 >Ace Attorney >Left Wing
(410.57 KB 500x500 Ashely.webm)
>>125618 >>125619 >>125620 I don't know why you assume anon believes the chart he posted. I certainly don't think he made it himself and would like to see the source of this.
>>125645 I'm pretty sure that's a forced meme.
>>125646 It's first time I've seen it. What's your defintion of "forced meme", because a lot of times I've seen the phrase used, it used for things someone merely dislikes, rather than things inorganically pushed by a certain group in the hope of gaining memetic traction. Or maybe I've just seen listanon say it too often?
(27.82 KB 688x365 ClipboardImage.png)
Watch out for GamerGate The public enemy of the world #1 It is the main hashtag responsible for… ☑ Accidentally re-starting the French Revolution ☑ Weaponized Gondolas ☑ Hacking German politicians and media ☑ Played "To Catch a Predator" with Randy Pickford ☑ Masterminded the destruction of GDQ via the Catfish of Legend: Namazu ☑ Under the light of the Blood Moon; Self-destructed Western Journalism by having a some kid smirk at a drumming savage ☑ Just wanted to start a conversation with everyone, everywhere, eternally ☑ Watched Gawker die TWICE ☑ Guilty of face crimes ☑ When GameStop tried to sell itself; offered $3.50 in in-store credit ☑ Made telling "journalists" to "learn to code" into a hate crime ☑ Taught the Alt-Right ✅Then harassed said Alt-Right ☑ Started in 2011-2012 when 4chan tried to steal Anita Sarkeesian's SSN# ☑ Created "Boner Culture" which made cis straight male erections the most powerful force on earth ☑ Had a Jewish Mobster 'Take Care' of it ☑ Asked THQ about gaemu which somehow triggered World Wide Web War III ☑ Tricked /cow/ into developing and sharing their fetish for Mark's plump bagel with ResetEra ☑ Triggered GJP3.0 with 57 hitpeices on THQ Nordic's AA ☑ Orchestrated the incel misogynist review backlash against Marvel's Captain Woman ☑ Taught New Zealand about "White Day" ☑ Radicalized Spyro the Dragon ☑ Turned Pewdiepie into the Osama Bin Ladin of incels ☑ "The nerds and gamers were joined by the proto-storm troopers of the alt-right in a bond that has never been broken" ☑ Was a trial run for "will the US tolerate fascist behavior" ☑ Exploring new frontiers in sexual harassment via Jelly Bean ☑ Groomed young impressionable politicians into misogynists ☑ Created and trained the alt-right to take over the political landscape on a global scale (And succeeded) ☑ Arranged for Sonic the Hedgehog (movie ver.) to get "fixed" ☑ Remains undefeated for all time ☑ Turned Rage 2 into a Trump-esque attack on game journos ☑ Joined forces with Amazon ☑ Helped Mark impress Resetera ☑ Used Elliot Rodger's martyrdom to unite 4Chan and Breitbart to elect Donald Trump ☑ Will be looked back upon in 50 years as the root cause of the coming Cultural Civil War ☑ Government-sponsored shitposting ☑ Mastered the manipulation of the news cycle to their advantage ☑ Made Anita cry when Feminist Frequency went broke ☑ Destroyer of Worlds ☑ Russian Conspiracies (all of them) ☑ Extended Reanon's death/meme-magic to animation studios (please meme responsibly) ☑ An instrument of American Trumpian Power Worldwide ☑ Cured alleged "journalist" of dyslexic anxiety ☑ An aberrant, creeping horror ☑ As dangerous as Anti-Vax, ISIS, and Holocaust Denial ☑ Five years of ruining everything ☑ Came to the classroom ☑ Trained Google whistleblowers ☑ Never died and foreshadowed our toxic meme-strewn politics ☑ Blew up the Internet ☑ Made wanting challenge in videogames into supporting White Supremacy ☑ Was secretly fighting WWIII all along ☑ Stochastic Terrorism ☑ Being a national security threat according to the DHS ☑ Helped Mark win the lottery ☑ Gave the money back ☑ Living long enough to see itself become the villain in a TV Show THRICE ☑ Confused the FBI into thinking /v/ is /baphomet/ ☑ Turned Anita Sarkesian into a crazy cat lady ☑ It's #Gamergate Forever ☑ Justifiably felt alienated by the neoliberal fetishization of feminism and the reductionism of politics to identity teams ☑ Was rabidly pro-corporate ☑ Manipulated a SJWeeb into review-bombing a LGBTWTFBBQ-friendly game as a "test" ☑ Non-meat based cam girls ☑ Caused the Corona outbreak which destroyed China to cheer up a depressed CIA glownigger ☑ Digisexuals ☑ Called the cyber police to put a cripple in cyber jail ☑ Weaponizing decency ☑ Made the games industry a nightmare for Women, Colored People, and Ashley Burch ☑ The inevitable ultimate horror of Sega's "toxic" advertising for ChuChu Rocket ☑ Has the highest body count of any COVID-19 disinfo group ☑ Finally got the 8kun administration to get off their ass and answer the damn phone ☑ Searching for a new home (again) ☑ Made some /v/ hotpockets on other imageboards go insane ☑ Burned julay to the ground by doing basically fuck-all except continue to exist (props to a certain bunbunmaru reporter, tho) ☑ Having a high enough IQ to be mentioned on Rick and Morty ☑ Radicalized a grandmother to the point she promotes harassment against alleged games journalists ☑ Is the terrorist group backed by 'The French' who are behind President Trump's exhausting battle against twitter ☑ Protecting FUCKING GAMESTOP from looters ☑ Finally started the Race War by forcing a meth-head on a date with Corona-chan to take a knee to the neck from the police ☑ Confirmed for Baby Hitler ☑ Gave a lot of airtime to Soviet defector Yuri Bezmenov ☑ Got on the Atlantic's "free $100" van only to get intervewed ☑ Started a backlash against the French independent film industry because they want to raise pure little girls ☑ And then Russia wanted to shut down 8chan.moe to be ironic
>>125616 What new hell is this I just woke up?
>>125645 I don't see the point why he posted the image in the first place since he didn't many any comments about it. >>125651 >Left-Wing Games vs. Right-Wing Games refers to a chart posted by Twitter user @OnionSquirrel which attempts to sort video games based on the political ideology they appeal to. The chart was widely mocked online for its selections and perceived needless politicization of video games, and parodied as an exploitable in /r/gamingcirclejerk. Oh, it originated from Twitter? Makes sense.
Reminder to filter listnigger and don't respond to any of his posts.
>>125645 Then can somebody please answer me why the fuck would castlevania of all games be leftist? Its about literal christian heroes fighting agaisnt vampires and demons with the power of god.
>>125616 Twitter niggers are insane, moire news at 5
(144.18 KB 1280x963 download_20200611_085401.jpg)
Didn't think that much about the mess that happened yesterday... <Until I stumbled across a gallery belonging to the same artist that our "fearless leader" happened to be promoting with his reblog: /g/1660685/e94811c73e/
>>125662 Wouldn't it be nice if twitter went belly up and nothing came into existence to replace it.
(1.20 MB 828x460 BYTneEtD3KSkpyjR.mp4)
>One less white fuckin' suppremacist! Fuck yeah! >Right in the fucking dome! It's going to be a civil war no matter who wins the election. God damn these fucking people, I just wanted to play vidya. >>125623 Why settle for a robot when CRISPR will make something like this a biological reality in the near-future? >>125641 >Who knows how many were banned? Digging through the logs is a pain. I usually opt for torposting by default through the onion, and the redchannit portal when if I don't have Tor installed on whatever I'm using.
>>125651 I think the original was genuine, but most things after that were organic mockery of the idea, especially since as knowyourmeme itself claims, pozzed as it is, it didn't gain traction until someone pointed to it and laughed at how horrible it was, similar to LOL threads. And that's the feeling that I got when I saw it, that it belonged in a LOL thread and anon was posting it as if this was a LOL thread. >>125658 >I don't see the point why he posted the image in the first place since he didn't many any comments about it. See above. >>125661 >Then can somebody please answer me why the fuck would castlevania of all games be leftist? I can't fucking see it because the image is tiny. Is it SotN? Because you can play as vampire in that one? It could just be because leftists like to claim vidya was always theirs and point to most old popular games as "left wing" because most people simply didn't think about the politics of their games back then. >>125664 >BLM porn JohJ
>>125632 It's an image someone made to give idiots something to get outraged about. It's bait in its purest image form.
>>125667 > Is it SotN? No, the original castlevania, with simon.
>>125645 I plucked it from Kiwifarms. Where they found it, I have no idea. Some e-celeb made a video about it though.
(10.29 KB 452x364 1533676618623.png)
(5.66 KB 452x376 1533681209777.png)
(150.43 KB 650x650 1533612650541.jpg)
(505.33 KB 1024x1024 1529651279595.png)
(121.23 KB 480x800 1538279326341.jpg)
>>125645 Cute chibi Ashley. >>125657 Twitter stupidity that works as excellent bait judging by the amount of replies in this thread.
>>125666 What happened in that vid ?
>>125672 >twitter shit >kiwifarms shit No, anon. You are the faggots.
>>125674 Security guard for a news crew had a shouting match with a protestor near the interface of two opposing protests somewhere near Denver. Guard shoots the protestor after or as the protestor maces him. Guard gets arrested. Even the mainstream news has picked this one up.
>>125664 Didn't know people could have a store looting fetish.
>>125666 (trips) Nice Digits, Satan.
>>125664 At least it's not interracial.
>>125674 The shooting yesterday in Denver, Colorado where a 'security guard' for a local news affiliate shot and killed a patriot activist. There's speculation now as to whether or not the shooter was affiliated with antifa.
>>125676 Better kiwifarms then mainstream media at this point when it comes to keeping tabs on shit outside of games and anime. It was in their SJW thread instead of the Culture Wars thread for some reason.
>>125616 >Sexualization of characters, whether they're minors, and/or how tasteful the fanservices is a factor >Whether the fanbases of each games bring in more Liberals of Conservatives is a factor <Doom went full fag <Castlevania cartoon went full fag I think I found the common denominator.
>>125693 Why treat something like that as a good-faith effort in the first place? Why try to justify the ramblings of one insane twitter user?
>>125693 The castlevania cartoon has nothing to do with the games, hell, the games are fucking dead by this point. And i fail to see how doom has gone fag for having a pink unicorn skin wich is there for comedic effect.
>>125659 Every time (you) whine about how more effective I am at trolling, I giggle. (You) are a /cow/ and I am milking (you).
>>125697 >And i fail to see how doom has gone fag Look at the image like you're a raving fujoshit, and it all makes sense.
>>125666 >Why settle for a robot when CRISPR will make something like this a biological reality in the near-future? Who said I was settling? Why not have my robo-pede maids and centipede maids work together? Nice digits, Satan. >>125697 >The castlevania cartoon has nothing to do with the games But it might have everything to do with why that lefty put it on the lefty side of his chart.
>>125697 Did you miss the secret gay demon orgy section in Eternal?
>>125699 >>125700 Youre both correct, we shouldnt look at this with a sane mind. On that account, i guess they put resident evil as right wing because you play as policemen and ace attorney as leftist because justice is woke?
>>125702 I know thats a joke but that wouldnt make doom gay, since it only shows that degenerates=demons and doomguy kills the demons.
>>125689 He is, the real question is if he had a conceal carry license and how liable 9News is.
>>125705 My understanding is that he was openly carrying, though. Are you just trying to confuse the issue?
>>125689 He had antifa tattoos and frequesntly retweeted far-left stuff. Trying to pretend he might not have been antifa is just what antifa wants. >>125705 Hopefully whoever chose to hire the guy is liable, also the reporter he was guarding, since said reporter is also jewish and antifa.
>>125689 The local news affiliate, 9News, the NBC affiliate in Colorado, has stated that the shooter, Matthew Dolloff, is a security guard from Pinkerton. But his LinkedIn page doesn't list them in his work history. Not conclusive by any means, but it lends more credence to him just being some guy hired almost personally by 9News.
>>125711 This "h-he's just private security!" excuse has been tried like three times before, but since it's the fucking media that hired this fag it'll likely get buried again
(7.20 MB 1280x720 Hail Satan Metal Cover.mp4)
>>125666 >Why settle for a robot when CRISPR will make something like this a biological reality in the near-future? I prefer the pursuit of human enhancement so that it makes people physically stronger and don't require lots of food and water to survive. >>125713 I also hear similar bullshit that Antifa is "just an idea" from people like Biden. What the hell kind of excuse is that?
(47.84 KB 600x583 Screenshot_214.jpg)
>>125716 >it's just an idea >it doesn't exist >it's not a real organization >it's peaceful I guess those cities have just been burning themselves for all these months.
>>125664 He'll still try to defend this.
>>125718 That's because we've already reached the point where we're using biological machines. Remember that a healthy natural forest used to naturally set itself on fire every 7-25 years in order to remove all the trash and decay that has set in. Same thing here. Those cities are naturally setting themselves on fire in order to remove all the trash and decay that exists in them.
>>125721 The circle of life really is beautiful.
>>125721 The forest doesn't light itself on fire. Don't anthropomorphize things that don't need to be like some fucking furry. The forest gets into a condition where it's prone to burning, and then lightning causes the fire.
>>125707 Some are saying the guy produced the gun from a pocket or appendix holster, that would change the use of force calculation and might even destroy any claim of self defense depending on Colorado law. Its difficult to tell from the available footage and pictures what exactly happened and if the guy was open carrying.
>>125729 Of course it's going to end up being a clusterfuck of eyewitnesses half of whom probably weren't even looking the right way, because that's what eyewitnesses amount to. Hopefully a clear recording will surface, but even though that will help it won't guarantee we'll know what all the actual facts were. In this day and age, I don't know what would.
(555.75 KB 634x489 qualitypost.png)
>>125576 I snorted over an image board reference, I guess you truly are here forever. >>125616 pic related
>>125744 >an image board reference ABDL existed long before the board /abdl/, anon.
(153.37 KB 290x450 iron_liver.gif)
>>125637 I honestly could not tell he was that curry colored. I must be going color blind.
>>125539 What the fuck, hes just visiting his friends house how is this an issue? >>125752 Dude I think you're off your rocker or have been blackpilled too hard to see that commercial in the perspective you saw it.
>>125728 >Don't anthropomorphize things that don't need to be like some fucking furry. To be fair, he's doing it more like a redskin than a furry. >"Hrm, Great Spirit used to renew the land before the white man came, the Great TaTonka Truck brought order and prosperity to my people. Hey-ya-sha-leki-ne"
(102.21 KB 800x800 1567653332947.png)
>>125616 Yeah I saw this garbage on twitter yesterday. >FFVII remake <left wing >FFVII original <right wing Thats how I knew that that list is nothing but bait. A bunch of you anons took it, hook, line and sinker!
>>125616 Literally no one thinks this, probably made by someone on Twitter to feel smart
>>125651 And just now saw this post, what a surprise
(54.45 KB 1280x720 yeah.jpg)
>>125574 Yeah.
Which one of you fuckers did this? >>>/h/490 >>>/h/496
>>125761 Why do some Japanese hentai artists are obsessed with BLACKED porn?
>>125764 I've heard that a lot of the time they're not actually meant to be black. It's just aesthetic choice.
>>125761 For fuck's sake, as if there wasn't enough of shit taste on internet.
(236.08 KB 640x360 In record time.mp4)
>>125574 A bit. >>125761 It was me. It was all me. I'm using VPNs and tor and orchestrating the whole thing. I even hacked Acid's account just to retweet blacked porn. He had no idea it was there and now thinks he must done it himself and has come up with justifications as to why it's not a big deal. >>125764 There's a few, but I think most are edits by western cucks, just like the west produces more fictional cuck porn and translates cuck hentai disproportionately more than Japan produces it relative to other hentai. Well, also the Koreans like cuckshit too. >>125766 There's Okinawan tan, and there's Negro. Some people can't tell the difference, but usually the difference is clear enough.
Also are we really going to have another GG thread about white Japanese girls fucking niggers? FFS.
>>125764 The brown-greyish figures can typically be the self-insert of the observer or a symbol of corruption. The colors can also help the subject of the image stand out, like anon >>125766 said an aesthetic choice.
>>125769 I doubt it will be whole thread. This can't maintain it's momentum for that long. But the issue was definitely exacerbated by Acid poorly defending himself and later by Mark wiping posts and locking the last thread.
>>125768 >Well, also the Koreans like cuckshit too. That makes sense.
>>125770 The brown-greyish figures are just the artist being too lazy to give them proper detail. >>125769 Sorry, I just found /h/ BO's reaction funny and wanted to share it here.
>>125749 I bet it has, though it is highly unlikely I would have ever heard the term otherwise or known what it stood for. >>125764 Don't they get commissions or something? >>125757 Its super bait.
(3.69 MB 400x224 87564387.gif)
>>125769 >white >japanese
>>125637 It's just the lighting
(150.90 KB 500x280 pathetic.jpg)
>>125780 Anime characters are often cartoonized beyond the point of clear racial traits. The generic anime girl can easily be interpreted as white or Japanese. You see this racial blurriness in a lot of the generic JRPG settings. But also the main girl in question is Asuka, who is literally white Japanese.
>>125780 >>125781 Very few anime girls I've seen actually look Japanese, with lily white skin, blue or green or anything-but-brown eyes, hair that's any color but black, big round eyes (anime trope, even). >>125776 They probably do get commissioned to draw stuff, yes, but without rigorous statistics we're just pissing in the wind trying to guess about it. This isn't like furry art where you can guess with reasonable accuracy the number of commissions an artist has done by counting the donut steel faggot ecelebs they've drawn. >>125786 Is she quarter German or quarter Japanese? I only know that detail via porn games and I've forgotten.
>>125666 Hey it’s your followers that are pulling this shit, Satan. I’m hoping the country that comes after this one learns to gatekeep better.
(24.88 KB 500x281 8690022356_45cff05bed.jpg)
>>125780 >>125786 >>125788 If you want an anime that shows Japanese kids actually legitimately looking Japanese watch flowers of evil. Be warned its some heavy shit.
>>125796 I wasn't really talking about what I or anyone else wants, so much as what's out there. I guess that's nice for people who want it.
3D Asian girls usually look like bugs with makeup or bugs, it is ugly.
>>125766 A lot of the time it is just an artist's choice, usually to contrast the usually lighter female with the darker male figure and also if you look at some JAV's you'll notice a lot of the guys in it are quite dark. That being said it's usually pretty obvious if it's aristic choice or a nigger especially if they have a gigantic cock. Also I get the feeling that troll's like to jump on it when it's not super clear which it's supposed to be like the shades of brown can sometimes be a bit dark and it's not clear if it's supposed to be interracial or not
>>125812 They think the porn you jack off to gives them a moral high-ground.Also Mark is being retarded and is deleting messages.
(709.92 KB 1060x795 sleep.png)
>>125813 >messages posts I need some sleep
(600.91 KB 466x2157 Cyberpunk2077 Crunch 1.png)
(8.57 MB 1280x720 Cyberpunk2077 Crunch 2.mp4)
(894.31 KB 804x1958 Cyberpunk2077 Crunch 3.png)
(677.30 KB 745x1860 Cyberpunk2077 Crunch 4.png)
Gameinformer reports, citing CDPR sources, that the #Cyberpunk2077 "crunch" story was blown out of proportion & some devs were even scared to celebrate the game going gold. CDPR did consider delaying again but mass majority of devs supported extra day for 6 weeks. https://archive.is/Ouod1 https://archive.is/8pQSE https://archive.is/tzC3X https://archive.is/0lwom https://archive.is/Wtqi1 https://archive.is/LJ47J https://archive.is/ob4JL https://archive.is/RZ3bT On one hand, I don't really want to defend CDProjekt Red since the company has clearly changed over the years and their fanboys have been defending everything they do. On the other hand, Jason Schreier is going to sperg out and start mass blocking people again when the fanboys start going after him since I also suspected some of the controversy was potentially overblown Anyways, JOURNO FIGHT
>>125820 I kind of feel like Schreier was pushing an agenda with this one, which is not surprising. Plus crunch isn't necessarily bad if the dev's are getting a massive bonus which as far as I know is what's happening.
>>125425 Your opinion of other people being redeemable or not is irrelevant. Focus on yourself. Everyone thinks they're a paranoid or a lunatic once in a very rare while, but if you're thinking about it constantly then seek counseling so that you have someone to talk to about it. That doesn't have to mean drugs, just someone who can give you an outside opinion. It does no good to shout out into the faceless void that is the anonymous internet.
>>125820 Did "the majority of devs" support it because they didn't think it was a big deal, or because they realized that complaining about it could cost them their job? If the boss tells you to come in an extra day for a month, and you refuse to do it or loudly and non-anonymously complain about it to the media, you might well be putting yourself in line for firing. Contracts, of course, notwithstanding.
(117.50 KB 900x1357 baitchan.jpg)
>>125616 here's a (you)
(449.43 KB 596x599 anime face k-on.png)
(72.79 KB 636x642 anime faces.jpg)
(129.58 KB 951x1109 manga and comic.jpg)
(95.46 KB 636x733 sakura look.jpg)
(48.58 KB 420x717 asian and white head.jpg)
>>125786 I don't know if Asuka counts as a "white Japanese" since she is a quarter Japanese, her mother was mixed race from a Japanese and German couple. >>125788 >Very few anime girls I've seen actually look Japanese, with lily white skin, blue or green or anything-but-brown eyes, hair that's any color but black, big round eyes (anime trope, even). The artsyle also messes up the physical differentiation between a Caucasian and an Asian characters, but also that some Japanese characters borrows some features of whites like some of them having blonde hair and blue eyes. I think that they do this do make the characters look different from one another. Cartoons from the 90's and early 2000s tend to do a decent job of portraying Asian looks than Anime.
>>125834 Wow I can't believe a cartoon doesn't look exactly like a real person!
>>125812 >""""anons"""" tranny goons trying to get sempai to notice xir
>>125834 It probably does use hair and eye color to differentiate characters, because that's hard to do in low-detail drawings like most commercially (read: quickly) produced cartoons. Probably pink and blue hair were used when the Japanese realized that their drawings did all sorta look too much alike with everyone having black hair and brown eyes and not being able to use much in the way of facial detail to distinguish them. Easy way out? Inexplicable blue hair. Then it snowballed into cross-shaped pupils and white irises and neon multicolor hair that'd put a furry to shame. Then cultural seep-through caused that to leak into Western cartoons.
>>125837 >The sociopathy of bullying: "It's YOU'RE fault I'm hitting you!" Also >a tranny having the balls to call anyone one else a degenrate
(9.08 KB 268x284 laughs in sand.jpg)
>/cow/ still trying this hard
>>125837 I seem to recall that anon brought it up (in this arena) by posting from his twitter feed.
>>125819 Here is an archive.today link for that article https://archive.vn/FCHOu
>>125834 Fuck look at that fucking chin. >The artsyle also messes up the physical differentiation between a Caucasian and an Asian characters Don't forget that the Jomon tend to resister as Caucasian-esque to western eyes as well.
Just so you know, as >>125845 implied, there is a shitty, to be fair raid going on right now, just like we used to have back in old 8ch against certain BOs, to try and burn them out in hopes of making them quit.
>>125853 It's not a raid. People are rightfully ragging on Acid, others are telling them not to, & it's just made worse because it keeps being brought up through the second people.
>>125847 Well, I don't know. I think that's how it started, but then he did reply in the thread which probably fed it a little. There were some anons last thread trying to do a don't-ask-don't-tell sort of thing.
(140.12 KB 622x626 Bait viv.png)
>>125850 >muh Jomon I keep hearing about those guys a lot, what's the deal with them?
The issue is acid much like his time dealing with revolt keeps feeding it instead of letting it die down.
>>125869 I have less of a problem with acid than I do with Mark. At least Acid's massive autism keeps this website alive. Mark is just a leech who has contributed to the user bleed since 2016.
>>125845 >>125853 >>125860 >>125869 Acid should have considered the possibility of banter when he posted that shit on twatter. I could believe some of it is from out of site faggots but the majority of the banter is from anons and I'm not surprised anons are memeing on him. Openly admitting to liking and posting about anything remotely close to cuckolding is fucking embarrassing and its surprising he didn't consider the consequences.
So, in going through the yester-years of Jewtubes content, I managed to list to the Ron Paul Conference from September of '08: https://invidio.us/watch?v=H4SYfaNWvAU Mentioning of "social justice in part 3 at 00:26: https://invidio.us/watch?v=_q-JVevYyMQ Two quick questions: >1. Why does it seem like Trump managed to do everything they were complaining about, and managed to do it with a fraction of the bitching? >2. Why does this sound like it's grinded down to appeal to the most average of /pol/tards? Also, if you guys want a quick laugh, here's the MS '08 conference announcing that FF13 was coming to the 360, and you can still review the anger and smug people had from when the event happened: https://invidio.us/watch?v=jMf8EF9ssYE
(92.50 KB 429x607 JomonStatue.jpg)
>>125868 I guess this dude was important to them, or something.
(232.00 KB 576x598 bogpilled.png)
>>125868 Are you saying that you want a quick rundown about the Jomon?
>>125872 What a brave man
(963.57 KB 800x1132 Grim is a fucking cuckold.png)
>>125877 Stunning, really.
(37.86 KB 500x408 ancient lunarians.png)
(48.31 KB 937x828 17.jpg)
The funny thing is, that was one of the tamest things Acid has RT'd. I don't understand the obsession. Porn is one of the only things twitter is still good for.
(5.17 MB 512x384 mandy smiles.webm)
>>125878 Reminder that Mandy did 9/11.
(776.81 KB 640x1200 Commies are cucks.png)
(589.60 KB 456x723 Loli Jenny.png)
>>125881 >obssession I don't understand the obsession with the word obsession. Is it some cuckchan lingo like "obsess and seethe"? Acid has associated cuck porn with his identity and most here hate and mock cuckolds and cuck porn. Mockery was inevitable. I had a bunch of things saved mocking cucks before this shit even began. >>125885 Reminder that those autistic fanfiction crossover comics are still going.
>>125881 I guess I don't understand the utility of retweeting porn at all on twitter. Is it a show of support for an artist? Is it a kind of tacit communication with fellow thinkers? Is it to build up a following?
>>125889 >Is it a show of support for an artist? Pretty much.
(218.76 KB 1100x584 lolier_bayo.jpg)
>>125890 It's no better or worse than last time when he posted cuck porn here. He did it again, so people are mocking him again. It's not complicated, and barely any time has passed since it was brought to the attention of the thread. Why are you obsessed with calling it obsession?
>>125839 I'm not obsessed? It's supposed to be called an "obsession"
>>125895 >>125839 wrong person i meant to mention >>125893
(169.55 KB 1564x1564 ClipboardImage.jpg)
>>125836 That depends on the artstyle in question like I said before, look at Archer. And my argument has nothing to do with the characters been portrayed that realistically to look like Asians. >>125878 What's the story about that image? >>125887 >Monster Girl Quest: Paradox Is that game good? I finished the original and I've been interest in playing that one.>>125887
>>125898 Well a lot of characters in anime aren't necessarily suppose to be Japanese or even Asian anyway.
>>125898 Features in cartoons are exaggerated. That's true in western & eastern animation. Most anime isn't trying to emulate japanese people perfectly. Most of it is just trying to look cute or comedically over the top.
(42.41 KB 622x383 Untitled07.jpg)
>still talking about black cocks and cuckoldry For fucko pop's sake. >>125898 >What's the story about that image? Is a page from a 16yo fan comic about what happened to the characters from The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy after the series ended. In that story Grim married Mandy after she caused 9/11 (seriously) and had two kids with her (who in reality are Nergal Jr's children because Death can't produce life) who have a brother/sister complex. The main plot focuses on the children and how Grim Jr (one of Grim and Mandy's children) accidentally killed her sister, obtained her powers and has to bring her back to life because a bunch of angels and HIM's (the red devil from PPG) lesbian daughter. Also at some point is revealed that Mandy Jr (the other children) has a crush for her brother and may be more evil than Mandy. Also Aku's slutty loli daughter who has a crush for HIM's daughter appears at some point along with a bunch of other OC.
>>125909 Oh, and there's also a PowerPuff Girls fan comic made by the same author that is even more pants on head retarded and features even more characters from multiple series and OCs that have absolutely nothing in common with the PPG. And to make it more epic both comics still get updates after 16 years.
(203.32 KB 640x480 festival.png)
>>125898 >What's the story about that image? Autism. https://snafu-comics.com/swmcomic/chapter-1/ >>125898 >Is that game good? I finished the original and I've been interest in playing that one Yes. Unlike the first trilogy, this one, though currently incomplete, is an actual game and not a glorified VN. See my post here >>105859 Really glad my dynamic IP fuckery kept this post from getting nuked by the cakejew, so I didn't have to type it out again.
(128.17 KB 1113x667 I'm losing it here.jpg)
>>125910 Amusingly enough Mister D's Timantha crossover porn comic is far more interesting, has better story and art, and the drama is far better too.
(379.70 KB 598x630 ClipboardImage.png)
(941.38 KB 946x2048 ClipboardImage.png)
>>125711 Came across pic. There is no record of this guy being registered armed security. Armed security are required to be licensed and registered in the state of Colorado with minimum training, insurance and other shit. The retarded journo and news agency who hired this faggot is civilly and maybe even criminally liable for his actions, same goes for Pinkerton if he was actually employed by them. What a clusterfuck.
(2.01 MB 755x1802 ClipboardImage.png)
>>125909 >who in reality are Nergal Jr's children No, Grim Jr. is someone else's. Can't recall who, but I think maybe evil future adult Danny Phantom, whom I can't recall the name of. And no, evil future adult Danny Phantom isn't an OCDonutSteel, he was actually in the show Danny Phantom. >Also Aku's slutty loli daughter Pic related. For years this was the very first page of the comic on the site due to an error. Surprised it's finally fixed. >>125910 You forgot to mention the PPG comic is a prequel to the Grim Tales comic where it's revealed that practically all the good guys from the cartoons died fighting evil and basically evil won. So from the very beginning, the existence of the latter comic made everything in the former comic utlimately futile. Ow, the edge. >>125918 Just recently binged all of this. Felt pretty weird.
Do any anons still like wojaks here? You'd be okay with posting on a site if the owner likes that meme as long as he doesn't go full retard, right?
>>125914 Why does one of them looks like Alex Jones after he was attacked by bees?
>>125925 Don't.
>>125914 Why does it look like a round-up of game journos, e-celebs, and Indie devs?
(31.74 KB 150x111 lil Jim.png)
>>125926 And this one looks disturbingly like a young Jim Watkins.
>>125929 That one looks like an expert VCR repairman.
>>125925 >Do any anons still like wojaks here?Do any anons still like wojaks here? No one here ever did. >You'd be okay with posting on a site if the owner likes that meme as long as he doesn't go full retard, right? Everyone has been well aware that acid is a literal reddit normalfag since the beginning. Cripplekike was a reddit normalfag as well, Jim was an out of touch boomer retard, the admin of the site being a retard hasn't had much of an impact on the culture of the boards in the past so there's no reason it should now. Board owners are what matter for board culture.
>>125929 >>125930 This looks like pre-90s Weird Al playing a parody of himself as a child
>>125923 As suspected, he appears to be a anitfa faggot who was itching to gun someone down like the faggots who tried chasing down Rittenhouse.
>>125936 How are antifa faggots treated in prison?
>>125918 I like Camp Sherwood's plot too much to focus on the porn scenes. Too bad the main site's gallery is complete ass and the sadpanda gallery takes a while to update. Another (non porn) fan comic I like is PPG: Word of Light. Is a fan sequel to Super Secret Crisis War!, and arguably mediocre CN crossover where Ben 10, PPG, Dexter's Lab, Samurai Jack and EEnE's protagonists and villains fight each other. The story is about how Aku creates a copy of himself to invade the Powerpuff Girl's world, but is stopped and contained by them (although with great struggle). Later is revealed that the chemical X actually is what was left from an Aku who existed in PPG's universe (more like timeline) thousands of years ago until it was defeated by the Samurai Jack of their universe, that Aku only lost to the PPG because he wasn't used to fight strong opponents and "overcharged" himself, that he'll eventually overthrow them and that even the chamber used to contain him won't be enough for him (and is expensive as fuck to maintain on top of that). So the PPG decided instead to try to turn Aku into a good boy. The comic is a WiP, so nothing much has happened after this. What I like of the comic is how closely it imitates the official models and personalities of the characters. Even Aku's retarded asshole personality is kept intact. Pics related, the last 3 pages from the comic posted in a way that doesn't have enough context to be spoiler-worthy. >>125924 It have been 8 years since I read the full comics for the last time, I don't remember the details of it nor want to remember them. I tried to read them some months ago, but I cringed too hard at them. Still, I think Sugar Bits was the better of Bleedman's comics, in part because it's a fully original story instead of a fanfic.
>>125938 As catamites I would imagine.
(162.50 KB analrapist.swf)
>>125929 Also makes me think of this, but not bald.
>>125904 Isn't that kind of obvious? I'm not sure what's your point since there are plenty of foreign characters in anime, especially protagonists like Joseph Joestar from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure and Revy from Black Lagoon. >>125907 >Most of it is just trying to look cute The kawaii is a cultural thing in Japan that the Japanese adore cute things (ex. Hello Kitty and idols), its why the Japanese tend to create better looking girls and gain lots of popularity because of it, while the West struggle to create good looking women because SJWs hate pretty girls. It makes me sad that I haven't seen any cartoon of today that portrays a cute relationship between a boy and a girl like anime does. >>125909 >In that story Grim married Mandy >The main plot focuses on the children and how Grim Jr (one of Grim and Mandy's children) accidentally killed her sister, obtained her powers and has to bring her back to life because a bunch of angels and HIM's (the red devil from PPG) lesbian daughter. >Also Aku's slutty loli daughter who has a crush for HIM's daughter appears at some point along with a bunch of other OC. This deserves a lol thread. >>125916 Thanks, I'll check it out. >s an actual game and not a glorified VN What's so bad about the original?
(171.02 KB 602x411 Acid retweeting nuwojaks.png)
>>125927 What's wrong? https://archive.vn/l53CF#selection-718.0-771.19 >>125931 Both of those had red flags which anons had willingly ignored until the former went apeshit in trying to scrub the site off the web, and the latter after having received it from him, let what was left of it after a months long shutdown fall into disrepair and neglect in favor of the /newsplus/ board in trying to make bank from boomers. Just sours me that people should have gotten out of the way of their crossfire which led to multiple stressful migrations where many got lost and splintered. A bunch who got bitter and jaded from this whole ordeal accused this general/board/site of being reddit and cuckchan crossposters. While some were from groups such as whatever infested /cow/ following the IBS and /ggrevolt/ that fundamentally hated anything to do with 8chan trying to piss on SJWs, I was of the assumption that many vehemently hated those sites and their content. Reddit and twitter were to be used begrudgingly as tools to counter false narratives instead of being embraced wholesale like the smears would imply. the site owner retweeting the likes of that just sours on that notion when shit like soyjaks were banned here before. Acid was from Operatorchan and while faggotry is to be expected of a name/tripfag, I at least thought he wouldn't be that fruity as to do what he just did. Mark also sought help for a project on cuckchan once and was similarly blasted for that, as well.
>>125944 Exactly. Japan loves cute things. It's why moe, slice of life, idols, & lolis do well with otaku.
>>125938 They get a free pass back to Israel so I highly doubt it.
>>125923 Sounds like some amateur-hour backroom deal by some manager or producer who didn't know what he was getting. If the guy had volunteered to guard them without contracting, then I guess the news station would be off the hook. It's a little surprising to me that apparently anyone who wants to hire any kind of security guard needs their own license as if they were running some kind of private security agency themselves. That, of course, drives people to contract their guards, and makes large security outfits happy. Maybe it's just a standard cost-of-doing-business thing when you get large enough to own something that needs guarding. Still, any outfit like that news studio ought to have a parent company or larger affiliate with a security department that knows what it's doing.
(22.42 KB 600x603 goat.gif)
>>125939 >I like Camp Sherwood's plot too much to focus on the porn scenes. <Reading autistic fanfiction crossover r63 porn for the plot >>125939 >What's so bad about the original? It's not really a game. That's what. I liked it, but it's just not a game.
>>125953 >Reading autistic fanfiction crossover r63 porn for the plot Not him, but yeah, and fuck you for bitching, normalfag. Timantha is cute as fuck.
>>125953 Actually it would be Ti2. The joke doesn't work
(97.87 KB 260x289 1403723194950.png)
>>125954 >Yes, and you're normalfag for calling him autistic JeJ
>>125955 The joke works fine. It doesn't purport to give a chemical formula, because those things don't bond and probably don't even amalgamate in those proportions anyhow. The problem with the joke is that it's shitty.
>>125962 >The problem with the joke is that it's shitty. AND HOW!
>>125962 Come to think of it, it could be describing some kind of goofy thoraeus-like filtering arrangement, just literally plates of metal brazed or cold welded together or something. But sulfur doesn't do that, so it's still stupid. It's stupid anyway. Why am I overthinking it?
(240.20 KB 500x372 1516134682.png)
>>125967 >That's exactly why I archived the last thread immediately when I saw the shitstorm, just in case (((cakekike))) tried to sweep it under the rug. Thank God! Now videogames are saved.
>>125967 The thread was up to 670 posts before the deletion. That archive only has 606. I think the posts that were deleted had someone else admitting that they had saved BLACKED 2D porn, as well. In addition that the person in question was "not a man". Whether that statement was figurative or literal, is up to you.
>>125968 >Why am I overthinking it? Maybe you have autism.
>>125944 >This deserves a lol thread. I'd prefer a storytime thread on /co/. >>125953 >not reading/watching porn for the plot
(15.21 KB 184x184 proud small peepee.jpg)
>>125977 >I'd prefer a storytime thread on /co/. Be the change you want to see anon. I use /co/ semi-regularly myself. >>not reading/watching porn for the plot I actually do read Sherwood for the plot myself, but at least I can admit it's autistic and don't get defensive about it and do retarded things like nitpicking the image that happened to be used to call such behavior autistic.
>>125985 Incidentally, even using Tor it seems my post had an ID that wasn't 0s. I don't know what that means, but I guess it at least confirms the problem with constantly switching IDs isn't from my browser.
>>125987 Oh don't tell me Tor makes me switch IDs every post rather than simply have a static 00000 one.
>>125987 Now that's really weird. You might want to bring it up on /site/ and experiment with posting a little on there so Codexx and the head cuck can figure out what's going on.
>>125914 Row 1, Column 5 I can save her.
>>125951 If Colorado is similar to my state laws, the license and insurance requirement is also to protect the contractee from civil liability. The journo hiring some unlicensed tard who may have unnecessarily blasted a guy in the fucking face, the news agency will most likely get a wrongful death lawsuit and fucking lose hard. In the hypothetical scenario of a licensed guard shooting some, the insurance company would have handled and paid for the defense of the lawsuit, most of any judgements if they lose, also may even cover criminal defense. Even if you're not armed security and just everyday CC, its a pretty good idea to have some kind of self defense insurance. I have an FLP plan.
>>125991 Get some taste anon.
>>125991 You have no idea how bad the case is. Not every extreme SJW has bright blue danger hair.
(177.14 KB 1100x950 GF diagram.png)
>>125991 No you can't; she's already been poisoned.
>>125995 I can tell the person that made that is a faggot because of the wojak. But at least it's the original and not some normalnigger variation.
>>125986 >Be the change you want to see anon My awful internet speed limits me to do it. Besides, I don't have the charm to keep people engaged with the comics. >it's autistic It isn't. Camp Sherwood started as loli porn but quickly became a soap opera with supernatural bits. Anyone who gets over the first impression of seeing loli porn would read it.
(140.16 KB 454x493 uncle shitpost.png)
>>125996 And i can tell you i saved that back in janurary '15 when it was still hip and trendy to use vanilla wojak. Pray that i don't go hunting for troll science images so you'll be aflood with ye olde trollfacee, as was the style at the time.
>>125991 None of those people are salvageable.
>>125992 Christ. Someday we're going to need breathing insurance just to walk outside. I mean, we already have health insurance I guess.
>>126000 Give me some good, ol' fashioned cock mongler memes, Mr. Trips, I think it's just what the doctor ordered in these trying times.
>>125993 >>125994 >>125995 >>126002 Yeah, alright. I still wanna smash her gash. It wouldn't need to be consensual.
(59.42 KB 435x555 Cockmongler in space.jpg)
(195.78 KB 473x555 Cockmongler bitches.jpg)
(25.42 KB 322x351 Cockmongler Ghostbusters.jpg)
(111.88 KB 357x310 Cockmongler phasers.jpg)
>>126004 yeah i got a couple of those kicking around
(966.79 KB 600x791 christmas_mongler.png)
(39.11 KB 640x640 -k-ock mongler.jpg)
(54.27 KB 250x268 mongler no longer.png)
>>126006 >>126007 Already 6 gorillion times better than the shit made today.
https://exhentai.org/g/1753087/de6b19cf2a/ LOL >>125999 >It isn't. Yes, it most certainly is. Just like Grim Tales, but better written.
(101.11 KB 680x510 Defaced Statue 29.jpg)
Abe Lincoln should've killed all Democrats after the Civil War was over.
>>126013 He should have sent all the slaves back to Africa.
(29.68 KB 278x360 Defaced Statue 30.jpg)
Teddy Roosevelt should've declared all Democrats as traitors of the state and killed them all.
>>126013 Licoln should have sent the Nogs to Cuba like he wanted to, let them be Spain's problem.
>>126022 >murer what did they mean by this
>>126025 Murderer, but the left can't spell.
>>126027 That's pidgin, you bigot!
>>126021 Blame that retard John Wilkes Booth, resettlement died when he shot Lincoln. He also triggered the series of events that lead to the many punitive measures on the southern states.
>>126029 I'm from Flipland, but I don't type or spell things wrong like that, Jesus Christ.
(13.13 KB 852x164 ClipboardImage.png)
(15.39 KB 440x100 ClipboardImage.png)
(13.84 KB 848x66 ClipboardImage.png)
>>126027 To be fair, niggers can't read either.
>>126033 That's because Flips are human and aren't devolving abominations like what leftists are.
(221.60 KB 496x880 nig_juice,_chicken,_gorilla.png)
(15.67 KB 603x393 MLkW8sktQ853xMiz8DPAqf.jpg)
>>126021 In a body bag
(313.80 KB 1235x733 mulan mirin.png)
>>125898 >mulan I want someone to look at me shirtless the way Mulan did in that scene >>125887 >Reminder that those autistic fanfiction crossover comics are still going. Reminder that nothing will top Tails Gets Trolled
>>125677 He wasn't a security guard at all. He even shot at the dude first, who then responded with mace. https://www.yewtu.be/watch?v=DWCYBQ1WWXI https://www.yewtu.be/watch?v=upd0DcOanIo https://www.yewtu.be/watch?v=wrHvUVEKeT8
(64.72 KB 700x541 laughs in racist.jpeg)
>>126022 Is that orange man bad paint?
(44.61 KB 151x111 ClipboardImage.png)
(353.98 KB 384x239 [laughts_in_my_boy].gif)
>>126054 Man, Nicolas Cage really let his fame get to his head.
>>126054 Looks like a younger, melon headed sam hyde.
>>126054 All he's missing is a big N on his forehead.
(11.69 KB 219x162 N-tifa.jpg)
>>126060 I tried.
(167.74 KB 1200x1200 niggers yakub.jpg)
>>126054 Yakub returns!
(146.72 KB 402x600 Sam Yakub Wewuz Kangs Hyde.png)
>>126067 >Yakub created a race of white devils >Yakub is responsible for antifa Yep. Checks out. >>126059
>>126006 >>126007 It cleanses the soul >>126083 10/10
(549.93 KB 1007x813 Gamespot Australia.png)
GameSpot Australia Has Shut Down https://archive.is/MnNEu
>>126042 Everyone with taste wants someone like Mulan. There's a reason she gets ballads and poems and not the random thot near your home. shes enjoys just as much fame if not more then China's 4 great beauties.
>>126122 Nothing of value was lost.
>>126122 They still did damage, and like any parasites they'll just move on to their next victim. Anyone got that Fat Australian Whale saying "Stop Gamergate"?
Someone want to answer this: >>125874 >>126127 >Chinese Joan d'Arc has higher popularity than the most beautiful women in China's history >Tomboys beat out pretty faces >Men prefer tomboys to pretty girls I'm confused. If that's the case, then who's traditionally pushed for girls to be "delicate flowers"? Also, does this carry over to why they're so desperate to make tomgirls part of the "tranny identity"?
>>125874 >1. Why does it seem like Trump managed to do everything they were complaining about, and managed to do it with a fraction of the bitching? He didn't. They would hate Trump regardless what he did, but he probably doesn't care that much. >2. Why does this sound like it's grinded down to appeal to the most average of /pol/tards? Either strawman or some PR person thought it was good idea to appeal to such people.
>>126135 Lotta reasons from confucian teaching having different standards for women Refusal for chinese people to fight these norms even when its beneficial To Tomboys having very tragic endings in other stories and becoming cautionary tales instead of stories people want to remember No one wants to bring up Tomboys getting raped by the enemies, forced to become hostages, and then throwing themselves off the castle palisades so her brothers can finally storm the castle without fear of her being held hostage Mulan isn't even the first tomboy for china, just the first that disguised herself as a man. The other famous female general that went to war died and her father and followers had to move heaven and earth to make sure she didn't get buried like a regular pleb.
>>125995 Exactly. Once they get the mind poison, it doesn't go away. They can pretend to come back from it, but it will rear its head at the worse times. Women like that are the ones who basically PLAN to divorce-rape you.
>>126083 >Yakub is responsible for antifa In a sense, this may not be wrong. Elijah Muhammad's great grandson Khalil Muhammad is a professor of history and race at Harvard University. All of antifa's anti-white hate speech mirrors the teachings of the Nation of Islam. It was definitely an influence.
>>126067 It all makes sense now
(560.20 KB 639x713 Noi from Dorohedoro.png)
>>126067 >Nation Of Islam >NOI
(189.71 KB 640x480 Goliath+Elisa.png)
>>125944 >It makes me sad that I haven't seen any cartoon of today that portrays a cute relationship between a boy and a girl like anime does. That sort of thing would be misread as pedo bait, sadly, and reserved for anything action or fag related.
(138.19 KB 360x477 ClipboardImage.png)
Defending the Marxist revisionist history of the USA done by propagandists in the media to own right-wingers. Yet people worship this bitch as "based". https://archive.fo/zX4fL
(367.87 KB 648x480 Hyena spider.webm)
(1.89 MB 648x480 Hyena's ultimate form.webm)
>>126175 >Gargoyles Anyone else find this both disturbing and arousing?
>>126185 >>126185 >Defending the Marxist revisionist history of the USA done by propagandists in the media to own right-wingers. Can you read? Becuase it looks like she's defending criticisms of that revisionist propaganda.
(100.77 KB 851x608 EkGbbKnUcAAgTo7.jpg)
>>125914 And this is what a crowd of BLM protesters look like. Does something seem off a little bit off about them to you guys?
>>126191 >Black Lives Matter protesters >Only two of them have aposematic hair coloring Yeah that's really curious. Not even niggers want to be associated with BLM.
>>126191 I think they are as black as Shaun King is. But that's just me. It's just my bigotry that's talking.
Microsoft Seeks to Defend U.S. Election in Botnet Takedown https://finance.yahoo.com/news/microsoft-seeks-defend-u-election-110000220.html https://archive.is/jXS4O >Beginning early Monday, Trickbot operators are expected to began losing communication with the millions of computers they had painstakingly infected over a period of months, even years. The loss of the botnet -- as a network of infected computers is known -- will make it more difficult for Russian-based cybercriminals and other digital marauders to do their work. It will likely take months or years for the criminals to recover, if at all. >“They could tie-up voter registration roles, election night reporting results and generally be extremely disruptive,” Burt said. “Taking out one of the most notorious malware groups, we hope, will reduce the risk of ransomware’s impact on the election this year.” >>126191 >>126193 Truly they are over-privileged white people (a redundant statement) who are helping based niggers find their voice. Shieeet
(137.63 KB 1280x700 bladerunner-1563989733.jpg)
>>126191 >all those qt lost to red poison
>>126198 I only see 3 possible qts really, the 2 girls with glasses in the 2nd row from top to bottom andthe blonde one below the glasses girl.
>Bill Burr makes a joke about cancel culture being hijacked by white woman >Points out Gay pride month has 31 days and blacks only get 28 even though they were the ones enslaved. >Sensitive white woman and faggots start trying to get him canceled Honestly the pride month joke really struck at me. I never saw it like that
>>126200 Sowe now know that homos are more woke and opressed than blacks, but are homos more opressed and woke than wymmyn?
(3.20 MB 3099x1700 star wars guide.png)
(1.29 MB 640x360 curb your racism.webm)
>>126201 Nah, because homos are often white and men, that negates any oppression points they have with their faggotry
>>126201 >but are homos more opressed and woke than wymmyn? Yes? This has been known for years
(15.20 KB 324x291 717.jpg)
>>126207 Wait, HOLD THE FUCK UP! Are you saying I can oppresses the faggots and make out I am fighting the system?
>>126209 I havent caught up on the latest regulations of the checking ministy, anon.
Oppression tiers: Chosen ones tier. People who question their oppression gets punished in multiple ways Jews S tier. People will riot for them Niggers (specially male ones) A tier. People will protest for them Mudslims (specially male ones) Trannies Note: mudslims get more points than trannies in Europe, while trannies get more points in America B tier. People will always defend them online Non-white or Asian women Non-white homosexual men Note: hapas are considered a separate thing from full Asians and thus fall on this tier C tier. They'll get some opposition during fights White straight women White gay men Latin-American people (ironically, most of the opposition comes from non-American Latinos) D tier. They are ignored by people in favor of higher members of the list White lesbians and gays Bisexuals in general Asians in general E tier. No mercy for them White straight men
>>126211 depends on the situation this is oppression olympics after all.
>>126221 Where do native americans fall in this caste system?
>>126211 yeah, feminazis are doing this, not even faggotry lift yours men privileges
>>126225 Probably D since nobody really cares about them and only are mentioned when people want to prove a bigger point.
>>126221 lesbians should be at least C its combo of women+homo
>>126198 Nigger, you best be joking From the top > upper left: Someone's mom >Row one, Column three: Fatso >Row one, column five: That's a man >Row one, column six: Faces of Meth >Row one, column seven: JEW! >Row two, column three: Harry Potter on HRT >Row two, column four: Could be cute if she trimmed her eyebrows, wore contacts, and covered that fucking billboard forehead >Row three, column three: Problem hair #1 >Row three, column four The other one that could be cute if she put some work into it. >Row three, Column Six Bubbles from the Trailer Park Boys >Row four, Column one: La creatura, some fucking mutt. Also, Problem hair #2 >Row Four, column two Was probably cute when she was younger >Row four, Column three Problem hair #3, also A JEW! >Row four, Column five Another methhead Three out of fourteen does not equal "All those qts"
>>126003 I bought self defense insurance after I read Kyle the /k/id's charging document. The document itself lays out a self defense case yet they still are trying to prosecute him. There are many cases where it was clear self defense yet people still get railroaded, like that independent journo who used a defensive display against an angry mob threatening and chasing him. >>126225 Ignored unless some woketard is claiming to be part Native themselves, like Elizabeth Warren.
>>126231 Lesbians get shit on hard by mtf trannies (who currently are near the top of the oppressed chain). Pointing out that the lesbian trans women essentially are straight men with a crossdressing fetish invading lesbian spaces is not politically correct. Gay men get fucked by trannies as well, because some of them claim that gay men are closet trannies (eggs) who should accept their trannyism and take hormones.
>>126198 Man you got low standards.
>>126199 >>126232 He's joking. You are, r-right, anon?
>>126270 Some anons have power ranger complex, anon.
>>125820 >a jew that lies to stir some shit Nothing new here.
(530.65 KB 1050x1500 blue.jpg)
(465.90 KB 1050x1500 pink2.jpg)
(284.77 KB 1080x1280 red.jpg)
(594.99 KB 1050x1500 yellow.jpg)
>>126275 Fuck yea I'd want to be a power ranger. I like the yellow one.
>>125539 If anyone ever said: >"EL OH EL come on in" I'd probably just go home instead.
>>126275 >power ranger complex What does that even mean?
>>125622 >theybie >kid knows it's mother is a woman >'GENDER POLICE must be in mah theybie brians' I hope the kid 'accidentally' shoots her in one of those hilarious gun incidents.
>>125781 What the lighting makes him some mutt pacific islander/streetshitter? Best not install those lights anywhere else then.
>>126292 If we are going to talk about power rangers chicks we wanna bone, id like to fuck kat manx from SPD. >>126295 That they want to go up close and personal with monsters.
>>126302 How dare you insult monsters by comparing them to communists.
>>126302 I thought it had to do with zentai suits.
(300.39 KB 1750x2500 banana.jpg)
>>126292 >no one knows red is cakefit with her monster tits hidden under sarashi
(153.05 KB 850x601 coolasfuck.jpg)
(242.74 KB 1080x1350 megazord.jpg)
(783.46 KB 1000x1269 megazord2.jpg)
(386.52 KB 1050x1500 pink.jpg)
(567.41 KB 750x750 qute.png)
>>126296 >gay Power rangers aren't fucking gay anon you're a flaming homosexual if you don't want to dress up in tights and defend justice. Latex costumes, defending justice, honor, and fighting against evils are a Aryan thing, a gay nigger like you just wouldn't get it.
>>126309 >you're a flaming homosexual if you don't want to dress up in tights and defend justice. In a radical world all good boys would grow up to become power rangers and the good girls would become magical girls.
>>126309 Super Sentai is Japanese anon. Power Rangers is a stiched together creation of a jew combining Super Sentai footage with shitty American sticoms. Also the costumes are spandex. Not latex.
>>126312 That's a great idea for an anime/video game. >character select: majou shoujo or tokusatsu hero? >magical girls are all different flavours of magic-wielding classes (cleric, sorcerer, wizard, bard, necromancer but with teddy bears, etc. >power rangers are monk-like hand-to-hand specialists, riders (motorcycle-wielding madmen, barbarian equivalents), armor/giant mecha "paladins" that buff the party with the power of friendship and teamwork I can really fucking see it.
>>126317 Isnt that kind of EDF?
>>126191 >>126198 Sure they must reek like sulfur and dead fish.
>>126318 Not really. He's describing a sentai flavored rpg rather than a kaijuu shooting game although I guess there could be some over lap
>>126312 Depends on the Magical Girl. Are we talking about the Sailor Moon/Pretty Cure type or the Madoka Magica type?
(467.26 KB 900x710 sekrit.jpg)
>>126302 Who didn't want bang Manx?
(62.13 KB 700x400 ninja party.jpg)
>>126322 I was thinking sailor moon, i remember when i was a kid all little girls wearing sailor moon or pricess costumes while boys where either power rangers or mortal kombat ninjas. >>126325 Faggots and people that missed out on SPD.
(99.45 KB 1199x630 _tEs6KlITDWIFEzdAm.jpg)
based eastern europe >Slovak far-right leader sentenced to four years jail for spreading hate https://archive.fo/L7L7m >jailed for 44 months over 1488 Euros charity cheque <even judge has sense of humor
(138.24 KB 788x1024 ice-t.jpg)
>>126309 Does pink ranger play videogames?
>>125756 >Yeah I saw this garbage on twitter yesterday. You have to go back
(2.12 MB 1320x1320 Are you for real.png)
>>126336 >Merely seeing things on twitter is enough for purity spiraling How do you think anons here have been finding and archiving all the cancer from twitter, from political news to vidya, faggot?
>>126336 Doing nothing but staying inside echochambers is insanely unhealthy for your mental health and worldview, its also why a bunch of anons got lost and displaced on the move to vch, to julay, then zchan, then 8moe, you know what I mean? If this site ever goes to shit again I'll have marks twitter account to show me the way back, I also use it for geopolitical news and to look at shitposts since this site has become nothing but videogames now.
>>126340 I think that, as much comedy as I've derived from it, the world would be a much, MUCH better place without social media or twitter.
Reminder of >>>/vhs/ and >>>/comfy/
>>126343 Thats been proven to be true. People who worked on social media know that they are eroding and destroying society, it makes people dumber, more despressed, it gets people fired and ruins their lives and turns some people into the commies/BLM retards that you've seen in posts above.
>>126349 The sad part about is that it's a CHOICE to use those sites. No one's forcing them to do it, unless you consider the apps being pre-installed on every smartphone and pre-bookmarked on every browser a "show of force.
>>126354 It sucks that people look at you like if you were a weirdo when you tell them you dont have instagram or twitter.
>>126358 Never had that experience myself.
>>126349 >>126358 I want halfchan to die already, but at the same time halfchan retards will flock here or other imageboards if not 8kun. If they do flock off to other IBs, I'm hoping they only touch 8kun since that place is pretty much beyond saving anyways. I'm hoping the loliposters from 4/b/ come here
>>126358 >>126359 My friend looks at me weird for attempting to abandon Discord for alternatives (IRC, XMPP, etc.) I want to GTFO Discord soon since that platform is circlejerking literal garbage and it is a datamining operation.
>>126361 I don't have any hope left for anyone left on cuckchan. Nor world itself, but that's another matter entirely.
(105.00 KB 680x962 cover girl cop Thompson.jpg)
>>126358 I'm afraid of social media sites honestly. Back in the day, everyone was taught to stay anonymous on the internet, never reveal information to strangers, etc, etc... Look what every normalfag is doing now, posting their lives, ruining carreers and sharing cuck porn. Are likes on social media really worth going "safety third"?
>>126368 We are in such state that companies find you suspicius if you dont have social media they can look through before hiring you.
>>126369 Never heard of companies going this far before. Any actual cases of this?
>>126358 >>126369 Last year, had a job interview and the guy didn't believe I have no personal social media accounts. Fucking hell, when did having a Fagbook become a requirement for some jobs? >>126368 Saint Terry put it best, these normalfags have been converted to niggercattle by Silicon Valley and will actively defend the system that exploits them. The instant positive feedback social media provides is similar to drugs or gambling, the niggercattle are hooked. >>126373 I've experienced it.
>>126374 >when did having a Fagbook become a requirement for some jobs? It's because management wants to spy on you, either that or to the normalfags not having social media means you have something to hide.
>>126358 I didn't get any of those feelings when I told some people that I don't use Facebook. >>126365 I'm using Discord for using it for communication with some acquaintances from college when we are working on a project. I'm also looking for private alternative of Discord since they pull the same shit like Facebook does on data mining people and censoring them, but my gripe is that I'm looking for an audio communication platform to talk to my friends when we are playing games. I'm not sure if Teamspeak 3 is worth it.
>>126369 >>126374 >>126376 they should be fucking happy i'm not talking shit behind their back, or making them look bad by a mistake. By not having facebook i make it harder for their rivals to dig up dirt on me and viceversa them.
>>126374 Fagbook lets employer gauge your personality and spy on you. At least for most people. You should make a dummy fagbook account with normalfag shit on it. You can even not post on it since nobody does anymore anyway.
>>126377 Not sure what is much of a good voice chat alternative as I never tried them myself, but you can give self hosting Mumble a try for just voice chat or you can self host a Jitsi Meet instance for voice chat, video calling, and desktop screen sharing. Fuck employers who require social media
>>126377 Reminder that my Mumble server is open to anons who want to avoid Discord. Initially had it for some grand YouTube/Twitch plan but fell through pretty quick. 100 seat server. Can add more if anons want. Server: mindofklink.mumble.com Port: 7721 Password: mindofklink
>>126195 Remember how they said the election COULDN'T be hacked and described how the voting machines aren't connected to the internet?
>>126369 It's funny, cause whenever I do come across a company that requires it, I give them the only social media account I ever made: A meme account named after a game character I only use to ask the devs of said game questions with.
>>126383 Remember how microshit said the Xbox needed to be always online?
(427.05 KB 1700x2164 92f8cc3ca559a645875d4fcf989847ce.jpg)
(71.07 KB 750x1000 1581597970847.jpg)
(86.60 KB 530x856 1564987910332.jpg)
>>126346 >>126360 And https://redchannit.net/delicious https://redchannit.net/loli https://redchannit.net/tot https://redchannit.net/sm since not many people realized they're back (on redchannit). >>126361 Loli and shota threads on 4/b/ were awful the last time I checked them. Not only they still were suffering the usual Spiderman/gore raids, but they had lots of discussion about pedophilia and CP, lots of ugly realistic 3D models, creepy stories about "childhood experiences", and even faggots arguing over certain characters "not being loli enough". Also everyone there was a newfag who save sample versions and ugly western porn.
>>126392 >discussions about cp/pedophilia and childhood experiences? Wait, really? So they basically absorbed 8chans pedo threads of yore? Well shit, I might actually go and pay that board a visit again. ATF is great and all, but sometimes I crave to shitfling with some antis and people on there are just too rational and civil.
>>126395 >Wait, really? So they basically absorbed 8chans pedo threads of yore? Is more on the line of the derailments that happen here from time to time every time somebody says loli = pedo/CP. People start arguing back and forth about it while ignoring the original topic (post lolis) until the thread dies. This retardation is more present in discussion boards like /a/, /co/ or /v/. The "childhood stories" are more present in shota threads (since most anons are male), and personally they made me feel uneasy since there's a chance they are real. 3D models are a problem as well not only because most of them are ugly, but sometimes they kill threads since realistic models are in a legal gray area that mods prefer not to cross.
>>126343 >>126349 I just don't know how you go about getting rid of those sites. It's interesting that, despite all of the autism involved, bulletin boards, imageboards, and forums never caused this sort of problem for society. Speaking of social media https://archive.is/XIuo3
>>126402 Oh I expected that. I don't go to chans to get my fix of loli or other porn anymore. I have other places for that. Also, people arguing that loli = cp/pedo over there is exactly what I want to join. If I wanted to surround myself with people claiming it has absolutely no relation then I'd go to /delicious/ or twitter(the anime avatar side).
(194.42 KB 834x970 Libbie Suggests Suicide.png)
>>126404 >Chans.
>>126392 I haven't checked the 4/b/ loli threads in a while and just thought of my past experiences looking at those threads, only saving images and not reading posts that often. I didn't know it was this bad.
(2.56 MB 1280x720 The future of annymay.mp4)
>>126372 Why was this deleted? Why did you post an archive of a quote tweet as opposed to the original? https://archive.is/rZK0i Holy hell, this is cancer.
>>126403 Seems to me the problem with the tech giants is that they believe themselves to be the smartest people around so therefore it's up to them to be the one's who guide society. Typical collectivist bullshit.
(1.06 MB 1228x708 ClipboardImage.png)
>>126409 I've found the source of the cancer. It's the fucking Syfy channel. https://www.youtube com/watch?v=_SIiCvV13PI Invidious instances are all broken.
>>126410 >they believe themselves to be the smartest people When a you're less than five years old, and you have a better understanding of how to program the VCR than the full-grown adults, it's a little hard to grow up NOT thinking that you're smarter than everyone else.
>>126409 >>126413 Why do they even call this anime when it clearly looks like western animation?
>>126409 >>126372 You had me worried for a moment. This shit is just a segment from that ugly magical girl parody that nobody actually involved in the anime industry cares about: https://yewtu.be/watch?v=_SIiCvV13PI&
>>126415 Because "anime" is a genre now.
(299.44 KB 1358x770 SALTY.jpg)
>>126409 >Name someone thing, name someone else, 'boomers' name someone, names thing, names nmmmmm Is this supposed to be relevant or vaguely amusing or make sense cos it fails on all counts.
>>126416 Yewtube is an invidious instance alternative. Like I said here, >>126413 they're all broken. Your link won't play, and your embed wouldn't work in the first place because of Yewtube's browser check. Not even sure why Yewtube embedding is supported given that fact.
(54.03 KB 680x382 EkKYK7qWAAAABB8.jpg)
>>126413 What did they mean by this?
>>126418 It's like that big bang show, where they just name a bunch of shit and it's supposed to be funny for some reason.
I go away for a week and since when there's a filter on youtube?
now I feel silly
(50.69 KB 600x600 barf red.jpg)
>>126424 Jesus Christ.
>>126417 Which totally isn't cultural appropriation by their standards because. >>126425 Because lol reference is enough to get stupid normalfags to watch for some reason. Like that book ready player one is entirely that.
>>126424 Me in the middle about to be gangraped by evil gaymergators
>>126431 >standards >implying
>>126409 >>126424 >O Lord make my enemies ridiculous. I'm not even mad because of how absoulutely terrible this is.
(681.82 KB 520x293 GamerGate.gif)
>>126424 Six years and change. Hounded off every visible corner of the internet. Defamed by every "official" source. Deplatformed in every possible way. And still, even now, we are top boogiemen, lads. This is why, even now we will never die.
>>126409 I can't tell if they're self aware or not
(583.34 KB 1049x863 Blushing Wendigo.png)
>>126409 I deleted it since anons didn't bother to take notice of the thing for a while, so I figured I was wasting space leaving it on there for too long.
(1.91 MB 640x360 Big Bang Bullshit.webm)
(143.22 KB 333x239 ClipboardImage.png)
(5.07 MB 2481x4203 viv and erin exposed buah-.png)
>>126424 Proposing that the next thread be titled "Shoutouts to the notorious GamerGater Simpleflips Edition" >>126433 If you don't have a thick bush, then get out. >>126442 Fuck 50s sitcoms for introducing canned laughter.
>>126425 >>126442 >lol dumb funny nerd shit amirite fellow normalfags? >go consoom things from Hot Topic now Humanity was a mistake.
(116.00 KB 819x956 1508569612.jpg)
>>126441 >anon didn't get enough attention so he took his ball and went home.
>>126424 >>126445 RENT FREE
(534.22 KB 954x703 Spelunky 1.png)
(47.28 KB 664x247 Spelunky 2.png)
https://archive.is/pheld Kotaku writer uses Spelunky 2 as an excuse to jab at Capitalism
(302.25 KB 1122x1600 0024-015.png)
(285.74 KB 1122x1600 0024-016.png)
(297.82 KB 1122x1600 0024-017.png)
(308.85 KB 1122x1600 0024-018.png)
Centaur society
>>126457 I just never could get use to the new art style.
(291.23 KB 1100x1300 byleth coffee.jpeg)
>>126424 What the fuck is the Left's obsession with the neck-beard stereotypes? >>126463 Is this manga good?
>>126463 Is this a proper translation?
>>126465 Insulting white people is really hard. We don't have an equivalent stereotype to niggers and "white trash" just doesn't have enough bite to be a good insult. "Racist" has stopped having any emotional punch due to overuse too. I think this is basically their way of forcing a meme.
Phil Collins is one the fucking ballot for president!
(702.46 KB 1060x1110 1533122277.png)
>>126465 >What the fuck is the Left's obsession with the neck-beard stereotypes? >>126476 >I think this is basically their way of forcing a meme. And yet they look like this. >>126191 >>125914 This shit is what Lovecraft warned us about.
>>126413 >>126420 >Invidious instances are all broken. That's what I thought at first until I realized the video doesn't work on Invidious instances because the entire channel is blocked in my country. Other videos play fine. On and unrelated topic, redchannit has been down for an hour.
(243.97 KB 1122x1600 0024-029.png)
>>126474 I think so
(286.28 KB 600x907 Lillian Woods Intro.png)
>>126476 If it's about insulting white people, then they've absolutely failed, as >>126424 looks more like a catchall mixed race nerd stereotype than anything. Speaking of stereotypes, I keep seeing Aryan characters filling the role of "goody two shoes"/"golden child" in western cartoons, regardless of how woke they are; really activates them almonds.
>>126477 What the fuck is this sorcery?
>>126488 It can't be the singer though.
>>126488 Collins is the real GamerGate candidate.
>>126477 >>126488 I suppose the question now is "Will GamerGate vote for Phil Collins?".
>>126488 >>126488 >Gammon >Dan Schneider The memes write themselves, was that /tv/ faggot spamming Phil Collins' daughter performing meme magic in this thread all along?
>>126441 Where did that blushing wending come from? /monster/?
A little late in the day but happy Thanksgiving on the off chance anybody else here is a dirty leaf.
>>126504 I found it off site on an obscure cartoon group I can't remember. It's an edit of the wendigo from an animatic called Let's split up.
>>126508 Happy thanksgiving, Maplefag.
>>126508 Happy Thanksgiving Anon. Hope you enjoy it while it lasts, I give it about 10 years before it's changed to "Natives are the best and I'm sorry I personally genocided you"-fest
Ziggerchan is down. Badmin wins again!
(182.58 KB 1200x2000 giant girlfriend.jpg)
>>126523 That sounds even worse than what it is now for me. Eating stuffing and homemade pecan tarts alone because my family situation is difficult. But thanks. >>126522 >>126523 And I'll just reiterate happy leaf turkey day again because.
(351.54 KB 361x476 ClipboardImage.png)
>>126524 Hopefully getting updated with an onion address.
Is Zchan down? Temporary or did the curse strike them as well?
(674.85 KB 1000x793 samus.gif)
>>126424 >anitifag colours >not green and purpur >so called basement dwellers have a tan >still being this salty after all these years
>>126526 >no tomboy mini-giantess rabbit gf If I was that guy I'd be smiling like a dumbass too. Why is there a difference in dates for kanshanohi? What are the roots of the canuck one? Are they functionally the same, just celebrated on different dates for whatever the fuck?
(1.30 MB 1152x756 innsmouth.jpeg)
>>126478 Check out Edward Dutton, "The Jolly Heretic". He has a similar theory about people that he refers to as spiteful mutants, people who should have died in child birth or infancy but instead were saved by modern medicine. A large portion of the human genome codes for brain development and along with it, cognition and emotional development. Dutton posits that since these people are overwhelmingly dysgenic in their appearance, that they must also have some overlapping genetic deficiencies in their brains, leading them to be faggots, psychopaths, narcissists, etc. and that they take out their frustrations on society by making everyone else as miserable as they are. There's more detail to it than that, but that's the best that I can summarize it as quickly as possible. Go check him out.
(111.46 KB 247x516 09 confused Hosokawa.png)
>>126541 >mini-giantess
(45.94 KB 262x316 gimps.jpg)
>>126442 Every single line of that show is trash and everyone involved deserves to be killed with a rusty spoon.
>>126545 Beyond the normal size range but not so far that normal interaction becomes impossible. You can still hold hands with a minigts for example.
>>126545 Bigger than a manlet, but still smaller than an average woman.
>>126413 Downloaded and webm'd. It's fucking awful when you drop the framerate of a video down to 15 and it still looks like the original. I don't think anyone else does these super shrunk files anymore so I said fuck it, let's see how hard I can push the boundaries. Turns out, not very.
>>126545 >mini-giantess terminology to describe the inbetween of a classical giantess and a amazon. Diane from SDS would be a giantess, the Amazon from Dragon's Crown would be on the cusp of being considered a minigiantess. We can range it from 3 m to 7.5 m. Even with differences in terminology, Amazons and everything above is for manlets anyway.
(515.02 KB 788x1080 Freddy.jpg)
>>126543 >He has a similar theory about people that he refers to as spiteful mutants, people who should have died in child birth or infancy but instead were saved by modern medicine. We've experienced that personally.
>>126550 That's also just giantess. It covers anything abnormally large. >>126552 That's called being short. >>126553 I was downloading it before I was gonna make that post, but it felt not worth my time. >>126554 I still think Amazon is just minor giantess. But I guess I'm no expert on giantess fetishism. Is there a word for minigirls that are significantly larger than fairies, but still smaller than the average loli? I want a more extreme size difference than loli+adult male has without getting into rubber fairy levels of distension. Going any smaller naturally without hitting a weird weak application of minigirl results in totcon body proportions, which I dislike strongly.
>>126558 In regular converstation it may be, but every term not specific enough only leads to the hyper cancer. If you're not into the insect perspective, general gts material won't lead to satisfying findings.
(281.88 KB 616x417 ClipboardImage.png)
>>126566 >kike gets autofiltered from game chat WE DID IT PATRICK WE'VE FIXED RACISMS
>>126553 I've wasted 12 minutes of my life trying to give this the benefit of the doubt and i want it back
>>126553 Thanks, I hate it.
(20.73 KB 472x472 CIA DUBS.jpg)
>>126555 Can't argue with those trips.
>>126575 >jaded gatekeeping westerners making anything good in the current atmosphere LUL They can only mock and moan, anyone with a sincere bone in their body has been pushed out.
>>126553 Couldn't even watch a few seconds. I've seen shitposting threads of the lowest quality have better content than this. >>126566 All that will translate to is further growth of "right wing extremism" and polarization. Because that term is actually a thinly veiled way to avoid saying "dissident behavior", and all this is the embracing of tactics that China uses to control their population. Should enough normalfags catch on to this and call it out for what it really is, then there may be a bit of hope for this world's future.
(647.22 KB 1334x750 ClipboardImage.png)
This is the magical girl friendship squad villain.
>>126543 I remember a chapter of Black Jack having the opposite happen. The premise was the an African witch doctor was making the rounds "naturally" healing people of all ailments. Eventually, he found out that this pregnant lady shelled out thousands of dollars to have Black Jack perform an abortion on her because of medical complications with the fetus. The witch doctor was completely irate about it, dragged on about the "sanctity of life", and interrupted the entire operation. The lady went into labor, and witch doctor helped with birth the child while keeping the lady alive, BUT the child was literally a vegetative abomination. And, the chapter ends with Black Jack lecturing the witch doctor about how his naivety and self-righteousness gave birth to a creature that would know nothing but pain and ignorance, and that the most humane thing to do was kill it before it had a chance to exist.
>>126336 >How do you think anons here have been finding and archiving all the cancer from twitter, from political news to vidya, faggot? How about staying the fuck off Twitter? >>126342 >Doing nothing but staying inside echochambers is insanely unhealthy for your mental health and worldview, I don't what you're on about retard, but I much rather stay in my echochamber then become a potential homosexual like you. Keep lurking on Twatter and you'll end up like the other gays who are obssessed with that shithole.
>>126587 Okay then fag. Just stick your head in the sand and hope all the evil social media goes away.
>>126508 I remember I showed up to work a contract in Canada as a dumb burger. They almost didn't let me in, but that wasn't my fault. I figured out that driving wasn't too different (the fuck is a blinking green light), checking in the hotel wasn't different except you had to use special colored dollars, and it was overall a nice little coastal town. I thought things were fine. Then the fog rolled in and people started talking about Thanksgiving in October. That's when I knew the plane had crashed. I'd played Silent Hill; I knew what was going on.
>>126584 Jabba the Trump?
>>126597 Looks like they crossed ADL and SPLC's caricature of the Alt-Right symbols and figures like Trump and Pepe.
>>126541 They're almost exactly the same except for date. I'm told ours is a month earlier because it gets cold earlier up here generally.
>>126343 >the world would be a much, MUCH better place without social media Do imageboards count as social media?
(33.27 KB 471x229 005~01.jpg)
>>126606 That's a great image. It's the duty of all brothers to love and cherish and eventually marry their sisters.
>>126589 >>126589 >hope all the evil social media goes away. Social media is something like 10% of the population max and even then most of the posts actually made on it are bot posts. The current social media paradigm will eventually die due to malfeasance and mismanagement. It's really not worth concerning oneself about.
>>126607 My sister is a fat slob roastie.
>>126609 I'm sorry to hear that. The state can provide an adopted sister for you to try and restore some semblance of normalcy to your life
(135.78 KB 1200x904 right_wing.jpg)
>>126604 You can smell the writer's room quips >make him tan orange >don't forget to keep the eyes white LOL FAKE TAN > oh and make him a frog! Get it? > super blond wig too > have him do the white power sign > oh yeah, give him a bolo tie, like old timey texan oil baron > fucking rednecks LOL > voila! a masterpiece of biting satire!
>>126610 Now that's a government policy that I can get behind!
>>126612 Just remember to take it slow with her. You can't move straight to sex with a little sister. You need to be tender and loving.
>>126575 >I've wasted 12 minutes of my life trying to give this the benefit of the doubt and i want it back I couldn't make it thirty seconds.
>>126609 Wow it's the shit trifecta, sorry for your loss anon. My sister was an asshole but chilled out in her twenties. On the path to cat-lady-dom though, I think
>>126611 Why the fuck would they even do this though? This is late in an election year and Trump could be out in only a couple of months, especially by their reckoning of things.
>>126608 >Social media is something like 10% of the population max So? What matters who that 10% of population is and what they're posting. And what matters in a wider perspective is that fact that 10% of people making 90% all the twatter posts doesn't change the fact that a majority of people use twatter for information, even when they don't have accounts.
>>126606 In the most literal sense imageboards are social media platforms. Though in a practical sense the culture surrounding them is designed to avoid the traditional pitfalls of social media, particularly in relation to validation and identity for obvious reasons. Even then the world would still probably be better off without them, but I'd say the world would have been better off without virtually all modern online technology, social media is just one facet of that problem.
>>126606 >Do imageboards count as social media? Imageboards are anti-social media. :^)
>>126617 Thankfully she has no interest in having children. Which is good because she can't even take care of dogs. She also has terrible taste in men.
>>126465 >What the fuck is the Left's obsession with the neck-beard stereotypes? I guess it's their equivalent of the ugly, bright haired, feminist landwhales and soyboys, except the neckbeard stereotype was never about right wingers and is rarely ever true unlike the leftist equivalents which are provably real. >>126553 >>126584 Why is this a thing and who thought it was good enough of an idea to fund this?
>>126619 Trump hatred from the left goes far beyond the Obama hatred from the right during his term. They will continue ragging on about him long after he's left office, far beyond the occasional mention of Obongo you might see from the right. Mostly it will be to constantly blame him for whatever is still "going wrong" in the country, regardless of whether whoever follows Trump is Republican or Democrat.
>>126619 They never thought of it because their entire thought process was to scream as loudly as possible that they are on the right side of history(tm)
>>126627 >unlike the leftist equivalents which are provably real. And yet, >>126191
(32.06 KB 308x307 doit.jpg)
>>126619 >be sjw >live on the edge of being excommunicated from friendship, career, and family if you say the wrong thing GEE I wonder why they all behave the same?
>>126584 I love how they've knowingly taken the operation OKKK bait.
>>126628 That's not going to work out well for them. If Trump is voted out honestly it'll be because middle ground voters just want things to go back to normal and for the country to be unified and for people to act nice again. If liberals refuse to allow that to happen then those normalfag voters will turn against them hard and fast.
>>126647 >If Trump is voted out He only gets two terms at most anon. I was talking of the inevitable case of when he steps down from the presidency. That's why I said "regardless of whether whoever follows Trump is Republican or Democrat."
>>126651 Mike Pence seems to be already ripe to succeed Donald Trump. I can already feel it.
(941.90 KB 838x638 ClipboardImage.png)
>>126392 Forcing a board into tor in an already half dead website completely kills it, what a surprise.
>>126651 The point is, is that the left aren't going to be able to make an eternal boogieman out of Trump once he's out of office. He's not hated enough by the average normalfag citizen, not truly hated. >>126653 I honestly think I would rather have Biden as president than Pence. At least Biden would earn the ire of non lefties and would keep them ready and aware of any threats to their freedoms and be ready to oppose those actions. Pence would get all the boomer Republicans right behind him ad they'd stay blind and asleep to threats to liberty. They'd follow Pence right into another Middle East war too. Pence as president combined with Barret as a justice makes me very concerned for American liberty in ways that I can't completely articulate.
(94.54 KB 1227x281 the_dnc.png)
>>126663 > They'd follow Pence right into another Middle East war too. Anon, most democrats are interested in upholding policies similar to Hillary Clinton who was a pro war candidate. Neither Trump Nor Pence want to go to war with another country and rather improve things in the US such as the economy cause right now things are pretty bad and have been the case since the 2008 housing crash. Before covid-19 things were starting to look up under Trump outside of liberals screaming about orange man bad.
(684.00 KB 715x1000 tomboyDan.png)
(247.42 KB 720x1008 Freya15yearsbeforeSingle.png)
>>126424 >Little girl siding with the gamergater LOLIGATERS
>>126504 What board did /monster/ end up on after the shuffle? What about other boards that never found their way here?
(56.55 KB 796x478 Feminist Approved Anime 8.jpg)
(255.32 KB 2048x1438 1590023899802.jpg)
>>126675 They never really moved to 8kunt. They went on to smug and never looked back.
>>126619 who the fuck still believes trump will win this time? Q tards?
>>126689 I don't know, Biden might not be as disliked as Hillary. but his Alzheimer's Grandpa act hasn't engendered much confidence in people
>>>/v/126689 Literally everyone who's not under the reality distortion field of the Lügenpresse, Master Baiter.
>>126662 Better than deleting the boards entirely >>126672 I'm not supporting democrats. I'm saying that conservatives would be more wary of bullshit from a democrat than from a fellow conservative. Look how back when Obama was president and he said any thing about guns and conservatives would immediately go out and buy more guns out of fear and defiance. Where as during Trump's administration conservatives went to sleep and allowed the bump stock ban to go up without nearly nary a peep. Of course Trump himself balances this out somewhat because he's such a wild card. Neither his enemies nor his allys know what he's going to do in a situatiuon and he frequently changes his mind. Pence on the other hand is much more a political insider and I fear he has neocon sympathies. I also think he would be prone to going full moralfag and the GAB tier boomers would follow right behind in lock step. He's fine as a VP I just don't like the idea of him as president.
(506.40 KB 717x800 Bloody Murder.jpg)
>>126696 Fair enough I suppose. Since tradcons and other right-wingers tend to go full authoritarian after gaining so much as a sliver of power. Problem is outside of third parties that hardly ever win finding a wild card that could break up the establishment wouldn't be all to easy at all. The best we could hope for in Trump winning 2020 in order to send the Democratic Party into a death spiral and hopefully Balkanize if not dissolve complete so that another party could take the reins they once stood.
>>126689 I don't know who's going to win this time. Hell no one may win this time.
>>126696 Fun fact, mike pence is the creator of the 2003 protect act, the bullshit that puts lolis into a grey area because of obscenity. That law that was created right after the supreme court declared lolis 100% legal in 2002. Imagine all of the could shit we would have if it wasn't because of this tradcon scum https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PROTECT_Act_of_2003
>>126703 >Fun fact, mike pence is the creator of the 2003 protect act, the bullshit that puts lolis into a grey area because of obscenity. I know. That's one of the reasons I don't like Pence.
>>126691 He's not as hated but isn't even supported as much as her either. He only exists at the "not Trump" option and even that's a weak position since little mention of his policies or generally anything he would do in power that would appeal to anyone.
>>126696 There's literally no better option. Democrats are always ALWAYS the worst people to put into power. Republicans can be authoritarian too but they won't force transgenderism on children.
There's no political solution to this shitshow.
>>126691 To be honest I wouldn't trust Biden or Harris to competently handle the East Asia geopolitical theater in a way certain interests would desire. Trump is a necessary component for playing the cold war narrative that's brewing. In other words, I suspect powerful players would still prefer to exploit Trump's current reputation further, than deal with an uncertainty with Biden. It'll also serve as a gambit to play with the left's radicalization to justify an eventual crackdown on insurrection on a mass scale.
>>126713 >Trump is a necessary component for playing the cold war narrative that's brewing. In other words, I suspect powerful players would still prefer to exploit Trump's current reputation further, than deal with an uncertainty with Biden. That's a real good point. China vs. The West is the next big thing looming and it has a real potential to go hot in ways USSR vs The West never did. >It'll also serve as a gambit to play with the left's radicalization to justify an eventual crackdown on insurrection on a mass scale. I have often thought that the Ones Behind the Curtain would love to capture and utilize the growing anger and dissatisfaction on the right for their own ends. Radicalized lefties are good for disruption and destruction but not much else. The right on the other hand makes for good workers and foot soldiers. They just need to figure out how to tame the right and make the switch.
(325.25 KB 682x535 TURNA Horace Okay.png)
>>126584 >>126611 >WHITE POWER!
>>126700 That's as much of a fantasy as the left's fantasy that "trumpism" is doing right now exactly what you describe to the Republicans. Everyone within spitting distance of the major parties knows that having two major parties with a hair's breadth in votes between them means that only working within the power structures of those parties is feasible. For insiders with money, keeping the structure is critically important and no amount of coalition-breaking changes that, so the money stays with the major power structures. If splitting parties were possible, it would've happened to the Republicans twice over now. >>126696 I've said this before and I'll said it again. Except for one very important thing, Trump gives the right literally nothing that Pence or any other of the nominees wouldn't have given them anyhow, and the others wouldn't have been so fulminantly opposed as Trump is, and the others all would be more reliably conservative and more reliable in general. Predictability is good for the status quo. What Trump brings to the table is his monolithic fanatical voting bloc, though, and since ultimately the only thing any politician cares about deep down is votes, that's basically bringing a time-stopping watch to a knife or any other kind of fight.
>>126606 I'm not sure. I won't deny I spend too much time than I like just lurking this site, even if it's mostly waiting on downloads.
>>126740 So were basically stuck with the two party system as far as I understand. Figures, it's like politically issues were that easy to solve anyways. I'm just worried about what's gonna happen after Trump cause all we have are establishment politicians. I'd rather have more non-standard politicians running like Trump just to shake up the state of political discourse and watch the media get another metaphorical seizure from its influence being meddled with.
>>126424 I can't imagine what would happen if the opposite happens. Well, I do, you get censored, banned, threatened and arrested. I should laugh but I don't find this shit funny.
>>126753 The result of having an entertainer leading part of the government is that you get entertainment out of that part of it instead of governance. There's a large segment of America that finds that idea appealing. >>126747 Imageboards are proto-social-media in the same way that internet forums are. In both, social circles are formed around ideas (threads and boards) rather than the individuals or named groups promulgating those ideas (or family and friend connections or commercial promotions, which are exclusive to modern social media). Remember that most large social media sites today started off as places for small groups of people (most of whom probably already knew each other) to communicate and share images and maybe be served some ads on the side. It's from there that they turned into platforms for shoving ideas on to other people and selling people to advertisers.
Anyone know when exactly 1d4chan banned lolishota?
>>126764 What the fuck is 1d4chan
>>126764 Did they ban lolishota? I suspected it was tainted a long time ago. >>126765 4chan's /tg/ wiki.
(196.60 KB 1200x795 pls.jpg)
(130.19 KB 732x1020 pls resbond.jpg)
(109.80 KB 710x479 *sob* pls.jpg)
(93.41 KB 959x714 ifnotyou.jpg)
>>126653 >>126663 >>126672 >>126689 >>126696 >>126700 >>126702 >>126703 >>126705 >>126707 >>126711 >>126713 >>126725 >>126740 >>126753 >>126762 One Jew denies it, the other swears to it, a third shows up and says "WTF is going on here?" SLOPPY JOB MOSSAD It's too late for this, you should be preparing your pilpul for how you actually meant to lose and it was part of your cunning plan all along. "B-BUT I LOST ON PURPOSE, THEREFORE I WIN!"
(4.86 MB 1280x720 0hUeFAZzeZM3W5ji.mp4)
>>126584 >>126678 >>126424 Just look at this high quality animation. With art like this why do we even need anime anymore?
>>126773 It's like a late 90s Canadian flash animation.
>>126773 The voice acting is even worse. Some of it wasn't even entirely legible when the women talked and it was out of sync with the animation.
>>126621 Fucking this. The twitter lefties have influenced the majority of society, like it or not.
>>126773 I guess there is no commentary about what a piece of shit this is. At least Gumball had tact and taste when they did their Trump parody. They made him evil but not fucking stupid and ridiculous.Except for the fucking head.
>>126773 How do these people produce garbage and not feel fucking embarrassed with themselves?
>>126773 Western media in a nutshell. And these fucks wonder why people aren't watching their shit anymore. It's not just dragging in politics in an extremely heavy-handed manner, neither the art nor the sound is quality. People got paid for this.
Is this >>126767 the Lucario that I keep hearing about?
>>126790 >How do these people produce garbage and not feel fucking embarrassed with themselves? Years of being told that low-effort tripe and emotion are worth more than a highly detailed work of art, along with the whole >look at us, we're cool despite completely ignoring the fact that said "cool shit" still has the rotting remnants of the 1970s on it
>>126764 >banned lolishota In what way?
>>126773 I just can't understand why they try to "deconstruct" things they never watched to begin with? Why don't they do their own sit com about ugly feminist people and stop wasting everyone's time? Thank god everything is digital now, because a tree would be ashamed in the afterlife if its corpse helped making this abomination.
>>126764 >Anyone know when exactly 1d4chan banned lolishota? You might want to take a gander at the reddit warhammer community if you want to look for someone to blame. >>126801 Anon, we've had discussions with this shit, Communists or their many spawns from Atheist Fedora-tipping retards or the typical Immigrant Social Activist Leech are into "Deconstruction", you've got the Soviets to Maoists who have made it a goal on how to not just destroy their ideological opponents, but destroy everything they stand for, people might think it's just a fucking edgy cartoon but this is some lesbian fat dykes' contempt of something they're pretending to like, you can see "Shocking!" or "Subversive!" in the headlines for these type of crap.
>>126773 Newgrounds have more competent and talented animators and they're doing it for free!
(78.58 KB 567x546 WARHAMMER_COMMUNITY.jpg)
>>126820 >the reddit warhammer community
Made a small /clang/ thread on /h/ >>>/h/504 Would be nice if some of you guys could post some robot girls lewds if that's okay?
>>126835 >Would be nice if some of you guys could post some robot girls lewds if that's okay? I certainly will later.
>>126773 And, now I have an example to show to explain why I'm preferring to watch Johnny Quest over the modern stuff.
>>126566 This is old as shit, why did everyone just now start making articles recently?
>>126820 >you can see "Shocking!" or "Subversive!" in the headlines for these type of crap It is shocking that someone, not only "Okayed" but, even SPENT MONEY for the production of this shit. And, it certainly subverted my expectations of just how bad it is.
>>126857 I guess the only subversion done well were Spaghetti Westerns.
>>126866 Weren't Spaghetti Westerns also done by rabid fans of Westerns, not Liberal Arts majors?
>>126871 Indeed, because in all Europe the ones who loved most westerns were the spanish and the italians.
>>126580 >>126615 In for a penny in for a pound. I went out of my way to look at the first and third episode too. Anon in threads were right its just Big Bang Theory all over again random things stringed together to sound funny except without the laugh track the bad jokes manage to stick out like a sore thumb. >>126773 >>126584 These seem more like the Pilot Episode or proof of concept, notice how the Tanned Red haired girl is now a pale purple haired girl. I don't know if they'll go this direction anymore. Villain is a possible gay man who works with a Female CEO that are trying to destroy the universe through outrage and click bait farming. But i've wasted enough of my time
>>126773 Between this and >>126553 It's like that ugly americans cartoon, but it's this horrible amalgamation of tumblr-style, feminism, narcisism, and granduer. It looks like they pulled two of those ugly tumblr sailor moon redesigns and decided to make it a show, to use it as a political soapbox and also fellate themselves over how qUiRkY and dead inside they are. >haha birth control aren't we EMPOWERED >haha dude WEED bro >haha TOM FUCKING SELLECK >haha edgy livejournal phase SO RELATABLE >haha red pandas are so cute right? IT'S NAMED NUT, IT CREATED THE UNIVERSE ISN'T THAT SO WHACKY? >HOW DO YOU DO FELLOW PUSSYHATTERS DOESN'T THIS ORANGE FROG SOUND A LOT LIKE TRUMP? #THISPUSSYGRABSBACK >we can't pay our rent
(119.07 KB 750x1579 Cultural Marxism Guide.png)
Anons, remember Archon, the ex-owner and founder of The Escapist? He's still with us after all these years. In case your memory eludes you, he's the one who shared this to us in the early months. https://macris.substack.com/p/the-state-of-gaming-revisited
>>126903 How can a founder lose control of the thing he created?
>>126904 Two main ways: <Investor rebellion Other people give the founder money to develop the business for a share of ownership. If there's enough of it not in the hands of the founder, he can get kicked out by the investors rebelling <Worker rebellion This is less legalistic, for the most part. It's what basically happened to that Skullgirls guy. If nearly all workers in your company are ideologues, they might band together to strike until you give in. Theoretically, you could fire them all, but many local laws protect strikes so that could land you a massive lawsuit that'd ruin you depending on where you are, and even if that's not the case, you now have a business with no workers and therefore no income, but you still have contractual obligations to fulfill. And good luck rehiring an entire company's worth of people at once.
>>125532 Anyone have the video with this song leaking to students in a classroom (think it was high school ones) reacting to it?
>>126915 Surely there is an upper limit to how long a strike can last before the workers are unpaid? Otherwise you can go on strike for a year until the employer makes $30 minimum wage a thing.
>>126917 Not sure how common it is to have to pay workers that are on strike. What is fairly common is a ban on firing strikers, and there's also places that ban hiring scabs. Basically means that if there's a strike, you have to shut down for the duration which can massively fuck you if you have delivery contracts (including advertising contracts)
>>126916 >leaking bruh
>>126935 >bruh Negro.
>>126820 Two world wars killed a lot of skilled and talented men, maimed/crippled others, and the "long march on institutions" destroyed what little was left of competent draftsmen who could teach others to properly draw and animate. Sometimes people blame the digital tools, but in the hands of someone good they just enable them to do more. In the hands of shit golems, they create barely intelligible trash that is technically something that was drawn and/or animated. There is also the desire to cut corners every place they can, to constantly seek bigger and bigger demographics to have more marketshare (within an age group, at least). It's all fucked. Only Japan and obscure French faggots make any good animation anymore.
>>126943 >Only Japan and obscure French faggots make any good animation anymore. That's not really true anymore as they're exporting much of the process to Korea. Also, all the good artists didn't die out, or fail to pass on their teachings. It's just that nearly ALL of the people with those skills find it to be much more profitable to make porn and erotica, with those leaking out into animation and other fields being in the minority.
(63.52 KB 1000x563 NuisancePre06.jpg)
>>126764 I don't know if loli and shota actually are banned, but there was a nigger named Chumbledoor who attempted to delete and rewrite the article about lolis multiple times: https://1d4chan.org/index.php?title=Loli&action=history >>126779 Pic related in case somebody didn't watch that episode.
(25.20 KB 109x169 Untitled.png)
>>126773 That was 'nothing'. The cyan haired one looks exactly like an SJW cartoon face.
(528.38 KB 798x711 Screenshot 2020-10-13 093301.png)
Any of you monitoring POTUS's twatter feed earlier confirm he retweeted this? I wake up and apparently he did and then undid it and not one boomer had the foresight to fucking archive, especially considering the implications. Let me know if this looks familiar and if your archive of choice might have it archived.
>>126957 I heard about that, but I haven't managed to find an archive either.
(22.94 KB 362x346 1469424181292.jpg)
Well fuck. My twitter got nuked for calling out the holohoax and twitter needs a phone number to sign up now and phone and texting app numbers don't work directly and they don't work for google voice either. Anyone know how to get around this? I assume those of you that also use twitter to redpill have gotten banned a few times as well.
>>126975 Shoulda made accounts years back. Look into getting prepaid SIM cards from a third/second world country
>>126608 While these threads often have problems of highlighting a "literally who" on twitter that is often better off being ignored, completelty igonoring twitter can lead to you getting sideswipped. A signifcant portion of gameing/nerd culture related drama that is of actual consequence is started on twitter. >the kikeZ allegations started on twitter >The moral panic against lolicon is mostly driven by twitter. >A signficant amount of gaming PR(from which you can often judge if a game is worth your time) is done on twitter.
>>126975 Last I checked years ago, if you make an account on the website Twilio they give you a unique phone number for a month which you can use to receive SMS messages via their website, which should work with Twitter verification. Making a Twilio account itself required phone-number verification, though I'm not sure if it still does, but their blacklist of public SMS-receiving numbers was much less extensive than Twitter's was. https://www.twilio.com/ You also might want to be careful about clearing Twitter's cookies and so on because they might use methods like that to see if you're the same person as a banned account, I'm not sure.
>>126957 It's big news. Alan Parrot is the real deal. https://vosizneias.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/loftus.pdf
Found out something new. Turns out that the Kikes didn't despise Christ (And the Christians) because he referred to God as "Father". It's because he referred to God as "daddy/papa/父": https://invidio.us/watch?v=7wSOwVRes3o
Anyone of have that "Prices of dildos is going up" video with the Ed, Edd, 'n Eddy, sound effects?
>>127024 Oy vay
>>126978 Not about to pay to use twitter. >>126998 What the fuck. As soon as I verified the account with my number it insta-suspended me.
>>127061 Huh. If you used a public SMS-receiving number for the Twilio account maybe they've employed countermeasures against that? I think it costs them a dollar or two to give you the number for the trial month, so they might have incentive to do that if they noticed people using it as a disposable number. Other than that the only thing I can think of is that they might object to your email address for some reason.
(262.10 KB 426x426 set_to_W.mp4)
>>126975 >>127061 This is a good thing. You shouldn't be wasting your time on twitter. It's a cancer and you're driving up their usage statistics and making them money of your user data. Go do something else with your time.
>>126767 >everyone is mossad okay thats redpill overdose. I just saw that scenario play out the same way too many times >anti system wins, shocking everyone, how could this happen?! >system mobilizes all their resources and whips people into frenzy no one cares about system candidate they just want to defeat "EVIL" >anti system loses its element of surprise and with it advantage it had >loses the election with big difference >system covers the vectors it can be attacked the next time It happened all over Europe it will happen on US soil too
(43.09 KB 460x602 fa.png)
>>127065 I used my actual cell number for the account. I submitted a support ticket so I'll know if it was in error soon enough i guess. Maybe they've had an uptick in users and auto suspend everyone? I don't know. >>127071 Yea sure but the porn artists and regular artists too. Some of these fucks, hell most of them don't have pixiv or anything else. Also this is the email i got. What fucking part of this promotes violence threatens or harasses. At least on my last accounts ban i threatened a kike. This is literally "no name calling or narrative questioning filthy goyim".
>>127077 Gonna have to give some specific examples, I don't remember this happening >>127024 sometimes I wonder if anons just find the most asinine and retarded people to listen to just for shits and giggles >invidious link after its dead I don't trust you anon. >>126975
>>127083 > This is literally "no name calling or narrative questioning filthy goyim". Nigger, what kind of twittertard are you to think using echoes and questioning the holocaust wouldn't get you banned? If you see anyone else doing this on there and they aren't yet banned it's merely for going unnoticed by people willing to report, just like loli/shota on there.
>>127098 >>invidious link after its dead It lets you choose an alternative instance though, so people keep using it because they're too lazy to choose and remember a new one.
>>126773 Ok so basically its Puni Puni Poemi for degenerate western women who watched sailor moon once? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y5WB_WLS_KY
How do you anons feel about a /fit/ board here? I could make one.
>>127121 Why does it matter how >we feel. You think this is some clique that controls the site or something? If you want a board, make it, and then announce it wherever. Asking about it here first won't cause what little offtopic /fit/ posting there is in these threads to be more likely to move to /fit/.
>>127111 There are plenty of accounts i followed with hundreds, thousands, and even tens of thousands of followers that say much more than that and with much more consistency. Talking posts pretty much every day multiple times a day. I maybe make a few posts a week and have said far worse been reported and had the cases denied. Half the kikes on the site identify themselves with echoes. I'm really fucking sick of this shit. Is Trumps site for reporting censorship of right wingers still up? Not that it would fucking do anything likely, Fucking useless politicians just letting us be censored and doing absolutely nothing to stop it. Ted Cruz quite often brings it up but haven't seen any legislation stopping twitter from banning free speech.
>>126903 I think he does tabletop now. I believe he made a D&D retroclone called ACKS.
(628.51 KB 900x1165 Adventurer Conqueror King.jpg)
>>127126 Forgot my pic.
>>127127 Is the game fun? At least it features sone actual good art.
>>127123 I asked to see if there was some interest. I guess I'll just make it then.
>>127132 It's an OSR with a strong focus on the endgame with realmbuilding. It's great and soy-free, which is rare for modern systems.
(22.99 KB 219x410 Iwerks01.jpg)
>>126915 <(((worker))) rebellion I still say the printing press was a mistake, all forms of media have become parasitical after just a moment of glory, take Disney for instance. After Snow White it was all every finger trying to worm up his asshole.
>>127168 >all forms of media have become parasitical after just a moment of glory Isn't the market theory suppose to be that once you lower the barrier of entry enough, it then allows for "true competition" to take place, where those looking to make a buck are ousted and those providing genuine quality are given the chance to shine?
(415.52 KB 354x529 Shocked and confused Kusanagi.png)
>>127168 >I still say the printing press was a mistake, all forms of media Where does this retarded idea that the because Jews use tools, that those tools themselves are evil, come from? You think Jews wouldn't be Jewing behind the scenes if books weren't widespread, or if there was no internet? I've seen this sentiment dozens of times in these threads, mainly out of disdain for social media which is understandable, but then a few "enlightened intellectuals" take it further and go, >Internet bad >Books bad >Enlightment bad >Renaissance bad And similar such bullshit whithout a true clear and concise explanation as to how these things are bad or any worse than a gun in the wrong hands. As well as some undercurrent, some feeling in my gut, that these posts express a longing that they want to return to the feudal ages and live as serfs.
>>127183 They're basically no better than niggers, I really wish the type who said all that shit really would go live in a sod house living like a serf and never go back online again.
>>127183 >Where does this retarded idea that the because Jews use tools, that those tools themselves are evil, come from? Retards who think that taking away the tools will solve all the problems. It's the same line of thinking that brings forth: <If we ban all the guns, then people will stop killing. <If we ban the "bad" products that people buy, then they will stop desiring those products. <If we prevent "[Insert group]" from gaining control of the government, the there's no need to worry about the government having total an unchecked power.
(444.26 KB 800x800 Fern Horrified.png)
>>126409 https://archive.is/ym0Rq More crap on this shit show from the latest episode. I'm not gonna bother posting the screencap. It's a shitty period joke.
>>126943 Europe's population after WW2 never recovered which is why you got a lot of cumskin lovers who want them to breed with their women and soyboy cucks who want immigration and how divershitty = replacement population, and there's the Marshall Plan that fucked over the economy of Western Europe that gave us Socialized bullshit and paved way for the EU that continues to leech off from either the US or each other. And they never had much pushback on the sociopolitical and ideological creeping by Commies from the 50s to 80s. Funny how most of the problems from today can be traced back to WW2, really shouldn't have let the Soviets free reign, fucking Roosevelt.
>>127194 Youre gonna need a source on that, because im pretty sure the whole western world had a population growth boost after ww2.
(39.19 KB 500x387 evola.jpg)
>>127183 Read Evola's main three books. As a short summary however: Most "people" are basically NPCs who are incapable of holding themselves to higher than animalistic goals (these are your serfs, the normalfag hordes). Society needs to provide these with a way of participating in higher things, which is best accomplished by structuring society in a pyramid shape, made of progressively smaller pyramids until you're at the individual family level, the atomic unit of society. This gives everyone a clear role, and clear superiors and inferiors and some ideal to strive towards, which is their immediate superior, close enough to anyone that even normalfags get it. Then, you have the basic anon: Intelligent, largely introverted, with a fairly strong idealistic/abstract streak (your priests/monks/etc.). These are capable of striving for higher things, tend to have a love for learning and knowledge, and are aware of the vapidness of material goals, but they tend to do this in a somewhat more passive/stay-at-home way. Then there's the Chads: Not necessarily bright, but with an instinctive understanding of the importance of active behavior, of the pursuit of higher things through it, and with the charisma to unite the normalfag hordes (your aristocrats) Then, there is the Emperor, a union of anon and chad, uniting both active and passive principles in harmony, a mortal god, ruler of all. Society ordered in such a way is largely proof against kikery because the normalfags are kept under control and their opinion is irrelevant. The Renaissance saw both the rise of the merchant class, a class beholden to no higher ideal than the material, for a reason, and the weakening of the feudal system for a reason: They go hand in hand. The Enlightenment made the ones that believe in higher things a figure of fun, outright mocking the possibility of not being a vapid normalfag. It ruined the last vestiges of what kept society secure from the claws of the Jews. There's a reason it and the fall of monarchy went hand in hand. Read de Maistre for a closer look at this. Books existed before they fell into the hands of normalfags. The Internet existed before it fell into the hands of normalfags. Neither are bad, only their availability to normalfags is. They cannot be sane without having someone wiser interpret knowledge for them.
>>126773 This looks like an early prototype of the show, the character designs are different and the animation is way more choppier. >>126779 >>126948 I wish dipshits would keep their political shitflinging outside of children's cartoons. >>127120 It's weird how a lot of millennial feminists watched Sailor Moon when they were younger and yet grew into ugly, bulldykes that hate anime despite creating their own cartoons inspired by it.
(2.99 MB 355x201 1423846887003-2.gif)
>>127199 >Hierarchies prevent tyranny >The empereror is necessarily good, a mortal god even This is ancap levels of ideological retardation.
>>127199 The current structure of society allows for a much larger class of thinkers though, it gives motility so that the serf class can rise to it and even higher order of classes. The retarded rigid system stagnated and was far more prone to corruption than simply forces like the jews. Any of the aristocratic or royal class could cause that and throw their entire society which they ruled into turmoil for the span of their reigns which usually extended to their lives. So a single point a failure to collapse an entire society is better in your eyes? A single point of inbred failure because monarchs will inevitably try to keep their crown in the family without elevating others.
>>127132 Yeah if you like playing B/X D&D. It does some things thing differently like adding 2e’s non weapon proficiencies and making attack bonuses work a bit differently. Has a lot of rules for building and running a domain/kingdom that old D&D used to have.
>>127182 Well in practice it seems almost the opposite, appeal to the lowest common denominator while pushing said denominator downwards, making space for more consumers from the mainstream. Usually this involves the eventual removal or dilution of many crucial elements. They water it down as much as they can get away with it.
oy, GrumpyGrannies, heard some shit about a chinise millionare hiring people to heckle some tTannamen survivor and his family on US soil any info on that?
(439.46 KB 648x907 ClipboardImage.png)
>>127224 I love it. They should keep going. Ah, how many terribly un-pc jokes I've seen get past facebook because they're in spanish. Good times
Joe Biden might be under criminal investigation in Ukraine if video related is anything to go by. https://yewtu.be/watch?v=aGefQd8jO28
(55.60 KB 604x453 Kenshiro.jpg)
Here it is. The new, better and stronger >>>/fit/ Consider checking it out.
>>127237 >the GG mafia creates/takes-over another board
(262.35 KB 610x753 djt.png)
>>126957 POTUS has retweeted the same subject once more. Maybe he is just trolling but if not, double wew. https://archive.is/XClwX
>>127254 Can't be helped when what boards aren't here on stubbornly staying on the webring.
>>127237 >>127254 I just remembered that zzzchan also has a /fit/ board
>>127257 Wait, doesn't this also implicate Bush?
>>127260 It would implicate everyone, so buckle up, buttercup.
>>127260 It basically more evidence of the ForeverWar Uniparty
>>126957 >>127043 >>127257 Why delete the retweets then? Did his election team advise him not to kick the (((hornet's))) nest?
>>127270 All I can see is that the account he retweeted has been outright suspended.
>>127270 The second reweet is still up. The first one was suspended/kicked off twitter later in the day. Retweets are not endorsements and of course this makes a lot of his opponents look really bad. Or, maybe he is being fooled as well. It is too early, but there is obviously a big gay op going down that glows or does not glow.
>>126662 >Forcing a board into tor in an already half dead website completely kills it, what a surprise. As if it was any more dead than before. Everywhere but /v/ is 0-2 PPH at all times I've checked.
>>127273 PPH is a more or less useless metric. I think it's overtly clear that if a loli board was on the clearnet and board list it would garner more activity by nature of being more exposed. Whether that activity amounts to noticeable PPH increases is neither here nor there, because as you said every board is 0 PPH anyways. The metric should be shifted to PPW or PPM. There you would see a tangible difference in a hidden board versus a public and indexed board.
>>127275 A tangible difference in PPW or PPM is nothing but dead vs deader.
>>127278 It's all relative. I think any "dead" board would be more than happy to receive a few dozen posts per month.
>>127230 >Joe Biden >Getting investigated for his quid pro quo and being in bed with the enemy of the USA Wishful thinking.
>>127279 >a few dozen posts per month. People were talking about PPH addiction before, and this feels like the reverse case. A board no matter how dead is "happy" as long as the corpse twitches once in a while.
>>127283 Being happy to see literally any activity up from no activity is not the inverse of PPH addiction. It's just appreciating activity in this unfortunate state of affairs. Obviously it's not ideal to be content with a few posts per month. But just throwing up your hands and declaring everything dead and meaningless certainly isn't going to create any activity.
(351.89 KB 490x457 ClipboardImage.png)
>>127207 >much larger class of thinkers though If you call modern marxist academics "thinkers", sure. >serf class can rise to it and even higher order of classes And that's the problem. They're NPCs. Them having higher position is a downside, not an upside. >far more prone to corruption Not really, as long as the system was fully active in the Middle Ages. The Corruption with started after the Renaissance with its merchant houses becoming more powerful than the lower nobles. I'll say it again, read Evola and de Maistre. They're far better at refuting these points than I.
(104.89 KB 774x1136 Mikasa fit.jpg)
>>127237 Cool, I've been missing having a /fit/ board. I'll definitely be around to use it.
>>127298 There's been one for a couple weeks on snooze chan.
>>127293 > Lol this is crazy. His whole life was dedicated to protecting indigenous people. I wish people would do some research instead of just act. Didn't some former Communist countries refuse to tear down Lenin/Stalin's statue because they wanted it to serve as a constant reminder of their terrible history, NOT because they wanted to still glorify the guy?
(1.16 MB 1179x1920 Isabel la Católica.jpg)
>>127293 Leftists are pulling this bullshit in hispanic countries to, seeing how the 12th is the day of hispanity they started chimping out and clashing with police while trying to destroy statues, they even fucked up a statue of queen isabella, a woman that enacted laws to protect the natives, they are trying to delete history worldwide.
(7.24 MB 1920x1080 elk.webm)
(18.60 KB 727x501 burn_people_at_the_stake.png)
>>127352 Anon these insane faggots set fire to an elk statue. Twice. They are beyond all reason. People like them are the reason that we use to have the Inquisition.
>>127354 And something that has been going for years is trying to shame us for giving some culture to a continent full of savages, even stopping literal satanic empires, yet they don't want to talk about ETA and let former terrorists get political power. I want commies to die already.
>>127361 Man the 12th was a shitshow, leftists in all countries fucked up statues and monuments, while the american goverments did stop them our cuck goverment did jackshit, the parade was cancelled and then the jet fighters fucked up the flag too.
>>127363 That's the problem with communists getting into power. I regret ever feeling some admiration to our vice-commie faggot, who is looks like is a fucking über criminal and corrupt.
>>127364 Why the fuck would you trust or feel admiration for someone that not only supported the venezuelan comunist goverment and was funded by them , but also showed up as a propaganda tool for them.
>>127365 The 2000s was hard, after years of the same 2 parties fighting to be more corrupt than the other it felt like even negligent commies were a better option. Then Gamergate happened and have been redpilled over and over and over until it drove me mad.
>>127366 The 2000s crash I mean.
(239.84 KB 588x1465 webster.jpg)
What a coincidence.
>>127369 Anon no! You can't say the word 'coincidence' anymore! It's antisemitic.
>>127369 It's good to know that the democratic party is finally recognizing that sexual attraction to children is not a choice and to suggest so is offensive. Finally, the LGPTQ+ cum-unity can breathe easy, knowing that someone is standing up for them. Fucking retards
>>127372 It's good, but unironically.
>>127354 >They fucked the statue of Santa Isabela Scums.
(166.29 KB 1016x1190 map of israel.png)
(428.44 KB 999x562 marionette.jpg)
>>127199 (((Read Evola))) Emperors are kosher because there's only one person to bribe. What a bargain! Just like you learned in Econ 101, running a country is much too complex to entrust to one person. In the East they deal with this by looking the other way. In the West we use democracy. Competence is not a DBZ power level. There are many people skilled at many different things, and all of them are required for society to function. If you want to see what happens when a bunch of doctors and lawyers try to run a country, well, I guess look at Israel. >>127294 >Them having higher position is a downside, not an upside. That depends on your goal. The Jews do just fine letting dumbasses fight over who is nominally in power while they make the big decisions in the shadows. This was the fate of the Communist bloc, and, for a limited time only, if you vote for KamalaBiden, it can be yours too!
>>127383 That first picture is pretty unfortunate.
(153.02 KB 1200x900 D6IkfGsUcAI1DQh.jpg)
>>127386 Looks like a tomboy scout to me; maybe even that resident evil medic.
(676.63 KB 2955x2216 0gbDZ.jpg)
(92.44 KB 638x479 4EmoU.jpg)
(338.54 KB 2048x1536 7Gi3D.jpg)
(219.50 KB 1037x767 AN3Sz.jpg)
(149.21 KB 800x600 EFXcU.jpg)
>Buying my first home >Excited >Hope to move in by year's end >Planning placement of battlestation >Entire wall of old consoles >C64, Amiga, PS1, Saturn, Dreamcast, PC Engine... >FUCK YOU THEY'RE MY BEST MEMORIES >Organizing home loan >Real estate agent gets back to me >Previous owner just signed rental lease with tenant 11 days ago >Tenant is staying for 6 months FUCK.
>>127398 did you buy and then he signed or were you going to buy and he signed while you were still getting everything ready. Sucks either way but its only 6 months
(182.12 KB 383x457 ClipboardImage.png)
https://archive.fo/8gH6Z As soon as this senator berates Amy Coney Barrett on her statements about sexual preference, Oxford Dictionary and Dictionary.com changed the definition of the word "preference" and included the word "offensive" in it on it's 5th definiiton.
>>127407 so stupid
>>127407 >>127411 Do niggers have a criminal orientation, its not a preference caused by societal factors. Certainly no-one would choose a life of crime either, that would be illegal.
>>127413 Anon they already push that narrative with critical race theory.
>>127376 The hipocrites dont even respect actually relevant, good women from history that did great things, because christianism is not progressive.
>>127420 You don't even have to bring religion into it. Majority of people are too stupid to study history.
>>127425 That doesnt apply in spanish, we know her as "isabel la catolica", she and her husband already caught flak in the latest anniversary of the conquest of granada with the vicepresident (he still wasnt in office by that point) calling them genocidal.
>>127427 Sorry anon, Majority of normal fags don't know basic history and are just looking for excuse to cause chaos. For example in Merica we have faggots saying slavery is bad. Ok, reasonable and understandable. >Riots in neighborhoods, states, and cities that have nothing do with slavery. Ok, thats a little stupid, but maybe they're trying to rise up against oppression >Majority of these retards are aligned with the Party that actively enslaved them in the past Remember that these events are around 160 years old and heavily documented. If you ever try to bring it up these people will chimp out. Now these same faggots are tearing down statues of the President that actually freed the slaves along with generals and people who actively fought against slavery Because they are literally that fucking stupid. Always remember the most basic of tenants think about how stupid the average person is and then realise half of them are stupider than that. Thats your enemy.
(21.88 KB 300x100 cb1.jpg)
(23.94 KB 300x100 cb2.jpg)
>>127383 (((You))) are retarded claiming that Evola is a Jew considering he talks about the bullshit that is wrong with everything that happens with the West today and names them as one of the major problems why it turned to shit.
Game journo makes fun of pedowood celeb and gets fucking BTFO by literally everyone on the planet https://www.twitter.com/GamesNosh/status/1315822600807952384 https://archive.vn/2vCx7 He even made it into Twitter trending.
>>127495 He caused some severe butthurt, didn't he?
>>127495 That thread gave me brain cancer and decreased my already small IQ, and reading the profiles of the people replying to it gave cancer to my tumor.
>>127495 He made fun of the golden goose who happens to be the emotional guru for every young lass with severe stability problems who will one day be of voting age if they don't kill themselves first. The pile on was not disorganized, it was interesting to watch.
>>127513 power is only relative to how much of a cuck you are
>>127369 It's pretty simple to not be a faggot but they've obviously chosen otherwise.
More yester-year video commentary: Catholics turned Christianity into an /ss/ doujin: https://invidio.us/watch?v=qdKz-GLzIHQ
(191.64 KB 734x1668 hunter biden.png)
wew, they aren't even pretending anymore
>>127539 How intearasting.
(12.23 MB 1072x1920 video_2020-10-13_15-16-41.mp4)
>>127539 I wish that were me.
>>127563 Nigger what is this?
>>127563 Not exactly sure what's the takeaway here. Some democrat supporter that now works for Twitter is calling negative press fake news? Wasn't this Biden-Ukraine business a clear cut case of corruption/conflicts of interest that was amply proven already?
>>127588 >>127587 A news article with a primary source about how the whole Biden family is seeped in international money all over east europe and is indebted to multiple foreign powers is being considered “spam” and a “potential risk to your computer” and “may try to collect your information” when the link is clearly just the fucking news website (which they probably already visit regularly) and since 98% of computer users are completely fucking computer illiterate (including you too), they think they’ll get a virus by reading the article.
>>127614 And it's happening on multiple platforms, just like Gamergate. We warned everybody about this six years ago and nobody believed us. Send out more emails.
>>127614 Archive it.
For those that want the question answered of how it is that SJWs got involved with gaming: https://invidio.us/watch?v=QS6HG_ZxwcI On another note from 2008: How the flying fuck did McCain get nominated? Everything he's talking about doing is more Socialist then even CY Biden.
>>127614 >is being considered “spam” and a “potential risk to your computer” and “may try to collect your information” I don't think that's what is being stated. The site is grouping a bunch of very different "threats" of different nature together and handling them in the same way. The umbrella of shit that you can get fucked over for according to their URL Policy makes it so that it's not actually claiming that it is a phishing site. In this case, it probably falls under either >spammy links that mislead people or disrupt their experience (whatever the fuck disrupting their experience means) or >violent or misleading content that could lead to real-world harm (how the fuck they define harm is anybody's guess) Notice the recurring "misleading" term is impossible to define too. Is there a proper way to lead someone? They avoid saying anything that can clearly be defined, like "you can't post lies" or "you can only post factual statements". Something misleading can still be true, it doesn't necessarily imply that the information is false. I can only suppose this is their way of saying: link anything that doesn't follow our pre-established narrative and get banned, goy. >98% of computer users are completely fucking computer illiterate (including you too) Good thing at least I'm not reading-illiterate, like you :^)
>>127563 >>127588 >>127614 >>127617 >>127625 Let's say it together: ELECTION INTERFERENCE This is just the start of the October Surprise(s); buckle-up because we're in for one hell of a wild ride.
>>127640 This entire year was one big wild ride. I wonder what kind of crazy bullshit December will bring.
>>127617 doomPaul.jpg >>127618 https://archive.is/W0ENG >>127625 I am too old and too grumpy to further my learning in English language. Obviously my points can get across well enough and given how much of the shit I see on the internet, I have this feeling like most people aren’t much better. :^)
>>125561 Well the woman in the house looks Indian rather than European so I don't think it's that.
>>127641 Hopefuly we'll just get cute aliens visiting us, like big tiddy space elves or something.
(58.31 KB 481x601 2020 will be a great year.jpg)
>>127641 >>127651 My money on someone finding necron tombs.
>>127640 >>127641 Honesly I think November is going to be apex of this clusterfuck. Trump's 2nd term might have some cool shit going on (mass dem arrests, more china sanctions) but we'll probably never get chimpouts on the same scale as 2020. Actually there may be chimpouts on election day, or the day after, but I think they're too low energy to manage even that much anymore. >>127644 Nice dubs and thanks for the archive.
>>127651 >>127652 I personally hope for Memeteor on China or California. >>127653 It will be fun to watch from afar at very least.
(140.39 KB 1824x574 Synecdoche Chonk Chart.jpg)
>>127640 Dont forget every social media site has gone into overdrive to censor and control discussion and opinion. Yahoo keeps putting out liberal opeds and articles by irrelevant people (Bill Gates isnt a scientist his views on covid dont matter) while also removing the ability to comment on articles. Facebook has thought police warnings about bad posts,and Twitter outright deletes things,to say nothing about what searching on Google might do
>>127670 Sometimes I wonder how long it will be until they try to make smaller sites that aren't owned by big tech illegal, I'm pretty sure they'll attempt it at some point.
>>127672 They just need a fracture point and pretext a d about 2-10 years depending on opinion
>>127588 The takeaway is that the same people who spent years reporting on fake news, that they knew was bullshit, about Trump & Russia are going to outrageous lengths to hide a legitimate story about Biden & Ukraine. Hunter Biden is another Anthony Wiener, the dumb cunt left a computer at a repair shop with all sorts of dirt on it. The repair shop owner, god bless him, copied the HDD's contents and sent it to Giuliani.
(598.00 KB 636x1822 ClipboardImage.png)
>A museum in France said it decided to postpone an exhibit about the Mongol emperor Genghis Khan citing interference by the Chinese government, which has accused it of trying to rewrite history >Chinese authorities demanded certain words, including "Genghis Khan", "Empire" and "Mongol" be taken out of the show. It also said that they asked for power over exhibition brochures, legends and maps https://archive.is/VSnzF
>>127689 How dare you question the 6 million? Are you trying to rewrite history, goyim? It was 6 billion, if you don't write down 6 trillion on that plaque we're pulling funding.
>>127674 >They just need a fracture point Not sure what you mean. Example? >and pretext That's easy. Just like how the government grilled Jimbo Thotkins about 8chan as a scapegoat to look they were "doing something about the mass shootings" and like they grilled fagbook. They can come after sites for their "inability to supress 'terrorist propaganda' and other illegal materials sufficiently". Did you watch the video of them cross examining facebook, and a couple other silicon valley tech companies after the Spyro shooting? Despite it simply not being feasible to catch new material until it's reported on a site as massive and active as facebook, Congress was repeatedly and strongly saying that Facebook's response was insufficient and not fast enough. Currently website owners are not responsible for illegal material posted to their sites, as long as it's deleted and/or reported "in a timely manner". But what's the time limit? It is officially noted down anywhere? Does this limit vary with the size, activity, and resources of a site? Facebook got off scot free due to their size and reputation. Jimbo got off scot free in the government's eyes but had to have Ron deal with non-goverment deplatforming. But if "things the government doesn't like", or things that are outright illegal keep getting media attention for "proliferating on the internet on small websites like the infamous 8chan", there could be a more general crackdown on any accountless website without the resources to find and delete things in seconds.
>>127692 These are the Asian Jews, not the Jew Jews, torfag.
>>127695 I'm aware chinks aren't jews, at least not literally speaking. It's just a funny comparison with how jews approach revisionism by projecting their malice onto their opponents and victims.
(762.86 KB 272x294 dancing goblin.gif)
(10.82 MB 11. Goblins.mp3)
Next thread dancing goblin edition?
>>127689 >China so butthurt they're trying to pretend the Yuan dynasty never happened.
>>127689 >hey, you know that massive fucking army that tore the entire shit out of Europe during the last days of the Roman Empire and was so fucking infamous that western history was changed forever >yeah, don't you dare tell the truth about them Gas every single bugman, fuck these niggers, they're just as bad as (((them))).
>>127701 I want a /ss/ nun edition because of this. >>127539 >>127564.
(138.23 KB 1920x1080 heavy_is_disgusted.jpg)
>>127574 >belly piercing
>>127712 >>127701 >thinking there's any point in continuing these threads after the powers that be are confirmed to have won as explained by >>127693 and >>127694
>>127717 gate's closed, everyone!
>>127715 Enjoy things while they last as much as you can, fight if you can manage, there's always going to be dark periods.
>>127733 The problem with TOR is that our ideas and beliefs won't ever spread to the outside world. The left now controls public discourse forever.
>>127732 >fight if you can manage, None of us are going to do that. We all know deep down we already lost.
You're a bit late to join the thread, Niggerpill.
>>127495 I'm glad I got the fuck away from cuckchan. The amount of cuckchan tier memes on the comments are disturbing.
>>127710 Youre technically correct but i think you are confused, the ones you were thinking about where the huns, the mongols murderraped the arabs and gave the byzantines some breathing room only to get killed by the mongolized turks.
>>127735 If tor was baked into browsers by default it would be less of a discoverability issue. Brave already has tor baked into it, albeit the integration is awkward and shitty but it's a good start. The problem with tor's optics is that it's perceived almost entirely as a tool for the individual users privacy, rather than a tool for the individual websites privacy. So people sperg out when you talk about non-standard tor configurations because "zomg fingerprinting", but half the point of tor has nothing to do with user privacy and the people already using the clearnet are profiling the fuck out of themselves anyways so it's a moot concern. I'd like to see all browsers capable of interfacing with onion sites seamlessly and have tor become normalized. Not for user privacy but for the ability for sites to host content anonymously and bypass nigger CDNs, registrars, VPS companies, and even bodies of government/laws. In a world where anglo countries have criminalized small titty porn it's not feasible to expect to operate on the clearnet for the foreseeable future. For now you retards have your clearnet tor portal, although I do see people mention it's often down for whatever reason.
>>127564 >>127574 >>127539 Find a religious women the tradcucks said. It'll be fine they said. https://archive.is/63Est
>>127747 >women preachers >trad The bible was quite clear about women leaders in that they shouldn't be allowed, it called them a curse.
>>127749 I'll do it I guess.
New Bread New Bread New Bread >>127754 >>127754 >>127754 >>127754 >>127754 New Bread New Bread New Bread
>>127755 Oh thank god. I was sweating there for a minute.

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