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SEGA is releasing a few canceled projects for a day on Steam Anonymous 10/14/2020 (Wed) 18:30:27 Id:389681 No. 127554
Basically SEGA is releasing a bunch of canceled projects for one day only as a part of their 60th anniversary promotional shtick. The games are a canceled version of Golden Axe, Kiryu and Majima in Streets of Rage 2, a 2D demake of Company of Heroes and a new Fantasy Zone remake called Endless Zone. Personally speaking I think it's pretty neat that SEGA is doing this and I hope more companies follow suit in releasing these unreleased projects for public consumption. Mainly to avoid another Star Fox 2 situation, where the game is already finished but is just rotting in a warehouse rather than being released. Forcing a team to make a game for a few years just to shelf it is super gay. The thumbnail issue is also super gay
Someone better download them all and share them.
>>127556 I'm sure someone will. I'll probably do it myself.
>>127554 Why not more then one day, or forever? They can use it to test the waters, call it the "Canceled Collection" or something.
>>127561 Because SEGA is based and they want us to pirate their games.
(430.13 KB 1113x660 205009.png)
You can also grab a free copy of Nights into Dreams. But you have to sign up for it.
Oh wow, that's actually really cool of them. It's rare of a company to even show off cancelled projects, let alone release them. Speaking of which, how was that cancelled Starcraft game that got leaked awhile ago? You know, the third-person shooter? Is it playable? Wasn't Sega founded at Standard Games back in 1940? It should be their 80th anniversary, not their 60th.
>>127570 >Still not the taxman remake Why the fuck will they not port it already?
>check the EULA for all the free games >"This Product may be protected by anti-cheat/hacking software and/or Denuvo Anti-Tamper Protection Technology" Really Sega? Really?
>>127591 ""This Product may be protected..." May be protected, anon. There's a chance everything will be daijoubu. Who am I kidding? Of course this modern company has to screw us over somehow.
>>127597 I mean they ended up sticking Sonic Mania with denuvo for a while, did they not?
>>127591 >>127601 Hell, Ubisoft put that shit onto Captain Autismo a fucking free game.
>>127554 >no sonic xtreme >no Shenmue Saturn prototype >no Rent a Hero Xbox remake gay >>127583 It was founded as Service Games in the 1946 by some (((entrepreneurs))) who exported slot machines to army bases. It wasn't until 1960 after some liquidations and mergers they were incorporated as Sega, Inc.
What? So no fake outrage for Sega when Nintendo did the exact same thing of limited time release for an anniversary? I guess it's only wrong if Nintendo does it. That Sega Gear Micro was released a while back and I hear it's good for what it is. You would think it would be hard to play with how small it is and see the game but it looks like those aren't a problem. Still, it should've been bigger and had all those games on it instead of it being separated into 4 game gears. They're teasing a Dreamcast mini since I don't think they'd do a SG-1000 release since most people don't know about that one. They better not fuck that one up like what they did with the Game Gear micro when they get to it.
>>127633 The fact that Sega is only releasing it for one day is bullshit, and has been mentioned in this thread, but we'll just pirate the games instead. These are previously unreleased games, so the main thing is that we can actually play them now. When Nintendo did it, it was with three very common games that are already easy to get, so there is really no upside to the release. You're basically just donating money to Nintendo, and they have the nerve to make it limited time, which just makes it worse. It's not good when Sega does it, but this case has other elements that are distracting from that fact.
>>127633 >They're teasing a Dreamcast mini since I don't think they'd do a SG-1000 release What fucking games would be on an SG-1000? It's too primitive to appeal to anyone under the age of 45, it's audience is extremely limited outside of Japan. They'd be better doing a Master System mini, and even then they would've been better putting that in with the Genesis mini
>>127656 Even the Master System is practically unknown in North America, obviously a major market. The people who do know it there largely only know it because of internet trivia, and it's basically just that one console with ports of Sonic game gear games, and Alex Kidd, who is again only known as the failed mascot that got replaced by Sonic. The Game Gear got ports of most of the notable games, and got more original ones well into the '90s. A release that had both Master System and Game Gear games might be interesting, but the fact of the matter is that the Master System does not have the brand recognition or nostalgia value of the NES. Now, on the internet, it's easy to fool yourself into thinking that they competed with each other, so they're comparable, but the reality is that the NES obliterated all of its competition. There was no more competition between the NES and Master System than there is a competition between men and ants.
>>127633 >What? So no fake outrage for Sega when Nintendo did the exact same thing of limited time release for an anniversary? I guess it's only wrong if Nintendo does it. Fuck off Nintendrone, making All-Stars a limited time purchase was a scummy move designed to make people impulse buy a bunch of years old ports at full price. Sega releasing some free abandonware for only one day is a weird choice but they aren't profiting off it and nobody had any expectations of them doing anything like this, so it's not the same.
>SEGAs full name is SEGA Sammy Holdings Who tf is sammy?
>>127677 A company that bought Sega years ago.
(12.81 KB 474x266 Fricks.jpg)
>>127677 >Who is Sammy?
>>127583 I'm aware of only two other instances of a company officially releasing prototypes beyond demos/EA/public beta ect. One is Volition released a very early prototype of a PSP Saints Row game. There's virtually no content but a crash prone engine and empty sandbox, but what works is pretty impressive on that hardware. The other is Sega including a prototype of Gunstar Heroes on Sega Ages Vol. 25.
(56.16 KB 600x600 A9yrrzICAAAbJ03.jpg)
Meanwhile, Sega just released the Nier Automata collaboration packs for PS2 at the cost $35 per pack. Each pack has a handful of cosmetic items centered around the three main characters, 2B, 9S, A2. That's over $100 for a scattering of costumes and stickers, or enough to buy both Nier: Automata: Game of the Yorha edition AND Nier: Replicant. Just how much of a fucking markup do they have here? Just because you used to be an Arcade focused company, Sega, doesn't mean you need to shoot for the high score in goddamned everything.
>>127683 Star Fox 2. There are also instances where unfinished games were published as extras inside other games, like Twisted Metal: Head-On: Extra Twisted Edition for PS2 included the unfinished Twisted Metal Lost, which was supposed to be the sequel to Twisted Metal Black, before they decided to go back to the original style and do Head-On. A prototype of Rayman 2 which was going to be a 2D game like Rayman 1 was included as a bonus in the finished version of Rayman 2. A cut level from Crash 1 was later released as free DLC for the Crash remakes 20 years later. A cut level from Sonic 2 was completed and then released as a secret level in the HD remake of Sonic 2, which was only released for iOS and Android for some reason. The Ratchet & Clank games usually include something called the "Insomniac Museum" which is just a showcase of beta and prototype elements that were dummied out of the game, sometimes including whole cut minigames and other elements that seem pretty substantially different from the main game.
>>127691 Also forgot to mention that Twisted Metal Head On: Extra Twisted Edition included the original lie action cutscenes filmed for Twisted Metal 1, which were cut from the original game and replaced with text, because puritans demanded censorship. Not only is it cool to see live action versions of the stories that were only seen as text before, but some of the stories are actually totally different, totally rewritten when they were replaced. The text versions are the ones that got referenced in later games, but it's still cool to see the originals.
>Sega has a ton of subsidiaries and gambling outfits in Japan >Surprising nobody, they're all pachinko machines >Look into pachinko shit on (((wikipedia))) >Gambling for money is actually illegal, so they win pachinko balls, which they exchange for "special prizes", which they then take to a separate building/business owned by a separate company (usually a subsidiary), which they can then sell the prize to, to collect their winnings >Company then sells the prizes back to the pachinko parlour and gets their cut I found that legal loophole kinda interesting. Apparently some 10% of males in Japan have a gambling addiction, compared to just 2% in the US. Also the most popular machines (by sales) are fucking Fist of the North Star, Aladdin, and Evangelion
>>127723 Note that the "prizes" are just tickets that say how much money they're worth when exchanged at the designated place. It's basically no different than casino chips, but with more pretense.
>>127554 if the streets of kamurocho is actually different and not just a asset swap it will be immediately better than sor4 for sure as far as the other titles >armor of heroes snore, looks like something that belongs on the amico >endless zone pretty sure the whole point of fantasy zone and similar shumps isn't to just loop infinitely, i have to say that one boss they showed aren't as complex as actual fantasy zone, like the ice boss for example showers the screen with a good amount of projectiles at multiple angles and directions if you're not careful with how you kill the boss, etc. even the first boss shotguned random projectiles from it's mouth, and the only hitbox you can shoot at is it's small mouth so you're always playing both the shooting & dodging aspect, a row of slow projectiles that zig zag / staircase across the boss with a big center isn't too interesting - hopefully as i play endless zone the bosses aren't that simple >golden axed it looks like someone only played golden axe 1 but not golden axe 2, or just budget/time constraints more than anything, no dash attacks or magic being showed off
>>127723 You didn't wonder why those junk plates you kept finding in Yakuza were selling for so much at the pawn shops? That's exactly what they're for. Pachinko prizes to be sold off to Pawn Shops who are in on the racket, who then sell the plates back to the pachiparlor.
>>127774 I've never actually played Yakuza.
>>127691 >The Ratchet & Clank games usually include something called the "Insomniac Museum" which is just a showcase of beta and prototype elements that were dummied out of the game, sometimes including whole cut minigames and other elements that seem pretty substantially different from the main game. This was the best fucking thing to ever unlock in a game. There were regular plaques to read about certain items, drivable vehicles and cut weapons you could use, representations of certain mechanics in simple way(Going Commando's museum had the "mini-planet" objects) or development videos. I miss the days when development seemed so mystical.
>>128011 Back then you had disjoint FAQs to find everything. Now everything is available on your favorite Fandom or Curse wiki. But its the online aspect at fault. Today's cut content is tomorrow's DLC. There is no pride in games. They always were a product, but being unable to make changes after it shipped meant you needed the highest quality control
>>127554 https://archive.vn/rqVbl Apparently that Golden Axe proto was the victim of complete and utter retardation within management.
>>127723 Kinda redundant now, because they've legalized gambling since two years, sadly several casino operators got fucked by the C-Virus. Several Pachinko companies are following suit in "modernizing" because of the recent legalization, so at least they will no longer pretend.
>>127690 >SEGA >NIER Are you schizophrenic by any chance?
>>128061 >Sega just released the Nier Automata collaboration packs for PS2 Before you mouth off next time, double check https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HlE17ctLeJs
(71.66 KB 646x449 sega ages golden axe.jpg)
They look like sega ages remakes.
(125.06 KB 701x960 2361131-nes_amagon.jpg)
>>127677 The true owners of Sega. The motherfucking devs who made Amagon. How have you never heard of them?
>meme retro game versions of existing IPs >STILL no Monkey Ball RETRO I got bamboozled hard.
>>128180 Also Survival Arts. "Top notch" fighting game.
>>128011 The Ratchet & Clank remake also has an Insomniac Museum, but it's by far the worst in the series, containing barely any content at all. The others gave you enough stuff to explore for hours. The new one is a few practically empty rooms. Idk if it's because they were lazy in making the Museum, or lazy in making the game, and just slapped in the first ideas that came to mind. The game does have a substantial amount of new content, but almost none of it is good or at all creative.
(277.04 KB 400x470 gif look at them.gif)
>>128018 >that amount of salt Neckebeard soyboy got used and discarded as he deserves.
(229.31 KB 570x894 miller.png)
>>128486 I'd be pretty pissed if I coded a prototype of a game as asked, specifically telling me to make a remake of a classic side scroller and management said "dur hur but why isn't it god of war lol" and axed it. I have a suspicion that a Sega shill's in thread to try to downplay negative press and how they're basically shilling games they fucked up because they weren't AAA enough. The game industry has been abusive to it's employees and this sort of half assed "lol look at all these demos of games we never made you can only get them today!" disney vault bullshit isn't just patronizing, but it's insulting to the people who essentially got their shit kicked in daily by asshole executives. There's been constant problems with demos of good games coming out, like the Megaman Legends 3 sequel that got axed in the early 2010's and then not following up on the fans' wishes. The fact that even the shit they consider trash is being handed out as deluxe limited exclusives tells you how very little they care for their customers, employees and even their own company. Maybe as a show of good faith they should release all of their axed game demos and gauge customer response BUT THEY WON'T DO THAT. They are so up their own ass, they've looped around into their own asses thrice. It would have been GREAT to have access to these axed games as a good faith thing, to see what could have been and maybe expand on it, but the whole way they're way too scared of how the people will react, they don't want to hear "Wow you should have made this game instead of X" because these fuckers are fucking high on their own fumes. Handing out old concept demos would have been a great way to MAKE MORE GAMES. But they FUCKED it up and treat it as a joke. The internals of the companies are so fucked up that they can't tell left from right so EVEN THIS got fucked up, someone probably internally asked for these demos to be released, but some OTHER FUCKER fucked it up by it being a day one only thing. WHY are they so scared of their consumers? Why don't they want people to see these demos to the point of downplaying the shit out of them and not using them for any sort of broad public focus group testing? What the FUCK is going on at SEGA?
>>128491 >I'd be pretty pissed if I coded a prototype of a game as asked, specifically telling me to make a remake of a classic side scroller and management said "dur hur but why isn't it god of war lol" and axed it. And, then you have those ex-AAA devs go make something on Patreon or Steam Early Access, and never finish the fucking thing. > WHY are they so scared of their consumers? Given Sega's track record that the company, and their properties, attract the worst kinds of autism, I think they're more scared of their own people than anything else.
>>128498 You either embrace the autism when it sprouts or you make less money. And on the early access shit, people actually make less money these days if they finish a game. Most people who make games just kinda half ass it because of Patreon or some furry "fuck you pay me" subscriber service. The temptation to never work again and have infinite free time as long as you make some sort of headway on a game once in a while is a great tempation for people who aren't born to be artists.
>>128498 >And, then you have those ex-AAA devs go make something on Patreon or Steam Early Access, and never finish the fucking thing Considering he's made one of the rare early access that fully delivered everything it promised doesn't seem to apply to him specifically.
(64.69 KB 329x218 Confused Major.png)
>>127690 >NieR Automata >PS2 lolwat
>>128595 He meant PSO2.
>>128141 If you squint, this almost looks like a beta version of Soul Fighter.
>>128486 >I lay on my bed staring at the ceiling. They didn't want it. They wanted something else entirely. I came to my conclusion - they didn't matter, I would continue doing exactly what I intended to do. No wonder it got shit canned.
>>128622 Probably best thing that could have happened regardless considering what they wanted.
>>128633 How is what they're making now "the best" that could have happened? When was the last time SEGA or any game company for that matter made anything worth playing?
>>128735 Yes deciding to give management the middle finger and keep on doing what looks like it might have been okay on the off chance management decide to not be retarded is a much better outcome than him caving in and making Beast Riders 2 cinematic violence edition, because it means the franchise stays dead instead of being further degraded.
>>128491 >The game industry has been abusive to it's employees So? Those employees are leftists. They deserve to be abused. >tells you how very little they care for their customers That is why you must pirate everything. >WHY are they so scared of their consumers? Because modern corporate suits are all hacks who got into their positions through nepotism, and thus, they have no merit to anything. But they want to present themselves as talented and successful to whatever peers surround them in their empty lives. When consumers with brains question the quality of their products, those suits freak out because it is reality slamming their heads and making them notice that they are hacks, untalented and unskilled. >>128615 The intro movie from Soul Fighter always made me laugh. >>128622 This part specifically: >they didn't matter, I would continue doing exactly what I intended to do. is what makes those soyfreaks deserve every abuse that they get. The neckbeard calls the suits parasites, but behaves like one himself. You aren't in a company to "do what I want". You are in to obey orders and deliver whatever the hell the higher ups ask of you. If you don't like it, leave the company. Those soyfreaks want to do whatever they want, bypassing any authority within the company and also bypassing their very customers. They are just a bunch of spoiled useless retards who can't do anything right but still want people to simply accept whatever low quality piece of shit they create with their deformed-by-soy brains.
(300.04 KB 900x506 Giggling.png)
>>128486 >His project got Golden Axed.
>>129087 Fuck up Luciano you inbred monkey. Or tell us something we haven't already heard a thousand times.
(4.88 MB 2160x3000 75158644_p1.png)
(5.02 MB 2160x3000 75158644_p3.png)
>>127572 どうもありがとうございました!
(20.92 KB 680x383 Buff guy on laptop.jpg)
>>129103 >Inconsistant bulging dick veins with stretched sections and bloated nodules Was this abused repeatedly abused coomer dick supposed to be attractive?
(213.49 KB 1366x768 7435908450.jpg)
>>129092 >Pic related >>129093 Take your meds, schizo. You are still hallucinating.
>>128491 This could actually work great as a general concept - just release any axed game that got far enough for a playable demo/slice on some specialized website and see how many people are interested. If enough people like it, make the full game. But that's probably exactly what they're afraid of. Years ago, decisions were made to axe those games. And the people that made those decisions rose in rank, they have mentors that are even higher up, and if consumers turn out to love a product they axed, their head is going to get axed next. It's management covering its own ass.
>>129530 >Years ago, decisions were made to axe those games. And the people that made those decisions rose in rank, they have mentors that are even higher up, and if consumers turn out to love a product they axed, their head is going to get axed next. It's management covering its own ass. Sounds more like paranoia. Companies always shelve and restart projects to fit their schedule. There's nothing guilty about it, it's how businesses work. If they are working on two projects, but one project is more important than the other, then they sometimes pull people from the less important project or shelve it altogether in order to make sure that the more important project is seen to completion with as little delay as possible. Then, there's also the possibility that a project just ends up hitting a "dead end" in deciding where it goes, so it's shelved as something that they can complete later on when they have better ideas of what to do, but move onto other projects in the mean time because the company still needs to make money. In addition, there's also the scenario that the project my be ripe for completion, but the company is unsure if the current market will even adopt the product (Despite the "success" of the marketing), so they shelve it or delay the release until a date where they can maximize their sales potential.
(445.92 KB 2196x1436 edgeworth microwave ceral.jpg)
>>129537 >>129530 As a CEO I'd consider axed game followthroughs as extra products, with no "hard feelings" if the consumer turns out to like the ideas presented. Sometimes ideas are shelved that people would actually like and having a site up for that would encourage more of these demos to be made in general. It's essentially free focus group testing but with a gigantic pool. And regular focus groups are no longer effective now that the open market is global and mass appeal is impossible. It's best, when market testing, to touch a group that would actually buy your game, and demo-releases could make the contact. Given the state of the industry they can't really afford to trust the internals of a company anymore because it's so political, it's best to be transparent if you want actual fans now.
>>129554 As an addendum, these extra games wouldn't even need a big budget unless it's proven this new method makes more money by far. Right now companies are throwing trillions or some shit at a time on AAA games in gigantic gambles backed up by tertiary money shifting methods to cushion the blow of bad sales and it's clear that despite being on top there's a shitload of failings. We know they're presenting the wrong numbers or outright fabrications, Top dog companies all over are starting to hit the red Like Disney recently did. At this point I say, in corporate jargon "Diversify your fucking portfolio.". It should be common practice to cut the middleman and go straight for the customer's wants. Direct communication. This is the holy grail of marketing.

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