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(762.85 KB 272x294 dancing goblin.gif)
(10.82 MB 11. Goblins.mp3)
#GamerGate + #NotYourShield [#GG + #NYS]: Dancing Goblin Edition Anonymous 10/15/2020 (Thu) 00:48:04 Id:ba4913 No. 127754
ONGOING DISCUSSIONS: >The Gamergate Thread Repository has been updated >Cover, the company behind Hololive, suspended Kiryu Coco and Akai Haato for 3 weeks over mentioning Taiwan, which makes the CCP mad https://archive.is/1Yjqf >13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim localization rewrites character to be "non-binary" http://archive.is/gfize >The 8chan.moe URL works again, loli boards are currently only accessible via Tor, Russian and German IPs will be blocked >>>/site/1138 >How Cuties Got Caught in a Gamergate-Style Internet Clash: https://archive.fo/e1YuB >Kotaku UK and Gizmodo UK close down as Future Publishing licenses lapse http://archive.is/VAU4p >Gamergate is now 6 years old >343 Industries removes police sirens nameplate from Halo 3: ODST, VG24/7 calls people who disagree "alt-right" http://archive.is/tDcI2 >Zchan replacement from z/v/ volunteer launches at zzzchan.xyz >WOTC to censor depictions of D&D orcs and drow, "correct" reprints of 5th edition books, hire more "diverse talent", and incorporate "sensitivity readers" into creative process http://archive.is/ltM5X >Possible explanation of Sony's censorship https://archive.fo/14BdL >Journos make up "patronizing comments onslaught" story about old grandmother, get corrected by said grandmother herself: https://archive.is/iB1Aj https://archive.is/YwOzU https://archive.is/S9Fhd >Twitch launches new "Twitch Safety Advisory Council" filled with SJW organizations and individuals. SJW transgender trans-deer council member cries harassment as backlash erupts from Twitch viewers/streamers and Reddit's /r/livestreamfail. http://archive.is/7X3f4 https://knowyourmeme.com/memes/events/ferociouslysteph-twitch-moderation-controversy >EA promotes "No Pixels For Fascists" and "Good Gaming - Well Played Democracy" projects in German blog post, one of them headed by former Stasi informant http://archive.is/KfCus >Sony DMCA'd 8chan.se http://archive.li/QBlLb CURRENT TASKS: 1. OPERATION TRAJAN: Collect and catalog all of the various localization and censorship accounts of past video games into a single repository from these sources: romhacking.net The_Cutting_Room_Floor Segaretro https://yewtu.be/channel/UCFItIX8SIs4zqhJCHpbeV1A 2. OP OUR LIFE OUR HOMETOWN: SONY FORCING JAPANESE DEVELOPERS TO CENSOR THEIR GAMES IN ALL REGIONS http://archive.vn/XQOHW Sony's policies forces censorship; JP devs allegedly have to go through ENG approval process: https://archive.fo/awzFF Japanese blog post about it: https://archive.fo/bF9bE Sony Japan President Says PS4 Censorship Policy Is To Match Global Standards And Protect Kids https://archive.fo/U3GLa -Confirms censorship was deliberate https://archive.fo/XgAgP -No rules for censorship policies, games judged case-by-case https://archive.fo/37DhK -Marvelous partner starts petition against policy https://archive.fo/rxQtf https://archive.fo/84UHo •Twitterfags: Tweet with Sony's stock code $SNE so that investors see your tweets and know you're pissed. •Consider spreading OP Timber materials to targets as well. http://archive.vn/URjtu ONGOING TASKS: A. Support archive.fo! Accountability needs proof: https://liberapay.com/archiveis/donate B. OP DisNod: Contact the FTC and advertisers about violations and unethical practices http://archive.vn/9bylT C. Internet Censorship happenings: Spread the word about the dangers of FOSTA/CLOUD act/Article 13, etc. https://www.eff.org/de/deeplinks/2020/03/earn-it-act-violates-constitution D. OP End the Era: Dig into resetera and their connections to journos, devs, etc. http://archive.vn/JfuSb Reminders (important, READ THESE!): •Use https://archive.fo to deny sites ad revenue and traffic and preserve pages in case they are deleted later •Be civil if you have to argue with people on Twitter, Tumblr or any forum - don't make us look like douchebags •Do not accept requests for any goal, demand lists or personal army requests: https://pastebin.com/p5dVp1e5 •Beware COINTELPRO: The Gentleperson's Guide to Forum Spies: https://cryptome.org/2012/07/gent-forum-spies.htm •STOP REPLYING TO BAITS AND OBVIOUS DERAILMENT ATTEMPTS, JUST REPORT AND FILTER Resources >Summaries of #GamerGate:https://www.yewtu.be/watch?v=wy9bisUIP3w - #GamerGate - If It's Not About Ethics •https://www.yewtu.be/watch?v=5fnRSL3d_xU - #GamerGate in 60 Seconds •https://archive.fo/23Fde - GamerGate: A State of the Union Address >Background and Evidence for #GamerGate: •The #GamerGate Dossier: https://archive.fo/nv1Fb •#GamerGate Wiki: https://ggwiki.deepfreeze.it/index.php?title=Main_Page •History of #GamerGate: https://www.historyofgamergate.com/ •View the timeline links in the Current Happenings section! >Lists: •GG Steam Support & Boycott List: https://v.gd/vzRsRb •Key GamerGate Hubs: https://v.gd/LNJbat (Needs updating) >Thread Repository: https://gitgud.io/gamergate/gamergateop/blob/master/ThreadRepository.md https://ggwiki.deepfreeze.it/index.php?title=Thread_Repository >Full OP Text: •Current: https://ggwiki.deepfreeze.it/index.php?title=The_GamerGate_OP >How Can I Help? https://8chan.se/gamergatehq/ •All OPs: https://gitgud.io/gamergate/gamergateop/tree/master/Operations •OP Vulcan: Learn logical debating: https://v.gd/Kbzw0L •An Anon's Guide to Twitter; basics: https://v.gd/nwrbYF >Want to Contribute to GitGud or Wiki? https://gitgud.io/gamergate/gamergateop/tree/master/How-to-Contribute
(142.91 KB 551x800 Cute Roll.png)
(1.61 MB 3360x2100 Gobbo Slayer.png)
(57.72 KB 352x450 Grombrindal.jpg)
>>127754 >goblins
(23.06 KB 109x169 ClipboardImage.png)
(72.15 KB 828x711 EkOhC9WWsAELJAC.jfif)
(74.13 KB 828x704 EkOhC9UXcAgAgTN.jfif)
(65.93 KB 828x691 EkOhC9UWkAEZVMx.jfif)
(67.03 KB 828x711 EkOhDIhXsAEyy0u.jfif)
(2.56 MB 1379x1948 senchou.png)
>>127761 Uh, MTF trannies can have periods too, bigot :^)
>>127759 That bottle has asscheeks.
(93.05 KB 725x999 goblin bride.jpg)
(186.95 KB 770x876 goblin skirt.jpg)
(286.63 KB 1920x2716 goblin warrior.jpg)
(1.14 MB 2202x3500 goblin witch.jpg)
(127.90 KB 1056x1000 Goblin_Queen_Regina_by_huffslove.jpg)
>>127765 Is Goblin Slayer a good anime/manga or just a meme?
>>127768 It is pretty fun once you get past all the goblin rape, gobbo slaya is extremely autistic about killing goblins and does so in a vareity of fun ways.
https://archive.is/hqJDd >It has been a long day of Twitter and Facebook trying to censor a shockig New York Post story showing emails that Joe contradict Biden's claims that he never discussed business with his son. And while one of Facebook's top executives announced FB's pledge to suppress the story earlier, after a long day that ended with several GOP lawmakers getting officially 'involved', Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has offered a comment. >Finally, Twitter offered an "apology" and went on to provide "much needed clarity" about its decision. The company then laid out a step by step explanation of how the story violated its terms of service. Notably, many of the examples it offered are routinely exhibited in news stories of all kinds. <The main offense that it's leaning on: publishing personal photos without the explicit permission of the subject. News media have long respected the privacy of private individuals, but when it comes to public figures, all bets are off. At least that's what many reporters are taught in journalism school.
(219.92 KB 655x1026 Goblin_Slayer_points_at_(YOU).jpg)
>>127768 Yes go read it now.
>>127770 >It is pretty fun once you get past all the goblin rape >get past all the gobin rape Nigger the goblin rape is the fun part. Go the fuck back to tumblr.
>>127773 >imfuckingplying The only good part about the goblinrape is that it gives agency to orcbolg's righteus genocide, apart from that, its almost as low as NTR, so getting off to it gives you a shit taste.
>>127773 The thing that makes the goblin rape fun is the twitter SJW response to it where, unprompted, they equated goblins to niggers.
(85.75 KB 350x319 103094495.png)
>>127776 Is that what you tell yourself when you're desperately trying to not enjoy girls getting some much deserved gobbo dick? That it's NTR? Those girls wouldn't have an interest in you even if they weren't fictional characters, you're not missing out on anything loser.
>>127777 No lucky quads anon, that's just icing on the cake. The thing that makes it fun is seeing women who think they can play warrior get a hard, long dose of reality.
>>127778 >he gets off to a bunch of deformed, green pygmeys raping and brutalizing cute girls >implying im crying The one butthurt about people not liking the same as you here is you.
>>127773 >Nigger the goblin rape is the fun part. T. filthy grobi who could not even overpower a halfling loli
>>127778 By that logic, Blacked is A-okay in your book, right? Neck yourself, faggot.
(382.75 KB 1000x1500 gobumi.png)
>>127754 Who in their right mind would want to look at male goblins?
(125.89 KB 723x1024 gobinslayer.jpeg)
>>127784 >he gets his panties in a bunch over anime whores taking goblin dick >he gets this way because he thinks he'd have a chance with those fictional girls otherwise Here's a pro-tip virgin; for it to be NTR it has to be a girl who would've otherwise been with you. >>127786 You don't have to like niggers to not give a fuck about the whores they screw you white knight mongoloid. >>127787 Tell that to him.
>>127789 Cute anime girls are not 3d whores, they are for loving and that said, the only good kind of rape is justice rape.
(109.51 KB 900x505 the-goblin-male.jpg)
>>127788 Ah yes, witness the true specimen of male goblins.
(2.41 MB 1280x1280 ClipboardImage.png)
>>127786 Did someone say blacked? :^( >>127789 Hello Acid.
>>127792 Shes 15.
>>127793 Why is there a love-hate relationship with Labyrinth?
>>127791 Sorry anon but if they want to go out and pretend to be warriors then they get what they get. >>127795 Swing and a miss tornigger. Whose Acid? >>127797 You really couldn't make it more obvious you don't belong here. Fuck off back where you came from already.
(637.05 KB 800x466 decolonizing 1.png)
(798.28 KB 800x466 decolonizing 2.png)
(459.84 KB 800x466 decolonizing 3.png)
(599.94 KB 800x466 decolonizing 4.png)
On decolonizing fantasy Game designer and Twin Drums founder Allan Cudicio on the racism built into many fantasy worlds, researching African history to create his new RPG, and why the word “gamer” needs to disappear. https://archive.fo/PirCP Particularly cancerous interview. >There’s another element, which is related, about the company itself. It’s about proving that in a world of mostly cis white men, crunching and working in unsustainable environments, we can have a family-friendly, mental health-friendly, non-crunch environment which is very diverse, where no matter your sexual orientation you are welcome. You are standard. Unfortunately, the usual majority is white, straight, cis. People try to integrate diversity, but still you are an exception. >The internet, too, this thing that we consider this neutral platform, it’s not. It’s created and still mostly managed by white, straight, middle-aged men. >The bias is quite visible, and once you see it, you cannot unsee it. Lots of the people who are still using these worlds are not racist. Many of us are people of color. Can we rethink the foundation of fantasy, getting away from these racist concepts? Race, surprise surprise, is racist as a concept.
>>127799 >Sorry anon but if they want to go out and pretend to be warriors then they get what they get. Nigger did you even read goblin slayer? They go out of their way to fuck up even the people just being farmers. >You really couldn't make it more obvious you don't belong here. >if you dont like stand in niglets you should fuck off!
(81.06 KB 350x350 Heresy.png)
>>127746 >it's not feasible to expect to operate on the clearnet for the foreseeable future. This has been on the horizon for years. >>127747 >women >"preacher" Pic related.
>>127801 If you had an ounce of reading comprehension you'd know that has nothing to do with why I told you to fuck off, retard.
I see Acid is trying to derail the thread again but this time trying to slowly boil the frog. Interspecies is the fantasy equivalent of interracial, half-orc/goblin/elf scum.
(38.45 KB 680x459 Eg6LKdDUYAAmYoQ.jpg)
>>127800 Jesus this is one of the most cancerous interviews with a hack dev I've seen in years.
(642.21 KB 656x532 Mia.png)
>>127799 >Whose Acid?
>>127773 >>127778 >NTRing your entire species Stay go
>>127800 >Decolonizing fantasy >Why the term gamer needs to disappear There's going to be one of these days that when I became a member of the video game industry in Japan(hoping) that I'll stumble on this nobody and laugh at this guy's face.
>>127809 >just let them push you into darker, smaller corners of the internet retard Great solution dickhead. >>127805 And what exactly is being derailed? Did you guys have some big secret op cooking that just can't go on if people are discussing anime girls getting gobbo dicked?
>>127800 You can just feel the butthurt this guy radiates
Almost got into an argument with someone who whole heartedly believes that Trump is responsible for covid. The dude believes that not only is Trump responsible for the delay in taking action, but that he is also responsible for the WHO and CDC lying about n95 masks and then backtracking on it. His argument was that because america funds the WHO it was Trump threatening to drop them that forced them to lie about the effectiveness of n95 masks, and that he put pressure on the CDC to perpetuate that disinformation, and that covid was politicized BY Trump. What in the actual god fearing fuck kind of mental gymnastics is this? They think literally everything is Trumps fault when he has no fucking power to do the things they claim he's done. >>127771 >publishing personal photos without explicit permission I don't think that's ever stopped them before, and they've been perfectly fine with doxing and defaming teenagers.
>>127817 >Trump is responsible for coronavirus I'm not a Trump fan and will probably be doing a write-in for president but this is people merely denying reality. When Trump was trying to shutdown the borders and prevent international movement in February the democrats were bitching about it being racist and saying everything should be open. When we were slow to act there it quickly became too late to do much anyways. It also thankfully turned out to not be as fatal as originally feared.
>>127815 Wouldn't you? Imagine being the only 120IQ negro in a 350 mile radius. That's a recipe for bitterness.
(1.83 MB 288x377 17337391-4.gif)
>>127817 Like anon said >>127819 the early shutdown attempt is the main argument against that. Also, knowing that the CCP sucks balls. Most people are ignorant of just how shitty commies can be.
>>127816 >The clearnet is shit anyway. True, but its also a platform. It's visibiity. If you let yourself get pushed off of this platform, you lose. Your ideas, your culture, they become more obscure by the day until they are completely alien to anyone who isn't using tor. Saying "hey guys lets just go and stay in a secret club house" is defeatism. >>127817 It can be startling to see the sheer effectiveness of mainstream media's smear campaign against Trump. The average normie retard who doesn't look at any media past the surface has been successfully trained to view Trump and anything he's involved in as evil. >>127820 But his bitterness is complete misplaced. He should be upset at his mother for taking him off of the continent that he worships but wont live on. At the very least I appreciate the fact that instead of forcing his views onto other games he works on he created his own company to make his own shitty nigger games.
(32.82 KB 512x377 1397139462453.jpg)
>>127823 Then why are you still here? Go hide yourself away where no one can hear or see you, you dumb piece of shit.
(194.40 KB 474x360 stupid.mp4)
>>127826 No one cares what a cocksucking defeatist has to say. On your way, boy.
(137.94 KB 717x753 Hunter.jpg)
(146.86 KB 734x816 Kayleigh.jpg)
(123.31 KB 730x809 Trump.jpg)
(142.71 KB 719x817 Dorsey.jpg)
(966.31 KB 500x316 hello_homosex_hotline.gif)
>>127822 >should've stayed on the continent That's even worse anon. Imagine being the only 120IQ feller in a 2,500 mile radius instead. You'd invent a gun just to shoot yourself.
(276.42 KB 656x837 Ooga Booga.PNG)
>>127800 >Allan Cudicio Oh, it's the nigger who has no culture and has a bit too much of an inferiority complex while ticking every box so that SJW retards will flock to his "game" https://archive.vn/dklma https://archive.vn/p80yQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WMm0yGAm7Ig https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CbMMw-88eT4 >>127817 >>127819 You can have a harder time to explain how international organizations and the Government works with retards who watched Madam Secretary or West Wing for their fuckin misinformed and ignorant knowledge of Civics. Trump got bashed by the both the fucking WHO and CDC and their Democrat retards, the Dems blocked his attempts to shut down travel and the border, and guess what also happened during that same time period and what they are trying to memory hole? the fucking waste of time Impeachment proceedings. Tell the little shit that Trump also forced Cumuo and Newscom to kill thousands of senior citizens by forcing C-Virus positive patients to retirement homes, not like the media wanted the shutdown and knowing that 14 days was gonna be 14 months to flatten the curve and give the world an artificial recession, how about them "Peaceful Protests" where Burn, Loot, and Murder was fucking okay? The amount of willful ignorance and the disingenuity of these people. The entire fucking CCP-paid and Trump-hating media pushed all the blame to Orange Man. >>127828 If only Jack was concerned about "hacked material" like the so-called "Leaked Trump Taxes" that was allowed to trend.
>>127761 Is the goal of the painfully unfunny freaks who make this shit to be as repulsive as possible? Cos they're achieving it.
>>127828 It's ok when we do it. >>127830 >hacked taxes don't count It's ok when we do it.
>>127829 >You'd invent a gun just to shoot yourself. Sure, but on the plus side there'd finally be a noteworthy black inventor.
>>127800 >The internet, too, this thing that we consider this neutral platform, it’s not. It’s created and still mostly managed by white, straight, middle-aged men. Who invented and built it? Who then is best placed to maintain and update it? Logic is utterly lost on cretins like this and yet still they run their mouths.
(579.99 KB 500x298 scrub.gif)
>>127832 >is it their goal? No, but they'll never admit it. Not even their lizard brain will ever let them admit it. They have the creative urge but they never had the discipline or will to aspire to higher aims, to better technique, to improving themselves. Since they can never create the beauty they want, they retreat to a mask of irony, of hipsterdom, of mockery and in that hole of shame they and their works will die. I'd really want to ask them when was the last time they made some proper non-calarts-stylized art. >>127834 There's plenty of noteworthy black inventions anon. Unless you doubt the mighty katanka attack helicopter!?
>>127807 Then the only option for those "people" is suicide, no?
>>127838 LOL NO Even if blackpill is right, he'd be wrong in the long enough term anon. Even if the dystopia is established, that won't stop the Yellow river in China from someday flooding half the country. The dystopia won't stop yellowstone from exploding and the resulting albedo effect from causing mass starvation. And on and on. Plenty of opportunities for the masters to crawl back in their holes for a few centuries again.
(106.91 KB 1013x570 coswisdom.jpg)
>>127817 NPCs who decide they're a 'political' will doggedly endlessly defend their 'side' even if it doesn't represent them any more. A guy I know of from work is an old leftyfag and while he's 50 times more sensible and realistic than some Antifaggot and disagrees with the leadership he still supports the left. They don't realise they have the capacity to change their mind, they don't want to admit to themselves they're supporting something that's ruinous because they NEED the other side to be worse. They're compelled to attack their 'foe' with *any* ammo they find even if it's the wrong calibre
>>127822 >normie
>>127820 >Imagine being the only 120IQ negro in a 350 mile radius In the kingdom of the blind the one eyed man is king. But instead of appreciating his vision he closes his eyes and willfully blinds himself all the while praising a continent he refuses to live on or actually understand.
>>127843 Eat a dick faggot.
>>127830 I also checked if this faggot have some papers about video games on Google Scholar and found nothing. I also crosschecked if he's a member of DiGRA, also nothing. Are we missing more think tanks inside the video game industry through academia outside of DiGRA or we haven't looked far enough?
(574.18 KB 766x528 Anthony - Ren and Stimpy.png)
>>127773 >Nigger the goblin rape is the fun part. <Not liking the goblins being killed by Goblin Slayer. >>127799 >Whose Acid? >>127817 This did guy payed attention when some media outlets try to convince people that masks don't protect you, then try to backtrack their claims that it did work? I wonder if he got fed into the BS that the MSM likes to parrot.
>>127841 I'm just going to be real with you for a moment because I'm drunk and annoyed at niggerpill's incessant bullshit. I don't give a single solitary fuck if "all is lost", even if your enemy is 100% guaranteed to win, you at least make them fight for it. I didn't even read your post, I just wanted to vent. Sorry for the drunkpost.
>>127837 That rocket pod mounted on the tail is pointed directly at the back of the cockpit, isn't it.
>>127817 Thats some special type of retardation. If he's going to hate trump for covid fuck ups, he should at least choose actual correct things to be angry about.
>>127847 >Not liking the goblins being killed by Goblin Slayer. I never said there was only one fun post. >>Whose Acid? <lol how does everyone not know who our esoteric boogeyman is?!
>>127827 Peak asshurt.
>>127842 >>127830 that's why I didn't persue the argument with this guy, when he starts talking politics it's basically all summed up as "fuck drumpf" and he views anyone on Trump's side as being scum, so it's impossible to even have a discussion when any hint of sympathizing with the enemy sets him off like fleas on a baboon, he becomes so rabid that any further attempts to discuss are a wasted effort. He has absolutely no idea that I'm not voting for his party.
>>127853 >Trump's side as being scum I have a friend who sees all people who vote democrat as scum too. Becomes real rabid, i would love for these two to meet up.
>>127846 >Are we missing more think tanks inside the video game industry through academia outside of DiGRA or we haven't looked far enough? https://archive.vn/t7ijW < Now officially part of the independent game developers collective of @saftladenberlin working on @WagaduChronicle ! Exciting times 🥳💙💙💙 #CrazyHairDay https://archive.vn/8lSS0 < The Saftladen Collective was founded in 2015 by Maschinen-Mensch, Studio Fizbin, Michael Kuphal, Magnus Hildebrandt and Richard Schubert. https://archive.vn/DcwlP <Afrofantasy MMORPG. If that idea excites you like it does us, check out the kickstarter for @WagaduChronicle, a groundbreaking game from @TwinDrums — the first partner in Riot's Underrepresented Founders program
>>127851 >Esoteric Boogeyman He owns the fucking site, retard.
>>127782 Seems like you’re conveniently forgetting the men that get eaten
>>127854 Any white person who votes for democrats is a masochist at this point, I can understand people of other races voting for them.
(825.97 KB 1153x938 Capture.PNG)
PS4 Firmware 8.0 Records All Party Voice Chat to Shut Down “Code of Conduct Violations” https://archive.is/8Bm5n It looks like sony is doubling down on being massive faggots. This goes to show that code of conduct nonsense needs to be snuffed out before it's allowed to take root.
>>127817 Where did you even encounter such a person? Twitter? >>127852 >dat obvious IP hop Talk about butthurt.
>>127858 I'm not. They lose and die as men should when they fail. >>127855 But your friend is completely right.
>>127842 >>127853 I live with two of these people. Mom has no actual reason to support the democrats but still won't vote right because trump is "rude and vulgar", while dad is so entrenched in his union bullshit former punk leftist politics that he actively says shit like "destruction of property is valid protest" but went dead silent as soon as actual people were killed. Mom says she's not political, dad spends his days making leftist merchandise and they won't change. You get to a point when you're older where if you haven't been actively critically thinking you will never do so again. If this is over and somehow the democrats were ACTUALLY good despite the fact that's not going to happen due to how deeply entrenched in communist politics they are i'd vote for them. I'm not a republican or democrat, if you want to fuck me you won't get my vote, but my parents are so fucking stuck in tribalism it's tragic. Literally what did a politician ever do for anyone? It always comes with a catch.
>>127859 He's black and views other black people who vote democrats as uncle toms and white democrats as closet racists who subconsciously still believe in the white mans burden. >>127864 Yeah but there comes a time when it becomes uncomfortable.
(17.85 KB 415x454 shiggy of the week.jpg)
>>127851 And I didn't imply any statement of you saying that the rape is the only thing that Goblin Slayer is worth to watch. >Acid >esoteric boogeyman >>127853 If I were you, I wouldn't try to argue with him further because how derange he sounds like from your post. Those kinds of people live in their own personal bubble and are easily controlled.
>>127867 >He's black and views other black people who vote democrats as uncle toms Huh. Kind of weird. >and white democrats as closet racists who subconsciously still believe in the white mans burden. It's more that they're self-hating white man's burden implies that they think that whites are better and need to help blacks, at this point it's more that they believe whites need to be actively punished for the past. Same end result, very different psychology.
(672.47 KB 1169x517 ClipboardImage.png)
(685.75 KB 1164x460 ClipboardImage.png)
(737.01 KB 1172x466 ClipboardImage.png)
(612.21 KB 1169x459 ClipboardImage.png)
>>127856 >Saftladen Collective >Looking into who their members are Oh look, it's the demasculinated feminist-Marxist phenotype. Holy fucking shit.
>>127817 I remember seeing the media flip in real time when Trump started to talk more about Covid. When he said it wasn't a "big deal" (and he would turn out to be right, though he probably didn't know at the time. to be fair, previous pandemics fizzled out without much work being done), the media + democrats flipped their script and said suddenly it was a big deal. They've been screeching ever since, being contrarian when it won't negate their own narrative about covid. I was still vaguely unsure (though less fearful due to the lack of concrete evidence of mass deaths without fudging the numbers) myself until the protests and riots were allowed to continue. Then I knew it was bullshit. If it was an existential threat, they would have those riot cops go double time on pushing the rioters' shit in. But no. It was all politicized. All of it. International economy assraped, local American economies in democrat cities destroyed by riots & arson, and for what? A New World Order that bought into its own propaganda about race and doesn't think negroids are any different from caucasoids or mongoloids? Well, they better hope their efforts at AI and automation come to fruition, otherwise they're all fucked.
>>127866 >"destruction of property is valid protest" White phosphorous is also a valid form of protest.
>>127817 >>127842 >>127853 pic related >>127866 >the democrats were ACTUALLY goo They were never good and if you actually read up on their history you'd realise how they've always been scummy hypocrites, I'm very right wing but the reps are a bunch of pussies who at best are centre left/right. In Canada the only good right wing option is Mad Max's party and for you Yankees in the USA, I wish you niggers would drop the two party system as it's prevented any sane person of either side from actually getting into power.
>>127857 A dozen new imageboards sprang forth from the corpse of 8kun, do you really think I'm going to keep track of every new site owner dipshit? >>127867 >it becomes uncomfortable. How so? I'd argue its more uncomfortable living under leftist totalitarianism, but if he's constantly raving about the evil of democrats even when its unwarranted I understand how it'd be uncomfortable. >>127869 >And I didn't imply any statement of you saying that the rape is the only thing that Goblin Slayer is worth to watch. You did so pretty definitively when you said <Not liking the goblins being killed by Goblin Slayer.
>>127874 I know that, i'm just saying if they actually WERE good in any fashion i wouldn't stick to one party, just the one who benefitted society at that point. I learned long ago that democrats fucked this country up from the inside out, just from what I know of the Projects and the various "failed" projects they ran.
>>127874 >Dems were never good Andrew Jackson will always be my favorite president, fuck banks and fuck featherniggers too.
>>127875 Learn to use context, autist, Next you're going to tell me you don't know who Mark is.
>>127860 This actually isn't what it does. However the new rules DO encourage snitching. You can send a recording of someone to Sony and they'll ban them. Just another reason to never, ever chat or talk with random people ever.
>>127851 >I never said there was only one fun [part]. <Nigger the goblin rape is the fun part. "The" means singular.
>>127870 >Huh. Kind of weird. No its really not, Democrats were the slave owners that tried to keep slavery intact and republicans were the ones who fought to free the slaves. Democrats were also the ones who created the KKK. Hillary's teacher was also a KKK member. Not to mention all those pic s of democrats in blackface who get off scott free hasn't done anything to dissuade him about dem racism >white man's burden implies Thats what i meant, he believes that theres a undertone of black people can't prosper unless white people lend a hand. >>127875 Because im afraid he's going to get his asskicked calling people uncle toms. With the way the current political climate is and how close to a fight the last argument became i don't feel comfortable with his shit talking. Fucker pulled a knife on him.
(26.39 KB 636x486 husk.jpg)
>>127881 That was back when democrats weren't democrats and republicans weren't republicans. Both parties have changed immensely just as the world has. Andrew fucking Jackson was Andrew fucking Jackson and you can't deny that though. "Fuck all these goddamned assholes fucking with our goddamned dollars" is something everyone can get behind.
>>127883 >This actually isn't what it does. It's like people can't read.
>>127879 There needs to be multiple parties kinda like there is in Canada where anyone can form a party and gain actual following like how Mad Max pulled his party. >>127881 Jackson is a force of god and shouldn't have stopped at Florida but taken over Cuba and Mexico, but he really was his own beast and political movement.
>>127885 >Civil War was over slavery What a load of revisionist bullshit, there's a reason that Lincoln didn't free the slaves in the north with the emancipation proclamation. That was purely a reframing by that fucking tyrant.
>>127881 >Jackson >Polk >Cleveland These are the only good Democratic presidents. FDR and JFK are boomer memes. LBJ was a swindler who started Vietnam to line his own pockets Carter is a limp wristed fag who lost us the Panama Canal. Any president after that is shit by default.
>>127891 Nether side was wholly innocent in that conflict.
>>127891 Majority of republicans weren't slave owners and many wanted to free slaves Even if Lincoln reframed it, his republocans were only going to go on board if he agreed to free the slaves
>>127862 Real life, like in the before times. >>127872 Even when it came to the masks the media flipped their shit double quick, they've been screeching ever since Trump said it's no big deal that we need to wear masks, then when Trump said he supports wearing the masks and he thinks it's a good idea, they say it was an "unqualified call". There is absolutely zero subtly as long as you're paying attention, but I can't find anyone in the left camp that has taken notice, or at least admits to noticing. The guy even remarked about how the "protests of peace" are a good thing because the younger generation is making themselves heard, "it's their time to be heard", as if anyone deserves to be listened to just because they learned how to scream >>127874 >I wish you niggers would drop the two party system You do know there are more than two partys that enter into the elections? It's just that niche parties always have to consolidate with a bigger party in order to have any relevancy. It will always boil down to a 2 party system because of this consolidating of niche parties into a party that actually has a chance.
>>127890 >Cuba Would we have been able to fight Spain in 1820? I mean, they were weak from getting smacked around by Napoleon, but it still was a major European power. >Mexico Our man Polk tried to do that, he ended up getting Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, and California. Then we ended up having to by the rest of Arizona and New Mexico seven years later.
>>127895 Federalism died because of the North, we should have damned well been allowed to leave. >>127896 Neither were the majority of democrats so that's an amazingly retarded argument. >only going to to on board if he agreed the slaves Again utter bullshit, the war had already been going on. The Civil War was nothing but a power grab by the North that was already beginning to occur which is why the South wanted the fuck out to avoid it but the North wasn't going to let that happen. Then they put us through Reconstruction, fuck republicans of that era they are all filth.
>>127875 >You did so pretty definitively You are taking my sentence way out of context, anon. >>127860 Didn't Microsoft made some kind of implementation in the chat where it can censor bad words when people try to curse online? >>127888 >Both parties have changed immensely just as the world has. I wonder how did both parties became so terrible as they are now, besides (((outside influence))) entering the political hemisphere.
>>127896 The Northern republicans honestly did that more to fuck over the rich southern Aristocrats to gain full control over the south. Slavery was really only something the elite of the South could afford as maintaining a slave was fucking expensive, the average Joe dixe didn't care for slavery as they wanted to work those plantations themselves as they would make bank. The Civil war is a much more complicated subject then what most realise.
>>127864 >They lose and die And get turned into goblin-shit, yes
>>127881 Well we were never suppose to be a democracy so that actually makes sense that they're shit. Democrats were literally un-American from their conception.
>>127891 Slavery was a mistake and the whole enterprise was run by jews. >>127899 As noble a goal as the Confederacy had, it ultimately would have propped up an unsustainable system that only benefited (((them))) Slavery would have died off first with the undercutting of Southern cotton exports by the British starting their own farms in India and the rise of Egyptian cotton cultivation under , Muhammad Ali, and next with the rise of industrialization, which would put a nail in the Jeffersonian ideal of the Agricultural republic. I still would have liked to have seen if an Independent Confederate States would have drifted closer to Britain diplomatically, most of the old Antebellum planters were Anglophiles. Or if the South would have participated in the Scramble for Africa to find land to repatriate all the slaves to when the system inevitably collapse.
>>127904 Get your handler to buy you better textbooks, Ivan.
>>127884 Yet goblin rape is omnipresent so it's all fun all the time.
>>127906 He's not wrong, the founders never intended for us to be a nation ruled by the tyranny of the Majority. We were a republic, which carried the implication that our nation would be a de facto Oligarchy of the best trained and educated who could make decisions based on their best judgement, without being swayed by the passions of the mob or the threat of not being re-elected. It's why the President isn't directly elected by the people, and why the constitution didn't initially have Senators being elected by popular vote, instead being appointed by state legislatures.
>>127905 >Slavery was a mistake and the whole enterprise was run by jews. Reminder that while slavery was caused by Jews (the sellers and profiteers of it, naturally), the concept of slavery in the US happened because of a black man. At the time, the law allowed you to own "indentured servants", which, after 4 (or seven?) years, they were able to be released back into freedom. But nigger argued that his servants owed him a debt, and slavery was born from a judge's ruling
>>127905 >Slavery was a mistake and the whole enterprise was run by jews. Slavery was a common thing throughout the world at that period and hardly unique to the American South, Hollywood has made it out to be particularly more brutal than it was. There's a reason that even Tubman said that she couldn't convince most slaves that she talked to to even want to leave. >As noble a goal as the Confederacy had, it ultimately would have propped up an unsustainable system that only benefited (((them))) Slavery would have died off first with the undercutting of Southern cotton exports by the British starting their own farms in India and the rise of Egyptian cotton cultivation under , Muhammad Ali, and next with the rise of industrialization, which would put a nail in the Jeffersonian ideal of the Agricultural republic. That certainly happened far faster with the North winning and jews funded both sides of that war, just as they have most. I think that slavery would have inevitably ended but that is not the point, still to this date the South is more rural and I have a firm belief that rural life fundamentally leads to a different psychology than urban living. I believe that we would not be being effecitvely ruled over by coastal elites if we'd been allowed to secede, at least not to the same degree.
>>127911 The Southern Elites would have been the same cancer as they were very aristocratic in the same vein as the English nobility.
>>127822 >normie >>127799 >whose acid wew
>>127883 >not recording yourself saying nigger and using it to grief codfags
>>127899 Yes anon, i know the South had legitimate grievances on not wanting to be the North's economical bitch, But the republican party had lots of abolitionist who really did in fact want to free slaves and were quite ready to side with power hungry politicians to see it through. >Slavery was really only something the elite of the South could afford as maintaining a slave was fucking expensive Yet it was still profitable thanks to the industrial revolution. And the northern republicans were fucking over the very same elites that owned slaves.
>>127917 Don't forget both sides playing footsie with new territories and slavery over senate votes. Unless nebraska stayed a fuckhuge state triple california's size, the north and thus free states would've had the upper hand eventually.
>>127872 >Well, they better hope their efforts at AI and automation come to fruition, otherwise they're all fucked. Don't worry, they won't come to fruition. They're probably going to do a helluva lot of damage in the process of trying to force it, however. https://invidious.snopyta.org/watch?v=kNCm-fXqyTM
>>127913 Highly doubt this as the Southern elites managed to still be against desegregation nearly a century later. >>127917 They were not just fucking over the elites in the South. They kept many southerners from even being able to vote during Reconstructionand put niggers into power. This right here is the number one reason that I cannot support republicans, you faggots demand that I shit on my ancestors who had every reason to fight your tyranny.
>>127922 >being salty about reconstruction That's fair enough. Not enough people know just how retarded it could get (it's hard to explain to Timmy in 4th grade doesn't get told much about it).
>>127923 >>127922 But comparing modern parties with their historical past is kinda lame.
>>127922 The losers of a war rarely get treated with compassion and consideration, anon. >>127924 Some people don't want to let go of the past. If it makes other people mad, that's just grist for those folks' mills.
>>127923 >>127924 Republicans are the one who are always, "Democrats were the party of slavery, Lincoln was great, we were the party of reconstruction." So if they want to claim it as if they're proud of it then I am definitely going to blame them for it and the continued demonization of my ancestors, they can fuck right off.
>>127896 >>127885 >Democrats were the slave owners that tried to keep slavery intact and republicans were the ones who fought to free the slaves. That is complete and utter bullshit. In the mid-1800's the supporters of slavery in the Democratic party were the wealthy and those in their pockets, everyone else opposed slavery. In fact, it was such an important it issue it actually divided the Democratic party to the point that a Republican (Who would eventually be Lincoln) could be elected president. And, that's on top of the fact that, while the North kept pushing their completely embellished descriptions that almost never fucking happened on what went on in the South, they never had any plan of ever freeing the slaves despite all their propaganda. It was nothing more than moral grandstanding. The Emancipation Proclamation was entire Lincoln's effort, and he was ridiculed for it throughout ALL of Washington for it. >>127899 >The Civil War was nothing but a power grab by the North that was already beginning to occur which is why the South wanted the fuck out to avoid it but the North wasn't going to let that happen. Don't equate Lincoln with the Republican party. He was considered to be such an absolute retard that even his own staff mocked him. >Then they put us through Reconstruction, fuck republicans of that era they are all filth. Andrew Johnson, a fucking Democrat, was the one that forced the country to go through Reconstruction at gunpoint. >>127913 That's not to mention the fact that the South also started dealing with their own civil war as the greater Civil War continued on because of the aristocratic thinking. >>127917 >Yet it was still profitable thanks to the industrial revolution. Actually the reverse. As technology progressed, they needed fewer people to do the same tasks because the machines they used did much more of the work. So, rather than paying for the existence of an entire household or two of slaves (Their health, safety, consumption, lodging, clothing, etc.) in order to keep your production going, you only needed a few dozen wage-slaves to do the same amount of work while operating a machine.
>>127902 The south wanted out because the north was becoming overbearing in their demands. And to be fair, it was getting complicated anyway. Southern escaped slaves fleeing to the north raised questions of jurisdiction, as one example if one must continue to use slavery. They should have been allowed to leave. Now we're stuck with pseudo-autonomous "states" that border on being mere provinces at times.
>>127927 >claiming reconstruction LEL no one would claim that shitshow. They claim Lincoln and the end of slavery for feelgood. >>127928 >Emancipation Proclamation It got skewered everywhere. "I proclaim your slaves free! Yes, over there in that hostile country who's at war with me, yes, your slaves. No, not mine are you retarded, yours!"
(233.30 KB 636x846 'Game Designer'.PNG)
(149.76 KB 1015x1319 Woe is me.jpg)
Banana Hitler saying that the other Guild Wars 2 bitch got fired after getting caught playing Burn Loot Murder with Antifa. https://archive.vn/313WT
(9.99 MB 05. Dragons.mp3)
>>127778 >>127789 >If you don't find rape fun and arousing to watch you're a virgin. You don't have to justify your shit taste, anon. Didn't you learn anything from Acid desperately trying to defend his shit fetish some threads ago?
(10.04 KB 209x203 areyoufuhrerreal.jpg)
>>127931 >the only access I have to a computer ZERO EXCUSE Stop buying lattes and spend 200 bucks on a shit walmart craptop. This is what these assholes use for sympathy, what fucking universe do they live in... Oh, and don't forget how that computer line implies she was doing stupid shit with company property and probably on company time.
>>127922 >>127923 I'm pointing out how politics with different minded people can ultimately converge into fulfilling multiple goals of fucking over elites, establishing a new voting bloc, and freeing slaves. And yes i know that carpetbaggers were a real bitch and that the local populations suffered greatly >>127928 Anon you just partly agreed with me in the first sentence. >they never had any plan of ever freeing the slaves despite all their propaganda. It was nothing more than moral grandstanding. It started as grandstanding but you best believe it got real real quick. >Actually the reverse. As technology progressed, they needed fewer people to do the same tasks because the machines they used did much more of the work That actually makes alot of sense, but that doesnt mesh with what i've learned. Got any books on that subject
>>127922 >Highly doubt this Yes they fucking would have, Elites regardless of creed tend to be out of touch halfwits don't delude yourself. >They were not just fucking over the elites in the South Dems in the North fucked over their fellow dems in the south without a hint of remorse and Reps in the south stuck up for their fellow southerns. It was a complicated affair >>127928 >That's not to mention the fact that the South also started dealing with their own civil war as the greater Civil War continued on because of the aristocratic thinking. The average southern was less then pleased with their leadership as many in the north were, honestly if the war lasted longer both sides would have hung their leadership as the loss of life for both sides was too much for the civilian population.
>>127928 >Andrew Johnson, a fucking Democrat, was the one that forced the country to go through Reconstruction at gunpoint. Only on a technicality, fucker was much more aligned with Lincoln and radical republicans, Grant definitely continued the same thing.
>>127936 Johnson was more moderate than most of the Radical Republican, it's why they Impeached him.
>>127931 Is that thing supposed to be trans or something?
(1.02 MB 1589x1057 SHE-.png)
(115.70 KB 960x720 MSG Kai Hate Things.jpg)
>>127938 No, but a well groomed appearance is bigotry, you racist nazi.
>>127495 >BTFO by literally everyone on the planet Where, because all I see are retarded teenage girls and thirsty simps throwing a 'tismfit of biblical proportions because someone called an ugly bitch, who can't sing, fat? >>127761 Why do women think period jokes are funny? They have and never will be funny, period. >>127765 Would drinking the priestess' piss give you magical benefits? >>127799 (Wasted) >Whose Acid? Nice try, Acid.
>>127930 A lot of people don't know that Maryland, which remained with the Union, still had slaves. Even more people don't know Aboriginal Americans and "African-Americans" owned slaves, too.
https://www.yewtu.be/watch?v=Isp_KJY9RZU LOL Also, I found this forum when looking up Jim Sterling being a journo faggot. It looks like it was made by (ex) anons: http://forum2.deadhorseinterchange.net/ https://archive.vn/mrH8P https://archive.vn/ig353 Did anyone else know about it before? >>127931 Well, I hope other companies follow suit, sooner or later.
>Jennifer Scheurle is a multi-award-winning, world-travelling Game Designer and public speaker who has worked on 8+ released titles since she started working in the industry 6 years ago. Born and raised in Germany and with a Bachelor of Arts (hons) in game development, she has played her role in Europe’s thriving indie game scene. With a resume like that, you would think IT wouldn't have a problem getting another gig, at least IT still has connections with Germany's Black Bloc Antifa fucks. https://archive.VN/Ljk8K
>>127942 Yeah, it's actually hilarious when you ask most people why Lincoln didn't free the slaves in the North. Reactions range from hostile stupidity, "What the hell are you talking about?! The North didn't have slaves!" to just utterly confused expressions generally.
(815.21 KB 720x480 she.webm)
>>127934 >That actually makes alot of sense, but that doesnt mesh with what i've learned. Got any books on that subject Not really. AFAIK, no one ever really talks about economics in a historical context. The closest I've found to it a book some months back talking about how geoggraphy plays a part in history's development, but not the economics. So, outside of discussion in these threads, the closest thing I can bring up is this article talking about the steam engine that was developed during the Roman Empire and what impact it could have had: https://archive.vn/cMIiB >>127942 >A lot of people don't know that Maryland, which remained with the Union, still had slaves. That was one of five states, the other four are Missouri, Delaware, Kentucky, and West Virginia.
In case others can't see it since yewtube isn't working well for me. Now I'm off to delete this.
>>127949 >>127943 Wait, did they just have Homer vote for a third party candidate?
(7.39 KB 178x255 1449199217666.jpg)
>>127949 >The Simpsons' Treehouse of Horror Lists 50 Reasons Not to Vote Trump_1080p.mp4 I think reading the title is more than enough for me thanks.
>>127949 >Lisa goes into a private voting both with a mask on the preach about who he should vote for Jesus Christ. I mean I know the Simpsons has been dead for years and years but it's still horrible to see it's corpse raped like this.
(40.02 KB 520x788 Jennifer Scheurle haets GG.png)
Wait, I had this saved years ago.
>>127949 Most of those items amount to, "Trump said something mean about somebody," which is usually a case of him striking back at someone who talked shit about him first
>>127953 hard to imagine someone ranked so high in the European indie video game scene could be so damaged by a hashtag, talk about white fragility...
>>127954 Most of those are goddamn MSM headlines and refurbished bullshit >Put Migrant Children In Cages Fucking what?
>>127959 ICE holding Illegal Immigrants in detainment facilities, but of course they use the most sensationalized language to describe it.
>>127959 The staged photos in the holding areas where children were being separated from adults caught at the border because often times they weren't actually with their parents but coyotes or child trafficers? Under policies Obama actually put in place first?
>>127960 Fucking Obama policy, but lets forget that Trump quietly cut down on that shit because he's a bleeding heart. >>127961 It's more amazing that they didn't admit that those photos were from 2012, 2013, and 2015, you know, Orange Man was not fucking president.
>>127954 That's not okay though, the orange man bad should just keep quiet and let them continue to dictate public perception around him. >>127768 Pretty fun, though the works surrounding it usually gets better rep than the main work itself, mainly due to the harem vibes Goblin Slayer gives off. >>127933 On one hand the average zoomer/millenial (Is the term the torpedos want us to use zigger? It never really caught on.) does have shitall when it comes to both budgeting and actual spending power, on the other these fuckers pay for really retarded shit.
>>127964 >Is the term the torpedos want us to use zigger? It weren't torpedos, but some anons like to use term zeds instead. Zoomer is cuckchan lingo, when they still used -oomer for everything.
I voted for Trump but my family is brainwashed so they support Biden. Can't wait for the results next month.
>>127949 "Who're you gonna make fun of now late night comics?" He has a point. If Trump loses what are these faggots going to talk about?
What are some must read books for teens? Asking for my nephew. I just read Frankenstein and a bunch of medieval books as a teen so I wouldn't know.
>>127971 The polls say Biden had a 55% favor vs Trump's 35% or so. But the thing is, advance polls only measure results from people that do advance polls. And besides that, there's a lot of silent support for Trump. I'm expecting a lot of asshurt from the left again.
>>127971 My mom is actually afraid of Biden winning, in the sense that she fears for her physical safety and losing all of her rights if he does. I think it's a bit of an overreaction personally but I sort of hope Trump wins just for her peace of mind as I don't personally care which does.
>>127964 Ziggers is My Little Pony lingo used to refer to the zebras in that show that are stand-ins for blacks, there
(791.51 KB 500x738 1539471.gif)
>>127977 You forgot the relevant image.
>>127768 Manga is good. Anime is QUALITY with terrible CGI.
>>127976 Everyone in my house is voting Trump but since we live in commiefornia would life really be much worse under Biden for us I wonder? I mean, yes it can always get worse but the state government is already fucking things up as if Trump wasn't here. Wonder if it's worth planning a move to Florida no matter who wins.
>>127981 >are state laws more impactful than federal laws on my life Yes. Your state decriminalized maliciously and knowingly spreading HIV.
What I'm most curious about is what's going to happen when Trump is no longer an option to vote in 4 years time. Will the Qboomers find a new idol to worship? I sincerely doubt anyone else will succeed running on an anti-immigration platform since they lack his charisma.
>>127986 Trump's not even running on anti-immigration much at this point.
(1.49 MB 1208x1554 1460298411414-3.png)
>>127952 The only good thing about Lisa is her cute yellow cunny.
>>127991 >wanting to fuck a feminist pineapple Get out , Bart. I'm piss.
>>127986 Hard to say, but one of the nice things that trump has done to the GOP is kill any chance of old guarders and blue-blooded republicans running ever again. Mccain is dead, the entire Bush family was humiliated in front of the entire country and the Paul Ryan, Marco Rubio, Rick Perry, Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney types are now viscerally and chronically hated by the vast majority of the republican base. None of these people will stand a chance when the next republican primaries happen. So who ever runs in 2024 will either have to have been a pro trump guy, or entirely new blood.
>>127981 >Everyone in my house is voting Trump but since we live in commiefornia would life really be much worse under Biden for us I wonder? "A bunch of violent socialists are destroying property and killing people in an attempt to get their way. If it works, will they continue to escalate because they've proven political violence works?"
>>127994 They'll definitely have McCain 2.0, Dan Crenshaw, try to run.
(150.97 KB 547x535 MSGW Laugh Out Loud.jpg)
>>127931 >Being laid off on the spot is an extremely traumatizing experience Image being laid off because a bunch of niggers and domestic terrorists burn down the business you work at. Take your own medicine and choke on it, you butchered twat.
Watch out for GamerGate The public enemy of the world #1 It is the main hashtag responsible for… ☑ Accidentally re-starting the French Revolution ☑ Weaponized Gondolas ☑ Hacking German politicians and media ☑ Played "To Catch a Predator" with Randy Pickford ☑ Masterminded the destruction of GDQ via the Catfish of Legend: Namazu ☑ Under the light of the Blood Moon; Self-destructed Western Journalism by having a some kid smirk at a drumming savage ☑ Just wanted to start a conversation with everyone, everywhere, eternally ☑ Watched Gawker die TWICE ☑ Guilty of face crimes ☑ When GameStop tried to sell itself; offered $3.50 in in-store credit ☑ Made telling "journalists" to "learn to code" into a hate crime ☑ Taught the Alt-Right ✅Then harassed said Alt-Right ☑ Started in 2011-2012 when 4chan tried to steal Anita Sarkeesian's SSN# ☑ Created "Boner Culture" which made cis straight male erections the most powerful force on earth ☑ Had a Jewish Mobster 'Take Care' of it ☑ Asked THQ about gaemu which somehow triggered World Wide Web War III ☑ Tricked /cow/ into developing and sharing their fetish for Mark's plump bagel with ResetEra ☑ Triggered GJP3.0 with 57 hitpeices on THQ Nordic's AA ☑ Orchestrated the incel misogynist review backlash against Marvel's Captain Woman ☑ Taught New Zealand about "White Day" ☑ Radicalized Spyro the Dragon ☑ Turned Pewdiepie into the Osama Bin Ladin of incels ☑ "The nerds and gamers were joined by the proto-storm troopers of the alt-right in a bond that has never been broken" ☑ Was a trial run for "will the US tolerate fascist behavior" ☑ Exploring new frontiers in sexual harassment via Jelly Bean ☑ Groomed young impressionable politicians into misogynists ☑ Created and trained the alt-right to take over the political landscape on a global scale (And succeeded) ☑ Arranged for Sonic the Hedgehog (movie ver.) to get "fixed" ☑ Remains undefeated for all time ☑ Turned Rage 2 into a Trump-esque attack on game journos ☑ Joined forces with Amazon ☑ Helped Mark impress Resetera ☑ Used Elliot Rodger's martyrdom to unite 4Chan and Breitbart to elect Donald Trump ☑ Will be looked back upon in 50 years as the root cause of the coming Cultural Civil War ☑ Government-sponsored shitposting ☑ Mastered the manipulation of the news cycle to their advantage ☑ Made Anita cry when Feminist Frequency went broke ☑ Destroyer of Worlds ☑ Russian Conspiracies (all of them) ☑ Extended Reanon's death/meme-magic to animation studios (please meme responsibly) ☑ An instrument of American Trumpian Power Worldwide ☑ Cured alleged "journalist" of dyslexic anxiety ☑ An aberrant, creeping horror ☑ As dangerous as Anti-Vax, ISIS, and Holocaust Denial ☑ Five years of ruining everything ☑ Came to the classroom ☑ Trained Google whistleblowers ☑ Never died and foreshadowed our toxic meme-strewn politics ☑ Blew up the Internet ☑ Made wanting challenge in videogames into supporting White Supremacy ☑ Was secretly fighting WWIII all along ☑ Stochastic Terrorism ☑ Being a national security threat according to the DHS ☑ Helped Mark win the lottery ☑ Gave the money back ☑ Living long enough to see itself become the villain in a TV Show THRICE ☑ Confused the FBI into thinking /v/ is /baphomet/ ☑ Turned Anita Sarkesian into a crazy cat lady ☑ It's #Gamergate Forever ☑ Justifiably felt alienated by the neoliberal fetishization of feminism and the reductionism of politics to identity teams ☑ Was rabidly pro-corporate ☑ Manipulated a SJWeeb into review-bombing a LGBTWTFBBQ-friendly game as a "test" ☑ Non-meat based cam girls ☑ Caused the Corona outbreak which destroyed China to cheer up a depressed CIA glownigger ☑ Digisexuals ☑ Called the cyber police to put a cripple in cyber jail ☑ Weaponizing decency ☑ Made the games industry a nightmare for Women, Colored People, and Ashley Burch ☑ The inevitable ultimate horror of Sega's "toxic" advertising for ChuChu Rocket ☑ Has the highest body count of any COVID-19 disinfo group ☑ Finally got the 8kun administration to get off their ass and answer the damn phone ☑ Searching for a new home (again) ☑ Made some /v/ hotpockets on other imageboards go insane ☑ Burned julay to the ground by doing basically fuck-all except continue to exist (props to a certain bunbunmaru reporter, tho) ☑ Having a high enough IQ to be mentioned on Rick and Morty ☑ Radicalized a grandmother to the point she promotes harassment against alleged games journalists ☑ Is the terrorist group backed by 'The French' who are behind President Trump's exhausting battle against twitter ☑ Protecting FUCKING GAMESTOP from looters ☑ Finally started the Race War by forcing a meth-head on a date with Corona-chan to take a knee to the neck from the police ☑ Confirmed for Baby Hitler ☑ Gave a lot of airtime to Soviet defector Yuri Bezmenov ☑ Got on the Atlantic's "free $100" van only to get intervewed ☑ Started a backlash against the French independent film industry because they want to raise pure little girls ☑ And then Russia wanted to shut down 8chan.moe to be ironic
>>127800 >>127830 Does anyone remember a sidescrolling brawler(somehow it was described as an RPG) that was made by actual africans? Whatever happened to that, it actually looked fun. also the term gamer needs to die if only because it sounds as big a cancer as "influencer".
>>127995 You have to wonder how its possible to not have noticed fiddlin' bidens attraction to children after all the times he got away grabbing and sniffing them publicly on camera.
>>127981 If you don't move out of commiefornia, the meteor will get you. I'm turning into a meteor wizard early next year, TORpedo.
>>127996 >Mccain 2.0 Can't wait to hear about his brain cancer then.
>>127949 This is what "go to vote" means. It doesn't mean "go vote because is your constitutional right and duty" but "go vote for my candidate." How long until The Simpsons die already? or Fox, being now part of the mouse blob.
(312.11 KB 783x642 MeditationsMarcusAurelius1811.jpg)
>>127973 A few i enjoyed as a teen where bram stocker's dracula, one hundred years of solitude, wuthering heights, the red and the black, the illiad and odyssey, the art of war is also pretty great for young men.
>>128054 oh, also the count of monte cristo, all those books are entertaining and have valuable lessons for growing up.
>>127949 Nearly everything on that list is either: >shit Obama did >shit that was a problem way before Trump was elected >shit that Trump has no power over or wasn't his fault >shit that's purely rumours and baseless accusations >shit that's already been debunked and proven to be lies >shit that literally nobody cares about >stuff taken out of context >vague claims that don't mean anything >things that Trump was actually right about >>127980 I remember watching an episode of GS where Slayer and the big titty farm girl are walking down a road surrounded by empty fields and for some reason Slayer is CGI, why? Does the anime at least get better later on? >>128052 >How long until The Simpsons die already? Never, Disney won't let it die so long as they can squeeze even a drop of money out of it, same fate for Star Wars and Marvel.
>>128056 >I remember watching an episode of GS where Slayer and the big titty farm girl are walking down a road surrounded by empty fields and for some reason Slayer is CGI, why? Does the anime at least get better later on? Read the LN.
>>128056 Disney is dying already, investors are running away from Disney because they are sinking in their multi billionary debt. Hell, all hollywood is dying and closing cinemas isn't helping. If republicans win overwhelmly these elections they would sure die because they wouldn't be able to get government money to stay afloat.
>>127828 It's stupid of me to lose the link, but one of the emails was supposedly Hunter telling his sister that Joe was taking half of everything he made. Which means Joe was taking bribes-by-proxy through his son.
>>127828 Couldn't Trump attack hard twitter because of this?
>>128066 I'm hoping after all the big cinemas die that we see a return of drive-in theaters and small privately owned theaters taking their rightful place.
>>128056 >Nearly everything on that list is either: But anon didn't you know? ORANGE MAN BAD >I remember where Slayer and the big titty farm girl are walking down a road surrounded by empty fields and for some reason Slayer is CGI, why? I remember that too, thats because its low budget trash. Read the manga instead.
>>128066 >Pedowood getting gibs >Libishit Democrats call it "Government Subsidies for the Arts" Fuck them both.
>>128068 They could have busted the entire FAG network in 2016-2018 but now that window's closed.
>>127973 >must read books There really are none. Just read whatever sounds interesting, and advise him to read through several history books retelling the same subject (To help remove any bias). If you want him to become "educated", however, then here's the standard list: https://prolikewoah.com/geimu/res/17272.html
>>127947 >about the steam engine that was developed during the Roman Empire and what impact it could have had Let's not forget that the Eastern Romans made a fucking Flame thrower (Roman/Greek Fire) that could keep burning on water and grenades that could melt through stone. The Roman Empire was insane and imagine what the Eastern Roman Empire could have done if it wasn't on Death's door half the time.
>>128101 Didn't they also made some bending glass that could easily be early stances of plastic?
>>127976 >I don't personally care which does One will allow people to kill you and your loved ones, while the other will allow order again. The left winning in America will have an awful fate for not just the USA but the rest of NA.
>>128101 >>128102 Romans and greek had crazy tech they never expanded upon because they just saw it as neat experiments, like the automatas, the byzantine throne that had a bunch of pneumatic systems to move around (and that also fed a group of metalic birds that produced sounds with the excess air), a shame they couldnt realize the potential of their technology.
>>128104 >>128102 They were so brilliant and it's scary what might have happened if they took more action with said tech.
(33.02 KB 1087x221 ClipboardImage.png)
https://archive.fo/xDpMX It all leads back to China. Fucking China.
>>128112 The Red Scare was justified & obviously not effective enough.
>>128056 I can't stomach the CGI to watch the anime. Just read the manga. It's got fantastic art.
(82.60 KB 728x960 siphonator.jpg)
>>128111 At the very least early industralization (since the romans were semi industrialized already) and fucking steampunk firebats.
>>128112 Biden's going to win the election anyway. Trump supporters are too scared to even so much as go outside.
>>128121 Actually it's the other way around. Trump dudes went out to rallies while very few people showed up at democrat rallies. I have no idea where you're getting your ideas from.
>>128121 >Biden's going to win the election anyway Anon please, even leftists and centrists are voting Trump because Biden and Kamala are just that bad
>>128121 The left doesn't even like Biden & especially don't like Kamala. The only conceivable way Biden can win is through voting fraud. Which right now they've done an extremely piss poor job of hiding.
>>128121 >Trump supporters are too scared to even so much as go outside Majority of Trump supporters don't live in the cities, so the fuck are you on about?
>>128140 >>128104 It was all because of slavery. Otherwise, they would've had the industrial revolution 2000 years ago, except they didn't value labor saving devices since they were drowning in slaves.
>>128145 Slaves are better than machines anyway. Much more general-purpose and easier to maintain.
>>128148 That best be bait anon, industry will always be superior to manual labour, also the technology that comes with it.
>>127943 The scrolled by dozens of things Trump "did" until Homer said started saying "that was bad", "that was worse", "I gotta do something!" Do you really think they made him vote third party?
>>128150 Meant for >>127950
>>127949 They still harp on the bleach thing even though its been pointed out time and time again it was an obvious joke. These people don't have a fucking ounce'' of shame. >>127877 lol asshurt IP hopper got banned. Stay mad, retard.
>>127964 >Is the term the torpedos want us to use zigger? It never really caught on. No, that's from MLP and used for ziggerchan anons.
>>127805 >interspecies is the fantasy equivalent of interacial I'd say it's the fantasy equivalent of bestiality, especially with those goat-eyed chimp-skulled GS goblins
>>127891 Bullshit. Go read the declarations the slave states made when they left the union. It's nothing but bitching and moaning "waaah uncle sam won't let me keep my niggers".
(103.35 KB 1280x720 oil the fuck up.jpg)
>>128148 Slaves >Need housing >food >water >tire over time and reduce productivity >Rebel and need excessive discipline which also demoralizes most people to carry out, which means you're also damaging your paid worker >Require a whole cadre of paid workers to manage >Require a specific social context and lack of empathy or a really private environment so you can actually have them >Requires replacements often due to the nature of the work, suicide rates, etc Machines >Need a repairman occassionally I don't think you understand the practical reasons why people switched to machines. It's because they don't complain, don't need food and no one cares about machine rights. Yet. Morally no one likes slavery. And selfishly if you have slaves, anyone can be a slave because of the human trafficking industry you need for it, which will be corrupt like all industries, which doesn't mesh very well for societal stability. Slavery is inferior to the modern methods of enslaving metal.
>>128121 It's almost going to be a repeat of 2016, and Trump will lead in what appears as a last minute upset. The media and tech giants have made the same mistakes as last time but double down on them. You can't force people away from certain content through censorship or aggressive means of shaming, while overtly demonstrate a double standard of reporting/policing and not expect a backlash. Hell, a significant portion of Trump votes will be people spite voting for Trump because of that.
>>127931 Fucking Christ. Have a look at that head. Imagine coming into the office every day and having to see that thing.
(1.11 MB 1280x720 Robotgirls.webm)
>>128166 You also forget the future of machines
(1.16 MB 1280x720 a maid is required.webm)
So what was the reason the US Civil War stared? Power grab from the North? I haven't been educated about the Civil War that much and I want help from anons on where to find some respectable sources that doesn't have revisionism like the slavery crap. >>127949 I've been thinking if many people watch The Simpsons anymore since they lost their satirical comedy spark for years, their jokes from now on are just condescending or preachy. >>128166 I wish we had robo maids.
>>128140 >leftists >voting Trump Pick one. Granted, hypocrisy comes natural to them but still.
(770.48 KB 748x753 smugsnake.png)
>>128181 By the time we have robo maids, we'll also have hyper-realistic onahole synthetic vagina and dick+ or - balls attachments due to advances in synthetic flesh technology. So you can wait 20 years. By then we'll probably have youth treatments that aren't injecting paralytic viral agents into your face to eliminate wrinkles.
>>128181 Basically as the westward expansion happened, Northern and Southern were fighting which new territories would become slave states. A no slave state would give the north more power while a pro slave state would give the south more power. The reason for the retardation is because when the founding fathers were forming the nation a lot of them didn't want slavery but compromised just to get the US going. Eventually several Southern states got sick of the North's constant shit, a lot of it justified because slavery was still very important to the cotton industry and the culture of the Southern elites. They formed an army and attacked a Northern military base beginning the Civil War. The goal of the North was to preserve the Union/ Republic and prevent foreign entities from becoming evolved (British, French and Spanish), eventually using the "free the slaves" angle for political and propaganda support. The South's goal was to preserve the status quo and possibly take Washington DC and the Caribbean, while trying to get foriegn partners to help them.
>>128192 Also something about taxes again but any conflict within America always involves taxes.
>>128194 Taxes are gay as fuck and I understand perfectly why people would get butthurt enough about them to go to war.
(70.23 KB 444x380 hyawnd.png)
>>128181 There was an election right before the CW where the South's picks wasn't allow to show up on ballots in the Northern states. >>128192 Don't forget South took a loan from the Bank of England to finance their war.
https://invidio.us/watch?v=ofoJeZvta8k https://invidio.us/watch?v=dn00kiJ_UTI >Post-WWII US >Soldiers and teens get the "speed fever" >Car accidents and tickets skyrocket >THE SOLUTION: >Make official hot rod clubs and specific racing areas >All the problems drop like a rock >Automative companies benefit because of all the experimentation with the cars make them safer and more advanced >"Speed demons" benefit because they have a safe outlet to get rid of their urge >The community benefits because those clubs and companies support the local businesses and charity How is it, over 60 years later, society has evolved to the point were the response is to do the exact opposite?
>>128224 We need car dealerships to go. All those new cars they advertise didn't cost more than 3k or 4k to assemble.
>>128224 Dealerships are artificial constructs, and they are only around because company owned dealerships were even faggier. Now they are around only because of lobbying
>>128175 remember how in the original ratchet & clank, you could enlarge the tits on that one robotgirl NPC by sidestrafe-jumping left and right next to her repeatedly
>>128163 There were 5 states that never left the union that kept their slaves. Look into the actual history of those times, anon. They were overall afraid of the expansion of federal power. And then it happened.
>>128181 >revisionism Read Declaration of the Causes of Seceding States the confederate states issued themselves upon leaving the union. It was all about wanting to keep their niggers. They loved them niggers down in Dixieland. Lincoln wanted to ship those niggers back to Africa, and that's why they had him assassinated.
>>128284 >Read Declaration of the Causes of Seceding States the confederate states issued themselves upon leaving the union. It was all about wanting to keep their niggers. As was already states, five slave states remained in the Union. That's on top of the fact that the Muscogee and Lenape (The two Indian tribes that sided with the North) ALSO owned slaves. The there's also how Lincoln and Grant were both married to women who family made their money through the slave trade. > Lincoln wanted to ship those niggers back to Africa, and that's why they had him assassinated. The American Colonization Society consisted of both slave owners and abolitionists. That's on top of the fact that Booth was acting independent and on his own the entire time.
>>128166 >housing a cheap shack. Machines need better housing than slaves, since if rain gets onto machines, they're gonna be fucked very quickly. >food, water Slaves produce food if used correctly and get their own water. Can't be said about machines producing their own belts and electricity and fuel. >tire over time and reduce productivity So get more slaves. They're self-sustaining. And machines get worse over time too. How many machines last multiple decades? >rebel Only if you're doing it wrong. >need excessive discipline It's not excessive, just what's needed to make lazy slackers go and remember who their betters are. And it only demoralizes people if your culture somehow views slaves as people, which is a mistake in any case. >require a cadre of paid workers to manage To a certain degree, yes. However, historically there's also been great success with more intelligent and obedient slaves getting extra privileges like a private hut, food that isn't gruel, more heating, and free access to female slaves in exchange for managing the rest. >lack of empathy Again: Only if you view slaves as people, which they aren't. >requires replacements They also make their own replacements. Just get a breeding pair. >Morally no one likes slavery >anyone can be enslaved Both of these statements are somewhat false, and here is the proof: Anyone can be enslaved, but that does not mean that anyone can become a slave. An actual person, if fallen into slavery, will simply kill themselves rather than lose their freedom. Thus, only the retarded, the cowardly, and those generally unable to manage their own lives, drunkards, debtors, and such scum, will actually become slaves,, through their own moral failings, thus proving that anyone that is a slave for any length of time at all is not a real person, but just an animal unable to rise above its baser instincts. Thus, slavery is not only a moral good, but a moral necessity to cleanse society of detritus while making the self-same detritus serve the society they have worsened due to their existence. It is nothing more than justice.
>>128298 >slaves shouldn't be viewed as people I always found Seneca's Letter 47 to Lucilius on how slaveowning should be run preferable. >1. I am glad to learn, through those who come from you, that you live on friendly terms with your slaves. This befits a sensible and well-educated man like yourself. “They are slaves,” people declare. Nay, rather they are men. “Slaves!" No, comrades. “Slaves!" No, they are unpretentious friends. “Slaves!" No, they are our fellow-slaves, if one reflects that Fortune has equal rights over slaves and free men alike. >2. That is why I smile at those who think it degrading for a man to dine with his slave. But why should they think it degrading? It is only because purse-proud etiquette surrounds a householder at his dinner with a mob of standing slaves. The master eats more than he can hold, and with monstrous greed loads his belly until it is stretched and at length ceases to do the work of a belly; so that he is at greater pains to discharge all the food than he was to stuff it down. >3. All this time the poor slaves may not move their lips, even to speak. The slightest murmur is repressed by the rod; even a chance sound, – a cough, a sneeze, or a hiccup, – is visited with the lash. There is a grievous penalty for the slightest breach of silence. All night long they must stand about, hungry and dumb. >4. The result of it all is that these slaves, who may not talk in their master’s presence, talk about their master. But the slaves of former days, who were permitted to converse not only in their master’s presence, but actually with him, whose mouths were not stitched up tight, were ready to bare their necks for their master, to bring upon their own heads any danger that threatened him; they spoke at the feast, but kept silence during torture. >13. Associate with your slave on kindly, even on affable, terms; let him talk with you, plan with you, live with you. I know that at this point all the exquisites will cry out against me in a body; they will say: “There is nothing more debasing, more disgraceful, than this.” But these are the very persons whom I sometimes surprise kissing the hands of other men’s slaves.
>>127949 Matt Groening flew on Epstein's Lolita Express and had underage girls massage his grody feet with corn chip toenails.
(1.18 MB 2020x3030 99.jpg)
Does GamerGate like Undertale?
Edited last time by Mark on 10/15/2020 (Thu) 21:58:11.
>>128313 I prefer Huey Lewis and the News
(81.77 KB 402x418 first shark meme.png)
What's everyone playing?
(2.36 MB 3264x2448 20201015_153345.jpg)
>>128315 Look what I found at work earlier
Why are americans so racist? Don't they understand that they could be electing the very first black AND female president? With that, all the problems in the world will disappear.
(173.76 KB 1280x720 riichi.jpg)
>>128318 Riichi on Tenhou.
I want to fuck Danielle.
(36.81 KB 432x469 rogue is into that.jpg)
>>128318 Right now im "playing" rogue-like, later ill probably play some enter the gungeon.
(282.95 KB 624x352 jungle.webm)
(77.83 KB 668x127 curious_yanie.png)
(23.17 KB 640x150 Retire at once.png)
>>128333 Wait tripsman, h-games count? >>128318 I'm "playing" SEQUEL Awake.
>>128336 I guess it depends on the kind of game, something like night of revenge or sengoku rance is definitly vidya.
>>128318 Replaying classic RE3 with the Seemless HD Mod then I'll play RE4. I've also been wanting to play FFXI Eden thanks to the FFXI thread. although I've been distracted by other shit. I'm currently a lvl 10 monk.
>>128339 >Commission >someone paid money for that Why do people pay money for shit art?
>>128340 Because normally the people that pay for porn comission are autists, and autists tend to have shit taste, hence all the disgusting fetishistic shit weve seen around the internet
(1.42 MB 1920x486 ClipboardImage.png)
(1.34 MB 1920x601 ClipboardImage.png)
>>128333 Why do western erogames have to be eternally in development?
>>128342 I dont fucking know anon, i really wish i had an aswer, there are jews like akabur, but then you have people that put actual effort in it, atleast the art is nice.
>>128021 https://nichegamer.com/2015/10/19/african-made-action-rpg-aurion-legacy-of-the-kori-odan-is-funded-on-kickstarter/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XKzkF95Ukl0 Was okay, what you'd expect from an amateur dev team, sadly they didn't yell out their Africanism to every retard liberal so they can be rake in the dollars because of their culture used in the game.
>>128342 >>128343 Patreon is a main reason for that.
(285.29 KB 1136x640 aa.mp4)
(180.76 KB 987x1141 angry squid.jpg)
>>128343 Because they run off donations and commissions, not sales like Jap h-games. So they have a constant strong incentive to keep their games in development hell until their popularity/novelty dries up and then move on to the next idea without ever finishing the first.
>>128348 Meant for >>128342
(53.56 KB 646x511 2019-09-22_014224.png)
>>128318 Nothing, busy learning Japanese and fooling around in rpgmaker. Just trying to figure out how to use this rpgmaker MZ shit, I just pirated.
(4.68 MB 640x1136 Snapchat-1580830997.mp4)
>>128342 Crowdfunding with no developer deadline will lead even well intending devs into lazing around since they're less of a rush to finishing the product for starters. I guess lack of business professionalism is also a major contributing factors since even freelancers are willing to meet deadline.
(1.78 MB 476x268 Paper Mario execution.webm)
>>128318 Replaying Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door and I'm in the final chapter in the game. The reason I'm replaying it because my little brother accidentally deleted the completed game file years ago and I bought a new Gamecube to test some games. >>128348 >>128351 Those devs should stop dicking around and get back to working on the games that people are waiting to be released. It amazes me that Toby Fox made two games with very few people.
Is (((Twitter))) acting funky for anyone else? It just says "Something went wrong" when looking at my feed. I can view individuals' post history just fine. Thought I'd mention it here just in case they're doing something sneaky
>>128358 Social Media in general has been on a purge recently. Twitter just suspended Trump's campaign account, I think both YouTube and Twitter just banned QAnon and anyone related to or retweeting it. Perhaps has something to do with all that nonsense.
(2.10 MB 3412x1317 MURRICAN DF.png)
>>128358 I'm having the same issues on my end as well, not sure if they're trying to pull something like their link blocking yesterday, or just plain incompetence.
>>128358 Always does that or the other message like "this is not available for you or in your area". Just refresh it a few times and it usually loads.
>>128318 Kamui, Evil Zone, and Growlanser 4.
>>128342 Speaking as someone who is working on one, it's because I don't live off patreon bux and between work and covid bullshit I haven't had so much as time to put up any halloween decorations, let alone look at my own source code for literally months.
>>128348 We've got a thread about it already here: >>25908
>>128358 No idea, but the user who had archived a shitload of Corona-chan, riots, and recently the Biden scandal has been suspended by the time things broke. It leads me to think they took Twitter down just to scrub any existence of the recent Biden stuff.
>>128318 Resident Evil marathon for me. I want to get ready for spooky season. After I'm done with RE1make, I'm going to play RE2make. After that, I'll either play RE4 or RE7. Tough choice, I haven't played either
>>128358 Or they are currently trying to scrub some things to not look bad, or they are cleaning their shit for anything bad related to Biden.
>>128365 How the fuck does one live off of that? Even if it's in the single digit thousands isn't there rent, groceries, and various bills to consider?
>>128318 Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition, likely due to hype from Age of Calamity. Turns out I completed much less maps then I thought, never mind the near lack of level 4 weapons. Make it a point to not use the Master Sword most of the time. Rather not make things TOO easy. Gal*Gun Double Peace when no one's home. I'd say it's due to anticipation of the first game's remake but I doubt my PC will be able to run it. Still holding out hopes that it won't have any shoehorned VR fuckery, which I assume will lower the minimum system requirements in my favor. Also, when I'm not trapped in my own head concerning my lack of employment I "play" Dragon Quest I to brush up on Japanese grammar. Awful lot of kana and I'm lucky to pick up some kanji despite compression. Just hope I'm not subconsciously lifting from localization, which I did play first many years ago.
>>128359 >>128360 >>128371 Well that's no good. I guess we'll just have to work harder to get around those subversive kikes
I just had somebody with 2.2 million followers follow me on twitter and I'm an open nationalist on the site, not sure how to feel about it.
>>128377 You should feel like a fucking faggot for having a (((twitter))) account.
>>128342 .Some nigger is always making things difficult in the development process.
(33.57 KB 384x516 note taking.jpg)
>>128376 HOLD ON, noticing posts from strangers about random posts of theirs having been deleted. Could still be incompetence, but I'm more leaning towards deliberate censorship.
>>128372 I think the guy who "works" on corruption of champions makes enough money to live comfortably off his patreon, and literally doesn't do anything with it, he has people adding content and updating it for nothing.
>>128386 >"worked" FTFY I think that guy now works on CoC2, which is trash beyond any redemption.
>>128348 It's funny how the evil publisher's pushing the dev's to rush the game and that's why it's shit, narrative has turned out to be mostly false. >>128372 There's a lot of ways to make money go further, like not living in a big city and such. 500 bucks a week is about enough for one person in a western country to live off but if you were to live somewhere like say thailand 500 bucks a week would let live very well.
(162.74 KB 473x680 Clara 1.png)
(11.77 MB 1280x720 Clara 2.mp4)
(81.98 KB 476x701 Clara 3.png)
http://archive.is/ubuB1 They are trying to cancel this youtuber (Mack From Worth a Buy) over his review of Second Extinction due to bringing up women identity politics.
Some twitter user netted themselves a 3-year-long ban for calling out Jack Dorsey as a whore for the Biden campaign.
>>128393 kamalas* campaign
>>128393 I get the feeling this is the big social media purge before the election that everyone predicted. I suspect that pretty much anybody right of far left is going to be banned or suspended in the coming days to limit the damage they can do to their puppet.
(28.73 KB 350x379 ClipboardImage.png)
>>128384 >>128376 >>128358 Well at least people are talking about it and aren't being bamboozled. 2020 - 2024 ELECTION YEAR OF REMOVING JOURNALISTS AND SOCIAL MEDIA
>>128396 Yep, the Canadians sure are hot about American politics.
>>128366 Did you reply to the wrong post and meant to reply to >>128318 ? That's a "what are you playing" thread, not a "western h-devs can't finish games" thread.
(108.52 KB 1024x575 cosdoubt.jpg)
>>128393 >one tweet constitutes harassment Man I love it when stupid cunts are given power. They do a marvellous job highlighting their own bias/ineptitude/cuntery and make their victims (and anyone who hears about their bullshit) utterly and righteously hate them and the shithouse companies that employ them. I hope *everyone* gets banned on twitter it'd be good for their feeble little rat brains to get off that wheel.
>>128397 We are, most people have access to CNN or FOX and a lot of what you guys do will affect us at the end of the day, even if we have no swing over it. We have a lot of people in support of both parties here. I'd even say that the people who are "fans of politics" care more about American politics than Canadian ones
>>128398 Yeah, I'm not sure how that error occurred.
>>128393 Piss off the guy running the site, and the guy running the site finds a way to ban you.
(27.25 KB 640x392 Arachnophobic, huh.jpg)
(510.74 KB 1483x1066 UshiTea.png)
(60.63 KB 700x700 spider01.jpg)
(147.28 KB 546x592 spider02.jpg)
>>128407 Spoders are scary, and yes. I want to conquer my fears by sticking my dick in them.
>>128392 >comments are turned off Lame, reading the ass blast is the best part. Also amazed he didn't set off this cunt years ago since I'm sure he said worse before this.
>>128407 >secretly
(200.32 KB 877x797 win.jpg)
Goddamn, 2020 is the year that keeps on giving.
(262.42 KB 1420x1080 20201014201649_1.jpg)
>>128339 I just finished RE2&3 on the dolphin emulator. Had to use an older version because of the audio cut outs and stutter. Now I'm running through the REmake.
>>128342 isnt cloud meadow dead? and Four elements just slowly chugging along? >>128350 Rpgmaker mz Is it shit? >>128390 >It's funny how the evil publisher's pushing the dev's to rush the game and that's why it's shit, narrative has turned out to be mostly false. Nothing but truth in this statement
>>128413 I never could figure out what that gun was supposed to be.
>>128414 >MZ It looks like 2000, but maybe that's deliberate. What's supposed to be so great about this one? Pixel Maker MV already doesn't want to run on a Windows 7 machine, so I hope that isn't the case with this one, too.
>>128375 Same. That and finally playing Silent Hill 2 after all these years.
>>128403 Not to mention Canada lacks any sort of Trump figure to rally behind. I think the closest was that Bernier guy, but people passed him over for more Trudeau.
(102.36 KB 1366x768 drangleic_castle.jpg)
>>128318 Going to finish this Dark Souls 2 Castlevania RP, whips, throwing knives & firebombs/witching urns only. Took fifteen resets but finally got the Old Whip from giving the crows the starting Petrified something. It's strong but holy shit it has garbage durability. Notched whip for a Thorn Whip and a fire infused galvan whip for a Flame Whip eventually I guess.
>>128414 Cloud Meadow's still going at a snail's pace it seems, I haven't tested it for years. Given that it's actually the scam once called Breeding Season, if CM also fails it'll turn into a double scam and possibly the biggest theft of supporter money of any eroge ever.
>>128424 It's in great company. Non-porn games probably have the biggest-by-dollars scams, but there certainly are more porn games that're scams than not.
>>128417 No the pic anon gave was 2000 or 2003 The new MZ though really looks like MV. Even the negative reviews all seem to imply as such. Still i want a proper anon review >>128424 Right right i remember that controversy. What a mess that all turned out to be
>>128392 >>128409 While I think he has a little bit of shit taste, he doesn't hold back on gaems that are designed to be just shekel extractors and has gone on rants about it in his reviews for up to several minutes. He lays out his biases, what he likes and hates and has even made videos about publishers attempting to bribe him. He is also critical of current year SocJus and globalhomo policies. His growing popularity is a threat to status quo bought reviews and ideological subversion campaign in vidya, I'm just surprised some progressive didn't try canceling Mack sooner. >>128412 Is that Hunter pic from the recovered laptop? I've seen the journos now claiming all the emails are faked and the laptop doesn't exist but somehow NY Post staff are producing never before seen pics of that degenerate.
>>128390 >It's funny how the evil publisher's pushing the dev's to rush the game and that's why it's shit, narrative has turned out to be mostly false The problem exists on both sides. The publisher does need to be patient and understanding when it comes to projects, but they also need to worry about paying the bills, which is why they decide to shelve, prioritize, and can certain projects. Meanwhile, the developers can only do so much with their resources and time, but they are payed to provide results, and there's little excuse to drag things on for years on end with worsening results being displayed each time an update is demanded to justify their continued existence.
>>128412 >get paid multiple millions just for talking to your dad >still be a meth-addled fuckup somehow He really makes you feel better about your own live. No matter how much of a 30 year old kissless handholdingless virgin Hikkineet living in his mother's basement you are, at least you aren't Hunter Biden.
>>128424 Remember when Sam Hyde tried to fleece the ponyfags?
>>128342 >Why do western erogames have to be eternally in development? Because the west has a pest problem called jews
Any recommendations for Western Erogames, out of curiosity?
>>128414 >Is it shit? Yes and no. The biggest new feature is 3D particle effects in the animations, and this means that you need to learn an entire new software called Effekseer to make new animations. It looks great, but it's a nightmare to get it to work right with MZ, and if they're going to be asking me to learn 3D graphics software, I might as well just learn one of the big boy programs. If it weren't for the greatly improved resolution on assets like face sets, 4 layers on maps (so you don't have to make an event if you want food on a table, for example), a surprisingly solid character generator that's easy to add materials to, and other quality of life improvements, I'd still be working with VX Ace.
>>128437 Ask in /h/, The QTDDTO thread or prolikewoah's, /hgg/
>>128318 Akumajou Dracula X: Gekka no Yasuyoku, the English patched version of course.
>>128414 Anybody have that Kotick quote about Mr Shitface?
>>128393 Oh shit, that's LordKat of Channel Awesome fame. Thought the name sounded familiar so I went back and checked and sure enough, it's him.
>>128393 Not doubting you, but do you have a source other than a screenshot? Because other people will doubt it.
(12.61 KB 643x507 2019-10-02_011022.png)
(33.24 KB 646x511 Retarded super-mage.png)
>>128414 >>128417 Pic was just some old game made in RPG Tsukuru 2000, way back in 2004. MZ's actually the first maker I ever tried using and still had very little free time to play with it enough to judge whether it's shit or not. I keep hearing Ace has a good battle engine, but I'm more looking for something that's decent with character/portrait generation, since I'm shit at illustrating and MZ just stood out the most compared to every thing else I looked at. I'm a little curious about the Wolf engine (One way heroics, Strange man series) but outside of a few Japanese developers, never heard of anyone actually using it before.
>>128437 I don't know if you figure if it counts as a "Western" ero VN/RenAi game or not, but try the ONE good thing cuckchan made: Katawa Shoujo It's a pity that the devs are pozzed retards who never did anything else of note, but that's par-for-the-course for cuckchan. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w2dr3G2L1eM
>>128393 Why haven't you archived it? Besides that, I wonder if this will alarm many normalfags about Twitter and other social medias censoring news articles about Joe Biden's scandal of Ukraine and his retarded son. From what I've seen, some normalfags tend to dislike social media. >>128448 Have you tried using other game engines like Unreal and Unity? >>128446 >Channel Awesome Jesus, I remember those people. I wonder if those guys are still popular.
>>128450 >I wonder if those guys are still popular. Spoony is a recluse Linkara is still a fat faggot with a tranny fetish Doug Walker effectively got #Metoo'd and most of the minor channels save for Larry Bundy left TGWTG Lindsay "The Nostalgia Chick" Ellis is still an obnoxious SJW cunt and the only entertaining thing she did in the last six years was make Pajeet in the Shadows live in a literal cuckshed. Jew Wario is still dead and Angry Joe still gets butthurt when you accuse him of monitizing the memorial video.
>>128439 >>128448 damn, guess i'll pirate it myself to get the full grasp
(97.67 KB 517x768 the superlative laugh.jpg)
>>128298 > Machines need better housing than slaves, since if rain gets onto machines, they're gonna be fucked very quickly. Machines are made to build other machines, people are limited and need expensive human trafficking export for slavery unless you want to start abducting citizens. >Slaves produce food if used correctly and get their own water. Can't be said about machines producing their own belts and electricity and fuel. Production of food and machine parts are an industry of jobs, more jobs means more economy, more economy means more overall wealth for more people, more wealthy poor/middle means less political division and a happier country. >How many machines last multiple decades? Pretty much all factory machines are. The individual parts might break but that opens another industry, repairmen. >(rebel)Only if you're doing it wrong And plenty DID do it wrong. As is expected in any industry, the effects matter and the historical impact of these rebellions are apparent, as opposed to industry protest which is much more minor and results in a much more positive impact due to the threat of unions, creating a balance of power that allows for gradual positive change, instead of outright civil war, or violent conflict. >(excessive discipline)It's not excessive, just what's needed to make lazy slackers go and remember who their betters are. It sets a precedent that you are not immune to, making more industry for slaves means you need more slaves, but you cannot import. Plus, with slaves around, you're out of a job yourself, most southern barons owned free labor because they could only afford to pay the whipping staff. It's a poor man's workforce, by rich men's standards. >Again: Only if you view slaves as people, which they aren't. I could very much not view you as a person, after which I could rape and torture you and anyone I deem to be like you as I please. The chains of morality, or lack of chains, works both ways. Break those chains, you break yourself in the coming conflict, and there will be no world for old retirees then. Common decency affords YOU and me a long life. Adhere to it or die young. >An actual person, if fallen into slavery, will simply kill themselves rather than lose their freedom. So an actual person is suicidal? Why haven't you killed yourself then? Because if you killed yourself at being enslaved, or tortured, or hurt, then you lack a strong will, or a willingness to plan a person's death in the long term. It's not weakness to not kill yourself if you undergo tribulation, it's strength. The fact that you would kill yourself if YOU were enslaved, which is what you're saying because this is your comprehension of strength, only reflects on your weakness. So you admit that you would rather die then be enslaved, yet you wish it on others. You're just some fresh college kiddie with edgy philosophy, no shortage of you.
>>128449 >VN >Game Wew.
>>128342 You want to talk about games that will never get finished, when was the last time anyone heard anything about 7th Stand User 2?
>>128452 Don't forget that Jew Wario got exposed as a probable rapist and groomer in the whole Doug Walker #MeToo thing, among many other things. One being that they nearly killed a girl by having her duct tape-crucified to a wall for a gag in their shitty anniversary movies for so long that she fainted.
>>128460 >a "study" >in the fields of social "sciences" >that's totally not biased in any fucking way
>>128460 >all future generations are fucked Don't be alarmist, if a society becomes too decadent it will inevitably crumble at some point. After which things will eventually stabilize reformed into a state more healthy and in accordance with nature.
>>128460 >>128460 Now step out of the city for 5 minutes, such as a farm, factory, or mine, where the economy starts, and you'll see they don't have the time to worry about faggot bullshit. I bet they also don't list how many gays or trannies are pedophiles. Hint: Over time, it's probably close to 100%. It's how they reproduce
(25.42 KB 1091x204 ClipboardImage.png)
Start pirating old Playstation games. Don't ask questions, just start fucking doing it. https://archive.fo/Q7Vd0
speculation >inb4 cuckchan god i hope it's fucking true though, it'll be just like four years ago with the spirit cooking shit
>>128467 >Using Tor >Posts a phone screencap >A screencap of a Cuckchan post >Zero archives How mentally retarded can one person be?
>>128469 my mom always told me i was special :(
>>128462 Trying a new tactic, Blackpill?
(23.44 KB 500x327 shrug.jpg)
>>128470 My mother unironically told me that I was special as early as last year. I honestly couldn't give any less of a shit about the opinion of a woman though.
>>128461 Sociology might be a "pseudo-science" but it's still quite a valuable analytical tool. Of course none of these retards was born a faggot, and the more retards that self-report as faggots the more credit there is in the assertion that sexuality is in the majority of cases a socially conditioned behavior, in other words a "choice". While you think this data is manipulated to favor fags, it is in fact actually in favor of anti-fag rhetoric. You just have a warped perspective on sexuality, or the myth of modern sexuality as a biological condition.
>>128475 A lot of this is shit like women identifying as "genderqueer" or bisexual but only fucking guys. Simple fact is that identifying as some non-straight thing gets some level of status in our pozzed society.
(8.13 MB 300x276 soccer level japanese.gif)
>>128475 Sociology as a science can't exactly determine results, only observations and as an observational science with variable results mired with bias and lies (as there are things no one bares to the public, even if you think you're seeing someone bare their heart out you're still seeing lies and bias, plus they won't tell you the real juicy shit) rather then one that observes and tests with repeatable results, it can be as wrong as as a broken clock. One that may be right twice per day, but the rest is a constantly changing environment that varies heavily by age, new social trends, interactions with new technology and biases within the science itself to use as both a marketing and political tool. It's as about as important as marketing, which is to say, beyond it's initial purpose of predicting stereotypes, it has not so much to offer beyond that. You don't need sociology to tell you that poor neighborhoods are dangerous, or that rich people are fucking degenerates.
>>128392 Never heard of this game before and now I don't care about it. >>128437 Future FrgamentsUnfortunately it got delayed from November to early next year. >>128459 What? >>128460 (You) shouldn't believe everything you read, niggerpill.
>>128479 *Fragments I don't know how I didn't spot that.
>>128477 >Simple fact is that identifying as some non-straight thing gets some level of status in our pozzed society. You mean like how giving a damn about who the Kardashains are and watching GoT is a sign that you have some level of "status"? Everyone knows that "status" is nothing more than bullshit (It's been summarized as "Buying stuff you don't want, with money you don't have, to please people you don't like"), but they still keep up with it just so that they are not ostracized from society.
(70.60 KB 583x464 splicer.jpg)
>>128460 That's what every generation before the next generation says about the next generation. Not new, just different flavor. Frankly I find it boring. When are we getting the generation that goes into genetic alteration clinics to become furries? That's when we're all fucked. Literally. Imagine the furry rape gangs. Just imagine. We're heading towards that. Those splicers in batman beyond totally had a bunch of sex clubs. You're telling me these fuckers had perfect genetic manipulation (barring instinct shit) and they weren't fucking? If batman beyond wasn't on WB it'd go straight into french cartoon territory.
>>128481 >Everyone knows that "status" is nothing more than bullshit (It's been summarized as "Buying stuff you don't want, with money you don't have, to please people you don't like") More of a social signalling thing, it gets career advancement opportunities as well now that there's all the quota bullshit in place.
>>128482 >hat's what every generation before the next generation says about the next generation Ah yes, so every generation is automatically fine all the time forever
(704.60 KB 599x1382 reasonstolive[2].png)
>>128367 >scrub any existence of the recent Biden stuff. I have been away from all that. What happened? >>128403 > people who are "fans of politics" care more about American politics than Canadian ones That would explain why Trudy is in power. >>128430 Pic for update. Once I find out what the fuck is going on.
>>128471 How is this any way a new tactic?
(50.53 KB 456x480 1404623391343.jpg)
>>128492 Basically Hunter's emails got leaked, confirming pay-to-play with a Ukraine company, wherein they gave him a ridiculous salary for "access" to Joe. Joe asked Ukraine politicians to can Ukrainian prosecutors who were looking into this. https://nypost.com/2020/10/14/email-reveals-how-hunter-biden-introduced-ukrainian-biz-man-to-dad/ What wasn't known before was that a Chinese company was basically doing the same thing with Hunter, pay for "access" to Joe. https://archive.fo/xDpMX The New York Post ran a story on this, but it's being suppressed and censored on Facebook and Twitter HARD, to the point that they suspended Trump's Campaign Twitter for retweeting about it. https://twitter.com/mikehahn_/status/1316716049946021888
>>128493 He's going to swallow it instead of using it as a suppository..
>>128421 I voted for him. He didn't get a lot of votes which is a shame.
>>128430 Really, I feel somewhat bad for him because his ONLY worth is to get millions for his dad. A dad who's likely entrenched himself in Epstein's rape island, so no real father figure there. Probably tried every drug under the sun for reasons he didn't understand himself and settled on meth. If my dad was a complete degenerate fuckup who landed on cash and I was forced to fuel his addictions to power since birth i'd be a complete fuckup too. And yeah, yeah, private islands and hookers. Those don't fill a hole in the heart. A good relationship does that better then any raw fuck or any deluxe materials. Rich people are fucked up for the same reasons poor people are. Their families are fucked up.
>>128494 Thanks for the update. I am glad that twitter and facebook are remaining totally non-biased as usual.
>>128499 >his ONLY worth is to get millions for his dad which he will get a part of when the old pedo dies. The guy isn't a victim here.
(31.67 KB 214x400 Pucci Benis 2020.jpeg)
>>128494 I found it strange that they tried to do the Russiagate thing when no one gave a shit about Russia since the cold war was "over". Turns out it was a classic case of "accuse your opponent of things you're guilty of" yet again. If they accuse Trump of child rape or something, we'll find out which island they're hiding Weinstein's stash of catholic choir boys on.
(12.46 KB 329x392 03bd4cf417c756b625887.jpg)
>>128501 I know he isn't, but I still can't help but feel bad for a child of a bad parent. I'd feel bad for the devil if I met him in hell, but I wouldn't suck his dick just because I do, you get me?
>>128503 >I'd feel bad for the devil if I met him in hell, but I wouldn't suck his dick just because I do, you get me? Not at all. Such things are to be despised.
>>128502 >I found it strange that they tried to do the Russiagate thing when no one gave a shit about Russia since the cold war was "over". McCain was trying to justify the war in Iraq by blaming Russia for doing something over in Georgia. >>128503 >I'd feel bad for the devil if I met him in hell Why?
>>128488 He's saying there's been constant doom and gloom about future generations being the end of humanity for years when in reality all generations have their fair share of prodigies and idiots throughout history. Older gens complaining about the new generation by using the worst examples of their lot is nothing new. Pic related.
>>128502 Well Russia did hack the DNC emails in Trumps favor because they preferred him as a candidate in 2016, but that's out of Trump's control, even if he encouraged it.
>>128508 Socrates is really one to talk when he did the exact same thing, and then was surprised when he ended up in a kangaroo court as a result of it.
>>128503 Each of our fates is not determined by a cosmic roll of the dice but by the choices we make and the reasoning behind such choices
>>128510 Ancient Greeks never went to Australia, checkmate
>>128457 >is incorrect >wew
>>128509 >Russia did hack the DNC emails There was no proof of this, and there was speculation that someone in the DNC leaked it since he ended up dead not too long after.
>>128508 It's always funny to me that this is the lesson that people take from the Socrates quote. The proper lesson is that societal breakdown can be predicted from generations getting progressively worse. Greece was already on the decline.
>>128516 >There was no proof of this Did you read the final statement on the Russia investigation? That's a majority Republican senate, against their benefit, saying that they can confirm Putin gave the order to hack the DNC. Of course, there is no proof of collusion and they were strong to that point out in the document's final opinion section. This was gone over in these threads months ago.
>>128516 I wouldn't put it past Russia manipulating to bait both sides into further discourse. Then again, it feels as though shit's rigged from the get-go to have the powerless populace at each other's throats and in a state of hate while the praddle about.
>>128520 Except that they based that on intelligence reports and intelligence agencies have been known to flat out lie before to get their way. They were the ones that originally fed the line about Saddam supposedly having nukes. Absolutely nothing can be determined as fact simply by their report.
>>128520 >they can confirm Putin gave the order I have not heard anything about this anywhere, of everything I had checked it was just accusations with no evidence presented that could validate the claims, not like when they "proved" russia interfered with the election because 2 unnamed russians had fake facebook accounts.
(33.06 KB 220x160 ClipboardImage.png)
>>128523 >They were the ones that originally fed the line about Saddam supposedly having nukes Did they specifically say Saddam had nukes or "weapons of mass destruction"? If it's the latter, pic related would have qualified.
>>128511 And yet our reasoning is flawed and may damn us or others while having completely innocent choices from our perspective. A man should not be judged at all, only rehabilitated or punished.
>>128516 Seth Rich?
>>128526 I think it was supposed to be implied that he had chemical or biological WMDs
(210.41 KB 831x428 ClipboardImage.png)
(77.48 KB 796x203 ClipboardImage.png)
>>128523 >Except that they based that on intelligence reports True, but they have jurisdiction over multiple intelligence agencies. Are all of them lying about this? >>128525 >I have not heard anything about this anywhere You didn't here the libs screaming about it? It's the very first thing in the document under Hack and Leak under Findings near the very beginning.
>>128522 >I wouldn't put it past Russia manipulating to bait both sides into further [discord]. There was one case of abrasive ads pushing for both sides of the election with the clear intent to antagonize the opposing political party, where the money trail died in Russia, or at least could no longer be persued once it reached Russia. Major powers like Russia and China I have little doubt are trying their best to sway US elections and opinions with the behind the scenes psyops and the like so far as they can maintain plausible deniability. I'm sure the our own alphabet agencies do the same with other countries.
(13.86 KB 225x225 his name was seth rich.jpeg)
(115.57 KB 610x818 the pee dossier saga.png)
(417.04 KB 1403x992 russian economy.jpg)
(179.84 KB 901x1200 project yeltsin.jpeg)
>>128509 >Well Russia did hack the DNC emails Nobody knows who originally hacked the documents. IIRC an inside job by Seth Rich was suspected because the documents were downloaded too fast for someone overseas. NEWS FLASH: COUNTRIES SPY ON EACH OTHER Putler doesn't give a fuck who's in charge in the US. He just wants them infighting as long as possible so he can get away with more shenanigans in his own sphere of influence. He's in favor of whichever candidate causes the most chaos. Remember when a bunch of Hollywood producers interfered in the Russian election so Yeltsin would win? JEWS ONLY ACCUSE YOU OF CRIMES OF WHICH THEY THEMSELVES ARE GUILTY
(234.77 KB 1920x1080 wp2754864.jpg)
>>128467 Shit, does apple really sync mails automatically even if it was yanked from other devices? No wonder the fappening leaks happened. All you have to do is be a apple repair shop and you can access all the photos and mails and shit. That's probably why they are against independent repair so much.
(389.17 KB 1672x1257 1602825778190.png)
>>128535 They are against it because of money, not because userdata.
(14.77 MB 4510x3627 xp-bliss.png)
>>128535 >>128538 Apple is a shit company overall, so probably both. Also, here's a higher res version of Bliss. Go find the bird.
>>128537 Sure hope this isn't just bullshitting.
(22.74 MB 4510x3627 ClipboardImage.png)
>>128539 Found it.
(842.33 KB 326x240 everyone was harmed.gif)
>>128537 I knew they tried to use Trump as a sacrifice candidate after the 2016 election, the situation was eerily similar to the setup between Obama and Romney, like a rehash. Obama and Hillary >Are both race/sex card users >Both were essentially marketed on their race, except Obama was actually superficially a good speaker while Hillary was a fucking loon Romney and Trump >Were both businessmen >They played up Romney's oil connections to keep people from voting due to the War on Terror >They played up Trump as a TV clown, which didn't work because the bullying was so intense that people caught on to the game and hatred for businessmen with no war ties isn't that strong Now they have trumparino up against a decrepit actual racist and a hack vice prez with weird views. I wonder how many people in the democrat party are actively fighting against the democrat party, because this fuck up seems to be fucking perfect to skewer them.
(213.40 KB 1600x1000 Altina9.jpg)
>>128537 As someone who was promised multiple "nuclear bombs" in the early days of GG that would "end" the SJWs, I'm going to massively temper my expectations.
>>128542 >I wonder how many people in the democrat party are actively fighting against the democrat party, because this fuck up seems to be fucking perfect to skewer them. Hard to say. Some of them might just quietly sit out the election because Biden isn't someone they can get behind. Others who are hard line radicals might actually actively vote against Biden to keep the acceleration going. Shit is liable to get crazy in two weeks.
>>128537 Wont stop most of them from voting for Biden.
>>128392 >Imagine being this guy getting to the end of Metroid in 1986! Damn, how ever will Mack recover from that?
>>128537 Is this the next Qanon?
>>128545 So does this mean that most on the left are pedos or pedo apologists?
>>128482 >If batman beyond wasn't on WB it'd go straight into french cartoon territory. French cartoons aren't lewd, they just have accidentally suggestive comedy. We are not lewd shut up.
>>128545 I really hope that's not an actual parent.
>>128549 French people are one of the last people that(outside of Japan) still produce pedo content today, meaning artistic child nudity and themes of coming of age.
>>128542 I keep getting the bad feeling that Joe/Harris is some planned failure of some sort, but I sincerely doubt it's internal sabotage from what little sanity is left in the Democrats.
>>128551 Of course it's not, it why they can say that shit so confidently. A real parent (hopefully) wouldn't even joke about that.
>>128552 Didn't the Swedes not officially ban CP until the 80's?
>>128460 >1 in 4 identify as They can identify as pieces of cheese, they're still whatever sex they were born and 95% of them will only ever fuck the opposite sex. They're tryhards desperate to look like they're part of the in-crowd, they'll grow out of it and the ones that don't were always gonna be lost causes anyway.
(32.15 KB 400x393 your move, schlomo.jpeg)
>>128553 >I keep getting the bad feeling that Joe/Harris is some planned failure of some sort, but I sincerely doubt it's internal sabotage from what little sanity is left in the Democrats. If you play chess with a Jew and somehow maneuver him into a losing position, he'll make some kind of stupid move to throw the game early so he won't have to admit he lost to a goy. "I lost on purpose, therefore I win!"
(14.26 KB 480x360 hqdefault.jpg)
Shit lads, this election shit is freaking me the fuck out, I just wanna write lewd shit about self insert characters with waifus, not deal with the collapse of the modern world, fucksake I just wanna write about this fucking qt...
(612.22 KB 750x499 welcome back.png)
Don't try and wonder why the white race is dying if you are over the age of 25 and don't have wife/husband already and/or do not spend the majority of your time honing a skill.
>>128561 Fucking elections are the same every time >pick between this cunt for brains or this bag of shit. Just remember how fucking SURE every asshat was that Hilary was a shoe-in they can't even vaguely say the same for Biden now, even with the litany of fuckups (real and imagined) Trump has under his belt I seriously doubt the Dems have the steam to muster anything but a wet fart.
(81.57 KB 790x600 1594173418866.jpg)
>>128564 I am more worried over the rigging and outright censorship, Biden said he is open to stacking the court, not that it matters, I bet within a month of being president Harris will take over, and that psycho cunt will fucking destroy the country with the dystopian shit we have already seen. The lies, the outright propaganda, it is fucking scaring the shit out of me.
(11.48 MB 854x480 french weeaboo shit.webm)
>>128549 >we are not lewd TODAY I WILL REMIND THEM
>>128555 Swedes, Danes, Dutch, Germans. Basically, the american hysteria about muh child abuse seeped into the EU cultures along with other cultural goods from the anglosphere, including the UK and Australia. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QpbHdIrtpNo
>>128563 >jewish_tengu.png
>>128573 >not aryan_female_squidward.png
>>128565 >>128561 Biden's already poised to win this election, this is completely different from what happened in 2016. Give up your dreams.
(4.38 MB 1349x15103 1602839336987.png)
(39.91 KB 760x708 TURNA Lily Smug Cunt.JPG)
>>128587 Another one and done niggerpill.
(38.96 KB 777x593 1594173856455.jpg)
>>128587 Polls are bullshit, people are scared to admit to some random on a phone who they are going to vote for because of cancel culture, if the election was completely fair, I have no doubt that Trump will landslide. My issues is with the clear lies, and voter fraud that is currently happening. I do believe that civil war is very likely at this point unless Trump landslides.
>>128591 Stop avatafagging.
(45.02 KB 666x666 1594160960219.jpg)
why is this bread ankerd?
It's going to be a tense race in November. Bernie Sanders drew crowds with an energized base and Biden barely had any of the sort. The boomers and elderly came out to vote for him in the primaries and the more moderate leaning Democrats left were turned off by the more so-called progressive candidates.He was chosen specifically because the DNC knew he'd be the closest one to resonate with Trump's more aged audience save for Jim Webb and Tulsi Gabbard. Who do you think has the most stealth voters between the two contestants, Trump or Biden, with that taken into account?
https://nichegamer.com/2020/10/15/playstation-4-update-8-0-reportedly-causing-party-system-problems-stability-issues-and-loathed-by-users/ https://archive.fo/NyJjW >To make matter worse, GameRant reports users are suffering from major issues since the update. Citing @Nibellion (a Twitter account dedicated to video game news) they report users have been suffering from “friends list not loading, party system problems, stability issues,” and difficulty connecting to online games. >On the PlayStation subreddit, we found reports of soft-locking, and a PlayStation 4 being unable to accept discs. While users have been warning each other not to install the update, it may be too late for many. As pointed out by GameRant, users will be unable to sign into PlayStation Network until they install the update. This also strips them of other features and services. Sonygger can't stop fucking up.
>>128599 Boomers like Biden?
>>128602 Redditors were salty that Bernie lost the Black Boomer demographic to him.
(903.85 KB 470x360 NIGGER_ALARM.mp4)
>>128596 Oh, that's just the newfag alert; it happens when the thread is flooded with (1)s.
>>128605 what? Thats sounds retarded.
>>128596 Someone's a newfag. >>128593 Good job, the last thing we need around here is an avatarfag. Acid and Mark are embarrassing enough as it is
>>128607 By definition, Acid's an avatarfag himself.
>>128611 I know, that's why I included him. >>128604 Any more of these?
>>128613 It's no wonder he earned a ban on fatchan. Had little problem with him until that and his twatter shit Reminder whether in the election or elsewhere in life: Never be complacent.
>>128605 >nigger alarm i always thought that was an edit.
(64.19 KB 558x743 listen bernie bros .png)
>>128625 Also had that saved, it's a good one
(810.86 KB 2560x1440 34567uzgfd.jpg)
(156.54 KB 640x175 namechanges.png)
>>128635 Whoever bought this "game" should be mocked for all eternity.
>>128635 I'll bite. What was wrong with terms Discovery and colonial? Also did they do anything else besides renaming things?
>>128370 RE4 is an action shooter. Re7 is more in line with Re1.
(508.89 KB 1842x1041 american general.jpg)
(1.89 MB 1015x706 settlers.png)
>>128645 >What was wrong with terms Discovery and colonial? History is problematic, Anon. Some changes could be argued for example that the light infantry resembles shock infantry more. >other things They removed Crazy Horse from the game, Native Americans can no longer tame animals and can no longer mine for gold
>>128635 I am just glad, I still have original versions for all AoE games.
By the way, did you folks caught Joe Biden's town hall meeting where he said that Poland is an enemy of the United States of America?
(329.36 KB 640x480 aeka angry yelling.png)
>>128645 They replaced the firepit where native villagers could dance to grant a passive empire-wide buff with a "community plaza". The gold mining thing is fucking insanity, because their reasoning is that some "tribal consultant" claimed they never mined, yet archaeological evidence says otherwise. They simply were not strip mining. The Aztecs were mining extensively, however. I myself learned about a bunch of these changes a week before release, so I refunded my pre-order. I liked what was done with AOE2DE (except for the word filter being enabled at all times which is bullshit), but my God I never thought they would have cucked out so hard over this game. This brings up another problem: there are many, MANY other cultures shown in "stereotypical" ways. The Asian Dynasties expansion introduces monks with near-magical abilities that could be easily considered offensive. Why aren't they changed? Why do the Germans have Hussite War Wagons as a unit when that rebellion was in the 1400's? The game takes place in the 1500's (first campaign) to 1700's (1800's if you bother to go with a revolution and get steamships I guess). Fuck I was so angry when it happened, but I calmed down because I now have $19.99 to use somewhere else.
>>128662 No, I didn't. Did he seriously mistook Poland for fucking Russia? >>128663 That's seriously bad.
>>128666 No he actually said that Poland AND Hungary are enemies of the USA. I kid you not.
>>128677 And now imagine this guy in charge of the nuke button, even for five minutes.
(103.23 KB 550x526 poland-stronk_o_6246371.jpg)
>>128677 He's not wrong, enemies of the new global order are enemies of the dems.
>>128530 >>128534 Also, russian didn't "hack" any computer networks. Podesta got a phishing email and gave out his own information to his account. You don't say you picked a lock when you ask someone for their car keys and they just hand them over with no questions asked. >>128662 >>128677 God damn his mind is slipping fast.
>>128666 >>128677 >>128679 >>128681 >>128680 did you forget about cop woman?
>>128635 I'm not sure I understand the logic behind any of those changes.
>>128685 it is done so that when a company pays random "civil rights activist" to start a smear campaign on your company because muh racism you already adverted the risk by being proactive
>>128635 Here's an article where one of the native consultants explains some of them: >LadBible: '​Age Of Empires 3' Remaster Won’t Have “Offensive” Depiction Of Native Americans https://archive.is/IX0gd I especially enjoyed the justification for falsely claiming that Native Americans didn't mine: >Another big change is mining. In Age of Empires 3, every civilisation uses mines to get certain resources but, as Brave points out, mining is something that goes against Native American values. "We are taught to respect the land as our mother and be in good relations with it," Brave says. "Mining is a form of exploitation of the land, and we would never treat our mother like that."
>>128690 >mining is something that goes against Native American values How would featherniggers have gotten metal tools then, which they most definitely had? Featherniggers weren't Aztecs, perpetually stuck in the stone age due to getting addicted to blood sacrifice. Sounds like they gave their native consultant a bit too much firewater as payment.
>>128690 >we are taught to respect the land >mining is a form of exploitation of the land >we would never treat our mother like that is he fucking retarded? <killing animals is okay as long as you use all of it <killing rival tribes is okay as long as you kill them all and/or rape their women <smoke-um peace pipe is okay as long as you smoke ALL sacred herb <but DIGGING BAD YOU RAPE SACRED LAND
>>128690 >"We are taught to respect the land as our mother and be in good relations with it," Brave says. "Mining is a form of exploitation of the land, and we would never treat our mother like that." How full of shit can one man be?
>>128690 The balls on this asshole, i dont know jackshit about his random drunken tribe, but i know for sure the incas, mayas and aztecs not only did mine, but took pride in their work with gold and other metals.
land is just a resource
>>128692 Yeah, it's not remotely controversial, there's a bunch of known Native American mining sites. Here's from the first page of searching "native american mining" on DDG: >Native American Mining: More Than Quartz and Turquoise https://www.rockngem.com/mining-more-than-quartz-and-turqoise/ >Native Americans mined variety of minerals early on https://tucson.com/news/local/native-americans-mined-variety-of-minerals-early-on/article_8d64025e-b0a7-5c5a-920d-b67f53073ef5.html https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Copper_mining_in_Michigan If he wasn't a SJW native himself it would probably be labeled as racist "noble savage" rhetoric. But he words his bullshit in the language of social justice, so they treat him as a historical authority.
(52.40 KB 865x303 ClipboardImage.png)
>>128702 >even Dianne Feinstein Oy vey, that sounds mighty antisemitic
you know what I noticed recently? creators are getting extremely cozy with critics, you know like when at the start of all of this happened. anybody keeping up with that? because on twitter there are a lot of people just sucking up to critics with praise and borderline gifts
>>128635 Them rewriting history into something "innocent" offends the historian in me Some of those changes are blatant lies and by some i mean dam near all >>128694 Don't forget cannibalism
>>128601 >oops our new update bricked your pissfour >guess you’ll have to buy pissfive, good news it’s backwards conpatible! sorta >for now
>>128705 but like none of this matter because this thread is populated by shills and it started over spilling to other image boards too with the same "/pol/" posting
>>128709 Anon, people disagreeing with you dont make them shills. >>128707 I hate when people try to play off people from other times as either innocent or villains, they were regular humans and they went from paragons of virtue to absolute bastards, history isnt a cartoon with good guys and bad guys.
>>128705 Do you have any examples archived?
>>128711 not video games because I decided to leave that dumpster fire behind but this attitude of "man i love your work let's do a Q&A" while the dude just reviewed your movie is what happened back in 2014 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ino9PEWf4K8
>>128710 also hi John I see you noticed zzzchan too
>>128715 I have no idea what the fuck youre talking about, but yes, of course i know of sleepychan, it would be fucking stupid at this point to not be aware of the webring.
>>128716 your derailment of the thread there stood out like a sore thumb
>>128717 Again, i have no idea of who the fuck youre talking about.
(772.55 KB 1211x640 artwork.png)
(717.38 KB 1046x668 ingame.png)
artwork vs ingame omg poland so based!
>>128719 So they changed ghetto niggers into white trash? Wich group is more prevalent in the are the game takes place in?
>>128710 >history isnt a cartoon with good guys and bad guys. Exactly Africans conquer Africans(Ndwandwe–Zulu War), Europeans conquer Europeans(100 year war), Asians conquer Asians(Sengoku Jidai) and Native Americans conquered Native Americans (iroquois moruning wars) and we know all this thanks archaeology and the very fact that praise their own war atrocities with the scalping of their foes.
>>128719 While I feel tempted to shit on any game I can, these are different characters from different locations. Not even the houses are similar.
>>128725 what?! you can see on right solar panel shed its the same rough design, house, cars, palms, hills are all in the same place
>>128724 >that webm Damn, whats the name of the movie?
>>128529 IIRC, Sadam did have legit WMDs, but none of the intelligence reports ever managed to verified it. The only verification that they had was after they already started the raids.
>>128625 Dumb nigger has half a point. >>128635 Age of Discovery and Colonial Age are recognisable historical terms though that's pretty dumb. >removing plantations How homsexual of them. >the rest Whatever I wasn't buying it anyway.
>>128714 The cozyiness you describe has always been in existence amongst critics and creators. For example, Rogert Ebert was a fan of Werner Herzog and did a public discussion with him at a film festival in 2004. He and Herzog than evidently became friends. This stuff only matters if it makes a noticable effects on the critc's opinions(like if they start excusing shit that they wouldn't let slide in another movie/game), or they fail to disclose information that could be seen as a breach of ethics. You could argue that critic's and creators should remain as distant as they can, but that was always easier said than done with how reliant they are on each other(most non mainstream movies or example live and die on the response from critics).
>>128734 ok but in this case they did latch on after he reviewed the movie, another example can be some products in LGR videos that to a same extent are similar to this
>>128726 The front of the house is completely different, there's a trashcan and a chair in the actual game, the garbage on the left was replaced with two cars, and the white building in the background doesn't have these pipe-like things in the actual game. Both images are from the same zone, but from completely locations.
>>128561 >>128565 >Watching The Batman My nigga!
>>128719 Sorry, what game is this?
>>128727 Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee by hbo i believe. It focuses on the american government broken promise to the native americans and how the cultural rift ultimately doomed any type of progress. Mainly because the government thought all Native Americans were the same when they all were part of different tribes that absolutely despised one another.
>>128737 >ok but in this case they did latch on after he reviewed the movie, another example can be some products in LGR videos that to a same extent are similar to this I get your cause for concern, but I don't know what you expect to be done about this information, other than to keep it in mind when watching something by those youtubers in case it evidently effects their future opinions do to said favorable treatment.
>>128724 The whole 'so peaceful' label for natives (virtually everywhere) is hilarious, they're just as bad as anywhere else just less organized and more brutal. It's a desperate bit of backpeddling to try to salve the asshurt generated by their remnants bitching and moaning while being kept by whatever superior force kicked their shit in. >'Oh noes we can't keep calling them savages when *we* won, best re-write history to make ourselves the baddies'
>>128750 then deep freeze is abandonware?
(233.54 KB 350x670 ClipboardImage.png)
>>128545 >This Tweet is unavailable. Wew.
>>128763 Showing a conflict of interest needs more specific evidence than "some products in LGR videos that to a same extent are similar to this". That's very vague and I'm not going to watch through a youtube channel trying to figure out what you're talking about or whether it qualifies as a conflict of interest. Generally we aim for proving either an undisclosed financial conflict of interest or an undisclosed personal conflict of interest such as a friendship.
>>128773 >we aim for proving either an undisclosed financial conflict of interest or an undisclosed personal conflict of interest such as a friendship. that was a long time ago and I think people are found a way to go around FTC regulations
>>128778 From what I've read the FTC is only concerned with strong financial relationships, not personal relationships at all. The point of gathering such information is to inform people, not to hope the FTC takes care of it. In any case, I'm not sure what you're saying.
>>128763 I recall to we moved to https://ggwiki.deepfreeze.it which is sevely understaffed, see:https://ggwiki.deepfreeze.it/index.php?title=To_do#People . However, I'm pretty sure this stuff falls out of both deepfreeze and the wiki's scope. The way you describe it both YMS and LGR gave their honest opinions which were favorable which the director/devloper to note of. Thus they decided to do shit with them, in the case of YMS appear in an interview/podcast and give LGR review copies of products other products they have. Both of these acts alone are not ethical violations, like >>128773 said You need to prove there is something that here worth attempting to start a shitstorm other. >>128778 >that was a long time ago and I think people are found a way to go around FTC regulations I have no idea what you mean by "that was a long time ago," I have never seen anybody say we aim to do otherwise unless you consider all the off-topic shitposting/discussion that has long become endemic to these threads as a tactit admission otherwise, but I'm pretty sure that's just off-topic shitposting/discussion. Unless you can point to where they might be circumveting FTC regulations than I again don't see what you expect to be done here or anywhere else for that matter.
>>128784 that's the point, people say they are not affiliated but the reality of it is cloudy at best, it's like they are playing footsies around the subject
>>128790 I'm not trying to start shitstorms with them in particular they were examples on how the evolution of a behavior before the FTC regulations might have evolved. also tacit admission my ass this thread was astroturfed into it
>>128545 exactly. they dont care they are hypnotized luncatics for 4 years to go "orange man bad nazi"
>>128741 Cyberpunk2077
>>128645 "Colonialism" is evil and and you can't "discover" something if there were people already living there.
>>128799 That's Cyberpunk 2077? Shameful.
>>128806 disgusting game
(252.36 KB 1068x1766 20201017_014346.jpg)
So long, you fat fucking retard.
(245.25 KB 900x827 1446454616987.png)
>>128815 Imagine being fired TWICE from the only outlet willing to have your fat ass on payroll.
>>128815 Bob should apply for benefits as a console war veteran.
>>128795 >I'm not trying to start shitstorms with them in particular they were examples on how the evolution of a behavior before the FTC regulations might have evolved I see. Well it was certaintly worth being brought up.
>>128825 I thought the id problem was fixed? I'm the same guy as here >>128790
>>128825 hhhhmmmm
(832.07 KB 964x2944 ClipboardImage.png)
>Question: Any word on people getting their Facebook accounts banned, making quest useless? <Boz: Yeah of course, we’ve been tracking this from day one really closely, following up with every single individual case that comes across. <The number of cases isn’t large, but of course the impact is huge on those people and we take that really seriously. Every single person in VR matters to us. <So I mean I think people should continue to make sure their Facebook accounts are in good standing before they buy the headset. They can work through those problems before they do it. <And second of all is we are working really quickly through those and resolving all those issues that come up. There are Facebook account issues that can be solved and we’re working through them. <But I want to point out this is very common – Google, Apple, Xbox, pick a favorite. They make you sign in with an account and there’s a reason for that. We get to provide better services that way and stronger guarantees around things like data security, and compliance with regulations. So I’m a big fan of this move, even still. https://archive.vn/yjXud
This is fucking idiocracy, no one cares about FB/Twitter censorship, all the news in my euro country are about Trump being "hahah so dumb" for spreading "conspiracy" of twitter censorship
>>128756 >they're just as bad as anywhere else just less organized and more brutal Yup, why is it always white people that self reflect on their fuck ups and no one else. If other races took the time and reflected on the series of events that led to their current problems said problems might actually be fixed Is what i used to think. >>128835 >no one cares about FB/Twitter censorship Always wondered how people would just give away what rights they had to oppressive governments turns out majority of people are either too stupid or simply don't give a crap.
>>128842 >Always wondered how people would just give away what rights they had to oppressive governments <It's a temporary measure. <It will only be used against dissenters. <You have nothing to worry about as long as you haven't done anything questionable. <The people in charge of government are the "good guys".
>>128847 Nothing more permanent than a temporary measure.
>>128835 >in my euro country Spain?
>>128847 The PATRIOT act was supposed to be temporary, yet despite being unconstitutional and the warrantless searches being used on anything but terrorism it's still gets extended by Congress. Even Obummer using the warrantless taps on Trump, nobody talks about revoking it.
>>128856 Czechia
>>128815 BIG IF TRUE :^)
>>128832 Everyone saw this coming from the beginning.
>>128869 Oh, I didn't know it was also bad over here. Usually, you hear that shit from western Europe.
(88.37 KB 1080x807 Asuka and Shinji wut.jpg)
>>128827 According to your posts your IPV6 changed.
>>128835 Most euro news are run by Axel Springer, a German publication house.
(770.55 KB 812x1572 gsg.png)
>>128835 Try to enlighten your people about British spy shit https://archive.is/P3i9I#comment_top_1060223 People are trained not to believe in "the Jews" but might be willing to consider "it's all a British psyop run from London, their spies are everywhere"
(1.32 MB 1617x2530 Re-Animator.jpg)
(162.41 KB 542x738 Braindead-DeadAlive.jpg)
/vhs/ Movie Night IV Re-Animator - Braindead/Dead Alive Friday October 16th (Today) 5pm PST - 8pm EST. At: https://cytu.be/r/OverlookTheater >>>/vhs/21
Also, forgot to mention. I'm planning a double-feature on the 30th and a triple-feature on the 31th. What are some movies that would fit here? I was thinking the Romero's trilogy but we have already seen 2 of them.
>>128895 The Killer Tomatoes quadrilogy.
Of you want to know where the "Right side of history" thinking comes from, blame the Weatherman members that have been employed as professor: https://invidio.us/watch?v=XkRBTH-eFoM The guy even says it in the interview.
>>128729 All I remember them finding was some old, spent, chemical warfare-related shit he used against the Kurds in the 90's (though who knows if that was even him doing it, considering the shenanigans involving alleged gassing and Syria, at this point). A friend and co-worker of mine was part of the US military when we invaded in 2003, he told me that everyone thought they were going home after finding nothing substantive after turning the country inside-out looking for them, after easily destroying the Iraqi military.
>>128815 Blob still made videos? I thought he survived on patreonbegging.
>>128744 Wounded Knee gets to me. The aboriginals pulled that shit on colonists and settlers more than once (slaughtering/enslaving/raping entire towns/settlements). The US military breaking the back of a foe they were demanded to fight against by using similar tactics back (massacring an entire injun village) is par for the course. 100 years later boohoohoo muh native injuns dindu nuffin!
>>128905 The Wikipedia entry on the book version is hilarious. It's always the sequence of savages attacked a town/massacred families -> military gets called in -> Military BTFOs savages -> savages cry about muh fairness and muh peace treaties. And yet they still claim the book is about unfair treatment the injuns received.
>>128907 Didn't HBO also do a movie based off of the book, which included a scene (That never actually happened) showing the military general berating the Indian chief for just how bankrupt they are?
>>128827 >>128885 Welcome to the wonderful world of dynamic IPs. UID count is useless even if there's not a single VPNigger in sight.
>>128869 >You better Czech yourself before you wreck yourself! :^)
>>128815 Wait a second, without an actual paycheck how the fuck is he supposed to consume product™ now?
>>128934 By being so fat that he will get NEETbux?
>>128722 Night city (this game's setting) is supposedly located in commiefornia, so the cybernegroes would be more appropiate. >>128939 No, anon, that can't be. He can't take anything given by the Orange Man™ administration.
>>128947 > He can't take anything given by the Orange Man™ administration. I thought the second stimulus was called off.
>>128895 Italian horror
>>128684 We all know about the upcoming bait and switch, but for all normlfag intents and purposes (which matter because normalfag voters outnumber people with brains), they're voting for Biden, so his missteps can stumble the campaign. >>128885 >>128916 So that's what's been happening.
(222.98 KB 860x1218 SATAN.png)
>>128974 Ti taglio le palle e le sciolgo sulla mia pizza, mammafucker.
>>128916 Acidfed is working on his captcha based ID systems anyways. Give it time, trust the plan.
(387.76 KB 960x1440 images.jpg)
>>128895 When are we watching this?
>>128548 >one tweet means an entire ideology is pedos If there are good reasons to believe it, one tweet is not it. Have some higher standards for evidence. You're letting yourself get sucked into the social media vortex as much as they are.
https://archive.vn/FcpgO https://vocaroo.com/17VJXD69hM97 [Unverified]Released Phone Call from Alan Parrot to Curt Weldon/Brian Ettinger Reveals Obama's Deal with Iran for Osama >Apparently, someone release a phone call from a one Alan Parrot, a falconer with close ties to Saudis, asking a lobbyest and former politician Curt Weldon and Biden advisor Brian Ettinger why Osama is still alive in Iran in 2010. Ettinger basically states they're keeping him on the radar with no plans to kill him. Supposedly there is more info that Obama's cash payment to Iran was to cover this up and the "kill" job in Pakistan. Also, there's rumblings that Seal Team Six dying a year later was also involved. >I wouldn't believe it, but there's A Phone call
>>128992 >They >Their What does one tweet by one individual mean to you? Granted, there are other examples, but you're saying this singular tweet alone confirms it. What happened to empirical evidence? To reason?
>>129002 >Oh no, I used collective terms that existed before leftist derangement. Nigger, what the fuck are you talking about? You're making a judgement of an entire group based on one individual. That is the only issue that is being taken with your post. Not your use of the words they/their because leftists want to replace gendered pronouns, but your use of the words they/their to imply the whole of leftists when talking about a single pedo lefist. While the many examples of pedo leftists confirm leftists may be disproportionately disposed to pedophilia, a single pedo leftists confirms nothing. It would be an entirely different case if you were actually referring to the multitude of examples at your disposal rather than saying this single tweet alone confirms lefties are all pedophile satanists. I can believe I have to explain how evidence works to a knuckle dragging retard in the fucking GG thread of all places. And it's not even listanon for once. Are you braindead, or just high on self-righteousness hatred for pedo leftists? I suggest you drink some bleach before you go out and kill your neighbor for being a "pedophilic demon worshipping child blood sucker" because he said something mildly left-wing one time. >>128990 is right. You, ee16e1, and fa57e2 have no standards for evidence and would believe anything so long as it further justifies your hatred of your enemies. >>129005 >Doubleposting >I'm not even sure what you're implying Then you should probably learn to read.
>>128994 I'm fascinated by how things that get posted ITT become news within 24 to 48 hours. Granted, this is most likely folks reposting aggregated stuff from other imageboards and the less-normalfaggy parts of twatter/plebbit/faceburg, but I wouldn't be surprised to learn in 10 years that both the White House and the DNC/media-machine have low-level interns lurking this obscure-ass thread for intelligence purposes.
(204.92 KB 523x714 1412435153928.jpg)
Movie Night starts in 25 minutes Re-Animator - Braindead/Dead Alive At: https://cytu.be/r/OverlookTheater
>>128986 What the fuck is this movie even about, this looks unreal >>128977 Vieni su /ita/ >>128835 Euro nations are sympathetic to Dems because they're not isolationists as Dup
>>129032 Important people likely do lurk places like 4chan, but I doubt 8moe really registers on their radar. This site seems more like a hardcore 8chan remnant hangout that only dedicated 8/v/ users care about.
>>129040 It's better that way too, it's comfy here. 8chan was becoming crowded with plebbit-tier posters.
(63.23 KB 611x557 Moviebob.png)
>>128815 http://archive.is/waOsq This seems to be Bob's only take on the matter that I could find on Twitter.
>>129043 Since 8chan went down, I've taken to lurking smaller imageboards. There was a nice list on our /b/ that I used and I discovered a couple of slow but nice places. I've taken a liking to kissu in particular.
>>128994 So much for the theory that Osama was killed well before Obama.
Movie Night showing now https://cytu.be/r/OverlookTheater
>>129040 Every news room in the country likely has someone whose dedicated job it is to lurk cuckchan. They're probably the most miserable retards on the planet. Of course feds have people whose embarrassing as fuck job it is to lurk this site along with the webring as well. Eat shit glow niggers.
(521.27 KB 1600x1230 Divershitty Prezidents.jpg)
>>129054 Time to get comfy.
>>128885 At least you didn't post Asuka getting NIGGERED.
>>129079 >that pic I'm sure some gay trans nigger is going to take issue with the fact that a white cis-woman is using minorities as sidekicks AKA rapeslaving allies or some other shit term.
>>129079 That black woman's expression looks slightly pained.
There's no such thing as conspiracy theories, but I have one. Did the Feds/CIA/DoD/deep state use qniggers to take down the good 8chan and possibly other altIBs and are now just leaving them to dry for political purposes against trump.
>>129091 >good 8chan 8chan was riddled with issues long before it shut down. Honestly the exodus was ironically one of the best outcomes possible. It was rapidly turning into a cuckchan cross-poster infested shit-hole. Ron turned /pol/ into an unmoderated fucking mess of a "global" board, Mark back then was doing his usual clusterfuck style of moderating /v/, and Ron and Jim were both as untrustworthy as they are today. If Mark and others didn't spend 6 months deluding themselves into waiting for the 8chan "revival" that amounted to a somehow even buggier broken non-functional website and instead focused on the webring or making this alternative site the state of imageboards would be pretty great. Everyone else was able to see nu-8chan was a complete joke months before Mark was willing to accept it.
New Jojolion https://mangadex.org/chapter/1068790/2 >>129054 What movie is it?
>>129096 About to start Re-Animator in a bit.
>>128561 >>128565 >>128740 Funny how the joker of that show, who was voiced by a black man, had the posture of and jumped around like a monkey
(511.65 KB 594x509 conspiracy.png)
>>129091 There are no conspiracies, only coincidences.
>>129113 I don't understand the conspiracy in this one.
>>129113 What is this image supposed to be implying?
>>129125 >>129124 I'm assuming location signaling for the final run.
>>129129 But that's absolutely fucking retarded because they could just show a picture with a red circle and an arrow pointing to where they want the planes to go. They would never need to have a huge public showing of "attack here" on the building itself.
>>129130 Well duh, of course it's retarded. Maybe the real conspiracy is that they put explosives while doing the art project? I dunno, just think some other retard shit.
>>129091 The purpose of Q faggots wasn't necessarily to get 8chan and other imageboards taken down. Rather, it was to attract facebook-tier boomer conservatives to imageboards and shit them up. And as a bonus, they'll have another strawman similar flat-earthers to circlejerk over and distract people with. The fact that they're getting censored might mean that they're no longer deemed useful. Or, politicians are just exploiting the streisand effect for their own means, knowing it'll rile the boomers up and have them flock to another site, shitting that up in the process. It could also be to set up a pretext for a shooting, for a narrative like "q supporter shoots up (x) after getting banned from twitter" or some shit.
(102.77 KB 828x1072 Marxist List.jpg)
>>129136 Yes, your post is exactly what I was thinking was the case. Although in my case I guess I was thinking take down as to transform 8chan into a qnigger hive. They've also pretty much taken over places like parler and bitchute, to whatever effect they were used for they did certainly shit up alternatives to major services.
>>129158 Source and archive?
>>129161 It's on the image itself. See the URL?
>>129162 NOTHING listed in that image is a source. And, that's on top of the fact that it is worth posting in the first place, then you should also be posting an archive of the source.
>>129158 >>129162 >>129164 Also: Stop posting from your Android if you're going to give that little of a shit.
Ubisoft (and Crytek) got hacked by some ransomware crew. The ransomfags might have gotten the source code for the upcoming Watch Dogs game (Legion). https://archive.is/I5HKF
>>129160 So, what you're saying is that the Q boomers are julay, but not complete failures at everything.
>>129178 >The ransomfags might have gotten the source code for the upcoming Watch Dogs game (Legion). The ironing.
>>129178 >Watch Dogs game (Legion) They should have set their sites higher.
(29.34 KB 1112x264 ClipboardImage.png)
https://archive.fo/8ilgP Charlemagne and Jeanne D'Arc weeps for France.
>>129185 He was ratted out by one of the sand nigger students wasn't he?
>>129185 Seeing some international MSM outlets trying to frame that shit as a stabbing / neck injury and the killerr as neither muslim nor extremist was pretty fucking hilarious when literrally all french MSM outlet from the fucking start literally all said beheaded by a muslim extremist right from the fucking start most likely because someone thinks they can benefit from it being seen in that light. >>129189 Potentially muslim colleagues, potentially the killer own son
>>129158 Pretty stupid to include Pakis under "Asian" when they are racially closer to Afghans, not changs. Sandniggers/ pakis should have their own category. They're afraid we might be alarmed by the high rates of terrorism / violence of that group.
>>128719 Based Poland.
>>129079 latinX
>>129079 >America's First Gay President. Obama beat him to the punch.
>>129113 Funny, the pilot episode for The Lone Gunmen (one-season spinoff series for the X-Files) was broadcast in March of 2001.
>>129232 The irony of (post-kamphy) nu-/Pol/ is that the purity-spiraling faux-nazis that made the place a "No fun allowed!"-shithole were just a small handful of IP-hopping /leftypol/ commies un-ironically honestly saying what they feel about jews and the darkies.
>>129232 >/pol/ Who?
(56.68 KB 680x453 Words of wisdom from Gandhi.jpg)
>>128635 I'm glad that this is getting mixed reviews on Steam. >>128835 >all the news in my euro country are about Trump being "hahah so dumb" for spreading "conspiracy" of twitter censorship That's not a coincidence, when Hillary's e-mails were leaked the left tried to play it off as if it was nothing, same goes for every other instance of the left getting exposed for being corrupt traitors. They'll act like this is just another crazy, right wing conspiracy theory while also desperately telling people not to look into it. >>129079 What is this from? >>129178 I hope they got the source code, Jewbisoft's leftist propaganda game deserves to fail.
>>129242 >Any identity shit was enemies of boards >>129269 >Nice low energy blue wave attempt. >yid? I think you probably should have switched IDs before you performed that complete reversal of positions.
>>129180 >>129182 >I was doubleposting because it wasn't a discussion No, it means you're being emotional and aren't thinking through what you're posting, so you realize immediately after there's something more you have to say. >everything else Pure deflection from the subject at hand.
Upon reading the latest posts I've realized this 9464c7 is some fag pretending to be /pol/ and spreading blatant disinfo.
(1.67 MB 1252x1252 Jesus posting.png)
>>129180 Anon,I don't even particularly care about movie-night or the whole discussion, but double posting is still gay outside of factual or grammar correction. Being called a faggot on an image-board is not and excuse for sperging-out like a tranny that just got misgendered. >>129291 It's just the movie-night anon getting over-emotional over being called out for basic circle-jerking behavior.
(95.10 KB 600x784 THE EYE IS UPON YOU.jpg)
>>129281 >Well while you and I disagree on absolutely nothing. I disagree with your assertion that /v/ as a whole. I was going to finish that thought with "believes all or even most subversion originates in /pol/", but "/v/ as a whole" is silly enough to dismiss on its own. >You're obviously a very amateur greasy individual that I doubt has done anything for anyone. Very nice assumption you have there. >I still remember my first ban on ye olde 8chan, it was about not producing enough. I'm sure you're a very productive individual anon, and your earlier assumption was in no way projection. >So many years ago and /v/'s ago. And I completely believe you're an oldfag. Which you're totally saying because identity is an enemy of boards and you are in no way trying to establish some sort of credit by invoking an identity. >>129283 >so why shouldn't I keep punching you in the back of the head all day? We're having a conversation, anon. Words aren't violence. >it's an outright shaming that has been coming for /v/ and GG in general. Am I supposed to be ashamed for what you say other people did or did not do? I mean, even absent the evidence provided that you're wrong, that's still some reparations-tier responsible-for-others nonsense.
>>129262 >What is this from? Commanders In Crisis by that faggot Steve Orlando, only got a job in the nepotistic Comics Industry because he's a faggot and jewish, he's making fanfiction pandering comics series for the elections for SJW libshits. https://readcomiconline.to/Comic/Commanders-In-Crisis
>>127812 >>127846 >>127871 >>128441 >>128641 >>128677 >>128741 >>128806 >>129162 Are you trying to stand out on purpose? You see anyone else here adding a big empty space between post links and other text and between greentext and regular text often? >>129162 Please show us, wise one, where on that exact url you can find that image.
<<129307 You mean post fucking Comic Book Resources like a good goy faggot like you? How about you read the entirety of it instead of being a whiny little retarded faggot who calls linking the entire fucking thing as "Low effort", because you're not just a tryhard nigger who's acting all mighty and tough, but you don't even have the brain cells to think through before you post retarded trash posts. And sorry, you don't even deserve a (You) for having shit posts in this entire thread.
>>129291 Not just a turd who pretends to be a tough leaderfag, but utterly waste of space posts. Best not to feed him.
(195.54 KB 599x356 leftypol.png)
>>129264 >If I could find the screenshot of leftypol explicitly claiming the revoltards as their op, I could tie this in a nice little bow for you, but another anon will have to swoop in to make that dunk.
>>129311 >Best not to feed him. <He says two minutes after feeding him (You) denial through pinktext still counts.
>>129316 People have also argued that talking about said attention whore retard is also feeding him, best to put a boot down and just move on, the dipshit has no worthy posts in the entirety of this thread.
>takin' bait Well, even the best can do that sometimes. Also, exiled Chinese billionaire mentioned the whole Biden thing a couple of weeks before the story broke. Possible CCP extortion of US politicians? Implying it's not already a thing LUL https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8bXgULtz6cI
(1.22 MB 978x2057 ClipboardImage.png)
>The Joe Biden campaign put some serious work into its island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The Democratic presidential nominee can be seen walking around his field office, a polling place, and much more in the meticulously designed 'Biden HQ.' He'll shout one of his campaign slogans, "no malarkey" if you speak to his character. https://archive.is/VqQdF
(97.57 KB 758x334 huh wait what.jpg)
>>129359 >Voting age is 18 <ice cream, dogs, and model trains The worst thing about it is that it's probably the right choices to appeal to his base.
>>129370 Guess im out of touch, but I just don't see any 18 yr old being excited over this.
>>129370 >>129379 >They think there aren't droves of adults, particularly women, and especially mothers, who fucking love Animal Crossing
>>129379 >>129382 Biden's going for the nintenyearold demographic for sniffs
>>129359 >>129370 >>129379 wasting time and effort on this is another reason why i refuse to vote for him Think about it. Animal crossing sold 22.4 million; 5.6 million of which are from japan with the remaining divided by America and Europe. Best case scenario even if all those 22.4 million players were actually americans voters and all voted for exclusively for him this election cycle. He'd get 22.4 million all of which are divided across 50 states. barely able to swing any electoral votes worth a damn.
(1.10 MB 994x745 biden_voters.png)
>>129379 Biden knows his demographics.
(121.66 KB 750x1334 822656.jpg)
>>129382 My sister plays Animal Crossing.
(593.97 KB 640x360 Your_sisters_hot.mp4)
>>129391 Is she single?
>>129359 >"Biden's" character It's not actually his of course, just some PRfag working for him has an animal nose and mouth Biden administration will campaign for furry rights, confirmed.
(6.01 MB 1280x720 Untitled.mp4)
(89.87 KB 595x734 ClipboardImage.png)
Why are furries like this
>>129468 Because they're furries
>>129468 >why are degenerate zoophilical faggots degenerate Gee anon i dont know.
>>129468 >getting mad at a no-name furfag's joke At least find somebody with the influence to fuck with your life.
(161.58 KB 636x424 snif.jpg)
(160.12 KB 636x406 sniff.jpg)
(178.76 KB 636x485 snifff.jpg)
(219.81 KB 636x502 sniffff.jpg)
>>129359 Is his campaign staffed by children? I guess I shouldn't be surprised by that.
>>129359 Propaganda aside, the town isn't bad.
>>129468 So: Murder, Theft, and then going out of business immediately due to overpaying the staff. Furries no dun biznis gud.
>>129519 Don't kid yourself, furries wouldn't even get to step 2 before getting arrested for raping the office cat.
>>129519 Why would they go out of business? Animals eat each other all the time. At least his proposal, he'd fatten them up before the big meal?
>>129500 >Is his campaign staffed by children? It's staffed by people who LOVE children and are active TOR posters. If the FBI wasn't compromised by partisan tribal bullshittery; they would probably be in jail.
(11.88 MB 1280x720 Feels Good Man trailer.mp4)
>>129293 >movie-night anon I didn't get to see the whole discussion but I'm not 9464c7. That's another anon sperging. >>129039 >What the fuck is this movie even about, this looks unreal It's a documentary about Pepe. See vid related. >>128896 Is it any good?
(88.61 KB 600x450 troubled glare.gif)
>>129557 Attack of the Killer Tomatoes is well known for being pretty terrible and i can only assume any sequels to it are even worse. Lord knows the cartoon didn't do it any favors.
>>129557 >Is it any good? Is a comedy that parodies series B horror movies. Genetically engineered tomatoes attempt to take over the world but everyone is too stupid to stop them. Somehow this retarded joke managed to convince people to create three sequels, a cartoon, a novel and a couple of games. https://invidious.tube/watch?v=b3uIKzgcDxo
(503.18 KB 586x845 ((())).png)
>>129359 >Animal Crossing I would have figured Biden for an Unteralterbach man instead.
>>129359 >How do you do, fellow kids Still less embarrassing than Shillary and her "Pokemon GO to the polls" line.
>>129583 >Unteralterbach Sure they'd probably need to be about "four years older".
(46.95 KB 480x360 credits.jpg)
>>129567 You either like this kind of comedy or you don't. Personally, I love it.
>>129594 The people who made that fucking abomination were actually working for Hillary. They thought it was a good idea. They thought they were helping the Clinton campaign.
>>129605 i will respond to your video nigger with my video niggers
(653.55 KB 810x1249 ClipboardImage.png)
>Check (((Yahoo Finance))) for any interesting articles >Oh boy some institution gets name dropped >Genomics >Remember reading somewhere that Jews run the entire genetic science industry >Check the director >SURE ENOUGH
>>129620 (((Pure Coincidence)))
https://archive.vn/Fxcgk >Saturday, October 17, 2020 Proof by /pol/ >/pol/ is providing links to a zipfile containing some of the emails between Vadim Pozharskyi and Hunter Biden. There is nothing too terribly incriminating on this batch, but they appear to be legitimate. Which, of course, tends to signify that the New York Post story is going to be publicly substantiated in short order. One example: < ---------- Forwarded message ---------- < From: Vadim Pozharskyi <v.pozharskyi.ukraine@ > < Date: Thu, Jul 23, 2015 at 5:04 AM < Subject: Re: Children passport scan copies To: Hunter Biden < <hbiden@rosemontseneca.com>, Sebastian Momtazi< < @rosemontcapital.com>, Devon Archer <darcher@rosemontseneca.com>, < Katie Dodge @rosemontseneca.com> < Gents, Hope, you are well. I am glad to let you know that we've already < booked your tickets as per our last discussion. < With this in mind, in order to buy tickets for the kids, I would be needing their < passport scan copies. < I would really appreciate it if you could kindly forward them to me as soon as < you can for us finalize the arrangements! < Looking forward to our trip and seeing you all soon! < Best, Vadym < -- < Katie Dodge Executive Assistant / Office Manager < Rosemont Seneca Partners < 1010 Wisconsin Ave., NW, #705 Washington, DC 20007 >And more emails are being leaked already, in this case, related to China.
>>129627 >>129359 >>129599 Pundits could probably spin this as "inserting political messages into a kid's game". Like AC is absolutely targeted for children. It's fine that adults enjoy it, but that age gap could be used as a fracture point to make it backfire
>>129640 How would a person go about proving that an email was actually written and sent to or by a particular person, though, especially since Biden will deny having written them? What do you provide? The pst or whatever file it is? I'm sure headers can be falsified within a pst. Do politicians like email just for that deniability? A conversation pasted into a imageboard post is just text.
>>129643 Shouldn't Nintendo just flat-out remove that shit though? They went out of their way to remove user-made tranny shit from Smash Bros., which resulted in a pretty hilarious shitshow. >>129644 We'll wait and see if it's actually real. Given how corrupt all of these fucks are, it probably is, and in the event that it isn't, then so what? If we truly live in a 'post-truth society', then we can implement whatever truth we feel like, just like our enemies do. There's going to be war either way so it's not like there's any reason not to at this point.
>>129645 I'm sure it needs to be reported enough times in the game for it to be removed.
>>129652 >I'm sure it needs to be reported enough times in the game for it to be removed. Maybe we've got a task for ourselves, then.
>>129643 >>129645 >>129652 >>129655 Isn't it a total non-issue to Nintendo unless Biden's Island is open for visiting or he puts political stuff on other peoples' islands like that one guy did the with the SS Uniforms? >>129645 >and in the event that it isn't, then so what? If we truly live in a 'post-truth society', then we can implement whatever truth we feel like, just like our enemies do. There's going to be war either way so it's not like there's any reason not to at this point. Newsflash faggot. This isn't a "no bad tactics" zone.
Interesting video about the Bidens. This shit's been brewing for a while; I wish I had seen this back in late September when it was posted. https://invidious.snopyta.org/watch?v=8bXgULtz6cI >>129657 >Newsflash faggot. This isn't a "no bad tactics" zone. I'm just trying to be realistic. What's the first casualty of war?
>>129645 As I said, though, how do you prove if it is or isn't real? Second, floating away into yet a different private version of reality is not the answer, because actual reality still exists and needs to be dealt with. Maybe a better idea would be coming up with a consensus version of reality and figuring out a way to get everyone to buy into it. Fat chance, yes, but it's better than giving up and becoming a crazy person. Third, saying "a war is coming let's all give up on everything" has never solved a problem or improved a situation or, really, even been tried before, because being a defeatist is asinine and doesn't work. As for the Biden in Animal Crossing thing, surely someone from Biden's campaign ran the idea by someone at NoA's PR group and got a nod, because neither of those groups would want the bad press that would result from a blowup over it. Even if that didn't happen, since gaming media outlets are covering the story it's certain that someone at NoA and maybe even actual Nintendo would hear about it and move on it even without mass reports. Don't let that stop anybody from doing what they want.
>>129658 I've heard about all of the recent shit with Biden's son, but I wonder if it will actually materialize into something people will actually get nailed for. I've been in an "I'll believe it when I see it" mode for a while now.
(160.27 KB 1347x635 Moviebob ads on 8ch.png)
>>128815 Maybe he'll come back here again :^)
>>129679 I wonder how profitable appealing to boomers is now that they've become a widespread political plague on social media platforms. Obviously not nearly as profitable as children since they don't buy a never ending supply of video games and toys, but they must be up there considering they probably don't use adblock and have boomer bucks to spend on retarded prepper meal supply scams because they're too retarded to by a can of beans. I guess I'm thinking like a glow nigger now, ever seeking peoples analytics. All boomers need to fucking die.
Antifa-affiliated vandals have allegedly burned millions of dollars worth of farm equipment over dual USA and Trump flags being flown on the vehicles. If shit like this continues, then starvation (one of the planks of the communist party) could be enacted in the USA! Yay progress!
>>129690 >>129691 Archives. Archives of articles please.
>>129695 That's an archive of a tweet from some guy. Here's an archive from a local radio station with a quote from the farmer involved and without the social media hand-wringing. I don't know who else has picked up on it yet. archive.vn/Qnv6x
>>129702 Good god. This is how Holodomor started. Stalin burned all the farms in Ukraine and force them to rise up against the bourgeois and this time, they're re-enacting it against the American farmers into forcing them to go against Donald Trump and his supporters. This is a stuff of nightmares.
>>129690 >>129691 So its like Holodomor, the difference is that its the Antifa rioters doing this. Fuck's sake, do these retards want famine in America?
So, Oregon's voting system has a bug that let's you change anyone's vote if you know their name and birth date: https://archive.vn/T9T46 First post about this on 4/pol/: https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/283240429/#283247836 More threads about this: https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/283249492/ https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/283257640/
>>129705 >do these retards want famine in America Yes. They legitimately don't care about how many people die if it means their beliefs and ideals are allowed to go forward one more step. Ignoring that one more step in that direction would result in WW3, but they don't give a fuck because they're the <enlightened, intellectual, internationalist people and clearly anyone intervening would clearly be on their behalf because Orange Man is not only bad but a clear sign of nationalist corruption that is on its death bed according to the sensationalist media that outputs the shit I want to hear instead along with clearly doctored information but because it's on my side it's all good
>>129690 >>129691 Shouldn't the DHS be dealing with this? You'd think sabotaging of agriculture and food security would be highest priority to fight against, on par with securing power/water infrastructure.
(152.66 KB 600x800 HQ1IngT.jpg)
>Twitter, facebook subpoenad >Not one congressman will ask "Why are Right wing conspiracy theories banned, but conspiracies regarding Jeffrey Epstein permitted?"
(258.50 KB 785x787 ClipboardImage.png)
>>129714 >Shouldn't the DHS be dealing with this? A quick search of recent news stories shows that DHS is busy dealing with illegals, the elections, and hackers.
>>129714 One set of farm equipment being burned, even if it's expensive and impactful locally, isn't going to get the federal panties in a knot, and it wouldn't be "DHS." Local cops aren't going to assume it was antifa mostly because it doesn't really help them figure out what identifiable people did the crime. Of course, we don't and can't know what evidence they have. Maybe someone conveniently spraypainted "antifa were here." If it were to happen in another state, then perhaps that'd be enough of a pattern for the FBI to get involved.
>>129690 >>129691 >communists trying to cause a famine Yep, that checks out.
>>129690 >>129691 Has Antifa taken credit for this? Because playing devils-advocate here, unless there is clear Antifa involvement or a pattern-of-behavior this may not be terrorism, but instead, something less insidious like insurance fraud or a dispute between neighbors.
>>129767 even if antifa was an organisation, they wouldn't take responsibility for anything. their very personalities wouldn't permit it. antifa members are all spoiled rich kids who see it as an affront that they are ever expected to work for any reason. for example, their opposition to slavery as a concept is not the fact that a slave's freedom is stripped from them, but the fact that the slave is made to work. they don't care about freedom, only their own childish laziness.
(32.13 KB 469x311 FUCK YOU.jpg)
>>129690 >>129691 Rural farmers aren't going to put up with this shit on and on. If antifa keeps it up then they're going to hit the "fuck around and find out" threshold real quickly.
(41.41 KB 300x250 spider sweater swole.png)
Have you heard about what 4chan done did? I caught word there were threads about the Oregon's and/or Washington's voting site being shitted up and only required a name and birthdate to cancel mail-in votes. I think it was only just recently noticed. I wonder if they'll catch actual serious shit and get shoahed.
>>129788 They've been fucking around for 4 months now and only a handful have found out. They've taken more lives than they've lost. The west has been pacified.
(88.90 KB 613x320 EklkuU8VoAA3yKZ.png)
I hate twitter and internet trannys with every fiber of my being. https://archive.is/5t13d
>>129807 Trannies wish they were trap caliber.
>>129709 Ah it is posted and with archives, nice going torfag.
>>129807 I'd MAYBE give them Testament, but he's only really effeminate from the long hair. Byakuya isn't really any more of a trap than, say, Yu Narukami is.
>>129807 >Testament from Guilty Gear is a trap Does this lazy does-no-research hipster tranny mean Bridget?
>>129812 >>129829 They do mean the playstyle.
(385.88 KB 750x761 visible confusion.png)
>>129807 >Someone might misuse the trap word as a joke so it might be transphobic fucking whores
>>129690 >>129691 who is that fucking retarded to fuck with the bread basket of their region? If the people there are screwed over the price in said region fluctuates higher It really boggles the mind on how stupid some people in this world are
>>129878 >If the people there are screwed over the price in said region fluctuates higher From their perspective, that's just one more reason to install communism.
>>129883 Why can't these jackasses move to actual communist countries They still exist head on fucking over no ones going to stop you.
>>129884 Because then they won't be in charge of the government.
>>129884 Because they don't think communism will work unless it's a global one world government.
(18.51 KB 480x363 ClipboardImage.png)
(214.04 KB 653x335 ClipboardImage.png)
https://archive.fo/gfcbf For context: The man was cancelled by the "I fucking love science" crowd for he's about to expose the lies that the likes of WHO and the media spreads about the Wuhan virus. This man is a Nobel laureate winner for his contributions in chemistry.
Ziggerchan now has an onion. >>129896 >American British Israeli Chemist born in South Africa
(25.88 KB 600x600 doublebond.png)
>>129896 Also being right-wing in academia, it's always fun to see all these high-ranking scientists freak and sperg out whenever someone doesn't agree with their view or God forbid - morals.
>>129889 That makes perfect sense, obligatory >implying these idiots would ever be party leaders >implying they wouldn't be used as red paint for the walls >>129895 Fuckers can barely run their own lives think they can run the hundred of different cultures that hate each other.
>>129917 they think as long as they just take what rich people have and give it to all the poor people, equality will be achieved and then they can reward themselves with a little extra gibs for being so righteous we can just ignore that we don't live in a post scarcity society, surely everything will work out for the best
>>129948 It's also evil trying to portray itself as good or unironically believing they are good whilst leaving nothing but a pile of corpses behind them.
>>129709 Someone with a twitter account should notify the president. 4/pol/ seems to have uncovered something pretty serious here.
(2.52 MB 1413x2000 AltinaScroll.png)
>>129709 I mean, it's Oregon. I live there. Oregon wouldn't go red if Biden literally came out and started hanging niggers on stage. Voter fraud here doesn't mean jack shit. It's in battleground states where it's a problem.
>Can I have paper ballots now daddy state? < NO
>>129979 I hope cuckchan can hack the election to swing it red, maybe democrats will give a fuck about voter fraud if that happens.
(135.00 KB 1596x1596 f.jpg)
>>129989 All you'd need is a database of names and birthdates. Luckily, no such thing exists at the moment.
(5.54 MB 640x360 AWAKEN THE BAKERS.webm)
Awaken the Bakers
>>129709 It doesn't let you actually change votes but it supposedly lets you cancel ballots to print a new one. You can also apparently also change party registrations and view people's addresses and party registrations.
(478.16 KB 850x722 popteambread.png)
>>130008 Damn you, now I am hungry.
(330.94 KB 136x240 conductor please help oh god.gif)
(609.56 KB 1620x1200 Bottom_Text.png)
>>130008 GAMERED edition?
(4.00 MB 1280x720 evil.webm)
>>129973 See video related.
>>130022 Why not?
New Bread New Bread New Bread >>130033 >>130033 >>130033 >>130033 >>130033 New Bread New Bread New Bread
>>129895 Useful idiots for the new world order/"great reset" tbh.

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