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(128.16 KB 730x411 Analogue-Duo-10-16-2020.jpg)
Analogue Duo Announced, Plays TurboGrafx-16 and PC Engine Games Anonymous 10/16/2020 (Fri) 17:37:51 Id:98c38c No. 128812
Some company called Analogue basically made a new mini console that plays games made for the TurboGrafx-16 and PC Engine. It will launch in 2021 in limited qualities for 200 bucks, and can play TurboGrafx-16, PC Engine, SuperGrafx, TurboGrafx CD, PC Engine CD-ROM, and Super Arcade CD-ROM games. Upscaled to 1080p with “zero lag.” Personally I think the whole "mini console" phase has basically died down with the Genesis Mini, unless Tommy Tallarico suddenly makes the Amico into the new Wii. Which in that case I'll shit myself while laughing. Still, seems like a nice little machine for Retro enthusiasts. https://www.analogue.co/duo/
I don't get the point of these miniconsoles, especially if they aren't handheld. Like wouldn't you want to emulate instead?
all those games suck ass and who the fuck is gonna pay 200 dollars to pay games you can emulate for free on any toaster other than retarded soyfilled consoomers?
Is it going to come with pre-loaded games or will they re-release real TurboGrafx-16 games in their real format?
(35.96 KB 394x370 ishygddt.jpg)
> Analogue Enjoy your shitty image quality emulationboxes I wish I was kidding about the last part
(186.66 KB 1785x745 Noemulation.png)
>>128826 But Anon, can you not read :^)
>>128819 It's a novelty
(1.17 MB 1280x720 ClipboardImage.png)
Hey, you know what plays every Game Boy game and doesn't cost $200? A fucking Game Boy.
>>128812 Zero fucks given. If you want an emu box just get a raspberry pie and play every game ever made for every system.
>>128899 >spending money on niggerpi Not even joking, neck yourself faggot.
I see some soyboys complaining about the limited availability again. Buying the original hardware is much better for the original experience. It shouldn't be that expensive to buy them. If there is anything to complain about, it's the upcharge on retro games that'll cost you an arm and a leg from scalpers.
>>128903 You will have retards that reject buying a perfectly good vintage game console just because the cardboard packaging has a slight crease.
>>128900 You can find someone on the internet frothing-at-the-mouth mad about anything, it seems.
>>128954 Anon has a fair point; RPi are massive SJWs. Shame, because their product is great and the tech support is plenty.
>>128900 It's the best deal you'll get for that quality of hardware. It's not super powerful or anything, but it runs more games than anything else you'll get for that price.
>>128812 >Paying for an emulator Free emulators for PC run almost all the games for all systems up to the PS2 era for free. Why the hell would I pay for this box that can't even do that?
>>129025 >suprise the retarded tor poster can't read or doesn't know what FPGA is
>>129090 Not only can you emulate on a Pi but you can force old-school 240p/480i/p analog output like god intended. Now I can shut up about it
>>129090 Fag pussy gay asshole? Is that you?
>>128819 If you go to the website they are adding that feature to the Analogue pocket. Hope you were able to get a preorder for that as they are going for $500+ by scalpers and the shit isn't even out yet. I got mine thankfully.
(18.88 KB 474x474 RG351p.jpg)
>>128819 >I don't get the point of these miniconsoles, especially if they aren't handheld. Like wouldn't you want to emulate instead? Especially the TurboGrafx and PC Engine since it's so easy to emulate. At this point it's better to get a much cheaper chink handheld like pic related that can perfectly emulate Turbografx and other consoles as well.
>>128819 I got a C64 Maxi, because it also comes with a Commodore keyboard and BASIC, so it's a great little hobby machine if you like fucking around with BASIC. But those are features most of these things aren't offering. The ones that look like the old consoles are probably meant as living room decorations too, they look a lot nicer than a raspberry pi with retropie loaded. Handhelds aren't an argument, who wants to play on a screen smaller than your hand? Even 80s TVs had bigger screens than handhelds.
>>129535 >who wants to play on a screen smaller than your hand? This entire board, considering they hate the size of the 3DS and Switch.
>>128812 You're paying 200 bucks for an intentionally locked down cheap FPGA in a fancy box, now you don't even get to have the jailbreak thing that allowed you to run many different console on a single one of those Well at-least it's not MiSTer. >>128834 People pretending FPGAs aren't emulation are just as retarded as those that pretend it's the same as software emulation.
>>129587 I'm not paying for this shit, I'll just loot it when the niggers are having a chimpout.

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