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(54.77 KB 768x1024 13c.jpg)
What do you think of Steve in Smash so far? Anonymous 10/17/2020 (Sat) 18:51:10 Id:000000 No. 129414
I gotta say, the character requires some tactical moves that are pretty nice once pulled off. Hell, if you know how to really use him, you can be pretty much good towards most characters.
I agree OP, Smash truly is the most balanced, high skill ceiling competitive fighting game available right now
>>129443 A fighting game is considered truly competitive only when people are molested in tournaments.
I don't care and I don't care about Smash. If you care about Smash you should probably be bottlefed.
>>129445 I guess that's why not many people get into it.
>>129414 >Tactical moves. >With a character put in to appeal to younger players. >In a party game. Why are you even alive Anon?
I don't care about this tranny party game, I just like that they put Minecraft Steve in the game. All those people obsessing for years over their one extremely specific irrelevant character getting in and they just put in the Minecraft guy for the lulz. Well done Nintendo.
>>129449 Because we all know they surely like to get into kids.
What ever happened to that last Steve topic where it was basically a salt mine laughing at those who were mad at Steve?
>>129455 What I find amusing is for those who are all for "protect the children' some were saying that boy who was molested by that chic speaker was doing him a "good thing". What a fucking stupid society. They want equal equality, but at the same time, allow most females to get away with shit such as this.
I think Smashfags all deserve to have their faggot skulls caved in with a cinderblock. Shit game played exclusively by pedophiles and it is now a cancer the size of Kansas now that it's meshed the autism of Minecraft with the autism of Smash.
>>129414 Personally, I like the playstyle and I think he's a good fit for the kids. That said, I'm also quite disappointed that Smash went from a Nintendo brawler with the occasional third party character, to fucking MUGEN. Doesn't exactly help when the Smash community can't make a modded roster worth a damn.
>>129473 The game has gotten too big for its own good. I do agree with that.
(193.23 KB 145x170 1461502893938.gif)
>>129476 Honestly if you're a wishlistfag I don't know how you could keep supporting this game after a giant insult like Steve. This character has seniority over all your wishlist picks, meaning no matter what, from now until the end of time, your favorite characters will always play second fiddle to a garbage non-character rectangle man designed in 30 seconds by a fat swede. Steve will always have seniority in Smash to anyone that comes after him, now and forevermore. How could you even stand such an insult? To play Smash after this is the absolute height of cuckoldry. How can you even live with yourself?
>>129481 honestly, I fell out of the game. I use my Switch for Mario Kart more nowadays, and even then I'm gaming more on my PC than my Switch. That said I WILL say that Ultimate is at least a competently made game unlike Brawl and WiiU which were just fucking trash.
>>129486 Ultimate is trash too
>>129487 Yeah, but I like fucking around in classic mode when on the train. I'm hoping someone makes an eventual Project M like project for Ultimate.
(470.96 KB 1020x797 Queen Boo.png)
>Competitive fags >Project Autism There is no hope for you faggots.
>>129489 Well, there is this, Project NX, but I don't know too much about it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ArX5z0lU29I
Indifferent since I don't play smash.
Why did my post defending Zer0 dissapear? E-celeb faggoty I take it? I don't like censorship mark, esports and certain competitors in them are an important part of videogames and their history.
Like every Smash character that isn't a Fire Emblem character, I was mad about this for two seconds before seeing the moveset. The music's nice too. This also made me realize that Minecraft is 11 years old. Fuck.
>>129509 Because your post belonged in the trash
>>129521 Pretty sure it's a pick for the younger base. I just hope Sakurai isn't on Smash 6
(52.29 KB 500x281 [ROMANTIC].jpg)
(27.79 KB 334x308 snake ass 2.jpg)
>>129541 I hope Snake and Captain Falcon regain their curvy muscular bulging asses in Smash 6. Samus should get her titties back too whatever.
>>129546 >Faggot Kill yourself.
>>129473 >>129548 Why are you so angry? It's just a game.
>>129414 what really irks me is that Steve was a placeholder
>>129509 >esports and certain competitors in them are an important Never were, and never will be. Unless it is used to expose their pedophile rings operating under the guise of tournaments.
>>129555 They guy who kept on saying steve shouldnt get in smash because hes a placeholder got in every way shape and form BTFO. I wonder what kind of autisitc meltdown he had IRL once he saw that steve got in the game and not one of his favorite characters? >>129548 The only thing in this world that a man truly owns and keeps from his birth until his death is his body, the muscles of a man define him and the stronger he is the more disciplined it shows that he is. To take the well toned and developed muscles of a man away amounts to nothing more than an insult and a crime against their very being, glutes included. >>129559 Just because they don't appeal to you doesn't mean they're huge and make millions of dollars with millions of fans and spectators. Thats one of the best ways to make money as solely as a gamer.
>>129414 Indifferent. I like Minecraft and Smash, but I don't love either. This whole "Steve and Sans in Smash" thing almost feels like a pandora's box situation, now that the "worst" is out there all that remains is hope.
>>129568 You realize that in pandoras box, Hope WAS the worst thing.
>>129568 When someone takes a giant shit in your soup you don't keep eating it.
(42.86 KB 654x448 grinn.jpeg)
>Smash is shit because of Steve >the mounds of fucking salt coming from niggers Steve is a interesting and fantastic character that's been assraping all the other characters. Lipfags special mention since Mark is a lipfag and he was nowhere near as mad as the niggers in the threads, Dantefags, Travisfags doubly BTFO'd. Anyone who cares about a mediocre fighting game this badly should really kill themselves, there's no point in giving a shit about Steve in Smash. On paper he's a character that should've been added years ago, really, and you just can't argue against that. The only thing that's left is your whining about your favorite character whose way better than a self insert from a stupid mediocre sandbox game for autistic kids. That same favorite character not being added to another mediocre party game for autistic adults. >>129561 Placeholderfag is a ever flowing fountain of sodium chloride and its glorious. Hey, faggot, I know you're reading this, how does it feel to have a placeholder get in over your shitty third party rep? Third parties was a mistake in general kek. Turned Smash into a betting match of "Who will this multi billion dollar company introduce normalniggers to next." >>129572 Anyone can be added at this point, save for I guess non-vidya reps and Soyny reps. The only first party that have a chance of being added is a fire emblem character. Enjoy your 30 dollar fighting game pass. >>129575 Soup was shit and piss in the first place. You look ridiculous if you complain about your half-eaten piss and shit soup being shat in by a another person.
>Countless Smashfags got called out for pederasty >Countless Minecraftfags get called out for pederasty >Steve gets memed into Smash How far below rock bottom are we?
(510.89 KB 700x600 Blood_spin.gif)
>>129576 >special mention since Mark is a lipfag Who the fuck keeps spreading this meme? I don't even care for Lip. I'd think it would be cool if more niche NINTENDO characters got into the game, but I make one joke and you niggers get all up in my case about the fucking Lipfag. Do you niggers even know why you hate the Lipfag? or are you just spreading fake news about threads you were never in. Besides, Lipfag wasn't even that insufferable, he stuck to Smash Bros threads and caused as much of a fuss as the WONDER RED EVERY THREAD guy.
>>129580 Only gets worse from here friend.
>>129580 Nothing but memes from here on out. If Bubsy and/or Freddy Fazbear appears in some shape or form I wouldn't be surprised. Waluigifags will remain eternally cucked.
>>129591 I wouldn't be surprised if the rest of the pass was Ryu Hayabusa Freddy Fazbear Jonesy Fortnite Rayman
>>129588 Every once in awhile in the GG threads a nigger posts a screencap from your twitter account lipposting in response to Nintendo adding more titles to the online catalog. It makes sense in hindsight because there was only one lipfag, since you posted in those threads there should've been more lipfagging. >Lipfag wasn't even that insufferable Only significant from the small amount of avatarfags in those threads. Had there been a dozen other fags doing the same he would be irrelevant. >>129596 >Rayman Rayman has a high chance since Ubisoft is working with Nintendo on shit regularly. Makes sense businesswise.
>>129604 Well he IS a faggot, but I still don't think he was anyone noteworthy. There have been worse faggots, one of which is an admin for this site. :^)
>>129604 >Rayman has a high chance since Ubisoft is working with Nintendo on shit regularly. Makes sense businesswise. I'm surprised he wasn't in the first DLC pass. I still don't want him, which is why I think he's likely to get in.
>>129596 Bubsy's first two games were on SNES and his newest installment is on Switch so I'm rooting for him to show up as a Mii brawler costume.
>>129445 The battle is not only in the game anon. Smash esports has evolved outside of the game. If you can't edge guard your bootyhole you got some labbing to do.Its about owning your opponent both in and out of game mentally, emotionally, and physically. Break the enemies spirit and you win it all, you conquer your enemies completely. Smash is the truest esport, show me another esports game where you are forced to risk it all. You can't. Baby mode FGC, ASSFAGGOTS, and FPS can't compete.
>>129612 Bubsy has a better chance of being a playable character, old good characters are Assist Trophies or Mii Costumes other than Shovel Knight, he's trash
>>129576 Hey hey hey I'm a Dante/Travisfag too. Don't pick on my boys just because another boy got in the game. >Placeholderfag is a ever flowing fountain of sodium chloride and its glorious. I know some of you guys love smash but you really shouldn't take it that seriously. When Byleth got added to the game I just lost interest and moved on, I didn't get a fucking mental breakdown on an anonymous imageboard because of it damn. But GOD DAMN is it hilarious to read that shit! >>129588 >Who the fuck keeps spreading this meme? Me. I screencapped his twitter post from a few months back and saved it. >Do you niggers even know why you hate the Lipfag? He personally sperged out at me mutliple times through a dozen or two posts and called me a bunch of shit for wanting Steve and Waluigi in the game two years ago. I tried to be nice to the guy but he was always quite the fucking prick, he also wanted Master Chief in smash who isn't even on a single nintendo console I was also called cringey or some shit by some other random anon simple because I liked Waluigi to be in the game but the way Lipfag was acting towards me in that same thread made the thread actually go quiet in shock for a while. >Lipfag wasn't even that insufferable Anon he was smug, stubborn, vindictive and spoke like an autist, especially towards a man who tried to be kind to him and seek common ground like a true man. >caused as much of a fuss as the WONDER RED EVERY THREAD guy. Go fuck yourself WONDER RED EVERY THREAD guy is based.
Does anyone even have an archive of the smash threads from two years ago? Sage for doublepost if that even works
(242.29 KB 850x963 image0-2.jpg)
Speak of the devil and he doth appear. I am well. In truth, Steve's inclusion does not matter. If Smash wants to dig its own grave after everything and knowing better, that's on them. Sakurai is nothing but a lobotomized sloth punching his time card at this point and I truly feel bad for him having to do this for the rest of his miserable life, although he is also a faggot who deliberately makes the community more toxic through his antics. The truth is, Smash needs Lip more than Lip needs Smash. And the same is true for every dormant franchise that uses Smash as their hope of "rekindling interest" in the series. Don't fall into the trappings of wishlist fagging. Your series can live again and can be great without Smash. It happened to Doom, it happened to Crash and Spyro. We can have the things we want. It can be done, one way or another. I think everyone can agree Smash is worthless without quality characters. And Steve will never be one. The fairies will rise again.
>>129631 Well I've had arguments with him myself, I still think he's a faggot who's overhyped as this avatar spamming schizo when really he was just a faggot. >>129636 Hey Lipfag, ur gay
>>129631 And just fyi you're still a faggot and your tastes are shit, fuck you.
>>129638 I think Sakurai directly acknowledged him when he was showing off spirits and personally showed off out of all of the hundreds of spirits in the game, he decided to show off Lip, attempting to crush the autists dreams in one fell swoop, but the fucker went into denial and still kept on saying that she will get into the game, only for her to get cucked by Steve two years later. LOL >>129636 Oh shit is it really you? Its good to have you back bro. I hope everything has been going well for you! >>129639 I love you too Lipfag.
>>129414 Why even care about that, hell at this point Nintendo should just let you make your o<n fucking character from scratch So we can finally have Rare Akuma in Smash
(241.55 KB 1920x1080 Smash Link and Zelda.jpg)
>>129414 From a business standpoint, it actually works pretty well since Minecraft is super popular around the world and it will attract lots of attention from many kids and autists. I'm really curious if Nintendo will push this practice of putting third party characters into the next Smash game since getting permission to use them from companies is pretty hard. >>129614 >image God damn it, I wish for a second season of Shimoneta.
>>129663 Best character is dead IRL It won't be the same
It looks like I took a wrong turn and arrived in 4chan
>>129696 inb4 lolicon rage that just because they jerk it to sexualized child bodies and personalities doesn't mean they are sexually attracted to children
>>129696 >Where do you think we are Not cuckchan or Reddit take the soyjak "Yes" memes back there.
I really don't give much of a shit about Smash, haven't played it since Brawl, but seeing Minecraft get an actual fighter, as opposed to the Mii reskin that was Sans, gives me a sense of satisfaction like you wouldn't believe. Probably because the latter's game was only ever meant to be another flavor of the month, and the only reason it wound up being more than that is because the creator's had connections ever since he became a mod on Starmen. Meanwhile Minecraft's been going strong for over a decade, and on its own merit alone, no networking bullshit or attempts to stay relevant outside of "hey we updated the game". Feels like justice.
(1.39 MB 1200x1200 ClipboardImage.png)
No one ever actually wanted Steve in Smash and people still don't. The literal only reason people claimed to have wanted him in the game is "for the lulz", to see everyone get angry about it. They don't actually give a shit about him as a character because he simply isn't one. Listen to every faggot who begged for Steve to be in. It was never "I think he'd have cool abilities", or "I was touched Steve's story", or "I want to see him interact with this character", it was always "Minecraft sold a bunch of units". They conflate the amount of shekels harvested with his quality as a character and every fucking loser who wanted him in the game just wanted him in solely to be advertised at. There is nothing about him that has charisma or appeal, there is no character or presence to be had, his presence in Smash is literally just there to say "Buy Minecraft!". They're using him to advertise a game that everyone has already played and Nintendo doesn't make a cent of profit from. And the good goyim eat it up because they don't really care. As has been said numerous times, Smash is just a Funko Pop fighting game. It exists to absorb franchises into its biomass and make them as soulless and empty as Steve, and it's where franchises go to die. F-Zero, Wario Land, Metroid, Star Fox, all of them are on life support through Smash. There was a time when Smash might have been special but now it never will be again.
>>129712 >You should let Cuckchan co-opt your site like you did the last one. How about you kill yourself, 4Channel nigger.
>>129568 I can get Steve, but Sans? I hven't heard any shit from his game's fandom for some time. Might be the Sans fantypes, but I heard the fandom of Undertale was at least better than Smash and Minecraft now. Given the recent shitstorm in Smash, I would agree.
>>129568 Also, what is your take in Undertale? It's a SJW shit game I would take it?
>>129734 Wasn't that just a promotion for Undertale releasing for Switch? I have no idea about the facts of the situation, but I'd guess that's what happened. Nintendo has this fairly large platform for cross-promotion, and for some reason that seems to be a big thing among the advertising folks these days. Amazon runs commercials that are basically promoting other businesses: unrelated companies and not competitors, just other businesses using their services. It's possible they're getting money from them for it, but either way it'd have been pretty bizarre even twenty years ago. Nintendo using the Smash social media soapbox to boost a competitor's product doesn't sound all that crazy any more.
>>129561 >>129576 Still won't get my money, pedophile.. And when available, I will pirate it. It is inevitable. In the meantime, I will drive normalfags away from it.
>>129696 >>129700 >>129712 t. niggerpill/Hanging Flesh/ CP spammer from julay's /cow.
>>129725 You aren't wrong but I still have fond feelings for Smash just because they brought back Simon and made him look how he's suppose to instead of a Japanese goth faggot or a worse Japanese goth faggot with a bondage fetish. That's got to count for something. Now if the Nips could finally eliminate the Yakuza and someone non retarded could inherit Konami we could get back to having nice things again.
Also I still want Adol, just for spite. I want more sword reps. >>129760 Hopefully Infernax will be decent, if not then at least whatever's next for iga or whatever's next that's inspired by iga will be good.
>>129734 >>129740 This is a bit of a stretch, but Toby Fox worked on most of the music for Little Town Hero, which was developed by Game Freak, which is a subsidiary of The Pokemon Company, which is a child company of Nintendo. Promoting Toby by having Sans in Smash could have been a way to promote Little Town Hero by proxy.
>>129792 I see the line of logic but likewise I can say Toby Fox did a track for YIIK and therefore having Sans in smash is also promoting YIIK, indirectly. Oh fuck, Alex in Smash when?
>>129696 >durr i'll post this shit to frame 8chan as a pedo site durr Fuck off back to Julay, /cow/tard, your retarded tricks won't work here.
>>129800 Did the site eat your image, anon?
(671.41 KB 963x643 DOOM.png)
>>129793 >Spoiler
(50.67 KB 600x825 Alex.jpg)
>>129802 Not that Alex, anon.
>>129793 which may well open the door for homestuck in general since it had flash game segments in it to say nothing of hiveswap and then after that it links to hussie writing namco high its all fucking connected
(94.60 KB 640x706 retarded kid.jpg)
>>129576 >Steve is a interesting and fantastic character >"interesting" >"fantastic" Steve is just a fucking generic block with no personality, like the most generic playmobil toy. It's anything but "interesting", let alone fantastic. You must be an autistic underaged retard who thinks trash like minecraft and fortnite are "le epic best gaem evah!". Unironically kill yourself.
>>129509 >esports and certain competitors in them are an important part of videogames and their history. You must be actually retarded to think something like that. esports niggers matter as much as a dog turd on the sidewalk, and people like you that make them feel important are pure cancer. No wonder Mark deleted your post if it was as stupid as this one.
(141.07 KB 900x675 Kill yourself budgie.jpg)
(8.30 KB 300x168 kill yourself.jpg)
(81.86 KB 454x340 de0.jpg)
>>129509 >I don't like censorship mark, esports and certain competitors in them are an important part of videogames and their history.
(25.39 KB 225x109 smash.png)
>>129868 This, but unironically.
(51.48 KB 676x858 strongest not mad.jpg)
Steve is just Olimar with a different coat of paint and non-animations. He's hard countered by Ridley, amusingly enough, since his blocks acts as walls and Ridley's Space Pirate Rush does twice as much damage and has twice the knockback if he carries the opponent into a wall. My main dislike comes from the fact that the character is... not a character. He's a nothing, a blank slate and not actually a character. What is his origin? What is his personality? They don't exist because "Steve" is just the default "mincraft guy" skin, who in turn also has no backstory, personality, or anything. It's like taking the Create-a-fighter mechanic out of... Soul Calibur (for example), and then making a character in Smash from it; yeah you have a moveset from SC, but no character, which is the problem with the decision here. Now all that said, I personally find Minmin and Joker to be the least fun to play as.
(32.29 KB 397x252 disgust dimensions.jpg)
>>129868 Go post your basic rageface shit on cuckchan, your kind are not wanted here.
>>129823 >>129842 Both of you know I'm right and theres nothing you can do about it. E-sports faggotry is big now, is a multi million dollar industry with corporate sponorships, professional teams, massive audiences and is here to stay. Stay mad. >>129871 >Steve is just Olimar with a different coat of paint and non-animations. That just has to be bait. >They don't exist because "Steve" is just the default "mincraft guy" skin Yes he is, hes the iconic default face of minecraft and he represents the player as a whole, just like villager from Animal Crossing or Pokemon trainer, they're supposed to be generic you retard. >who in turn also has no backstory, personality, or anything Minecraft isn't a singleplayer story kind of game where you play as a pre-established character. Since YOU play as the blank slate Steve he serves as the outlet for you to express your story, personality and creative freedom, when you play minecraft, you aren't steve anymore, you are just you. Its like as if you never played a sandbox game or even understood the concept of them throughout your entire life. >Joker to be the least fun to play as Your opinions are shit and wrong and your tastes is just as shit too. How do you even manage to enjoy your life while being such a huge faggot?
>>129876 anon this is an obvious bait thread, this is a copypasta from 4chan of course people are gonna bait in it
(483.54 KB 478x478 You're gay.png)
>>129868 >le rage face Who let this homosexual in? Go back to gameFags you fucking retard.
>>129760 > they brought back Simon and made him look how he's suppose to instead of a Japanese goth faggot or a worse Japanese goth faggot with a bondage fetish. I agree with this. Simon looks like a manly warrior and not like a visual key / j-pop faggot yaoi bait like japanese tend to be obsessed about.
>>129926 So Joker is somehow gay? wtf?
>>129951 >Joker >"Somehow" gay Joker is gayer than springtime
>>129963 >gay character trapped in an abusive relationship It checks out
(221.22 KB 360x450 Romero.png)
>>129951 The first actor to play Joker was literally an openly gay man
>>129881 >E-sports faggotry is big Yeah with shit like LOL. Not fighting games. The only big (still tiny) event was EVO and thats dead due to a fat fucking pedo. Nobody cares about fighting games outside of Not a fighting game Smash and Mortal Normalfag Kombat and the interest is only on a casual level. >>129965 Not that Joker you fucking faggot.
(443.74 KB 629x890 IMG_20200122_201834.jpg)
>>129414 Steve is fun but I feel like hes going to break the game.
>>130021 Fucking Christ these 4chan tier images.
(210.53 KB 717x880 Back to Reddit.jpg)
>>129509 >>129868 >>129881 >>130021 I want reddit to fuck off already.
(1.99 MB 448x252 big boss burning.gif)
>this whole thread
(6.09 MB 1280x720 tekken 7 in a nutshell.mp4)
(21.81 KB 246x205 bleeh.png)
>>129971 >Nobody cares about fighting games Hey fuck you buddy I like Tekken, don't really care about it's "competitive scene" so I guess you're still right, still though, fuck you faggot.
>>129881 >Both of you know I'm right and theres nothing you can do about it. t. niggerpill/the CP spammer/Hanging Flesh from julay's /cow.
>>129965 And somehow he was still straighter than Leto.
>>130162 Give him a break, Leto was DAMAGED
>>130162 that's not saying much
>>130254 Hayabusa is likely unless Tecmo pushes Ryza instead. Mainly since Vergeben said "discussions did happen with Koei Tecmo in regards to Smash" and that " Nintendo is so close with Koei Tecmo, I'd be surprised if those discussions fell through and didn't result in anything."
(507.58 KB 1087x600 ClipboardImage.png)
>>129591 Hayabusa is likely considering he was in the leak that had Steve in it. He's cool and it feels almost like an insult to him to be forced in the same game as Steve. Such an unworthy matchup. >>129881 >Yes he is, hes the iconic default face of minecraft and he represents the player as a whole, just like villager from Animal Crossing or Pokemon trainer, they're supposed to be generic you retard. He is the default face of Minecraft but he is not not iconic at all. Being an icon used to mean something, it used to mean you had an actual design done by professionals, passionate and talented artists who knew what they were doing. Steve was designed in 30 seconds by a fat swede in the middle of one of his benders. Even his name is an afterthought, because when someone asked him what his name was on twitter he just replied with "Steve?" off the top of his head. To a fucking retarded goy like you, sales are directly indicative of character design quality. You legitimately think that Steve is on the same level as Sonic or Mario simply because his game sold a bunch of units. Sad to inform you that Steve will never be a character on their level and that is the God's truth forever. >Minecraft isn't a singleplayer story kind of game where you play as a pre-established character. Since YOU play as the blank slate Steve he serves as the outlet for you to express your story, personality and creative freedom, when you play minecraft, you aren't steve anymore, you are just you. >Its like as if you never played a sandbox game or even understood the concept of them throughout your entire life. Yeah, none of that explains why he's a good character for Smash you fucking idiot. Smash is a game where the many different personalities and design philosophies of different game franchises and their characters are represented. You haven't explained ANYTHING about Steve's character or why he's so interesting that he needed to be added to Smash. All yo about how great Minecraft is like a good goyim regurgitating a Microsoft sales pitch, the only thing your post is missing is "buy it now on Xbox One or Nintendo Switch for $19.99 MSRP". Smash is a game where different PERSONALITIES are coming together. Even Game & Watch and Villager have more personality than this worthless generic reskinnable block man who doesn't ever change his expressions. G&W and Villager actually react to getting hit, Steve's face stays the same no matter what. There is NOTHING about this character that is worthwhile or charismatic and he has no place in this game. >Your opinions are shit and wrong and your tastes is just as shit too. Pot calling the kettle black. Go back to your Persona yaoi hentai you faggot.
>>130258 oh, bad timing.
>>130259 Don't worry about it. I know it's gay to use the delete post like an "edit post" button but unfortunately this crappy board software doesn't allow you to edit.
>>130258 *All you did was talk about how great Minecraft is
(1.90 MB 640x360 ICt7Q74mHyKbqxDZ.mp4)
>>130037 >>130142 >no counter argument >so they call me names and tell me to go to shitty sites instead Thats how I know I've won. >>130258 Bitch and moan all you'd like anon. You already know exactly why hes in the game and you can be in as much denial as you want, just give it time and you'll learn to accept it. I already got what I wanted, Sakurai himself gave me the gift of Steve and of course, the pure crystallized salt that comes along with him. I've already won and you are gonna have to simply DEAL WITH IT. BITCH. Or just keep posting so I can keep on laughing at your pointless spergouts
>>130416 Nobody cares faggot. This game is trash.
(129.99 KB 384x259 you sound like a fag.png)
(103.13 KB 988x546 39222331.png)
(122.97 KB 544x430 28916946.png)
(32.12 KB 641x641 19442207.png)
(97.28 KB 640x320 24800583_p1.jpg)
(11.31 KB 624x272 635357911555888853.png)
Oh we're back to talking about Steve and Smash. I was kind of hoping that the Simeon Belmont conversation would keep going instead. >>129881 >Yes he is, hes the iconic default face of minecraft and he represents the player as a whole, just like villager from Animal Crossing or Pokemon trainer, they're supposed to be generic you retard. >Minecraft isn't a singleplayer story kind of game where you play as a pre-established character. Since YOU play as the blank slate Steve I don't play as Steve. I don't know anyone who plays as Steve. The first thing that anyone does when they first start minecraft is get a new better skin.
I've been getting a chuckle out of pointing out Steves creator tweeted it's okay to be white, which has been shitter shattering sjweebs. Otherwise the DLC has mostly been a disappointment, only characters i wanted were Hero and Terry. Microsoft getting 2 reps is also worrying for other reasons.
>>129725 Why haven't Soyny made a sequel to their Playstation All Stars Smash clone? A franchise graveyard is just what they need right now.
>>130562 Wait, what? SJWeebs? I never heard of that fucking saying. Only thing I remember of was Hero Hei speaking out about RWBY.
(49.64 KB 446x361 you.jpg)
>>130416 >lol i won the argument lol haters gonna hate deal with it1!1!1!1! You haven't "won" shit nigger, this isn't reddit, you are showing everyone what an underaged unsufferable faggot you really are. Go back to >>>/reddit/ and stay there, we don't want COD/Minecraft/Fortnite retarded kids here.
(50.56 KB 217x243 Kinnikuman stupid.png)
>>130416 Notice how you can't even post anything that is actually from minecraft, you have to get fan animations because there are so few animations actually in minecraft.
jesus how are there still people falling for this bait I'm starting to think it's just one guy samefagging
It's just funny seeing this shit honestly.
>>129720 >>129663 Copypastas from plebbit. >>130416 t. niggerpill/the CP spammer/Hanging Flesh from julay's /cow. Always wrong and always losing.
>>129720 Toby Fox didn't have any connections with the likes of say, Nintendo or Game Freak before his game came out, yet, it still blew up due to how fans of some other games made their game be on the rader. I too think Undertale is a bit overrated (It's decent, but damn, the overbearing shit from the fandom before was stupid as hell), but the mere fact that it still is going strong with it's recent orchsta shows that it's different than something that was once used for memes, such as Flappy Bird or that one game where the character uses a stick tow hip someone with. Hell, it might be up there with the likes of still being talked about 5 years from now. All that matters is if Toby Fox plays his cards right and knows not to strive with the very extreme lefties that are known as SJW's. To add, Undertale also got a song, where most mii costumes are just a fucking shit for the miis. That shows it, Shovel Knight, and Cuphead have some type of influence and have manged to get a lot of folks like those games, especially anons. I would agree with you that it would be justice if Toby did take a 180 degree turn and become a stupid ass SJW dev, meaning he should also be casted into the burning sun like the God of War dev, but so far, I would have to hold on that for later if Deltarune proves to be a success and the Undertale series is still up there in the next 5 years without any shitty takes from Toby Fox.
>>130748 All it takes is one bad period to change a man, Anon. Look at the Lisa Dev, he went from hosting AMAs on 8/v/ shooting the breeze with anons about his love of Super Sentai and Hokuto no Ken, then his dad died and he hopped on the Social Justice train.
>>130748 >if Toby did take a 180 degree turn and become a stupid ass SJW Anon, 180 degree turn leaves you facing in the other direction. If Fox did a 180 degree turn, he'd stop being an SJW.
>>130748 He did make a tweet supporting BLM. Time will tell if he slips further into insanity post November
>>130745 >Copypastas from plebbit. >>130258 I really have no fucking idea what the higher ups of Nintendo think that its a good idea to bring a blank slate with zero personality as a fighter.
(13.47 KB 282x178 f4Scofb.jpg)
>>130772 >I really have no fucking idea what the higher ups of Nintendo think that its a good idea to bring a blank slate with zero personality as a fighter. I know imagine having lame ass Simon Belmont.
>>130772 >I really have no fucking idea what the higher ups of Nintendo think that its a good idea to bring a blank slate with zero personality as a fighter. As has been stated, he is in the game for no other reason than to tell autists to go and buy Minecraft. No one has any attachment whatsoever to him as a character and he has no reason to be here outside of shilling.
>>130775 Or Link, maybe Mario
(24.76 KB 275x363 Alucard.jpg)
>>130868 They are a giver to be in Smash as the game is basically The Mario, Link and Pokemon game. OK and there might actually be an argument for Simon in Smash but for fuck sake Richter over Alucard? Fucking really?
>>130780 You think fucking minecraft needs promotion?
(26.32 KB 623x315 vibrimistake.png)
>>130913 Not at all. Which makes his inclusion even more fucking retarded since that's the only purpose he serves in Smash.
>>130577 Are you a newfag? Sjweebs have been a term for years now.
>>130875 If the core essential characters are blank slates, than there's no reason NOT to include more blank slates. The only thing that has to differentiate them is playstyle, which does.
(5.68 MB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)
>>131013 That's less of a problem with the characters and more of a problem with Smash's characterization of them. Smash's portrayals of the characters are so fucking soulless it hurts. The characters just stare off into space and don't even seem like they inhabit the same world. They're not even looking at each other or even acknowledging each other's presence, and they just mimic animations from their games in the most lifeless way possible.
(1.36 MB 1280x720 FXuQW0hLIQldv5LC.mp4)
>>131188 >his taunt is an automatic teabag Now that's comedy.
>>131188 Someone do Pac-Man with Steve's animations. Lets go fully fucking body horror.
>>130875 It makes sense since Alucard was never on a nintendo console. Arikado doesn't count
>>131188 Videogames were a mistake.
>>130875 I think Richter is more beloved in Japan and he was easier to do a moveset for since he's a clone.
>>131214 >It makes sense since Alucard was never on a nintendo console. Cloud got in years before FFVII was on a Nintendo machine.
(931.06 KB 906x750 ClipboardImage.png)
>>131214 >Alucard was never on a Nintendo console The fuck are you talking about you dunce? Alucard was in Castlevania 3 on the NES. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=szm6zhNLcIs
>>131240 >Not picking Grant
>>131240 >Alucard was in Castlevania 3 Well there you go. Alucard should have gotten in before Ritcher.
>>131244 I believe Sakurai revealed in a december Famitsu interview that Alucard was his first choice when it came to making a playable Smash character, but went with the Belmonts since they would better represent the series as a whole.
>>131244 Like what the other anon said Richter got in because he's a clone character of Simon. Really Trevor should have got in before Richter but Trevor is so much of a clone of Simon that he'd be little more than a Simon palette swap and so we got Richter.
Fuck Alucard, where's Julius?
>>129414 So this is the designated normalfag containment thread?
>>131262 fuck smash when are we gonna get Castlevania Judgement 2 without a shitty art direction and more polished mechanics?
(459.12 KB 1080x1920 ChunLi_Wallpaper_Phone_SFW.jpg)
>>131188 kek Jokes aside, i think that if they really wanted to add another Street Fighter character, Chun-li should have been the one instead of Ken.
>>131587 As >>131259 pointed out, though, Ken's (I assume) just a clone for Ryu. It's a minimal-effort way to get another character into the game.
(36.60 KB 868x800 Maria_Renard_thumps-up.png)
>>131572 >Castlevania Judgement 2 without a shitty art direction and more polished mechanics?
(625.49 KB 600x697 f86.png)
I regret even buying the first pass never even tried playing Banjo or the fire emblem character. Was watching M2K play on his stream today and i thought "boy smash sure does look fun i should try playing again after all i never even tried 2 of the characters i paid for" Then i played it and remembered why. The game is unfuckingplayble online. A FULL FUCKING SECOND of input delay at times and things that i react to end up fucking hitting me when i was already pressing the block button for half an hour. Its kinda fun offline i guess but i don't have any fucking friends so i can't fucking play with anyone. I haven't been this mad at a video game in a LONG FUCKING TIME.
(73.81 KB 750x827 IMG_20190124_123816.jpg)
>>131651 Lol. Should have hacked your switch like how I did. Game, updates, DLC all free ez pz.
(133.43 KB 787x928 heard you were talking shit.jpg)
>>131651 Why would you buy a party game if you don't have any friends? Not only that why would you buy a game focused on online when we all know Nintendo's online service is absolute shit? Only way for me to enjoy smash is if it's modded and with friends.
(76.93 KB 1080x1041 vpn1e30iv5831.jpg)
>>131664 True. >>131665 I buy a lot of fighting games. Hell i buy most fighting games when a used ultimate edition gets cheap enough. I don't really know why aside from i love fighting games but i don't have anyone to play with so i just have a huge collection that just sits there. MHGU and MK8 both had decent online so i hoped Smash would too. God i wish i had friends, you don't know how lucky you are.
(93.12 KB 640x447 jojosbizarreadventure-s1.jpeg)
>>131695 Oh, c'mon. Just install Fightcade and play with anons. I will personally challenge you to some Jojo, son.
>>131651 The game is laggy even offline and your inputs constantly get eaten because of the input buffer. Next time your character does the wrong attack or does no attack whatsoever, say hi to the input buffer. Anyways this is now a Castlevania thread, get the fuck out Smash babies.
(29.44 KB 780x470 ron.jpg)
>>131700 Playing with anons just isn't the same as playing with friends.Once upon a time back in high school i had few friends but its been at least 6 years now since the last time I saw or talked with any of them.
They edited Steve's victory screen to remove his meat because the placement at the end looked like a penis. Who the fuck thinks of this stuff? People really need to check their priorities and not look too deep into things. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.
>>133210 Gaming journalists
>>133210 What do you think we've been dealing with for the past ten years?
>>133210 Probably the same people who thought Steve was a good idea to have in the game to begin with.
>>133210 I don't even give a shit. I don't even play smash I'm just here for the salt.
(105.53 KB 800x600 how-did-you-do-in-pe-today.jpeg)
>>131778 >i had few friends but its been at least 6 years now since the last time I saw or talked with any of them. Are you me? Are you a shut-in, too?
(1.00 MB 1920x1080 What I'm depressed.mp4)
>>133492 >Are you a shut-in, too? I hadn't really thought about it but yea i guess i am. Before i was hit by a car and left in too much pain to work i at least left my house 4 days a week for work. Now the only time i leave is to get groceries and with amazon accepting food stamps I'm getting a fair amount of my groceries without even needing to leave my house now. I did try to reach out to my former "best friend" telling him pretty much that I'm depressed lonely don't have family and he was the only actual friend i used to have and that I'd like to hang out again like the good old days he sympathized and said he would but that was a year and a half ago now and nothing. I think he's just too cowardly to say something outright. I want nothing more than just to make a single fucking friend but i don't know how to and being a non-commie in commiefornia makes it even harder. I'm not suicidal and would never kill myself that shits fucking retarded I'm gonna live a full life out of spite if nothing else, till God strikes me dead or i die of heart disease or something but I can't stop fucking thinking about it. Constant "what if i did haha" thoughts and wanting to cause pain and regret to "family" and "friends" because no one gives a shit about me. Its been getting even worse in the past few months If I'm not actively being 100% fully engaged a quarter of my brain is just over and over and over again endlessly poking me suicidal bullshit. Hell its gotten to the point where even when i am engaged a thought will force its way in occasionally. I just want a gf to marry and have a flock of kids with and a bro to hang out with everyday and play games and watch anime with. That's not too much to ask for.
>>133870 >wanting to cause pain and regret to "family" and "friends" That is the right thing to do. If you can't have what you want, destroy everything for everyone else, just for laughs. It feels really good and rewarding.
>>133893 >That is the right thing to do. No. Its a ridiculous and illogical "thinking" if you can even call it that. Whats better is to aim at causing jealousy and hatred by becoming accomplished. I sincerely doubt you'd become a spooky ghost and be satisfied with the reaction you got if you even got reaction at all.
>>133901 >>133901 How so? You are taking revenge agenist those who basically fucked up your life that wasn't just in words here. It's like saying how someone who you know did some terrible shit to your loved one, and you have the chance to give them peace by outing the killer/rapist/whoever harms a real living person so they won't cause other problems towards others.
But yet, you aren't wllling to because of some stupid morality shit. Fuck, where does morality come from for those who did actually cause problems? ruined lives? Hell, ruined a fucking future for someone who needs justice?
>>133982 >>133984 Fuck off torfag. You could have at least pretended to be a glownigger for laughs goading to alah akbar a govt building yet you chose to type incomprehensible nonsense. I'm gonna take a guess and assume your a 3rd world shitter by your terrible grasp of English, inability to form your thoughts into intelligible sentences, and lack of understanding.
>>133893 >If you can't have what you want, destroy everything for everyone else, just for laughs. It feels really good and rewarding. Lol. People having that kind of mentality must be why your home country must be such an unlivable shithole. >>134024 You give him too much credit anon. Pure blooded niggers aren't smart enough to even pretend to be torniggers.

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