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(40.55 KB 475x364 bestepisode.jpg)
(437.07 KB 768x480 dukat.png)
(756.04 KB 1920x816 excelsior.jpg)
Anonymous 10/19/2020 (Mon) 16:16:57 Id:69562c No. 130660
Space Thread What are you playing? What are you flying? Who are you purging? Who are you conquering? Also, new starsector patch notes.
Tried Endless Space 2, but like any other 4X games, I get bored about halfway through it and start over. I find myself going back to Starsector (with 4X mods like Nexerelin, ironically)
>>130662 Did you try Star Ruler? Building a carrier the size of a solar system in a secret base outside the Galaxy is quite fun.
Is the space portion of No Man's Sky finally good? I've heard the ground portion is basically space Subnautica now but I only care about the flight.
>>130660 Saw DS9 for the first time last month and thought the entire Dukat turning religious profit was hastily hamfisted.
>>130703 Did you not have any prior knowledge of the series? The writer got mad that people liked Dukat, and tried to literally demonize him because he was supposed to be an insert for Hitler.
>>130725 If he wanted Dukat to be a Hitler insert, he shouldn't have had him become a temporary ally to Sisko when the Klingons were fucking up Cardassia.
>>130725 Replacing Dax with Teen Dax instead of Milf Dax ruffled my jimmies too. But yeah, the writers were mad people liked Dukat and his bro, Damar. >>130701 Not really, extremely arcadey but passable.
>>130662 i hear one or two of those expansions make the game complete shit >>130699 god i missed these threads, finding new games is like getting a dopamine hit >>130703 you weren't the only one >>130725 I never got that impression off him.
TBH, I never got the appeal of Dukat. He just came off too much as a "moustache turling" egomaniac where he thinks he's smarter than everyone, and everyone knows that's his character. I always favored Garak of the Cardassians.
>>130759 Dukat became popular because of Mark Alaimo and not for much else.
>>130725 I did not know this. I feel like as a writer, making a likeable/relatable antagonist to your audience would be compliment though. Are there any good alternatives to Stellaris?
>>130699 If you are looking for real-time 4X in space, there is Polaris Sector. Or as >>130699 mentioned, Star Ruler.
>>130757 In Star Ruler I built myself a mysterious Empire with my borders closed to everyone but with an extremely powerful navy of AI Controlled ships patrolling the border. I would get harassed for open borders every fucking 2 minutes because my territory bordered the Rim and was a shortcut between 2 arms. During the early years I was attacked by aliens and they pushed me back to Sol and stopped short of destroying me and then they just left. In retaliation I poured my resources in 3 carriers, the most cutting edge of technology I had at that time, including a rough star destroying weapon. I was one of the first with jump drive and I simply jumped the 3 carriers to the home system of the alien. The first one shorted on the jump and was DOA in the alien's home system, the two others made their way toward the sun while the DOA carriers launched fighters to cover them. One of the carrier managed to start to implode their star but was too near and did not jump in time away, the last one made it because of the cover of the other 2. The alien stopped to exist after that, their home system in rubble. The last carrier stayed in service for the next 30k years, always retrofitted and patrolling Sol. After that, I started the Project, a shipyard outside the Galaxy, accessible only by decades on normal FTL propulsion since I couldn't jump there because of no stars to target. The graphics sucks but there are nice mods for all kind of shenanigans and with some imagination it is quite fun. The alternative being playing Aurora 4x.
(92.59 KB 880x488 njiuzgf211908.png)
>>130773 >>130662 >>130699 Uhm Sweeties, the 4x genre is rather problematic. Can we leave this out of the discussion? I don't feel safe if we keep talking about this fascist power fantasy. And i am sure many anons feel the same. https://archive.vn/gS0ex
>>130787 Please, we only want to discuss space games, we know SJW don't like vidya, no need to repeat it here.
>>130778 > I built myself a mysterious Empire with my borders closed to everyone but with an extremely powerful navy of AI Controlled ships patrolling the border. Thats the same thing i do every game. Expand and cut off my border and enemies at strategic choke points. >The alien stopped to exist after that, Xenoscum deserve no less. >The graphics sucks but there are nice mods for all kind of shenanigans and with some imagination it is quite fun Yeah i saw but from the sound it i think ill still enjoy it. Quick question are you talking about Star ruler 1 or 2?
>>130797 Star Ruler 1, 2 has been simplified and generally suck if you want to think outside the box.
>>130701 Anon the answer is never NMS, unless you're asking "Is this a trashpile of bandaids?"
(5.22 MB 2400x3450 dukat2.jpg)
>>131578 Star Trek is miles ahead of Star Wars and thanks to RLM I've got a mild interest in it. Should I watch TNG and call it quits? I know modern stuff is hot garbage but I don't know what older stuff is good either
>>131595 If you have the time, go ahead and watch Star Trek 2 and 3 for the Khan storyline, watch 1 if you need more context. The only issue is the movies will spoil you if you ever try and go watch TOS, the production value of the movies makes the show look like a school play. Do watch Babylon 5 if you liked DS9, because it's creator came up with story for both series, Paramount just kind of took creative liberties from his elevator pitch and made a similar show.
>>131611 Didn't the creator also do Andromeda and Stargate?
>>131612 The DS9 guy made BSG.
>>131612 Andromeda was conceived by Roddenberry, but was all done after he croaked. Stargate is a different thing altogether. The '94 film was great though.
(36.51 KB 350x263 its ok to be cardassian.jpg)
(300.59 KB 1280x1024 neptunes-pride-0.jpg)
I enjoyed the time I spent playing Neptune's Pride even though each individual game takes a week to finish. I'd RP as the Merchant's Guild and grabble as much tech as possible from my "allies" and try to remain impartial to the fighting of the other players. Games take too long to play though.
(14.02 KB 320x266 sg1.jpg)
>>131629 The Stargate movie was really great and the series was nice but lost the tone of the movie. I would have liked it to be bleaker.
(54.02 KB 248x375 Ra_original_humanoid.jpg)
>>131693 >but lost the tone of the movie. I'm glad to finally here someone else say that. That's the one reason that I could never get into the series. It always took a "been there done that kicked its ass" kind of attitude and that ruins the enormity of the setting. I also didn't like that that the tv show retconned the god aliens into insect-snake parasites instead of keeping them as what were basically Necrontyr in the original movie.
(1.81 MB 636x480 Captain Kirk.webm)
>>131595 >Should I watch TNG and call it quits? Watch TOS material first (Including TAS and the films). If Kirk is too much of a badass for you (Or you're tired of special effects from the 60's and 70's), drop it for Next Gen. Then watch DS9 and Enterprise. Voyager and the Reboot trilogy are only there if you want some more fun times with the Federation, but you'll end up hating yourself throughout half of it. And, nothing else exists. After going through all that, your options boil down to The Orville and Andromeda (The closest to classic Trek), Babylon 5 and The Expanse (If you liked DS9), and Farscape (If you liked the weirder episodes of Voyager and Enterprise). >>131693 >I would have liked it to be bleaker. There was Stargate Universe.
Would highly recommend Star Trek™ : 25th Anniversary game and its sequel.
>>131710 >There was Stargate Universe. Ruined entirely by the inclusion of the Ancient communication/cuckoldry facilitator stones. >>131787 Absolutely.
>>131693 >>131709 I recognize that the movie and show were drastically different, I just prefer the show anyway. Although like most long-running series, it gets progressively worse as it goes.
(7.93 MB 640x480 Voyager torpedo overture.webm)
(9.07 MB 640x360 Wolf_of_Starfleet.webm)
>>131693 I was never fond of the series. From everyone suddenly speaking english, where the movie made a major point of the people on the other side of the gate NOT speaking a word of english just kind of broke it for me. And all the Jafar went from scary mother fuckers who could solo a team of commando's with ease, had bullet proof armor and ludicrously powerful staffs that where more akin to grenade launchers or bazooka's and rifles, to the series comically inept buffoons who never pose a threat to anyone, die by the dozens to anyone with a gun, are all dumb as bricks almost never use the cool armors that made them look like Egyptian gods because that's not in the budget. The aliens only seem to have like a dozen different super tech gizmos and they barely even use those and never seem to pose any real threat to earth beyond their zany scheme of the week. SG: Atlantis was better, but still had a lot of the same problems. If you need more idea's for Sci fi series try these: >Firefly Kind of self evident but it hasn't been mentioned yet. >Space:Above and Beyond US marines in space fighters fighting the chigs and tubers. It ended like firefly, far too early. >Lexx The last season of Andromeda and Farscape have NOTHING on this in terms of bizarre shit going on. Between acting that makes you think of porno's more than a professional tv show, the main characters regularly being worse than anything they fight, their organic ship and reality warping shit going on half the time, this show is really a wild ride. And of course a few animoos: >Starship Operators Good hard sci fi with realistic ranges on their weapons, ship maneuvering that needs to account for changing orbits and the like, and a surprisingly large number of dead school kids before it ends. >Legend of the Galactic Heroes Because there's never a reason not to recommend this. >Space Dandy Like LoGH. >Rocket Girls Hard sci fi show about a Japanese space program trying to launch school girls into space from the Philippines, because Japan. >Planetes Hard Sci fi show about space janitors. Based on a manga written by the same guy who made Vinland Saga I believe.
(126.58 KB 1010x568 archer.jpg)
>>131710 >Enterprise Many disliked the series but I found it alright, especially after Voyager. It was getting its footing in the last 2 season before it was canceled. "Humanity Fuck Yeah!" Archer is best captain. The ME episodes with the different intro took me by surprise as I was watching the series.
>>131954 A person--the right person--could make a fun space cartoon out of the SS13 idea. I don't know if it'd be any good, but it'd at least be a spectacle.
(84.52 KB 750x1125 andromeda.jpeg)
>>131710 >Andromeda So did Cpt Hunt ever get round to fucking his ship?
>>132167 I picture calarts or the same quality of animation that egoraptor gets. I like the idea but with how modern shit is, ehhhh
>>132184 No Western animation house could do it. Only the Japanese and furry porn animators have standards any more, and I'm not sure the Japanese are going to hold out forever.
>>132183 Nope. The series nosedives after Rev Bem leaves anyway, which is only season 2.
>>131954 >And of course a few animoos <No Captain Tylor Absolutely pathetic!
>>131954 >>132255 Also forget about Vandread (A.K.A. "If Voyager was a better show").
(5.05 MB 720x480 whatever makes you happy.webm)
(909.56 KB 988x695 boss of this gym.PNG)
>>131954 >Lexx I binged the first couple of seasons but stopped for some reason, gotta get back to it.
>>131866 I have it but haven't played it yet. It looks fun but I got sucked in another game of X3:TC.
Playing a fun game of Stellaris with Gigastructures as a pacifist xenophobe egalitarian democracy, trying to goad a megacorp into attacking me so I can claim victimhood and all their systems
(4.43 MB 480x360 eve online.webm)
(1.46 MB 324x240 the_missile.webm)
>>133846 The SJW approach? Not bad. Personally I prefer synthetic Rogue Servitors for a rousing game of galaxywide pokemon with those filthy organics. Gotta catch em all.
(485.45 KB 1440x1080 MilkyWay Refugees Not Welcome.jpg)
>>130660 >Second pic heh Closest to a space game I've played recently is Phantasy Star Online 2. Homeworld Deserts of Kharak a bit too, but that's not really a space game either even if the main franchise goes there. I dunno. Should I play Master of Orion 2 again, Sins of a Solar Empire, or Colony Wars?
>>133927 >MoO2 Never a bad choice >SoSE Best Star Wars mods ever, definitely a solid choice
>>133927 If you need idea's check out these oldies: >Conquest: Frontier Wars I don't know for a fact that Sins is based on this one, but it does seem to have a lot of similarities. >Sword of the Stars For your turn based space empire builder. >Space Empires IV Or V, depending on your preference. If you are feeling masochistic you could even try MoO 3...
>>130701 The space portion of NMS for all intents and purposes does not exist. Space is only there to hop between planets and stations. >>133927 Sword of the Stars is the correct answer to that question.>>133927
>>133929 I wish the AI in MoO2 was a little bit more robust for shipbuilding, or at least that it'd have been programmed with some hardcoded meme designs so that stuff that a player might never use would at least get seen in the game. I like, for instance, the idea that older weapons can get upgrade options as their tech tree is advanced, but it's not like it makes most of them competitive with upgraded weapons (or against upgraded shields). It feels like they made this huge space of ship designs possible, but rather than doing it with balance in mind they just sort of did it, and only a few end up being really worth bothering with. Then again I'm no expert at the game.
>>133999 Well there is really shitty space combat and looting freighters (I don't mean derelicts), but you are basically right
>>134027 >but rather than doing it with balance in mind Remember that MoO2 came out way before the current trend of "always online hell-matrix where you are the content for every other player so we need to balance everything and make it homogeneous". Back in those days "balance" was less important, and I always took it as an additional "difficulty modifier". Sure, I could play Silent Storm with nothing but Scouts who are basically invisible and can one-shot nearly everything in the game at least until you get to the part with mechs, but that's a lot less fun than taking Soldiers and Snipers and blowing shit up
Avorion just pushed a rebalance update to the beta branch. So far Im liking it, even if its crashy. MEAT was significantly buffed while shields were nerfed, which led to an overall increase in HP from all sources, railguns were buffed and endgame turrents got "buffed" by not being coaxial only anymore. Shipyard costs were lowered and insurance is a net benefit now. There was some performance improvements but theyre negligent for singleplayer as far as I know.
>>134893 > There was some performance improvements but theyre negligent for singleplayer as far as I know. Avorion was the reason I finally upgraded my RAM. It was capping out on my old 8gb. Single player of course, most of the performance cost comes from needing to run a local server in addition to the game client.
(982.59 KB 900x675 doubt.png)
>>134893 >Avorion >Explore. Build. Fight. Trade. Mine. Free to do whatever you want, find your way to the core of the galaxy in this vast space sandbox. How does it compare to other dozens of paid beta never finished and abandoned space sandboxes where you can do ANYTHING except having fun?
>>135146 It's actyally finished anthey didn't feature creep, they set a goal of a nice sandbox and met it.
>>134311 But the problem is that those weapon mods just aren't ever used except maybe by the player. If nothing else, that's boring, and it's a shame because they are an interesting idea. If they were useful (balanced) then at least other players would use them. The computer doesn't use them, because it doesn't even try to make intelligent tradeoffs when building. What I would have liked to have seen is empires having a sort of predilection for certain weapon ideas even if they aren't extremely efficient. It's an old trope in space series that the X fleet likes weapon type Y even though the limitations of those weapons cause them to get their asses kicked from time to time. Perhaps an empire could've randomly with small probability had a meme build assigned to them, for instance really liking the idea of enveloping or autofire weapons, or being required to try and get the tech to set up a certain predefined build of ship that uses a lot of assault shuttles or a certain kind of missile. I mean, it's always possible for the player to be the one who tries to figure out new meme builds, but except for the vagaries of what technologies they're able to find the AI tends to be pretty uninspired (possibly because programming AI is hard). I imagine that what human players are left must be even worse since they've had decades to figure out exactly what builds they like to use.
>>135156 There's a little feature creep I think. There's some X series style station building but it barely works and doesn't really go anywhere. By the time you can profit from stations, if you ever can, you should have beaten the game dozens to hundreds of hours ago. Aside from building things like Shipyards where you need them, the whole feature could be scrapped. But anyway the general space lego thing is pretty fun and it's not half assed abandonware. Maybe not the best game ever but worth a play.
(75.91 KB 1200x1200 sikso-pointngjpg.jpeg.jpg)
I'm playing either Star Trek Bridge Crew in VR with my fiancee and friends or Star Citizen when we feel like doing multi crew shit.
>>131866 It's combat is very deadly because it's realistic, otherwise it's mostly just a more limited X. Still pretty good though, since you don't need to invest hundreds of hours before you get it. >>131710 >Stargate Universe So much ruined potential. Too much interpersonal drama (you're out in space on a decaying hulk, why the fuck can't you chill out and try not to die instead of squabbling), too much contact with Earth. Should've made them be cut off entirely, and the ship work similarly to a Space Hulk in 40k: Filled with dangers itself and with changing corridors and paths due to decay, but filled with basically anything you could want... if you can get it. Then center the drama around restoring and securing the ship and fighting off a variety of aliens that want to take it over.
(7.19 KB 225x224 drunk cat.jpg)
>>135683 We never got to see Sisko and Kirk in an episode together. Fuck this gay Earth.
>>135683 >Playing >Star Citizen I could probably call you out on the rest of the post, but I think that part is enough.
>>135700 What about the Tribbles episode?
>>135663 Ive played the earliest build when it came out and it was pretty clear from the get go that the devs were trying to emulate the X series but with autismcraft, so its less of a feature creep and more of a design oversight. You generally dont need automation to finish the game, but if you establish some, its much easier to get back up if you eat shit in the late game. I finished the game in coop with 3 people a while ago and nobody really bothered with automation that time. In my current playthrough I discovered the beauty of drones that will mine out an entire 2.5k roid sector dry in about half an hour.
(54.85 KB 960x500 9819857438971523446.jpg)
(72.70 KB 800x600 91823987524321435.jpg)
(28.33 KB 500x375 9821349857219543164375.jpg)
(72.02 KB 640x480 879512895418273421435.jpg)
(458.07 KB 1000x738 quark-tribbles.jpg)
>>135700 >>135712 I love that episode
(43.25 KB 640x400 ClipboardImage.png)
>>135686 > too much contact with Earth That was what killed it for me. You're fucking stuck on space hulk galaxies away, there is a good plot in this but they wasted it on shitty school drama. They also did a pilot for it a few years before, it was a joke but they didn't know it yet.
(1.96 KB 157x150 Overtime Tweaker.png)
>>135919 Mylo looks geeked on Meth.
(10.97 KB 219x306 ClipboardImage.png)
>>135740 Automating ships is great. I had about a dozen dedicated mining ships each with their own designated sectors, all going overnight and earning hundreds of millions if not billions. It's relatively easy to set up and by far the best money you can get. It's the stations that are questionable. If you try to set up a supply chain like power>ore>nanites or whatever (there's always multiple inputs), by the time you can even get a trickle of wealth you've already invested billions, assuming you ever even break even just on the operating costs vs profit. NPC merchants aren't even reliable for buying your shit.
(111.04 KB 1000x1000 20190623_103224.jpg)
What's a good open world space game that's not total jank to play and doesn't use the Daggerfall formula?
>>136284 What is "the daggerfall formula" with regards to space games? I can't really see how that translates. Huge ass world but you may as well only fast travel to points of interest because everything in between is completely empty, and the points of interest tend to be procedurally generated?
>>136298 Kind of, but I also mean the general way Daggerfall works with its stock quests that get generated as you play the game and the same few activities copy-pasted
>>136306 Ok that actually makes more sense, because space that's huge and empty in between the important bits is kind of how space is supposed to be. On the other hand, procedural quests and sandbox games go pretty much hand in hand. I don't see how it could be done differently, short of just not having quests at all.
(21.25 KB 268x400 carter.jpg)
>>131693 I personally don't remember the movie so fondly, I liked better the lighter theme and the characters in the series myself. The characters specially worked so well together. >>131710 >There was Stargate Universe What a poor attempt at reviving the franchise that was. Fortunately at least it served to ensure we don't get an even worse and actually malicious attempt now.
>>136439 >Fortunately at least it served to ensure we don't get an even worse and actually malicious attempt now. Stargate Origins wasn't a fever dream, Anon.
>>136439 I would like to see an Anime reboot of Stargate, where the Asgard are not little grey men—so starting after Season 1 of SG1. The backstory could be changed slightly so that the USA finds the Stargate in Antartica and brings it to Cheyenne mountain, but everything else is very similar until after season 1. Japan ends up finding the 'first' Stargate to appeal to the Japanese nationalists—butt only manages activate it after season 1 of SG1. The timeline could be updated to current year. I would also like to see more space elves and space catgirls nya~
>>136705 The story would follow the Japanese equivalent of SG1 nya~
(696.50 KB 788x1013 59047774_p10.png)
>>136464 I fucking knew one of you faggots would do this. How bad was it?
(106.64 KB 355x200 ClipboardImage.png)
posting this here because not enough stargate vidya https://www.adventuregamestudio.co.uk/site/games/game/634-stargate-adventure/
>>136970 Wasn't there supposed to be a MMO too?
>>137128 yeah, but as far as I remember it was never finished. wouldn't play it anyway.
>>136705 Without the Stargate branding, that's pretty much what Gate was.
>>133918 >second one I don't play them but I love spess MMOs for the odd gem of a player who's an absolute fucking loony.
>>137324 Gate didn't have a strong enemy. Modern Japan was facing dragons and Ancient Rome. It was just nationalist wish fulfilment the same way most isekai is personal wish fulfilment. Of course, the same could be said for Stargate especially after the US makes contact with the Asgard nya~
(14.51 KB 340x340 Richard.jpg)
(122.03 KB 960x504 Hanaukyo Maid.jpg)
>>137388 >isekai is personal wish fulfilment Except they do nothing with it, it's literally just: >You're an overpowered MMO character And the rest is just harem comedy trends, not even good ones at that.
(26.91 KB 736x414 ra.jpg)
>>137388 >Asgard Replicator would have been a superior ally.
>>137388 >Of course, the same could be said for Stargate especially after the US makes contact with the Asgard nya~ What about all the fucking around with the Russians, and the eventual summit?
>>137483 Every time Russians join SG1 they always die horrible deaths,
>>135914 Not quite the same as the Kirk and Sisko actors playing off each other.
>>137492 >>137483 >how do we get into the pyramid? <ziggurat It must have been at least 10 years since I've last seen this episode and I still laugh. Shame it seems there's no clip of it anywhere.
kek, stellaris just got the necrons https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q0WbgYFvb5I
>>138313 Great, another race that plays barely any different from other ones, costs four times as much as the changes are worth, and the game is still fundamentally broken.
>>138406 I bet they revamped sectors again
Is Homeworld Deserts of Kharak worth playing and along with Homeworld 2 (Played Homeworld 1 and Cataclysm and never the Sequel and "Prequel")?
>>140923 Deserts is ok, so long as you don't give a shit about the lore. If you do care about the lore, it just hurts... Kind of like HW 2. Pre HW 1 Hiigarans now have giant hover carriers, found dozens if not hundreds of relatively intact Taidanii ships in the desert before finding the Khar-Toba (yet somehow don't recognize them when ships of the exact same models show up at Kharak in HW 1, also the Taidanii empire uses the same carriers in HW 1 they did thousands of years ago, for some reason). And no, none implications of them finding Taidanii carriers in the desert are ever addressed. HW 2's issues can be summed up as: FATE! DESTINY!! PROPHECY!!! For example, the Bentusi commit collective suicide to kill 2 ships are beating without much trouble, in order to give you the single most ancient and important relic their race has ever had, because PROPHECY! The whole plot goes like that, from start to finish.
>>140932 >Muh Prophecy god help me, but atleast the writing is decent or bad? >Deserts of Kharak made the Higaarans retarded by HW 1 due to amount of Taidan shit goddamnit. I liked the lore of HW and Cata
(296.27 KB 1920x1080 20181209151342_1.jpg)
(209.85 KB 1280x1024 20181014224936_1.jpg)
(228.15 KB 1280x1024 20181119001209_1.jpg)
(391.96 KB 1920x1080 20181209144508_1.jpg)
>Playing Empire at war mod Absolute chaos mod that friend recommend me due to having level 5 space stations on all planets including 12 building slots along with Lower Pop cap requirements for Space Battles and Fighters have 10 per squadron except bombers >Play as Empire on Hard with starting tier 3 tech. Build Defenses on Chandrila, Freesia, Bilbringi and Kuat while the rest are money or backline production and have to sacrifice outer rim planets except the maw installation and bastion >Rebels never attacked me due to them have a hard on killing Consortium and vice versa >send meager fleets at first when they expand to territories i conquered and easily killed them >fast forward tech 4 then the bastards send in Red Army . 1st and 2nd pic are when the rebellion starts sending to Muunalist after conquered it few turns beforehand Jesus, The rebellion are persistant and zann on higher tiers. God bless ISD-III having missile launchers that deals with the Carrier bullshit of having Insane health and holy fuck the Amount of E-wing and B-wing it shits out constantly to kill my men
(296.11 KB 1920x1080 20181214113912_1.jpg)
(292.93 KB 1920x1080 20181214213844_1.jpg)
(411.67 KB 1920x1080 20200303093722_1.jpg)
(290.31 KB 1920x1080 20200303092432_1.jpg)
(821.06 KB 1920x1080 20200409071304_1.jpg)
Maybe one day X4 will be playable, but its 2 years in and the game is still barely feature complete and theres STILL no borons.

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