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(2.95 MB 480x270 Squeeze.gif)
Do you consider VR to be videogames? Anonymous 10/22/2020 (Thu) 20:43:29 Id:5fb79a No. 133031
After having a headset for a while and playing several different types of games, I've noticed I expect a totally different experience and like a completely different type of game with VR than I do with traditional games, and no matter how good VR gets It'd never replace normal videogames to me. Which lead me to the thought, do people even measure VR and Videogames on the same metric, or are they too different to really be compared?
>>133031 >are they too different to really be compared? i suppose it depends on your definition of "videogame" but i consider them games. mostly gimmicky, shitty wagglan games but they generally have all the same hallmarks that "traditional" games have. besides, you should only be using a headset as a peripheral for racing/flying sims anyway
>>133031 Is virtual realty 'video'? I'd say they are similar but different, the same way 'normal' chess is different from 'video' chess, virtual 'chess' is also different, you have more input dimensions. The difference is hard to notice right now because of how shallow the experience is compared to what it can be. We right now exist in a moment where VR games are 'barely' not 'video' games. But when you can get tactile feedback, it will be definitively different. How VR games are different form 'video' games is a scale depending on the hardware available to let you 'enter' this new virtual reality thing. It's like asking if a game made in a military radar hardware is really videogame or just a very complex analog game (like chess, a analog game that requires specific hardware, namely the chess pieces and board)
They're definitely a subset of video games. They're not going to replace flat video games any more than 3D replaced 2D, but they're still video games and can be reasonably compared to flat video games.
VR has potential but I think it works better as a accessory to enhance existing games that are mostly first person. Star Wars: Squadrons is pretty immersive in VR from what I hear (but you have to add a flight stick on top of that). With the expensive nature of VR and needed a wide enough space to play in, the other barrier that VR has to overcome is response latency (actions you do in real life being close to 1:1 in the game) and length of play. The former I can see being improved greatly but the latter has a hurdle that might not be overcome easily. It's probably why VR games are segmented into short levels or gimmicky sandbox sections because you can't play VR for very long lengths of time. The length is different from individual and for many different reasons. Maybe it does something to their eyes, the condensation in the VR headset is bothering and needs to be cleaned periodically, and/or just having even the slight weight of the VR headset on for too long just strains your head and you just need a break. For whatever reason, this design flaw makes sure that the type of games VR can do is limited. I don't think there would a long 60 hr RPG made for VR is what I'm saying. One minor complaint is that for the immersive claims of some VR games, there seems to be a lot of games that employ the Rayman hands approach instead of giving you a real body with arms and joints attached to them that move fluidly. I wouldn't think this would be hard to implement since you'd have to input the height data and work off anatomical movements that should be the same across all humans of similar height. Now if for whatever reason the character's height doesn't match the real life person, that should be able to work off a simple conversion that compensates for the height differential. VR are games but they aren't a replacement like so many anime with massive VR worlds would have you see. I think we're still far off from such lofty ideas. They are best right now as an enhancement to experiences than full fledge games which are stuck in arcade and gimmicks. Also, fuck Oculus for requiring a facebook account.
>>133060 >(but you have to add a flight stick on top of that) One of the best uses of VR that is going and will go completely unexploited is reviving the mech and space shooter genres. I don't understand it at all. In any cockpit game (any simulator, really), being able to see all around is the holy grail. Using keys to look around is shit; using head-tracking is slightly less shitty but requires special hardware that does nothing but head tracking. Players of these genera already have flight sticks. Elide the controller in-VR with feedback from what the ship/mech is doing rather than trying to match it perfectly to the player's hand movements. Then let the player turn knobs and flip switches and shit in-VR to make up for all the controls that don't fit on the flight stick. Every gamer's couch can be a flight simulator, and you don't need some Steel Battalion or arcade cockpit level of hardware to do it. There are two completely sterile game genera with zero competition space that are just waiting to carry VR, and if anyone else sees that they aren't talking about it.
>>133031 It is clear the tech and will is there to evolve into something worthwhile. But the usual technocucks and social media giants will poison it more than ever. The legs for movement remains a challenge and so its full potential is far off. But sitting games like tank or racing or flying stand to be the best for the tech, lest it be wii 3.0. The thing that interests me most is the impact on ocular health as well as glow in the dark attempts at Mk Ultra suggestion. VR might not be advisable for those easy hypnotized or schizo related.
(430.87 KB 600x850 Top Nep.png)
I wonder how Palmer Lucky feels about Facebook fucking over his baby?
>>133174 Possibly ecstatic since facebook fucked him too and that one stupid move facebook just made with occulus might destroy their foothold in the vr industry.
>>133174 Pretty happy, he got fucked over but with a huge severance pay, so he probably didn't feel a damn thing, might still be feeling bad with John Carmack though, that autist never plays well with suits and management.
>>133062 It existed for a little bit cause I remember when vr was first becoming a thing there was a free to play mecha game that let you play from the cockpit in vr, but yeah for the most part it doesn't exist. It's probably do to the fact that for some reason normies don't care about scifi unless it's starwars or capeshit.
>>133031 How is VR, OP? What are you favorite games for it? >>133174 I don't think he'd care, at least he wouldn't care more than however he currently feels. Oculus isn't at all taken seriously by most VR enthusiasts anymore.
(147.07 KB 516x258 ertwersadfg.png)
It depends on the title. Most of them are just glorified tech demos or "experiences", and the most of the rest are garbage. Some of the best VR titles are just traditional games but with VR implementation - however, because VR is still so power hungry, it's mostly adaptations of older games which never had VR in mind. It's neat for homebrew cludge, but underwhelming for commercial products. Maybe this will get better over time as system power is able to reach much higher resolutions comfortably with no graphical or frame-rate compromises. One of the biggest problems with VR right now is they're still not able to get over that "first impression" hump where genetically weak defects will get motion sick their first few times and will never use VR again. For hardware that's so expensive at the moment, that makes it very hard to produce the kind of mass market content which pays the bills. There's also only recently starting to form a sort of industry standard for VR hardware, so interfaces are starting to innovate less, and refine more. On the downside, this is going to kill creativity going forward. On the upswing, it's going to allow greater portability so that you can make a single large investment and just port it from system to system. Pretty sure Xbox has no plans for VR product lines exactly because they expect to just add compatibility for existing WMR headsets and a few of the more popular third party setups. Unless Sony conforms to the nascent industry standards, PSVR2 is going to flop even harder than PSVR. Nobody is going to want to put all the work into making a game PSVR2 compatible because Sony wants to pretend they're still the market leader in anything other than homo pride anymore. VR isn't going anywhere, but it's a slow boil. Hopefully it does take off in popularity over the next generation - because for at least another decade or two, there's really no way to stream them and it will reinforce demand for local hardware and installation.
(2.01 MB 1600x900 ClipboardImage.png)
(1.68 MB 1280x720 ClipboardImage.png)
>>133202 >>133202 It's fun, I got a Samsung odyssey + for half off and have been able to play most of the mainstream titles like SuperHot and Hotdogs Horseshoes and Handgrenades. but honestly I wouldn't say I've played anything worth getting VR for if you're looking for single player experiences. Unless you're really into horror and puzzle games. That said I've actually really enjoyed playing VRchat and NeosVR despite both of those being free. Wandering around and running into random shenanigans is actually pretty entertaining on its own. Though I guess it helps that I have an IRL friend I keep in touch with through VRchat. And Neos is neat cause it has a scripting language built into the game itself so you can actually code and affect your environment in real time, it's neat. Filled with furries though. If you absolutely need to have a VR headset but don't want to to descend into communal VR degeneracy I'd recommend starting with "A Fisherman's Tale" (and GalGun 2 if you're into that sort of thing.)
>>133331 Have you played Boneworks or HL:VR? They're supposedly the benchmark for first-person shooters on the platform.
>>133031 They are called First Person On Rails games, anon. VR is a meme
>>133351 Not yet, I want to wait till I upgrade my headset to a valve index (or whatever comes after that). They look entertaining though. Especially the goofy physics.
>>133379 VNN I know people don't like him but he's generally pretty accurate reported that Valve originally wanted to make the best possible headset they could with the Index, but the final result was in the range of $5000 and with a cost like that it was effectively nonviable and would have had a minuscule customer base. They toned it all the way back until they got to the $1000 for the whole package, which still made it one of the most expensive devices on the market. I'd be really interested to see what their original vision was,
(113.98 KB 1200x799 CATTLE.jpg)
VR is jewry. Is it video games? Who can say, but all I know is that its a base, a foundation for Satan, for Angra Mainyu.
>>133480 Everything is a foundation for devilry in a climate of devils.
>>133480 Everything in this day and age is Jewry. At this point we are going to have to make our own games.
>>133480 Zuckerberg literally wants to be a borg queen.
>>133480 You know what gets me? They're playing VR and sitting down. That's like the worst way to play. You're basically just strapping a monitor to your head by that point.
>>133031 That depends, are walking sims video games? The way I see it, if there's no gameplay then there is no video game. Shit like VR Chat aren't video games since it's more of a glorified chat room, but shit like Beat Saber are since there's an objective to complete.
(66.48 KB 800x580 1580037128.jpg)
>>133331 Wait. You mean it's not worth it just for the opportunity to fuck your waifu in 3D?
(579.68 KB 1024x623 Betty Boop in VR.png)
>>133512 I'd rather sit down with a controller and have the full suite of precision interactivity options, than to be teleporting around like a spaz, wagglin dildos with dubious tracking - horrible clipping (because it's not real) and limited input, playing games that were designed to be gimped from the outset because your range of motion in the game is limited to how much space you've cleared in your living room/den. Not to mention that most game developers know their audiences are fat out-of-shape fucks - so with very few exceptions, the games are nerfed in difficulty to account for the fact that you're not - actually, John Wick. You're just some wagie shithead with a headset on. Yeah, it's just strapping a TV to your head - but the sense of presence in the game is still preserved so long as the game camera maintains a 1:1 tracking with your head movement. Honestly, that's really all I want. I feel like once you start going down the rabbit hole of full "immersion" and you're just going to be chasing an increasingly expensive uncanny valley effect that requires a dedicated room with more specialized appliances than a fetish dungeon. Also, VR developers need to learn to embrace third person cameras. Rather than use the camera as the character's eyes and then have to jank a bunch of features to let you know when enemies are approaching out of your FOV, just give the player the option to look around independent of their character in games where it's appropriate. It'll make non-VR porting a lot better too. Resident Evil VII is a case both for and against this. For, because it's a horror game and the limitations and first person view only help heighten the anxiety in tight places. Against, because it looks fucking retarded and feels janky if you're NOT in a VR headset... which is most of the goddamned market.
>>133523 The only way to fuck your waifu in 3D is to wrap a rope around your neck and do it in the afterlife.
>>133530 Not to mention the ridiculous development costs. Think about how few things in a normal game you can interact with. Like, maybe you can open the kitchen drawer but you can't take out every individual fork and freely manipulate it. So with VR there's this catch-22 where things you can't interact with breaks immersion all to hell in a jarring sort of way, or you have some kind of billion dollar leviathan of a game engine with a 2TB filesize because everything in the game world has its own physics. I just want a really good, classic FPS. Something like Perfect Dark, but with 180 degree head tracking and waggle controllers with accurate aiming but where you move with a left hand analog stick and can sit in a comfy chair. They need to stop trying to reinvent the wheel in terms of software and make some actual killer apps instead of glorified tech demos. Make games, not experiences, and VR could really go places. And why has nobody thought of solving the movement issue with piezoelectric socks/crocs? Just tap your feet gently up and down in place to move, or slightly faster to run. It makes perfect scientific sense and you no longer have to trash your living room to move around.
>>133062 >Steel Battalion VR muh dick.
(121.39 KB 1280x720 cropped-lawnmower-man.jpeg)
>>133541 People like to say that it's close, but that "VR just isn't there yet" - but forget that you have a whole suite of periphery technologies that aren't there yet, or aren't invented yet, or have been around for ages and have never worked properly. VR is enjoyable enough now, but for the kind of immersion that people are creaming their pants over - all of those periphery technologies are going to have to get to the same level of development, as well as become cheap enough that you don't have to spend the equivalent of a luxury car to get the perfect setup - and it all has to work together according an industry standard so that developers can take advantage of it, and so that you're not shit out of luck if you want to use it on another device or if you get banned from Facebook. This stuff is neat to experiment with prototypes of, but I think in terms of the kind of immersion people are chasing you'd sooner end up with a neural interface that can directly stimulate the sensations with no extra gadgets necessary before you can you create an affordable hillbilly holodeck that's usable with more than just three games.
VR in it's current state is simply a gimmick and just used for shitty tech demos like >>133245 said. >>133331 Do you happen to use any of the public worlds in vrchat? If you don't, word of warning to you, don't say anything non-pc in them or be prepared to be banned. >.t someone who got banned for harassing little girls
>>133541 >spoiler >1990: Power Pad >2020: Power Socks Most games would probably want something like run-on-heel-pressure rather than actively having to do something to move--even though that's supposed to be VR's gimmick, I guess. >>133543 Yes. But like the other anon said, publishers would rather operate in a game space they already think they own rather than revive dead genera. It's disgusting, but I suppose "sell niche games that need niche hardware to a niche audience" has failed enough times that publishers know better than to try it now. Look at all head tracking hardware. You'd think "strap wiimote to head" technology would be cheaper by now.
>>133736 lol I do and I've said some pretty fucked up shit. That said it depends on the crowd. I tend to go to places with very few people and often with people that already know me. Though thats why I'm so interested in Neos cause its designed to allow people to create their own severs with their own rules. At least thats their plan, if they back out on it then I retract my interest. But in its current state its got a lot going for it if they give it some heavy polish.
>>133736 Sorry, I know this is nitpicking and completely off-topic, but I cannot control my autism. >.t someone who got banned for harassing little girls The period is supposed to come after t, as in >t. someone who got banned for harassing little girls The period just means that the word is shortened from "terveisin", meaning "with regards". Some people think that it means just "regards", and I suppose you can casually say "regards from a person who was accused of harassing little girls", but I think in proper English you are supposed to say "with regards from...". It wouldn't be a big thing per se, but "regards" in Finnish is "terveiset", so if you think "t." stands for "regards" and you use a dictionary, you just end up sounding dumber than a somali nigger.
>>133954 That's actually quite helpful I was honestly quite confused as to what goes first the t or the period. Thanks
>>133991 This line of thought leads me to the question... What would MMORPGs and VR/AR look like if the Third Reich had won/survived WW2?
>>133031 More like coomer matrix honestly vr porn is really good
(65.44 KB 395x400 get the fuck out.jpg)
>>134021 >coomer >matrix
>>134021 >More like coomer matrix Your joke is complete shit, a mentally retarded child could make something more original and funnier. Back to 4cucks you go
>>134183 >>133991 >>134001 >Tries to blackpill >Gets memed on >Switches IDs Every time.
>>134222 Uhh no, not 'samefag.' Your sensor is overactive.
>>134222 >Trips wasted on a paranoid faggot. Anon is everyone who says dumb shit here was a samfagger that would make every last one of us samefaggers. Yes some of the replies here do seem aggressively stupid does not mean they are the same person it just means Americans are posting.
(11.22 MB 2560x1440 vrchat fags 1.mp4)
(22.84 MB 640x360 Vrchat fags.mp4)
A friend send me these.
>>134222 >Muh IP hop No IP hop newfags just me calling you a gigantic faggot. >>134379 This is embarrassing to watch
>>133991 Niggerpiller kill yourself, you're a unironic cuck.
(295.11 KB 1200x1600 1574438715371.jpg)
>>134469 This is literally the plot of a bad Black Mirror episode.
>>134479 >This is literally the plot of bad mirror Go back to reddit
(1.88 MB 640x360 SayTheNWord.mp4)
VR is just video games with a monitor strapped to your head, can't understand how anyone can think they are different. >>134379 why
>>134379 Why did you share this now I hate humanity even more.
>>134469 This is actually good though. Ugly fucks need love too.
Vr will not be video games until someone can make a arena shooter where you run at mach 10. Once it's accomplished this, maybe, but until then no, whatever it is capable of, isn't worth it.
(30.30 KB 252x226 robotnik.jpg)
>>134379 Please post more VRchat cringe.
>>139988 it's really the same thing as what you'd see in Second Life
>>139996 Ralph pls go.
>>133031 >Do you consider VR to be videogames? VR is merely a tool, you can do video games with it, but VR itself is not a video game, just walking around and talking to people (stuff like VRchat) is not a video game.

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