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FRIDAY NIGHT, MUTHAFUCKA Anonymous 10/23/2020 (Fri) 20:13:52 Id:a176cc No. 133840
>PLAYAN SM64. >WATCHAN The Vietnam War. >LISTENAN Metallica. >EATAN Pasta with chicken, broccoli and corn. >DRINKAN Water. >FAPPAN My waifu. >FEELAN Tired but somewhat >>>/comfy/
>PLAYAN Clubhouse Games, Mario Galaxy, Nocturne, Uppers, Doomsiders and Sanic >WATCHAN Terminator 2 >LISTENAN /v/ >READAN a comic book called Black Hops >EATAN Chicken, Rice and Peas >DRINKAN Water >FAPPAN https://exhentai.org/g/1761347/236fe239e9/ >FEELAN Good, just got a 3080 and am hoping to run some new games on this bad boy.
>>133840 >PLAYAN Dark Souls 3 still, beat it once, seeing how NG+ is like. A set back in many areas but souls games are largely a fun challenge. >WATCHAN Joshua Moon blackpill podcast or whatever it is called. He usually is a good source for understanding the happenings on all the stupid parts of the internet, his site included which ends up being a huge time saver. His obsession with fat mentally ill women is very fascinating. >LISTENAN see above >READAN This site and those like it for happenings and analysis >EATAN Three fruit Oatmeal >DRINKAN Water >FAPPAN Could happen >FEELAN Good because work is done for a bit and there was a lot this week.
(8.18 MB 720x544 8chan memories.webm)
>PLAYAN Team Fortress 2 Scream Fortress. Gettin' contracts done and shit. Hoping for a gamenight soon since I don't trust myself to be competent enough to host one myself. >WATCHAN The weekly October movie night over in >>>/vhs/. We're watchan Bride of Re-Animator and House 1 tonight. >LISTENAN Vidya soundtracks and such. A few Smooth McGroove a-capella videos. >READAN Words on my monitor. >EATAN Ate some chili and leftover ribs earlier. I gotta cut down on acidic food, this shit is starting to give me sores on my tongue. >DRINKAN Water and possibly beer tonight if I'm in the mood later. >FAPPAN Not tonight. >FEELAN Pretty good. I've been taking steps to getting fit lately. I'm going on walks/jogs, pushups, static exercises like holding a mid-sit up, shit that makes me sweat in general, etc. Turns out a DieHard car battery is perfect for my lifting needs, so I don't need to buy any weights or get some faggy overpriced gym membership. Too bad about the latter because it lowers my chances even further of getting a tomboy GF.
(851.70 KB 647x589 kmc.png)
>PLAYAN I was playing Serious Sam 4 but got sick of it, the bugs and reused Talos Principle stuff got on my wires. >WATCHAN Black Mirror Se4 2 eps in, the shitmouth station owner in Eve online reference at the end of the first made me grin a little, second ep was predictable from the outset, though I assumed the girl would be killed by some censored threat. >LISTENAN The Dollop podcast - Only for the mad history though I'm enjoying hearing Dave Anthony gradually lose all faith in humanity in the non-story bits, his vitriolic leftyfag bitching is cringeworthy and hitting fever pitch right now but his ideas don't work in reality (his climate change 'initiative' shit being a prime example) because generally people *aren't* on the same page which is the ultimate problem with leftyfag politics, they can't fathom that ANY single person doesn't want what they want, never mind the fact that MOST people don't want it, including many of their perceived allies. >READAN Plato still, apparently though Socrates was 'obsessed with beautiful young boys' he didn't stick it in everything that presented to him at least. >EATAN Dark chocolate biscuits >DRINKAN The usual >FAPPAN Not sure if I want Kitty or Katya >FEELAN Chilly, all of a sudden I'm wearing hoods indoors.
>PLAYAN Just beat Tom and Jerry: Frantic Antics. Moving onto The Addams Family (Mega Drive) with a ROM hack to improve the controls. >WATCHAN Nothing, I can't seem to get back into anime for some reason. >LISTENAN HALDION classical music comps on YouTube. >READAN ASVAB 2020-2021 for Dummies. Was going to NEET my way through the rest of life but I have no choice now. >EATAN Nothing, on a fast. >DRINKAN Ice and water. >FAPPAN /hyper/ >FEELAN Good, I didn't think I'd be in the mood to play vidya to completion anytime soon.
(89.06 KB 286x328 1466816822076.png)
>PLAYAN New Vegas >WATCHAN U.S election shit mostly. >LISTENAN Radio New Vegas with that like 100+ additional songs mod. >READAN /v/ >EATAN Burritos >DRINKAN Beer >FAPPAN :^) >FEELAN pretty good
>>133840 >PLAYAN FFXII: TZA, a brilliant remaster of the greatest game ever made!!! >WATCHAN Nothing atm. >LISTENAN Hole Dweller. >EATAN Nothing atm. >DRINKAN Coffee. >FAPPAN Nothing atm. >FEELAN Tired, but not necessarily in a bad way.
>>133840 >PLAYAN Nothing no motivation to play >WATCHAN Twitch SOMA stream >LISTENAN Birthday playlist >EATAN Lasagna hamburger helper and a pot of beans just finished in my Instant pot gonna use my stick blender to turn em into refried beans. >DRINKAN Water >FAPPAN Gura porn later on >FEELAN Tired and depressed and very very hungry.
>PLAYAN Nothing right now--maybe NieR: Automata later >WATCHAN N/A >LISTENAN Monsters among us podcast: show where people call in real(?) paranormal experiences >READAN Nothing right now--maybe wrapping up Mackay's Life and Liberty in America (1859) later; shows you how much life, vibrancy, and color we've lost >EATAN About to make an apple pie from scratch :^) >DRINKAN https://ippodotea.com/collections/teabags/products/one-pot-teabag-iribancha >FAPPAN Maybe later? >FEELAN Eh, okay. Little tired of some human relationship nonsense but I think I'll get a second wind later.
>PLAYAN Deep Rock Galactic, Wario Land 4. >WATCHAN Videos about speculative sci-fi topics. >LISTENAN Nothing right now. >READAN Might read JoJo later, but I suspect nothing happened. Call me a brainlet if you want, but I'm not really enjoying jojolion at all >EATAN Just had dinner. Nothing remarkable. >DRINKAN Tonic water. >FAPPAN No. >FEELAN Rok n ston Also, a bit let down. I finally got my internship, but I'm afraid the business I got sent to won't teach me jackshit about the things I've learnt, and instead will make waste a couple of months doing paperwork despite having been trained as a high grade industrial technician. I hope I'm wrong.
>>134174 >That spoiler The last interesting fight we had was Damo and that was like three years ago. Wonder of U is shaping up to be an interesting arc, people are saying this new guy is the main villain, but they said the same thing about Damo and Joubin so I won't hold my breath.
>>134174 > I'm afraid the business I got sent to won't teach me jackshit about the things I've learnt Same thing happened to me, so I used the time to do what I could for it and then tried to make useful connections for employment or starting a business anytime in the future. Collect contacts and build alliances.
>>133840 >>PLAYAN guilty gear, studying up for +rollback >WATCHAN old mikado videos >https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLhsXh_3znPccLZR5hFlJA3t-pAFo0SHsR jagged alliance lp >LISTENAN >READAN dustloop pet semetary some rando chernobyl book >EATAN fajita >DRINKAN tea >FAPPAN uncensored javs >FEELAN kind of burnt out and unmotivated i guess. i got a whole stack of paintings i need to finish but i'm just hitting a wall. pretty happy about the gg news though. fighting games have been such a shitshow for a while and strive being so... approachable really killed my drive to git gud or even care about vidyas at all. though i was gonna have to learn piano or something lol.
(300.45 KB 1000x652 mark-e1512432012284.png)
>PLAYAN No More Heroes >WATCHAN Talentless Nana >LISTENAN Edge of Darkness by Rage >READAN Creature Tech >EATAN Oreos >DRINKAN Milk >FAPPAN https://exhentai.org/g/1617609/6b5ab5436b/ >FEELAN Good, but I just had the weirdest dream just now: Basically I was hitching a ride on a bus then I was pulled over by Chief Wiggam of the Simpsons who then invited me over to literally sleep with his daughter, then we go to play vidya, but while we're playing, people to the future contacted us to ask us to save the world by playing Fall Guys, my female friend then starts playing and failing, we then get caught by old man chief Wiggam and then are forced to sleep, then as we roll over, we find monkey paws. We then get swallowed by three individual colored frogs as soon as my friend tries Fall Guys again and wishes to be "the best gamer ever". She wins then we get swallowed by the three frogs until we end up at a rich persons party which I assumed to be a demon party. I kept trying to ask the person in what I had to give in return for my wish on the monkeys paw, they said "nothing just share them". Then I get transported to a movie theater and give away the paws. As soon as we make another wish for money, it turns out my friend wasn't eligible after all and is sent to the gallows where the demons dance before sending her off to hell, I then try to make a wish along with a second friend of mine in order to save her. So we saved her and then were transported to a hotel and a pool. Turns out you turn into a random animal as soon as you leave the resort. And so I became a Gorilla.
>>133840 >>PLAYAN Garry's Mod. I'm not really doing anything in it since all my creative juices have been drained, but I just like going into Multiplayer games and bullying people. There's this one server I go to where I just take out the crossbow and start sniping people all over the map while they're building and the admins don't give a shit. Occasionally I'll get someone who's actually decent at PvP so I'll have to pull out the SMG and go for headshots, but for the most part my username doesn't disappear from the top right corner for longer than 5 seconds and it's hilarious. I also have a cube with the word "Nigger" written on it saved to my dupes so I'll spawn it just to piss people off further. >WATCHAN Nihongo No Mori >LISTENAN Van Der Graaf Generator and some of the Yakuza 0 Karaoke tracks >READAN I'm too stressed out to read anything lately >EATAN Had some rice with a sirloin steak and onions on top >DRINKAN Water >FAPPAN I fapped to my imagination last night >FEELAN Like shit because I can't find a damn job that has anything to do with my tech skills. I live out in bumfuck nowhere and the only jobs we have around here are fast food service, warehouse shit or construction labor. All the tech jobs are hoarded by the same 4 companies in our city area and I've been unemployed since January. Living with my parents who put me to work on literal shit pipes in our yard. How are you feeling, OP?
(292.31 KB 800x518 kikeland.png)
Already been a week, shit time is going to fast. >PLAYAN theHunter, Manifold Garden and The Signifier >WATCHAN Dune, gonna watch a Godzilla flick and Up Pompeii! later >LISTENAN Remini's Fair Game podcast >READAN Taking a break from Plato and reading Heavy Metal >EATAN Spicy Pizza, had fajitas yesterday, gonna shit fire tonight. >DRINKAN Dilute orange by the litre, feel like I must be dehydrated. >FAPPAN Mommy/daughter combos, thank god for photoshop. >FEELAN Halloweenish. Gonna be a mad monk, already got a slanket for a robe, a rope for my waist, fake rosary beads and a big cardboard cross I coated in tin foil, gonna shave my hair into a friar-do tonight, I'm gonna look a proper dick.
(138.98 KB 322x367 cute.gif)
>PLAYAN Dwarf Fort and Morrowind >WATCHAN Youtube shit. >LISTENAN Mostly autists talk about shit >READAN Nothing >EATAN Just had mac and cheese >DRINKAN Coffee >FAPPAN Toddlercon >FEELAN ok
(26.68 KB 316x316 Lum40.jpg)
>>133840 >PLAYAN Playing Xenogears for the first time, I like the combat is being implemented in which you can make some combos when you attack. Also the 2D sprites of the characters looks really good when you are walking around in the world, including the camera rotation in which you can view the characters from different angles like 3D characters. >WATCHAN Tonikaku Kawaii. I'm also trying to resume on Urusei Yatsura. >LISTENAN Nothing >READAN Rent a Girlfriend manga. >EATAN Sandwich >DRINKAN Orange juice >FAPPAN Nothing >FEELAN Alright, I'm a little excited because I'm trying to learn game programming on a Udemy course of Unreal Engine 4 to sharpen my skills.
(108.39 KB 1280x720 1451231231.jpg)
It's gonna be a good friday, I'll start by trying to unlock touhou 6's extra stage and then relax with friends on a wow private server Any of you guys managed to clear any of touhou's extra stages??
>>138977 I'd argue extra stages are easier than hard/lunatic 1ccs runs because its just one stage and comes down to memorization. EOSD is a special case since a lot more of its patterns are randomized. I have done IN 1cc hard as well as its extra stage. I like the last words and additional unlocks it had.
(1.82 MB 320x240 612315.gif)
>>138981 Imperishable Night's my favorite touhou. It's also the first I managed to clear including it's extra stage. I got so many fond memories of that game I don't think I'll ever play a better touhou game
>>138993 It's one of the easiest apparently, but I love the story and soundtrack and cast. It just cones together really well. 6/7/8 are their own "generation" of games
>Playan Ghostrunner. It's everything I wanted and more so far, just gotten to the city. I might cave in and play Zero no Kiseki, fuck the save imports. >Watchan Nothing. Wish I could find a decent animu >Listenan TitS OST. God damn I miss the series. >Readan That totally not porn fantasy manga with the fat assed princess and the fat assed twins >Eatan Nothing. Might be making a calzone tomorrow >Drinkan Wa'a >Fappan 4 weeks clean. >Feelan Alright. Happy that my sister's finally back after two years for a vacation, but it's a two week one and she's taking corona way too seriously by self quarantining for a few days.
>>139025 what type of animu do you like? or are you the type of person that thinks that anime adaptations are always cringe/not up to the original?
>>138965 Cute pic.
>PLAYAN Pokemon Diamond. Figured that I might as well, since remakes never ever hopefully. Just got thru the elite 4, had some fun with teams/strats I usually don't do, made me appreciate even more how much possibilities and flexibility there was in gen 4(and without the massive power creep of the later gens, allowing you to actually have fun with almost every pokemon) >WATCHAN comfy stuff >LISTENAN see above >READAN Mostly the movesets of various pokemon and the little quirks the game has, but I am reading a halo book on the side(Ghosts of Onyx) >EATAN bought some fun sized babe ruths cause halloween >DRINKAN water, but same as above with soda pop(the good stuff, not the crap in a can or plastic bottles) >FAPPAN a lot >FEELAN comfy. been a while since I played pokemon, might play ORAS next, even tho I heard some absolutely abhorrent things about it I guess there is an election or something happening next week, but I don't care. whoever wins/loses, I still get the salt, and the country is gonna fall apart, anyways
>>133840 >>PLAYAN Tonight, it is Titan Quest Anniversary, returning from a 3 year hiatus. I got banned from DS3 for no particular reason and so fuck them. >WATCHAN Some dude who live streams slice of life from Russia, it is interesting but ultimately depressing. >LISTENAN Some podcasts snippets to see if I can get new info, but I seem to be ahead of them. >READAN This site and others like it. >EATAN Not much yet. >DRINKAN Coffee then water >FAPPAN Like it will help me fall asleep >FEELAN Not too bad, got to work for a couple hours today but it is easy work today. Then, I play TitanQuest.
(636.48 KB 1280x720 Youtubers and Twitch.mp4)
>>133840 >PLAYAN Darksiders 2. >WATCHAN Jewtube. >LISTENAN Livestream recordings. >READAN /v/. >EATAN Pizza. >DRINKAN Water. >FAPPAN I plan on doing a no nut November, what do you guys recommend I fap to before going cold turkey for a month? >FEELAN Trying to stave off my crippling depression, but other than that, pretty good.
>PLAYAN Sengoku Rance, breddy comfy >WATCHAN Coco, watame, gura. Prison School, so far I’m enjoying it, its funny and premise is interesting. I also checked out NHK ni youkoso and damn, the creator articulated almost everything I’ve felt in the past year, excellent anime. >LISTENAN Umineko tracks >READAN Soredemo Ayumu wa Yosetekuru >EATAN Chig fil a >DRINKAN Tea >FAPPAN Meh >FEELAN Tired, sleep schedule still hasnt been corrected but week has been pretty fun, been playing games online with friends from back home until 2am almost everynight and having a great time. Overrall, comfy though im starting to exercise again, got another long journey ahead of myself once more. I wish it wasnt so easy to lose months of healthy eating and exercise within 2 months of lounging and wasting time
>>133840 >PLAYAN Nothing now, but I played some short game about some kid "stuck" in a room for a week just a bit ago. >LISTENAN Persona Q OST, shit game but the music's some great stuff. >EATAN Nachos from Dairy Queen, you'd probably think they taste like shit but they're actually really good. >DRINKAN Dr Pepper.
(919.71 KB 1920x1080 EnF cancer juice.webm)
>PLAYAN Pokémon Gold. Nearing the 8th badge now. First Pokémon game I ever played, pretty fun so far. I can definitely see the appeal towards a lot of age groups. >WATCHAN /sci/, /v/ >LISTENAN J-Pop, vocaloid and classical music. >READAN Papers on photocatalysts; read Kaifuku yesterday when I got wind of it in the GG thread. Also finished Goethe's Faust a week ago. >EATAN Had chicken pesto just now. Certainly not bad. >DRINKAN Matcha tea, whiskey later. >FAPPAN Probably not today. Nofap is going pretty well so far. >FEELAN Great, but exhausted. Long days in the lab, but I finally managed to make a pretty tricky molecule and was able to confirm its structure. 90% yield and great purity. I'm happy. Little tired due to the whole Wu Flu stuff, but I can manage.
>>133911 > 3080 What are you gonna run? Lot of money for a brand new card. >>133943 > TF2 Apparently, it's having a surge in players since a month or two. I might play it as well sometime again, the gameplay is absolutely solid. >>133962 > Plato Nice. Have you read many books of the old philosophers? I am a little unfamiliar, but I would like a recommendation. >>134105 What kind of relationship? Family? >>138977 > TH6 Nice, I beat it just over a month ago. Loved it, and no; I have not gotten gud enough yet. >>139103 Your weight is not only food and exercise, it requires discipline as well.
>>139080 Just about anything besides SoL and Romance works for me.
>PLAYAN Too tired for vidya. >WATCHAN Probably some spanish movie about the civil war later. >LISTENAN Age of empires 2 music. >READAN Catching up with berserk and dungeon meshi. >EATAN Pasta with tuna and cheese. >DRINKAN Cola. >FAPPAN Im feeling like looking up some X-men girls lewds later. >FEELAN Pretty tired after a day of work, but i left everyting in order and therefore im pleased.
>>139131 mainly emulators and FPS hacks, but also modern games like Ghostrunner, Devil May Cry 5, Ace Combat 7, etc. at 4k.
>PLAYAN Probably some Bloodstained or Remnant from the ashes >WATCHAN Jewtube vids >LISTENAN Jewtube vids >READAN Retards argue about meaningless shit here on 8moe >EATAN Pizza >DRINKAN Water >FAPPAN Maybe >FEELAN The pizza knocked me out now I'm sitting here in the middle of the afternoon tired as fuck for no good reason at all.
(1.28 MB 850x1200 Blazing Chrome.png)
(456.35 KB 1200x837 ONIKEN + ODALLUS COLLECTION.jpg)
(1.99 MB 427x290 n6lrXJw.gif)
>PLAYAN either Blazing Chrome or the ONIKEN + ODALLUS COLLECTION... not sure >WATCHAN all the spookiest episodes of star trek:tng (on vhs) schisms, night terrors, frame of mind. >LISTENAN sounds of an empty planet (cryo chamber) helps me relax. >READAN whatever fucked shit the algorithm keeps seending me >EATAN not sure... (any ideas?) >DRINKAN water >FAPPAN either Ara Ara, or something i write or draw myself. >FEELAN Just tired mostly, want this year to end but I feel like haven't accomplished enough during it.
(277.83 KB 1024x683 rabbi.jpg)
>PLAYAN Azur Lane >WATCHAN Dr. Stone >LISTENAN jpop and korean city pop >READAN Berserk >EATAN idfk >DRINKAN whey >FAPPAN i don't wanna but i probably will >FEELAN I got invited to a halloween party by some girl I know, but I probably won't go, because I don't have my license and I'm too anxious :(
>>139232 just say you're not feeling it with COVID its not the best time to be out partying anyways, have some fun with vidya. Preferably not gachashit though anon, holy fuck.
(846.94 KB 1000x1497 541_1000.jpg)
>>139232 If you don't go then join /vhs/ movie night tonight and tomorrow, anon. Good times.
>>139232 You need a loicense for partying?
>>139286 nah i'm a burger in a red state
>>139286 oh fuck I'm an autist lol, no I meant my driver's license
(173.33 KB 1538x877 4u.jpg)
(60.48 KB 588x703 1571619120697.jpg)
>PLAYAN Honey Select and Maximo >WATCHAN Catching up on Mob Psycho >LISTENAN Keldian, Powerwolf, Hammerfall >READAN this thread >EATAN home made burger >DRINKAN appul genievre >fappan Honey Select 2 lolies >FEELAN Tired but happy its a long weekend.
>>139232 >doesn't have a party loiscense
(2.29 MB 934x906 ClipboardImage.png)
IT'S FUCKING HALLOWEEN >PLAYAN Ao Oni, World of Horror, or Black Souls 2. >WATCHAN There's a stream on a local imageboard, the schedule is Zombieland Saga, The iDOLM@STER and Bang Dream! Never watched any of this nor am I the biggest anime watcher so I'll just deal with it >LISTENAN GRANDMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nBINlLnIxYg >READAN >EATAN Chard Pie, some mashed potatoes, some mashed yam, bit of steak >DRINKAN Water >FAPPAN Hopefully not another Black Souls 2 scene, I won't get to finish the game and see the rest of the story if I get interrupted like that, but Dodo's breast got me >FEELAN I would really like to study more about demons, the supernatural and things beyond common comprehension, but I fear I may lose my head by doing so. I wonder if The Book of Lies by Alester Crowley is a good way to begin dwelling into that.
Any game night going on? >>139414 What is Black Souls 2?
(693.26 KB 680x480 48.png)
>>139416 >Black Souls 2 It's a porn game that has a surprisingly decent story involving characters from traditional fantasy stories (Red Hood, Alice in Wonderland, that kind of stuff). Though the sequel it's heavily based on Bloodborne so I'm not liking it as much as the original that was based on Dark Souls which I could play because I'm poor. Don't know about the second one, but I'd definitely recommend the first one, it's very replayable and a lot of content is easily avoided in the first playthrough.
>>139423 Where would one get this first one?
(385.88 KB 680x480 43.png)
>>139452 https://pastebin.com/CsFzvUwY Here's a link with both of them and a short game where you play as Red Hood, though in this one you play as a girl so it's kinda gay getting fucked, but it's there nonetheless and it's recommended to play it before the sequel.
>>139462 Maybe I will look for an official site, thanks though.
Wall of text apparently incoming, I typed more than I expected. >PLAYAN Fire Emblem Echoes and Arcana Hearts 3 Love Maxx Both are enjoyable games. The former is very simple, easy and straightforward even on hard/classic, but despite its similarities to Awakening I'm finding it far more enjoyable. Maybe its the fact that the story and characters and overall world are much more cohesive and integrated and as a result, the overall "experience" is more enjoyable than the hodgepodge, broken mess of Awakening's disastrous decisions where each individual thing might have been moderately polished (minus the map design of course) but not nearly as well thought out and as a result it feels like a broken, disjointed mess of a game in nearly every aspect and respect. Its just so strange that I'm enjoying Echoes when in a lot of ways its somewhat similar to Awakening. Its also got some pleasantly sexy and interesting female characters thus far so that's nice, plus some funny and interesting bros and male characters. The main characters though... unusually immature, almost retardedly so. I know they're teenagers, but I wonder if that was an intentional part of the writing thus far since the world's writing and the side characters and NPC dialogue and worldbuilding have all been spot-on and compelling thus far with the themes and subjects they've been tackling, such as the strife between nobility and commoners, the roles of people in a feudal/medieval society and what role merit plays in such a world, as well as who bears responsibility for when the world goes to shit, and if that's really the truth or not and whether its right to... well, I'll have to continue further before I start talking about such things. I'll probably make a Fire Emblem thread later or something to talk properly about it and other FE shit in general. Arcana Hearts 3 is a very fast-paced game, ridiculously so. Very satisfying to pull off extended combos and even button mash for a newbie to fighting games like me. Apparently people say its faster by a different order of magnitude to other anime fighters like BB and GG which was interesting to find out but I have no idea if its true or not since i haven't played those games yet. Character designs, minus like 1 or 2, weren't too appealing to me at first (minus a few) but the more I play the game the more they grow on me. So far I liked Sharlachrot, Aino, and Akane's designs the most (its funny how much more fanart the "villain" of this game gets; she was the first character I ended up choosing; great design), but a lot of them are pretty novel honestly. Mei Fang's is pretty sexy. Maori has HUGE tiddies. The lolis are cute. Voice acting is pretty spot on for all of them and makes it quite enjoyable. The side animations are very nice and the way they shaded their legs in said animations... perfection. I heard the guy behind this game died and this was his last legacy or something along those lines; if that's true, my hats off to him for making a very respectable and so-far enjoyable fighting game. The game keeps surprising me honestly. I was doing a time attack thing and suddenly I'm facing a girl I just faced, but now her arcana is a new, strange thing that's fighting with her on the field. It was too damn powerful for me to do anything though, this game is ridiculous when it comes to crazy damage nukes and overall speed. The AI is very hard for me to face on highest difficulties, and just forget about it when the final boss in whatever character's story is Scharlachrot (The redhead I posted), she gets some broken advantages over you and just rapes you on the final round you press her on, you really need to know the game well or be quite good at fighting games in general to handle her, at least that's my opinion. I tried lowering the difficulty twice against her and only got her once on one character. However, Akane really clicked with me and I managed to beat her on the highest difficulty, but then the game crashed on the "final" boss that's more just a gimmick than an actual boss after her so it didn't get saved and I'm eternally furious about that because I tried so many times to beat her with other characters, literal hours upon hours redoing the same fight over and over again and just, ugh. I don't want to talk about that, but while it was fun at first, losing 499 times out of 500 tends to make an experience not very fun, but aside from that the game has been very enjoyable. >WATCHAN Not sure, maybe Hajime no Ippo or Rurouni Kenshin. Hajime no Ippo is always great and I'm really feeling in an early 2000s/late 90s mood and its just such a great anime, but Rurouni Kenshin it was my first time checking it out and it gives a very cozy adventure with violence vibe. Like the beginnings of Berserk '97 before the last few episodes. Also an Advance Wars 2 LP through the week, that's enjoyable enough. Plus a bit of Fire Emblem as well. Feel free to recommend any anime that might fit the early 2000s/late 90s vibes and I might check it out. >LISTENAN Uhh... not much at the moment, I guess lately I've been listening to the Fire Emblem Expo arrange when I work on stuff. >READAN Nuffin' much; do LSAT practice things count? I guess I also read through my old comments on a porn booru, that was a funny trip through memory lane. >EATAN Ate homecooked dinner by the family, was nice. Rice, beef, all sorts of veggies. Good stuff. >DRINKAN Water >FAPPAN Get out of here stalker >FEELAN Uh... Okay I guess? Not great, but not bad either. Studying for the LSAT is going to be a pain. I wish I was employed but I've been getting (now small) amounts of money, I guess I've been enjoying my free time but I've also been slacking and browsing always makes me feel like shit. Lots of things on the mind I can't really share with anyone in general about my life, even anonymously there's too great a risk to share which is a shame.
>PLAYAN warframe mostly >WATCHAN catching up on some anime >LISTENAN nothing really >READAN /v/ mostly maybe check up on other boards on the ring >EATAN crackers n cheese >DRINKAN water >FAPPAN some new tiktoks i found. god bless that chink algorithm >FEELAN pretty sad.
(88.91 KB 720x540 no one is illegal pedobear.jpg)
>>139503 jailbat?
>PLAYAN Bout to play some Stalker never played it before >WATCHAN American Phsyco and i had a good time at movie night >>>/vhs/124 >LISTENAN nada >READAN Can't remember the last time i read a book >EATAN Chicken tendies and pizza >DRINKAN water >FAPPAN Had a great fap yesterday. Today is off. >FEELAN Much better than last week. I started taken my pills i was prescribed for sleep problems again, Trazodone. I looked them up out of curiosity because they don't actually help with getting to sleep much which is why i stopped waking them and they are a minor SSRI antidepressants. I thought my mood and thoughts were improving but didn't know why, I thought it was good luck or something. Not sure how to feel about this. I've felt like I've had depression ever since my mom died 7 years ago but i never could admit it to myself until about a year or 2 ago and i think this just confirms it.
>PLAYAN gargoyle's quest 2 >WATCHAN munou na nana >LISTENAN common filth radio archive >READAN /jp/ >EATAN tendies >DRINKAN root beer >FAPPAN ++good shit >FEELAN easy today >>138977 Reminds me of a few years ago when I had friends that played video games. Cleared 6-12's extras. Haven't bothered to play the rest as much. What server?
>>139535 are you the anon with ocd?
>>139575 No. The only thing I "have" is Tourettes but I've never posted about it before. I was diagnosed in high school because i told some teachers who were picking on me to fuck off. An actual fucking doctor said i had Tourettes over that bullshit.
>PLAYAN Finishing Eternal Darkness tonight and also recently bought Slay the Spire and Lisa,which, im looking forward to play >WATCHAN Seasonal Anime and rewatching Ergo Proxy >LISTENAN Vaporwave Albums >READAN Usogui, i haven´t read much psychological gambling manga but its probably one of my favorites alongside kaiji. >DRINKAn Water >FAPPAN 2D Milfs >FEELAN Shit, Graduated from Uni a few months back and i haven´t found a job due to the chinese virus.So i spend most of my days lazing around and the only productive thing i do is jogging in the morning.
>>139597 > i told some teachers who were picking on me to fuck off btfo i've been diagnosed by a neurologist as obsessive compulsive and I remember there was an anon back on hatechan who struggled with something similar
>>139489 >Fire Emblem Echoes and Arcana Hearts 3 Love Maxx I bought the collectors of Echoes but never got around to playing it. I autistically won't play it or any other new Fire emblem including awakening or the collectors of 3 houses which i never even opened until i at least finish the GBA game i left probably less than halfway through or the gamecube game i put 15ish hours into. I really enjoyed both the GBA and gamecube game but i start and stop so many games. I hate it about myself. I probably need to restart the GBA one because i have no clue how i played it. It could have been on my ipod touch or my ancient pc which died. As for AH3LM I really enjoy the game its a lot of fun an anon gifted it to me. But for some reason i just can't into combos. My hands don't want to work, i can't get timing down and it frustrates me. I like the idea of training mode but when i actually get in training mode i don't know how to learn and use it. I really want the shark loli to finally come out. >>139634 OCD sounds like it could really be quite nice if it wasn't such a powerful and destructive thing for some people. I feel like a slight OCD could really help out. I really struggle with self motivation and the idea sounds like it could be nice. Grass is always greener.
>>139652 >OCD sounds like it could really be quite nice if it wasn't such a powerful and destructive thing for some people. I've had intrusive thoughts since my teen years. Thoughts ranging from all sorts of disgusting things: rape, violence, pedophilia, homsexuality, beastiality, death, incest, thinking parents would kill me, and fuck ton of other shit, this going on for over a decade of constant torment, needless to say in way I kind of grew up fast > I feel like a slight OCD could really help out. Not really you just end up with stupid, pointless rituals Example: ever since I was 12 or so I only watch anime at night, I can't bring myself to watch it if the sun is up I think I do stuff like this because I'll enjoy something so much that I do everything I can to repeat those moments >really struggle with self motivation and the idea sounds like it could be nice. Grass is always greener. I think one of the benefits is creative and abstract thinking, at least for me
YEAH ITS HALLOWEEN >PLAYAN Blood, finished Episode 1 a couple of days ago, been playing on Lightly Broiled since cultists can be bullshit in higher difficulties. >WATCHAN Halloween or The Thing, and Bio-Hunter for anime >LISTENAN Misfits, Mercyful Fate, Manimals, Autopsy >READAN DnD 5e DM manuals >DRINKAN Water, but hopefully beer or rum >FAPPAN Big tiddy tall girl doujins >FEELAN Good mostly, I've been about 25 days off opiates, I've recovered physically and am recovering mentally. Having no internet or phone during that time helped quite a bit too, so I've been mostly concentrating on my self. Been trying to look for work as well, there's warehouse jobs around me but those pay very low min wage, there's a slaughterer job at the local abattoir and it pays double min wage, but they want someone with experience with slicing cows up, gonna see how I can bullshit my way into training or something.
>>139652 Who are you playing? I cant combo well either but I had great luck with Dorothy Albright or whoever the card magician is. Projectile spam makes the AI ezmodo
>>139791 The funny thing is i just looked into some fighting game tourneys of this game, apparently all the top nips consider dorothy god-tier pretty much universally Funny stuff I guess, I never would've known though since it seems like a lot of characters in this game are crazy ridiculous.
>>139489 >not the akane video with detective conan music im disappointed
>>139812 I'm not aware of that video, I just looked on jewtube for something interesting to illustrate what I was talking about Post whatever you're referring to
>>139462 don't mind me archiving this pastebin since the site went full cuck https://archive.vn/I45F1
>>139791 >I've had intrusive thoughts since my teen years. I don't have OCD but I've certainly had a lot of those same obtrusive thoughts. Probably nowhere as bad but they've popped up now and again. Mostly violence, murder, and rape. My foster brother stole my copy of soul silver with hundreds of hours and all my pokemon i transferred in which was more hundreds of hours and i legit thought out a murder and disposal plan i was so mad. I did beat his fucking ass though. I never did get the game back. >Not really you just end up with stupid, pointless rituals Example: ever since I was 12 or so I only watch anime at night, Yea those are the negatives. >I think one of the benefits is creative and abstract thinking And this the positives. I can't think a creative thought to save my life. The only things i can build in minecraft are squares or rectangles or i have to copy someones design. I can't think of a character to draw or even think of a name. Naming my town in animal crossing took me over 2 hours because I couldn't think of anything, no exaggeration. Literally about 2 hours. An hour trying to think of something, anything. and the next scouring online for a name. >>139791 I have about 10 hours in the game I think the only character i actually trained with and learned a tiny bit is Minori. Most of those hours are from trying to beat the Scharlachrot on normal. I ended up just cheesing her with crouching sweeps. That strat worked very well.
>>140153 Have you considered suicide?
>>140156 Fuck off, you first.
>PLAYAN Hades and LISA >WATCHAN Nothing at the moment >LISTENAN Post-rock >READAN Usogui >EATAN Grilled Steak >DRINKAN Water >FAPPAN Not today >FEELAN Fine, currently looking for work.
(35.82 KB 420x410 1603602600273.jpg)
>PLAYAN Going around on a free character questing a bit in WoW, it's quite comfy. >WATCHAN Akagi, anime about gambling, it's good. >LISTENAN In game music >READAN Imageboards >EATAN Chicken and rice >DRINKAN Wine and soda >FAPPAN No >FEELAN Okay for today, been sick last couple of weeks. Getting better though.
>LISTENAN Some vidya music I got as extras from GOG before I delete my account from there >FEELAN Pic related 'cause politics, but other than that, a bit annoyed 'cause I got to use my PC on the floor and sitting indian-style is uncomfortable as shit.
(32.73 KB 136x228 20d.gif)
>>133840 >PLAYAN Blood: Death Wish >WATCHAN Arith Härger. >LISTENAN Probably something comfy like Neofolk or Dungeon Synth. >READAN Men Among the Ruins. >EATAN Liver and onions. >DRINKAN Water. >FAPPAN Nothing. >FEELAN Pretty comfy, I decided to just take it easy for a while
(6.42 KB 534x69 buggers a fire.png)
>PLAYAN I just finished Pokémon Gold - holy shit what a clutch ending. I was up against Red and I got owned by his Snorlax and it's infinite rests. My Gyrados and Apheros were nearly dead, and when Sorlax was starting to just using amnesia, I switched to my lvl 11 Togepi. So, Rock Smash, Charm and a lucky Metronome destroyes his defenses and I was able to finish it off with my Typhlosion. Killed his Charizard and Venosaur with the few potions I had and that was it; my first Pokémon game finished. I really liked it - I am a little saturated with Pokémon for now, but I will definitely try this again. Been on a DMG streak lately, probably going to start with Deus Ex tomorrow. >WATCHAN NMR spectra >LISTENAN Vocaloid >READAN Chemistry papers >EATAN Had a pasta salad tonight >DRINKAN Coffee, some fruit juice before I go to sleep >FAPPAN Nope. Nofap was already going decent, let's see if I can attach November to the current chain. >FEELAN Little tired but good. Research is going pretty well, even my supervisor was happy. Still making stupid mistakes that frustrate me to no end but that is fine by my if I can learn something from it.
>>145025 Why are you deleting your account anon? >>144971 Any luck finding a job?
(360.90 KB 2560x1600 20201105002659_1.jpg)
>PLAYAN Uppers, Devil May Cry 5, Hatred and Titanfall 2 >WATCHAN Fire Force and Abe's anime >LISTENAN Don't Tell Me Your Love Me - Night Ranger >READAN Nothing right now, looking for a graphic novel to add to my collection >EATAN Chicken, Rice, Peas, Potatos, Corned Beef >DRINKAN Water >FAPPAN https://exhentai.org/g/932910/4926c3f0ea/ >FEELAN Alright, just got my mousepad and am hoping to play some more vidya later tonight. The election shit is insane though, we're probably gonna end up in a civl war or something crazy like that.
(27.85 KB 112x112 good george.gif)
(159.44 KB 1300x1956 El-MCjzU4AgJWCm.jpg)
>PLAYAN Played some gamenight with da bois >WATCHAN Jewtube vids, election news faggotry on twitter Its complete and utter chaos, democrats fucked the system and HARD >LISTENAN Jewtube vids >READAN 8moe >EATAN Cookie dough, waffles, eggs >DRINKAN Milk, tea, water maybe >FAPPAN Fapped to 3dpd earlier this morning, I'm too young and horny to do NNN again, I'm probably gonna jack it later tonight too. Damn I really need a GF but I can't talk to girls for shit, they always think I'm weird and I can't carry any kinds of conversations. >FEELAN Cheated out of a victory due to what the democrats fucking done, although I take "losing" much better than them. I'm not gonna cry or go on a mental breakdown or anything like that.
>>145077 Trump is going to pull it off in the courts or the House if he draws out certification of electorates until Dec. 14th. PA is especially vulnerable to court challenges due to their unconstitutional fuckery.
>PLAYAN Fire Emblem Path of Radiance again. >WATCHAN Gonna watch some anime later. Either gonna finish up Chobits or Gosick, and then watch Yama no Susume. >LISTENAN Doujin Music >READAN Five things actually: For Books, I'm reading Code: The Hidden Language of Computer Hardware and Software & Crime and Punishment For Manga/Comics I'm reading Sonic the Comic [Fleetway] and Shadow House [Manga] And then I'm trying to look up an LN to read. >EATAN Nothing, probably will get an orange later. >DRINKAN Water >FAPPAN Is degenerate >FEELAN Lazy. Should have gotten more done this week.
>PLAYAN Street Fighter IV >WATCHAN Oregairu been holding off on watching the final season because feels >LISTENAN https://www.yewtu.be/watch?v=rm3ndSwA9Fg >READAN Loner and Juliet >EATAN Taco Bell >DRINKAN water >FAPPAN doing no nut november unironically gone 8 days so far because I started early >FEELAN I'm alright, however I have developed some new rituals This election has also been fairly entertaining
(3.49 MB 3142x2162 YouKnowItMakesSense.jpg)
>PLAYAN the Hunter, just finished Manifold Garden, that was alright. >WATCHAN The evolving grand shitshow >LISTENAN Why I Hate This Album >READAN Viz magazine >EATAN Too much chocolate >DRINKAN Lime vodka no cal mixer >FAPPAN Using this https://deepsukebe.io/hu to make noods, doesn't work well every time but when it does all it takes is a few touches in photoshop and you've got solid fap material. Need it in a standalone/free asap. >FEELAN Semi pissed off that my retarded government thinks I can look for work while we're in a lockdown they barfed up, never mind the fact that there's no fucking jobs in my area pandemic or no. They can fuck off and pay me.
>>145253 pic 3: I laughed for real because I knew that she literally wanted a nazi to fuck her.
>PLAYAN Just finished playing some Planetside 2 >WATCHAN shark loli >LISTENAN Protomen, wonder what excuse they'll have for not finishing ACT III for this year >READAN njet >EATAN nah >DRINKAN lemonade >FAPPAN negative ghost rider >FEELAN Went to the IRS today to get some papers, I only need one more confirmation from my doctor and I can go back the company I applied at to get a job at, but I'm gonna put that off for a couple of days because I really can't be fucking arsed to deal with that shit. And I don't really even want the job, but times are tough, and you gotta do what you gotta do. Other than that, the standard.
>>145292 >1893 >No Israel What a time to have been alive
(564.16 KB 649x429 Naturalhigh.png)
>>133840 >PLAYAN Titan Quest Ani, such a comfy stressful game. >WATCHAN An election fiasco >LISTENAN Background talk radio while playing games, just to keep abreast of the fiasco. >READAN this site and other similar sites for news and views >EATAN Leftovers tonight >DRINKAN Something from the health food store, Yerba Mate Revel Berry, the power of the jungle in the form of a energy drink. My spatial awareness has increased tenfold. I feel like hunting a panther and looking at saggy tiddies. >FAPPAN Forecast is looking good. >FEELAN Pretty good today, got some work and errands done and all communications done. Now, I play games jacked on the jungle juice.
>>145029 >Arith Härger. Webm unrelated. Is he pozzed?
>PLAYAN Warframe and maybe RDR2 >WATCHAN Election kino on youtube >LISTENAN Nothing >READAN >EATAN Looking for some new loli manga >DRINKAN Coffee and some water with lemon >FAPPAN Nofapped all week probably gunna use my fleshlight + anal dildo for maximum milking >FEELAN Pretty good
>>145552 Your ass is not storage space.
(19.15 MB 1280x720 fuentes and catboy.mp4)
>>145427 idk but I always find it funny when those faggots threaten him with tiktok or twatter
(2.58 MB 640x480 Gondola_nier.webm)
>PLAYAN Lisa, Its pretty bizarre but compelling at the same time. >WATCHAN Some seasonal anime and yt videos >LISTENAN Post-rock >READAN Girl s Apocalypse Adventure >EATAN Don´t know yet. >DRINKAN Olive tea >FAPPAN Not today >FEELAN Chilled
(119.74 KB 515x816 1552780324967.png)
(45.28 KB 375x512 LR_Courier.jpg)
>PLAYAN Still pokemon diamond, but I've also been playing some fallout new vegas, since there was that 10th anniversary recently. Finishing both soon, had a blast going thru a nostalgia trip. Will move on to ORAS when I'm done with both, speaking of nostalgia trips >WATCHAN The election fallout. I don't really care about US politics, but both sides are unbearable, so I will at least enjoy harvesting trump and r/donald's salt while it lasts. If he somehow wins, ditto from leftist riots >LISTENAN Not much, too busy to chillax when not doing one of the above >READAN See above >EATAN Breadsticks, except cut in half and add cheese and ketchup/pizza sauce on each side, repeat as needed, put in oven and you have quick and easy mini pizzas >DRINKAN Hot tea and cold glass of milk. Feel too lazy to go out for beer or soda >FAPPAN No nut november >FEELAN too comfy to really care about anything. kinda feeling annoyed by NNN because I'm not feeling anything yet, and it's boring not to fap, but I heard you start feelin' it a bit later. >>145063 When you're ready for another pokemon run, I suggest one of the gen 3 games: Namely, either fire red/leaf green(prequels to gold), emerald(one of the better entries in the franchise) or colosseum(one of a kind freak game that pits you in a region where all battles are fought with 2 pokemon on each side of the field, there are no wild pokemon to be found and instead you have to steal special "shadow" pokemon from terrorist goons and street thugs and purify their souls). All 3 are great, and if you feel like you've mastered all 3, gen 4 introduces some advanced mechanics into the formula. it's better to learn everything about battling first in gen 3 before moving on, gens 1 and 2 are relatively primitive and easy compared to later games
(2.34 MB 1140x1600 ClipboardImage.png)
(1.20 MB 3000x2107 1605233962472.jpg)
>>133840 >>PLAYAN I'm getting onto Sequel after having finished Black Souls, some Hades in between. Was going to continue SMT but for some reason MY CERBERUS DISSAPEARED so I won't bother playing it again for a while >WATCHAN Have to catch up with Kill la Kill >LISTENAN Last night I've heard Xen by Arca, a shame the fudgepacker went the deep end but it was kinda expectable https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pcNG-zMlB8Q >READAN A .pdf of Alice in Wonderland with weeb illustrations on it. Pretty neat and will help me prepare for the upcoming BS DLC >EATAN Just the usual >DRINKAN Just more Speed to stay awake the rest of the day >FAPPAN Hopefully not Sequel, I lose the energy/vitality/will to play those games after fapping >FEELAN I've enlisted to an online course of web dev and I stopped doing anything three weeks ago because I couldn't understand how to set up html links properly in django. Now there is a final exam coming the 29 and while I told to myself that I'll just go to college to learn the stuff since getting stuck learning alone screws you over completely, I feel pretty guilty about giving up like that I'm not really good learning things aloneNot really good at anything honestly
>>151835 >you start feeling it later Yeah, feeling like an autist that joined a cult about not touching his penis.
>>151836 >Was going to continue SMT but for some reason SMT 1? If it was after teleporting to the lab, dont worry, he will come back, youre just not allowed to have cool ass cerberus/pascal just yet, hes too powerfull.
>>151847 I mean, it doesn't bother me. Not like I will die if I don't fap for all of 30 days You sound upset you have absolutely no control over yourself, TORpedo. Don't take it out on me
>>151848 No, it was before the boss in the Echo Building, for some reason he and another demon that I've made dissapeared
(60.51 KB 533x588 milky2.JPG)
(30.85 KB 557x531 milky1.JPG)
>>133840 >>PLAYAN System Shock Enhanced. I find old RPG's with large HUDs and tiny viewports to be very comfy. >WATCHAN Some faggot on YouTube thinks he "invented" the world's first real lightsaber just because he gave a blowtorch Star Wars aesthetics. He really strikes me as one of those <I FUCKING LOVE SCIENCE kinds of people. Other than that, some Gmod machinima nostalgia. >LISTENAN Legend of Zelda OST >READAN Documentating regarding behavior trees in video games. >EATAN I made Karaage with honey, it's pretty good. >DRINKAN Water >FAPPAN I feel so ashamed of myself, but this gook ASMRtist named "Milky" has a nice pair of titties and I couldn't help myself but to look up her instagram where she pretty much posts her naked ass and then I couldn't control myself. I usually just fap to my imagination but she didn't leave much to the imagination except her nipples and her cunt. >FEELAN Alright, I've been working on /agdg/ shit but I'm nowhere near ready for a demo so I'm not doing demo day this month. Maybe I'll make a demo in time for winter.
>>151856 >Documentating Documentation**
>playan Crosscode, it's super fun. Terminator Resistance, I like what it's going for but it could do more. >Watchan GitS SAC Season 2. I like Rise as an OP a lot. >Listenan Ghostrunner's OST, Hades OST >Readan Hawkwood, I'm really liking it. Also while looking for smut I stumbled on a josei manhua about frail redhead princess and her chad thundercock commoner husband. I'm not sure where the smut part since the artist really likes muscular men comes in but I guess it's cute enough for a chapter or two of seeing the MC get all flustered. I'm not reading any more though >Eatan Mash >Drinkan Orange Juice >Fappan No. >Feelan I have a military medical checkup tomorrow morning and I'm shitting myself because there's a chance they might gloss over the fact I have an immune system defect and pencil me in for three years.
>>151850 It's not my fault I can't stop jerking off to kids, it's their fault for being so sexy.
>>151862 >immune system defect Who gave you AIDS, anon?
(197.56 KB 1000x1128 pizza boys.jpg)
>>133840 >PLAYAN Ghostrunner and Tetris Effect Connected >WATCHAN GaoGaiGar >LISTENAN Highlander (The One) by Lost Horizon >READAN Fire Force >EATAN Fried Fish >DRINKAN Pepsi >FAPPAN N/A >FEELAN Good, gonna take a look at the iPhone 12 Mini sometime tomorrow since all other phones are too damn big.
>PLAYAN Sakuna: of Rice and Ruin >WATCHAN Car 54, Where Are You? >LISTENAN Meiko Kaji >READAN Tejina Senpai >EATAN Hot dogs >DRINKAN coke >FAPPAN Hex maniac >FEELAN okay
>PLAYAN DW Gundam Reborn and Dead Rising 2 >WATCHAN /vhs/ Movie Night. Also Fist of the North Star and Ren and Stimpy >LISTENAN Viper >READAN Astronomy >EATAN Soup and chicken >DRINKAN Water >FAPPAN That's a sin, anon. Unless it's at your waifu, then it's okay >FEELAN Comfy enough i guess.
(12.21 KB 418x418 [emotionally numbed honk].jpg)
>PLAYAN Might play some dead space 2 later, or maybe not. I should try something else. >WATCHAN Lets game it out, old engine videos. >LISTENAN Nothing right now. >READAN Some book to get my car loisens >EATAN Not hungry. >DRINKAN Water, maybe poison later. >FAPPAN Not in the mood at all. >FEELAN Terrible, I've been getting into fights with my housemates (which are also my friends) for weeks now. Every weekend, every fucking weekend they do something that pisses me off, not stupid shit like pranks, just mundane stuff. I'm starting to think that I enjoy being mad and plotting against them, to the point that I worry about our future living together, which is a fucking shame since I really wanted to live with these people, and the moments of calm are really comfy and warm, feels just like a real home. Maybe I need anger management therapy or something Also I've been on a weight loss plan for a couple of weeks now and that might have affected my mood negatively, but I really want to avoid becoming a fat fuck.
>PLAYAN niche mmo >watchan election drama >listenan election drama >readan /v/ >eatan pancakes >drinkan coffee >fappan toddlercon >feelan pic related
(696.66 KB 1920x1080 20201113164416_1.jpg)
>PLAYAN Modded Civ5. Currently playing as the shoshone, might play as sweden later once I win this. >WATCHAN Nothing right now >LISTENAN I mean besides the usual music I am also listening to some puerto rican faggot talk about shitty movies from the 2010's >READAN I should more of gotrek and felix, never did finish reading that book. >EATAN Chicken pizza, its pizza with Chicken, pineapple, banana, nuts and curry. >DRINKAN DR.pepper. >FAPPAN I already did and I cant remember at all what it was. >FEELAN Kinda bored. Kinda wish there was more good horror shooters like F.E.A.R. to play.
>PLAYAN GZDoom with my mod. >WATCHAN Nothing. >LISTENAN Various doom midi, some french music. >READAN Nothing. >EATAN Pidzer >DRINKAN American freedum, coffee and water. >FAPPAN Renamon >FEELAN Depressed, work on my project is at snail pace. I haven't made any significant progress since the last 2 week.
>PLAYAN Dungeon Fighter and Minecraft >WATCHAN oregairu still don't wanna feel the feels >LISTENAN Russian Nationalist Marches >READAN Iron Ladies it's this manhua about how in the future humans start colonizing planets and MC went to college and got a bachelors in piloting a space unit or something anyway I like it it's pretty good >EATAN mcdonalds >DRINKAN water >FAPPAN I fucked up my nofap after 2 weeks gonna start again but it'll be hard doing the first few days again >FEELAN Bad about fapping and irritated because twatter keeps asking for phone number >>151862 >readan spoiler are u a fag?
>>152049 >modded civ 5 Have you played as that one modded Third Reich yet? It's rad. Not even because 'dude hitler lmao' but they have a really nice and interesting set of bonuses that synergize tech/war well.
>>152125 Haven't gotten far with them, I like to always start from ancient era so its a while before I actually get to the unique Hitler stuff. Playing as Germany in general is pretty boring no matter what kind of Germany i am playing.
>PLAYAN Witcher 3 >WATCHAN Some movie with my family >LISTENAN Techno and game music >READAN Nothing >EATAN >DRINKAN Water >FAPPAN No >FEELAN Good, tried ketamine for the first time today, it's a very strong immersion enhancer, perfect for vidya, it really brings it to life.
(67.61 KB 960x1280 1604192250935.png)
>PLAYAN Bought megaman zero/zx legacy collection and x legacy collection 1+2 brand new for cheap since most stores are getting rid of their "old" stuff, i still don't know which one to play first, probably zero since i haven't played any of the games in this series. >WATCHAN Nothing really, maybe some random jewtube videos. >LISTENAN Nothing. >READAN Nothing either. >EATAN Scrambled eggs probably. >DRINKAN Coffee. >FAPPAN To roll-chan, i know she doesn't appear in any of the games i bought but this top shelf cunny is still part of the franchise so whatever. >FEELAN ok
>>133840 >>PLAYAN Titan Quest Ani still. >WATCHAN Not a lot, just checking in here and there. >LISTENAN Titan Quest OST ringing in my ears. >READAN Skimming here and there, nothing of note. >EATAN Burritos tonight, going to have seaweed soup for a snack. >DRINKAN Lemon/Lime soda >FAPPAN Someone has to >FEELAN Busy day full of unexpected things to do, and I disliked that.
(54.37 KB 640x640 1603231291142.jpg)
>PLAYAN Duuno >WATCHAN Probably movie streams with autists >LISTENAN 80's shit >READAN Nothing >EATAN Ramen >DRINKAN Coffee >FAPPAN No its November >FEELAN Burntout
Not seeing the point of posting, since my shits always the same every week >PLAYAN Factorio on and off. Working on /agdg/ project. >READAN Programming shit >EATAN >DRINKAN Chicken and rice with some coke. Going to make some cornflake cookies in a few days, looking forward to that >FAPPAN >FEELAN Like shit, my eyes were irritated today and had to take the day off. Ended up sleeping an extra 11 hours to recover, but now I feel exhausted
>>152538 >Fugtorio gud shit man, did the developers added anything gud since the 0.16 release?
>>152539 They made spidertron a normal vehicle in the vanilla game (eg dont need mods or consoles to use it) to celebrate 1.0 launch. Otherwise from 0.17 on its been lots of streamlining. They removed axes as an item and just made an upgrade. It was controversial but plays better. I mostly just play angelbobs and burn out at oil stage
>>152553 >Otherwise from 0.17 on its been lots of streamlining. So nothing much interesting going on, I kinda hoped they would add some kind of a squad system to make the game feel less like a tower defense game with heavy industries. >They removed axes as an item and just made an upgrade. Rip in pepperoni chainsaw mod.
>>152123 >r u a fag I hope not. If anything I was less aroused and more motivated to get that swole.
(106.96 KB 1280x720 Fei and Elly.jpg)
>>133840 >PLAYAN Finished Xenogears. I had lots of fun with playing the game, aside from the painstaking bad pacing in some parts of the game when I was itching to fight some enemies. The combat is fun and the combos is exciting when you use them to damage enemies to a large extent, especially the gameplay of the Gears which was cool. Although I can't really say I had a great experience with the story, the second disc for me was disappointing and it has to do with messy development of the game, I wouldn't say that it was completely terrible but its not that great either. Disc 1 was fucking cool, but Disc 2 was a wasted opportunity that most of the game's story was explained through texts from Fei, Elly and Citan which cut out some of gameplay exploration parts. And its a shame that I don't get to play as Elly in the final part of the game since I enjoyed both her and Fei's relationship. There wasn't really a lot of character development for Emeralda since the only development it has for her was her revelation of being an artificial being created by Kim (one of Fei's incarnations) in an optional part of the game when you travel to the ruined city of Zeboim and she gets a freaking growth spurt. Including Ramsus since his last moment was getting bitch-slapped by Citan for being a faggot that no one cared about him, except for his female soldiers that cared for him because he saved their lives. I'm wishing for a remake that will fix the game's story but I know that Square Enix won't let that happen and they don't give a rat's ass about Xenogears since Takahashi left. >WATCHAN I'm trying to watch a Gundam show, but I don't know where to start. >LISTENAN Some Phil Collins music. >READAN Some manga >EATAN Sanwich with eggs >DRINKAN Orange juice >FAPPAN No, I'm doing NNN and trying my best to resist. >FEELAN Meh. I feel like shit because of the government are putting more restrictions because of the kung flu where I live, I hate the government being inept that the damn virus.
>>157505 >that the damn virus. *than the damn virus.
(790.21 KB 2000x1735 memri choose your profession.jpg)
>PLAYAN Hotel Dusk: Room 215. I started it a long time ago, and I wanted to finish it sometime since I really enjoyed Another Code/Trace Memory. Really linear gameplay but the characters and the story is pretty well written so far. The interrogation scenes are well done, bu it a little simple. I looked up the devs of the game and apparently they are the same guys that developed King's Little Story. I saw a post from an anon who really liked it which was a coincidence. Their good writers could explain why he liked it. >WATCHAN Not a lot. Some random Youtube clips here and there. >LISTENAN Classical but mainly the sound of silence. >READAN Papers about photocatalysis >EATAN Dinner in a bit, probably just some random stuff slapped together. >DRINKAN I could go for some whiskey later. >FAPPAN No. NNN is going well so far. It went good before, so I decided to try and stick November to it. >FEELAN Busy but OK. Lab work is going pretty great albeit frustrating and a little annoying sometimes. I hope I can figure out why some of my catalysis experiments are not running as well as they should.
>>157547 Weird, I can view and expand your image ITT just fine but I get 403 errors if I try to save it or use a new tab. Other images are fine
>>157547 Wtf I love math now. >PLAYAN New Vegas, starting anew and planning on going for maximum bad end outcomes on quests (subjective bad end, whatever I think is overall worse story wise) with a couple exceptions (no DM cloud ending, trying to avoid mindless killing while still ensuring everything is ruined and awful for everyone.) Probably side with Legion after fucking their plans up a bit for NCR only to get Lanius in post-dam and ensure it all crumbles shortly thereafter. Just to mix it up since I usually side with House and generally play things out better. >WATCHAN Mostly U.S election shitshow stuff. >LISTENAN Johnny Guitar on loop Not by choice. >READAN Nothing but shitposts. >EATAN Cheeseburgers, pepperjack and jalapenos with fried onions and ghost pepper sauce because I must destroy my anus. Also onion rings. >DRINKAN Beer, nice local IPA. >FAPPAN Horse pussy. >FEELAN At this moment, euphoric.
>>13384 >PLAYAN Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow, Ghostrunner and Prodeus >WATCHAN https://watch.8ch.moe/view/397de120-8fce-4d5a-8229-5e8d7e4d8c4a/ >LISTENAN video game soundtracks >READAN Dragon Ball Super >EATAN Sambusack >DRINKAN Orange Juice >FAPPAN Discord channels >FEELAN Good. I got nothing in particular that happened to me today, might be missing thanksgiving this year though. Oh well.
(3.18 MB 3264x2448 Insert Shitskin Joke here.jpg)
>PLAYAN Saiyuki: Journey West Its quite enjoyable thus far. Spritework is gorgeous and expressive, map and tilesets are pretty and varied. Overall map design is solid and I like the mechanics such as height playing a relevant factor, and flanking and backstab mechanics. Fun cast of characters with nice dialogue and easily recognizable designs and styles. Decent progression. The plot seems deceptively simple but as the game goes on, I'm more intrigued by what will happen next and what characters will be introduced; the simpler scenarios presented thus far are still quite enjoyable though. Plus its pretty fucking challenging and hard. It almost expects you to grind, the enemies scale up fast, but the nice thing is your characters can be pretty damn strong depending on how you use and equip them. Though they can still go down fairly easily if you fuck up. Looks like a long fucking game so I'm in it for the long haul, I'm surprised I haven't seen more people ever talk about this. Its surprisingly good. The music is great, overall presentation is excellent, and a very important thing is that all the visual effects and spell effects are very flashy, making the combat feel a lot more engaging and satisfying to do. I also finished Fire Emblem: Echoes last week and made a thread on it where I posted my thoughts in fairly great depth on the game. >WATCHAN I finished Hajime No Ippo pretty early this week, or was it last week? Time is flowing by quickly. And I guess I've been watching an FE6 randomized LP and a Red Nuzlocke. They're entertaining enough. >LISTENAN jewtube shit >READAN Not sure at the moment >EATAN probably homemade dinner, just ate 2 beef franks though and they were delish. >DRINKAN Water or occasionally some diluted juice at times. >FAPPAN can't say >FEELAN Meh. Could be better. I could be more productive and shit.
>>133855 >kill em all I approve that entire album. Don't much care for the rest of their albums but this one was pure gold.
>PLAYAN Demon's Souls (OG obviously). It's so much fun. Also Yakuza and Yoshi's Island >WATCHAN Robocop and Starship Troopers >LISTENAN XAVLEGBMAOFFFASSSSITIMIWOAMNDUTROABCWAPWAEIIPPOHFFFX It's pretty good. >READAN Maybe Berserk later. Also drawing guides >EATAN Buffalo chicken wing with ranch and veggies >DRINKAN Water >FAPPAN My waifu of course >FEELAN Kind of comfy >>157597 80's Metallica is pretty great.
>PLAYAN DMC1. So far I'm at the third(I'm assuming final) Nelo Angelo fight and he's kicking my ass mainly because I keep doing Vortex whenever I'm in the air in devil trigger mode and I want to do a helmsplitter. I like the game but I feel like it's becoming more of a slog and I'm noticing now that I'm trying to do combos and keep my rank up that there's this couple hundred millisecond delay between pressing a button and an action coming out and it's driving me crazy because I want to get crazy. I'm starting to get this feeling where I just want to be done with the game so I can skip to 3. Perilous Warp, it's so-so. I wish I had pirated Prodeus instead but that's early access and I have a phobia against playing those when they're in EA. I'm probably going to restart it on normal difficulty because all of these really high damage hitscanning enemies are frustrating to keep dying and restarting against, and there's nothing in place like Blood to crouch and reduce your chances of getting hit by them, if I don't drop it in the first place. >Watchan Civvie 11. I wish there were more channels doing FPS reviews, and less of them that rely on social media humor like "boomer shooter" or trying to come off as some sort of badass, but he's entertaining enough I guess. Also finished jojo part 5. I still hold the belief Giorno's a shit protagonist and that Bruno's the actual main character of the series. Watching him in action and animation was a treat, especially the sound design around Sticky Fingers Zipper Head. His theme's pretty fucking cool too with the guitars. Otherwise I don't really feel like the animation brought much to King Emperor Crimson. What the fuck are these stand names? I remember Part 4 being stupid with this shit too like "Worse Company" >Listenan Nothing. >Readan The Way of Shadows. Seems like edge but it's so far entertaining. >Eatan Grilled chicken sandwich >Drinkan Orange Juice, unfortunately store bought and they put so much sugar into it it might as well be water with sugar and a small bit of citrus. >Fappan Nothing. Last time I fapped was months ago and it was incredibly shameful to realize what I fapped to and stopped. >Feelan Great. My medical checkup ruled me out(because of a birthmark, suprisingly) and now I'm free to do whatever I want. Started training again and god I miss waking up with a sore body, it's the best kind of pain.
EDF! 4.1 Steam. Randums. Casual to Inferno. Open mic, go full russki, best times, best drops. It's just "fun"(tm)", IT'^S NOT?`FUN?^* it is a little bit of fun. yes.
>>157597 >>157599 Metallica’s only good albums were their first two albums. MoP and AJFA lacked edge.
>>157618 I enjoy Death Metal and growling but I generally prefer Heavy Metal, Thrash Metal and Power Metal. I love the Heavy Metal singing that was more popular back in the 80's which has faded away since though there is still some good stuff like Night Demon. I think Power Metal has gotten pretty good lately with bands like Powerwolf and Sabaton. Not Metal but I've been enjoying some sweet Southern Rock by Molly Hatchet. Pretty good.
>PLAYAN Synthetik, I was convinced by le meme man. Also a bit of mario 64 last impact, a really good hack, way better than the barely playable mario 64 star road. >WATCHAN Random youtube crap. >LISTENAN nothing >READAN random niptoons and gooktoons (no chinktoons). >EATAN the schooby1961 classic, beans and salsa. >DRINKAN water coffee >FAPPAN anal dildo vids >FEELAN Good, got my first proper paycheck recently, around 2100 dollars after taxes, hell yeah! Also I am going to travel to visit my long distance gf during christmas, things feel good.Only real concern is that it's getting harder to loose weight as I get older, trying to eat a lot of crispbread and wash down a spoonful of flax seeds with a ton of water every day, flax seeds are like a shotgun blast trough your guts.
>>157657 I enjoy Edge of Sanity's Crimson II album, it's not bad.
(8.81 KB 677x351 Asian women better tho.png)
(26.82 KB 673x600 burn the constitution.jpg)
(98.30 KB 748x519 capitalism is evil.jpg)
(73.46 KB 1316x638 duality of twatter.png)
>PLAYAN DFO, Azur Lane, Heavily Modded Pirated Skyrim >WATCHAN Now: DeadwingDork Later: Oregairu hopefully >LISTENAN Slavic Folk >READAN Kaguya-sama >EATAN Pizza >DRINKAN Water >FAPPAN I'm gonna redo NNN and probably do NND lol >FEELAN can't complain right now
(433.22 KB 546x704 1470867416453.png)
>PLAYAN Shadow tower abyss, a shitty first person dungeon crawler made by the soulsshit company. >WATCHAN Shazam, haven't watched capeshit since iron man came out and this one seems good enough. >LISTENAN Nothing in particular. >READAN Forgot the name, but it's this one manga where a guy marries a robot girl whose sole purpose is cooking and cleaning, it's pretty good. >EATAN I might order a pizza. >DRINKAN Soda, got a fuck ton of bepis yesterday because it was on sale at shartmart, believe it or not it's cheaper than water, inb4 just drink from the tap, it is not a possibility in the third world shithole i live in, we also have glass milk bottles instead of cartons. >FAPPAN Gonna browse the loli tag on exhentai and fap to the first doujin whose cover makes my dick hard. >FEELAN A bit spooked, i was looking for my usb snes controller to play some megaman romhacks and i found my old slim ps2 instead, even though i'm 100% sure i gave it to a cousin roughly 10 years ago. Shit was in its original box with all its manuals, a chinese wireless controller, a legit dualshock 2, two memory cards, extra power cord and chinese component cables. I am also 100% sure i never bought a wireless controller nor component cables for it. I'm gonna use this thing all week and report next friday if it's haunted or not.
>PLAYAN I dunno, Minecraft or MGSV for the billionth time >WATCHAN Nothing, I don't feel like watching anything >LISTENAN Pink Floyd I guess >READAN Nothing, I don't feel like it >EATAN Last night supper >DRINKAN Water or milk i don't know >FAPPAN Traps, again >FEELAN Why do I even come here anymore? I wish I could sleep forever and never wake up because I am too much of a pussy to kill myself, i'm wasting away, feels like I am on auto mode.
(552.14 KB 642x491 guess who.png)
>>157849 ok loser
>>157850 You too
>PLAYAN Dunno, maybe TF2 >WATCHAN Bits and pieces of Live after Death >LISTENAN mp3s related >READAN this board and smuglo.li >EATAN a meat burrito >DRINKAN Beer I wish I had more >FAPPAN Tall girls with big tiddies >FEELAN A lil drunk right now, been a month since I've been clean off dope, feels, eh, meh tbh, I get cravings every once in a while, but I've no money, no ride, and I refuse to steal or pawn shit to feed the habit. Been doing fine I guess, though I wish I could get drunk more often.
(36.85 KB 474x355 depression.jpg)
>>157849 >FAPPAN >Traps, again >Why do I even come here anymore? I wish I could sleep forever and never wake up because I am too much of a pussy to kill myself, i'm wasting away, feels like I am on auto mode. I don't bro sounds like a complete mystery to me
(1.02 MB 1400x1400 mongoose1.png)
(888.21 KB 2444x1034 mongoose2.png)
>>133840 >PLAYAN Grim Dawn, finally got the DLC and have been having a blast with my ritualist I'm also impatiently waiting for Brigador Killers to come out, since apparently it's not releasing this year (no big surprise there). >WATCHAN There are trannies on GDQ, or I could watch vtubers play brown bricks >LISTENAN https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6GEI3PpXEAo Maybe also Makeup and Vanity Set later >READAN Threads from my favorite taiwanese finger painting symposium >EATAN I had some greasy chinese food. It was tasty, but also leaves me feeling a little bad. >DRINKAN Might have some Jameson, or maybe just water for tonight >FAPPAN already did earlier >FEELAN okay i guess I've got a job interview coming up but I'm having a hard time getting motivated to do a good job on their coding challenge. I know that I should do my best, but I also feel like I'm just jumping through hoops only to hear them say "We wish you luck on your future endeavors" >>157832 Maybe there's a cute ghost that lives inside the controller haha >>157895 Yo good for you anon, I hope things start looking up soon.
>>157899 I hate how accurate this is, minus the weed, alcohol, drugs, and the fast food replaced with fatty/sugary snacks its pretty close to me though I've been slowly trying to reduce those, its impossible when something I enjoy eating is in the house I also do light exercise for 40-60 minutes a day and I think that helps but goddamn, its frustrating Though I'm not nearly as fucked, depressed and desperate as other people, I used to be really badly off, thank god I was born into a really good, really loving family so I've never lost hope
>>133840 >PLAYAN Titan Quest Ani, just mindlessly chasing rare items for future characters, serving as a distraction from current events that are moving slow. >WATCHAN Videos of cars going around the green hell track in Germany. The dash cams make for some perspective. Gets pretty exciting. >LISTENAN OST of current game >READAN Scanning headlines and topics of this site and others like it. >EATAN Just had salmon and veggies. >DRINKAN Water >FAPPAN Yep >FEELAN Not too bad today.
>PLAYAN >WATCHAN >LISTENAN >READAN Nothing, but working on /agdg/ shit >EATAN >DRINKAN Bepinsi and (((Subway))). Might have a meal replacement drink later, too. >FAPPAN Nah (not doing NNN, just not feeling it lately) >FEELAN Actually pretty good, except Black Friday is coming up and work is retarded >>157918 >Titan Quest Why not Grim Dawn? I'm not claiming it to be superior, but they're both on the same engine and have the same spirit of gameplay, no?
>>157923 >Why not Grim Dawn? I have it but haven't got around to it. I moved to PC gaming from a lifetime of consoles and am sort of catching up with the times. Torchlight 2 was pretty good. But, if you equate the two that gives me something to look forward to.
>>158033 I haven't played TQ since about 2006 and didn't know there was an anniversary or whatever edition. GD devs have kept pretty tight to the design and seem to know what makes an ARPG good. It still has the fixed maps with random paths, and the tone hovers between western and generic fantasy but they make it work. Mechanically everything is pretty much the same and your class pairings determine your playstyle and skill selection. I made a few level 90+ characters, but didn't know how to really itemize for endgame for superbosses, but otherwise had fun

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