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(717.39 KB 620x752 Bear.png)
(231.60 KB 376x504 6d2.png)
(16.73 KB 246x430 danganronpa-monokuma-png-3.png)
(3.68 MB 1456x1882 Kuma_TTT2.png)
Bear Anonymous 10/23/2020 (Fri) 23:25:37 Id:205be0 No. 133975
What are some your favorite bears in videogames? Anything you've been playing with a bear on it? I've been playing Fur Fighters and Crystal Castles. I'm also thinking on playing Naughty Bear again. It's sad that bears aren't as frequent in videogames as I would wish they were. I remember watching the Battletanx commercials as a kid and getting excited thinking the teddy bear would be featured in the game. To my great disappointment he was not. It was a reasonable request since Army Men: Air Combat feature a teddy bear that would shoot laser out of his eyes. It was awesome and most likely one of the factors on why the Playstation did so much better compared to the N64. Me and many others sold our N64 after watching such scummy practice. That Battletanx commercial promised us bears yet it gave us nothing. After the release of Banjo-Kazooie it only made sense that Battletanx would feature a bear. But it did nothing more than ruin my Christmas back in 1998. There's has also been a lot of unutilized bears in the past, take Bark the Polar Bear for example. Who you may ask? I wouldn't blame you for not knowing him. He's a sonic character that hasn't really been utilized by SEGA since Sonic Fighters other than a couple of cameos in Sonic Generations and Sonic Mania. Thankfully with mods the fans have given him the attention he deserves. There are exception though like Polar from Crash Bandicoot was playable in CTR Nitro-Fueled and made an appearance in the latest but pozzed Crash 4.
I smell furfaggotry.
(286.20 KB 1023x1000 1555058064.png)
(457.72 KB 792x788 1519964935.jpg)
(327.40 KB 1183x1400 854451eb14febcfd13ce0b9465caa684.png)
(664.55 KB 1200x1023 45562963914187a9.png)
>>133975 Pandas are bears.
(95.05 KB 418x448 grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.png)
>>133975 I'm not falling for your tricks this time.
(86.44 KB 764x796 cracked open a bear.png)
>>133983 >he's never cracked open a bear
>>133986 >TF2 is for casuals Man /v/ in 2009 had taste
>>133975 That one in Condemned 2 that breaks into the cabin to fug your shid up.
(256.38 KB 315x442 naughty bear.png)
>>133975 >Favorite bear game. Naughty Bear.
What if the bears won the super bowl?
>>134031 We don't talk about that here. >>133986 I swear I have the follow-up scribble to that saved on another computer.
>>134034 >I swear I have the follow-up scribble to that saved on another computer. I've been looking for it myself and I can't find it either.
What is this some kind of honey trap?
(748.47 KB 699x591 bear1.png)
>>134200 You're unbearable!
(212.84 KB 1000x809 Beary Serious.jpg)
>>134200 >>134202 >These puns
(120.44 KB 390x253 perfectly normal 12+ game.png)
>>134026 I once heard an interesting theory this game was made solely to demonstrate how laughable PEGI and the ESRB'S rating guides actually are. It's insanely violent. Some of the executions are like something you'd see in Hatred or Manhunt. You can frighten enemies so much they fucking commit suicide. But all of that is peachy clean and OK because it's "cartoon violence" and there's no blood or humans involved. A game with a bong somewhere would get a higher age rating than Naughty Bear got.
(9.00 KB 275x183 happy as fuck bear.jpg)
>>134287 >I once heard an interesting theory this game was made solely to demonstrate how laughable PEGI and the ESRB'S rating guides actually are. Naughty Bear was an actual shitpost made to attack the hypocrisy of shitty rating boards. God bless whoever came up with that plan.
(460.77 KB 717x1151 shitty_panda.png)
(216.47 KB 726x1024 bear game.jpg)
(790.36 KB 640x360 bears.webm)
(402.92 KB 2048x1152 big bear and cia.jpg)
(192.92 KB 1024x1016 sad bear.jpg)
(2.71 MB 640x360 THERE_IS_BEAR_CUM.webm)
(26.84 KB 480x360 BEAR.jpg)
(29.28 KB 500x375 BEAR1.jpg)
10/10 3D platformer coming through. Regarded as a classic by many. Beary good game.
(571.67 KB 747x907 ClipboardImage.png)
(43.06 KB 684x982 crack bear 2.png)
>>133986 i never noticed he switched teams between panels
(115.37 KB 322x334 Cheer.jpg)
I wish we could get a modern and good Care Bears game. >>134287 >>134026 The only problem that I have with this game is that it falls in the same trap of other "GTA clones" and misses the point of why GTA became so popular.
(88.97 KB 448x570 retarded4.jpg)
>>134717 >Wants a Care Bear game. >Calls a Naughty Bear a STEALTH game a GTA clone. Get out.
>>134717 Naughty Bear isn't even remotely like GTA, it's a game where you from level to level killing enemies by setting up traps and ambushing. it has more in common with Manhunt, Postal 1 or Hatred than anything else. Are you confusing it with something else?
>>134743 Anon its a homosexual just repeating what they read on neofag/rapistera.
>>134747 Oh yeah, he's just a stupid furry from the looks of his history.
>>134747 >>134750 Definitely, what a faggot. I hope he fucking dies.
(68.44 KB 600x390 1534929314-1.jpeg)
>>134737 >>134743 That's the reason I put GTA clone in quotes. >it has more in common with Manhunt, Postal 1 or Hatred In fact that's the exact thing I'm talking about. Devs saw GTA and thought to themselves that the reason they are so popular is just the violence and didn't realize that the city sandbox design is the actual reason. There's way too few good GTA clones. It's basically just Saint's Row and Sleeping Dogs as far as I know. >Wants a Care Bear game. What the fuck is wrong with Care Bears?
>>134771 >n fact that's the exact thing I'm talking about. Devs saw GTA and thought to themselves that the reason they are so popular is just the violence and didn't realize that the city sandbox design is the actual reason. There's way too few good GTA clones. Jesus Fucking Christ that is the single most retarded thing I have ever seen posted here an actual POST with Down's Syndrome. >What the fuck is wrong with Care Bears? They are fags.
>>134771 >There's way too few good GTA clones. Remember when people thought Yakuza was a GTA clone because of the first PS2 game and it's dub? >What the fuck is wrong with Care Bears? Nothing, if you're five years old.
>>134420 Feels like it needs some twisted/too jolly music in the background.
>>134791 > that is the single most retarded thing I have ever seen posted here an actual POST with Down's Syndrome. What exact part has you butt flustered?
>>134771 nothing, if you're a girl
(135.79 KB 1440x1328 EKEiFUJWsAE5MJv.jpg)
>>134817 >butt flustered That much of a SJW Care Bear fan they wont even write butt HURT. >Thinks every violent game is a GTA clone. >Likes Care Bears. >Thinks hurt is a bad word. Anon how do you even fucking function? Seriously.
(85.49 KB 480x360 atlas bear.jpg)
>>134828 Anon I think you are over psychoanalyzing my posts a little too hard. If I say assniggered or cockgobbled would it make you feel better? I also fear that we may have strayed from the bear path.
(190.44 KB 1080x1080 EB3YA8aUEAAR3qW.jpg)
>>134832 >assniggered >COCKGOBBLED No Anon that does not make me feel better that just raises more fucking questions.
(120.56 KB 1280x720 arzuros.jpg)
He was always a simple bear, didn't do much more than slapping shit with his fat hands, or rolling around like a retard, but I still love him.
>>134832 >>134835 To be fair 80's Care Bears was basically 90's Moomins but worse and was also oriented to little boys rather than just girls unlike modern Care Bears. Still what we really need is a good He-Man game.
(3.51 MB 1280x720 Rust Grips.webm)
(81.95 KB 700x575 She-Ra-e1543345934196.jpg)
>>134844 >Still what we really need is a good He-Man game. I would love that but in current year you know what that would turn out like.
(265.48 KB 500x376 bear_PNG23454.png)
(153.04 KB 940x1411 EjwF560VkAAHBNs.jpeg)
(36.77 KB 600x900 EjwGRLVVgAAL5pD.jpeg)
Are there any games sort of like Pokemon Snap but with real animals? Any game with good Animal AI? >>134862 Diarrheaflix is making a new He-Man show. In the unlikely event of it being good, I would like to see a cool action game to come out of it. It doesn't seem like it will be cal-arts shit but I'm not very optimistic either. I still need to finish He-Man (2002) anyways.
>>134888 >Diarrheaflix is making a new He-Man show. Oh joy I can't wait to see Skeletor with a Trump wig on.
(116.89 KB 1280x720 YIIK - A Post Modern RPG.jpg)
>>135077 Get out.
>>134862 I've heard a lot of talk about the She-ra reboot and so far most of the positive reception was focused on ships and which girl was best. Exactly how bad was it?
>>135175 >How bad was it. The head of the show was a lesbian who had an admitted spandex spats fetish. You think well so what? They made She-Ra an underage child and put her in spatz. She then claimed this was a feminist move. She turned She-Ra into her personal fap material and tried to say otherwise.
>>135106 I thought it was going to be "me and my bird sage"
(71.01 KB 306x344 sokka.png)
>>135206 >that face
>>135175 First season is a fucking shitshow, second season was okay but I stopped watching on KissCartoon when I heard that they shat on the old series in one s2 episode. Season 1 could've been salvageable if a couple characters weren't braindead retarded and didn't do stupid shit to force things to happen. Adora is actually okay but she's still boyish as fuck (and somehow loses to Catra a lot, despite being equals before her magic GAINS, so she should be able to buttfuck her like Abby did to Ellie in the TLoU2) so that design issue will just be there. The writing was complete dogshit: that unicorn is a fucking faggot who wants to free his horse brethren , one of the worse characters in season 1 did a complete 180 in personality in the next season for some reason, and Glimmer is an annoying bitch of a brat who has a character development fakeout at least once, from what I've heard. Her mom's also a bitch who somehow thinks Adora might be a spy or assassin (despite clearly fighting off many Horse soldiers, even one that was her former friend). It's a fucking trainwreck even from the start, and without getting into how fucked their attempts at romance seem to actually be once you dig into it for a bit.
(350.64 KB 500x738 200% doom.png)
>>135206 >They made She-Ra an underage child And it looks like it's an effeminate boy. She-ra porn turned really fucking gay because of this shit.
(29.22 KB 480x360 OH SHID.jpg)
(96.16 KB 1200x675 Magicl Girl Friendship Squad.jpg)
>>135206 Then the defenders called you pedo for not liking underage flat boy-looking She-ra's design, while also making art of underage she-ra getting shipped to whoever. It was funny how the SJW fans turned against her for relaying a joke where a brother (I think) of Bow, who is a farmer was named Sow. She was called racist and apologized soon after. It's just a reminder that you shouldn't cultivate an activist audience because they'll find fault with you some day. Just a symptom of modern cartoons getting hijacked by talentless hacks when they take over an established property or make their own "original'" stuff. It always devolves into an expensive therapy session or an expensive shipping fan-fiction.
(914.50 KB 950x531 ClipboardImage.png)
Do these things count?
>>135549 Wakfu?
>>135549 Shame that game abandoned everything that made it unique to be more like WoW.
(174.91 KB 736x878 chin corona bear bile.JPG)
>>133980 It must suck not being born a panda in bugville.
(141.47 KB 605x807 bear3461346.jpg)
>>134500 Everyday of my life i wish for the BEAR game to be real.
(155.14 KB 1200x675 EaaSop4XYAAkB4p.jpg)
I love the black bears in RDR2. They roar and act all tough from a safe distance but as soon as you get close they scamper away because they're actually really shy and insecure and I can relate to that
(6.21 MB 480x360 Bear_Please_Stop.mp4)
(5.93 MB 320x240 bear stop.webm)
(52.63 KB 197x190 Comfy_guy.jpg)
>>135815 >Bitch pepper sprays bear in the face. >Bear is like wow rude, thats its I'm eating your boat. I love bears and their zero fucks given attitude.
Teddiursa is too cute for any other bear to compete.
(187.90 KB 600x600 600px-216Teddiursa.png)
>>135894 .webp was oppressing me.
(145.71 KB 769x800 Okku.jpg)
Okku was pretty goddamned bro if you were playing a good character. And pretty goddamned delicious if you weren't
(728.17 KB 1600x2000 He-ra.png)
>>135206 That show would have been substantially more popular if they had just made her a trap.
>>135907 Traps are tr*nsphobic, sweatie :)
>>135907 >trap Adora What would that look like when transformed?
(116.61 KB 577x341 a fucking poyo.png)
>>135942 >What would that look like when transformed? But that image was trap She Ra.
>>136014 >brainfartting that fucking hard as you're already asking a stupid question
(132.89 KB 600x600 Polar_Bear.png)
>Minecraft has lackluster bears >Terraria is dead and will never have bears It hurts.
(32.99 KB 450x510 AJ eliminate gays.jpg)
>>135907 Neck yourself, faggot.
Hello, fellow Anons. Would you like to learn about the autism surrounding teddy bears: https://invidio.us/watch?v=Bhr93Hc2jVg&list=PLys46vgBa-4CoTjAi-kGfS3g3CMezK4Cp Hope this is educational for you.
>>134771 >Saint's Row and Sleeping Dogs I really liked Sleeping Dogs and Saints Row 4. >>135907 kys
>>135827 Maybe he got used to humans.
>>134771 >What the fuck is wrong with Care Bears? considering an episode called Concrete Rain has the villain mounting a cement mixer on an airplane, not a damn thing
>>134717 >I wish we could get a modern and good Care Bears game. >tfw no edgy autistic Care Bears reboot that delves into the deep lore and symbolism as if it were (pre-sjw) capeshit
>>135907 Nice.
>>144437 >Care Bear manstare!
>>144507 Well that would be modern capeshit. I'm saying go full autist and point out that No Heart is basically a more powerful version of Darkseid or maybe even Mandrakk, and he could probably solo the entire Green Lantern Corps as well as the rest of the Emotional Spectrum. Shreeky is basically Psycho Pirate combined with Black Canary, both of whom have powers that make them uniquely able to tweak the fabric of the DCU. The Care Bears and the Care Bear Cousins would naturally just take over the whole Emotional Spectrum after No Heart wipes out all the previous Corps. But they would probably end up on different sides. I wanna see a War of the Care Bears. I'll admit I haven't watched Care Bears since the early '90s, but I'm sure if I delved into it and watched all the different series, I could get some good autism going. Get the different villains fighting each other and see what really makes each one tick. Explain why Beastly looked so different in the '80s compared to the 2010s, and show how he came to lead his own army. He certainly seemed pretty disillusioned with working for No Heart back in the '80s, maybe he's the one who turned on him and finally destroyed him. The Care Bears, in their naivete, would have thought that Beastly was redeemed, like they always knew he would be, only to find that he became a far more terrifying monster than No Heart ever was.
(822.23 KB 480x270 1-bear.gif)
The bears in Shinobido: Path of the ninja are batshit insane and can be used to your advantage.

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