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(130.45 KB 1280x720 $70 games are an inevitability.jpg)
According to Playstation CEO, Jim Ryan, says $70 games is "fair" price Anonymous 11/18/2020 (Wed) 22:56:39 Id:f1ba7a No. 156075
He uses Demon's Souls as an example, of course. "If you measure the hours of entertainment provided by a video game, such as Demon’s Souls compared to any other form of entertainment, I think that’s a very straightforward comparison to draw.” He also says that rumored more than $70 price that Sony was trying to push for in a previous Bloomberg article is false. https://archive.vn/INztL If a Souls game is a good comparison for a $70 price tag on games, what about games similar to Spider-Man: Miles Morales in length? You can complete the main campaign in about 8 hrs or less, even doing a few side quests. That's even with the story being padded out since it clearly feels like DLC and there was not enough story for it since most of the main missions are defeat a whole bunch of enemies (only 2 factions) to progress and generator puzzles. If you try to complete all side quests that might bump it to 15 hrs but they are tedious or uninteresting side quests to play so is that valuable playtime for your money? Don't forget that $70 sports games are still doing microtrasactions compared to their $60 versions so is that still a fair price point? I can kind of see his argument when he compares it to other forms of entertainment but when put in the same field comparing it from game-to-game, the $70 leap doesn't hold water. We have $60 rpgs that can take up to 75~100 hrs to beat so if length is the factor for the price jump, shouldn't games all across be much longer relative to that extra $10? I think length is part of determining whether the price of a game is worth it to you but I think he discounts that the hours put into a game have to be meaningful. There's also replay value which any form of entertainment can argue for a higher price. I would rather he say that they just wanted more money than try to bullshit game length when I think I can clearly say that not all games are going to be Souls game lengths as a base. Let game prices be modular to what the developer chooses as a fair price they can make a decent profit off.
If you post here and think any modern console game is "worth it", then you should fuck off to Reddit.
$0 is the only price I will pay.
People always cite inflation for this, which would be a fine argument if wages also increased Just because governments printed more money doesn't mean people have more money.
>>156075 >He uses Demon's Souls as an example It's a remake that only made things worse than the original game. It isn't worth $50 and it sure as shit isn't worth $70. Sony has been pushing for $70+ games since the PS3. They couldn't due it, because Nintendo and MS would have laughed at them. >>156089 Printing money devalues the dollar and takes us one step closer to the socialist paradise that is Venezuela.
>>156075 What the actual fuck? Guess me pirating was a good choice.
(31.58 KB 615x456 Boby.jpg)
>>156075 >$70 + paid dlc If this is becoming the new norm, then nope, I'm opting out of buying games, or atleast console games. Heck, most of the games I've been playing anyway I got them for free, so I guess no worries arggghhh Games are already too expensive nowadays. I bought Kirby Star Allies for like 55$ as a gift for my younger cousin, and I feel like I wasted my money, as she beat it in a day. I know it's a kirby game, but the point is, even if it was longer, it wasn't worth that much money. The heck is wrong with these companies? You're not even getting your shekels worth with these overpriced, easy as pie games.
>>156075 I remember when I naively hoped that digital games would bring the pricing down not up. On this topic though, they should be more open to alternate pricing as each game can still do well or even do better with an actually fair price point for what it offers. Another suggestion: stop having these runaway AAA budgets that leave them constantly pressed for more fucking money to cover expenses. They should also take notice of how many people who now exclusively wait for sales/special editions (that include all the dlc) for reduced cost.
(773.26 KB 1020x1020 libertarianqt.png)
>>156075 >far price That doesn't make sense. There is only supply and demand. Market forces determine prices.
>>156075 Only further evidence that game bloggers are cock-sucking pieces of shit. Activision-Blizzard makes something like $1b annually and video games make more revenue than Hollywood now. Meanwhile, game dev is still one of the absolute worst jobs you can take in software. So, where will this additional profit from $70 games go? Buying a new yacht for Bobby Kotick? Show me, please. Their argument is always that 'game dev' budgets have gone up blah blah'. They don't address that this is always their own fault. They cause spiralling AAA costs chasing the next cinematic blockbuster hit to rake in further millions. Demanding more expensive games while simultaneously fucking your asshole with bland Hollywood slosh, invasive DLC and micro-transactions. All while screaming how horrid, entitled gamers are ruining it. This shit should be fucking criminal.
(345.40 KB 1270x798 ClipboardImage.png)
>>156199 Digital was also supposed to make games cheaper. There is no production and logistical cost, only development (if you think bandwidth costs for servers are expensive at a corporate/AAA level, you're stupid. It's around 5 figures a year, if that). So instead of a $60 game costing $40 (which would still have been too much for a digital copy), they ended up costing the same $60, and as time went on, less and less made it into the game and more and more as DLC. Then, they have the gall to jack up the prices even more.
Who cares they're private companies they can charge whatever they want no one's forcing you to buy their video games if you don't like it start your own video game company
>>156204 $38.99, adjusted for inflation. I'd accept rounding to $40. $40 sounds like a good upper bracket for video game prices in 2020.
PS5 games already cost $90 where I live. Switch games are $80.
>>156204 >>156211 >>156213 Forget the game crash, what needs to happen is a fucking currency crash.
plus tax it comes to $101.70
>>156218 Nice try nigger, HST is 13%, and the game retails at $89.97 so it's only $101.67.
>>156209 Ah yes, just as how once good things like 8chan and Gab were created, but then were overtaken by fuckers who complained about said shit because of bs that were framed or by fuckers who said free speech, but the proceed to ban loli, then porn, then complain about gamers who find fictional characters cuter than babies. How about you fucking know what is going on, mate?
>>156075 This is what consolefags get for buying a subsidized computer which an operating system that locks you out of all of it's functionalities.
>>156213 What the hell? Guess Canada isn't weird for their milk in bags and other weird ass shit..
>>156213 And thats why you do as I did and jailbreak your fucking consoles or get financially fucked. If you ARE interested in a PS5 I reccomend buying one now, use it with a dummy account, disabling system updates and waiting for the inevitable CFW to come to it eventually so you can eventually play your FREE GAYEMS.
>>156238 Why not just wait for years, for the console to be half the price and the games a third (At most)?
(20.16 KB 333x500 Hercules.jpg)
>>156238 If you're interested in a modern console I recommend you buy a gun and use it on yourself
(55.11 KB 480x602 hissing_magnified.jpg)
>>156092 >It's a remake that only made things worse than the original game It has literally one redeeming quality which is the load times, but that quality is negated assuming you're willing to emulate the game, and if your PC is too shit to handle it then you can put the $500 you would have spent on RouterStation 5 on PC parts instead for a much better value. >>156125 >The heck is wrong with these companies? Almost zero thought is given to the viability of their product in the market. It's all "This is how much was invested, so this is how much we need to make. Set the price higher." The investments keep going up so the prices keep going up. It's a vicious circle that will eventually slow down or eat itself whenever the customer base finally dries up to a relative minority of whales that will buy whatever just because of brand loyalty and/or to seem cooler than their friends because they have more money to spend on stupid shit. I think this generation might be the one. I hope.
>>156075 The worth of a game isn't determined by the time it takes to play it, it's determined by the total amount of fun that can be had. I'd be willing to pay a hundred bucks for Dwarf Fortress, but the newest AAA garbage isn't worth it for free.
(12.90 KB 220x220 Camper.jpg)
>>156213 $121 here, tax adjusted. Ausland
(301.53 KB 994x925 ps5_launch_edition.png)
>>156238 >Buying any console near launch Terrible fucking idea, especially if it's a Sony product the one exception is the fat PS3 with Linux capabilities. Enjoy your shittier hardware that's more prone to failure, and that's assuming you're able to jailbreak the console in such a way that you don't even have to worry about the shitty OS that deletes your data for playing games from an external hard drive.
>>156240 I waited a year to get my switch. It was refurbished and costed $250, I waited a month for CFW to get good enough to eventually download .NSP files and play games using them. I downloaded NMH1 a week or two ago and that game is fun as fuck I'm loving it. Glad I didn't give nintendo a single cent for it. >>156241 >>156251 Calm down you autistic niggerfaggots. I personally couldn't give any less of a shit about the PS5 but what I said still rings true. If you want to jailbreak a console its best to get it when its firmware is the most vulnerable. The only reason I see that someone would want to do that anyways is to play Demon Souls for free or some shit, but if it comes to PC then why bother even owning a PS5 at all at that point?
>>156252 >If you want to jailbreak a console its best to get it when its firmware is the most vulnerable. This was true with the 3DS and (from what I've heard) the Switch, I'll give you that, but even then you have to deal with shit like the circle pad wearing out. You're definitely making a huge gamble if you buy a console with this in mind. Objectively speaking it would be better to wait until the console's lifecycle is over or nearly over so the parent company stops releasing updates for it, then the hacking community can reign and you can play all the games in that console's library no problem.
>>156256 Anon I don't think the current PS4 is jailbreakable due to how crack proof its firmware is, what makes you think the PS5 is gonna be any different, espeically with more technological advancements in security software always happening? And why would you think anyone has the patience to wait 7-10 years to jailbreak a PS5 when they could just jailbreak it a year or two into its lifecycle? What the fuck are you a tortoise? People typically don't have to or simply wont wait that long, especially if good games actually do come out on it.
>>156245 >I think this generation might be the one. The mass market has too much disposable income, unfortunately. The best we can hope for is that games stop being cool and people move on a new fad.
(774.82 KB 640x500 reddit moment hahahaha!.mp4)
>>156268 >The best we can hope for is that games stop being cool IF it didn't happen after most casuals moved to mobile then it won't happen now, all the cocksucker dudebros you see wailing on mobileshit are the ones who buy Digital Deluxe Editions with all the DLC for 150 dollars plus Microtransactions on top.
>>156268 >The mass market has too much disposable income HOW? We just went through a lockdown that cleaned out everyone's pockets.
(64.14 KB 1280x720 Soy.jpg)
>>156287 >HOW? Because more people are wasting more money in homeentertainment, aka Vidyagames, instead of activities outside their home. It's why cinemas are in the shitter while streaming cancer is booming even harder.
(94.63 KB 1024x576 bin.jpg)
I'll just wait a year like I always do and let the free market handle the prices.
(35.95 KB 312x312 puke.jpg)
>>156297 >Diablo 3
(9.93 KB 181x255 dealing with this bullshit.jpg)
>>156075 This makes it even harder to purchase an AAA game, but its not like I give too many shits on new games because of the lack of innovation in game design and game consoles are just a cheap, limited version of owning a "PC". What's more irritating is that Japanese game studios are pissed off at Sony because of the censorship in some games that contain sexual stuff that the Nips are more interested in the new XBOX than the PS5 from what I've heard. I can't really tell what game is been considered to be innovating in the past decade, I only think of Splatoon because it tried to be different from other third person shooters and Bloodborne. Some JRPGs are still using the same turn-based mechanic with adding some features that look very distinct from other series, but they are still doing the same shit. FPS games has gone to the sewer in originality because many normalfags are still sucking on COD and Halo, which many anons have pointed out Titanfall 2 to be a great FPS game from these past years. >>156199 >game dev is still one of the absolute worst jobs you can take in software. Are you sure? I think that it depends on what company you are working and what position you are in as a computer scientist or engineer.
(169.99 KB 382x346 1304376955948.png)
>>156305 >an AAA >an Wait, do you pronounce that "ayayay" and not "triple ay"?
>>156263 >What the fuck are you a tortoise? Not really, I'm just not jumping at the bit to play "Good game from 2009 with shit art design and niggers" or "Bugsnax."
>>156305 >Are you sure? I think that it depends on what company you are working and what position you are in as a computer scientist or engineer. To an extent. Obviously you'd never want to work in AAA unless you are one of the head honchos. And even then you'd have to constantly argue with executives who want to appease investors with safe revenue. However, it's really similar to movies in that you just have to take a massive financial risk and hope people buy your shit. It's possible to make a game while working a full-time job, but it takes a special kind of talent and autism like the guy who made Cave Story. Also it will take fucking ages, he took 5 years. Unlike working in the movies, every position in game dev can get a job in another industry, and all of those industries pay more and demand less hours. Once again it's much like the movies, where "glory" is supposed to have its own appeal but really it's a scam to lure stupid college graduates into a meat grinder.
>>156313 "A"wait "A"nother "A"nual release and buy for half the price a year later.
>>156333 >you'd never want to work in AAA Issue is you probably will have to before you get a job anywhere else, AAAshit is nothing but sweatshop shit to gain expertise/resume points
>>156235 >just as how once good things like 8chan Who cares? IsItWetYet is a private company and Jimbo can do whatever he wants with boomerchan. No one's forcing you to use 8kunny and if you don't like it you can make your own imageboard. Oh wait, that already happened. >How about you fucking know what is going on, mate? How about you realize how you got here and stop projecting?
I didn't buy a Switch because I didn't want to support Paid Online. Ever since I did that, I've had to watch in horror as the industry went turbojew on every end.
>>156348 You're right. We should all go back to 8kun and petition Jim and Ron to un-ban loli. The existence alternatives was totally irrelevant. What was I ever thinking?
(330.28 KB 800x504 facepalm_samus.jpg)
>>156352 >Buying a product in protest >product becomes the very thing you protested against
>>156352 It'll get worse as every AAA game becomes FIFA and Madden equivalents because normalfags are whales, and the entire rest of the industry will be nothing but continent-sized masses of "indie" shovelware with the gems buried so deep even gamers won't want to bother anymore.
>>156360 >facepalm Nigger thats the jojo pose
(96.83 KB 340x191 samus_cuck.png)
>>156371 Ok. Requesting missile usage.
>>156348 This imbecile doesn't even know that even if you do make your own shit, fucking asshats can make it be gone through means of censoring and lies from those of the likes of journals and twitterfags. Really mate, if you knew what you were saying, you would understand.
>>156352 Soyny and Cucksoft did that beforehand buddy. Also, didn't Spencer mention something of no more cuckbox live?
(2.58 MB 720x720 99 Restoration.mp4)
>>156397 Yeah, I love that argument >"What don't like it" >Use/make an alternative <Make alternative >Credit companies cut you off and the government takes you off the business/internet No gatekeeping here, the free market at work!
>>156404 >giving TORschizo the time of day He's probably just blackpill but more subtle. He says a lot of the same shit.
>>156421 >He's probably just blackpill He is blackpill, yet I've seen both legit lolbergs and commies come out with this argument.
>>156421 Who, me? I'm just stating the facts. You can want to try if you want to, but it's hard man. Still, one day we can have a society where this shit doesn't happen anymore.
>>156360 >>156400 What I meant was I've stuck with Nintendo for a long time because of a combo of being my first/free online, didn't approve of them being more like Sony/Microsoft with making the Switch online paid, and then watching everyone go into Jew mode.
>>156305 >Nips are more interested in the new XBOX than the PS5 from what I've heard. I really hope this is the case.
PC is the way to go. Better deals but also you can pirate. Focus on the older titles, on your backlog and grab the newer stuff later.
>>156297 Came here to post this. Too bad some niche games are sold out by that time.
>>156329 Makes sense. I'm personally excited for FFXVI, Monster Hunter Rise, SMTV and Dragons Dogma 2 (I hope to fucking god its in development now), WAS excited for Hytale but its just chinkshit now 😢. Playing vidya is one of my sole reasons to live and those games are whats keeping me going right now. Like seriously, imagine what a next gen Dragons Dogma would look like and be capable of? I can't imagine how good it could be or how amazing it would look. >>156559 Exactly. I don't know why so many people want to spend $500 just to buy one or two $70 videogames. But by now I think the PS5 may just run better than my PC, well, at least until I upgrade it.
>>156683 I played World and I'm not looking forward that much to Rise, based on what I saw in that game. Plus I think it was just confirmed in the Capcom ransom leak that they're releasing it on PC, if I recall right. Hopefully DD2 also gets a PC release.
(209.21 KB 794x732 1451550090889.jpg)
>Being such an incorrigible degenerate that you can't just put off the couple of good games a gen the SanFranciscoStation will get
>>156841 NG you've been shilling on /v/ for a good six years now. I'm not using your site.
>>156858 >shilling Or maybe, just maybe, it's one of the few news outlets that isn't completely worthless and therefore anons have no choice but to use it if they want to know what's going on
>>156683 >I'm personally excited for FFXVI, Monster Hunter Rise, SMTV and Dragons Dogma 2 >Like seriously, imagine what a next gen Dragons Dogma would look like and be capable of? I can't imagine how good it could be or how amazing it would look. t. shill.
>>156683 >😢 >😢 >😢 Contemplate suicide, and then carry it out.
>>156075 People have bills to pay and the industry just proved that people are buying less overall and the games aren’t making bank anymore like with what happened to The Avengers, which quietly had a net loss of half their budget at 48 million dollars. The more you increase the price, the more choosy people get with games and suddenly no one’s making money on high budget games because no one’s covering their budget because people are buying one game per month instead of three. Most will look at 120 dollars and buy three items with it, but few will look at 60 bucks and buy more then one thing. There’s a psychological line that you have to play with and the more you keep pushing the more you will lose. 40 bucks is enough to cover a budget, simply downsize the fucking bloat and work on smaller games with downsized ideas so you don’t have to spend 4 years on an overly bloated sandbox game no one will even buy because they’ve basically played it before. This is why Nintendo fucking printed money with the DS.
(123.90 KB 468x748 I refuse.jpg)
>>156891 >Enjoying videogames on a videogame discussion forum means that I'm a shill Okay bitch. I'm a shill now. What are you gonna do about it? >>156902 >pic related I already told you I want to play those videogames I mentioned first. Reread my post next time before you reply anon. And most likely a bunch more cool games are gonna come out after that and I'm going to have to play those too. Its an endless cycle really. What videogames are YOU excited for anon? Or are you just gonna be another (1) and done? >>156905 Bullshit the industry is just as alive and more profitable than ever before. More people just play mobile shit and spend their money in microtransactions. Piracy doesn't do jack shit to prevent sales or profits either.
>>156841 >>156905 Correct me if I'm wrong but aren't those console sale numbers incredibly anemic compared to previous console launches and especially compared to a typical big-name game launch? >in comparison, the PlayStation 4 sold 322,083 units on its first two days on sale. The Xbox One sold 23,562 units within its first four days on sale. Earlier than that, the PlayStation 3 sold 88,443 units in two days, while the Xbox 360 sold 62,135 units in two days. Reminder that this is comparing PS5 units sold in a week to previous consoles sold in two days. I think this gen might be a bust boys.
>>156917 Well, both manufacturers ordered low number of batches and the average retard that buys consoles doesn't pre order them online. They're also out of stock
I would be okay with paying even $100 for one good game to come out.
>>156888 > and therefore anons have no choice but to use it if they want to know what's going on Most news producers are paid to produce propaganda, this is why the founding fathers were fucking anonymous when they voiced their fucking disagreements in fucking newspapers.
Remember when RPGs were $70-80 in 1980s and 1990s money on NES and SNES?
>>156958 Remember inflation?
>>156949 >I would be okay with paying even $100 for one good game to come out. But good games don't cost more than 20 bucks.
(150.47 KB 900x538 B6oqj-LCMAAd9nr.png)
Funny, to me games only seem to be cheaper and worse most of the time
>>156953 You're right, I'll just stop playing new video games instead and never learn about anything new. Being able to discern bias is too complicated for my childlike brain. Thanks for correcting the record Moshie. >>156964 Remember when the value of money decreased but the monetary payment of wages never shifted to compensate and everyone effectively got poorer as a result? It's only been happening for about 40 years.
>>156979 Remember when Hitler lost the war? We're only feeling the results for 75 years.
>>156982 Remember when Kaiser Wilhelm II sent Lenin to Russia, creating the Soviet Union? We're only feeling the results for 105 years.
(330.74 KB 459x589 Piracy is your friend.png)
>>156075 Price hikes by greedy kikes, stay mad payfags.
Take a look at this list: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_most_expensive_video_games_to_develop One thing I've noticed, is that companies used to report development and marketing budgets separately more often, but they've been doing this less and less. While most aren't keen on telling us that, nowadays the marketing budget is often calculated and included as part of the development costs (I dug around a bit and confirmed this to be true for BF4 and Max Payne 3). I wonder why.
>demons souls being $70 is a good price >a game I can buy for $21 currently is a good price if I pay $70 Admittedly, $70 isn't too bad if it's a guarantee that the game will be complete with no dlc since games have shot up to at least $100 when you take that into account there will still be DLC of course
Also, if they are going to compare "price vs length" to justify prices how about books? I can go to a library and get infinite books for $0. This shows games are clearly overpriced.
>>157596 >Also, if they are going to compare "price vs length" to justify prices how about books? You can get practically download ANY book published before 1940 for free. >This shows games are clearly overpriced. You're forgetting that the $60 price tag, a decade ago, was justified by every game being a sandbox and offering a whole lot of "content". And, a lot of e-celebs were bitching that "It's hard for companies to make a profit from strong linear single-player games because the multi-player sandbox titles seemingly give consumers more content for the same price."
>>157662 About that "it's too hard to make a profit" argument, that's total bullshit. Let's say you make a AAA game for $40m plus $15m for marketing and it sells 3,250,000 units. Already that's a large budget and the industry considers those kinds of sales figures to be mediocre. Assuming it's a $60 game let's just shave off 66% for taxes and Steam/Origin/GOG's cut and whatnot. That's still like, 65 million dollars, so a total profit of 10 million. The microtransaction shit is pure greed, nothing more.
>>157662 It'd be a lot easier for them to make a profit if they didn't spend more on marketing than development, and spend most of the development budget on graphics. We need the AA, or B, market back. Games with deeper gameplay and less graphics aimed at an enthusiast niche.
>>157740 AA is already back pretty strong, even indie games are back to their pre-2014 era of mainstream power with games like Among Us and Fall Guys taking off.
>>156091 Also games are now distributed digitally which saves publishers a fuckton of money. You could sell a game now for £30 digital only vs a game from 10 years ago that was £60 as a physical copy and even accounting for inflation the publisher would probably make as much money. Producing and shipping the physical game is a cost then there's the fact the physical store has to pay rent, employees and sell the game for a profit too. Also the sheer size of the market is larger meaning many more potential customers and again now that digital distribution is a thing the cost for producing another 200,000 units is negligible meaning it's just more possible sales.
>>156888 >>156858 >>156841 Just provide both the original link and the archive link every time. That way faggots can make up their own mind. >>157568 >One thing I've noticed, is that companies used to report development and marketing budgets separately more often, but they've been doing this less and less. While most aren't keen on telling us that, nowadays the marketing budget is often calculated and included as part of the development costs (I dug around a bit and confirmed this to be true for BF4 and Max Payne 3). I wonder why. I was actually under the impression marketing is now cut entirely from dev costs and follows the same rule as movies (same as dev costs again if not more) for any big release.
>>156858 I agree, please link something reputable like Kotaku.
>>156888 >One of the few news outlets that isn't completely worthless Oh fuck off, the owner of the site is a sleezebag who can't even pay his staff and steals articles. The faggot also has been caught in a lie about "stepping back" after being caught stealing articles from other shitty game journo sites. He just posts as "Nichegamer Staff" instead of his real name. All games journos are trash including Nichegamer.
>>157740 >We need the AA, or B, market back They are back cunt, they're stronger every year, you won't find him by journos or most ecelebs though.
>>157922 I said "isn't completely worthless" not "is an amazing bastion of journalism" you stupid nigger. I'm not going to just stop looking for new video games just because all journos are sleazebags. Jesus fucking Christ it's not like I'm getting coffee for the webmaster in the morning.
>>157991 Archives you dumb fuck
>>156075 Videogames only "need" to be $70 to attempt to cover up costs for overbudgeted shitshows, which is sadly the norm now. I don't know if it's out of malice or incompetence, but much of vidya is getting simultaneously bigger while everything else degenerates. Higher storage requirements, more contract deals with Hollyfucks and their ilk that cost way too much, all while making propoganda that they otherwise don't give a shit about if it sells, only if it is praised by the journos and delude normalfags and ignorant fucktards to get them not to realize something's fucky. But, of course, they can't actually do it for free, and making good games would indirectly mean cutting out the propoganda, due to firing the propogandists. So they nickel-and-dime and raise the prices to try and make up for it. Personally, I don't give a damn about the industry anymore, I'm more focused on bigger shit besides Soyny's latest scheme, like Orange Man suing the shit out of some mummy for rigging an election. Not to mention that I've got plenty of games, legitiiamtely gotten and otherwise, that I could play. Speaking of which, Ion Fury is fucking great, it's a damn shame that Voidpoint had their initial profits stolen and transferred to the tranny slush fund.
>>157662 >a lot of e-celebs were bitching that "It's hard for companies to make a profit Quit the industry then. If companies can't adapt to consumers' every will, they have no right to exist. >>157752 >meme shitty nugames being any example of good
>>157752 I'm talking about good games not mainstream games though. >>157926 Mention them, then. There's a few I've seen, but hardly comparable to <=2007
(264.27 KB 635x457 james confusion.png)
>>158068 >Higher storage requirements I have to say this is a very weird hill that /v/ insists to die on. I never fucking hear this complaint anywhere else, I do hear people complaining it taking hours to download a game or patch or complaining that a game/patch will kill your data cap, which are related to bloated filesize but never I hear those complaints here. Only here, I hear people complain harddrive woes.
>>158125 >>158130 Stick to your PS4
>>158147 Nobody else plays more than a few games at a time so they don't notice.
(20.33 KB 200x300 huh.png)
>>158150 Makes sense, especially combined with the practice of just deleting your old games on your harddrive if you don't have enough space; Very common practice for console only normalfags.
>>158147 Do you trust that in 20 years Steam will still have your games available? 5 years from now, will that torrent still work? Even outside of games, it is up to you to preserve and archive things that matter to you, whether its games, anime, music, or articles for /pol/ or gamergate. Thus, storage is actually pretty important. On a 500 GB hdd you can only store so many episodes. You want 1080p for archival purposes (though 720 is fine to me). My point is that a generic AAA consoleshit game ported to PC should not take 60, 80, 100 gb. That's insane. Even big games like Grim Dawn fall into 10-20 gb at worst
>>158147 Because normalfags only play [insert MP flavor of the month] and if you only have one game, it's no issue. But good luck trying to fit more than two modern games on the average modern SSD. If this trend continues, we'll have game cartridges back in a few years, except they'll be SSD drives.
>>158219 >If this trend continues, we'll have game cartridges back in a few years, except they'll be SSD drives. I don't think drives could be that cheap in the future.
>>158228 What? They're literally oversized flash drives and the last-gen SSDs are very affordable now. You can buy 512GB SSDs for like 60 bucks. You can't tell me that can't be made into a viable game cartridge, assuming a game is no more than 128GB, and accounting for the fact that the manufacturer will be able to produce it more cheaply
>>156313 The "an" is a typo, I always pronounce it as triple ay. >>156841 The PS5 has been getting some traction both in the West and Japan, but I'm not that surprised that the Nips buy the PS5 since the XBOX is not that popular and there are retarded normalfags there. I don't think that the PS5 will reach the same amount of sales like the PS2 did. >>158219 >we'll have game cartridges back in a few years, I actually prefer game cartridges than discs because how of fast they are that you don't need huge downloads and you can play them almost instantly when you put it in the console. The Nintendo Switch Game Card is a nice example.
>>158068 >Ion Fury is fucking great, it's a damn shame that Voidpoint had their initial profits stolen and transferred to the tranny slush fund. Explain this. >>158147 I see normal people complain all the time, at least when you start getting to around 100GB.
>>158256 Voidpoint had a tranny joke in an out-of-bounds message (and I think a joke about Olay shampoo, calling it "Ogay"). The usual suspects went apeshit, and 3D Realms not only made a faggy apology, they also took the entire initial revenue that Voidpoint got from Ion Fury ('cause it had just came out) and donated it to some charity for trannies. I think they also fired the specific guy who put the tranny joke in. On the bright side, Voidpoint specifically gave the go-ahead to pirate their shit, so if were worried about that sort of thing, then it's not that much of an issue to them. The funniest part about all of this is that not only does it work in a meta sense (Shadow Warrior and Duke Nukem 3D are hardly games that "take the high road" in terms of humor), claims to being sensitive makes no fucking sense in a game that's about emulating the gore and humor of the 90s Build game (granted, the game never seems to deliver on the sexual humor anyway, which is at least a staple in Shadow Warrior, and presumably Duke Nukem 3D). Index Catalog Archive Reply
>>158275 That sounds fucking disgusting. Gay isn't even exclusive to being a faggot, it could mean happy in some contexts too so what the fuck was that shit? It's a shame, Ion Fury's a pretty fun game too but I wish it had more weapons or enemy types and I was looking forward to that expansion pack that had the bike in it.
>>158273 Thanks, I looked it up and found a video about it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nhqseDQmt9M The "tranny joke" was actually some dev saying >yeah if you're trying to decide if your child is trans at birth you have mental problems and probably shouldn't be a parent imo Imagine thinking that not mutilating your child is evil. It was also $10,000 that was donated to The Trevor Project, an organization that seems to be trying to lower the 41% number and is failing. Voidpoint did it themselves, but it could have been "forced" by 3D Realms so not sure if it's really theft or just cuckery.
>>158283 >>Imagine thinking that not mutilating your child is evil. There is a thing made by jews, mostly called "circumcision". Some bullshit that other religions did to males and is still mostly popular even as of now. If you ask me, I wouldn't even give a fucking flying thought on that shit even if I did practice a religion.
>>158175 >Do you trust that in 20 years Steam will still have your games available? 5 years from now, will that torrent still work? Fuck no, and no. But I do expect to find a reliable site when I cross that bridge. For example the GOG games site. shit died and another fork of it popped up within in a year. I understand it's not always going to end up that way, but 'it werks for me'. >Thus, storage is actually pretty important. On a 500 GB hdd you can only store so many episodes. I have a 4 tb harddrive. 2tb hard drive, and a 1 tb ssd to boot. plus some older 1 tb hard drives. So storage isn't really a issue to me when push comes to shove. Stable long term storage on the other hand, that wakes me up some nights. I really need to look into getting to some nas shit. >>158219 >But good luck trying to fit more than two modern games on the average modern SSD Wait, people here actually install their games on their ssd boot drive? I've always haved them on a secondary HDDs. Unless you're playing a sandbox game with a long loading screen, playing on sdd doesn't really impact performance. >>158239 You're underestimating how much it would ad to the cost manufacture. Especially since nintendo switch carts only reach up to 32gb, 64 gb game carts are still only a rumor.
>>158329 >on their ssd boot drive Don't be silly, constantly shuffling large amounts of data around ruins an SSD and you'd end up corrupting your OS. I've got two SSDs and a LAN server with 6TB HDD usable space (RAID 10) Fuck, misspelled LAN
>>158243 >I don't think that the PS5 will reach the same amount of sales like the PS2 did. The PS4 hasn't reached those numbers either, thought it's second bestselling console though, in part thanks to Nintendo and Microsoft tumbling down and rolling in their own shit. To the point that Sony is now competing with PC gaming.
>>158256 I enjoyed Ion Fury as well although it seems to have mixed opinions, I thought it was a decent successor to DN3D. >>158275 >>158278 They actually patched the jokes back in later. I never heard that the guy who put them in got fired but I guess it's possible. It was an extremely stupid episode but I'm glad they uncensored themselves because I thought it was quite a fun game with cool levels, I also liked that they tried to un-uglify Shelly from 3DRealms' modern design for her with the valid excuse that the game is a prequel, taking away her shitty "alt" look and giving her long flowing hair. The people who made this game are, from what I understand, the EDuke32 team, so they have a better idea of what makes Build engine games good than most people. Many anons also reacted poorly to the fact that Shelly was the main character, despite the fact that they certainly had absolutely no control over that decision. Shelly is a "3D Realms IP" now with more than two games and they couldn't change her design to the DNF concept art or anything like that because it wouldn't be on-brand.
>>158414 >They actually patched the jokes back in later Pretty sure only the shampoo bottle got restored.
>>158417 Damn. I think I beat the entire game before the controversy even started sweeping RetardEra, so I was mostly just watching from the sidelines with disappointment as it unfolded. I had pirated the early access build so I knew it was going to be something I wanted when it came out, as long as they fixed the perfomance issues (which they did).
(111.82 KB 1920x1080 Watchmen Season 2.jpg)
>>158426 >I think I beat the entire game before the controversy even started So did I, I even saved the launch GOG copy after I heard they removed content thanks to PozzedEra. I'm so goddamned sick of these fucking parasites and the retards and who listen to them.
>>158275 It gets worse. 3DRealms also use those funds to pay for mandatory tranny sensitivity training.
>>158473 Coincidentally it's also worth mentioning that some PR faggot from 3D Realms was responsible for virtue signalling in an interview before the game launched by saying how ashamed they are of the original Bombshell concept art from DNF 2000. I'm wondering if they've learned their lesson since then, I have mixed feelings about 3D Realms. They seem to want to foster a AA FPS scene, which is something I've wanted for ages, but if they keep retards around like the greasy spic who did that interview, I'll have a hard time justifying supporting them. They should have just hired the Voidpoint team on to do an original game instead of trying to work with their shitty dead-end IP.
>>158477 I don't know or care how valuable a move their virtue signaling may have been, but when they sent their devs to a fucking re-education gulag they lost every ounce of respect I might have had for them. They'll need to try very, very hard to get me interested in anything they're making, even if they actually manage to create said AA FPS scene (which I too want).
>>158160 I remember a good few years back reading some article about how the number of gamers who actually buy more than ~2-3 full price games a year is surprisingly small. Something in the low millions compared to people who'll only buy sportball/CoD/the large hyped 'event' games think GTA:V or against the casuals who'll only dabble in f2p and mobileshit. This is why there's the push to jew as much money out of each purchase as is possible on the one hand and capture the ones who won't pay on the other.
(1.12 MB 719x1713 ClipboardImage.png)
>PlayStation boss says investing in new IPs is "very risky" >"They cost more than $100m dollars to make these days." https://archive.vn/NFKLz
>>159572 Quit the industry then.
>>159572 Maybe don't spend $100m on licensing, A-list voice actors, neopotic hacks that don't do work, advertising, television adverts, and other forms of marketing. Seriously, marketing is considered a development cost now. Cancer.
>>159572 Then how about not making a blockbuster game as the first game for a new IP? Make it a 40 bucks AA-tier game instead and you cut the costs a lot, or even a 20-30 bucks B-tier game. Or how about you stop doing marketing campaigns that cost more than the actual game development and instead focus on IPs people love organically? Star Wars didn't become big through a billion dollar ad campaign. Neither did Minecraft.
>>159572 See, this is the kind of thinking that will cause the next industry crash. Fortunately, this guy is too high up in the company to have any substantial effects on anything as long as his subordinates keep their mouths shut, since he's too busy being rich to do any real work.
(137.07 KB 580x580 m_5ab158ccdaa8f6d27e6eae8d.jpg)
>>159572 >Games cost more than $100 million to make! Which is still cheaper than the average Hollywood movie. Far cheaper than Hollywood "blockbusters". At $60, that'd be roughly the equivalent of four viewings in the theater (just ticket price, not concessions) and a DVD to own. And movies don't have DLC, Season Passes, Lootboxes, and all the other assorted juden taxes. Very few films have the potential for merchandising - unlike games which are literal toys and lend themselves well in general to additional branded toys. Few games DON'T have some level of soybait funco-pop or posters or branded knitted socks. In absolute terms, the gaming market is still much smaller than the cinema because they require an initial investment in hardware that acts as a commercial bottleneck - but that's changing now with the coof killing theaters and it won't be much longer that streaming performance is going to synchronize with game design to make a baseline acceptable experience for casual shits to play on their phone anywhere the same way they stream Netflix movies. As the market expands, and the switch to digital slashes physical production and distribution costs - prices should be driven down - but we're only seeing them go up. And that's not even counting the potential for smaller and much cheaper to produce indie and AA games to catch lightning in a bottle with a higher frequency than independent films. Hell, that's practically the Embracer group's entire business model. Find shit people want to play and then make that - rather than go all out on AAA garbage and then blow the quarterly budget trying to convince the market that it's the next hot thing. And it fucking works for them. They keep buying up IPs and studios these companies toss out because they're not the next GTA, putting on a spit shine on them, and turning a nice profit. Jim Ryan can go eat the ass the out of a dead Elk. The real reason why they want to raise the price to $70 is because Sony is failing across the board - and they want to milk the Playstation for all it's worth before the whole corporation collapses in on itself. And because fuck you, give me money.
(44.45 KB 781x720 thinking demon.jpg)
>>159572 I wonder if they also have an analysis about how much does it cost to make a fun game...
>>160195 A few years of you life AAAshit is 80% marketing and where most of the cost goes to.
>>160195 A few years back Western AAA development costs were supposedly something like $10,000 per month per developer including things like rent and hardware costs but not including marketing. This could go up and down depending on the size and location of the studio and how ambitious a game it was. I can only assume that cost has since increased. The real problem is they try and treat vidya like a normal business which demands endless growth and where there's a linear relationship to more money in -> more money out whereas with developers you rapidly get diminishing returns for hiring more people eventually arguably even ending up where adding new developers gives you negative returns for months until they're brought up to speed on the project.
>>160222 >>160195 https://archive.vn/wip/QedyY https://archive.vn/NHZSl Archives for that 10k figure, if you can trust the sources, though it makes sense for hiring devs in overpriced cities, renting office space in those same cities and having to pay their insurance and whatever other benefits, remember their take home pay isn't the same as what they cost the employer. Obviously the trick here is to base yourself in a cheaper city and hire enthusiasts who'll work for less doing something they love instead of hiring people you'll work half to death producing shit until they burn out but that's just not something publishers can conceive of. They also prefer to hire lots of mediocre developers instead of a few talented ones since they can more easily be replaced.
>>159572 And yet, Tetris costed practically nothing and still is a better game than all modern AAA garbage.
>>160222 Development costs haven't grown substantially, marketing costs have and a big chunk of the fanbase that played on consoles have left completely while doing their casual gaming on phones.
>>160233 Development costs shouldn't have increased but big businesses will always find a way to slowly inflate their budgets.
(44.65 KB 215x215 kuchera.jpg)
(74.44 KB 388x1200 Ben Kuchera on Tetris.jpg)
>>160229 >Tetris Never forghetti.
>>160258 >Russian folk music <i-its Soviet now! Fucking culture erasing faggot
>>160258 >Russian folk music is communism American education at work
>>160225 >Obviously the trick here is to base yourself in a cheaper city That still requires office space and limits employees to those that live near or are willing to move. There's really no reason for everyone to not telecommute.
>>160262 >>160265 You DO realize that you unironically have historians (Historians with degrees, and teach on an international scale) equating modern China to the China of centuries ago despite the genealogy of Modern China being primarily Mongolian in origin and going through several "Great Leaps Forward" than erased China's philosophy and history unless it benefits the CCP.
>>160309 I'm not a historian by any means but I can't help but feel that the current state of China is, in large part, attributable to the persecution and mostly-successful eradication of Taoists, and the cultural victory of Confucianism, which is a braindead philosophy that basically says "do what you're told and you won't have to worry." It could be that Confucianism came to prominence because of some genetic disposition of a particular Chinese ethnic group as well.

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