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(45.48 KB 520x387 level up.jpg)
Upcoming Games thread Anonymous 12/30/2020 (Wed) 05:14:55 Id:a34e9b No. 192682
So 2020 is soon to end, starting off what seems to be an even shittier decade than before somehow. Post some games or projects you're optimistic about to soothe the pain, I'll start with my own list: -Elden Ring -Starship Troopers: Terran Command -System Shock Remake -Xenonauts 2 -83 -Renegade X: Firestorm -Knights of Honor 2 -Kingdom Come Deliverance 2 -Total War Warhammer 3 -Battle for Middle Earth Reforged -Trepang2 -Maximum Action -Gloomwood -Warhammer 40K: Darktide -Streum Ons new project -Dragons Dogma 2 -Resident Evil Village -Sons of The Forest -Hidden Deep
(335.01 KB 640x480 smug frodo.png)
>>192682 >Elden Ring >Upcoming
>>192682 >Having any hope for western games or Crapcom games at all This reeks of a paid shill thread.
This is my list of games I'm excited for, they show a lot of promise and I'd encourage you to check them out:
(333.75 KB 1218x880 c&c2.jpg)
>>192690 It'll at least be finished before A Song of Fire and Ice ever gets the 7th book. GRRM will at least get his 6th book out before he croaks.
(84.06 KB 415x277 popte danger zone.png)
>edf world brothers (released in pure nip, no nsp/nsz dump so far) >edf 6
>>192712 Fug, forgot EDF6 and Idolmaster: Starlight Season.
None, I don't give a shit.
(64.24 KB 500x532 colony ship.jpg)
Colony Ship RPG by Vince D. Weller and whatever /agdg/ anons will come up with the rest can burn in the fire
>>192719 Based and redpilled.
>Colony Ship I really liked AoD despite never really liking CRPGs as a whole >Shady Knight Basically some guy's take on Maximum Action, Mirror's Edge and Dark Messiah. >Ultrakill What I'm hoping to be doom eternal but good. >The Riftbreaker Devs of Xmorph Defense, a hybrid between base building and tower defense >Bluefire Basically a faster zelda game with a dash, wall jumping and other platforming mechanics. Could be more like Hollow Knight but I didn't see much gameplay footage to confirm that >Core Decay 3D realms showcase game, basically System Shock >Perpetia /agdg/ deus ex. I really, really hope this is good. >Wrath: Aeon of Ruin Not-Quake by 3D realms. <Slightly interested >Ion Fury/Amid Evil Expansion Packs I want more levels and more weapons for both games >Dark Envoy I really liked Tower of Time and this dev seems to have quite a lot of potential >Ys IX Monstrum Nox Because I'm a fucking battered wife and despite it being inferior than OiF/Origins I liked 8 >40k Darktide I've never played Vermintide and when I was interested in it everyone told me it's long turned to shit >The Ascent I like twin stick shooters and co-op, and I liked Ruiner. >The Eternal Cylinder While it looks good, ACE Team has decided to be niggers and have it be EGS exclusive for now <Might be worth a try tier >Cyber Shadow/Bushiden I liked the messenger, not a 10/10 was fun, and these two look like more >Gunfire Reborn I like FPS, but not so much roguelite >Onrism That anon slightly convinced me to try it after it's out of EA. >Almighty: Kill your Gods Again, purely for co-op purposes. >Operation Tango I like asymmetrical co-op puzzle games because it lets me play shit with my older sister whom I haven't seen in years who doesn't play anything else but puzzle games >Balan Wonderworld It looks interesting, but the little gameplay I saw looked very slow so I'm not putting my hopes up. >Graven It looks interesting, but I played the demo and that played like complete ass. I'm hoping the full game is better. >System Shock Remake/Black Myth Wukong/Crimson Desert I'm under no delusions that any of them will be good, but if it will be a pleasant surprise to be proven wrong. >Trepang2 I liked FEAR for a single playthrough but not enough to replay it or play the sequels or expansion packs, we'll see how this turns out >Gloomwood/Maximum Action Because I'm convinced Dave "dude memes lmao" Oshry will somehow stick a dick in either game and ruin them. >>192739 >colony ship good taste
A Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection seems inevitable for next year's 20th anniversary of the series (The leak was missing known titles and is therefore non-inclusive) . I'm mildly optimistic it will have online multiplayer, which would definitely make it worth a rebuy. The guy Mr. Famous is based on said in an interview he's noted how many people want a proper release of Phantom/Legend of the Network (a pair of pre-smartphone phone games that retain the original battle system), so an inclusion of those don't seem too impossible either.
(319.36 KB 1024x1428 HAHAHAaaaaa.jpg)
Grezzo fucking Due fucking 2 my man https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vIYoce6dF0g Also the last Black Souls 2 DLC, and hopefully Dingaling announces something out of Ninja Tears since he stopped drinking the SJW kool aid as it seems.
(67.55 KB 200x250 nice3.png)
>>192803 OH SHIT
>>192709 Shouldn't Gurrum have already finished is part to ER anyway, since he's just contributing the lore?
Kingpin Reloaded Cuphead DLC Ace Attorney Trilogy II (AJ, DD and SoJ - the Capcom leaks suggested it)
All I recognize is Hitler, Stalin, Hussein, and is that Mao and Mugabe?
>>192966 Mao and mugabe are there. Also Genghis Khan, Pol Pot, sadaam, musselini, that might be hiro hito, napoleon, and I believe Gaddafi in the lower right. Not sure about the rest.
>>192968 >Forgot who Pol Pot was >Cambodian Genocide >Method: Genocide, classicide, politicide, ethnic cleansing, extrajudicial killings, torture, famine, forced labor, human experimentation, forced disappearances, deportation, crimes against humanity >Motive: Anti-Buddhism, anti-Cham sentiment, classism, anti-Christianity, anti-intellectualism, anti-Thai sentiment, anti-Vietnamese sentiment, Islamophobia, Khmer ultra-nationalism, Sinophobia, Marxism-Leninism, Maoism I laugh because any libshit will say it wasn't real Communism, and also because despite being a genocide, no mention of Judaism anywhere (communism being a Jewish trick and there being no antisemitic attacks)
>>192682 From left to right Don’t know, suspicion he’s some Yugoslav Temujin/Genghis Khan Don’t know Adopt Hitler Wanna say that’s Hirohito, but might be another old Asian man Josef Stalin Napoleon Bonaparte Benito Mussolini Don’t know Pol Pot Saddam Hussein Robert Mugabe Mao Zedong Gadaffi The last two don’t know.
(306.84 KB 929x1500 81pFo98HwqL._AC_SL1500_.jpg)
There is a bunch of switch games I consider buying from the eshop, mainly the JP one >Monster Hunter Rise >Monster Hunter Stories 2 >EDF World Brothers (which just came out, it's an anniversary spin-off where all the aliens from previous titles make an unholy alliance yo beat the shit out of EDF. Switch port seems to be pretty good according to jap videos) >Gal Gun Returns (basically the remake of the very first Gal*Gun) >Disgaea 6 (not a fan of the 3D sprites but the game might be still fun) >Ao/Zero no Kiseki Kai >Fuuraiki 4 (cozy japanese countryside simulator that originally started on the PS1) https://www.gematsu.com/2020/12/fuuraiki-4-debut-trailer-gameplay-details-and-screenshots >Densha de Go! Hashirou Yamanote Sen (train conductor simulation) https://www.gematsu.com/2020/12/densha-de-go-hashirou-yamanote-sen-for-switch-launches-march-18-2021-in-japan EDF6 is not coming out on PC before somewhere in 2022 or 2023 so I'll have to wait a long time for this one.
>>192682 >>193000 >Ratko Mladic >Genghis Khan <No idea, but I've seen him before. Can't place him, though >Uncle Adolf >Hirohito, aka Emperor Showa >Stalin >Napoleon >Mussolini >Nicolae Ceaucescu, former dictator of Romania >Pol Pot >Saddam Hussein >Mugabe >Mao >Muammar al-Gaddafi <Not sure >Slobodan Milosevic We're getting closer.
>>193056 >Densha de Go! Been a while
>>193059 >Not sure It's Jacques Chirac 3rd guy is likely from South America
(57.06 KB 905x720 EY7VSL9XYAAS1Nv.jpg)
>>192803 >Grezzo Due 2 Nice hope it will be good
>>193067 >Jacques Chirac Why is he on the list? I can't seem to find anything particularly damning in terms of body count. Has something been memory-holed, or am I just retarded?
>>193122 He was included due to selling Saddam a nuclear reactor
(47.21 KB 674x798 EnUwop5XYAEoLDs.jpg)
(410.09 KB 2304x2936 Enb3COuXcAMiGRP.jpg)
Fuck I'm not looking forward to much, but I know they will all be solid as fuck games and thats all I want from them. >Future games i wanna get Nier Replicant Remake Final Fantasy XVI Monster Hunter Rise Dragons Dogma 2 No More Heroes 3 Shin Megami Tensei V >Games I missed out on that I wanna get later Monster Sanctuary Crumble Sakuna of Rice and Ruin >>193056 >buying from the eshop >financially supporting nintendo in 2020 Why do you still do this mark? You could have at least pirated those games instead. MHR is coming out on steam in october next year so you dont need to get it for the switch.
>>193131 >Why do you still do this mark? I doubt cakeboy can read moonrunes though Games are definitively cheaper on the eshop due of sales, especially jap imports because physicals are more likely to trigger customs in Europe. I remember that was often the case when I ordered games for the 3DS and Vita from the country of the rising sun. >MHR is coming out on steam in october next year so you dont need to get it for the switch. I do prefer games in handheld format when given the choice, PC is for the rest.
>>192682 Starfield TES6 Mass Effect 4 Half Life 3 Cyberpunk 2 The Division 3
So, besides the leak, is there any confirmation on Dragon's Dogma 2? Also, any news about any new wrestling game?
(62.25 KB 658x738 Choking Stadia.jpg)
>>193886 -Itsuno wants to make it -DMC5 DmC2 was real and has been released, Monster Hunter World was a huge success -Dragons Dogma has many similar mechanics so it could attract a similar fanbase. -The leak >Any new wrestling game? Yukes made a deal with AEW and they're making a new PC/console game.
>>193892 I just want to make my own wrestling league and fighters properly. I loved Monster Hunter World and I hope the new game is as good. I'm not so hyped with the samurai look instead of the caveman punk look.
>>193898 Play FirePro
>>192682 Waiting for Evil Genius 2 because the art style fits its design much more than I expected
>>193898 I want to make a catfighting wrestling league comprised entirely of strip matches and bikini contests. >>194011 I really hope it controls better than the first game. I also want to see more Mariana Mamba but I doubt that's allowed in a game anymore.
>>194011 Christ, that's a thing? I hope it isn't some kickstarted patreon scam, but it seems awfully tempting to resurrect old properties for the sake of getting people to pay you money not to make games about them.
>>193929 Already have it. Too hyped for what it really is.
(143.57 KB 1792x828 agents.jpg)
>>194335 The developers commentary stated that there's a bit more control than in the earlier installment and they upgraded Red Ivan to a genius status with the ability to prioritize minions' assignments, so I am guessing they figured out no one likes having zero control over their minions. Also they're supposedly easier to coordinate now because they have specific traits that make them better or worse at some tasks, so you'll have to min max more than in the first one. >I also want to see more Mariana Mamba but I doubt that's allowed in a game anymore. The game is supposed to be set some time after the first one, Jubei is old as fuck now. I don't think there'll be too much skin compared to the older game but then again, the only women to show it were the playgirls and her, with the rest having mostly just a slender fit. I sure hope they don't remove the ability to have your own boypussy in a fucking evil genius game, but so far I am liking the improvements to the game. Also, training female black minions can turn them into their higher class, but bleached, which is, dare I say, based. You also get to kill Chinese troops. The only part I objectively dislike is the new agents. They got indian Miss Pauling and a bunch of original the characters instead of my girl the Frostonova.
>>194375 The lucha agent could make for a funny agent animation, I recall the bruce lee knock-off had a very charming one where he's drugged and then he gets decimated in a one on one fight that involves playground moves
>>194011 There are so many games like that I keep forgetting are being made. Was Psychonauts 2 ever finished?
>>216723 Supposedly it's to be released soon.
(1.17 MB 446x469 what the fuck am i reading.gif)
>>192803 >Grezzo Due (Two) 2 >Grezzo 2 - 2 Why not Grezzo 3 or Grezzo Tre (Three)!?
Tales of Arise >implying it will come out this year Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown >implying it will come out this year Stalker 2 >i-it will be good i swear YS IX and Nioh 2 aka the only two games I know exactly what I'm getting from. Still a lot more than 2020 which was absolutely terrible for new games.
>>222979 There was ghostrunner and creeper world 4 last year, that already makes it an alright year.
Devs of Battlestar Galactica Deadlock is developing a new Warhammer game based on post Devastation of Baal Blood Angels that has both Prim and NonPrim marines >Gameplay but its a long stream and have some explanation on how the gameplay works https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jqMwiYClZmc Steam page:https://store.steampowered.com/app/1295500/Warhammer_40000_Battlesector/ Starship Troopers RTS game again but not much indept like Terran Command >gameplay but like Battlesector its a stream but atleast showcase and explain gameplay mechanics https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Z9NndYkPv4
>>233427 my bad *not as indept as Starship Troopers: Terran Ascendancy
(601.50 KB 1600x900 Project-Eve-screenshots-6.jpg)
Project Eve >a gook developing a nier automata ripoff https://invidious.snopyta.org/watch?v=8OTq4mUUMKM it has some nice physics
>>233440 This reminds me a lot Black Myth Wukong and Crimson Desert, in that I think the game will not remotely look like that. >>233427 This(40k) reminds a bit of Sanctus Reach.
>>233489 same publisher but different teams anon
Halo Infinite Sandbox Gameplay Designer Lead answering questions about new game Mechanics for Halo Infinite and other misc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UYlRabRA82U
Bump Also scratching Terran Command, the publisher went full retard trying to attract casuals and is now making the game some shitty mobile tier RTT instead of something like They Are Billions, and some more depth as originally planned.
I can't think of a single game even coming out except like Hollow Knight 2
>>253009 Yeah, that's pretty much the only game I'm looking forward to off the top of my head besides Dragon's Dogma 2, if that actually turns out to be a thing.
Nier remake Famicom Detective Club Akiba's Trip Rune Factory 5 Devil Engine Ignition Miitopia Biomutant No More Heroes 3 Blaster Master Zero 3 Fighting EX Layer Another Dash KoF XV Monstert Hunter Rise Scarlet Nexus Shadow Warrior 3 Shin Megami Tensei V Nocturne HD Steins;Gate 3 Final Fantasy 16 Splatoon 3 Sonic Adventure remake (It's fucking real) Dragon's Dogma 2 Final Fight Reboot Power Stone 3 >>233440 I miss Tetradev
>>253487 >Sonic Adventure remake (It's fucking real)
>>253487 >Biomutant Shit's been in development hell for so long I don't have much hope it'll be good even if it ever does release. No game that's been delayed multiple times over the years turns out good or even finished.
>>253494 I'm convinced it's real and that it's gonna be terrible.
>>253515 >No game that's been delayed multiple times over the years turns out good or even finished. Nioh turned out to be amazing after years and years of development hell. >>253520 I refuse to believe Sega would ever do something logical business wise like green light a SA3 after all these years. I do believe if it actually happened that it would be awful
>>253523 >amazing It's good but not amazing. The second game is better.
>>253524 >It's good but not amazing. The second game is better. I mean, compared to 90% of the shit that gets released this day and age it's pretty amazing.
>>253523 Well there was the sound decision of licensing their old IPs to newer developers who gave a shit. Streets of Rage 4 came out ok.
>>253531 Well of course.
(1.04 MB 320x180 black_kid_pranks_his_dad.gif)
>>253475 >if that actually turns out to be a thing It was leaked by dataminers who literally posted all of RE7 in untextured form and predicted Monster Hunter Rise on PC. Couple that with Itsuno not saying anything on what he's working on and yeah, it's confirmed. >>253487 >>253520 >>253523 A Sonic Adventure game in modern times will be fucking shit. Not only were the games made to sell the Dreamcast but they were also made to attract a Japanese fanbase. Neither have been case since Sonic Heroes. You don't fucking want a new Sonic Adventure game, it will be a modern 3D Sonic with the ADVENTURE logo on top of it. TL;DR IT'S A FUCKING BRAND YOU IDIOTS TEAM SONIC HASN'T MADE A GOOD GAME IN FUCKING DECADES
>>253547 The only good 3D sonic is Burning Rangers
(3.50 MB 1200x675 bunny.gif)
>>253550 The only good 3D Sonic is my dick in your ass
>>253547 >You don't fucking want a new Sonic Adventure game, it will be a modern 3D Sonic with the ADVENTURE logo on top of it. This isn't what people want, but it's what people would get. Of course they want one with good movement and an anime style instead of a Cartoon Network style. They want one that uses the same elements from those two games, with a similar level of quality. Heroes and Shadow were overwhelmed by primary gimmicks, '06 was an unfinished mess, and everything after that completely changed the basic gameplay formula as well as the presentation aesthetic. But you're right that they would likely not get what they want. They'd get Forces 2, maybe with a bastardized version of Adventure's gameplay, if lucky..
>>253552 That's kind gay, anon.
(9.63 KB 173x228 fag.jpg)
(8.34 KB 222x208 very nice and gay.jpg)
(206.62 KB 705x895 lklkjl.png)
>>253552 Man tell me about it
>>253487 >Shin Megami Tensei V Why? There hasn't been a great mainline game since SJ.
>>253695 hope rides alone
>>253695 I thought SJ wasnt mainline?
>>254229 If SMTV is actually good, I don't know what I'll do. I want it to be good so bad, even if I know better.
The only thing I want to be good is BOTW2 but my heart tells me it's going to go even more into Ubisoft territory and be one of those open-world meme games you play by looking at the mini-map. I hope against hope that I'm wrong though. If they pull a twist and it make it a game about playing as Zelda to save Link and the goal is to use magic to manipulate the elements and fuck with physics I will get an erection that will pierce the moon.
(1.43 MB 322x281 1419291713854.gif)
>>192682 >Post some games or projects you're optimistic about to soothe the pain. Absolutely nothing.
>>254258 It is. It certainly better qualifies for mainline than anything after it. >>254465 I say it's about 20% chance it will be good, nu-Atlus doesn't inspire confidence on anything not named Etrian Odyssey.
EDF6 on PC, Onirism coming out of EA, beyond that there's nothing to get hype for. S.T.AL.K.E.R 2, perhaps?
>Gunvolt 3 Looks like they are revamping the gameplay to not be defensive trash anymore and is moving away from the horrible score system focus. >Blaster Master Zero 3 Looks like more of the same, and the last two were great. >Hollow Knight Silksong Seems like a faster paced version of hollow knight with a cute bug as the MC, that seems interesting Freedom Planet 2 >First one was good, kinda worried they will shit the second with politics and gender shit, but if not, it plays even better than the first >Spark the electric Jester 3 Spark 2 was kinda half baked, if 3 get double the content of 2 then it will be as amazing as the first one. >Monster Hunter Rise (pc version) It's not Freedom Unite, but it seems good enough if iceborne is any measure.
>>192739 Didn't this get massively delayed?
>>253487 >Shadow Warrior 3 its sad that shadow warrior 2 was absolutely terrible.
>>254788 Yeah, all they had to do was to remove the padding, level RNG and the loot and shoot bullshit and it would have been 9/10. But muh Borderlands le funneh XD, I guess
(191.09 KB 460x215 ClipboardImage.png)
What happened to pic related? I remember it was announced >3 years ago, and I thought it looked like it might be fun.
>>259901 It's coming out May 25th on PC/PS4/XBO and might be getting a switch port later
(492.05 KB 723x1007 psychonauts-2-cover.jpg)
>>216723 >>216725 The reason for another delay was to optimize for the SexbonerX, now that Double Fine is part of Microsoft. I'll likely play it to see how fucked it gets compared to the original.
>>259905 Oh. That's cool. Hopefully it turns out decent at the very least.
>>259916 >Pedo logo Oh good another game to skip
(276.84 KB 1200x1600 Total War Warhammer 3 cover.jpg)
(6.43 MB 6415x4894 I AM SUPREMELY CUTE.jpg)
>>271509 Its kind of sad because wawa 3 is the last game.
>>271512 Don't cry because it's over, be happy it happened, and saved Warhammer Fantasy while shitting all over Smegmar
(180.38 KB 900x1237 Japs play Warhammer.jpg)
>>271512 Look on the bright side, CA did what GW failed to do for decades. It got Japs to like Warhammer
>>271566 >The guy demanding Japanese translation >The other guy acting smug because “You can’t learn English” >The clueless guy asking about a Dragon Quest mod >”I hope they never bring it to Japan so I can feel superior” >The guy pointing out “>$5 to unlock blood” Huh, they really are just like us
>>271566 wew lad >>271568 Geek cred is universal
>>271568 Dont forget the faggot asking whats the most popular faction to play as instaed of asking for fun gameplay or interesting choices.
>>271570 >the faggot asking whats the most popular faction to play as Fucking normalniggers
>>271566 Through dick and being a dick unity
>>271566 >Trash can't speak english and wants to play western games I audibly laughed at that. Way to brighten my day again japan! Where would I be without you?
>>193122 He restarted French nuclear testing. >>193126 That was long before while the nuclear testing shit was in current memory when that advert came out. At least someone else here is old enough to remember this shit. I swear the average anon can't even remember a time before microtransactions, console-focussed FPSes and persistent unlocks ruined most AAA vidya never mind anything older.
(2.30 MB 640x358 videoproxy.mp4)
(95.25 KB 1080x1350 image1.jpg)
(210.31 KB 1080x1350 image2.jpg)
You fruits excited for Village? Just wanted an excuse to post these
>>277867 Should probably just be a separate game. Doesn't seem like resident evil at all.
>>277867 I'm excited for the porn. That's it.
>>277867 >3DPD > No tits
>>277867 <excited This isn't cuckchan, but at least you realized you could post multiple images instead of chaining singles, good job on that at the very least. Also I have the perfect timing to post these vids.
>>277867 Yes actually, they did a good job with 7, so i'm interested in seeing what they Will do with 8.
>>277916 >7 >Good job First 4 hours maybe, then you leave the house and it becomes a linear snoozefest.
>>277930 So like all other resident evil games then. The last part of every RE Game ends with linear corredors with lots of shooting, save for 6 wich is a shitshow all around.
>>277915 >>277920 >>277934 >>277939 >>277916 Wonder no more. Now the thread can approach something resembling quality discussion.
>>277939 >>277934 >>277920 >>277915 where are these from??
(2.23 MB 1280x720 tooth.webm)
>>278048 Capcom got datamined by some 1337 hackerz and they leaked a ton of future releases including the most recent Monster Hunter titles, they also leaked an unfinished build of RE8 which is what you're seeing. Oh and Dragons Dogma 2 confirmed btw
>>278052 **Is the first worth playing at some point? I keep starting a playthrough every year, getting to the cyclops you find after getting your first pawn and doing the obstacle course and then getting too bored with it to continue. I just want to fuck things up in a dungeon like the start of the game, none of this town shit.
(123.53 KB 812x872 Thanks.jpg)
>>278107 Yeah, they kind of railroad you into Gransys at the beginning of the game, it starts opening up though and you safely ignore the town A.I part. I think it's one of the faults of the game actually, 6 different systems that feels more like mobile tier bloat than anything concrete, same issue I have with Niohs loot system. The skills, combat system, exploration and enemies are the the best part of the game though and you're doing yourself a disservice by not experiencing them. Also, if the enemies start feeling too spongey at the beginning, you're in an area you shouldn't be in yet or if later on, they have a weakness, like a weakpoint or an elemental weakness that should absolutely should be exploited, so your equipment and gear matters. It would be like going into an EDF mission full of Aerials and bitching you can't win with a tank or unloading 300 AP rounds into a mutant in STALKER and bitching it doesn't die fast enough.
(141.58 KB 1080x1080 Demon's Souls.jpg)
(175.91 KB 262x351 diablo reesurrected.png)
Optimistic about nothing. Hoping Elden Ring and Kingdom Come sequel won't suck.
>>278110 Suppose I can give it another shot after I'm done with Kingdom Come. Thanks anon.
>>277915 T-thanks, fren. If it makes a difference I meant it ironically, ’cause, I wouldn’t want to seem uncool on an obscure imageboard. >>277884 It might work better as a spinoff or either its own thing; might allow them more freedom and creativity. By making it a RE game they might end up limiting themselves to stay more within the series. >>277910 She is a pro basketball player, so what she lacks in the chest department she more than makes up for with her height. Plus I assume it would be hard to play basketball professionally and be a titcow at the same time.
>>278235 She's still 3DPD, anon.
(465.41 KB 657x1080 Alcina_Dimitrescu_render.png)
>>278278 Hey, if you only get off to cartoon characters drawn by Japanese men, that is on you.
>>278287 If i'm going to jerk off to someone i can't fuck i might as well do it to the superior version.
>>277867 >6'9" >52" legs What the fuck? I'm taller than her and my legs are no where near 52".
>>278344 Somewhere between 1/4 and 1/8 Sub-Saharan African I think, probably closer to 1/8. My grandmother was American Indian with some white, black, and possibly Chinese blood while my grandfather was born in the late 1800s to an unusually upper-class mulatto family, so they kept a bunch or records about my family tree. I look like I'm white with a tan.
>>278366 My eyes were blue.
>>278394 My children will be 8ft tall and there's nothing you can do to stop me, manlet.
(4.14 MB 640x1138 andthewinneris.mp4)
>>278343 If I remember correctly niggers have shorter shin bones, maybe also femurs, than hwhites. That sounds like it would explain your case. Height >>> size of mommy milkers https://bibliogram.art/p/CNQkC_yBVHJ
>>278407 I'm pretty sure it's actually the other way around, where Sub-Saharan's tend to be lankier than Europeans while Asians are the most stout. Women also tend to have longer legs then men as my mother is only 6'1" and yet her inseam is almost the same as mine.
(64.03 KB 680x850 740-julie-strain.jpg)
>>278409 I’m basing this on something e;r said in his review of Get Out. Haven’t bothered looking into the size difference in legs between the various races. I think you might be correct about women having longer legs than men in relation to their height. Actress/model Julie Strain was 185cm, but looks lankier than men of similar height.
>>278365 >>278401 >>278370 >>278409 Ah yes, the "American" race
>>277867 How many days do you think it'll be until we get an Abby Shapiro mod for REVIII?
(23.08 KB 540x381 Los Ultimos De Nosotros Dos.jpg)
>>278401 >my children will be 8ft tall
(241.39 KB 640x349 EbiIx9SUEAAdTML.png)
When the handful of games I'm waiting for comes out I'm not really sure if I would even be interested in playing any future games anymore after that. Such a somber feeling it is, but I'm also getting a sense of relief too. >>278287 >>278296 pic related
(478.03 KB 600x337 ClipboardImage.png)
>>279908 Somebody else who remembers this, I see? Such an important and influential series reduced to a joke. AitD didn't deserve this.
>>279902 The Lightbringer Is this some kind of devil game?
>>279943 I've heard that it has futanari.
(415.31 KB 1024x768 Alone in the Dark 4.jpg)
>>279920 I still vividly remember 4, which was essentially Resident Evil. Funny how the roles reversed for both franchises with RE being inspired by the original 3 games and then 4 being inspired by RE. Still, it was a pretty good game, not anything super special, but still good. Damn shame the reboot was such a pile of garbage, especially considering how marketed it was. The name got ran even harder through the mud when the remnants of Atari made a shitty coop shooter ala Nexons F.E.A.R Online. THQ Nordic/Ensemble has acquired the IP since then, wonder if they'll do something with it in the future. It has so much untapped potential due to nostalgiafaggotry and brand name.
>>279902 They're making a game based on Linkara?
As for the game itself, I don't like the double jump meme, but I think it looks interesting. Nice to see more 3d platformers. >>279956 It'll be out when it's out! >>279972 >Rape Escape Is that the series with the red headed loli and shota anons like so much?
>>278235 >>278296 So they just straight up ripped off FMA?
(152.70 KB 742x1343 ExcHlkxXEAQT.jpg)
>>280071 Lust has nothing on tall vampire lady.
>>280281 What else did the new RE bring besides macrophilia fanservice?
>>281227 It isnt even out yet anon, calm your fucking tits.
Only thing I am really looking forward to this year is a dungeon crawler by the name of Monomyth.
>>279902 I really thought that said "The Fight Nigger" from that cropped thumbnail.
>>281249 >phoneposting
>>281271 Whatever happened to Fight Knight?
>>281338 If you know the larger story, would you care to make a post about it in the QTDDTOT? I don't know of this game but this story interests me.
>>281338 This looks like some ultra jewish shit.
>>281339 This contains most of the front facing publisher stuff, the Kickstarter is the normal not realizing that things actually take time to produce and unexpected issues pop up https://archive.is/nVepQ >>281344 Judd did work for Capcom, after all
>>281351 >Ben Judd Oh Jesus, I'm sorry for all the devs involved with this publisher. Judd is an omegaweeb and general weirdo. If I remember correctly, he's a big reason the Ace Attorney games got Americanized.
>>281351 >this publisher possibly screwed over the crosscode and the bug fables devs What cunts.
>>281229 The leaked happened? The plot went fucking nowhere, but hey, let the reddit cattle buy an overpriced tech demo because of the corpse waifu.
>>281351 >Osaka-based Yup, that scans.
(2.94 MB 3840x2160 ign-05-1617404005072.png)
(3.96 MB 3840x2160 ign-04-1617404005071.png)
(274.07 KB 1600x1200 img-8790-1617404005072.JPG)
>>281227 >What else Isn’t that enough? New interview on the game over at IGN, but for some reason that site just will not archive correctly. It is by far the most bloated mess of a site I have seen. Resident Evil Village: The Evolution of Lady Dimitrescu and Her Daughters – IGN First - IGN: https://archive.ph/KLjA7 / https://web.archive.org/web/20210406140208/https://www.ign.com/articles/resident-evil-village-the-evolution-of-lady-dimitrescu-and-her-daughters-ign-first
>>281351 What is a dangen anyway?

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