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(848.81 KB 1150x786 ClipboardImage.png)
Video Game News General Anonymous 01/09/2021 (Sat) 16:58:18 Id:7f8fa5 No. 201578
I feel like there hasn't been enough news in the game industry that hasn't been about modern politics too much nor any talks of more minor releases, sales data, and other overlooked aspects in the games industry during these past few years so I made this thread that I thinking it should've been made long since made. Don't delete this mark, I know it belongs in GG but I just want don't want to have it mixed up with political drama. I just want to keep it to a minimum since last year and this year have been rather stressful. https://archive.vn/wQ9g2
>>201578 yeah I know how you feel, the industry's been to silent because of the covid shit. there's really not much excitement going on right now.
(1.92 MB 926x1143 ClipboardImage.png)
Squadron 42 Misses Beta Release https://nichegamer.com/2021/01/05/squadron-42-misses-beta-release-date-no-new-date-announced/ Backers of Star Citizen are once again blown out by the inability of the devs to meet any sort of deadline, reasonable or otherwise. The singleplayer element, Squadron 42, often considered the "safe" part to back since it has a lot of the early funding being dumped into it and more realistic goals, can't even make a beta window. And they haven't even given a delayed date, there's just no news or announcements. This game got crowdfunded in 2012. Years before GamerGate even started, which feels like eons ago. This is truly a never ever game.
>>201817 wew lad
(898.93 KB 240x160 1593493819349.gif)
>>201817 >Scam Citizen is 8 years old Wew
Why have two threads of the same topic?
(158.82 KB 730x411 Remove Pogchamp.jpg)
Pogchamp emote removed from Twitch because it could incite violence because the originator of the face, Gootecks, tweeted a video from the capitol hill protest that happened to be associated with Alex Jones site, Info Wars. Guilt by association in full effect. Nobody said anything when BLM started burning down stores for 4 months but 1 hr actually mostly peaceful protest and leftist are calling it the next pearl harbor. Bias media is such a joke at this point. I wouldn't be surprise if they turn it into a hate symbol soon. >>201817 Actually I was going to make a topic to talk about that but I feel most people lost interest in it like they did with Fallout 76 after a while. There's only so much you can say about a broken, failed or delayed game that you just run out of things to say.
>>201922 In other news, the guy that stole the lectern got arrested on Federal charges earlier
(100.65 KB 600x337 ClipboardImage.png)
With the exception of the black PS4 slim 500 GB model, all model productions of the PS4 will cease production in Japan. https://archive.fo/HIHVz
(3.39 MB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)
>>201817 Star Citizen Surpasses $340 Million in Crowdfunding https://archive.vn/DN0Aj https://cogconnected.com/2021/01/star-citizen-340-million-crowdfunding/ So long as we're talking about the Star Citizen shitshow. Roberts' personal harem of paypigs seem to have no end to their love of findom. I can't imagine what will happen when they finally slap a 1.0 on this thing and call it "done".
>>202146 Star Citizen is the embodiment of the phrase "A fool and his money are soon parted." It's probably the epitome of fool's gold in the game's industry outside of trend chasing.
(316.31 KB 1920x1080 odyssey_keyart_final_1920x1080.jpg)
>>201817 >>202146 Play Elite Dangerous instead. Last month it got an expansion that let you step outside of your ship and walk around. Its more of a finished product than Scam Citizen will ever be.
>>202162 Hot damn, now I'm interested. Can you walk around your ship, on stations? It also has multiplayer right, can you crew other people's ships?
>>201578 But PS5 pro blm and lgbt
Maybe I'm retarded, it's not a forgone possibility. Has fuck all happened in the games industry in the past 7 years or so? It's not like I haven't been playing videogames, but it seems like aside from things like God of Boy, fucking nothing came out last gen, and this generation isn't looking good either. (albiet that's mostly that Nintendo was the only one with a current gen console for the longest time and microsoft and sony just now caught up)
>>202194 >fucking nothing came out last gen Are you talking in terms of AAA shit or what?
>>202214 Primarily, yeah.
>>201578 Good. As cancerous Nintendo of America is. I still count this as a blow to (((American tech)))
>>202215 This gen had DMC5 and BOTW in terms of AAA games I can actually remember exist. I'm not really understanding, what exactly is your definition of a game coming out last gen?
>>202221 More or less the only thing I remember releasing on ps4/xbone was ports, "remakes", and remakes. Also I kind of memoryholed botw to the same gen as the 360/ps3/wii probably because it was originally a wii u game.
(32.54 KB 458x458 1604467329239.jpg)
>>202139 >PS4 is now being discontinued >it only lasted 7 years >the PS1, PS2, PSP, and PS3 all lasted longer than 10 years >even the fucking Vita, the handheld that sony sabotaged lasted longer than the PS4, clocking in 8 years of production
>>202255 This is just planned obsolescence.
>>201578 >BOTH Microsoft and Sony try and claim the biggest launch in console history AT THE SAME FUCKING TIME. >Show no figures to back this up. >Stores and online retailers show figures. >There is shit like the PS5 flopping in Japan. >Turns out the fucking Switch a potato still outsells their machines. Its as if both Sony and Microsoft's PR department had this lie all typed out before the launch of their respective machines.
>>202438 There was probably a push from corporate to get them out in time for the holidays, numbers or Covid be damned. I've seen them listed for $1,400 online, literally a 3-4x mark up
(506.72 KB 600x733 ClipboardImage.png)
(3.11 MB 1663x9509 ClipboardImage.png)
Limited run games will release physical limited Print Editions Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game – Complete Edition are planned for release for the PS4 and Nintendo Switch. They're available for pre-order for six weeks starting January 15 at 7:00 a.m. PT / 10:00 a.m. ET of this year. https://archive.fo/1eIvk https://archive.fo/YxWle
(8.27 MB 640x360 gondola odst.mp4)
Halo Infinite delayed until late 2021 after initial release date of holiday 2020. https://archive.fo/SxmlF
>>202438 Investors always want the bigger thing and are many times completely clueless.
>>203210 makes sense
(344.34 KB 1920x1080 20210110203133_1.jpg)
(321.66 KB 1920x1080 20210108151110_2.jpg)
>>202166 I dunno I bought the game for 15 bucks before that expansion came out. I've been busy playing Yakuza LaD for now. >>202469 I remember one guy on twitter posted a picture of like 3 dozen PS5s that he was reselling for 1k/2k each or some shit. He later got doxxed and robbed of every single fucking one of them and later deleted his account because of it.
(70.40 KB 1280x720 nice.jpg)
>>203237 >I remember one guy on twitter posted a picture of like 3 dozen PS5s that he was reselling for 1k/2k each or some shit. He later got doxxed and robbed of every single fucking one of them and later deleted his account because of it. Good. He deserves to have his life ruined.
(99.01 KB 480x360 J.C. Denton says no..mp4)
>>203153 >Limited Cuck Gays >Soy Pilgrim
>>203243 It shocks me why anyone would pay that marked up amount for a system to begin with.
>>203262 Whale's gonna whale. Gotta be the first on your social media to get one and then show everyone. That being said, anybody that uses bots in order to scalp is a piece of shit.
(83.08 KB 192x260 high level.png)
>>203261 You just strung a bunch of cuckchan buzzwords together and acted like it was clever
>>203210 No surprises there. The demo they showed looked like it was an early beta/late alpha version of the game not something that is supposed to launch in a couple of months.
>>203350 >Soy, gay, cuck. All words that get you banned on Cuckchan. Not even buzzwords anyway. Anon calls then buzzwords ignoring the fact that buzzwords is a cuckchan buzzword. Limited Run games are a bunch of soylent SJW guzzling faggots this is known Anon.
>>202194 >>202221 Its not like no game came out. Its more like that none of those games had any reason to be 8th gen exclusive(as in there was nothing really preventing them from running on 7th gen hardware) and were mostly milquetoast sequels. In fact I cannot recall a single new IP that started this gen. >>202255 >>202380 The PS4 has no games and Snoy knows it. That system has basically no reason to actually continue production as there is nothing to keep it relevant.
>>203263 Scalping the new console generation is a morally just action. You're just taking money from retards who have too much. It's like stealing candy from obese babies.
>>203350 LRG are in fact cucks for canceling their physical releases of Red Faction after THQ's q&a on 8chan. Scott Pilgrim is a known prime soylent franchise. Kill yourself newnigger.
Again why have two threads talking literally of the same subject?
>>203350 You're trying too hard to fit in.
>>203362 >The PS4 has no games and Snoy knows it. That system has basically no reason to actually continue production as there is nothing to keep it relevant. same as the ps3 and they kept that around longer. ps5 has even less games, or just as much as the ps4. the idea is to force everyone onto the new version sooner by taking away options.
(28.47 KB 495x495 fucking LOL.jpg)
>Sony tries to force PS4 owners into buying a PS5. >PS4 owners rush out to buy another console alright. >They all buy the Switch. Good job Sony well fucking done.
>>203153 >>203261 The Scott Pillgay game is actually really good, the DLC is shit though and whoa that new cover looks ugly as sin.
REMINDER >System can be jail broken with a paperclip >System was hacked to play pirated games a mere 18 months after launch >System has not one but two working emulators on PC for it And yet it still sells like hotcakes in spite of all the piracy.
>>204520 >And yet it still sells like hotcakes in spite of all the piracy. Actually wasn't the PSP very successful(on hardware sales level), because it was super easy to pirate games, thus people bought the console for the free games, and why Sony released those proprietary memory cards for the Switch? I remember this was the message of one of those old castle vidcons webcomis. Wish they still made those.
>>204491 >Videogames are politics No they aren't. >>204520 Piracy is mainly limited to the launch models which are hard to get for late adopters at this point. Neither switch emulators can run games in an actual playable state (as in, "finish the game from start to finish with no graphic bugs and crashes" but too many people in the emulation scene label that status to games they tested for 30mins at best) for the moment. Yuzu EA crashes too much and has too many graphic bugs (everyone in Dragon Quest 11 turn into smurfs, movies fail to load in Hyrule Warriors DE and the water is black, etc) and Ryujinx is the reverse situation where performance is its main drawback >>204525 You could initially hack the PSP through a "hacker battery", hence why the Vita was also made to not function in any other battery (or lack of) except the official one.
>>204538 You're arguing with a tornigger, anon. Just filter and ignore him.
>>204538 Nothing on the Switch is worth playing so it all evens out.
>>203439 Nah, pull your head out of the meme gutter. The PS3 had "no games" for maybe a year or two after launch but caught up and overcame the xbox360 after that point. To this day it hosts some pretty solid JRPGs and a couple of less know games. Its not all 10/10 winners but it was solid enough to keep the console around for a while. In total I would estimate it has around 130 exclusives that are at least worth a look. (for you autist that means they at least warrant booting up before you can decide if they are trash, not that there is 130 PS3 exclusives you must play) The PS4 on the other hand has like 10? Maybe? And the PS5 straight up has well 1, that is a PS3 demake.
>>204525 PS1 and Wii too. In addition it was very easy to develop applications and homebrew/games on it. Honestly, it almost feels like it would be more profitable to literally give away consoles for free.
>>204543 The statement just annoyed me greatly enough to give him a reply. I just want to play games for the fun and discuss about them, politics have no place in it. >>204545 That's fine if there is nothing that picks up your personal interest. On the other hand, I'm quite overwhelmed by the amount of titles the Switch has but I will not deny that I also have a certain bias in favor for handhelds since my childhood.
>>203447 When's the next revision of the doggo coming out anyway?
>>204511 >The Scott Pillgay game is actually really good It's not, and the franchise is trash.
>>204601 I agree with your first statement which is why I made this thread to begin with. Too many game journalist and identitarian game devs keep inserting their shit where it doesn't belong not knowing when to keep their personal politics to themselves.
>>203350 LRG outright refused to even consider rabi-ribi for a physical release because it was a cute 2d game with a hot girl as the protagonist, and when they finally caved in they still took their sweet time to honor the vita version buyers, iirc a year and half. And soy pilgrim is legitimately cucked, literally the self insert of a canuck who chased a worthless whore for years, married her used goods ass, didn't produce even a single child in the 5 years they were together and then divorced, with the bitch getting to keep more than half his shit.
RTX 3060 has just been announced, $329 MSRP. >12GB of VRAM, more than 3080, 3070 and 3060Ti... <...this much on a non-4K card only makes sense for machine learning(except users want and mostly can afford Quadros) or mining <this is literally a mining card except with video output so it can have resale value so that miners will actually buy them >but this means that when the crypto bubble bursts used cards will flood the market and should finally provide something worth upgrading to for the ~$250 market <but that could also mean Nvidia sitting on a 3050 design to reveal it after the flood, if at all, hoping for used cards to fulfill that price bracket while they keep making higher margin products (and yes, there's probably gonna be a 3050Ti out of incomplete 3060 dies, just like 3060Ti is made out of incomplete 3070 dies)
>>204710 Did they announce a 3080 Ti?
>>204718 Nope. Current rumors say nothing else this quarter other than maybe 3050Ti.
>>204721 Ok good, I'm hoping they can at least fuck me over after the year ends.
>>204710 It's likely a replacement for the old GTX 1080/RTX 2070, although those cards might have went slightly up in the used market due to everybody thinking that they have to work from home.
(267.12 KB 423x402 Someone get me out of here.PNG)
>>204726 >Buying a 300$ GPU for Minecraft, Fortnite and a 2015 Ubijank ASSFAGGOTS piece of shit Thank you Nvidia, very cool!
>>204710 Actually now that I'm looking at spec sheets, 3060 mobile may be the full chip(3840 CUDA cores) and desktop 3060 desktop may be the cut-down(3584 CUDA cores). That would mean no 3050Ti(or at least not from GA106 dies). Whether or not that's the case, I hope that this card will send normie gaymurz into a VRAM craze, and make some low-VRAM cards cheaper so I can upgrade my emulation rig with something like a 1060 3GB.
(152.00 KB 256x256 absolutely_saddening.png)
>>204726 >that Ultimate Play video
>>204543 Stay mad, fed.
https://www.famitsu.com/news/202101/12212713.html >Japanese Annual software numbers for 2020 revealed >Top 10 Software >01. [NSW] Animal Crossing: New Horizons # (Nintendo) {2020.03.20} (¥5.980) – 6.378.103 / NEW >02. [NSW] Ring Fit Adventure # (Nintendo) {2019.10.18} (¥7.980) – 1.591.366 / 2.087.005 (+221%) >03. [NSW] Momotaro Dentetsu: Showa, Heisei, Reiwa mo Teiban! (Konami) {2020.11.19} (¥6.300) – 1.233.023 / NEW >04. [PS4] Final Fantasy VII Remake # (Square Enix) {2020.04.10} (¥8.980) – 949.379 / NEW >05. [NSW] Pokemon Sword / Shield # (Pokemon Co.) {2019.11.15} (¥5.980) – 892.456 / 3.880.590 (-70%) >06. [NSW] Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (Nintendo) {2017.04.28} (¥5.980) – 798.174 / 3.457.183 (+27%) >07. [NSW] Super Smash Bros. Ultimate # (Nintendo) {2018.12.07} (¥7.200) – 560.122 / 4.013.174 (-49%) >08. [NSW] Minecraft # (Microsoft Game Studios) {2018.06.21} (¥3.600) – 556.982 / 1.702.921 (-10%) >09. [NSW] Clubhouse Games: 51 Worldwide Classics (Nintendo) {2020.06.05} (¥3.980) – 519.649 / NEW >10. [NSW] Super Mario 3D All-Stars (Nintendo) {2020.09.18} (¥6.480) – 492.620 / NEW >Hardware >Switch - 5,956,943 >PS4 - 542,647 >PS5 - 255.150 >3DS - 62.761 >Xbox Series X - 31.424 >Xbox One - 3.585 >>204637 It's pretty much the reason why I'm fine with Gematsu even if the owner is a reseterafag because it just sticks to game announcements with no extra bullshit while shit like OAG self-destroyed in its own rhetoric
Here's something really stupid. UK Essex Police got criticized for a certain facebook post. "Whilst patrolling, our community policing team, have had cause to speak with a number of different men, aged 30+ over the last week, who seemed to feel it is acceptable to attend certain public places within the district, to hunt Pokemon. Honestly. Yes, you did read that correctly.” They faced backlash because the tone of the post was in a mocking manner and took it down. Maybe it's just me, but I feel that they should be mocked just for playing Pokemon Go after the trend died down. Also, I find it odd at how many people are trying to justify 30+ year old men playing Pokemon Go outside with excuses like it's exercise during lockdown, instead of criticizing the actual lockdowns themselves being unjustified. I guess you can't expect critical thinking from reddit since they are used to authoritarian rule.
>>204982 Regardless of any totalitarian government actions, if Pokemon Go encourages a few fat autists to be a little less fat, then good.
>>204982 >>205010 Everything that supposed "fans" and their gatherings taught over the last few years is that when manchildren gather around to participate in what should be a children-teenager only event, it is ALWAYS because said manchildren are pedophiles using the activity as an excuse to prey on children. The police all over the world is corrupt and just a mercenary armed force working for the state, but those cops are right (even if they don't esplicitly said so) in being averse to a bunch of 30+ years old gathering in an activity aimed at children.
>>205097 >those cops are right (even if they don't esplicitly said so) in being averse to a bunch of 30+ years old gathering in an activity aimed at children.
>>203377 Agreed, there is no thing wrong with getting a bunch of brain dead gorilla niggers to pay you 3-5 times the cost of a new console just so they can play cross-gen ports a few weeks early.
>>203377 Why did you specify obese babies?
(59.56 KB 836x720 shadow.jpg)
>>205404 >Obese babies >Candy >Shadow >Then you remember Shadow is over 50 years old in the Sonic universe. I now have a mental image of Shadow stealing candy from a baby Dr Eggman.
(235.58 KB 1920x1920 Shadow steals candy.jpg)
(17.48 KB 570x570 Diamond candy.jpg)
>>205503 Nuthin personel kid
(42.04 KB 1078x672 TAKING CANDY FROM A BABY.jpg)
>>205504 It all starts with this.... a jewel containing the ultimate flavor........
(2.68 MB 640x360 The Ultimate Hedgehog.mp4)
(81.47 KB 800x1000 Throw the dough away.jpg)
>>205540 BAKER??? I think you're the fake baker around here. You're comparing yourself to me?
(11.78 KB 300x300 Arthas The Hedgehog.jpg)
>>205542 Glad you could fake it, Uther.
>>205771 Learn reading comprehension tornigger, it's in response to >>205097
>>205503 Nah, shadow was a good kid he didn't get edgy until after Maria died.
(306.05 KB 1600x800 That's America's Pussy.jpg)
I guess there are rumors of the next GTA having a female lead this time around. I wouldn't mind if they still kept the flaws and attitudes of the previous male protagonists interesting for her. I'd go for a vengeful slut that knows she's the hottest bitch around. If they make her a raging SJW, that could also work surprisingly. Think back to how every journo was angry that you got to punch a suffrage woman in the face by that one youtuber for RDR2. Think of the death reel you could make with an activist getting killed in very timed and interesting places. Rage and laughs to be had either way. GTA could do anything at this point and they wouldn't feel a significant hit to their profits. GTAV has sold over 120 million and the franchised has been grandfathered in to instant success. They'd have to do something really stupid like piss off half their audience or release a giant buggy game for them to fail at this point.
>>206016 >female protag Its gonna be shit and captain marvel-esque if true That is it'll still make money bamboozling people but will poison the brand forever
(46.84 KB 576x589 ECgMpxUU0AEi7l6.jpg)
>>206063 A female protag does not equal Captain No-Ass tier shit Anon. >Then thinks about stuff like Nier Automata and Xenoblade X >Remembers those games are Japanese made. >Remembers GTA VI will be a western made game. Alright its 100% guaranteed to be pozzed shit Anon.
>>206016 >muh too big to fall CDPR proved that fallacy wrong, among many more examples from other companies run by retards. There is no such thing as too big to fall.
(251.35 KB 1106x1036 George Floyd immortalized.jpg)
>>206016 It'll most likely be based on Karen from GTA 4, where she ends up killing everyone's beloved surviving protagonist in humiliating ways and Rockstar is just incompetent as Valve, let alone her backstory would be just Shaundi from Saints Row. Sneak in small homages to the death niggers who died in such dumb ways, if they haven't forgotten about the NiggersLiveMatter bullshit. Bear in mind: Cabo Perico was just leftovers written by the white supremacist CEO's who already left, even one of them warned about GTA 6 will be online only, so if you bought it but you forgot to pay the internet bills you got yourself a nice Blu-Ray paperweight.
>>206016 I just hope that if I get around to pirating it, unlikely since I never got around to pirating 5, it will have had such innovative modding that the mod to stop her from being a nigger is merged with the mod to stop her from being female.
>>206313 Did CDPR fall? News to me. Also, Nintendo did so much evil stuff, and still is alive and well. The takedowns of rom sites, mods, custom games based on their IPs, even stuff like remixes from youtube.
(17.71 KB 400x400 5Fnu7ZB1.jpg)
>>206500 >Did CDPR fall. No Cyberpunk sold over 13 million in its first week. They deserved to fall for the state of that game but Cyberpuke was a massive success. Autists here will say otherwise though. CDPR will say sorry but in reality they just learned they can put out any old trash and retards will buy it.
>>206016 >Think back to how every journo was angry that you got to punch a suffrage woman in the face by that one youtuber for RDR2 R* is so cucked they have a list of names you couldn't give your horse in a singleplayer game, not to add a feature, no, just because they wanted to. They also shat all over the guy and the people doing whatever they wanted to the suffragette. Neither GTAIV, GTAV and RDR2 were all mediocre shit so don't expect anything except normalnigger hype, retarded multiplayer whales/streamers, censorship and disappointment.
>>206016 >Think back to how every journo was angry that you got to punch a suffrage woman in the face by that one youtuber for RDR2 And youtube banned him for that, he got unbanned eventually though.
>>206016 >They'd have to do something really stupid like piss off half their audience or release a giant buggy game for them to fail at this point. RDR2 didn't sell as well as GTAV and certainly didn't make as much from the online jewing mode. I mean I doubt the next GTA will fail but they're unlikely to recapture the success of V without the massive amount of free marketing that was SA nostalgia combined with releasing at a time with very little competition for the normalfag AAA market. For 'we must always grow beyond inflation' businessfags that's a type of failure.
>>206622 >RDR2 didn't sell as well as GTAV GTA V is one of the best selling games of all time, and it's almost impossible to top that, R* had to tell their investors not to expect another GTAV, not because they are incompetent, but because it's really hard to accomplish something like that or even predict what will become the best selling game. With that said, RDR 2 still sold 34 million units, which is more than it's predecessor and puts it in the top 15 best selling games of all time, according to wikipedia, which is no easy feat. Imagine if Notch made another game that "only" sold 150 million copies and "only" made him 1.5 billion in profits, would anyone consider it a failure, just because it wasn't as successful as Minecraft?
>>206623 >Pubg sold 70 million copies and still managed to lose their market share. Shows you what incompetence will do.
>>206500 They will always fall. If not now, at some point in the future. Nothing is too big to fall. >>206538 And will you address the massive amounts of refunds and lawsuits? Or will you be a passive-aggressive shill that can only lie about sales numbers, ignoring all other factors?
(115.07 KB 976x1200 TOR.jpg)
>>207034 Anon that was AFTER the refunds. Do some research before posting. And there was no shilling as it was clearly stated that was a bad thing as all CDPR learn was its fans are retards that buy any crap you fucking glow nigger supporter. CDPR will just become Polish EA.
(226.35 KB 563x651 1582273140028.png)
>>204710 If they released the bitcoin specific mining card in an insane capacity a few months ago they would've probably saved the entire electronics market. Instead they waited until people already bought out every single card for resale or mining and for Bitcoin to spike and fall before doing it. Genius.
>>206538 CDPR stock fell by over 50% and still hasn't risen by more than 5% since it's release and they are now being sued on multiple fronts and lost almost all the goodwill they built up over a decade. Just to put the stock loss into perspective, their stock was worth about 8 billion before the game released. Now it's worth about $3.7 billion. Cyberpunk cost them over half their net worth.
>>207085 The problem with stock Anon is it can recover Disney this year is a good case in point. Will CDPR learn from this? I highly fucking doubt it. Just add those fuckers to the pile of companies that churn out AAA shit and ignore their products.
(106.64 KB 500x630 Elden-Ring-Symbol.jpg)
(2.22 MB 2897x4096 D8tu94-U0AINSQi.jpg)
>>201578 > Video Game News When the hell is Elden Ring coming out?
>>207215 Lanklet looks straight out of darksouls. I thought they were going for the nordic ascetic.
>>207215 Fuck Elden Ring, gimmie a new Ninja Gaiden that isn't shit.
>>207050 Nobody is falling for your lies, shill. Nothing is too big to fall. https://archive.vn/X24N3 >CD Projekt Red Founders Lose $1 Billion https://archive.is/UbBy4 >CD Projekt may face class-action lawsuits over Cyberpunk 2077 >>207211 >it can recover But it won't. >muh Disney Disney is losing money by the second.
>>206623 Investors expect continued growth. >With that said, RDR 2 still sold 34 million units, which is more than it's predecessor and puts it in the top 15 best selling games of all time, according to wikipedia, which is no easy feat. It's easier to be in the top selling games of all time when the market of potential players gets larger every year and given that AAA development has inflated the cost of development massively over time it's also less meaningful. That's also why 'games must increase because inflation makes money worth less' is somewhat retarded since with digital copies it costs them almost nothing to make more units and the pool available customers is far larger. >Imagine if Notch made another game that "only" sold 150 million copies and "only" made him 1.5 billion in profits, You are confusing sales/revenue and profit. Revenue is not profit until you subtract costs, including developers/rent and marketing along with whatever cuts the console manufacturers/(((Steam))) and for physical vidya RDR2 sold far better as a physical game to normalfags with consoles who had nothing else to buy retail establishments take. It's also important to check if that 34 million figure is shipped, not sold, which is standard trick publishers use when they want to inflate numbers (if they talk shipped/revenue/sales and not profit they are usually doing this). On man or a small team making an indie like Notch will turn far more of the revenue from selling games into profit because he has far, far smaller costs not just in developers he's paying but in marketing and in only shipping it digitally off a storefront he controlled. Comparing a one-man project to a AAA game with thousands of developers which is a dumb way to make games, more developers have diminishing returns very quickly and likely double its budget minimum in marketing costs is silly. If you want a non-Notch example id used to make fucktons back in the day for similar reasons of having a tiny team and a (mostly) online distribution model. >would anyone consider it a failure, just because it wasn't as successful as Minecraft? Depends how you define failure. If the game fails to make the company grow such that their stocks have grown in value at a rate at a minimum higher than inflation then yes that product has been somewhat of a failure in the eyes of investors. Again not saying RDR2 reached that bar or that the next GTA will necessarily hit that but it's something they will have to deal with.
>>207177 >>206975 reminder that the leaks said that the redfield bloodline will NOT continue. chris will end up retiring and literally raising another man's daughter at the end also, am I the only one that thinks first person resident evil just doesn't work? it feels less like a proper horror game and more like a walking simulator with a gun, not like there is enough action to justify giving you a gun, anyways. older RE games didn't have much fighting, either, but they also gave you a good view of the room so you could avoid zombies and other hazards if need be, running and hiding in first person, just like platforming, is a horrible idea
>>207489 Hi Luciano.
>>208432 Stay mad, shill. Will you "counter" the facts with more shilling?
(22.41 KB 480x360 Carl funniest moments.jpg)
Has anyone brought up that Capcom will shoah both lewd and hateful artists for tainting their beloved mediocre franchises? >>203350 How long until "niggers" are the new buzzword?
(51.59 KB 648x433 Huemonkey.jpg)
(116.67 KB 2000x831 Sub Zero.jpg)
(171.97 KB 2000x1333 Sonya.jpg)
(117.92 KB 2000x854 Jax.jpg)
(119.10 KB 2000x840 Raiden Liu Kang.jpg)
Tangentially vidya, but some screenshots of the new live action MK. I'm not actually sure if that's Sonya or not. Also there's a terminator fangame in development where you play as Kyle Reese. I'm expecting a C&D soon. It's called Techcom 2029.
>>208549 Stay mad and salty for the imminent bankruptcy of your company of choice, shill.
>>208628 4th pic is kung lao, not raiden.
(676.32 KB 730x411 ClipboardImage.png)
https://archive.is/7F3Hf https://archive.is/6E8NG CPDR's now getting monitored over by Poland's Office of Competition and Consumer Protection (UOKiK). Also for those who have missed it they're still dealing with the class-action lawsuit due to having lied to an investor over the state of cyberpunk 2077 on the xbox one and ps4.
>>208657 My bad. >>209137 So would the class action lawsuit have a better chance of actually happening when there's an investor involved?
(89.03 KB 600x842 UMA DELICIA.jpg)
>>209161 >some niggers are eating monkeys The fuck? And why's it just whole? Why not pick the teeth, eyes, and other shit out if you really want to boil the head in broth?
>>207711 It doesn't actually matter to the game publisher because they are paid based on the number of units shipped, not sold. It's the mainly the store that loses out if they don't managed to sell what they purchased from the publisher.
(949.53 KB 480x480 scared bird.mp4)
>>209161 >Eating monkeys. I hope those poor monkeys had some sort of aids they where immune too but kills that fucking asshole. You do not eat fucking apes of any kind thats near on cannibalism.
>>209184 >near-on As fucking vile as the thought is, I don't think that's actually an issue. Some rich faggots would bash a monkey's brains in with mallets and eat the brain as a delicacy, as far as I know there were no ill effects.
>>209144 Pretty much.
(23.60 KB 376x376 18H3VTeH_400x400.jpg)
>>209210 Nah Anon as the main big monkeys on Earth its our job to protect the other ones. Eating other apes is fucking wrong. Anyone that eats a monkey is fucking scum.
>>209161 See >>209137 And stay mad. Your company is going down.
>>209144 Different class actions because of different causes. A consumer that bought the old generation version can complain because he expected a working game and didn't get it. An investor can complain because CDPR would have been obligated to disclose the cluserfuck status to investors since it was obvious that it'd influence revenue and they didn't. The latter is almost guaranteed to succeed, the former less so, especially if it gets fixed.
>>209226 Investment fraud has a lot more gravity behind it than consumer fraud,as well.
This is your brain on SFV. A game so bad it turned a gook into Alex Jones. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AWw2-XsgzyY&feature=emb_logo
>>209219 Monkeys are not apes anon.
>>209903 Based Gootecks.
>>209903 Hopefully, the financial failure of SF V, the already guaranteed failure of SF VI with it's troubled development, the leaked info about Crapcom going woke and also ruining Resident Evil even more all culminates into Crapcom going bankrupt and some of their suits committing suicide.
(9.47 MB 1280x720 Brazil is cancelled.mp4)
>>210122 Quality aside, didn't SFV sell really well?
>>210129 Decently But worse than 4 by a huge margin To the point that 4 is selling for more than V. I wonder if Ono being gone will change anything about their garbage releases.
>>210118 You too.
(8.62 KB 360x360 BASED REDPILLED.jpg)
>>210118 I prefer "Based" posting over soyjacks any day. Fuck off. pic related its not you in the slightest
>>210143 >he can't even spell it right
(8.88 KB 261x193 sad yotsuba.jpg)
>>210118 Please keep those monsters away from that precious little loli.
>>210143 Both are bad
Has there been any new news about about Pragmata or what it's about?
(76.19 KB 540x540 Street fighter IRL.jpg)
>>209903 Looks like Shit Fighter has already overstayed its welcome, should've left it when the franchise regained some decency during its soft reboot. >>209161 >Eating with brackets Could you imagine if the monkey's teeth get stuck on his? If Zuckerberg deletes that post wouldn't that make him racist? >>210122 Didn't Capcom's actions plummeted somewhere before Mega Man's trailer for Smash? "All is forgiven"- Their loyal retards reacted
(81.33 KB 1002x714 ClipboardImage.png)
https://nintendoeverything.com/platinumgames-hopes-to-give-an-update-on-bayonetta-3-and-more-in-2021/ https://archive.is/dfSNw An update in regards to the state of bayonetta 3. In a nutshell it's another load of nothing.
>>210352 >Capcom >Console game >PC port Whatever it is it's shit and will likely be cancelled or mediocre trash.
>>211099 This isn't really an update or official anything. It's two friends talking on the phone and Kamiya saying 'I can't say anything now'. Of course, game journos take it as an excuse for more page clicks.
(3.79 MB 3000x6000 hi-res OoT items.jpg)
(30.36 KB 200x126 unknown-6.png)
(223.98 KB 656x518 EsHc58sXIAAjy39.png)
(18.65 KB 397x296 aria-zelda-64dd-model.jpg)
Somebody found a prototype cartridge of F-Zero X that contains data of OoT's SpaceWorld 97 demo. https://nitter.cc/forestillusion/status/1351546352224727040 https://archive.is/jk1sx ROM: https://illusion.64history.net/dumps/Nintendo%2064/F-Zero%20X%20(Z64%20OverDump)/F-ZERO%20X%20%5bCFZE%5d.z64 anonfiles.com/Lar9DdA8p3/F-ZERO_X_CFZE_7z
(458.50 KB 656x518 EsHgABjXYAEoa0o.png)
(1.54 MB 1161x596 shooting range.png)
(356.50 KB 656x518 EsHgv11XYAEhdlN.png)
(36.01 KB 400x300 9802WoodDungeon Windows.jpg)
(794.91 KB 1365x767 beta item icons.png)
(427.84 KB 1365x765 moar items.png)
(287.57 KB 896x512 all_ui_related_stuff.png)
(110.38 KB 1069x841 EsHhHb5W8AQbIFI.jpg)
>>206538 True. Just hype something up and you'll make money. A dumbshit population is an impediment to any kind of progress.
>>206538 >>212510 False. They are losing money and are in their way into bankruptcy: >CD Projekt now faces two class-action lawsuits filed on behalf of its own investors http://archive.is/yKLow http://archive.is/6E8NG >CPDR's now getting monitored over by Poland's Office of Competition and Consumer Protection http://archive.is/7F3Hf White knighting for companies will amount to nothing. Nothing is too big to fail.
>>212560 <The Tornigger's bitching about people claiming CP2077 sold well Both are true; it sold well but the company itself is in serious trouble and likely owes a fuckload of money.
(83.94 KB 480x780 Kang lyfe.jpg)
>>211771 >I think a lot of players would agree with that as well. However, I have to say, I do really like the aspect of a historical protagonist. I personally had a hope that Oda Nobunaga's African retainer Yasuke was going to be in a potential future Nioh game, does that mean that's never going to happen now?
(157.81 KB 828x1792 1.jpg)
Another Ninja Gaiden Trilogy (physical copy) leak. It's like the third or fourth leak already. KT releases everything on PC these days. Don't remember the last game they didn't release on PC.
>>212969 Coincides with Team Ninjas interview about letting Nioh go for now and focusing on Ninja Gaiden. Hopefullythat faggot Shimbori stays the fuck away from anything.
>>210122 >Financial failure of SFV SFV sold 5 million copies Anon. Then add all those Chun Li costumes bought by reddit users. SFV is shit Anon but it was not a financial failure. Why do Torniggers always talk shit?
>>213055 so did the tomb raider reboot and squeenix still declared it underperforming. sales numbers mean shit without the context. also who cares about SF at this point? even if they made plus who's gonna buy a 6/7/8? >>213125 but the steam keys doesn't get deactivated? that's what VPNs are for.
>>213133 What context? Game companies are known to declare something a failure just because it wasn't as successful as they wanted.
(1.49 MB 2160x1620 Friday Night Funkin.jpg)
>>213351 SF4 did better than SFV even with all the Edition bullshit. SFV came out unfinished and never came back outside EVO shills. Casuals never wanted anything to do with it and nobody outside the USA even cared. https://www.eventhubs.com/news/2019/aug/08/street-fighter-5-finally-surpasses-its-predecessors-sales-numbers-unless-you-count-all-street-fighter-4s-expansions-course/ The Arcade Edition which was shilled to Heaven and Earth sold less than Dragonball FighterZ and the whole trainwreck is likely part the reason Ono is gone. As bad as Capcom as gotten, whatever Street Fighter 6 is it will surely be better than V or anything Ono can put out nowadays. The netcode is still fucked to this day and the whole fucking game and marketing team was dedicated to suck off EVO.
>>213055 >muh sold copies Address the refunds, the costs of production and marketing, and the lost of interest (and consequently, loss of normalfags paying for microtransactions) before you start your shilling about a product not being a failure. Revenue is not profit. Sold copies are not enough for profit. >>213351 >What context? All cited above. But since you are a white knight for companies, you will conveniently ignore those. Game companies are known to declare something a failure Completely false and proven by 99% of companies hiding failures behind bullshit excuses and also manipulating numbers pretending that a failure wasn't a failure. >>213108 As good as that sounds, retards still paying for digital copies deserve to suffer all kinds of abuse.
>>213390 Interesting, thanks.
(69.73 KB 930x916 Obsidian Samurai.jpg)
>>212633 How would that even work? Yasuke's story has already been told between Nioh 1 and 2.
>>213398 >All cited above. But since you are a white knight for companies, you will conveniently ignore those. That anon doesn't need a chimp to be his cheerleader. <didn't quote all of my point <didn't even properly quote it Fucking Torniggers.
>>213415 To add to all the bullshit, Marvel vs Capcom Infinite came one year after the SFV base Edition and one year before the SFV5 Arcade Edition. That game was also a completely failure and a PR disaster which added to the Arcade Edition being nearly downright forgotten outside Menat ass.
>>213133 >who's gonna buy a 6/7/8? The people who bought 2,3,4.
https://archive.vn/T0UeR https://archive.vn/ZxFjR I was wondering what happened to this game. Do you think it will be fun?
>>214065 hopefully
>>214065 >germany: ja we are so progressive now, we're not you-know-whats anymore, we let blacks rape ze children and we don't defend ourselves when attacked like a good normal european country >also germany: GENITALIA IN OUR MEDIA? NEIN NEIN NEIN NEIN
>>214131 Law in most countries is fucktarded
>>213400 Can't stop me from posting, discord tranny. >>213620 Most won't.
>>214131 it's mostly one city in one state. it's like a DA from poughkeepsie goes full retard and sues steam for all kinds of shit because he can and was dropped as a child.
>>213108 >>213125 I didn't even know geoblocking was illegal, but apparently it is. They got fined over 7 million Euros for it. >>214131 >what Americans actually believe
(735.41 KB 754x677 Milk.PNG)
Man, finally the news have been slowly appearing. Chink flu and Cyberpozz shilling really did a number to vidya marketers. Resident Evil 8 gameplay reveal in 1 hour https://yewtu.be/watch?v=5EGFlLXaXes
>>214648 >Gameplay reveal when we already know what the deal will be. Giant milf vampire will be the Mr X style stalker of this game. Calling it now. I mean its a good character design but Resident Evil games are getting fucking stale.
>>214654 I want to be gored by her while resting in her soft titties
>>214654 >good character design Not in terms of being particularly intimidating.
>>214696 >Not in terms of being particularly intimidating. She looks like a Belle femme fatale, her smugness and size also put me off, I think it's good honestly and I fucking hated every single character design in RE7 outside the final monster ones.
It's starting
(143.77 KB 1026x1062 Kirby nigger.jpg)
>>214674 This Anon gets it. >>214696 >>Not in terms of being particularly intimidating. I think thats the point Anon. There will be some sort of horrific body horror about this character but you will be to busy looking at her massive tits and by the time you notice it is too late she has ripped your fucking head off. It is good character design wasted on a stale mechanic he have seen before.
I like it, but it's not RE It should not be named RE at all
>PS4 and Xbox One too WEW DOA
>>214648 Aw shit anon you should have made a whole thread for this
>>214730 I don't think it's worth it It looks mediocre and there's barely any buzz
>>214733 >>214730 Great art design though, it's like a mix of Central and Eastern Europe Colonial Era. >RE4 inventory management <It uses minimalist shit icons Garbage
This shit should be a DMC spinoff, not a RE game
why didn't they just make resident evil 4: electric boogaloo? I think it will just be a more action focused RE7 with an european paintjob >Resident Evil Battle Royale You got to be joking
>Battle Royal Thank you Capcom, very cool!
>It's RE7 with better art design a facial uplift and the same basic bitch combat system Sad >RE Battle Royal The absolute state >Massive What the fuck?
Who the fuck even cares about the Division 2? It and Breaktrough flopped so hard Ubisoft is in the red
>Division 2 crossover Does anybody even play that game?
>>214760 >>214758 I constantly confuse The Division with Destiny
>>214762 Same shitty genre, all these AAAshit games blend together I don't blame you.
>Netflix Looking forward to finding a random scene of claire getting fucked by a nigger for no reason in the middle of the movie, as everybody claps Oh wait, no I'm not. I'm not acid
>That's it I expected nothing, at the very least some 5 minutes of gameplay and we didn't even get that. Christ
>>214764 And The Division doesn't even have the hot robots, what a waste.
>>214769 You get a short walking simulator exclusive demo of the game if you own a ps5, aren't you excited?
>>214775 >Haven't owned a Soyny console since the PS2 I'm still excited about that to this day, so there's that
>>214744 Don't you fucking DARE mix your modern Resident Evil shit with Devil May Cry you fucking nigger faggots.
>>214760 wait, why would a tom clancy IP cross over with resident evil of all things?
(462.20 KB 498x330 wtf.gif)
>Multiplayer game shown. >Its a shitty arena shooter and not an Outbreak game. >Fucking Division 2 trash. >Only a few mins of Res 5 gameplay shown. >Annoying American hosts. It was worse than I originally thought.
>>214780 Because Tom Clancy is dead
>>214784 doesn't matter, whole point of that shit is the "realism", else they would've gone full zombie ages ago and turned siege into overwatch (more than it already is)
At this point, I would rather have that RE4 prototype where leon is in the haunted castle. The only reason that wasn't done back in the day was because of the console limitations Keep the first person perspective, throw the zombies to the wayside and focus the paranormal. Imagine a fusion of oldschool RE and eternal darkness, I would actually play that >>214780 Ubisoft has been getting really fucking "silly"(at least they think so) lately >the absolute state of far cry >watch dogs 2 and now legion >everything about rainbow six siege >some sort of upcoming zombies spinoff of rainbow six siege, that I heard was announced a while ago >fortnite battle royale knock off with classic tom clancy characters like sam fisher >you know, for kids >on mobile phones >freemium battle royale tom clancy mobile game in fortnite "3d cal arts" style Having a cross over with an actually popular franchise is one of the least retarded things they've done lately. But they had to have a crossover with division 2, which literally nobody cares about, so it doesn't matter They should have went balls to the wall and made some sort of a zombies event/maybe even DLC for current far cry game or something, to my knowledge division is a pseudo MMO and the only people that still play it are normalfags obsessed with grinding, they don't care about RE or any of the items in game
>>214791 >I would rather have that RE4 prototype where leon is in the haunted castle. I have always wanted to play that game. >The only reason that wasn't done back in the day was because of the console limitations I thought the reason it wasn't done was because of a bad fan reaction.
>>214648 >>214654 >tfw no RE game with a shota protagonist
>>214794 That was part of the reason. Remember, survival horror was dying out, resident evil wasn't popular, and if this one wasn't going to print money, the franchise would likely be axed. There was a lot of pressure, but what kicked it over the edge was the fact that the GC console the game was developed on was too weak and had way too little memory for what they wanted to do. For example, say there was a room where there was going to be a paranormal shift to a "dark dimension" of the room where everything was fucky. How does that work from the technical perspective? You have to create a whole another room and seamlessly teleport the player to the haunted room, then maybe back to the original once the scripted event or an objective was accomplished in that room. Rinse, repeat with every single variation of that one room, in case there were changes made to it in the future. Imagine how many redundant rooms they had to create if they really wanted to keep their "dark world/real world" like mechanic, or the shittery they would have to do with the scripting, if they wanted to get some of the more interesting stuff put in. In short, there was very little they could do as far as the scares and the imagination of the project went, aside from having these armored suits chase you(like you've seen in resident evil 4 proper), so it was deemed that it wouldn't be worth the bother, especially as the fans didn't want anything to do with that kind of game, anyhow I think this was the video that went a bit more in depth on it, too lazy to confirm it now, but the information on the subject shouldn't be too hard to find anyways https://invidiou.site/watch?v=sjSvVfqIKDo Shame the concept was cut, I think they had something real good on their hands. I guess they did recycle what they did have and made DMC out of it, so there is that
(18.01 KB 627x533 intel10.png)
(18.20 KB 627x529 intel11.png)
Prices for Intel's 11th gen have been spotted at multiple european retailers. >i3's are just more expensive refreshes >11400F, 11700F and 11900F(no integrated graphics) are the same price as predecessor, but their iGPU equipped counterparts did go up in price >11600K, 11700K and 11900K prices are too inconsistent between retailers to draw a conclusion The first two are disappointing because I was hoping Intel would be more competitive and force AMD to pump out AFs and make them cheaper in response so I could snag a 1600AF(since they don't have capacity on 7nm for anything under 300 bucks), but Intel dropped the ball again so they could just do nothing.
>>214797 Anon stop getting bad-ended by the monsters just to see what happens
(1.44 MB 1000x1250 SR1-Gameplay-Realms.webp)
>>214805 >How does that work from the technical perspective? If they were smart about it, they could have done what the devs of Soul Reaver did and just shift a few vertexes and change the color of some textures, and this was done on a PSX.
>>214805 >Remember, survival horror was dying out Nah, it was perfectly fine its just that Capcom made the genius decision gauge the interest in Resident Evil and horror in general by releasing two exclusives on the Gamecube, a Nintendo console. You know the console that was know for everything but fucking horror games. Naturally people did not rush to the stores to buy new gamecube and a copy RE:remake/zero to prove how giddy they are about horror and Resident Evil. Survivor horror dying is and was a pure fabrication by the suits over at Capcom. It had nothing to do with the actual state of the market. Hell, the PS2 had about the same amount of survival horror games as the PSX if not more. Capcom just tricked themselves into believing that it was dying by measuring interest on the wrong platform. >RE4 prototype >haunted room As >>215412 already pointed out that was the least of their problems. As far as I know the core of the issue was that they wanted to have a sort of a fog monster and wiggle worms, sort of like what they had in RE5 with uroboros. The GC was too weak for that and consistently pulling that off with workarounds was too costly and took too long. The problem was that they were not willing to compromise on those elements(fog and worms) so they scrapped it. The RE4 we got seems to be a quickly cobbled together mash up of all the previous versions as it reuses a lot of ideas and assets from those versions but for a different purpose. That is also probably why it became mostly a side story that just happens to feature Leon.

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