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Bethesda, Machine Games and Lucasfilm Games making an Indiana Jones game with Todd Howard as executive producer Anonymous 01/13/2021 (Wed) 09:57:06 Id:d59c9c No. 205448
Are you sure it's an Indiana Jones game, or are they just making Laura Croft a ftm tranny?
(24.71 KB 711x753 todd howard red guard.png)
Get ready for 16 times the disappointment.
>Star War dot com >Get your Disney + bundle >Nu Lucasarts and Glitchthesda It's gonna flop before it even gets conceptualized. >>205451 It's fucking Disney and Bethesda, what do you think? It's gonna be a janky diversity wank fest with more glitches than Cyberpunk. I would say I look forward to looking at how bad it'll be but I can't.
(194.74 KB 231x313 jonesy.png)
>machine games
Oh man can't wait for Indiana John's twin ugly inbred looking sisters to punch nazis with some stronk niggeress with that ugly looking short afro playing support.
>>205458 Oh shit I didn't read that part, it's 12000 times worse than we thought, now it's gonna definitively be black trans Indie still voice by Harrison Ford, and his triade of south Asian comrades killing Nazi's.
>>205448 >Machine Games I was asked if it was just going to be Nazi bullshit again but that seals it more or less.
(4.19 MB 854x480 Wolfenstein_is_Anti-Nazi.webm)
>>205458 >>205463 >>205475 >>205448 I played New Order and Old Blood and and somewhat enjoyed them even though they were pretty generic. Playing The New Colossus was probably one of the worst experiences of my life, everything about it is trash. The gameplay, the disgustingly barren and piss poor hub world, the shitty instanced side missions, the fact that there are more cutscenes than gameplay, the completely failure in writing and all the pozz in it. It makes Cyberpozz 2077 look like a decent lolbert game.
>>205479 Oh yeah, almost forgot: Recycling enemies and levels ad nauseum.
>>205479 >>205481 It's so bad it made me swear off pirating anything Bethesda related outside of NuDoom. And I regret pirating Eternal, at least 2016 was mediocre but enjoyable.
>>205479 couldn't even finish NO, the gameplay was ok, nothing overly offensive, but the story was already dumb af. old wolfenstein had cheesy nazi shit, but it never went out of their way to show how them as outright retarded inbreds, which for some reason still managed to not only win ww2 but also hold onto power till the 60's, while also letting a resistance cells be active to the point you can rambo you way all the way to berlin and back while apparently no one bats an eye. either make them believable villains to give the story some weight or go full camp like nazi zombie army, not that half-backed shitwank some progressive swecucks thinks is clever writing.
>Likely killing Nazi's again which has become as tired as the zombie genre. >Made by the studio that butchered the last to Wolfensteins: New Colossus and YoungBlood (3 if you count the VR game Cyberpilot but I can't make a judgement on that since I don't play VR games). >Expect diversity or Antifa simulator. >"Sweet Little Lies" Todd Howard involved. What a terrible announcement. Are they trying to bury the "toxic masculinity" by killing Indiana Jones further? They already did that with Crystal Skull and possibly again the upcoming new Indiana Jones produced by Kathleen Kennedy. Saw a stupid conversation where the game would be Xbox exclusive because Playstation didn't retweet the teaser video. Some people are really grasping at the littlest of straws at this point. Also seeing a lot of Nathan Drake brought up when discussing this topic. People not sure how it could be different gameplay-wise from Uncharted and could be seen as an Uncharted ripoff by zoomers. First of all, Nathan Drake just stole from Lara Croft which took some inspiration from Indiana Jones so the connection between them has come full circle. Also, looking at what MachineGames and Todd Howard has already done, I don't think they'll make something close to Uncharted in style. I'm guessing first person with a lot of puzzles and platforming or third person elder scrolls with an Indiana Jones skin with a whip grapple mechanic. We probably won't get more solid information until a year from now since it looks like its not that far in develop. Bethesda still hasn't given much of time frame for when Starfield or Elder Scrolls VI will come out, even if they say this Indiana Jones game won't affect them. This game probably won't come out until somewhere between 2-3 years. Maybe less if they are reusing an engine from one of their games.
>>205448 >machine games Oh boy, can't wait for Marxist fighting White-Ass Racist Nazi Pigs™ in the jungle. Here is the plot. >Notsees steal relic of a super advanced socialist civilization and they used to colonize and enslave them >Indiana Jones™ joins The Resistance™ consisting of a Marxist and Black Wakanda Warrior Women to stop the evil Nazis from ruining the environment and angering the gods And despite said Nazis being able to control and take over everything the entire game they are portrayed and incompetent infantile clowns who can't wipe their own asses who get beating up by little children and pregnant women.
>>205490 >Are they trying to bury the "toxic masculinity" Don't doubt it, and whatever cunt they get won't be as good as Harrison Ford.
>>205479 Who made that video?
(3.32 MB 960x640 banned from everywhere.webm)
>>205501 American Krogan
>>205448 >Bethesda >Machine Games >Lucasfilm Games >Todd Howard It only needs to be "Exclusive on Microsoft Platforms" to finish the Five Force Cancer.
>>205508 Only on Stadia
How about we uplift this thread a bit, by talking about the good Indiana Jones games. I'll start with Emperor's Tomb, released in 2003, an action-adventure with light platforming and puzzle solving. One of the best things in this game, is the hand to hand combat, and I consider it one of the best, as every punch and hit feels like it has impact, with small details such as when you slam a guy in a wall the screen shakes a bit, not too much to be annoying, but just a bit to create the impression of an impact, or how you could slam a guy into a table, the table breaks, but then you pick up the table leg and hit the other guy with that wooden leg, or how if you get punched enough ,your hat falls off and after the fight you go and pick it back up. There are lots of small little things, and the fact that the enemy can do the same stuff to you as well, makes every fight feel exciting. The game also has a diverse cast of characters to punch, from australians, to nazis, to muslims, to chinks and even zombie chinks. The game also features ranged weapons, and while they are fine, I always prefer the hand-to-hand combat, or melee fighting using swords or shovels. The graphics are also good, and in spite of how old the game is, it still manages to look decent even today, I guess it had the right amount of polygons and a good art style. The story is decent and does it's job of explaining why Indy goes from country A to country B, and canonically the game ends right when the second movie starts. The music is also what you would expect from an Indy game. The game can be a bit tedious at times, as this is an older game, so don't expect the amount of hand holding you have in today's games, the combat and AI can be a bit janky at times, but nothing that would ruin the experience. One warning though, is that you will fight the nazis in this game and they are not the good guys, but on the other hand you get to dress as one at one point and even do a sieg heil to pass a checkpoint. For me this wasn't enough to ruin the experience, but I know there are some people here who would not want to play something like this. All in all, I think it's a great game and worthy of a playthrough.
Are they really going to make a game about graverobbing, stealing third world countries most treasured historical and cultural artefacts starring a privileged male white saviour in a world filled with Nazis? In this day and age? I don't think so, you know exactly how they're gonna fuck this up.
who cares theyre a private company they can do what they want
>>205780 And we're allowed to not like what they do and talk shit about them, being a private company doesn't protect them from criticism. Did you think you were making some sort of clever point here or something?
>>205780 >who cares theyre a private company they can do what they want Get the fuck out of here shill.
(715.21 KB 860x860 kula says your a fag.png)
>>205775 Well Harrison Ford is a jew so that makes it ok.
>>205448 It will be shit.
I hope they turn Indy into a sexy woman
(50.21 KB 1024x576 tomb raider.jpg)
>>205847 >I hope they turn Indy into a sexy woman Thats too much of a far out idea that would never work.
(421.20 KB 851x740 honest man, todd howard.png)
>>205515 a good read but please space your shit out
ITT: schizophrenia
>>205463 >you play as Indiana Jones' twin daughters who were raised solely on a steady diet of Beavis and Butthead
>>205780 >there is actual audio of this fake anime girl saying "nigger" and he chooses to post this instead what did he mean by this
>>206641 Beavis and Butthead were actually funny and didn't try too hard.
>>206522 More like absolutely furious stormfags lmao The new Wolfenstein games are, I don't know, alright I guess? The second one was pretty mediocre but the first one was okay. I hated how fuckhuge the viewmodels were, really cluttered the screen. Apparently they made two other Wolfenstein games just 18 months ago? I haven't even heard of these prior to looking the company up. They got shit reviews as well. I have no idea what to expect from an Indiana Jones game, but games with a bunch of studios on them usually fall apart or get cancelled. Especially considering the main dev, MachineGames, has only ever made a single type of game.
(275.49 KB 1278x542 wolfenstien white ass.png)
(47.42 KB 761x920 wolfenseteinberg__.jpg)
(120.44 KB 900x1200 wolfenstein.jpg)
(87.21 KB 1199x845 wolfenstein commie.jpg)
>>205479 >The New Colossus Is that the one with the bloody pregnant girl killing everyone or was that old blood?
>>206673 New Colossus New Order was ok, Old Blood starts getting preachy and New Colossus goes balls to the wall with pozz. Play the 2009 Wolfenstein if you want a good modern iteration of the franchise. Hub world with instanced missions and plenty of toys to play around with.
>>206646 The first one was resoundingly mediocre, it had decent weapon design but suffered from too much bullshit that allowed you to make the game trivial. Most notably all of the stealth perks and mechanics. The game was easy if you ran stealth and didn't feel like much of a shooter. Secret Jew technology was one of those things where I couldn't tell if they were being ironic or not, but the presentation was hilarious regardless. Final boss was lame as fuck. Best part of the game was the Nazi-fied pop culture songs from the period
>>206673 Why do r/Asian masculinity posters always dox themselves on Reddit?
(6.85 MB 640x360 v tech just kicked in yo.webm)
>>206770 Parents make them feel like another cog in the machine, Americunt media makes them feel like super special snowflake. It usually doesn't end well
(407.38 KB 828x1792 reddit chink.png)
>>206770 Because they have the hardest dicks and attract women with little to no effort.
(1.68 MB 764x556 ww.gif)
>todd howard
(292.86 KB 1146x833 lc.gif)
(76.60 KB 550x400 k.gif)
>>206790 >>206793 >>206794 You can post multiple files, faggot
>>206787 >little to no autism >wide faces as if that's a good thing when biology patterns link narrow faces with intelligence >most handsome in the world except when a white blonde male enters the room and everyone immediately comments on how amazing his hair looks (this happens in all east Asian countries) Thanks for the laugh. What a post
>>206796 Wouldn't work with what he was doing you estrogen filled cunt
(51.72 KB 1200x1200 soylent.jpg)
(33.91 KB 620x413 estradot.jpg)
(53.28 KB 1400x932 LUHXTHKN6FAYFOIWFB42TBQFOM.jpg)
>>206796 >Does not know multiple gifs wont work. Greetings Newfag. Please accept this Newfag starter pack.
(946.14 KB 500x279 Last Order.gif)
(36.22 KB 400x267 tear-away-pants-gif-6.gif)
(164.27 KB 203x256 Technicolor Dinossaur.gif)
(216.62 KB 500x260 SHut the fuck up.gif)
(1.77 MB 320x180 Notgayhorse.gif)
>>206847 >multiple gifs wont work
(757.65 KB 320x558 no nigger zone.mp4)
>>206856 >>206865 >current year + 6 >still posting gifs
(7.43 KB 162x216 AYY.jpg)
>>206858 I'm still right, he was describing each company with each .gif you autistic mess. Would not work with multiple files
>>206880 Yeah you're right there's no way he could have put 3 lines of text in the same post with 3 images. Gottem.
I have to wonder what kind of game this will be. I don't imagine an FPS would fit the Indiana Jones style very well. Why pick Machinegames of all studios? I don't get it. Naughty Dog I'd at least understand, but MG? They've only ever made Woflenstien and even then it's been extremely mixed.
>>214514 I doubt Disney would ever work with Sony, They're direct competitors in mass media

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