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Games with a mystery Anonymous 01/13/2021 (Wed) 16:13:14 Id:057447 No. 205608
What are some good mystery games that you can recommend /v/? Paranormal mysteries, crime-based mysteries, horror games where you slowly uncover the truth behind what is happening, everything is fine with me. Even games the gameplay of isn't detective work but have a mystery as a large part of their plot. Ghost Trick, Ace Attorney and Layton are pretty great but I know all of them already.
You are the cat
(106.86 KB 246x357 dublesius checkus.png)
>>205611 I avoided you niggers for 11 fucking years mildly upset
>>205608 Try Umineko no Naku Koro ni.
>>205678 you cant avoid them.
>>205689 >>205678 The plot twist doesn't make any fucking sense since it's just time traveling bullshit anyways, that's more of a fucking spoiler than anything else.
>>205692 i fucking hate time travel
>>205692 >>205693 time travel isnt so bad, its just really easy to fuck it up
>>205694 >its just really easy to fuck it up thats stupid. time travel is always fucking retarded no matter what
>>205694 It's more that most fictional writing is dogshit so it's hard to make anything look vaguely entertaining without using a SF meme as a fucking crutch for uninspired shit, just like fantasy writers making carbon copy clones of Tolkien shit.
(87.00 KB 1300x861 11419541.jpg)
>>205698 its cause they're too lazy to try something new, they wanna do whats safe and not take any risks so nothing is new anymore, its the same thing with AAA games.
>>205700 Collecting a paycheck involves rehearsing scripts.
>>205701 thats all they care about now. paychecks
>>205703 >>205701 its sad to see my hobby die
(149.85 KB 800x1132 PoP WW.jpg)
(51.91 KB 360x450 LoK Blood Omen 1.jpg)
(24.62 KB 256x365 Soul Reaver 2.jpg)
(43.80 KB 466x418 Radiant Historia.jpg)
>>205697 There are games with good time travel stories.
>>205608 if it counts, Portal. if you really pay attention to the world around you, you slowly begin to understand and investigate what actually happened in there.
>>205706 And the time travel bullshit still comes off as fucking retarded in all of them, Radiant Historia has to work to make it not look completely fucking retarded.
>>205712 this, it seems like every universe with time travel always retconns shit or fucks it up and ignores it
>>205712 Ok, what is the bullshit in Warrior Within then?
>>205706 >kain's depressing ruise cruise Its impressive how badly those games have aged, good thing the writing, scripts and VAs are top notch and make it worth it.
>>205692 You're not compelled to overthink it. Enjoy the parts that are enjoyable and give your autism a rest for once.
>>205719 come on, thats the laziest excuse for shit writing ive ever seen. if it doesnt make sense on a first glance basis then they need to fix it.
>>205723 i have to agree with you there. however i still stand that time travel CAN be done well sometimes. Star Trek didnt fuck it up
>>205692 >>205723 It's been a long time since I played the game, but from what I remember the guy and the cat both die, the guy's spirit leaves the scene, the cat's spirit sees the guy's body and assumes that's him. We know animals have souls in this game, with the dog, so there is precedence, and spirits just take the shape of the thing they believe to be. We also know that a "spirit" can only exist if the person died near a space rock, which was in the suitcase at the scene of the crime. What doesn't make sense?
>>205726 they kinda did in voyager, but thats not the point
>>205730 nobody likes voyager
(34.40 KB 650x466 77853185123394322346.jpg)
>>205730 >>205733 The Doctor is the only reason to watch Voyager
>>205723 I really don't get it. It's a puzzle VN from Capcom with great music and good animation to watch while you solve simple little puzzles, and the story is just there to be a happy ending vector. I know it's annoying to have a plot hole jump up and bite you in the neck, because you can't forget about it after you've noticed it, but it's a shame to let it ruin you enjoyment of the game. >>205733 There are people who like Voyager. I know a guy who likes that universally panned movie Waterworld. Some people just have bad taste. I guess sometimes that's because they simply don't ever notice the bad parts.
>Can timetravel be done well. Yes it can it was done well by Stein's Gate and Undertale:^) >>205688 Already played
(746.37 KB 1000x895 pmd_sky.jpg)
Kind of.
(5.30 MB 2835x1498 ClipboardImage.png)
The mystery is how people still play it
(48.76 KB 122x194 2358428572382538723465.png)
>>205772 >subscription lol no
(57.09 KB 165x172 racist.png)
>>205746 >but it's a shame to let it ruin you enjoyment of the game If I play a game for a story it's hard to give a shit if the story is shit or badly written. Most fiction just sucks ass, that's just a given. The most you could get from that kind of thought is that fiction draws from reality and that most writers nowadays are just not interesting enough to actually write anything interesting.
(35.68 KB 640x354 4993ynuk93c51.jpg)
If you haven't yet play the Danganronpa series, you may wanna skip the last game though if you're looking for a good twists because that one's twist is complete ass. You're better off playing the spin off game Ultra Despair Girls or even reading the novel Dangangronpa Zero before playing V3 because its story is just that bad.
>>205698 More like carbon copies of Brooksshit
Zero Escape/The Nonary Games aren't bad, though there is a bit or two in the third that strains credulity.
This game was cute
>>205739 And even then he just further continues the absurd holodeck fuckery that began in TNG.
(60.02 KB 640x577 133690_front[1].jpg)
>>206274 definitely a goldmine of reaction images have you tried the sequel, Last Window?
(103.74 KB 640x903 269159_front[1].jpg)
solve your own murder in Salem, Massachusetts. Also, help other souls find rest bears many similarities to Ghost Trick but with less precision in its puzzle solving you can walk through most interior walls (the outsides of buildings in Salem have been consecrated so you still need an open door) the PC version has some issues so save often and turn off VSync if you can't move your cursor when reading a piece of paper at the initial crime scene
>>206299 Only after finishing Hotel Dusk a few days ago did I realize it had a sequel. How does it hold up to the first?
>>205692 the plot twist is planned and foreshadowed throughout the entire game: the cat jumping out of the box "My head feels fuzzy" playfully abusing the mouse you can't read you're aloof until you get to know someone, just like a cat you save 9 people's lives throughout the course of the game the real out of nowhere plot twist? Missile is the lamp. Completely out of left field
>>206309 I honestly can't say as every time I start it something distracts me. I should really just sit the fuck down and play it tonight
>>205608 Going by your examples, other games i remember from that era are the Cing games like Another Code, the DS version of FSR and some of which i don't remember anything at all, like Time Hollow and Jake Hunter. >>206154 >if you're looking for a good twists Then you shouldn't play or read anything that has Danganronpa on the title.
>>206154 You are better off playing Your Turn To Die, a free indie game, made by a jap, that does a better job of telling a death-game story and has a more believable cast than Danganronpa. The game has a decent translation and can easily be found online.
(121.46 KB 256x230 999.jpg)
(834.84 KB 577x631 zero.png)
(34.42 KB 425x451 virtue.jpg)
>>205608 If you like murder mystery visual novels that have room escape gameplay with multiple "choose your own adventure" endings, then I can't suggest 999 enough. Zero Time Dilemma is good so far and plays similarly but I haven't finished it yet so I'm not going to recommend it. I haven't played Virtue's Last Reward. These three games are part of the Zero Escape trilogy and, from what I've heard, they're all self contained stories and you can play them in any order. That said, there are characters from previous games in newer ones so it could spoil what happens in an older game if you play a newer one first. As with all DS/3DS games, I'd recommend emulating them on actual hardware for the authentic experience. I believe these games are also on PC but I've heard they crash a lot.
(61.75 KB 1014x1214 Holy crap Lois I'm dead.jpg)
>>205608 >>205611 I think about this picture a lot. >>206274 Gotta play this one. I need to find out what's so fucking special about the damn paperclip. >>206625 >"Well why are we here,X?" >"We have to do Y. Let us move to the next room and talk about it again over there" 95% of the dialogue is filler.
>>206625 There's a 3 in one package of these for the PC called The Nonary Games. You really should play them in order if you're going to or you have some 'reveal' moments that are supposed to have weight but have next to none until/unless you play the earlier titles and doing it ass backwards (2,1,3 like I did) is a bit weird. There is also a smidgeon of time travel (which is the most credulity straining part of the whole thing) and if you end up autismal about seeing everything in them there's shit you'll pretty much have to look up because it's so obtuse.
>>205715 All I want is some mad man to remake the gameplay parts of both Soul Reavers LoK is alright as a game and leave everything else untouched. No writing changes or some hack VA.
>>205611 I fucking hate you
>>228264 Weirdly, blood omen is the best game gameplay wise of the series, and its just edgy zelda.
>>228271 I don't remember how the second BO or that last PS2 game played at all. And I didn't play that not-moba, Nosgoth was its name?
>>228272 Nosgoth fucking sucked, lore raped too.
(320.82 KB 1474x1854 laura-bow-1.png)
(65.49 KB 400x300 18-wwd.jpg)
I shit on Roberta Williams for being a hack quite a lot, and it's mostly deserved. She did make the Laura Bow series though, which I thought was pretty alright. Especially Bequest, but Dagger of Amon Ra is comfy 20's murder mystery stuff. It's got some lower level 90's poz, especially in Amon Ra, but overall they're decent games. At the very least, give Colonel's Bequest a shot.
(37.38 KB 256x354 Ever17.jpg)
>>205608 If you like visual novels, I can recommend Ever17. Probably my favourite VN. Be warned that the very end of the true route is a let down for reasons that are difficult to explain without spoiling. Japs cannot do endings to great stories at all for some reason but I'd still play it if I were you. There's a flowchart guide floating around somewhere that I would also recommend following because the requirements for each route aren't simple and each route takes a while.
>>205729 >spirits just take the shape of the thing they believe to be Not necessarily. Ray knew its true identity yet appeared only as a lamp until the ending.
>>206154 v3 had the best story, characters, and "gameplay" in the series. I get hating that it got meta in the end, but the whole hope/despair thing is cancer and sometimes a fanbase needs to actually be told to fuck off and get a life. That goes double for the Danganronpa fanbase, which may be the most autistic, mentally ill, narcissistic, and prone to penectomies in gaming. >>206356 Either YTTD's script is pretty bad or its translation is. The format of having debates is dumb when there's no clear objective (as in the bullshit cards "trial").
>>205746 Waterworld is fun. The ending is kinda stupid though.
Recommend a mystery game based on the Cthulhu Mythos that doesn't fucking end the same way and is subtle about it without be so goddamn obvious, and without using the same old tired cliches and plot twists.
(1.65 MB 1080x1080 ClipboardImage.png)
Bloodborne is pretty vague in the whole ride, but playing it blindly can wield the feeling of uncovering something very deep, even if it's mostly your own interpretations.
(2.11 MB 1080x1080 1547310675.png)
>>205608 >Games with a mystery
>>205608 >The Dig One of Lucasarts' best point and click adventures. Three astronauts are tasked with nuking an asteroid into a stable orbit and instead are whisked away to a dead world, filled with ruins, and you need to explore it and find out why it's dead and if there's a way to bring it back to life. I love this game because it does a genuinely fantastic job of making you feel lost and alone. >Tormentum: Dark Sorrow Another point and click adventure with awesome Beksinski/Giger-inspired art. The story is pretty cliche but there's still a lot of gaps to fill in by yourself. I like this game because its art is really quite excellent and because its characters are really well-written. They all kinda have their own thing going on and have their own goals, and they feel very "real".

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