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(2.89 MB 1600x1200 sonia.png)
QTDDTOT Anonymous 02/04/2021 (Thu) 22:52:46 Id:700bb9 No. 228459
you know the script, niggers for any 8/16bit and certain ps1 games, i've been using the 6 btn megadrive/genesis controller, love the d-pad and clicky buttons, so my question is, should i re-order another 6btn megadrive, or is there a better alternative?
(2.13 MB 2968x1725 PSX Imports Ma-Z.png)
(2.18 MB 2968x1725 PSX Imports A-Ma.png)
(41.00 KB 354x500 サルゲッチュ3.jpg)
(41.96 KB 351x500 ペルソナ4.jpg)
>>238500 I have some PSX Imports saved from some time ago, they should hopefully be of some help. As for PS2 titles, I cannot help you with Japan-Exclusive imports. If you don't mind playing Japanese games that have been released elsewhere, I would look into Saru Gechu 3 (Ape Escape 3). It has furigana kanji and it should be affordable but I don't keep up with buyfagging. If you're up for a challenge play Persona 4 or Persona 3 FES. 4 is more casual than 3, so you won't have to worry too much about screwing up badly. It should also be affordable but again, I don't keep up with buyfagging.
>>243162 Normalfaggot may cry is not a good game zoomer. It's too knew to count for those that'd see Zelda s the last good game. >>243183 Off of normalfaggots. >>243320 yes he does >>243335 >>244241 It's been time to stop spamming birds. >>243227 Ever learned to banter? Use insults that are original? >>was that comment even directed at me? >implying it matters
(54.84 KB 545x476 10 int.jpg)
>>245531 >Normalfaggot may cry >Zoomer >Off of normalfaggots. Then goes >Ever learned to banter? Use insults that are original?
>>245559 >replying to bait >not replying to >>245433 Faggot.
(114.66 KB 640x443 49207_front[1].jpg)
I've never played Tropico and wish to be best Jefe which one would anon recommend?
>>245735 The non-consolized entries, so 1-3
Started setting up an RSS feed for myself, then realized I don't know of a single gaming news site that I even remotely trust. 99% of my news comes from here or Youtube channels... Anyone have suggestions?
>>245742 Gematsu was my go to one but that faggot who runs it is pozzed beyond repair. Not sure about Niche Gamer as they seem to get news very slowly.
>>245742 Siliconera I guess? I don't read many news so it's probably shit
>>245747 Nichegamer looks good, thanks. >>245749 I originally passed over siliconera because the name sounded like a reference to ResetEra. Looking at it now, it looks pretty good. Lots of articles across different platforms. Thanks for the suggestion.
>>245749 >>245759 Silliconera has pozzed writers too, iirc
>>245735 Tropico 1 is pretty hardcore, 3 has a lot of quality of life changes and is considerably easier. I think you should play: 1 if you're a strong boy who doesn't fear outdated clunky designs 2 if you just wanna be a pirate 3 if you want to have a good time with a nice challenge 4 is one of the best but it's way too easy, 5 is boring as shit and 6 is practically on auto pilot and not even that funny.
>>245742 Mind sharing the feed or anyothers you'd recommend?
>>245836 In fact, if anyone has one, share too please.
(82.82 KB 615x410 Blackbearded.jpg)
What is the best pirate game presently? I have lost track of all of those fan mods of Sea Dogs, Pirates of the Caribbean and all. >>245782 >2 if you just wanna be a pirate Smokin' mad.
(55.48 KB 800x840 coffee.jpg)
Is it me or does Invidious not display comments anymore? The videos are working fine, it's just the comments.
Stupid question, where Wesker's accent from. I'm talking about him in RE5
>>245911 By RE5 he's probably had 5 or 6 things put into him so its not unreasonable that he had a stroke along the way
>>245913 >things put into him W-what kind of things? Chris' thing?
>>245896 Depends on the instance. It's probably google blocking off that info when an instance causes too many requests.
>>245911 It's mostly an Ontario accent with an Oxford English influence. The voice actor (Canadian) was trying to emulate the vocal qualities of Shere Khan. >>245933 I've tried every instance listed on invidio.us, all of them have the same problem. I tried it across multiple browsers, too.
(478.74 KB 425x601 wesker escape.png)
>>245914 He got fingered by a tyrant.
(626.09 KB 1024x651 ClipboardImage.png)
>>246037 >It's mostly an Ontario accent
>>246101 I don't understand but thanks for the (You)
>>246131 Toronto (the biggest metro area in Ontario) has a huge Pajeet population. I was making a joke the same way one would joke about France being full of mudshits
>>246037 >It's mostly an Ontario accent with an Oxford English influence. The voice actor (Canadian) was trying to emulate the vocal qualities of Shere Khan. Wow thanks anon. No matter he sounded so weird. >>246097 >He got fingered by a tyrant. lewd
(85.03 KB 640x928 9726_front[1].jpg)
>>245856 among modern games, I couldn't say but pic related's an absolute classic, practically Westwood's swan song. Emulates well enough EU cover because obvious reasons
>>245433 let's ignore the modern shovelware; do you know how many games Epic and Apogee alone put out for DOS? It's going to be quite a list
>>246345 There's some obscure shit like Zone 66 and Solarwinds. I remember an android pinball game too. Also a game called Dare to Dream that was some point and click adventure game by Cliff Blazinsky
(60.89 KB 183x180 ClipboardImage.png)
In spelunky does using shortcuts effect level feeling chance
(397.38 KB 616x353 ClipboardImage.png)
The only Suda games I have played are NMH1&2. Recently I watched some gameplay videos of Travis Strikes Again and it looked extremely interesting and meta which means I should probably play some more of his games before jumping into it or else I won't understand jack shit. I was wondering about which ones are worth playing. There's >The Silver Case >Flower, Sun & Rain >KIller7 >Shadow of the Damned >Lollipop Chainsaw Do I have to play them all?
>>248073 Killer 7 is a must play I enjoyed Lolipop Chainsaw, but it’s up to you. I even enjoyed Killer is Dead, but I admit there were areas where it felt unpolished.
>>248073 Travis Strikes Again is basically a proper sequel in gameplay and story. I have no fucking idea why the named it the way they did. So you should check it out.
>>248073 Play The Silver Case before FSR. If you know japanese play Moonlight Syndrome(and maybe Twilight Syndrome) before The Silver Case. Being honest i don't think you miss much if you play the games out of order but there are certain references and moments that will fly over your head if you don't play the games in order of release. I consider everything up to and including Killer 7 to be worth playing. After that is hit and miss for me. Be aware that the games before Killer 7 are not about crazy action, and spilling blood everywhere, most are adventure games where you solve some puzzles and there is minimum gameplay.
>>247703 I don't believe so, no. However, it's impossible to get the true ending if you use the short cuts. There are items you need to obtain in the caves first.
anyone have that clip of the kids dressed up in sonic clothes or something, and one kid gets pie thrown in his face and pushed into a trash can? i say kid but they're probably in their late teens
(3.38 MB 320x236 Pies.mp4)
>>248311 (checked) cheers dude
(273.65 KB 340x796 malos.png)
(1.83 MB 1438x2007 Ghirahim_Artwork.png)
Here is a question that does not deserve its own thread. Why are male manifestations of swords in Nintendo games always fucking evil faggots?
>>248712 Cucktendo has been pushing pozzed shit for years anon. The sword is a masculine symbol so they have "conquered" it by making it feminine, submissive
(11.87 KB 530x530 Evil_Grin.jpg)
>>248761 So the same as Sony and Golf then.
Which version of Rune should I play? Rune Classic or Rune Gold?
>>248712 Isn't Fi also a sword? Not evil, but a woman, so I don't know if it really strongly contradicts your point.
>>248936 Found out Rune Classic has a bug with the darkness and the only real workaround at the moment is to turn off a setting that will make the game look like poop. So it's best to stick with Rune Gold. >TFW you update a game to run on modern systems and you mess it up so bad that people stick with the original
(228.89 KB 741x1200 35.jpg)
(437.21 KB 657x367 5.png)
I tried this over on /co/ but no one would answer and they nuked the thread. >NMH3 announced >thumbnail for video and box art have this pic >FU is huge and muscled >Travis is hard and chisled >whole game is references but in a clever manner >Realize upon seeing this pic that I've seen it before >Muscle dude was either Hulk, Pitt, or some other similarly huge guy >chisled guy was either Wolverine, Judge Dredd, or someone else who wouldn't give two shits about a muscular monster in his face <I can't fucking remember what the original image was <people can't seem to figure it out <feel like I just dimension swapped <my recent amnesia from traumatic events isn't helping anything Any help?
(3.13 MB 1071x1500 ClipboardImage.png)
>>249262 Well, there's this.
>>249284 I've seen ones like that around, but this was verbatim. Like someone did an entry for a Template thread and drew FU and Travis over the original pose.
>>248712 I always saw it as "I'm a living weapon that's so good at what I do I hardly need to try". Kind of like Shadow before they turned the edge up to 11 and gave him a gun.
(87.89 KB 400x300 187437-16417-sabretooth.jpg)
>>249262 Wolverine vol 1 number 90. Year 1995 The other guy is sabertooth
(2.20 MB 2236x2960 192.jpg)
(2.89 MB 4826x3508 154.jpg)
What should I tackle off my backlog first; >Majora's Mask 3D >Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning >.hack//G.U. Last Recode
(107.69 KB 270x370 ShadowTheHedgehogSA2.png)
I adore edge, give me some incredibly fucking edgy video games and talk about edge in general. I want to play something that looks like it was made by a bunch of 16-year olds on deviantart who think that blood and gore is cool. Do you have any recommendations for me /v/?
>>249533 DmC: Devil May Cry is edgy as fuck, I also recommend Hatred and the first Postal.
>>249482 MM3D is the shortest and easiest
>>249482 I said it once and will say it again. Backlogs are for beta males and faggots.
>>249545 Thank you. >>249549 I can't be a beta males and faggots because I'm not you tho.
(377.42 KB 720x576 kirby_s fucking pissed.jpg)
>>249533 Playing a single Kirby game gave me PTSD anon. I won't think even you would be able to handle them. The absolute edge that pink monstrosity dishes out is off the charts! >>249558 >i got hit with a no u Oh no I have been thoroughly owned! I take back what I said! Backlogs are for chads with high testosterone, over 6ft tall and all have huge cocks!
>>249563 >I take back what I said! Backlogs are for chads with high testosterone, over 6ft tall and all have huge cocks! I'm glad you've learned your lesson. No need to thank me. Helping a less fortunate individual like yourself out of faggotry is all the thanks I need.
>>249482 .hack//gu is a great game but last recode is a pretty big undertaking. Its all 3 of the games and they were not really designed to be played one after the other. A lot of people became burnt out trying to play them that way, myself included. I recommend playing the first game, then one.of the other games in your backlog, the second game, another backlog game and then finally finishing the last game and the bonus chapter.
>>249693 Pretty much. I replayed G.U like 5 times on the ps2. But i tried doing the 3 games in a row for Last recode and it was to fucking much. Specially after 2. You should do Vol 1, MM3D, Vol. 2, Amalur and then Vol 3 and the extra chapter since its pretty straightforward.
>>249693 >>249705 How long is each game in .hack//G.U. Last Recode anyways?
(328.87 KB 1359x1920 00021.jpg)
>>249710 30 to 40 each more or less. I spend a lot of time reading to forums in the game so that probably added up some hours. Play them with Jap voices.
>>249721 >Play them with Jap voices. That was a given.
(15.70 MB 640x640 e3 2018.webm)
>>249473 >>249476 No, that's not it, the pic was taken VERBATIM as if it was part of our template montages, back when e3 was a thing
>>249721 >>249742 Why? The English VA's are great in .hack//gu.
(403.93 KB 900x510 Maxx Batman.jpg)
>>249262 It's not 1:1 (especially regarding Travis' pose), but it reminds me of the Maxx's crossover with Batman.
(40.75 KB 1357x628 greater israel.png)
any other webring board doesn't have geoblocks why does this one have? also why do you state that this site isn't affiliated with 8chan when it's literally called that? also banning a torpost is dumb since it takes me seconds to return, so you better give me a convincing answer.
>>250813 nobody fucking answers in the meta thread and my posts get deleted
>>250817 take a hint tornigger
>>250819 shut the fuck up newfag go eat shit and choke on your fathers entrails
>>250820 Yeah but why you mad tho
(27.46 KB 352x367 angryman.png)
>>250825 >u mad bro lololol go drink toilet water
(347.41 KB 640x480 umadbig.png)
(251.55 KB 1440x900 Bannnff.jpg)
>>250828 you literally chug semen daily
>>250829 Jessy was such a slut, goddam
(249.02 KB 1000x1000 newfag guide 8ch.png)
>>250834 how is this post topic related?
(1.56 MB 500x281 1556062079.gif)
>>250840 >fight against his own civilians >win >fight against countries >lose Now I see why you're such an ebin troll.
>>250838 dice 1d20
(479.30 KB 350x224 fuck off.gif)
>>250808 >TORnigger is an obnoxious newfag that doesn't understand nor ask things properly and is too autistic to use the meta thread. >>250817 Because you're an newfag that demands to be fed basic shit. OG 8chan geoblocked certain countries because foreign niggers try to start shit and take the site down and for the same shit geoblocking is done here. Now go back to whatever shit hole you came from.
>>250846 who taught you how to speak english? i'll have words with your teacher. I'll direct you to this post right here>>250817 which you have replied to but since you lack reading comprehension i can only assume you were dropped as a child >OG 8chan geoblocked certain countries because foreign niggers try to start shit and take the site down and for the same shit geoblocking is done here. i don't recall 8chan blocking MY country, nor russia or the third one
>>250847 Later into its lifecycle (before it got pawned off to Jim) I remember Russia being blocked,Germany got added later for starting shit internationally for shit I don't remember. Russia was blocked because some nigger reported Loli as CP to the Russian government and got the site in danger multiple times by going after the domain provider. The reason other webring boards don't have to do this is because none of them use the 8chan name nor do they have any loli boards.
>>250861 why the fuck would a corrupt olgiarchic government care about some faggots sharing drawings of little children in a vietnameese forum? i call bullshit until you cite sources
>>250866 Actually read the meta thread, newfag.The answers are right there and we lost Jim's DoS protection due to it. Just Ctrl+F any of the blocked countries there and you'll immidietly find what happened. Now stop shitting up the board.
>>244442 Fuck you hablafaggot.
>>250868 Israeli IPs are banned because there was a chance that the faggot who snitched the site with the Russians was a literal kike. literally neck yourself
ayy lmao we have a "chance" he was a "kike" so we'll just say fuck it and block israel since we hate jews unironically the fat faggot who rules the board is a fucking jew can't get even more fucking hypocritical than this
(548.85 KB 1100x777 Nooser man.png)
(3.46 MB 810x480 Israeli Shill Bot Leak.webm)
>>250873 >>250874 Are you of the (((chosen people))), anon? JIDF are real and they have pulled bullshit like this before.
>>250875 i don't give a shit about jidf i want to post normally and not from fucking tor why is this so fucking hard to comprehend? do i need to fly over to your house and threaten you with a bomb for you to make a sincere reply?
>>250877 you cant spend 5 bucks a month for a fucking vpn?
>>250877 Whoa calm the fuck down
>>250880 you have got to be shitting me
(526.63 KB 1920x1200 ape.jpg)
Other than Donkey Kong. Can someone recommend me a monkey related game? I don't play games very often but I'm starting to play more right now, and also can someone help find the name of the game that I keep hearing on other forums about some asian monkey videogame I don't remember it but I think it is still in development or complete? I don't know.
>>250889 Ape Out is fucking amazing, it looks like those 60s movie title cards and plays like Hotline Miami
>>250889 >>250890 literally blow your head off
(299.41 KB 1068x1044 Stop_being_having_autism.jpg)
(355.66 KB 543x3840 Mining the chans.jpg)
>>250891 Calm down Yehuda. It's not their fault your overlords are subversive faggots going after "dangerous sites".
(349.99 KB 621x457 burga.png)
(4.43 KB 90x90 damn.gif)
>>250891 Really? At least be creative with your response.
(253.32 KB 600x300 the maxx.png)
>>250542 That's certainly looking a LOT closer. I do know the "normal" guy had his eyes obscured, hence why I feel it could be Judge Dredd, Woverine, Batman, or someone else. I just know I'm gonna want to kill myself when I remember what it was... HOLD THE FUCK UP What about game promotional images? I thought it might have been either marvel super heroes or one of the MvC games where it could have been a VS screen or even a promo for something like mortal Kombat showing Goro.
(7.50 KB 393x341 ClipboardImage.png)
I was able to get my PS Vita to stream onto my monitor so no more small screen. Adding a PS4 controller makes it like a reverse Switch but for older Playstation games. Amazingly, it turns out there's still new games being added or ported to this dead handheld even though most of them are shovelware garbage. Their Freeshop app has moved to PC but it still exists unlike the 3DS one. So I downloaded Darkest Dungeon plus its DLCs and a GameDev Yuri VN, the one they made after their Nurse-themed VNs. Looks like this console won't be abandoned for quite some time. Now that I think about it, I will try to add Catherine: Full Body to this system as well since patches exist. Cheers anons.
What the fuck is the point of cross promotions like this? Is it supposed to spread awareness of a popular fast food brand? Shovel Knight is one of the most well known kickstarter games of all time, going so far as to cameo in first party games. FUCKING WHY?! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xGH_gIjS2u0
(41.49 KB 1589x209 sexual deviancy.PNG)
What am i supposed to do? I have around 150 games in my backlog. Where in 50 of those are visual novels,50 others are jrpgs and the other 50 are a mix of wrpgs and random games. How will i ever complete any of this shit? I have all the time in the world but the games are so long!
>>251594 >I have around 150 games in my backlog Only 150? Your backlog is relatively short. Stop buying new games and make an effort to play one at a time. VNs and RPGs are great because, while "long", they have a definitive end. There's games in my backlog I've put hundreds of hours into, but there's no end in sight because I'm not good enough to get the highest scores on the hardest difficulties.
>>251532 They have to milk their one success dry and maximize profits.
Does anyone here have experience with modding X-Com?
What's the site that facilitates super easy piracy of GOG games again? I saw it mentioned in one share thread or another at some point but never thought to bookmark it. I know its URL is pretty similar to GOG's official site but can't remember for the life of me.
(34.95 KB 482x480 carl.jpg)
>>251594 >50 VNs >50 JRPGs >66% of your backlog is trash Anon, it's simple: just play anything else other than those. How can you even post that image while playing VNs?
>>252654 gog-games.com
>>252736 Do note that websites they host the games on are very prone to shady adverts and many of the obscure games have downloads which no longer work. At least it was like the the last time I used the site.
>>250838 Never knew about that last part, lets try it out. http://www.w3.org/1998/Math/MathML">[reddittwitter]\left[\frac{reddit}{twitter}\right]
Got it in my head to play DF again, I'd heard all the hubbub about it being compromised and after firing it up and dwarf therapist I see I have a lesbian and 2 bi-fags in my fucking embark. Is there a mod to delete this gendershit, if not it's going in the trash and what a waste of time it all was.
>>252743 huh, I never knew that either and I've been here since day 1.
>>252736 Thanks anon. >>252741 I just grabbed Little Big Adventure 1 and 2 and their download links were fine despite the last update to the listing being a year ago. I also scanned both downloads with Nod32 and got no results. Seems legit. Maybe they're a lot shadier with bigger-name games.
(51.77 KB 355x500 512QSZD14AL.jpg)
>>250889 Peter Jackson's King Kong is pretty good (though it doesn't really have that many monkeys until later in the game, actually you could argue it's a more adequate game for fans of dinosaurs). The problem is getting it to run if you don't own one of the consoles the game was released on. All console versions emulate like shit (PS2 version on PCSX2 is probably your best bet but it's glitchy as hell in hardware mode last time I tried it), and the PC version has lots of issues on modern Windows and modern hardware.
>>250889 Monkey Ball Ape Escape Monkey Hero if you can get it to emulate >asian monkey game there's an upcoming title based on Journey to the West that you might be thinking of
>>250889 >pic AND >>250890 Apes aren't monkeys, tails and all that jazz.
>>251532 The collective advertising mind has decided that massive cross promotion is a good thing. This is why there are such things as Amazon ads that promote whatever services that use AWS and are willing to pay them money.
>>250889 >Ape Escape >Monkey Ball >Peter Jackson's King Kong: The Official Game of the Movie >Congo Bongo (early '80s Donkey Kong ripoff but actually good) >King Kong 2 on Famicom (I don't think there is a King Kong 1. This game is very loosely based on King Kong Lives, the 1986 sequel to the 1976 King Kong reboot. Terrible movie, decent game). >ten million Journey to the West games >various Dragon Ball Z games where you fight/turn into giant monkeys >The Agent 9 levels from Spyro 3, where you're some sort of space monkey with a laser gun and ADD. Basically prototype Ratchet & Clank. It's only like two levels of the whole game though. >Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
(159.90 KB 1280x720 monkie.jpg)
>>250889 I've heard mixed reviews about Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey. I haven't played it yet so I can't say anything one way or the other, so check it out yourself and see if it scratches your ape itch.
>>250890 Ape out sucked. And its like a 2 hour game.
>>252846 360 emulation has come a long way. Might be a better option now.
(267.46 KB 600x423 ape.png)
>>253087 >>250889 It's a decent enough monkie simulator: >start as monkie >live as monkie >learn how to be better than dumb monkie >use tools and grow smarter <become nigger It's fun enough so long as you realize it pushes the "humanz wuz all niggas and shieeet" bullshit narrative.
is the ps2 berserk game worth playing?
>>253167 >360 emulation has come a long way. Might be a better option now. I did try it. Xbox 360 version on Xenia runs at 0.5 ~ 2 fps (my PC can emulate most Xbox 360 games at full speed; 60 fps in games that support it). Maybe it worked well at some point but Xenia often has lots of regressions in each update.
(71.20 KB 760x760 1598458371066-4.jpg)
Are there any games where instead of making big spooky sounds, there are enemies that you know are nearby because there is no sound whatsoever? I had a dream last night where a loli witch was trying to fucking kill me, the only sign that she was nearby was that suddenly everything was completely silent. In hindsight it seems like a sort of obvious trick for scary games, but I can't think of any.
>>253210 if you liked the dreamcast game its more of the same but bigger and more polished
(15.97 KB 176x176 unnamed.jpg)
Who are some of 8/v/'s favorite game youtubers? I personally enjoy Sainttimmy's streams (mainly obscure japanese pc games) and stryder7x (paper mario vids)
Hey Mark/Kazu, if you're reading this then don't just up and delete the thread, if you're going to do anything move it to the QTDDTOT >>253763 I don't have any specific one but channels about glitches or obscure easter eggs always fun
The dead ones.
(134.06 KB 900x900 Radiostalker.jpg)
Not a youtuber perse but a channel, Radiostalker is a favorite of mine for it's long S.T.A.L.K.E.R themed ambience remixes.
>>253763 >liking things how gay SummoningSalt is pretty good. Civvie was fun. AccursedFarms is good but he uploads once every seventh astral cycle. UpperEchelon covers gaming and actually writes his own videos instead of just reading articles out loud and interjecting like a cunt. Digital Foundry's retro features are nice, and their hardware breakdowns are helpful. Larry Bundy Jr for those numbered lists of articles that are good for when you just want something on while you eat and for his constant shitting on Molyneux. Coding Secrets is an old game dev, primarily worked on Mega Drive/Genesis and Saturn and he goes deep on some stuff that's fucking interesting. GamingHistorian used to be good but he keeps adding poz to his videos about how things back then are problematic now. CensoredGaming covers shit that gets fucked all the time. Click4Gameplay is one I stumbled across recently. He's some kind of euro/slav who covers eurojank RPGs like Outward. He's a pretty chill guy and seems to know what he's about. Thread will be deleted after I post this.
i used to watch "shrieking cloud of bats" back when i was into Yume nikki and its clones
OneyPlays is good.
>>253350 There are certainly games that have done with with the music in staged ways. Part of the "character notices the silence, then spooky thing happens" trope is just that: the spooky thing happens just after the character notices the silence. Except when it's the music that goes quiet, it's rare for the audience instead of the character to be cued up for spooking; while the audience only might notice the ambiance going silent, they will surely notice the music going quiet, and an important part of the trope is that the audience is successfully cued to the spook coming up with or without the character also being so cued. In a dynamic setting in a video game, the cue would probably be either too subtle (risking the player missing the cue) or too obvious. Ideally, it would be a thing that the player would have to figure out for himself (hey that thing attacks me when the crickets go silent) but that he would also be continually forgetting about or having to remind himself to pay attention to, otherwise it'd just be a trivial move-when-the-noise-happens problem. Given the number of games in the series, I wouldn't be surprised if one of the Five Nights at Freddy games hadn't tried it.
Game Grumps
>>253763 Besides the usual funny men there's gamehut for development stuff, Rimmy for autistic Arma missions, and DeSinc for autism. Hugbox sounds like a typical youtuber but I like his videos, he hasn't uploaded vidya in eons though.
>>253763 It's a review channel, but Worth a Buy is okay.
>>253763 weedy-san for sc:go
>>253763 My Life in Gaming, for video quality autism Digital Foundry, but mainly for DF Retro Examined Life of Gaming, whenever he takes a break from his gun videos and uploads vidya once a year I'd also recommend Game Sack, but the show is almost unwatchable without Dave. >>253781 >Civvie I don't know how anyone can tolerate this fat congested sounding nigger. Not only is his voice annoying but his breaks for comedic skits and recapping entire games reaks of channel awesome faggotry. >Larry Bundy Jr His fact hunt videos are pure junk food content and for the last few years are comprised of nothing but shit you can search for in 5 minutes
>>253763 okis weird stories emplemon
>>253763 I only watched Two best friends play. Any playthrough they did up until 2013 is pretty good. After that the nigger and the other faggot start being more involved in the whole process and Pat and Matt hate towards each other started brewing little by little. Haxor nova Saints row 3 playthrough was really fun 10 years ago. I don't know if it is now. ----- Built a PC some months ago and i only used it to test what it could do. Now i want to play some pc exclusive games since i only ever owned a console to play games. I don't know where to start. What are some entry level pc games to accustom myself to mouse+keyboard set up and enjoy what PC has to offer? I can get the hang of pointing and shooting with a mouse after all the years of abusing myself with a controller.
>>253781 Civvie is also a retard that goes along with every progressive political cause in the book, including hating white people. The rest are more or less fine, besides upperechelon covering the same shit all the time. Honestly the only good gaming jewtuber is this one https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCK4OedT8o2DHedxPR-DIc9Q
>>254037 >Haxor nova Saints row 3 playthrough was really fun 10 years ago My nigger. Hearing what happened to the creatures really sucks. James just wanted to play video games, but the fag ruined their entire group because he wanted money and his gay lover wanted fame.
>>254049 The common thread with these groups is money and fame. There is always 1 faggot that derails everything. Either for money or for some whore. Another fun PT is Battleblock Theater with nova and InmortalHD and Dead Rising 2 with Spoon. I mostly forgotten about this stuff. Glad their still up. Again, i don't know how they hold up.
If I wanted to play Metro 2033, which is the best version to go with?
(186.97 KB 1051x1096 EpnVH37U0AAalcF.jpg)
Anyone got some suggestions on busted ass character builds for Titan Quest?
>>255161 That depends. Here's what I can tell you: <Not-Redux, aka the vanilla option >Has the cooler watch >Weapon choice becomes a whole lot more difficult because you can't mod weapons, and you always want at least one silenced weapon, you have to find it all in the wild. No shame in using a guide on your SECOND playthrough >Slight jank, but nothing you can't handle <Redux version >Has a worse watch >Actual gameplay differences, includes an extra level To add to this point, for some reason they removed a part of the tutorial in redux. In the original, when you team up with Burbon, there will be a part he kills a drunk bandit and you can get an extra throwing knife. This was straight up removed in the Redux version, and I do not know why. >QoL upgrades >All weapons can be modded at gunsmiths, unlike in the original I reccommend playing Vanilla first, then Redux on your second playthrough. See which one you like the most. You can pirate redux from gog, but for the original, I think you have too look for the steam version.
>>253763 If you want pre-recorded ear candy, I'd suggest Oneyplays, Larry Bundy Jr., and Vargskelethor. If you want to catch a live stream, see EmptyHero. I'll watch Arlo from time to time because I'm an autist who likes puppets.
(8.65 KB 474x266 resettranny.jpg)
What the fuck happened? Why does pic related exist?
>>255312 Anon they've been around for awhile now. They formed because of some drama with NeoGAF but I don't remember what it was about. It's not really a new site, just a continuation of NeoGAF
>>255328 >>255312 If memory serves the top guy was a pedo or a sex pest or something.
>>255330 I think he walked in on a girl showering? Something like that, I can't remember.
>>255312 We didn't make enough memes with white women holding guns while we were chasing them with ascii hitler art across discord.
Black Desert Online is free until the 10th of March. Is it good enouth to get it for free? Also, it changed of publisher back to Pearl Abyss. Does it mean there will be any big changes instead of being published by a western company?
(139.82 KB 306x314 ClipboardImage.png)
>>253781 I'll add MatthewMatosis and second SummoningSalt and AccursedFarms. I rarely watch CensoredGaming (because I've already heard of most of it) but I appreciate they exist. Really wanted to like Civvie. A couple of his earlier videos were alright, especially of rarer DOS games. Then he introduced "cancer mouse", which is basically his excuse to virtue signal, followed by ChannelAwesome-style comedy skits and lore. Who wants that?!
Can anyone help me find this manga? I've been looking through pretty much ever result yet all i get are japanese imageboards and not a single one of them mentioning the manga name
>>255394 I gave it a shot, tracked it to a manga site in fucking Malta of all places that set off every warning script in uBlock Origin so I didn't follow through on it I can at least tell you what's going on in it: based on what I've read in response to the image, this is a violently Japanese concept called a maiden cookie or virgin cookie, meant for consoling someone. I'm not sure I fully understand the context they're using it in
>>255401 Looks like he's passing it through the hands of all the kids in the class and then ask if anyone wanna eat the now filthy cookie. One guy on a jap forum I looked up used this image with his text about how he'd never buy a used car, only new cars, because used things are disgusting so I guess that's what the teacher in the manga is teaching too.
>>255350 I guess nobody cares about Black Desert Online.
>hdd apparently shits the bed >bimbos won't boot, not even in safemode >plug in an unbuntu bootstick ohgodohfuggg how does anything work?;_; >all the data is still there and accessible What are the chances that cloning all the partitions to a new drive will end up with a working system? I'd just settle for a clean install, but I can't get my hands on a win7 ultimate iso and I don't even know if the key is legit
(3.09 MB 1077x1500 ClipboardImage.png)
Do you have to savescum in pathologic? I decided to give another try but I'm not sure how the game works. I want to not savescum and deal with my fuckups, butt if that makes the game unplayable I'd rather know about it before I fuck my save. >>255312 >>255339 The top guy went on a trip with a girl that was in a relationship with another guy (possibly married, but I can't remember). The girl wasn't interested in him at all, but he kept hitting on her the entire time, like walking in naked while he was showering. He did a 360 and walked away from the "believe all women", but the damage was already done and the site dieded, then someone made resetera to be neofag 2.0. >>255350 >Is it good enouth to get it for free? Free's free. If you already have a steam account there's no harm in getting it. >>255437 If you can access the data then the HDD is probably fine, but some important files got fucked, meaning you'll have to reinstall windows. Backup your files ASAP if you haven't already, that drive may be dying.
(151.80 KB 531x773 [mobbing intensifies].png)
>>255443 >you'll have to reinstall windows
>>255443 Still, not sure to get the game if it's going to become korean levels of shitfest. How does the energy system work? you have limited times to do professions or harvesting? I just want to take a cart soon and be a wandering gypsy.
(8.42 KB 640x180 ClipboardImage.png)
>>255459 On the bright side at least you'll have a clean system. Reminder to backup all drivers and stuff, just in case your system ever goes to shit again. >>255462 I don't know, I haven't even touched it yet. All I know is that free is free.
Why was the LOL thread deleted?
>>255459 >>255437 I use 7 Home Premium myself, as stripped down as possible. Anyways, if you need a key for anything except Ultimate, I got this https://a.cockfile.com/QQCSCh.txt
>>255473 ultimate is listed, though which of these are 64bit? thanks
(26.28 KB 550x575 born_do_shitbost.png)
oh fuck me sideways, there's not even enough cables left to plug in both drives at the same time can I unplug the dvd ones?
>>255491 No the dvd is a vital part of the computer.
>>255513 >>255491 Myself, I only recently went into Device Manager and disabled the drives for my floppy and cd rom drives, they kept bogging up the My Computer menu and getting in the way. I don't know how many times I've misclicked and hit the CD drive and had the tray accidentally open, only to prompt me to get up and close it. I hate it.
Are there any other games aside from Osu! that can take advantage of a drawing tablet? I don't want to regret this purchase.
>>255519 Draw vidya porn.
>>255519 >I don't want to regret this purchase >try to get into drawing <regret it harder Congratulations anon.
>>255520 >>255521 >drawing Drawing is not fun
(7.88 KB 330x290 big sip.png)
Is there a game whose gameplay is sort of similar to minecraft but where the world doesn't entirely compose of cubes only and can be heavily modded? Bonus points if the game works on toaster machine.
>>255594 Isn't the game map heightmap based instead of a marching cube variant? Also can the animation system be changed to include things like firearms without making looking too goofy?
>>255577 If that didn't exist no one would play minecraft. Just mod minecraft to have more shapes.
>>255618 *If that DID exist
>>255618 So minecraft is after all these years a better game to make mods for then minetest? I've read the minecraft thread here a few times and considering what the anons have a say how modding minecraft is like sounds like a complete clusterfuck to me, going so far that it also requires some kind of a mod loader and a specific mod loading order to make sure things doesn't break apart and also there is (very-) poor mod interoperability.
>>255577 (checkin' those) the game that comes close to mind is iron-bruden, sort of an fps but with the mod "twenteesz_plentee" you're sorted i'll try find a link
>>253990 >I don't know how anyone can tolerate this fat congested sounding nigger I prioritize people who have normalized audio or measured ways of speaking that aren't loud or fingernails on a chalkboard, and talk about games I like or would potentially like. Given how scant the second category is I basically have to watch Civvie, most people don't give a shit about FPSes any more because of how laughably hard the genre has stagnated. And I don't blame them. The comedy skits are easy to skip. It also helps that he usually doesn't complain about stupid shit that boils down to the player being bad when reviewing a game.
>>255522 Hold on, let me confirm this.
>>255522 >>255683 So basically it's an acquired taste
(573.33 KB 800x600 patchy phone.png)
(5.38 KB 274x101 ClipboardImage.png)
>>246341 I have been at sea, thank you very much. I didn't really consider looking toward console games for something similar. >>251594 Just roll with an online number generator between 1 and the end of backlog number, in something like notepad++ that has line numbering by default or a spreadsheet but I find that overkill.
>>255519 Drawn To Life (on a DS emulator). You get to draw your own character, weapons, platforms and shit
>>255732 To be fair, you can just do that and make your own game without a DS
>>255746 Drawn to Life isn't making your own game, it's a game which involves drawing.
>>255437 it's not too hard to torrent a hacked copy that doesn't require a key in the installer don't worry about a key or activation; get RemoveWAT instead. It disables the activation timer before running RemoveWAT, update but don't get any updates in this list: KB971033 KB2505438 KB2670838 KB2902907 KB2952664 KB2976978 KB2977759 KB2990214 KB3021917 KB3022345 KB3035583 KB3044374 KB3046480 KB3050265 KB3050267 KB3065987 KB3065988 KB3068708 KB3075249 KB3075851 KB3075853 KB3080149 KB3083324 KB3083325 KB3083710 KB3083711 KB3112336 KB3123862 anything after KB4531786
(9.88 KB 634x102 ClipboardImage.png)
>>255767 >Check to see what updates I have >Some wmic command in cmd I've never seen before >pic related is all I have Feels lightweight as fuck. I'm the anon that sometimes bitches about not being able to see the unicode symbols on the website icons
(271.87 KB 1000x1001 man enjoying anime.jpg)
>>255707 >online number generator That sounds pretty good actually. Thanks for the suggestion.
>>255652 >iron bruden is it supposed to be written as iron burden? I've tried entering on a search engine and I just destiny 2 shit. >tweneesz_plentee it gets confused with minecraft TNT mod instead.
>>255767 Are kb4474419 and kb4490628 safe? I might need to install those if I get a new GPU. I want to buy an AMD GPU, but considering how they fucked up a RTX might be cheaper for the next few years.
I've had a ps4 since it came out but i never really played any games on it. What are some good ps4 games to play? I was thinking of buying bloodborne.
>>256070 Bloodborne.
>>256071 Bought it and gravity rush now.
>trying to clone failing hdd to brand new hdd via gddrescue off an ubuntu USB IT DOES NOT WERK AND I AM RETARDED ddrescue -n /dev/hda /dev/hdb logfile ddrescue -dr3 /dev/hda /dev/hdb logfile fdisk /dev/hdb e2fsck -v -f /dev/hdb1 e2fsck -v -f /dev/hdb2 >changed the drive names appropriately <'ddrescue: Output file exists and is not a regular file.' >asks me to use '--force'
>>256126 You could try using Grsync or rsync command to clone the files, though you also need to make sure that it clones linked files as per default it won't do it.
>>256127 'sudo --force' did the trick
(130.50 KB 572x303 skele thinking.jpg)
A while back there was this viral webm from an anime where a little sister (I think it was a little sister) was welcoming home her brother and she asked him if he wanted a bath, or to eat, or if he wanted >wa >ta >shi as she disrobed or revealed a leg or posed or something, I can't remember exactly. Does anyone know the thing I'm talking about?
>>256223 /watch?v=MMvyk4PJa9A
>>256228 Thanks anon! Anyone know which show it's from?
>>256231 Another source says it's called "One Room", but I haven't actually watched it.
(561.99 KB 500x382 skele thumbs up 2.gif)
>>256234 Looks like it's the one thanks heaps.
Which version of Nier(PS3) should I play? US or Jap?
>>256238 They made two versions, the PS3 (nip) and the xbox version. The nip has you play the girl's brother, while the xbox version (made for westaboos that like cod and wouldn't want to play as a shota) has you play as her dad. The US PS3 version is a port of the xbox version. Maybe the nip version runs better, but I had no problem with the US version in my PS3, so it's more of a question of "are you a siscon or do you want a daughter". Personally I think papa nier is better, and supposedly Yoko Taro thinks the same. They're both cannon because of time space magic.
>>256244 I see, thanks. Do you know if it emulates well?
>>256251 I don't. I've yet to try PS3 emulation. Also, there's a DLC but it's completely skippable. It gives you a bit of extra platforming and combat, plus a couple new weapons, but the plot is literally just "your wife wrote adventure books".
(828.61 KB 802x672 guruguru das it mane.png)
>>255437 >>255491 >>256126 I FUCKING DID IT, LADS holy hotdamn niggershit, all it took was cloning to a new hdd and then running ntfsfix >no clean install needed >everything still there AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
(13.99 KB 238x250 skele pizza.jfif)
Best pizza toppings anon? I'm thinking of making some homemade pizzas. Here's what I would like on my pizza. <slices of thick sausage <ground beef or shredded chicken or diced bacon <chunky diced tomato <mushroom <onion <feta cheese <mozarella over everything Not sure how to do a homemade BBQ sauce base though. Can I just use BBQ sauce from a bottle?
>>256809 Pineapple Did you know you can barbecue a pizza too?
(251.45 KB 1451x2048 d964323b74b32352c445b02eba870b8a.jpg)
>>256789 Congratulations, fag. Back up your shit next time. >>256809 Make it half pepperoni without onions, half aioli. After it's done get one slice of each, put the aioli face down over the pepperoni slice (if there's onions it'll get damp and grose, so it's better without), and eat.
(12.43 MB Heretic.pdf)
>>256811 I'm not sure if you're a prophet or a heretic. >>256810 Definitely heresy.
>>256812 And you won't know it until you try it, faggot, so try it.
(3.30 MB 2381x1784 ClipboardImage.png)
How do you get these two coins? There's no invisible wall to go through.
(42.89 KB 1024x745 time to solve my problems.jpg)
Any ex-alcoholics here? going for an Cholecystectomy soon and likely spend few days there bedridden What should I bring in the hospital to keep myself busy besides clothing and toiletries (why do they want me to bring my own tp?) Should I bring some entertainment or am I just gonna be drugged out the time. Never had surgery before.
>>256962 First few hours after the surgery, you'll probably babble like a retard and then be coherent, but feeling thick and foggy (but lucid) after an hour or two. Should clear up in like 4-8 hours depending. I mean, everyone has a phone, put some shitty games on that, maybe some music, bring a book of crossword puzzles or sudoku or something
>>256962 How bad of an alcoholic were you? I do 2 bottles of Whisky a month and never felt anything. How bad can i spiral out of control?
What was the 8kun url again?
>>256973 I drinking almost every otherday to help me relax or be tipsy to cope with all the stress but never tried to get drunk plus got me a few lines of blow when I was tired and need to focus at work. Please don't use coke you'll be awake for a long time.
>>256986 4chan.org
>>256962 Wait too personal. Bring some alcohol since that's your vice to begin with.
(2.57 MB 480x480 1612915254269.webm)
>>256988 >Please don't use coke I drink alone, i never understood doing coke alone. Since the pandemic i haven't done a single line. Plus it got stupidly expensive for just a single gram. Fuck them. Best wishes, anon. Hope you recover.
>>257116 >ever doing any drugs, let alone hard drugs, period Are you some kind of failed normalfag or literally braindead?
>>257116 >i never understood doing coke alone Doing coke alone feels good. What I don't understand id going coke with others, I'd rather become a wizard.
Is the Resident Evil 8 leak out in the open or is it yet another "leak" where the leaker doesn't release anything but a couple of screenshots?
Anyone have that first Famitsu survey of western people? I can only find the Mega Man one.
What's the best way to play GTA:San Andreas?
(35.21 KB 1914x871 project shitty reviews.png)
Can someone explain what compels people to review games this way? They usally start the review with something like >i know im in the minority here >i like the game but... >I know im going to get hate for this I geniunenly cant understand how people are so afraid to have their opinion.
>>259114 Social media and general social conditioning lone normalniggers to be afraid of saying your piece. It's sometimes done to curry unearned sympathy if there's backlash because "muh" hatred. Anyway, I've been looking for PS2 games to (((buy))) from play-asia, as so many (((new))) games are shit. But a lot of them are compilation releases, and on one hand getting a collection of games in one is a good deal, I'm pretty sure PS2 game compilations tend to be turbo-shit; that's apparently the case for the Megaman Anniversay Collection on the system, anyway. On Play-Asia, they've got: >Samurai Shodown Anthology >Art of Fighting Anthology >Mega Man Anniversary Collection >Fatal Fury: Battle Archives (volumes 1 and 2) >SF Alpha Anthology >KoF Collection: The Orochi Saga >World Heroes Anthology >Mega Man X Collection >Metal Slug Anthology There's a couple others, but I have just about no interest in them or are only 2-in-1s (like KoF 2000+2001). Are any of those compilations good, or at least as good of a compilation you can get without buying/pirating modern shit?
(2.13 MB 1000x698 ClipboardImage.png)
I'm searching for a Gameboy (color) game that was a minigame compilation of sorts. I remember one minigame that was a pissing minigame that required you to mash the button to control your stream. Does it ring a bell for anyone? I just want to make sure I didn't fever dream it.
Does anyone have that image comparing Jennifer Hepler to another female Bioware writer? I've been trying to remember what her name was and I can't for the life of me, even after poring over credits of Neverwinter Nights (which I thought it said she worked on, but I could be wrong). It was an image comparing their credentials, and the lady I'm looking for apparently has a PhD in literature and has written fantasy work for a long time, compared to Hepler's pathetic credentials. I remember she was wearing a choker with a pentagram on it, she has a lean and bony face, and I think blonde hair. I think her first name might have been Sara and her last name might have been hyphenated?
I installed Mass Effect 1, The Outer Worlds and GTA: San Andreas so I can mod them up the ass. San Andreas is going to be an anime game. Been having more fun modding games than playing them lately. RDR2 is not working even with the crack applied because of the Launcher DRM message. Is trying to play that game utterly fucked?
>>255652 Where is the game link of it eggman? You told me there will be a link.
Which Dragon Quest Heroes game is best? Should I play the first one first or can I skip it?
>>263836 I like both of them honestly. If you're more use to traditional JRPGs then start with the second one.
How do I git gud at god hand?
Does anyone know what the best GBA and NDS flashcarts are? Especially DS cuz emulating it kinda gay.
>>263942 desemune is pretty good, don't know what to tell you there. I don't know that much about DS flashcarts but right now the best GBA flashcart is the EZ flash Omega. It's not that much more expensive compared to the cheap stuff with slowdowns, But if you don't care about support beyond the popular stuff, the supercard mini sd is pretty cheap.
(90.50 KB 960x544 Cucked.jpg)
(126.41 KB 960x544 Meta.jpg)
(167.00 KB 960x544 Degenewate.jpg)
(170.70 KB 960x544 GameDevelopment.jpg)
(139.26 KB 960x544 VRGaymer.jpg)
I've been playing YuRe:Master. The Gamedev yuri VN from the makers of the Nursing yuri VNs. It's not very good. The premise is interesting and the hook was great. But most of the reading is a slog. Too much focus around indie game dev and not on the stuff most readers are interested in which is yuri romance. The heroines to choose from are a step down as well. The Honoka screenshot is not from the base game either. Slut > Autist = NEET > Bitch You have 4 girls to pursue. Above is my first impression of them after completing the Common/Normal ending. True ending, your imouto, is locked behind getting the other endings first. They pulled this trick in the Nurse VN as well. Except it's less effective here because not only is the reading less enjoyable, your sister acts like a hostile bitch towards you for most of the time. The MC is not a crybaby thank god but she's a giant beta for putting up with her imoutos shit for the whole development period. Hooking up with her is the most unrealistic outcome. Ai honestly deserves better. Best girl is initially the blonde slut. She lightens up the scenes she's in and she has her own theme song. Her problem is Character Derailment in her own route. All the positive energy gets snuffed out because another writer made this route and gave her a dark backstory with personal issues. Unfortunately, this means she's only good if you don't pursue her; keep her as a side character only. Next is the gaijin artist. Her route is the shortest so there is not much to say. She is friendly though and knows how to kick ass. In a regular VN, this type of character wouldn't be among my first picks (fairly meh, actually) but given the competition, she ranks 2nd here. Also, her endings are quite messed up. As expected from this publisher. Hikki writer is a surprise. I'm not big into lolibabas but its like this game was tailored for this character. She's got one of the longest routes and it's like a commentary on how writefags work in the industry. Another plus is how imouto bitch gets put in her place, finally, by the NEET's bullying. Multiple times. She also has enough guts to stand up to the drunk president from her seniority. While this makes for a good plot, the romance is weak and feels tacked on. MC didn't have a good reason to chase this hag other than "hurr, loli pussy" basically. I'm going through the bitch route now just for completion's sake. There's some kind of twist involved but it is underwhelming after all the shit you had to put up with to get there. Reviewers of this VN weren't exactly blown away. Even the cast themselves brushed it off "lol okay, who cares." They were tired as fuck at that point but still, way to undermine the mood. I will be glad to finish this route and move on. This game could have taken some hints from Office Space or The Office to make white-collar work look more exciting than it is but they didn't so fun moments are spaced far from each other. Since they are indie, messing around with mocap suits and schmoozing it up with industry professionals aren't an option, I guess. The absurd setting with the no Y-chromosome society seems like window dressing at this point. Really, there were numerous ways to make this story more bearable to read through. I liked the concept but everything that follows feels like a huge bait and switch. The novelty runs out before you notice & the writers tricked us into reading their parodic biography disguised as a yuri romance VN. Sasuga.
isn't loli/shota technically illegal in the U.S.? if so, then why does this site host it? and do I expose myself to any legal liability if I accidentally access such content?
>>265527 Everywhere I look online, it says that it is illegal on the federal level under the PROTECT act. So why does it say that it is legal in the site rules?
>>253763 AccelJoe for obscure PC-98 OSTs
(135.93 KB 960x631 1546103444008.jpg)
What mmo should I start playing?
>>269026 >MMO >play Aside from the ones anons play monthly, maybe Vindictus. It's an action game, so there's no auto-attack faggotry.
moved the thread to the QTDDTOT one
>>228459 I have now cycled this thread in order to move shitty one liner threads into here.
(33.60 KB 631x213 want.jpg)
Lads is pic related from ATOM RPG based on a real person and is she stalkable? Cos goddamn.
>>269062 Girls wear makeup. Therefore, no girl is real.
>>269062 >18 Careful, that's borderline pedophilia.
>>269070 Naturally my posting a neck-up picture of a possibly fictional 18 year old from a 2 year old game coupled with my lascivious intentions is solid grounds for my immediate execution for baby rape buuuut you don't know how old *I* am, ahh checkmate.
>>269120 Much like Roblox, this site is 13+ anon. You are older than 13, right?
(315.88 KB 900x830 not a creature was stirring.jpg)
There's one game I played a bit on an arcade machine a long time ago and I can't remember what it was called for the life of me. >you play as a ghost >you possess enemies and use their special abilities to progress through the level >it was fun as fuck >if you spent too much time outside of an enemy's body you'd lose I think >had an artstyle that was a cartoonier version of what Metal Slug has? I don't remember well because it's been several years. What was it called?
>>269241 My cock.
>>269252 Avenging Spirit, it also has a GB port.
>>263942 For the DS, an R4 Gold card should set you up fine. You'll need to patch out the timebomb if you happen to get a flashcart that has it because it won't work after a certain time has passed. Alternatively if you don't want to deal with flashcards and you still want to emulate the DS you can just softmod a DSi or a 3DS with exploits. Either will play DS games fine but its all a matter of your budget. >the DSi should be the cheapest option, >the old 3DS should also be fairly cheap >for the price of the DSi XL, you might as well skip it and instead buy the New 3DS or New 3DS XL >the DSi is region-free whereas the 3DS should be region-free for DS games but not so for 3DS software
(51.95 KB 570x520 1583266949779.jpg)
Now here is my question. I have been looking to modifying the PS3 coldboot with the PS2's startup sound. I was able to do stereo sound fine but I don't know anything about making a multi 5.1 surround sound file. I only have two audio tracks that make up the stereo sound and I'm supposed to find a way to get the sounds working on all six channels. I could maybe download a project someone made on Fruity Loops that recreates the startup to the best of their ability with different layers, but I still don't know a thing about 5.1 sound. Could any anon experienced with audio editing enlighten me on this?
I recently purchased a psp. And i will purchase a psvita next month. What are some good games on them?
>>264121 >>269354 Thx for the replies anons, I just found out about Twilight Menu and injecting GBA/GBC games so I now use that. I thought that would be inferior to flashcarts but I can definitely say it's not. I hacked my 3DS years ago and at that point in time that wasn't possible.
How do you go about cloning a section of one Minecraft world into another world? I just found this great island that someone built and I'd like to drop it into an ocean world to play on.
Purely hypothetical question. Do you think a text only youtube video could garner the attention of normalfags enough for them to pay attention, and possibly convince them that something is bad? I'm pissed off at the Nier remake completely ruining the game in every way possible, and I want to at least convince a couple normalfags to not buy it.
>>269435 >The procedure entry point createfile2 could not be located in the dynamic link library kernel32.dll fug
>>269439 Text to speech or do you actually mean text only?
>>269544 Text only. Like the video I posted in >>269503 but without the voice.
>>269439 Maybe, but I personally would rather read that essay than watch it in the form described.
>>269026 Once the serb is up next week come play Wurm with us, it won't be exactly 'Massively' multiplayer but at least you won't have to deal with normalniggers.
>>269034 At first I was confused because the game looked a lot different in my mind, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized that you were right. Thanks a bunch, anon.
>>269439 Can you explain what Squeenix has done specifically to ruin the Nier remake? It's nice to have a summary or list for reference.
>>269583 I also think a written form would be better unless I voiced it, but normalfags won't read unless you trick them into reading, and this is primarily to inform normalfags. >>269762 Gave the title to a no name studio without moonman supervision. They made Kaine's dress longer to hide most panty shots. It makes no sense as her grandma made that dress for her when she was very little and that's why it's all stitched together and short. They removed enemies during daytime. It makes absolutely no sense considering the nature of the enemies, nier is supposed to be a seasoned hunter and the only one that can go outside (which now has no dangers for most of the day), and how both the story and the sidequests rely on monsters existing all day outside the walled villages. They removed a lot of small details such as kainé's bulge, which just shows they either haven't played the game or simply don't care. They went with brother nier instead of papa nier. And squenix a shit so they shoved denuvo in, meaning there will never be a papa nier mod. Supposedly Yoko Taro liked papa nier better, so that's just insult to injury, squenix really hates the guy but like the money he brings. And all of that ruined content just for a graphical update that isn't even good(kainé's ruined face aside, it looks like a late life ps3 game at best), shit lightning that ruins the atmosphere (desert doesn't have sandy fog, instead it has a beautiful blue sky), and some "extra content" they're keeping silent about. That's all I know and that's enough to completely ruin the game.
>>269803 Ever tried Sauerbraten? Quake-like FPS with Minecraft-like ingame map editing. Not a big population but there's always populated servers. Good for a quick fix if you like going fast
>>269803 Battlefield 3 on ZLO or Bad Company 2 on Emulator Nexus. >>269863 Boring one-shot kike game.
>>269462 It probably means your OS is outdated or unsupported. But never mind, the program I used wasn't Amulet. It was MCAselector it seems. It copies chunks into other worlds, so it's not as powerful as MC Edit was back in the days. https://github.com/Querz/mcaselector
>>269439 No. Everyone reads at a different rate, and people who read slowly would need to keep pausing and unpausing the video, whereas people who read quickly would need to skip ahead over and over. Either way they'll lose interest almost immediately.
>>252748 IIRC you can modify a species' sexual orientation gamut by tinkering with the raws. I don't remember how it was done exactly however, so you'll have to look further into it or use trial and error.
>>270298 I threw it out shortly after making that post and haven't looked back. I had my fun with it when it was tolerable, even de-pozzed it would still stink of trannyholes, If I ever try again I guess I'll have to use an old version but I doubt I will now.
>>269439 Voiceover is easy. Video editing is the hard part. I guess the timing is a bit harder if you have voice, but that's really not the problem. If you want the most bang for your buck, just do voice. As has already been pointed out, text might as well just be an essay and not a video, but normalfags won't read that.
(15.96 KB 450x293 51QlaySsFVL._AC_SX450_.jpg)
A question for the more /tech/-oriented people: is there a way to interfere with Dualshock controllers, whether it's ps3/4/5? If so, how would one be able to do so and jam their signal or even input random button presses to fuck with other people? my fucking neighbor throws FEEFAH online parties every single night and screams like a madman well into the morning, can't insulate that area of the house so I'm fucked
>>270693 Have you tried talking to him?
>>270703 Of course, he pretends to agree and goes back to it anyhow the little shit
>>270706 You have it good. At least he pretends to agree. Shitters in my house would straight up tell me to fuck off. I don't have a DualShock controller, so I sadly can't help you.
They're using bluetooth right? I think you could use a bluetooth jammer. It might be easier and cheaper to just call the police on him when he does it though.
>>270693 They're probably using bluetooth. You can either try to somehow hack it (I'm guessing they package the signals in a [controler id, input] shape that you could fuck with if you could somehow decode it first), or just >>270710 .
I'm going to play Drakengard. Is the ps2 version good? I remember hearing it was censored, but I can't remember if that applies to the first two. If it does, are there any actual translations available?
>>270710 >>270792 Thanks for the tips. I'll update you with the results.
(3.16 MB 2763x5000 v's PSP Rec 3.0.jpg)
>>269385 Some other good games that aren't included there are the nanoha games, busou shinki battle masters mk2, valkyria chronicles 3, burunyan man, monster hunter freedom 1 (pretty much a enhanced port of 1, FU is a port of dos and F2), sol trigger and especially the rengoku games, i seriously cannot recommend these enough. All but busou shinki have had either official western releases or have gotten english patches over the years, but busou shinki has little to no story, you just pick your doll and enter a tournament, you don't need to learn even basic japanese to equip her with better weapons either, as the numbers will tell you which one is stronger.
(93.65 KB 1360x768 lire_key.jpg)
I barely started playing Lire and I'm already stuck. Any anons playing it can help me find the mansion key? Already wasted over 1 hour searching for it everywhere, even tried backtracking all the way to the fucking starting area. There's a jewtube playthrough where the guy found it in front of the mirror inside the small adjacent building, but the video is from nov 2020 so it was the Itch.io version. I'm playing the Steam version and supposedly there were many small changes made to the game, I'm guessing the dev changed the location of the key or I've ran into a bug.
>>271301 you really should look for yourself but check your mother's box
>>270899 Thanks.
>>271304 >mother's box Where the fuck am I supposed to find that? It's not inside the shed is it?
>>271309 >>271304 Thanks anyway, I just found it. It was over a table inside a small garden area close to the wall, near the mansion grounds entrance. Probably missed it because of how fucking dark the game is and no gamma or brightness slider.
Thoughts on Teardown? >>272014 >Is Crash 4 worth a pirate? Yeah. It's got a lot of content if you have the autism for it, with collecting the gems and all that.
(103.19 KB 270x368 Crash Bandicoot Revengeance.png)
>>272014 yeah, i didn't even know it was out for pc yet but as >>272029 said, pure tism crash game. it's meant to be really hard so that's a bonus
>>270796 You can grab the undub versions of the first two games. I don't know anything about them being censored.
>>272104 Got a link? All the iso dumps I could find only have the english dub.
How do I into TIE fighter? The internet tells me the game requires a flight stick, but should a wii nunchuck work? or going full mouse-controller?
>>272134 cdromance.com/ps2-iso/drakengard-usaundub/ cdromance.com/ps2-iso/drakengard-2-usa/
>>272409 Thanks.
(344.29 KB 2048x1152 4.jpg)
I just finished SoR3 the other day, is 4 worth playing?
>>273381 There was a whole ninja turtle thread about this >>257029 Yes its worth playing. It doesn't look good and the new playable characters suck but everything else is feels good. I didn't want to play it going it and I found myself mildly addicted to it after a while.
(25.59 KB 451x630 1565485467590.jpg)
Is it better to avoid buying white coloured handhelds or consoles because they will get yellowed and turn beige?
>>272156 As far as I know, the more recent Steam/GOG releases support having a mouse as a virtual joystick, but I don't know because I've only ever played it with a stick
>>275604 I don't think the problem is as prominent as it was in the past anon. Chemists cracked the case, at least for non-matte, glossy plastics. This offer not valid for random ali-baba tier chinkshit
(23.25 KB 500x212 psp black.jpeg)
(13.98 KB 500x228 white psp.jpeg)
>>275621 OK, my other question but more about handhelds than consoles. Do you believe that the black color gives more of an illusive effect to the screen as opposed to white? When I say effect, I mean one could look at a white handheld and feel the screen is cramped and another could look at a black handheld and, even though the screen size is the same as the white counterpart, one doesn't report the screen feeling shrunk. I know it mainly comes down to taste but I've been wondering what anons think.
>>275692 If you are going PSP the main consideration is the version number. There's different screen types for them with different characteristics. Color might not matter if you choose a model with poor black display (again, never had one just what I sort of remember)
>>275692 The screens in the pictures you've posted actually do have different sized screens. Line up the tops of the screens with the shoulder buttons.
(1.88 MB 240x317 1598421838392.gif)
I'm looking for a creepy/horrorific game that will give me some chills. I played corpse party on the 3ds but it wasn't scary or creepy to me at all. Is there any game that will at least make me feel uneasy. I don't mind if it's RPGmaker tier, I just want to be spooped out.
(601.25 KB 663x511 cutie patootie.png)
>>275853 How about a boner inducing horror VN? Song of Saya is pretty good. If you don't want eldritch boners you can just get the regular semi-censored version
>>275855 I looking more for actual games, but I don't mind VNs either. I already read all of higurashi except for Chapter 8 and the extras, and Saya no Uta is also on my list as well. Got any others?
>>275857 I'm* oops.
(206.39 KB 500x326 SH1.png)
>>275857 I like the Silent Hills as well, 1 to 3 if you haven't played them.
>>275604 Yes. White will always pick up more visible grime and dirt, as well as yellowing from oils.
>>275877 das rite
>>275877 >enough grime on your hands to be a problem I guess it's just me who doesn't go full dorito when playing handhelds
>>275867 Thanks for the recommendation. I'll be sure to try them out.
(8.79 KB 800x144 800px-Sony_logo.svg.png)
What went wrong? What led Soyny to the trajectory they're on where they're almost a nonentity in Japan and a cancerous polyp in America? Was it hubris brought on from their electronic dominance from the 1970s to the 2000s? Or was it more recent with the new cuck policies from Sony America?
(64.88 KB 768x960 You.png)
>What went wrong This became the main fanbase
(1.21 MB 1324x1064 7.jpg)
> Move to California > Appease the Chinese market > Bow down to degenerates > Alienate and demonize the fanbase that supported them for years > Diversity hires > Niggers faggots and jews
(170.87 KB 1024x1024 tlou 2 ps4 setup.jpg)
>>276240 Delete this
>>276234 >Was it hubris brought on from their electronic dominance from the 1970s to the 2000s? Or was it more recent with the new cuck policies from Sony America? Both. Success breeds complacency, complacency leads to carelessness, carelessness leads to Commiefornians stealing a nip company right from under them.
My Vita is a retro beast. I want old Sony back. Is this how Dreamcast fags felt?
>>276251 No, that's how Saturnfags felt
(1.34 MB 1018x1162 do me so far do me edition.png)
>>276251 No, when Sega left the hardware business it was least entertaining as they were visibly collapsing and feuding between divisions, and yet they still released quality software. Sony meanwhile has had this long depressing decline that gets shittier in every way in both their hardware and software.
(13.16 KB 360x360 Mugen.jpg)
>>276251 >Vita >Old Sony You absolute gorilla nigger
>>237232 Not like yume nikki but check out black souls 1 and 2. They are rpg maker games and pornographic at times but they scratched my yume nikki itch. I played through every single yume nikki fan game they listed, and a few that were on old tumblrs Nothing really compares, unfortunately.
>>242746 I suggest you go to RuTracker. They have a complete non merged romset, with mame 223. 123gb. https://rutracker.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=5928318 Here's the link, although you need to register first to get started.
>>253310 >Xenia still can't play RdR or doax2 I've been waiting for (nearly) a fucking decade now. Fuck.
(1.09 MB 957x723 ClipboardImage.png)
What game is this? No it's not Wynx 3D
>>276422 One of the Valis games??
I need to remap my controller buttons because I'm trying to play a game with terrible bindings that doesn't let me change them in-game. How can do it?
(4.72 MB 2048x1152 ClipboardImage.png)
rate my battlestation
>>276677 Have you ever brought a cute jewish trap home with you mark?
>>276677 Were you able to sell the ps5 for 800 bucks? Also stop watching shit
>>276677 virgin/10
(3.01 MB 2048x1152 battle rate.png)
>>276677 hi mark
>>276709 There's some things this image isn't criticizing that it really should.
(1.51 MB 4000x1440 20210403_212640.jpg)
>>276709 Jokes on you, I can make it go 2hu mode
>>276422 >>276450 It's Valis 3, Good job anon
>>276703 If you’re going to go that far to roast them, youu forgot: using blue yeti mic when XLR is superior.
>>276717 The superior way to read imageboards.
(3.00 MB 1440x4000 second chance.jpeg)
>>276721 >He doesn't have 4 windows on a 4k monitor for 1080p shitposting at 4 times the speed Even a 2k monitor would be good enough
>>276677 >>276709 >>276717 >>276737 What is this faggotshit? Why do you have garbage under your desk? The window border has some kind of mold on it. Why did you not clean it? I imagine the rest of your room looks horrible too. You're a dirty pajeet aren't you? I don't want to see your toilet. i already know what it looks like. Now the desk part: >water bottle Absolutely nothing to do there. >controllers put them in the drawer when you aren't using them >USB sticks drawer >Switch drawer >fake gameboy drawer >faggot cup ebay >faggot mouse pad ebay Laser mouses don't need pads and they have rubber pads on the bottom anyway. You don't need a rest and it will prevent you from moving your mouse which is necessary if you want accuracy when actually playing video games. >external hard drive drawer >mic drawer when you aren't using it >PC under the table Now you can move the monitor farther back like you're supposed to and have more space to move your mouse around. Afterwards wash your bedsheets and clean your room, you dirty fucking pajeet.
>>276748 >You're a dirty pajeet aren't you? He doesn't know guys.
>>276749 Don't tell me it's Mark
>>276748 Also I thought under the table is genuinely bad advice for PCs.
>>276780 If it isn't directly on the floor it's mostly fine.
>>276781 well it IS a wooden floor and the case DOES have feet, I'll give it a go
>>276783 The reason you don't put it directly on the floor is so the power supply and/or bottom intake fans don't suck up floor dust which accumulates a lot faster than dust elsewhere. If you keep your floor very clean or have it raised off the floor on a piece of wood or something it's a non-issue.
>>276748 >Why do you have garbage under your desk? That's what I was wondering. It's like he shoved it all in there to take a picture. At least I hope that's the case. >clean your room That sounds like Communism to me. Why does cakekike have a mess of cables strewn throughout his room? That's the real question.
What's the best way to magic a mkv movie into a manageable filesize?
>>277460 FFmpeg. Just set a compression ratio on it and start transcoding. Could take time. If you convert to H265 you'll shave off a lot of the filesize. If you need more help, maybe ask >>>/t/.
Is TF2 Classic good?
>>277509 TF2 Classic was good, but then they started adding weird shit not in TF2. Like their weird deathmatch mode. Then there was TF2 Vintage and that was pretty good but one of their guys sperged out back on 8kunt probably because of Mark and now they're who-knows-where.
>>277553 What do you guys play on Fridays, TF2C or TF2V?
(2.24 MB 640x1142 ClipboardImage.png)
Is this a good entrypoint for someone who wants to get into SMT?
>>277730 This is MT, not SMT.
>>277732 why you hafta be pedantic about it
(175.80 KB 973x1372 smt strange journey.png)
>>277730 Id say nocturne or strange journey, smt1 and 2 can be a pain the ass.
Any decent new WRPGs?(Besides AoD,already played it). Is Tyranny any good?
>>277735 I'm playin Strange Journey on my phone right now, this is fun but it's kicking my ass. Thanks, anon.
>>228459 why are you still on this website
(8.17 KB 217x232 happy mastema.jpg)
>>277772 Good, good. Also, abuse the game before it abuses you.
>>277730 SMT 1 is the best place to start. >>277735 Shit opinion.
>>277889 >Random encounters every 5 steps is good game design
(1.92 MB 1280x720 silence.webm)
>>277789 >mfw getting Jihad, Concentrate, and Luster Candy on my level 80 Demonica-N <it still gets BTFO by Mudoon
(44.17 KB 250x255 1427002836146.gif)
>>276677 >Why did you buy that 100 dollar game & watch with 3 nes roms on it >Why do you use those god awful foss pick things instead of actual floss >Why do you use a keyboard without a fucking numpad >Why do you have both a water bottle and a mug on your desk. Pour one into the other. >Why do you have shit taste in animu >Why don't you clean up the dust covering your window still >Why is your mouse, keyboard and pc, case white? Those all look ugly as hell. >Why are you so jewish?
(135.59 KB 765x1161 dark souls cover.jpg)
(48.20 KB 616x353 fallout cover.jpg)
(119.88 KB 720x1080 subnautica cover.jpg)
Anyone got any reccomendations? I personally love singleplayer games that are so immersive they suck you right in, and I'm looking for more like pics related.
(159.00 KB 700x570 imagine that.jpg)
(69.88 KB 775x581 EdYE8O1WkAABQRa.jpg)
>>277730 Some games I'd at least reccomend are >Nocturne >Strange Journey >SMT4 >Soul Hackers >Raidou >Digital Devil Saga
(168.82 KB 800x1166 18lrtzcrz84d7jpg.jpg)
(1.65 MB 2252x3815 NOCTURNE (2).jpg)
Besides literally every game in existence doing pretty much being able to "transport you to a different world" some ones in a literal sense are some SMT games. They really do a great job in putting you in very alien and unatural environments. Your shitty fucking broad as the god damn topic for this thread basically made this thread a "post any fucking videogame you want" thread. In fact I bet PONG, pinball and Minesweeper counts too doesn't it? You could have made it an isekai thread
>>278036 >Anyone got any reccomendations? I personally love singleplayer games that are so immersive they suck you right in, and I'm looking for more like pics related. Nigger any fucking game is immersive if you invest enough time into it. >>278042 SS1 > SS2
>>278045 >only "world building" faggotry can be immersive Just lynch yourself for being such a nigger.
>>278049 >NO QUIT CALLING ME RETARDED FOR FORCING MEME DEFINITIONS OF "IMMERSIVE" Kill Yourself Nigger >>278050 see >>>/cuckchan/ and >>>/reddit/ for your faggot generalized questions
(6.91 KB 495x123 nice try.PNG)
>>278054 >Company of Heroes has barely a story, worldbuilding and is a fucking RTS and yet it's one of the most immersive games ever So you concede "immersive" can be applied to any game, glad we agree. I guess you can stop being a fag then. >>278055 Wasted dubs. You can stop being gay >>278057 sorry fag
>>278058 >so mad hes constanly refreshing the thread and took a screencap of a misclick embarrassing
>>278059 >get called out on using immersive like a retard >thinks it's a strict definition of certain games >sperg out when corrected >UR A D&C COMMIE DO I FIT IN YET? Stop fixing definitions of words to mean what you want, commie nigger >>>/cuckchan/
>>278060 >thinks people can't see his fuck up before it's deleted embarrassing
>>278064 >You'd be right if OP didn't give examples <Japanese action RPG <Western PC RPG <underwater survival game Why yes he did give examples of games, which can be immersive by their nature. That's not the issue at hand, he asked a dumb question and is a retard who doesn't know what immersive. Both of you sound like cuckchan faggots who also overuse terms like "aesthetic" and "soul" so much that they've become meaningless buzzwords used by pretentious hacks. >now go drown yourself in semen you cum guzzling rageoholic <he says getting defensive over his meme defnitions pathetic
(741.97 KB 3840x2160 itbSm3suGHSSHIpmu9CCPBRy.webp)
(126.79 KB 220x368 220px-Fallout_3_cover_art.PNG)
(53.45 KB 500x706 bioshock_infinite_pc_.jpg)
all kino
>>276677 If you're happy, then it's a 10/10.
I wish F3 OST would be in a good game. F4 didn't even had that one going for it.
>>277918 Casual.
>>277730 旧約・女神転生 consists of remakes of the original Famicom games. If you think SMT 1 and 2 are a pain in the ass, you have no idea about the original games.
(99.22 KB 500x675 RG0K0IC.jpg)
Is Ape Escape the only PS1 game to require L3 and R3 buttons? I thought PS1 emulation on the 3ds was a go but then I got cockblocked when the game asked me to press the sticks.
Any recommendations for a decent torrent tracker? I haven't downloaded much in a few years and I've either forgotten the sites I used to use or they've been taken down.
>>278437 AFAIK Ape Escape is the only game that requires L3 and R3. Other games use them, like Ace Combat 3 and I think Tenchu, but in those games it's optional.
>>258436 On PS2. I'm not even joking. Sure you can mod the PC version for about 12 hours to make it look good... As the fucking 6th gen console versions holy shit the PC port sucks.
>>278437 wtf I never knew the PS1 had L3 and R3. But what really shits me off is the pressure sensitive buttons on the PS2. Makes emulating MGS3 a real pain in the ass >>258436 I got a first person mod working for it, it's kinda fun
I'm trying to get tonyhax to work on my psx. I'm using a memory card reader and memory card manager on my PC, I put files in the memory card, tonyhax one and the one for tony hawk pro skater 3, when loading the game it says it's loading tonyhax like it should, but then when I press create skater, nothing happens it just freezes. What am I doing wrong? All the instructions online are for a different method, can't find the one using memory card manager. pls help
>>278615 So playing it on pcsx2 is better than playing the base game on pc?
>>258436 PC version, 1.0. It's been widely pirated for decades. >>278615 Ignore this retard, if you know how to tie your shoes you can get the PC version working with improvements no problem. >>280067 Unless it's the version you have strong nostalgia for and are willing to put up with PCSX2's general instability for 12 hours, no, not remotely.
>>280056 Managed to make some progress, screen goes blue and then green and stays that way
>>278625 How does MGS3 use pressure sensitive buttons? I don't even remember that being a thing.
>>280275 It was a Metal Gear game, so if there was a gimmick available it was being used somehow even if in a minor way. I don't remember clearly, but it might've had to do with CQC.
>>280275 >>280295 It was for easing off the trigger when you're holding the Shoot button. Slowly and carefully release the button and you won't fire.
>>280298 Did you have to shove down on the thumbstick to cut a held-hostage guy's throat then?
>>280300 I think so. I remember hitting R3 (i think) to cut throats but can't remember if that was MGS3 or a later one.
(2.08 MB 1280x720 walking into bandit base.webm)
I want to download Stalker Anomaly from moddb but my internet connection is terrible. Downloading via browser is no option since the connection keeps breaking up and JDownloader didn't work either. Overnight download stopped at around 90% and I couldn't continue it. I'd like to try torrenting it instead but haven't done that in years. I used to stick with qBittorrent but I recall reading on old 8chan that it somehow became sketchy with an update. Which torrent clients would you recommend?
>>280381 qBit is ok. Deluge is ok. Transmission is ok. The only problem torrenting is that without a VPN your ISP might get a notice that you've been a naughty boy. Anomaly is a mod though so you should be fine.
>>280381 Just try Transmission. The Windows version can be a bit retarded at points but it does its job.
(333.75 KB 1218x880 c&c2.jpg)
>so, you wanna play doom... is there an equivalent to this for the old c&c games? aside from the original + ra1 i really want to play ra2 + generals zero hour again but, especially with generals, i've found it to be a pain to run on modern hardware
>>280422 I switched to qBit this week after too much frustration with Deluge. >Installing requires dependencies not satisfied by package manager >v2 has been in beta for literal years with no progress >v2 is marked as dev so it's auto-blacklisted by some trackers >Installing v1 is even worse about dependencies It's abandonware and I hate it.
(63.83 KB 877x781 works on MY machine.png)
>>280834 Are you on like some bsd thing anon? I just run it on a container so I can just go the webUI and scp my shit out of the download location once it's finished
I'm looking to buy a ps3 mostly due to the store shutting down and backwards compatibility. any guides for recommended games and fixes and any listings worth looking through?
>>281138 I'd say holding off on buying one, PS3 emulation has become good enough that most games are beatable and a few even work better on emulation than on real hardware.
>>281139 I have a laptop that only emulate up to gamecube games and most high end games I'm looking to play aren't able to play at a stable 30-40fps so that kind of out of the question and I'm also saving up for a new computer.
>>281138 >>281140 It's not a bad idea to wait for that new PC. Softmodding a PS3 is awkward and the console itself is prone to problems. Especially due to the age of the units. I've had three over the past 15 years and they've all stopped working for one reason or another. As for games, ask in the chart thread. Someone's bound to have one. Despite the nogaems meme, there are a bunch of great PS3 games, many somewhat obscure.
>>281141 I guess ebay listings like this https://www.ebay.com/itm/Sony-PS3-LIMITED-Backwards-Compatible-Slim-1TB-HDD-200-Games-CFW-REBUG-MOD/174724897472?hash=item28ae6a5ac0%3Ag%3AZhoAAOSw07BgZQIE&LH_BO=1 won't go down as time goes on and just wanted to own an original one since I last owned a slim with but since were on the talk of computers, what pc/prebuilt computers are worth recommending for starting out?
>>280834 >v2 >v1 I'm on 4.3 and get updates regularly. The stuff in your distro's repo is outdated.
>>281165 >what pc/prebuilt computers are worth recommending for starting out? I'm not too knowledgeable about that. What I do know is right now is a bad time to be getting into PC buying/building due to the Great GPU Shortage. They've seen a 30% increase in retail price and literally tripled in price on the secondary market. It's a compound problem from the rise in crypto mining, scalpers, the depressed supply chain due to the pandemic and PC gaming rapidly increasing in popularity. It's gotten so insane that even rumors about which stores are getting new stock is collected and shared throughout Discord groups so they can prepare their bots to automatically purchase it.
>>281138 If you want backwards compatibility of nearly all PS2 games then the CECHA and CECHB models are what you want but be prepared to spend. If you still want backwards compatibility but are fine with sacrificing some titles like the Ratchet and Clank games for a better console that shouldn't suffer from overheating, the CECHE is what you want and that shouldn't break the bank as bad as the previous models mentioned. You have already been told from another anon that the console is prone to problems such as overheating. The main issue besides the thermal paste being old are the failing capcitors which is similar to the OG Xbox having that internal clock capcitors failing and leaking acid on the motherboard if not dealt with sooner. If you really want to play PS2 games, there isn't anything wrong with getting a fat PS2 and softmodding it with FreeDVDBoot. Much cheaper and easier to find than a PS3.
(2.65 MB 420x420 Happy_times.gif)
>>281165 What >>281211 said: it's not the best time. But waiting is probably not a good deal, just saving up. I recommend https://www.logicalincrements.com/ so you can just pick a tier that matches your budget (if you can find all the parts lol)
(415.19 KB 500x286 ClipboardImage.png)
Is this game worth buying? It's quite expensive but it looks fun, I don't like the regular SK titles since i'm not into beat em ups but this looks fun.
>>281404 Single player is pretty average, but if you manage to get enough people together for multiplayer it's surprisingly great.
>>281404 Bought the ps4 "limited" edition with the cards and all the other shit and pirated it on PC.
>>281413 I hope that the PC servers aren't fucking dead >>281424 Did you like it?
>>281427 It occasionally has a small amount of players on the weekends or it picks up whenever it's on sale, otherwise it's pretty dead
>single player game >Players found ways to play around with builds or ways to progress >Devs call them exploits and patches them out in the name of "balance" Why are devs such faggots?
I remember it coming up in a thread about suspiciously similar videogame music that there was an album of sample tracks plenty of games used, what the fuck was the name of that album again?
>>281787 Having worked with a dev as a beta tester on a game I won't name, some devs simply feel strongly about their "vision" and / or that exploit has consequences you might noit understand, sometimes it is justified, sometimes the dev is just a complete faggot high off his own farts, often the latter.
>>281837 Spectrasonic - Distorted reality was what I was looking for.
Which STALKER game has the best mods and which has the best "vanilla+" mod, in the sense that I want more firefights and better sounding guns, maybe more enemy reactions on getting hit(I've only played CoP so maybe that other two feel better there).
>>281935 >best for mods CoC > SHoC > CoP > CS >Vanilla+ I'd say Arsenal Overhaul for CS / CoP, AMK for SHoC fit what you want for the most part. CoC is mostly a mod platform so not applicable.
>>281787 Josh Sawyer of Obsidian fame is like this. For some fucking reason he decided to put invisible walls around all the mountains in Fallout: New Vegas to stop players from navigating around the map easier. So any time you're playing NV and you're frustratedly trying to shimmy up rocks and terrain, know that you're not unable to climb them because the slope is too steep or the terrain too awkward; instead you're being actively stopped by an angry designer.
I've never played Blood and I want to give it a try, what's the best way to play it these days? It seems there aren't any source ports like with Doom but there are a couple of re releases, a remaster from Nightdive and and an unofficial engine remake. What works best? >>280381 >I used to stick with qBittorrent but I recall reading on old 8chan that it somehow became sketchy with an update I don't remember reading any such thing.
>>281978 That's an issue that every Bethesda game since Oblivion has had. The whole "jump up a mountain thing" was always retarded.
Why can't I just change the 8chan.moe/v/ to a /b/ to go to /b/? Why do I have to click the link? I thought that was just for /loli/ cuz it was hidden at some point.
>>282147 >move mouse >click on address bar >delete extra text >move to right place >delete v >type b >does'nt work Have you tried clicking on the b near the address bar instead? Also, you can blame crawlers/russia/israel. Always threatening stupid stuff because of drawings.
>>282147 You can't directly go to certain boards to prevent them from being hotlinked offsite. I wonder how that'll work when firefox finally fucks refer headers for good.
(744.74 KB 720x960 safety_dragon.png)
>>282160 Just take the click anon. Or do you want the site to get on the 8 oclock news after some faggot posts from his cheezy collection and tweets the link talking about how "them ebul racists are pedos too". You can also just go through the tor portal at redchannit.com, that will actually work, but you'll become a 0 id tornigger >>282150 No offense, some of my best friends use tor.
Do any of you anons remember the name of this game? >2D, free to play >"What if we made Metal Slug a pvp and pve game?" >Could pilot a mech vehicle I think >Anime art style >I think the characters you could play as were treated as different classes
>>269774 >Supposedly Yoko Taro liked papa nier better Really? I didn't think he cared for the character since he was only added in to appeal to western audiences. >>278079 Does anyone know if you can kill Stormzy in Watch Dogs Legion?
>>282302 I have this vague memory, but I'm probably not going to come up with a name and I think I may be thinking of Gun Hazard which had no multiplayer. Some version of Maple Story apparently had a class that could use mechs for a few years. That's probably not it. It's also surprisingly hard to find a good list of 2D MMOs. Sorry, anon. I usually get better suggestions than this on these. Apropos of nothing, Scandinavians sure do make a lot of Scifi MMORPGs. That's really really weird. Also there are a whole lot of tiny ones I never heard of, like Rise and Perpetuum and Pardus. Also if Wikipedia is to be believed there was a goddamn furry scifi MMO made in Flash by Carnegie Mellon students. What the fuck.
>>282442 >>282302 Not Elsword or Grand Chase, was it? I have no idea; I'm flailing.
>>282442 >>282443 It's okay anon, thanks for your assistance. If it helps, I remembered it was a sidesceoller with sprites, and I think the player could pilot things other than mechs. Also, every character used guns. Searching for this game reminded me of times when I used to read MMOHUT.
(190.97 KB 770x1321 81AUZzHp-bL._AC_SL1321_.jpg)
Would anyone here know where I can get an .iso of 絶対衝激?
>>282701 That thing most likely has a product code, try searching for it.
>>282701 I wasn't able to find any links. Only had luck on japanese amazon.
>>282705 JP Amazon had some product codes listed, however looking them up only brought me back to the Amazon page and a long abandoned getchu page. >>282708 Darn, that's all what I was able to find too. Oh well, thank you two for trying to help.
>>283263 My only other hunch is that chink forums like baidu have an iso of it somewhere hidden. It's where I found isos of a certain PS2 game before it eventually found it's way to archive.org.
>>283263 I checked a few more private sources for you and apparently you're SoL, you can thank faggot mods banning japanese UMD stuff similar to yours for being "softcore porn of underage characters" It's not in no-intro db, it's most likely not in the advanscene packs either (though if it is and the torrent is dead just post here and I can grab that somewhere private for you). If you're up to searching for chink uploads they're almost all on ppxclub Also the product code in question is neither the EAN or ASIN but the one on the side or back of the case, which is for your stuff DDJSU005, sadly leads nowhere either, tends to be more useful for software. Just out of curiosity, does this actually have any more worthwhile content than the regular OVA? assuming you're not looking to grab it to answer that for yourself
How are the yoko taro games on the PS3? Drakengard 3 and Nier? Are they fun or an interesting slog like Drakengard 1?
>>283592 Drakengard 3 is an okayish action game, if you're emulating it on something that can hold 60fps mostly stable, otherwise it's just 10-20fps all the way through which is extremely painful. Nier seems interesting (an d according to many people I know actually is) but I never really had the occasion to play it.
What's the best way to play Devil May Cry? I tried the PS2 emulation but it's broken as shit.
>>284098 I've heard that the HD collection is missing certain graphical effects and personally, I feel about DMC the same way I feel about SH2. It just wasn't meant to be played in HD. So grab an actual PS2, a component cable and play it on a CRT.
>>283592 Nier is really fun. The movement is slightly janky but you get used to it. There's also the matter of the combat which is limited for the starting segment, but is great once it opens up. >slog Well, it depends. Do you want to beat the game, play the NG+, and watch the remaining endings on youtube, or do you want to spend 3 hours killing sheep because the drop rate is shit but you want to experience the true ending? If it's the latter then it might be a bit of a slog, but not as much as Drakengard from what I've heard **I haven't played drakengard. Personally I think you should suffer through it as the last ending is a great way to finish the game in a lot of ways. That means you have a few sidequests you have to complete in the intro (those aren't that bad), and then after that you're free to go through the game and beat it twice, but after that you have to complete certain post-intro sidequests to unlock the other two endings. There's a list showing all the sidequests you have to beat plus the ones that are interesting, but I don't have it.
>>284100 PS2s have been scalped to shit around here. A nigger rigged PS2 modified to read games from the USB port goes for almost as much as a brand new PS3 with games.
>>284098 >>284100 The HD collection has some broken effects in DMC1, due to the fact they didn't have a gold master of the game saved, so they had to rebulid the game from the assets they had. But As someone who's favorite game is DMC1, It's really all shit you'll never notice unless you look at a side by side comparison video. the HD collection is fine.
>>284123 I skimmed through the Catbus comparison videos, even when seeing these things for the first time a lot of it just feels wrong, like the cutscene where he stops the bike and the motion blur when attacking. Also, one big reason I didn't like AC2 as much was because the music didn't loop properly, I can't imagine playing an entire game where the ambiance noise has that problem. I'd rather just have a blurry healthbar and lag spikes.
>>284108 If that's the case I suppose I'm watching the other endings on youtube. Drakengard 1's endings required all weapon unlocks, and the game was a massive dick about it near the end with a bunch of "wait out 15/20 minutes on the timer for the chest to appear" shit.
>>284151 The game is pretty straightforward if you don't do them, but it's also not Drakengard tier. I checked again now and it seems you only actually need to beat 3 sidequests(A Bridge in Peril, The Damaged Map, and Disturbing the Sleep of Kings) and they're both available post-intro, so you don't have to care about them the first time and you can try them on the second run. Do try playing the other sidequests though, some are shit but a lot of them are really good.
For Ogre Battle: March of the Black Queen, should I play the SNES or PS1 version? What are the differences?
>>228459 Does anyone have the sauce on that picture of Sonia?
>>284171 Uh, Sonic Underground?
>>284137 >I'd rather just have a blurry healthbar and lag spikes. DMC shouldn't be that heavy, though the healthbar thing is not ever gonna be fixed, not without some hacky shit specifically for the game as the reason it happens is because the HUD is actually a texture that takes the whole width of the screen but most of it is transparent, so outside of killing the HUD or texture replacement and some hax you're gonna have to deal. and due to autism texture replacement is more or less cancelled on any version of PCSX2 that isn't an outdated pile of hacks even worse than mainline. Supposedly the PS3/x360 collections have less of the mentioned issues, and emulating the PS3 version isn't actually all that heavy so might wanna look at that.
>>284173 I mean who drew that. Its not a screenshot.
>>284175 >Supposedly the PS3/x360 collections have less of the mentioned issues That doesn't sound right to me, I know for a fact that version DMC1 had it so one of Mundus attacks had missing effects so aside from some air whiff, the actual attack was invisible. Also that version of DMC3 the Grapple move for Kalina Ann didn't function right, it's supposed to bring enemies too you, but it didn't.
>>284180 These were fixed in the Newer release.
>>284171 op here, a dude back on 8chan drew it for me, last i saw him was on 9chan F
>>284175 >emulating the PS3 version isn't actually all that heavy Define not that heavy. My computer has 5 year old mid range specs and it often struggles with PS2 and 3DS games. I don't believe emulating anything from 2000 on can be anything but heavy. >>284181 Have they fixed the blur and looping audio? Those are my two main issues. I can deal with some cutscenes looking stupid and the music not being as good.
>>284213 No I don't think so. They added the the option to switch to the PAL versions of the games, by switching the Language to something like French, but that only matters if you want to use the Unlimited DT code in DMC2, since it was only in the PAL version.
>>284213 >Define not that heavy. Should run mostly 60fps on a 4770k, there's a guy with a stock 7700k running it 60fps locked.
>>284171 >>284179 >>284205 I'm still kickin', hello. I don't have any online presence and that's almost the only Sonic related piece of art I've ever made. Sorry if I don't have the massive undiscovered library of weird hedgehog-adjacent art you might have been expecting to find. Any specific reason you were asking for the artist?
(864.72 KB 938x680 ClipboardImage.png)
(1.28 MB 1280x720 ClipboardImage.png)
(229.41 KB 528x513 ClipboardImage.png)
(1.26 MB 1366x768 ClipboardImage.png)
Why do most western foreigners in the Yakuza series seem to be overly represented by niggers? I'm only on Yakuza 3 right now, but it seems that so far the only white character that actually meant shit was the homeless guy in Y0. Also at the beginning of Y3 Riona said she doesn't want to date niggers and Kiryu being the responsible dad he is said, "Now, Riona. Be a good girl and go on a date with the nigger." I really like the series but it's definitely full of pozz. Lots of subtle feminism in there, too.
(218.11 KB 1200x674 nagoshi.jpg)
>>284453 > full of pozz. Lots of subtle feminism in there, too You're just a faggot that can't turn their brain off and have some fun. If there is a series you can safely play without getting bombarded by western agenda is Yakuza.
>>284453 Because negros are the most "foreign" thing they can think of. If they put in white people, you might accidentally confuse them for Japanese, and we can't have that.
>>284453 You're acting like the right wing version of an SJW. I only seen a single black guy in yakuza 1 and he didn't ruin the game for me chill the fuck out. >>284465 How can one nip get so deep a tan?
(2.65 MB 1024x640 1617902901720.webm)
What game is this?
>>284213 Mirano no Arubaito Collection SLPS-02143
>>284527 >>284528 Fucking thank you, this shit always gets posted in webm threads yet no one ever gives the source. Downloading it right now, i'm assuming it doesn't need a translation due to how simple it looks?
(25.42 KB 500x479 not this shit again.jpg)
okay so this is tangentially related to Vida, since it effect how well my PC runs, I just want to Rant about this. But can someone explain to me the logic behind why Windows is so Retarded some times. I pretty much have this exact goddamn problem once every year, I notice my Memory is being eaten by nothing and my PC's running like shit from restart. Thanks to Vid related, https://youtu.be/nQ4zkThSWpM It's always been the same goddamn issue. What used to be called Superfetch, until those shitheads changed it's name to SysMain, is supposed to <"Maintain and improve system performance over time" But it does the exact fucking opposite and it just causes a memory leak that eats 75% of my Memory, low and behold turnning that shit off, makes my PC run great again, but at some unknown time a fucking Windows Update is going to turn this shit back on, and I'm going to go though this exact process again. What dip shits are putting out updates that just make my computer worse.
>>284531 Dunno how non japanese speaker friendly it is, as it's a collection of minigames and the webm only shows one of them. I know of the game from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YSlGv9aFk4o but never actually played it myself. >>284540 Superfetch mainly keeps in mind what a certain process wants when it runs, so chances are something you're running is retarded, though chances are it is in fact a windows service too.
>>284540 Use an SSD if you aren't, also switch to linux.
>>284570 Listen to this anon. Linux Mint and Pop Os are pretty good first choices.
>>284600 >linux mint I realize that with this statement I have become one of the "um ackshually there is a better distro" faggots but Mint was my first attempt at Linux and it just never fucking worked. Repositories that were spotty, functionality that just never seemed to work (my wifi functionalities would literally disappear for days at a time, reappearing at will, and I could find no precedent for this anywhere), and weird choices based around it being more "windows-like". I spent two months trying to figure out what exactly was happening and initially blamed myself, but I tried out Manjaro and Kali and was shocked to find out that they actually just werkTM and maybe I wasn't as retarded as I thought
>>284613 You'll run into any number of problems with any distro based on your use case and hardware. Mint is fucked on some of my laptops but works fine on my desktop, manjaro is fine on some machines but fucked on others. Mint works best in most cases, but people should take the time to experiment with multiple distributions on bare metal to see what works best and they shouldn't expect popular beginner distros to always just werk. Linux is a mess, but once you get a handle on it things are much easier to trouble shoot and you aren't stuck blind like you are on windows.
>>284613 >Linux Mint didn't work >Manjaro did That's very interesting. Usually, Mint is the one people have the least trouble with, while Manjaro is the one that often breaks. You're both lucky and unlucky at the same time. Computers are strange beasts.
>>284540 Yes, Superfetch has always been retarded and useless, ever since it first showed up nearly 15 years ago on Windows Vista. On Windows 10, Superfetch / SysMain is also the main culprit behind non-stop HDD grinding and shortening SSD lifespans. If you have a highly tweaked Windows install, Microsoft updates do tend to reset and turn back on tons of custom settings. It's always been like that since Windows XP days, but it has become progressively worse with each subsequent Windows version resetting more and more tweaked shit back to defaults after installing updates. I just fully disable automatic updates. Leaving automatic updates active on Windows is a retarded practice anyways, with so many updates that break more shit than they fix.
>>284620 >>284625 I definitely approached Mint (or Linux in general) with the mindset of "this isn't supposed to "just work", it's supposed to be a barebones project I fine-tune", which is why I found Manjaro's lack of drama so confusing once I had a better idea of what I was doing. I eventually ended up installing Mint on three separate laptops I had lying around and every last one had at least one or two problems I would consider "catastrophic", since I couldn't find anyone else with the same problems online and so had no idea how to go about fixing them
(378.30 KB 786x442 ClipboardImage.png)
>>284500 >niggers >don't ruin the game Anon, the only reason Gary Buster didn't ruin Yakuza 1 is because you have a brief encounter of beating the ever loving shit out of him while he speaks bad Japanese. The oil baron in Kiwami 2's Cabaret minigame was borderline gross but tolerable. It's Y3 that shames a Japanese girl for not wanting to racemix with a half-nigger mutt. They also slip some feminist themes into some of the Cabaret girls in the Kiwami games, like how women need to be freed of their gender roles. Hell one of the Cabaret girls from Kiwami 1 is literally a bisexual who leans more towards women. Then you have the Okama Mama, who Kiryu defends against "intolerant" people in both games.
>>284631 Don't feel bad. If Manjaro works for you, then stick with it. Don't fix what isn't broken.
(10.03 MB 1911x2145 ClipboardImage.png)
(869.35 KB 680x672 ClipboardImage.png)
I know i'm probably not going to get an answer, but are these two games: https://psxdatacenter.com/games/J/C/SLPS-00817.html https://psxdatacenter.com/games/J/C/SLPS-02116.html The same thing or is the second one a sequel? I ask because they're both separate downloads on the archive.org NTSC-J collection, have different serial numbers and checking those pages it says community pom came out in october 1997, while community pom - omoide o dakishmete came out in june 1999, yet screenshots and videos of both games look exactly the same. Is omoide o dakishmete a reprint/improved rerelease or something?
>>284956 It's just a re-release from the looks of it. I just tried it on my psp. Community Pom does seem to have a slightly larger filesize by about ten megs
>>284962 I see, thank you, i'll download the one with a subtitle, they might have fixed some bug or something like that.
>>284633 Yakuza 5 also has the mandatory street racing with the feminist who's views Kiryu agrees with without a moment's hesitance.
Where do you guys go for vita games now that nblog is gone?
>>285174 >nblog is gone
>>285174 CD Romance is still up though
>>285174 Nopay
Someone here say something gay
>>285209 e876be
>>285210 Just because I tongue kissed my brother doesn't make me gay.
>>285209 I like videogames, they are fun.
>>285209 >>285213 Why are you samefagging?
(61.03 KB 444x468 Kasuza has seen some shit.png)
>>283354 >Just out of curiosity, does this actually have any more worthwhile content than the regular OVA? Apparently yes. It's about some fighting tournament for a bunch of girls and the winner gets their her granted. On the original VN and fighting game and I think pachinko machine, because you know Japs love that shit there's actual magic and the girls get contacted by a fairy or something to enter the tournament and of course their wish gets granted. On the OVA, there was no magic at all and it does a grimdark plot twist where all of the losers got turned into drugged up sex slaves and get burnt on a pile at the end in front of the MC and she doesn't get her wish or anything. I think that VN is a continuation of the "real" timeline where the losers try getting wish without magic, and that one's about a girl who wants to become a super heroine. I was asking for a friend who wants to preserve this series and it looks like he's gonna have to order the UMD and dump it himself.
>>285248 >and it does a grimdark plot twist where all of the losers got turned into drugged up sex slaves and get burnt on a pile at the end in front of the MC and she doesn't get her wish or anything. I vaguely remembered the ending was kinda dark but that's fucking rough.
Does X-wing vs TIE fighter have coop gameplay?
>>285683 Yes. You can set up custom matches and have entire teams just be bots.
>>285684 Ah but it's just team deathmach then? no cool missions where you have to do interesting stuff?
>>285692 It's been legitimately like 20 years since I played it but I do remember setting up custom co-op missions where you can give either team certain parameters. The only one I remember doing was giving the Rebel team a capital ship then giving the Imperial team more slots for players/bots, and made the mission success/failure hinge on that capital ship's survival or destruction.
(31.60 KB 373x373 nice posting.jpg)
>>285700 Ah, that's exactly what I was looking for, thanks!
Has anyone had any problems hacking your vita? It's was some work of magic that i was able to get VItashell installed on my vita, because it wouldn't install from the content manager, i forgot how i even did it. But my problem now is i can't install enso.vpk from the vita shell, it just gives me an error after 90% of installation, at best i get a corrupted icon on the vita menu. There must be someone out there with my same problem of vitashell not installing enso.
>>281304 >>281304 I may as well stick with my ps2 (pic related) and these two ps2 charts that probably have been updated. Any peripherals, hard drives, modding guides and fixes you/anyone recommended. Also morbid question but why haven't Activision gone and had their sub companies remade the original call of duty games other than the modern warfare campaigns?
(1.55 MB 1750x4800 PS2_Games.jpg)
(5.23 MB 5748x6740 ps2 mega list.jpg)
(3.50 MB 4032x3024 IMG_0157.jpg)
>>286081 Forgot pics
>>286081 >>286083 >tfw I sold my PS2, HDD, network adapter and all for a measly $100 >all so I could buy a Switch Lite (was short on money) I regret everything
>>284453 There are several White male gaijin NPCS in Ryu ga Gotoku Ishin that Kiryu defends. Pretty sure it's nigger free too. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qw54ml2k-4E https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zg-Kdq0GgzE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iPdCtmKPFXk
(23.09 KB 721x65 unknown.png)
Anyone have a link to the 40k SS13 server that uses Insterstation: Warfare code? I have heard people talk about it for months, but I can't find shit on it online. Everything just takes me to the old Archangel shit.
>>286081 >>286083 You should still get a PS3 while they're still cheap because emulation is nowhere near perfect, go check the RPCS3 page, only about 40 titles are playable from beginning to end, and they still suffer from graphical issues. As for your PS2 you should get the official network adapter, the SATA upgrade kit, a 2TB HDD, a couple memory cards (those 64/128MB ones are prone to data corruption and most games don't even recognize them) and some component cables, even chinese ones are fine.
>>286172 >PS2 stuff I recently softmodded my fat PS2 with a 1TB HDD and upscaled output via better component cables. It was the best goddamn thing I've ever done. Everybody should do it.
>>286081 >Any peripherals, hard drives, modding guides and fixes you/anyone recommended This anon >>286172 basically got you covered for what you need. For the PS2 console itself I would not buy the slims because I don't believe it can make use of the HDDs like the fat models can but I could be wrong if somebody managed to get one working via USB similar to the Nintendo Wii.
>>286231 You can get around the need for a HDD on a slim PS2 by using SMB networking and plugging your PS2 into your computer with an ethernet cable.
>>286081 >>286083 Forgot to mention, if you can't get sony branded component cables just get some generic ones, don't pay up the ass for sony cables or get roped into the hdretrovision component cable+retrothink meme either, you might as well buy a backwards compatible PS3 or just play on a CRT. Don't bother with hdmi adapters, they are not compatible with 240p ie early PS2 and PS1 games. Every single third party controller is shit, specially the wireless ones, so avoid them, get a cord extension cable if the length isn't enough, OPL also lets you use dualshock 3 and 4's wired and via bluetooth, but unless you already own any of those controllers it's not worth it. >>286174 Indeed, it's insane how gorgeous games that support widescreen and 480p, such as god of war 2, burnout revenge and valkyrie profile 2, look. >>286231 You can keep the isos on your pc and share them to your PS2 via lan cable, it's super easy to set up too and it's faster than even HDD, but yeah basically fat PS2+network adapter is the way to go.
>>286342 *if you can't get cheap sony branded component cables
>>286172 >>286231 https://www.amazon.com/POUND-Link-Cable-Playstation-compatible-2/dp/B07HPF7PRT Is this worth purchasing as an hdmi cable or are there better one? And as for ssd/hdds, which ones will fit and worth buying, also modding guides and websites worth looking at.
>>286370 >Is this worth purchasing as an hdmi cable or are there better one? It's better by virtue of being far cheaper and not shitting the bed with 480p, but if you don't care about 480p and want the best image quality and fastest 240p/480i switching speed the RAD2X PS1 cable is better (many PS1 / PS2 games switch resolution mid game so it's fairly important) >And as for ssd/hdds, which ones will fit and worth buying, For SSD there is nothing worth considering outside of Samsung EVO (not QVO, you're overpaying the low end stuff) and Crucial MX500 (BX500 if you really want the cheap but not terrible stuff) anything else you'll do better by grabbing a chink SSD off AliExpress (Kingdian brand is usually decent and make sure it has onboard DRAM, though there's also OEM Samsung ones which are fairly good, as well as refurbished Intel entreprise grade MLC ones which are also quite good) HDD I would avoid anything consumer level that isn't Toshiba N300/S300.X300 (though avoid ones bigger than 8TB). try to find certified manufacturer refurbished surveillance or enterprise grade HDDs, even Seagate ones (Skyhawk and Exos), if it's good for hoarders like myself I can guarantee you it'll be fine for you too. Holy grail is Hitachi He8 / He10, for sub consumer drive $/TB ratio, though even if you pay a bit more they're well worth. Though do keep in mind that enterprise drives give no fuck about noise, surveillance drives though are usually much more quiet.
Is there a USB Bluetooth adapter that I can use with a controller that doesn't suck? So far every one I've used has latency issues. Using the same controller on a PS4 that's next to my PC works just fine.
(4.63 MB 2560x1440 1105500_20210403170538_1.png)
>>284633 Do you not like the Return of the Mack, anon?
Out of all the video game consoles which do you think is the most prioritized when it comes to archiving?. (Will never lose game library due to popularity) Why do normalfags ignore anything 2nd generation? Are they too stupid to read a manual?
>>286603 >Out of all the video game consoles which do you think is the most prioritized when it comes to archiving?. (Will never lose game library due to popularity) I think SNES. Also, I don't think we'll have to worry too much about most of a system’s popular games becoming lost media. You'll always be able to find a copy of Sonic Adventure or Crash Bandicoot, it's the less popular you have to worry about.
>>286603 Any cartridge based console is easier to archive, disc based media suffers from disc rot and other issues. There are certain PS1 and PS2 titles that have never been uploaded online.
>>286545 There is no wireless controller that can match the latency of a wired one because of a fundamental design advantage a wired has over a wireless, not because of differing controller quality. >>286603 >Out of all the video game consoles which do you think is the most prioritized when it comes to archiving? NES, SNES, Genesis, and Game Boy are the top ones, I'd say either Genesis or Game Boy at the top because they have far less unlicensed titles to keep track of, NES the least of the bunch for the thousands of clones, pirate hacks, and 939,342,346,718-in-1 ROM's. >Why do normalfags ignore anything 2nd generation? Are they too stupid to read a manual? Normalfags already have trouble being attached to 3rd gen games because of their lack of complexity in the assets department and "muh difficulty," so naturally games that are even less complex than those will turn normalfags away. Also the manual thing, even if normalfags knew how to install Stella for example they wouldn't be able to get past the title screen for most games.
>>286576 Actually I got to the part in Y3 where you talk to some tranny and Kiryu respects his "pronouns" and doesn't have the option to call him a freak. Even if you say, "Yeah that kind of turns me off a bit," Kiryu's still whiteknighting for him and Yuya's like >Man, tranny or not I'd still hit it Fucking gross. In all fairness it was made in 2009 before trannies became the awful worldwide pandemic that they are now but I get the feeling that the games most likely don't progressively become more "based" as they go on. To think I got a massage from that freak. I want to dip Kiryu's body in bleach.
>>286603 Atari 2600 is basically there (barring random proto discovery) and the whole library is small and nobody actually cares to DMCA it I'm fairly sure NES, SNES, SMS, PCE/TG16, MD/Gen, GG, GBC are close to complete but have that one "game that most likely exist exist but nobody has it", known hoarded proto or some such undumped games 5th gen is where it gets a bit harder, the PS1 has a fucking absurd amount of games and they're whole fucking discs leading to a full set being a bit over 3TB, though the library is nearing completion, JP / PAL is where the missing stuff is for now. Saturn is surprisingly well preserved, N64 is unsurprisingly well preserved too, GBA has the PS1 problem too though not the raw size of the ROMset, though if you include unlicensed stuff there becomes an issues of including those zoophilia video carts (yes that exists) and similar stuff you can find for it. 6th gen has the big fucking chunky sets that are PS2 / XBOX which total over 10TB each (though XBOX potentially might slim down if someone figures out how to compress them), NGC should be mostly preserved though and the set isn't even that big, NDS has a fuckton of shovelware (though a lot of it seems to have gotten dumped) and DSi downloads which might have some missing stuff still. PSP is surprisingly well preserved for something with an online store and DLC, but it could be better. Past that it's the wild west and only the Wii has any public effort to preserve it though Redump has more modern sets being worked on privately. >>286608 Such as?
>>286624 The Remastered Version of Yakuza 3 actually removed a set of Side Stories, where Kiryu runs away from a Cross Dresser. https://youtu.be/QI9Mp16DUCg?t=134
>>286431 I decided to go with the 1tb 860 evo and looked through a ps2 homebrew forum that said it requires this upgrade kit. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07H7R3XDY/ref=ewc_pr_img_1?smid=A2PG0JPHUSQSX8&psc=1 https://www.ps2-home.com/forum/app.php/page/list-of-compatible-internal-hdds-for-a-phat-ps2 Should I use it with this network adaptor or something else? also is the link above the best place to go for a thorough modding guide? https://www.amazon.com/dp/B000051QDD/?coliid=I2G08IBPPMFFGA&colid=3T55ZIXIQ6379&psc=0&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it
>>286705 Yeah converting an official network adapter to SATA is by far the best choice if you can. Just be careful as it's very easy to get chinked while trying to buy an official adapter, though that amazon listing seems to have legit seller, easy way to tell real from fake is the ethernet port not being present ( the hole might be but there's nothing inside) and the inside sticker not saying SONY. As for forums there's https://www.psx-place.com/forums/#playstation-2-forums.6 which is the homebase of OPL which is what you'll most likely be using to run games.
(1.25 MB 1280x600 Screenshot (84).png)
Is zombie escape any good?
(599.99 KB 1250x1000 981.jpg)
>>288253 I prefer Ape Escape.
I want to replay Thief The Dark Project and Metal Age, and might jump into New Dark for some fan missions. What addons or versions do I need to download for TDP/TMA?
>>288485 >that pic >rape escape
>>285209 something gay
What's some good split-screen games that I can emulate without issues and that my normalfag friends will actually want to play?
(15.45 MB 1280x720 Gondola_browsing_good_bread.mp4)
>>289013 Most splitscreen games are older games and normalfags will NEVER touch those unless they're retro hipster fags And even then they'll only play it once to say they did on twitter
>>289013 Do you have a specific genre in mind?
Is there any good firearms mod for skyrim? It seems that game supports modding in custom animation, or is it not worth the effort at all to download 6 million mods for it?
>>289013 How aboot these? >Mario Partys 2-7 >Streets of Rage 2 >Pokemon Rumble >Mario Kart 64 and up >WWF No Mercy >Smackdown! Here Comes The Pain
>>286624 I wonder if that was actually added to the remastered version. I don't remember that faggot shit in the original game. Kiryu usually beats up trannies.
>>289013 How normal are we talking? Do they have to be split-screen or just couch co-op? Every time i have a friend over, which is like once a year, i just throw a MAME romset on whichever console i own that is hacked, and we play metal slug and various capcom beat em ups until we pass out.
(28.46 KB 286x349 images-68.jpg)
what went wrong? it s practically zelda meets final fantasy never heard a new one
I will beat you with a hammer if you ever again so much as insinuate that this piece of shit is good.
>>289502 >what went wrong? First off >>cuckchan Second : It's fucking Breath of Fire. It's not Zelda crossed over with Final Fantasy, not by a fucking stretch of the imagination. And what 6 did was even more horrible than that, it's some gacha build-your-city-shit that took a giant shit all over what was good in the series.
>>289502 >fREEEEEE to play >online >Microtransactions >Japan only >Died a year after it's debut I dunno, still seems a mystery.
>>289504 not saying you should eat a giant bag of dicks >>289505 yes 6 was trash. shouldnt just stop right there. >>zelda, final fantasy come on, the two main characters have the same name... >>289506 hmmm, reboot needed.
Breath of Fire. >Zelda crossed with FF. Fucking neck yourself for that statement. >What happened? Capcom has Dragon's Dogma and Monster Hunter. As far as the suits are concerned they do not need any other RPG series.
>>289517 >>dragon s dogma/monster hunter is rpg wtf haha yes it has zelda's pattern and ff's gameplay if it's not a praise, then it's a steal. and it's good on its own. 6 was trash obviously
>>289502 >what went wrong? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IqXc4C6rGiI its mobil shit Ok, who are you and why did you make this thread? I will find out your IP and make hell on earth for you!
>>289517 >Capcom has Dragon's Dogma and Monster Hunter. As far as the suits are concerned they do not need any other RPG series. Breath of Fire is a turnbased rpg series, right? If someone wants, they could swallow the /agdg/ pill and try to make their own spiritual successor.
>>289529 >thread just asking man. >who am i,hell on earth well, not the first time since 4chan >spiritual successor wont you get in trouble for that
(512.09 KB 568x916 1606961544620.png)
If you don't like ANY modern video games then you have bad taste. No, it doesn't make you look cool or smart.
>>289562 Hilarious that you fags can't stand to hear the truth. You're just a different flavor of shit compared to 8/2chan.
>>289565 i cast FIST!
Are there any mods for Valkyria Chronicles that let you skip/fast forward the enemy turn? It's a fun game, but watching 50 niggers slowly move and shoot every time is annoying, specially on that fucking mission where you watch the car slowly drive through the city.
>>289661 Cheat engine + speedhacks + hotkeys
>>289663 Would CE's speedhack even work on a game like that? I only ever used on small eroges.
>>289668 It should, I've used it on more modern games without issues before, though obviously I can't 100% guarantee it'll work.
(1.44 MB 1555x2000 frank_frazetta_self_portrait.jpg)
Are there any games or any works in general that makes great use of the self-insert main character, or at least done so in a humble manner?
>>290047 What do you mean by great use? MPov eroges like EraTW make "great use" of the blank slate, but I'm not sure if that's what you're saying.
>>290051 I meant to say the self-insert that's based on the creator's (or someone else's) real life influences, not some god or Mary Sue character.
>>290089 YIIK, the MC is the faggot dev's faggot self insert, and it just works to make the kusoge more consistent.
(17.89 KB 480x360 images-43.jpg)
>>289502 so how do i get to make official BOF remake for capcom then
Two Questions: 1. In what order should I play the Ace Combat series? 2. What Kingdom Hearts games should I play?
>>290284 Start all franchises from the start.
>>290284 Production order, not chronological
is monster hunter boardgame licensed by capcom???? what the hell is "in development and subject to licensor approval"
>>290284 Start by playing the fan-translated version of Ace Combat 3 using PGXP to make it look not-shit. Then play the PS2 trilogy and be done with it because 6 and 7 kind of suck. Don't play any KH game because they are all unironically gay.
(122.74 KB 534x646 IMG_20200816_144135.jpg)
>>290367 picdump
>>290284 Some people like Electrosphere, but I found it too weird, almost unsettling. I'd just recommend doing 04, 5, and Zero. 04 plays slightly worse than 5 and 0 and doesn't have 16:9 support, but it surprised me with its story telling, which was the last thing I was expecting from it. Definitely should be the one you play first. 5 is the most refined of the bunch and has a lot of great missions and you will never want to replay it again. Zero is to 5 what Majora's Mask is to Ocarina of Time. It's a good game, but scaled down greatly. It does, however, have the greatest emphasis on dog fighting and offers multiple paths to completion, so you don't have to do nearly as much of those dreadful bombing missions. I know a lot of people say you should play them in release order, but I think if I had the opportunity to do it again I would have done 04 -> Zero -> 5. Zero's final mission does feel like the final mission of the trilogy in many ways, but the order I suggest has better narrative flow.
>>290284 Fan translated AC3 > AC4 > AC5 > AC0 > AC7 > Project Wingman
>>290284 KH1, KH365/2, KH2, Birth by Sleep, KH3. Chain of Memories, Re:coded, and DDD suck monkey ass.
(67.42 KB 420x311 IMG_20200518_135308.jpg)
how do you write/build game ai
is lodoss war a succesful game franchise https://youtu.be/tZC5B6VmARA
>>290284 You can't play the Arcade cabinet game in good conditions without having access to the actual cabinet, if you can do play it though Give Air Combat a try, if you can't handle (handling is weird and the ground tends o be a solid single color leading to unfortunate crashes) it skip to AC2 If AC2 is too much (handling is really ass) skip to 3JP, you're not missing much if you want the story you can just play the remake If 3JP handles like ass to you you can try 3 US, yes it's missing all the story but it's good arcade fun that works well, handles well as it's purely arcade and isn't replicated in that way in any other game of the series. Now you're onto the 3 games you should play those being 4, 5 and 0,, if you only want to play the bare minimum play those, they don't emulate well, but if you have an halfway decent PC and don't mind SW mode I'd still recommend playing that way as you get progressive scan and 16:9 for every title. Ace Combat Advance is pure ass even by arcade flight sim on 2D system standards. After that if you have access to an x360 play 6 (but it's not really worth getting one just for that game) Both of the PSP games aren't terrible but not exactly the greatest either, though easy to emulate so there's that Ace Combat: Assault Horizon is just bad, not "funny" bad either. Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Legacy though is that AC2 remake I mentioned earlier and it's pretty good for a portable title, play ti if you can emulate it. Ace Combat 7 is okay, somewhere between PS2 trilogy and 6, though it has Denuvo and the pirated version is severely out of date. Now if you want more in that style afterwards >Airforce Delta The handling is very particular specifically the missiles but once you get around to it it's an AC2 clone on Dreamcast,, it also might have inspired the PS2 games for a couple things that are big spoilers. The XBOX and PS2 sequels are anime bullshit, but still fun. The portable games are okay for portable games but nothing more. >Project Wingman The only game on there besides Airforce Delta that can even begin to pretend being on the same level as a mainline AC game, needs a more powerful PC that you would need for emulating the PS2 games to run halfway decently though. >H.A.W.X It's a very barebones americanized clone of the PS2 AC with baby mode no stall handling (and the fucking atrocious limiter off mechanic), it's competent but nothing more, there's a few mods that add neat things to it like Callsign Warlord (so you get the fun planes early instead of having to grind forever or cheat). The second title is so bad it makes AH look passable. >Jane's Advanced Strike Figther This is a bad game, though it's enjoyable in just how stupid the story is and how the characters act in it. >Top Gun Really mixed bags, some games are enjoyable some are pure ass, sorta worth it if you really need more, the latest PC game is probably the best of the bunch. >Dropship Emulates like ass and isn't all that great anyway but if you want more AC it's pretty much the limit of enjoyability >Sky Crawlers innocent aces WW2 planes instead though still made by the AC people >Vertical Strike There's no story only more things to shoot, does that competently though. >NGen Racing What happens if,you take AC and make it into a racing game, it's fun and about as far as I go in terms of deviating from AC in those recs There's more games that might scratch the same itch out there but I'm keeping them off the list because the connection is far too tenuous, though I'll mention Heroes of the Pacific and Crimson Skies just because they're about as close as you can get for WW2 era AC equivalents outside of Sky Crawler. I'll never get around to making that infograph I promised forever ago
(1.65 MB 641x360 hot air.webm)
>>290284 >1. In what order should I play the Ace Combat series? The games are mostly loosely connected, even though there's a proper chronological order, so it doesn't really matter much except for two pairs, 4 and 7 (play 4 before 7) and 5 and Zero (5 came out first, but Zero is the prequel, some people disagree but I think playing Zero first is better for the story). For AC3 get the fan translated version, the one that starts with anime. The american version completely removes the entire story and large chunks of the game. Air Combat and AC2 don't have much story, but they're fun arcade games. Horizon Legacy is AC2 with more plot and character, but the game sucks dick. I'd recommend playing them in release order to see the changes the series went through. AC7 sucks dick much like Horizon Legacy, it takes the worst parts of 4 to a whole new level, and because of the way the checkpoints work killing yourself is often the best way, if not only, to beat a mission, but the story is neat. Since playing without a joystick kinda sucks I'd say go 4 > Zero > 5 > 1 > 2 > 3(Fan translation) > 7 > Project Wingman
>>290602 You're forgetting about Sky Crawlers.
>>290502 you can start by learning about state machines
>>280275 >How does MGS3 use pressure sensitive buttons? I don't even remember that being a thing. iirc, CQC a person and hold square lightly to hold them. Tap square lightly to choke them, hold square hard to slit their throat. While aiming you can lean left and right using the pressure-sensitive L1 and R1 buttons, you can press both at the same time to peek upward, or lean forward while hiding in a locker. So you need to map 3 pressure-sensitive buttons on a controller which probably only has 2 analog bumpers. I did come up with a system but it was not optimal
>>290617 How does the Xbox 360 port handle it?
>>290618 no idea, shit I'll have to look into that maybe it's a better option for emulation. PS2 MGS3 also has some weird-ass postprocessing which looks like you have a detached retina when upscaled
>>290624 You can sort of correct the post processing via half pixel offset (special texture is the one I recall using) Seeing as you're most likely using a DS3 for pressure sensitivity on PCSX2 you can achieve the same thing via DSHidMini on RPCS3 via the HD collection, though you'll need a beefier CPU core count to handle it as well.
>>290632 I just use the generic as fuck Logitech F310 for all my emulation

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