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(2.89 MB 1600x1200 sonia.png)

QTDDTOT Anonymous 02/04/2021 (Thu) 22:52:46 Id: 700bb9 No. 228459
you know the script, niggers for any 8/16bit and certain ps1 games, i've been using the 6 btn megadrive/genesis controller, love the d-pad and clicky buttons, so my question is, should i re-order another 6btn megadrive, or is there a better alternative?
>>384928 imagine metro 2033 but worse and more buggy.
>>384928 Do you like green crystals, endless mushroom farming, obnoxious rpg companions/skill trainers constantly whining about your choices and kinda workable gameplay that still kinda feels like its a stalkan fangame made by 1 guy?
Can someone point me towards games like Dragon's Dogma, PSO2, MH, games where I can big sword attack big monsters, dodge, parry, create waifus. I suppose I'm just wondering if there's some hidden gem I'm missing since I don't know much about JRPG's and most of them are turn-based.
Does anyone have a screencap from like a month or two ago where some anons were talking about Silent Hill being made into a skating game? Thought I had it saved but I don't see it in my downloads folder.
>>380077 Firstly, it doesn't have everything from everyone. Secondly, those stuck with Verizon are shit out of luck. Just like Nyaa.
>>386814 >hidden gem Dunno about it being a gem, but if you want more MH clones you could try the god eater games, since they are pretty much just straight up boss-rush clones. Try digging around the PSP library if you want more shit like that, since it had a fair amount of other MH clones of varying degrees of quality running around. >>387240 This?
>>387254 Yeah, that's it! Thanks.
>>386814 If you liked PSO2, you might want to try Phantasy Star Portable 2. It's basically an alpha build of PSO2 in the PS Universe setting. The devs that Sega outsourced the project to did such a good job turning the shitfest that was PSU into gold that Sega outright bought the studio and they became Phantasy Star Crew, the devs of PSO2. If you hate yourself, try Phantasy Star Nova. It's a PSO2 spinoff about an exploration vessel that creates the warp gates used in PSO2, but the devs (Tri-Ace) fucked up everything from the targeting algorithm to the skill system, making it a hollow shell of PSO2 that didn't even have all the weapons and classes of PSO2 at the time of Nova's development.
>>387254 I have been looking at the charts for PSP games and God Eater. So it's probably where I'll mess around with some titles. >>387342 >If you liked PSO2, you might want to try Phantasy Star Portable 2 The thing I like about PSO2 is mostly the refined combat. I do have some nostalgia for the older phantasy star games but their combat systems are very basic if not outright clunky from what I recall.
Why did people in the funeral thread say that posting quality around here was getting better when the opposite seems to be the case?
>>387347 I got around to trying out Phantasy Star Portable 2 and it's actually not half bad. My expectations of the older ones were kind of soured by trying PSO on the Gamecube but this one plays quite a bit better and looks quite good at high resolutions. Though timing the attacks by having to look at the circle in the button right is kind of a garbage UI choice, but I'm at least glad to see the mechanic in the game.
I got the sudden itch to go and play cataclysm dda. How's the good new features vs. micromanagement bloat and nerfs ratio going around these days?
>>386814 Would Nioh be something you're interested in?
>>387661 Yes I am interested in trying Nioh, it's at the top of my list actually. But the first one doesn't run on linux and the second one runs but cutscenes don't work. So I've been putting it off until hopefully the steam dick launch maybe results in some proton solutions for both of them.
Remember back in the day, the rumor that Fawkes was female? I wonder how that would have played out nowadays.
Remember the rumor you're are mother was an niger? it was true
Remember the rumor about OP being a massive faggot? very true
I did not hear that rumour.
Should I get a touchscreen monitor just for DS and 3DS emulators? (game libraries that were made with a touchscreen in mind)
>>391076 touchscreen monitors in general are not upto the mark of phone or a tablet, since they sacrifice response for bigger screen. Don't know about ds emulations
>>391222 So I guess a tablet might be the better option then. Although, I might have to research it bit more to see how to get DS and 3DS emulators running on a tablet/smartphone.
Ok I'm checking out both those and they look fun in a team.... cant decide properly cause one or the other have their own pros/cons since I'm a lone fuck, which one is gonna be better to play alone or with random?
(83.30 KB 1200x675 EbrN_JmXgAAUUoE.jpg)

>>391975 drop both and play beyond the wire.
I'm vaguely sure I know the answer because it's an indie dork souls-loik, but is Mortal Shell any good? I thought I'd give it the one year EGS beta period just for all the DLC and patches to come out first.
I'm trying to remember the name of this old freeware title that I played as a young child, it could have been a flash game. In it you played as a basic geometrically-shaped spaceship and shot at other geometric enemies, if you were fast enough you could attach these enemy parts to your ship like Katamari. It had a Touhou inspired game as well I believe.
>>392241 HOLY SHIT I FOUND IT https://www.wikiwand.com/en/ABA_Games It was called Tumiki Fighters and apparently it had a Wiiware remake. The touhou fangame is Shoot Shoot Nitori
>>392247 Got a download for the latter?
(2.40 MB 1864x1439 1629278810299.png)

What is this from?
>>392559 Behind. This is from behind.
>>392560 This!
(52.04 KB 500x500 1339580036639.jpg)

How did you stop the screen tearing on retroarch?
>>392016 Where's the nigger snipper? The snigger.
(846.49 KB 725x950 ethan winters vs the world.jpg)

>>392559 Thats lady dimitrescu from re8.
>>382543 *bump* >Call me retarded if you want, but for the life of me I cannot figure out how to pause Dragon's Crown. Pressing the start button brings up the menu, but enemies still move around. I thought that opening the PlayStation menu would pause the game, but I still get killed. How can I pause the game properly? I am playing Pro on PS4.
>>393260 There was never a pause button. Even on the ps3 verssion. And no, i'm not fucking with you.
(2.99 MB 1655x6625 PS2.jpg)

Is there one of these charts for the dreamcast?
>>393162 Does enabling vsync not work?
(1.91 MB 1735x3870 Dreamcast Games 1.jpg)

(683.24 KB 1400x1750 Dreamcast Games 2.jpg)

>>393325 These seem to be from 2016 and 2018, there could be more.
>>393344 I have every type of vsync turned on and i still get screen tearing. Not sure if this makes a difference but i'm playing on big lcd tv. >>393416 Thank you.
I'm trying to find a psvita game that i don't remember very well, i know it had colorful waifus ((like each waifu was a different color) and you could move their boobs during text chat, i never got that far into it, so i just remember it was a visual novel like game. I think the title started with an "M" but i'm not sure.
>>393580 That's literally every single VN/dungeon crawler on the vita, you have to be more specific.
(43.58 KB 360x450 p4.jpg)

Is Postal 4 worth buying? >>393580 I played something like that on PSP, it was called To Heart or something?
>>394168 Still early access as far as I know. No.
(472.58 KB 1920x1080 MeiQ Labyrinth of Death.jpg)

>>394158 >>394168 I was able to find it, it was MeiQ: Labyrinth of Death.
Does any one know if the battery of a model 1000 psvita can be used to replace the battery of a model 1100 psvita?
(238.06 KB 1329x758 37a17a_8233921.jpg)

>>394168 Do you like surface level internet humor that is cuckchan level at best, reddit at worst? Do you mind that it's unfinished and is likely 2 years away from being finished? Despite being killable do you mind CV11 being an eceleb guest in game? Do you mind the fact that the levels look more bland and lethargic than even Postal 2's were? Yes? Yes. No? No.
(66.69 KB 674x532 Capture10.PNG)

Are these specs sufficient for Factorio?
>>394785 I had a refurb thinkpad from 2011 that runs it at 30 fps
>>394840 Good news: It works Meh news: Could use a real mouse Bad news: I'm getting filtered by the lab tutorial. By the time I embark to destroy the insect nests they bypass me and break all of my generators.
>>395199 Biters will prioritize "military" targets. This includes turrets, walls, and even radars. Otherwise, they path towards largest polluters if possible
>>395255 Which is why I built walls. So far, this portion of the tutorial is horrifically slow, unless I'm supposed to figure out a way to make the research go faster. Just one step away from researching the vehicle but despite having three labs going it's going so damn slow. Not helping matters is the logistic science pack (the green potion thing) being far more of a hassle to craft then the other one, which just requires copper plates and iron gears. I suspect I'm supposed to uproot some of the premade factory stuff to focus on inserted production but I feel off just thinking about doing so. Still trying to get the hang of electricity as it is.
>>395284 Just play sandbox/freeplay. Tutorial is just to get you eased into it. Much more fun to just build shit and dick around in my opinion, though if electricity is still giving you some trouble, don't be too concerned if your factory is shit. Actually, I love seeing first time factories. Post pics of your horrible setup, faggot. You can build more sci labs and have them share science packs between them with inserters, as well. 4 or 8 should be fast enough.
>>395287 I'll share pics of whatever I jerry up once I start freeplay. I'm almost done with the tutorial anyway. Stopping for tonight. A true sandbox should have me figuring something out. See if I can turn the whole planet into a factory like I saw in some pics and vids. Avoiding any how-tos and tips and tricks vids for now. This definitely seems like the type of game designed to be figured out on one's own. I'll be especially glad if I can make tech research go faster. The one for the engine and car took forever even with three labs.
>>395324 Please do keep us posted! Perhaps make a thread after a bit. Blueprints are handy, but like you said, you end up with solved designed by sharing them with others.
Is it possible to map keyboard controls for Ppsspp to include the use of the joystick? I tried multiple combination and all of them felt clunk and counterintuitive.
>>394785 Yeah, probably.
>>395491 Personally I used the numpad keys / 7 8 9 for the d-pad and 5 1 2 3 for the joystick, back then when I was emulating shit without any gamepads. I ended up developing some bizarre the claw esque grip with that shit, but then again I was playing monhun and clones mostly so it was kind of appropriate.
>>393344 The only thing that worked for me was downloading the exact emulator that i was using on Retroarch (and using it without retroarch), and it has no screen tearing now.
Is there a thread for general complains about games? Like just random annoying things about game after playing for dozens of hours and not really a full blown review. Like Iron Harvest devs have a fucking boner for stealth and wave defense missions for some goddamn reasons. Could somewhat excuse it if it's only 1 or 2 times for the whole game but it's in freaking every campaigns, even the shorten DLC one. The campaigns are already pretty short, 6/4 missions long. Freaking stealth missions in a simplified CoH clone. Russian spy girl got 2, one of which is insta-game over if discovered
Factorio players, give to me straight. How long did it take for you to complete the fifth tutorial mission? Eight hours in and I might've realized too late that I should've done the objective my own way rather then replicate what might've been there. Spent too much time making sense of the wreckage and what's "supposed" to be on those conveyor belts. Also, I felt that a brief rundown on splitters could've helped.
>>397081 Took me 50h for my first rocket but this was when the tutorial was incredibly barebones and very different
>>397081 There are tutorial missions?
(1.48 MB 1200x628 ClipboardImage.png)

Tetris effect is free from their chinese tencent Epic Store contract and it's on steam now. It's got some kind of "classic nes" mode too. Anyone got it? Is it worth the buy?
>>397152 Found it via the salty seas. I am not good at tetris. There is the campaign, or you can run an endless mode if that's your thing. Multiplayer is available if you get it legally. Visuals are... there, but I try to put all my effort into the gameplay. Some of the music is really nice (such as Forest Dawn - Boscage and Ritual Passion - Flames). It's kind of cool how the sound effects changes depending on the stage, which influences the music somewhat. The game gets faster and faster as you play, which I find very challenging. Nice to play with a controller, you can just lean back. The game's big change from normal tetris is the "zone" mechanic. As you play, you build up a zone meter by clearing lines. When this is full, you press two buttons, the game slows down, and all completed lines are moved to the bottom, pushing everything up. Once the meter is up, the lines are cleared, and you get scored depending on how many lines you cleared. The more lines you clear this way the higher your score. If you are good at tetris, you can use zone more often, which massively increases your score.
>>397152 The classic NES mode you're referring to is a competitive mode that replicates the settings used for tournament style NES Tetris. Besides the 1989 and 1984 skins, I don't think that exact skin is available for single player.
>>397116 I know, freeplay is the main way but there are five tutorial missions that (try to) give you a rundown on what to do. First three were of no issue to me but the fourth took about two hours and as I said, I might be going about the fifth one completely and utterly wrong treating it as a puzzle, hence taking 8+ hours to science up some train tracks.
In Morrowind is there any good method to repeatably make shekels when starting from a new game? Previously I could have done so by selling potions when I had alchemy as a major skill but now I have to start the Alchemy skills from scratch so its not a option for me.
Dying Light worth picking up?
>>397392 Play it for the Moon Man experience, not for the story. It starts as being difficult because you can't really do much, but as soon as you gain some levels and max your explorer and combat skills, it turns into the best first person street brawler since Mirror's Edge. Few things beats dropkicking a zombie off a roof and into a spiketrap. The following expansion lets you drive a buggy, which takes some time to upgrade (just like the parkour tree), but it can become quite potent. Just hammer through the story as fast as you can so you can get the old town, and do side quests for exp and some items. If you start a new game with all the dlc installed, you can get some pretty op weapons early on to help you in the early game. Very worth it if you have played the game before (like me). HellRaid is alright, neat time waster, but you'll want to have combat maxed for simplicity's sake. Make the best weapons you can, and ditch grey weapons as soon as you can, max inventory size is 16, 20 with what you can equip. The limited inventory is honestly what holds the game back the most in my opinion. At least the parkour is fluid. Test your skills and earn more exp by being out at night and run like hell. Make sure you know where you are going, and get the grappling hook as soon as you can. Remap the buttons, and if you have a fancy mouse with extra buttons, use those to help you out. Oh yeah, and have some Moon Man music ready. It doesn't get better than that, most of the zombies are turk niggers anyway. Have fun! Good night, and good luck.
Anyone here knows of a La-mulana walkthrough that will not fucking destroy the game if I look at it in case I get really fucking stuck? which considering I've spent 2 hours in the gate of guidance is a certainty I mean technically I could just ask in that thread everytime that happens but I'd rather not clutter the thread with that.
>>397347 Well nevermind, I already solved on my own by scavenging a lot of ingredients for increasing alchemy only and when its high enough then mass producing fatigue potion out of kwama eggs and crab meat, took me a quite while to do so.
>>397467 Just as a small hint the first half of the game is the first 5 bosses, and after beating him, the amount of exploration increases dramatically to find the last 3. It's also worth paying attention to the symbols outside each area transition. Their markings might be helpful for a few puzzles later. Don't be afraid to ask if you get stuck! It's always fun seeing an anon work their way through a game. I will tell you to get the Holy Grail before moving deeper than the Gate of Guidance. Also, the minecart boss is the third one. You can't do anything in the area he unlocks for quite a while. Every major area has a life upgrade, map, and Ankh jewel, as well. >>397605 Do not buy alchemy ingredients from vendors. Ever. They have infinite supply on certain things and it's incredibly easy to break the game
>>397605 Honestly, being poor and working up through iron and steel and shit is part of the enjoyment of Morrowind early game, when doing it for the first few times. Memes are fine for later on when you're just fucking around. There are good memories to be made scrounging shitty dungeons for stuff to sell, then trying to remember who it was that was selling that steel left pauldron to complete your armor set. >>397467 I don't know of one, no, although gamefags claims to have a spoiler-free guide. That would be pretty hard to accomplish, I think, unless it was in that old adventure game hintbook style where you can get increasingly detailed hints about specific things that might trip you up. Come to think of it, I actually started writing a sort of FAQ thing for that game, but I think it must be on another computer. My only good general advice is to not be afraid to try things, despite the manual almost out and telling you not to just try stuff (although "don't just whip everything" is usually good advice). I mean try things as in walking off of ledges, pushing walls, and so on. Sure just about all puzzles have a hint somewhere, but sometimes the connections are really tenuous. In doing that you do sort of have to be prepared to die and lose some progress or waste a ton of time, although once you have the grail you can get yourself out of a surprising lot of bad problems (sometimes only with some other upgrades too). The game uses a lot of different interaction paradigms and is basically a long string of gotchas (stuff like: here's an invisible bridge, but you can't just walk to it because the first block is a pit) to trip up people who just try things. Are you playing the original MSX-like version or the remake?
Things got better once I turned my brain on and figured you're supposed to destroy those fucking tablets not just hit them once Think I'm about done for now with 3 areas and also got two bosses done. >>397615 >I will tell you to get the Holy Grail before moving deeper than the Gate of Guidance Thankfully the manual just gives it to you, I can see not having that being a massive pain in the ass. >>397661 >unless it was in that old adventure game hintbook style Was hoping for something like that. >Are you playing the original MSX-like version or the remake? Remake
>>397681 Which bosses have you defeated? Can you post your item screen, I'm curious to see what you've found so far. >Holy Grail See my problem when I first played a few years ago, I read the manual and somehow didn't pick up on the area wrapping around. Actually it's pretty cool, each area is exactly 20 screens and can fit into a 5x4 region. It's crazy how much they can do with that little space
(291.89 KB 1920x1080 1.jpg)

(307.05 KB 1920x1080 2.jpg)

>>397710 >Which bosses have you defeated? Amphisbaena and Sakit Currently putting back the one I could go and try because bosses seem to increase in difficulty exponentially
(74.63 KB 923x523 autism.png)

(74.43 KB 923x523 alternative autism.png)

(126.63 KB 729x516 1593848701929.jpg)

I bought dark souls remastered for ps4 because i've never tried this version before (only PTDE for ps3), it was cheap and it seems like an easy platinum, this time i'm going with a "spellsword" build that looks like pic attached in order to make it easier for me to acquire it within 3 playthroughs my plan is to get everything in those 3 runs, backup my save, dupe souls to level up faith to 25 then join the warriors of sunlight so i can rank up once, transpose gwyn's soul and get great and sunlight spear, which will net me the last trophy needed for the platinum, problem is that currently this build seems more of a intelligence build that makes use of the balder side sword, and ONLY the balder side sword,so i think it's kind of a waste to invest 45 points into dexterity if said stat is only going to be used with a single weapon (technically 2, but the barbed straight sword is mediocre). However by taking 5 points out of attunement and 1 out of endurance i can put them towards strength instead and be able to use a few more weapons, namely the dark sword, silver knight straight sword, great scythe, lucerne, uchigatana, iaito, painting guardian sword and winged spear, but the trade off is that i'd have to either use a very specific and ugly mixed set (see pic attached number 2) or go naked in order to keep my fast roll and rings. What do you guys think i should do, go with build 1 and stick with the balder side sword, go with build 2 and bear with a shit clowsuit, or go with another stat spread altogether? <use havel's ring 25 endurance and havel's doesn't even let me wear the best and lightest medium/heavy set in the game, the darkwraith armor, while keeping the fast roll (i'd need a minimum of 40 endurance to be able to do so), not to mention both rings are crucial to my build (bellowing is extra damage, grass crest shield+darkwood grain ring will let me dodge every single attack with ease), and wasting a ring slot for a mere kilogram of extra weight (in case i go with wanderer's) is a total waste. <knock dexterity down to 40 and put those points on endurance I can't, 45 dexterity gives me the fastest casting and 29 endurance still doesn't let me wear the wanderer's set while keeping the fast roll, even if i replace the gloves with crimson's. <level up past 125 It's no fun just leveling everything as high as i need and steamroll everything up to NG+6, i made that mistake in bloodborne and i won't do it again and i can't just redo my save since i put a good 200 hours on it due to blood gem farming, i have two +65 STR Scaling/+15 ATK, several dozen radial, triangle and waning +27.2% Physical/Arcane ATK and a +24.8% ATK, all of them with the perfect drawback, stamina cost, and there's no way i'm hell i'm paying for another month of ps plus AND grinding perfect gems again, plus it's fun coming up with your own build.
>>398521 If you'd rather have darkwood grain than havel's then you don't get to wear medium/heavy armor with this build. Them's the brakes.
>>398529 I know, that's why i also clarified that even 29 endurance (in case i go with a tweaked build 2 that runs 40 dexterity) won't get me anywhere, wanderer's coat is the lightest chest piece i can wear that doesn't look horrible, and it's still too heavy, even if i replace the wanderer gloves with crimson's.
>>397681 Well done. The worst part about the game is putting it down for a long time and forgetting where you were and what you were doing. The game is probably in actuality best played while taking notes, as tedious as that sounds.
>>399080 Well it was good while it lasted, I haven't made real progress for quite a while now. I have a few more things I can think of checking out in the Tower of Ruins but after that I don't know where the fuck I'm supposed to go.
(73.25 KB 923x523 melee.png)

(560.44 KB 2406x1612 1622578725965.jpg)

I had to dust off my ps3 to check, and it looks like investing 16 points on strength isn't worth it, so i'll go with the first build i came up with. <even against a demon the difference in AR between the silver knight straight sword and balder is only about 100 points (on a build like pic related) ie not the 20% advertised <dark sword apparently works much better on a pure strength build (lower damage per swing), and it doesn't have spear-like reach on this game (it does on 3, so i'll check it out there) <both straight swords have worse movesets, namely the R2, balder is nothing but thrusts , the other two are thrust-slash-thrust, balder also has better reach (it can catch artorias with a R2/rolling R1 100% of the time after dodging his anime slash, the other two can't) <lucerne and iaito are inferior to the great scythe and uchigatana (they handle about the same but are much slower) <winged spear is just mediocre >uchigatana and great scythe while fun to use aren't that much different from balder damage wise, even if they do inflict bleed (which doesn't work that well on certain enemies), and if i really, really want to i can still wield them with two hands assuming i only invest 10 points in strength <16 strength also grants me access to the chaos blade (which drains health with each hit and needs 10 humanity to shine, i did a thorough testing and a uchigatana with power within hits slightly harder), moonlight butterfly spear (decent damage and reach, but apparently falls behind once you get crystal sorceries) and the moonlight greatsword (which is supposed to be amazing, but i couldn't test it due to 9 intelligence, it's also way too heavy as expected of an ultra greatsword, so i'd definitely have to go naked with this thing equipped), but all of them have massive drawbacks and can't be buffed >sorceries (namely crystal soul spear and dark bead) outright melt bosses all the way into NG+6 with power within cast and bellowing/dusk equipped, so ultimately balder is just there in case i wanna face bosses head on Wish me luck.
How do I fast-forward on PPSSPP? Want to speed up level grinding.
>>399960 One of the trigger by default on x360 controllers, besides that there's most likely a thing to change it in the config menus.
>>399998 It's the tab key and they call it Unthrottle. Odd. Thank you.
What is The Witness like? Is it pozzed trash? One of the sudoku people I watch started playing it and I dont feel like paying attention to it if its bad
>>400184 The Witness is boring. I pirated it and lost interest when one of the seaside puzzles wouldn't accept my answer. There's also another puzzle I couldn't solve because the path was sabotaged. Just play Myst instead.
>>400184 Puzzles with a side of meta wankery. I guess if you've exhausted better games in the genre and don't mind the game at first it might decent enough to fill a gap.
>>400184 As far as I can tell there is no real Dialog or anything so there isn't anything in your face to worry about. It's a neat puzzle game, but it's one of those games you'll probably never finish since if you do want to beat it without resorting to just cheating you'll need to dedicate WAY too much time to figuring out all the obtuse shit, it's satisfying when you do reach that "Ah Ha!" moment, but I can easily see myself Never booting up the game again in my life, since there is nothing keeping you invested but more and more puzzles.
What's the best version of Darkest Dungeon and where can I find it? I recall the devs repeatedly updated the game to patch any fun strategies so the game would be more "dark" or some retarded shit.
>>378584 /h/ is even more dead than /hgg/. Just use /hgg/.
(19.28 KB 1482x386 ClipboardImage.png)

>>378584 Also, your thread is broken. Only one post shows up, not even the OP is thread when the page loads. Catalog says it has 3 replies. Lynxchan a shit.
(401.68 KB 600x360 ClipboardImage.png)

>>379304 >All Spongebob games for the PC are point and clicks
Does anyone have any idea why controllers just refuse to work on certain games after some time? I was playing Transformers Devastation and Samurai Jack Battle Through Time fine until yesterday where either game will simply refuse to read my controller's input and it's only those two games. x360ce isn't helping and I'm not sure what if anything changed from the last week to this Friday for this to happen.
>>402151 Could be phantom controllers sometimes windows is shit and registers your controller as Player 2, which has various side effects depending on the games. Could also be AV interference Could definitely be x360ce being garbage, try Xoutput instead, it's a bit more complex to get running iirc but it's better
>>402154 Xoutput did the trick, thanks anon. >Bit more complex I find it depressing you had to say that when it's just as simple as setting up anything now-a-days.
I'm itching to play some Quake. Any recommendations for sourceports, map-packs, total conversions, etc?
>>402306 Well Quake literally just got it's 25th anniversary update, and they added a new episode, and is probably already compatible with source ports and stuff, so you could try that.
>>402326 Yeah but what sourceports are good? I haven't played in a while and I was following some infographic that I misplaced.
(404.94 KB 807x807 (You) (2).png)

>>402326 Nah, there were a lot of mixed opinions regarding the enhanced port among people with technical knowledge of quake from what I’ve seen. https://www.quaddicted.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=928 >>402329 The consensus was that the remastered was overall fine but certain source ports were overall better depending on your taste. The remaster features better lighting and enemy models, but some people didn’t like how the lighting affected the games mood (it’s nowhere near as bad as quake 2 RTX though). You can turn much of the lighting effects off, but much of the lighting is still ultimately changed even if you disable all the bells and whistles. The new episode added in the remake is generally agreed to be good but can be a pain in the ass to get running on other source ports. The remaster is also apparently lagging modding wise in general and can be somewhat of a pain in the ass to install mods for from what I read. The three most popular source ports are: >quakspasm spiked >VKquake >Mark V I don’t know all the pros and cons of each source port, but from what I understand quakespasm spiked and VKquake are just quakespasm but better. Which one runs better depends on your machine though. Mark V was also well liked but some people had mouse problems that I’m not sure they fixed.
>>402363 I suppose I could go play vanilla and some map packs and arcane dimensions until the "official" new episode is working fine on quakespasm spiked. Thanks anon!
>>402363 I understand the Mixed opinions on the Enhanced ports, but given the fact I got the update for free on Steam, I gave it a shot and enjoyed it fine. I'm no Quake expert tho, so I'm sure there is plenty of nitty gritty details i'm not well versed in, I simply wanted an effortless way to play the vanilla game, even if getting a source port isn't all that hard, it the update was simply convenient for me.
>>397392 >>397405 >start playing >game tells me just stay on roofs if I don't want to be attacked by zombies >meanwhile zombies instantly scale buildings and are on the roofs in seconds >game tells me to look around rooftops to get equipment to repair all my broken shit and make medkits >literally can't stop for a second on roofs because within 2 seconds there are a dozen zombies What the fuck even is this game
>>402578 I figured it out. I guess I had some weird event mode turned on that made the zombies way fucking harder than they normally are.
>>397723 Hey faggot hows your game going
>>397392 I really really liked it and enjoyed it thoroughly which I didn't expect because I put off playing it for years because it's a modern game after all. I loved the atmosphere and the story is interesting. The gameplay is fun although not without flaws. I should give it a replay one of these days.
(383.83 KB 1920x1080 20210831040727_1.jpg)

(401.59 KB 1920x1080 20210831040733_1.jpg)

>>402157 Well for some reason my save got nuked so I had to restart from scratch. Right now I just got done dealing with the absolute shitfest that is the gate of illusion out of area solution can suck my dick and am now learning to count with the fucking endless corridor I luckily got the proper hint from Mulbruk regarding number significance this time around.
I'm looking for a decent 3d brawler/beat em up with a focus on fists and hand to hand combat. Are any of the Yakuza games or Uppers any good for this?
(77.98 KB 720x576 ClipboardImage.jpg)

Post sequels from the past 10 years that were good.
(105.32 KB 616x353 Creeper World 4.jpg)

My biggest issue with it is how weak the music is compared to Arc Eternal.
Hylics 2 over Hylics 1?
What are some criminally underrated video games? Pic related.
Where do you get wii u games besides ziperto? ( i say besides because one of their games didn't work and i want to find a replacement). The rest of the wiiu suggestions in /v/'s gitgud page are either dead or don't have any wiiu games.
(102.37 KB 512x440 unnamed.jpg)

>>403788 >fighting Force Played the fuck out of that. >Crisis Beat Looks neat, thanks. I assume then neither Uppers nor Yakuza are worth shit?
>>403503 Dynamite cop.
(153.54 KB 420x360 Fantastic+Four+(USA)-image.jpg)

>>403796 I wouldn't recommend Yakuza if you want a straight beat em up game. The game is pretty long, you run around, you talk a lot, side activities... I love those games but not worth it if you just want to blow some steam. Double Dragon Neon is really fun to, short and sweet. I used to play the shit out of the F4 game for ps1. But i always played it with a multi tap at my cousins house with other 3 guys. So i don't know how fun it is alone.
>>403804 I meant beat em up as in you literally beat people up, with your fists, not in the classic SoR/2d sidescrolling beat em up sense. I'm asking this because I remember this chinese/taiwanese(I'm honestly not sure which) game called Kung Fu Strike which had a pretty fun combat system and I just want to punch loads of people in a 3d environment(if a cuhrayzee fists game exists I'd play it, like God Hand except I'm shit at that) and have it be fun.
>>403811 The fist of the north star games that came for the ps360 are great for that. More so if you are into the anime. Hokuto ga gokuto would be a dream, but its forever stuck in that piece of shit hardware that is the ps4. https://yewtu.be/watch?v=bx7WTc_QAxU
>>403694 > free collectible card inside When a game or something advertises having a trading card I always have to wonder if it's really part of an actual collectible series like they did with the Pokemon TCG on Gameboy where you could actually use the card in the actual card game, or if it's just a "one out one" kind of thing. Dragon's Crown Pro came with seven such cards. You bought the game? Congratulations, you now have the complete set. What a useless waste of cardboard, they could have printed a proper manual instead or a little booklet with artwork or something.
>>403828 >Game advertises [thing] >Hmm, I will use my money to buy [thing] as advertised! >Get what was advertised >Grr..!! Cool entitlement
>>403831 That wasn't what he was complaining about at all, but why should I expect reading comprehension from someone who unironically calls someone entitled for wanting more out of a marked up special edition?
(40.11 KB 271x377 game-steam-enclave-cover.jpg)

(182.65 KB 256x363 Brute_Force_Coverart.png)

As for the thread prompt, it seems like 6th gen is loaded with these types of games.
(50.37 KB 1280x720 1231=032=1-23.jpg)

Do people really enjoy tedious shitty things for the "skill" involved in it? I'm not talking like Touhou lunatic 1cc shit or anything, that's cool as fuck. I'm more talking like, Vicarious Visions intentionally bringing back Stormy Ascent a level cut for being obnoxious, even by Crash 1's standards. Or the whole Play Crash 4, 4 times over at minimum for 100% with two of those playthrough being essentially the same stage but with a minor visual effect applied. Do people actually like this shit? It just strikes me as weird that resources were wasted on double QAing the game rather than actually, well, making the game better. Not that dumping the entirety of the franchise on a reboot based on a mobile game is really a "better" direction to begin with.
>>403842 >Enclave I liked that game, I've finished the good guys route and got around 1/3rd in the bad before dropping it.
(1.38 MB 640x904 ClipboardImage.png)

>a little score and combo system manages to turn a generic 3rd person shooter from the 7th gen meant to suck a rapper's dick into a decent arcade shooter
(193.00 KB 800x1143 Lionheart.jpg)

Seems to be one of those games where people have played it or never heard of it at all which is a shame as it is quite a good game.
>>403828 How about being smart and finding out what actually comes with the shit game?
>>403862 I liked this one. I'll start with negatives, the balance seemed very shitty, combat was nothing special, joining some factions was so complicated I only found out they were joinable after I finished it, but I remember it very fondly. Lots of great quests.
marged two threads in here.
>>403828 Thanks for reminding me odin sphere leifthrasir is still $60 everywhere i look. Thank fuck i own a modded ps3.
>>403848 As someone who loved 100%'ing Crash 2, I found how Crash 4 did it to be really tedious. Because you see Crash 2 was testing my skills most of the time, while Crash 4 was just testing my patience.
(7.69 MB 640x360 NuMale Sky Frontiers.mp4)

Is No Man's Sky worth a pirate yet? Seeing as it's getting yet another free update with a decent amount of content. I honestly haven't touched the game since launch.
>>404440 When someone gets their hand on the 3.6 update please post the torrent link. I also want to check it out now. If anything, it seems like a good comfy game at the juncture to lay down on a stormy night while blasting some tunes.
>>404474 Show asshole
>>403786 I want to fuck that squash.
Has the Mass Effect LE been cracked yet? I've been gone for a bit and feel like punishing myself, all the torrents i come across seem shady
>>404897 Unless you specifically wanna see the differences just use the original trilogy, there's probably even a repack with everything content wise. But yeah Legendary has been "cracked", denuvo got removed and as such it got a scene release almost immediately, by FLT iirc.
>>404907 I was just gonna go LE because im having a hard time tracking down all the DLC, but i might just be retarded. Ill check around again
Is the new Idol Manager worth checking out? Or should I play something else while waiting a year or so for all the DLCs/"features" that got cut/mods to come out?
(985.43 KB My Movie_1.mp3)

>>228459 Source of this music? I swear I've heard it before but I don't know where. Was used in this review by a mediocre halfchan JewTuber: https://www.bitchute.com/video/tsxywYGx5793/
(4.14 KB 100x174 1463413815622.jpg)

>>406707 Thanks. Honestly amazed at how much better a midi remix sounds than the original's questionable quality, though even that I only like about half of it or so. https://www.yewtu.be/watch?v=Moc8i2uhsQ4
>>345763 300 hours in Adobe Photoshop.
>>345763 >>406764 It's KILL YOURSELF you fucking underage faggot phoneposter nigger fucks.
>>406707 >0010010011011 Is there any information on how to read/write metres like this?
>>384643 Thanks!
Why is there a sudden influx of idling games?
What is the purpose of gamergate threads?
>>406971 To trigger blog faggots like you.
>>406971 containment threads/ culture threads dependign on your perspective
>>406982 >>406971 It also doubles as aseconday meta andgame news thread. It's also the /pol/ containment thread. It's basically slowly morphed into a frankenthread that hosts a bunch of shit of inconsistent worth. Sometimes it's usefull for game news, othertimes it devolves into chritfags figihting with atheist.
(115.07 KB 976x1200 TOR.jpg)

>>406990 zzzchan /b/ avatarfag? Is that you?
(34.13 KB 360x156 2258219755_57b44d7357_o.jpg)

>>406971 It's essentially where anons go to reeeee at manchildren, doormats and weak willed twats for having such shit rhetoric and unnecessary stressors
Ok niggers, suggest me videogames to play with a controller. Ain't gonna put any more restrictions or my tastes to maybe get some suggestion I wouldn't have considered otherwise.
>>407969 Devil May Cry, any of them really, only DmC and DMC5 actually have mouse controls. "Although there are people who like Keyboard only" Yakuza, Sonic Adventure 1 or 2, Dead Rising, No More Heroes, Ninja Gaiden... Fucking 99% of Japanese games really are intended for Controllers... So I'll try and think about some western ones, but most western developers are smart enough to make good PC controls most of the time, and the western games that have shit PC controls are consolized games... Tony Hawk games are probably better on Controller... Driving games... Prototype 1, The Force Unleashed 1... this is much harder for western games...
>>407977 >>407969 Ok not restricting was a mistake I suppose, although I assume those are all great and some I even have already played, they will likely not scratch the itch I need. Roguelites/likes.
>>407978 Yeah Roguelites started on PC and are intended for PC most of the time. But Rogue Legacy would be good on Controller, if you have or haven't play that already.
>>407980 >Rogue Legacy Had been on my radar but never played, I guess I will check it out unless something more interesting comes out of my question
I just came to the realization that there's not much Mahou Shoujo vidya that I know of. Can /v/ give some examples?
Not vidya, but does anyone remember a fairly long(20-30 minutes), somewhat comedic and overedited video talking about some others or misc. section of a bodybuilding forum? Had a section on Zyzz and a bunch of other /fit/izens and stuff.
>>408702 I remember the video but you'll have better luck asking on /fit/. They are autistic enough to save all their OC.
Is there any RPG game with firearms that is comfy to play and where I can dick around?
>>409013 >Is there any RPG game with firearms that is comfy Valkiria chronicles or Resonance of fate are the only ones that come to mind
>>408728 I did some more searching and the forum's called "the misc", but I still can't find the video. I found a pretty bad edit of what I recall to be the intro to video with personashit but not the video itself.
>>409026 The site ate my video.
>>409023 Ay thanks for the recommendation.
What's a good replacement for Liveleaks? Is leakreality any good?
(249.65 KB 464x678 Bw1qxCcIYAA5c-y.png)

Are there more of these games that are actually good other than Recettear?
(70.98 KB 400x240 1430938218439.jpg)

(152.79 KB 400x240 givemethepantsu.jpg)

(1.14 MB 1212x1115 pastthis.png)

(156.51 KB 400x240 ボク.jpg)

>>409874 Girls Mode. I hope you know Nipponese though because the English versions lose a lot.
>>366885 based
>>409032 Wanna see pitbulls mawlimg toddlers or what
I want games with lots of cheesecake fanservice. I've been playing Hedon recently and all of this greenskin content is making me yearn for a time where just wanting to see nice curves, tits and ass on a woman even if it's just a random poster secreted somewhere wasn't seen as this abomination that has to be purged from existence. Other examples would be Duke Nukem or Brandish the Dark Revenant. I'd also like the game to be good too, since I'm going to be actually playing it
>>410209 u fucking wot m8?
(438.41 KB 770x770 1628613189926.jpg)

Are there any RTS where you can play as the Taliban? Or any games really
>>410760 Syrian Warfare is as close as you'll get.
(28.03 KB 122x98 Angry_mob_icon.png)

(135.71 KB 400x400 Gen_GLA_Logo.webp)

>>410760 AK-47s FOR EVERYONE
(40.57 KB 203x289 ds.jpg)

Whats wrong with the first Luminous Arc game?
Where does the sun go at night?
>>411747 It goes under the disc.
>>411740 I'm guessing its probably because it was an absolutely barebones SRPG gameplay wise, with a generic >MC is a paladin newfag, wants to purge witches >loli cleaning your dorm is actually a witch and protects planet >switch sides, get a witch harem and fight corrupt church plot that doesn't do much to stand out from the other animu shit along those lines.
(961.43 KB 1000x1534 1448184311412.png)

>>228459 Anyone know why setting yewtu.be to automatically set quality to 480p makes the 480p option disappear for some videos? Or rather, why does the 480p option not appear for many videos? Thanks.
>>411747 Back to your house to fuck your mom ayy
>>411870 Use freetube
(1.51 MB 491x750 pet 2d girl.gif)

>>411874 Thanks for reminding me about that, but I absolutely fucking hate "application" programs like that, even if it's FOSS. Maybe I'll check it out some day, but I'd like to hold on to the "traditional" web browser experience for as long as possible. Not the least because I hate the design, don't see any themes that really change it to not look so disgustingly ~2013+, and cannot into programming/don't know shit about anything due to being a lazy fucking nigger desu~
>>411884 >running software in your operating system (also known as a web browser) running on top of your operating system instead of just running the software on your operating system directly
>>411906 >Web browsers >Operating system Are they really so similar? I know chrome is because they made chrome os out of it but web applications and specific stuff like that is kinda running in their own environment
Are there any lightweight killing floor clones?
repost I posted this in the wrong place I started a new job and the only thing I really wanna spend my dosh on is a new PC. Been away for a while what's the opinions on Intel/AMD and nvidea cards? I got an amd cpu & gpu my cpu is a special item to enthusiasts now so it's like 500-1000 which is funny They all jewish shit now or am I in the clear still?
>>413679 Not gonna lie I have no clue, I hardly even understand your question. But if I were to get a new PC I would just cheat and use https://www.logicalincrements.com/ PC part picker is also very good.
>>413679 I also do not understand the question, if there is one. Doing jewtube research is generally pretty good these days for what computer hardware/configurations to get. Modern AMD/Nvidia cards are basically equal in price to performance, AMD less annoying sometimes for linux drivers. AMD doesn't have DLSS which is some nvidia proprietary upscaling shit that gives significant performance increases in games that support it, but AMD introduced FSR which on linux can be applied to basically any game, but FSR works on all GPU's including nvidia's. Intel is going to come out with cards I think Q1 of 2022 which might be okay, but they don't have any dedicated cards right now. The only major benefit to an intel card could potentially be that they might be really easy to pass through to a virtual machine based on how open intel has been in the past about that shit, but that's kind of a niche use case.
>>398521 Why're you shooting for 125? I know this is later and you probably don't care now but you can steamroll NG6+ as a fucking level 1 pyromancer. well not necessarily steamroll as there's alot of tricks you have to do to really beat bosses but it's manageable.
(94.57 KB 949x1024 1610928600060.jpg)

Are there any RPGs where you can talk your way out of fights?
Why does the sage checkbox not work?
>>415463 Aside from Undertale not many that I am aware of. Maybe you could play Tingle's games?
>>415463 The Shin Megami Tensei games and the first three Persona games (2 is split into two games) let you negotiate with enemies, which often lets you talk your way out of battles if the RNG doesn't feel like being a dick and making every answer the wrong answer. There's still boss fights and fixed encounters that can't successfully be negotiated with, though some give you a little bonus dialogue if you attempt negotiation anyway.
>>415463 why do you want to talk your way out of fights. to avoid fighting? most rpgs let you flee from battle if you want to avoid fighting
>>415463 There's some boss fights throughout the Fallout series you can talk your way out of.
>>413688 >Why're you shooting for 125 It has been a while since I played souls shit, but wasn't 125 the common late game pvp level? >>415468 See >>414363 >Temp disabled due to instability after 2.6. Try manually entering sage in the email field for now.
>>415551 I played Vampire: The Masquerade and you couldn't get out of fight through talking but it seemed like you could. I don't know, i just want a game where you can discuss with the enemy instead of fight them. I guess that cat picture was misleading.
>>415559 You can literally talk it out with the final boss in fallout 1, granted you need to work for it.
>>415662 Same thing with Arcanum where you can talk Kerghan into killing himself.
(156.97 KB 1032x1032 1631427739085.jpeg)

Do you guys know any VNs with oppai loli?
>>416059 only one but I forgot the name, it used to be posted on old 4/b/ all the time back in the day. oppai loli girl in a tan/dark yellow outfit with shoulder length brown hair.
(168.36 KB 1169x652 Pretty girls panic.jpg)

Does anyone know any games with the same gameplay as Pretty Girls Panic? Where you direct a line making solid shapes to reveal more of the background picture, usually of attractive women. I've seen arcade games of this gameplay but forgot the name. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1j7Sl3ej_K4
>>416144 GalPaniX You better have a way to replace the default system soundfont because it's gonna sound like shit otherwise. You'll also need to use linux or a graphics wrapper to play it on modern windows.
>>415463 Morrowind and Fallout: New Vegas (and 3/4 I think?) have a number of encounters that can be resolved through conversation or persuasion. You could lump LISA: The Painful into there too since there are a few fights that only happen based on your response to a text prompt, but that's not exactly an RPG.
Is the Enhanced Edition of Planescape Torment pozzed?
Titan Quest anniversary edition is free on Steam is it worth playing?
>>418334 I like it, and if its free then why the fuck not?
>>418334 Below average, but if you want to click monsters it's okay. Can mod naked waifus into it.
Is there a nondead board to ask about cryptocurrency?
>>418977 There was /c/ but now I think its dead unfortunately. >>416059 Who is that? Reverse image searches aren't giving me anything.
>>418996 Well... then I might as well ask here. Anyone know of a good phone wallet that also stores Cardano? I use Coinomi for about everything, but it seems to not support Cardano.
>>416059 Nvm I know who she is now and I know shes wearing a push-up bra too. >>418998 crypto.com is a pretty good one. I hear that its fees are pretty low from what I remember, keep in mind I also have a very shit memory and I also invested in safemoon back when it was popular.
(683.17 KB 850x1280 nagasawa_marina_ex25.jpg)

>>418996 It's marina nagasawa.
How do I delete /hebe/?
Any recommendations for lesser known FPS games? I can't find anything worthwhile I haven't played.
>>419224 How do I know what you played? Have you played Chasm?
>>419224 DeadCore
>>419224 Forgot to mention I play on PC. >>419228 I thought it was easier to ask people for lesser known games than to go through the hundreds of games I've played and compile a list. >Chasm I have not. I think I'll give it a try if I can't find anything better. >>419229 That seems more like a puzzle game rather than a shooter but I'll keep it in mind.
>>419239 FPS isn't a genre.
>>419239 I appreciate that you can't list all the games you've played. I guess I'm not sure what I expected you to say. Have you tried Devastation? Have you tried looking for old Quake TCs? There weren't many that were completed, but things like QTank were fun to play around with. Have you played Witchaven and its sequel? They aren't all that fun in my book, but they're a little different. Stonekeep isn't actually an FPS since you don't do much S. More of a first person RPG, actually, so that one's not so good. Shadowcaster is sort of the same way although I'm pretty sure it's pretty FPS-like even with the transformation mechanics. Then there's Terra Nova Strike Force Centauri, which is a lot of shooting and only kind of an FPS. It's more of a mech game without the mechs, if you take my meaning, being that you have mission objectives and squadmates but are in power armor instead of a mech. Talking of mech games, have you played Shogo? Talking of games on weird engines, have you played Gore: Ultimate Soldier? Talking of games from Gore's timeperiod, have you played Kingpin? That latter one was supposed to be pretty good even if it was the Quake 2 engine. Come to think of it, though, I really don't know if these games are obscure enough to be good suggestions. It may just be that they're just old, and so I feel like they're obscure because of that. The obscure FPS that I know of tend to be that way because they weren't much good like Devastation that I mentioned up there.
(17.52 MB 1280x720 hard2.webm)

>>419249 To be quite honest, I haven't played any of those either, so I'll look into them. Kingpin looks promising already. Thanks for the suggestions. >It may just be that they're just old, and so I feel like they're obscure because of that. Ideally I had things slightly more modern in mind but beggars can't be choosers. I don't know what's up. When thinking of a popular video game genre I can't think of anything more popular than FPS but it feels like I've played everything I can find which is additionally disappointing because when examining what I have played, it doesn't seem like it's actually that much. I think consoles are to blame because in my searches I find some stuff but they're always console exclusives which is even more frustrating because developing games that require aiming with precision on a console is retarded. But I'm sure there's still some more or less serviceable games I haven't played. The last time I searched I found Necrovision, which isn't amazing but managed to quench some of the thirst. I also found Hard Reset which is more popular but for some reason I missed, and it is actually pretty good. >The obscure FPS that I know of tend to be that way because they weren't much good like Devastation that I mentioned up there. Yeah, unfortunately a lot of the time when trying things which weren't very popular you end up with games which are not well rounded or feel lacking in certain areas.
>>419224 If you're up for a doom TC Ashes 2063 should be getting its second episode complete soon.
I've heard there are at least 8 revisions of the dualshock 2, how do i tell which one i have and which revision is better? Is there a way to make a PS2 boot straight into OPL? Currently i have to hold R1 on boot (i have a modbo chip) to launch OPL (or any application i want, like wlaunch or a snes station), but i want my PS2 to do that without having to press anything. Are PS1 memory cards region locked? I need a new one (my old bootleg one no longer writes data, i can still get the saves out though) and japanese prices are more reasonable than american ones, we're talking $20 for a second hand one that still has its original box and stickers vs one that looks like a dog chewed it for $60. I have two dualshock 3's whose analog sticks are sticky due to age, can i replace these without soldering?
(54.31 KB 419x500 Cabela's Big Game Hunter.jpg)

>SETUP.EXE >"Yes" to "_INS5176._MP" >"NOTWIN95 - entry not found in the string table." >"Will not run on Windows NT Attempting to install the game on Windows 7. Also, installing in a W3.1 environment that I setup in DosBox didn't work either. Any advice?
(10.22 MB 1280x720 kingpin3.webm)

>>419274 These enemies are complete bullet sponges and the gunplay is basic as hell. I'm surprised at how many assets from this they ended up reusing for RTCW. >>419279 Never played any, but I'm reminded I haven't played some of the old doom like games. >>419955 >Release February 15, 1998 Try a VM with win98.
Anyone got that image of Gaben become more and more jewish as time progresses?
>>420159 In fact, any images shitting on steam would be appreciated.
(15.99 KB 384x108 steamupdate.gif)

(84.53 KB 165x252 steamcommunity.png)

(74.55 KB 664x502 gabenjew.jpg)

(7.54 MB 640x360 End_of_Half-Life.webm)

>>420160 have some
Is Arma 3 worth it? I plan to facelift it with mods. I'm not fond of DayZ gameplay & lack of a campaign since its early access days to bother modding that one.
>>419274 >Kingpin looks promising already. It promises, but not delivers. The enemies are bulletsponges who can do a 180° and hit you in a single frame, you can't hit the side of a barn with pistol/tommy gun, and it's generally painful to progress to the point that hiring people and hiding behind them is the only viable strategy past easy modo. Also >it has gun mods <but only 3 for pistol and 1 for HMG >it has stealth <only once in the game, at the very beggining >It pretends to have hub towns and quests <it's actually all linear >it thinks it's mature <because the script is full of insults >It has sountrack by Cypress Hill <only three instrumentals It's basically full of half-done things coupled with terrible balancing, it could have been fantastic but Xatrix botched the execution. At least the AI is very good, with perfect pathfinding, allies follow you fucking everywhere.
(1.57 MB 1280x720 that escalated quickly.webm)

>>420343 >The enemies are bulletsponges who can do a 180° and hit you in a single frame Oh yeah, I learned about that pretty fast. webm related is the first time I encountered an enemy in the game, had me laughing hysterically. >it has gun mods <but only 3 for pistol and 1 for HMG That's also something that I found super weird. The fact that there are 3 pistol mods but barely any for other weapons feels like they tried to balance the beginning of the game a bit more because seriously, you can shoot an enemy 10 times on the head with a pistol and it might just not be enough to kill it. And don't forget how the enemies will shoot at you while looking somewhere else entirely! One of the things I find interesting though is getting to see a game that is clearly a precursor of RTCW in some ways, so that's something fun. I played a shitton of RTCW/ET online and made friends 15 years ago that I still talk to today so it's neat as hell to me.
Why did the anti-SJW movement lose all its momentum?
>>420432 Wasn't it meant to be getting a remake/remaster soon? I was hoping that would at least turn down those elements.
>>420792 The SJWs won.
>>420797 Yeah, 3Drealms is remastering it and doing a sweeping balance overhaul to address Kingpin's blatant fuckery on anything above normal difficulty
>>420342 >is Arma 3 worth it I've had the same question for a while. >>420792 It was filled with backstabbers and opportunists looking to cash in, on top of being the group most likely to be banned out of existence by all the big websites and events. >>420993 Hopefully that turns out well.
>>420792 It was completely reactionary. Trying to oppose others already completing their objectives is much more difficult than deciding on goals, planing how to make them a reality, and finally achieving them. No authority figures. Ecelebs always popped up, but always with something like; "Yeah, this is bullshit guys, but they're right about _!" or quickly learned that any privileges gained from the anti-SJW camp paled in comparison to the authority figures got from the SJW camp. Factions lacking authority figures are directionless by nature, since any thought or idea is easily squashed in its infancy by anyone else considered by others a member of said faction. Fear and censorship. In the recent political climate you cannot voice opinions like; "faggots are disgusting.", "trannies aren't people.", and "racemixing is horrid.", in polite company. You cannot even say anything of the sort on the majority of platforms. While everything the left and SJWs campaign for are rewarded for voicing on the majority of platforms. Paranoia. This ties into the fear and censorship as well. People are afraid their participation will come back to bite them later on. People are afraid that others in their camp are actually saboteurs and begin infighting. This paranoia and fear burns people out to the point that they drop it and find other ways to spend their time.
Someone recommend me some good Roguelites/likes Item crafting and other minmaxing not dependent on luck is highly encouraged for the recommendation.
(197.51 KB 1024x768 not_literally.jpg)

I have a vague, fever dream esque memory of playing Minecraft multiplayer in some ancient browser form and joining server after server that looked like some clown vomit nightmare combination of a mcdonald's playplace mixed with a ladder factory. No matter what keywords I enter, no matter where I look or how hard I look I can't find anything that's even vaguely similar to what I'm describing. Do any hoarders here maybe have screenshots from those days that can activate my nostalgia neuron?
(35.00 KB 408x677 grue.jpg)

btw making this thread killed the android games thread, sorry gamer girls
(1.01 MB 498x498 anime-love.gif)

(7.30 MB 1280x720 kingpin10.webm)

I really miss this level design. Not that it's that brilliant or anything but it's so much better than the same crap every shooter from the past several years has. Also nostalgia. Something that I love in this game is the shitpost button. Unfortunately it's very shallow but I just love the idea. I loved doing it in Scarface. >>420993 >3Drealms Didn't they get (((bought out))) recently?
Was it like a specific map that they all shared or did they all just look the same? I remember back during the browser era there were a few gamemodes similar to that, like a vertical technicolor map or maps generated with a disgusting rainbow pattern. The smaller variety of blocks available also meant people ended up using a ton of really clashing colors for variety even in normal buildings and structures. Maybe it's just your memory mixing things together? >>421729 I try to avoid looking at the bottom of the catalog since it just makes it harder to go through with making a new thread. Every thread dies eventually and if you don't kill it someone else will. Have you considered making this a more general vague vidya memories thread? Games, commercials, maps, levels you can't quite remember, etc.
>>421745 What the fuck is a Drealm?
I remember Minecraft Classic, played it a lot. That image there in the OP reminds me more of Worlds.com, though.
>>421775 >Was it like a specific map that they all shared or did they all just look the same? It's just inevitably how everything ended up. New players would make their own special walkways to/from areas out of their favorite gaudy single-color block and after a while the entire server was filled with all kinds of horrible eyesores. But there was something special about that that can't be found in screenshots any more. Yeah it's nice to see pixel art and beautiful castles and shit but it just doesn't feel the same.
(642.77 KB 1920x1080 Minecraft Classic World.webp)

>>421727 Minecraft classic.
(330.44 KB 976x720 Your_joke_a_shit.webm)

>>421827 No, there's still grass there. And even some trees. Not even close.
>>421827 This and FLAOT are what peak Minecraft looks like.
>>421745 Yeah, Saber Interactive bought them out last month I think?
(11.75 KB 241x209 download.jpg)

It looks like I'll be emigrating from my shithole country next year. Anons, how do euros pirate? I assume the EU sniffs all traffic. Nobody gives a fuck here, but will I be needing a VPN there? I need my game demos and anime.
>>421945 European here. Get a vpn, and pirate a-fucking-way. Be nice, work hard, and respect our goddamn history, culture and potatoes.
>>421727 That description fits 2006-2011 Roblox rather well.
>>421947 So a VPN is enough, huh? Okay then. >Be nice, work hard, and respect our goddamn history, culture and potatoes. Don't worry, I'm an asset, not a liability.
>>416144 Depends on the country, in Germany you absolutely need a VPN regardless of what and how you pirate, in FFrance as long as it's not music or french licensed content you can bareback it and never have any issues, in fact they don't care about anime or vidya at all.
>>422036 I'm going to move to Europe and know nothing about it. Is shipping between EU countries expensive? The whole point of the EU is that it's a single market, right? Is there like a euro Amazon for that market
>>421827 >>421857 Something about the brighter colors and rougher textures just really made it feel special.
>>421945 Congratulations anon. I've been trying for years but so far no luck despite a lot of effort. Hope your new life isn't as full of pozz as everyone makes yurop out to be.
It just freezes there, I need some help.
>>422689 Duckstation did the trick
>>422679 Sadly, the USA wasn't an option. Legal immigration there is hard. The country I'm going to is only half-pozzed, with many still Catholics.
>>422860 I know your struggle. Having said that, after everything that's happened lately I don't know if I'd pick the USA if I had a choice. Honestly, I've had a hard time making up my mind about where to move to, everywhere I look seems different levels of awful and it's hard to get excited.
>>422071 Depends on what and in what quantity and how willing you are to let overworked and underpaid people handle your stuff. If you're talking about shipping all your stuff for moving, then I have no idea, though not cheap I'd imagine, most people I know who did move simply rented a vehicle and moved their own shit. If you're talking postal services, it's not particularly cheap and gets a lot worse if it's big or heavy but usually the national postal services aren't bad at doing their job without being insanely expensive (for example shipping a couple harddrives would cost you 5-10 bucks, shipping a PS3 would run you around 15-25, shipping a flatscreen TV would run you more like 30-50, anything bigger and you have to use specialized companies which will bill you based on size weight and distance), GLS / DPD are there if you don't mind worse package handling (not USPS bad but still worse than the rest) but cheaper prices for the bigger stuff (wouldn't not ship anything fragile without adding a metric fuckton of padding though). Though there's a big distinction between a company shipping shit to you and you shipping shit to someone else, the former can get really cheap, the latter not so much, because some companies have deals with postal services and you don't, meaning that those prices I cited earlier can get cut in half or more if you're buying shit online and not shipping it yourself to someone you know. >Is there like a euro Amazon for that market Sort of, there's per country equivalents for "Amazon-like" generalist markeplaces, though most people still use Amazon / Aliexpress / eBay because they have better customer services or dig around for slightly more specialized local sites. There a few sites that do operate in several countries but usually it doesn't happen because most people expect sites and services in their language, which costs money to do.
how do I make friends?
Considering more and more modern games come with rootkits of dubious origins / Spywares / crypto mining software does that mean "Anon, it's your game that brought the virus and made the computer slow" is a valid statement?
>>423073 If you play shit games that are a literal virus then yes. But if your dumb cunt sister downloads random exes and you just play some stuff on emulators then no.
>>423073 >Considering more and more modern games come with rootkits of dubious origins / Spywares / crypto mining software Games have carried all those for the past 20 years, except miners because they weren't invented yet, but I don't think legitimate games come with miners yet.
>>422874 USA is the best place to be in for two reasons: 1) You can say a man cannot be a woman without fines or jailtime, unlike many others 2) If the USA goes, the rest of countries will fall like dominoes, so you might as well be there. A second amendment state like Texas is the best place to cement a life these days, but beggars can't be choosers.
(163.38 KB 1021x1200 C14aNJbUsAAy_Ni.jpg)

I'm trying to find a screencap of a tweet. The creator of Gravity Rush drew this image to show how Kat puts on her outfit, and when questioned about it, it's confirmed that she's not wearing anything under it. I can't find it because google is being an asshole and/or it may have been deleted.
(284.24 KB 614x967 Kat is commando.png)

>>423153 You're in luck, anon. Guess what I have saved?
(839.53 KB 694x510 Gabe_Newell_with_Canadians.PNG)

>>423160 Fuck yes. I had tried to find the original tweet but translating every tweet one by one made me want to take a power drill to my skull.
Stuck in the hospital again, anyone know any somewhat decent and free phone games? So fucking bored and I'm tired of hospital TV.
>>423706 If you like logic, unironically Sudoku. CTC has a bunch of different apps with variant rulesets all with handcrafted puzzles and things like sums, killer cages, and thermos. If youre into it.
>>423706 Albion Online is a bullshit game in general, but probably the only "decent" phone game by phone game standards I can think of.
>>423706 unciv, nigger.

(575.32 KB 510x791 i26.jpg)

>>410760 Persian and Dari music is very catchy, I can't stop listen to the language, even though I don't what they they are saying without subtitles. Surprising Persian movies are very secular in that I never seen women need to cover up.
Does anyone have that picture of Vivian james masterbating with the ps2 rez thing?
>>423913 I remember there was some old 90s era adventure/RPG (it worked like Betrayal at Krondor, I think) called Albion, but that's not here or there. Wasn't Albion Online originally one of those commercial MUDs like Gemstone?
I don't understand how people are spamming holy water in castlevania in videos I see online. When I try to spam it the game refuses to let me throw holy water while one is still burning on the ground no matter what I seem to do.
>>425624 I just remembered what double shot powerups do, never mind.
>>421480 The Omega Labyrinth series is actually solid as far as mechanics are concerned. It focuses on being simple and straightforward while also giving you a bit of flexibility in your battle tactics. The base story dungeons are piss easy, but post game content ranges from reasonable challenge to rape without lube. Here's a few of the game's more interesting features. 1 - molesting smoking hot girls while they're tripping balls. I'm not even exaggerating. You can find perfumes in dungeons, and you can use them to get the girls to hallucinate sexual fantasies and touch them as part of a mini game. Doing well on the mini game boosts the girl's base stats, lets her learn new special attacks, and things like that. You're free to grind as many perfumes as you like, but there's a cap on how much a girl's stats can be raised. 2 - breast size is a mechanic. As you kill enemies and get the omega power they drop during dungeon runs, the breasts of the girl grow. Each time they grow, you get one extra use of your special skills. Since titty monsters need lots of EXP to level their tits, they don't recover skill uses as fast as flat girls. In exchange, the base stats of titty monsters are higher than flat girls. 3 - though there's no crafting, there's item fusion. Two of the same item will simply sacrifice one to level the other, but there are specific combinations of weapons or armor that can make something a little better or just different than either of its components. There's a handful of different weapon types with their own properties, though you don't have to really think about that much until you try the few post game dungeons that let you take gear into them. 4 - identifying items is done through fairy body jobs (double fairy body job in Omega Labyrinth Z). When the novelty runs out, the game lets you skip it. 5 - said fairies are playable in dungeons, and since they're so weak, using them will really teach you to make use of the magic staves, ranged weapons, potions, and other shit RNGesus blesses you with.
Has Sony fixed the PS4 update 9.00 yet?
>>425707 Why would they fix it? You're supposed to buy a PS5 now.
What do you guys think of this site https://worldofpcgames.co/ ?
>>426023 >visit website >first thing I see are pirated porn games right next to roblox exploits I don't know what to think.
>>426027 Sounds like anon linked malware.
>>426027 After i posted the original post asking about what /v/ thought i of the site, I finished downloading one the games, and it's has an igg games link in it.
>>426040 So definitely malware.
>>426023 Best case scenario you get a release reposted from a site that reposts private tracker release with a watermark, worst case scenario there's only viruses >>426040 Congrats you get both a game and malware.
What are the spiritual successors to Final Fantasy Tactics? Or did the genre actually fucking die?
(145.93 KB 969x839 Untitled.jpg)

>>426104 Gone. Glad I played with you fags but don't miss it.
>>426166 Shit, I didn't have a laptop when it was up.
>>420321 >>420163 much obliged.
(53.31 KB 960x720 unrelated arisu.jpg)

>>228459 What is the appeal of hypnosis as a fetish? I honestly don't get it. If it's for the character to act slutty, wouldn't it be better just to give them an aphrodisiac? Then they're more conscious of the fact they're acting slutty. Or just have a prologue detailing a romance and then have the work focus on the sex. And this is the "slutty" hypnosis, there's also the "dead fish" hypnosis, which I don't get either. It's essentially like fucking a corpse, no? Except that it's warm I guess. At least with sleeping they might wake up, realize what is happening, and either enjoy it or hate it, either way is nice. Does it have something to do with submission? Wouldn't it be better for them to willingly submit? desu
>>426794 I think it's more about the control aspect. Either the idea of having complete control over someone and can make them act against their will or nature, or that someone trusts you so much they relinquish control over to you. I don't know because I'm not a hypnofag, but that's my best guess.
>>426794 I enjoy the ones that use hypnosis to play with the mind-over-body power of the brain or warping someone's sense of things into things that internally make sense to them but are weird to the normal person,of course like any other tag the ones that actually flow with it and don't just use things as 'excuse to sex' are a rarity. Also the concept of having an instant-cum-button for someone else is hot
>>426857 Oh yeah, forgot about this form. I can better understand this one, since it's basically like the remote vibrator thing. I was mostly thinking "continual" hypnosis, where they have to "wake up", and typically are unaware of anything that transpired, or otherwise react in shock and disgust if they find they're leaking cum or something, which can be pretty amusing.
>>426794 >What is the appeal of hypnosis as a fetish? For me it's just the fact that it's a different flavor of rape, same reason I like sleeping stuff.
>>426794 To clarify you mean when what's the appeal for the hypnotizer or the hypnotizee?
(1.13 MB 888x1242 ClipboardImage.png)

>>426794 >If it's for the character to act slutty, wouldn't it be better just to give them an aphrodisiac? There's plenty of doujins where yes, you could replace the "hypnosis app" or what have you with an aphrodisiac and nothing would really change. Those ones are pretty boring. >And this is the "slutty" hypnosis, there's also the "dead fish" hypnosis, which I don't get either. It's essentially like fucking a corpse, no? The general idea of hypnosis as a fetish is "control", you get different flavors of what this "control" manifest as depending on the personality of the writer. For dead fish hypnosis specifically, it's for the type of guy who wants 100% control over the girl, but doesn't care or even want to notice her personality. It's the idea of being able to do whatever you want and make her do whatever you want without resistance. The type of guy who likes this, generally, isn't a sadist. The sadistic type of hypnotist fetishist wants control and actively enjoys watching the subject struggle emotionally with the situation. Giving somebody commands, having them be aware their body is acting against their wishes, and being forced to watch is quite a sadistic experience. This is type of hypnosis where the subject is aware of what's going on, has no say in the matter, and is probably actively hating it. Most of the time you'll see it end up in something akin to mind break, and the girl just "accepts" her situation, but that's kind of like breaking a horse. Breaking in a horse and riding a horse aren't the same thing, nor the same kind of fun. There's the act of taming and the interacting with the tame. Now, to answer your question as someone who enjoys hypnosis porn, using this comic as a good example, we've talked about 1, 2, and 4. My favorite is 3, there is something indescribably fun about changing the subjects perceptions ala >>426857 this is the best. It can combine all the previous three types, or not at all. The control of the person's higher thought process, habits and perceptions with ease is just so incredibly fun. Utter and absolute dominance. Hypnosis that just makes the subject incredibly horny is okay, you can argue that you control their body so hard it warps their mind, but that's not really changing them, that's just making them so aroused they'll do anything to satisfy. Dead fish hypnosis can be interesting, where you're just in 100% control of how she acts physically, she has no will in the situation, but you're still not fucking with her head. She's doing things purely because you tell her to. Sadistic hypnosis can be fun, but usually the hypnosis gets distracted by just bullying the subject for fun. Which can be satisfying at times, but you usually won't see any mental changes here either, while she doesn't like it, she's interchangeable with the dead fish side, with just the bonus of additional outbursts. Once she "gives in", she's just fallen into the first type, which is boring to me and as you've said is interchangeable with just aphrodisiacs. My oh my though, when you get to just fuck with how she thinks about things, that's the absolute fucking best. Arbitrary fucking control on all levels. Make her voluntarily do whatever you want, involuntarily do what you want, make her unaware she's being a jackass, make her viscerally aware she's a jackass but can't do anything about it, make her act like a lunatic there's so many ways it can go.
>>426971 It seems like 1&4, in addition to sadism, also has an element of corruption to it depending on the type of girl it's done to. There is a lot of fetish overlap. I mean, as the guy said, the "dead fish" kind is basically just warm necrophilia. Even if you command the girl to speak it's still akin to the moans of a zombie. There's interesting conversations to be had. Honestly don't know why it would be on a video games board.
(195.57 KB 567x709 v_discussion.jpg)

>>426971 Hypnosis is pretty degenerate, if you ask me. There's no challenge in it. No victory. You're winning a girl's heart on false pretenses.
>>427019 you're a fag
(154.43 KB 638x630 not_rape.jpg)

>>426948 The hypnotizer, but the victim is another interesting question entirely. >>426971 >Which can be satisfying at times, but you usually won't see any mental changes here either, while she doesn't like it, she's interchangeable with the dead fish side, with just the bonus of additional outbursts. Eh, although I think I understand what you're trying to say (that is, that they're not truly willing, just like the "dead fish", right?), I wouldn't quite compare it to that, because, at least for me, the problem with "dead fish" is that it isn't stimulating enough, whereas the reaction from the sadistic hypnosis has a constant reaction, whether (hopefully) an active struggle or an eventual "giving in"/aphrodisiac. But I think I understand now, thanks /v/. >>426928 What's your favorite flavor of raep?
(2.51 MB 640x360 kokovin_dance.webm)

>>427022 >What's your favorite flavor of raep? Normal old Rape but with lots more focus on the begging and pleading even more so if it has begging to not be impregnated while she is (absolute favorite of mine)>Stuck in wall>Sleeping>timestop>voodoo dolls or some other form of magic portal to fuck her through (bonus points if its a nice looking plush being fucked though)>hypnosis (depending on how its handled)>possession or parasite takeover>mindbreak>drugs There is likely much more I could add to this list just not off of the top of my head.
Is Gamesload any good as a key vendor?
>>427051 Huh, what's your opinion on NTR?
>>427051 Consider putting a bullet through the top of your head.
(911.36 KB 480x480 frustrated (2).mp4)

>>427122 Not a fan of it and it pisses me off when it shows up in a doujin because the uploader didn't add it or cheating to the tags. To give an example I saw this one doujin about a shota who would molest his sleeping mother when she got drunk which was an extremely hot premise to me, however as soon as I start reading the shota mentions that the dad is still in the picture and is just away for work and that immediately killed my boner such wasted potential.
>>426794 Trying to understand a kink that doesn't motivate your john thomas is a rabbit hole that so many people spend so much time jumping into. All the intellectual effort to prise apart the nut of someone else's wang wiggling is meaningless, because for all the speculation the discussion is going to inevitably sink to the level of "well, it satisfies my penis." It's fun, though. I understand the compulsion to do it. It's like masturbation, really. I just hope nobody dives into that kind of thing actually expecting to be enlightened about a kink they didn't understand before.
>>426794 Ultimately, it's about making people love you.
>>427019 It's pornography, anon. Easy reward is it's very nature.
>>427124 You know, the very first time I saw anal sex, it turned me off.
(153.34 KB 1200x1200 file-20210629-18-v011ql.jpg)

>>427217 Why not just make all of your posts in one go instead of three individual posts?
Why the fuck do Japanese Splatoon players all obsess over player kills rather than winning a turf war.
Anyone managed to get Gensokyo no Nazo running on linux?
>>326684 Play the flash game DJMANIAX for a fun classic time. Use keyboard controls.
>>427364 You might have better luck asking in the Linux thread too.
>>427357 Because that's how they have fun with the game anon. Who would have thought?
(137.90 KB 423x376 angry.png)

>>427389 Kinda wish they had fun on the other team they are almost as bad as the token black guy of the team that AFKs.
>>427410 >wojaks
(227.19 KB 333x333 angry welsh noises.gif)

>>427413 >Here, happy now? Tits or get the fuck out.
(36.60 KB 640x480 1508563150-2.jpg)

>>427221 Wasn't thinking ahead.
Has anyone tried this game on handhelds as well as PC? It's suppose to be 60fps yet i can only get it to 40-30fps and my PC is good enough to handle such low demanding game. The Jumping feels off and the landing is slow, has anyone else had problems playing this on PC?
>>428609 Wew, blast from the past. I remember playing this on Wii U.
>>428609 If you pirated it from IGG, maybe it has a hidden bitcoin miner or something. Otherwise, I dunno.
>>428609 What's throttling it? CPU, GPU, disk, etc. Then open up task manager and see if it's the game pegging your system or something else. If you have a decent CPU/GPU and pixel shit is maxing it out then >>428734 is probably right.
I was thinking about how eroge aspects might be represented in a roguelike game. The only thing I can really think of is autistic text dumps like in DF, or else being ""lewd"" as in Elona. Is that pretty much all there is? I haven't played many hgames
(42.07 KB 361x189 Untitled.jpg)

(73.49 KB 461x393 Untitled 2.jpg)

>>428799 I got the game from newgamesbox, when i run the game, my performance tab stays low. I remember playing the game on PC before but it wasn't this slow, i downloaded the Good old download version and it was still slow. The version on the Vita runs as it's suppose to.
>>428834 Depends on how important the lewdness is. There are Jap porn games made with RPGM's various roguelike script packages. Some have sex in the dungeons. Usually it's of the kind where you show some CG when certain things happen, but I don't see why you couldn't do the animated sprites thing, too. I don't remember seeing one where the porn is only in the text crawl but I wouldn't be surprised by that. Nearly always, these games have a free-roaming part that has more standard porn game gameplay. Like, during the day your character is in the dungeon, and at night she's roaming around getting sex, or you can enter the roguelike dungeon whenever you want but in town it's like the town parts of Azure Dreams (except you can have sex in the hot springs, or whatever). Some of the eramaker text games actually do have roguelike elements. MeiQGaiden has a simple Shiren the Wanderer-like roguelike built into it. Stuff that you can find in the dungeon is used outside of it for the regular old eramaker "training" sex game play, which is similar to the training gameplay of most of the standard eramaker games. There's little to no lewdness in the dungeon itself, although there're two other differently-made dungeons that are more lewd than that one, but aren't roguelike at all. Then there's eraRL2, which is 100% roguelike with the sex all in text plus some sprites, and very unfinished. Certainly, you ought to at least have sprites. You aren't trying to attract roguelike players who also want porn, but porn game players who are interested in or can tolerate playing a roguelike. Having said that, a significantly lewder Elona-like game would probably hit at least as well as Elona did, with a bonus for not being weirdly translated Japanese (but a malus for probably not feeling like a weird Japanese game). Those dozens of lewd-ish Elona sprites are popular for a reason, although you'd probably want to use larger sprites than Elona did.
>>428906 >Update your OS you retard schizo autist >Try running off your SSD I've had weird times where this will boost FPS from ~40 to 60 >Use something like afterburner to monitor resource usage in game >Why is your desktop @ 30Hz?
>>429196 >>428906 >30Hz Dude.
>>428906 Gonna go on a limb and guess your desktop being @ 30hz and the game trying to Vsync and potentially having framerate tied to gamespeed might be your issue. Go into the Nvidia control panel add a profile for that game, force vsync off and set the framerate limit to 60, it might tear but that's better than having the game be unplayable.
>>429196 >>429243 >>429258 Setting the screen fresh rate to 60Hz in the monitor settings fix'd it it, now the game runs at 60s. I don't know why it set to 30Hz, when it's suppose to always be 60. I feel so retarded, thanks for the help. >Update your OS you retard schizo autist I've been too spooked by windows 10, i will update to windows 10 ameliorated soon enough.
>>429355 > windows 10 ameliorated It's pure autism and more trouble than sticking with 7 imo LTSC 2021 is somewhat worth considering but it's not gonna be as sanitized as AME
>>429381 >It's pure autism and more trouble than sticking with 7 imo I'll just use the pre-built iso.
>>429355 I get a good laugh at your retards and your Windows 7 placebo. All versions of Windows are spying on you. Using an unsupported operating system just exposes you to an insane amount of malicious attacks. If you're autistic enough to use Windows 7 to avoid 10 then you're autistic enough to just learn to use Linux. With EAC getting supported soon there's virtually no excuse for being a Windows nigger anymore.
>>429407 I mean that daily use will be punctuated by having to spend time figuring out why shit doesn't work like it should only to realize it's because the AME team removed a feature. If you're willing to stand that autism Linux with a backup Windows session for things that really will not work is saner to deal with.
>>429426 >no excuse for being a Windows nigger anymore. Isn't Linux becoming pozzed like Windows though?
(41.73 KB 474x395 racoon.jpg)

How do you greasy fats train AIM on CS:GO? I'm tired of being at Valve servers and get pwn constantly
>>429484 I don't know, is it? Why do you think it is? Can you qualify that question in any way? Can you qualify what the fuck "pozzed like Windows" means when comparing a proprietary spyware operating system to a free and open source operating system?
>>429426 Do pirated games run on Linux? I rest my case.
>>429489 Uh, yes?
>>429484 The beauty of free software is that whenever a project starts to get gay it can be forked
>>429490 I thought proton only runs on steam.
>>429494 Proton is literally just wine with a different name dude. You can run any windows executable over wine. They don't always work but proton doesn't always work for everything on steam either. But proton isn't some proprietary steam only thing, it's just what Valve calls wine integrated seamlessly into Steam.
>>429496 With proton, you just launch the game and it works. With wine, you have to fuck with 100 settings and hours later it still won't work. No thanks. I'll stick with 7.
>>429426 Have you (or anyone) been able to run the Senran Kagura games on linux? i heard it wasn't possible.
>>425656 Is there ever a tactical reason to use pettanko or is it just titty monsters are the best period?
>>429500 9 times out of 10 everything works out of the box with wine or lutris. And the things you would have to fuck with in lutris are usually just the same couple of settings you would need to change in steam as well. But I don't really care to convince anyone to use Linux. If you don't know how to use a computer you should just be using Windows 10. >>429502 https://www.protondb.com/search?q=Senran%20Kagura
>>429488 Well, adding in backdoor spyware for one and hiring people with blue hair who have an agenda for two, the usual things that slowly begin to fester and rot the body from the inside.
>>429508 >Well, adding in backdoor spyware for one Who did that? When? Where can I read about this? >hiring people with blue hair who have an agenda for two Irrelevant. Unless someone makes a commit to the operating system that actually does something malicious nothing matters. And the second someone does make a commit to the operating system that is malicious, like those chinks at that university, they get caught and banned from ever participating ever again and their commits removed. And if commits you don't like aren't removed then you can simply fork the project. The notion that Linux can get anywhere near as "pozzed" as windows is just retarded FUD and if you don't have any fucking clue what you're talking about you shouldn't be doing glownigger work for free by spreading that FUD.
>>429507 I'll never use 10. I was considering AME, but if it's that broken...
>>429511 Isn't systemd or whatever supposedly pozzed?
>>429426 Isn't everyone fucked though, because modern intel and AMD CPUs are compromised.
>>429512 It makes literally no difference. The entire operating system is proprietary. Your epic scripts that claim to fix the operating system are meaningless because it's literally impossible for you or anyone else to confirm what underlying code is being executed. Windows 7 could easily be masking network telemetry to only occur during a very specific set of circumstances to avoid detection. >>429516 What is poz? Also can you explain what an init system does for me? >>429517 There are computers that neutralize the IME if you're that autistic. But you're a fucking retard if you think the existence of IME justifies using proprietary spyware as your operating system. More retarded FUD.
>>429511 >The notion that Linux can get anywhere near as "pozzed" as windows is just retarded FUD and if you don't have any fucking clue what you're talking about you shouldn't be doing glownigger work for free by spreading that FUD. That's why I originally asked IF it were as pozzed as Windows you fucking sperglord. I don't know if it can become or if it was slowly becoming as fucked as Windows hence why I asked because my knowledge of Linux is next to nil.
>>429512 I use Windows 10 AME without issues tho
>>429512 Here is a video of a guy using Windows 10 AME and testing it with games (along with linux). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g9kYWmQrk_U
>>429529 When people that know next to nothing about Linux are asserting that there's built in backdoor spyware without a shred of proof it comes off as unbelievably fucking retarded. As well as "someone I might not like might have written one of millions of lines of publicly available and auditable code". It's free and open source software. The second someone does something retarded people just fork it and fix it. GNOME is a desktop environment developer by leftists that hate white people and make brain dead decisions constantly. Do you know what you can do? Literally just use one of a dozen other desktop environments. Have an autistic obsession with systemD and hate how "bloated" it is? There's like 5 different distributions that ship without systemD.
>>429474 >I mean that daily use will be punctuated by having to spend time figuring out why shit doesn't work like it should only to realize it's because the AME team removed a feature. Why do you say that? Have you actually tried Windows 10 AME?
>>429560 For a while until I started having issues and decided to switch to LTSC The way they achieve "privacy" is by nuking components of the OS entirely unlike all the tools / scripts / tweaks you can do to a regular install, the issue with that is that if whatever software / hardware you wanna use needs those it won't work. In the end you're using windows but made worse and harder to use and your level of "privacy" and security is still questionable at best.
>>429584 But LTSC doesn't remove any of the telemetry, it's just a regular version of Windows 10, do you just not care? Has there been any obviousness that Microsoft is using the information they have against you, like letters from you ISP from Microsoft or something besides targeted ads?
>>429632 More egregious than any of the telemetry in windows is that recently they started erasing files that contained copyrighted material in them, even random shit from decades ago. It's feasible that within a few years any pirated games will just start randomly getting deleted from your computer. Using Windows at this point is a massive ticking time bomb.
>>429632 >But LTSC doesn't remove any of the telemetry, You can and should block those through a router, windows will by default override any attempt made within itself to block or modify where some URLs go, not specifically because they want you to not have privacy mind you though that's a side benefit for them but because some malware uses the host file or redirects requests to MS URLs as a way to become harder to remove >do you just not care? If I cared I would not be using any device running x86 CPUs or any sort of proprietary OS nor would I use anything that can connect to a network, those two things already mean you're beyond fucked if anyone bigger than a skiddie goes after you >>429640 >More egregious than any of the telemetry in windows is that recently they started erasing files that contained copyrighted material in them Got sauce on that?
>>429648 I see, it's not as grandiose as I expected since it's basically a combo of how windows tags everything crack / keygen / trainer / potentially illegal in the US thing as viruses (try using MSE on Win7 and it sill do the same thing) and Defender being a pile off shit that likes to delete shit silently. If you disable Defender and use something else you're good.
I need someone to help jog my memory, I'm trying to remember this 3rd person mmo that had a character(or maybe a class?) that used a shotgun. The game might have been a little on the cuhrayzee side.
>>429674 also, it may or may not have been a fantasy setting, and the shotgun was somewhat realistic looking.
>>429674 Gunz The Duel
>>429684 I would have remembered that if it were gunz, but that wasn't it. It was a magical fantasy setting, not an urban one. I was thinking it miht have been hurk's shotgun subweapon from vindictus, but I'm not completely sure. There can't be that many games with out of place shotguns.
If i get a bigger Memory card for the PSP will it drain the battery more to load the games from the Memory card? Do bigger Memory cards ever drain the battery of handhelds?
>>429755 That's not how that works
>>425656 >The Omega Labyrinth Breast expansion is a pretty rare kink. I wish some actual porn games would have it a little more heavily featured.
>>429758 >Bigger storage >It takes longer for the electricity to travel, especially to move the data >Doesn't drain the battery faster Yeah okay
(23.70 KB 640x605 1629968783721.jpg)

Which is better for gaming Ubuntu or linux mint?
>>429960 They're the same for "gaming". Though I had to switch to KDE on Mint because cinnamon was giving me weird issues with my mouse buttons lagging the games. The only differences are desktop environments and Ubuntu obsessing over making everything a snap package meanwhile Mint fucking hates snap. These days if you want a real answer to the "best gaymen" Linux distro it would probably be something arch based since shit will be more up to date. Dolphin-emu for example needs to be compiled on debian if you want to play shit over netplay properly with the latest updates. But on arch its just up to date.
Torfag, I've been wanting to switch to Linux for a long time, but I was raised with color buttons and I'm scared of the command line. That being said, I won't use Linux without being able to use it competently and I do have some programming skills. Where should I start?
(1.11 MB 1920x1080 KDEP.png)

>>429960 Arch-based probably Ubuntu et al are fine but they've become somewhat focused on attracting "normies" to Linux and your gayming experience may not be as good on them. Valve is also coming up with their own Linux OS for the Steam Deck, I imagine that will be pretty good for gaming if that's all you plan on doing with it. Its default desktop environment is KDE Plasma, which you can consider Lindows 10.
>>430166 Install gentoo in a VM. You'll learn a lot just going through the process.
(153.09 KB 1115x326 ClipboardImage.png)

Is there any particular reason why PS4 controllers have either skyrocketed in price or are unavailable anywhere?
>>430373 Damn, I'd been meaning to buy one. Guess I waited too long. How well does the PS5 controller work with ds4windows?
>>430374 I was planning on buying one for my Vita TV
>>430373 >>430374 >DS5 >DS5 Guys, buy a PS2 controller and a HDE to USB adapter. You can get both for like $20.
*HDE USB adapter HDE is a brand, not the port type.
>>430380 I want something wireless, and the trackpad is convenient
>>430373 Found out the reason why, turns out that Sony discontinued ALL production of OEM PS4 controllers as of last month.
>>429531 Did you install the pre-built iso or did you install it the DIY way?
>>430374 >How well does the PS5 controller work with ds4windows? Talking to some people, the PS5 controller is absolute garbage. As for PS4 controllers, go for one of the third-party clones.
>>430166 Messing around in virtual machines is generally how one learns Linux. There's a lot of choice with Linux depending on what you're looking for. Debian based shit generally works a bit better in virtual machines but might be annoying as a daily driver since the packages are much older. There's something like Garuda Linux that ships with all the weird "gamer" software solutions you might need on Linux out of the box, but it's also kind of a bloated distribution. The only thing I'd really recommend is making sure you're using KDE because it's quickly becoming the gold standard for desktop environments, though its wayland version is still kind of fucked.
(1.80 MB 1920x1080 ShadowrunHackmaster.webm)

>>430166 Unironically install gentoo,read the manual,do it on metal too,not just vms,though you might want to hold off on that if you only have a single piece of hardware available to you in the interest of not getting bricked out. Follow up by moving fulltime to a distro (not necessarily gentoo,a simpler one might work better depending on your needs,installing gentoo is mainly for the process of it but the distro is also good for daily usage) this means no dualbooting, we are trying to do immersion learning here not french lessons once a week.
>>430374 >How well does the PS5 controller work with ds4windows? Rather well, you can't control trigger stiffness yet but you still get most of the useful things. >>430632 >Talking to some people, the PS5 controller is absolute garbage. It's about the same level as a DS4, maybe slightly better even
What's the best Sea Dogs/Age of Pirates game? I'm thinking of starting up Caribbean Tales with the Historical Immersion super-mod because I want to dominate the American slave trade with a cute red-headed tart with a pussy brine'd by sea salt and a heart full of bawdy songs - but is it the best game? I've also got the original Sea Dogs and City of Abandoned Ships. Do I have to play the original to enjoy the story of Caribbean Tales?
>>430638 >>430275 >>430734 Indeed. The biggest hang-up I have, apart of laziness, is having to migrate to Blender and learn alternatives for Adobe. I want full integration, not dual boot. VM might work for starting out.
>>430373 >>430444 The holidays are coming up too and with the shitshow of the PS5 launch most grandmas will probably try buying little Chad the previous nogames machine and hardware for it instead.
(79.43 KB 720x507 wattpad.jpg)

Are there any video games on the market that will let me live out my femboy fantasy without actually needing to alter my actual human physical body to understand the joys of being a pretty little humanoid?
Modded Skyrim.
>>432058 NPCs barely respond to you in that at all, much less about your appearance unless you're completely naked
>>432055 Degrees of Lewdity and similar porn games. You won't find sexual interactions in regular games, let alone of the gay kind. Also shotas are better.
>>432071 not looking for sexual I just wanna do my little turn on the catwalk
(42.84 KB 1280x609 trans ender.jpg)

>>432055 >Are there any video games on the market that will let me live out my femboy fantasy Any game in which the central mechanic is suicide.
>>432085 >not being able to tell the difference between G and T you gotta brush up on your alphabet
(46.10 KB 600x422 erp.jpg)

>>432085 >>432087 implying you don't fucking play dress-up in the games that allow it
>>432087 It's all flammable to Lucifer.
>>432076 You can avoid engaging in sexual activity in the game, but doing so makes the game much more difficult.
>>432096 that just sounds like real life
Not vidya, but I think it's been like over two months with no new chapter of the One Punch Man manga. Did the creator die, get injured or something?
>>432085 Women trans kill themselves more? I didn't know.
(3.09 MB 2480x1754 bug killers kareoke night out.png)

(417.27 KB 599x400 drive me closer.png)

How do i git gud at EDF 4.1? Im ok playing as ranger, but im trying to play air raider and i feel too sloppy and cant get the artillery to go where it needs to go, also, is there any tank that lets me melee them with my vehicle?
>>432517 >How do i git gud at EDF 4.1? Learn spawns, learn weapons, use your brain. > i feel too sloppy and cant get the artillery to go where it needs to go, Acquire proficiency Spritefall / Laser are retard proof and fairly effective overal, though the laser requries you to reposition it but on large targets that have loads of health it's a good fire and forget options. Bomber / strafe runs are a bit harder to use and potentially more destructive Explosive artillery is where you have to learn the delay before you can really pretend being decent Gunship call-ins aren't my thing, too hard to place for the effectiveness you get out of them Missiles / Laguna blaster are very involved you can't just call them and wait (Tempest is more lenient but you do have to manage it) Get familiar with turrets, support posts and decoys, they look bad but are actually surprisingly useful when used well in conjunction with a vehicle. Learn which supports you can panic call on top of your head without destroying your current vehicle. Also protip, the projectiles don't originate from your character meaning that you can hit some things other characters cannot, only large transports are vulnerable from above however. >is there any tank that lets me melee them with my vehicle? Nope, there's a flamer mech or two that's usable though.
>>431059 Start using Free software on Windows, This will make your switch to Linux go much more smoothly.
>>432544 I'm ahead on that front. I'm already with Handbrake, Greenshot, and trying to stomach LibreOffice.
(117.55 KB 1200x630 Mirin.jpeg)

(1.68 MB 2560x1440 Buy it.jpeg)

(94.14 KB 1280x720 Zyzz.jpg)

That one recent thread mentioning Zyzz and fitness got me thinking, what games are there where you can play swole characters and walk around shirtless while the women of the game turn outrageously lusty at the sight of your respectable gains? I would also not mind h-games or just porn of that scenario either.
>>433135 Encased RPG. There's a perk that does exactly that. I don't remember the description, but I know it asks you to walk around with no jacket and be admired by your swole body. there's also an asian janitor chick at Magallen Station you can seduce if you have the right stats, the first being strength. I didn't have enough charisma, so I fucked up when she offered me lunch
Welp my GPU is dying, the whole market is absolutely fucked and I can't afford a new one currently. So that's nice I guess? Anyone know where I could buy a cheap transplant?
>>433176 Look for GTX 460 / 560 / 660, it's shit and you're still gonna pay 50-100 but it beats using IGP
>>433181 >>433176 Actually I've got nothing better to do here's a very detailed guide of what you should go look for secondhand Also piece of advice if you're gonna go with the idea of getting a ffor parts model and repair it, if it says it artefacts forget it, if it prevents the computer from booting it's a short circuit which is easier to repair in many cases though it can still come from within the GPU die and then you're fucked, if it's not preventing anything but not being detected it's likely a voltage rail isn't initializing properly which might be a very easy repair depending on how willing you are to frankenstein your card with bodge wires, ideal is black screen but detected, best case is just one video out is broken worst case it's the video output part of the GPU and then you can just use the render on one GPU but output on another function in Win10 no equivalent on prior windows so not an option there, and you still need another GPU to output the video then >>Nvidia Keep in mind support for Kepler and down is nonexistent now and before you repeat the meme upgrading drivers does not cause performance downgrades. >Fermi Would avoid the following GTX470 / 480 / 550 / 550ti / 590, GTS450, half of those grenade on their own at an alarming rate (590 being the worst), the other is too gimped to be worth it (450 / 550 Would go for: GTX460 but only the 1GB models, the 768mb ones are gimped on clocks, those tend to heat up a lot so avoid blower style cooler GTX560 / 560ti, more or less the same deal as the 460 except no gimped models to avoid GTX580 / 570, those are 300w it's worth a consideration however as it's not very far behind the the 6XX gen though at the cost off eating an insane ammount of power, there's a few model with 3GB and those are maybe worth the extra seeing as the only limiting factor for those is VRAM capacity, don't be a retard and use a blower model you will regret it, 570 is almost the same. >Kepler Would avoid GTX670 / 680 / 650 / 690 / 730 / 740 , same deal half of those have really high failure rate the other is simply too small to be worth considering, the 650 is there because it being rarer than the ti makes it often harder to find at good prices and it's way worse overall Would consider >650ti It's not great but it'll be in the 560 ballpark without eating 560 power, also can have 2GB which is worth it >660 It's straight up just a faster 650ti for similar prices >660ti The original 0.5GB meme (2GB on 192bit interface so the last 512MB are slower to access like the 970), >TITAN It's gonna be hard to find since there's a ton of similarly named models but, it can go surprisingly cheap (under 150) and it's better binned and built so less self destruction than the 680 / 670, it's a blower but a relatively well designed one so it won't be completely horrible with decent paste and after being cleaned >750 Goes for very cheap because unpopular, similar to a 650ti >760 4GB models are sorta worth it but not really, usually they perform better due to higher base clocks, make very sure it's not a 192bit model >760ti It's literally just an OEM 760, it performs the same but can go cheaper sometimes >770 4GB models are maybe worth it now but they weren't back when it released, would avoid blower models besides the FE >780 There's a 4GB model which is OEM only and the same performance wise as the 3GB model, though nowadays the 4GB might be faster, don't go blower, even the FE is starting to struggle here >780ti / TITAN black Basically latter model faster clocked 780 sometimes with more VRAM, it's still not good or ideal but it's entry level 1080p/60@high material I know I said the blower was a bad idea but if it's cheap enough the TITAN black is worth it, especially if you're willing to go watercooling as many people will sell them with a waterblock >Maxwell Would not go for GTX 980 / 980ti, they're great GPU with an hilarious tendency to just die in ways that you can't repair (defects in side the GPU die), many people have ran those on insane OCs which doesn't help the situation Would go for >750 ti Yeah it's Maxwell even if ti says 7XX, meaning it still has support too, a bit faster than the 750 but uses less power >950 A bit worse than the 760, nothing special >960 About the same as a 770, same deal the 4GB models are maybe worth going for >970 Because of the 3.5GB meme they go cheap and because modenr drivers basically makes it so you never hit the last 0.5GB they run rather well, even now it's likely the best value card you can go for as they're faster than 780ti but can go for just around 100 bucks >Pascal It's where prices get fucking stupid >1060 If it's under 200 and is the 6GB models, every other model has people trying to push them at 6GB model prices and that's simply not worth it. >1070 If it's under 250 >1070ti/1080 if it's under 300 >1080ti if it's under 500 Past that point the prices are too high to be worth it and you're better off hunting for a 3060 at a decent price. >>AMD Well there it's much simpler, anything prior to Polaris is not worth going for because bad support and having to juggle drivers and Polaris is very fucking pricey for what you get, if you see a 470/570 for under 150 then it's sorta worth it and that's all, better off trying to get a 6700XT / 6800 for a decent price.
>>433204 Thanks for the guide, any advice for windows 7 as that's what I got; I can be more specific here what my specs are still AMD FX-8320, AMD r9 270, the rest is your usual okay mobo, 8 GB ram ddr3 I thought another stick I added died, turns out it is the gpu I could toss $100 at an old card but I'm Canadian, it'd still be through the roof and of course I lose my job when my GPU dies
>>433495 >Thanks for the guide, any advice for windows 7 Nothing specific to know, anything worth buying will work though AMD driver issues are much less prevalent so that means you can extend your search a bit in the secondhand >AMD r9 270 >I could toss $100 at an old card That would get you a GTX 660 / R7 260X, which is worse than a 270 but not terribly so (about 20%)
>>433495 >>433531 Oh and a HD7790 is a direct equivalent to the 260X can be a good find too You might also if you look around enough find a HD7850 for under your price point too and that would be almost exactly the same as the 270
>>433537 >>433531 Sweet thanks for the advice dude not often do you get anything besides a few insults or something along those lines. Really do appreciate the help, I'm gonna mess around with a few things before I throw in the towel and give up all together.
>>433537 >>433545 I tried a few things, made it worse and probably totally broke my gpu. I looked for r7 260X's and couldn't find much on ebay I don't really know where to look for used GPU's that aren't scams or a waste of time. I'll dig some more for some of those old nvidea cards but I still have no clue where to look market-wise.
>>433625 Ebay isn't cheap but you won't get assfucked completely as long as the tiem is listed as working Looked a bit and saw this https://www.ebay.ca/itm/324815828964 Dunno the shipping rates though but it looks to be the best deal you'll find.
>>433636 seems to be around 80~ but I'll see. I can use my laptop for right now if I do decide to purchase this, as long as it isn't over 110 I should be okay.
>>430383 Convenient for what? The trackpad is complete shit. I never use it for anything.
>>433679 I have my PC connected to my TV, so it's nice to have a mouse.
Is Blood stupidly difficult or have I turned into a weak faggot? I feel starved for ammo which isn't helped at all by the weird and finicky hit detection and the enemies make a lot of damage, react super quickly and have a great aim. There's also barely any health in the maps. Am I doing something wrong?
>>433720 Never played Blood, but I recall hearing the game's normal is equivalent to other FPS's games of the era's hard. I was also told that expect's you to lay traps for enemies that you can lure them in.
>>433720 >>433727 Blood is specially hard because the lowest tier of enemis are hitscanning faggots, the rest not so much so the difficulty curve starts high and then evens out.
>>433729 >>433727 pic related. I'm going to push forward a bit more and see where it goes.
(983.26 KB 640x800 knock knock.mp4)

I'm looking for games that are like Nioh 2, Dark Souls, and Salt and Sanctuary in that you make a character (or at the very least choose a gender and a hairstyle) and then have an incredibly wide variety of weapons or weapon types available with unique movesets. I try to use Steam's search tool to find games because it's a pretty reliable search tool for games, but unfortunately there's no tag for create-a-character. There's a tag for "character customization," but this hits games like TF2 where you can put on a silly hat and isn't necessarily helpful for this search. What's more is that what seems like 90% of "souls-like" games completely lack these aspects I desire, for whatever insane reason. I'd be appreciative if someone can help me out in some way. The wait for Elden Ring is killing me.
>>433841 >>433720 I read this after making my post... have you ever heard of Bloom? https://www.moddb.com/mods/bloom-doomblood-crossover Could be worth a try.
>>433720 Ducking heavily reduces the accuracy of the cultists. Play fast and hard, jump and crouch like a motherfucker.
(4.49 MB 568x320 a_happy_day.webm)

>>434528 There's code vein, but it's kind of shit. Though it is a "true" souls-like game.
>>434549 >There's code vein I know there's code vein. It's always in the back of my mind as a bottom of the barrel, last ditch "I've played everything else" game. It was on sale for 80% off recently and I still didn't pick it up. I just don't think I'm ready for anime souls, anon. Give me an alternative.
>>434547 What's going on there? Why is the man having such a great time with two trash cans?
>>434555 when one closes it activates the other and this happens infinitely because it's using jank old sensors
(91.04 KB 640x473 1433733088863.jpg)

>game's offical system requirements says that it's for windows 8/10 >download it anyways >it plays fine on windows 7 This has happened with OPPAI Academy Big, Bouncy, Booby Babes (yes it's really called that), Spelunky 2, Honey select 2. I wonder how many other games say they only run on windows 10 and actually run fine one windows 7.
>>434602 That's been happening ever since Vista, maybe earlier I just can't think of an example pre Halo 2 Also update your fucking OS. The Windows 7 meme needs to die.
>>434605 I have windows AME, i'm just trying to find a game that only works on windows 10 to test it.
>>434602 You have to understand that Win7 is past EOL, meaning there is absolutely no reason to even want to test compatibility as a software maker. >>434606 There isn't many, most are not working on Win7 simply because of an API call that is used to have a 3D scene inside a window with compositing, the 8.1+ specific call allows for flip mode (it means you basically have less latency and can allow tearing in the window without affecting anything else) whereas the old one doesn't. PCSX2 is Win10 exclusive now too because of that issue and an Xaudio related thing Simplest test you can do is grab a game with DX12 mode,, and run it with that, nothing has proper DX12 support besides Win10, the Win7 DX12 backport is pretty much a WoW exclusive thing.
>>434605 >update your fucking OS >Windows 7 meme It's not really a meme, Win10 sucks hard. It's going out the door now that Windows 11 is out and seemingly even worse.If anon were to seriously consider 'upgrading', I'd recommend switching to Linux. A lot of people who shittalk it obviously haven't touched the kernel since the 2000s, it's improved drastically as a daily driver OS. The main thing stopping a lot of people using it was vidya but that's largely been solved with Proton and Vulkun, according to ProtonDB over 90% of singleplayer games work on Linux now, the main ones that don't are multiplayer games and that's because of retarded Windows-only anti-cheat software.
>>434639 Proton only works with legit Steam games. How many anons do you think actually by games versus just scurving?
Do i have to make a steam account to play Dead or alive xtreme venus vacation?
>>434639 Surely, Wangblows 10 AME is a better option than 7, at this point, right? I mean, it can't be any worse than 7 with telemetry and spyware systems gutted from it.
>>434640 Proton is just wine, and it works with non-steam games you just need to make sure there aren't spaces in the path to and name of the executable. But it wouldn't be much different from using wine-ge in lutris. >>434639 Using an extremely vulnerable operating system without updates while pirating a bunch of games software which probably has its own malware telemetry built in is a meme. Retards will bend over backwards because they don't trust Microsoft yet go and install random slav game cracks. The motivation for using Windows 7 conflicts with the actual actions of those users. Which is why it's placebo privacy.
>>434647 You're likely using x86 and / or mainstream recent ARM CPUs you're already fucked.
>>434650 Something tells me that you have zero fucking clue what the actual attack vectors of the IME are if you think their existence is a blanket excuse for using proprietary spyware operating systems.
>>434651 >Something tells me that you have zero fucking clue what the actual attack vectors of the IME are Whop said anything about that? x86 is by design a clusterfuck with very large legacy support, the larger something is the wider the potential attack surface. You don't need to compromise the IME/PSP to have a completely compromised machine, and even just attacking the CPU leaves you with mountains of undocumented opcodes and undefined behaviors that can potentially lead to exploitable attack vectors And then you have the chipsets, though usually that ends up with a physical attack but still if you were to compromise that you have DMA over PCIe and that's pretty much godmode. You don't have to take my word for it, go look up Cristopher Domas presentations and open sourced projects.
>>434655 So because x86 is complicated and has a large potential attack surface it makes absolutely no difference if you're willingly participating in networks that are constantly harvesting your computer usage data? You have an insane burden of proof for what you're claiming. The kinds of vectors you're alluding to are state level shit. I'm talking about the simple act of not participating in dragnet surveillance by default. What you're talking about isn't even remotely relevant to a discussion about deprecated proprietary operating systems.
>>434657 >The kinds of vectors you're alluding to are state level shit. Why does a solo dev have several PoC attacks that can be executed remotely if it's "state level", funny too that you seem to thin that large corporations cannot leverage quasi "state level" attacks. The one thing i'll agree is that they won't bother using it against any particular person until said person shows a certain level of interest > I'm talking about the simple act of not participating in dragnet surveillance by default. Even if you don't there's this thing called correlation attacks, can you guarantee no one around you and every service you use isn't participating in that dragnet surveillance, hell as a TORfag you probably should learn about it considering it's the only reliable attack against it besides user negligence. If you care about MS spying on you, get a router with IP and DNS blocking blocking, block MS IP ranges and URLs, move on, nothing else will be more effective. If you're gonna pretend not using MS puts you out of spying dragnets you're delusional, if anything not only is there more tools available and funds allocated towards making by virtue of *nix OSes being used by enterprise people meaning having means to spy on them is more directly valuable but by being a regular user in a very small group you automatically have an higher interest level to those that would want to spy on you.
>>434663 >Even if you don't there's this thing called correlation attacks Nigger no one is making claims of absolute immunity to surveillance you brain dead fuck. Are you actually so fucking far gone that you can't exist outside the realm of hyperbole? Try to go 3 sentences without a strawman faggot. >hell as a TORfag you probably should learn about it considering it's the only reliable attack against it besides user negligence. Absolutely nothing in my posts even remotely hinted at me not understanding how correlation attacks worked you insufferable retard. Literally nothing I said implied that in any way, it's completely irrelevant to the discussion. You're the only one going on these retarded irrelevant tangents. >if anything not only is there more tools available and funds allocated towards making by virtue of *nix OSes being used by enterprise people meaning having means to spy on them is more directly valuable but by being a regular user in a very small group you automatically have an higher interest level to those that would want to spy on you. Like I said, you're creating a massive burden of proof on yourself while not actually posting anything of substance. <bro someone might triangulate your position with bluetooth and wifi man there's no reason not to just use windows God interacting with retards like you makes me start to think maybe the jews were right about the goyim after all. The average person is just nigger cattle spouting nonsense and don't even deserve to breath free air.
>>434683 >Nigger no one is making claims of absolute immunity to surveillance you brain dead fuck No but you're making claim that you're somehow dodging the brunt of it by not using a proprietary OS, which isn't the case, most of the spying dragnet isn't even on "your" hardware. >Absolutely nothing in my posts even remotely hinted at me not understanding how correlation attacks worked you insufferable retard You did by pretending you're not participating in the dragnet by default, you're not living off the grid are you? >Like I said, you're creating a massive burden of proof on yourself while not actually posting anything of substance. Do we really need to reiterate the active participation in open source from large corporations and surveillance agencies (not to mention cooperation of those two groups on those matters) as well as the massive leaks of spying tools from both of those? ><bro someone might triangulate your position with bluetooth and wifi man there's no reason not to just use windows Listen if you wanna pretend that you're evading most of the spying (and by that I don't mean state level but regular corporate tracking) by doing whatever it is that you're free to live in your own delusion about how the spying apparatus isn't omnipresent and largely out of your control.
>>434698 >still provides nothing of substance beyond vaguely alluding to half-truths he doesn't even seem to understand Does it ever get tiring being completely incapable of contributing anything of value to discussions while still trying so desperately to engage in them for some reason?
>>434700 You're to digital surveillance what Prius owner are to car pollution.
>>434704 Still riding that burden of proof dipshit.
>>434706 Seems you went deaf / blind from smelling your own farts
>>433841 I played a bit more and now ammo and health are plentiful and I no longer have to worry about missing a shot so I can play more aggressively and it's fun. >>434529 I had not, but I was trying to just experience Blood since I've never given it a try. >>434640 Pirating works just fine on Linux. Wine has run at least 90% of the stuff I've thrown its way flawlessly, with the other 10% being for the most part an assortment of games that also have issues on Windows or games that have weird dependencies which most of the time just cause videos not to play.
(75.42 KB 689x900 D5grm5AWwAAVYHy.jpg)

Got a question I bet none of you can answer. Why do black guys like Dragonball games when the creator of Dragonball hates them with every fibre of his being?
>>434753 Same reason they like fighting games, because fighting.
>>434753 >when the creator of Dragonball hates them with every fibre of his being? But Doctor Dose is Toriyama's favorite character.
(85.59 KB 278x270 Donkey Kong's a Nigger.mp4)

>>434753 Because the main character is a monkey.
>>434753 > Black guys
>>434753 >when the creator of Dragonball hates them with every fibre of his being? Can you prove that?
(177.28 KB 1500x840 Injured, Good.jpg)

What does it mean to "Fall for the computer science meme"? I'm currently studying computer science so I don't want to make a mistake and I'm willing to switch courses if need be.
>>434801 Don't let them fool you, software engineer is a good profession, even outside silicon valley. Just be sure to learn to write code beyond what they teach in class. Get an internship or three.
>>434801 A lot of it has to do with the fact that modern programmers are absolute retards who are even less functioning when it comes to writing code than your average pajeet. Also, it's because college courses are a waste of money when you can learn everything online.
>>434801 >What does it mean to "Fall for the computer science meme"? Major in computer monkeying in the mistaken belief that it puts you in the same tier of earnings or social status as engineers. Make no mistake, you are the lowest tier of STEM distinguished from the science fags only in that you are employable without at least a master's degree.
>>434801 Thinking that what they're going to teach you in class is more worthwhile than the shitty code you throw together yourself. Getting hired without college isn't sunshine and rainbows, but if you make some genuinely good shit you can just refer to, you know, your actual work as opposed to the college degree while getting hired, and you'll have actually learned how to do something to. Most class is just theory and isn't going to give you practical tips on how to solve actual problems in code with other human beings.
>>434818 >>434801 Online lesson particularly from older folks have good knowledge imparted other than basic "put iteration loop". But making programs is the best way to gain experience, which makes you a bit above the code monkeys. Be aware there is a difference between learn to code, and learn to program. Coding will put you into fixing/making it work already written code (what majority of IT jobs are), and programming is making from scratch, using good code architecture, using smooth flows and easy to understand code (which helps of you're building from scratch). Im sure other's here can tell you more
>>434801 I don't know. I'm going for computer science myself instead of software engineering.
do you think that the Voynich manuscript was just some dude 100's of years ago fucking with people?
(277.60 KB 532x758 1501358749.png)

(205.42 KB 1000x1200 Briar.png)

(204.20 KB 1000x1200 Hazel.png)

Does anyone know what game these girls come from?
>>435691 they are from Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator. Unfortunate you can’t fuck them because the game protagonist is a faggot
>>435725 You have crushed my hopes and dreams but thanks for the quick answer.
(281.94 KB 1700x893 dream daddy issues.jpg)

>>435725 but what if
>>435749 I would 4 and 7. Maybe 3 too.
(180.88 KB 520x763 ram.jpg)

>>436177 Anon aint wrong though this place is like twitter the moment anyone sees a tanned girl they think its a nog. Its kinda getting out of control.
>>436242 Remind me to quote (YOU) next time a retard has a brain fart in a Shantae thread. This place obsesses over nogs the same way twitter does just for a different reason.
>>436242 >draw them white Okay can I draw your mom then?
>>436177 >Standing under the sun for a bit longer is ethnic cleansing >This makes him unable to enjoy video games I repeat my question. Why are you all like this?
(27.77 KB 264x292 1340167634443.jpg)

>>436140 >anons have thread about game >game has black people >no one complains about or even mentions it <BAAAAWWW WHY ARE YOU CRYING ABOUT BLACK PEOPLE EVERYWHERE YOU RACISTS Do twitterfags really?
(152.26 KB 834x818 1632123960625.png)

>>436314 >>436318 >Average news thread >Race baiting happens and derails thread <Y-YEAH WE ARE RACIST NECK YOURSELF FAGGOT IF I END MY SENTENCES WITH FAGGOT I WILL APPEAR MORE INTIMIDATING Why are you all like this?
(78.05 KB 801x961 Anon shiggy.png)

>>436404 >Average news thread >Race baiting happens >
>>436404 But that isn't what happened, and anyone can just look at the post you're replying to, directly above yours, and see that.
I want to give MechWarrior 5 a demo on the seven seas. I remember hearing the game is fucked without mods improving shit though. Which ones do I need or have devs fixed enough shit to not need them so badly now?
>>434749 Yeah, but without Proton, it''s not as simple as just clicking a checkbox, right?
>>436780 It's plenty simple. Run lutris, make a game entry, point it to the exe's you want it to run. If you're using GOG installers there's always a lutris script for them. If you're using some other shit your mileage may vary.
I want to "learn" more advanced coding principles but I do not want to keep burying my nose in books, I did a simple phonebook as an exercise and I really want to keep learning by creating. Any list of programming exercises/challenges I can look at for specific topics?
>>437111 such as various data structures and algorithms, for example.
>>437111 Maybe check out previous years Advent of Code challenges.
>>437116 Fun challenges so far, cheers anon.
Recommend me some games that only work on windows 10? preferably that they have small storage size.
(35.42 KB 200x313 winehq_logo_glass.png)

>>437465 there are none.
>>437465 You could go searching for Microsoft Game Store exclusive. Not like it's a long list anyway.
(554.63 KB 714x588 fuck my life.png)

I installed a pirated game that didn't have an uninstaller, and I didn't find this out until today. Now I can't get rid of said game. How do I fix this? Wangblows 10, if that helps you find an answer. Seriously, it's almost 100 gb big, I need that space for other games.
>>437922 Delete the files. Registry and whatever is in user's documents will stay as harmless garbage until you reinstall the OS/ reset your pc.
>>437924 Just straight up press "delete"? That works?
>>437925 If the game's files are deleted, the space in the hard drive is freed.
>>437929 Well, here's hoping that did something good. Thanks.
>>437922 Who ever runs an uninstaller manually? Can't you uninstall it from the control panel uninstall programs option? Assuming that's still a thing in 10.
>>437948 The problem is neither I nor the control panel could find the uninstall file. Usually, pirated games comes with an uninstaller, but this ONE time, it didn't. I don't know why. Must have been an oversight, but nobody had said anything.
>>437922 >>437949 Windirstat is your friend winblows nigger. https://windirstat.net/
>>437950 What a useful program! Thanks, torpedo!
(3.17 MB 6000x6000 Work in progress 1.jpg)

I'm looking for an image that is of a collage of masonic symbolism in video games. I can't find it on my computer, but i posted it often on 8chan, maybe someone has it, it was called "work in progress 2" and it was paired with this image. I am currently running a deleted file recovery program that will take all day to complete. If anyone has it i'd be glad to have it back.
(158.56 KB 497x387 1571707109463.png)

Is there some secret video games database that categorizes games based on the size of the boobs in the game?
>>438116 Thank you.
Shit what was that PC 2D action RPG/platformer where you get to play as one of three magical girls (and switch on the fly)? The whole thing looks like its marketed to little girls/lolicons but actually ends up being pretty hard.
>>435691 >>435725 >>435749 Wait...so the daddies you can date on the game only have daughters? Cause if that's so I find funny how writers wanted to avoid looking predatory or whatever.
How do I play videogames?
>>436802 Basically all pirated games have custom installers and cracks. I take this to mean it would be like pulling teeth to get anything to work.
>>439134 I don't pirate games these days so I can't say for certain, but I think it's unlikely you would run into a typical installer that just refuses to run over wine just because it's a cracked installer. The last game I pirated was Hades and that worked fine on linux from what I can recall. I don't remember what the installer was like but I'm fairly certain that game isn't on GoG so it was probably a cracked installer. Frankly you really shouldn't be pirating anything but GoG installers you can verify as legit. Malware is getting pretty advanced and it's simply not worth the risk unless you're properly containing everything.
>>439134 >>436780 Nigger you just choose the .exe to run and it runs. I can't put it in any more simple terms. It works the same whether it's a .exe from an app, a .exe from an installer, or a .exe from a game, it's the same thing. There are some caveats like if you're missing dependencies (e.g. C++ redistributables) or with shoddy stuff (e.g. repacks) but you can work around this. I don't even use lutris and all the stuff I've ran I've ran manually.
In the Trials of Mana Remake, is it best to save your silver and gold item seeds until the magic pot is max level?
>>438277 Answering my own question, finally found it: Fortune Summoners
>>438277 Why would a game marketed to lolicons imply it's easy?
(1021.20 KB 935x1280 fallout 1 promotional image.jpg)

(424.51 KB 586x752 fallout 1 concept art.jpg)

(180.81 KB 750x750 pls respond.jpg)

Has anyone here played Fallout Et Tu (mod that port's fallout 1 ported to 2's engine)? I wanted to know if it undoes any of the censorship that exists on digital copies of the game (the GOG and steam version have children removed since they were killable and a lot of changed icons from the original US release.) If it does not, can I at least apply that one patch that reenables children to it, or does that only work with the original vanilla fallout 1 game?
>>439572 Hello?
>>440680 Go back to cuckchan if you your PPH addiction can't handle a thread going days without a post. :^)
(9.58 KB 255x191 1442260718972-2.jpg)

>>440747 Rude. I just wanted an answer to my question and figured I'd try and bump the thread to see if it get's answered quicker.
(66.30 KB 513x513 higlyebil.jpg)

>>440752 >Rude.
what's the cheapest way to unrestrict a steam account? I want to be able to add friends from dark souls 3 but the gay anti-cheat flagged me for trying to restore my year-old save file and I don't know if or when I'll be able to go back to my normal account
Why hasn't Netherrealm/WB made a Mortal Kombat: Shao Khan game yet where you go around konquering realms and amassing titty ninjas, concubines and harems yet? Or at least any Mortal Kombat non-fighting game spinoff in the "modern" era? I know not everyone looks fondly on those but why not give it another go.
>>439134 Cracking steam games is retardedly easy for the average person if it's not the likes of denuvo. You literally get yourself a one-size-fits all zip file containing a cracked steamapi file and a txt file that you change a couple of values in and that's it. MAYBE you install steamless and go through the extra step of having the software literally do everything for you to unpack the .exe before plugging in the cracking steam_api files. It's super easy.
I have a question. Why can't the faggot called Mark keep his fat fingers off the keyboard for once and stop merging or deleting threads?
>>434528 check out the way of the samurai games, seems exactly what you're looking for
(1.30 MB 5120x5120 ClipboardImage.png)

I need a decent mic for recording audio that is also not going to cost me a fortune. Anyone have any suggestions? Something in the $1-150 range, though the lower the price the better.
>>441249 I'm no expert on audio or microphones but I bought a ATR2100 because it's both a USB microphone and an XLR microphone if you want to "upgrade" it down the line.
(172.03 KB 1076x723 Vampyre story.jpg)

(42.97 KB 419x275 1231231.jpg)

When i try to run A Vampyre Story it get this error, /t/ told me to find out what version of directx panda3d it uses, i updated my graphics driver and installed Directx 9.0 but i still get the error. i don't suppose any of you know what version of directx panda3d the game uses?
Is it possible to play PS4 games of external storage or is it only for storage?
>>441359 Yes, PS4 games on an external storage can be played on a PS4, but you have to format the drive first when you plug it in.
>>441376 OK good to know.
Any major differences between Alan Wake and the remastered version? I.E do I just pirate the GoG version or do I pirate the egs version
>>441674 You can verify GoG installers as malware free, can't do the same for cracked installers.
>>441687 I think I can handle that part, I'm just curious if the remastered version fucks with aesthetics or gameplay parts or censors something, etc.
>>441688 You going to decompile cracked slav installers?
>>441690 Why should I even fuck with slav installers? I was thinking I'd get the clean files and then plug in a crack. Look installers aside is the fucking remaster shit or not?
>>441692 Depends on whether or not the remaster has malware, then it would definitely be shit.
>>441674 If you're on PC the differences are minimal. The remaster does remove all the promotions with energizer and verizon.
>>441309 Use dxvk / WineD3D / dgVoodoo
(165.27 KB 1238x1054 download.jpg)

(19.29 KB 720x720 download (1).jpg)

Anyone know if the SN30 Pro+ controllers are fine to use or not? Heard the SN30 Gamepad one was shit but not sure if the Pro+ has improvement or if it's still as bad?
>>442653 They are almost perfect imo, the only thing that kinda bothers me is that sometimes the dpad scratches a little on the side of the shell. It's not THAT bad, but its the one thing that I really wish they would fix. I would say just order it and check if that bothers you, send back if thats the case. For retro games there is no better alternative, haven't found anything better at least.
>>442653 I have two of them. They're fine for most stuff, if you're going to play RPGs or games with very minimal or classic input you'd best just buy the SNES-like ones since they're at least half price. My biggest complaint for them to be honest is just how sensitive some of the buttons are, the triggers almost always just go on their own but the driver lets you adjust that I think.
(38.14 KB 617x540 logitech f310.jpg)

>>442653 Cross dpads are cancer, get the F310 instead.
What should I play next guys? Axiom Verge Iconoclasts Hollow Knight Valfaris
>>443031 Well, here's a QTDDTOT. How come anons don't get tired of 2d platformer gameplay? I don't get it.
(56.30 KB 432x318 OG dualshock.png)

>>442761 I had this thing, it had huge problems. Awful deadzones, felt cheap, had a really mushy D-pad, constantly had to open the thing up to fix it (the plastic things under the buttons kept moving out of place) and it stopped working working after a few months. Buy a real PS1 or PS2 controller and an adapter, they're about the same cost and those things last decades.
>>443041 I only clicked post once, why the fuck did it double post? >>443031 Hollow Knight, the game really is as good as everybody says.
>>443037 I'm going through my backlog, I'm alternating genres so I don't get tired of that shit. With the release of Metroid etc. I felt like playing 2D games / metroidvanias. Also these titles are more metroidvania than platformer from what I've seen, pure platformer bore me to death these days.
>>441921 I was going to install dgVoodoo fix again, to see if it would work this time, and i try the game shortcut again just for the hell of it and suddenly it works. Hopefully it keeps working this time, but who knows, thanks for the suggestion.
>>443031 I'll say Axiom Verge because it's the only one I know anything about, other than knowing I don't like how the middle two look.
>>443031 The only one I haven't played was Iconoclasts. Hollow Knight is really good, Valfaris is alright, could have been much better. Axiom Verge is also alright but I enjoyed Hollow Knight more. HK's fairly moddable and has a few mods that change up the gameplay quite significantly in case you'd ever want to replay it with a twist. >>443037 Because it's not like every 2D game is the equivalent of Ubisoft's constantly rehashing the same game over and over again. 2d platformers play completely differently from each other and the biggest similarity they can share is that they're in 2d. Speed, momentum, gravity, level design, combat design, enemies, how you heal, what abilities you get, how those abilities tie into combat, how they tie into movement, how movement and combat can be merged together or isolated, all of that differs from 2d game to 2d game.
Is it okay to play the Mangagamer version of Sengoku Rance?
(1004.07 KB 1440x1080 zss jap super metroid.jpg)

Recommendations for video editing software? Preferably FOSS and which also runs on Linux.
>>443569 kdenlive
>>443569 Kdenlive is really the only usable one. There are others but none are as functional for anything beyond Windows Movie Maker-tier projects.
>>443571 >>443570 Thanks, that's what I was leaning towards but it seems to be more for experts and I've never really fucked around with any video editing before. Is there a decent beginner friendly tutorial that anyone can recommend?
>>443572 If you're a complete novice try OpenShot. It's much simpler and can help in learning the very basics of video editing.
Wasn't Blender capable of editing now?
How viable is actually playing PS1 games with a keyboard through an emulator? It seems to me like most of them should be working just fine seeing not many of them used analog.
>>443571 >>443572 I recently downloaded ShotCut for some pretty simple projects and even as a complete novice to video editing it didn't take much time to learn how it works. Looks very similar to Kdenlive.
>>444086 Great depends on the game. Most PS1 games will probably play just fine with a keyboard though it might take a bit to get used too.
How many of you are like me, where you download more games than you play? How did you get over not playing games, or did you just wait till you wanted to play again?
>>444163 When i started working out and didn't spend all my free time sitting on a chair shitposting on this place. Now i'm able to sit down to actually play and have fun or enjoy what i'm doing instead of being aware i'm wasting time or that i'm fooling myself into thinking i'm enjoying it.
>>444163 >Bill Cooper This video makes him seem reasonable, but dude was crazy. He believed aliens were contacting Earth and accused anybody who disagreed with him of being CIA. He got killed by police during a shootout because he refused to be arrested for not paying his taxes
>>444163 <HW: Deserts of Karak <The whole Xenoblade series <Panzer Dragoon Remake <Kenshi <Mario Odyssey <Bayonetta 1&2 <Doom 64 And so many more, just sitting there. It's like I collect installers. >How did you get over not playing games I haven't. I keep them waiting for the day I have the motivation for them and the patience to get into them.
>>444163 >How many of you are like me, where you download more games than you play? Yes. I typically try out every game I download even if just for a little bit but most of them (~70%) I don't play regularly or ever beat and at this point I know I've got too many games to beat within a lifetime. >How did you get over not playing games, or did you just wait till you wanted to play again? When I had the free time at work I'd make a list of all of the games I'd daydream about and rank them in order of "most want to play" to "least want to play." Or if I was in the middle of one, I'd commit myself to completing it in some way or another, be it a tangible reward, a challenge to finish it as fast as I could disregarding roleplaying or personal rules, or just the intrinsic sense of determination a goal brings. Alternatively, take a break. People burn out over everything. If you get tired of playing videogames go for a walk, read a book, stay away from the computer for days at a time. Then you'll come back excited and eager to try out all of the things you've thought of instead of slaving away at the same grind you knew. It takes self-control, like anything does.
>>444187 >He believed aliens were contacting Earth Lots of people believe in Aliens, that doesn't make them insane. >He got killed by police during a shootout because he refused to be arrested for not paying his taxes Can you prove that? >>444215 That reminds me, i need to download Panzer Dragoon remake again.
>>444163 I restrict myself from downloading/playing three games at a time, but I have an issue where I find a game that plays in a way I find very satisfying(DMC, Vanquish, Ghostrunner, that P* Transformers game, Riftbreaker recently, Quake Arcane Dimensions etc) and I find myself wanting to "savour" the game, meaning I play it in extremely short bursts and never for a long time and I really hate myself for doing so because instead I find myself gravitating to very easy to digest, kind of bad games that I can just play for hours on end but not the games I actually like.
Also speaking of video editing, how does one get "effects" for video editing? For example if I'd like mimic the hud elements or heat graphical effects from Yakuza 0's fights.
>>444401 Either get or buy some plugin, or do the effect yourself in some motion graphics software like After Effects.
When i fullscreen DosBox i get really bad input delay, but only when i use DosBox in D-fend reloaded. GOG games that use DosBox work fine on full screen
(38.61 KB 616x353 They Bleed Pixels.jpg)

I bought They Bleed Pixels on sale for $2 is it worth it?
>>444401 I always used after effects. >>445091 Shouldn't you typically ask that before you buy something?
>>445092 I was interested in it a couple of years ago, forgot it, and then remembered. It's two dollars so it's not too much of a loss on my part. I still wonder if it's a fun game or not cause it seems like it is.
>>445091 I've never personally been able to get into it but it looks like it's good for the sort of game that it is. I've never heard anything bad about it from anyone else.
>>445093 Play it and find out.
>>445091 Supports shit people but the game is pretty good for that price.
>>445091 If you already own it, there is absolutely no reason to ask others if it's good when you can experience it yourself and find out in short order. What I think you meant to do, or at least ought to have done, is go to some other general thread and announce you are playing that game, so as to garner interest from other anons that have played it or may want to play, that so by the time you are satisfied with whatever level completion you reach in the game, there may be others who have recently thought of or played it on this board with whom you could have an informed discussion.
>>445169 >>445882 It's really fun, hard but fun.
(72.75 KB 848x477 mad man.jpg)

>go to download a game >https://downloadani.me/ >wait 100 or so seconds for the download link >complete captcha >error Wrong ip.
>>446001 Just use torrent.
>>446015 I'm downloading it from another site.

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