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(2.89 MB 1600x1200 sonia.png)

QTDDTOT Anonymous 02/04/2021 (Thu) 22:52:46 Id: 700bb9 No. 228459
you know the script, niggers for any 8/16bit and certain ps1 games, i've been using the 6 btn megadrive/genesis controller, love the d-pad and clicky buttons, so my question is, should i re-order another 6btn megadrive, or is there a better alternative?
I have about 17 bucks in my steam account from a decade ago, what should I do with it?
>>599075 >let you That's the problem right there.
(526.61 KB 1044x797 ClipboardImage.png)

>>600494 Obviously you should get The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3
>>600531 Not a bad idea at all if you're going to buyfag.
>>600539 Well once you put money into a steam wallet, steam already has it. Might as well use it for something.
(704.40 KB 972x446 burger king.png)

What did /v/ think of the burger king xbox games?
>>601392 Sneak King was the best one, but they were all 6/10s. Really great for promotional games though.
>>601392 Basically what >>601419 said. Better than they had any right to be, but still nothing amazing.
>>599073 Theres a mod to restore his voice gibberish, I used it on yooka because I fucking hate the default voice
(119.78 KB 460x215 Danganronpa4.jpg)

What was wrong with Danganronpa 4?
(146.88 KB 680x525 Satina Giving the bird.png)

>>601943 Add the subject before the title next time, torfag.
>>601944 Which degenerate gave Satina a weird, realistic body?
>>601944 oh my god i want to cum inside satina's cunny so bad
>>601944 Shut the fuck up nigger or I will rape your asshole. Vigorously.
>>601943 New character cast
>>601981 The characters themselves or the fact all the characters are new?
(151.43 KB 815x899 s.png)

>>601953 >oh my god i want to cum inside satina's cunny so bad
>>601943 It's Danganronpa.
(420.25 KB 776x1812 ec2.jpg)

>>602004 >It's Danganronpa. Yes, and...?
Does anyone have that screenshot of the post about the niggers talking about a Chinese samurai controllers?
So who is the butthurt nigger that made the Half Life thread?
What happened to AI in video games? I remember old games constantly using it in advertisements, now no one seems to ever bring it up. Are there any games that have pushed it forward in recent years, besides Alien Isolation?
>>603054 Forgot to mention AI directors, too.
Are physical copies still a thing? Asking because full time pirate and wondering.
(71.28 KB 1200x676 Johnny-Silverhand.jpg)

is it normal that i want johnny silverhand to punch me in the stomach, pee on me, and call me a faggot?
>>603054 Why spend time developing AI when you can just add multiplayer and get more sales from people that use games as surrogate bars to socialize.
>>603054 >>603593 Pretty much this. Good or otherwise interesting AI requires effort to get it right. Most devs won't bother when much easier and cheaper options exist. >>603409 Sounds like you are a degenerate and a homosexual so yes that is normal for your kind. >>603276 It is, but most are pretty shit these days. Some games won't even function properly without their day 1 patch or an internet connection. Manuals are usually a few pages at most and lack all the interesting and neat bits that old manuals had.
Panzer Knights, basically single player World of Tanks/Girl Und Panzer is up on GoG. https://gog-games.com/game/panzer_knights
(683.70 KB 2560x1440 20220520105729_1.jpg)

How do you select nightmare mode in the Quake mod Honey?
>>604486 You need to find a bear
>>603593 >>603613 >>603054 the problem with humans in multiplayer is they obviously trying to win, will optimise the fun out of it, will use cheese strats/camping/trendy meta shit and every match reduces to you identify which of the above they're they're using and following your own counter strat. Especially if they're regularly playing it
(305.56 KB 2560x1440 20220520121253_1.jpg)

What did they mean by this?
Is Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster PC port bad?
>>604497 >will optimise the fun out of it True. I find myself often bitching about meta niggers. Especially the ones who say using (insert unfun but winning strategy here) is ruining the game while also refusing to do anything other than be that nigger they claim is ruining the game. >>604544 I have no idea dubsman.
>>595198 lol, only thing i've experienced that's similar is having to unplug a controller or the game just won't start-up house of the dead remake being the most recent example
(200.18 KB 500x552 asdasda.png)

I just played Clash of Clans, the whole game is designed to get you to buy these emeralds to speed up production, there is no army control at all, everything just attack moves. It was so boring, half the time i was just waiting for stuff to finish upgrading, building or training. My economy just stopped producing for some reason also. It's just scam, i feel sorry for the retard kids that think this is fun while spending real money on it who missed out on warcraft and startcraft or any other good 90s RTS.
>>606344 (checked) Yeah that is the mobile game market for ya. Also agree that it is a shame that many people are just not going to know there was a time when vidya wasn't so inundated with cancer. This is their normal, and that is incredibly sad.
(1.12 MB 816x1348 bookcover.jpg)

1: What book collection is this cover a parody of? 2: Anymore like it? I got it from a really old /v/ thread dedicated to making them.
Why is V rising so popular? Granted I think it looks interesting but not even AAA games on steam get 13k reviews a week into EA launch.
Are there any games like the elder scrolls but without the gay dungeons?
(3.23 MB 982x720 no.mp4)

>>607343 >are there any open-world fantasy RPGs without dungeons
>>607349 I didn't say that. I said without the gay dungeons. That could mean either a) without shitty dungeons or b) with no dungeons at all. I meant without shitty dungeons in this case. Pretty much all the dungeons in the elders scrolls games look the same or they are generic as shit.
>>607343 Divinity? >>607349 Breath of the Wild :^)
>>607342 Jewtubers and streamers are sucking it off pretty hard. All the good little goyim then follow their chosen internet personalities lead.
What is a good reliable pastebin-like site?
Okay this has been bugging me for the longest time, Anons. Someone help me out here. Shenmue 3 had capsule toys of kickstarter backers. Before it came out some Anon donated to the kickstarter promising that he would get a Vivian James capsule toy into the game. However I have not seen hide nor hair of this toy. Is it in the game? Did we get rused? Help me solve this mystery because it's been driving me nuts. If there is a VJ capsule toy in the game I want to see it.
>>607597 rentry ?
>>607597 Self host a zerobin instance
(1.05 MB 763x1080 ClipboardImage.png)

I want to get honest opinions on those Shadow of Mordor games. I just finished reading The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, and The Silmarillion, and I have some questions. >How mad will these games make me? >How hard do they rape the lore? >How SJW are they? >How many gigawatts of power did these games generate by making Tolkien spin in his grave? Not less importantly, I've heard mixed things about the gameplay. I hear people compare it to Batman, but I like Batman's combat (and many people who talk shit seem to be basing things off of videos of people playing the tutorial mobs on easy mode, misrepresenting the game. Is the same happening when they say the same thing about these Middle Earth games?). I hear people complain about Batman combat and how it's been copied by many other games, but I've never played those other games, because they all looked like shit anyway. And so did these Lord of the Rings games. But I'm into Lord of the Rings now and almost willing to give them a shot. But I'm very skeptical, as I am with any games that have come out in the last 15 years. And since /lit/ is dead, I'll ask here. What other Tolkien works are actual narratives set in the same universe? The History of Middle Earth seems to be mostly analysis, with the narrative elements just being there so that they can be analyzed. Am I wrong? Is The Book of Lost Tales actually worth reading as more narratives? How about the "Great Tales" that were published more recently? The Children of Hurin, Beren and Luthien, and The Fall of Gondolin? From what I've gleaned from the internet, Children of Hurin and Fall of Gondolin are basically novels, but though Beren and Luthien is counted with them, it sounds like that book is at least half analysis and not really about being an expanded version of the story from The Silmarillion. Which is a shame if that's the case, since that was by far the most interesting of the three stories, at least in the forms they took in The Silmarillion.
(221.84 KB 954x588 MAGA Mix.jpg)

Is QTDDTOT topics also for Comments that don't deserve their own thread? Because this just fucking dropped today out of nowhere. I don't remember hearing any buzz about it, or seeing it in any upcoming lists or prepurchase offers. Just... kind of released with all the fanfare of a New Years party favor. If you have the switch version, there doesn't seem to be a whole lot to offer, aside from the ability to turn off that godawful cartoon filter. Even so, it might be worth keeping an eye on just to see if the modding community takes off for it.
>>608446 >Is QTDDTOT topics also for Comments that don't deserve their own thread? I'd say the Lounge thread is more for that >>343401
>>608448 Oh, right. I think I mentally blocked that thread out just to be an obstinate fuck due to the autismal shitfests in GGgeneral.
>>606344 That is mobile game in a nutshell. It's free until you actually want to play the game.
>>608421 I played the first one. If you treat it as an orc collection game, it is alright. It has a lot of the usual issues with gAAAy games that will slowly come to annoy you more and more as you play. Gameplay wise it is pretty simple and nothing you likely haven't seen before. It is not terrible, just nothing noteworthy. Second game had lootboxes (which they later removed) and that put me off it completely. >SJW shit I can't recall too much in the first one, but it has been a while. The second game got more in your face about that crap though from what I've heard. They added a nigger and some annoying feminist character. I remember a good amount of disgust and anger with the DLC ending as well. The female character they set up to be the MC in the next game is boring, written poorly, and her story takes a huge dump on the MC from what I've read. Shelob is a human woman, and female nazgul sisters show up at one point. >lore accurate? I've always been pretty casual when it comes to LoTR so I can't personally say. The few people I talked to about it said it wasn't very accurate though. More like an alternate universe kind of deal where things are similar but not the same. "Inspired by" is another way to describe it. So yeah it will likely make you mad if you go in looking for accuracy. >>608450 I've slowly started using the lounge more since deletions are so fucking random in the gg thread depending on who is watching it that day.
>>608468 >So yeah it will likely make you mad if you go in looking for accuracy. Autistic accuracy to tiny details isn't my biggest concern, but general accuracy to themes and ideas is. It's about respect. But you're making it sound like it's exactly what I expected, and they're giving Tolkien the old Dangerfield treatment.
(1.18 MB 640x360 biden.webm)

(157.00 KB 1600x900 98787942134234565567.jpg)

(581.72 KB 1600x900 23049592342354764657.jpg)

(211.27 KB 1920x1080 921784918754123557.jpeg)

(452.82 KB 1280x720 898723497852439782323.jpg)

>>608421 >>608468 >>608480 IMO, the Mordor games are worth playing just for the Nemesis system
(1.10 MB 1400x2360 Quake_Saturn_US_Box_Front.jpg)

Does anyone have a chart detailing the "best" way to play Quake? As far as I can tell from a vanilla experience, it seems like the Saturn version is the best option, but I cannot find much detail explaining all the intricacies of the different PC versions and ports.
>>608421 >How mad will these games make me? Just turn your brain off and enjoy killing Orcs while listening to a half spectral Elf lord and a vengeful human ranger bicker back and forth while reminiscing about their families >How hard do they rape the lore? Not hard enough, you know that Spider Sam and Frodo kill well now it can change into a sexy woman who grants visions, outside of that its not too inconsistent >How SJW are they? Surprisingly not a whole lot, sure there's a female Elf warrior companion side story who's better than you at everything but she makes minor appearances here and there >How many gigawatts of power did these games generate by making Tolkien spin in his grave? Not a whole lot, the movies and television show generated a whole lot more than these games >I've heard mixed things about the gameplay Batman combat with a dash of Assassins Creed stealth Overall give it a try, you'll waste hours finding the right Orcs and invading other people's fortresses in search of more Orcs Word of advice, don't finish the main quest until you hit level 55, I won't spoil why but if you finish the main quest too early you'll miss out on something, if you want to level up then play online and conquer other people's fortresses for fast exp
>>608569 The game classifies Shelob as a Maia (same caste as Gandalf) but in the books she's simply a child of a primordial shape-shifter known as Ungoliant. The games are decent but don't play them if you get motion sickness. The camera is terrible and does lots of cinematic shit and, on consoles at least, the framerate is terrible.
>>608551 >Does anyone have a chart detailing the "best" way to play Quake? Darkplaces is my go-to.
>>608510 >>608569 A quick look online tells me that the online features are down, and that includes "The Nemesis System," whatever that is. I've heard the term over the years but have no clue what it is. And can anyone confirm if it works anymore? Why does it need to be online?
>>608657 If you got killed by an orc it would show up in your friends game as a nemesis for them. I was playing earlier briefly and the nemesis system is still present with orcs that have different names and traits. I guess it's just the sharing feature above that has been disabled. It has no performance mode on newer consoles, just high resolution mode or all post processing mode, which is dumb if you actually care about frame rate.
(100.90 KB 1280x720 124379832423646465.jpg)

>>608657 >the online features are down I think that's just for the first game >that includes "The Nemesis System," The Nemesis System itself is intact since it's a core gameplay mechanic, what was shut down was the Nemesis Forge which allowed you to import your orc nemesis into SoW, he only shows up once (at least in my experience) and for me he didn't look or sound anything like the one I imported from SoM despite having the same name, so it's not a huge loss. Also, like >>608660 said, the first game's Vendetta missions (which lets players avenge other players by killing the orc that killed them) were shut down.
(342.52 KB 1310x1507 ClipboardImage.jpg)

Does anyone have a download link for GG Aleste 3?
>>608846 I might, but I don't have my bookmarks on this computer. If nobody else has provided one by the time I get home, I'll see what I can find.
(679.69 KB 1383x303 ClipboardImage.png)

Playing Warband with the Perisno mod. Is there a fast way to quickly take all the prisoners you can carry after a fight? Having to click capture 90+ times is annoying.
Is Kingdom Hearts 3 actually good like 2, or should I avoid it.
How do you get your drive to play games again? what motivates you to finish games? I always get to some place in a game where i feel like it's a chore to continue and the end game will never be reached.
>>610041 >what motivates you to finish games? When I want to make sure they get finished, I just stick to playing only one game at a time. Otherwise I end up with a lot of games that are 70-80% done and I never go back to them.
>>608846 >>608889 Ok, sorry for being late. I checked the sites I have bookmarked, but nothing for Aleste 3 came up. If you search around "Paradise" a bit, there's a forum entry for Aleste 3 with (I think) a link - but I don't have a forum account to check myself. I'll keep an eye out if come across it elsewhere.
(163.85 KB 850x571 OD01.jpg)

>>610041 I just play what I like, and everyone else's opinion be damned. I don't recall ever starting a game and not finishing it, with one exception. Pic related I just can't get into the meta of it, whenever I get to the point I couldn't get past last time, I just get drained or encounter another roadblock. Last time, I figured out that equipping my squad like I would in any other tactics game, as in lots of ammo and heavy guns, I would get rekt, because the meta later on favors very light magic users, and nothing else. Heavy gunners will have literal circles ran around them by tough, fast enemies who will one hit kill them. Once I got the hang of it, I just felt tired of the game, so I will have to try it out again someday, with that in mind. Other than that, I just play every game I like to the end, I don't play games I don't like, so them feeling like a chore is not something that really happens to me(even when it starts feeling that way, it is an excuse to look for way to min/max your loadout or find exploits or cheap strategies, to make fights or other parts of the game get by much easier, which is fun in and of itself)
How do you emulate the ps3 games that have mostion control for RPCS3, is there no option for this?
>>610856 Dualshock emulation should be there
(125.84 KB 1150x799 Untitleds.png)

>>610879 Is it because i'm using ScpToolkit and not Nefarius' DsHidMini? There is nothing in the pad/gamepad settings menu on RPCS3.
(107.83 KB 922x808 Untitled2.png)

Why do you fags always like to talk about games but never play them?
>>610963 Thinking about game design is more interesting than engaging with it.
>>610963 I'm playing mountain blade warband right now. Currently fucking up some sand niggers and some dwarven scum who tried to help them gang rape my town. Or are you asking for a game night or something.
>>610969 I've asked fags multiple times in the fighting game thread if they'd like to play anything and no ones ever replies. I assumed no one actually plays anything considering how theres many old games talked about as being insanely good but lack suitable playerbases to get a match. So when i asked if they want to play the game... nothing ever happens. Even games with active playerbases no one wants to play. I just thought it'd be fun to shoot banter and play a few matches with anons, the constant ghosting has left me depressed. I just want to fight someone. It doesn't even have to be a gamenight to play a 1v1 game.
>>610987 Not wanting to play a multiplayer game in a genre with a notoriously high skill floor isn't exactly a great indicator that anons don't play video games. I've only really played third strike and don't have the rom for it or any fightcade games at the moment. Which roms do you want to play?
>>610993 You'll really play? damn didn't think i'd get this far.. Anything is good with me. The learning process is imho one of the most fun parts about fighting games. I'll play anything as long as i can firmly sink me teeth into it with someone willing to play against me. I haven't got any roms setup in fightcade anyway. i've mostly been playing games like melty and guilty gear alone which are PC games. Is there any time/date you'd be down with playing? I could play right now but if you want to play me without shitty wifi i get off work in 6 hours.
>>611003 >You'll really play? I can play occasionally yes. I bought a numpad for fighters and haven't really used it. >Is there any time/date you'd be down with playing? Well I'm going to sleep now. I don't know when or if the schedules would align in the future. I'm available most of the day. I only know of third strike on fightcade. I have no clue what other fightcade roms that are worth playing. Looks like it's mostly just third strike and king of fighters that are popular on it, and marvel vs capcom.
(72.63 KB 1280x720 taylor.jpg)

>>610963 I'm lonely. Playing video games has not helped it, but it used to keep that feeling away. But now I don't even feel like playing. So talking to others somewhat elevates that feeling, even if its on a chinese wannabe forum. And its a common feeling among a lot of gamers, not just here.
(145.46 KB 496x389 crying SpongeBob.png)

Why is it so hard for people to just like and talk about videogames without being retarded? Why did the one hobby I latch onto have to get corrupted by the powers that be? Why does life have to suck so much? How long ago was 2007? Why does it feel like just yesterday?
(66.93 KB 640x633 OTNS_DC_US_Box_Front.jpg)

Does anyone have any fixed Dreamcast rips of Omikron: The Nomad Soul that can be burned and played on an actual system? All the burnable copied of the game I can find refuse to play the music. >>610963 >>610966 >>610969 >>610987 >>610993 >>611003 >>611015 >>611047 If you guys ever want, we could swap friend codes and usernames for whatever online material you guys play or have. >>611060 >Why is it so hard for people to just like and talk about videogames without being retarded? Because vidya requires people to act, and not everyone acts while firing on all cylinders. >Why did the one hobby I latch onto have to get corrupted by the powers that be? Because it's the most profitable media on the planet (Especially since micro-transactions have turned it into a digital casino), and it's the newcomer in the block so they see it as an opportunity to pozz the media from the very beginning or strangle it while it is in the crib so that it cannot compete. >Why does life have to suck so much? Because, regardless of religious beliefs, the unifying concept is that life sucks for the purpose of preparing you better for what comes after death, and that you're presented these challenges in life with the goal of overcoming them. However, if you're an atheist, then life sucks because it's survival of the fittest, with the expressed goal of passing on your genes. >How long ago was 2007? 15 years ago. >Why does it feel like just yesterday? Because it was such an important year in your life that you're inclined to remember that compared to the years that came afterwards, which had much more minor importance by comparison.
>>611003 >>611015 Okay I'm available for most of the day now
>>610963 Because when I post about games nobody gives a fuck.
(68.12 KB 1200x630 202253012251426_1.jpg)

Is there a way to pirate and play online W3 reforged? Or, at least, a place to find the original one with the latest update before reforge? Because fuck, it is hard to find now.
>>611493 1377x has a few copies of Original Warcraft III.
(18.36 KB 500x318 toad jones.jpg)

Off-topic question, but what the hell happened to /b/? I don't use the board but it's currently down to less users than the vore board when it used to be right beside /v/. Was it really all just proxy spam? I always thought its consistent 100+ PPH were suspect.
>>611529 Pedoniggers were kicked out and the BO was removed from power. Last I checked they tried to migrate to another clearnet imageboard that hosts CP but got kicked out for being obnoxious. Then they made a board here to circlejerk in posting cat pictures or some shit.
>>611529 /hisspicchan/ refugees turned it into the new /b/, no one has any reason to use /b/ anymore, just treat /spicchan/ as the new /b/ but in spanish.
>>611529 It was spam. Plus I purged the pedos in a pretty bloodthirsty manner. Then got bored and hired kaz to do the same.
>>611529 It pretty much was.
>>611517 Managed to get 1.27a, but seems like this version has a shitty problem with the AI.
>>611530 >>611533 Lmao, so that TORfag BO, the guy who always ended his posts with "---" and bragged about having a higher PPH than /v/ was full of shit from the start? I remember he once justified his running of the board by siting the PPH, sounds like he just wanted to be a Democrat.
>>611746 There was activity there, but it was herdniggers circlejerking, spam and luciano, if you ban the CP herdniggers leave so the board is dead.
>>611747 It wasn't dead before Silvia. And it isn't dead after. This is the level of activity it always had.
>>611533 are you a mod? could you deal with the stuff in the tits & gore thread, it's basically just a snuff porn dump now
(1.17 MB 608x1080 chrischan 'ma, I'm home!'.mp4)

>>611753 Use the meta thread fgt >>25719 >>25719 >>25719
I was playing Citra on the retroid and found that it played them slowly with stuttering, yet it can run some Gamecube games without problems, is this because Gamecube games are less demanding than 3DS games?
>>612292 >some What gc games don't run on your rig? Also, can you run switch games? I know citra is a lot closer to yuzu than it is dolphin.
>>612329 I meant on the retroid pocket 2+, my pc can run all compatible Gamecube games. I haven't tried to run Switch games yet.
How do you save a video off of youtube without using add-ons or a third party site? I use to be able to do it years ago but they've changed so much that I can't figure out how to do it anymore.
>>612498 youtube-dl, freetube, invidious instances.
>>612498 You can go to pretty much any Invidious instance and right click to download videos once you have them loaded. Here's a list of them https://invidio.us/ The most popular instance is https://yewtu.be/
(88.05 KB 750x1052 pedo not part of the alphabet.jpg)

(67.75 KB 1080x686 pedo onlyfans.jpg)

>>611533 >Plus I purged the pedos in a pretty bloodthirsty manner. If they aren't lying there in a pool of their own viscous fluids and feces, it wasn't bloodthirsty enough. Seriously, fuck the pedos. They've got several boards (which is disgusting) but they still feel the need to distribute their sickness to every other board.
>>612513 >first image >implying the alphabet soup isn't pedophiles themselves >implying they're sane or normal at all
(262.39 KB 970x1550 MoeOS8.png)

>>612498 >How do you save a video off of youtube without using add-ons or a third party site? See: >>>/t/5546
>>612525 Every pedo I've ever seen has been into little girls, I think that's just a schizoboomer meme. The same way metal heads were supposedly all kidnapping kids and sacrificing them to Satan in the 80s or how video games were making gamers shoot up schools in the 90s/2000s. Just a group of people to blame something you don't like on.
(99.02 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault.jpg)

>>612541 I've met so many gay men that have had their first penetrative sexual experience be before they've been 14, there's some charts and stats too, but it's quite an uncomfortably significant number that pick the fruit before its ripe, by much older men no less, at least older for the pairing to be significant (13 and 28). Unless you mean that the pedophile stereotype of them liking little girls is a schizoboomer meme, I'd agree halfways, human sexuality is very complicated so there all kinds of pederasts but there's no shooting the shit when seeing the abnormally high sex encounters gays have vs common people, there's a drive implanted in them, a normalization of deviance that is a like a relay sign in the gay unconscious.
So uhm, there really is no E3 this year? Will there be online streams instead? After the horrible cringe from last year I kinda didn't care about E3 anymore and didn't plan on watching it live, but there have been like no vidya news lately so I'm wondering if they save it for the streams or something.
>>612549 Gays can't reproduce so they convert by corrupting the young. Satan and his followers take a sick joy in perverting what is innocent.
Do you guys not have phones?
>>615053 >that thumbnail Huh? It's neither the windows thumbnail or the one on youtube.
>>615054 8chan picks a thumbnail from halfway into the video
>>615070 Strange. Still, imagine the level of jewry to have you pay 5 dollars ontop of whatever money Immortal costs so you can create a clan. That simple act requires money, why?
(221.57 KB 1200x900 vinny pizza pasta.jpg)

>>615053 Glad to see vinny still enjoys shitposting.
(23.40 MB 640x360 These Shrimp Fresh.mp4)

>>615073 He's still /v/irgin at heart
>>615053 Jesus Christ. Why is anyone playing this?
>>615090 I have a good explanation for that. Games like this are mostly popular in countries like India and the Philippines, places where not many people have a computer or console. Mobile gaming is the only way for many people in the developing world to play vidya.
>>615093 >Mobile gaming is the only way for many people in the developing world to play vidya I think at that point I'd rather take up another hobby.
(123.16 KB 336x422 question.jpg)

If some people consider Konami as Japanese EA, which company is the Japanese Activision?
(905.28 KB 2480x3508 1639944314766.jpg)

(833.90 KB 2000x3050 1636407780433.png)

(1.13 MB 1269x1656 1632252896200.jpg)

What's a good porn game I can crank myself to? The only experience I had with porn games that was fairly amusing was Harbour Princess. Specifically speaking, what's a good porn game with green skinned girls? Be it something like this or orcs, I don't mind really. Seems like there's no good content in gelbooru at the very least Dark skinned girls are also a plus
>>615110 Squeenix.
(877.73 KB 720x629 vinny.png)

>>615053 >>615073 >>615078 I'm still pissed that people tried to #MeToo him
>>615137 How the fuck do you MeToo the sexless? It's like trying to MeToo Mark Mann
How is playing backups on a soft modded xbox? Can you easily load up an .xiso.iso file onto the xbox?
>>615329 Have you heard of CERBIOS?
>>615338 No, i've never modded an xbox before.
>>615339 Neither have I, but I've seen a few videos about it, it's insane what you can do to an xbox, from overclocking it, to upgrading the ram, to having the entire library in one hard drive. https://yewtu.be/WhVJGNzoUHs
If i buy a component switcher should i get one that is powered for signal degradation or is a powerless one fine?
>>615644 iirc powerless is fine but there is a small degradation Powered can be shitty if you go for the cheapest stuff as well though.
>>615152 >How the fuck do you MeToo the sexless? It's like trying to MeToo Mark Mann You just claim RAPE and hope others believe you, kinda like fat bitch who accused Hotwheels of pinning her down and raping her, without knowing that he was wheelchair bound.
You guys think capcuck will delist RE4 UHD from stores after the shitty remake comes out solely so people don't find out just how superior the original is? The game is currently on sale and the HD project came out a couple months ago, should i buy it just in case?
>>615739 I dont think so, they havent shut down other mods for older games like the classic rebirth, even though you 100% need a pirated copy of the sourcenext port. Besides, the only people playing the HD project are the dedicated fans, not the people that just beat the game once or the casuals.
>>615742 Judging by the comments on the re4 remake trailer you're 100% correct, the fact that get excited for next product faggots are excited for this is just disappointing.
>>615745 Eh, let capcom do what they want with it, i always said that RE4 does not need a remake since you just need to give it a fresh coat of paint, and since 4 was the game that killed classic resident evil, it has no great sympathy from me. At worst we get something mediocre, at best we get a mix-up of 4 and 3.5.
I have no idea which /k/ is the real one anymore, does anyone have a link to a buying guide?
Has anyone been on top of the switch release game lately? Any good/worthwhile games been released in the past few months?
>>615739 Capcom has re-released Resident Evil 4 like 7 times because people still buy it on every platform possible. And they have no qualms selling their old games again. Neither version is going to negatively affect the sales of the other. Normal Fags who think the Original RE4 is too dated are going to buy the Remake, and even Fans of RE4 are going to buy it because they actually want the remake, because for whatever reason they just want any excuse to buy the same game again. I'm just glad as long as Itsuno is around this isn't going to happen to Devil May Cry since he understands the only DMC game that actually would need another chance is DMC2. Despite the fact retards not only want DMC1 to be remade, Plenty of them want Capcom to skip right to remaking DMC3.
>>615806 >Despite the fact retards not only want DMC1 I mean DMC1 with combat more in line with latter games wouldn't be a bad thing, but yeah 2 would deserve it a lot more.
>>615767 That aren't on PC? Pocky rocky reshrined and kirby forgotten lands.
>>615810 DMC1 with the combat of DMC3 or onward wouldn't be DMC1 anymore. The game is balanced perfectly, and any additional features would tip that balance. DMC3 and onward have a bunch of neat features but those games also kind of throw everything in and sees what sticks, DMC3 has stuff like the Arkham boss which is awful on DMD, DMC4 Nero's buster makes bosses too easy, and Dante's move list isn't refined because they ran out of time, DMC5 Every character is Overpowered when you are Competent at the game. DMC1 has no Fat. Every fight in the game is was given it's attention, There is a prefect time in the game to use literally every single move at your disposable. The only part in the game that is understandable to dislike is the Mundus Space Harrier fight, despite the fact even that has great balance and is a really good rail shooter.
Has anyone every gotten in trouble for console or PC game piracy? If a cop discovers their piracy collection would they get in trouble?
>>615820 The only way you would get in trouble for that is if you were trying to sell them or distribute them somehow. It isn't really even technically illegal to pirate software under US law I think. But it's illegal to distribute pirated software.
>>615816 >The game is balanced perfectly Gonna have to disagree considering just how cheese friendly DMC1 is and how hard to use effectively some moves are compared to spamming Air Raid.
>>615891 The intended difficulty for DMC1 is DMD, and while Air raid can be useful in the right situations, it gets outclassed by inferno when it comes to crowds, and it's useless on most bosses, like Air raid is good on Griffon in Normal and Hard, but on DMD, E&I as well as Comet are easily better choices for the fight. Although admittedly when thinking about balance my mind defaults to the Bosses and Mini bosses, Plenty of the lesser enemies give you much more freedom in what to use on them, and there are plenty of ways to cheese enemies like Nobodies with Grenade and Stinger spam, but I don't consider any enemy in the game annoying to fight, which is a huge positive.
(26.00 KB 220x164 ASDFASD.gif)

i use OPL to get the cover art, i put on the USB flash drive and connect it to the ps2, i start uLanch.elf (and i've tired many diffrent versions of it) and i copy an image to the HDD but it either says "paste failed" or it just freezes. If only there was another file manager for the ps2, or if my sata HDD adapter had a network connection for ftp then maybe i could get the covers to work, but for whatever reason uLaunch.elf just doesn't want to work and it sucks. My only option is getting a USB HDD and going USB all the way, it would be easier but it would get rid of all the internal HDD stuff i've been using.
(10.03 KB 225x180 OIP.jpg)

>>615126 >What's a good porn game I can crank myself to? Pong.
>>615816 Ok but I still want instant gun switching and the true Sparda Devil Trigger to be used outside of the final boss: https://yewtu.be/watch?v=xzdozDoMHFc
>>616648 That's actually available now with the DDMK mod https://github.com/serpentiem/ddmk/releases/tag/2.7.3release https://github.com/serpentiem/ddmk/wiki/Features#devil-may-cry Although due to the way DMC1 is programed instant weapon switching is pretty janky, since you can only do it when your not in the middle of an attack animation.
Any action rpgs or action games that take some inspiration from PSU or dothack? Basically action rpgs with some mmo elements like lobbies, questing, and a focus on looting/exploration?
>>617183 Dark Cloud perhaps. FF12 maybe.
>try to play Mister Mosquito on OPL >crashes to a picture of the OPL menu stretched out >reset and look up the configuration, i have turn on mode 3 and some other stuff >turn on mode 3 and i have make a virtual memory card >when i go to make the virtual memory card it hangs and then crashes and i have to reset >I can't even save my configuration because it just hangs (appearing like it's loading) but then just freezes/crashes. Is this normal? if it was a problem with the hard drive i wouldn't be able to add games on it at all right? What an awful program, why can't game loaders be as smooth as the wii's game loaders, they work so well, and if there is a problem they can be fixed with some forgiving tweaking.
>>616314 >caring about cover art >HDDs even on a FAT model Use SMB, works flawlessly on all models. And iirc you have to use cut and paste instead of copy and paste if transferring files from a USB drive. >>617199 Because the PS2 is ancient and is stuck on USB 1.0, and most CD based games flat out don't work on OPL, you have to convert them to DVD first and pray they work. If your laser still works and all you want to play is PS2 games i suggest you try out that mechapwn exploit and start burning discs, a 100 pack of verbatim DVD-R's won't run you more than $25.
(819.18 KB 1142x639 eternal darkness boss fight.png)

Why did the game let me die at this boss multiple times without restarting at the check point?
For the xbox series x/xbox one, the games that require a internet connection check when you first install them, does it require an internet connection check every time you play them or is it a one time thing?
>>619337 I believe it requires a connection to get the patches/updates for the game then doesn't care about connection on wards. But I could be wrong and it might require a check in the future. If you have the disk would assume you might be able to bypass needing a connection all together but maybe that's not the case.
>>617183 Crosscode, to an extent?
>>617199 That happens yeah, if your iso is fine then it's likely just OPL being a shit but if it's a chink adapter then that's also a possible problem. Try SMB if you can, but there's still likely a few games that don't work fully on OPL no matter what.
(16.73 KB 297x170 The witch's house.jpg)

What games have the true end arguably be the bad one? As the villain wins and/or the MC's doomed to a terrible fate? It's really gay but yesterday I had a dream of a cuhrayzee brawler where you play an angel who willingly falls to hell in order to save souls un-fairly consigned to hell like Viola from pic related or the MC from that one fucking loli-guro game whose name I don't want to remember. I think it was based on fanart of the MC from the latter game being found by Dante and then Dante bringing back her smile.
>>619782 >What games have the true end arguably be the bad one? Not triple gay, but I have seen plenty of indie games with horrible ends for the MC. Horror indies especially like to end with you always getting fucked/killed/trapped/realizing you were the villain/etc. >I had a dream of a cuhrayzee brawler where you play an angel who willingly falls to hell in order to save souls un-fairly consigned I've seen this plot before, but I can't recall where.
>>619782 The only one that comes to mind is Drakengard, with that weird rythym game boss. After defeating it infects earth, and is the reason why neir happens in the first place.
>>619782 Not really the true ending but nu-xcom 2 implies a bad ending is the canon one with the aliens taking over everything Otherwise you could probably find h-games and fetish games with fucked up endings that might be considered possibly true
I need to get an HDMI switcher, do i need to get an expensive one or is a cheap one find? Is it okay to get one with out a power supply?
>>620374 It doesn't really matter either way, as I've tried both with no difference in experience, so whichever is more inexpensive. The only advise I can provide is to buy one with a remote if you often switch between several different devices as the auto-switching built in requires you to have a system to how everything is connected if you don't.
Are there any Gamecube games with big boobs or sex appeal/ fanservice?
>>620374 One with power is needed if you have a lot of cables or long cables iirc. >>620662 Timesplitters 2 / FP
(386.26 KB 1130x994 Untitled.png)

>>620671 I'm thinking of getting this one, it's self powered.
(1018.50 KB 1200x1619 ClipboardImage.png)

Aside from Senran Kagura 2, are there any games that let me dress girls in boy's underwear?
>>620662 GameCube BMX XXX is actually the best version of that game (whatever that counts for) since the PS2 version is censored. Otherwise Soul Calibur II on top of a bunch of games with pantsu.
>>620662 >Gamecube games with big boobs or sex appeal/ fanservice Beach Spikers, Beyond Good and Evil (Not exclusive), BloodRayne (Not exclusive), Gakuen Toshi Noir Roses (Enhanced port), P.N. 03, R: Racing Evolution (Not exclusive), Rogue Ops (Not exclusive), Soul Calibur II (Exclusive character, but not console exclusive), The Sims 2 (Not exclusive), and Tomb Raider: Legend (Not exclusive).
A thought just occurred to me. We have lived nearly 2 decades in an era where consoles have constant internet access and functionality. Do J/WRPGs take advantage of the internet and use a site like random.org for their random numbers? Do even MMORPGs do this? If these RPGs still use PRNGs, do they use better PRNGs, due to the additional power of modern consoles?
>>620740 >and use a site like random.org for their random numbers Why would they? It's not like random generation functions are limited to the internet.
>>620742 But aren't the random numbers from a site like random.org superior? I'm of the impression that RNGs in RPGs are typically not that good. My solution then is for them to outsource the RNG-work to these websites instead. They can still have their own PRNG so you don't need the internet to play the game, but nonetheless, if you're online, and random.org has superior random number generation, you might as well default to using it.
>>620743 >But aren't the random numbers from a site like random.org superior? Superior how, anon? What do you find off about RNG in RPGs?
>>620744 >Superior how, anon? Superior due to being more representative of randomness. >What do you find off about RNG in RPGs? I've seen a lot of people, when talking about JRPGs, complain about how they were at the mercy of "RNJesus" and so it's made me think that RNGs in JRPGs (and potentially WRPGs) are bad. Personally, it's been on my mind to verify this: I have a desire to sit through Persona 3 playthroughs and measure the success rate of the chance-based skills. I believe their %-success rate is already known, either through datamining or just through explicit statements in the game. My plan would be to sit through the playthroughs and collect data about how many times a %-based skill was used and how many times it succeeded. I would then compare the actual success rate to the theoretical success rate. I can't think of many people who really have every second of their playthrough of a JRPG, most critically with the grinding, available for viewership but I'm sure they're out there.
>>620747 I think if you want to not be "under the mercy of RNJesus" it's up to the game to give you more options such that it doesn't feel that you're at the mercy of a single option either suceeding or failing(see vanilla Firaxis XCOM, the only option you have for your rookies is a shot, hunker down, overwatch and a single grenade slot. No base defensive abilities such as smoke grenades or using the cover you're in to reduce damage, no setup or team abilities, no way to consume more than one action point for a more aimed shot, no alternate weapons trading damage for accuracy or movement range, no armors trading movement speed for damage reduction/movement speed/dodge/etc, it's just a rookie with a shit aim stat and go fuck yourself if you don't want to grenade them, attacks deal a shitton of damage, etc.) >more representative of randomness I don't think that's the case, but I also don't think more randomness is good for a game. You remember how in Runescape even if you had a strong weapon you could still deal single digit damage? Or no matter how strong your armor is you can still be hit for massive amounts of damage, because the Defense stat in runescape only affects if you get hit and not how hard you get hit? That's how I define more randomness in a video game. The game's telling you to eat shit if you get hit for massive damage because there's pretty much nothing you could have done about it(protect from prayers aside). Which is why looking at newer videos of OSRS(I haven't played it so this is speculation) you can see bosses focusing more on avoidable special damage and "tick manipulation" and whatnot. So the point I'm trying to make is randomness is nice for a game as long as it's balanced in a way that it provides spice and uncertainty to game, but not a simple coin toss to determine whether you win or lose. The latter can be mitigated through options being handed to the player, being able to stun, buff, debuff, defend, heal, opportunities for setup, multiple actions per turn, consuming turn resources to grant modifiers to your next action(better aim, a debuff, etc), giving the player options to build their character through equipment or skill trees to suit a playstyle). All that means RNG isn't as much of an issue because it still reflects how you want to play, it just adds a bit of uncertainty and contingency planning. Not that "no rng" games are bad, but you'd have to have the no-rng part of it be a core bit of the gameplay(see perfect information turn based games like Into the Breach or Star Renegades).
>>620752 >I think if you want to not be "under the mercy of RNJesus" it's up to the game to give you more options such that it doesn't feel that you're at the mercy of a single option either suceeding or failing That's certainly possible. But if a game's going to have RNG, why not, if possible, have good RNG? >So the point I'm trying to make is randomness is nice for a game as long as it's balanced in a way that it provides spice and uncertainty to game, but not a simple coin toss to determine whether you win or lose. Yeah, you're talking about how randomness is implemented, as a gameplay mechanic. I'm talking about how randomness is implemented, with respect to its true randomness. What I advocate for is not for games where there's a chance of a purple dolphin slamming through the ceiling and reducing your health to 1, I advocate for games where, if you can play Poker, the dice rolls are as truly random as possible. As I said, if you're going to have an element of chance in your game, it might as well be done with a good form of RNG.
>>620828 A good way to reduce "critical failures" when it comes to dice roll is to do what some tabletop games do and make you throw multiple dice. To explain, let's imagine one scenario in which you have to throw a 20-sided dice, and one in which you have to throw five 4-sided dice. In both scenario, the maximum number you can get is 20, but in the first one the worst you get is a 1, while in the second, the worst you can get is a 5. As such, even if you are incredibly, unlucky with the dices, you will still get better results with the 5 dice, as opposed to the one big dice, I think the averages also go higher with the 5 dice, but I am no sure about that. As for a game, all it needs to do is calculate the dice roll several times in the equation, as opposed to just once. Of course now the balance become, how many dice do you get to throw/simulate?
>>620831 >As such, even if you are incredibly, unlucky with the dices, you will still get better results with the 5 dice, as opposed to the one big dice, I think the averages also go higher with the 5 dice I'm not against bad dice rolls ever occurring. What I'm against is bad dice rolls occurring unnecessarily, solely due to poor RNG. If the chances of an enemy's "Hamaon" skill successfully killing a character is 40%, but the skill succeeds against you, in real play, 50-60% of the time, you are suffering hard and unnecessarily, due to bad RNG. I don't think it's necessary to redesign games so that bad dice rolls aren't so damaging. I think that can be a valid part of a game. I just think, as I say, if you're going to have a chance-based element to the game, RNG should be truly random. The dice rolls should be as truly random as possible. If anything, now that I think about it, if you're going to make a game with instant-death chance-based attacks, setting the player back to their previous save-point, I would say the player is entitled to good RNG.
(949.96 KB 1301x567 ClipboardImage.png)

Why is Revelations 2 so much cheaper than 1 considering the first one is just a 3DS port? Does it really suck that much?
>>620927 Because it is an episodic game, and it honestly isnt really bad.
(350.98 KB 1793x748 ClipboardImage.png)

>>620991 I'm so glad that fad is over
>>621008 Was it telltale that started the trend?
>>620831 To finalise, I believe, ultimately, even if something horrible happens, I can accept it, because it truly was, truly random. If it's not truly random, if I'm at the mercy of some kind of malfunctioning algorithm, I can't accept the suffering so easily. It's not "just" bad luck - the game's crappy design is now crapping on me.
>>620711 >>620718 Thank you very much.
I don't suppose there is a secret website that i don't know about where i can download English translated Japanese gamecube games?
>>622138 I don't think there have even been any serious attempts at GCN translation (at least to English) besides that one SRW attempt done as a texture hack. In-fact, only GCN hacks I've heard of that aren't PAL 60, widescreen, or minor changes (control layout) are Pokemon and Zelda (maybe Melee)
>>622138 there aren't many games on the gamecube period lmao
(929.07 KB 1200x675 ClipboardImage.png)

Anyone remember this? Am I the only one who played it?
>>620740 No, and most RNG implementations are flawed as fuck, I even remember it breaking Destiny 2 because Zen2 had a broken RNG function. Having a game that derives RNG from something truly random would not actually be all that great, outside of the fake impression of "fairness" it would give new players. >>622330 Yes, it's shit but looks nice.
>>622138 Cdromance has some undubs, but I haven't heard of any fan translation hacks for Gamecube games.
I didn't know whether to make a whole thread about it so I'll play it safe and ask here. What are some games that would serve as a good introduction to their respective genre?
Is this Snoot game thing worth reading? Also I heard there was an update that kind ruined it? What did they do?
(136.04 KB 1388x1016 RMAJ01-3.png)

Other than Dolphin, do any emulators have a freelook function?
>>622341 >Yes, it's shit
>>622411 Snoot Game is a decent enough vn, it has just enough "Anon/*chan humor" to get a giggle without being too obnoxious. The story itself is alright, and supposedly close enough to the actual planned story of GVH that the latter had to be rewritten. The endings are pretty good, even the obvious shitpost school shooter ending has some emotional stings to it.
>>622803 It has the Castlevania 2 issue of trying to make a metroidvania map with mechanics and enemy designs made for regular sidescroller levels but with the added issue of making the game levels be small segments of that map all that magnified by the crafting system requiring some grind. Sure any single piece of the game is cool, some of the boss fights are actually fun, having to redo "nondescript mission n°12" to get enough "crafting material n°34" to make a nice gun that's pretty much required to make grinding boss fights for rare material to make cooler guns not as much of a chore. But even if you only had to do every mission once there's already a fuckton of not very interesting filler missions. IF you only had to traverse the whole map once with some tweaked enemy placement and some more gameplay relevant items placed around it would be a much better game >>622503 iirc Desmume was looking into implementing it Just lurk around the BoundaryBreak community, they'll likely have more up to date info on that subject. >>622404 Depends on whether you just want broad genre or wanna include subgenres Would definitely deserve it's own thread.
>>622916 it's monster hunter, bro have you never played monster hunter
>>622918 >have you never played monster hunter Nope. >it's monster hunter, bro Either everybody who's talked to me about MH has been lying or this game doesn't even begin to stand on the same level as MH. Even comparing it to EDF which is fairly close in concept and execution (aka grind stuff in small separate levels to get better stuff to grind harder) EDF simply is a more interesting game to play and master.
>>622928 you're impossible to please
>>622503 I had no idea that was a thing. Neat.
Should I play Etrian Odyssey Untold or 1? Never played any of those.
>>623117 only if you are gay and/or a pedophile
>>623117 Just play the first Etrian Odyssey game. >>623320 Fuck off back to wherever the fuck you came from.
>>623424 >Fuck off back to wherever the fuck you came from. I no longer fit inside my mother's womb.
i don't want to play my games because I'm afraid of getting to a challenge i won't be able to overcome.
>>624162 >I'm afraid of getting to a challenge i won't be able to overcome When you get to that point, and exhausted all resources, as for help.
>>624172 Thank you.
>>624162 this isn't a question????????
Uohhh!! Tall muscle girl erotic!! Tall muscle girl abs and thighs! Erotic... 😭
>>623117 3rd one is considered one of the best. If the first 2 don't grab you right way.
>>624162 I have the opposite problem, I avoid some games actively because I know I won't be able to contain trying to do some super hard stupid shit for no particular reason.
What's the closest thing to an indie Ratchet and Clank?
Gonna repost my question just in case you anons have other suggs for me. Is there any comfy game where I can farm plants, decorate the house and shoot at shit with machine guns and shotguns? One anon sugged to me I should play unturned.
>>624162 shut the fuck up woman youre pathetic >>624457 Nioh 1 and 2 are very fun and difficult yet fair games. You really should give em a shot. >>625173 Project Zomboid if you're not shit at the game. You can customize it on sandbox mode to make it easier.
>>625015 Skylar & Plux I dunno how good it actually is, only that it's delisted because the publisher is a pile of shit. >>625219 Soulslike don't do anything for me, not that they're bad they're really just not my thing, unless you include Armored Core retroactively.
>>625232 >it's delisted because the publisher is a pile of shit. How so?
>>615053 >Do you guys not have phones? How to Stop Spam Callers from Leaving Voicemails about insurance? it's from the same number, I have blocked the call and text automatically so I can't hear the phone ring but they still spam my voicemail. I need my phone for work because I am on call.
>>625235 Publisher delisted without telling anyone, devs couldn't get an answer as to why and still haven't.
>>625219 And what if I'm shit at this game? :----DDD
>>625232 What a shame, but at least I found it on gog-games.
(104.25 KB 572x621 1531739601462.jpg)

>>625219 So the only games that have building, little bit of farming and shooting are all zombie games? Man this sucks, I don't like zombies at all, they are the most generic monster ever imaginable, slimes at least look kinda funny. I tried playing a bit more of unturned and I'm already bummed that I can carry effectively only 2-3 weapons and nothing more because of how the inventory system works, its not even that unturned is a hardcore game either considering how abundant drinks and food are on every settlement.
>>626536 Project Zomboid is a crackhead/homestead/survivalist simulator. The zombies are just there to stop you from getting too bored by the empty world. You can always turn all the zombie spawns off and live in the ruins of the old world, surrounded by noises of life you'll never see.
(75.74 KB 591x443 depress kot.jpg)

>>626538 If I want to do that then I would rather just play Stardew valley but right now I would like being able to do some shooting too in the meanwhile while my crops grow or whatever. God damn if Unity 2020 3.14f1 doesn't produce some fucking obscurest of the obscure error while clicking on those buttons I could eat the bitter apple and learn C# instead and make mods for Edengrall and see if I can somehow jank in a shooting mechanic in it somehow, but noo Wine has to act like a fucking idiot.
>>626536 Terraria, Dragon Quest Builders 1/2, and Minecraft also count but they both all also have zombies. >>626538 They're adding animals later this year so anon could start shooting those. Maybe he can shoot cats like in that picture he posted. :^) >>626544 Oh yeah Starjew works too. Core Keeper and SS13 are indies with farming in them too. I think SS13 has zombies in it too though, never played Core Keeper yet, idk if it even has guns.
>>626547 >Terraria I already played it, dunno for how many hours and I played with couple of friends killed a few bosses. I don't really like 2D platforms, they are too limited. >Dragon Quest Builders, Minecraft meh everything consist of cubes which I don't like it either and Minecraft has only fucking sword and bows for weapons. >SS13 Isn't that a multiplayer only game? >shooting at cats You sir. You are a evil man. t. cat owner
(585.50 KB 660x433 ClipboardImage.png)

(58.29 KB 800x615 ClipboardImage.png)

>>626557 >meh everything consist of cubes agreed equilateral triangles are the most powerful and most stable shape in the world.
triangle craft when?
Is a modded switch as bad as the modded WiiU? as in back up that don't work.
>>612541 No bruh. I'm sorry to break it to you. Read about John Money.
(285.18 KB 1920x1080 9.jpg)

(343.39 KB 1920x1080 7.jpg)

>>626557 Damn I can be forgetful sometimes, I just checked my bookmarks and I have this one saved: https://www.rising-world.net/ did any of you anons played this game and is it any fun so far, despite its made with fucking Java?
>>628419 Oh I'm dumb https://steamunlocked.net/rising-world-free-download/ I could just download this one and try it out myself then.
Which are the bad ports of the Arkham games?
I have a non vidya request. In the gamergate threads there was this one anon who rarely posted this 3d /fit/ girl who was actually good looking. He had a great set of abs, a cute face and some thick thighs, usually the image is her on a bed, bra and jeans under the name "ogre" but he had also posted another one of her in lingerie doing a standing split(that thing in ballet where they kick a leg up to their heads). If that anon is around, could you post those images and/or source? Asking for a friend, naturally. >>628633 It can be argued every port of Origins and Knight is the bad one because both are really poorly optimized. Knight can be somewhat mitigated on PC through some fanfixes. https://sherief.fyi/post/arkham-quixote/
>>628877 >He had a great set of abs This fucking keyboard. You're welcome t bully me.
Are there any games that have a separate strategic and tactical combat part, but more based in a modern setting (ie. not empire at war)? Preferably with the tactical portion being more of a RTT fare, as in no base building, tanks actually being able to tank shit, arty up the ass and so on. Highly doubt what I am looking for exists, but I guess the best way to explain it would be some ungodly merge of a total war strategic part and world in conflict for the tactical.
>>628633 The "remastered" ports are shit. The original releases on PC are fine.
Does anyone have the infographs for those slavshit JA2 clones that had some autistic patching or modding procedure to make them playable? Can't recall the name but I think it was something like "[rifle ammo]: something or other caliber".
>>631024 7.62mm? I don't have the infographics however.
>>631028 Yeah, that was is it. Can't tell if the thing was hard life, high caliber or reloaded though. I do remember the infographic said some shit on how only one version of the game was worth playing/modding while others were supposedly fucked in some way.
>>584370 If you want the best price/quality the JBL LSR's are great, though ~100$ per speaker. I bought a Creative 2.1 set, A250, great deal for $30 though this was years ago. Tuning and everything is fine. Creative is a good brand. I'd stay away from soundbars, you want as large a driver as possible, bigger is always better. Go for two satellite speakers for proper stereo, subwoofer isn't really necessary unless you want atmosphere for movies and such. Only problem with cheap stuff is longevity, sound wise it'll be fine. The materials used in most speakers are dirt cheap, just tuning them is what takes expertise/money. Honestly for gaming you could just buy the KSC75 for $15 and it'll work just fine. Solder some mmcx jacks onto it and replace the cable and it'll last you forever. Or use IEMs, moondrop SSR is a great gaming set for $40.
>>631051 >Solder some mmcx jacks No MMCX is cancerous AIDS and should die a violent death. You can fit 2.5mm TRS SMD in there and with a bit of work you can use an IEM 2 pin connector as well, both of which will not be the cancerous pile of shit that is MMCX.
(1.20 MB 1920x1080 940088.jpg)

1) Who's the first girl in this picture? I only recognise Labrys, Aigis and Metis. 2) In Persona 3, when characters "die" in the midst of battle, do they actually die? Fuuka will say that they "lost consciousness," but then, when someone is defeated, you have to actually revive them in order to use them again. Not "re-awaken," "revive." Also, when it happens to you, you go to the elevator. Perhaps the Japanese version of P3 makes this issue more clear?
Does anyone know what happened to the open source ports of the PS2 GTA games? Please don't tell me kikestar got away with it
>>631151 The first girl in that picture is Unit 24, she's a character from Labrys' backstory in Persona 4 Arena.
Should games bring back the old arcade system of making you pay for an extra life? I was thinking about why it was that back in the '90s, everybody accepted that games were hard and were willing to play them to be challenged, but then more recently, people refuse to be challenged and will decry a game as being "unfair" and I think it's quite simple: people don't get monetarily punished for sucking at the game. This issue is probably more complex than that, but yeah, I really think this could be the leading issue. Think about it: In the Arcade days, you had to either be rich, or get good. In fighting games, people even went further and had "money-matches." They would have miniature prize-pools for their matches. Then, with the advancement of home-gaming, the "life" system was seen as archaic and was done away with. However, I think, even with the death of the arcades, the expectation of games being challenging, which was ultimately rooted in arcades, still lingered. It lingered until it got weaker and weaker. I think tough games with monetary punishment for dying need to come back, and it would restore this dying aspect of gaming culture. Thank you for coming to my TED talk. What do you think?
>>634421 We don't play on machines owned by a store owner who had to buy and do maintenance on the thing anymore, now the machines are ours and we pay for everything. Charging for lives on a game you already own and are playing on your own machine requires always online connectivity and is unprecedented jewry.
>>634427 Hmm. I guess you could maximise the quality of the graphics in the game, and then sell the game for free, charging for lives. Now the player is paying for the production cost of the game, so that the company that made it can stay afloat. Ultimately, what's wrong with this "unprecedented jewry"? What matters is financially punishing being bad at the game. Isn't that enough? Does the money really need to be handed over for some kind of meaningful purpose?
>>634421 >Should games bring back the old arcade system of making you pay for an extra life? You do realize that some games cheated the system by being intentionally hard for the purposes of sucking your wallet dry, not with the intention of the player "getting good". Most companies would end up making something like Flappy Bird or The Impossible Game because that's exactly what they did when arcades were active. Games that kill the player over pointless bullshit rather than bad skills.
>>634472 I think that hell is preferable to our current one.
>>634421 I heard Let it Die had a system like this, in which the game was free, but every time you died you either had to start from scratch, or pay 25 cents or one dollar(can't remember how much) to revive your character with all the equipment he had on death. I guess if we were to return to such a system, the game should be free to play, because nobody would want to pay 60 dollars on a game just to get a message on death to pay one dollar or restart the game from scratch.
>>634421 Sounds like a great way to have your ballbusting games for like a week or even less, before suits notice and go full overdrive with monetization, and you end up with everything basically being gachashit and pandering only to whales. No amount of changes to systems will bring the arcade game era and culture back, purely because its a far different landscape in terms of normalniggers being the biggest part of the userbase and their general mentality in everything, not just vidya.
>>634432 Only viable for multiplayer and always online spyware shit, arcade games were all single player and local multiplayer. If you let a developer continually fleece money out of you, the game is just going to evolve into the typical F2P model full of microtransactions or gacha shit. No one is that determined to implement in-game purchases exclusively for extra lives just as an homage to old arcade systems, they're just going to go all out.
>>634421 I don’t think it’s solely an issue of financial punishment (which I know in your post you say it’s probably more complex, but whatever), but rather the fact that the best arcade games always left you feeling like you could do better next time. If I feel like I’m improving at the game and getting further and further, I’m more willing to keep playing it, or buy continues when I have a good run. I’m not sure how other people feel, but If I’ve ever felt the challenge in a game is unfair, it’s usually because it felt like I had to get lucky rather than change my strategy or get better. I think the issue lies there: because developers don’t have to make games challenging in this particular way, they can instead make their games difficult for the sake of it. Look at the battle royale genre as an example. People will continuously play over and over again, even if they win 1 in every 100 games or so. Why? Because there is always the possibility that they COULD have won, and because it involves competition with other players, they are willing to try and get good. Of course, all the popular ones are free to play and involve micro transactions. To me, that is a modern take on the arcade business model.
What VS multiplayer games are you faggots playing these days? I've been doing nothing but co-op and single player lately and I need a change.
I was browsing something and noticed a release of the "Alien Breed" trilogy on GoG. Looking at them I'm pretty confused, weren't these games called Alien Swarm or am I remembering this incorrectly? Also to anyone who has played any of the Alien Breed games, are they any good?
(15.49 KB 278x357 breed.jpg)

(81.01 KB 278x357 breed.jpg)

>>636402 Alien Swarm is a Valve game. >Alien Breed Oh they make it too easy with a title like that.
>>636419 Nope, wasn't Swarm, I was thinking of Alien Shooter and no they don't really look that much alike now that I've gotten a better look. I'll probably pirate the first and see how it's like.
Does anyone know any good top down 2d rpgs that look as good (if not better) than Crosscode? Preferably something that plays better as well
(43.02 KB 720x668 terra.png)

>>636464 Terranigma, seeing Crosscode is quite obviously inspired by it. It's a sequel to Illusion of Gaia but you don't need to have played it to get or enjoy Terranigma.
>>636465 Thanks a lot.
Is Fable worth the time to play? I remember this series being shit on by old 8chan
>>636468 I played Fable 1 The Lost Chapters and 2, enjoyed both of them, but it's hard to know if you will also like them or not. Pirate the original game with the TLC expansion, avoid the remake, and see if you will like it. Considering, you will be like me, and not know about all the broken promises the game had, it will give you a more positive outlook on the game. >yeah but I want a review It's been over a decade since I last played the games, the combat, music, graphics, and story are decent, what makes it stand apart, is the "feeling" of the game, the fact that you grow old as you progress through the story, the fact that you can marry any NPC you want and then cheat on him/her, or take nine girls and have a one night stand with all of them, the fact that you can be cartoonishly evil or good, you can make people homeless by buying their houses, stats modify your body(strength will build muscle, accuracy makes you taller) or you can eat like a pig and be fat. The second game simplified a few things, but I enjoyed the dog, and the different magic system that did not require a mana bar, though you will have to emulate that, unless you have a 360. You do get choices and can affect the story and the world in some regard(Fable 2 had more environmental changes), but it's better that you do not know what the promises for the game were. Hope this is enough do you to give it a try, the game does have a charm, even if it's not the best game ever, I don't know any other game that has the same "feeling" as Fable.
>>636468 1 was okay but not that good. The combat is braindead easy and it's impossible to get a game over, and the RPG choices you make are either being comically evil or angelically good. The good part is that it's reasonably comfy and character interactions can be amusing.
(51.42 KB 1280x720 1627403237313.jpg)

Why do people cite the length of a game as a reason of why you should buy it? Like, how much of the game is actual gameplay and not just you "playing" some shitty walking sim? Games such as TES, Fallout, ME1, and GTA could and frankly should have been cut in half while putting more attention to the details of the map. Exploring in these games is crap because the majority of the shit you can explore isn't even worth exploring and just makes you die from boredom
>>636604 Very simple, many people see games as an equation where hours per dollar is king. Ass Creed Valhalla? It's $60 and has 150 hours of content! It doesn't matter if it's all the same copypasted missions over and over, it's 2 and a half hours of content per dollar! To people like this, quality doesn't matter. They play games to unwind or "escape". This is a common mindset among people who work hell jobs.
>>636604 >GTA I got bored with IV and V and never beat them, and could never bring myself to 100% San Andreas since there's so damn much to do, but all the other pre-IV games are not what I could call boring. Driving around is fun and there is stuff to do when you are driving. There are lots of collectables and side missions and stuff to do on your way from point A to point B. And even with San Andreas, the reason I didn't 100% it isn't because the world was empty and I just wanted to go from mission to mission, it was because there were so many damn things to do that I just wanted to move on to other games after an absurd amount of time.
>>636604 People should cite the length as a reason you shouldn't play the game, and people have started to do that recently once they realized modern games were just padded out the ass. Witcher 1 is 60% tedium to pad out the time played. If it was 30 hours shorter it would be objectively better. But there might be legitimate cases where longer = better. It just needs to not have slog or tedium in it. TES and Fallout games generally haven't felt excessively long from what I can recall. And it's a bit different for an open world game. Those are things you don't necessarily feel obligated to finish and can be a bit more of a sandbox rather than a start to end experience.
>>636604 Length used to be a good sign that a game has a lot of content (imagine a time before frequent updates and dlc). Now that length is usually padded and stretched out to feature checklist and that pretty much kills it's original appeal. Still, a lot of people's mindset hasn't changed so you see it parroted as a positive in most cases even when it is to the detriment of the vidya.
>>636907 Your taste is shit. Length is a good metric for games with actual gameplay. Unfortunately, those aren't the types of games that are popular anymore. Back in the day there were tons of platformers that were only 30 minutes long, and many are a lot of fun, but there are others with similar gameplay that are like five hours long. Those are more bang for your buck. The problem is that now games aren't games anymore, and there's no bang at all, so all that's happening is some games waste your time more than others.
>>637075 Why is my taste shit? >Length is a good metric for games with actual gameplay Yeah that's what I already said. Witcher 1's length is shit because it has terrible gameplay. Did you even read my post retard? No where did I say long games are inherently bad. Your reading comprehension is awful, but that's par for the course on /v/ apparently. <But there might be legitimate cases where longer = better. It just needs to not have slog or tedium in it. Learn to fucking read faggot.
>>637079 The answer to everything you said in that post is that you like Elder Scrolls and Fallout.
>>637083 No where in my post did I say that I liked either Elder Scrolls or Fallout. Not once did I make that claim or even allude to it. As I said, anons have notoriously awful reading comprehension. It's a miracle you retarded niggers even know how to use a computer. Or this the result of the ESL spic invasion?
>>637085 Anyone can go and read the post in question, retard.
>>637106 Correct, which also means that you should be able to quote where I said that TES or fallout were games I liked. Go ahead, I can wait.
Why is Vivian so lewd?
>>636748 There is almost nothing to do in VC. I beg to differ on that. Other than the main story (which lasts about 5 hours, minus all the driving to start them) and maybe 3 hours worth of side missions which I found to all be boring
(124.35 KB 767x767 1628081183987.jpg)

>>637109 You don't need to. Reading between the lines your obviously a fallout/tes faggot
>>637156 >I literally just made it up in my head Disappointing
>>637167 >But there might be legitimate cases where longer = better. It just needs to not have slog or tedium in it. TES and Fallout games generally haven't felt excessively long from what I can recall. You just defended TES and Fallout and commented that they didn't feel excessively long. Reading between the lines, this implies that you liked it enough to play it long enough to feel that way. >open world games are different But they so aren't. All I'm asking is for game devs to cut down on all the fat instead of padding it out with a bunch of recycled shit over and over.
>>637171 and that's exactly why fast travel exists. of course, it doesn't help that much though because it only helps you get to places that you've been. in order for an open world game to feel truly satisfying is if you actually have a shit ton of stuff to do in it. i'm talking about a fuck ton more random encounters, an option to fast travel to places you HAVEN'T BEEN, and if you're going to have hundreds of npcs like tes either hire a few dozen very talented people to voice act them all or don't have any voice acting at all. and for fucks sake, there is no reason why (in gta for example), you shouldn't be able to fast travel to any spot in the map unless said spot is guarded by enemy ai. in a game like tes, fast traveling anywhere should be under hired armed guards the cost being calculated by: the level of the enemies in the area and the distance. these additions would make games like gta and tes at least tolerable to play but they aren't and never will be
>>637223 To be fair, GTA III and Vice City (and the two PSP games) are much too small to make fast travel worth it. But the cities were full and detailed, so they didn't feel as small as they actually were.
>>637371 Sure, they were full of buildings (and yes, detailed buildings). But other than that they were totally empty with nothing to do in them.
>>637122 (checked) Are you asking for a serious answer or do you just want anons to post vivs.
(1.28 MB 1240x1754 viv isnt as gross as anon.jpg)

>>637122 She isnt, anons are just horny about wincest and redheads.
>>637171 >You just defended TES and Fallout and commented that they didn't feel excessively long. Reading between the lines, this implies that you liked it enough to play it long enough to feel that way. That is not how that reads in the slightest. You used TES as an example of a long game. Modern TES and Fallout games aren't bad because they're long, they're bad because they have a shit gameplay loop and copy pasted environments with like 3 voice actors for the entire game. My point wasn't that they are good games because they didn't feel long. My point was that they simply aren't long games, and therefore aren't bad because they are long. You've just assumed some other meaning because as I said, anons have abhorrent reading comprehension and will double down on their shitty interpretations of what someone has said rather than just literally reading what they wrote. Because they are physically incapable of parsing the english language as it is written. They just see word association and if you don't spell it out for them that you are apart of the consensus opinion you will try to burn them like a witch and write off their arguments without addressing them. It's like reddit but where people say nigger a lot. >But they so aren't. All I'm asking is for game devs to cut down on all the fat instead of padding it out with a bunch of recycled shit over and over. Open world games are different to what I was using as my example of a padded out game, which was Witcher 1. They can still be padded out. But there's less of an obligation to play them start to finish because they can be more like sandboxes. I feel like I've already said this but maybe I'm crazy. Or maybe you're an ESL fuck who can't read.
>>637418 >Open world games are different to what I was using as my example of a padded out game, And I'm saying there is no difference whatsoever. A linear game with no alternate path design can also be padded out with a bunch of recycled shit and overbearingly long with almost nothing in them. >with like 3 voice actors for the entire game. No, they suck because the actors aren't talented enough to pull it off or the game devs aren't willing to edit them to sound different. And really, its more like a couple dozen or so for bethesda games such as fallout and tes. A good example of good voice acting is when Shepard (Mark Meer) in ME2 talks to himself with a Vorcha. 2 totally different sounding characters but the voice acting was good enough to pull it off without anyone suspecting a thing. Plus you're listening to what Shepard says during the entire game. Not having enough voice actors isn't the problem, it's simply the voice actors themselves are in fact the problem. >Witcher 1 is 60% tedium to pad out the time played. If it was 30 hours shorter it would be objectively better. >TES and Fallout games generally haven't felt excessively long from what I can recall. Funny, because there is like 50% more tedium than the Witcher 1. Yet more proof you're a fallout/tes fag
>>637418 >That is not how that reads in the slightest. I'm pretty sure you're the ESL one here. That combined with Rain Man level medical autism. >if you don't spell it out for them that you are apart of the consensus opinion This is further proof that you are just a Bethesda-loving faggot, since you think that those money making mainstream games which almost always have a high-traffic thread here are somehow being witch-hunted. And those games are massively padded and largely responsible for the negative reception open world games have now.
>>637431 Whatever you say Todd.
Do you guys think there's any potential for Wanted:Dead?
(391.55 KB 578x1033 78a6smqg6nx11.png)

i suck dicks
Edited last time by Mark on 07/06/2022 (Wed) 20:06:08.
>>637122 Because she was designed to be one of us, only with a vagina. For as much as society says men, and particularly men like us, are shallow, it's really the exact opposite. We become physically attracted to women to whom we are mentally attracted. The problem is that there are practically no women that are mentally attractive, and as we get older we only learn more and more how futile a search that really is. So we're left with fiction, and this is why characters like Vivian and other fictional "nerd" girls are so attractive. Because it becomes increasingly obvious over time that all the "real" ones are fictional too. Worse than fictional, they're liars. At least Vivian is fictional enough that she can do things that real women can't do, like relate to us.
(24.08 KB 670x604 i'm so sorry.png)

Welp since the build, shoot and farm thingy didn't really worked out as there isn't really game which doesn't involve fucking zombies, are 2D, or everything consist of cubes and so on I guess I would have to look for a different game genres then. So is there at least a fun RPG game where I can collect money, and have machineguns and rocket launchers? I tried so far Deus Ex but I don't feel like playing that game again from scratch just because I fucked up my build and went with a brilliant not idea of not picking up any augmentation canister so my skills for shootan is shit tier, then yesterday I tried out a bit E.Y.E divine cybermancy but I dislike it that I can barely carry guns like what only 4 in total or something? and I played for over 500 hours City of Heroes already on thunderspy server. I don't care what kind of RPG it is, it can be JRPG, MMORPG, real time or turn based combat but if its turn based combat it should have at least good destruction effects and nice looking firing animation so that shooting and blowing a monster up is satisfying. alternatively a RPG game where I get to play as a fox witch with a crossbow could work too but the crossbow shouldn't be something that is afterthought but a viable alternative to the bow weapon, the crossbow is my favorite weapon in fantasy setting. Mods/TC could work too. Sorry for my assburger tier question but I am just not fond of RPG games where combat feels boring due to lack of animation and effects. I did played OpenMW also too with a couple of mods but killing monsters there is so boring that its like no matter what kind of weapon I use I feel like I'm using toys and I don't mean the constant misses, I did used weapons which I have a lot of skills for that's not the issue but I mean when I hit somebody with a sword or hitting somebody with a crossbow it is just not satisfying, like I fire the crossbow and I cannot even tell the ballistic trajectory of the bolt so I have to waste a lot of ammo to correct my aim. >>626547 Does core keeper let me play as a witch with a crossbow weapon? Sorry if I directed my question to you but I did that for reference purpose, maybe other anons know about it. Also sometime ago a anon sugged me Icewind dale when it comes to RPG games with crossbows, how fun is Icewind dale to play when it comes to combat?
(144.59 KB 328x352 faggot shit.png)

>>637545 >dude become cuckchan lmao Go back to your containment thread.
I just installed CFW on my 3ds, does anyone know if i can used a bigger sdcard or if the 3ds limited to 32gb cards even with CFW?
(66.37 KB 571x928 reports.png)

Lmao some autismo supreme spam reported almost 100 posts in this thread https://8chan.se/.global/logs/v/2022-07-07.html If you don't mind answering dog, what were his report reasons?
(103.56 KB 1052x592 unknown-68-1.jpg)

>>637887 Pieces of shit like that genuinely make this board a worse place to be in because they're always trying to make jannies do their autistic bidding, and when they succeed they end up having threads turn into swiss cheese and any discussion/flow end up destroyed the majority of the time. I'm glad his bullshit report abuse was dismissed, it does not good when you try to turn this board into your own personal club and police anons for merely talking about something different, or god forbid, asking questions.
>>637914 Mods need a way to automatically dismiss reports based on IPs
>>637914 >I'm glad his bullshit report abuse was dismissed I'm not sure they were though, I vaguely remember discussing Wanted and the Soliel Samurai Jack(and a bit of Transformers Devastation?) although I'm not entirely sure if it was this thread or not.
>>637914 Im 100% sure its the same autists that was having a spergout on the meta thread, post direct youtube links whenever he shows up to piss him off.
I'm trying to find a 2-4 player local multiplayer game that had smash-like gameplay where two teams consisting of 2v2 or 1v1 tried to score points by throwing a ball on the other team's side of the arena. There were a couple of characters types, some with more speed and less power, other with more power and less speed. You could also temporarily kill the other teams players. I don't remember the game's name, but I recall that it even had some tournaments where the devs tested their game before releasing it. I remember that the game's name was something very specific, a indian name or something. I don't rember if it was local play only or if it had online multiplayer. The visuals were very simple, I think it had neon or basic colors. The characters were just outlines and the background was black? I don't know. I tried searching on youtube and google but found nothing. Does anybody remember this game?
>>638006 The game was also very based around water, I think players had to touch the water or ground to gain their jumps back, and the ball ahd to sink in the water to score a point
Found it, BarabariBall
>>637887 Mark banned me for talking about Witcher 1 and wiped my post history. Then when I asked him why he banned me and deleted my posts in the meta thread he deleted my question. So I naturally assumed that talking about video games is now banned and going forward will be reporting all posts I see talking about video games. If you think following Mark's own logic makes me a piece of shit then take it up with him. He's the one that doesn't want people talking about video games.
>>638300 Have any caps/archives of your posts? This is why you should use a dynamic VPN
>>638305 He was actually banned for shitting up the GG thread, I have no idea where the Witcher thing comes up
>>638339 No I wasn't. I was banned for these posts >>637418 >>637431 which I just realized Mark randomly decided to restore after spending an afternoon obsessively deleting them every time I reposted them. The moderation on this board is a complete shit-show.
>>638342 oh, the cuckchan faggot. sorry, I mixed it up with someone else.
>>638347 >proceeds to re-deleted restored posts but only 2 out of 3 Like I said, this moderation is a complete shit-show.
i just bought oblivion after only ever playing it on console. what mods have i been missing out on?
Something that fixes level scaling for enemies, actually on potato faces, de-bloom.
>>639775 i mean no shit, but a name for said mod wouild be nice
we are being raided by tvch
Why didn't Chakravartin just stop giving Asura mantra when he was starting to lose.
I wanna play dress-up with waifus but also an actual multiplayer game but not a mmo"rpg" give me games to play please
>>639791 I don't think you're supposed to question asuras's story. It should have stayed as an anime
>>639791 >just stop giving Asura mantra when he was starting to lose. Didn't he have the mantra storage thingy (with a few billion people worth of it inside) from the earlier super beam canon inside him?
Is Mark still around? I need to know you're okay, buddy. Have you finished Wonderful 101 yet? Good luck out there bro.
>>641163 i'm afraid you'll have to look into obscure gook/chink games for that
>>641166 no please not the chinese korean games
>>640385 Yeah, thank you once again santa
A few of questions, actually: <Is there a way to still connect a PSP and NDS to a Wifi access point? <Are there any web browsers that people have developed as homebrew for consoles? <In regards to the 360 and the PS3, would it be better to emulate those systems or to buy the real thing and softmod it?
>>641718 360 emulation is basically nonexistent, go get one if you want PS3 emulation is adequate, but still a lot of issues so it's up to you
>>641722 >360 emulation is basically nonexistent https://xenia.jp/ Xenia can run LOTS of games and many of them can be completed without any issues. Have you been living under a rock? It feels like i'm reading a post straight out of 2018
>>641726 https://emulation.gametechwiki.com/index.php/Xbox_360_emulators >15% of them can be completed start to finish Oh wow, another retard pushing bullshit >run I have a feeling your definition of "run" and a normal person's differ greatly
>>641727 You were the one claiming that 360 emulation was "nonexistent" and I literally proved you wrong.
>>641730 I said basically nonexistent. Literally 82-85% of games cannot be completed, anyone with a functioning brain would realize that level of emulation is laughable and unacceptable unless you only plan to play those very few games that work fine. Thank you for proving my guess right about your autist brain
>>641732 What games do you wanna play anon?
>>641732 Let's us not argue over semantics, you are the aggressive one over being proved wrong by my superior intellect.
seriously though somebody help me find a dress-up game that isn't a decade old pls
>>641735 >let's not play semantics >now excuse me while I try to be a literalist autist but fail at it because I lack reading comprehension.
why is everyone so upset
>>641737 You sound a bit irritated. Maybe try not being so dumb next time and I won't have to get you BTFO epic style.
>>641726 >still no linux build
>>641736 Dress up in real life anon~
>>641743 that's prohibitively expensive, the point of the video game is I can do a new style any time I want and not have to drop triple digit money dollars on clothes legit the absolute only good dressup game I've ever played was the style savvy series and I refuse to believe it's actually the only good one out there at all, I'm certain I just haven't seen any good similar games yet somehow...................
>>641735 You got me there anon. >>641740 Though next time you should read IDs.
>>641736 It's only 5 years old!
>>641814 Sex by 8 or else it's too late!
(11.01 KB 340x452 w4.png)

Is there a good place for vidya wallpapers? I'm trying to build a mini collection for each game I have intend to play and it'd be a lot better than fucking around with google images or whatever.
>>642167 Wallhaven or leddit are the only decent places I use occasionally.
>>642167 Not sure, I shelled out the 4 dollerydoos for Wallpaper Engine and just use that.
>>639770 You bought one of the most disappointing games ever made, I recommend you get the refund mod.
>>642502 Since you have wallpaper engine, are there any cool system shock or warhammer 40k ones?
>>642167 halfchans /wg/ is still the place to find and ask for wallpapers, and its free from cancer of larger boards
(361.15 KB 1395x820 40k.jpg)

>>642543 They dont seem to have a lot of good System Shock ones but there they do have a good amount of 40k ones to choose from
>>642591 >warhammer 40k - xray -nsfw Now what in tarnation are those whacky sisters of battle up to now?
>>642591 why haven't system shock style games caught on at all ever? I thought for sure after bioshock got so damn popular we'd see more immersive sims, but there's been nothing for AGES
(349.69 KB 1781x1028 xray.jpg)

>>642610 >xray If for whatever reason you're staring at your desktop you can hover your mouse in certain parts of the picture and they get uncovered. >>642613 I wish I knew but 2k pretty much dropped the ball on the third bioshock
>>642613 Hopefully Core Decay, the SS remake(Even though I feel like it's missing a lot from the original game judging by the trailers) and whatever THQ nordic plans to do with Deus Ex might fix that. >>642653 Neat. Love me some SoBs. Does anyone actually just look at their desktop? I have like 20 wallpapers rotating and I barely pay attention to any of them.
>>642718 Honestly the only thing i miss from the SS remake is the absolutely funky music, i dont need so many weapons that are constantly 1 upping each other and server the same function. >>642591 What a shame, atleast i can get some repentia boobs. >>642610 You know, the usual repentia thing being mostly nude.
I want to play Duke Nukem and since it's the first time I'm looking into this it's confusing because there are so many releases and addons. I see the Megaton Edition comes with extra addons but the 20th Anniversary World Tour release has one more episode, am I supposed to get both? Can I just plug the files from both of these into eDuke32 and call it a day like you would with Doom or Blood source ports? According to what I'm reading there are improved graphic effects in some of these so I'm confused about how that's gonna work out if I use eDuke. Am I thinking this correctly and is there anything else I need to know or worry about?
>>643305 Stick to Megaton. 20th Anniversary's episode isn't worth it and it's a piss poor port ala the Shadow Warrior Classic one. A lot of anons might disagree here but I think the easiest(and in my opinion the best) "first time Douk" setup is playing the TC of Total Meltdown for one very crucial reason(https://www.moddb.com/mods/dntm). It's Duke 3D but with the excellent CD music from the PS1 port. I can genuinely never go back to playing vanilla 3D because the CD music is how I feel Duke should be played.
>>643359 Linked that incorrectly. https://www.moddb.com/mods/dntm
These are the 3ds games i have on my modded 3ds: Etrian odyssey untold millennium girl Etrian odyssey 2 Untold the fafnir knight Etrian odyssey IV Legend of the titan Etrain odyssey V Beyond the myth Etrain odyssey Nexus Etrain odyssey Mystery dungeon Shantae gameboy color Shantae and the pirate's curse Shantae Risky's revenge Mighty Flip chanmps Mighty milky way Mighty switch force Mighty switch force 2 Tetris Axis Animal crossing new leaf Tomodachi life Gunman Clive Gunman Clive 2 Kirby Triple deluxe Kirby Planet Robot Kid Icarus uprising Senran Kagura burst Senran Kagura 2 deep crimson Edge Metroid nes Metroid Samus returns Code of princess Gotta protectors The dungeon+ A-train 3d city simulator Disney Magical world Disney Magical World 2 Azure striker Gunvolt Azure striker Gunvolt 2 Mighty gunvolt burst Rune factory 4 miitopia Mario Kart 7 New super mario bros 2 Super mario 3d land The legend of zelda oricana of time The legend of zelda majora's mask The legend of zelda a link between worlds I fitted all off of these games on a 32gb card, and i still have like 4.6 gb left, i could get a working 64gb card using some homebrew program but do you think i'm missing that much of the 3ds library to warrant one? The only AAA games i don't have off the top of my head is fire emblem and the new pokemon because i don't care about it very much and i've heard they're censored (fire emblem). So my question is should i get a 64gb card for more games or is it over kill and i already have enough of the 3ds library?
>>643389 How's about actually playing games instead of talking about how many games you have on your SD card like some Steamdrone talking about his unplayed library Maybe you'd know what games you'd want on the thing if you actually played your fucking games, what games you'd like would entirely depend on you; for example I don't see monhun on your list when that's one of the only reasons people bought the damn thing outside of pokemon
>>643390 wow rude, don't be a fag anon
>>643392 I'm only rude because I want people to play their games. I don't want this place to be nothing but a bunch of retards who only talk about how much they don't play video games like the old memes cuck/v/ had (that came along for the ride to 8ch until those people were bullied/forgotten) about how /v/ doesn't play video games A video games board should have people who actually play their fucking games
(1.39 MB 1800x897 ╱v╱.png)

>>643389 Is the "3DS XL" easy to mod? (Not the new one) I just found mine the other day Lost the stylus lol
>>643654 Yeah, it's super easy, you just move some files around and activate a few programs. https://3ds.hacks.guide/
Thanks a lot, had no idea it was that simple. I was going to check myself but thought it'd be an ordeal.
Why don't you guys do Simpson threads anymore?
>>643736 You're welcome, here is way to upgade you sdcard beyond the regular 32gb limit on the 3ds https://yewtu.be/watch?v=r_VC51RjdzE
>>643792 it's probably age related
>>643792 For the same reason we arent asking for a new marvel vs capcom.
(66.35 KB 1920x1080 donkeykong.webp)

>>643797 That was a doddle last night, cheers. I'll have to buy an SD card first, just have the default 4gb msd so I'll stick with MD/SNES emulation for now.
Does anyone know a resolution fix for Utaware Prelude to the Fallen (2002)? All I keep getting is shitty resolution fixes for the soulless remake.
Is there any reason to get a New 3ds other than the xenoblade chronicles game? it came out right when i bought my 3ds.
>>644629 >Is there any reason to get a New 3ds other than the xenoblade chronicles game? The right nub for games that are compatible with the Circle Pad Pro (MH3, REvelations, MGS3, etc.), and slightly better performance in demanding games (Primarily Hyrule Warriors). Outside of that, the only advantage is that you'll be able to play Super-FX games with SNES9x when you hack it.
>>644629 the difference at this point is like, what... $20?
Anyone know how that house of the dead remake for switch turned out? (they really messed up not including some kind of gun accesory). How about the new mario strikers?
>>644629 Yes, it gives performance and even graphics boosts across many games. Games that weren't consistent 30/60 FPS before become generally 30/60 FPS, areas that had a lot of lag/drops on O3DS become much more playable like the lava area in ALBW. Hell it even has different, improved textures used for some games like monhun.
>>645099 Introduce me to your older brother, I'll breed him so hard he'll pacify.
>>645099 (checked) What a faggot, why'd he do that? Yeah I'm definitely going down the switch route, although at this point I may as well hold off until their next console. poorfag atm
What Lord of the Rings/Middle Earth game does the best job at actually feeling like the books or at least the movies? I've been playing Shadow of Mordor, and it's fine, but doesn't really feel like the same world at all. The tone seems all off, and for how much it's a ripoff of Batman, you'd think they'd understand that a big part of the appeal of that series is visiting important locations and people from the Batman series, and finding little items and easter eggs and stuff, to make it feel like Batman's world. Instead here you wander around a location that is hardly visited in the main series, and has few memorable landmarks. You can barely meet any characters from the source material, presumably because they don't want to break the lore, but then by setting it in Mordor they make it much darker and it ends up not feeling like the main series anyway. And in Batman you find little items that are references to characters or story arcs, but here you just find random shovels or helmets or whatever, and instead of finding audio of characters you like talking about background info, you find audio of random OCs talking about how great their wives are. I hear Batman got a lot of clones over the years, but I never played any until now, and it really feels like it took everything that made Batman great and just stripped it all away to leave nothing but the basic skeleton, instead of just replacing the Batman stuff with Lord of the Rings stuff. It doesn't feel like Lord of the Rings at all. And actually that's what I want now. >tl;dr: What's the best Lord of the Rings/Middle Earth game? Are The Two Towers and Return of the King still the best? Does Shadow of Mordor or its sequel actually begin to feel more like the series it's supposed to be based on eventually? Because my percentage counter is close to 30% and other than meeting Gollum, it doesn't feel like that at all. Yes, I know who Celebrimbor is, I've read The Silmarillion. He's not actually an important enough character for me to give a shit. He's a reference that you'd think is important if you've only read the wiki, but would realize isn't important if you've actually read the books.
>>645265 >older brother >niece So wait, your older brother was presumably an adult, and he destroyed an (expensive) child's toy because she was enjoying it too much? What an autist. >>645380 The LOTR RTS games like Battle for Middle Earth, obviously.
>>645399 >The LOTR RTS games like Battle for Middle Earth, obviously. But playing from the point of view of the commander of armies feels like quite the opposite of what Tolkien was going for in his works.
>>645380 >What Lord of the Rings/Middle Earth game does the best job at actually feeling like the books or at least the movies? >the movies When I was a kid I really enjoyed the hack and slash game, based on the third movie. heard they also made one based on the second movie. The video is of the first level of the game(it starts with the end of the second movie), but while it says PS2, it has a PC port. https://yewtu.be/watch?v=afwMwh_XpuA There is also the RTS that was already mentioned that is legit good. I also know of a PS2 game that took the Final Fantasy X combat system, then htey made an OC story about a human, elf and dwarf teaming up and end up fighting the Mouth of Sauron or something like that as the final boss, and THEY are the ones that truly help save the day.
>>645402 Nigger you're asking for something very retarded at this point if that's what you refer to as being close to the books The perspective the books are written from are a 3rd person narrator who knows a lot about the vast world and it's history, as well as describing objects, people and scenes in-depth There is no game that will convey that obviously, an RPG would mess up things like the scope of large events in LotR and change the perspective drastically. At least the RTS games convey the scope and breadth of the world better than the RPGs, you won't get anything remotely accurate to Helms Deep and whatnot with the other kinds of games for example When you're dealing with large nations and factions, the RTS games do the best of balancing RPG mechanics of the characters, the story, with the large world and events and conflicts itself, but there is no "perfect" game that doesn't sacrifice something from the original work obviously.
>>645421 I just wanna walk around and visit locations and people while maybe stabbing some monsters now and then. Shadow of Mordor could work if it actually felt like it was set in the world, or took proper advantage of it. I guess I'll stick to The Hobbit, Two Towers, and Return of the King. And I'll finish Shadow of Mordor, but it's lame that it barely feels like the same world at all. >The perspective the books are written from are a 3rd person narrator who knows a lot about the vast world and it's history, as well as describing objects, people and scenes in-depth Technically it's from the perspective of a third person narrator, but really it's from the perspective of regular people. The narrator follows those people experiencing things as a regular person would. Even Aragorn and Gandalf act like regular people and don't do much commanding of armies, and when they do, the story shifts away from their perspective. That's what I mean when I say an RTS wouldn't feel much like it. What I wish they had was a good adventure game. But I guess The Hobbit is the closest.
Christ, what a sperg. That's quality though, I play a lot with my niece and nephew, mostly Tekken 3 and Doom. Start the little faggots early lel
>>645425 >I just wanna walk around and visit locations and people while maybe stabbing some monsters now and then. Then you might enjoy the MMO, heard it's quite comfy, though I am not sure if it's still available or if there are private servers.
>>645425 There are no pretty much no true open world LOTR games, besides maybe LOTRO (which I didn't like from my playing of it, but you might enjoy it, though I don't think it follows the story much) >The narrator follows those people experiencing things as a regular person would. Even Aragorn and Gandalf act like regular people and don't do much commanding of armies, and when they do, the story shifts away from their perspective. Yes, but the narrator is privy to a lot of shit the characters aren't. The characters each have their interactions and clashes with the large factions of the world as well, and the story literally splits up the group which really ends up showing it off. The elves and dwarves and their politics. Rohan and Gondor with their collapsing nations. Sauron with Mordor's armies, the Nazgul/dark riders, and Saruman with his easterlings. The Entroot. I can't remember if the men of Dale and the dwarves made much appearance in LOTR, I know they did in the Hobbit at least, its been years since I read the books. The point of the RTS games isn't that they (the characters) are the commanders, but that they are part of a much larger world than themselves. The commander of the RTS games just facilitates the story moving along because the world is bigger than just the characters, and the characters are trying to effect change on the world itself (though those characters do obviously have great significance of course, which is reflected in their abilities and progression and the story itself)
>>645447 All the stuff you mentioned though is seen through the story following regular dudes who just happen to go and visit a country that is collapsing, or happen to visit some elves and thus some animosity between them and dwarves is shown. I don't even recall when the narrator says anything major that the characters don't know. The most we get is that we do get multiple character's perspectives and thus know stuff some people know but not others. But even then, all those people don't know shit. The Silmarillion is the exception, where much if it is more remote, from a more omniscient narrator, and actually that would probably make a cool RTS game, but nobody is gonna make that since it doesn't even take place in the same continent as The Hobbit or The Lord of the Rings. And even then, I'd rather play an adventure game about Beren and Luthien and fight some werewolves and dragons and stuff.
>>645466 >I don't even recall when the narrator says anything major that the characters don't know. You mean like literally all the history? No individual bit of history on its own is major in the books iirc, but if you take it all out, you lose out on much of the world of LotR. I still remember reading a part about one of Bilbo's ancestors being a massive hobbit (4'5" or so) hitting an goblin's head into a hole 100 yards away, winning a war and inventing the game of golf at the same time. Shit was hilarious and fascinating. Ironically, I found the Silmarilliion too boring to read; granted I only got it many years after the last time I read LotR and the Hobbit, but something about the book felt so damn dry that I couldn't read it without falling asleep.
>>645476 >You mean like literally all the history? It's all told by Gandalf and Elrond. The conceit of the series is that it's Bilbo and Frodo's memoirs, except for The Silmarillion, which is Bilbo translating old Elvish works he found in Rivendell. It's also mentioned that some edits were made by Aragorn's men, who had what became the copy that our published version descended from, so that would be the conceit used to explain any times the book says something none of the characters would know, but even then, I think that almost never happens, and really it's just used to explain The Tale of Aragorn and Arwen, which is only in the Appendices and not even in the book proper. Also, all the history that Bilbo translated isn't part of The Lord of the Rings because Frodo wrote that after Bilbo was finished his part (including the translations). So it really is intended that the narrator doesn't say anything the characters don't know, because the narrators are supposed to be Bilbo, Frodo, and for the final chapter, Sam. But they write the book including things they heard from the other characters after the fact. >I still remember reading a part about one of Bilbo's ancestors being a massive hobbit (4'5" or so) hitting an goblin's head into a hole 100 yards away, winning a war and inventing the game of golf at the same time. That's a family legend. Hobbits are very interested in their ancestry. Bilbo does know that, and thus we hear about it because it's something he'd know. The Hobbit, most of all, is literally his autobiography. And that's actually important to the plot because he lies to make himself look better in it, which is why the way he gets the ring is different in the first edition (which is Bilbo's version) and later editions. (Frodo edited it to add the true version, which he learned later.) >Ironically, I found the Silmarilliion too boring to read; granted I only got it many years after the last time I read LotR and the Hobbit, but something about the book felt so damn dry that I couldn't read it without falling asleep. I was the same way. I tried several times over 20 years to read it, and only did recently, when I got a new job that allowed me to read on duty, so I re-read The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings and then figured I should just finish with The Silmarillion. If the others are fresh in your mind, it's much better. Not even because of the continuity, but because you have to work your way up to wanting to read that style of writing. Once you've acclimated to it, it's good. Old 8chan used to have a whole board for /arda/, and though it wasn't terribly active, it was nice to have a board for something this autistic.
>>645485 Well shit. I don't remember that being the case, but fair enough, I'll concede that since its been too long since I read it that I don't have enough facts to back me up. The Hobbit did feel a lot more like his autobiography so I do remember that, I guess I must've somehow forgotten that was Bilbo's narration, and conflated that with LOTR in my memory
Why is Stray selling so well and being so hyped? It really doesn't look like anything special.
Games for when you are so sick that minimal movements hurt. Keyboard only.
>>645963 would you not be better off with mouse only? tower defense games, rts on babby mode, xcom..if keyboard only, you can't go wrong with mame
>>645963 Pom Pom
>>645964 I'm laying down on my back with my laptop on my stomach.
>>645966 You'll find you can play a lot of shit you might not think you can, I could only use one hand for a month or two and got by mostly on nu-xcom. I'm shit at these types of requests, really depends what you're into from the get go
>>645968 I like shit like wordle and normalfag boomer games.
>>645969 Try typing of the dead
If any anons here play a multiplayer game semi regularly, what are you playing? Would you recommend it? For some reason I'm craving something multiplayer to slot into my other vidya as well.
(114.00 KB 800x600 Sven Co-op.jpeg)

>>646192 Sven Co-op. and no I wouldn't recommend it, Sniper is still a idiot.
(262.59 KB 2112x1566 CBU.jpg)

>>646192 Cosmic Break Universal. No. The only reason I'd recommend it to anyone is if you're as broken and bored as I am and WILLING to deal with 2004's Gacha and everyone metaing to the peak of meta.
>>646192 Modern Warfare - https://docs.h1.gg/install only 80gb lad
I wanna play Day of Sex Invisible Cock but the game keeps going black every time I try to start the game. How do I fix this issue.
>>647001 >cawadoody anon pls
Is there a torrent or something that has a collection of ROM hacks?
How terrible of an idea is trying to start a X-Piratez playthrough if I've never even touched the OG X-COM / Open X-COM in general.
>>647724 I know, but I get my arse kicked in Q3A/Live and I'm not into hero shooters or battle royals. It's good playing a few games casually.
>>647777 Very.
(57.38 KB 819x600 snesexample.png)

>>647773 Cylum's Rom sets have them. I don't have the torrent but it was on piratebay and obviously romhacking.net for individual games
(46.50 KB 454x610 liefeld.jpg)

>>647808 >Q3A/Live Are you prepared to read the worst opinion on the board? Quake III sucks. In fact, they all suck after Quake 1. And I'm not talking about the online, fuck online. Every id-made Quake game after Q1 completely phoned in the actual game aspect, focusing entirely on muh muldee-pluyhar. That's multiplayer, in case I made the retard speech too strong I know you're talking about multiplayer games, but you've set off my autism by mentioning Q3A. They took what was originally a side mode, turned it into the entire game and stripped everything else out of it. Quake 1 had a better modding community, better design, and (this is highly subjective) better music. Quake III is nothing but arena matches.
>>647827 I don't think that's too controversial of an opinion, it's happened with other series as well that trigger me lel. Resi, Saints Row, even Doom I get it though, when most people think Quake, it's Arena or Live they picture. On the topic of other online games, I fuck around with Zandronum but sadly most lobbies are dead unless Megaman or Survial is involved.
>>647827 I think Q3 was good for it's time, but then UT came and shit all over it. Q2 at least tried to innovate, I love Q4 but that might just be a me think, I loved that engine and I felt Doom 3's gameplay really didn't suit it. Would love to see a more action oriented experience on it, but it was barely used for anything else other than those two games, aside from Prey
(168.76 KB 1012x357 romero mad at quake.png)

>>647827 Wow, John Romero posts on /v/?
My brother got me Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin and A Hat in time for the switch, does this mean he knows i like loli?
>>647913 And then everyone clapped! His brother's name? Albert Einstein
>>647813 >Brutal Mario Is this a mod for Brutal Doom?
>>647810 That bad? Got any vague pointer as to how to make that less to get into?
>>649313 Getting into x-piratez or open x-com?
>>649314 X-piratez.
Does anyone else try to find their own posts in the archive? I swear I archived this thread but I forgot what it was cause the autofill somehow stopped working and that usually helps out.
>>650118 >the problem is the game got popular >actual complaints he has all stem from reddit's dystopian system where popularity dictates visibility That's what you get for going on reddit, idiot.
>>647716 There's fan patches, but even with them the game is stupidly unstable.
I've got a lewd question on >>>/h/3795 if anyone's willing to answers plus it bumps up the board a tiny bit.
>>650945 I wrote a big response but the site ate it with connection errors and I don't feel like typing it again.
Has anyone here ever taken the LPIC-1 exam? Did you use the materials the LPI site provides you or did you have some supplementary coursework/materials? If so, let me know what that was. I want to be as prepared as possible.
>>651096 Thanks, it pretty much explains the appeal for me. Kind of also explained the appeal of tomboys as well albeit unintentionally.
>>647913 If he buys you little witch nobeta next month then yes.
(1.81 MB 1920x1080 23-07-22-1658593523_scrot.png)

(1.25 MB 1920x1080 23-07-22-1658593534_scrot.png)

(1.19 MB 1920x1080 23-07-22-1658595295_scrot.png)

I just finished Torchlight 1 gaem, killing ordrak was such a fucking bitch and not really fun to fight getting constantly boxed in with all the 6 millions dragons and skeletons bum rushing me. Is there any other action RPG game with crossbows and rifles? I would like to try a different game before playing Torchlight II.
>>651773 Silverfall Grim Dawn
>>651876 I'll check out Grim Dawn first then, that game seems to have better looking particle effects than Silverfall which barely have any hit effects for the projectiles which is quite a deal breaker for me tbh, half of the fun of shooting at things is seeing how bits of bloods and sparks flies around. Anyway thanks for the sugg Anyon.
Has there been a lewd game released with sex mechanics like the hot coffee mod from san andreas? As in not just a dating sim with video sex but also a playable sex minigame?
How autistic does my note taking need to be when playing La Mulana (new verision)? I have tried it multiple times, but every time eventually the tedium of stopping and writing down every stupid detail kills the fun. On the other hand I don't want to miss some minute detail and then run around in circles for hours either. If the game at least recorded the messages I found it would be much more fluid without sacrificing any of the puzzle solving.
(631.02 KB 300x100 1658438500413.gif)

What game is this banner from? That's one chunky girl.
>>652737 Gotta Force Amazon's Running Diet for the NES by Yuzo Koshiro. It's free.
(66.19 KB 877x720 amazon_diet_EN_000001.png)

(25.35 KB 877x720 amazon_diet_EN_000002.png)

>>652739 Thanks anon. It was Gotta Protectors, not Gotta Force, but I found it. It's nice to see some representation for plus-size women and an end to body shaming bigotry.
>>652826 Oh yeah I got it mixed up with something else I guess. too bad about both of the mainline games being absolutely butchered and censored by 8-4
Why did Nintendo try to appeal to their core audience with the wiiu and why did the wiiu fail?
>>652911 Are you just extremely retarded or something? Then again this is the appropriate thread for such a question
Why does Touken Ranbu Warriors have such a high score on metacritic? Its the highest rated RPG on the switch atm at 92 (user score). Can anyone vouch for this or explain whats happening here? I have no clue about the series (if there is one) or whats happening. >Gameplay: https://www.yewtu.be/watch?v=xl7rBz2dSno >Metacritic https ://www. metacritic.com/game/switch/touken-ranbu-warriors my unfortunate guess is that its fujos pushing the score for mediocre fujo-bait games
>>652953 What are you talking about? Warriors is a mosou series It's probably just people who like the franchise a lot thinking it was a good game is all Plus it's only 56 people rating it, hardly a big deal worth caring about; a high score means little if barely anyone is there to back it up Its also likely not much to do with fujo-bait because mosous are almost entirely a male-dominated market, but it's possible I guess.
>>652961 I was searching through the highest rated ones to see if there were anything interesting and this was the highest. >likely not much to do with fujo-bait You see, thats the weird part. The art style is all pretty-boys and there is literally not a single sexy girl as far as I can tell, not even one. It seems to be a musou targeted towards fujo's to me because of that. Then again, im not familiar with the series so maybe its a spin-off or something?
>>652953 What the fuck is a Touken Ranbu?
(225.68 KB 828x624 carl winslow despair.mp4)

>>652970 just confirmed after going to wikipedia. >Players assume the role of a sage (審神者, saniwa) who travels into the past to defeat evil forces, and has the ability to animate legendary swords, which are depicted as attractive young men. Touken Ranbu is essentially a gender-swapped clone of Kantai Collection, another game by DMM, which uses moe anthropomorphism to portray historical warships as young girls
>>652972 Thanks...I think I'll pass on this one.
(71.05 KB 750x650 43572.png)

Dunno why I got my post removed but here goes again Does anyone know where to grab free 3D models, especially for well established franchises? I know that VRChat has tons of them, but I can't seem to find an archive that somehow won't ask me to pay for ported models. Also I know of The Model Resources but they have a very lacking collection of 3D models. I don't need to do anything weird or kinky with them, just a shitpost.
>>652911 >Why did Nintendo try to appeal to their core audience with the wiiu and why did the wiiu fail? I'll bite. The "blue ocean" strategy Nintendo used with the Wii sold a lot of consoles but not a lot of software. Most people bought a Wii just for Wii Sports and maybe one or two extra games like Mario Kart. And despite Nintendo making a profit on hardware (usually) unlike other hardware platforms, Nintendo's main business is selling software, and hardware that does not sell software is not good business. IIRC the Wii had the lowest attach rate despite being the best-selling console of its generation. That's why Nintendo went for a more "core" audience with the Wii U. Why did the Wii U fail? So many fucking reasons. It had a dumb fucking name that made people think it was an expansion to the previous console, not a brand new platform. (though I still maintain that Microsoft's console names are still more retarded than the Wii U) It had shit marketing that did not rectify the above problem. It was an HD system for a company that was not prepared for an HD workload. Nintendo later admitted they did not anticipate how much extra work went into creating HD visuals and assets. This meant their devs were overworked. They also had the 3DS which was printing money for them, but they had to develop games for that too. So they had short-staffed overwhelmed teams on the HD console and entire teams working on handheld games. Guess which console got priority when push came to shove? The one with the install base that didn't take all that extra work. Nintendo's solution to these problems? Unify hardware so home and handheld teams work on the same platform. Buy a bunch of developers that know how to make shit and can help them make their shit (Monolith Soft being a prime example since they're just releasing XC3 and have been helping with both BOTW games). Now Nintendo is better prepared to create HD games and doesn't have to split development resources to do it. And surprise surprise the Nintendo Switch ends up being the best-selling console of its generation with a massive attach rate and at its current sales will probably eclipse the PS2 and even the DS in terms of overall hardware sales.
>>652995 tbh a lot of shovelware sold tons of copies on the Wii, Carnival Games comes to mind Also normalfags gravitated towards shit like Just Dance, they kept making these way into 2020 for the WII too
>>587002 Xbox One is better. its not aa clunky and controls better
>romerogames thread deleted So, how would I go about meeting this criteria? I know how to art and some basic animation skills, but I've never used unreal engine. Should I get cracking on and make my own FPS and learn to code or should I wait and see if a less skilled job offering shows up? I want to get into the vidya industry as a career and hopefully one day get to make my dream games but is this a good stepping stone or should I aim lower? Anyone know of any other job offerings within europe? specifically for artfags like me. >check out the basic technical artist >need 3 years experience Fug, why do niggers do this? any entry level jobs out there?
>>652660 >How autistic does my note taking need to be when playing La Mulana (new verision)? Somewhat, honestly I'd just use the spoiler free guide from steam if you like the game but don't wanna get dragged down too much by some of the more bullshit elements. >If the game at least recorded the messages I found it would be much more fluid without sacrificing any of the puzzle solving. Screenshots on a secondary screen work
>>652660 I'm pretty sure you get software for the tablet ingame to record up to a hundred messages.
>>653028 Someone more qualified should answer but have a portfolio of your best work. Art, animations etc. and make sure they're different from each other (One animation of a gun reloading, another of a cartoon dog walking) shit examples but you get the point Trying asking here too >>577245
>>652979 Maybe you could look for models repository for Source Filmmaker? I don't know anymore its URL but maybe they have the models you are looking for.
How did dubstep become so popular with call of duty normalfaggots besides skirllex making it mainstream in 2010? https://yewtu.be/watch?v=BvqbyydDGuE
>>653057 >I'm pretty sure you get software for the tablet ingame to record up to a hundred messages. Nah it's 10 or 20 and it causes more needless menu shuffling due to it taking just enough RAM to prevent using it alongside a useful software setup (and no presets unlike LM2).
Looking to make a game based on a conflict but can't decide what to choose. Any suggestions? I need something that stands out from the other hardcore shooters so no vietnam or WW2, unless it would be a more underrated part of that conflict like playing as australia in vietnam or playing as the afrika korps in WW2. I don't mind the setting as long as its cool and not seen often within games.
>>653409 The korean war, desert storm, or go with what some devs are doing with some rad 80s WW3 between NATO and the warsaw pact.
>>653410 >WW3 between nato and warsaw pact indrasting, 83 is the only game i've heard of thats doing the whole cold war gone hot thing, so I could do that
>>653411 I mention in the 80s-90s specifically because thats peak aesthetics and tech. And some games have done it, world in conflict, operation flashpoint, wargame, and recently warno and gunner heat PC.
(165.01 KB 1200x1200 skele computer waiting.jpg)

What's the best current nyaa fork? Looking for Full Moon Night / Evil Woman Executive
(208.55 KB 1500x1747 tails.jpg)

>>653409 >Set in an alternative timeline, WWII is favoring the Axis-sides. The Allied nations must use their secret weapon “Omerta” to turn the tide. >“Omerta” is a secret organization the Allied nations created; it consists of soldiers who have been injected with an unknown formula, enhancing their abilities. >Throughout the game, the player will discover what the formula is, and be presented with a moral choice to make at the end. Nu-Com clone
i installed the sims 1 to my gpd 3 but when i start it it says "this graphics card doesn't support thousands of colors" is there any way around this? The screen and the graphics card often gives me problems and i have to trouble shoot.
>>653632 That looks crunchy, like a cheeto.
Is Stellaris a worth playing game? Does anyone here set fully updated multiplayer games for the people who can just afford the basic?
I'm getting a Redtroid Pocket 2+ and I'm looking for games to play from the PS1/Saturn/Dreamcast era. Overlooked games, hidden gems, things that are hard to find on rom sites without knowing about them, games that maybe look a bit trashy but are actually surprisingly fun... that kind of stuff.
>>654501 Both Parasite Eve are a good place to start inb4 muh RE clone, Vagrant Story if you liked the first one. Starfighter Sanvein is quite good for a top down shooter of that era. Akuji is a lot better than it has any right to be though latter levels are intensely frustrating with loads of platforming over instadeath. Galerians is pretty good for an RE clone, issue is it's way fucking hard Cannon Spike is not exactly remembered by many people but I find it quite fun Airforce Delta in general is quite decent but you're gonna be in for a rough time if all you've played is Ace Combat, MGing stuff is absurdly hard and missiles don't behave similarly at all and you in fact have to lead them like the gun (which is somewhat realistic to vietnam era stuff from what I've been told) C-12, fuckin g nobody remmembers that game seemingly but it's actually fairly good if a bit rough in difficulty curve, actually the first implementation of "detective vision" and an actually not shit one since it's not wallhacks but merely "give info about thing you're aiming at" Kula World / Roll Away, most technically impressive PS1 title no one's ever heard of, full res, high frame rate, no geometry wobble, no warped textures, and the game is actually pretty fun as well. Gekido, though that one seemingly always has people who played it to death come around when you mention it. Gamera 2000, it's JHP only but trust me that won't be that much of an issue. Speed Punks / Speed Freaks, the best kart racer people almost never talk about Tiny Bullets, if you can stomach the first hour or so it's actually pretty fun for a 3D LoZ clone on PS1 Racing Lagood as well as Aconcagua got TL recently unless you played them in JP they're definitely not stuff you'd have heard much about and they do deserve a look. Wild 9, which has a lot to see but is way too hard for its own good, also in the same style both pandemonium games are worth a look and both also feature insane difficulty spikes.
What was the best Tiger Woods game? Got an urge to play it but haven't touched the series in years. I remember the mid 00's ones being good.
>>654617 Are these personal recommendations or just an arbitrary list of things that come to mind? Not that there's anything wrong with the latter per se, but a stronger recommendation is always nice. Right now all I've got is Metal Gear Solid, Ape Escape, Vigilante 8 and a smattering of fan translations for games I've never heard of. I'm not necessarily looking for shit to just fill space, I want a more personal recommendation for games that are genuinely worth playing for one reason or another.
(801.13 KB 888x1706 miriam's mom.png)

>>656000 >2nd Miriam is a good girl, her mom is shanoa and not that hussy from night of revenge.
>>656194 >Are these personal recommendations or just an arbitrary list of things that come to mind? Not that there's anything wrong with the latter per se, but a stronger recommendation is always nice. Mostly personal recommendations though there's definitely stuff I played a lot more of in that list. If you want the top 5 of those >Parasite Eve 2 Which I played the completion something like 30+ times by now, it's the most well made classic RE like experience along with REmake (though both go for different things, REmake being just the core stuff polished to the extreme, PE2 grafting a lot of extra that happen to work with enough polish to not make it feel tacked on) >Parasite Eve Got sold to me as Vagrant Story with guns and frankly even as a prototype for Vagrant Story it simply is a better game, it is definitely janky and not much of a looker but the mechanics are fun to play with and the gun crafting part is interesting to engage with (especially once you hit post game and start being able to make absurd abominations that shoot bursts of elemental grenades), the one bad part is the post game level is hours of not fun stuff that's dry as fuck, hard and punishing for like 5 minute of the best bossfight and an alternate ending as a reward >Gekido It's a beat-em-up that does pretty much nothing badly, the music is nice, the gameplay is nice and you can do decently while button mashing but still get a significant difference from taking the time to learn what you're doing, it also has the typical quarter eater stage (that drainage ditch is hell) as well as branching paths (and you have to play on hard to get the true ending iirc), I honestly can't even think of a 2.5D beat-em-up I'd play over this one and even if you ad the 2D stuff like SoR it really doesn't fall short, and as all good game in the genre it's exponentially more fun with a coop partner even a really bad one. >C-12 It's basically the most refined variant of classic Tomb Raider (a gameplay level, Soul Reaver still is undisputed for story in that genre) and similar games there is, has everything you'd expect like puzzles, block puzzles (in moderation and not as slow), autoaim combat (though manual is an option with advantages and you do have melee as well), the story is nothing to write home about and the soundtrack is only good if you're into darker ambient stuff but still this game besides some quite intense difficulty spikes is among the better late PS1 game. >Starfighter Sanvein This game is an anomaly, it does everything you'd expect of a modern top down shooter (with some caveats since it's still a PS1 game) despite it releasing decades ago, it's not the most stellar game ever but if you're into twinsticks / top down shooters there's a lot to appreciate here, otherwise if you don't it's still a decent game but it might not have the same impact, and if you hate time limits as a central game mechanic you might wanna not try that one since it uses that as a central thing it's not extreme but it definitely is tight enough to motivate you to not suck.
>>655913 Ended up just emulating 04 on PS2, trying to get those titles to run on win10 seems pointless, the usual tricks don't work. Also downloading The Golf Club 2019, any anons tried it?
(32.22 KB 482x549 tired anime face.jpg)

Is there even any good games worth buying on steam? All I'm seeing is just a bunch of shit piled on more shit.
>>653955 >for the people who can just afford the basic My friends and I just bought the base game on GoG then pirated all the DLC. Only downside is that getting the mods from the workshop being a pain. Especially now with steamworkshop downloader being dead. >is Stellaris a worth playing game If you like making and role playing a giant space empire, then sure. Combat will leave you disappointed though as it is nothing special. The game has received several overhauls since I played it last, so I'm not sure how things are now. The devs to like to talk with the community and explain their goals/roadmap fairly often so at least they are trying still.
Does any one know if a sega saturn with ODE still requires the ram cartridge for certain games?
Anyone know any games that are relaxing but also engaging?
>>656341 cat goes fishing
Anyone know how I can create a free version of an existing game? you know like that freedoom guy, would it be possible to do the same thing for duke blood or shadow warrior? is it really as easy as remaking all the assets?
Someone give me an idea for a basic 3D platforming game, I was thinking something like "cute loli, does cute things" or something along those lines
>>657115 a cute loli saves a prince maybe?
Do any of you Anyons know of a music that is in similar style as Diablo 1 dungeon music? Thanks in advance.
I decided to give the nuHitman games a go and I've noticed that Hitman 3 includes the missions from Hitman 1 and 2. Am I missing any of the story or anything if I get 3? Also, are there mods that I should get for the game?
(18.26 KB 320x320 jacaszek glimmer.jpg)

>>657562 I asked my friend this question and he pointed me to the album of jacaszek glimmer, maybe you'll disagree but there is some similarities. Also There is also the sound track of Diablo 2 and Diablo 3 which also has good music despite being a bad game.
>>657562 Closest one I can think of is some tracks from the PSX version of Persona 1, there really aren't many Maybe if you look in horror games
>>657938 >Diablo 2 and 3's soundtrack They're very different from 1's
>>657938 Thanks for the sugg I'm going to give it a listen. >Diablo 3 What's so bad about it? Is it so bad that its not even worth a pirate? >>657939 I'll try this one too.
>>657940 It has a beautiful music regardless along with a remake of the tristram theme. >>657960 Keep in mind that the friend suggested it to be similar to the Tristram theme not the dugeons.
>>657960 >>Diablo 3 What's so bad about it? Is it so bad that its not even worth a pirate? Oh, i missed this question. You can't really pirate it since the whole game is always online, unless you pirate the offline console versions which are different from the PC version. It's not a good diablo game, just play Diablo 2 LoD (the original, not Resurrection that censors some stuff and makes the amazon ugly). The problem is in the end game, you have to play the way your end game set dictates, it's fine if you like the playstyle of the set but not if you don't or really want to play a certain skill that isn't supported. Some would argue that D2 is similar because some builds don't work very well but you could prepare for it with state adjustments in D2. There is also a LOT of RNG to artificially extend the life of the game.
>>657969 Ah okay thanks for the clarification and I have already pirated Diablo 2 + Lord of Destruction so I am going to play it soon, right now I am playing Grim Dawn with my friend. That's a damn shame there is no other Diablo games worth playing because it kinda plays like RPG fantasy version of doom (maybe a stupid comparison), I also played a bit of Torchlight II which I enjoyed and I have finished playing Torchlight I. >The problem is in the end game, you have to play the way your end game set dictates, it's fine if you like the playstyle of the set but not if you don't or really want to play a certain skill that isn't supported. Some would argue that D2 is similar because some builds don't work very well but you could prepare for it with state adjustments in D2. There is also a LOT of RNG to artificially extend the life of the game. Damn and I thought City of Heroes Thunderspy private serb was a boring snooze fest since the way the game is designed and its a massive grind fest too, especially when you come to the point where you get to grind for incarnate shit which seems to take much longer than going from level 1 to level 50. >>657938 I tried finding jacaszke glimmer full album on Jewtube but there is only single music uploads of it available, I gave a short listen to kwiaty which doesn't even sound like Diablo 1 and Pentral seems to be a bit more close to it but one of its music has some annoying sequence where it goes from ambient -> loud church music -> ambient -> loud church music which is irritating for me. Welp I'm going to listen to the single music of Jacaszek glimmer music then. Thanks for the help Anyons.
>>657974 >That's a damn shame there is no other Diablo games worth playing because it kinda plays like RPG fantasy version of doom (maybe a stupid comparison), I also played a bit of Torchlight II which I enjoyed and I have finished playing Torchlight I. There are decent Diablo clones, but Diablo has some unique builds, that only Path of Exile has been able to emulate well like the summoner build or meteors.
>>657977 I haven't heard much of Path of Exile, I'm a archer/ranged fag mainly. How's the archer class in that game?
>>657984 If you like multi-shot and Ballista then you're good, i really liked the playstyle so i enjoyed it. I would highly recommend path of exile, it's a really good Diablo 2 clone. /v/ doesn't like it because the company works under Tencent and there is some lag, but i don't feel lag anymore after using my new PC.If you like D2 summons then there is a summoner build as well.
(133.71 KB 1039x722 01-08-22-1659310444_scrot.png)

>>657992 multi-shots and ballistas? That sounds good, I gotta give it a try too then. Crossbows, ballistas, arbalest and rifles are my favorite weapons in a RPG game. >and there is some lag, but i don't feel lag anymore after using my new PC. I don't have a strong PC, can't I just reduce the graphical fidelity instead to get 30-60 FPS out of this game?
>>657996 >I don't have a strong PC, can't I just reduce the graphical fidelity instead to get 30-60 FPS out of this game? Yes.
I'm looking for a horror game (on the PC I think) which, at the end of it, there's a scare where you look at the rear view mirror of your car and see something, and the game takes a picture with your webcam and the credits are compilations of other players' webcam shots at the moment of that scare. 4PP played it and I remember distinctly a clip of them laughing at the end part.
recommend me a traditional turn based rpg like final fantasy 1 or 3 but easy.
>>658298 Earthbound Cthulhu Saves the World Chrono Trigger Breath of Death VII Adventure Quest (Flash) Dragon Quest series (1-4)
>Path of Exile is online only Bummer. Is the PvP in that game optional at least? I don't like fighting other players in a RPG game, if I want to do that I would rather play a arena shooter instead.
>>658548 Yeah, it's online only, but the pvp is optional, i beat the whole game and never battled any other player. >>658470 Thank you.
>>658561 Oh thats good to hear.
>>658548 >even considering playing Tencent trash
>>658598 >not naming alternatives shiggy diggy
>>658606 >spoonfeed me please how's about you do the bare minimum of research, there's a shit ton of diablo clones out there (Though a lot of people who like those tend to have shit taste so maybe PoE suits you) things like >Grim Dawn >Van Helsing or the more shit ones that people like such as >Titan Quest >Torchlight 1 and 2 or ones I haven't touched but might be okay like >Wolcen Lords of Mayhem >Victor Vran >Beyond Divinity >Hades
>>658616 I already have played a bit of Grim Dawn and Torchlight 2 and I have finished Torchlight 1 already. I didn't tried out yet Van Helsing because I need to install my new hard drives first but I cannot do that without having a means to install a loonix distron on it first. Grim Dawn isn't even that good, there is no weapon variety in that game when it comes to firearms/crossbows. When using the demolitionst class it turns every ranged weapons into a explosive autocannon instead of adding several types of primary/alternative attacks, there is even a "shotgun" weapon yet it functionally behaves like a rifle. Torchlight 2 has weapon variety where they differ a bit, such as fast firing crossbows, shotguns (with actual cone attack), bows (dunno how much they differ) and with mods you can even have rifles the mod that I am using seems to add 2 different types of rifles a very slow firing one with piercing effect and a fast firing one with no piercing effect. >hurr durr spoonfeed me You're the one that said that a game is shit without at your initial post naming any better ones to play, jesus christ maybe act less like a jerk next time.
>>658616 Wolcen was such a missed opportunity. The core graphics and gameplay loop are great. But they fucked up the systems so hard it wasn't worth playing for more than a single playthrough.
Is the site shitting itself for anyone else?
>>658686 Posting is fine for me, but images and videos load slow atm. That Qfag is still spamming his gay song in the GG thread, and the Ukraine conflict also causes random periods of slowdown due to the internet being fucked with over there.
>>658686 >have to reload tor a few times just to be able to post >even when i can post all i get is errors and connection faileds I think the site is shitting itself by the fact there is low PPH, even in the gaymergayte threads
can someone redpill me on what vulkan is and why software is trying their best to use it? is it a new renderer or something like openGL but better?
>>658714 >something like openGL but better Yes, way better.
>>658715 how much better and why is it better? are more modern games going to use it? will it cause fuckery with older hardware for potato PCs?
>>658719 OpenGL and Vulkan are different graphics APIs. They’re both designed to draw 2D/3D graphics, but are very different in terms of the functions you call. Vulkan is the newest of the two. It’s designed to be very low-level, giving you very fine control over the hardware with very low driver overhead. This can result in better performance over OpenGL where driver overhead is the performance limiting bottleneck. The downside to its low-level design, is that it can be hard to use. There’s more that you need to do and get right. OpenGL is an older standard. However, its latest version is very recent (2014). It’s easier to use than Vulkan, and can still deliver impressive graphics and performance.
How hard would it be to port Dragon Quest Swords: The Masked Queen and the Tower of Mirrors to VR? I never beat the very final set of bosses, but I can't go back to the Wii's motion controls after having experienced the motion sensing capabilities of modern VR.
>>658815 Not very hard but having just beat it with my wife on an emulator it really foes not have that deep of a control scheme, as all slashes happen in one of 12ish directions (which is why they ask you to point the remote on a specific part of the screen). If anything you should ask for a remake or a Dragon Quest Swords 2 on VR with complete freedom of movement. Which boss are you stuck at btw?
>>658874 Can't remember. It's been years. I know I beat Valgrit Nedlog, but I also recall there was a super final boss I never unlocked.
My cousin would like to sell his PS4 Pro, and he is willing to give it to me for a good price(compared to how much others are selling it second hand in my country). I am sure it's in good shape as I know and trust him, and the money is not an issue, but I am not sure if it's worth it. Besides Bloodborne and Gravity Rush 1&2, I haven't found anything that would really interest me, or that hasn't already been ported to PC. I also have a powerful PC, and in a few years when emulation gets better I might be able to emulate it anyway, so there's that to take into consideration. So besides Bloodborne and Gravity Rush, any other good exclusives the system has? I can't say I am interested in God of Soy, Infamous, Uncharted of Last of Us. Persona 5 can already be played on the PS3 emulator, and Ghost of Tsuhima might be coming to PC this year. I have no problem with JRPGs or other japanese games, sadly I don't know weeb, so I would need them to at least have english subtitles.
>>659165 The PS4 emulators aren't even technically emulators, they are translation layers. So they will likely not require nearly as much work to develop as traditional emulators.
>>659165 it has a lot of Vita ports, but you'd be better off playing those on a Vita because the nogamestation is for fags
>>659165 A few of the warriors game have a better port on PS4 because Koei are fags EDF6 is gonna be exclusive to it and PS5 for a while. iirc the Godzilla game isn't too bad if you're really into the franchise. Medievil remake I guess, it's surprisingly not shit. Wipeout Omega collection I guess, Otherwise https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:PlayStation_4-only_games Not much there so it shouldn't take long to
>>659165 The only PS4 game I really love other than Gravity Rush is Tearaway: Unfolded. Sony marketed it as a port of Tearaway for Vita, but it isn't, it's a sequel, and it's great. It's from the people who did LittleBigPlanet but it's a 3D platformer, and instead of making your own levels, you make your own paper/origami designs. The whole game is origami themed and actually uses it for gameplay. But mostly it's just a fun 3D platformer that reminds me most of Banjo-Kazooie, more than things like Crash, Spyro, or Mario. But it's a bit more linear.
Is the PS3 store still active? can I still download Girl fight?
Going to make a game for /v/ what should I do first? WW2 or /v/ietnam? and is it possible to have both wars in the same game? or do i have to split them up into separate games? can't I just make one then include the second one as DLC? also which factions should I do for each war? you know like should I have the UK vs germany or germany Vs soviet union or japan vs the aussies? same with vietnam, should i do the aussies or US or macvsog vs either the Vietcong or soviet advisors? >>660184 yeah the PS triple store is still up and wont go away for another few years due to all the backlash, you can still download anything you already bought but why buy games when you can get them for free?
>>660206 I mean last I heard PS3 emulation was pretty shit. Also for the game you're making I would personally make it german versus allies, you get to play as a Wehrmacht soldier blitzing through belgium and the netherlands to get to france. I think it would be cool. Make sure you got the STG 44 or one of its earlier variants, thats the coolest gun Germany has ever made.
>>660206 >Going to make a game for /v/ what should I do first? WW2 or /v/ietnam? and is it possible to have both wars in the same game? or do i have to split them up into separate games? I don't see why you couldn't do both. Just a matter of making all the needed assets which would obviously take a while if you covered both wars by yourself. >>660226 >you get to play as a Wehrmacht soldier blitzing through belgium and the netherlands to get to france German campaigns really are neglected in a lot of vidya.
>>660226 >I mean last I heard PS3 emulation was pretty shit. I emulated demon souls perfectly fine start to finish at 60fps. So it can't be that shit.
>>660245 >I dont see why you couldnt do both yeah, me neither but I was just wondering if I could do both in the same game because having 2 different wars in a single game is rather unheard of, unless its mods of course. >just make the assets for both Im going for that low poly PS1 look that has become the nu-pixelshit of our time, just so it takes less time to make assets and it lowers the bar of entry for mods too. >>660226 >>660245 >german campaign How could I even do that without it being basic bots in multiplayer maps? I was thinking of copying the early MoH and CoD games with their "cinematic" experience. >blitzkrieg through belgium and netherlands to get to france I dont know much about the early war stuff other than everyone got BTFO'd by germany really hard, ill make sure to include the MKB rifle and the FG42 for paratroopers because i too love those guns in games. >>660246 >demon souls MGS4 works well too, haven't got a chance to play MGO2 yet because the installer is fucked, its only shit on potato PCs, might run better if you use linux.
Does anyone have a modded switch? When you play backup what type of file do you use?
>>660440 I install NSP files.
>>660440 I have one but my switches battery crapped out though, its fucking dead as a doornail and I havent bought a new battery in months I used to use NSP files, downloaded SMTV with an XCI files that pretty much worked the same I think. But I found out about the tinfoil store somehow and then no longer needed to download files, I could just open up tinfoil, find a game and download it there with the push of a button. It's like the e-shop, but literally every game update and DLC is all free, theres even every nipponese game in there. The only thing you gotta pay for is a FUCKHUGE microSD so you can store as much games as possible on your switch. >>660476 Check this shit out anon. I found out about it last year and since then I always make sure to remind anons about it whenever I get the chance. https://github.com/carcaschoi/tinfoil-json Make sure to follow the guide. When it is first initializing after putting in the info for the first time your switch may freeze for a minute, don't freak out it's just getting things set up but without any loading indicators and what not.
recommend me a pc medieval civilization simulator where i can oppress women?
>>660842 Stronghold Crusader
(66.48 KB 280x280 Cover.jpg)

>>657562 Also Failing songs by Matt Eliott sounds similar to the acoustic tristrum theme.
>>658624 >initial post That wasn't me retard, learn to read IDs, that was my only post in the thread; you're a total and illiterate faggot, can't even recognize basic shit without being spoonfed
>>660923 fuck you nigger
Who here has a big ass and can cum big loads? I want to have higher intensity training and wonder what kind of macros I need to have in order to bulk up my ass, nothing else.
>>660930 I think /cb/ might be the place to ask If you want to cake yourself out, you will need at least a thin layer of fat, having a very toned butt is very different to having a fat one
I want to give Gothic 1 and 2 a shot, partly because I think Gothic 1 looks pretty interesting(mainly the part where movesets evolve the more you play) and part because I'd like to eventually play the remake of that and compare against the original. Are there any recommendations for any essential mods for either of them or just follow the fanpatches on pcgamingwiki?
(909.00 B 84x87 88.png)

Why has /v/ been so fast today? It's never usually at almost 100 PPH unless there's a major event on, I'm noticing threads are falling down the catalog faster as well. >>661260 I don't think so, Gothic is a pretty solid game. Some people get a GUI mod for the game's weird inventory system but it's perfectly playable as is. The only thing that might trip you up is the game's kind of weird control scheme, but you get used to it quickly.
>>661280 Most people from the neighboring webring boards are migrating here to stay rather than just to visit. Zzzchan for example suffered a huge raid and lots of cuckchanners lurk the place now, so they're flooding here to escape them. Luckily their admins' insistence on keeping 8moe out of their webring plugin has favored us well, the cuckchanners won't be able to find their way here easily.
>>661280 The whole site had been a bit more active since the hispachan migration, the few that speak english use the traditional boards aswell.
(53.44 KB 959x720 8chan Psychopath.jpg)

>>661280 It probably has something to do with the influx of hundreds of new users got with the fall of hispachan, as well as /av/ partnering with /v/. I like our new friends, I was worried at first about all the refugees but they've been chill. Not making a nuance of themselves and integrating pretty well. The only thing that might be objectionable are the Pepe memes but I'm not autistic enough to care about that. Lucario or whatever his name his has done a massive disservice to Latinos on this site.
I'm looking for a medieval game with a lot of incest? There was some satirical video about it reading the questions on it's forums and it was funny questions like "how do i have sex with my infant daughter" or something similar and comical when taken out of context. I think it was a game about a organizing a medieval secret society, but i'm not sure.
>>663067 Crusader Kings always had that. I remember some redditors having their gf/wife getting upset and worried after noticing their search history/gaming stories for the games.
I know Megaman Battle Network 4 is a piece of shit and I probably won't get an answer, but if I select New Game, will it keep the data that got sent over from the opposite version? I traded Navi data with a gang of niggershood friend decades ago, and would have no way to get it back if erased. I could just beat Duo again and start another New Game Plus cycle, but that entire fight is a pain in the ass.
>>663194 Wordfilters are a hell of a thing, I meant an old-time pal, a chum who I go way back with and haven't seen in quite a while.
Does anyone else see flickers of game ui in their vision when doing things like blinking for a while after playing a new game?
>>663194 >word filers I like manga with childhood friend romances and girls into Gothic loli fashion.
>>664071 Nope but I was seeing fucking vietcongs pop up from bushes at the edge of my vision for a bit after replaying Vietcong.
Is foxhole worth it?
What kind of FPS should I make If I want good weapon customization? I want similar customization to that of CoD, but more expanded upon so you can put MP5 parts on an AK or something stupid like that, also want to be able to customize the camo and have the ability to put text/images on guns too and I want it to be so every player can see each others customizations and there is differences between parts you use for your gun IE if you make a really compact gun you get stuck on walls less but the recoil is much greater or if you make a really long gun the bullet trajectory is much flatter so you get longer range that sort of thing. Is there anywhere where I can learn how to do this? I have no idea on how to implement it in code but I want to learn then share it with you fags, can easily make the art assets needed but codewise im a baka. the biggest issue I have right now before doing any of this is what to base it on and how to justify giving the player and enemies a wide variety of guns to pick from, I was thinking maybe something like MGS peace walker or MGSV where you need to develop guns and their parts in order to use them and enemies have a wide variety of guns and player models to chose from. another issue is scaling, how do i properly scale each part so that it fits with any type of other part? all the reference images I am using are different sizes so how could I achieve a uniform size with every part in game?
Is it still really difficult to soft mod a ps3? does it have to be a certain version or something? i was going to and gave up half way through.
>>665014 I would wait a bit there's a new exploit potentially coming that means CFW for everything and not just 25XX models like currently and shitty HEN for the more recent models.
>>664854 Tarkov.
>>665014 Anon, you just put some files on a usb stick, go to a certain website on the PS3 browser and let the exploit do its thing, then you install the files on the usb stick and you have a softmodded PS3. You don't have to dump the NAND or anything, it's retard-proof, literally made so 10 year old hispanic kids can hack their console and enjoy free games with free online.
>>665014 >>665231 On the subject of the PS3, I'm wondering if it's safe to do a fan test on it beforehand. Will I have to take apart and clean the internals/replace the thermal paste of it myself since mine's is heating up, making loud noise and more games have been making it shut of with a blinking red light, lately?
>>665231 But don't i have to upgrade my ps3's hard drive? i only have a few megabytes left, will i lose the CFW when i upgrade?
What is this type of belt called? inb4 boner-inducing belt or similar
>>665777 (checked) I don't know what the belt itself is called, but the little sub-belts that come off the buckle are known as frogs.
>>665780 Thanks
For a modded switch, there must be games that bigger than 4gb (or whatever the limit for sdcards) how do you backup/install those games on the modded switch if they're can't be a certain size? Unless the switch uses some other file format that i don't know about?
Anyone recognize the characters that were traced in this game? They are undoubtedly traced, as mostly everything in this game looked jarringly amateurish except for these characters. Couldn't find this image in higher quality.
(72.59 KB 557x794 Artix_Von_Krieger.webp)

(66.49 KB 557x1039 Aquella.webp)

(56.00 KB 557x661 Galanoth.webp)

(52.98 KB 557x889 Warlic.webp)

(54.20 KB 560x1158 Blackhawke_NPC.webp)

>>666076 Found a few of them individually.
>>666076 The decent artwork only came after the game had been going for a while, I figured it was just because they had made enough money to hire an actual artist to do the assets.
>>666095 They eventually did find an original art style, but the old shit I attached looks like flash-ified traced vectors of Lodoss War art or some shit. I'm having a hard time believing they came up with original designs like those early on.
>>666244 Hold on a fucking second, i know that art style. chester the molester was weird, man.
>>665777 >What is this type of belt called? It's called a "Nomura".:^)
I'm about to talk about on a topic that I'm not qualified to speak on due to the severity of my ignorance, so please excuse me. So, could blockchain technology be used in some theoretical form of DRM? From my understanding, with cryptocurrencies, you have a private key and there's also a public key to your stash of money, Ethereum is some kind of "smart money" with coding functionality. Anyway, this "private key" business - could it be used for authenticating your copy of a game? I think it'd be like, when the private key is created, your hardware, your list of filenames in your computer, and your IP address are all combined together somehow to form a unique key, and then the game company would have their own blockchain and your key would access the thing, and things happen, and then, after proving your copy of the game is truly yours, now you can play it. I don't get it, but I know enough to ask the question so hopefully that's enough. Is it possible? And then, is it feasible?
>>667553 Blockchain technology can be used to store whatever the fuck you want. The question is why would a centralized private company need to used a distributed ledger to store that information in the first place? You can form unique identifiers based on hardware without using blockchain shit. Anti-cheat already does this and anti-cheat is basically DRM.
>>667650 Thanks for taking time to answer the question.
>>667660 I'm pretty sure there are some games on steam that already do what you're describing. Some EA games I think have a limit of how many computers you can install the game to. Also cheap windows licenses bind themselves to hardware ID's. It's already a relatively standard practice in the software industry completely independent of crypto autism.
Is Neuro Hunter any good? Just loaded up to take a quick look at it, and it feels like one of the jankiest games I've played.
>>667804 the top half of the cover looks like a fucking meme
>>667822 Mr. Clean?
(94.45 KB 800x790 Autism speaks.jpg)

>>667822 you are like little baby, watch this
What happened to the /fascist/ board?
>>668089 They moved to /q/
(9.61 MB 1920x1080 Assumi8_1080p.webm)

There's no Linux thread so I'll ask here. Can any KDEfags download this NSFW porn video and tell me what the thumbnail looks like in Dolphin? I downloaded a torrent and there's a ton of them with fucked thumbnails, don't know if it's the videos themselves or if it's on my end.
What's the best version of MK trilogy? I grew up with the N64 version, but I've heard that version isn't that good. Any good patch for improvements as well?
>>668179 Googled it and found this... https://www.mksecrets.net/forums/eng/viewtopic.php?t=48112&sid=1d89dbdca3f7b0d0b1afb3aef4099523 Apparently the DOS version was released after the PS1 version and was very similar, except gamepad support was fucked, which was a pretty big deal. But there seem to be mods that fix most of the issues, and modern hardware speeds up the loading times (lack of loading times is the big advantage of the N64 version), so this seems to be the best version now. The N64 version does still have some exclusive content that no other version has, including one character and one stage, among some other things, but that's because it's missing like seven characters, as well as other stuff. Still, it would be cool if someone could mod the N64 exclusive content into the game and make an ultimate version. Also, for the record, tourneyfags will call you out for playing Mortal Kombat Trilogy at all. They insist Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3, the game that preceded it, is better, despite lacking a great deal of content. I also just read people online arguing the N64 version of Trilogy is the best one because it was more directly based on Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3, and I guess they're talking about balancing of minor gameplay aspects that only tourneyfags would notice. But if you want a fuckload more content, then the PS1 version of Trilogy is better, and with a couple modern mods, the DOS version of Trilogy improves in some ways. Oh yeah the PS1 version also has some minor exclusive content, but I forget a lot of it because it isn't that significant. Like an exclusive intro cinematic. Seems like something that should be easy to mod into the DOS version but idk if anyone has.
>>668168 Yeah, dolphin fucks up the thumbnail.
>>668281 The main issue with rocksmith customs is that you need a forum account (CustomsForge) to download custom tracks. Other than that I haven't used it much, but I'm sure if you play the mini games and really dedicate yourself then it could be a good tool for learning guitar
>>668090 What is /q/?
(76.83 KB 1024x723 1659511462309.jpg)

>>668290 Rocksmith is faggot shit. The best tool for learning any instrument is a metronome. If that isn't good enough, get a DAW + Stems from a song you are practicing and record yourself so you hear how awful you sound.
>>668290 Rocksmith is not a good tool for "learning" the guitar. It is however a very effective tool at making practicing scales and tabs fun, so it's a good tool for getting more comfortable with the instrument. The only thing it's really capable of "teaching" is major chords, and everything else is just repetition. I don't necessarily think there's anything wrong with that, and having fun while banging out chords and scales is always useful, but it's most useful as a supplement to actual lessons.
(1.80 MB 1192x1601 Untitled.png)

(2.14 MB 1192x1596 Untitled 2.png)

How do i get into RCM? I know that you have to power down the console and have the jig in the area where the joycon goes and you hold volume up and press power and connect the console the PC and if done right it should just have a black screen and show up as APX on the PC, but every time i do it it just boots normally. I've seen videos of people using tinfoil and they make it look so easy, is there something wrong with the 3d printed jig that i bought, i got the cheapest one? inb4 clean your carpet
>>670041 This is going off years old memory, but I'm pretty sure you are supposed to put the jig into the left side of the Switch, not the right.
>>670046 So i watched some tutorial about this flimsy looking tinfoil jig and i try it and it works! just two pieces of tinfoil on the side of the joycon entrance and it works better than the 3d printed jig. That's weird because every tutorial says to use the right, and the right side worked for me.
>>670050 Cool.

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