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(263.17 KB 400x225 ClipboardImage.png)
Valheim Anonymous 02/09/2021 (Tue) 03:46:06 Id:fe4c53 No. 232284
Any thoughts on this game? It seems to be very popular at the moment.
(34.87 KB 718x336 Valheim_opt_opt.jpg)
Anyone else playing? Would be a fun game to play with bros. PvP is kinda broken since its too easy to grief people, but for playing coop this is an excellent game.
>>229306 got a link?
>>229306 >here's a bideo gayme >it's got shitty pvp >and decent coop >and >aaand <??? your thread sucks, OP
>>229306 Viking proc-gen survival ARG with crafting and building and mythical elements, for anyone else who didn't know the game. Also Early Access. It looks like it has comfiness potential, but I'll wait until it's further along EA. These games die too often to bother.
>early access >survival >crafting Hey OP, why don't you go fill your cunt with some dicks?
>>232284 >Valheim The Open-World Survival genre with assorted genre crossovers, is getting really bloated. As for this game, It's alright. But suddenly stopped giving a shit because there's been dozens of them in Early Access in Steam and Kenshi has already given me enough autism and fun memories to last me for a decade.
I don't know, OP seems vague enough to turn this into a general recommendation thread
I for one like open world survival, but co-op focus and early access make it a hard pass anyway.
What makes this different from all the other open world survival games other than the viking theme?
(2.84 MB 1000x562 1612821453556.webm)
>>232577 Shitty combat maybe?
>>232590 Are there open world survival games with good combat?
>>232601 >survival games with good There's the problem. Survival games just aren't good. Playing an endless game where the goal is to survive makes absolutely no sense.
Cursed tags. Openworld, survival, crafting, early access.
Why do i keep seeing developers do games about vikings or inspired by nordic culture? Don't remember many nordic inspired games in the early 2000s, why the sudden interest? Or maybe all the devs making these games are from Sweden or something.
>>232704 Some will argue that because a lot of right-wingers love Nordic culture, as they consider it the last bastion of implicit whiteness, or something like that, that they have to inverse and subvert the setting to be more tolerant. My explanation, is that shows like Game of Thrones and Vikings made people want games with Medieval and/or Viking settings, and if one big studio is doing it, then everybody is doing it. Keep in mind that GoT came out almost 10 years ago, so someone who was 15 back then is now working at game companies.
>>232712 I agree. It might have to do with GoT. It was weirdly influential and all normalfags around me loved it.
>>232755 It was hellish listening to faggots talk about it all the fucking time, still never watchng it.
>>232601 Are there any new game with good combat? I want to do some actual caveman survival, and not the pseudo caveman survival Ark does.
>>232763 I didn't watch it either.
>>232284 Pirated it today because you zoomer fuckers wouldnt shut the fuck up about it and damn, its actually good. Not much else to say, wont waste my time trying to sell it to you jaded losers. Gonna go play some more. Its fun solo by the way, would probably have less fun having to wait for some retard all the time. Also >Blondness slider at character creation Based.
>>232763 >>232791 holy shit, do you autists completely lack self awareness? YOU are the retards, YOU are the normalfags at this point, YOU are the out-of-touch retards normies were 10 years ago when you started using that terminology
>>233158 >choosing not to watch a show that almost everyone agrees had a terrible concluding season <WOW GRAMPS GET WITH THE TIMES HOLY SHIT Calm yourself, zoomer. Not only did I watch that show, I read the books, and the point at which those narratives diverge is the point at which the show becomes shit. On top of that, GRRM himself worked on the show, and it's repulsive to see a writer write alternative fan-fiction for his own work. This is also my top gripe with Evil Dead, although the creator of that franchise doesn't take it nearly as seriously so it's not as bothersome.
(88.01 KB 350x350 1537562408.png)
I could swear I saw this exact thread a couple of weeks ago.
(41.30 KB 625x626 i regret nothing.jpg)
>>233158 Are you also gonna call us normalfags and out of touch, because we don't play Fortnite?
(282.56 KB 500x312 ef5.png)
>>233158 >Anons where wise enough not to watch the trashfire that was GOT. >Faggot has a period because people did not like the stuff he liked.
>>233158 >he followed D&D's wild ride What a retard.
>>233158 >Not watching a show that ended terribly by hack D&D from a series of books by an author who calls you an asshole for expecting a deadline for his next book even though he did set a deadline for his sixth book and didn't keep it. It seems like you're the retard here. You might as well say you should watch Lost because it was so influential until it shit itself at the end just to get it's cultural impact. I don't need to play Fortnite to know that it's not a game for me and I don't need to play Cyberpunk 2077 to know it fucked up at launch and somewhat still a mess today. Unless it's for a review or highly researched editorial, people are free to judge something however they want from the information they gather at passing. Your the kind of asshole that gets tired of hearing the phrase "beating a dead horse" because you hear it too often that it grates at your ears or expect every person you have a conversation with to have first hand knowledge on the intricacies of beating a dead horse to be able to speak on that subject. That isn't how conversations or debates started even before the creation of this board. Why don't you go outside and try to be more human by shadowing a old unrequited love from your high school days to reminiscence on your own failings.
>>233162 Normalfag family tried to get me to watch it. It was obvious from the start that it was feminist shit. That one alien looking girl with the eyes on the sides of her head made it obvious enough. But frankly, an even bigger problem was simply that it was boring. The pace was way too slow, and the things that eventually happened weren't exciting enough to keep me caring. They expected me to care about all of these characters, each with their own plotlines, but only maybe two of them were actually interesting. Even seeing the medieval adventures of CIA wasn't enough to keep me watching past Season 2. I know Martin has that quote criticizing Tolkien for not describing Aragorn's tax policies. That perfectly encapsulates how fucking boring that show is. Tolkien wrote reams of material that he couldn't even be bothered to fit into coherent narratives before he died, but it's still much more interesting than anything from Game of Thrones. And maybe some people would argue even the early seasons were bastardized, but even if we're just comparing the adaptations, I'd rather watch Jackson's Battle of the Five Armies than sit through the first two seasons of Game of Thrones again, and I don't think many people argue that the later seasons are suddenly much better. I don't care about the frost giants/zombies showing up at the end of Season 2, which is as far as I've watched and as far as I'm going to watch. I've seen enough zombie shit throughout the decade, and this looks like more of the same. The fact that all the normalfags praise it doesn't fill me with hope. The fact that even they complained that the last season was shit, for the reasons I tried to warn them about since the first episode, only makes me even more confident in my dismissal of it. >>233158 "Normalfag" doesn't mean "someone who doesn't watch extremely popular television shows," anon. It's practically the opposite of what it means. Think about what you say before you say it. >YOU are the out-of-touch retards normies were >out-of-touch >normies You understand how these two things don't go together, right?
>>233292 The ironic part about the frost zombies is that they end up being a relatively minor part of the show (and books), instead filling the role of a Sword of Damocles that never falls until much later.
>>233162 I had firmly decided to never watch it or read the books long before anyone knew what the ending was. I missed out on nothing.
>>232712 If it was Game of Thrones that did it, then why that show, why that era, and why did Lord of the Rings not do the same thing a few years earlier? It's not like normalfags will recognize the difference in the settings. Yet we didn't get tons of video games with this type of setting after Lord of the Rings, despite those films being huge action movies which lent themselves well to video games. We got a few actual Lord of the Rings video games, of course, but not all these imitators trying to capitalize on its setting. So why did a show with a very similar setting a few years later suddenly get this treatment? Unless it wasn't the show that did it.
>>233298 I have no urge to read it again, unlike LOTR and The Hobbit which I have read in their entirety at least twice, and I also never made it past the fourth book so you're probably right to do so. >>233299 Lord of the Rings doesn't really have a similar setting to GoT. It has no elves or other meta-human races. Tyrion's existence seems to in fact be a passive-aggressive jab at the trope of dwarves in fantasy. It's also inspired by historical English civil war between nobility, as opposed to a Christian interpretation of pagan mythology. Honestly, I feel like calling it the fedora-tipping Redditor of fantasy is appropriate, the essence of smug pretentious counterculture that forgets what made the culture good in the first place. I get the strong impression that GRRM thinks he's clever for avoiding most of the conventional fantasy tropes, but he cucked out on omitting dragons because he apparently needed (another) doomsday device, and apparently apocalyptic magic spells weren't cool enough for him.
>>233299 I think the answer has something to do with the year 2007 and how now "nerd culture" is only now considered pop culture. LOTR was before the social media singularity and The Big Bazinga Theory.
>>233301 >It has no elves or other meta-human races. It has fucking ice zombies. >It's also inspired by historical English civil war between nobility, as opposed to a Christian interpretation of pagan mythology. As if normalfags will realize or understand any of that. >>233302 I would also think this, but the Lord of the Rings movies were so ridiculously huge that they seemed to be normalfag-friendly anyway. Return of the King won best picture, which seemed like the Academy just giving into normalfags and giving the award to the most popular movie of the year for once ever.
>>233299 Part of the answer was that there were other cultural phenomenons in that time period(2001-2005) such as the Matrix movies, Spiderman, Star Wars, and other movies such as Gladiator(came one year before LotR) and Troy(2004) that helped diversify normalfag's attention. The other part is that there were many games with elves and dwarves and magic, in that period, mainly in the western RPG market, though I don't know if the movies helped their popularity, or if it was just a continuation of the 90s video games. One game I can think of the top of my mind, is Kingdom Under Fire 1 and 2, that felt Tolken inspired and wasn't an RPG.
>>233158 >newfag has a hissy fit because anons don't worship his fotm garbage The first book was good, the next few were ok, and it turns into dogshit during the scrapped timeskip.
>>233301 But did you read the Silmarillion?
>>233311 No, I probably should.
>>233305 I don't know what you mean by similar then, I guess if you mean they both have swords and sorcery then sure. But for everyone with a vested interest in fantasy, GoT and LoTR are almost as different as you can get while having most of the same setting landmarks and tropes that one might expect out of fantasy. LoTR is distinctly 12th century and prior in its aesthetic, since that is how most of the imagery in the Norse mythology that Tolkien drew direct inspiration from is portrayed. Plate armor doesn't exist in LoTR and everyone who is cool has glittering hauberks of mail and uses swords. The land is mostly savage and untamed with civilized areas far and few between. GoT is supposed to be a gritty allegory for 14th-15th century politicking in England and perhaps Europe in general. The story structure is also very different. Tolkien's stories follow a traditional structure and have defined ends, whereas Martin seems to milk his characters and keep a million plot lines going at once so you have to keep reading.
I played the game about 2.5 years ago and it wasn't memorable. Maybe it's got a lot more stuff now who knows?
>>233652 >anon makes a thread about a game no one cares about and posts absolutely nothing in it for 24 hours >expects the posts to be on topic Maybe if you had started posting this content at the beginning instead of halfway through the thread, this might have worked.
(748.60 KB 1312x976 Figure_D_playing_video_games.jpg)
Never heard of it, last survival game I played was DayZ for about 15 minutes
>>233658 >I am not the original poster Then why the fuck did you thank us for all the replies? No one even replied to your posts, so I logically concluded you were the OP and just switched VPNs. You're trying way too hard. Seems like you might be the redditor to me, since you care about irrelevant replies.
>>233646 >fun >just works >its fun I swear >its based dude >y-you guys are just jaded if you don't want to have good old fun Any time someone can't describe a game beyond "it's just fun lol" I just write it off completely. Reminds me of the chinksin impact thread when the 50 cent army came in to defend people installing rootkits on their computers. Based on this thread I'm going to conclude that this game is probably malware too.
>>233671 >pretends he doesn't know that you can use a VPN to switch IDs >can't read Doubling down isn't going to help you now. You may as well switch VPNs again and hope for better luck next thread. >>233672 Okay, now you're just taking the piss. This reads like what one of us would post if he was trying to pretend to be a redditor, not even a real redditor.
>>233676 I never suggested that. As I mentioned, you have reading deficiencies.
>>233680 How can you expect not to make yourself look like an idiot constantly if you don't even read the posts you're replying to, with the narcissistic foregone conclusion that everyone is an idiot except for you? Do you ever think about how you look to everyone else in the thread?
>>233672 >>233676 >based >have sex >s-schizo Have you ever considered that imageboard banter might be more enjoyable for you if you changed it up every once in awhile instead of just spewing the same tired cuckchan phrases for years and years? At the very least you could maybe use the hobby to work on your writing skills instead of just spamming like a niggercattle.
>>233685 You probably think this is all fun and games for yourself. Look at us cringy betas, awash in our proper grammar and readable sentence structure. Who even does that in CY+5? You may be shocked to know that the entertainment goes both ways. Please keep posting, I'm dying to know what you come up with next.
>>233689 Censorship? Surely you can't suggest that you're a victim having admitted what you just did. Let's all have a moment of silence for the censored millionaires (not much of an accomplishment in CY+5, by the way). Their only regret was not being a billionaire.
>>233689 woah you are a millionaire and not a billionaire? get this poorfag out of this board! jesus christ i bet he doesn't have much in real estate.
The game is good. That's all I have to say. >>233689 And your dick is 12 inches right?
>>233696 Because of inflation being a "millionaire" in term of your net worth is basically being middle class and owning land. Someone could easily have their net worth in at 1 million+ and basically be living in relative poverty.
(718.79 KB 962x485 ClipboardImage.png)
I had a friend mention this game to me last night and it reminded of this trashfire of a thread so I checked it out. Was impressed that after only 8 days it has 15k reviews sitting at "Overwhelmingly Positive". I was told it was about Norse mythology, had an enormous map, lots of bosses that you fight and he still hasn't found them all, building cool houses/castles, and something about enchantments or magic or something idk. It's enough to make me consider getting it since it has co-op. I was hoping to see some anons who played it to talk about it but instead one nigger fucked all that
>>233308 >mainly in the western RPG market A very small market at the time. >>233345 >But for everyone with a vested interest in fantasy AKA not the people who are into Game of Thrones, or the people that all these current games are catering to. I agree with your points, but I'm not discussing people who have significant interest in the genre. I'm discussing normalfags, and why companies are using this type of old European setting now as opposed to then. To normalfags, Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones are both "medieval," and that's that. They can't tell the difference in setting. The stuff you said about plot and structure are also irrelevant. Copycats have different plots and structures, especially when they're in different media. But we're discussing setting.
>>233748 Well ill buy it tommorow on the lunar sale. If the thread is still alive i will come back and talk about it.
>>233700 >The game is good. That's all I have to say. <it's just good don't think about it too much I wish one of you retards would actually put effort into explaining why this shit is allegedly good. I don't think there's a single post in this entire thread that says anything beyond "it's just fun lol". I'm tempted to buy it but also feel like I'm falling for FOTM garbage with how artificial the excitement for this feels.
>>232590 Is this Valheim? It looks ugly as fuck, it's got that "low quality game in Unreal 4" appearance. It's the combination of colorful lighting and good particle effects combined with stiff character models and low quality art assets.
>>234239 I think the thread is full of shills. Save your money.
>>232284 >It seems to be very popular at the moment. Then it's shit. You know the drill.
The meadows soundtrack is very comfy, I like playing it in the background over other games. Thankfully I don’t have to buy this to do that.
>>234487 Sandboxes work as long as there are goals for the player to strive towards, like in M&B for example, you can make your own kingdom and conquer the map if that's your fancy. Or have fun fucking around with the internal politics system of another kingdom. Usually survival games are extremely lacking in this category though.
Steam must be running to play cracked online. Since this works on my machine I could see there being a gamenight soon. https://mega.nz/file/f5I31YgB#f85tJ64P23-OehKynHykqdUrUkKXLHf8y0qfcnxEwJY https://mega.nz/file/nlQB0awa#ZcXmR-DPMEDWLD2P6ucleRwvdtd4PXQU5oxCH99Yb20
>>236896 I'll probably make another account for it, don't want to lose 2k worth of gayms
>>236904 I've never had an issue. I played MHW cracked online through steam before, but I understand your concern.
(614.36 KB 1788x1012 val1.jpg)
(594.87 KB 1792x1010 val2.jpg)
(447.20 KB 1784x1004 val3.jpg)
(442.46 KB 3386x1014 val5.jpg)
(420.56 KB 1784x1010 valheim 4.jpg)
>post about the game >upload my base >critique the games flaws >get banned and my posts deleted kek this place is such a shithole, behold peasants, my beautiful base
>>234239 Don't think too much about it fellow anon, it's just plain fun! Buy the game now, all those overwhelmingly positive reviews can't be wrong! Unless they were all fabricated by those pesky Jews we hate so much hahaha am I right? Acquire this wonderful product now!
(50.37 KB 500x500 his smile and optimism.jpg)
I am so unbelievably tired of fucking vikang games. I can't stand any more games about Odin, Thor, Helheim or Sperg Spergusson hitting Tard Tardusson with an intricately engraved axe while wearing 12 bear asses instead of actual clothing, or other assorted snownigger shit. The actual period between 700-1100 has so much potential for great videogames, shit based off of Charlemagne, Byzantines vs Arabs, Slavs coming to the balkans to drive out the huns and avars. All of which could provide all of the same gameplay opportunities as most of these games do but in settings that aren't so horribly saturated by mediocre shit, especially with slavic mythology being almost completely unexplored in games, but everything has to be about fucking vikangs, because retarded half-turks get their cocks hard over comically inaccurate depictions of "their ancestors". I blame God of Soy and the Vikings show for all of this.
(2.51 MB 1920x1013 greylings.png)
>>236919 Much further along than I am. I found one of the scattered huts and put all my shit in there. Still trying to find out how to get to the next tier past Leather armor but I refuse to look it up. I'm finding it hard to explain why I like it. The game isn't amazing or anything. I enjoy the OST, the low-res graphics are kind of appealing, there's a neat crafting system, the combat is alright (easy to die, easy to kill), and the random storms that happen are cool. It's just another survival game and it's in early access but there feels like a good progression system from fighting boss to boss that you won't notice any lack of content. I'm only like 8 hours in though so it could end up getting boring later on and from watching streams there seems to only be one sea monster when sailing the ocean which sucks but I don't know. I wish there was more of an emphasis on the norse gods because right now it seems like they're just the reason for you being where you are and that's it. Would of been nice to see some interaction The game already made $20 million in its first week. I believe they said they have 50% of the content in and 75% of the framework or something. I'd be really interested in a modding scene. Would be great if we could do some magic and have some valkyries or more Norse myth related stuff added.
>>238556 >The game already made $20 million in its first week Man, just drop it and use that money to make something fun.
>>233748 It's pretty alright, not groundbreaking but will scratch the itch for the Open-World Survival and Norse Viking autists. I'll be avoiding playing these type of games for awhile, Kenshi has pretty much satiated that hunger for survival in me, but keep posting on your mileage. >>236919 Cake Overlord, Janny, or the site shitting itself and killing your posts. Nice Hall >>236986 Definitely need more about Byzantine Era that isn't about Turkroaches, but pretty burnout out if it's gonna be ANOTHER Open-World Survival game. >>238556 I admire the genius of the devs pretty much this game both accessible for toasters and minimalism to create this pastel looking game (fucking hate this Early Access bullshit) and good for them, if they don't sperg out and have a bullshit schedule of actually getting out of Early Access like several other Open-World Survival games who take 4-5 years, they can start porting this game, and hoping they do some official mod support.
>>238556 It sounds unbelievably mediocre. I'm even reading leddit niggers confused about why people are hyping it up so much and saying it was alright but nothing crazy when they played it. It looks like something you buy during a major sale for $5 because it's okay. It's fucking weird how seemingly organic advertising campaigns can spin up and people will just blindly praise a game for being of acceptable quality and average experience. I watched my friend play it and it looks like it does nothing particularly well. The boss fights are apparently kind of difficult but not especially in-depth. So the combat is just acceptable. Everything is alright but it doesn't do any one thing well, at least from what I hear and see. I guess it's better than normalfags hyping up some AAA garbage, but I still find it bizarre none the less. $20 is a ridiculous price point for games though. I can't wait until the market is so saturated that everyone is forced to compete in the sub $10 range. Get fucked nigger game devs and your price anchor gay shit.
(312.33 KB 1920x1008 20210208190531_1.jpg)
>>236919 Pleb tier chest setup
>>238695 >click video >recognize voice >immediately want to kill myself
>>232284 Been playing this for the past week with 6 friends. We've just killed the third boss and I would rate the game a 5/10 right now. Combat: >extremely simple, not minecraft simple but close enough >90% of enemies can be kited >bow is the best weapon until you find some very specific enemies that take no damage from it >either you keep running and shooting arrows or find an opportunity and mash attack on a group of enemies Building: >pretty good, but gets annoying when you're dealing with support issues >you can only build/repair near specific crafting stations I get the reason (pvp and forcing players to actually build in multiple places, not just one fuckhuge base), but it's just annoying >sometimes you'll have to jerry-rig stuff when it's out of angle since there aren't that many prefabs Most of these things aren't that bad alone, but every issue kind of complements the other, especially with the grind: >extremely grindy with very unrewarding and far apart "technology" tiers >stamina bar is a nuisance 100% of the time even with all the buffs and quality food, adds to the grind >everything you do wastes stamina >if it rains, if you touch water or if it's night you get a disgusting stamina debuff, and yes, they stack >ores are really rare and very far apart >ores are heavy, take a long time to mine (mostly due to stamina) >the only way to transport ores is by foot or boat >if you go by foot, you can build a shitty cart >it gets stuck everywhere and needs to be repaired constantly <why don't you just build roads (there's a tool for this) >road-building takes a long time due to stamina and ore deposits are too far apart for it to be worth the time >if there's water nearby, you can go by boat >if the wind is in your favor, it's great >when it's not it's quicker to go by foot >they should add the option for other players to help with paddling >tool durability is shit, but you can always waste some 10 minutes building a hut with a crafting station to repair them >items require a lot of resources to be built TL;DR: Almost every game mechanic seems to be designed to be as slow and grindy so the game isn't completed too quickly. They might have done this to pad out the game since it's in early access.
>>238816 Also, you can't use portals if you have metals/ores with you and there's no way of deleting items.
>>238817 you can throw them
>>238817 If you throw them out they will despawn over time, they wont despawn near a base/workbench.
Me and the retard squad got bored, we went to the worlds edge. Earth confirmed flat, we all died and lost our items. I forgot to take screenshots.
>>238816 >They might have done this to pad out the game since it's in early access. Actually, the game just released out of Early Access, so it sounds like it should have stayed there.
(21.21 KB 480x360 hqdefault.jpg)
oh look its another shitty soulslike clone fantasy game. I havent seen one of those before (sarcasm)
I got killed by a rolling tree. Fun Game. Also very comfy when it is raining the whole ingame day and you sit around the fire with your friends talking about whatever. Can recommend if you like fun.
>>240665 you know what else is comfy? raiding while its raining, and realism
>>240317 >soulslike It's one of those "open world survival crafting" games
>>240683 its open world survival with soulslike elements i've seen gameplay and there boss battles evident due to the large health bar appearing on screen
(6.13 MB 1280x780 SOULSOULSOULS.webm)
>>240684 >there are bosses, therefor its a soulslike Fuck off
>>240686 admit it, its another clone in the sea of the tasteless soulslike genre before getting into mount and blade i used to play dark souls, but i rarely played due to how excessively boring and tasteless it was. beat the first game once was okay, but playing the third game is a chore. but with spoilered game I can play for several hours straight. the moderately realistic combat is so nice and there are no boss battles or unrealistically spongey enemies
(24.10 KB 600x601 bait43.jpg)
>>240689 Shit, should've recognized the bait beforehand.
Playing it with friends is nice enough, the ship sailing isn't bad until you get it stuck against land and have to try and deal with the mobs + moving the ship back to water. It was also a nice change of pace from the usual shitshows we were playing to just a big co-op game, so maybe that goes into my shit opinion too. Sadly I can't play it anymore because it now constantly crashes when I turn it on, which sucks. No clue how to fix it, even though I have uninstalled and verified files multiple times.
>>240686 The games that cunt shills ARE just shitty soulsclones, though. I'm not sure what point you were trying to make with that webm, it almost detracted from your post.
(3.87 MB 1778x1008 main.png)
(1.31 MB 1479x815 unknown (1).png)
(3.34 MB 1771x999 unknown.png)
(4.95 MB 1767x1006 unknown (2).png)
(3.36 MB 1775x997 unknown (3).png)
(3.84 MB 1763x1007 unknown (4).png)
(3.60 MB 1785x997 unknown (5).png)
I am so fucking addicted. Already sent these screens to two frens and both of them bought the game instantly. Shame they're both NA kek. Can't wait to show them around my world. They're gonna love it
Are all of these IDs shills or are some anons this ready to go back to the plantation?
(512.13 KB 1080x1020 NIGGER.png)
>>241486 >muh fun "but it's fun" is a shit reason to buy something when entire industry is in dire straights partially because of faggots who buy shit and only think about themselves and not give a fuck about how it affects the industry as a whole. Besides, if I wanted "muh fun", I'd play Mayro World again, and if I wanted a shitty survival game I'd play Rust again.
>>241495 >responding to the cuckchan soyjak retard who's been shilling this game for the last week
>>241486 >being a virtual wagecuck is fun
>>241486 This is the worst fucking retort and I'm sick of hearing it. This is the same as the 100 other open world survival crafting games like Don't Starve, Project Zomboid, Subnautica, Rust and many, many others. They're not "fun" out of legitimately good game design, they prey on that basic reward loop in human psyche. They're long-term skinner boxes that mentally stimulate you just enough to keep playing.
>>241495 >>241528 >>241618 autism speaks, it's time to listen
Gotta love the fact that they used the most saturated font for pixelshit games.... in a 3d open survival game.
>>241653 Did you not notice that this game is also pixelshit?
>>241653 >saturated font What
>>232284 Too boring alone. Might be fun in coop
>>232590 >that screenshake Riveting.
(7.24 MB 2560x1440 valheim_a4liEiLEdp.png)
(8.79 MB 2560x1440 valheim_ZBaEeV04o0.png)
the game is the most fun i've had in a while. here's a base i made recently
(456.11 KB 708x720 disgusted hedgehog.png)
>PS1 Textures on high-poly models with bloom up the ass >Partnered with the grossly overused viking thematics >In an already oversaturated genre Did i mention the gorilla they refer to as the "female" player model? I've seen linebackers more effeminate than "her". And to all the obvious shills ITT making no attempt to fit in. You know who you are, and i'm afraid your game sucks.
Does anybody have some first hand impressions with this game? Why this game over the other survival games? What does it do better than other survival games that made you buy this one instead? Any mechanics that make it stand out?
(102.03 KB 694x734 traditional pagan wedding.JPG)
>>236986 Its because they can put their own spin on viking stuff. They like to tell you that vikings were feminists and had homosexual relationships and were also cuckolds(yes this was in the viking tv show).
>>243969 >And to all the obvious shills ITT making no attempt to fit in why would I want to fit in with a bunch of autistic newfaggot retards that have absolutely no value? Grow up and take your pills nigger
>>236986 >>238567 >>244046 Name one game that's actually about what vikings and Nordic mythology and not some fucking made up bullshit horned helmet fantasy of what they believe vikings to be.
(1.63 MB 1206x1006 necklace.png)
rare necklace, it said it's a material when I picked it up, probably some silver shit
>>244427 Its only purpose is to be sold to the dwarf merchant for 600 gold.
>>244522 correction, 30 gold per item, 600 for the stack.
Unity games look awful, childishly simplistic, low poly and dull. It's not impossible to make a passable game in it but they always look meh at best.
any servers?
Nice that my post saying that /v/ has worse taste than r*ddit got removed. Do the mods know that removing posts that hurt their feelings turns this place into R*ddit? What a shithole this place has become.
i got it the other day and i've played a couple hours, its decent enough fun. what surprises me is how functional the gameplay feels, for an early access title that is. i was expecting glitching through the floor and T-posing, kind of a grind to farm enough materials at the start but thats probably why its a 10 player coop.
This thread is consistently being bumped by one dude IP hopping and it's painfully obvious Dude, if nobody wants to talk about this game you should try another site. You can't (1) and (2) a general into existence.
4 million sales in 3 weeks while still in early access. I guess this is the next meme game of this year. I'd rather pay for a complete game up front but to each their own. >>244996 Because getting one post remove is equivalent to a website owned by China enforcing commie rules. What false equivalencies do they teach you in school?
>>246868 He doesn't even bother changing his posting style.
I've been playing a lot of the game and I want to talk about it but I don't really know what to say other than Its fun and I like it. Its got a nice aesthetic, some nice music, deeper than expected game play but nothing new and its not very deep, its just more deep than i thought. I think the game has potential to be amazing as it is right now its pretty damn good especially for early access. I've never played a early access game before this one and I pirated it too but I can see myself paying for it one day after a couple updates. Things I want most are building to be easier It can be frustrating sometimes trying to get a piece to snap somewhere and more blocks or ability to dye blocks I want to change wood and stone color. A out of body build mode would be good too. and less grind, also less mountainous difficulty curves. Its pretty absurd how quick you go from being OP to getting one shot in a new area. I'm at Iron now I thought 5 to 10 Bronze for Bronze gear was really fucking expensive but 20 fucking Iron and then to fully upgrade something you need like 30 Iron. You want to make a full armor set a weapon or two and the essential axe and pickaxes you're looking at hundreds of Iron and heaven forbid you want to make and use a variety of weapons because that's gonna be at least another 300 Iron. Christ man, that's absurd. And you also can't teleport with it so unless you got really lucky with a swamp that isn't an ocean away that has some Crypts its a long journey home and back. I've been cheesing it by going to a swamp on another seed and then when I'm full of Iron I go back to my world and I'm right at my base but Its still an insane amount of grind and time. Doing it the proper way would be mental.
>>241486 This wasn't even a well written soyjak. I've seen turbo-normalniggerfaggot soyjaks with more well written NNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOO YOU CAN'T JUST ______ than this. How does it make you feel that literal niggers on nigger social media platforms make better memes than you do?
who has a /v/ server to join?
>>233748 It's early access, kill yourself. Let me know when they release a video game.
(3.12 MB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)
I'm trying to build a gas chamber but the smoke doesn't build up, what am I doing wrong? The smoke just seems to dissipate the moment it hits the ceiling, so it doesn't build up at all. Does anyone here have a better grip on smoke mechanics?
>>247872 >Wooden doors. Well there your problem. >>247792 I'm thinking about setting one up but since I pirated it I'm pretty sure we would all need to be on the same version. I think I would need to find the most recent update post a link to it so everyone is on the same version and repeat the process every now and again when there's enough in the updates to warrant the hassle of everyone updating again. I know the bought version has a dedicated server option but I don't know if that is possible on the pirate one so we could all only play If I'm playing without that option. I don't think it probably is but if someone has looked into it drop a link. I haven't looked into at all and I don't feel like researching, feels like it would be pain in the ass.
>>247887 >when there's enough in the updates Come on. That's not gonna happen in the next five months.
>>244057 I really liked Expeditions Vikings until I ran into all of the stupid bugs and interface annoyances. But the writing is decent.
>>247909 I'll try that.
>>246992 I gave up on the grind and just started duping my items once I got them.
(211.02 KB 549x598 2394723948729842.gif)
(738.15 KB 680x522 1451000339369.png)
>>248179 It still auto-spoilers this gif I first posted here last year
>>247887 looking around it seems its the exact same setup as the bought version, except pirates only with pirates. too bad this game doesn't have more building options or else i would push more for a /v/ server.
(15.88 KB 500x384 Coop.jpg)
>>232763 This, it's just a drama show with random dragons tossed in once in a while so viewers can pretend they aren't watch a soap opera, literally the same as the shitty walking dead shows, almost entirely petty boring human drama instead of the walking dead doing zombie things
Got this as a gift and just from the few hours I've played its very obvious a woman lead this game.
been playing this for the last 4 or 5 days, its fucking addicting. the coop goes up to 10 but i'd say 3-5 is probably the perfect number of players. its minecraft with viking-setting
(555.77 KB 480x270 1429867042356.gif)
There is already a thread about Shillheim >>232284
>>249923 my bad, i was scrolling up from the bottom and didnt see the more popular thread. either way, games good. give it a chance you faggots. i know the rule of thumb is that anything popular is automatically shit but this ones definitely the exception.
(3.46 MB 1920x1080 christianity.png)
(1.89 MB 1920x1080 farm.png)
(2.67 MB 1920x1080 comfortzone.png)
I've cleared the game and have successfully spread Christianity and civilization to the unwashed pagan masses, here's my 2 cents. Combat is very well described as "soulslike", as its mechanics around stamina, blocking, rolling, parrying etc. are essentially a copy. Sadly, the combat is not actually good. There's a lot of jank involved: >Melee attacks cannot be aimed up or down, so fighting anything on slopes is absolute pain. Wolves in particular are near impossible to hit. >The balance of enemies is all over the place. Some enemies chase you down and have running attacks to force you to constantly expand stamina, whilst others can't harm you as long as you keep walking away. >Enemy AI seems to have a lot of trouble deciding when to actually attack, forcing you to often wait for seconds at a time. You can't take the initiative with melee, since the enemy will just hit you whilst you're hitting it. >Bows are OP as you can cancel the animation at any point in time. >Stamina regenerates pretty slowly, so when you run out you spend a lot of time just waiting around in combat for it to come back. Progression is a bit grindy to not at all depending on how bad you are at the game. There's nothing stopping you from tryharding in souls-esque fashion by investing all your materials into damage and dodging everything. But if you grind your dick off and max out everything, you can literally facetank and win. That said, if you're unlucky it might take quite some time to find the location of the 4th and 5th boss, as the game can just decide to not spawn any tablets pointing you to it. Likewise, there's a merchant that sells some crazy good items, but you can very easily miss him. His +150 carry weight belt in particular is a massive game changer. Because ores and metals cannot be brought to teleporters; you are given the choice to either ferry materials to your base or build additional bases. I like this mechanic, since then you're not stuck with the shitty starter house you made when trying to figure out building. You're also not forced to build bases everywhere, since you can just strip an island of materials and haul it home by boat. It fits the viking theme very well. The building aspect needs a lot of work, and the developers will need to work fast to improve it. Whilst I and many others have made some nice builds, you actually have very limited tools. Some important things to note are: >You can raise and flatten terrain, but not smooth it. Any edited terrain looks like a jaggy mess as a result. >The game uses a "support" system, limiting your ability to build tall or hanging sections. This isn't too bad for PvP, but severely limits creative builds. It also is slow at calculating support in larger structures, causing a collapse to be delayed by several seconds. >The actual selection of building parts is very limited. >The game's netcode is shit, causing desyncs frequently. This can results in item loss, which is a big deal since some structures are quite pricey. There's already mods rolling out for the game too. But there needs to be work from the developers side too. For example, there is currently no way for servers to force clients to enable PvP, even with mods. Since you can't force players into PvP, the only way you can stop players from breaking and stealing your shit is repeatedly repairing it until they give up and leave. I think this game is worth keeping an eye on; but it all depends on whether the developers continue it in the right direction. If you haven't bought the game yet, then feel free to wait. In solo it's boring as shit, and in co-op the game suffers from shitty netcode. >>247872 >>247887 Further testing revealed to me that the lifetime of smoke inversely scales with the amount of smoke spawners. When I light the hearths in the gas chamber, the hearths of surrounding structure have notably smaller smoke plumes.
>>249948 stamina is heavily affected by food, temperature, rest, and other factors like being soaking wet (ie: after coming out of the water or in the rain). try not to explore in the rain and/or dry yourself with a campfire after swimming, try to explore during the day because at night it gets cold, and that further fucks with your stamina. also, by adding commodities to your house (such as a fur rug, a chair, etc.) you can raise your Comfort level, which makes your "rested" buff longer and stronger. you don't even need to sleep to get it just idle in an area where you're "sheltered" and surrounded by these commodities in proximity. i like the fast travel system, simple and direct. build a portal at home, then build a portal where you want to teleport later, give them the same tag and you're good. its great for moving large amounts of resources that aren't metal.
>>249957 I have maximum comfort already, as seen in my 3rd screenshot. My problem with stamina is that it's too limited. I understand the modifiers, and I don't like them. Even with rested and without cold/wet, your stamina regeneration is fairly limited, forcing you to spend a lot of time in combat waiting for it to come back. The amount of time you waste doing this increases dramatically when fighting larger groups of enemies, sometimes to the point that you're incapable of regenerating the stamina that you lose avoiding damage. At that point, it becomes incredibly unfun. Cold and wet are also pretty poor mechanics. Getting wet from swimming is reasonable, but wetness from rain is unpredictable. Cold doesn't need to exist, since during the night spawnrates already get jacked up like crazy. Quite frankly, I find that combat against multiple enemies is only enjoyable when chugging tasty meads. You already have to carefully look for a moment you're allowed to hit an enemy without getting hit back. Why the fuck do I need to spend 30 seconds walking in circles to get my stamina back every time I kill an enemy on top of that? Rested taking 20 seconds of sitting pisses me off too. When I get exhausted from playing the stupid waiting game, I overcommit and die. I then don't want to be forced to sit at the stupid fucking fire for 20 seconds because this dipshit can't regenerate any god damn stamina without it. I'd much rather have the game give me a 30 second respawn timer than having this chore.
>>249968 >combat against multiple enemies sir have i told you about our lord and savior The Stagbreaker?
(115.45 KB 548x747 mcbd.jpg)
>>236986 A Byzantine game set in the Macedonian era has so much potential. Their cataphracts were one of the few military units that actually did carry one of each kind of weapon like in a video game and the Byzantine aesthetic is unlike anything else from the middle ages.
>>249977 Not to mention they used crazy shit like flame throwers and incendiary grenades at a time when the Chinese were still trying to figure out how to use gunpowder effectively in warfare.
>>249977 the average normalnigger doesn't know what the byzantine empire even is.
(100.76 KB 900x453 tagmata soldiers.png)
(117.92 KB 730x1095 tagmata.jpg)
>>249995 >>249977 >>249979 >no hexen-like game where you play as an optimatoi fucking shit up with bows, spears, warhammers, sabers, swords, javelins and mothefucking flamethrowers
>>232590 lmao New World isn't looking too good
(26.07 KB 350x410 unnamed (6).jpg)
(91.65 KB 502x512 unnamed (7).jpg)
(971.09 KB 807x1067 14mytorm7tq21.png)
>>249977 >>250031 Why the fuck would you want the Byzantine era? That's like saying >yes I want a game about the cultural decay, jewish subversion, and niggerification of whites in greece At least do the Sassanids over the smelly jew-worshipers.
>>250080 Remove yourself, larpagan.
>>250090 >persians >east roman empire >larpagan Go to school, you stinking amerimutt.
>>250262 >>250090 >>250080 >jewish subversion, and niggerification of whites in greece >larpagan >persians Allow me to settle this, you're all morons
>>250262 >persians You mean the ones that got absolutely conquered on the early muslim conquest while the romans lasted until 1453? Your entire post makes no fucking sense you idiot.
>>250080 I didn't look at the third pic. Horned helmet shit is indeed bullshit.
>>250080 Because Byzantine shit is cool. You've got Greek, Roman, Slavic, Arabic, Persian, Germanic, Turkic and even some Egyptian influence all rolled into one. There's not really anything else like it which is why it has so much potential as a video game setting.
(1.69 MB 2560x1440 2021.03.04-12.47.png)
ngli fams the ocean part of the game is really fun.
(189.43 KB 456x628 1363544978170.jpg)
Just died in the sunken crypt in a room filled with 1 star draugrs and a spawner. How get back gear? I have nothing!
>>252671 git gud
>>252680 I'm screwed...
>>252671 The enemies despawned so you should have better luck next time. Grab your back up armor( you do have back up armor, right anon?) Should have used the Stagbreaker to fuck up everything and not get hit. Alternatively if you are a little bitch you could just enable cheats and god mode to grab your gear.
>>252670 It's pretty fun when you're in a storm and on a shitty boat, since some kind of risk involved. When you're on the best boat it just gets boring, especially if you don't have the dragon boss buff, then it's just waiting for the wind to change directions. Sea serpents aren't a threat and the lands of fire are just boring. The game need a lot of work, but shows some promise.
this game has a very hypnotic, simplistic charm to it. its not everyday that a generic survival indie becomes this popular.
Is there siege defense in this game or is the base building purely for the autistic?
>>272162 To a degree. Occasionally there will be an attack event at your location where monsters will spawn and attack your shit, which makes walls handy to stop them wrecking your shit. Every single time I just went out and killed them all though.
>>272162 occasionally you get attacked by a wave of monsters, but for now thats it. the types of monsters that raid your shelter are usually tied to your progress in the game (ie: amount of bosses you've killed)
>>234372 The game is only 1GB in size.
>thread keeps getting bumped by (1)s
>>272162 >Raise ground high enough to make walls >Get attacked >Enemy literally walk up then walk away since they can't destroy the ground and therefore can't get in Pretty comfy even if it takes awhile to build those walls new update makes raising dirt take less stone, so theres that.

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