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(851.04 KB 200x250 muh dic.gif)
(443.51 KB 1280x960 hylics 2.png)
What are you anons playing? Anonymous 06/10/2020 (Wed) 00:19:56 Id:f5746a No. 25908
And what do you think about it? Are there any games you´re actually looking forward to? I am looking forward to Hylics 2 and more Juice World updates. Cuphead´s DLC as well if that ever gets released.
>>25908 Clubhouse is more fun then it has any right to be. I hate the brats and the black lady in the intros.
I'm playing through Deus Ex for the first time. I know several spoilers but it's still nice, though I have two complaints. While serviceable the gunplay isn't fun. As a matter of fact I'd say it's so poor that I've tried to not use it as much as possible, pretty much the only two weapons I use are the gep gun for robots and the dragon for everything else, occasionally using a sniper rifle to take out people silently. I understand that it's an RPG and they have to incentivize you investing points into weapon skills but you are a nano augmented super solider, you should be able to shoot at something accurately without having to stand still for ten seconds. The other problem I have is that the game could use a lesson in subtlety, I've seen pretty much every twist coming up to the point where I am.
(184.18 KB 558x634 ClipboardImage.png)
(324.72 KB 772x590 ClipboardImage.png)
>>25908 Finished the Darkness and working on Darkness 2. Not sure which one I like more atm. They changed a lot for 2 and I'm mixed on some things, but maybe that will change by the time I complete it. >looking forward to Brigador Killers. I really liked the first one but the repetitive objectives bored the shit out of me. Hoping the sequel fixes that.
(3.66 MB 558x634 civvie-kill_test_07.gif)
(3.65 MB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)
(9.50 MB 772x590 pinball_booster_02.gif)
>>26031 >images are fucked My bad.
Marathoning the Mega Man X games. Currently on X6. People seem to say it's the worst one, but I think the only thing that makes it annoying is the missable guys that you have to rescue. I don't think that's as bad as the dumb timer + RNG system in X5. The key elements, like level design, are still on par for the series. That one giant wheel miniboss in the fire level is fucking bullshit, but at least there is one item that makes it doable.
>>25908 Angry Goy II (recently managed to beat the game in 16:34.09 with Hitler and his minigun), Lemmings (via DOSBox) and the Super Mario 64 PC port (OpenGL version since I'm still on Windows 7).
Sleeping Dogs. It's an oldie but a decent GTA clone set in HK.
>>26634 Patrician taste. It's sad the company that made it went out of business, because we'll never get a follow up.
>>26634 >it's an oldie Game isn't even 10 years old anon, and still looks great if you ask me.
(387.54 KB 1280x720 doggo.jpg)
(642.79 KB 1200x1025 bog.png)
(23.35 KB 270x270 beep.png)
>>25908 Piked up a second hand copy of Pokemon Sword. Janky as fuck but actually fucking enjoyed it. God damn sudden Bogdanoff twins letting lose kaiju all over the place. Currently playing Kenshi. Also janky as fuck but enjoying it. I like autistic games.
(522.46 KB 850x1200 34549044_p0.png)
(309.06 KB 1517x1074 40457476_p0.jpg)
Still playing Senran Kagura Burst Renewal (the first game people should play). I like how much more in-depth the plot and the character interactions are than I first thought. It isn't cheesy with it too which I thought it would be. There's a couple times it goes into some generic cliche and then does the opposite which I appreciate as I thought all I would get out of this game was tiddy ninjas.
(352.36 KB 1920x1080 noita.jpg)
Noita. Received a key as a gift. I didn't get very far. The physics are fun. Magic weapon details are cryptic, so it's hard to decide if a new weapon is better. I'm not sure if the game can keep me hooked for long. After that I wanted to check out Baba is You.
(367.24 KB 758x235 2020-06-10 22_33_10.png)
Just finished Alpha Polaris. Pretty neat short adventure horror game about being on an arctic research station. Best thing it's free on steam. I searched for the engine that made it and it's like half defunct, sad stuff
>PLAYAN' Nothing right now. I've already burned through every game that's in the genres I like to play, and re-playing them is hell for me. "Oh boy, I wonder what happens when I complete the mandatory tutorial section and have to fight a boss?" Right, the same fucking thing that happened the first time I played. >ANTICIPATAN' I don't dare anticipate anything anymore, with developers and publishers cranking their political horseshit up to elevenfinity. Whether they're just mouthing the words to keep the Twitter Stasi from giving them the stink-eye or not, I won't have my hopes dashed. He who has no hope, cannot have his hopes betrayed.
(378.88 KB 344x408 wew.png)
>>26840 >sobbing noises >more crying >niggerpill bullshit >complaining Wew, did somebody piss in your beer?
>>26846 Eat a dick and continue to breathe manually.
>>26857 At least you're not crying anymore, that's progress. Now all you have to do is read the thread title and we'll get there or kill yourself already, you coward.
>>26840 >Fucking American and or Britbong being an insufferable prick as per normal. You guys used to be fun. I wish you all had on single face so I could slap the fuck out of it.
>>26527 I've managed to beat Angry Goy II in 16:17.25 (again, with Hitler and his minigun).
(235.26 KB 415x988 Turok_Rage_Wars_ADON.png)
Recently played through both Ittle Dew games and Turok 2 (remastered version), all for the first time. First Ittle Dew is a nifty little experiment in reducing the Zelda formula down to the essentials with decent humor. There's only three major items in the game, and you have to do the dungeons in any order but have to do each dungeon with nothing but its respective item. The main/final dungeon can be beaten with any two of the three items, which adds some replayability in trying to beat the game with each possible combination. However, it's short (necessarily due to the previously mentioned gimmick, admittedly), like 80% focused on single-room puzzles, and what depth there is to the mechanics is barely explained. Second Ittle Dew is much better, being a full Zelda-like title but still retaining the openness of the first. The seven primary dungeons can be beaten in any order and each have a new item to find. And you aren't restricted to the dungeon's item, either, and all the dungeons have shorcuts that can only be opened by possessing items from other dungeons, so your playthrough can vary quite a bit based on the order you complete dungeons. There are also a lot of secret caves, most containing either small upgrades or the collectible needed to access the bonus dungeons and true ending of the game, and all of them can be beaten with the starting items. Some, also, actually contain copies of the dungeon items (which are replaced with upgrades to those items if you already have them). The game has a lot of fun and clever puzzles, the four bonus dungeons are legitimately difficult, the humor is just as entertaining as the first game's, and its a good length while still being very replayable. Turok 2 was just alright. While the guns were cool, the enemies were never all that fun to fight, especially as tanky as they were without headshots, and the encounter design was always lackluster. The levels themselves were a weird compromise between linearity and exploration-driven, and the mission objectives and hidden abilities to find just felt like a way to force the player to explore the levels, which ultimately harmed level flow, led to a lot of backtracking, and felt like padding. And the fourth level, Lair of the Blind Ones, fucking sucked. Level six was pretty fun, though. However, only the last three of the six levels had bosses at the end, and none of them were all that fun. The optional special nuke weapon felt way underpowered for the effort it took to get and the build-up of having to find and assemble its parts like the first game's chronoscepter. And the final boss was ridiculously easy. The lack of dinosaurs throughout the game was appalling, with a few raptors here and there and one single dino with mounted guns that you could ride. I felt the first game was ultimately more fun to play through. Adon is a massively underrated vidya girl and deserves more love, though.
Emulating Senran Kagura 2 on my phone, it's much harder than SKB but the combat is more satisfying with more options at your disposal than just attacking and following with aerial rave, I really feel it was the best the series has to offer after they just went all out on goofy hijinks instead of a serious story that SKB and SK2 has, not to mention that the series is probably dead now that Tencent is Marvelous' major stock holder. >>26768 Honestly as someone that's a fan of the series, I only recommend people play SKB and SK2, the others aren't really worth it since it lacks the more serious story and character development, instead everyone is kind of dumbed down and one note.
(47.53 KB 460x215 wrath.jpg)
>>25908 >What are you anons playing? Wrath >And what do you think about it? So far I like the game. Unfortunately, the developers themselves compared it to Quake, which wasn't smart in my opinion, because it sets false expectations that can't be met. The game can exist on its own merits. The weapons have secondary firing modes, it's shit for some weapons. The melee weapon, a wrist sword, has a charging thrust with the secondary firing mode. It let's you double jump. That makes the melee weapon useful, in a game full of guns. The maps are bigger than in Quake. The range of motion and speed are great. You're downright flying through the map, plus you have a very wide FOV with over 100+. I've missed that. The enemies have their own characteristics and are easy to distinguish. The artifact system looks like it's been tacked on, let's see if it gets better.
I´ve been playing Ape Escape 3. It´s pretty cool.
(91.53 KB 733x459 QT Goth April.jpg)
Finishing up The Longest Journey, and they're not kidding with that title. Most adventure games can be finished up in a few hours so long as the puzzles aren't completely bugnuts bizarro logic. This fucking game, though, I'm already 20 hours in and still have three or four chapters to go. The puzzles are fairly logical, but there's a bad habit of the game exhausting dialogue options with an NPC, but won't give you the key info you need to trigger the next section until you come back and ask "Remind me again where I can find.... etc". Then the NPC will slip a bit of extra critical info your way. The environments aren't huge per chapter, but it's still annoying as fuck backtracking across them looking for a puzzle/story trigger until you realize that guy you already squeezed for information was holding out. The story and setting are enjoyable enough, though a lot of that comes from only having played Dreamfall back on the original Xbox and now getting to rediscover the worlds of Stark and Arcadia while getting the context for shit I missed the first time because they were references or direct continuations. One thing that's really pissing me off is that I'm starting to like the character of April Ryan. She was decent in Dreamfall, but has a bit of a slow start in TLJ - and TLJ makes a pretty direct and strong inference that Lady Alvane is "future" April. The thing is, April apparently dies in Dreamfall - despite the little girl in the dream world telling Zoe to find and save April. So... between Alvane and Zoe's quest.. not to mention rumored of "The Longest Journey Home" being in development as the conclusion of April's arc - surely the wound wasn't completely fatal, or that April was only "MOSTLY" Dead and could be brought back in future games. Nah, I got to looking into Dreamfall Chapters and apparently April is dead for real. They just unceremoniously stabbed her with a Halbred and dumped her in the swamp. Alvane is now someone different. Who knows - doesn't matter. Zoe's quest to "save" April was really meant to kill her all along - to "free" her from her pain. Or some shit. I don't plan on ever playing Chapters. Ragnar Tørncuck was always a progressive shit, and it shows in his games, but he's really gone off the deep end these last 10 years. Never trust a fucking Swede. or Soy-Nord, whatever
(230.99 KB 600x850 FUCK.jpg)
I know what game I will not be playing in each case: last year, during on of the Directs, this game was featured. Immediately drew my attention, but the trailer ended on a very sour note: localized by NISA and only for the Switch and the PS4.
>>25908 I've been playing disgaea 5. Thanks to autism, I enjoy casually grinding item world in the end game. >Are there any games you´re actually looking forward to? Nope. FF7R remake killed any hope for the industry dispite loving the Seiken Densetsu 3 remake. I can't believe I spelled that correctly on the first time after having a few drinks I didn't ff7 be good at all and that's what's most depressing. RIP FF7 and FFXI.
(506.17 KB 1200x900 28530687_p0_master1200.jpg)
(776.20 KB 1200x900 28530687_p1_master1200.jpg)
>>42836 RIP in peace FFXI
>>25908 DEAD: twin stick shooter, you fight a bunch of ridiculous bosses and the challenges are flat out insane. Gunfire Reborn: decent roguelike shooter, avoid if you dislike being instagibbed. Supreme Commander 2: we all know this one. Kincaid: furry porn and metroidvania is a weird combo, but it works.
>>25908 Streets of Rage 4, Titanfall 2, Spongebob
(229.86 KB 1920x1080 img_report_01_202006.jpg)
(203.81 KB 1920x1080 img_report_06_202006.jpg)
im looking forward to r-type final 2, i was honestly very surprised this was going to be a thing, what worries me is that it's a kikestarter project but other than that i'm very much looking forward to this game, they've been putting a lot of care and detail into the ships and immersing you as a pilot, i just hope they just put as much care into the gameplay.
>>25908 > What are you anons playing? Just finished Ori and the Blind Forest, and I'm probably going to start Styx: Master of Shadows. >And what do you think about it? I liked the platforming, exploration, art style, and music. Ori is pretty much beast mode toward the endgame, but the endgame was still challenging. The last chase scene was fucking painful because it barely gave me time to think, and I kept pressing the wrong buttons (I don't always work well under pressure), but overall I highly enjoyed it. >Are there any games you´re actually looking forward to? I played a demo of Desperados 3 and had fun. Apparently it's made by the same devs as Shadow Tactics, which I'll have to get around to playing.
>>35206 Glad someone else here appreciated Ittle Dew. The puzzles are extremely well-designed; 2D Zelda needs to learn from them.
>>42822 I played it on Switch. The localization is fine, and the art style is lovely. As a game it's very slow and shallow though. You'd be fine just watching a playthrough online.
Played some Contra III. It's fuckin' hard even on normal I get my ass kicked by level 3.
>>44023 It's mostly muscle memory
>>25908 Just finished El Shaddai today, and i still don't know how to feel about it. Weird game.
I have been playing Okami HD as of late, never played the original release but I'm enjoying it a lot. The combat might be easy as fuck but the humor, art style and "sidequests" are pretty fun. I've also been playing Medarot S Unlimited Nova. Being a mobile game it has shit systems like the stamina thing but the gameplay is just like the mainline games. Building super broken and ridiculous teams is really fucking fun
>>44016 I don't know if I'd want its puzzles in Zelda. As much as I liked them, the number and average difficulty of them made the game felt really stop and start, which was fine for Ittle Dew since it was designed for it, but I feel would really hurt the flow and pacing of a Zelda title. And them being blatantly all made from the same few puzzle "pieces" kinda made them feel samey across the game. Zelda could do with more difficult puzzles, but I don't think in the way Ittle Dew does them.
>>44133 Similar story here. I enjoyed Okami HD more for the atmosphere and some of the music than the game play. It was nice to play a Zelda-like on PC, but I put it down for a while about three quarters of the way through because it was getting a little stale. Before I got the urge to finish it again, I noticed that of the 35 Gb or whatever of my drive it was occupying, a huge chunk was just video for the credits and so on. That irritated me to the point that I shoved the save files somewhere and uninstalled it.
(2.01 MB 2211x3000 Daisy_lg2.png)
Guess since my recent games have obviously changed, so might as well post about them too. Played through Mario & Sonic Tokyo 2020. Decent collection of minigames, but it doesn't do a good job explaining how to play some of them, and I wasn't a fan of the fact some characters were locked to single specific events. The story mode was very bland and Tails and Luigi were gigantic idiots who kept letting their shit get stolen. There only being three dream events was also pretty shit, and retro events weren't substantial enough to make up for them. Appreciated all the midriffs, though. Also beat an HL mod, The Infected. Nothing awful, nothing great, just another HL-like campaign that kinda repeats some of the original's bits but not as well. Also liked using assassins way too much. Finally there was Snake Pass. It's novel, and it starts out pretty fun, but once the challenge ramps up the controls are too imprecise to make it all that fun, and there's so many fucking collectibles a stage, and with how slow it is to traverse a level, I gave up on getting everything halfway through and just focused on beating it. Ending was pretty lackluster, and David Wise's soundtrack was pretty disappointing compared to his pedigree. Right now I'm playing through Rayman Redemption, a fan remaster of the first Rayman. I've started the first Rayman several times, but never got really far for some reason. I'm having a good time with this version, though, and I can really appreciate what the first game accomplished.
(88.68 KB 256x384 Glory_of_Heracles-title.png)
I've never really been a JRPG dude so I've decided to work on my tastes in that department. I've been playing through (in order) DQ1-3, 5, and 7 (I think? It was released for the 3ds.) along with Bravely Default and Chrono Trigger. (I've played quite a bit of Chrono Trigger a long time ago but I never really finished it.) I'll see about 11. I've been aiming towards pimping my 3ds with a good library when the purge inevitably happens and I can remain indoors as supreme NEET. Currently playing through Glory of Heracles and its a gem. Battles are a bit long but that's fine when combat is nice and the equipment system is interesting. >Think about it? Again, above, Glory is great. I like the characters and the gwaphics are surprisingly aesthetic for a DS game. Meanwhile have also been playing DQ1. It feels a bit bare but its what I expected for the first one. >Are there any games you're actually looking forward to? Looking forward to playing the second one that has the expanded overworld. Though the game I'm really working towards in DQ 5 since I heard the story is god-tier. If anyone has recommendations on more JRPGs I'd appreciate. Someone already recommended Lunar and it looks nice, probably gonna pick up either the PSP remake or the GBA one for my 3ds library. >>44133 Okami's story starts getting good nearer the end. Same with the abilites. Also, for some unholy reason they save the best bosses for the ending stretch. >>43411 Ori and the Will of the Wisps is immensely superior, though the ending is dogshit. I'd highly recommend it if you liked the first game.
My new gpu arrives in the mail today so I was about to start Dark Souls 3, played 1 and 2. 1 is one of my favorites games but didn't like 2 so much, how good is 3? Also planning on starting Sekiro, id it good?
>>44169 DS3 has performance issues, like crashing here and there. It seemed fairly good as a game when working, though not as good as the predecessors. It has been a slow but enjoyable descent from Demons Souls. >>44161 Good post, I had never heard of Glory of Heracles-- it looks good. If you get tired of the tradition JRPG give Shadow Hearts series a go, same for any SaGa game, as they mix things up fairly good.
>>44161 That's good to hear, I was beginning to think the game would have gotten old after defeating Orochi.
Just finished Divinity 2, was quite a ride I haven't played a CRPG in a long time and I really payed for my mistakes Right now I'm juggling school, work, and trying to decide on a new game to start. Some old friends got me to play a few games of Apex Legends with them, because they are a bit on the normalfag side when it comes to vidya but I found myself having fun, even enough to play solo for a bit. The dialogue and ping wheel are my favorite parts, can communicate without talking on the mic because I am shy
>>44169 3 is good, but there's hackers exploiting and ruining the PvP side by getting your accounts banned. You'll need constant backups to keep your data from being blacklisted by FROMSOFT + look around for blocklists online to keep the salty hackers away.
>>44195 I'm going to pirate it so no online for me anyway, if I ever buy one of these games it will be the first one, although I see no reason since I really don't care about the multiplayer
(468.55 KB 600x797 bogemon.png)
Tried playing Battlezone 98 redux and got my ass handed to me. How the fuck did I manage to beat this as a child is beyond me. Guess I'll try fixing my old microshit joystick to play the game with. At least it will be more enjoyable.
>>44018 Ah fug, I expected more of it.
I'm trying to beat Divine Divinity, but I can't bring myself to finish it. It gets so boring after awhile. AND THE WEIGHT LIMIT OH GOD. Can games just do away with this already? Gothic had it right.
>>44342 Every fucking time there is a sandbox with a weight limit that I couldn't resolve with currency or trading, since the player character is usually the richest muthafucker on the planet, I use CheatEngine and cheats. If the Weight Limit is fucking low, why wouldn't I hire multiple bodies or purchase containers, steeds, or vehicles for this shit? If the setting is in spess, whats stopping me from have multiple auxiliary ships?
(230.00 KB 475x259 fuck yeah.gif)
(18.66 MB 640x360 Hylics 2.mp4)
Hylics 2 is out so i´ll be playing that baybee. This is the only game i´ve been hyped for in a long ass time.
Rayman Redemption >larger screen so stages don't feel cramped >start with every ability except hoop swing >new content >helicopter behaves like other games (Not just a short glide, can hold and deactivate) Definitely one of my favorite releases this year. I love it when passion projects like this come out of nowhere. Also Minecraft hardcore, then I plan to finally play with mods anons recommended
>>25908 >Hylics 2 >Juice World My fucking nigga. I'm installing Hylics 2 right now actually. I'm gonna play it soon. I've been playing a bit of Open Fortress even though a lot of people involved with it are discord trannies (literally with one of them) but it's a good mod nonetheless. I fucking hate fighting people that use the lightning gun though. I also can't wait for Juice World to get more updates. I've been following its development ever since I first saw Alpha Beta Gamer's video on it. Alpha Beta Gamer is actually a good Youtube channel for finding recently made niche games, especially if you like indie horror games.
Okay so I played Hylics 2 for a bit and I think I might want my money back. This shit is so fucking infuriating to play and I'm not having fun. It's a visually and musically outstanding game, don't get me wrong, but it has so many goddamn issues I'm surprised made it past beta testing. Combat is slow as fuck, enemies are damage sponges that constantly heal, you don't have enough "will" to consistently deal high amounts of damage with special attacks, and there's a high hp enemy that takes ages to kill that can multiply itself at any moment, especially when you've killed most of them. That, and platforming is a bit of a nightmare. It's so clunky and it's really easy to get caught on decorations and shit and it's really easy to fall into pits and shit.
>>44342 How far have you come? If you are at the desert you have effectively beaten the game. It was meant to end when you become the divine one, but the publisher insisted on the game having a desert, so this huge boring area of nothing got bolted on at the last minute.
>>45697 Way before that, around the time you lose the teleporter pyramid.
(344.43 KB 1920x1080 Bloodstained Curse of the Moon.jpg)
Fun game. It's 50% OFF on steam right now if anyone interested.
>>44316 I played it last year, though I didn't play the soviet campaign. In my opinion, the only hard mission was the last one, and not for any good reason. I liked the idea of the game but once I played a few missions, it started feeling quite hollow. Many DOS games are like that: Looks very complicated and awesome in screenshots, but once you've played it for 10 minutes, you realize that the complexity is just the shitty UI, not in the game itself. Still, I think a better implementation of Battlezone with modern hardware capabilities might turn out to be really awesome, but I doubt there are many devs around these days who could pull it off. >>44342 The weight limit is easily circumvented by leaving one teleportation stone at your home base. That way you can loot EVERYTHING.
I was playing Cold Steel 3, but I think my PSU's failing as any vidya I play today causes my PC to suddenly turn off and I would have to flick the switch on my PSU to turn it back on. I've checked temps among other troubleshooting methods and it didn't fix anything.
>>45455 I think the combat becomes manageable once you get Pongorma. There´s also a difficulty setting that reduces or increases enemy damage. The platforming is indeed kinda shit. I have fun dicking around with the Air-Dash though.
>>44459 I fucking hate weight, hunger and all those mechanics that only add chores to the game. Hunger is fine when it's a core part of gameplay like Don't Starve or even the Sims, but hunger in games like stalker seem pretty pointless, same shit with weight and limited inventory space.
I don't know. I keep trying to pick up new shit but I usually quit fairly quickly and go back to Synthetik or Doom wads. At this point I'm waiting on certain upcoming games instead because I have no idea what I want to play anymore. I picked up ATOM and Underrail and dropped them fairly quickly despite being interested in the beginnings.
>>44459 I start cheating usually just as soon as I catch myself doing more inventory management than actual playing of the game. I don't even try to keep myself from carrying around or at least caching every interesting or unique or useful item, because it never works. Surely I'm not the only one who's had to deliberately talk himself down from dragging backpacks full of crap items back to town to squeeze out a few hundred extra gold that I'll probably never actually need.
>what are you playing? pokemon sword and hollow knight. >what do you think of it? Sword feels really "convenient", having all the pokemon get exp from a battle is neat but it feels cheap in a way but I enjoy that pokemon I like are viable in a short amount of time. BUT, I remember grinding the fuck out of all my six faggots in pokemon BLUE, silver and ruby and this makes a mockery of that grind, having such a huge change in the grind dynamic is a massive shock. Cant say that im a fan or a hater. Hollow Knight is fucking fantastic and any cunt who hasnt at least given it a go is a wild faggot of the basest degree. >games im looking forward to? Im looking forward to the shitshow that Cyberpunk 2077 will be. I hope it's better than Witcher 3, but Im not getting my hopes up. Will pirate.
>>46637 Doom is often my go-to as well, it gets frustrating after awhile when you want to play different vidya but end up playing beating Doom again for the 174th time.
(658.80 KB 768x1024 untitled1.png)
Playan EDF 2 on my vita.
>>51664 What's the best EDF on the vita? I think there are two of them
(679.03 KB 500x749 wing-divers.png)
>>58291 I think 2017 is better though 2 is also fun. Just play both, anon. Your vita is hacked, right?
(219.71 KB 1296x1374 curbstomp.png)
Since this seems like a good thread to ask, can you recommend me a good JRPG with good combat, cute and fun characters to interact with, and with an MC that isn't a completely insufferable bitch? I can't stomach playing as a cuck whose only purpose in life is white knighting and doing literally anything anyone ever asks of him.
>>59992 Persona 4?
>>59992 Shadow Hearts: Covenant a million times
>>59992 >can you recommend me a good JRPG with good combat >JRPG >good combat No. We can't.
>>59992 Unlimited Saga or Shadow Hearts 3 and Jade Cocoon 2 might be something you are into.
>>59992 Grandia II >>60660 >WRPGs >good combat
>>60873 I never said they had good combat either. They're even worse.
>>25908 I've been taking another stab at the SNES catalog lately, rather than just playing Tetris Attack all the time. So I fired up Mega Man X 3 and played it all the way through in one sitting. Pretty fun. Gonna try to clear a shmup next. Not sure which. >Are there any games you´re actually looking forward to? Not really. I'm running linux on an 8 year old toaster of a laptop, so nothing runs anyway. Anything I've had interest in turns out to be full of dildos. Games today blather incessantly, to the point where their messaging needs to be good. But all they have to say is, at best, boring. It's hard to muster any energy at all to see what these shitheads are making.
started playing Kingdom Come Deliverance recently. I expected it to be Skyrim minus the magic but with good swordplay. So far it's more like an LA Noire prequel smashed with a HEMA simulator, and it's great. It's also probably the best 3D/first or third person/realtime combat RPGs I've ever played in terms of the actual >roleplaying. Your character background is kind of boxed in but you can play their personality diversely enough.
>>60873 >>60862 >>60858 >>60510 >>60473 Thanks anons, I'll give them a try
Went back to Grim Dawn for a bit, might play some Doom later. Also I wanna have kids with Shantae, six or seven, that should be enough.
>>60894 >HEMA simulator More like clownfight simulator that can be simplified down to 3 buttons (backpedal, parry and mash M1). It's a good game, but the combat is the worst and most rancid part about it.
>>45148 I played it a bit to test before dumping it on an external. But then ended up playing the psx version again, and I forgot that you didn't start with those moves. It feels really slow and boring at first which I guess is why I dropped it the first time I played. Redemption changed my mind. I'm willing to put up with it when it's the only version available knowing that it gets better, but holy shit it's such an improvement starting with them. If playing on PC with Windows or wine, Redemption is the way to go for sure.
Return of the Obra Dinn, I've got like 9 fates right and it's quickly snowballing into a morass of strands I need to unpick. Pretty gud so far. >>26022 I remember cheating in 3 times the given stabilisation mods when I replayed to make the guns less shitty.
(91.09 KB 1049x939 731590-8_1559821049.jpeg)
(92.41 KB 856x768 midnight ultra.jpg)
(107.00 KB 850x850 SquareCover.png)
Midnight Ultra. Retro(?) FPS filled with visual filters so you don't see the simple as fuck environment. fun enough i guess.
(380.72 KB 1920x1080 Screenshot_2020-07-20-01-04-34.png)
Black 2, my current team. Sad that I can't get my hands on a gigalith. Kinda want a krookodile, in need of a decent water and psycic type as well. Anyone know how friendship works by the way?
(380.36 KB 640x763 yakuza-0-cover.jpg)
Playing Yakuza 0, I love it, the new rush mode (don't know if it's actually new, I only played 1 and 2 on PS2) is so god damn fun.
>>28725 Got a new PB in Angry Goy II (16:14.59). Like with the last PB, this was done with Hitler and his minigun.
>>65706 And another PB with Hitler and his minigun (16:08.14).
I just finished Assassin's Creed. I played it when it was released, but the crack I was using had the Jerusalem bug, so I stopped playing it there. Now that I played it again, and this time finished it, my opinion of this game is even lower than it was when I first played it. The whole goddamn game is about finishing "quests" which are just copy-pasted minigames. Even the "bring me 5 wolfskins" type of missions in RPGs are not that bad, because they are usually not the only missions in the game, and they can at least have some dialog or rewards. In this game, beating a minigame does not give you XP, or items, or good dialog, or frankly anything. They only exist to make the game less empty. The graphics are shit. Some of the model quality and texture quality could be pretty good, but the game suffers from Gears of War syndrome, i.e. everything is heavily desaturated or tinted. Damascus is the only city that has some color, and it can look decent at times. The cities are very poorly designed. This game might have the shittiest environments I've ever seen in an actual commercial video game. Everything is copy-pasted, so it all looks so generic and unmemorable. Ross Scott said in one of his videos that Ubisoft is good at making game environments but bad at making games. If the later Assassin's Creed games are anything like the first one, he is dead wrong. This game has no soul. This game just baffles me. How could this become a franchise? Why did they make it so huge if they cannot even build one city worth of interesting content? How could they only come up with a handful of different minigames? The game isn't even story heavy, yet the game obviously tries to take its own story seriously. It's like they tried to make a game that is trying to be everything, then miserably fails at being anything. They should have just made a sequel to Prince of Persia.
I've been replaying Doom 64 and I really like it, but the level design fucking sucks sometimes. A lot of them really revolve around enemies spawning in just behind you, or just around that corner where you just were.
(3.26 MB 852x480 Bongo Cat invades china.webm)
Far Cry 3 Fun enough but I didn't know I hated those tiny cutscense for actions with red hot intensity. Climb a ledge -> unskippable climbing cutscene Climb a ladder -> unskippable cutscene Dog bite, heal, door open, everything. And of course, the cutscenes are unskippable.
>>60894 >Your character background is kind of boxed in but you can play their personality diversely enough. Their? I hate to be the one to do this, but this sounds like numale reddit-speak to me.
>>25908 Right now, I'm marathoning the NES and SNES Mario games. It's been a while since I've played through them all. I really don't like SMB2 and am just going to stop pretending I care about it at this point. I'm looking forward to Carrion next week. I haven't scratched Mind Control Delete yet, but looking forward to having some fun with it. I know it's going to be pozzed as fuck, but I'm still looking forward to Cyberpunk. I was hoping to have it crossed off my list this April - and then it went and got perpetually delayed.
>>65764 >I really don't like SMB2 and am just going to stop pretending I care about it at this point. When it came out it was so different than what most were expecting. I thought it was an acid trip to be honest.
>>65764 >>65801 SMB2 is amazing. I like it precisely because it was different. I'd take a sequel of it over New Mario Bros. Plus Deluxe Wii U for Nintendo Switch any day. Plus even though it was a repaint of Doki Doki Panic, it introduced a lot of what would become Mario enemy staples, from snifits and shyguys to birdo and those ninja stars
>>65801 I liked it as a kid. I think finding out it was a reskin and just the passing of time have all worn it away for me. I'm like halfway through SMW right now and am having as much fun as any other time I've gone through it. I downloaded Super Mario Bros. X, as well, to fuck around with.
>>65840 Those ninja stars are only in two games.
>>65846 SMB2, and were they not in Paper Mario? I couldve swore I saw them elsewhere too
>>61054 Whats a fun build in GD? First good character I made was a DEE with inquisitor I think. Beat hell, didnt feel like farming endgame gear
Started playing Money Idol Exchanger. It's surprisingly fun even though I just came for the 90s moe mahou shoujo anime aesthetic. >>65849 Yeah, they've been in more than he thinks. I can't blame him though, I couldn't think of any specific games off the top of my head. https://www.mariowiki.com/Ninji
Goldeneye with mouse and keyboard.
Deus Ex. My loadout is GEP gun, Dragon's Tooth, Sniper, Machine gun, Silent Pistol and Crossbow. Nonlethal sucks so I stopped caring, your only options are tranq darts which are too slow and baton. Vesperia also but it's an on-off thing like SMT 3, etc.
>>70695 Non-lethal is never any fun anyway
>>65725 >They should have just made a sequel to Prince of Persia. It actually started as a PoP spin-off where you played an assassin/personal bodyguard of the Prince when he was young. >Why did they make it so huge if they cannot even build one city worth of interesting content? How could they only come up with a handful of different minigames? I may be mistaken, but I seem to recall hearing that it started out as a PS3 exclusive, but then decided to go multi-platform causing everything to be dumbed-down to fit on an XBox 360 disc.
(393.81 KB 864x864 hooonk.jpg)
>Pixel AoE (free) https://lincread.itch.io/the-fertile-crescent >Meteorfall Krumit's Tale (decent 30min clicker shit) >Power Bomberman (I suck at it though) >Project Highrise (comfy & relaxing) >Arcane Dimensions (QUAAAAKE) >New Vegas (modding, modding, modding) >mame (best emu) >Flotsam (earlyaccess shit from GOG) and more
>>70701 So I beat the game for the first time. I saved everyone I think. Picked Helios Ending because it's the easiest and best. Killed Anna with her killswitch. Killed Gunther with an anti-tank missile under the church. Killed Simmons with two whacks from Dragon Tooth. Kept Lucius alive. Much better than the Mass Effect endings. The bathroom and bomb jokes were top notch. I tried to infiltrate VersaLife through the front door the second time but that was very impossible with the increased security. Savescumming can only do so much. Handguns are the worst weapon ever. They can't hit a target accurately past a stone's throw.
(265.54 KB 500x637 fuck children.png)
I just finished unteralterbach, and it was pretty funny.
(75.99 KB 230x175 cunny.png)
>>71361 and cute
sorry, my discord crashed and I had to reinstall, are you still awake?
Beat Totono. Picked Aoi. Not going to replay it for 100% (yet). If I was younger and more of a beta, I would have picked Miyuki but screw that psycho yandere.
>>71361 Based. Did you get all the endings?
(75.33 KB 453x604 comfy_slav.jpeg)
Playing some Stalker SoC. Bretty fucking comfy. Probably some Alien vs Predator Classic 2000 later since a port was released for the vita. >>73342 >Avatarfagging
(15.72 MB 853x480 Believe again.webm)
I started the Konosuba megaman game last night cause my internet was down. It's kino but actually REALLY hard! >>73352 >(1) >Avatarfagging You're an unsmart friend
>>73360 He's been posting that same image across the board numerous times. He's pretty gay.
>>73370 I just picked it from another dude. I thought it was a really cute cunny.
>>25908 Streets of Rage 4, Ryza and Destroy All Humans are petty fun
(436.22 KB 1920x1080 Alice.jpg)
(397.24 KB 1920x1080 Selene.jpg)
(343.50 KB 1920x1080 Hat Kid.jpg)
(436.80 KB 1920x1080 May.jpg)
>What are you anons playing? Honey Select 2 >And what do you think about it? Eh, it's more of the same. I haven't re-created all the girls that I made in first game yet. >Are there any games you´re actually looking forward to? I wanted to try out Serious Sam 4 this month, but the cunts pushed it back (again) into September because that's when the new video cards are getting announced.
>>80977 Is it even worth it without all the mods and shit the honey select has over the years?
>>80980 Not worth it without the de-censor and additional content IMO. If you're scraping the bottom of the barrel looking for a similar accessory or piece of an outfit for creating a character, if you don't have that extra content you'll likely be shit outta luck. On the other hand, the BetterRepack R3.1 + modpack that I have adds so many things that I can be scrolling for ages to find what I'm after. I haven't tried the studio yet. I only used that a little bit in the previous game. If you want to pose naked people around and have them doing lewd things it makes more sense to get DAZ3D then pirate some models and lewd stuff for it.
(557.30 KB 1920x1080 Kanker Sisters 01.jpg)
(398.96 KB 1920x1080 Kanker Sisters 02.jpg)
(785.46 KB 1920x1080 HS2_2020-08-10-18-25-54-594.jpg)
(869.92 KB 1920x1080 HS2_2020-08-09-18-11-00-830.jpg)
(908.79 KB 1920x1080 HS2_2020-08-09-17-41-33-861.jpg)
Well, at least I finished these three. I get jaggies when I use the screenshot mod, it excludes the UI though.
>>51664 Ah yes, the game everyone working behind the counter at EB thanked me for buying and supporting the vita.
Playing the Serious Sam games. Pretty fun.
The Division. I just want to see how it is since it's free.
>>80977 You're the same fag who made that horrifying Peach, right?
Playing this Surprised there's no thread for it yet. I guess that's cause of how slow this place is currently. Playing master samurai difficulty, got my shit kicked in a lot, especially in the swamp. But I'm not turning the difficulty down. I don't think it would be as fun if I had it lower, though I admit the swamp was getting me frustrated. Unlocking a few upgrades made it a little easier.
(49.14 KB 460x215 header.jpg)
Oh fug, i forgot. I'm also playing Ultrakill. It's fucking great. >>96787 I would like to play it but my PC probably can't run it. Are the PS2 games of Samurai Jack any good?
>>96787 It looked like a generic licensed game, no real interest from me.
>>96793 My laptop can run it, how shit is your PC?
>deadly premonition >hasn't crashed once, haven't even bothered with (((community))) fixes >works on my machine™
>>96787 I have played the game extensively, ran through it multiple times, gaining SSJ ranks on masters of master, it's pretty good but it has some bad flaws >master of samurai isn't recommended to play at all from NG, it's possible but clearly unbalanced without essential skills & upgrades, but it has the usual tropes of good games, enemies are actually remixed and added in higher difficulties, play more aggressive and so on, even masters of masters adds more demongo boss fight. >compared to most cuhrayzee / stylish action, there's no canceling on recovery with the exception of weapon swapping, instead you cancel on the 'active' frames of an attack & when it connects (can't cancel on whiff) with instant guard, this is extremely busted and has interesting consequences, multi-hit moves are easier to cancel but deal way less damage compared to huge damaging single-hit attacks (fists' dragon punch for example) is extremely broken but only has one short window to cancel the attack >you can't instant guard cancel attacks if you're in the air, because you can't block in the air, this makes some moves from the air to the ground / ground to the air requiring some set up to consistently cancel these moves >instant guard cancels as before can only be done when you hit the enemy, but has interesting effects depending on what your move does, for example if your move naturally floats you, you can cancel it (very tight, based on relative distance and terrain) so that you hit the enemy and recover instantly while floating up in the air from the move, sadly only most if not all (so far from my experience) of the moves that make you leave the ground cannot float enemies when canceled >the game's flaws are scattered throughout the game, ranged weapons can be very powerful aganist enemies & bosses that don't block (even more powerful when double jump canceling attacks), grabs are inconsistent outside of when the game spawns waves of low hp enemies, the health scaling in higher difficulties rules out majority of ranged & melee weapons (fists, sword, bow & reapers are only reasonably viable), super armor moves aren't worthwhile to pull off as well in higher difficulties, fists being overpowered and outshines sword in every way except for grab finishers, scotsman can be easily stun locked and bosses that don't block are very easily defeated >despite an expansive moveset for many weapons, most of it's terrible - some of the good moves are locked away in a string that takes forever to get to, and the better moves are actually easier found on your starters or unblockables and canceling them instead >terrain isn't always flat throughout the game which makes for more interesting scenarios with certian moves, for example the sword's flying swallow recovering faster / easier to cancel >demongo boss fight is absolutely terrible until you figure out how to kill it very quickly with fist's kiai attack, then it's kind of fun >aku on masters of master, doesn't have additional enemies making it easier than master of samurai. as the health difference isn't even that big and there are ways to stunlock aku, not sure if this is just a weird bug
(41.99 KB 300x400 s-l400.jpg)
>What are you anons playing? Metal Gear Rising and Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker >And what do you think about it? MGR is really fucking fun, but it drains me I play for a couple of hours and feel tired, really intense. Peace walker is fine, the missions are ok for the most part but it gets really repetitive, I'm on the last chapter and Zadornov already escaped 4 times, I've heard he does that six, so I believe I'll beat it tonight, kinda hoping the final boss doesn't take a gazillion of missiles like the Peace Walker
>>70695 >>70701 Game stops recognizing non-lethal after the beginning, anyway. All the MiB and MJ Commando abominations deserve to be blown up.
Ordered a R4 DS cart before I realized I could just play DS roms on my 3DS so I'm now playing Strange Journey since I hear the 3DS version is neutered and awful.
>>96860 A while back, we figured out how to get the multiplayer components of PSP Peace Walker working in emulator if you're interested. It's actually pretty decent.
>>96847 I'd say another flaw is that jack doesn't always respond to your attack button. It seems to be caused by changing the camera angle.
>>96886 I'm playing on a PS3, some collection I got a while back, so I guess the online works? I haven't tried it to be honest, but it's most likely unplayable with my internet connection and I'm not a huge multiplayer guy to be honest. Thanks anyway.
VVVVV That screen "Doing Things The Hard Way" that transitions to "Veni" "Vidi" "Vici" is pure bullshit.
>>97136 It's not that bad, just some memorization. My problem is that, while I don't try to be an achievement whore, I will try to 100% a game if it doesn't require excessive effort. Unfortunately for VVVVVV this needs gold ranking on challenges that are unlocked after getting the tokens, and I just can't be bothered
(254.56 KB 1280x720 JoJo's jank adventure.jpg)
>Playing. Picked up Jank Force on the Switch on an impulse buy because I like Hunter X Hunter. Having fun despite the jank. Ended up making a Deviantart Tier JoJo OC. Think I did a pretty good job, use the base energy sword combat form as the stand, picked Kaguya's Eighty Gods Vacuum Fists as the ORA ORA ORA punchy thing and even managed the Joestar birthmark. Autism fucking achieved. >Looking forward to. Got a physical copy of Streets of Rage 4 on its way to me.
Just reporting in that The Division fucking sucks and it's not worth picking up even though it's free. I never played a looter shooter before and I don't think I ever will again. About the only positive things I can say is I like how diagetic the UI is and that it looks pretty.
I'm trying to pull-off a 1CC of Strikers 1945 without save states. It's pretty good, but the balance is weird. The hardest thing in the game for me is the section before the Stage 5 boss, and Stages 7 and 8 are easier than Stage 6. The only thing I actively dislike about the game is the music, marching themes don't sound that great on the hardware. Nothing upcoming looks good so far. It would be nice to play a new AAA game that isn't cinematic loot-n-shoot shit.
>>97183 If you think 1 is bad... 2 is even worse and I liked 1 back in the day.
(1.03 MB 1920x1080 train.jpg)
I'm playing Satisfactory at the moment. Imagine Factorio in 3D, but with (thankfully) infinite resource nodes and without creatures attacking your base (though, they do attack you). The 3D definitely introduces more autism, the infinite resource nodes are kind of necessary since it'd be an utter mess to untangle your 3D factories every time a node ran out. Could use more combat with creature attacks like Factorio though, it's kind of peaceful but without the utterly comfy vibe of a city builder since you'll still be attacked while exploring.
>>97335 I couldn't get into it but I'm still planning on playing when it's out of early access. I like what I played but felt unfinished obviously.
I'm playing Othercide. I really like the timeline system and the three classes work really well together(As much as I feel it's annoying I really applaud making reaction skills take a percentage of your HP to discourage spam), but the Butcher boss is kicking my ass and I don't know if it's because my tactics are lacking or if the game expects me to lose my first encounter/run to him and beating him with some recollections unlocked. The UI is also pretty sticky, I find myself needing to pause and unpause in order to get a move or a skill to execute. >>96793 >Are the PS2 games of Samurai Jack any good? I only remember playing one that had like elemental swords with limited durability, it was pretty mediocre for a PS2 hack n slash.
>>97341 Posted too early >What are you looking forward to Ultrakill and Serious Sam 4 for FPS, Desperados 3 for RTT and maybe Phoenix Point for TBT, I'm still waiting on Phoenix point to make sure all the DLC and expansions are out first. A part of me is really curious and wants to give Destiny 2 a shot.
I have been playing a lot of old school Halo custom games on the MCC pc version now that I have found a custom server browser
(292.91 KB 4262x5000 everything is adware.png)
I found out there's a way to compile Project M into a standalone ISO and run it directly instead of relying on janky hacks to trigger it. The same method did not work with Project M CC as it broke the C-Stick controls. Regardless, I don't really have enough understanding of Smash meta to discern all they intended with this, but at least I have it in a convenient format to run across multiple devices. On the subject of devices, I got a new Android device so I tried some Android games. You really have to use modded APKs if you don't want ads and microtransactions crammed up your ass constantly. I'll take the risk of malware from modded APKs if it means I don't have to deal with that shit. Simple Solitaire Collection - Ad-free collection of solitaire games. I would classify it as a simple time killer. It's decent though since you can change colors and customize some things. The only thing holding it back is that it's set to random by default and if you know anything about Solitaire that means many games will be a completely unwinnable waste of effort. So I have to go into settings and change it to make the games actually winnable. [Settings - General - Change the amount of moves - Makes certain games winnable.] So if I lose a winnable game I know that it's because I sucked at the game, not because the game was unwinnable. Tsuro - 3D board game. I thought this would be local 2-player, but it doesn't look like it is. You lay down tiles to make the longest path possible. It's alright. Tiny Room Stories Town Mystery - Puzzle / Point n' Click adventure game. Actually fleshed-out game rather than a simple time-killer. There should be far more games like this, but the mobile games ecosystem is pure cancer. R.I.P Rest in Pieces - Spooky themed runner game where you swing a character back and forth on a string, while approaching a monster in the distance. You have to time your swings so you're in the right place at the right time to dodge obstacles. I'm not good at it. I kinda wonder why they didn't use Gyro controls like Temple Run, but I guess you need more control that than. Cube Surfer - Another runner game. Simple time-killer. You stack and lose cubes. You try to keep as many cubes in your stack as possible to the end. Helix Jump - Simple time killer. You rotate the stage so a bouncing object can traverse through obstacles. Bottle Flip 3D - Simple 2.5D time-killer. Flip a bottle across obstacles and try not to fall. You can double jump, but have no other control over distance so you have to space your jumps correctly otherwise you can only jump into a pitfall and lose. Crossy Road - Frogger with birds. It has local 2-player so I can play it with a second player on my tablet. Local 2P seems to be a rare feature. Oceanhorn - One of the few games that tries to be a fleshed-out proper game rather than a simple time killer. It's like a 3D handheld Zelda-ish RPG. I like how you can pick up objects and chuck them way across the screen. I only played to the part where I got my sword and shield. I'm not really paying attention to the story at all. I kinda wish I had a dodge roll since there's not a lot of moves if would help to have something else. Maybe I'll get tools later for dungeon puzzles, but I dunno. Leo's Fortune - Simple platformer. Has the sorta "digital painting" look of Rayman. Rayman Adventures - The modded APK didn't work so I had to use the normalfag version from the play store. It connects to a server every time you start it. I need 500 in-game currency to unlock the Classic Barbara skin. Looking at how much I can earn normally I'd have to grind for weeks to get to 500. So Ubisoft makes it so you either spend a lot of time or buy in-game currency with real money to get it quickly. Typical tricks, Ubisoft! I like the look of Rayman Games. I can use a controller to play it more normally. Seems they removed the dash button and sliding animations through. Overall, it's like an inferior Rayman Legends. Breakout Classic - Simple time killer breakout game. There are so many of these Breakout games I really don't know which is the best to get. I imagine they're all pretty similar. I also got Tic-Tac-Toe and Hangman for simple local multiplayer time killers. I have tons of roms for emulation on Dolphin and Retroarch. Naturally because that's the only way to play full GAMES on Android that aren't just simple time killers. Unfortunately, most Android games fall under "mobileshit" with very little to offer and are even worse if you only get the ad-ridden normalfag versions from the play store. I still have free space for games so if you know of any good Android games lemme know. No gacha trash.
(427.48 KB 1270x1043 asdfgasd.jpg)
Completed God Hand. Not as fun as i've been told. Game is too repetitive in it's approach to enemies and how to clear them, fishing for a guard break, launching enemys away with the forward triangle move when available. Those triangle moves on fallen or airbone enemies aren't told to you, and radically change the game. Soured my few hours of the game a bit, but eh. Camera is ridiculously bad, no lock-on on enemies and no way to choose who to attack gets frustrating at times, not a fan of attacks coming from outside the field of view. Gameplay revolving around cancelling your attacks via dodging on place, and abusing the tension meter as much as you can. Enemies are fucking sponges until you get though their defense. There is fun to be found if you want to learn the game's methods, but it for example pales in comparison to the first Devil May Cry, that is also rough around the edges and demands you to learn how to play it, but once you do the result is far, far more satisfactory and fun. 6/10 it was ok, better than Imagine!: Babies, worse than the hype train claims. On new game+ your moves and stats are reset, so I have no intention to replay it again. Would have go for a second run if I was able to breeze on the first levels with the enhanced moveset and gauges, but whatever. Never played in the casino, don't know if I'm missing something, don't really care by now. Olivia is a fucking cunt and needs to be spanked.
(630.36 KB 951x861 1601804491040.png)
>>25908 Playin' the original PSX Crash Bandicoot to get to know the world and the games and shit for waifu reasons. It can be a difficult pain in the ass sometimes but the game is pretty forgiving showering you with lives and checkpoints after certain particularly hard parts. Why did gaming "jounalists" say this was Dark Souls tier, again?
>>114206 >no way to choose who to attack You point at the enemy you want to attack. It isn't that hard. >>126126 >Why did gaming "jounalists" say this was Dark Souls tier, again? Because they throw "Dark Souls" at anything moderately hard in an effort to garner clout and clicks.
>>126126 The original Crash Bandicoot is much easier than the sequels. And the sequels are still harder than basically any game today. Games have been getting easier since the '80s, especially when a new generation happens. Crash 1 still had 16-bit era difficulty. Crash 2 and 3 have regular PS1 difficulty. By the time the remakes came out, we were four generations easier than that. Crash 1 is only particularly hard when you're trying to get the gems in the original, or the relics in the remakes. In the original you weren't allowed to die if you wanted to get the gem. Getting every crate is already a bit of a challenge, and doing that without dying can be pretty hard in some levels. In the remakes, they added the relics from Crash 3 into 1 and 2. Given they basically exist as a challenge mode, where you sometimes have to beat the levels almost perfectly fast, then it makes sense that it's hard. It's hard in all three games, but Crash 1 does have harder levels in the first place.
(120.30 KB 750x1310 coco bandicoot being rude.jpg)
>>126126 >for waifu reasons. You fell into the coco trap didnt you?
Why is Shantae such a fucking whore?
>>126348 Because she is a female, anon.
(308.50 KB 603x402 Sly 3.png)
Been marathoning the sly cooper series just for kicks. It's still as fun as I remember. What I didn't remember was pic related, this was definitely a dev's fetish.
(1.92 MB 1200x916 ClipboardImage.png)
>>126371 >Giant big titty fox >You get to climb all over her ass and titties to get to the mask on her face Oh, it's a fetish segment? What makes you so sure?
I was replaying Zelda OoT. So far I'm at the middle of the Forest Temple, but paused to do other stuff. >>126371 How does Sly Cooper 1-3 work on RPCS3? Does it run exactly like what you would experience on a PS3 or are there issues? I was thinking of replaying one of the Sly Cooper games eventually, but never got around to it.
>>44161 Get a Vita if you want more JRPGs, the 3DS really is not the best place for them
(261.01 KB 705x1000 82310800_p3_master1200.jpg)
(958.75 KB 2111x1907 81414922_p0.png)
>>65672 You may be at the end of your journey. Here are some pointers anyway. You can trade pokemon on emulators. A good water and psychic type would be Starmie. You can catch one at Undella town. It has a 5% chance to appear in rippling water. Slowpoke is good too. For friendship evolutions feed your pokemon vitamins like protein and carbos. Battle important trainers and give them haircuts. These are the fastest ways to evolve little shits like Woobat or Togepi. Walking a lot and fighting wild pokemon is a much slower alternative.
(482.50 KB 946x938 19181_285916.jpg)
>>59992 7th Dragon 2020 & 2020 - II are pretty challenging jrpgs that get you to think about how to build your team and how you approach your enemies otherwise you could expect to killed in one or two turns. There's also the final game 7th dragon III code:VFD but it's a bit easier than the previous two. You could emulate the first two games on a psp emulator, and they've been fully translated to english.
>>126511 PS3? I'm emulating on the PS2. Took a bit of looking around because the default settings stutter a lot, look very blurry and the actual image moves up and down but after a while I managed to get something that runs well.
>>126742 Oh. I was thinking of the collection version I played before when I used to have working PS3 controllers to play with my PS3. I wish the PS3 controllers I used to have were durable enough. Looks like Wiimotes lasted the longest.
>>126581 I'm in the middle of a playthrough of VFD, about to fight Mayhem in Eden. Enjoying it more than I expected, though the narrative is a tad juvenile. Kind of sad how the original classes, aside from god hand, are so weak compared to the later ones.
Been playing Total Warhammer 2 co-op with a friend. We have been playing a Franz/Gelt duo and it has been pretty fun. I never play RTS games but TW2 seems retard proof enough that even I can play it and do reasonably well.
>>126955 I just wish they gave a shit about things like: FUCKING RELOAD ANIMATIONS ON MUSKETEERS
(1.16 MB 5632x2048 tno world map.png)
(45.31 KB 700x1000 russian black league oath.png)
Im playing the new order mod for hearts of iron 4 (yes, i know its shit, but the mods are great), its really well done, right now im preparing to an apocaliptic last war as the siberian black league (omsk) to genocide the germans in revenge and cause the end of the world. >>126959 I find it odd because the units have so many detailed animations (like the ork shaman dancing) yet no reloading animations for anyone.
>>126581 The original is better.
(89.23 KB 1000x563 Conan Exiles.jpg)
Been playing this, for the reason you can expect. I've actually had some fun initially, don't know how long that will last though. And yes, I pirated it. There's a singleplayer mode
Been playing Resident Evil 2 and 3 on dolphin emulator. Using an older version though so the audio doesn't keep cutting out and stuttering. Then I'm probably gonna play the REmake.
(577.49 KB 1920x1080 20201005033642_1.jpg)
(257.84 KB 1920x1080 20201009035807_1.jpg)
I am currently going through Serious Sam TFE/TSE, since I had never finished them, and I have just finished SS4 recently, and got curious about the originals. I played the classic versions many, many years ago, before BFE was even a thing, and continuously attempted to do so over the years, but I never managed to get into it. This time, though, I managed to get through TFE on Hard (playing on Fusion as well, just because), and I still can't say I'm into Serious Sam. I can see why people like it, objectively, but after the first few levels, I find that the game gets either boring, frustrating, or just downright tiresome. The guns feel great to use and the combat is really good at teaching you how to manage crowds of enemies, not to mention you consistently find yourself thinking 'holy shit' at the sheer number of monsters that show up. The Metropolis level in particular really had me at the edge of my seat near the end thanks to the infamous 'Kleer Corridor'. I was a fucking idiot who missed the Cannon secret, so I had to rely solely on Minigun + Grenades/Rockets. That being said, the fact that they have you go through yet lengthy fight afterwards really bothered me. You'd have to be insane to try and do this without saves, and the level is already well over 50+ mins long. I don't think the length of the levels would be so bad if not for the fact that you also spend so much time just walking around with nothing happening as you explore. I find that this was a constant in Serious Sam: poor pacing caused by long, tiring fights interspersed with lots of walking around excessively large, empty areas. I get that it's supposed to give you some breathing room, but the lack of proper level design really makes it more of a chore. You spend minutes fighting huge waves of Kleers and Werebulls, only to have to walk along boring scenery afterwards with nothing happening except for the occasional secret. It makes the combat feel way less satisfying, and it's further exacerbated by fights like the ones in Karnak, which are so, so damn long, that they are tiresome by themselves, walking around notwithstanding. Speaking of which, the game seriously overuses Kleers way too much; to the point of excess. I couldn't help but think that devs ran out of ideas for some ambushes and just thought 'lol just put like 20 Kleers over here.' The enemy variety in general is so poor in TFE. I can see that they were inspired by Doom, but it's like they also got everything wrong about what made the selection of enemies in Doom so good in the first place, resulting in enemies that are either too tanky (red scorpions/reptilioids) placed in annoying locations, too non threatening (all beheaded soldiers save for the kamikaze/Gnnars), or that only work in annoyingly large numbers (Kleers/Werebulls/Marsh Hoppers). Fuck the Marsh Hoppers, in fact. What the fuck is it with developers feeling like they need to put in at least one enemy whose sole purpose is to piss off the player. Yeah, I sure feel like I'm being challenged here having to fight a wave of 300+ frogs. Real fucking fun. I want to write more about it, but honestly, Serious Sam just feels like a huge drag. If it was a Doom wad, I can almost guarantee everyone would think it's garbage except for coop. Slaughtermaps have far more thought put into them, unlike SS which basically drops the player in an excessively large arena and throws waves of enemies at you, spawning supplies every now and then in lieu of actually having to, y'know, design a proper fucking map. What's supposed to be an adrenaline-fueled, blood-pumping romp becomes so tiresome that I even after successfully slaughtering through an entire army of enemies, I never truly felt satisfied. I beat the game, but I didn't come out thinking 'wow I can't believe I fucking did this, that was awesome'. I thought to myself 'thank god this shit is fucking over, I need some sleep'. The whole thing is a slog. SS4 was also pretty bad about this sometimes, with some levels dragging on for so long that you just get tired of them. I'm 4 levels into TSE and while I'm enjoying it a little better, I'm having a hard time finding the motivation to actually go through with it. The additional weapons and enemies really spice up the game, but TFE really, really soured me, and some of its annoyances are still present, like excessive use of Kleers and non-existent level design outside of the occasional gimmick trap area, platforming section, or secret. Even Painkiller had occasionally interesting arenas that were more than just big open fields with nothing in them. I'm probably going to replay some Doom wad to wash the taste of this game off my mouth. I'll try to beat TSE, but goddamn, Serious Sam is a slog.
>>127325 What difficulty are you playing on? SS tends to get boring on anything below hard.
>>127292 Unless youre using the sameless HD mods, i really dont see why you would use the emulated versions nowadays.
I've been playing Ion Fury while waiting on Aquanox Deep Descent to release. I'm mixed on the game, on one hand I dislike how the shotgun is the bread and butter of the game, not because it's the best weapon, but because ammo for it is incredibly plentiful compared to other weapons, and I don't like how sluggish changing weapons and altfire modes is on the fly. On the other, I really like the level design, especially how well the secrets are hidden, and the movement and gameplay is close to a more lenient Blood which I like(although I wish it was faster and more difficult, but I could always go back to Blood for that). I'm looking at h-games and nothing seems to have what I'm looking for. I want something in the same vein as Forest of Blue Skin, Monster Girl Quest or Tower of Succubus, but yuri. Not /ll/, just anything with the same idea of forced sex, especially with larger/stronger girls/monstergirls
I beat a game called "The Solus Project" yesterday. I thought it would be a another shitty UE4 survival game, but it actually turned out to be a fucking adventure/survival-horror game. It's worth a pirate, if you're bored.
Resident Evil 1 Remake Playing as Jill because I suck at tank controls and the game is slightly easier when playing as her. And she's cute. My only prior RE experience is RE2make and I actually really enjoyed it for the level design and puzzles. Am I about halfway through? I just now found that key in the dining hall that's trapped inside that clock. I've also recently gotten to the point where the zombies you don't kill come back as fast zombies and they scare the shit out of me. Talk about adding tension. I'm a bit worried about the boss fights. The bosses in RE2make gave me enough trouble with standard third person controls, and I can't imagine how difficult the RE1 bosses will be with tank controls.
>>127375 You can disable tank controls if youre that much of a bitch though. Also, jill isnt exactly easier, her campaign is jsut shorter and she can skip some parts, chris can take more damage and deliver more damage so hes technically easier to play.
>>127378 Nah, I'll get used to them. The "alternate" controls are a nice inclusion, but the camera isn't really meant for it. >jill isnt exactly easier, her campaign is jsut shorter and she can skip some parts Well she gets a lot more help in the beginning. It's easier in the sense of progression. Also, usually when I take damage it means I'm cornered somewhere and I'm probably gonna die anyway.
>>127351 >Aquanox Deep Descent Holy shit, i forgot about this and its releasing on Friday. Strangely i could not find any discussion or shilling on this online at all. Is this a bad sign?
>>127387 I don't really know. It's THQ nordic and judging by their previously published games(Darksiders Genesis, DAH remake) they don't really market the games that much.
>>127389 I bet they left the marketing on Mark and he ate all the cake and didn't take care of it.
>>127389 I guess there is not really any community left from the previous games as this was always pretty niche. Still hoping for a good game. >>127390 Damn not this Mark guy again
>>127394 I'm hoping it's as good as Overload. It's a criminal shame how that game performed.
(864.10 KB 1278x676 SUICIDE IS IN ORDER.PNG)
Relaying Medal of Honor Allied Assault on Hard. Just finished Sniper Town
>>127331 I'm playing on Hard, exactly because of what you said. Having finished 4 on Medium, I thought it was still not stimulating enough, so I picked Hard for TFE/TSE. I feel like I found a decent middle ground like that. So, when I say the game is a slog, I'm not referring to the difficulty necessarily, but the pace of the game. It's just too tiresome sometimes. The larger scale battles are challenging and I don't think any other game has applied crowd-control the way Serious Sam does, but the way they are spread out, the sheer amount of time they take, the size of the arenas that forces you to talk all the way back to the middle for supplies, and then having to walk long distances again to proceed or find secrets, all of this just makes the game a total slog. Like I said, what's supposed to be a blood-pumping FPS becomes a chore when you're in an arena, and you finish fighting a huge wave of Kleers or Werebulls, only for the game to drop supplies on you and then spawn annoyingly placed scorpions. What was supposed to make me think 'gimme everything you got, faggot' instead made me think 'fuck this shit, there's still more? I'm gonna quicksave so I don't have to walk again'. Speaking of which, I ended up quicksaving more than I'm comfortable with if only because, on many occasions, I didn't want to walk down another empty plaza again after dying. It just feels like padding. I like the combat and the idea of fighting a whole army of enemies, but everything else surrounding that just drags the game down and makes it feel like a tiresome affair as opposed to satisfying or stimulating. I know there was one particular fight against a wave of frogs that I just said 'fuck it' and rocket jumped onto a corner to cheese it, because the previous fights were spread out in such a way that I was already too annoyed to do it legitimately. It really feels like the devs played Map 32 in Plutonia or Hell Revealed and thought 'yes, we need to make a game that's JUST like this', but failed to understand what is it that makes those maps so good despite throwing an entire goddamned army at you.
>>127410 Thank you for relaying that information
>>127575 Forgive the doublepost, but I mentioned Plutonia, and while I believe Croteam used Doom as its primary source of inspiration, I think Plutonia is where they truly got their creative juices from, if only because of the sheer goddamned number of Kleers they throw at you, making me think of the sheer number of Chaingunners and Revenants in that wad. The difference, of course, is that Plutonia, like most good Doom wads, uses proper level design to complement an enemy type's strength and make battles more dynamic. But Croteam's solution to making the game challenging is. <'lol lets just throw in another 30 cleers after he picks up this 25% health item!' Even Pinkies, which are the closes Sam-like enemies in Doom, are used for limited player movement in relation to the other enemy types and the level design. But no, Kleers are just: >GALLOPING INTENSIFIES. No rhyme or reason. Just charge at the player in big empty open arena #43267. What the fuck were they thinking? Even Painkiller was better than this.
>>127575 Honestly, Serious Sam games are good for just playing half-way through and slowly forgetting about your last save file over time as you keep trying to come back to the game but still feel burnt out despite taking breaks for weeks at a time. I like Serious Sam, but I will likely never beat a game in the series. They're just too long and repetitive.
Finally finished Tenchi Muyo! Game Hen (aka Tenchi Muyo! The Game). It was never released outside of Japan, but there are two fan translations of the SNES rom. The newer one is far better. I took a picture because I bothered to buy a donor cart that was reflashed with the newer fan translation of the game, thus it is a physical copy. If I had emulated, I could have sped the game up to make the grinding easier. I only recommend this game to someone who really really likes Tenchi Muyo. The only bug I found was not really a bug but a fuck up due to the simple pathfinding AI used for the enemies that made them easy to farm in the Hotsprings level.
Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition, likely due to hype from Age of Calamity. Turns out I completed much less maps then I thought, never mind the near lack of level 4 weapons. Make it a point to not use the Master Sword most of the time. Rather not make things TOO easy. Gal*Gun Double Peace when no one's home. I'd say it's due to anticipation of the first game's remake but I doubt my PC will be able to run it. Still holding out hopes that it won't have any shoehorned VR fuckery. Also, when I'm not trapped in my own head concerning my lack of employment I "play" Dragon Quest I to brush up on Japanese grammar. Awful lot of kana and I'm lucky to pick up some kanji despite compression. Just hope I'm not subconsciously lifting from localization, which I did play first many years ago.
>Catherine Classic This game would be great if Vincent wasn't so fucking insufferable. Everyone else is really interesting though. >Ape Escape I thought PS2 Emulation was a mess, good god, PSX emulation is even worse.
(520.53 KB 1406x1076 ClipboardImage.png)
>>128387 Like look at this shit. I have to use Alt+Enter to switch to full screen while the game is starting up then use it again to switch back to windowed mode for it to be centered right. I can't even use save states if I have to take a break to do something because loading a save state makes it off centered and cut off and because the game has already loaded, alt+enter wont work.
(640.25 KB 990x490 Aquanogs.png)
>>127387 >>127389 >>127390 >>127404 Welp. It was mostly negative earlier.
Duke Nukem 3D, Onirism and Honey Select 2, for the most part.
(109.09 KB 1116x691 revies.png)
>>129194 Having looked at the negative reviews, they're almost entirely coming from people who barely even played the game. Not really fair if you ask me. These are the top 10 most popular negative (English) reviews. Only three of them played for longer than an hour and only one played for longer than 2. I'm not sure I'd judge the game based on that.
>>129326 >got spooked >muh problematic eyes >old clunky controls I'd say all the negative reviews didnt really get it
>>129194 >>129326 I would not lose hope yet. This might be a game that you have to spent a few hours in. As this is already cracked you can check it out without much risk.
>>129194 >>129326 Turns out this game is the definition of "What could have been". Atmosphere is great but the rest is a downgrade from previous entries (and the first game came out 2001). The fights are boring. The enemy is literally floating on spot and shoots you, its loke two towers sooting eachother. No dynamics at all like the previous games. You are mostly in cavesytems which can be forgiven i guess. Maybe its better in Coop and it gets less tedious don't know. Anyway if you liked the first games you can give it a try and you will have some fun, but it is nothing special. And i doubt that this will revive the series, this may as well even be the last entry. I know that after all this years one should be used to disappointments from the industry, but even then it still hurts a bit. Maybe the Fans can do something.
>>131406 Fuck.

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