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(1.03 MB 890x894 115abt9tr2p61.png)
Translation of Famitsu Interview with Fumihiko Yasuda of Team Ninja Anonymous 03/26/2021 (Fri) 17:21:45 Id:c986e2 No. 270479
From the Ninja Gaiden Subreddit. <"I was getting frustrated by the misinformation stemming from Team Ninja's abysmal communication with its PR teams, as well as some of the misinformation stemming from a "translation" of this interview that was going around here (which wasn't a translation of excerpts from the actual interview, but a translation of bullet points written by a blogger who read the interview). So, since I live in Japan and know Japanese, I went out and bought the magazine and did a quick translation of the full interview. I hope this gives fans a clearer picture of this release and the circumstances surrounding this franchise. What I consider to be the most important/interesting information is in bold." Q: The Master Collection marks the first entry in the Ninja Gaiden series in 9 years since NG3RE. How do you feel now that this announcement has been made? A: Although they’re ports, I’m happy about it. I feel really sorry about making fans wait for so long. I was really surprised by how big the reaction was to the announcement — it exceeded my expectations Q: What led to the decision to port these three titles, and what do you hope to accomplish with this collection? A: The Ninja Gaiden series, along with the Dead or Alive series, is a flagship title for Team Ninja. However, we haven’t been able to release a Ninja Gaiden title on the generation of consoles that includes the Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, and Xbox One. This bothered me, and so I started the development [of this collection] just after we finished working on Nioh 2. This is the first PC release of the series, so we will be able to reach even more players. Also, we have new members of Team Ninja who grew up playing Ninja Gaiden, so I wanted to give them the chance to interact with Ninja Gaiden as developers. Q: With regard to the titles in this collection, as a fan, I’m pleased by the decision to include 3RE over NG3. A: 3 was the first title I worked on as director, and so I have a lot of memories working on it. But yeah, 3RE is definitely the one. [laughs] Q: Sorry about that. [laughs] The first two titles are the Sigma versions. What is the reason for this? >A: To put it simply, they are the final versions, so that’s why we picked them. There is a lot of additional content, including additional playable characters. They also include content from the Vita Sigma Plus games, as well as other aspects that we weren’t able to fully optimize at the time, and so we are making thorough adjustments this time. >Q: As you probably know, there are fans who prefer BLACK and NG2. >A: Yes, I understand this is a controversial topic. 2 was the first title I worked on as a developer, so it’s important to me. But one reason we picked [Sigma] is because the data from that time is fragmented and in such a state that we wouldn’t be able to salvage it even if we tried. However, when we developed Sigma Plus and Sigma 2 Plus, we gathered and organized as much of that data as possible, which is another reason why we went with Sigma. Q: This collection is a port, so does that mean it isn’t a remaster? >A: The assets are generally the same, but the games support Full HD and 4K with stable, improved frame rates. There won’t be a drastic leap in visual fidelity, but they are remastered titles optimized for each hardware. For the PC version, there is no mouse and keyboard support and it will only be playable with a controller. >Q: Did you make any adjustments to game balance? >A: We are fixing some bugs and some unreasonable aspects of the games, but we are generally taking a hands-off approach. Hero Mode, which was introduced in 3, will be added to Sigma and Sigma 2. There were a lot of players who found the games too difficult and had trouble enjoying them, so I think this will allow players who aren’t good at action games to finish all 3 titles. We’ve also adjusted the difficulty of the tag missions to allow players to finish them by themselves. Q: I’m happy to hear that. Are the depictions of violence also based on Sigma? >A: Yes. The depictions of violence remain the same. The Version D for Nintendo Switch contains adjustments only for 3RE. We did this because we thought Switch users aren’t fond of gore. We did this to allow as many players as possible to enjoy the games. <\This is where the interviewer should have followed up to confirm whether Yasuda meant the depictions of violence are the same as Sigma Plus, but unfortunately, that didn’t happen.* Q: The way you cut through bones is very grotesque. [laughs] The original versions supported online play, but these don’t, is that correct? >A: Unfortunately, this collection doesn’t support online play. I understand there are players who thoroughly enjoyed the co-op play, but the honest answer is that, because this includes three titles, we had to cut this out due to scheduling and business considerations. If we were to incorporate co-op play, the required labor would be comparable to that of working on a new title. However, other online functionalities, such as time attack rankings, will be supported. Q: So players will compete with each other in the single player modes. In Sigma, you could do various things by shaking the controller. For example, you could power up ninpo or make the girls’ boobs jiggle. A: Those were features unique to the Playstation 3 and its gyro sensor. Those were for Playstation 3, which is why they aren’t included in the collection. The ninpo will be powered up from the start. As for the boob jiggle mechanics, players who want to enjoy that can help themselves to those Venus Vacation games. [laughs] Q: But Rachel isn’t in those games…. [laughs] Speaking of Rachel, she had a pretty weak impression in Sigma. Did you buff her or make her easier to use this time around? A: No, she remains the same as in Sigma. She is power-oriented character, so although I understand she isn’t as agile, that’s part of her appeal. Momiji and Ayane from Sigma 2 also remain the same. Q: Do you have any advice for new players to the series? A: First, learn to guard. If you don’t, you will die very quickly. [laughs] However, this series has incredibly responsive controls, and so if you can master the controls, you can make Ryu Hayabusa fight in any way you please. Please enjoy the game while learning each and every action. There is also a rich variety of weapons at your disposal in all 3 games, so look for a weapon that suits you. If you aren’t good at action games, I recommend the hero mode. Q: From your perspective, how do you regard each of these titles? >A: I wasn’t involved in the first game, but I heard its development was inspired by The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. This might sound ludicrous, but there were apparently plans to even include fishing mechanics. [laughs] In the end, it became action-oriented, but you can still see the influence in the puzzles, jumping actions, and exploration elements. Q: I want to see Ryu fishing. [laughs] A: It might happen someday. [laughs] 2 featured a lot of dismemberment and obliteration techniques, making it an even more action-oriented game. As for 3, although it had its ups and downs, with 3RE we updated the mechanics and made it a more balanced, comprehensive title. What I can say about all three titles is that enemies are coming to kill you. They are tough. Q: Yeah, one could consider the Ninja Gaiden games as one of the first masochistic games. A: The sense of accomplishment you get from overcoming a challenge after numerous attempts is something we also incorporated in Nioh. When I look at [Ninja Gaiden] now, I’m shocked by the game’s speed and how it pulls you along. But that’s the appeal of these games.
Q: Speaking of Nioh, the Hayabusa clan, and even Muramasa, make an appearance. A: Ryu’s ancestors, Ren and Jin Hayabusa make an appearance in those games. The truth is, when we were thinking about the sequel, we decided on their family names first and added their surnames later. And when we decided to include Senji Muramasa, we couldn’t think of anyone but that Muramasa. [laughs] That old man fits any time period, so we just included him as he was depicted [in Ninja Gaiden]. Perhaps he is an ancestor. Q: What is your impression of each title when you look back on their development? >A: I only observed [the development] of Sigma, but I remember people working on it late into the night. I started getting involved in the series with 2, and I created the first stage Sky City Tokyo. I didn’t really know the ins and outs of making a stage at the time, and I remember having numerous discussions with other members. When I play it now, I think to myself, “I should have done this instead,” but I thought through that level a lot and can still remember where all the enemies appear. With 3, we changed direction and received a lot of criticism. We somewhat redeemed ourselves with 3RE, but I still regret that we didn’t create a new title that was able to meet expectations. I would like to redeem myself with a sequel one day. Q: With the release of this collection, is there a possibility of a sequel? >A: I want to be optimistic about that possibility while looking at the response and results of this collection. If it becomes a hit, then the possibility of a sequel will be even more likely. To be honest, we haven’t even come up with a plan for a sequel, but our team talks often about what we would do if we were to create one. While developing 3RE, we were reminded of what this series needs, and we want to approach it with the full understanding of what a Ninja Gaiden game should be. It will also be necessary to let the game evolve so that it keeps up with the times and changes in action games. Pure action games have become hits in recent years, and there are more and more fans of action games, so I really want to bring Ninja Gaiden 4 to them. Ryu Hayabusa is really important to Team Ninja, and I think this collection will remind the world of his status as the world’s top ninja. Q: By the way, there are fans who want Ryu to appear in a certain Smash Bros. Game. A: I’m waiting for an invitation. [laughs]
(53.68 KB 720x575 1607895719866.jpg)
>Yes. The depictions of violence remain the same This interviews are worthless when they can only lie.
(879.07 KB 957x900 3b9.png)
>>270495 He's not lying though, the interviewer asked if the violence levels are based on Sigma. They kept it the same as the Sigma pieces of shit.
>>270479 >A: To put it simply, they are the final versions, so that’s why we picked them. There is a lot of additional content, including additional playable characters. They also include content from the Vita Sigma Plus games, as well as other aspects that we weren’t able to fully optimize at the time, and so we are making thorough adjustments this time. >Nioh 2 is barely optimized and the latest patch causes frequent crashes
>>270495 >>270507 At this point we don't know NG2 is going to be Sigma 2 purple smoke, or if it's going to be like NG2 Sigma plus, which had some gore and no Purple smoke, but not Xbox NG2 levels of gore.
>>270527 >At this point we don't know NG2 is going to be Sigma 2 purple smoke We do, it's based on Sigma 2 for home consoles, not the Vita version.
>>270479 >>270481 >>270527 Danke schön for the interview translation A bit of a pity that it's still unknown whether Sigma 2 is based on the original PS3 release or Vita's Plus
(97.63 KB 477x359 734.jpg)
>>270554 >Q: So players will compete with each other in the single player modes. In Sigma, you could do various things by shaking the controller. For example, you could power up ninpo or make the girls’ boobs jiggle. <A: Those were features unique to the Playstation 3 and its gyro sensor. Those were for Playstation 3, which is why they aren’t included in the collection. The ninpo will be powered up from the start. As for the boob jiggle mechanics, players who want to enjoy that can help themselves to those Venus Vacation games. [laughs] How convenient. And what does he mean the PS3 controller was unique with its gyro sensor? The dualshock 4 has a fucking gyro sensor too. Isn't this just a bold-faced lie to appeal to the womyn demographic from corporate?
>>270720 Of course it is. Switch made its motion controls a major marketing point again, and the DS4 is the same as DS3 but slightly better.
When is the BEST Ninja Gaiden game going to get a re release?
(252.13 KB 640x320 Sam disgust.webm)
>>270720 > The ninpo will be powered up from the start. As for the boob jiggle mechanics, players who want to enjoy that can help themselves to those Venus Vacation games. [laughs]
(223.52 KB 264x377 Ninja_Gaiden_(NES).jpg)
>>270720 >>270723 They think people are so retarded (or more accurately, ignorant over the controller's functionality), that they can just lie full-stop and they'll eat it up. The worst part is that they may have grounds to believe this. Also, why the fuck does no one ever seem to talk about the older Ninja Gaiden games, except for JewTubers trying to cash in on retro-shit? They're some good shit, just really hard and a victim to Burger publishers fucking with the difficulty too much, in the case of the third game.
(231.90 KB 450x432 ninjagaidennes_a1.jpg)
>>270740 >Also, why the fuck does no one ever seem to talk about the older Ninja Gaiden games, except for JewTubers trying to cash in on retro-shit? I talk about them all the time but I can never seem to sustain a thread about them for very long. Also did you know that there is a NG game for the ZX Spectrum? https://yewtu.be/watch?v=rl213Z34wVM
>>270764 I guess I've just never seen those threads, then; I don't think I knew that before (it's been a while since I've looked up information about the original trilogy), the most "unusual" NG game I'm aware of is the trilogy collection on the PCE
>>270767 >I don't think I knew that before Well I'm pretty sure it's a modern demake on the same line as Castlevania Spectral Interlude. Still it's a faithful game that runs on an actual Speccy and not just a look-alike.
(7.16 KB 256x192 arcade-spectrum-1.png)
All though upon further research it looks like there was an actual Ninja Gaiden game released on the ZX back in the 80's only it was based on the arcade NG game instead or the NES one. https://yewtu.be/watch?v=Qf9efTrwXJc
(160.59 KB 350x227 into-the-trash-it-goes.png)
>>270479 >>270481 Anon, thanks for the translation but this only confirms our worries, the collections is going to be shit. No gore, no jiggle physics, also when developers say shit like "We did this to allow many players as possible to enjoy the games" you know they dumbed it down to appeal to the average retard, without giving a fuck of the actual fans who supported the series for all this time. Into the trash it goes.
(63.81 KB 340x379 Anjin and Wolf.png)
>>270795 Well, there's always Nioh and Sekiro.
>>270805 The lost code of the original NG2 is a bullshit excuse since the vita version was based on the PS3 version and yet the added the gore back with no issues.
>>270809 The Vita's version of Gore is not the same as Xbox. Xbox and Sigma https://youtu.be/CrEyZU3bPy0 Vita https://youtu.be/Lpyt82Gy35g
(663.28 KB 1276x570 Itagaki.jpg)
>>270814 Well you also have to consider the hardware limitations of the vita, they needed to keep the framerate somewhat stable. My point is that even if they lost the source code of the original NG2, they can still add that content back into the PS3 Sigma version and restore the gore. Nu-Team Ninja are incompetent as fuck, i am still salty that they cut tag battles in DOA6 because the new engine was so shit that it struggled already with 1 on 1 battles with slowdowns and framerate drops. They need to hire Itagaki back.
Eh It is what it is Sigma 1, 2, and Razor's edge without the Multiplayer or Gyro controls. I wouldn't have expected the Xbox versions of 1 or 2 even if they did still have the source code completely intact. I'm surprised there is even effort make that easier mode, or to rebalance the challenges for Singleplayer, tho i'v heard some of those challenges are impossible with an AI partner, so I guess they had to. I haven't played Sigma 1 or 2 so I'm interested in the differences, and I didn't play Vanilla NG3, so I didn't have baggage going into Razor's edge, so aside form the dumb story, I thought the gameplay was good.
>>270479 >Yes. The depictions of violence remain the same. The Version D for Nintendo Switch contains adjustments only for 3RE. We did this because we thought Switch users aren’t fond of gore. We did this to allow as many players as possible to enjoy the games. Why I read something this retarded I am usually inclined to believe that it's just a a bullshit excuse to cover up incompetence. No one could be this retarded to actually believe it. But on the other hand, adjusting one version of the game would mean extra work, so this seems to indeed be the reasoning. What are these people expecting? Do they think that grandmas and little girls are now going to play Ninja Gaiden? Yes, it was the blood splatters that turned off grandma from Ninja Gaiden, nothing else. If only it wasn't for those extra blood effect she would have been all over the game. It reminds me of the on-rails Resident Evil games, but at least those were original games and I believe it was simply easier to shit out an on-rails light gun shooter to placate investors and make up a bullshit excuse.
>>270720 Boob jiggling was exclusive back then too, ps3 had it while xbox and wii u didn't, even though the tablet had gyro.
>>270809 >based on the ps3 version so yeah they did lose it lol
>>270901 >...yet the added the gore back with no issues. Don't cherrypick, you shitfuck.
>Koei Tecmo is filled with lazy hacks quelle surprise
>>271024 >Wanting a company that was once good and went to shit to stay shit. Luciano, please.
>>270764 Everytime I talk about ninja gaiden I find out some new obscure port exists that I have never fucking heard of. Last time it was the Pc-engine and now its a zx spectrum port, I didn't even know the zx spectrum was released in japan.
(103.38 KB 320x213 screenshots1egjj6.png)
(153.17 KB 700x397 rachel03.jpg)
>>270479 An uncensored Ninja Gaiden 2 with the sigma content and the gore restored would be the only reason to get this collection if it was physical and featured graphical improvements. But since i already have those games and this collection is going to be censored, with NG2 featuring that shitty purple mist and download-only, Koei can suck a big one. Pic related are from the Vita version of Sigma 2 with the gore restored.
>>270479 The entire translated by (((Reddit))), and he already sounds like fucking Shimburi when DoA6 was making rounds. This is fucking sad.
(636.79 KB 200x242 gif trying to hold laugh.gif)
>>271963 Remember to keep supporting companies, so they will always improve and never turn to shit as soon as they get your money, like some conspiracy theorists say.
>>271394 >I didn't even know the zx spectrum was released in japan. if you haven't noticed it's just some deranged lunatic who ported/remake some game boy game, as the description says: A remake of the 1991 Game Boy game "Ninja Gaiden/Shadow Warriors".
(509.49 KB 640x815 _.png)
$39.99 for three games. I think this trilogy is worth buying just for Razor's Edge even if Sigmas are inferior in some ways to original.
(31.03 KB 555x644 1612547068255.jpg)
>>272333 >is worth buying >Even if the games are censored and are inferior to their original releases >39.99 for razor's edge Look, i can't tell you to not spend money but i can tell you're a retard. I was like you so i can only hope you learn better.
(7.43 KB 162x216 AYY.jpg)
>>272333 >40 dollars for 1 inferior version of a game, 1 censored inferior version of the game and the shittiest of all 3 games <This is a good deal!
(48.91 KB 480x605 skele watermark.jpg)
>>272333 This is some fucking quality bait holy shit.
>>272333 You could get a ps3 with those $40, play the trilogy for free (including online play in 3RE since soyny no longer gives a fuck if you hack your shit and go online) and spend hours shaking kasumi's huge tits thanks to the dualshock 3's sixaxis technology.
>>272398 Is this loss?
>>273489 >We focused on replicating the original games so there aren’t any major changes >we’ve made adjustments to features like Tag Mission mode in which players previously have felt were really unfair and as a result was not well received in the past >FY: Yes, it is the same as the original Sigma 2 game. Its shit. Also no online "because it would actually be work".
(165.41 KB 448x245 itagaki.png)
>>273489 >But at the same time, simply making games difficult isn’t our primary goal as it is to create an immersive game that players can enjoy navigating and overcoming. Fuck this guy, bring back Itagaki. >And of course the most important key feature of the action and difficulty are the same as the non-Sigma versions, so the additional features will make it an even more enjoyable challenge. Except the Sigma games were easier than the originals? The fucking tiny yellow balls on this nip to just blatantly lie like this. The interview is basically a copy/paste from the other interview a few days ago. Team Ninja confirmed for shit.
(235.44 KB 582x600 pure rage.png)
>>273489 If these are the people behind it, Ninja Gaiden 4 is confirmed to be trash already before it even comes out. Not that they made a good job with 3 nor Razor's Edge, for that matter. At this point Team Ninja is like one of those companies like Rare or Naughty Dog that just holds the old name for marketing reasons but have no resemblance of the original team whatsoever. Koei killed Tecmo.
>>273573 Have you played Nioh 2?
>>273579 > one (1) game
>>273602 >most recent and relevant example of an action game made by Team Ninja <erm that doesn't count! Look, I'm not going to bat for this enormous NG fuckup, but you are complete faggot.
>>273664 > one 1) post
Good bye to the jiggle physics: https://archive.md/ttPh3 So: >No blood >No sex >No challenge What's the point of this collection? >>275473 The ONLY time you give companies money is when they give you shit that you want.
(328.73 KB 1008x600 Scout has found a faggot.jpg)
>>275513 >but its controllable breast jiggle will be removed You're retarded and so is that headline. They're just talking about the sixaxis bullshit that was only on the PS3 versions. You know, where you shook the controller for jiggles? I guess Sony doesn't want it on the Piss5 versions because they hate Japan, but I don't even think it would be possible on the newer consoles and PC. Maybe on the switch, but having a rated M game on a Nintendo console already feels like being on thin ice. And of course on PC you can be using anything from an Xbone controller to a dualshock 2.
>>275583 >Maybe on the switch, but having a rated M game on a Nintendo console already feels like being on thin ice. Razor's Edge was released on the Wii U.
>>275609 Razor's Edge on WII u was also the first game to be rated R in Australia. Of course, our fucking government just decided to take the previous highest rating up a notch and still refuse classification for anything that has sex or drugs related to buffs or quest rewards because they're retarded.
>>275610 >still refuse classification for anything that has sex or drugs related to buffs or quest rewards because they're retarded. I was just going to say you could maybe get away with sex and drugs if you happened to be GTA but then I remembered them taking GTAV off the shelves from the aussie Targets and K-Marts because of the 'depiction of violence towards women' from seven years ago.
>>275513 >The ONLY time you give companies money is when they give you shit that you want. And then, they pocket your money and create shit soon afterwards. Look at Tecmo-Koei itself as an example: >Muh Nioh good. Give money to company like and idiot!. >Company profits. >Leading too: Ninja Gaiden Censored Collection. Giving money to any company for any reason at all is pure stupidity.
(607.36 KB 320x240 wat am i fiting 4.mp4)
>>275610 >>275625 >when we formed an entire fucking party around getting an R rating just for this shit to happen The ratings board is run by old Christians who never played a videogame in their life. All we can do is wait for them to die tbh
https://www.famitsu.com/news/202104/02216909.html new interview but I don't understand jap.
>>275715 It's the same as OP, the interview was originally printed on the Famitsu magazine before to be published on the website a week later
>>275672 t. jew.
>>275626 This TORnigger has to much culture. Someone stop him.
PC version will not support keyboard and mouse at all. Also no graphics settings.
(628.47 KB 1433x808 Bushworld.png)
>>276237 >Worse enemy placement because Sigma >Easier difficulty because Sigma >Empty levels because Sigma >Censored because Sigma >No bouncing tits >Shit PC port confirmed Great fucking job KT
>>276299 fuck off commie shit
(229.44 KB 1280x1440 Ar no Surge DX censorship.jpg)
>>276237 >expecting Koei Tecmo to do decent PC ports The trilogy of Atelier Arland and Dusk on Steam were even barebones ports, with sometimes their own set of issues such as Escha&Logy that could auto-reset the costumes & accessories you've obtained from your playthrough. Then there are games like Nobunaga's Ambition that are unplayable on PC, meaning your sole options are the console releases.
>>275583 >>275609 >Razor's Edge was released on the Wii U. If i remember correctly, it was Nintendo that asked Team Ninja to restore the blood in Razor's Edge. I think i remember an interview were Team Ninja said they were surprised that Nintendo themselves would ask them something like that.
>>276319 Switch version is even more censored than vanilla sigma and I'm afraid to break my joy cons playing such game. My best option is PC, I think modders might fix some issues.
>>276321 Haven't found anything that has Nintendo specifically requesting Team Ninja to restore blood. At most, they mentioned how receptive Nintendo was with developing on the Wii U. https://archive.is/mLzix Team Ninja: Wii U is 'very easy to develop for' https://archive.is/VlDV9 >In a recent interview, the developers of Ninja Gaiden 3 discussed the ease of developing the title for the Wii U. The game's director, Fumihiko Yasuda, told Nintendo Gamer the console was "very easy to develop for... We're finding it very similar to develop for Wii U as for Xbox 360 and PS3." The head of Team Ninja, Yosuke Hayashi, added that Nintendo has been very responsive to developers' requests, and that the hardware is still changing. <"They've asked us what we would like to see from the hardware, and when we give them feedback we can see that they're definitely listening to it and making changes." Team Ninja pretty much made the call themselves to resotre blood after Ninja Gaiden 3 was revealed to be a big fuckup Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge Cuts "Steel On Bone" QTEs, Goes Back To Series Roots https://archive.is/X0EC9 >"After launch, we learned again what fans of the series expect from the series and a Ninja Gaiden game," Team Ninja head Yosuke Hayashi said when introducing Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge. "We feel we focused too much on getting new action game fans and perhaps not enough on the fans who have supported the series for so long. Now, we have heard those voices and know very well what fans of the franchise expect from a Ninja Gaiden game and we’re ready to start again. That’s Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge for Wii U."
>>276323 Japanese Switch has a D-rated version and a Z-rated one sold separately, both at the same price. >https://store-jp.nintendo.com/list/software/70010000038597.html (18+ Z version) >https://store-jp.nintendo.com/list/software/70010000033518.html (D version) Would be hilarious if the western release is based on the japanese D-rated release
(55.16 KB 575x829 Untitled.png)
>>297842 Censored or not it's still Sigma And this doesn't confirm diddly shit
Ninja Race mode from NG2 Sigma+ is on the Steam Store page, it was also already leaked in the Achievement list for Xbox Sigma 2. So these versions will have whatever content was new in Sigma+ >■In "NINJA RACE", life or death depends on speed "NINJA RACE" is a mode in which you must race across the map within the time limit while fighting high-speed battles. In this mode, the number of enemies you defeat in succession is counted as your "CHAIN", and by stringing together a high chain, your attack power will increase dramatically. Also, you can pick up speed-up and time increasing items along the way, so attacking non-stop, defeating enemies as fast as possible, and gathering items will be essential to your strategy. So this mode will be playable with out the framerate choking on it's own blood https://youtu.be/9l5W0GwqjRc The Steam Forums are mostly people flinging shit at each other over Mouse and Keyboard not being supported
>>297914 Well Team Ninja isn't going to rebalance shit, but in comparison DMC Modder have been able to do all sorts of things. Like make their own Legendary Dark Knight mode for DMC5 since Capcom didn't feel like putting it on PC. Rebalancing enemy health and damage, to that of Xbox NG2 might not be the most difficult thing in the world, but Messing with enemy spawns would probably take the most effort. Altho this is all going to depend on how talented the modders will be.
(76.74 KB 960x560 DEPSBEAR_=DDDDDDDDDDDD.png)
>>297883 >no mouse and keyboard support A true japanese PC port. At this point I bet an emulated version on Xenia or RPCS3 will be better than this.
>>298024 Well NG2 Xbox is almost there https://youtu.be/mfB4RFmtmEA
>>275672 I can tell you it are jews. Same old shit.
>>298024 >Wanting to play japanese console games on PC with k&m <Not even just plain keyboard <Forget 3rd party controllers like a proper human being What are you, a giant faggot?
(628.47 KB 1433x808 Bushworld.png)
>>298024 >Game made for gamepads >Wanting KB+M support outside the main menu I don't get this, it's not like it's something that's heavily inventory based like an RPG, in those cases there's no excuse. But this shit is like asking for Gamepad support for an FPS.
They restored cinematic opening from original and black versions of Ninja Gaiden. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iA9PucOzf_s PS3 version of NG1 Sigma doesn't have it for some reason.
>>298106 It's just personal preference, I personally would only use a controller for a game like Ninja Gaiden but some people might want to use mouse and keyboard. There are quite a few Japs who play DMC4 on keyboard as odd as that sounds
(109.62 KB 642x788 E3e6n2aXwAkBGy_.png)
(89.54 KB 1689x544 Capture.PNG)
Bump because apparently OP still bought these piles of trash like a good little goy consumer whore.
I was half tempted to buy this trilogy for XSeX but then I remembered the only one I really like is NG1 and the only version I like is either vanilla much more preferably Black, and now all I really want is a fully backwards compatible version of Black with 4k upscaling and rock-solid 60fps.
I've never played any of the Ninja Gaiden games and I just played Sigma. Is it normal to get blown out by Doku the first time? I beat Murai and that flame horseman boss the first time.
>>328889 The Chapter 2 Doku boss was added to Sigma before it was a cutscene loss. your supposed to lose the fight since Doku has an impalement move that will kill you in one hit. If you do beat him, the cutscene is the same of you losing anyway and the game proceeds, but beating him on Hard will unlock Very hard, and on Very Hard you'll unlock Master Ninja.
>>328876 NG Black and NG2 both have enhanced backwards compatibility. I'm pretty sure you can get exactly what you want right now.
(32.58 KB 234x347 erection feature length.png)
>>328913 Just checked the store on the console and you're right it's right fucking there and it's only ten kangaroo dollars.
If you put "Fullscreen 1080p" in launch options it will always start in fullscreen 1080p
>>329778 Prefer not to run the game with mods or hacks though
(210.90 KB 1539x1025 jewsattack on video games.jpg)
>>275672 >The ratings board is run by old Christians who never played a videogame in their life. WRONG
>>329778 That's still fucking retarded and a sign KT doesn't fucking care.
(121.47 KB 739x490 ClipboardImage.png)
Ninja Gaiden Black music Mod https://mir.cr/1ITTYQMI Thank god, I got to the final boss yesterday, the Pre-rendered cutscene starts playing "Go The Distance" and then it abruptly stops, total buzz kill.
(45.22 KB 738x441 Untitled.png)
>>329843 It's not mod or hack it's official way. From store page:
For each game, do the following: >In Steam, set the Launch Options to "Fullscreen 4k", exactly as typed with no quotes >In the game folder, right click on the .exe and go to Properties>Compatibility>High DPI Settings and check both boxes >In Nvidia Control Panel, add each game and set Low Latency Mode to Ultra and Anisotropic Filtering to 16x There, the game looks great and launches at 4k with little or no latency. Even on a 1080p screen, this downsamples nicely.
>>332416 If you have to manually edit ini files or command line arguments, you're editing the game files. The only thing you should need to do is install the game and double click the exe
>>332394 Wonder if some madman will try to UnSigma this garbage rerelease
The only reason I even wanted to play Sigma 2 was for the co-op so why would I buy this when they removed that? Hell, I even remember playing once or twice online with another guy in Razor's Edge on the WiiU, co-op hack&slash is rare enough and of this quality basically unheard of so why would they remove one of the main selling points of the "enhanced" versions of the games when they port them over?
(10.77 MB 640x360 Terry_Grips.mp4)
>>332423 Anon, please take a seat.
>>332417 >>332416 Please stop trying to excuse KT's incompetence you fucking nigger.
>>332423 Command line arguments are nothing like editing game files you utter retard.
Friend bought this collection as a birthday gift and prior to this I had never played NG3 but holy shit is it fucking bad. If Razor's edge is considered the "definitive" version of 3, I can't even imagine how atrocious vanilla NG3 would have been.
>>336582 >Using dos, an unrelated program, to launch your game >Editing shortcuts Still changing it
(151.94 KB 562x872 ClipboardImage.png)
(92.31 KB 874x471 ClipboardImage.png)
>>336684 after the first fight in Vanilla NG3 was a QTE to kill a solider begging for his life, enemies in general would beg for mercy, instead of fighting to the end. You only had one Nimpo, only one weapon, other weapons were DLC, upgrades were locked behind story progression. No Delimbing so Obliteration technique was gone, bosses had no health bars, you couldn't manually charge the Ultimate Technique.
sigma1 is great
>>337831 I like Sigma but the input lag is really bad in this port. I do not remember the PS3 version having such bad input delay on attacks. Thankfully Sigma 2 is a lot better in this regard but going from Sigma 2 back to 1 takes some adjustment.
(92.80 KB 664x545 ClipboardImage.png)
>>337844 Apparently doing as this anon says >>332417 >In the game folder, right click on the .exe and go to Properties>Compatibility>High DPI Settings and check both boxes Bunch of people here reporting the same thing https://steamcommunity.com/app/1580780/discussions/0/4164121860546402108/
>>337831 Black is superior >>337849 Oh boy, are the shills going to defend this too?
>>337911 >Oh boy, are the shills going to defend this too? Does the master collection even have shills? all I have seen is people calling Techmo out for how lazy the ports are. I don't think anyone is happy with the collection at all.
>>338037 >Does the master collection even have shills See >>337831 >>336582 >>332417 >>272333
(2.56 MB 1921x1114 filtered.png)
>>298024 Controller support is pretty weak too. I have a wireless XBox One Controller. The controller is working fine, but the game won't detect it and I'm pretty sure it actually freezes when this screen pops up. I suspect plugging the controller in and using it wired might work, but I don't own a cable for it (uses USB C, all of my other devices are Micro USB) and I don't want to use wired anyway for fear of the cable pulling out when I move the controller. There's a post on the steam community with exactly the same issue, so I know it's not just me. I avoided commenting because I pirated the game.
(3.95 MB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)
I got gold on all of Weapon Master Survival, doing so is an alternate way of Unlocking all the Difficulties and Ryu's Costumes Speed Master unlocks all Ninja Trials, and I assume Rachel's will give her stuff as well. I had Crashing issues for for Dragon's Claw Tiger's Fang Survival that was inconstant eventually I had a good run that didn't Crash. Odd tho since it's the only time in the entire game it has Crashed, played the entire game without a crash, and all the other Weapon Master and Speed Master Survivals.
(3.75 MB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)
>>338703 okay so, Gold on Rachel Master Unlocks all of her Hairstyles. It's fast in Theory, but some of these are so hard it would be easier and faster to just unlock things the normal way. Still Survival has got some fun but punishing stuff, Like Rachel vs a Lunar Staff Ryu Clone, And a Unlabored Flawlessness Clone at the same time, After already fighting 98 enemies.
>>338703 >>339288 And here I am barely able to kill 25 enemies on Ryu's Dragon and Fang challenge without dying.
>>338589 Tested and it works wired. Now I just have to get a cable I can actually used while playing the game.
>>339612 Well I already have a ton of experience from NG Black I just needed to Shake the Rust off. It's all about practice
>>340405 and man the Vigoorian Flail Clone can be a real bastard
>>340405 If only rust was my problem. Being 31 now my reactions and reflexes are becoming worse and worse as the years go on. I played the OG and Black back when I was a teenager and had no problems playing them but now I'm just fucking terrible.
So, how's the game so far? Is it censored to hell? Did they add/remove stuff?
>>340509 Sigma 2 is how it was on the PS3 so it's still purple mist, instead of gore. Content wise Sigma 1 and 2 have the PS Vita's added content, but with the PS3 graphics so that means Sigma 1 has added equipment you unlock after beating certain bosses, things like the Dragon Gauntlet that will boost the power of Blue essence, these are tied to your profile so you can use them in any mode and from the start of the story, and they're a diffrent slot so they can be stacked with the normal Equipment. There is also the NG3 Grip of Murder Costume you can unlock, which gives you a Attack and Defense boost, so there's a few things that can make the game easier, but it's all optional. There is also the Survival mode that was DLC for Sigma on PS3. There is no Gyro controls which on PS3 you needed to shake to boost Nimpo power, and on Vita you needed to do a Touch screen mini game, that shits gone, and Nimpo is just Full power by default. No Gyro also means you can control the jiggle physics of the girls yourself in Sigma 2 or Razor's Edge, but the normal Jiggle is still present. Sigma 2 has Ninja Race mode from the Vita Version which is a mode where your timed to get to the end of a level, enemies will drop green essence which gives you more time, and your attack power increases the longer the kill combo you have is. There is no Online in Sigma 2 or Razor's edge, so in Sigma 2 they rebalanced tag missions now you can swap between the two characters yourself.

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