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(123.44 KB 600x338 DW9-Empires_09-27-20.jpg)
Musou Thread Anonymous 04/29/2021 (Thu) 18:23:49 Id:ffe044 No. 297366
Anyone else not really a fan of the cel shaded graphics for Samurai Warriors 5? I know it's just a reason to put it on Switch but I still don't like it. Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires is also still supposed to release later this year and apparently is gonna fix the problems DW9 had, including scrapping the open-world portion. Honestly though the only Musou game I played this year was Persona 5 Scramble and you can hardly call that a Musou in the traditional sense. Skipped out on One Piece Pirate Warriors 4 though I heard good things about it, I never read the manga or watched the anime. I'm hoping Warriors Orochi 5 happens soon or just any Musou with a large character roster.
(24.35 KB 719x333 ClipboardImage.png)
(454.65 KB 919x815 ClipboardImage.png)
>>297366 I haven't played a musou game since 9 disappointed me immensely. Still looking forward to if they can salvage that mess with Empires, though the delay has me worried. Hopefully they can iron out the issues and deliver something worth playing in the end.
i hate how they shoujo-fied all the characters everyone looks like a generic bishounen you'd find in some gacha aimed at femoids now and I hate it so much
>>297464 Tokugawa is a shota and they added that nigger Yasuke. I think I'm gonna skip out on playing this one.
(551.64 KB 992x621 eternal_ara.png)
>>297366 >Anyone else not really a fan of the cel shaded graphics for Samurai Warriors 5? It's one of the few things I love about the game. Unfortunately, one of the very few things. >Fuck clone movesets >Fuck stupid grindan weapons >Fuck the removal of the excellent crafting system from Warriors Orochi 1 >Fuck the Dynaty Warriors 7 ultra cuck cloning >Fuck the utter DW9-tier levels of enemy retardation >Fuck the whole "oh you gotta level up your weapon rank to unlock more skills" bullshits on top of the gay-ass skill leveling from One Piece Warriors 4 >Fuck the whole bullshit about cutting down on the number of moveset types to make it more like Berserk Musou >Fuck Hyper Attacks being utter dogshit >Niggsuke isn't even the cool Nigsuke from Nioh <At least Hanzo is now really cool >>297372 P5 was nice. >>297464 >i hate how they shoujo-fied all the characters <Now <Implying They've been doing it for a decade now. If anyone wanted rugged Samurai characters, Nioh would be the place. >>297542 >Shotayasu He actually was quite young at the time and his first wife was older than him. There's a reason why Sena has that Ara~Ara air and Ieyasu's been shotafied.
>>297634 >If anyone wanted rugged Samurai characters, Nioh would be the place. Fuck, forgot the picture
(130.38 KB 1280x720 Adult Yukimura.jpg)
>>297647 I liked Sanada's "adult" version. His dad was also cool but I can't find a decent hi rez image of him with the beard.
>It is possible for Koei to make a game that features William Adams, Ryu Hayabusa, and Guts all in the same game
The only Musou game I played besides one of the early Dynasty Warriors on ps2 was Zelda Musou. Am I missing out on anything?
>>297701 Absolutely You have DW8XL which is regarded as one of, if not the best Dynasty Warriors games Warriors Orochi series which has a cool story and character gameplay variety The Gundam Musous on PS3 are some of the best anime Musous
>>297674 Oldmura was amazing. >>297697 >It is possible for Koei to make a game that features William Adams, Ryu Hayabusa, and Guts all in the same game <They'll use the retarded Warriors All-Stars version of William, the WO4 version of Ryu and the Berserk Musou version of Guts with the bad voice acting <Instead of doing cool shit and making new gameplay options for William, Ryu and having oldGuts with his old VA back for a gory Musou game with dismemberment like in Ninja Gaiden Fug >>297701 Like >>297707 said, you're missing out on : >Dynasty Warriors 5 >Samurai Warriors 1 >Crimson Sea 2 it technically becomes one by the end, think of it as time-stopping Gun musou >Warriors Orochi 1 >Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate >One Piece Warriors 1 >Gundam Warriors 3 >Shin Gundam Warriors >Dynasty Warriors 8 Complete Edition even the Switch version plays well >Persona 5 Scramble >Hokuto Musou / FotNS : Ken's Rage As for non-Koei musou games you have : >The Kamen Rider Musou games >Utawarerumono Zan and the upcoming 2 >Gintama Ranbu you can skip that >Capcom's Sengoku Basara, preferably Heroes, 3 Utage and 4 Sumeragi
Is there a Musou that has good combat?
>>297778 Sengoku Basara and Utawarerumono Zan Also the Warriors Orochi games and DW8 if you aren't a nigger spamming buttons
(99.67 KB 251x337 1460368273922.jpg)
>>297792 >>297792 >Utawarerumono Zan >there is now a Utawarerumono Musou Does this mean that one day we might get an Unteralterbach Musou?
>>297792 Could you elaborate more on why the combat is good?
>>297850 Not him but its harder,less button mashing, and more tactical I say more tactical but ultimately just ends up being push a different set of buttons and/or flank
Feels like we have a musou thread all the time but none ever go past 50 replies.
>>297938 Well whats there to talk about? Seen one of em you've seen half of em. And the fact that the latest one wasn't good hasn't exactly done wonders for koei
>>297634 >They've been doing it for a decade now. If anyone wanted rugged Samurai characters, Nioh would be the place. Sure they weren't all rugged before, but they werent all completely faggy Nobunaga's design in every game so far has been consistent but now he's just a generic anime dude Even Mitsuhide whose design was about noble elegance now looks like he's into visual kei shit Shingen and Kenshin also got hit hard by this
(110.01 KB 616x353 capsule_616x353.jpg)
I though Fate/Extella Link was decent. Would've liked it more if it had more stages and a few more servants. The story was retarded though.
>>297850 For Basara games, if you spam buttons, it's like playing like DMC3 the same way DSP does and the game will kick your ass extremely hard. Not to mention, the game expects you to style over your enemies and take as little damage as possible For the Warriors Orochi games, there is more strategy due to how the stages are mix-matched from both Samurai and DYnasty games along with cool tagging mechanics and some nice combo potential that you can use to do cool shit at higher difficulties >>298049 SW3 is when almost everyone got hit with the fag shit. Nobunaga was singing in SW3, Kenshin started getting less awesome despite his personality being "Epic deep voiced monk", SW4 fixed some designs but some of the blandness of characters remained. Now, at least Nobunaga and Mitsuhide do get their adult forms so they aren't utter visual kei band members but Kenshin got hit very hard. >>298074 Can't believe I forgot that. Yeah, fun game but it's a bit of an aquired taste due to the grindan and VN portions. It doesn't help that the game was made by hal the people who worked on the Zelda Musou and in half the time under Marvelous before it got CHINK'd, so they were working with a skeleton crew.
(99.18 KB 616x353 capsule_616x353.jpg)
>>298091 I did like some of the servant's movesets and how fast paced the game is. And speaking of the Zelda Musou I didn't get around to playing Age of Calamity. I took a peek at a video and it looks like it has framerate problems and the combat looks different than Hyrule Warriors. Also there's Senran Kagura: Estival Versus which I'm pretty sure is a Musou, haven't played it either.
>>298098 Age of Calamity is a prime example of why an updated Switch needs to exist. I'm pretty sure they did what they could for the accomodation of a handheld and console mode but they fucked up the optimizations and can gimped some games. AoC seems to be one of them because the same team that delivered a stable MUA3 and upped the frames for DW8 on the Switch, while adding a 60FPS mode for FEW, not being able to get their shit together for a slightly less demanding game is kind of ludicrous. As for Senran Kagura, all the PS4 games are shitty musou clones. Only Estival Versus is worth it if you like Ikkitousen but otherwise just get Senran Kagura 2 and you're golden.
>>298091 It sucks how capcom doesn't even consider a western release of the later Basara games.
(125.47 KB 616x353 capsule_616x353.jpg)
>>298100 Yeah I'll give Estival Versus a try. Forgot to mention Dragon Quest Heroes 2 which came out a few years ago. >>298104 They could at least port Sengoku Basara 3 to the PS4 and give it a steady 60fps if it didn't have it on PS3. I wouldn't know because the only Basara game I played was the one on PS2 when it was called Devil Kings. Capcom is dumb about porting games because they think it wouldn't sell and it wouldn't be worth the effort. It's the same reason Dragon's Dogma Online never got a western release. I'm pretty sure the Sengoku Basara anime was well received too.
Also doesn't anyone have that template image of who your favorite Dynasty Warriors characters are? It was like who you would choose to be your commander, captain, waifu, which faction, etc.
>>298111 I wish there were more female body types in DW/SW games. I want my musclegirls damnit.
>>298110 While the DQH games are very fun, they aren't exactly Musou, the first one is very Tower Defence-like with action RPG elements while the second is a straight up sandbox ARPG with some musou elements. P5S is more Musou than both of them. As for Basara, Import. And only on PS3. It gets 60FPS and it doesn't suffer from the myriad of issues the PS4 has, like the CBOMB or bullshit expiry dates for half its hardware. >>298115 > I want my musclegirls damnit. <Cue the army of fags in the background crying about gender equality in the Three Kingdom era and how it wasn't historically accurate to have sexy women or cute musclegirls, while decrying how Koei "Disney-fied" some characters and didn't depict the brutal rapes commited by some of them
>>298104 I remember an interview or two where they said basically. "Well we tried localizing it to appeal to westerners (Devil Kings) and that didn't work, so we tried as little localization as possible (Sengoku Basara Samurai Heroes) and that didn't work, so we don't know what to do." I remember Capcom believing that Samurai Heroes would do as well in the US as it does in Japan, which is entirely unrealistic for the period.
>>298131 I can understand if the Basara games wouldn't get attention in the west if they were basically competing with Koei titles. Dynasty Warriors is still popular enough to make more games and Koei also produces the anime Musous which get a lot of attention. Still Capcom are just like Sega in regards to not porting games over because they're afraid to bite the bullet and see if it sells.
>>298131 Yeah, it was one giant bullshit campaign. They weren't wrong about Devil Kings, they even went out of their way to get famous VAs at the time, rewrote the scenarios and added new mechanics that found themselves in SB2 eventually but they cut characters, changed the music and even added new items for Devil Kings, in an attempt to distance themselves from Samurai Warriors in the west because they were afraid they'd have to go against Dynasty Warriors at the time. Basically it went like this : >Dynasty Warriors is insanely popular in Japan >Dynasty Warriors sells like shit in America >Dynasty Warriors starts gaining traction in Europe >Samurai Warriors does gangbusters in Japan >Samurai Warriors gains some traction in America but the staunch critics of "MUH BUTTON MASHER" and "MUH SHIT BUDGET GAYMES" >By this point, Europe basically has to order more copies for both SW and DW games when they come out in the sense that they underestimated the market, EU was basically Japan No2 in sales for these >Capcom starts having a scrap with Koei over some PS2 techniques like Remotejoy >As a giant fuck you to Koei, Capcom releases Sengoku Basara >Sengoku Basara featuring super famous VAs in japan at the time, T.M. Revolution who was doing gangbusters after his Rurouni Kenshin single with anime and samurai fans and of course featuring Dante from the Devil May Cry series Masamune in case you're wondering >Throw in some Gundam references in, mostly from Gundam Seed since it was hot at the time <Japan goes fucking apeshit >Koei gets extremely butthurt >Koei makes SW2 and tries to directly compete with Capcom >They even age up their own Masamune and have him dual wield pistols and a Katana that becomes a sword as a way to show the nips that they have their own "cool" Dante-type >They even do fnservice for the Samurai enthusiasts with Yukimura's close circle and even have Yukimura act closer to Ryo Sanada rom ROnin Troopers, since they had Takeshi Kusao voicing him >Japan goes apeshit for that as well >In the west, Koei releases it first and for the Xbob360, along with an almost universal release date <Naturally garners a bit more sales than expected >Capcom panics <Capcom theorises that they need to appeal to the american gamers since they've always been Capcom's biggest proponents and had little interest in Koei's games <Cue the marketing machine with gamespot trailers and what have you along with the complete rework to Devil Kings >Game tanks <Meanwhile in Japan, Basara becomes a phenomenon that shits all over Samurai Warriors, in terms of pure merchandise and rabid fans Years pass >Koei's doing pretty well with Musou but they stumbled with Dw6 and SW3 >Capcom doesn't give any fucks any more <Some people have been pestering Capcom for Devil Kings 2, Darkstalkers 4 etc, a lot of shit at that point >Capcom decides, sure, why not? >They do a sloppy translation, get Funicunts plus Reuben Langdon to do Dante Masamune >Zero advertising at all <Game doesn't even sell in the west <A lot of people didn't even know the game even existed >Capcom's answer is "Oh well, we tried LEL" Capcom were way up their fucking asses during the PS3 era, it's a miracle the Basara games and DMC4 even came out as unmolested as they did during that time period. Inafundme fucking them over also didn't help along with million other things like >The Physical DLC fiasco of MvC3 >SF vs Tekken as a whole >SF4's first years It was a shitshow and them being obstinate didn't help. Oh and that faggot Yim Spergling was also launching his capaign of why Musou games are secretely super genius with the release of Warriors Orochi 3 back then, which ended with a metacritic fiasco and had the rest of the anglos rally behind him in support of Koei's games at the time...despite the fact that the mainline games during the PS3 era were dogshit save for DW8 and it was their anime games that were good.
(169.49 KB 1280x720 Lu Lingqi.jpg)
Alright niggers, choose your Dynasty Warriors waifu. Pic-related is mine.
>>298211 I think that's everyone's DW waifu. She's cute.
(104.64 KB 1260x1260 Wang Yi.jpg)
>>298217 Well for variety sake if we excluded Lu Lingqi, then pic-related would be mine instead.
(36.69 KB 529x346 wang yi.jpg)
>>298211 I want to give her a new family
(85.38 KB 1280x1280 Best waifu.jpg)
(88.99 KB 1000x1000 Qipao Warriors 9.jpeg)
(171.53 KB 1000x1359 Sweating towel man intensifies.jpg)
(230.54 KB 908x1276 Xing_Cai.webp)
>>298211 Acceptable choice with aceeptable digits. But >>298211 >>298217 >>298220 >>298221 >Picking only (1) Old Lords used to have harems for a reason, lads.
Why is warriors orochi 2 feel bland. I enjoyed the first one way more but the second one feels like a chore to play around.
>>298225 >>298221 >>298220 >waifuing historical people Cant do it feels weird
>>298234 Tell that to fatetards.
>>298235 Aren't those retards committing mass suicide over failed rolls?
>>298231 It's a ton of small changes that fucked it up : >The stage try to be "original" now instead of mix and matching one SW and DW stage together with unique placements >They nerfed the Abilities >Character stats are now more limiting compared to WO1 >Speed characters got nerfed and Technique characters had their R1 attacks nerfed and tweaked >C-branches no longer activate all of the weapon's traits, only the last input of a C-Branch, so most Samurai Warriors characters got fucked hard >Weapon traits got nerfed <Shit like Multi, Slay, Might etc got fucked >Unique Items no longer exist <Instead have these bullshit items that can become bullshit GOLD traits for your weapons <Said bullshit GOLD traits are things like : Almighty >Almighty just fucking explodes everything on screen if you have full Musou gauge by activating all traits and all elements for your S-String <You also need to farm treasures to get traits now, good luck grinding you fucking cuck >Koei spends half a year promising us that Benkei will be Archer 2.0 >They even advertise him in a "Reality Marble" field and advertise how they got Junichi Suwabe to voice him <Benkei is the shittiest character in the game And the Musoutards at the time praised them for that.
(122.70 KB 1000x1200 Sun Jian.jpg)
(91.79 KB 500x1000 Zhong Hui.jpg)
(106.28 KB 1000x1200 Zhou Tai.jpg)
(73.96 KB 804x1000 Zhuge Liang.jpg)
(133.75 KB 1260x1260 Lu Su.jpg)
I remember there was an image for this but I can't find it, but fuck it. Make your personal team. Mine is: >Emperor Sun Jian >General Zhong Hui >Bodyguard Zhou Tai >Strategist Zhuge Liang >Drinking buddy Lu Su Am I missing a role?
>>298158 Real fascinating stuff. >That part about Spergling and WO3 Huh, well I do still play WO3/WO3U, but I'd be a little hard pressed to call it secretly super genius. Top ten though~
>>298235 I'm into fate and even then i don't understand the waifuing of those characters.
>>298244 WO3 vanilla is pure dogshit. But not because of any lack of care, passion or talent. Just extremely poorly thought out "upgrades" that never fit the mold in the first place. WO3U goes a long way in fixing that but it still has some faults. The real crime is that WO4 just did only the Greek Gods stuff well and everything else went to fucking shit, even on a technical level when the PS4 should be fine running it. Let's not even adress the Switch version. >>298246 At this point, it's just to milk retards. Nasu, Takeuchi and later Jouji Nakata(VA for Nrvnqsr Chaos and Mappo Tofu Priestman) jokingly decided to do that for Fate Apocrypha before it was cancelled but it was too late by the time FGO happened, waifufaggotry had bled to normalfags and gachafags and here we are today. It was barely meant to be due to none of the two wanting to have Shiro bone a male Arthur and because their original MC was a bland mary sue.
>>298249 Guess its obvious from a that perspective but i don't get the appeal. You can tell too, majority don't even get character development anymore
So was Warriors All-Stars not a good game? I'm thinking about giving it a try.
>>298263 Worst Musou game in recent years, even behind Berserk. It's like a 7/10 idea with no money behind it. >storyline with branching paths and endings >you're going to be replaying the same few missions three times or more to get all the endings >no weapon skins between tiers, they all look identical >the tiers even have nearly identical stats >all stages are just DW/SW stages reskinned based on the franchises in the game >no free mode, only way to replay a stage you may have liked is to have a safe file around it
>>298274 I just watched a non-journalist review and it said the combat was really good which is really what I care about the most in a Musou game, as most do. Just as long as it has good combat, decent roster and character gameplay variety then I'm fine with it. >no free mode, only way to replay a stage you may have liked is to have a safe file around it What the fuck. Is there not mission replay to accommodate for this? Seems stupid for Koei not to add a free mode to a Musou game.
>>298211 I dont have a waifu I just want to impregnate the kunoichi.
>>298274 Don't forget how they basically butchered any cool ideas they might have had >Oh hey, William is pretty cool, do we have him do new elemental attacks with each C-Branch >Nah man, he switches stances and has three different movesets with the Katana, pretty obvious stuff >You're both retards, obviously he has C-Branches that reference his other weapons and they flow into some amazingly stylish combos <Willam is the most generic katana dude >Hey, what do we do with Ryu? Can we have him switch weapons >Obviously not fellow dev, we have to somehow make a flowing C-Branch-S-String kind of moveset to reference the games and how cool they are <Just throw a shittier version of WO3 Ryu Niggerboosa >Oh fuck, we got Arnas / Arnice in? Holy shit, does she have her cool demon forms? >She probably has super special C-Branches with epic servant abilities <Half her C-branches are the same attack with different servants but without any different effect I fucking hated that game.
>>298288 since shes not real the only one i probably could waifu
>>298277 The movesets are the best part of the game, but even that has its flaws as >>298289 said. You'll probably have enough to find a team you like though.
>>298293 Don't get me started on how they raped the Toukiden reps, that was criminal. The surprisingly cool ones were Hajime Arime and the other Ruby Party reps, which were pretty cool. When All-Stars was announced I wished for some Destrega and Crimson Sea reps but now I'm glad they didn't show up.
(28.79 KB 256x256 345-Yan-Liang.jpg)
>>298300 I'm kinda holding out hope for a sequel with a boost in quality similar to DW2 to DW3. All the raw parts are there for something really fun, except... >mfw fighting Ōka >BARRIER
>>297938 That's because none of you care to wax on the actual selling point of the games: the characters. It's also the same reason people consider musou as a brand and as a franchise to be shit: If you're not a history buff, then you don't care about the events. Which leaves the gameplay, which is ankle-deep even after all these years with zero improvements from Omega Force. And I say that LIKING the Musou brand and various spinoffs. There's fuck-all to talk about. Unless you want to wrap about how fucktarded KoeiTecmo is for not licensing a Precure Musou, or how fucktartedly jewish Bandai Namco is for hoarding the Precure license but not putting out anything that isn't a fashion game.
>>298074 Don't get me started on this piece of shit spinoff. The level of sheer disrespect and stupidity in its creation eclipses the common mind. also FIX YOUR SHIT, ACID. WHY THE FUCK IS EVERY POST CAPTCHA-ENABLED?
>>298426 what happened in it
>>298425 >It's also the same reason people consider musou as a brand and as a franchise to be shit: Who specifically says this? You can say Musous get overshadowed by more popular genres like JRPGs or shooters but by no means are Musous as a brand and franchise shit. I'm willing to be there's more good Musou games than there are bad ones. >If you're not a history buff, then you don't care about the events. On the contrary it was Dynasty Warriors that got me into learning the history of the Three Kingdoms. Even so not every Musou game is based on real events like Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors. >Which leaves the gameplay, which is ankle-deep even after all these years with zero improvements from Omega Force. It's hit-or-miss with Omega Force. They can make a game that has good gameplay but fuck up other aspects of the game like the story and modes or how many characters there are. You just know they purposely halved Berserk's roster because they want to milk a sequel.
>>298436 >Who specifically says this I can't say spefically say who, but there is a large group who consider musou series to be bargain bin material. Citing unevolving gameplay and easiness >more good Musou games than there are bad ones. They're pretty even
(108.59 KB 500x443 psx_tenchik2_screenshot.jpg)
(221.72 KB 919x1500 81sA-bk273L._SL1500_.jpg)
(237.72 KB 850x1198 10018101.jpg)
(2.41 MB 942x1263 403743976.png)
>>298379 Ah yeah, what a great idea, to bring over the barrier from the Arslan game. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA >>298425 >If you're not a history buff, then you don't care about the events More than half of that shit is highly fictionilized, get out with that fucking tardtalk. DW on its own isn't even historically acurate, it's based on the fucking novel. The characters are obvious a very good selling point but you either gotta be a retard or a bong to think that people care for the characters for their historic value in the games instead of thinking of them as characters in a self-contained story or as characters from old beat'em ups. Even if we were to somehow put together a coherent timeline they would never allign with their historic counterparts beyond sharing their names, the names of the places they fought at and perhaps some stupid detail like how much Masamune loved oranges and smoked the pipe or some shit. The characters are a selling point because people want to see how others interpret those very same legendary figures of history, how they believe they fought through their very exagerated retelling of historical battles. The characters are by extend, the gameplay. Just like it used to be in old Beat'em Up titles, like Armoured Warriors, Mutation Nation, fucking Sengoku, Captain Commando, the Tenchi Wo Kurau series by Capcom etc. Every single game has the exact same type of gameplay, with zero iterations, almost zero improvements every time and its gameplay is ankle-deep as well. Yet people buy those, for the characters and the gameplay variety they bring, even if it mostly animations and perhaps a different weapon. But people never want to see that, they want the Musou games to be the next great history series when fucking Nobunaga's ambition exists. Heck, when most of the people want characters in those games, they don't even go about it in the whole >how cool would it be for this guy to be in since we need more rivals for that one dude It's instead <REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE WE NEED MORE HISTORICAL ACCURACY WHY HASN'T KOEI ADDED SAITO DOSAN AND HIS CAMPAIGN REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE and they shit up everything. That becomes even worse with the games that feature weapon swaps and have clone weapons because those kinds of niggers gain a foothold on this kind of discussion, making the games worse than they are and worse than they used to be.
>>298234 Xing Cai isn't real so go nuts. >>298235 Don't confuse fucktarded secondaries with TM fans. >>298236 See the sentence above. >>298249 >At this point, it's just to milk retards. Not accurate. The bleed came from Japan, who always had the waifuboner for Saber—hence her being the flagship of the franchise since the CD ROM release. Then what started as mostly-chill conversations and jokes slipped into high gear waifuwars shit about the same time faggots started arguing about "Shiki can kill Servants". And it all got worse from there. >>298431 >Gameplay is often counterintuitive and will punish you for intuitive or sensible player choices >Stat assist clothing can be a damn grind and maybe 5 actual pieces out of 20+ are useful >There are characters who should not fucking suck in a Musou formula that absolutely do suck because they weren't developed with any AOE sweeps or juggles (Tamamo, Rider, Iskander, & others) >Bar none, the story in both games is fanfic tier bullshit that's by far the worst thing TM has ever produced under its label <this INCLUDES the hasty rewrite of Fate/Extra itself <this INCLUDES the absolutely retarded shitshow that is Fate/Apocrypha <this INCLUDES the whaling game with waifus attached that is Grand Order >Nero & Tamamo are cocksleeves with none of their prior charm or development >Archer, Lancer, Gawainn, Iskander are wasted in critical ways and the musou formula refuses to utilize them >Saber is written in and actually distorts/destroys even more TM lore & world logic in the process >Altera is literally Arcueid 2.0 with none of the charm, buildup, or good character >Arcamedes is a shit villain >Elizabeth is a villain for no good fucking reason. I'm not kidding she just is because she wants MC's cock/taco/wahtever and that's it >They destroy the Fate/Extra continuity and ruleset—there is only supposed to be ONE Moon Cell. Not multiple/infinite variations—just one, sitting in one dimension. The plot itself steps all over that factor and how the Second Magic works. And how the Moon Cell works. And how Mind/Body/Soul factors work Given the primary draw of both TM AND Musous is, one more time, the characters, playing through the game was knife-in-your-fingernails bad. And I'm just getting to Extella Link and I'm not optimistic the shit's improved in any meaningful way. >>298436 >Who specifically says this? Catch the general populace on a good day and you're going to hear a split opinion not exactly in Musou's favor. One more time, I love the games, but I'm not gonna be blind to how dismissive others are toward it. >On the contrary it was Dynasty Warriors that got me into learning the history of the Three Kingdoms. You're preaching to the choir. Yes, the spinoffs did help popularize the games to a broader crowd, but try to recall how long it was before those spinoffs even got off the ground. We were at DW5/SW2 before KT started finalizing contracts for FotNS or One Piece. >It's hit-or-miss with Omega Force Entirely agree. But from the broad brush pov many uninitiated tend to go "They're button mashers I don't like that" and there go the hardcores, or "how many sequels?" I ain't got time for that" and thus scares off the casuals. Which...honestly is fine by me because fuck popularity.. But, again, I'm going to acknowledge those sentiments even if they don'f factor in me having fun.
>>298451 But shes based off a real person isnt she? >green and pink text Fucking hell that makes me upset just reading it. Nasu just can't stop rewriting a good thing can he.
>>298444 I didn't state or even emphasize that the games are historically accurate, I sad the draw were historical characters and familiar events. It's what sold the games in Japan in the first place: recognized characters doing cowboy shit with cool special effects.
>>298455 >But shes based off a real person isnt she? Yes—an amagalation of Zhang Fei's kids. There's a lot of that going down from DW6 and on. >Fucking hell that makes me upset just reading it. Nasu just can't stop rewriting a good thing can he. In his defense and based of what I've researched, Nasu didn't actually write Extella. It's why I called it fanfic tier.
>>298464 >Nasu didn't actually write Extella You sure? Last i checked which bear in mind was a few years ago he was being touted as one of the main draws. I remember it was the new extella link that was not written by nasu.
>>298458 Fair enough. However, this hasn't been the case for years with the series, Kou Shibusawa, creator of Koei and the DW series himself, has even stated it as such. It wasn't until recently they tried to "re-invent" themselves with SW4 and DW9 the later due to the chink market to be closer to history and used it as a draw for the asian market and of course Japan. Japan has always been happy with SW as long as they hear Kusao as Sanada Yukimura babbling about honour and shit and doing cowboy shit with cool special effects like you said. They could veer completely off history and they'd still be happy which is why nips loved the extra scenarios in DW8. >>298464 >>298468 He wasn't he was just the supervisor. The guys responsible for Extella and Extella Link's scenario were two guys and Ukyo Kodachi , pic related
>>298474 >Boruto Oh fuck no, this is nightmare > extra scenarios They're half the fun. Knowing all the characters you root had there empires and dreams ruined by their retarded kids just makes it heartbreaking.
>>298479 >Knowing all the characters you root had there empires and dreams ruined by their retarded kids just makes it heartbreaki >The characters yI rooted for <Sun Ce <Gan Ning <Zhou Yu <Guan Ping <Xiahou Dun <Dian Wei <Yue Jin <Lu Xun <Lu Meng <Zhao Yun <Zhurong <Cao Cao Yeah, about that... even though Cao Cao did get the last laugh over Liu Bei so there's that
>>298485 Nothing will be as heartbreaking as DW7's ending. >>298474 > Kou Shibusawa I thought he was just responsible for Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Ghengis Khan, and Nobunaga's Ambition.
>>298485 >Cao Cao Cao Pi fucked him over, and his grandson's and descendants were no better >Sun Ce His descendants also went full on pants on head retarded >Zhao Yun Legends say his wife exacerbated a minor illness that ultimately killed him Half the people on that list died extremely sad deaths. Dian Wei's death probably being the most tragic >>298508 What they didn't tell you were the Sima's also went full pants on head retarded. Leading to the War of the 8 princes a long civil war that basically crippled them so much so that would never recover. Largely due to the fact that they didn't do proper border control, used the migrants as slave/cheap labour, and recruited them as mercenaries to fight in said civil war,
>>298514 I'll leave it to Total War Three Kingdoms to learn that, or that one DW8E DLC scenario that I think has the War of the 8 Princes.
>>298515 Like i said it just gets sad. I dont remember playing the DW8E dlc though.
>>298514 >Sun Ce had kids FUCKING HOW? His wife was barely 15 he was barely 18 or something by the time he died and he was fighting all the time. But yeah, my semi-joking post was that beyond Cao Cao, everyone else just kinda fought for some grander ideal instead of some grand Three Kingdoms dream. It's not that their deaths weren't sad but some of them at least dunked on their enemies pretty hard before they went out. Champions. >What they didn't tell you were the Sima's also went full pants on head retarded. Basically the birth of modern China, BRAVO JIN KINGDOM, WELL DONE!
>>298522 His descendants as in his grand nephew via Sun Quan. But he did have kids like 5 of em if remember correctly. Lu Xun married a daughter and his grandson was killed by Sun Quan's grandson Cao Cao's tragedy is that what few hints there are indicated that he didn't want to be king or let his family be royalty. Ultimately he just seemed to be a guy who was sick of taking shit from people stupider then him and wanted the power to get things done his way. Then he got power hungry and he decided to keep the power instead. It all came to a head when his kids started plotting to kill each other to replace him when he died but by that point he couldn't go back. The real kicker seemed to be he knew his family was destined to fall if his will was any indication.
(37.41 KB 670x376 lu lingqi.jpg)
Anon, are you man enough to marry lu bu's daughter?
>>298091 >nobunaga was singing in SW3 this is actually an accurate depiction and part of that era's culture especially in nobunaga's case who was especially eccentric samurai and warlords were known to be hard into poetry and dancing
>>298717 I married her in ROTKXI.
>>298717 I want to be defeated by Lu Bu's daughter.
I can't be the only one who liked WO4U. I'm playing it again because I still need to unlock Hades and a few other characters.
>>299063 I really like the gameplay of it. The emphasis on combos to power up your magic encourages me to swap my team members constantly, I love the magic system and swapping sacred treasures around, and the X weapons give me something to chase for each character. Just wish the X grind wasn't so bad. I have to plow through the final tower in Infinite mode as one character to get the materials I need for the weapons.
>>299064 My go-to team are these three. Especially Gan Ning, he has a really cool moveset that can do some good damage.
>>299081 The one WO4 thing I would cut from a WO5 is the deifications. Granted we got some great remixes for themes for them, but the transformations made the rest of the cast feel left out, less special.
>>299084 Well they only last for what, 20 seconds? I can see them being cut in a WO5 if the plot is different and Ouroboros bracelets aren't in it. I honestly didn't use the deified forms for most of my time playing the game because there were regular characters with movesets I like more. If W05 were ever made and the bracelets returned I would actually want more deified characters. There was only 8 out of 170 characters on the roster.
(993.86 KB 400x286 Shu in a nutshell.gif)
>>298543 >But he did have kids like 5 of em if remember correctly. Lu Xun married a daughter and his grandson was killed by Sun Quan's grandson That really boggles my mind. How could Xia Qiao get five kids out of him considering how young both were and how little time they actually spent due to how young he died...and no birth complications as well? Miracle. >Cao Cao's tragedy is that what few hints there are indicated that he didn't want to be king or let his family be royalty. He didn't. It's less that he got power hungry and more that he saw what the fuck was going on and did what great men try to do in those situations : uplift his people. Cao Cao as a man would rather have a harem, read books all day and bullshit with his best friend and cousin Xiahou Dun rather than rule but even he was fucking sick of the bullshit that happened. Remember, the reason why his first son and arguably the most normal one, died, was because Cao Cao decided that thinking with his dick was preferable when he was the number 1 target of the three kingdoms. I doubt he was ecstatic when he realised Cao Pi inherited all his libido and tendency to think with his dick while his more normal sons died. At least he loved his kids though, unlike Liu Bei who BENEVOLCE'd poor Ado. >>298742 I know how much they loved it, Nooby and Masamune were famous for overly indulging their guests with their dances and poem readings respectively. The problem was that they directed Juurota kosugi to sing EVERY SINGLE MOTHERFUCKING LINE IN THE WHOLE MOTHERFUCKING GAME AS IF HE WAS A SINGING FAGGOT WHO THOUGHT THIS WAS A GOOD IDEA That's my problem. I remember in the JP version of SW2, they had a scene where Nooby indulged Mitsuhide in his request about arts and Nobunaga receited to him his famous "Humans live for 50 years" in a very pleasant singing fashion that was very in-line with the man. SW4 fixed the character to more normal levels thankfully but SW3 was a fucking disaster as a whole. >>299063 WO4 should have been a game all about the mystics and the new characters instead of the usual DW vs SW, that gimped the whole game a whole lot. Ares, Hades, Zeus, Odin, Athena are fucking great Athena is best waifu in the game and Kazuchika Okada has great taste for liking her as well , the treasures idea is quite swell and when they added the whole "change eqipment" feature was nice but as a whole it's lazy and pretty shit because it tried to be beholded to the WO rules. Imagine a WO4 were it was East vs West and you had Poseidon, Siegfried, Persephone etc and the greeks having their deified forms instead as power-ups...
>>299157 >Imagine a WO4 were it was East vs West and you had Poseidon, Siegfried, Persephone etc That'd actually be really fucking cool. Though I was hoping Orochi would've had a bigger role other than being used as a plot device. He wasn't even the main antagonist in the game despite being him being in the title. I did like Odin though. Also that moment in the story where Orochi X was fighting the protagonists then the real Orochi shows up and fights Orochi X himself, and for a brief moment you were allied with Orochi. WO4 did open up a lot of doors for what can be done in WO5's plot by introducing Greek and Norse gods.
>>299157 Its important to know the reasons why he became so sick of all the bullshit was he predicted a large part of every bad thing that was going to befall the empire,and he worked tirelessly to stop the dangers in its infancy. But he was mocked by both his contemporaries and superiors. He felt especially slighted by He Jin who was only a butcher, not because he was a butcher but because he mocked Cao Cao from coming from a family of eunuchs when He Jin's origins were no better. Then Yuan Shao who had been his childhood friend continuously backstabbed him to climb the government ladder (becoming He Jin's second in command) gave shit advice and worse took shit positions that threatened both their families. (Cao Cao had to work extra hard to get his family out of the capital bercause Yuan Shao started talking shit when Dong Zhuo still had both their families in the capital) The final event that shattered him was the failure to capture Dong Zhou even when the coalition had all the advantages yet no one was willing to take the risks because they were afraid it would put them in weakened positions. (largely because Yuan Shao was screwing one over so he could out the affair unscathed) Xiahou Dun was one of the few people he allowed to enter his room with weapons and without having to be announced, really showed how much he cared about him. He also tried to stop him from holding any Wei titles and strictly gave him Han only titles which in retrospect scholars saw as way to protect him from any future backlash. >>299157 >SW3 Nobu Really? i felt he was my favorite Nobunaga next to 4 but i was playing with english dubs and i definitely dont remember him singing.
>>299157 >>299181 My ideal hope for a WO5 is it acts as like a further soft reboot for the series. Like take the plots of WO1 and WO2, divide everyone up into 8 stage faction stories (Wei Wu Shu Jin Other Samurai Orochi Mystic Greek Norse and "Crossover if crossover characters exist in a capacity WO3 had"), plug in the new guys introduced since WO2, where ever they fit and retell things anew.
>>299157 >At least he loved his kids though, unlike Liu Bei who BENEVOLCE'd poor Ado. Two things in Liu Bei's defense: - iirc that's just the novel. - You're speaking modern logic on a spot in time where parents didn't even name their children until AFTER they survived a year living for fear of not being able to cope if/when the little snots succumbed to birth defects/wild animals/the Asian Flu. This also goes on to explain <How could Xia Qiao get five kids out of him considering how young both were and how little time they actually spent due to how young he died...and no birth complications as well? Miracle.
>>299299 I;m not sure about the english dub when I read that they'd change VAs for the english releases and it kinda soured me since I liked the cheeseball acting from DW3 up to WO1 and learning that from DW7 and SW3 onwards we'd have new VAs didn't quite sit well with me. Thankfully DW8 kept some of the old guys(Jamieson Price for Lubu for example) and I had no choice for SW3 since I got the PSP version. Needless to say, I was fucking pissed with how much of a bitch they made Masamune in that one, continuing the trend from WO2. So I had the displeasure of hearing constantly singing Nooby. >>299303 That would be the ideal thing to do but I'm not sure Koei can do good level design for either DW or SW anymore. Their last really great stages I can remember are from the PS2 era while their licensed games get the very best stages from that point on. But it's definitely a start. WO4 fixed a lot of problems, like removing the retarded "Wonder" type, made Speed and Technique a bit better compared to WO3 but still not as good as WO1 and the weapon fusion system is still dogshit along with the traits the weapons have without a middle ground, being either one-button-push-game-overs for the enemy or just useless trinkets. And they still don't activate for all the c-branches. And they'd need to keep the SW4 incarnations and DW8 incarnations of the characters because putting the DW9 and SW5 incarnations on a WO will be disasterous. As for both DW and SW they need to change quite a few things : they need to have the DW have two weapons they can use yeah, yeah clones I know save for the characters that actually do have two weapons like Sun Quan. As for SW4, they need to revert the SW2 characters back to their SW2 movesets because the fucking Hyper Attack system just fucked them over. Look at Masamune, Mitsuhide, young Yukimura and Ranmaru and tell me that their SW4 moveset is in any way better than their SW4 movesets, even if they are missing one C-branch. No fucking way. >>299506 Fair enough, though I can't have that much sympathy for Bei when I take into account what poor Zhao Yun had to go through for Ado first. Especially in the novel Kou Shibusawa said that when he read that story, it's what inspired him for the Dynasty Warriors games where Zhao Yun rides alone in the middle of the night, has to travel far away to catch the people who kidnapped Ado, has to kill a thousand of them using only a dinky sword, a flimsy spear and his knowledge of Kung Fu, then discover that his horse fled, then he had to get Ado back to the capital ON FOOT so that he wouldn't die, all the while bandits and horseback robbers were in pursuit of him. And when he arrives at the capital and presents Ado to his sworn brother, Liu Bei just darts both of them a mean look, takes Ado and american football's him across the room. Imagine being Zhao Yun at that moment >my sword brothers have died in service of our elder brother in oath >Agonizing deaths >We put all our nobility in his cause <He's actually a retard <He doesn't care <Holy fuck I'm the last one and that's why I realised that <I wish I was in the Peach Garden with Guan Yu and Ma Chao right now Pics are for fun
>>299600 >san pengguo That takes me back But yeah english nobunaga voice extremely machiavellian. Got the sense he was a devil that was giving everyone exactly what they wanted even if it was to their detriment >I want a war so i can steal this territory >I'm not sure about the territory part but i'll give you a war >You monster you're killing everyone >Is this not what you wanted?
(27.04 KB 388x444 Best Ning.jpg)
(1016.80 KB 1800x1800 Armour Ning.jpg)
(95.31 KB 1000x1000 Fucking dogshit.jpg)
Which one lads? I miss my pirate bro, they did him really dirty after DW6. Even Guan Ping managed to bounce back.
Do I play >Warriors Orochi 4 >Samurai Warriors 4 >That berserk musou ?
>>299849 First pic >pic name of 1st and 3rd pics We'll get along fine. >>299857 SW4 lotta story, i wasn't that impressed with the berserk musou i havent played wo4
>>299857 Warriors Orochi 4 obviously. Unless you meant SW4-II, which also has a more expanded CAW feature IIRC? I was watching some vids about ideas and I swear someone was able to make Cloud Strife using my man Shima Sakon. Oh and SW4-II also has surprisingly better content than either WO4 games, so there you go. Berserk Musou is fucking dogshit, get the PS2 Berserk game instead. >>299860
(1.12 MB 350x192 friendship.gif)
Fuck, my pic didn't load.
>>299870 >>299872 Hearing all these good things makes me want to try WO4 out
(167.70 KB 800x1160 Remember Sengoku Armours.jpg)
>>299884 If you have WO3U, getting WO4U is only an option if you really love greek gods and some of your DW and SW favourites got fucked in WO3 due to the change in typing. Otherwise, don't really bother. Fun fact, Masamune getting Hermes' sandals wasn't incidental.
>>299905 eh ill give it a shot and come back later
I like hyrule warriors on the switch but not the BOTW version. God I would so motorboat CIAs titties if they were more jiggly and soft looking and not actual plastic surgery tits.
>>299923 Reminder that if Link plowed Cia, none of that shit would happen it was probably all Link's master keikaku since now he got Cia and Lana pinning for his dick
>>299931 Lol no way fag shes got gross as fuck stiff beachball titties. Maybe if she got a little bounce to her milkers then maybe so. I would into FI and Midna. I want me some monstergirls, humans are kinda overrated.
(52.67 KB 268x435 the gay....jpg)
>>299935 >Fi >Wants to fuck a sword.
>>299951 Its a female sword though. Who knows it could probably be fun. You shouldn't knock it til you try it.
>>299905 why does that manga look like air gear
which are the best musou games i can get on PC? i already played DW8XL/Empires
(63.94 KB 960x720 stop it.jpg)
>>299953 Anon can you please stop fucking weaponry.
>>300440 Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 3 using Xenia https://yewtu.be/watch?v=KVi5e54ZHII
>>300443 3 is the worst Gundam. Either 2 or Reborn. I can't speak much for emulating them though, I use a modded PS3.
>>300459 It has the best graphics.
>>300463 Fair enough.
(208.95 KB 862x485 ss01.jpg)
(197.34 KB 720x720 Sengoku4e_32_cs1w1_x720.jpg)
How the hell do you go from pic 1 to pic 2? Oda is older than Tokugawa yet looks younger than him in SW4.
>>300844 Likely because Oda died young, while Tokugawa would go on much longer for the time period SW4 covers? [spoilers]I kinda wanna make porn of Shotagawa and Ranmaru.[/spoiler]
>>300849 >spoiler Gotta add Hanbei in there
(146.03 KB 687x886 gas gays.jpg)
>>300849 Oda died at 48 just like his poem he lived nearly 50 years
>>300844 >How the hell do you go from pic 1 to pic 2? It's simple : >Be handsome shota >Find a mommy gf >Achieve happiness with mommy gf <Have mommy gf die a tragic death <Go catatonic and depressed <Have 10 years pass before you even begin to care again Easy. >>300967 AJ Musou where you kill gays with wrassling moves, when Koei?
No Samurai Warriors Empire no buy
>>300844 Yayoi twinks
>>300844 Leveling up.
(1.17 MB 1202x1500 Samurai-Warriors-4-Empires.jpg)
>>301273 But anon, there is SW4 Empires.
>>301316 I want the character creator from Dynasty Warriors 8 or 9 and the empire autism of Dynasty Warriors 8 empires. I'm just no fan of chink history even if the romance of the three kingdoms is so popular in Japan.
>>301349 >I want the character creator from Dynasty Warriors 8 or 9 and the empire autism of Dynasty Warriors 8 empires. Both of those are in SW4E, in fact SW4E has much more character interactions between your officers. It's not a deep as the ways of life system from DW8E, but everyone in your force can develop friendly and antagonistic relationships between each other and enemy forces which influence the missions you get in battles.
>>301434 Don't lie to me because I have both games. Yet it's true SW4E have things DW8E don't.
>>301437 I'm not, but I will say that SW4 in general feels like it's missing some sorta "IT" factor to it. I should be all over it as much as I am with DW8/E, but I'm not.

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