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Video Game News General #3 Anonymous 05/01/2021 (Sat) 11:03:38 Id:707ff6 No. 298763
Konami skips out on E3 stating that due to “deep development on a number of key projects,” in the coming months. https://archive.vn/0VX8P Last Thread News Range from 03/22/2021 till 04/26/2021 https://archive.vn/SAF3h
Yeah, I'm sure those Pachinko machines will be worth the hype in E3 2023.
You think konami can actually pull out the MGS remake hayter mentioned and a new castlevania?
Either a Metal Gear Solid or Silent Hill remake by fucking Bluepoint.
>>298776 I doubt either, but Castlevania's the more likely of the two. Netflix cartoon's still going and they were willing to make a mobileshit of it earlier, Grimoire of Souls I think it was. But I doubt they have anyone who even remembers how to make a MGS game since the entire Kojimbo studio quit in solidarity with him (and those who remained to work on Survive only did so to call the Konami loyalists cowards and traitors), and I think they're still leery after Lords of Shadow. >>299020 Not anymore since the gambling laws got changed and all of a sudden their money-printers got fucked. Corona-chan hasn't helped either.
>>299076 If i was konami, id humble down and ask iga to give it a go again.
>>299049 People really don't like Bluepoint and I'm not fully sure why. >>299076 For the love of god, stop replying to TORfags.
>>299087 They feel the need to westernize and poz every ingle thing they touch
>>298763 bamco better reveal anything about klonoa encore.
>>299126 They changed a bunch of shit in the demon's souls remake such as doing race swaps, and heavily redesigned all the monsters and characters, with many of said redesigns contradicting aesthetic decisions made in the original. Beyond that I have heard it was off mechanically from the original, and was made easier in several places. There's an image collage that get's reposted all the time, but I don't have it saved.
>>298775 At least the new Erotic Bombergirl Pachinko machine will be fappable. Can you say that about any female in any Western or Capcom game?
>>299087 >he uses tor, so ignore everything he's saying That's retarded. Especially since it was a normal misunderstanding that Konami's pachinkos won't save them anymore.
>>299213 >Erotic Bombergirl Pachinko tell me more
(3.22 MB 7060x4557 original vs remake.jpg)
>>299133 >>299126 Look upon my works, ye mighty, and despair
>>299087 >People really don't like Bluepoint and I'm not fully sure why. <PS3 remake of SotC "fixes" the game by permanently locking away content <PS4 remake of SotC has terrible graphics in comparison to the original on the PS2, with DLC for a game that didn't HAVE DLC <PS5 remake of Demon Souls fucks with the graphics, the gameplay, and the audio; see: >>299248
>>299263 >PS3 remake of SotC "fixes" the game by permanently locking away content What? How? This is the first time I am hearing about this.
>>299248 I get the guru mediation error when I try to open these in a new tab so I can actually read the fuckers
>>299340 On both of them?
>>299351 I can expand them in thread just fine but my mobile browser cant handle their resolution and fails to load, I think. I can download them directly from the thread, maybe, but not by expanding then saving image either
>>299086 I'd like a new Castlevania like everything. I've played the two 2D Bloodstained games, and while the aesthetic's nice and thegame physics fell like a classic Castlevania game, I'm just not digging this Ars Goetia plot that it has going on and the second game is a little wonky design wise. On the other hand Igavania games just don't get my engine running.
>>299076 >the entire Kojimbo studio quit in solidarity with him (and those who remained to work on Survive only did so to call the Konami loyalists cowards and traitors), Wait, seriously? Aren't jap devs supposed to be whipped by their superiors and big on politeness?
>>299076 >>299558 >the entire Kojimbo studio quit in solidarity with him (and those who remained to work on Survive only did so to call the Konami loyalists cowards and traitors) Only for all of them to fall into obscurity.
Wolfire Games Files Antitrust Lawsuit Against Steam; Accuses Valve of Preventing Better Deals on Other Stores https://archive.is/ZUj1S >Further, the lawsuit claims Valve reserves the right to deny keys (or revoke key requesting privileges) if they “disadvantage” Steam’s customers. The suit claims that their terms language is using the notion of protecting their customers as a “charade.” >“Those customers are the same ones that can (and do) purchase Steam Keys on other storefronts besides the Steam Store. They are harmed when they cannot find games for lower prices elsewhere because Valve has restrained price competition through its Price Parity Provision.” >“Moreover, Valve explicitly instructs publishers that Valve enforces this provision to ‘avoid a situation where customers get a worse offer on the Steam store.’ Put another way, Valve uses this restriction to prevent customers from getting a better deal anywhere other than on the Steam Store. Thus, rival distributors have no meaningful way to attract publisher customers and take away share from Valve, because their efforts to compete on price (e.g., by charging lower commissions) are blocked by Valve’s price parity requirements.” People in comments are saying the CEO of Wolfire Games is the brother of Humble Bundle, and Epic games and Tencent is behind this lawsuit
>>299585 >People in comments are saying the CEO of Wolfire Games is the brother of Humble Bundle, and Epic games and Tencent is behind this lawsuit Hope this is true, could start a good shit storm. I never trusted that Wolfire homo.
>>299585 Man imagine if Overgrowth was a finished game.
>>299585 It'd be nice if Valve had a serious threat to their existence. They might have to start taking things seriously again instead of coasting on Steam.
>>299585 This lawsuit wont go anywhere because the pricing restrictions only apply when the game actually runs through Steam. A publisher can decide to sell a game both on Steam and their own platform for a cheaper price, as long as the one on their own platform doesn't toss you a Steam key. >because their efforts to compete on price (e.g., by charging lower commissions) It also doesn't help that literally every game on both Epic and Steam is the same price, even the ones not using Steamworks. >>299591 I don't want to see Valve make games anymore. >TF2, CS:GO and Dota2 all just exist to milk whales >Artifact; the pay2play card game where you have to both pay up front and pay for the cards >Underlords, aka fucking auto chess >HL:A looks decent but its a fucking VR game If they'd make a new multiplayer game, it'd be the exact same fucking slop as the AAA cancer industry puts out. I'd rather see Valve continue pushing cancer stores like Epic and Microsoft out of the market.
>>299592 I played alyx and its pretty neat, its just a shame that the VR limits it as an FPS, but hey, it was obviusly something experimental.
>>299462 Maybe try the Deedlit game then? It's pretty good for a japindie gayme. >>299225 >No Bombergirl game beyond the pachinko shit >Thus no more new lewds or doujins beyond the usual pachinko-addicted artfags It hurts.
>>299585 It's hilarious that Wolfire games is trying to come off as the good guys in this scenario. They would have, if they were trying to argue that Valve and Steam don't actually let you own your games. But, as the other anons said, this is probably some kind of front by Epic and Tencent. Don't want to burn the house down while you're still in it, huh? >>299604 >It hurts. You could commision art, if you want them that bad.
>>299646 >>299604 If you want a bombergirl so bad just marry a muslim lol
(62.40 KB 817x857 laugh.jpeg)
(17.54 KB 794x95 ClipboardImage.png)
>>299585 Wolfire and Humble have been in league since about the start, I think about the first thing on Humble was like Lugaru and Natural Selection 2.
(26.20 KB 900x402 ClipboardImage.png)
What a fucking idjit I was, speaking of.
>>299667 Is that why they're kept on a tight leash in iran?
>>299676 >if you can't throw it back anon. I don't know what that means. >>299680 >>299679 Very interesting. Also, >~$40 for Overgrowth. They were charging a lot of money for an unfinished tech demo.
(213.19 KB 1018x1600 usagi.yojimbo.2.flat.jpg)
>>299682 No kidding, I believe that Overgrowth buy also got you Lugaru and I believe Receiver. I had such foolish hopes for Overgrowth early on and what it is now isn't really much more than Lugaru was. I'm more peeved about NS2 being a mess initially and a flop more or less.
>>299682 Check the spoiler God I hope that picture is a joke
>>299683 >I'm more peeved about NS2 being a mess initially and a flop more or less. Yeah, RIP Natural Selection. I bought it on sale sometime after TotalBiscuit covered it. But to be fair, it was an asymmetrical real time strategy FPS hybrid, without a single player campaign, it was multiplayer only. In addition, RTS hybrids, except for Overlord and Pikmin, don't seem to get played a lot. Sacrifice sadly doesn't count. >>299688 I saw it, but I don't understand the slang very much. Is she saying the dog has a bigger peen?
>>299585 I can understand where they're coming from as Valve does take an astronomically high cut of sales, but I don't think this lawsuit will go anywhere. It sounds like a proxy suit on behalf of Humble and Epic
>>299585 What this https://archive.ph/wip/yqJ51 actually says is that you aren't allowed to provide a Steam key at a cheaper price on a different storefront, you're free to sell the game itself for whatever you want. I'm no fan of (((Valve))) but it's pretty disingenuous to claim they're controlling the price of the full product. More likely this is because modern indie developers are mostly retards who can't think beyond 'license Unity, make roguelite with a gimmick, add in Steam API' so they literally cannot conceive of selling a version of the game that's not inherently tied to a Steam key.
(526.60 KB 622x391 ClipboardImage.png)
(341.70 KB 827x1142 ClipboardImage.png)
(1.55 MB 827x1382 ClipboardImage.png)
SEGA Is Moving Into NFTs and 'Sonic the Hedgehog' Fans are Not Happy https://archive.vn/fzxuf SEGA has just announced its expansion into NFTs and longtime fans are not happy about it. Earlier this week, the iconic Japanese video game company revealed its plans to move into the NFT space, teaming up with Double Jump. Tokyo to realize a “sequential expansion into a variety of content, including IPs currently in development and new IPs to be released in the future,” adding that it will “also explore ways to effectively utilize the NFT contents owned by users.” While other details remain scarce at this point, many fans have already expressed outrage at the company’s decision, highlighting the irony that it created Sonic the Hedgehog, a game based around a protagonist who fights for the environment. “This is the same company who made a specific game that’s all about preventing a mechanized and toxic wasteland,” said one fan. “This is just disappointing…Especially a Sonic fan like me.” Another chimed in: “When I was a kid, your flagship character taught me to care about the environment. It’s more than a little jarring to see that same face contributing to the destruction of the planet in a time like this.” SEGA has yet to make an official response to the backlash.
>>299736 I really do not understand NFTs. What stops people from ignoring that entire mess and just doing whatever they want like usual?
>>299744 Nothing is stopping anyone, it's completely meaningless and probably, likely just a money laundering scheme.
>>299745 Yeah, it must be. It all seems so strange.
>>299744 The best description I've heard of NFTs are beanie babies for techbros and investors.
>>299736 The fuck's an NFT?
>>299750 Good question. It's kind of a hard thing to explain, but it's basically a "token" claiming you own a specific copy of an image, game, etc. This probably sounds worthless, and it is! It's a big fad at the moment and I'm not sure why people are buying them. Edward Snowden recently sold one for over $5,000,000.
>>299753 Is he even allowed to? What else is he doing these days?
>>299756 Hanging out in Russia.
>>299604 1. Bombergirl had games beyond pachinko? 2. They make doujins of pachinko games of all thngs?!
>>299744 NFTs are basically a bitcoin/crypto with a serial number to make them unique. They are assigned to a digital good and have a proof of ownership of the thing they're associated with on the transaction ledger. There's only value to it because people think it has value
(362.47 KB 1280x1816 001.jpg)
>>299769 >2. They make doujins of pachinko games of all thngs?! Bless Great Mosu. The first one to really make content about it.
>>299736 >all those tree hugging mentally ill soyfreaks whining about a company wanting money above everything else Indeed, brand loyalists are clinically insane. There people who still think that a smilling mascot from a company somehow makes the company friendly. Jewtendo also has a lot of practices in the manufacturing of it's products that end up resulting in toxic waste, yet idiots still think that it is a friendly company because they see Mario smiling at them.
>>299756 I don't see why he wouldn't be, the US government doesn't have jurisdiction over international crypto/art sales. >What else is he doing these days? Still lives in Russia, he got residency last year. He writes books and does a lot of interviews, usually about how corrupt alphabet agencies are and corporate data collection went too far fifteen years ago. I don't like Joe Rogan but he did this great segment on JRE in 2019 titled "How Your Cell Phone Spies on You".
>>299769 Bombergirl is an arcade game, not pachinko.
>>299263 The PS4 remaster had cringeworthy OC donut steel shit as well, like the new easter egg that pretty much fellates that one youtube spic who dedicated his whole life to researching prototype builds of SOTC (which by the way was all bullshit, as proven by https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaYW7Bs1OTvllV9Q1XvXEdQ, the arena that supposedly held the devil and was located right next to the unused dam was actually in front of the shrine of worship) >>299280 Yeah, what content did it supposedly remove? Because recently people have started datamining the PS3 and PS4 remasters and they've found that the PS3 one actually still has a shit ton of leftover data and assets that confirm a lot of theories people had for years (like the unused colossi arenas), meaning bluepoint used a build older than even the prerelease PS2 ones.
>>299780 Why does Joe Rogan lust after chimps so much?
>>300028 Weed.
>>299753 How can there be a specific copy if it's a public domain digital data in the first place?
Not sure if anyone here still cares, but the second episode of the remake of Super Mario Bros. Z came out some hours ago: https://yewtu.be/watch?v=XWDdTIzAwCI https://invidious.site/watch?v=XWDdTIzAwCI https://invidious.tube/watch?v=XWDdTIzAwCI 35 minutes of early 00's humor and combat featuring Mario and Sonic.
>>300051 Didn't know this was still being made. I thought Nintendo gave it a C&D.
>>300053 Nintendo sent a C&D to the creator's Kickstarter, and the remake project went silent for years until the creator announced that he would continue with the remake and the first episode of the remaster was uploaded one year ago. You can watch it here, by the way: https://yewtu.be/watch?v=HoHb38ROGVU
(17.40 KB 452x339 facepalmspaceghost.jpg)
>>300055 >Nintendo sent a C&D to the creator's Kickstarter <Kickstarter It was their own fucking fault.
>>300136 How? >be me >who else would i be >be animator >need money to fund projects >receive money via crowdfunding >just so happen to spend my free, no obligation time working on a fan project
(24.97 KB 663x382 unfathomable disgust.jpg)
>>300147 Telling everyone you want money for a project based on some company's property is the fastest way to get shit on by lawyers. The way to avoid this is don't fucking ask for money, shut the fuck up about it, complete it in secret before releasing it for free, make something similar but with original characters, shut the fuck up about it, strike a partnership with the property owner like with Sonic Mania, shut the fuck up about it, and shut the fuck up about it.
>>300151 >make something similar but with original characters YOU DONT HAVE TO TELL ME TWICE BUT DURING THE STONE AGE
>>300193 Those garbage "spiritual successors" would have been garbage if they were the real deal as well, it's better they were OC Donut Steel and ended up trash than if they turned what they were aping into trash.
On the subject of shit spiritual successors financed with kikestarter, what are other "failed" and "successful" spiritual successors you know of? >Yooka-Laylee ended up being swallow >Might No. 9 ended up being shit >that Castlevania-like game ended up being nothing special >
What about good spiritual successors? >Overload >Spark the Electric Jester/Freedom Planet I've got nothing else unless you count Ion Fury for build games in general, but I thought that game was alright, didn't outright shit all over any other build game.
(915.63 KB 764x478 IHOE_KEYART_PRESS.png)
>>300265 Can Iron Harvest count? its mix and match of COH and COH 2 and its "Decent" and MERICA DLC that focuses USA Airpower
(1.39 MB 3840x2160 USonia_military_march_art.webp)
(1.18 MB 3840x2160 American_Battle_Mech.webp)
>>299604 >Maybe try the Deedlit game then? I'm already planning on it.
>>300267 Too bad it's shittier than even CoH2 which was shittier than CoH2
>>299744 I also don't think I understand it but I think that's because every time I read what it is about I conclude that I must be misunderstanding because it's too fucking stupid and no one could possibly fall for a scheme like this. Basically it's like an artist doing a drawing and distributing it everywhere freely and then also selling just one person a piece of paper that says that person now own the drawing they did. The difference is that NFTs are digital so it's basically like a digital signature from the creator (or a global megacorp in this case) saying that you own it now, so there isn't even that personal touch that a real signature from an artist you like could have. It's literally greed, there's nothing else behind this. >>299753 >Edward Snowden recently sold one for over $5,000,000. Are you shitting me? What the actual fuck. >>300050 They're not selling the image itself but rather the rights of it or something like that. I'm not really sure if this really has legal value though.
>>300147 >Begging for money in an obvious legal arena for an illegal fan project (read: You are not allowed to make money off of copyright) >Needing e-attention at all for your projects This is why so many artists fuck up in this day & age. Work on your shit quietly, release it quietly and stop letting shitrags report on your project, and damn-well don't announce it on tiwtter. How fucking hard is it to keep your ego in check long enough to get your work done?
>>300267 Wasn't this game very mediocre?
>>299770 >>299753 What I don't get is, why are they bad for the environment?
>>300874 Verifying transactions in the blockchain takes a ton of processing power, thus electricity
>>299744 Because it's another shell in the shell game/ponzi scheme of crypto. Because they have a real environmental cost involved with transactions, like other crypto, and people are appalled that this meta market has sprung up demanding it's own power plants, etc. Crypto broadly has failed to provide anonymous banking as it was intended and largely failed to provide a currency for the 'unbanked'. Attempts to give it a practical purpose such as file storage or as an app layer are merely curios and the world has demonstrated no demand for them.
(176.58 KB 897x625 DRUMPF CUCKED TWITTER.jpg)
>>299775 They should also thank Nintendo for controlling anyone who uploads walkthroughs of their mediocre games to social platforms. >>300055 I'd like to mention that the Old Mario Bros flash game is gone from Newgrounds because... You've guessed: Nintendo. However Tom Fulp said that his platform has much more freedom than Youtube, yet you can find most of the shit they purged on Youtube. >>300874 But is alright as long Orange Man gets cucked for charity.
>>300896 >>300887 >Retards, when given money, will pathologically want to spend it in order to get validation from people that don't matter in their lives >But is alright as long Orange Man gets cucked for charity. You know what, I might have donated $500,000 to own the N*zis, but at least I'm not racist
>>300901 >The sole reason why they became artists was because of their inflated egos, to begin with. Also because theyre zoomers and coomers who want to fap to their fake girlfriends instead of getting real ones.
>>300051 >35 minutes of early 00's humor Into the trash. NEwGROundS shit needs to die and 2000s internet culture was always cringe as fuck.
>>300247 I thought Igavania was well received.
>>300901 >>300848 Remidner that (((lewd artists))) (((waifus))) are literally 01110101011011010101110101101010101010101010110
>>300911 >01110101011011010101110101101010101010101010110 wow so sexy *fapfapfapfapfapfapfapfap*
>>300908 >getting real girl friends Normalnigger.
>>300908 >getting real ones Nobody wants to be simp.
(3.09 MB 998x1500 JUST.png)
>>300908 Fapping to fake girlfriends is better than ending up in a cesspit of loveless alimony that is modern marriage. >Muh white race Don't worry Schlomo, thanks to capitalism I can just pay women to get knocked up then get full custody of the child and tell them to fuck off. You'll get put out of your misery soon enough.
>>300962 Smart, kids don't even need mothers like they need fathers, just compare the statistical rates of success in single father vs. single mother households.
(716.35 KB 763x1690 Capture.png)
Riot Games to Record Valorant Player Voice Chat when Reported for Harassment or Hate Speech https://archive.fo/mX2qP >The announcement explains that “In order for us to take action against players who use voice comms to harass others, use hate speech, or otherwise disrupt your experience, we need to know what those players are saying.” To do so, they have updated their terms of service and privacy notice to allow them to record voice chat. >This comes “when a report for disruptive behavior is submitted,” after the voice chat is then analysed the necessary action is taken and the data is removed once it is no longer needed for review. >“After the data has been made available to the player in violation (and is no longer needed for reviews) the data will be deleted, similar to how we currently handle text-based chat reports. If no violation is detected, or if no report is filed in a timely manner, the data will be deleted. “ >While Riot Games state they are starting with Valorant, they also state it is “the only available game that currently plans to utilize the ability to record voice data and review it when disruptive voice behavior is reported.” The privacy notice update will grant the legal right to League of Legends, Wild Rift, and Teamfight Tactics; but there are “currently have no plans to record player voice chat or expand the voice chat capabilities beyond party voice chat.” This needs to be shit-stirred and canned
>>301016 Don't worry, they are just doing this to keep you safe from those "toxic" gamers. Just like how their rootki...I mean, "Anti-cheat" is only being used to keep those pesky cheaters at bay.
>>301016 What are the chances this "backfires" and minorities/women get seen as racist or hateful? In addition, when will these people learn that trashtalking and "toxicity" comes with competition? Are they so autistic or sheltered to not understand that comes with the territory? Pro wrestling faces this problem too, where people complain about the hazing and tomfoolery that goes on backstage. Look, it's men and women from a ton of different athletic backgrounds and cultures. It's frat boys and sorrority girls. And, at the end of the day, if you can't deal with that, you're in the wrong place.
>>301088 >and minorities/women get seen as racist or hateful? What makes you think they'll even show people those recordings?
>>299775 Their only purpose is to yell until they get what they want. Nevermind they must be using the newest iphone with very dangerous components for the environment to yell on the internet about the environment in the first place.
>>301016 The mentally ill are afraid, since the jews are losing everything all over the world. Keep pushing "muh hate" until it can't be censored anymore.
(254.87 KB 1344x1152 1553441485232.png)
Stadia product head John Justice has left Google >The Information today reported that Vice President and Head of Product at Stadia John Justice recently left the company. Justice joined at the start of 2019, but has yet to update LinkedIn to confirm the departure. The company provided the following statement to 9to5Google: <We can confirm John is no longer with Google and we wish him well on his next step. >In that role, Justice oversees the consumer experience for Stadia and in the past talked about what’s coming next to the game streaming service. That said, the VP in December said Google would no longer discuss features before they’re ready to avoid overpromising. Often, new additions would quietly launch days or weeks before getting announced by the company. Source: https://archive.is/8kKtD
>>301162 The only decent thing Google has created in over a decade has been Android.
>>301164 They didn't even do that. Android was a start-up Google acquired, and once it succeeded they started picking away at the open source aspects.
(342.26 KB 695x698 370.png)
>>299679 >David Rosen >Rosen That really makes me think.
>>301202 This picture is almost perfect. It only needs them to be sitting on a gaming chair and for their keyboard to be rgb.
>>301162 What a dumpster fire Stadia turned out to be.
>>301164 >Android >created by Google It's literally just a dumbed down + walled-garden Linux distro.
>Nobody talking about the Apple v. Epic court case happening right now https://yewtu.be/watch?v=RA6MkNoyqvg Dorito Pope is streaming live audio of the court case. I think it is interesting, but even then it is also showing other sides of the industry with both sides including everyone else in the gaming industry in this fight.
>>301348 Why is Geoff streaming it? Why is Geoff streaming it?
>>301348 As much as I hate Apple, I'll go to bat for them on this one. The Epic Tencent case was always a complete sham.
>>301357 Why not? It affects a lot of vidya whoever wins. Anyhow it looks like Epic has been asking Nvidia about how streaming is inferior to having an app on the appstore. Apple just came on and is raping Nvidia how the project manager tweeted anti-Apple tweets after deposition in court in February.
(20.87 KB 594x283 Epic v Apple.png)
>>301362 I tried listening to a bit but I can barely understand it, the bitrate sounds like it's 4kbps
(348.57 KB 2048x2048 shit_piss.jpg)
Sony Interactive Entertainment announces partnership with Discord! https://archive.vn/2sFb0 Sony Demand Royalties for Crossplay Where PlayStation Gamers Make Majority of Profit https://archive.vn/GWgMj
>>301169 >Android was a start-up Google acquired wew lad
>>301162 >John Justice That's a real name?
(712.08 KB 606x1103 Screenshot 2021-05-04 215743.png)
(168.02 KB 1000x563 E0ljxM_UYAMpER6.jpg)
(90.35 KB 1000x563 E0ljxNEVcAM6Hf4.jpg)
(213.71 KB 1000x563 E0ljxNBUcAA3Y_x.jpg)
(228.50 KB 1000x563 E0ljxNBVcAMF2rl.jpg)
Made in Abyss action RPG has been announced for PS4, Switch, & PC via Steam. https://archive.is/Qef7n Pretty excited and happy about this, surprised no one else has posted about it yet.
ArtStation is Joining the Epic Games Family https://magazine.artstation.com/2021/04/artstation-is-joining-the-epic-games-family/ https://archive.is/u9fGA >ArtStation will remain an independently branded platform owned by Epic Games and will continue its mission to empower creators to thrive >>301679 >surprised no one else has posted about it yet Everyone dreamed with game based on MiA, but nobody expected it to become real.
(474.29 KB 878x1239 66190992_p0.jpg)
(432.73 KB 758x721 So_good.png)
>>301679 Took them long enough.
>>301686 I was one of those dreamers. I remember when the anime was airing, discussing game concepts and being so excited about the possibilities. After it blew up and quite some time passed with no game announcement I lost hope. Glad its finally getting a game.
>>301679 Looks nice from the images, can't wait for gameplay videos.
>>301686 >Everyone dreamed with game based on MiA, but nobody expected it to become real. Can't wait until they make a The Promised Neverland souls-like game.
>>301686 >Artstation is joining Epic Games Oh thank Christ I didn't join those retards or any other meme portfolio site.
>>301424 Soyny is on a failure path to acquire everything related to faggot pedophiles. >>301686 >ArtStation will remain an independently branded platform >owned by Epic Games The demented only know to lie. >will continue its mission to empower creators to thrive Marxist propaganda studio. Nothing else. Shitskins will always fail. Faggot abominations will always fail. Women (talking meats) will always fail.
>>301679 I don't like the graphics/artstyle, seems outdated and bland. Should be more "prolific" if thats the right word
>>301743 >prolific >Producing offspring or fruit in great abundance; fertile I get it! You want more detail in the plants.
(1.65 MB 1200x727 ClipboardImage.png)
(1.44 MB 1200x675 ClipboardImage.png)
>>301679 >original story by mia author >actually on PC too Looking forward to it. There's plenty of things cut from MiA when it had its slump before 7chi. The two new characters in pic1 being essentially a palette swap makes me wonder whether we'll get any character creation or customization, and pic2 shows we'll at least be playing a new character. Sadly the game looks a bit cheap. The foliage on the wall literally blending into the stone in pic2 isn't helping with that. I wonder if they didn't put out any video because the animation quality is currently ass too.
>>301679 You forgot to mention it's also rated Cero Z in Japan, which is the equivalent of 18+ and adult rating. This also could explain why the game will be released worldwide right off the bat because they want to get profits (Z-rated stuff so far have been for some visual novels on consoles, localized western games and recently the Z versions of Biohazard which still remain well censored compared to the normal western versions)
(90.82 KB 1911x1077 1550268433-2.jpg)
(128.99 KB 546x169 abyss no pain pls.png)
(134.98 KB 412x240 muffled_shota_suffering.png)
(3.61 MB 2400x1600 EDHxaVm.png)
>>301763 >You forgot to mention it's also rated Cero Z in Japan, which is the equivalent of 18+ and adult rating. >we're going to get loli and shota dismemberment animations I don't know if my heart can take this.
(26.89 KB 500x517 wut.jpeg)
>>301763 I thought it was just the new season of the anime that was getting the Z rating before even airing.
>>301767 Well if it features Faputa and Prushka that's not surprising at all.
>>301424 >(((california))) takes over sony >immediately dissolves their best studio (which was entirely japanese) >acquire EVO, the event that had legitimate pedophiles in it and was dropped by literally every company that once sponsored it >acquire discord, the one IM that trannies use to groom kids and blackmail teens into becoming freaks like them What's next? Buying whatsapp so they oversee all of the CP and gore that is shared daily on private groups by third worlders? Buying little saint james and making it their new HQ? >>301679 Pass, i'm not fond of series with cute artstyles that make their characters suffer.
(154.77 KB 573x588 RIKO NO!.jpg)
>>301809 >i'm not fond of series with cute artstyles that make their characters suffer. Your loss.
>>301813 >Nope. Yes. >The show describes a deep-seated mental illness and the ideology surrounding it is not to be emulated. Please elaborate.
>>301830 He's calling you a pedophile
(486.69 KB 900x900 4bb.png)
>>301679 FUCK YOU I want this game NOW not in a fucking year fucking hell how long can it fucking take to make a fucking game. Why the fuck didn't they just start a year earlier then it would be fucking done now just fucking get it done you FUCKS!!
(619.71 KB 1265x1440 quality subs.jpg)
>>301679 Look, tie-in anime garbage. >shit graphics straight out of a Tales game from 2008 Check >cookie cutter gameplay Check >based on a license that appeals to retards of the worst kind Check Yeah, I guess I'll pirate it.
>>301809 Same. Not interested. Suffering is not a substitute for plot and it's a bad fetish to boot. Never read the manga and never watched the show and won't play the game. Made in Abyss is just not compelling in the slightest. Anybody who likes it has shit taste.
(9.65 KB 300x400 nanadola.png)
nanachi cute though
>>301846 >>301849 Could someone please fill me in on the "controversy" of MIA? What's wrong with it? I don't know anything about it other than it disgusting some anime jewtubers.
>>301863 Everyone suffers and it's horrible. It looks cute but it really isn't. Just skip it - there's no payoff.
(276.84 KB 671x522 acti-blizz.png)
Activision-Blizzard's Q1 financial report has come in. Over the past three years, they've lost almost 29% of their active playerbase across all games. 11M players in total. https://archive.is/Yyy20
>>301863 >>301865 Its about the journey, not the destination. Life itself is miserable, you might as well skip it since it also has no payoff, yes?
>>301867 Wow, I wonder how that happened.
>>301867 I guess the market hasnt reacted yet. Not sure what that dip was over the last month. Its possible that investors were bearish on it and the poor Q1 is already priced in, or they might still have room to bottom out. Dont see them dipping below 80$ though
>>301863 It's thinly veiled fetish bullshit for the same kind of people who watch slasher movies.
>>301867 I guess the market hasnt reacted yet. Not sure what that dip was over the last month. Its possible that investors were bearish on it and the poor Q1 is already priced in, or they might still have room to bottom out. Dont see them dipping below 80$ though
(1.44 MB 1920x1080 1554350871093.jpg)
>>301870 Normalfags play the latest flavor-of-the-month streamer-bait game or mainstays like minecraft/roblox/cod whatever if they're like, 12 years old. They don't play wow, they don't play overwatch. And Diablo 2's probably too old to keep their attention for long. Can you imagine an average soyboy grinding Diablo 2? lul
(567.99 KB 2000x2000 viv think.png)
>>301865 >>301868 >>301872 Oh, so it's torture porn? Yeah, pretty gay. That's some F-List tier cancer. >>301874 >Can you imagine an average soyboy grinding Diablo 2? lul That's funny, but do you know what might be even funnier? Imagine them playing a strategy game, especially a 4X that's easy to get into like Sid Meier's Civilization.
>>301867 >But overall Acti-Blizz and Blizz revenues are up They must have a lot of whales spending cash for that to be the case.
>>301877 Cant think of an instance of torture or gore other than when the main character breaks her arm because of an accident
>>301879 >>301877 I've seen it described as sufering porn rather than torture porn before. Think 127 hours.
>>301868 I would, but suicide is a sin. I trust that there's a plan for me and a reason for me being here.
>>301881 Ive always thought of it as a somewhat generic light fantasy anime that is "realistic" in the sense that bad shit happens and the main characters arent immune to it. They manage to get along just fine though. Animation is good enough, but I can't deny the author is an obvious shota/lolicon but I still have trouble describing it at torture
>>301882 Kek nope.
>>301884 I don't expect you to believe, but I know what I've seen.
(885.07 KB 640x640 kute kot.png)
>>301883 Your description is more charitable and fits with what I've seen of it (only watched some of the first parts). The only way I'd see it though is if there's not a depressing everyone-fucking-dies type ending. Since a good end is not a guarantee I'd rather not get interested until it's completed kind of Game of Thrones, I was skeptical due to the whole "books ain't done yet" and I was right so I got to rub that on my normalfag friends faces
>>301878 >They must have a lot of whales spending cash for that to be the case. World of Warcraft is either the perfect example of the sunk cost fallacy, an anomaly, or both. It shot life into and killed the MMO market. Heh, remember when Wild Star tried to bring back the "old school glory days" of WoW and died not too long after? >>301881 >I've seen it described as sufering porn rather than torture porn before. I think that still falls under torture porn.
(1.21 MB 3500x2448 IMG_20171022_0060.jpg)
(1.13 MB 3500x2448 IMG_20171022_0008.jpg)
(270.27 KB 670x958 madeinabyss1a.jpg)
(243.40 KB 1920x1080 2416069.jpg)
(755.08 KB 1920x1080 2416076.png)
>>301863 The basic plot is "let's send a dumb loli and an amnesic shotabot to the bottom of a deeeeeeeeeep abyss that is full extremely dangerous creatures that can digest you before actually eating you and even more dangerous lunatic explorers that want to turn you into a lunchbox and then make you crossdress just for the sake of it, also the abyss has some weird shit that makes you bleed from every orifice if you try to go up and sometimes even worse things, so you can only go down where things are more fucked up, also here's a smug bunny-like thing that has PTSD but at least knows some things about the abyss, gg", which combined the blatant fetish fuel and violence featuring children at seemingly random moments becomes a huge shock bomb for normalfags who came for the extremely cute art style of the manga/anime. That aside, the manga is really good. The art style is great, specially regarding the scenery and living creatures (this is one of the reasons many people wanted a MiA game, imagine exploring pics related), and the cuteness of the characters and their interactions make you care deeply for them every time they are in danger. Another thing is that you can see how being in the abyss constantly exposed to dangers and trauma changes the characters, not only the protagonists, but everyone who went down there. The part about the author being a degenerate loli/shotacon is true, though. Even his own mother calls him "irremediable" during streams, and he has admitted that Reg (the shotabot)'s design is partially inspired by Astroboy's "defenseless body".
(53.98 KB 384x568 mcgee.jpg)
>>301937 >The part about the author being a degenerate loli/shotacon is true, though. Even his own mother calls him "irremediable" during streams, and he has admitted that Reg (the shotabot)'s design is partially inspired by Astroboy's "defenseless body". The perfect mind to create unique media.
>>301937 that sounds like a pretty good setting. i cant wait for the antipedo boomers and their spawn to fucking die. maybe then we'll be able to make proper sexbots without their christcuck morals getting on the way
(38.63 KB 640x723 3479783.png)
(17.21 KB 640x723 34797832.png)
Six additional staff leave Stadia to join Haven Studios Former Stadia general manager Sebastien Puel is a co-founder of Jade Raymond's new venture >A further six members of staff have left Google Stadia for new roles at Haven Studios, the venture founded by former Stadia VP Jade Raymond. >As spotted by a poster on Resetera, staff across multiple disciplines have taken positions at the Montreal-based studio between April and May. >Among the hires is Corey May, former head of creative services and publishing at Google Stadia, and former Stadia general manager Sebastien Puel, who is also a co-founder of Haven Studios. >The departures follow the recent resignation of Stadia head of product John Justice. Full list of the people who left Stadia for Haven (copied from the REEEsetera post linked in the article): >Former General Manager of Google's Stadia Games Sebastien Puel started this month and is one of the co-founders. >Corey May is the studio's World/IP Director. Previously: Google Stadia Games’ Head of Creative Services & Publishing. >Jonathan Dankoff is Haven Studios’ Insights Director. And yes, he worked previously as well at Google Stadia (Staff UX Researcher). >Both Erwann Le Rouzic and Francis Denoncourt joined the studio as Concept Artist. Both worked previously at...Google Stadia. >Pierre-Marc Bérubé joined as Software Engineer. Previously: Graphics Programmer at Google Stadia. Sources: https://archive.is/Wv4R6 https://archive.is/YPTVW#selection-10435.36-10435.42
>>301893 >Since a good end is not a guarantee I'd rather not get interested until it's completed that is a very good approach.
>>301944 Lol retard, keep dreaming.
(25.51 KB 315x371 1602244064487-4.jpg)
>>301679 >z-rated WIll there be loli fanservice?
>>301679 guess i'll have to read the mango at some point, dont wanna be lost when i go into it.
>>301807 The jews lost, Hanging Flesh. We always win.
>>301679 >Spike Chunsoft So it will suck huge dick.
>>301867 Good. Even though Activision itself will keep existing for a while, it is good to see the beginning of the purge of blue haired tranny-looking landwhales from Blizzard.
(1.68 MB 2017x1502 Res_002.jpg)
(1.46 MB 1100x801 Res_006.png)
(194.71 KB 1086x799 how to draw reg.jpg)
(393.72 KB 1280x1830 b68.jpg)
(358.22 KB 1280x1830 12.jpg)
>>301939 It would be the ultimate guilt-inducing loli/shotabait game. >>301944 >that sounds like a pretty good setting It is. The loli's mother was/is one of the best explorers of the abyss, so she decided to travel to the bottom looking for her even if she couldn't be able to return to the surface. The shotabot, on the other side, was sent from the bottom to the surface in order to protect the loli but doesn't remember anything before meeting her. >>301983 It probably was rated Z for the violence present in the original medium and expected in the game.
>>301944 It will never happen, deformed kike.
(238.06 KB 540x365 The anwser was Henah.png)
>>301931 >Wild Star At least the redneck got more lewds compared to the one from SMNC.
>>302027 So in other words, large media companies are a vert safe investment
(1.29 MB 1200x900 good comparison.png)
>>301162 Even more Stadia employees leave, including general manager and vice-president Sebastien Puel. https://archive.is/Wv4R6 If they're facing an exodus this early in its history I don't see Google suits having any faith left.
>>301945 >>302086 Stadia is beyond a meme at this point. It goes to show, that just because a product has the backing of a huge corporation behind it, you can't always force it to be successful. >>302026 >At least the redneck got more lewds compared to the one from SMNC. Got any pics?
>>302086 Leftards always fail at everything.
>>302086 Did they really compare their piece of shit to the dreamcast, the power glove, and ET? Jesus Christ way to look up every huge failure in gaming history to compare themselves to? Might as well slap the fucking virtual boy and saturn up there while they're at it.
>>301881 Most organisms suffer when they're being tortured.
>>302018 >Great artist that created a interesting world with a decent plot >but also be a massive fucking pervert Everytime.
>>301867 Yeah and a good chunk of them are moving over to FF14, so sick of them.
>>302199 At least (((blizzard))) can develop a fucking website that can process payments or function at all. FF14 will always be a laughing stock while people get stuck at the raid boss that is basic account creation and actually being allowed to buy the fucking game.
>>302205 I bought mine through steam. I did have a friend who had issues though but it didn't take long for them to get it.
>>302207 Isn't there a host of issues when buying through steam? Either way it's a fucking joke of a game based on these facts alone.
>>302209 It is fun, with a decent plot at least past ARR. And no, you just get the codes and you have to register them with a square account. My only real issue with the game is dungeon mobs are pretty dull, but the boss fights are USUALLY past the base game.
>>302197 Not even that. Most of the time, uncredited "assistants" are the ones who truly create the characters, the overall art for the scenery, write the plot, and pretty much do everything. The "creator" is usually just some introvert degenerate that can just barely draw some characters, and who is also a pushover that the studio's boss use as a front for everyone else involved. If something goes wrong, the "creator" is blamed for everything, while the actual creators and artists with actual talent are kept around, to work on the next title, with another introvert degenerate.
>>302223 That's not how goes usually with manga anon. Unless you information that says otherwise.
(737.99 KB 1131x1600 19665928_p0.jpg)
(2.68 MB 3042x2562 6819092_p0.jpg)
(714.50 KB 2000x1409 19032_p0.jpg)
>>302223 You can't be more wrong in this case tor kun.
>>302018 Dem titties for reals though.
>>301863 What if the Zone from Roadside Picnic/Stalker even down to the groups of organised scavengers and the 'centre'/deepest levels being more or less unreachable but nipified with a loli and a shota as protagonists, and then a bunch of fetish shit like pissfaggotry and naked hanging being thrown in all over. Also a boy forced to crossdress, anal probing and penis measuring, furry TF shit and some other stuff I likely forgot. The art and particularly the music are good but otherwise its just packaging up an existing idea with standard Japanese pathos for ignorant nips and weebs to hold up as something original, like Little Witch Academia and Harry Potter which itself was a very close rip-off of an existing series of books about a witch-only school but that's a different topic. All that said it's honestly fine for what it is, not worth going out of your way to watch but if you just want something competently made you could do far worse.
>>302278 >>301863 Come to think of it on the subject of unoriginality Roadside Picnic's protagonist's daughter comes out as a furry monkey thing too.
>>302278 is roadside picnic even well known enough in japan for it not to be picked up by cultural osmosis? I know there's a nip yuri novel series that takes from it heavily and openly.
>>301983 sauce?
>>301867 Now this is the kind of guro that I can enjoy whole heatedly.
(562.58 KB 478x480 coverart.png)
>>302247 I had a nagging feeling I have seen that art style before and now I feel like a slowpoke for not knowing it's the same artist who did Elebits.
>>302363 No idea. Ask /yuri/ or /animu/
(3.05 MB 640x424 nintendo commercial.mp4)
Archive is still fucking me around with the infinite captcha, so here are some direct links. Nintendo released some financial statements today that updates some numbers and announces some changes to the board of directors. DESPICABLE ME PRODUCER TO JOIN NINTENDO BOARD OF DIRECTORS AS "OUTSIDE DIRECTOR" https://www.nintendolife.com/news/2021/05/illumination_founder_chris_meledandri_set_to_join_nintendo_board SWITCH LIFETIME SALES REACH 84.59 MILLION, SELLS MORE HARDWARE UNITS THAN GBA https://www.nintendolife.com/news/2021/05/nintendo_switch_sales_surpass_game_boy_advance_as_demand_stays_high At this rate the Switch will reach PS2 and DS sales numbers unless the demand completely dries up for the console within two years. NINTENDO'S TOP TEN BEST SELLING SWITCH GAMES https://www.nintendolife.com/news/2021/05/mario_kart_8_deluxe_retains_its_crown_in_nintendo_switch_best-selling_games_list 1. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe - 35.39 million 2. Animal Crossing: New Horizons - 32.63 million 3. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - 23.84 million 4. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - 22.28 million 5. Pokémon Sword and Shield - 21.10 million 6. Super Mario Odyssey - 20.83 million 7. Super Mario Party - 14.79 million 8. Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu! / Let's Go, Eevee! - 13.28 million 9. Splatoon 2 - 12.21 million 10. New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe - 10.44 million Meaning Mario Kart and Animal Cross have attach rates of about 35% each, which is insane.
DESPICABLE ME PRODUCER TO JOIN NINTENDO BOARD OF DIRECTORS AS "OUTSIDE DIRECTOR" https://archive.is/InT0L Its normal for business niggers to join company with no actual work experience. Its mostly advisory role in the "board". Its not even specifically gaming news. SWITCH LIFETIME SALES REACH 84.59 MILLION, SELLS MORE HARDWARE UNITS THAN GBA https://archive.is/dYtpV This is actual gaming news. Nintendo is winner once again NINTENDO'S TOP TEN BEST SELLING SWITCH GAMES https://archive.is/HCcBk >>302388 Yeah archive is fucky on firefox, using a chromium based browser its working.
>>302388 It should be noted the report is only for the first quarter, I can see the bulk of Switch sales due of Monster Hunter Rise be more apparent in the next report, that with the new Pokemon Snap game which will make a pretty hefty Q2 compared to this. The fact the console is about to sell even better in its 4th-5th year instead of losing steam (like it happened to the Wii) is rather impressive too. It's pretty obvious at this point the Switch is gonna reach PS2-tier numbers in terms of lifetime sales. It's also the 5th best-selling console in Japan, just about to dethrone the PS2 and 3DS there. You can also notice the evolution of the Playstation/Nintendo game softwares over the years, with now the Switch dominating the market in the weekly Famitsu Top 30 charts (very often 28-29 Switch games taking position).
(219.50 KB 600x579 daisy mad.png)
>>302388 > Pokémon Sword and Shield - 21.10 million > Splatoon 2 - 12.21 million S&S outselling Splatoon 2 is a fucking war crime.
>>302398 >SWITCH LIFETIME SALES REACH 84.59 MILLION, SELLS MORE HARDWARE UNITS THAN GBA Holy Mary, Jesus and Good God. That's one hell of a slamdunk in success. Now, if they could fix the drift... >>301874 >Can you imagine an average soyboy grinding Diablo 2? lul <Implying they already don't do it because that makes them "hardcore", fitting to play the old "hardcore" gaming titles to prove how awesome they are How naive.
>>302296 Honestly I have no idea how popular it or the film I'm assuming nips have no interested in the game since it's a PC-only FPS are in nippon more generally. >I know there's a nip yuri novel series that takes from it heavily and openly. Otherside Picnic.
>>302413 >Still uses Joy Cons. That is how Jewtendo gets you Anon as much as I like my Switch the Joy Cons are a scam designed to break to force you to buy multiple pads. Get a Hori pad and stop being a faggot.
>>302413 >Now, if they could fix the drift... I think it must be shitty new components or design, because I don't remember stick drift being a thing before this gen, but now both Switch and PS5 have it. And the Xbone Elite had it too, but that whole controller was broken, not just the sticks. >>302409 Mainline Pokemon games are always going to sell like crazy, but that fact Splatoon 2 is doing so well is pretty encouraging, especially since it's only the second game in the franchise and the first one to be on a system that sold more than 5 total units.
(79.58 KB 568x568 MH.png)
>>302402 >Monster Hunter Rise People underestimate how popular MH games are in general, especially after World.
(290.82 KB 1280x1440 goi3w5wb8bp21.jpg)
>>302398 Damn, now if they could release more games like Custom Robo and Golden Sun, in addition to new IPs. Well we got a Famicom Club reboot so anything is possible. Still, I like the idea of Nintendo getting into the anime game and expanding their business there, I just hope they don't fuck it up.
>>302423 >Implying I got a Switch <Implying I'm not emulating, waiting for the Switch to fix its shit Come on now anon, I don't have an infinite amount of money. >>302425 It's been a thing since the PS4-Xbone era, can't remember if the WiiU had it but the culprit are these fags : https://tech.alpsalpine.com/prod/e/html/multicontrol/potentiometer/rkjxk/rkjxk_list.html They are the ones behind the "current" gen of joystic components and unless the companies that get those components supplied to them(Nintendo and their Taiwaniggers, Soyny and Microcock with their console monkeys for manufacturing) twinker with them to purposely not break after a set number of uses, then there's no point in buying. Horii I think does tweak them which is why they last a whole lot longer but still break down, since Alps are fucking moneyhungry niggers and need the supply and demand for these fucking things. >Xbone elite That was an amazing display of incopetence, almost as hilarious as the steam controller except more broken. >>302431 >Golden Sun Anon, please stop hurting me. GS ended with the Lost Age and I just want those two released in an e-store I know GBA emulation is perfect but it wouldn't hurt to have one more rom around, would it? and let it rest forever. Ninty obviously holds no love for Camelot just like how Capcom holds no love for the Gargoyle's Quest series <TFW no enhanced remake of Gargoyle's Quest 1 and 2 in the form of Demon's Crest, in chronologicl order, with Demon's Crest as the final stretch of the remake, that fixes the slowdown and adds QoL improvements to cut back on the pause menu nonsense It hurts.
>>302434 Sure you are bro. Jewtendo got everyone with the Switch trap no point in pretending to be a pirate with that system Anon. Switch emulation aint great. >>302431 >Each time I see Pyra I am reminded of the bitch behind the voice. It still fucking annoys me that a talented voice actress can such an insufferable fucking bitch.
>>302427 The funny thing from your pic is that the Switch is practically a combination of the 3DS and Vita in terms of games. Nintendo now gets to eat a large part of the cake that used to be Playstation's strongest appeal with the japanese third-party games, but that SIE purposely abandoned and screwed over in favor for global AAA titles instead.
>>302436 First time someone didn't believe I was a poorfag who had to plan out. It's true though, I'm mainly holding out to see if the rumours about that Pro shit are real, otherwise I'm getting a proper Switch. Initially I was saving out to buy a Lite but seeing how the drift has gone to fucking shit, I'll just get a normal one and have Horii's or whatever. >>302437 Spot-on.
>>302436 >>Each time I see Pyra I am reminded of the bitch behind the voice. >It still fucking annoys me that a talented voice actress can such an insufferable fucking bitch. Now I'm curious. Who's the bitch and what's she done?
>>302446 Skye Bennett is a bong with a bad case of TDS. All that needs to be said.
(5.55 MB 640x360 nigger shoes.mp4)
In other news, Sony has just announced their next no-games platform, shoes for niggerball players.
>>302453 I don't understand why bongs care about American politics. So fucking stupid.
(48.85 KB 1280x720 ps5-play-has-no-games.jpg)
>>302481 >People: Where are all the Ps5 games? >Sony: Here you go. >People: Its just fucking shoes. >Sony: Stop being homophobic. >>302484 >I don't understand why bongs care about American politics. So fucking stupid >Fucking stupid. You answered you own question Anon. Bong stupidity.
>>302481 Do americans even still give a shit about Basketball?
(791.79 KB 754x430 Sony Nikes.PNG)
(71.25 KB 680x680 skele lol 2.jpg)
>>302481 >BLM >Basketball Lives Matter Sony is a fucking joke at this point.
>>302481 >We gotta cater more to the black community >How are we going to do that? >Sell shoes. Niggers love shoes Amazing.
(550.59 KB 675x900 laugh at you.png)
Cant wait for Digital Faggotry to do a vid to see if you can run in cinematic 30fps while wearing the Soystation sneakers.
>>302437 >Densha De Go in the switch Can a fat ameritard like me buy that thing on the eshop?
(183.59 KB 1088x612 state of you.jpg)
And in other Sony-related news: Sony Sued for Limiting Purchases of Games to PlayStation Store >Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC is operating an unlawful monopoly by restricting purchases of PlayStation games to its inhouse store, consumers claimed in a lawsuit. >In a proposed class action suit, the gamers said Sony stopped allowing third-party retailers -- including Amazon.com Inc., Best Buy Co. and Walmart Inc. -- to sell download codes for PlayStation games two years ago. >As a result, Sony’s PlayStation Store became the only source for digital PlayStation games, the consumers said. >“Sony’s monopoly allows it to charge supracompetitive prices for digital PlayStation games, which are significantly higher than their physical counterparts sold in a competitive retail market, and significantly higher than they would be in a competitive retail market for digital games,” the consumers said. >People end up paying as much as 175% more for downloadable games than the same ones on disk, according to the suit. >Sony didn’t return a request for comment after hours Wednesday. >The case is Caccuri v. Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC, 3:21-cv-03361, U.S. District Court, Northern District of California (San Francisco). Source: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2021-05-06/sony-sued-for-limiting-purchases-of-games-to-playstation-store https://archive.is/x46lz
>>302560 Yep. For stuff that's only available in a certain region's eshop, you can make a separate Switch user account and set the account's region to Japan. Or if you want everything under one account you can contact customer support and ask for your account region to be changed, though IIRC they can't do it if you have any money in your eshop account because they don't do currency conversions. Then when you're done ask to be switched back. Though the last time they did this they said it wasn't something they do regularly and basically don't do it too much. >>302562 I wonder if Nintendo gets around this because they sell those cards that have eshop codes on them in retail stores for their first party eshop only stuff, and DLC for things like BOTW and XC2 Torna.
>>302509 >Sell shoes. I hope they aren't thinking they will be making any money off these shoes as niggers don't buy shoes, they steal them.
>>302481 >>302492 >It's real you know what i don't even care anymore.
>>302492 >trash music >the only thing that somewhat understandable is "nigger on playstation"
>>301679 I made a whole post sperging out about my own concept for a MiA mmo/surival type of game and its various features and mechanics. Thank god at least a game is finally happening It was so autistic I convicted a goon to never watch the anime at all.
>>302591 Has anyone ever tried making an MMO platformer? That sounds like it could be quite interesting. What would the multiplayer/social component of such a game be though?
>Report: Tencent Reportedly Negotiating with US Security to Keep Epic Games and Riot Games Investments https://archive.ph/FEltP Has this been posted yet?
>>302680 I don't expect anything positive to actually happen, but it'd be a welcome surprise if Tencent were forcibly kicked out of the American market. Hell, it should just be a law that foreign corporations shouldn't be allowed to own local ones. There is no good reason to allow such things.
(563.00 KB 960x732 ClipboardImage.png)
(555.55 KB 560x925 ClipboardImage.png)
Wolfire Games (Overgrowth dev) to do a class action lawsuit against Valve http://blog.wolfire.com/2021/05/Regarding-the-Valve-class-action https://archive.is/4qmgq >I decided that I would provide my game "Overgrowth" at a lower price to take advantage of the lower commission rates. I intended to write a blog post about the results. >But when I asked Valve about this plan, they replied that they would remove Overgrowth from Steam if I allowed it to be sold at a lower price anywhere, even from my own website without Steam keys and without Steam’s DRM. This would make it impossible for me, or any game developer, to determine whether or not Steam is earning their commission. >While talking to other developers about problems that they were having with Steam, they kept referring to it as a "monopoly," and saying that there was nothing that we could do. I wondered, has anyone actually checked if Valve is obeying antitrust law? So I consulted with legal experts, which eventually culminated in the complaint.
>>302841 Godspeed, furfag. That does make me wonder, are non-steam specific sales not kosher either? What about store-exclusive pre-order bonuses, etc.?
>>302870 It's bullshit, otherwise games wouldn't be on both GOG and Steam with different sales at different times.
>>302873 Yeah, that's what I figured. I assume EGS, Ubishit,etc. have separate sales for their own games on their stores too. If cases, as was described, do happen then It likely only happens to the little guys.
(11.42 KB 190x190 yoko doubt.png)
>>302766 >it should just be a law that foreign corporations shouldn't be allowed to own local ones. It sounds like a good idea on paper but while I sympathize with the sentiment of barring chinks from seducing the companies into cheap labor, chinks aren't the only ones who have a stake in those companies. It's non-vidya but this article from 2017 should nonetheless give you an idea of how the rabbit hole goes https://archive.is/bHzp2 >Trader Joes is owned by Germans >Smithfield, GE Appliances, Motorola, AMC Theaters, Ironman, Legendary Entertainment, Waldorf Astoria, Strategic Hotels & Resorts, Ingram Micro, and IBM's PC division are owned by chinks >Holiday Inn is owned by Bongs >7-Elevan and Firestone tires are owned by Nips >Burger King and John Hancock Life Insurance are owned by Leafs >Purina and Gerber are owned by the Swiss via Nestle >Frigidaire is owned by Swedes >Citgo is owned by Slavs >Dirt Devil, Hoover US, and Forbes are owned by Hong Kong >Ben and Jerry's, Popsicle, and Good Humor are owned by Unilever
>>302841 Who knew the one who consorts with beasts would be this based.
(1.01 MB 768x1024 ride_never_ends.png)
(504.85 KB 950x460 cream THIS rabbit.png)
>>302841 can you make the rabbit game not be shit? no? okay
(153.70 KB 391x387 how to fix PC gaming.jpg)
(444.16 KB 490x379 1574210353427.png)
>>302841 So this is the power of bunny cunny? Not bad.
>>302893 >Based This is the fag of the brother that runs Humble and has some interests in Epic, isn't it? Y'all celebrate shit way too quick.
>>302968 It's a funny thing. Valve is probably the laziest, shittiest, most pozzed and incompetent developer who shits all over their communities. But also they are the most logical, "based" devs with a long history of supporting their community. I'd rather have valve then epic or humble cause fuck both of them atleast valve allows me to say the Nword in their games freely. But also fuck them for abandoning tf2 and fuck them for being lazy shits. but i love them for supporting linux and giving microsoft the boot But also fuck them for all their anti-consumer shit such as forcing price schemes on companies outside their platform and sending c&d's to serverhosts with the "free items" source plugin. but i'm also happy they are the one platform that doesn't use sketchy rootkits in their games and they have a nice level of transparency with the metrics they use as well as straight up telling you when a game is using shitty anti-cheat/drm Valve is weird. I like them, i hate them, i despise them, i wish they'd fail, and i wish they'd succeed. they do innovative things that are amazing from time to time but alot of the time they just shit the bed. And yet somehow with how absolutely shit their internal structure is and how lazy they've been with releasing shit and support. They are somehow fucking a million times better then their competition. I hope they get fucked for doing anti-consumer shit but i hope it's not too hard to the point where they stop being a "monopoly" cause funnily enough valve's monopoly status is one of the main reasons they are able to give microsoft the spooks and support linux as heavily as they do. Valve is 100% capable of pushing linux to the point where it'd be the number one platform for video games if they went under i'm almost half certain we'd be stuck in chink/microshaft purgatory.
>>302976 Right now, realistically, the only parties that can sit and talk this are the pirates, because the only people they pay are their IP and VPN proxy services. Every other venue and gaming option that's not straight up 1:1 independent developed and produced is outright cancer, waiting to infect the mind of millions. But the ultimate sad truth is that there really is no winning strategy, here. Praying for their downfall only means scavengers come along, steal the scraps, and build something far worse, and far more heinous. Any of these big platforms can fail tomorrow and all it will mean is cowards and opportunists will scramble to fill the void with their shittier knockoffs, and build a brutal counter defense to whatever issue took down the super giant to begin with. So no I won't cheer for this faggot. He's not doing it for the little guy—he's doing it for a payday and a pole position. ANd no I won't cheer Valve crushing him or cowtowing to him, because it means shitty clouds for us in the future who help keep this shit ship afloat.
(56.83 KB 550x349 chart.png)
>>302968 Good catch. We need some kinda visio chart of all these faggots somewhere
>>302976 I feel the same way as you, anon. >>302989 >So no I won't cheer for this faggot. He's not doing it for the little guy—he's doing it for a payday and a pole position. I raised a similar point >>299646. If they were arguing that Valve doesn't actually let you own your games, then yeah, I'd be all for them winning. But they're not.
>>302841 Calling bullshit on this. There are so many stores that also sell games that are on Steam, some of which offer Steam keys, some of which offer the game itself without any Steam involvement. >>302976 Valve has been taken to task in the past and had to change their ways. Fucking Australia got Valve to implement a proper refund policy after how long? The problem here is that this furfag doesn't have a legitimate complaint and his family associations with the chinks makes him incredibly suspect.
(37.40 KB 960x502 Hebrew Nonsense.jpg)
>>303018 >Valve refuses to host the game if it's priced cheaper elsewhere. Or at least that is the claim being made in that post. Then they wouldn't have allowed Humble Bundle to sell steam keys, or allowed games also available through GOG to be on sale at different times than their own sales.
>>303048 Not quite the same thing though >Humble Is steam keys so I guess it's worth it to capture some new people into the client. >GOG Sale prices aren't regular prices. If rabbit-man is wrong, then there should be a game in GOG with a base price less than Steam's but fuck if I'm gonna look for one now.
Mega Man mobileshit coming to Steam/PC, almost certainly as a western release. https://archive.ph/wip/bUGg4 https://archive.ph/wip/UVm1C Really, like most mobile shit it's only good for the music and models to be ripped.
>>302580 >niggers don't buy shoes, they steal them Based niggers stealing from companies.
>>302658 There was also that other Korean platformer MMO. V-something. Valiant Sword? >>302841 Once again, furries with money do what others don't dare do. I haven't even actually played Receiver 2 yet, though, come to think of it.
>>302870 >>302893 >>302894 >>302929 >>303079 Anons, did you even read the post? He's doing this because Valve isn't letting devs sell their games for less on Epic.
(187.33 KB 938x653 Space Ghost.jpg)
>>303098 Niggers don't know how to read, they see "X sues Valve" and clap without reading why.
>>302841 Isn't this just >>299585 again?
>>303122 No, this time they upgraded it to a class action lawsuit to try and get other fags to join them.
>>303098 >>303100 So either it fucks Valve or it fucks Epic and maybe it fucks both. That's good. Hell maybe it'll even cross over into the Apple vs. Epic thing and it will spawn a storm that tear the whole industry down.
>>303127 The best case scenario is this backfiring on Epic and Humble Bundle, and every digital platform has to sell games DRM free.
(2.13 MB 740x416 consorts with beasts.webm)
>>302841 >Overgrowth Wasn't he an aGGro nigger? Good on him if he wins or if it gets anywhere but I remember the main developer of that tech demo being a massive faggot back when GG was in full swing.
(77.11 KB 1543x472 Sherman.png)
(37.88 KB 634x159 Store and keys.png)
>>303098 >He's doing this because Valve isn't letting devs sell their games for less on Epic. Valve doesn't let you sell your games for less on any platform (including your own website), allegedly. That being said, I didn't know about the Humble/Epic connection before so that does explain a few things. I've also looked into the actual case and it seems a little weak. They mainly allege that Valve has a monopoly in the PC games market, that it acquired and maintains that monopoly willfully and that it abuses their monopolistic power. If true, they would be in violation of both sections of the Sherman act. The document feels a little lacking in credible, non-biased sources to back those claims up however. I don't think Tim Sweeney tweets, context-less quotes and the fucking ADL are a solid foundation for a case. Of course, they're likely holding key evidence for the actual trial (at least I hope for their sake). There's something else that is being alleged that I'm not sure about. Firstly, they claim that the Steam store and Platform (game library, workshop, etc.) are two separate entities. They also claim that Valve mandates that most of the Steam enabled game sales must go through the Steam store because every Steam enabled game must be included in the store and devs can't request (large amounts of) keys to sell on other sites at a lower price. I'm not sure if that is in any way illegal, I'll be interested in seeing where this goes but it seems meager.
>>303131 He was indeed an anti-GG SJW nigger, one of the earliest faggot devs to jump on the "GG is about harassing womyn!" train.
>>303136 Its not actually about winning, in these high profile cases, its more of a sending a message. Chinks will see Wolfire trying to stand upto their competition, here's a $1 million investment. Its like virtue signalling but to other big players. >>302398 >switch being so successful With switch being so successful I'm surprised neither Xbox nor Ps5 is launching any portable device with a dock. You would think since the Global Plan virus, a console focusing on mobility would do bad, but simply by the fact it has a glorified stand, its now a 'standard console', and selling by the lot. Last time M$ and sony tried to copy Nin10 it went south, but now they can easily release a Xbox Go that can be docked and played, instead of having series S/X bullshit nobody wants. they would need some actual games first
(1.63 MB 640x360 Jesus Is Coming.mp4)
>>302894 >LUPUS That's Lepus. Lupus is wolf.
>>303136 I don't see how Valve could have a monopoly. Devs and publishers are not required to sell games through Steam, but if they do there is a contract in place with the typical "don't undercut us" clause that all businesses have. There are plenty of games that do well without Steam. I mean fuck, the biggest game in the world, Minecraft, could only be bought directly from the game's website for how long? The reason Steam is successful is not because there's a forced monopoly. No, the reason Steam is successful is because of all these fucking dumpster fire digital storefronts and voice-chat-friend-list-achievement-integration systems, fucking Steam has the best user experience and customer support. Fucking Steam. That's not a low bar to clear and neither Epic nor GOG nor EA nor Ubisoft could clear it. These people do not have our best interests at heart. Like SJWs and their ilk, it's not about justice or equality, they just want their turn holding the whip.
>>302841 >sign contract >have regrets >"this must be illegal" Regardless of his claims, nobody forced him to sell his game on Steam and if all that happens when Valve gets mad is they won't sell the game anymore, isn't that what he wants anyways? To sell the game elsewhere? Exactly how is this going to be taken seriously in court?
>>303172 Contract law is a farce and so are you for defending it. Real men simply do what must be done.
>>303172 So you're saying that Valve got #MeToo'd
>>303141 >With switch being so successful I'm surprised neither Xbox nor Ps5 is launching any portable device with a dock. Their Game Pass/PS Now services that let you play games are like more Jewish versions of the Switch not only because you have to constantly pay a subscription instead of making a single payment for a product, but because ultimately you don't own anything by using it. So instead of selling a $300 low-end tablet with controls and $60 games they're selling a service that lets you play a selection of their games in your regular tablet, phone, laptop, etc, which is more profitable for them (MS and Sony) since they don't have to spend money designing, manufacturing and distributing consoles, only pay the maintenance of servers they already own.
>>303130 Is overgrowth worth pirating? Did anyone end up making decent levels or mods for it?
>>303176 >agreements between adults are a farce What are you, a commie?
>>303125 Right. Not a burger so I didn't get the difference.
(2.06 MB 500x370 Manhunt 1 plot.gif)
>>303172 <Regardless of his claims, nobody forced him to sell his game on Steam >Defending contract jewry Like you know what he's dealing with, correct? Not everyone has a team of lawyers to suss out a contract for "fuck you" clauses. A lot of what's done in contract work should be illegal (we own your creative property and you have no say whatsoever copyright bullshit and other clauses) and you sincerely should not defend anything done on that level, the only effort you should take is to fight against anything that comes from it that's negative in the slightest, even to the point of hypocrisy. Given that contracts are built off of deception in most cases, honor has no place and defence is immoral. Lawyers understand this themselves which is why the "good" ones (If there is any good one) fight with tooth and nail using every deceptive practice in the book. You sincerely don't understand the depths of depravity of business culture. They have no reason to act morally and they have too much power to actually be defended like you would a victim. Even in the case where they are the victim they deserve absolutely no mercy when against an individual and the goal you should have when two corparations fight is to ensure both of them burn. This isn't even out of hatred either, because a quality business is not formed by supporting it or defending it, a quality business that works for the people can only be forged with extreme resistance to weed out the weak and immoral. tl;dr =Defending any corporation is suicide.==
It's tragic when you miss this retarded, incredibly easy to laugh at version of Sony because at least I wasn't depressed at their shit half the time.
>>304002 One more for my renaissance triptych The Fall of Arin
>>303694 Contract law is only bullshit because people dont read the fucking fine print. Laws are not intended to be "moral", by definition they are a black and white boundary between what is legal and not legal. Ignorance is no excuse. You go with the letter of the law, because thats what legally matters. He got lazy, got burned, and is whinging about it
>>303098 I said "what others don't dare do." I didn't say it was a good or a bad idea; nearly all of what furries put that money into is not a good idea and is a thing that non-furries would not dare do, such as asking an artist to draw a picture of an anthropomorphic cat cutting the balls off of an not anthropomorphic horse while the horse sprays a literal curtain of semen on the cat. >>303156 It is a little hard to see how the suit could succeed, but I'd have to read the documents to see exactly what they're arguing and I'm not about to do that.
>>303694 That's a great speech and all, but he wants to sellout to the chinks, so whatever you said doesn't apply to this retarded furry who'll just be even more assfucked due to being retarded. Stop defending retards.
>>304009 Yeah, if you don't agree to the terms of a contract then don't sign it. Have some dignity. If you really feel that hard done by then put your money where your mouth is and sign nothing and start burning things. Just don't act like a victim when somebody expects you to hold up your side of a bargain that you already agreed to. That's just pathetic.
>>303367 Agreements are between equals. Contracts are between a master and slave.
>>304266 Slaves are taken by force. Maybe you shouldn't have got in debt for a shitty college education, buddy.
>>304299 >going to college
>>304311 only first worlders have the luxury of not going to college and still getting paid well, so shut the fuck up
>>304323 >being nonwhite
(13.56 KB 600x800 1506324339631.png)
>>304333 you can still be white and be born somewhere where manual labour pays shit compared to someone who educated themselves, do you think before posting or just get off of fighting on the internet?
>>302413 It's a huge failure compared to DS / 3DS and their home console line is dead. You have to take that into account.
>>304371 Let me guess, you're yet another delusional slavnigger who thinks he's white for some reason? Go back to KC, please.
>>304371 Third worlders are inherently non-white.
>>304410 What about the South African farmers the niggers genocided?
>>304460 Proto-niggers.
(915.99 KB 1358x512 Screenshot (3).png)
(71.23 KB 615x317 Screenshot (1).png)
https://archive.vn/eEVdJ Monsterfag bails out patreon.
>>304508 >i'm too jaded to do anything Seems to be a running theme these days among those targeted by kikes, like us imageboards or loli artists. It's less they beat people into submission and more they harass them until they don't care anymore and become inert. >I don't want to rely on crowdfunding ever again At least he has principles, preferring to just work for free instead of fight patreon for shekels.
>>304508 >Monsterfag bails out Patreon Please word it more carefully in the future. "Bails out" is a positive phrase which means to save something (eg you bail out water from a sinking ship, or your friend bails you out of jail). You implied Patreon was doing poorly and some monster autist saved the website from failure. You mean "bailed on", which means to abandon or avoid
>>304553 Or "bails out on" but that sounds a bit odd.
>>304560 >>304553 Shit, I just noticed that.
>>304560 'Bails out of' would be more sensible than bails out on since you bail out of an aircraft.
>>304833 I mean what did you expect from a guy into watersports, not want to get pissed on?
>>304508 Didn't this fag got told to fuckoff by /monster/ when he tried to add futa and traps?
>>304929 He added a trap and NTR, /monster/ flipped, so he pulled the usual Yandev-tier "fuck you guys I don't need you!". He's a big gay faggot.
>>304508 Holy hell is this still not finished? >>304929 >>304937 It wasn't even that he added traps that made them angry, it's that he promised there wouldn't be any gay content in it. When pressed about it he unironically went with "traps aren't gay :^)".
>>304929 >/monster/ not liking futa, traps and ntr Liars. If that was true, their personal fucking story archive wouldn't have that shit, but it does.
>>304948 /monster/ is extremely autistic about ANY that doesn't help perpetuate their "100% straight" narrative. It's why /chaos/ and /kemono/ splintered off. However, that doesn't absolve the dev from being a fag.
>>304954 >not liking ntr I don't know, seems like they're just able to recognize cancer.
>>304948 You’re the liar here. Try going onto /monster/ and posting anything you just said. Your head will spin from how fast Aux deletes your shit.
>>304968 I think you meant to reply to >>304948 anon.
>>304954 >It's why /chaos/ and /kemono/ splintered off Do these boards still exist? >>304969 But that's the post he replied to.
>>304968 You haven't looked at touchfluffytail.org, have you? There's ntr and futa there. I shit you not.
>>304266 Half true. An individual entering into a contract with anything other than another individual generally has no negotiating power. The individual gets offered a small selection of shitty contracts that they can take or leave; if they leave, they have to go find another provider of whatever it is, who will also offer them a small selection of shitty contracts. You can't do that too many times with something like, say, a utility before running out of options. I guess the individual has limited-utility tools for coercing bad contract selections to be changed, but I don't think anyone even pretends that most modern contracts are agreements between people with equal negotiating power. >>305069 From my limited experience, modern /monster/ anons repudiate that site because of the things you mentioned. /mpnster/ truly is the last bastion of pure love, and they enforce it with a firm hand so it stays that way.
>>305069 That site has nothing to do with /monster/ and you are a raging homosexual cum guzzling faggot homolord for even mentioning it.
(925.10 KB 1000x1294 Smug paladin.png)
>>305480 If they truly were for the last bastion of romance, you'd think they would allow men being traditionally masculine, but last I was there, anons were arguing in favor of the enslavement of men. I can't stand for such low-test faggotry. I was not aware /monster/ had disavowed the site however, at least not during my time on the board admittedly, that was three or so years ago, but I highly doubt aux became less of a fag during that time. Especially since one of their regular writers posts his stuff on that site. >>305485 So mad over so little. Hit a nerve, did I?
(10.61 MB 2494x4096 ClipboardImage.png)
https://archive.vn/DDP0C https://archive.vn/9UP9K Sony reports that their console shortage could last up until 2022. It looks like the PS5 could become Sony's Wii U at this point.
>>305737 Jesus Christ, I hope AMD or NVidia gets their shit together soon.
>>305737 The Wii U actually had good games on it like Bayo 2 though, what does the Piss5 have?
>>305743 An exclusive DLC for FF7R.
>>305743 Final Fantasy 16
>>305752 >>305750 Both of which are coming to PC and possibly the SexBox. Remember that FF hasn't been exclusive to one system since FF12, and Sony fans were autistically screeching over SquarEnix announcing a 360 post of FF13.
>>305763 Dear god, I remember ff13. I bought it. Years after it came out! I was completely unaware of what I was getting myself into, I just looked at it and went "Huh, ff13. Never played final fantasy before, so this should be good. There are 13 games in the mainline series, so surely something must be good". Boy, was I wrong. I couldn't finish it either, both because I got bored halfway through and one cd got a perfectly round scratch mark on it, so some parts of the data couldn't be read 360 version. The director reeaaaally had the hots for Lightning, huh. Or is it just normal to whore your video game character out to do commercials in Japan?
>>305778 It's fairly normal when a character from any type of media is successful in Japan but Lightning never was succesful. That was just the director.
(14.22 KB 466x326 dualsense.jpg)
>>305737 Good fuck Kusony. I would at most be interested in the DualSense to try on PC but they haven't been released in other colours besides pic related.
(2.01 MB 2096x2696 dualstick.png)
>>305953 At least there's a lot of porn of it
>>306060 Apparently not good porn though
(17.95 KB 300x232 koko.jpg)
>>306062 >he can't appreciate robot yuri I fucking hate how spoilers toggle
>>306067 >he values shit if it's the right kind of shit Shit is shit
>>305737 This can't entirely be because of scalpers, is corona really cucking their supply line this hard? >>306062 I wouldn't say there's any such thing as "good porn" outside of being well drawn, porn is inherently filth
>>305017 Nope. Shame, too, it'd be nice to have a place to talk about monster girls and related things without people sperging out.
>>305953 Don't it's pretty much no better than a DS4 on PC right now.
(278.44 KB 854x810 1355501687274.jpg)
https://archive.ph/wip/S23hP Remember the Saints Row 2 remaster that was coming? The guy that pushed to find the source code and was the main guy coding the remaster has had a resurgence in his face cancer and expects to die soon. He loves the game so much he's spending his last days working on it and the studio will finish it without him, but damn...
(72.50 KB 401x480 travis.jpg)
>>306432 Face cancer? Why not just get it removed?
>>306432 Criminy what a shitshow.
>>306469 I don't think getting cancer counts as a shitshow
>>306465 I hope you get facecancer too from the Brazillian sun Luciano Mendez of OAG.
>>306432 >Going to die. >Dying just an inconvenience to him guy wants to finish what he started. Absolutely fucking based.
I don't know if any of you faggots noticed but the sequel for Judgement has been announced recently with a 3rd style and some Asscreed faggotry like climbing and parkour. The upside is that you can explore a highschool and over-world has other means of traversal such as the skateboard and the aforementioned parkour. https://yewtu.be/watch?v=FWBIGVew6Yo
>>306702 Yeah, I also saw that they apparently want to keep the rpg format in the main series and only the spinoffs will be the action fighting games. It is clear they are tired of doing the same game, but then stop making them instead of making a hundred more. https://archive.vn/35jkn >>306702
>>306448 He did, it came back. He did again, it didn't go away. Hard to not die when your face cancer becomes other-chunks-of-your-body cancer.
(2.68 MB 1132x10706 92u3hWKYYIfgg.jpg)
(115.68 KB 1100x904 chrome_RrVFX2B5rU.png)
Epic vs Apple : Week 1 review - Epic still faces an "uphill battle" https://archive.ph/S2a5c >"Where Epic describes the iOS and App Store as 'the plan' to lure in developers and users alike with conveniences and other benefits before locking them into their 'walled garden', Apple, of course, frames the exact same behaviour as offering benefits and opportunity to consumer and developer alike," he says. <"At times, it seems like Apple's counsel have been helping Epic up that hill." >"Apple slinging mud [at Epic] and getting it all over themselves in the process." <"I don't know what Apple's lawyer was thinking," says Buscaglia. "But they sure missed making any points with this lame argument and lost credibility in the process. It also shows that Judge Rogers is sharp and not moved by bad arguments or impressed by sloppy 'gotcha' questions." >"If 'a hardware manufacturer that controls access to the software that runs the hardware' is a monopolist by law, then ALL of the console manufacturers might have problems" >"If you think of a game or app, games are incredibly dynamic," he said. "Games have a beginning and end, there's challenges in place. I look at the experiences that are in Roblox similar to the experiences in Minecraft." <For Buscaglia, this was "some of the dumbest testimony" so far, adding: "Their definition of what a game is was laughable in today's world, trying to distinguish 'games' from 'experiences'. A big shitshow of a legal battle - people Epic, Apple, Microsoft, Sony, Stadia?, itch.io, Google all called up for witness, Since trial was open for view, children started singing "Free Fortnite" and shit, Lots of confidential legal documents were uncovered like epic games is still on loss and expected till 2023. Gonna need more people's opinion on this since I can't understand all of this.
>>307518 i have been out of the loop for sometime now WTF is all this hsit about?
>>307552 If I remember correctly, Epic did not like that Apple takes a cut from digital currency sales for games from the Apple Store, so Epic tried to skirt around it by selling shit for the Apple version outside the store and got slapped. So they threw a fit and decided to sue Apple for "muh monopoly" bullshit like how they claim Steam is one.
>>307581 wait wait wait, i think im retarded and im getting this wrong. epic didnt like tha apple was making money on the apple store by selling games so did they try to sue them?
>>307617 No, Epic got upset that when people buy e-money for (((Free to Play))) games on the Apple Store, Apple gets a cut of that instead of 100% going to Epic, so Epic tried to skirt around this and Apple slapped them which led to this lawsuit.
>>307518 >children started singing "Free Fortnite" Literally and unironically burn those children alive.
(49.23 KB 619x676 erect donkey dong.jpg)
Fun rumour: New Donkey Kong 3D platformer from Super Mario Odyssey dev team Honestly not sure how to feel about this, but it would explain the lack of a follow-up to Odyssey (I was really hoping for some post-launch content like Isle Delfino or something), and because Retro is busy remaking Metroid Prime 4 after Bamco botched it. https://www.nintendolife.com/news/2021/05/rumour_the_next_donkey_kong_is_being_developed_by_the_super_mario_odyssey_team And still Archive.is has me on the fucking infinite captcha I swear this is bullshit.
>>307706 Wow I can't believe Nintendo's finally making games with black protagonists.
>>307712 I can't believe Nintendo is finally making games.
>>307706 It will be cool to pirate it. Maybe even play it.
>>307706 >Kong has white skin. >Black protagonist. Do not insult DK Anon.
>>307706 This really deserves it's own thread
>>307518 I have no idea why Epic even filed this suit. They very clearly broke Apple's TOS, there isn't much room for debate about that. It's like they thought outrage from Fortnite kiddies would sway a lawsuit.
>>307842 It's only a rumour, I guess we'll found out at E3, but the Odyssey team has to be working on something.
(183.75 KB 781x960 E0MqkMyWQAE1GaS.jpg)
>>308128 >megacorp with absurdly large reserves of spending money >buying up chunks of foreign industry I wish to assimilate >manage some respectably-sized acquisitions, but the biggest fish in the pond are too big for even me to swallow up >time to rely on good old-fashioned espionage >pump a ton of cash into my puppet company to hire lawyers and take the big guys to court >court orders big guys to turn over their books and share a fuckton of internal documentation that they would otherwise fight tooth-and-nail to keep secret >who cares how the case turns out, got the information I need to fuck with them for a while >if I can't kill them outright, maybe I can weaken them enough that they'll be more amenable to an offer later
(135.50 KB 1280x720 skele news.jfif)
Japan's weekly sales chart released: Sony gets three titles into the top ten, and all three combined don't sell more than the #1 Switch title: Pokemon Snap. And the second-best selling game, Monster Hunter Rise which is already a month old, sold more than RE8 on both PS4 and PS5 combined in it's debut week. Sony is truly fucked in Japan. https://www.nintendolife.com/news/2021/05/japanese_charts_new_pokemon_snaps_off_to_a_good_start_but_resident_evil_village_is_a_major_threat
>>307552 >>307581 Summary of lawsuit. Apple offers apps in its stores. Apple gets 15% of the revenue from sales of these apps as payment for dev tools, hardware development, hosting the store in the first place, and distribution, etc. These apps can have in-app purchases for subscriptions and microtransactions. Those in-app purchases are also subject to the 15% cut for Apple. Epic didn't like that, so they redirected users, within the app itself, to a separate "external" link that bypassed Apple's payment system so that they didn't have to give up the 15% cut. This is against the ToS for hosting an app in the App Store. Apple is COMPLETELY FINE with a company offering its in-app purchases and subscriptions through their own separate services (and obviously doesn't take a cut from that). Netflix, for example, can be subscribed to either on Netflix.com (and you log in through the app), or you can subscribe to Netflix directly in the app itself (where Apple gets a cut). Apple is NOT fine with developers bypassing its software system for handling transactions, so they kicked Epic out of the App Store for doing this. Epic then actively pulled playback support for its apps on Apple's platforms (until then, the apps still worked fine as long as you had downloaded them already) and sued Apple for discrimination. Summary of lawsuit ends. That's what happened, physically. The discussion is whether Apple has the legal capability to do this, as well as on other topics, such as the acceptable extent of the "walled garden" approach to security, stability, and protection of user content against predatory business tracking. Never mind any double standards held in software deals regarding Apple (and other companies) and Epic (and other companies).
(784.28 KB 220x220 nodding fat leo.gif)
>>308631 so it's not a game
(311.04 KB 593x762 5WmyRAD8mh.png)
>>308586 RE8 didn't do well overall, still impressive to see the PS5 version in the Top 10 to be fair. But PS5 game software sales are abysmal. To compare, there were over 500K games sold on the PS4's launch week in Japan, far more than the PS5 managed in the span of 6 months.
(560.11 KB 640x360 Reading any vidya news.mp4)
>>308631 HIT THE LEVER
>>308631 Oh damn i thought it was just a port of 4 for the switch.
>>308666 Wow, the franchise is basically dead in Japan after Re 6.
(9.15 MB 640x360 videoplayback.mp4)
>>308891 The Halo effect, I'm guessing? RE6 was not a good game, even if the remakes were good and 7+8 were better. People just did not want to play the series after it.
>>308631 What is the appeal of gambling games to the japs and chinese? I know gambling is big in Asia because of the population but it's like their racial weakness with how obsessed they are over it.
>>308906 You know the 13/50 thing with blacks? Asians in the US are actually below whites for every crime except non-drug "vice" (gambling and prostitutes), where they're very overrepresented.
(10.45 MB 1280x720 Yakuza Producer on PC.mp4)
>>308666 >>308891 >>308901 The problem is less the quality of games in the series and more so on the actual audience. the number of Japanese gamers who actually sit down and play on a Console is getting smaller and smaller, Phone games have taken a huge part of the audience away. MP4 related
>>308944 You know what? I can't say I'm surprised, judging by the kinds of games that were getting released on console in Japan for years this seems like a natural progression of it.
>>308906 "Loophole Legalized Gambling" and there's this sad notion on Japanese adults that the only "mature" gaming platform for them is fucking Pachinko Machines.
>>309002 Gambling was legalized in Japan awhile ago.
>>309006 And that basically killed Konami's chance at using pachinko machines to make up for profits that their former gaming division use to bring in.
>>309006 You can't kill something that's been going on for decades overnight, people are still going for pachinko shit, much like some oddities like goddamn companies are still backwards as shit with some still using Fax machines there.
>>309060 I was going to comment on that, but I don't know enough about the situation. Ever since Kojima left I haven't heard much about Konami at all, actually. >>309066 But that's not my point? You said "Loophole Legalized Gambling", I was clarifying it was since legalized.
>>302976 I hate to say this but I agree.
>>308666 It's even worse than it looks. Nips had lockdowns too, they needed more at-home entertainment too, and they still didn't buy PS5 games. Without chinkflu, there'll be even less sales.
>>308944 >the number of Japanese gamers who actually sit down and play on a Console is getting smaller and smaller, Phone games have taken a huge part of the audience away. It is really amazing how hard, and successfully I might add, that people have managed to push this narrative. The only consistent downwards trend we've seen in Japan is the Playstation's one, not home consoles. Nintendo had its ups and downs but with major smash hits in-between. Playstation on the other hand has only performed worse and worse. Xbox never really had much of a foot in the market, and the X360 really left a bad taste in the mouth as the "beta-testing machine" with the majority of japanese games that had a superior version on PS3 (Tales of Vesperia being the bigger example out of this). If Sony managed to provide a PS2-tier Playstation generation, with various kind of japanese games (which the Switch currently gets them in droves), it'd be a a big success in Japan even if it was just a home console. Nothing has suggested the concept of home consoles ever lost their appeal in Japan. It's just that Playstation used to dominate that market but has been losing its appeal along the way. SIE could attempt to address that but the company clearly doesn't appear to be that willing to do so. In fact, SIE has been aggressively hostile against the japanese market instead between the forced lazy X/O button globalization, the poor amount of PS5s in stock, the censorship against third-parties, etc.
>>309006 >Gambling was legalized in Japan awhile ago. So that's why gangsters started going apeshit and Konami started trying to put out games again. >>309230 > they needed more at-home entertainment too But they got tons of dvds already and their Switches. >>309256 The only thing phone games have killed is quality handhelds and quality handheld games. Nintendo has somehow managed to survive but it's almost a wonder considering how shit the 3DS was before the New3DS I mean the console, not the games
>>309258 >I mean the console, not the games But anon the sum of the console's worth is it's games.
>>309259 Sure thing but there are times when the hardware is kinda shit and needs an update. Unless you want to tell me that getting YLOD'd with the fat PS3 or fucking up your buttons on the PSP1000 and having slower loadtimes + slowdowns was worth it compared to the 2000 and 3000. Some games would almost be crippled from that I'm not even going to talk about how my PSP1000 was smelling of burnt iron and plastic when I tried playing Kingdom Cucks Girth by Sleep on it, compared to my 3000 where I could push it to the limits the options had
>>306073 >This can't entirely be because of scalpers, is China really cucking their supply line this hard? Yes they are. >>306062 This anon speaks truth.
>>306073 >>309262 More like chip production has always been hard to scale up, which combined with corona driving demand for consumer electronics caused a backlog that's very hard to clear. It's gotten to the point that various lower-tech products like cars are having a hard time even getting a slot for production.
>>309265 Correct me if I'm wrong, but most of the small Asian countries house the major materials for chip production since the US and other countries would rather slave labor put their shit together than actually have a properly priced & competitive market? And is not China right now positioning itself to basically swallow every asian country that's not Japan whole?
>>309267 >most of the small Asian countries house the major materials for chip production The current production shortage isn't caused by a material shortage. >other countries would rather slave labor put their shit together Chips aren't something you produce on cheap labor. Intel had issues in the last few years performing a die shrink with decent yields to the point that they're actually considering moving their production to TMSC in Taiwan. >And is not China right now positioning itself to basically swallow every asian country that's not Japan whole? I'm talking specifically on the current shortage. China has definitely been doing fuckery for years now, I'm not denying that. I just don't see how they would be the cause of the current shortage.
>>309276 Gotcha. I get I'm probably jumping a gun, here. Honestly I don't have any intricate intel aside of China is attempting to mobilize to revive the old empire format.
>>308631 someone should really look into adding the capcom pachinko machines onto MAME, i specially want the megaman one.
>>309277 >Honestly I don't have any intricate intel aside of China is attempting to mobilize to revive the old empire format. China to this day insists Taiwan is their province whilst Taiwan continues to tell them to fuck off. If they can't even get "their" province to listen, how the hell would they conquer anything? Why do you think "TAIWAN NUMBA ONE" triggers the nationalist Chinese so hard? It's a reminder of how spineless their own government is.
>>309287 >china i think you mean worst taiwan/taitwo
>>309287 >If they can't even get "their" province to listen, how the hell would they conquer anything? Oh no now that one I actually do have clear answers on >Enough influence in Africa to usurp all the resource digging Euro/American companies have there >A fleet that is actually a threat to our own >Enough sleeper spies in all walks of EU/US life that even with a dragged out war, it'd be dead-easy for them to completely topple higher command without too much effort. See also the last year in action & how quickly many so-called leaders act to capitulatte instead of countering because their self advantage comes before even the most basic aspect of their actual position. All bullshit aside, China is actually a viable global threat.
>>309287 >Why do you think "TAIWAN NUMBA ONE" triggers the nationalist Chinese so hard? It's a reminder of how spineless their own government is. China knows it can always win skirmishes and can never win wars. That's because its people are willing to give up resources for national pride only when profitable but will never be willing to sacrifice non-profitignly for a fellow bug preventing them from succeeding in any long-term conflict. Chinks will never value their country as anything other than profit (economically and in power projection) it brings to them.
Not even news Gaben says "updates are planned for TF2" in a long ass interview, TF2 "community" goes apeshit Vid related
(127.59 KB 500x500 plsautism.png)
>>310059 There literally hasn't been an announcement, its fucking 20sec clip from a 3 hour long session in a university where Gaben was invited to talk. Gaben is giving a standard PR response to a furry tf2 brony retard who asked about tf2.
>>310055 >Yes we have updates for TF2 <Updated localization files
>>310054 >>310055 The update will be to pozz the game.
(2.05 MB 600x338 eaa.gif)
(4.68 MB 3508x4961 824.png)
Helltaker: Examtaker free DLC out now Featuring another not-best girl and more fanarts that actually matter.
(122.58 KB 500x461 japan PM.jpg)
>>309256 >Nothing has suggested the concept of home consoles ever lost their appeal in Japan It's not that they lost interest in consoles it's that Japanese society is so fucking busy. Work and education are meant to be your life and so mobile gaming while on trains or lunch break is a huge deal. They just don't have time to game and so even the kind of gamers who would prefer to play on PC are likely to end up trying phone games. Also anime style has never needed the best hardware and have transitioned very well to mobile hardware. I'm surprised not every VN ever made hasn't got an android version. Seems like money on the table.
>>310838 It's been out for awhile hasn't it? Guess it didn't get enough notice for your liking van, which is why you're shilling it.
>>310847 Im just posting "fucking nothing" news since there is fucking nothing news. Was he posting anytime in any iamgeboards? He added yuri in the latest
(7.56 KB 300x225 bierie.jpg)
En ik uit mijn gevoelens nu op EP, waarom is er dan geen bierie bij de bp? Ik heb het nodig en zelfs op de wc. Onderweg naar de money in de vw.
(31.87 KB 600x591 234233553.jpg)
>>310856 KANKER
(53.76 KB 849x872 anon is angry.png)
>>310880 Yooooo gap, je kanker vader.
>>310936 And a frikandellen to you too, young anon.
(4.52 MB 640x360 Sepa - Oldschool.mp4)
(1.29 MB 659x2480 ClipboardImage.png)
>Ahead of the Battlefield 6 reveal, rumors are beginning to spark with some suggesting that a campaign mode might be missing from the game >It's critical to remember that the global pandemic could result in hurried development for Battlefield 6, which could very well explain the alleged absence of a campaign mode. Henderson pointed out that it's odd for EA not to have mentioned a campaign in its latest earnings call where it spoke about multiple aspects for the upcoming game. "I had a look back at the past EA earnings calls, but this is the first earnings call where EA has not mentioned a campaign coming to this year's Battlefield," Henderson stated >Despite the lack of news, Henderson also stated, "As I've mentioned for the past couple of months, I'm yet to hear of a campaign. It doesn't mean there isn't one, but it's very, very unusual to not hear of one in an info dump." It's important to remember that this doesn't come as confirmation, as it's only speculation for now. Besides, it could be that EA is waiting for the reveal to showcase its story trailer and generate as much hype as it can from advertising for Battlefield 6 >Worth mentioning is that EA also hasn't said anything about a battle royale mode either, but many rumors indicate that one will make its way to Battlefield 6. Nevertheless, on the other side of the FPS genre, the upcoming Call of Duty is also surrounded by rumors about a lack of multiplayer mode. Still, Activision hasn't made any official statements acknowledging this rumor. All is this is to say that rumors generally run wild when it comes to two of the biggest FPS games in the industry, so take these rumors with a grain of salt https://archive.is/TeMli
>>310880 Klanker?
>>311145 And, people are surprised because...? The campaigns were always exclusive to the console games, and only become "standard" with BF3.
(843.82 KB 426x240 battlefiel_through_the_ages.mp4)
>>311152 Because the modern Battlefield community is all CoD consolefaggots who started with BC2 or Battlefield 3. Fucking franchise is nothing but Michael Bay flicks now
(5.73 MB 1920x1080 Battlefield_timeline_new.webm)
>>311167 Wait, I posted the old one
>>311152 Technically 1942 had a campaign, even if it was only just a chronologically accurate series of bot-battles like Battlefront II's except that at least had varied objectives but yes a proper storylined campaign started with console BF2: Modern Combat as far as I can remember.

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