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Darksiders Anonymous 05/04/2021 (Tue) 02:18:48 Id:e78fbc No. 300841
An under the radar series which I enjoyed save for the third game but Genesis somewhat made up for it.
STRIFE FUCKING GAME WHEN It better be Vanquish tier as a TPS, I can't believe we got Fury's shitshow of a game first over Strife's.
>>300928 Genesis was the Strife game
>>300929 Like hell it was.
(60.19 KB 717x717 Cool Bug Fact's.jpg)
>>300929 It was confirmed to just be a side-game and not Darksiders 4 when it was announced, Strife's game is still coming.
I really enjoy all the games, though I haven't played Genesis yet.
Reminder that according to gameplay = power level, Fury is the weakest of all of the Horsemen for having pussy footing Soulshit combat and powers. Fuck that waste of shit game.
>>301010 >The woman is the weakest Biology strikes again! -3 STR!
>>300937 >Strife's game is still coming. I fucking hope so as I really like his character in Genesis and 3 is still a shit game despite them adding classic mode.
>>301339 3 just feels off all around. Like all of the animations were cheaply made and it heavily affects enjoyment of the combat system. I do like weapons you collect giving you entirely different right click/secondary weapons though, I feel like that idea was done much better as War's upgrades in Genesis despite it being a much simpler mechanic.
>>301345 Genesis felt like a Darksiders game meet Diablo which was a good thing and I wouldn't mind more Darksiders titles like it.
>>300841 I love the first game, got the platinum for it on PS3, PS4 and PC, never finished the second but i managed to get both on PS4 for cheap, so i'll play it this friday. Warmastered and Deathinitive sound stupid though, i even thought they were fake as fuck bootleg games until i looked them up. Anyone here played the third game? I lost all interest when they showed it off and it was a clunky dark souls rip-off starring a ugly bitch with a bad temper.
I played a little of the first game years back and never really got into it but I might give it another go. Does the Warmastered edition avoid fucking anything up or should I stick with the original?
>>301579 Warmastered is avoids fucking with shit and I highly recommend getting 2 and Genesis.
(118.98 KB 880x587 comfy.jpg)
>>301579 >>301591 I too couldn't get into Warmastered, I simply didn't like the protagonist. I will try 2 and Genesis
>>301345 Genesis feels like it was given way more thought and time then 3. >>303070 That's fair
(115.93 KB 960x564 ds2foun.jpg)
(121.00 KB 1000x563 ds2tri.jpg)
(1.86 MB 1920x1080 ds22.jpg)
(1.78 MB 1920x1080 ds2.jpg)
Okay so I'm playing Darksiders 2 now. First the seeds were so low it took me half a day. Then I realized there is also a Deathinitive edition with better stuff and dlcs. I had already started the regular one so I kept going at it while deathinitive downloaded. I could barely run the normal game at 60 fps and I didn't know deathinitive has graphical upgrades, so I couldn't even get stable 30fps. Well back to normal version. I have to say this feels nothing like the Warmastered from 1. The visuals are very pretty, traversing the levels are fun and music is so good it doesn't match the tone of game. It really feels like a fantasy adventure game. Combat is slicker, though I don't get frequent the weapon drops of just changed stats, which serves only to fill inventory and sell later. I do feel like movement and controls could be more polished, animations look janky at times. Enemies need more variety, and so far I'm seeing normal hammer wielding enemies, normal crawling lizard enemies, driller boss which become a normal miniboss later and big bosses. Please tell there are more variety. Sidequests are just go there and fetch this, im not expecting a full rpg type quests. Dungeons? I think its the right word, are beautiful and wonderful to explore, but am not finding secret areas, just these wooden ring hooked onto walls which I think I will get a tool to grab onto. Death is also a very cool character, I like his voice.
>>300841 Tried the first and could not find very little to like. Perhaps it starts off slow and gets better. Felt like mature version of Spryo, like an adult game for children.
>>308396 Do you have a shitbox PC?
>>308433 Very much. I initially thought it was running off integrated graphics but no it was my nvidia 940m. I was saving money since last year to buy this year, thinking crypto bubble would pop. Also I found a tome at Tri-Stone and got 'mails' with tons of weapons. I'm assuming its all DLC weapons which are out of my level. Are they overpowered? Do they make game very easy?
I still think it was retarded that they changed two of the horsemen because they were too retarded about integrating Conquest and Famine.
>>308474 I kind of get famine since a game about starving enemies to death wouldn't really be that interesting it actually would. Considering how the themes of the games are it could be a Terranigma type story where you're attempting to resurrect the world so instead of starving enemies you're helping humans survive or something, complete with a cooking minigame and famine related spells for combat(Fury plays like shit and she's supposed to the mage)
Darksiders Genesis and Battlechasers are pretty good. But the guys responsible is a fag.
>>308532 Joemad's just the art guy though, right?
>>308539 He's the art guy, but he actually owns the Airship Syndicate studio with his brother and other guy.
>>308551 Yeah but the darksiders guys are Gunfire, not Airship.
>>308532 Just pirate it then.
>>308539 >>308532 Why are (((artists))) always the leftists one who follow bluepill? and coders the ones who are easily coerced into?
>>308703 Most of us right wing artist don't work in gaming or popular media, we work in other fields where art is needed.
>>308532 >Joe is pro BLM <The fucking mexican is pro-blacks The fuck >>308539 >>308551 He also was the director of Darksiders 1, writter of the comic IIRC and he was a very big contributer to the game design docs for the Darksiders 1 game, since it was his dream game.
>>308851 I could have sworn Darksiders was John Romero's dream game somehow.
>>308853 That's one hell of a mix-up but after Dai-Katana I can see why you'd think that. The funny thing is that Joe was talking about wanting to make a game since the PS2 era, when he was mostly hands off from indiependent comics and was raising money by accepting some jobs at Marvel again by doing either some X-Men or some Inhumans later down the line. I think he even had expressed the desire to make a BattleChasers game in the first place since he openly had said that he was inspired by various Capcom and Sega beat'em ups for most of the BC characters.
>>308703 Because most artists in game development are faggots, most programmers can tell you this.
(8.13 MB 400x230 Baksheesh American Style.webm)
>>308839 Are artists told to specifically shut up when working or lefty artists just assume they have a right to screech and others don't wanna let them go so they allow it. I doubt if someone just goes full murica gun-toting gasthejews the managers would be too afraid to do anything.
>>309202 >I doubt if someone just goes full murica gun-toting gasthejews the managers would be too afraid to do anything. You have to remember that you have to be a very specific kind of sperg to do that, just in the same way you have to be a specific kind of sperg to screech the current narrative with passion. Most just do those things because they don't want to get cucked out of a job. At the end of the day, everyone's a whore to the mighty dollar and the comics industry is just that more whorish. AND YOU BETTER TOW THE LINE, PIG!
>>309202 It's structural. >HR departments are broadly pro women and diversity, and anti hate because they only hire sjws and cucks >companies are appearing woke to get brownie points with sjws in social media and with reporters because they think it builds the brand >employees who align then feel empowered to broadcast their politics as they please >employees feel safe and so are emboldened and loud and rude >companies that try to shed political people, e.g. Basecamp, get fucked over. Over 40% of Basecamp's employees left when offered pay packages to leave after political activism and discussion was banned in the office
>>309202 Lefty artists are allowed and enabled to act the way they do but in other industries outside of Gaming/Film/Comics/tabletop no one fucking tolerates their shit. Most right wing artist just want to do their job and feed their families, the real shame is many of these guys are very talented and but due to how the pop media is they can't handle the leftism. I mainly just do advertisement posters and paintings of families who tend to have shekels.
(103.93 KB 520x520 ackchually.png)
>>309249 >TOW THE LINE Toe the line.
(1.41 MB 1920x1080 what I expected from trailer.png)
(158.55 KB 1280x720 what I thought i was gonna get.jpg)
(685.69 KB 800x1200 what i got.png)
Wew, the Guardian fight was underwhelming as fuck. Its giant hammer does normal damage and there is no horse combat. just shoot the yellow balloons and grab the stones twice. Fucking hell, you only destroy two stones, 3rd one of its head is a fucking cutscene. I thought from the presentation and music it would be a shadow of colossus tier fight where you would climb around its body, use the claw to grab up and shit. But nothing. If I had this in 2012 as a trailer and then bought the game to find this inside, I would've given up from this franchise. This was such a missed opportunity, it could've been the highlight of this game.
>>310057 Darksiders 2 felt desperate. Especially the Diablo-style looter dungeon shit that kinda felt so undercooked, and a lot of sections felt underdeveloped or rushed out. I chucked it up at THQ massively flailing hard after the uDraw clusterfuck making this game and it's massive media blitz as a desperate throw at the dice to avert bankruptcy.
>>310060 Rushed I think is the best word to explain the shortcomings. The missions themselves are pretty short, content and sidequests are pretty simple, weapons are just scythes and bigger scythes, two handed slow hammers and axe, and claws that are basically sythes. The dungeons too feel repetitive and actual traversal is so little, considering the beauty and art direction of these places. What else is missing? >uDraw clusterfuck what is that?
(72.13 KB 580x447 A Goddam Mistake.jpg)
>>310062 >uDraw clusterfuck >what is that? Anon, the rushed nature of this game's development is because of that, there's a lot of sources you can read and watch on how that piece of shit idea that's on-par with Moot's Canvas shit, killed THQ. And every source concludes the same story, after that piece of shit idea THQ went on a slow death knell and they were desperate to turn that all around, hence Darksiders 2 and several games being shit out fast to stop the femoral bleeding.
>>310068 This shit killed THQ? I mean i remember back then hearing THQ was going to shut down, but never bothered why. Was it specifically because a software company releasing a hardware? I really don't know, how to feel that a game with such a potential could turn out so bad, and it wan't even its own fault
>>309999 Nice quads Are you an actual artist, like a painter >paintings of families Oil on canvas for rich white people >advertisement posters Can you post some works?
>>310068 >hence Darksiders 2 and several games being shit out fast to stop the femoral bleeding. Sleeping Dogs was one of those games, right? >>310071 They sunk so much shit into Udraw and it bombed hard, they I recall reading articles about how they wanted the combat of Darksiders 2 to be a lot like Bayonetta with dodge offset and a large set of dial-a-combos with special attributes, lots of weapon types and shit. Once you reach the city of the dead(the second hub) you can tell just how badly they were stretching what little content they had with padding and by the third and fourth areas that have fuck all side content it's all depressing. I wish DS2 is ever to be remade and completed because it's a shame how good the music and art is and how it's wasted on such a rushed game.
>>310071 >This shit killed THQ? I mean i remember back then hearing THQ was going to shut down, but never bothered why. Was it specifically because a software company releasing a hardware? I really don't know, how to feel that a game with such a potential could turn out so bad, and it wan't even its own fault THQ used to do a lot of plug and play games, FOR THE CHEAP. Now some retard had the smart idea to make a very expensive third party drawing toy, now just imagine making a tablet used for drawing shit and having garbage software "Games" to shill it's capabilities, like fucking Spongebob and Penguins of Madagascar, the entire thing was a failure, they invested too much on an idea that only worked on the Wii, by the time they had it available to the PS3 and Xbox 360, it was fucking too late. They made more units available than the demand and it was lesson that you do not fucking market making art to a population that have better shit to do than playing shitty tutorials. >>310090 No anon, that was Activsion's True Crime Streets of Hong Kong game turned into Squeenix's Sleeping Dogs. The games were like Space Marine's potential sequel that never happened and may have been recycled into Eternal Crusade. Saints Row The Third DLCs, and The Devil's Third which went to Nintendo.
>>310098 >Space marine Don't remind me. Also, remember Too Human and the supposed trilogy or whatever ilogy it was supposed to have? Advent Rising? Kingdoms of Amalur?
>>310111 >Also, remember Too Human and the supposed trilogy or whatever ilogy it was supposed to have? Advent Rising? Kingdoms of Amalur? Too Human was a clusterfuck, Advent Rising had it's publisher almost go into bankruptcy because of that faggot Mr. Shitface and his insane budget for Psychonuts. Kingdoms of Amalur died because Rhode Island thought they could be like Montreal and go big in the video game business while not giving a shit about respecting contracts. The former game I have no feelings what so ever, the latter two is just sadness because of greed by a single twat affecting the other and political assholes.
(61.81 KB 595x335 hitler.jpg)
>>310117 Didn't Kingdom of Amalur get a remaster recently? I only remember it because Machinima were once doing a video about it. >Rhode Island >political assholes How did politics got involved in this?
>>310135 >Be Curt Schilling >Want to make your dream videogame >Gather around your friends like >Ken Rolston who was lead designer for Morrowind and Oblivion >Todd McFarlane of Spawn fame doing the art >R. A. Salvatore as writer >Grant Kirkhope as composer >Found company, 38 Studios >Approached by Democrat fuckheads from Rhode Island who thought it was a great idea to get in the video game business, and negotiate with 38 Studios to with a 75 million dollar loan to get them to move to fucking Rhode Island and have a slice of that vidya pie and think it's gonna be easy living >New Governor is seriously trying to get out of the last one's deal with 38 Studios after Kingdom of Amalur's release and them proceeding to make the KoA MMO >Fuck over Curt Schilling, Video Game Bloggers proceed to fuck with Curt Schilling who used all of his professional baseball earnings for this venture and also made sure his employees were taken care off >38 Studios declare bankruptcy, fuckheads to this day scapegoat a man who only wanted his dream vidya Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning had a shit ton of problems that made it only okay, but fuck those shithead bloggers who proceeded to protect a shitheel state that fucked over 38 Studios.
>>310076 Rich in general and I can't show any of my work as I don't want any shit coming back to me. But I will say I learned to paint because I wanted to work in gaming, but I realised how pozzed shit was and started to do other work which pays decent.
>>310156 >Kingdom of Amalur Picked up the Switch version. Was not expecting much was surprised how good it actually is. Hope THQ does more with that IP now that they own it. >Curt Schilling and the Morrowind dude was behind it. Did not know this.
>>310251 I was surprised by its lack of framedrops on Handheld mode. Yeah, it's only 30 on both tv and handheld mode but I'd rather that than shit FPS.

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