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(52.24 KB 508x286 Chara-Creator.jpg)
Video Game News General #4 Anonymous 05/28/2021 (Fri) 12:59:05 Id:c15b21 No. 318473
Last Thread News Range from 05/01/2021 till 05/28/2021 https://archive.vn/atUKI Prologue 4 General Highlights https://www.yewtu.be/watch?v=GmIIg0xrUO8[Embed] https://archive.vn/gxR43 A New Character Benchmark Program allowing you to pre-create your character for use in PSO2 NGS is slated for release soon.
No one cares that an early access build for Unreal Engine 5 came out recently? yewtu.be/watch?v=d1ZnM7CH-v4
Test. Never got these embeds to work before. https://www.yewtu.be/watch?v=d1ZnM7CH-v4
>>318483 >>318481 Any bets on how shit the coding is for the engine?
>>318473 after the fiasco that was PSO2 international servers i have absolutely no hope of new genesis being good. gonna stay on PSP2i and PSU. At least there i don't have to deal with lootboxes and battlepasses.
when the fuck are GPU cards going to get cheaper like they were before?
(46.92 KB 1134x100 coh2.PNG)
Dying light 2 got a release date, it's December 7th https://yewtu.be/watch?v=UwJAAy7tPhE Featuring more parkour and zombie punching Company of Heroes 2 and its expansion Ardennes assault is free on steam If someone wants not CoH1
>>318516 When crypto crashes sometime in the next few months and/or domestic manufacturing picks up. >>318518 Already got the game for free several years ago.
>>318516 I was planning on upgrading my PC or building a new one but at this rate I guess it'd be better to just invest it in something.
From the last thread discussing about steam switch device - I saw about Van Gogh APU from mooreslawisdead fag and im see the potential here. 8 Rdna2 cores in a 7.5w chip is interesting, and performance will be acceptable atleast. Price of $399 with this is way to go, though after all depends on how loonix gaming will work on handheld
(427.34 KB 573x415 dog_anger.png)
>>318516 When I start hunting down and strangling every last one of the butter moistened neckbeards who spend all day mining digital currency so they can continue the conveyor belt of grease blobs coming directly into their fat gullets. What pisses me off the most about these troglodytes is that the market is going to be oversaturated with GPUs that have been beaten to death once they're done. IF they're ever done. I will only be satisfied once I feel the last crypto miners O2 molecules physically leave his lungs and his head sinks into the mass of lard he calls a body.
>>318538 >>318544 So, it was a complete fluke last November that I spent less than $300 on a rather decent GPU?
>>318518 Was the first Dying Light any good?
>>318559 It was dumb fun, you could dropkick zombies into spikes and then use a grappling hook to go up a building to escape a crazy mutant while shooting a turkish gangers.
>>318542 I doubt it'll be 499 unless they're selling at a loss
>>318530 Does anyone still mine crypto using GPUs? I thought every one moved onto ASICs.
>>318559 Second one looks like the first one but worse and with more poz
>>318516 >when the fuck are GPU cards going to get cheaper >>318530 >When crypto crashes sometime in the next few months Except it's not just Crypto that's causing it, but a global chip shortage across multiple industries all competing over the same supply chains. Part of it is the demand for PCs due to work-at-home orders because of the Coronavirus, in addition to hiccups in production caused by the virus itself. Part of it is failing to scale properly for the increased demand from the increasingly autonomous and electric automotive industry. A lot of these semiconductor chips are made in Taiwan, which never got a rainy season this year - causing a drought that resulted in water rationing. New fabrication plants are being constructed at breakneck speeds, but still not expected to be completed until sometime next year. China is expected to be acquiring their own secure supply lines as well, though whether that means actually building their own fabrication plants or just invading Taiwan to "retake" what they insist is already theirs... that's yet to be seen.
>>318585 That's Bitcoin, Etherium and it's derivitives still use GPU's because they need: 1 lots of fast GDDR-grade memory 2 the math involved varies wildly between ASIC capable and incapable.
>>318559 I loved the first one, I got really hooked into it.
>>318516 if you're in a hurry and willing to compromise a bit older tesla cards with a fan bracket are relatively well priced for the performance you're getting (980ti for about 100-200 depending on how long you look), though I would advise against Tesla K80 / M80 as those are dual GPU and a pain in the ass to cool without a server solution.
(1.02 MB 678x909 ClipboardImage.png)
https://archive.vn/l6tIY https://archive.vn/rsgz4 Sequel For Bloodstained: Ritual of The Night is in development confirmed by 505 games.
>>318878 Oh nice, wonder what they Will do to improve It
(590.79 KB 800x449 ClipboardImage.png)
>>318878 Wonder where and more importantly when they'll go for plot. Castlevania actually did a decent enough job working the era to the game. Maybe play on the other vampire novel and fight yuri vampires in 1863? Carmilla was barely in Castlevania for some bizzare reason (just a random recurring giant head boss with no dialog in every game but Circle of the Moon, which isn't even canon).
>>318544 Crypto mining these days is largely consortia of semi-governmental grey or black hats (as opposed to fedoras) who have the funding to build significantly-sized farms and who either steal the electricity or have their government steal it for them.
>>318889 >steal the electricity Can you do that? How without burning your hands of the power lines? Back when 290x was new people were making mining benches and called retards for not thinking electricity bills. "financial mastermind"
>>318559 Yes. It has boatloads of replayability, smooth first person parkour, and well paced progression system. The early game is a chore, but once you got going, it gets more fun. Combat is janky though, and firearms have a good concept but have a lot to be desired with in actuality (e.g lacking gunfire sound). The Following DLC gives another map you can play with but alienates the core parkour gameplay of the base game in place of a car. The DLC is a big YMMV, but can't go wrong with more content.
>>318892 Realistically the best way to offload the cost is with distributed mining. Legitimately, having an opt-in system in a game so as to support the devs. Illegitimately, there was a Switch game that did that? KSP did as well not to mention all sorts of viruses that have miners
>>318879 >assuming it won't be a downgrade
>>318518 Little Nightmares is also currently free on Steam. >>318603 >worse and with more poz How so?
>>318608 >or just invading Taiwan to "retake" what they insist is already theirs The PRC attempting to invade Taiwan would be a hilarious failure. The only nation in the entire world currently able to undertake a serious naval/amphibious invasion is the USA. If it's invading goatfuckers maybe a few others would make the cut.
>>318516 Whenever >companies start making dedicated mining hardware en mass >the chip shortage ends And the chip shortage will end when >COVID gets under control >Taiwan's water drought ends >supply increases to meet the recently huge demand So it's going to be awhile.
>>319034 Why would it? Iga kept his promises thus far and managed to release 3 good games, wich are obvius improvements over his previus works on castlevania.
>>318608 >>319051 To explain why a water drought is so bad, the manufacturers use high-purity water to clean semiconductors. Hundreds of thousands of tons of water a day are used in the production of computer chips, so a water drought just about one of the worst things that can happen.
>>319056 And, what do you propose?
>>319058 >responding to Luciano
>>318740 Was that supposed to be a pun? You made me chuckle a bit. >>318878 That blood controlling chick must have the most wildest periods. Or does she have periods? Can she control them? Maybe its time for me to stop.
>>319073 Still posting, shill. Stay mad.
>>318879 >wonder what they Will do to improve It Well if we go by the sequel to CotM is anything to go by then they'll ramp the difficulty up to retarded levels and then add a shoot-em up stage to the game.
https://archive.vn/ru2gV https://archive.vn/sGa5f Peter Fabiano Leaves Capcom to work for bungie.
>>320138 More pozz coming from Bungie now.
>>320138 Weird, he had a good thing going with Capcom and resident evil, Bungie must have offered a lot of cash.
>>320293 Do you spell it doxxed too, ?
>>320354 Maybe he's like Marty and wants to specifically work for them. If thats the case it could be a massive boon for Bungie. When Marty was fired he lamented the loss of the studios unique culture and a passionate producer could breathe some much needed new life into the studio. I'd wager he's not going to be working on Destiny 2 but will be working on the Marathon sequel/remake/new project that nobody cares about that has been in the works since Activision first acquired Bungie. The fact that they have had plans to open a new Amsterdam studio that will be working on non Destiny projects as well as Destiny projects might also support this theory
>>320520 Either that or bungie wants him to organize stuff, he was the guy that got the ex-konami people, capcom's own RE studios and a bunch of westerners actually working together and not making a clusterfuck after all.
>>320138 Bungie has been consistently incompetent since Halo 2, I don't know who would want to work for them, unless Fabiano wants to spend the next few years of his life exclusively working on Destiny.
(212.89 KB 880x495 ClipboardImage.png)
Ruling upheld against Valve in Steam Controller patent case They still have to pay $4 million in damages >Back in February, a jury concluded that Valve's Steam controller had infringed patents owned by Ironburg Inventions, the parent company of SCUF Gaming. Valve were ordered to pay $4 million in damages (around £2.8 million). >This week, Valve failed in their attempt to have the jury's decision overturned. >Valve's lawyers had requested a judgement as a matter of law - essentially arguing that there was insufficient evidence in the case and asking for the judge to make a new ruling, or requesting a new trial. >As reported by the Esports Observer, the judge rejected the request. The ruling quotes Valve's own lawyer calling the case straightforward during the trial, before concluding that, "The Court agrees that this case is straightforward and can be decided on the ’525 Patent and the accused device. The jury appears to have done exactly that, but defendant does not like the result the jury reached. Defendant's dissatisfaction does not constitute grounds for judgment as a matter of law or a new trial." >In the same ruling, the judge also ruled against a request by Ironburg Inventions for increased damages, which could have as much as tripled the damages Valve have to pay. >The patent it's been ruled Valve have infringed relates to buttons on the back of the controller designed to be used by the user's middle finger. SCUF Gaming make serveral controllers which have buttons in those positions. >Valve retired the Steam Controller back in 2019, but they still have hardware ambitions aside from the Valve Index. This week saw reports of Valve making a Nintendo Switch-like machine called the SteamPal. https://archive.ph/2VaVg
>>320582 >Bungie has been consistently incompetent since Halo 2 Some of their developers started leaving around the time of Halo 3, and practically all of the original studio was gone by the time the first Destiny was released. >I don't know who would want to work for them Bungie is, in some ways, more "salvageable" than other independent American developers.
>>320585 >infringed relates to buttons on the back of the controller designed to be used by the user's middle finger Im sorry what? Having buttons on the back is a patent infringment? Or Im clearly missing something here? Well steam controller was shit anyways. You could never aim as a mouse in that.
>>320587 Ironburg Inventions has gotten involved in several of these lawsuits, I'd say they're patent trolls but they do have a real controller subsidiary. It's a ridiculous patent, I'm surprised it was cleared.
>>320587 The US patent system is a fucking trainwreck and there's tons of things patented that really shouldn't be. A lot of patent submissions are really vague, and it's standard form for tech companies to load up on patents just so that they can either sue others into submission or as a deterrent from other companies doing the same shit to them. I'm somewhat surprised by the ruling, since it is literally just two buttons on the back of the controller and probably could be thrown out under prior art, but at the same time I'm not that surprised as the US system is shit. Valve might've just decided it wasn't worth the effort to properly invest in the case as the investment in legal to overturn patents usually exceeds the extortion fees from losing a case.
>>320598 >>320589 They hire competent lawyers that are less than $4 millions? Is US like getting sued in a fringe case not worth simply the effort? If they are patent trolls how they still survive by not getting fucked by microsoft or sony?
(139.66 KB 1094x730 patent.PNG)
>>320585 Here's what I found about their patent https://patents.google.com/patent/US8641525B2/en
>>320600 Legal costs can easily pile up by dragging out a case for years. I also don't think Valve has a competent legal team. I remember a few years ago when they tried to release paid mods for Skyrim and told mod makers that they're free to include the mods they were dependent on into their own without actually consulting or paying the makers. >If they are patent trolls how they still survive by not getting fucked by microsoft or sony? Patent trolls only sue companies that don't fight back. If they lose; then the owners disband the company and start a new one. Aside from the cost of purchasing the right to enforce a patent, patent trolls don't really have costs beyond the labor they invest.
>>320613 >paid mods man I even forgot about it, how long ago was that. Well then valve gets fucked either way
(134.24 KB 574x561 soyny's damage control 1.jpg)
(89.98 KB 611x521 soyny's damage control 2.jpg)
(120.08 KB 608x513 soyny's damage control 3.jpg)
(107.87 KB 602x504 soyny's damage control 4.jpg)
Soyny is already in full damage control after normalfags once again fought back against soyny's marxist agenda. https://archive.is/hI3G2 https://archive.ph/fA0Ms https://archive.ph/SdJye https://twitter.com/ElineMuijres https://archive.ph/Hvkpa https://twitter.com/Voltaic117
>>320639 This isn't the GamerGate thread
(60.02 KB 605x436 soyny's damage control 5.jpg)
(22.04 KB 400x400 soyny's damage control 6.jpg)
(26.99 KB 400x400 soyny's damage control 7.jpg)
>>320639 >>320641 >Twitter shit >news
>>320639 >Twitter shit >Trying to argue about that shit while showcasing Horizon Zero Men >A game where both the fan and in-game model look like pure shit and very unlike the sketches and concept art <Not using the Andromeda examples of actually uglifying the females <The game that tried to pretty up shitty facial hair, resulting in MRyder looking like he glued crotch hair on his face WEW E W
>>320587 >You could never aim as a mouse in that. Actually, with gyro and the thumb pad, people have outperformed m&kb in fps games. (Though admittedly testing at <The highest level of play :^)))) is fucking broke because virtually every fps game on the market especially multiplayer involves rollout memorization. Also it works for more games, so you know Still the patent faggotry is faggoty
>>320585 >scuf gaming Oh THOSE faggots.
(56.21 KB 1024x576 Sony's Apex Ma'am.jpg)
>>320639 Wait... she refutes that the "fixed" version Aloy doesn't represent average women, and that it is a painted clown, but then makes her point by showing a picture of herself without makeup when her very own profile picture is of her done up in makeup like a "painted clown" that looks more like the fixed version of Aloy than the "average woman" image. Intentionally bad Winx-shit filter aside... what the fuck even was her point again?
>>320659 >Actually, with gyro and the thumb pad, people have outperformed m&kb in fps games wut <Autists perform well in repeatedly practiced action in a specific scenario. you can learn to play with a foot controller and even beat a comp player, that doesn't make a foot controller good or even viable. Valves mistake was to provide a solution (compromise) for a problem no one was asking a solution for in the first place. Just a standard xbox clone controller and they should've said "figure out playing fps"
>>320665 You know, I was about to actually type out something regarding the affordability, the fact that it does work for mouse and keyboard heavy games, as well as controller based. But given how retarded the last sentence of your post is, go fuck yourself.
>>320667 Can you type it out for me, I actually have the thing and while it's much better than a controller, I don't see how it can compare to say a mouse.
(49.65 KB 310x480 olddays.gif)
>>320667 >the affordability >the fact that it does work for mouse and keyboard heavy games >the fact why am I getting a feeling you were one of poor souls who bought one? If it was even remotely capable of doing even the basic of m&kb it would be selling off the shelves because PC doesn't have a couch controller option. But, it failed because it was a compromise. A compromise I (or even you) don't want to make for the ability to have a comfortable couch setup. >how retarded the last sentence of your post is <Just a standard xbox clone controller thats what the audience wanted. Hell nobody even asked for this controller. It was Valve's egocentric engineers ("We are the saviours of video games. We have to bestow upon them this holy controller which no one ever devised") who made this marvel of input device that while functional and affordable, failed to achieve a market breakthrough and made fun of by dumb audience and media outlets, who if released by sony or m$, they would laude as revolutionary and compare every subsequent controller to it. And now have me typing out this to silly strangers on the interwebs. 2nd gen of these would be very capable and competitive
>>320660 I have never heard of them, are they actual patent trolls?
>>320639 >Video Game News thread. >Anon posts things related to Sony's gay ass walking simulator player. Anon. Please keep it video games. Playstation is not video game console it is a faggot containment device.
>>320681 >>320682 >>320684 >>320687 Holy fuck, stop samefagging you megasperg
(41.50 KB 640x386 DGirl_cover.png)
>>320681 >seems like the normalfags are siding with the SJWs I doubt they're siding with SJWs, but more that they're siding with Sony. They'll throw aesthetics under the bus so long as it helps their favorite corporate overlord... and they're backed up by throngs of shitheads who don't even play video games, but still feel the need to weigh in on the cultural issue. Not to mention all the people who just want to be on the "right" side of the issue - out of concern for cultivating their online profile, the feel goods of being part of the group, or just keeping their heads down. To be generous, I'd say it's a classic pareto distribution. Maybe only 20% (probably a lot less in reality) of the people actually believe what they're saying - and saying it often. Everyone else is just going with the flow out of self interest and brand loyalty.
>>320690 That's the blackpill fag, anon. Look through the TORfag's replies, a lot of them are (1)s obviously written by the same person. I have no idea why he does this, I haven't seen him around for months.
>>320692 niggerpill is salty leftypol, watched 1 minute of yuri bezemov, starts going demoralize throughout site. Like back in gghq
>>320690 Excuse me anon but I'd like a source for that amazing pixel art of sweaty Cammy. >>320692 >Noto dis shitto again Holy hell, can't anybody catch a break here without some rampant autism happening?
>>320702 Why won't you fuck off and let me be? I just want to be autistic and screech without some faggot like you showing up to ruin my fun.
(314.44 KB 720x3858 avg-roguemember.png)
>>320700 >Excuse me anon but I'd like a source for that amazing pixel art of sweaty Cammy. It's just a cropped preview from ANSI Garden. It's a paysite for ANSI art used in bulletin boards, so there's not a lot of demand for pirated archives of that kind of artwork. Least that I've run across. Also, it's Danger Girl, not Cammy. Though I have seen Cammy ANSI art out there. You can find the full version here. https://www.ansigarden.com/downloads/dgirl-welcome-screen/#prettyPhoto
(167.59 KB 1920x1080 salt.jpg)
Meh Sony NiggerPills have been taking temper tantrums since hearing Monster Hunter Rise shifted 7 million on one console and that console is the Switch. Its just really weird the moment that news hit they have been more active. Getting this assmad over a handheld game.
>>320708 God I love ANSI.
>>320702 Except that this time the shitting was done by a known spammer. This faggot (niggerpill) always does the same thing every few hours in every news-related thread here and on /pol/: He reposts the same negative ideas again and again in a rapid succession while hopping to different IPs each time, replying to the same posts (either random bad news or his own posts if nothing is happening) in a failed attempt to appear to be different people.
>>320708 Bless you anon, it's a marvelous site. >Danger Girl <Flasbacks to 1999 Holy fuck.
>>320683 <Just a standard xbox clone controller >thats what the audience wanted The fact you think this, is why I can't take you seriously. Granted, you'd have a point if anyone besides FUCKING NINTENDO did anything with the accelerometers in every controller. Admittedly, the ps4, ironically despite only using it for fucking little big planet, and the ui keyboard. Has a better accelerometer than the steam controller. It's been an issue for literal years that some games just suck cock on keyboard, and some are shit on controllers, everyone has fucking known this shit.
>>320676 Have you tried playing fps games with it?
>>320708 Rogue will forever be the best Xgirl and you cant prove me wrong.
PSO2 NGS character creator runs on windows 7 fine in spite of saying it requires windows 8 and above.
(1.91 MB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)
>>320734 Has an RGB color picker this time thank god.
>>320735 I want to have sex with that robot
>>318996 >Illegitimately, there was a Switch game that did that? Cooking Mama Cookstar. Supposedly it's bullshit due to the Switch itself not being powerful enough for such a feat. >>318892 Is that an issue with apartments, where electric bills aren't an issue?
>>320737 Yeah the cooking mama thing turned out to be some CEO trying to sound hip and using the term blockchain when promoting it or something. I think it was pulled due to licensing issues.
>>318996 >>320737 Cooking Mama did not have a bitcoin miner. The confusion stems from the CEO talking rubbish about shit he doesn't understand and claiming the new game would use "bitcoin technology" (a buzzword he had heard but did not know what it was). The rumour got worse when the game was pulled from the Switch eShop, but that was unrelated. The game was actually pulled due to a licensing issue. Doesn't matter though. From now until forever it will be "gaming lore" that Cooking Mama on Switch had a bitcoin miner in it.
(1.26 MB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)
>No gender
(1.23 MB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)
(18.40 KB 480x360 unf.jpg)
>>320768 >>320769 Yeah there was an anon in the GG thread bitching about that on their forums and getting banned for transphobia or something. Fucking cancer.
>>320768 >>320769 But one has titties and the other doesn't, isn't that pretty obvious one's female and one isn't?
>>320784 They avoided using gender/sex words like male and female that set off progressives and trannies.
>>320768 >>320769 My country still uses the word sex when refering to someones genitals/body composition but the word "gender" keeps being pushed by the usual folk.
>no jiggle not even going to bother posting a picture.
>>320788 Do the robutts have jiggle in the Non Microsofted version?
>>318484 They typically do quite a good job on their stuff, but only for consoles when you can't tell that everything is half a second delayed. Their stuff works on PC but even with a high spec computer, it's gonna run like dogshit and feel like you're in a tar filled mess since it's not responsive. I do like the look of the mesh streaming stuff, but how well it works in practice rather than a carefully curated demo is another matter. It also looks like they're focusing almost purely on earth-like environments which makes me wonder how easy it would be to make a properly fantastic environment.
The whole Alloy "issue" in a nutshell.
>>320639 It's obvious this is all sonegro coping but bimbo aloy is just as bad as nicado aloy, but then again the game was rigged from the start, literally, since they discarded the cute design pictured here >>320836 after deciding she should look like the fat bitch that voiced her.
(59.51 KB 1280x720 hey ash.jpg)
>>320836 it makes no sense without showing how bad she looks in-game next to the kid. >>320845 >after deciding she should look like the fat bitch that voiced her. Ash got fat? (post pics)
>>320850 Who's that? She's not completely unattractive. Gives off a Sarah Silvermann vibe
>>320854 I think that's Anthony Burch's sister Ashl(e)y. She does a lot of voice work in games. She does the voice of Alloy.
(59.28 KB 1280x720 hey ash whatcha playin'.jpg)
(811.00 KB 1600x900 download.jpg)
>>320854 >>320868 >Who's that? She's not completely unattractive >Gives off a Sarah Silvermann vibe Ashly Burch (aka, ash) from "hey ash whatcha playin'". the dyke sister of crossdressing cuck supreme Anthony Burch. she does voice acting for games and Netflix garbage. also works with her brother on dumb shit they think is funny (like border lands, she also voiced tiny tina)
>>320854 >Not completely ugly. >Gives off a (((Sarah Silvermann))) vibe Deformed kike spotted.
>>320716 back in the day, yeah.
(253.47 KB 1600x1167 Amerimuttland.jpg)
>>320854 >Who's that? She's not completely unattractive
(179.24 KB 300x450 skele think.jpg)
>>320854 >She's not completely unattractive >Gives off a Sarah Silvermann vibe Sarah Silverman is completely unattractive though?
(217.32 KB 1024x1324 b03f28886dab8f140ce13b5b3c151873.jpg)
>>320934 years ago Maxim and Viacom tried to convince young men that Silverman was hot and funny. that anon must have been one of the poor sods they duped.
>>320587 >>320598 What about the N64 controller, then? The Z button was only one button on the underside, underneath the control stick, but still.
>>320992 Come on man, she looks good on the cover. She's unfunny as all hell and annoying as piss and aging like milk, for sure, but it's not a bad cover.
>>320999 She's wearing a fursuit anon. Have some self respect
>>320934 >Sarah Silverman is completely unattractive though?
>>320992 >>320854 >Gives off a Sarah Silvermann vibe The only acting roles I recognize her from is School of Rock and Monk, both times she played annoying and bitchy characters.
(770.19 KB 1173x909 so gay.png)
>>318473 >Katy Perry reveals ‘Electric’ single and album in collaboration with Pokemon. finally, a Pokemon crossover that makes sense.
>>321008 She was also in a Star Trek Voyager two-parter, also annoying.
(237.20 KB 1920x1080 lxN3aRNJIPTxbbsGwhfSv2Blt54.jpg)
(73.62 KB 505x550 1566554258734.jpg)
>>321010 >>321008 also played the annoying brat from that fake video game movie.
>>321009 I feel sorry for anyone that was tricked into thinking being gay was a personality or identity. Bunch of simple attention whoring children with no desire to change or improve themselves
>>321009 What fucking website is this?
>>321014 Yeah, where can I get gayming news for faggots? Asking for a friend.
(458.07 KB 1000x738 quark-tribbles.jpg)
>>321010 >She was also in a Star Trek Voyager two-parter I completely forgot about that, but then again, I've forgotten most of Voyager.
>>321012 >Wreck it Ralph Anon Do you have screencaps about the thread where another anon edit combined ralph and penelope into that god awful large ass
>>320715 Seriously if even any of the big 3 made a controller with gyro, touchpad and haptic feedback to be used in aiming and shooting in 1st person, they would be showered in praise and fellated as the new era of gaming. But because its valve, a (relatively) new player in market launched along with their hardware failure, it took them down. Seriously compare the ctrl+alt+del comic to latest iphone or latest ds5 controller, which again has a haptic motor and people are eating up this crap. >I can't take you seriously. Neither do I ;) what else to talk about?
>>320761 >tries to hype up his game using "blockchain" and "bitcoin technology" >niggers assume its a bitcoin miner in their game >now has to pay $$millions to journo mafia to clear up his name and have positive press for game marketing was a mistake
>>321059 The irony, is valve would later be vindicated years later after dumping money and resources into the Wine project, and their own fork proton. Steam machines these days (barring that SteamOS is dead as dirt) are actually mostly fine. Shame they blew their load before it could actually be worth a damn, and now microsoft is actively pumping money into fucking up wine mixed with shit going on with abrasive as fuck "anti cheat".
>>321075 Anti-cheat on steam is almost exclusively using EAC, which I believe I've heard people say valve is working on getting to work with proton somehow at some point throughout 2021. If EAC can be defeated or ran over wine then basically the entirety of the steam library will work on linux more or less fine.
Creative Assembly Abadoned Ship and making a 2nd game for 3K Romance of the Chinaman "Sequel". Chinaman and Korean Bugmen are super pissed and raging at CA and with Warhammer 3 fans getting shat on too https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0zId4puekfU
(655.34 KB 720x1195 i just like videogames.png)
>>321009 >>321014 >>321015 LOL https://archive.is/EdbjP If only anon gave an archive instead of being a raging homosexual
>>321013 If it's of any consolation, mostly they know it's a lie. Unfortunately to rip that away they actively seek vulnerable people to take advantage of to bolster their identity.
(29.13 KB 600x600 burgers.jpg)
>>318516 GPU cards used to be cheap?
>>321096 8800GT era was golden, basciallyy very near top of the line for what 150-300 bucks. GTX 460s too were a fucking insane deal (the 1GB model, you got anything else you got fucked)
>>318516 If cards get cheaper studios won't focus on efficient code. We NEED a focus on efficient code.
(41.59 KB 596x628 kek.jpg)
As some Anons are mentioning Horizon Zero Gameplay. I chuckle at how Sony are acting like the new game is the first open world game to have fucking swimming. Its the same shit as Disney's "First gay in...." bullshit only somehow even more retarded.
>>320736 >>320770 NO CLANG $500 FINE
>>321128 Have the $500 then.
(233.43 KB 786x464 Spl-ASS.png)
>>321116 >They said that Fucking lel this becoming stupider by the milisecond. >>321128 How /clang/ are we talking? From Wall-e to Kos-Mos.
>>321116 >Start Seeing Sony Niggers fighting each other about FMC looks like a man or "Not Beautiful enough" and while others defend that she looks fine and to the point even the devs "Apologized" >Now Sony Niggers circlejerk "New Mechanics" Do they really Circlejerk about SWIMMING that was made years ago by actual competent programmers?
(14.60 KB 355x265 77yswJ0.jpg)
>>321153 It gets worse than that Anon see the creator of Horizon's saucer giraffe Mike Nash, he killed himself because Sony and Guerrilla refused to pay him.
(688.68 KB 1522x1482 vidya games.png)
>>321020 I do. >>321086 That "boy" looks pretty much just like a girl.
>>321116 >Sony are acting like the new game is the first open world game to have fucking swimming <Games I played in my childhood that jad swimming <Zelda <Island Xtreme Stunts <Bionicle <Sonic I'm going to need a clip of this otherwise I'm calling bullshit.
>>321172 Source?!?
>>321172 I was already angry enough today anon I didn't need to read this.
>>321188 >Source His parents. Its a long vid and kinda fucked up. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6C2AIRtHzvk
>>320639 >first pic Doesn't work i don't trust people smiling for no damn reason especially if they live in crapholes >2nd pic Also doesn't work, dumb fuck has ugly yellow horse teeth, instead of straight white teeth, Ironically her making a retarded strawman makes the first faggots pic look better in the contrast. >>321172 >>321222 Well that makes this whole affair even more disgusting
>>321222 (trips) >jewtube link aside, that is pretty fucked. Industry really likes to chew up employees and spit them out when they inevitably burn out.
(262.85 KB 500x373 al bundy Sony.png)
>>321186 Sekiro too. Fuck even Minecraft is "open world" and has swimming.
>>321096 I mean one of my dual cards that now goes for almost 2 grand was like, $300 when I bought it?
(82.20 KB 1278x684 Sony Exclusives.jpg)
>>321172 >>321222 I thought I couldn't hate Soyny even more than I do
>>318516 Genuine advice, get a 3400G and 16gb of fast dual channel ram, go into your bios and dedicate 4GB to it. You can now play virtually everything worth a shit at 1080p 60. With plenty of eye candy settings from when they actually meant something instead of "Slightly more shadow in the protagonist's asscrack but you need a 3070 for it to not run like sewage"
>>321186 And GTA SA.
>>321253 >Sekiro too. Fuck even Minecraft is "open world" and has swimming. Swimming has been in open world games FOREVER. People were bitching that GTAIII and Vice City DIDN'T have swimming considering how many watercraft vehicles were in the games... and it was a big fucking deal when Rockstar was showing promos of San Andreas with CJ swimming. If Sony is bragging about swimming in HZD:FW, then they might as well be claiming that it's the first game to feature full 3D polygonal models instead of sprites. That's literally how far off the fucking mark they are on that claim.
(507.78 KB 1024x768 dxl_underwater2.png)
(19.88 KB 320x200 Daggerfall (4).png)
>>321283 Ok, so since you mentioned GTA:SA before I could post - I'll go older. 1996 - Daggerfall. Come on, let's play a game. We can go older.
(222.34 KB 1000x1356 zelda la marin.jpg)
(970.40 KB 2560x2048 zelda la map.png)
(449.13 KB 618x920 zelda link's awakening poster.jpg)
>>321358 Link's Awakening count? Came out in 1994. You could dive underwater in that game too and it's fairly open-world.
>>321363 Who drew this Marin? As far as I know, up until Link's Awakening, the artists at Nintendo used faux-Shotaro Ishinomori art since he did the art for Zelda 1, 2 and the manga adaptation of Link to the Past as well.
(337.48 KB 1400x1050 zelda la underwater 1.jfif)
(93.80 KB 1280x720 zelda la underwater 2.jfif)
(203.56 KB 614x600 zelda link diving.png)
(44.87 KB 750x750 zelda botw dress 2.jpg)
(1.93 MB 2000x1663 zelda butt 3.jpg)
>>321358 >>321363 This game originally came out on the FUCKING GAME BOY which was a four-shades-of-green 8-bit handheld. ALTTP also had swimming but unless you count the Zora whirlpools I don't think it had underwater sections. It's like Sony saw BOTW and said "yeah but it doesn't have swimming under the water so now our game is better and also it doesn't have problematic attractive females."
(94.72 KB 800x354 terada ganon.jpg)
(154.68 KB 600x485 terada dream.jpg)
(194.07 KB 630x391 terada dark link.jpg)
(37.78 KB 480x360 terada windfish.jpg)
(504.45 KB 800x584 terada impa.jpg)
>>321365 >Who drew this Marin? I'm not 100% sure. I want to say Terada who did a lot of great watercolours for Zelda titles but it's not completely his style so I can't say with certainty. But seriously, imagine if they did a Zelda game with an art aesthetic that looked like Terada watercolours. It would be so fucking sexy.
>>321368 Those are fucking gorgeous, thank you anon. The Link I remember in my GB manual looked like the one above, you posted : >>321366 withthe flippers. That was the style of Zelda I was used to back in the day before the Ocarina train hit everyone and changed everything.
>>321366 Actually the color data was 4 shades of intensity, the green color was just an artifact from the screen hardware.
Swimming usually fucking sucks in games. It's just walking, but slow and with an extra axis. Rarely does it add much even in modern games. In GTA5, every time I get in the water I feel like I'm wasting my time and even the water vehicles kinda aren't that interesting. The main value in it compared to Vice City for example is that you don't die when you go in the ocean, with the implication being that you should swim out right away so you can go fast. >old games with swimming Super Mario Bros, but that's not open world. More recently, Donkey Kong Country, which also isn't open world, to be fair. You could also stretch the definition of swimming to include games like Pokemon, even if it calls it surfing instead. I bet some old roguelikes had open world swimming but I'm not into the genre enough to know.
>>321390 Pretty sure the issue is the dude who can lay waste to an entire military complex one handed is basically a toddler without floaties the second he touches water, which is fucking lazy.
>>321189 >Not celebrating that some leftard was exploited to death as a literal slave. Faggot.
(3.96 MB 1280x720 Next Gen Technology.mp4)
>>321116 >a game company circlejerking a mechanic/feature that was already a standard back in the 90's Man, talk about déjà vu.
(3.37 MB 1280x720 'Next Gen Technology'.mp4)
>>321116 >>321151 >>321153 >>321186 >>321253 >>321357 >>321358 >>321363 >>321366 <nobody here even remembers when COD Ghosts was being shat on for promoting "fish AI" on OG 8chan Posting the video updated with AV1 compression for you niggers who don't know what a command line is. The brain drain is real. "Time is a flat circle" or whatever twenty-word buzzphrase is being used by the (((social media))) botnet ooga boogas touring here. >>318357 Also, I might as well respond to this post in the last thread, 70 Gbps VRAM bandwidth is more than possible with dual-channel LPDDR4X and Van Gogh is slated to support LPDDR5. >soldered on GDDR / stacked HBM Raugh. Never mind, you know jack shit, still thinking only a dedicated GPU can pull off raytracing when ReShade has had raytraced SSGI open-sourced and available to run software raytracing on any system including Linux, which Saber Interactive ended up ripping off to put raytracing into the Crysis remaster. When did we get so many people who don't know anything clustering here?
(2.36 MB 476x268 Hahahah.mp4)
Heroes of the Storm inspires HOTS Law in South Korea https://archive.md/AYdCP >Congressman Dong-su Yoo of the Democratic Party of Korea, reports The Esports Observer, put forward the HOTS Law last Tuesday, May 18, 2021. The HOTS Law, named after Blizzard’s Heroes of the Storm MOBA game, aims to prevent game publishers from unilaterally terminating an esports competition. In late 2018, due to the poor financial performance of its esports scene, Blizzard decided to abruptly kill its esports scene. Professional players, who at that point had not been notified by Blizzard about the move, got blindsided. This led to a massive outcry from the Heroes of the Storm esports community. Still, Blizzard never revived HotS‘s esports scene and has since removed the game from their priority lists. >The HOTS Law aims to prevent such cases from happening ever again. HOTS Law will require publishers and developers to inform professional teams, organizations, players, and the community at large months before terminating support for their esports ventures.
>>321496 Should have just made a law that forces companies to release the source code of games they voluntarily turn into vaporware.
>>321496 If you were playing HotS you should've known on your own your career wouldn't last forever because no one watches it.
>>321553 Actually you wouldn't know that, because you'd be spending 17 hours a day in gookland practicing your "job"
>>321556 No one is that oblivious and if they're really trying to get better, they'll be watching the other teams.
>>321496 >Waaaaaah! We are lazy and useless manginas that can't do anything other than play videogames and we want to be paid for that! WaaaaaaaaaH! Waaaaaaah! >How dare you not support a flop because we say so? Waaaaaaah! Reminder to kill a Korean every day. >>321500 She was also promoting cannibalism for her jewish owners, which made even the most braindead normalfag whores to move away from her and anything associated with her name.
>>320836 Stop pretending the original character design is any good. It's not. It's fucking hideous.
>>321563 >She was also promoting cannibalism for her jewish owners what?
>>321566 Look up "spirit cooking"
(997.10 KB 821x717 ClipboardImage.png)
>>320639 >Aloy looks like Buzz from Home Alone. Heh >>321116 I played the first game that I borrowed from my brother and it was meh. The only thing that I liked was the combat but the story is incredibly mediocre.
(108.33 KB 900x823 1.jpg)
>>321579 If you add beard he looks pretty good as a guy.
>>321583 Still needs to loose the acne
(50.06 KB 550x550 chris pratt.jfif)
>>321583 Looks like mid-weight Chris Pratt, in between P&R and GOTG. >>321458 I didn't forget about COD's amazing new Fish AI™. Did Horizon devs make that claim about their new trannysim too?
(291.69 KB 900x823 2.jpg)
>>321496 More like Dong Sue You.
>>321603 >>321583 Isn't that the fat bastard from Austin Powers?
https://archive.vn/dKpH6 https://archive.vn/7bIzA Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis Will Launch on June 9th of this Year. https://archive.vn/hjBCa Nintendo Wins $2.1 Million In Lawsuit Against ROM Website The website, RomUniverse committed massive copyright infringement of multiple nintendo titles and charged money for premium services that allow for unlimited downloads of games held in their website. https://archive.vn/GMGKN The Original Super Mario Bros. Movie Gets An Extended Cut Fan Release Accord to the article, an extending cut depicting the following deleted scenes of the Super Mario Bro.s movies shows "Previously-unseen deleted scenes include the Mario Bros running afoul of the (probably Mafia-connected) Scapelli plumbing company, Koopa murdering a technician by de-evolving him into slime, and Iggy and Spike rapping about the overthrow of King Koopa at the Boom Boom Bar. There's more of Lena, Daniella and the Brooklyn Girls. Most scenes are extended in this version, with a lot more of the cast including Dennis Hopper as Koopa."
(118.82 KB 500x550 akumer.png)
>>321643 >ROM website charging money for unlimited game downloads I can't even be mad at Nintendo for this, that is fucking vile.
>>321643 >The Original Super Mario Bros. Movie Gets An Extended Cut Fan Release Wow. I love the original because its literally so bad its good, so I might check this out. I really wish it had gotten an equally cheesy sequel or four, with the original cast.
>>321643 >Nintendo Wins $2.1 Million In Lawsuit Against ROM Website I'm all for ROMs, but if you're charging for ROMs or making money from distributing them of fucking course you're going to get your shit pushed in by lawyers. Download complete no-intro sets of torrents from your favourite tracker and back them up.
>>321583 Holy fuck, it's Chris Pratt
(622.88 KB 360x263 f1881995992.gif)
>>321458 >Van Gogh >70Gbps VRAM bandwidth >Raytracing Fuck off retard. Graphics and power don't mean shit. Graphics-worshipping whores like you is the reason vidya went dead. van gogh is seriously impressive, their low power draw and speed. I never knew how shit nvidia's implementation is. Can amd finally beat nvidia this gen? their supply is so shit right now
>>321667 Everyone has a low supply of chips these days. And while graphics whores are cancerous, Jews killed vidya by poisoning it with forced deadlines, greed, and injecting politics into everything
(3.70 MB 1100x452 527.gif)
A new battlefield reveal on the 9th. I don't really care, but the fun part is to see how pozzed they'll make it.
>>321679 >Battlefield announcement during pride month How fitting.
>>321679 Look DICE, unless it's set in a world where all of humanity are sexy ladies and wars are fought by having water gun fights on beaches and forcing prisoners of war into hot sweaty yuri gangbangs I don't quite care.
>>321685 I want Battlefield Bad Company, but the squad are qt3.14 Tomboys.
>>320639 Dutch women are all cunts. If you want to see the end result of what western woman are morphing into look at the netherlands.
(22.26 KB 525x296 harold.jpg)
>>321583 >>321603 She already looks so manly that she doesn't even look like a tranny but an actual guy and all it took was a haircut and a beard holy shit. The absolute state of sony's female protagonists. They will never have actual attractive female looking female protagonists like Kat or 2B ever again will they? >>321643 Anyone gonna try out PSO2NG when it comes out on PC? I certainly will.
>>321735 What does PSO2 play like? Feels like I've been hearing of it for a decade but I've never actually looked it up.
>>321732 >the netherlands Anon, they're just following the instructions given to them by the Swedish. Dutch people were originally a whole different type of cunts and amazing in bed 30 years ago
>>321735 I'm thinking of playing the Japanese version, at least the english patched version of PSO2 NGS.
I have no idea why people are freaking out over the Horizons protag. >she's not pretty So what?
(68.27 KB 800x450 First aloy.jpg)
>>321760 The problem isn't that she's ugly, despite some of the posts you see ITT. It's that she doesn't look like the same Aloy from the first game. Her face is puffier and weird. This is what Aloy looked like in the first game, versus what she looks like now >>321579 Had Aloy looked like that from the start, I don't think anybody would have cared.
(30.76 KB 680x383 Second aloy.jpg)
>>321763 And for more comparison, this is what the new Aloy looks like from the front. I don't think she's that bad, but she doesn't look like Aloy anymore. I had the same problem with Half-Life: Alyx. I think that's a good game, but Alyx doesn't look or sound like Alyx.
(127.21 KB 351x292 oils.png)
>>321766 >I don't think she's that bad Anon, that looks like a skinnyfat meth addict ready to suck cock after eating his last cheeseburger. The first isn't great either >>321763 but maybe due to face mocap or some shit, Aloy had some of Ashley Burch's features, so she was at least 25% woman.
>>321767 Similar to the guy I was replying to, I don't care if female characters are pretty or "masculine" or whatever. I just want them to look consistent.
>>321737 MMOARPG, you hit things really fast until they die and you can do with with other people. >>321759 I think it has a worldwide release so that isn't necessary unless you want to do it. >>321766 She now has the head of an overweight person on the body of I assume a lithe, well toned woman, i.e she has the head of an american. What the fuck were they thinking? >>321769 Sony doesn't not want their female characters to look either attractive or consistent. That is not PC and doing otherwise is racist and bigoted.
>>321771 >Sony doesn't not want their female characters to look either attractive or consistent. That is not PC and doing otherwise is racist and bigoted. I really think this is a stretch, the studio is pretty independent of Sony. It's more likely something to do with the modeling process.
>>321769 Fair enough, I missed that part. >MMOARPG <PSO2Gen DIdn't they make it so you can basically solo the entire game after god knows how many patches so that multiplayer interaction is just optional at this point? i.e. making it more like PSPortable series?
>>321771 But is the act of hitting things fast fun?
>>321773 >I really think this is a stretch, the studio is pretty independent of Sony. The studio is owned by Sony, how are they independent of them?
>>321776 Creatively, I mean. I know they're a subsidiary but as far as I know Sony rarely ever pokes their noses in what their studios are doing unless they're Japanese
(47.93 KB 429x318 fat fuck.jpg)
>>321766 Did they use this ecelb as mocap?
>>321782 The Coinslot
>>321667 lmao, I actually prefer 2D games to 3D, the problem is that art education has gone down the shitter and nobody remembers what good pixel/comic art looks like, and painting assets on the scale of Vanillaware mortifies them Just look at >>321669 posting Invincible the Thai-animated abomination just because "muh Amazon streaming 'think' capeshit meem I saw on cuckchan" Also, if I were truly a graphicsfag I wouldn't be dedicating any excitement to what is essentially a netbook APU, I'm actually frsutrated at dipshit normalfags who overpay for pig silicon and "muh 4K" when they could be paying less and less if they were willing to compromise on resolution and actually paid attention to advances in "integrated graphics." I fucking hate the "master race" meme for convincing dumbasses they need to pay $3000 for a PC. The entire draw of Van Gogh is the value it offers in the form factor. Of course, as TSMC approaches 1nm it'll be superseded by later generations but I think Van Gogh has the potential to be a turning point for integrated graphics by being the first to reach the 720p60FPS benchmark. >>321735 Imagine people falling in line with "gender-neutral" character creators in native JP instead of faxbombing Sega Online R&D, how standards have fallen, along with the valuation of the dollar.
>>322003 >nobody remembers what good pixel/comic art looks like It's a goddamned shame that low-effort "pixelshit" has become the norm for "retro" among the Funko-Pop crowd - when we could have had a glorious resurgence of PC-98 style graphics.
>>321771 Considering the fact that microsoft took some liberties and censored PSO2 and likely NGS is gonna get the same treatment combined with the fact that the creators of the PSO2 english patched confirmed they were gonna work on PSO2 NGS' english patch I don't see a reason why not to especially since I don't have to sign up on steam for it. In addition JP's version's gonna update quicker compared to the Western release.
>>321009 >Ghost of Tsushima and the importance of Lady Masako's casual queerness But Lady Masako was a grandmother and had multiple children, what the fuck are these retards huffing. She spends the entire game obsessed with getting revenge on the people who killed her family. The only vibe she projects throughout the entire game is that of an strong old woman with nothing left to live for but hatred of her enemies. Ghost of Tsushima overall was a very non-political game, I can't remember any soapboxing or idiotic takes throughout the game's story. I hate these journalists so much. Every word from their mouths is complete garbage.
(9.30 KB 261x238 JESUS.jpg)
>>322382 I jsut saw that, what in the fuck is wrong with those retards? Has the gay eroded their brains so much they can't even understand non-slurred speech or written texts of any coherent languages? Unless somehow, revenge is giga gay and I've never known.
>>322382 >>322393 Theres a quest in the game where it reveals that she had an affair with a maiden that served on her house, but when the girl told her to run away with her she stayed with her husband and sons. This actually pisses of jin because that makes her a hipocrite when she was implying that ishikawa had an affair with his pupil and trying to get jin mad over it.
>>321012 >also played the annoying brat Her Nip VA is so much nicer.
>>322394 Huh. I'd have been more furious if it was anything else but it's ok if it was a maiden, most of them got second hand penis'd by the young master and the elder of the house in nipland anyways thank fuck nobody had the young Lord and young page storyline or we'd be getting articles about how Nobunaga is a gay icon and he was killed for his homolust or some shit I mean, Mitsuhide and Masamune were right to call him a fag but still
Gameplay footage of Psychonauts 2 has slowly been released lately. It looks fun, very faithful to the original.
>>322398 >or we'd be getting articles about how Nobunaga is a gay icon and he was killed for his homolust or some shit Anon, entire revolutions happened in Babylon, Greece, and Rome as a result of the king being a sodomite; yet you still have people championing those ancient kingdoms as being a homosexual paradise.
>>322414 > entire revolutions happened in Babylon, Greece, and Rome as a result of the king being a sodomite That's a bit of an exaggeration, we used to call it "cleaning the streets" back then. It's not a revolution if only one man's pozzed blood is shed after all.
>>322413 >tim shit face >double fine means you pay twice no thanks gordito crunch
>>322413 >double fine ever making anything good >ever
>>322088 See the problem with that is the problem with metal slug. They didn't make the game with pixel art in mind. That's just art limited by display capabilities of the system You will basically never see anyone doing pc98 style graphics, since you could just do fullscale assets at this point
(184.79 KB 2560x1372 SMTV-Info-1-scaled.jpg)
(158.88 KB 2560x1355 SMTV-Info-2-scaled.jpg)
Shin Megami Tensei V Leaked! https://archive.vn/8x6So Spoiler Details >The main character, a high school student living an ordinary life, wanders into another world called “Da’ath.” The hero fuses with a mysterious man and becomes a “Naobino,” a forbidden being, throwing himself into a battle between gods and demons. >Game is set In the mysterious world “Da’ath,” where desert is found all over, various gods and demons are scattered about, including demons as large as mountains and giant birds flying in the sky. >The game has over 200 demons and several new ones drawn by Masayuki Doi >Multiple Paths are all but confirmed again and the protag progresses by strengthening the power of Naobino, how and what Naobino is still unknown. >game's gonna release worldwide but will only have japanese voices on launch >english and other voice options will get added in an update a month later because they couldn't get them done in time >Limited edition confirmed for release packed with music and accesories. >Standard Edition: 8,890 yen (9,878 yen including tax) >Limited Edition: 14,800 yen (16,280 yen including tax) >Digital version: 9,878 yen >Release date is scheduled for November 11, 2021.
>>323021 >The main character, a high school student living an ordinary life Definitely an Atlas game
>>323021 >Da'ath Da'ath or Da'at in jew myth is the place of infinite knowledge where all the Sefirots are connected into the tree formations we often see with the 10 nodes, each one giving out infinite Divine Light to each. Da'at is the state where all ten nodes are as one and it's in the middle. It says that Da'ath appears to humans who leave their worldly afairs behind so some bullshit jew enlightment but those who are selfish can not see their divine light. So the anons some time ago that said that V is going to probably be the "Angel" version of SMT3 and the Infinite Divine Light in that desert is going to be Kagutsuchi were probably right i the leaks are to be believed. Couldn't find anything about the Naobino though.
>>323021 >several new ones drawn by Masayuki Doi I hope his designs are going to lean more towards his Minotaur then his Asmodeus. 200 demons seems a bit low as well. I expected them to port over all the DX2 demons and that game has well over that amount. >>323029 My first thought was that "Naobino" might be a weird Japanese portmanteau of "Nao" and albino. Both directly translated would be something like: "Honest/Esteemed+White". This would reinforce the theory that SMTV is the angel version of Nocturne with it's own 'Demi-Fiend' of sorts but I find the other implications of this quite funny. A Japanese schoolboy turning into an honorary Aryan and (potentially) destroying a Jewish world is hilarious. Can't wait for the articles.
(204.41 KB 998x1112 Neutral Demi-Fiend.jpg)
>>323040 FOund it while posting something else, here's my findings, from another topic : >And I found what Naobino is : apparently, in Japanese literature, the Naobino Mitama is the "Spirit that guides the Light" so, given that Da'ath is full of endless Divine Light, Atlus probably tries to connect the nip and jew myths once again and has some nip being responsible for the construction of the Sefirot and the Light of God etc. So it's nip literature instead of nip myth. If SMT 3 is Devilman with a hint of Violence Jack, SMTV probably tries to be SMTIV if it was SMT3 instead, given the staff and what they take inspirations from. Because the old guard who like Aya Nishitani and Go Nagai's work isn't exactly around and Kaneko probably doesn't have too much input anymore from his flower field.
Atlas is pretty good about porting their switch games to PC, right? I won't have to worry about getting a switch to play this, right?
(256.95 KB 901x933 666 am.jpg)
>>322413 There was a time when I hoped there will be sequel for Beyond Good and Evil and Psychonauts. Now both of them have one in the making and I wish the did not.
>>323077 Psychonauts 2 looks good though I'm pretty sure BG&E2 was cancelled like the past several iterations of it were, Ancel left Ubisoft and they haven't said anything about the game since 2018.
>Xbox Series X DRM Makes It Near Impossible to Play Games Offline https://archive.md/zZ8t1
(696.53 KB 730x411 ClipboardImage.png)
>Sonic the Hedgehog Co-Creator Yuji Naka Leaves Square Enix Amid Balan Wonderworld Flop https://archive.ph/qNWyV
>>323181 lmao At least he has his own studio Prope to go back to
>>323122 The state of the XXXbox and PS5 have been shameful so far, and I am convinced that the only reason there hasn't been more of a controversy about it yet has been because both devices are remain nearly impossible to acquire for most people due to the ongoing computer shortages. It'd be interesting to see what the non-scalper population of these consoles is at the moment, my guess is "abysmal".
>>323181 How long till they discover the remains of this hack in the notorious suicide forest?
(916.61 KB 1200x712 Logan Paul Corpse.png)
>>323309 How long until Logan Paul finds the corpse and dabs on it?
(168.83 KB 800x675 3544922_Bzehburger_muffypaul.jpg)
>>323354 in fact of course
>>323181 Another hack exposed. Anything with his involvement, if good, it was good despite him. Not because of him.
>>323354 I'm actually sure it wasn't actually a live corpse paul encountered. It was a fake dummy hung up to hype up controversy and views. Any dead body more than few days old would have flies and shit, and stink like crazy, and given the happy disposition that fag showed, he knew it was all an act. If that faggot actually saw a dead hanging body he would have puked and ran away. And ANYONE on his editing team would have enough braincells to realize not to show a real dead body however blurred on a youtube vid.
>>323623 >my opinion And n?
(394.38 KB 255x188 akuslowburn.gif)
>>323623 >a live corpse
https://archive.is/pKnBM Yuji Naka says he's considering retiring via Twitter
>>324705 The legacy of a hack: failure. He is "retiring" only in the sense that nobody will ever want to hire him again.
(121.49 KB 1600x800 Ken and Roberta.jpg)
Sony delays next God of war to 2022 https://archive.is/AqF5Q >Company says decision is to ensure quality of the game and maintain well-being of the team >The delay was also shared by head of PlayStation Studios Herman Hulst on the official PlayStation Blog. Hulst echoed Santa Monica Studio's reasoning, and also cautioned that while Sony is planning to launch Horizon Forbidden West this holiday season, that window "isn't quite certain yet." >When asked about the division's development vision going forward, Hulst shared that the next God of War and Gran Turismo 7 will be releasing on the PlayStation 4 console as well. Ken and Roberta Williams, founders of Sierra, making a game for the first time since 1998 https://archive.is/mzlSt >Sierra On-Line founders Ken and Roberta Williams announced today that they will be releasing a new game this year. Their new title, The Secret is said to be "Sierra flavored" and will be their first new game in over 20 years. >The Secret will also be a collaboration between the Williams and 3D artist Marcus Maximus Mera. >"Roberta and I have been asked for decades whether we would ever produce another game, and we have always firmly said 'no', this changed when Roberta had a clever idea for a game, at the same time I am having fun learning the Unity 3D development environment, and I happened to be chatting with a talented 3D artist."
>>323654 i mean an unalive corpse, which previosly was alive not-corpse. As opposed to a dummy with red paint and blurred footage >>323653 nlove u
(63.46 KB 600x464 sieera.jpg)
>>324788 what even is the point of >next god of war? Kratos now babysits his granddaughters? >Ken and Roberta Williams now thats a name I haven't heard in a long time. How much you wanna bet it will be a shitty boomer point n click with really out of touch writing?
>>324805 >How much you wanna bet it will be a shitty boomer point n click with really out of touch writing? "Out of touch" as in them trying to act cool and hip, or "out of touch" as in the products feels like one of those comfy P&C games from the 90's that now come across as dated?
>>324821 this kind of out of touch
(64.24 KB 500x593 me reading your post.png)
>>324805 >Kratos now babysits his granddaughters? Bold of you to think they won't make his son a massive faggot just to score twitter points.
(106.34 KB 769x1080 hunting with hilde.jpg)
>>324805 >Kratos now babysits his granddaughters? Fuck yeah, sexy twin norse musclegirls. Fucking hell, it's hard to believe I'm remembering the original God of Bore fondly now that Sony's hell bent on fucking up their own shit.
>>324866 Ask Corey Barlog.
(352.78 KB 500x530 i wish that were me.png)
>>323623 >>323654 A live corpse should be left well alone.
>>324862 >Bold of you to think they won't make his son a massive faggot just to score twitter points. His son's Loki, of course he'll be a faggot. Did you forget how Loki even turned into a woman and was impregnated as a female horse at one point? It's going to be trainwreck.
>>324902 >Atreus shota mpreg incoming
>>324905 <He doesn't remember the "Don't talk to me or my son's mare ever again" edits of Dad of Soy
(28.95 KB 391x334 Grace_GK2.jpg)
>>324805 >now thats a name I haven't heard in a long time. How much you wanna bet it will be a shitty boomer point n click with really out of touch writing? Ken doesn't write software, and hasn't for a long time. He's only really good at business management, and then feeding that business into the meat-grinder of vulture capitalists for a few extra shekels. Roberta Williams is a hack who's games only got the lion's share of the advertising because she was fucking the company president (Ken). King's Quest was alright as a series, but it never should have gotten the attention it did were it left to compete on it's own merits with Sierra's other properties. The high-point of the series was King's Quest 6, which was more or less written and designed by Jane Jensen who went on to create the Gabriel Knight series. After which Roberta promptly drove the franchise off a cliff when she went on to make a Don Blueth knock-off King's Quest and then tried to make KQ a 3D "Tomb Raider inspired" action game with no real relation to the main series. Lori and Corey (QFG) were better. Jane Jensen (Gabriel Knight) was better. Christy Marx (Conquest Series) was WAY better. I'll still keep an eye on what they've got going on, but I don't hold high expectations. They've been out of the loop so long, that I wouldn't be surprised if what they come up with is RPGMaker or mobile phone tier. Didn't work out so well for Lori and Corey with HeroU either. And you damned well know it's going to be bursting at the seams with pozz. The only market their name carries ANY weight at all with has been thoroughly infected with it. Shit, I think the only two Sierra designers who had any sort of legs to their game careers post-Sierra are Al Lowe and Jane Jensen. Al mostly coasted on the fame of Leisure Suit Larry, while Jane went on to make at least one semi-major release with Grey Matter back in 2010. Christy dipped her toes back into gaming with Legend of Alon'Dar on the PS2 but it didn't really sell well.
>>324943 Funny how all the talented people and women in the industry left long ago, left only with memories and stories
>>324902 It should be noted that Loki used the SKIN of a mare. He borrowed it from Freya. At some other point he used the skin of a duck to fly all the way to Jotunheim. Point is, he didn't turn himself into an animal, he essentially skinwalked into a disguise. Still got the mare pregnant, but hey, he prevented that wall being built.
>>325321 >Loki was the first skinwalking furry in existing with an mpreg fetish The scandinavians had some fuking wild fetishes, considering they gave the world Elves and Dark Elves
>>324880 >Sexy >With Soyny God I wish, but we both know it's not gonna happen.
>>324943 >then feeding that business into the meat-grinder of vulture capitalists for a few extra shekels What happened to Sierra was the result of a massive accounting scandal by CUC International which affected many other companies, it wasn't Ken's fault. >Roberta Williams is a hack What the fuck are you talking about?
KAFF Software's Half-Life fan game Boreal Alyph cancelled. No reason given yet, announcement seems to have come out of nowhere. https://archive.is/Fq2Jd
>>325397 Could it have anything to do with Hunt Down the Facefucker?
(243.40 KB 1920x1080 MP7.jpg)
(221.18 KB 1920x1080 Alyph.jpg)
(956.46 KB 1920x1080 int1.png)
>>325397 Some things I'd like to add. This is an incredible shame, the project looked great. If you get the chance, look up the gameplay footage. Their last showcase of the game was only 3 months ago. >>325399 Completely unrelated.
>>325397 Oh fug, a lot of fan games have been getting cancelled recently but this one hurts :^(
>>325409 >a lot of fan games have been getting cancelled recently Oh shit, what has been cancelled?
>>325411 Mostly obscure ones, but another major project that got cancelled was STALKER: Legacy of Times. Though with SLOT you can at least play the unfinished builds, I don't think anyone got to play Boreal Alyph.
Finally, an indie not-max payne.
>>325436 looks like fun
>>325449 I'm going to be in a lot of payne if it's shit.
>>325454 >>325436 You do know that Stranglehold and Dead to Rights exists, right?
>>325456 And the Matador too. I've played them all and the kung fu mod for Max Payne and Max Payne 2 Reborn. I want a Lotta Hurt and maybe these indie fucks might deliver.
>>325397 how much do you want to bet that they got some dirty laundry in their discord server or whatever and that drama killed the game, just like with frontier/beyond skyrim?
>>325436 >Max Payne with creatures, final boss being your abusive vampire queen ex gf Sounds fun.
>>325328 Fun fact, the pony born from that mpreg was none other than Sleipnir, the eightlegged horse Odin rides on. Loki also slept with a female jotunn, and she would give birth to three children; Fenris, the wolf that ate the sun, Jormungandr the titanous wurm, and Hel, goddess of the norse underworld.
>>325724 Is that not common knowledge?
>>325436 You'll probably like this then nig nog
>>325743 >Trepang 2 I haven't heard that name in a long time.
>>325458 >>325456 Max Payne matrix kungfu mod was the peak of over the top silly action fun. Later many games tried to go over the top with edgy gore or lol-so-random fun, but that was the perfect balance between both. Last game I know that would come close to that kind of fun was Just Cause 2. >>325727 not at all, this is the first time I've heard such crazy norse mythos. Its always fascinating to hear about different things.
>>325743 But Trepang is indie not-FEAR Because underhell's dead >>326042 What about egyptian mythology where Osiris is seduced by his sister in law who disguises herself as his wife Isis and then they fuck and concieve the god of the dead Anubis. Or when Set kills his Osiris and scatters all of his body parts across the country, and Isis and Anubis go on a journey to find all the body parts, succeeding except for Osiris' dick so they make a golden penis for him during resurrection and the resulting golden fuck was Horus?
>>325436 I'll bet you anything this is a 'roguelite' i.e. procgen levels and permadeath instead of actual quality game design.
(1.68 MB 1428x801 MONARK leak - HERO.png)
Looks like some details on Monark have been leaked 2 days ahead of time. https://archive.fo/p5guK >Monark, the “new school RPG” from former Megami Tensei and Shin Megami Tensei series staff, will launch on October 14 in Japan, according to the description of the trailer inadvertently published ahead of the game’s planned reveal on June 10 by publisher FuRyu. >Pre-orders include a special soundtrack album CD and in-game item downloadable content (two exclusive costumes for the protagonist, one exclusive equipment). >Here is a first look at the protagonist, who is voiced by Gakuto Kajiwara >The game’s theme song, “Nihil,” is composed by Iori Kanzaki and sung by KAF. The background music, “Hi no Jouri,” is composed by Tsukasa Masuko. >Both the four-minute debut trailer and six-minute background music introduction video are scheduled to premiere on June 10 at 12:00 JST. The description and thumbnails have since been updated to remove the leaked information. >Platforms are still to be confirmed.
>>325485 And lets try a positive theory for a change: What if it's like that RE2 fan remake that was shut down by capcom because they were already working on an official remake. So this fan game got cancelled because valve has an official HL3 in the works?
(1.21 MB 1280x720 MONARK 1stPV image.png)
>>326172 Looks like the leak was legit. Monark's website just put up this new official preview image, and the protagonist definitely matches. I think his design is pretty fucking cool. One of the few examples of modern JRPG protagonists who don't look gay as shit.
To the anon that shat his pants regarding FuRyu developing Monark : don't worry. The leaks have confirmed that the former Atlus staff are working with Lancarse to make the game. For those who don't know, here's what Lancarse has made: >ETRIAN ODYSSEY >SMT : STrange Journey (Original) >Persona Q1 and 2 So your fears should be tempered.
(4.15 MB 2400x1782 MONARK illustration.png)
>>326784 Update: Having looked around some more, I found a higher-res image and a whole new article of information: >Monark, the “new school RPG” from former Megami Tensei and Shin Megami Tensei staff, will launch for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and Switch on October 14 in Japan for 8,470 yen, the latest issue of Weekly Famitsu reveals. The game’s staff is as follows: >Planning, Production, and Direction: Fuyuki Hayashi, Mitsuhiro Hoshino >Scenario: Fuyuki Hayashi, Ryutaro Ito >Scenario Supervision and Cooperation: Kazunari Suzuki, Aya Nishitani >Character Design: so-bin >Background Music: Tsukasa Masuko >Developer: Lancarse >Publisher: FuRyu >The protagonist is voiced by Gakuto Kajiwara. The stuffed rabbit character is voiced by Shigeru Chiba. >The story follows the True Student Council, which was established to solve the abnormal situations in the school. The protagonist, who becomes the deputy head of the council, chooses a buddy from four characters to defy the unreasonable. >The main story has multiple endings. There are different routes for each of the four buddy characters. To make multiple playthroughs easier, you can also skip shared routes and advance through different buddy routes. >Battles are command-based with a free move turn system. Increasing your madness will allow you to use more powerful skills, but if you increase it too much, you will go insane and rampage against targets both friend and foe, making it impossible to fight. >There is also an “EGO” system, which represents the player’s desire levels of pride, wrath, envy, lust, gluttony, and sloth. These change depending on your diagnosis and the choices you make, and also affect the demons you can employ as your “underlings.” >Underlings’ appearances and voices can be customized. >The magazine also has an interview with the developers. Here are some key tidbits: >Hayashi and Hoshino: “We got excited talking about Shin Megami Tensei IF, and how nowadays there are no games like it, so we constructed the prototype for Monark with consideration for the world view and atmosphere we thought important to preserve in a school RPG project.” >Haysashi: “I can’t thank [the creators who joined the project sensing mine and Hoashino’s enthusiasm] enough. The chemistry with the other creators was there and we were able to develop the game with the idea team.” >Suzuki: “While I’m participating in the project as a supervisor, I have been able to give detailed advice to Hayashi and Ito, who are writing the scenario.” >Ito: “I worked on the stories for 100 students.” >Masuko: “I worked on about 40 songs.” https://archive.fo/EBmWh https://archive.fo/uBXHk >>326797 I'm looking at Lancarse's official site now, and they don't seem to have developed the first PQ, only PQ2. They do seem to have developed El Shaddai though, which is a plus in my book. For the record, I never assumed FuRyu was going to be Monark's dev team. Their role is usually publishing, but I believe they can be a bad influence on devs. That being said, I'm willing to be realistic about this and appreciate FuRyu for publishing it. This project may not have seen the light of day otherwise. It wasn't very likely to be picked up by other publishers, and crowdfunding is unreliable.
(7.14 MB KAF - Nihil.mp3)
>>326172 >>326784 >>326823 The theme song has also been leaked.
>>326823 >and they don't seem to have developed the first PQ, only PQ2. Oh, my bad then. >They do seem to have developed El Shaddai though They ported it. El Shaddai was by Ignition's Japanese branch under Swaki Takeyasu at the time before he jumped ship to the God Wars team over at Kadokawa games. >For the record, I never assumed FuRyu was going to be Monark's dev team. Were you not the over excited anon who posted the Kozy "JUST" image in the other topic and went into a spiral of anxiousness upon seeing the words "Furyu" then? It has been some days, granted... >Their role is usually publishing, but I believe they can be a bad influence on devs. That's true for a lot of publishers. You don't always have good people in the publisher's sie like Banpresto used to do back when they were more active or back when you had companies like Aruze back in the day. The only thing I hope is that Lancarse doesn't do their usual First Person Wizardry shit again, when they can do so much more like vid related.
>>326824 Well played sir, you have won an internet.
>>326827 >They ported it. El Shaddai was by Ignition's Japanese branch under Swaki Takeyasu at the time before he jumped ship to the God Wars team over at Kadokawa games. Ah, OK. My mistake. In any case, Monark seems determined to have a moncolle element to some extent (the article mentions demon underlings), so I'm glad that the dev team has prior experience with those.
Battlefield 2042 remake, with battle royal, and rocket jumping in and out of planes, and fucking weather machines!
>>326920 >Battlefield 2042 remake You forgot to carry the one, and so did EA, which made the game look like any other battlefield set in modern times https://yewtu.be/watch?v=ASzOzrB-a9E And with how shopped up "kickstart my heart" was, you'd think they were afraid of youtube copyright algorithms.
>>326929 I liked the part where he jumped out of the plane fired a missile and got back in. Classic battlefield gameplay.
>>326929 Good name choice, parallels some of the other titles in the series. BF1942 = Last century, BF2142 = Next century, BF2042 = Current century. They're going back to the modern, near-future setting, my personal favourite. I'm not sure the series will ever be as good as BF3 and BF4 again, but this installment is probably their best chance. I hope they don't fuck it up.
>>326946 I think late 1800s would be a nice Battlefield type game, though it couldn't end in "42" since cartridges didn't really exist yet (1884?). Plenty of basic plots that don't require an actual specific conflict and can field enough combatants >miners in a company town decide to rebel against land baron >two+ gangs shooting eachother >private law enforcement (Pinkerton ect.) vs. gang
For anyone thinking of trying out New Genesis, don't. I called this the instant they announced it would have global servers, but they're pandering to the west so hard with this game that they even switched the O and X in the Japanese version. They literally couldn't even make it to the FUCKING TITLE SCREEN without pushing western standards into it.
>>327046 Well that's gay
>>326946 >I hope they don't fuck it up >EA / Dice Anon battlefield has been dead for years, and there is almost zero chance of them not fucking this up. Also >considering buying anything from EA Stop that. >>327006 >since cartridges didn't exist yet They have shown they don't give a shit about historical accuracy. In BF1 they would just shove a bunch of full auto weapons in there with red dot sights, niggers in all the worlds armies, and other dumb shit that shouldn't exist. More feminist/progressive re imagining of the wild west/history in general too would make me vomit. >>327046 After the talk of them using "Type" instead of sex for Male/Female characters, I'm not shocked to see this. Even before that they were censoring costumes and shit for the English version.
>>327006 What you’ve just said can be summed up as the boer war, but change the pinkertons to dutch farmers with guns.
(615.43 KB 600x1301 what_the_fuck.jpg)
>>326946 >3:15
(115.36 KB 387x452 Kakyoin01.jpg)
>>323029 >Da'ath or Da'at in jew myth is the place of infinite knowledge where all the Sefirots are connected into the tree formations we often see with the 10 nodes, each one giving out infinite Divine Light to each. Da'at is the state where all ten nodes are as one and it's in the middle. It says that Da'ath appears to humans who leave their worldly afairs behind so some bullshit jew enlightment but those who are selfish can not see their divine light. Why does judaism read like a tremendous shitpost.
(405.55 KB 1014x414 unknown.png)
>>326946 > I hope they don't fuck it up. Its dead Jim.
>>327075 Probably because they thought that all those concepts they (((borrowed))) from everyone else were shitposts so they tried to "correct" them and we end up with the biggest shitpost of the last two millenia.
(551.84 KB 1567x2503 Battleshit 2042.jpg)
>>326946 How much is EA paying you?
>>327071 How do you do a multiplayer game where everyone controls one person and the difference between the sides is one is retarded but more numerous while the other is sane but smaller in number? >>327066 >They have shown they don't give a shit about historical accuracy. In BF1 they would just shove a bunch of full auto weapons in there with red dot sights, niggers in all the worlds armies, and other dumb shit that shouldn't exist. More feminist/progressive re imagining of the wild west/history in general too would make me vomit. I was under the impression even normalfags shit on V because they tried that with history people had the vaguest clue about.
>>327093 >Dyke cut >Man jaw >Strong will >Cannot be shaken by danger, fear, or rank Truly a stunning and brave female character.
>>326946 >This awful butchered rendition of running wild.
>>327107 >I was under the impression even normalfags shit on V because they tried that with history people had the vaguest clue about. Pretty much
(2.95 MB 256x240 surfin.webm)
>>327132 At least it fits the theme They had a dubstep version of Seven Nation Army for Battlefield 1. A fucking WW1 game And normalfags eat that shit up
>>326757 They went on to release their own game.It was shit. Devs were cocky because their demo got a lot of downloads. Believing they had a surefire thing they dismissed all the criticism with some figures. Like "that's nice that you have that opinion, but your analytics show we're going to be fine" tier erogance. As it would turn out those complaining were the majority not the minority. Daymare is now on its second attempt. Owe it was fun watching them be humbled by the failure of a release and discuss how they were going to fix the game.
>>327006 >>327136 >>327066 With civilian characters, a western could have a high level of character customization without being too immersion breaking. A fictional large group of miners/bandits/whatever having some negros and/or women mixed in is of enough vague plausibility for normalfags to ignore it when there's no real story anyways. The issue is making everyone's team identity clear without giant icons over everyone. Outfit color works, but is a massive customization limiter. Maybe hats (white hat, black hat).
>>327074 The entire thing gives me ass cancer. >>327194 You definitely could do a game like that. Though I'd like a cowboy game made by someone not with a cancerous AAA studio/publisher.
>>327093 I see. It's very disappointing that they're taking the character-based shooter approach. It doesn't feel right for a Battlefield game. I guess EA are hoping the woman character will be their feminist icon. The irony of giving her the stereotypical healer role is pretty funny, though. Also, long-ranged healing sounds dangerous for balance.
>>327107 For the retarded side, they spawn in as a squad of player controlled NPCs with the player controlling one of them and can give orders, etc. If the player dies, they switch to another in their squad. Each soldier has a shit weapon, inaccurate, easily winded, dies in 1-2 hits, unable to heal, etc. When the squad is all dead, then they lose a ticket. For the sane side, they spawn in as a supersoldier. They take a dozen hits to die, weapons are accurate, can run almost indefinitely, etc. When they die, they lose a ticket. Not quite the "everyone controls one person" requirement, but close. Another way would be to make the horde side be cheaper to buy or free, but I doubt that'd work.
(313.72 KB 1024x972 operator.jpg)
>>327093 >STRONK WYMN Calling it a flop early. What's up with DICE with shoving these shit in a Battlefield series? Nobody fucking cares, and i really mean noone. Ask any normiefaggot what do they think about STRONK WYMN CAN BE SOLDIERS TOO and they'll either don't care, says that it ruins muh immershun, or don't remember any of them. It failed with 5, and when these fucks will they ever learn? Still, this cancerous """""""""""Hero""""""""""""" type customization is just a symptom of an even bigger problem. There's a big reason why people still play 4 or even BC2 to this day, they don't want to move an inch. They've already did a pretty good job at nailing down the infantry combat (classes, gunplay, and gadgets) and the vehicle gameplay (as in how it plays and it's counters when fighting up against it), as well as making the progression not grindy as some games do. While they do release some scummy DLC / lootbox shit here and there, you don't really need those as progression boosters isn't necessary in this game. Even today, people still think 5 is shit and the only thing people universally regard as good to come out from that game is 'The Last Tiger' campaign. Although the biggest dealbreaker to 4 for some is just two things outside the game, you need to install Origin and fucking punkbuster for it to run.
Well, the trailer's finally out, and I love pretty much everything I'm seeing so far. God bless Suzuki and the gang, stepping back into the industry out of nowhere to save the year like this.
>>327093 >Cannot be shaken by danger, fear, or rank If that were a male character he would be accused of being arrogant and foolhardy and a risk to his squad. But because it identifies as female these are all positive strong womyn qualities that are in no way flaws. >>327284 I don't want fucking hero units or specific character operators. I want a to be a no name faggot in a squad with my buddies. Fuck this gay shit.
>>327284 The people working at the companies consider destroying those companies to be a win, even if not as big a win as actually getting their propaganda to be successful. Many of them have already hinged their reputations on it, and admitting they were wrong would mean they have to face repercussions for it now rather than later, when the company goes under.
>>327287 Japan, could you fucking please make a new game that NOT taking place in another fucking highschool? Maybe in a university or some random corporation office, it has about the same monotonous restrictive everyday life (at least on paper) as a school
>>327304 I get tired of it too, but I feel like that's the last place japanese people truly feel atleast some genuine happiness. That's why all of these anime and jrpgs are in highschool settings. It can also be that the content is targeted towards teenagers as well anyways. It's like asking why young adult fiction always has teens in it, even though adults are the majority that consume it.
>>327304 The devs pretty much said that making a SMTif spititual successor was the intention here. Hence the high school setting, the 7 Deadly Sins and whatnot. I know the industry is kind of over-saturated with school settings now, but these guys started doing it when most others weren't, so I think they get a pass.
All this talk of Battlefield, was Hardline any good? Always seemed interesting, but it's like no one remembers it.
>>327304 Sorry Anon, you will only play as a high schooler or a parent and you will like it. Across all video games, forever, until the end of time. >>327323 Not as good as 4 was so it flopped. The devs should have waited years to release that shit.
>>327325 >Spoiler Is it a sign of how shit things have gotten to where BF3 and 4 are considered "good" games, meanwhile both were ridiculed upon release for casualizing the franchise to compete with CoD after that worked out SO well for the nuMoH titles? Especially with the "blue filter" that they added to BF3 that made everything look like shit.
>>327304 Nip life is hell after they leave school so they want to relive it in vidya. Apparently their school life is also full of bullying and huge pressure to succeed too but that tells you how bad it gets later. >>327325 No multiplayer Battlefield has been good since either 2 or 2142 depending on your tolerance for unlockable bullshit ruining the game for new players. For singleplayer Bad Company was surprisingly decent, BC2 fine but not amazing which makes sense when you consider BF2 for consoles was a decent singleplayer game since that was back before online multiplayer seemed as viable for non-PC players.
>>327238 It's the flavor of the month. Of course they're going to try it. Maybe it'll be more Dirty Bomb and less Overwatch.
(579.39 KB 1099x374 MONARK combat img.png)
(2.56 MB 1920x1080 MONARK combat screenshot.png)
>Party of 6 >Turn-based, space-based, free-movement combat >You can attack from behind or coordinate attacks with allies in the vicinity >The key to victory lies in your control of the battlefield, including situational judgment and constant awareness of the positions of allies and enemies The more I read about this game, the more I love everything I'm seeing. This is looking to be a very likely GOTY for me. Yamai will proably keep producing his dumbed-down hack jobs with quartet parties and no formations until the end of time. Meanwhile, these guys know what makes a proper RPG.
One more thing I should point out real quick, a bit of fanservice: Has anyone else noticed the Michael and Baphomet illustrations that briefly appeared in the Monark trailer? Michael's pic is especially interesting. The hairstyle looks exactly like Guido Reni's depiction, and so does most of the outfit. Meanwhile, the scales in his left hand come from various different interpretations. The scales represent his role in weighing the souls of the departed. Pics related.
>>327400 The Ego System seems to be one of those in-game features that you really have to thread lightly and learn it well to make sure the King will never succumb to his evil desires or he'll take his friends with him, which is a great thing. There are questions in those cards, can someone translate it?
>Monark Game seems somewhat fun and the character design besides the highschool shits ain't too shabby. The theme of chess is infinitely less interesting than what SMT offered, but I'm curious if it''ll have any real dungeon crawling or if there'll just be combat encounters with a high-school hub.
(115.55 KB 600x450 Interested cat.jpg)
>>327482 Posted the wrong file.
>>327470 Here's a machine translation for the question about Michael and Baphomet. I wish I actually knew the language so I wouldn't have to do shit like this. Sadly, I'm a slow learner.
(770.85 KB 2048x1585 Final fight of Chaos vs Law.png)
>>327492 >Which one do you ask LAW OR CHAOS FAGGOT, CHOOSE!
>>326823 >>326823 >muh seven sins why the fuck do the nips never do anything with the seven heavenly virtues, or the 8th sin/virtue:despair/hope? not even the nanatsu no taizai manga did something with the virtues, they used the fucking commandments instead.
>>328513 I thought the 8th sin was Treachery/Heresy? Or at least that's what I've heard of from Dante's inferno.
>>328513 It's not just the nips. Westerners aren't aware of that either. The Seven Deadly Sins is a much more famous concept.
>>328529 No. That was 9th.
>>327319 the outfits on pic 3 seem to be inspired by chess, center is obviously king, center right is rook and right is knight, and although im not certain id say center left is bishop and left is queen
>>328513 Well nips look at christianity in a bad light most times, so It really isnt surprising.
>>328513 >>328546 Because the 7 sins are far more famous since they've been around far, far longer from Ancient Greece, just like the cycles of knowledge before they were (((imported))) and became the Sefirots. There wasn't any sort of "7 Heavenly Virtues" back then so when they came around, not even the most hardcore orthodox christians cared as much because it was already assumed that if you don't fall into any of the 7 sins, you're good to go like a Saint. The Heavenly Virtues is also more prevelent in Hinduism and Confucianism, not so much the west or Shinto.
>>327521 >leg lock missionary This shit is top tier, yet every time I try to find it it gets mixed in with femdom shit because leg-lock appears to apply to that too.
>>328696 >This shit is top tier I can attest to that, especially when holding hands.
(759.08 KB 814x672 The Emperor Did Not Protect.png)
Warhammer 40k Eternal Crusade is getting shut down in September.
>>328987 Seeing as it was fucked before it even launched, I'm amazed it lasted this long. I will miss the ork chat though, so much fun in there when everyone was in character.
>>328987 >thanks for paying for that 5 year game license goyim, it's now void
>>329015 The Game was free to play. >>329000 Was playing the boyz fun?
(2.96 MB 957x15237 Ork_Speech_101.png)
(1.15 MB 1280x977 ClipboardImage.png)
>>329035 The Orks when I played were typically underpowered as fuck. Which meant that the playerbase was mostly made up of people who just liked playing orks. There was even a popular guide for new players to speak like a proper ork. Players raging in chat were sometimes doing it in ork speak which had me nearly dead a few times over from laughter. It was a magical place that even reminded the other factions to play in character on occasion or at the very least provided everyone entertainment. https://archive.is/luVMx So to answer your question: >Was playing the boyz fun? Mukkin' about az just wun of da boyz wud make yer noggin 'urt and iz noffing ner az fun az krumpn' grotz wiv all da boyz you gitz met along da Waaagh.
>>328750 I was talking about porn, normalnigger.
>>327074 Even if we can ignore the colossal retardedness of this, would there even be a point to going back inside the jet? I'm assuming that ejection seats aren't designed to keep the cockpit intact, would the superhero pilot even be able to continue operating the damn thing without a seat and, presumably, a floor?
>>327074 >>329708 >I must now defend a fucking EA trailer I hate myself and everything in my life that has led to this, but I'm pretty sure that it's referencing this moment from BF3 (or 4, arr rook same) that ended up becoming a meme among the playerbase.
>>329710 >I must now defend a fucking EA trailer >I was just pretending to be retarded Don't worry, the fact that it was "le epic maymay roflcopter lmao Im so random xD" doesn't make them any less a bunch of utterly retarded faggots for doing it.
(448.47 KB 932x543 ClipboardImage.png)
(343.04 KB 610x477 ClipboardImage.png)
(375.41 KB 615x2418 ClipboardImage.png)
<Netflix casts Lance Reddick as Wesker in live-action Resident Evil series https://archive.is/9oOkM
>>318473 >>329823 Twitter, reset era and bread tube trying to cancel creator of FNAF for being a conservative, christian republican >Worked on a animated movie based on pilgrim progress >did a video game with pro life themes before FNAF >FNAF it’s self has a lot of strong christian overtones and religious symbolism >SJWs and literal trannies shocked Scott cawthan liberal! >He even donated money to children hospitals that are not transgender friendly! How soon until Jim sterling and Vaush calls for his head? https://archive.is/4Dj1x https://archive.ph/xYFGr https://archive.ph/GsrzC
>>329823 How soon until we see articles calling Netflix racist for casting an (((African American))) as a character who a canonically cannibal?
>>329823 But that's a nigger
(17.14 MB 4096x2731 ClipboardImage.png)
>>329823 Forgot this bit: >More of the cast was announced too, though specific roles weren't attached to the names. Ella Balinska, Tamara Smart, Siena Agudong, Adeline Rudolph, and Paola Nunez are also attached to the project This cast is great. Good job netflix. >>329836 >how soon Depends on how well you can get the word out.
>>329848 >Depends on how well you can get the word out. Twitter already dox Scott cawthan, FNAF fans and his family. https://youtu.be/Zs0gucfmd2Y
>>329835 >Twitter, reset era and bread tube trying to cancel creator of FNAF for being a conservative, christian republican They'd have a much better case for canceling him if they were just canceling him over being the creator of FNAF.
(8.67 KB 318x297 a_nigger.png)
>>329710 Loopzooks were a thing in fucking 1942 long before modern Battlefield you underage faggot.
>>329823 Holy shit, hes gonna look like fucking sseth in the deus ex video, its gonna be worst than expected, hopefully the CGI one Capcom is making its better.
>>330115 >STARS team assembles in the mansion lobby >Hey hey people, Wesk here
(118.63 KB 1920x1080 jill re3r an hero.jpg)
>>330148 Jill's face when she finds out Umbrella's zombie outbreaks were all the result of catastrophic experiments to genetically engineer fried chicken flavoured watermelon.
(19.14 KB 454x405 ALPHA TEAM.gif)
>>330148 Holy shit, thats supposed to be alpha team? >>329836 >wesker is a cannibal What? >>330159 >local police force disbanded after being infiltrated by KKK members looking to take down the african american captain and his colleagues in umbrella corporation
>>330182 >KKK members looking to take down the african american captain If the cast looks like >>329848 then there are no white people here.
>>330148 >Hey hey people, Wesker here Is it bad that I heard it in the african warlord's voice and not Big Guy Tyrone's?
(171.01 KB 370x555 African gaming warlord.png)
>>330207 No, the gaming warlord deserves his spot in shitpostingdom.
(152.31 KB 1280x720 Hey Hey People.jpg)
>>330207 It would be wrong not to hear him.
wrong thread sorry
>>318530 >domestic manufacturing like that's ever going to happen way too much bullshit like tooling and securing supply chains needs to be put in place, not to mention all the retarded red tape in the way, plus do you really think companies like nvidia are going to start manufacturing shit at a much higher price just so that more people get to buy their products? they're already making an absolute killing, why bother with the risk?
>>318530 >When crypto crashes sometime in the next few months and/or domestic manufacturing picks up. Westerners will be slaughtered by the vaccines before then.
(135.50 KB 1280x720 skele news.jfif)
New Mario Lego Toys https://www.nintendolife.com/news/2021/06/lego_super_mario_is_getting_ten_more_character_packs_in_new_series https://archive.is/0ESdm Microsoft Flight Simulator is 30fps on Xbox Series X https://www.purexbox.com/news/2021/06/microsoft_flight_simulator_will_be_30fps_on_xbox_series_x_confirms_asobo https://archive.is/ocSBk RUMOUR: Rare's Everwild has been scrapped and restarted https://www.purexbox.com/news/2021/06/rumour_huh_rares_everwild_apparently_got_rebooted https://archive.is/JFyXU Hope you didn't believe that the new consoles would actually deliver on 4k 120fps. They can't even do 60fps and 4k. Forza Horizon 5 is already confirmed to be 4k 30fps max. Much in the same way PS3 ushered in the era of "true HD" with 1080p 60fps, over a decade and two hardware generations later and it's still a "maybe".
>>330207 >>330212 >>330214 I wonder if he will ever review Baurotrauma. I know he plays it since he was in a clip in Mandaloregaming's review of it. I want to see how he puts a spin on it though, his reviews are so damn entertaining they can make 20 minutes seem like 5.
>>336260 How come consoles are unable to go past 30fps? You would think the tech exists by now. >>336277 He Will propably cover some more janky games from his childhood.
>>336283 You clearly haven't seen how demanding the new FS is.
>>336283 Tech exists, its just not $500 tech
>>336283 >How come consoles are unable to go past 30fps? Shit programming. Smash and F-Zero on the N64 operated at 60 fps.
Fatal Frame Maiden of Black Water is coming to PC.
(639.01 KB 639x1711 ClipboardImage.png)
>Microsoft will let Xbox One owners play next-gen Xbox games through its xCloud service >-the company confirming plans to leverage Xbox Cloud Gaming (xCloud) for Xbox One consoles. That means the 2013 hardware will be able to play Xbox Series X exclusive games from 2021 — extending the lifecycle of what would normally soon be obsolete boxes >Microsoft is launching xCloud for consoles later this year https://archive.is/TRjOy
>>339987 It's no different from downloading the youtube app instead and just "playing" the game there, what's the point? That and the xbone series s is 300 dollars, which lets you properly play those games.
>>339987 This is pretty cool, whatever fucks over with Sony is fine on my book.
>>329835 >>329853 Friend just told me that Scott stepped down from FNAF entirely
(524.39 KB 657x900 ClipboardImage.png)
>>340377 (lucky) It was posted in the GG thread. https://archive.is/wCpMC
>>340381 >Scott gets dosh from licensing fees >Scott also makes interesting games again like Desolate Hope Sounds like a win win to me.
>>340381 A good christian like Scott should know that the only way to enter heaven in the time of Apocalypse is the praise God while they cut your head off.
>>340377 >>340384 >>340381 >>340377 >Scott makes Chipper and Sons Lumber Company >Jim makes a video about how bad it is and how creepy the characters are >Scott gets depressed, but then rolls with the criticism and uses it to make FNAF >Scott gets praised and makes a lot of money for creating a new horror gaming franchise >Jim makes a video about how cool a guy Scott is and how he's an example of how indie devs should be and how they should deal with criticism >years later, it is discovered that Scott made some donations to Republicans >Jim make a video REEEEEEEEing about trans genocide and whatever else >Scott decides to retire and will likely live comfortably for the rest of his life with his wife and children thanks for royalties from FNAF >Jim is now hemorrhaging video views and subscribers and will likely fade away into Youtube's aether >Viziepop joined the cancel Scott cawthan only to delete her tweets after her fans and real Mexicans call her hypocrite and fat white girl larping as a Latina again I hope people turn the tranneis against viziepop again.
>>340428 >>Viziepop joined the cancel Scott cawthan only to delete her tweets after her fans and real Mexicans call her hypocrite and fat white girl larping as a Latina again You mean latinx :^)
>>340429 >Anti-Scott cawthan post >only one post >happens around the same time as black pill spamming Really makes you think
>>340381 Reactions seem mixed. A lot are genuinely upset to see him go, but I'm already seeing comments saying how this isn't enough. The LGBT fags are still pissed and will likely not stop harassing Scott. https://archive.is/0VvkB https://archive.is/GG9aG
>>340434 >>340429 But, desolate hope.
>>340434 >He can fuck right off, and so can you, I'm glad cancel culture is deleting fence sitters Hi cuckchanner. You not fooling anyone. >hope they (metaphorically) lynch him Too broke for a VPN IP hopping spamming?
>>340454 >but I think even cuckchan hates FNAF. pretty pathetic Than go back to Cuckchan faggot >fuck him for spawning a whole generation of soy mouth clickbait youtubers. Nice Cuckchan Le Reddit reference
>this ESL sperg defending the FNAF nigger who's shown himself to be a traitor All so tiring.
(98.83 KB 500x500 baittalkingheads.jpg)
A multiplatform "Castlevania Advance Collection" rated in Australia for 2021 "production" . https://archive.ph/wip/Kxykp
>>341747 Damn, thats pretty cool actually.
>>341751 Meh, usually handheld shit is better off being emulated, especially since this is Konami and they usually half ass their ports harder than even Capcom. Wonder if they'll do a DS collection, but all I really want is a Harmony of Despair PC/Switch port.
(4.72 KB 310x302 Richter belmont.png)
>>341758 Man, id love to get harmony of dispair on PC, then we could get a gamenight and ill tell you fags to belmont only, no magic.
>>341762 >belmont only, no magic. >play the game without using the game's mechanics for no reason whatsoever I bet that you want people to play Street Fighter "without magic" and using just the basic moves.
>>341767 Whats wrong? Cant take on dracula with just your whip, subweapons and faith? Fag.
>>341767 >play the game without using the game's mechanics for no reason whatsoever That's essentially what Belmont runs of Symphony and Dawn are nigger.
>>341747 Oh boy, another "classics" collection of broken emulated roms
(387.55 KB 614x2340 ClipboardImage.png)
>Ubisoft's Star Wars and Avatar studio boss steps down >Ubisoft Massive managing director David Polfeldt is taking a break, but will return to a new "strategic" role in six months >His decision to step down now is noteworthy nonetheless: Ubisoft's Avatar game was just unveiled last week, more than four years after it was first announced, while its Star Wars game is the first to follow the end of EA's ten-year exclusivity deal with Disney and carries extremely high expectations as a result https://archive.is/0cMsL
>>341773 Whats wrong? Can't do a simple directional motion to perform a hadouken? Are you a Smash Bors. player/no baths allowed? >>341785 >That's essentially what Belmont runs of Symphony and Dawn are nigger. Completely wrong. Belmonts have their own "magic" and sub items. What the retard is proposing is "muh dur play new game like old game reeeee" for no reason other than he can't enjoy good mechanics if they are different from what he played before. Like a hamster doing the exact same thing over and over again. Or like a tranny/speed runner. >>341804 >Oh boy, another "classics" collection of broken emulated roms And probably full of gachashit and microtransactions now. >>341811 >Ubisoft's Star Wars and Avatar studio boss steps down Even though the corrupt governments keep them afloat, there is no such thing as infinite money. Ubishit is going down. >but will return to a new "strategic" role in six months Marxist propaganda department. May also engage in doxing gamers and normalfags who are against that failed ideology. >its Star Wars game is the first to follow the end of EA's ten-year exclusivity deal with Disney and carries extremely high expectations as a result >extremely high expectations I see that journos can't get their bribes (they don't earn a salary, they get only bribes) without lying all the time.
>>325743 The new environments look fantastic. I was worried it was going to be more bland like the demo or FEAR. >>329823 Complete Global Africanization!
>>341878 >roms with gacha and pay to win bullshit Imagine Super Metroid but you have permanent xray vision to see upgrades or you can spend tokens to refill ammo and life instantly. Disgusting
>>341758 If Konami still has the source code for the DS Castlevania games, I think a randomizer that incorporate all three games (plus maybe SotN and HoD stuff) would be neat. Random Castlevania is surprisingly fun since it encourages using a lot of stuff you'd never touch otherwise due to it becoming out of date by the time you get it. The fan randomizer can't do cross game stuff because the addresses are scattered, but it would be relatively easy with source access.
>>339636 Sweet now we can directly unfuck any censorship.
>>341920 >Supporting a company who censors their products because "Mods can fix it" Surely, you're joking.
(176.84 KB 500x267 implying.png)
>>341945 Well first of all it was NoA's fault the game was censored, second >supporting
>>341912 It is guaranteed that they will do that. And jewtendo will probably do that at some point too. As long as retards with money are allowed to breathe, companies will exploit them.
(354.23 KB 965x767 ClipboardImage.png)
Guilty Gear Strives edits out lore tidbits mentioning Tibet, Inner mongolia, mongolia, Uigher, and Siberia being annexed and assimilated by China. https://archive.fo/MUE3T Doug Bowser on Nintendo Switch Pro: “We Are Always Looking at Technology” to Enhance Gameplay
>>344371 >Doug Bowser. >NOA Oh look the bald faggot with the meme name that runs Nintendo's Youtube channel said something we should all listen. Fuck off idiot. NOA has nothing to do with game or hardware anymore after they helped fuck up the Wii U. Fuck Nintendo would rather have BONGS do localisation of games these days.
>>344371 >Australia was heavily affected by the war, and over half its continent is not inhabitable. No shit, it was like that before the war. It's the most arid continent on Earth and more than half of it is fucking desert filled with the deadliest snake on Earth.
>>344371 >>344381 >>344383 Are you guys talking about the Finno-Korean Hyper War?
(151.87 KB 1316x866 skele weather.jfif)
EA reviving a "dormant" IP next month Which corpse will they rape next? https://www.purexbox.com/news/2021/06/ea_to_reportedly_announce_the_revival_of_an_established_ip_this_july https://archive.is/vKsVE Metroid Dread tops pre-order charts Nintendo takes first five of the top ten. Not a decent metric but interesting to see, and encouraging as a Metroid fan to see a 2D game especially get so well received. https://www.nintendolife.com/news/2021/06/metroid_dread_is_gamestops_top_pre-order_following_e3_2021 https://archive.is/9Y3uI French studio making Final Fantasy IX animation What fucking year is it? https://kidscreen.com/2021/06/21/cyber-group-lines-up-final-fantasy-ix-series/ https://archive.is/YzEQ8 Nintendo kills removes voice chat feature from its shitty mobile app Did anyone even use this fucking thing? https://www.vooks.net/nintendo-killing-off-online-lounge-feature-in-the-switch-online-app-just-one-game-used-it/ https://archive.is/BoYQ6
>>344371 Does anyone has a list by now of all the times games bowed to China, atleast when mentioning Taiwan
(72.54 KB 500x439 accepting-youre-death.png)
>>344730 >Parisian studio We just need one or two Canadians and it's fucked on arrival.
>>344730 >French studio making Final Fantasy IX animation Not like this. Not like this.
>>344730 >French If it's not just fapbait like Wakfu it's going to be shit. The French can't into art just porn.
>>344736 I'm sure they'll put in something given how gropey Zidane is with Garnet. I hope we see Vivi's butt too.
>>344730 >Which corpse will they rape next? C&C, or maybe one of the Bullfrog ones like Theme Hospital or Dungeon Keeper. They keep trying to push all three for mobile but I assume they'll put it back on PC as part of the marketing. Then again there's also Ultima, Wing Commander, Syndicate which they already failed to reboot, Ass Effect and fuck knows what else. Crusader?
>>344777 check'em Burnout?
>>344777 CNC is currently being Fucked due to CNC Rivals Existing though
>>344777 According to some rumors, it's Dead Space.
>>344808 Why did people even like the Dead Space games? I remember all the hype around them being "the scariest thing ever duuuudde!" but when I played it I found a very dull action shooter.
>>344809 It had been years since anyone played System Shock, and at the time the body horror and detailed gore wasn't too overdone for normalfags.
>>344730 >A FFIX series aimed at 8-12 year olds They just saw the cutesy characters and thought "Yeah, this is gonna work" despite all the fucked up shit that happens through the game. At this point i'm absolutely sure SEnix is sabotaging the SSoft Ip's on purpose, like that child that got orphaned and sent with their uncles and since their uncles had two sons they decided that child should transition and wear girl clothes because they never had a daughter.
>>344789 Forgot that one. >>344807 The series has been dead since last time they tried to push it as an e-sport so I was thinking there's been just long enough for them to forget and do that again. >>344808 Odd choice. Maybe rebooted as a four player coop L4D clone? Slap in progression and payments for that progression system. >>344809 Dead Space was a decent third person shooter with lazy jumpscares. Go in expecting a horror game and you'll be disappointed. Go in planning to have some fun dismembering spacezombies while putting up with its attempts at horror and it's fine.
>>344809 >Why did people even like the Dead Space games? They loved Resident Evil 4 IN SPAAAAAAAACCCCEEEE by westerners and hated RE5 at the time for not being an ebin Leon adventure so they meme'd it to high heaven. It helps that DS1 and 2 are good games, at the very least. >>344837 >They just saw the cutesy characters and thought "Yeah, this is gonna work" despite all the fucked up shit that happens through the game. Anon, this is France and for them "8-12 years" is about the same as Japan's 8-12 years old from some years ago. Here's some children's programming for those ages.
>>344730 There were rumors about a new burnout game, hopefully it's just a "hd" collection instead of a new entry that is essentially just the latest need for speed without the story mode.
(4.40 MB 1272x720 wait_for_it.mp4)
So...what in the fuck?
>>345092 Leftards failing again, as they always do.
>>345092 I wonder if DSP being DSP completely misses that crystal in the rest of the playthrough.
>>345106 I wish that actually happened and someone from the audience pointed it out just for shits and giggles.
Apparently this french animation company is going to animate Final Fantasy IX. https://kidscreen.com/2021/06/21/cyber-group-lines-up-final-fantasy-ix-series/
>>344933 Checked. They did the same here in Spain back then, it was something like >That's animation? Then put it on the child's hour >But there´s blood on this one... >Just paint it white, they´ll think it's sweat But later at some point they stopped caring, but we still had the shitty french openings...
(192.46 KB 1600x1132 EGTqbIUUEAMue-h.jpg)
>>345216 >>344933 Hopefully being French means it can have lewd shit despite the demographic.
>>345216 >the shitty french openings... Holy fuck I remember those. Ours started when we discontinued the Drachma and officially joined the EU after getting buttfucked by the worse Shredder before that we had the choice between locally sung anime openings or keeping them in nip if the song was amazingly awesome, like all of Kageyama's.
>>344730 >EA reviving a "dormant" IP next month Good fuck almighty if it is Dead Space this is the scariest news I've heard in a long time. >Nintendo kills removes voice chat feature from its shitty mobile app Why is Nintendo so afraid of online communication? They got rid of Miiverse, removed web browsing from the Switch, and now they're getting rid of the one method of direct communication they offered people (which sucked anyway).
>>345411 The web browser removal is likely because they've historically been entry points for console hacking (since a console company either has to make its own browser from scratch or open your source) more than anything. I think every console with an internet browser, other than the Dreamcast because it didn't even need that, has had a browser based hacking method.
>>345411 It's a console designed for children. Nintendo is honestly probably smart for not making their games and consoles efficient social systems with how much degenerate child grooming goes on in platforms like discord.
>>345092 >DSP is the kind of person who games are being designed for That explains a lot about modern AAA games
>>345092 So what's this suppose to be about? Pacing in games? Most modern games like nuGOW tend to have handholding linear pacing, which tends to be a chore and unplayable.
The new Alex Kidd just dropped on Steam. i really want to fuck Alex Kidd.
>>345092 >>345106 >>345487 >retards designing games for an even bigger retard holy shit this explains everything.
>>345541 I will pirate it if it is good.
>>345263 Rat people brothels are just around the corner.
>>345628 >Brazil >Around the corner
>>345641 Chronologically. They will be arriving soon.
(540.48 KB 617x717 ClipboardImage.png)
Attention WB executives: >We're coming out with a new Space Jam movie, and we want to market the shit out of it, right? That means we're also going to have a vidya gaym based off of it. Suggestions? <How about we make a spiritual successor to our old NBA Jam IP that Midway used to make? We take the basic concept of the game, slap in Looney Tune characters, introduce power-ups and a couple other twists, and we make easy money without spending all that much. >FIRE THIS MAN FOR BEING AN IDIOT!!! We can't give players a fun game that makes sense. <How about a generic beat 'em up instead, that makes zero sense given the context of the movie and the concept? >GIVE THIS MAN A PROMOTION! https://archive.ph/XDdf1
>>345832 Companies continue to show their capacity for fucking up what should be really easy ideas. Damn I miss crazy sports games.
>>345816 sonic onlyfans when
>>345130 For 6 year olds.
>>344809 How could a game where you can never get lost and you have a button that literally draws a fucking line on the screen creating a trail for you to follow. Not to mention, you just respawn from whatever door you came in if you happen to die and there's crates of ammo on every screen. Doom is as much a horror game.
(802.46 KB 2272x1704 gindows.jpg)
AMD ends graphics driver support for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 AMD released a new version of its Radeon Software Adrenalin driver this week. Radeon Software Adrenalin 21.6.1 is the first driver of the series that supports Microsoft's Windows 10 operating system only, but not the earlier versions of Windows, Windows 7 and Windows 8.1. The release notes provide the following information in regards to support for older versions of the Windows operating system: >Support for Windows® 7 based operating systems and some older generations of AMD Radeon™ Graphics products have been moved to a legacy support model. Sources: https://www.ghacks.net/2021/06/23/amd-ends-graphics-driver-support-for-windows-7-and-windows-8-1/ https://www.amd.com/en/support/kb/release-notes/rn-rad-win-21-6-1 https://archive.is/ovgTx https://archive.is/dLVIf
If you are one of those people that buy games, Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin has a 30% discount everywhere, to celebrate 1 million copies sold. The developers also updated the game, with the most important features being that you can hold both your dog and cat together at the same time. Plus, your dog will now run to greet you when you return home.
>>345092 I think this is really indicative of the state of the industry. Rather than making a game fun first and risk leaving its complexity to the player, they theorize, analyze, test things out to make the perfectly marketable, measured fun experience. I still remember the amounts of times I tried to achieve goals in unintended ways in older games simply because I thought I could. But I guess it makes sense that this is now the norm, videogames last for the grand total of a couple of weeks before being thrown into the dustbin of history, it's no longer about something to come back to or form a community around, just the experience.
>>346156 I got Windows 7 on my main PC. I only updated my drivers once every six months if that anyway, I'm not surprised all the fucks want you to use wangblows 10.

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