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Action/Hack n Slash Games Anonymous 06/05/2021 (Sat) 01:20:35 Id:131173 No. 323451
I'm in the mood for this genre of games. Specifically ones that have CUHRAYZEE combos like Devil May Cry. It's a possibility Bayonetta 3 could be revealed at Nintendo's E3 conference and with the Ninja Gaiden collection, inferior as it may be to the original non-sigma games, depending on how it sells could lead to the making of Ninja Gaiden 4. I'm just being optimistic. Either way it's a good time to have a thread like this. Have you played any of these games recently, or any that fit the criteria?
Been replaying Bayonetta 2, trying to git gud at the Witch Trials section, but I really need to get a handle on launchers in these kinds of games. My usual Warriors games doesn't have much emphasis on wailing on few enemies for a long time.
(2.85 MB 958x538 b-2-d2e6Oh-shgLm.mp4)
>>323451 DMC5 modders doing some crazy shit to the game.
(1.73 MB 640x360 Dancing here, I realize....mp4)
>metal gear rising I enjoyed that game way more than I was ever expecting. Most recent hack/slash game I played was Dante's Inferno. I played most of the popular games. Someone suggest some lesser known titles I may have missed out on over the years.
(140.91 KB 233x234 ClipboardImage.png)
I remember getting the achievement for beating Sam on hardmode without getting hit. I must have tried around dozen times and It was probably the most intense moment i've had in a game so far, I remember my heart was pounding by the time I finally got it. I suppose this is laughable to read for someone who's good at MGR, but it's currently my fondest memory associated with videogames.
I wish more of these implemented a boss fight replay selection, rather than having to replay whole missions to fight the boss. It seems like a no-brainer to include this feature but surprisingly most of these games don't have it.
>>323451 Been playing Bayonetta and MGR back to back. I can honestly say Bayo is a far more focused and refined game compared to MGR, despite being 3 years older. MGR is honestly a very a sloppy game mechanically, most likely due to Platinum having to do cleanup for it after Cuckjima's internal team couldn't manage it.
(4.71 MB 1307x1800 ClipboardImage.png)
>>323537 Thanks for the suggestion. I strangely remember the cover but not the game. >>323538 That sense of accomplishment when you finally git gud is always the best, and also why people complaining about difficulty drive me mad most of the time. >>323590 >a boss fight mode That would be a nice extra mode when you beat it. Maybe add the option to do a gauntlet of all the boss fights in a row without dying or some shit.
(2.07 MB 1280x720 ClipboardImage.png)
>>323451 I was playing God Hand for a few hours earlier today, actually. No joke I still think it's the best action game, out of the entire genre.
>>323538 I got it without even focusing that hard because I was just enjoying myself through replaying the fight and loved the back and forth and countering his moves so much I wanted to see if I could accomplish beating him without getting touched all the while seeing how far my combo could rise. In contrast the other ones were trickier what with Sundowner being easy but having helicopters in the background shooting at you from afar, having to do crowd control while Mistral aims for you, having to abuse the Sais' stun ability against Monsoon which made me realize that it had a good purpose for its inclusion despite it being extremely limited movewise, to say nothing of dealing with the fucker's movements and being able to split apart to attack you, and finally Armstrong being a a good final test of how well you can evade and counter with Offensive Defensive which I suppose loops back to Sam in a way. Need to know when to dodge, when to block, and when to attack as being sloppy with your timing at any point will make you eat shit. Sam's version of Armstrong having less phases but also being one of the hardest given the timing of the Senator's never before seen dash attack which caries in the number of times he'll attempt to do so and Sam's diffferent mechanics. An arguably better feeling evasive maneuver in exchange for not being able to slah your sword at the same time like Raiden and having to taunt to make BOTH your and enemies' attacks deal more damage to make the encounter a question of who can land their assault accurately first, making the final fight of the DLC both high risk and high reward. the checkpoints made things merciful when all is said and done for an otherwise hellish task. >>323590 I don't mind the stand alone vehicle portions of Bayonetta given that they're like only 3 max out of 16+ chapters but having to replay a game of Space Harrier to fight Jeanne 3 in all its bombastic glory really sours things.
>>323451 What's so special about the originals?
>>326364 Ninja Gaiden Sigma removed allot of platforming and puzzle element, which can be seen as a good or bad thing depending on how you feel about them,. But Sigma also added Mantority Rachel chapters in the middle of the story, and that messes with the Pacing, many people prefer to just play as Ryu. It's Sigma 2 which is the big change that causes problems tho, there are Mandatory Chapters where you have to play as the Girls again, instead of just getting to play as Ryu. They removed some ranged weapons like the incendiary shuriken, the Wind Mill Shuriken, and the Underwater Chaingun. the Majority of Blood and Gore that made NG2's combat an awesome blood bath was removed and replaced with a Purple mist so Japan could get a way with a Cero D, instead of a Z rating. And due to being bulit for the PS3 instead of the 360 the number of Enemies fought at once was cut down drasticly, so the framerate wouldn't suffer, instead enemies where given more health and do more damage. Both Sigma games do add a few new bosses, and weapons, but that isn't seen as enough to make them superior to the original versions. I haven't actually played the Sigma versions myself, This collection will be my chance to do so, and form my own opinion on them.
I miss the Onimusha games
>>327260 I'm sure their remake is coming.
>>327355 Warlords got a remaster like two years ago. Though honestly, if they remaster or remake Dawn of Dreams I'd be fine with that. >>326344 It's dumb how some of the other bosses have their own chapter where it's just their boss fight but for Jeanne you have to go through segments of the chapter. I haven't even played Bayonetta 2 though, are there at least boss fights as cool as Jeanne where you can fight right away?
>>327392 I don't think you can fight Jeanne by herself, but the chapters are better structured overall, and there's Tag Climax mode, which lets you fight bosses and other types of enemies as you wish
Am I supposed to hate DMC4? I loved 3(at least 70% of it) but I can't bother playing 4 until I get to Dante.
>>327462 DMC4 has one of the better combat of the games. It's the story people didn't like. Nero was basically treated as Raiden in MGS2 by the fanbase.
>>327469 I don't particularly care about the story the brown chick in the white dress is ridiculously sexy though, it's just that Nero's combat isn't much fun and everything dies too quickly.
>>327469 >Nero was basically treated as Raiden in MGS2 by the fanbase. That's because he was and still is the Raiden of the series. Nero is a boring and shit character and that is made double so when he has to compare to Dante and Vergil who both have far more interesting and varied move sets than he does.
>>327473 A lot of people say Nero as a character is redeemed in DMC5 much like Raiden in Metal Gear Rising but personally, I can tolerate Nero more in DMC4 simply because of the fact that in DMC5 he acts like DmC Dante, and even kinda looks like he was modeled after him. And I fucking hate DmC Dante.
(14.01 MB 1280x720 DMC4 Nero exceed.webm)
>>327462 Buy Max Act, and Learn how to use Exceed, it makes Nero allot more fun.
>>327481 I never liked Nero and I still do not. His entire character comes across as someone trying way too hard to be cool unlike Dante and Vergil who are just naturally cool, and while Nero has a lot more options with his different arms I still find him a slog to play in 5. I will say however, I hate Nero slightly less than that hand cramping piece of shit V. Fuck that cunt.
>>327481 >>327496 I disagree, while I think he's more of an angrier character in combat, he knows when to keep his cool. Donte on the other hand has no emotion later in the game, and in the early game he's just a stereotypical white trash left wing commie. You can see the difference in the cutscenes after everyone got their shit kicked in by Urizen. Nero as a character wanted to help the people being killed by the tree tentacles, until V stopped him because he would just end up getting himself killed since he was too tired to fight. Donte on the other hand would just stand and watch and then after everyone is dead, he would then fight back once the enemy starts charging towards him.
So I'v played a fair amount of both No More Heroes 1, and Ninja Gaiden Sigma on PC now. They're both very bare bones with no PC graphics options within the games themselves, but you start them up and they work, and they both play smoothly for me. I don't have anything to complain about. Only issue is NG Sigma's controls are still bound as if they are PS3 controls, so for my Xbone controller, by default it's LB for block, since that would be L1 on PS3, you have to switch the triggers, and bumpers around in the options before starting a new game. But yeah It's fucking Ninja Gaiden baby, I kept replaying the chapter 2 Doku boss until I was able to beat him, Laughed the first time trying when I found out he can just impale you for a 1 shot kill to end the chapter. No Wiimote controls for NMH1 work very well. I was afraid their might have been that thing that I saw from Heroes paradise gameplay where you need to Click the thumbstick before a finishing blow direction, but no it's just a simple flick. Controls are X for Low Swing, Y for High Swing, A for Low Melee, B for High Melee. LT lock on, LB for Battery charge, Right stick is most waggle stuff, clashes are super easy with rotating the stick.
>>327581 <buying NG Shitma "remasters" >I don't have anything to complain about. You should >>270479 Otherwise enjoy your butchered baby mode remasters.
>>327603 Yes anon, let's buy a 2nd hand Ninja Gaiden Black from a fucking mongoloid who sells it overpriced. Or better! Let's just fucking emulate in our favorite and 100% functional OG Xbox Emulator! Sure thing it Will work and everyone Will play without any problema! stupid mongolic mouthbreathing asshole goddamnit, neck yourself
>>327603 I'm the OP of that Thread anon, I'v beaten NG Black, and 360 NG2 on Master Ninja. I'm just curious about experiencing the differences of Simga Versions for myself, and I enjoyed Razors Edge too, and I'm looking forward to playing it again.
(109.62 KB 642x788 E3e6n2aXwAkBGy_.png)
>>327628 Or even better! Buy a shit remaster that's based on inferior versions of the prior games when KT could have put the effort into actually porting the superior Xbox versions (lost source code my ass, if they can get original NG2 running on the SeX upscaled to 1080p at a full 60fps, they can bring it to PC) instead without censored blood, reduced enemy counts, fuckall PC options (like fucking in-game resolution options, something even other Jap PC ports are capable of doing) and emptier levels. Lynch yourself for supporting this no-effort kikery you goddamn nigger lover. >Or better! Let's just fucking emulate in our favorite and 100% functional OG Xbox Emulator! It's made leaps since whenever you must've last used it. NGB will probably be emulated at a decent performance sometime in the future. In the meantime, again, lynch yourself. >>327682 So you made a thread dispensing info on how goddawful these new ports are, and you still bought it like a fucking retarded sheep?
>>327719 All That thread I made said basically is "They are the Sigma Versions" which they are, but also with the Vita Sigma Plus content, If you wanna shit on the Sigma Versions then fine, but I'm going to formulate my own opinion of them.
>>327628 >Or better! Let's just fucking emulate in our favorite and 100% functional OG Xbox Emulator! Actually you can already, only issue I recall is the lava effect is broken. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0M_p2QAA4oY
>>327750 >All That thread I made said basically is "They are the Sigma Versions" And in the interview you posted you have straight from the horse's mouth they're the cut down shitty versions, if the horrified replies from anons didn't clue you into that already, and that's on top of numerous other customer reviews coming in showing what a no effort porting job this was. Never mind there have already been comparisons from the last decade showing how the Sigma versions--especially 2--were downgraded for PS3. You seriously can't be this retarded but I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you're lying about being OP for that thread. LET ME FUCKING POST CAKE NIGGER
>>327807 Yes i'm aware that the majority of people prefer the NG Black, and 360 NG2, I'm aware that Sigma 2 had it's enemy amount cutdown, and in exchange increased the Enemy health, and damage. Sigma 1 and 2 still have new playable characters, new enemies, and new bosses to fight, and that's content I want to see for myself.
>>327839 >still have new playable characters, new enemies, and new bosses to fight, and that's content I want to see for myself. Then I hope you find it in 2 weeks so you can get refunded. You could've waited for it to pirated, instead of being an impatient retard.
Actually, looks like CODEXX already cracked the thing so you could've waited a day to get a pirated version. I mean, no offense but if you're paying to see the content you missed before it makes more sense to me to play the emulated versions since you probably have a better chance of online play being nigger-rigged by the community than KT adding it back in to these ports. The vita version should be especially easy to emulate. I wish they'd put in more effort on the ports, I WANT to give them money but when they half-ass things like this I find it really hard to justify doing so.
>>327839 >Sigma 1 and 2 still have new playable characters The Rachel and Momoji sections are the worst parts of Sigma 1 and 2 they are in so don't expect much.
(61.08 KB 670x448 poochie.jpg)
>>327469 >>327473 Nero is the Poochie of DMC. An unnecessary addition and a shitty ripoff of the main cooler character. I wish it never existed and DMC4 was only about Dante and (playable) Trish hunting demons together.
>>327507 Yeah he's different from DmC Donte in that aspect but like what >>327496 said, he comes off as trying too hard to be cool like Dante and Vergil and fails at it. That's the part that reminds me of Donte. I don't really hate Nero, but I don't like him either. I'm really indifferent to him. I can acknowledge he was at least written to be more energetic in DMC5 and have more charisma, but it still feels like a bite off Dante.
Anyone have a stash of webms of these games with insane combos and shit? Post em
>>328749 Let me see what I got, they can be pretty old.
(2.87 MB 704x356 ngb fiend ryu gameplay.webm)
(386.88 KB 640x360 Vcombo.webm)
(5.47 MB 900x506 Aztez combo 1.webm)
(2.94 MB 900x506 Sakura Madoi Kasumi.webm)
>>328786 >>328801 I wonder how long someone plays these games in which they play on the hardest difficulty doing the most cuhrayzee combos and not getting hit by the enemy. Like there's no damage taken runs of Dante Must Die and Ninja Gaiden Black Master Ninja, which is really impressive if you think about it. It's probably easier not to get hit in any of the Souls games or Bloodborne.
>>330189 >Like there's no damage taken runs of Dante Must Die and Ninja Gaiden Black Master Ninja Yeah, but the difference between the two is no damage runs on DMC are fun to watch due to the move variety and crazy shit people come up with. Ninja Gaiden on the other hand is generally a guy abusing UT I-frames constantly which gets boring to watch real fast.

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