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(104.25 KB 960x1209 960x0.jpg)
Elden Ring Jan 2022 Anonymous 06/10/2021 (Thu) 19:59:34 Id:aa3bf7 No. 328443
It's coming faggots. https://yewtu.be/watch?v=l6pCyV7PnqI Hopes? Fears? What do you niggers think?
>GRRM 2022 itll be delayed
>>328443 Looks like open world souls shit. I'm not feeling anything. Will probably be delayed though just because that will set off the souls fags are eagerly waiting for this game to sodomize them.
But what the fuck IS it? Is it any different from Demon's Souls or Dark Souls? Those games were fun because they were strange and new and tried different things, and now Dark Souls is a fucking genre. This doesn't look any different.
>>328502 Dark souls with horse.
>>328502 it looks to me essentially another dark souls esque game. which im fine with honestly but i guess we wont really know until they release actual gameplay
>>328502 >Is it any different from Demon's Souls or Dark Souls? Its not besides horse. >Those games were fun because they were strange and new and tried different things Well this one isn't >and now Dark Souls is a fucking genre. This doesn't look any different. You hit the nail on the head If you are looking for actually decent Dark Souls inspired games play Nioh and Nioh 2. Those games are fucking amazing you really shouldn't be missing out on those. >>328519 You're fucking stupid its the same shit shown in dark souls from like a decade ago except its seemingly open world and theres horseback riding.
>>328502 This will be MUCH better than Dark Souls since it'll be Dark Souls mixed with GAME OF MOTHERFUCKING THRONES HYYYYYYPE
>The logo for the game is four dark signs linked. >Seath the Scaleless is back. >One of the bells from Dark Souls has grown fucking legs. >Is that the Emerald Herald? >Smough with a bowl on his head that shoots out fireballs. >Bonfires confirmed. >Random attack from a giant Giant Dad head. What the fuck is going on with this game? OK its a Souls game so the one punch shrooms better come back.
>>328502 Well I noticed some Sekiro type movement from enemies and the player (sans the grappling hook) and there was a (not quite) Bloodborne werewolf too.
(1.97 MB 1907x1075 Where have I seen this before.png)
(115.20 KB 1280x720 COME ON.jpg)
>>328524 >Its not besides horse. Now that's not true, it seems that you can spam magic like a first rate fag far easier this time. >>328572 They literally had movesets from DS1 and 2 and the poster was the DS3 one.
(2.23 MB 1280x720 dKvxWwU.png)
(1.76 MB 1024x764 jcScxwX.png)
>>328535 >>Is that the Emerald Herald? Not only that but it's the cut loli' version of the Emerald Herald crossed with the Painter.
(215.12 KB 625x339 Irithyll.png)
>>328609 Irithyll is also back. So its most defiantly a Dark Souls game. Seems not everyone jumped ship into they new painted world fuckers stayed behind and a giant ass ghost tree grew fucking up the surrounding landscape.
>>328597 You act like From doesn't constantly reuse assets and concepts. Even Sekiro had 3 bosses that used Bloodborne movement sets and probably reused the model from the cut snake boss to rig the white Snake God that you keep running into.
>>328443 Probably dogshit considering it's a Nip/West collab, and a collab with George RR Faggot at that. >>328526 >it'll be Dark Souls mixed with GAME OF MOTHERFUCKING THRONES HYYYYYYPE Put more effort into your b8 anon.
>>328651 Last I heard GRRM was just contracted to write the lore and has nothing to do with the rest of the development.
Skeptical about open world. Combat looks like Dark Souls 3 + Sekiro. It's okay? We don't have many decent medium-high budget games anyway.
>>328659 I don't see any of his hand in the writing or themes in the trailer. It just looks like another sequel to Souls. If GRRM's work was more prevelant, every character's sex life would be extremely important.
So the main complaint is that this is not a DS3 DLC but instead being sold as a separate game?
>>328443 Looks cool. Like having a mount.
>>328659 >Last I heard GRRM was just contracted to write the lore And that doesn't mean there won't be confrontations between him and the japs due to cultural differences, as well as GRRM just being a faggot. If we ever hear tales of this game's development and it turns out there was some drama over what Martin wrote and what Fromsoft thought they could design a game around, don't be surprised.
>>328526 >>328725 Miyazaki isn't even a fan of GRRM because of Gay of Thrones but rather because of some vampire novel that he wrote decades ago. >>>/from/97
(23.41 KB 255x247 ClipboardImage.png)
>>328502 >He doesn't know
(118.42 KB 697x396 OH ELDEN RING.jpg)
>>328644 I'm just saying that it has reached a highly comical degree at this point. Old From Soft also reused assets since they were a small time company but after Niggerzaki mae Dark Souls, they constantly reuse shit FOR THE BETTER PART OF A DECADE That's two fucking console generations and we're entering the third cg now where they re-use the same shit from the PS3. >>328752 Wait a fucking second, he wrote the plot for the Ron Pearlman Beast tv show?
>>328699 I don't know why people are complaining about the game really other than maybe it's a kneejerk reaction against the slow fat fuck being involved. I at least can understand and sympathize with Armored Core anon's complaints about the game.
>>328755 It just looks like Souls with worse art design. The trailer music was also trash, much of the atmosphere is gone. The only great stuff in it was the enemies and some of them look very over designed.
>>328443 It's not anything revolutionary, so It's about what I expect. It does look interesting to me though, so I'd say I am hyped for it. But it doesn't blow my mind like it does for the soulfags, some of which literally cried watching this trailer.
>>328761 >some of which literally cried watching this trailer. What the fuck is wrong with these people?
>>328763 They spent 2 years obsessing over it, building it up in their minds until it became the most important part of their life.
>>328524 >play Nioh and Nioh 2 I did want to like them but the whole diablo-esque loot grind just fucking irritates me to all shit >>328754 >Wait a fucking second, he wrote the plot for the Ron Pearlman Beast tv show? Yeah, that was his first big break into television. He'd written some scripts for shows, but never written an actual show. I remember seeing the show a bit as a kid and liking it, even though it was one of mum's "kissing shows" it was cool cos there was a werewolf. perpost captcha is back on. I guess the summer game fest got anons posting?
>>328763 Are you new to the internet, anon? Wannabe ecelebs overacting their "reaction" to trailers has been old news for some time. Or have you already forgotten Moleface Soyfag from the Star Wars Episode IX trailer?
(437.28 KB 827x1200 GANISHKA.jpg)
>>328768 Oh yeah, forgot that shit Thought It was actually crying retards. As far as I see it this just looks like Medieval Sekiro with a horse. This shit better have a Ganishka tier boss. Hopefully Dragons Dogma 2 gets a reveal as well. I feel like vidya is getting better overall despite all the AAAshit cancer, middle market is flourishing
>>328761 >some of which literally cried watching this trailer. That's retarded. Why can't people just be fans of something, even super fans? Why do they have to turn everything into some sort of fucking cult?
>>328767 >I did want to like them but the whole diablo-esque loot grind just fucking irritates me to all shit That part of Nioh, along with the having RNG smithing and skill drops, are both really unfortunate choices in what are otherwise completely solid, great games.
(7.48 KB 302x160 Karin.gif)
>>328775 Funny thing is that those people will tell you to "get a life" if you even dare to criticize their digital toy
>>328774 >Thought It was actually crying retards. Some of them are. >Hopefully Dragons Dogma 2 gets a reveal as well. It might get a reveal, but I imagine capcom wouldn't want to compete with elden ring so they'd probably release Dragon's Dogma 2at least a few months after it. Of course depending on how far along in development it could be years, which I suspect is more likely.
>>328781 >Dragons Dogma I know nothing about that game other than that it has the best character creator ever.
>>328777 (checked) >are both really unfortunate choices in what are otherwise completely solid, great games The loot shit anon is complaining about is also the same reason I completely dropped the game midway through
>>328767 Stay strong anon, it only affects the highest levels of difficulty but by then you'll have found some cool Legendaries. Just do as I did, ignore fucking everything except for the cool weapons you like and just pump skills and points instead. It's perfectly doable. I don't know how eggregious it is for Nioh 2 though but in Nioh 1 it is manageable mostly thanks to Living Weapon and the spirits, if you choose your starting weapons wisely. Look at XLHGladiator's videos to see how to play half-naked for high speed / high damage playstyles without the need for loot, he has some great tips for combat to circumvent the lootgrind.
(46.93 KB 341x512 karin.jpg)
>>328778 >Karin from Street Fighter. She actually has deeper hidden lore than the whole of fucking Dark souls. >For some reason she has a direct hotline to Ryu, she most likely funds his hobo lifestyle. >Is Japanese but 100% white because Dutch. >Real life Japanese Dutch are weird money grabbing fucktards (they are like Japanese version of south asian corner shop owners). >Karin in Street Fighter is Mr Burns in schoolgirl form. >Actually as tough as Bison, Dhalsim, Oro or Akuma in SF lore. >Is a bitch. I love Karin.
>>328784 >same reason I completely dropped the game midway through It's a good enough game that I would really encourage you to give it another try and just ignore the loot aspect entirely. Just treat it as vendor trash and sell it/donate it/break it down into components/etc. Just make and buy what ever equipment that you need..
(51.01 KB 280x440 Orin.gif)
>>328789 >I don't know how eggregious it is for Nioh 2 though but in Nioh 1 it is manageable mostly thanks to Living Weapon and the spirits In Nioh 2 it's the same only with Youkai Shift an soul cores. All boss cores are great. Once you get your cat beyblade you can just fuck everyone's shit right up.
(672.85 KB 1080x786 nqekzduaval41.png)
After BB and Sekiro, returning to a medieval fantasy aesthetic just seems so boring and overdone. What i really want to see is an SE Asian or Indian themed game (think of the Kushan Empire from Berserk) where you play as a Monk or Martial artist. Replace Weapons with Technique Scrolls and God Hand style combo customization, add in Sekiro's movement options and i think it would be a lot of fun.
>>328789 >Look at XLHGladiator's videos to see how to play half-naked for high speed / high damage playstyles without the need for loot, he has some great tips for combat to circumvent the lootgrind. That sounds good actually. I'll try it if I give the game another shot. >>328793 I didn't know that shit about Karin. That's pretty cool. Having her bankroll Ryu is interesting. Is this info in the Udon manga or where can I read it? >>328857 I was hoping Sekiro would lead to a proper Tenchu sequel. One where stealth and assassination is the goal, and every mission is like a puzzle to solve.
>>328862 >I was hoping Sekiro would lead to a proper Tenchu sequel. One where stealth and assassination is the goal, and every mission is like a puzzle to solve. Sekiro but as a completely stealth game or a as a stealth game + 1v1 samurai duels would be most awesome. It would have allowed them to develop the ninjutsu aspect better.
(832.22 KB 1030x722 box_cow.png)
>>328862 I'd kill for a Tenchu sequel. Though I can say the same for a good AC title. From found their money maker with the Souls formula though so they will milk it until it fails.
>>328857 There was a ton of Kushan stuff in the trailer anon
No one's talking about furry artorias.
>>328873 I guess Sif really was a female
>>328897 >>328873 What about Ssteath?
>>328502 Fromsoft now only makes reskins of the same hack and slash shit for sixty bucks over and over because they know fags will eat it up over and over, and they won't even bother to put in variation, it's all the same third person hack and slash lore garbage. I miss Shadow Tower.
>>328789 It's replaced with Yokai Shift but unlike Living Weapon it has its own weapon and the forms are tied to the Guardian Spirit. >I don't know how eggregious it is for Nioh 2 It's the same, minmaxing equipment isn't much of a worry till Way of the Demon(NG+2). The problem is they added more shit to farm like yokai abilites that >>328805 mentioned and boss skills.
>>328443 wew it really is just Dark Souls 4, but with more incest and diarrhea since game of thrones man is on the team now even the overall aesthetic is exactly the fucking same as DS3 at least Bloodborne and Sekiro broke away from that and introduced some interesting new combat systems I still have some small hope for this game, but not much
>>328923 >doesn't want fromsoft to remake the same game >immediately follows it up with "I wish we got a remake of this game instead" for the profit of piracy and zero actual sales because no one would actually want a new shadow tower that would be willing to pay for it on the consumer market today.
I'm a major souls fag so I'm happy with what I saw. Now I'd love a sekiro 2 sometime in the future.
>>328912 What about Couppe and DyalAte?
>>329110 >Sekiro 2 Fucking stop this shit, it doesn't need a fucking sequel. It's done
>>328923 >they won't even bother to put in variation But anon, they do change up things a little bit with every release. Like making all the levels gigantic and open, essentially taking the environment as a factor away from the combat. Or nerfing scaling into the fucking ground, turning the "RPG" part into a complete joke. Removing mechanics like poise, making blocking useless and making every boss in the game 2-shot you, dumbing down boss fights to "dodge attack and then poke or heal" and robbing you from what little agency you had in deciding how you want to play. I'm hoping that mr gay of thrones being involved means that From will go back to more RPG-esque gameplay, but we all know From's a bunch of fucking hacks. The trailer doesn't really show anything since it's all shots of split seconds of gameplay, but I can already see: >Mounts being used to make environments even fucking bigger and more empty >Mounted combat being fucking useless due to being slow/unwieldy, except for specific enemies that are near impossible to kill without >Flashy spells that have prohibitive costs and are too slow to meaningfully use in any context other than "big enemy / boss has to recover from a super slow attack", whilst doing marginally more damage than just hitting it with your weapon would >Flashy boss attacks that they only use on low health, of which dodging feels like pure luck the first time around and can easily wipe you instantly >Also bosses will be even fucking bigger sandbags somehow, so they'll use that flashy attack multiple times even though they can only use it at <25% hp >Removing the few RPG elements we had entirely to be more like Sekiro
>>329114 The only game that has ever done mounted combat well has been Mount&Blade as physics, terrain, precision and momentum actually matter, it takes a while to learn and it's extremely satisfying to pull off. Until you get a Lance that is, which lowers the difficulty but still makes it satisfying to pull off.
>>328443 >What do you niggers think? >niggers >think You don't use these two together
I don't know much about Elden Ring but I find it sad that everything uses the exact same style. I like the Souls formula but if you are like "we have a totally new game for you" and it looks like Dark Souls but open world I'm a little disappointed. I was already mad seeing every game having that mandatory swamp / sewer level. BB and Sekiro felt a little too much like Dark Souls as well imo. Kinda hoped for some unique game this time, but oh well we haven't seen that much yet, maybe it has some interesting mechanics. Also is it just me or anyone else getting some Twilight Princess vibes from this?
>>328443 They had little to no competition for over a decade so they were lazy but they can't afford that anymore. The only thing that could potentially save this from creating a major Souls fatigue is being way more RPG oriented than the previous ones and I hope they know it. If they go with undead curse ancient dying world souls flame shit and nothing else again it's going to be awkward.
>>329112 Why are you so butt hurt?
>>328761 >it looks interesting, so I'd say I'm hyped for it Don't say that. "Hyped" is a state of pure chemical glee and anticipation, one designed to cause you to open your wallet before you even know you're doing it. If you're just keeping an eye on it, say so. "Hype" is a memetic marketing ploy based on herd mentality. By saying you are "hyped," you're giving validation to some shitheel lurking this board that is going to pre-order this game.
>>328862 Its all in SFV anon. >Japanese+ white+money = Dutch they are rare but they are like Nip Jews. Karen is this stereotype. >Karen spars with the likes of Oro and Dhalsim on a equal footing, you have to remember Dhalsim is a reincarnation of a fucking fire god and quite possibly the strongest character in Street Fighter lore >Sakura wanted to see Ryu so Karen tells him to go see Sakura. Ryu does what he is told. >Defacto leader of the good guys in SFV's awful story mode. Her company rivals Shadaloo in clout.
(187.50 KB 512x512 fantasy PRO.png)
>worldbuilding by George R. R. Martin oh boy
>>328923 Fromsoft made the King's Field series and Shadow Tower is basically an oddly themed King's Field. They have ALWAYS made samey hack&slash games, they just make them in third-person now instead of first-person. Additionally, I'm glad the game looks to be like their previous titles since every idiot developer that tries to make something similar creates garbage significantly worse than what they were copying, the only exception being Nioh and even then it took multiple DLCs over 2 games to get the kind of weapon variety that has been part of From's games since the beginning and Nioh's god-roll gear autism, while it keeps folks playing, makes every weapon in a type even more generic unlike in From's shit where finding a new weapon feel like finding a NEW weapon because with things like weapon arts and even entries in each type having slightly different move sets for no discernible reason you have to swing something you find around a a bit to see how it plays. I don't get why other, better devs with bigger budgets and teams can't just ape this simple fucking game and then throw in some extra shit (like say platforming elements or procedural dungeon generation) to make it a little better while having more content of higher quality due to not being some rinky-dink dev with a single studio and less than 400 employees. Bigger doesn't always mean better but it should give some sort of leg up, as it is The Surge, Mortal Shell and Lords of the Fallen somehow all manage to have fewer weapons, less customization and no multiplayer yet still are considered viable entries in the genre. It drives me up the goddamn wall.
>>329114 >>Mounts being used to make environments even fucking bigger and more empty That's the one thing that really concerns me. One thing that From really does right is making cozy, labyrinthine, interconnected environments. Sekiro even upped the game in this department by including verticality in the mix. But ER risks going the opposite direction because you can't really have that with a mount. The best you could do to combinr the two disparate concepts is basically just make environments like Yharnam and forbidden woods and then just make them 10 or 20 times as big so there are plenty of streets and paths and alleyways to wind through. And doing so you risk a lot of copypaste assets a la chalice dungeons and if you and even if you avoid that then you still risk the same problem that most massive open world games have in that the whole thing feels empty and mounts just amount to busy work.
For a man who was inspired to make games from Ico & SotC, Miyazaki sure likes to make the same type of game.
(229.46 KB 900x1165 sagat.jpg)
>>329188 >Its all in SFV anon That'd be why I don't know. Thought it might have been the Udon manga I didn't read. Remember the threads tearing apart Udon "art"? They were fucking great. I tried SFV but it felt like shit to play. Even my man Sagat couldn't bring me back into it for long. And I played the EX games to death.
The game reminded me a lot of shadow of mordor, probably just because of the fuckhuge generic map and the deer thing that can climb up mountains.
>>328882 Isn't this supposed to be an homage to Guts?
>>328443 If this ends up as another Cyberpunk it will be really sad
>>329675 >The trick is to not get excited for ANY game FTFY
>>329703 There is no way to know if a game is good until it's been released for awhile. Getting excited for any game is stupid.
>>329736 Stop being stupid
>>329187 >some shitheel lurking this board that is going to pre-order this game You mean Mark?
For once the tor poster isn't being a fucking idiot and has a point where this >>329703 half wit has zero brain cells.
Elden Ring just seems to be mashup of all the potential sequels for the stuff they have been doing since Dark Souls,kinda annoyed that they pull this shit after going "no more souls" but I can give them the benefit of the doubt and pretend that this is supposed to be wrapping it up even though I highly doubt that is the case.The horse gimmick is probably not going to be as good as they are pushing it to be,and I don't particularly trust Mr.Taxes-and-incest-man to pull a proper story since he isn't used to games as a medium. All in all,I have low expectations but am open to the possibility of being surprised. <new Armored Core never ever. >>328753 Oh fuck,it's Oathbreaker.Been a while since I saw that thing,surprised me that I recognized it instantly. Perharps it's bullshit contract breaking powers were real :^).
>>329838 Not everyone who disagrees with you is the same person spergs McAutism.
>>329829 I don't think it'll be bad but it looks to be more of the same which while not a bad thing per say still is the same. Granted we might be surprised.
(133.78 KB 1280x720 Soyden Ring.jpg)
>>329857 Jesus Christ why would you post this?!
>>329829 >Been a while since I saw that thing,surprised me that I recognized it instantly. Learn teeline :^) >>329863 >Why would you post this If he has to suffer, so do you
>>329876 Why are grown men acting like this?
>>329882 Just because they're physically old doesn't mean they've matured mentally, or are capable of it.
>>329884 I'm full of pure disgust at the actions of these creatures.
(587.92 KB 731x1300 E17xmEWX0AQ4h93.jpg)
>>328767 >I did want to like them but the whole diablo-esque loot grind just fucking irritates me to all shit Anon if you're thinking about the game in that way then you're playing it wrong. Who the fuck grinds for loot in a souls like anyways unless its for souls/amrita? Just equip the strongest kind of shit that you like, make whatever build you want, and beat the game, like basically any other videogame, retard.
>>329889 There is a certain joy to powergaming, taking routes early, and getting rare drops early on that lets you alter you playstyle before you've committed to anything
>>329202 >Everybody gets into Elden Ring once it comes out >To only realize the world along with the world map is only 75% there and the rest of it is missing for some reason. There should be a really long boat section as a homage to berserk, maybe then I'll pirate it and play it for 5 minutes. >>329891 Powergaming is fun but there is no need for autismgaming in Nioh or any other game, perhaps that was what caused anons downfall and not the actual difficult gameplay itself. I beat Nioh 1/2 plus all of their DLC, grinding for gear in your first playthrough is pants on head retarded and is completely redundant because in the next level(s) you will quickly find better shit. I wonder what the fuck that anon was doing to screw up something so straight forward?
(739.53 KB 4032x2268 12349879814732556887.jpg)
(49.07 KB 254x270 kornheiser-psychic.jpg)
>>329202 >>329895 >GRR's laziness + From always cutting content from their games there will be multiple Elden Ring sequels (with multiple DLCs each) just to fill in the gaps in the first game's broken lore
>>328443 Looks promising. I wonder if it is connected to the PS2 game, Eternal Ring, which I enjoyed. From sometimes makes use of the extra time allotted for next gen. Demons Souls was fairly polished for the PS3 if I correctly recall. If it looks rushed or buggy at launch wait for the Scholar of the Second Sin edition.
>new chromehounds never ever
Let me guess, the elden ring is actually a bad thing right?
>>329857 There's no way in hell that I'm going to watch that.
(319.01 KB 640x1280 ClipboardImage.png)
As can be expect, they get assmad when you criticize their sacred cow.
>>330093 Why are people like this? I personally don't have any real objection to From games and I'm even rather fond of a couple of them but I don't swear fucking fealty to them like these people do. They need to sort their shit.
>>330093 Hype is such a bizarre fucking thing. It's cult-like.
I like From's games, I'm even playing Sekiro at the moment and loving it but Elden Ring did nothing for me. I'm sure I'll play it and enjoy it a lot but it just felt derivative. I suppose the thing about Elden Ring for me, is how well builds are supported. They're bringing in a lot of previous mechanics and approaches. Would be nice if stealth had some proper support for a boss or two.
>>330111 >I suppose the thing about Elden Ring for me, is how well builds are supported. They're bringing in a lot of previous mechanics and approaches. Where are you getting this information? The game basically doesn't even exist yet.
>>330117 >The game basically doesn't even exist yet. Well the game does exist but it's not even out till next year. Getting super hyped is retardation I agree.
>>330105 You mean manufactured "hype" from "fellow gamers".
>>330202 Until a game releases there's literally no difference between a game existing or not existing. Everything you see before then is just marketing. >>330211 Exactly. It's all fake.
>>330243 The game exist in some from or another to say it literally doesn't exist because it hasn't come out yet is silly. Now I will say sucking it off before it comes out is just wrong.
>>330093 >game will do amazing because omg fromsoft game >george r r martin will be lauded even though it just looks like darks souls except more I bet george took too long like he does with everything and miyazaki just had to come up with shit last minute >george gets lauded with praise and even more shitty show deals
>>330117 No information, just a feeling I'm getting from the trailer. Its bringing in Souls stuff and Sekiro stuff.
>>330093 This will probably be Fromsoft's last game where people will actually stand for another Demon's Souls with different aesthetics/larger smaller map/less or more features, the problem is that their last card, the collab card, is the shark jump, after this they can't go "Look it's the same game but in World War 2, and you play as hecking Mad Jack, and parry bullets with your EPIC sword and kill Nazi demons!" without getting shit thrown at them, there's only so much blind support from a fanbase the general populace can stand, and I guarantee you that will blow up like a powder keg by the next From game after this one, assuming it doesn't happen now, and they still defend From when people go "This looks just like the last 5 games you guys made but now it's in WW2 Europe." I guarantee you that will be final nail in the coffin, and by 2026 we will be getting "Fromsoft games were NEVER good." videos like Bethesda is now after a golden age of internet criclejerking.
>>336172 While I do agree that there is such a thing as "game series fatigue", looking at things like FIFA tells me that you can release the same game on an yearly basis and normalfgas will keep gobble it up. Then you have CoD and AssCreed, which did went through a "game series fatigue", but mostly because those games were released on an yearly basis and some of them, especially AssCreed became buggy messes. This is not a problem with FromSoft, as they do not release "Souls-like" games on an yearly basis, they instead release one every 1-3 years so the "game series fatique" won't affect them as much as it was with Asscreed or CoD. I guess the biggest problem is that other companies have made their own "Souls-like" games, and some of them, such as Nioh, brought a lot of new things to the table, that make the original Demon Souls look clunky in comparison(not saying Demon Souls was a bad game).
>>336172 >different aesthetics Hardly
(246.37 KB 1114x676 E3pCmPyVkAAaoVp.jpg)
Being a PvP autist, I noticed A LOT of recycled animations and assets from Dark Souls 3. To be honest, this game is looking more like Dark Souls 3-2 than anything new, this is nowhere near the jump from DS to Bloodborne or Sekiro, a lot of this game is going to be literally copypasted from Dark Souls 3 specifically.
>>336730 Reusing animations is nothing new. It saves a lot of time.
>>336730 I'm more concerned with the art direction myself, namely that it looks exactly like darksouls. But fuck me for wanting a new ip to actually look like a new ip, right? >>336252 >>336921 Fromshill detected
>>337341 Medieval fantasy looks like medieval fantasy?! Stop the presses!
>>337356 >Medieval fantasy That's the problem. We've already had 4 games with medieval europe and gothic aesthetic. It would have been nice if they'd chosen a different look, like >>328857 suggested for example or at least a more early middle-ages Scandinavian look. <but it does have nordic influence Yeah, a helmet and some patterns on the final boss' robes. No where near enough to make it look distinct from darksouls. In fact, even other "medieval fantasy" games look different from dark souls unlike elden ring which looks practically identical to dark souls with only the most minute of details that fromslaves like your self will cherry pick out. Take your "yes chads" back to /r/eldenring, normalcattle.
>>336172 There's a problem with that though in that Bethesda games unironically play like shit and have boring, bland worlds, while Souls is the polar opposite.
>>337367 I think a big part of the problem is actually the nip audience on this specific topic. They have a similar romanticism about samurai and feudal Japan. It's analogous to Western romanticism for medieval Europe. To them it's slightly more exotic, not to mention there isn't anything like Gothic architecture in Japan.
>>336921 Not just animations, but effects, frame data, spells, mechanics, etc. For example the roll is the exact same roll from DS3, frame by frame, the trailer also shows a quickstep that is the exact same quickstep from DS3, frame by frame, a charged straight sword R2 that the exact same one from DS3, a spell that is exactly soul stream but a different color, a riposte on an enemy that's pretty much a spider guy from Irithyll, a whip animation that again is frame-by-frame the exact same as the DS3 whip, the smoke effects from the boss a literally copypasted from the Nameless King fight in DS3, you get the idea. It's not just a little bit of stuff, thee is a shitton of things being copypasted from DS3 and DS3 alone, I didn't notice any assets from DS1, DS2 or Bloodborne and the only thing I noticed from Sekiro was some trees.
>>337367 >>328857 Anons what this anon >>337371 says is very true and they find western things interesting to them while we find things east Asian exotic. Hell I think even something southern European would be a nice change of pace.
>this thread full of anti-shills shitting on a game that isn't even out yet what, did we turn into kotaku? You can't rate a game you haven't played. >>336172 >this will be fromsoft's last game cope >Look it's the same game but in World War 2, and you play as hecking Mad Jack, and parry bullets with your EPIC sword and kill Nazi demons! want, but they already made this game.
>>337390 Of course you can. When the advertisements outright tell you the game is shit, then why would you waste your time with it? If the things they show you to try to get you to play the game don't convince you, then they've failed. And I know you actually agree, because I know there are tons of games that you don't want to play despite never having played them before. They don't look good to you.
>>337404 >advertisements >literally just one trailer showing it's world >from a company you should already know makes good games of this type >somehow this is a sign that it's a bad game Literally makes no sense.
>>337414 You're literally a shill from reddit or more likely twitter Good job ip-hopping by the way
>>337404 >>337425 It seems like you've been doing what you're accusing of him of.
(397.72 KB 640x878 ClipboardImage.png)
(20.67 KB 960x259 ClipboardImage.png)
(2.84 MB 1871x1080 fromsoft is nu-fun.png)
>>337414 >fromsoft soulshit >good pretentious walking simulators masquerading as games, what's next anon, your going to tell me CDPR makes good games!? or that Miyazaki isn't a westaboo hack like Kojimbo
>>337449 See this is the thing that actually concerns me, not the >muh dark souls 4 >muh medieval fantasy again that other anons keep bringing up.
>>337441 >no u You probably should have said "projecting". you'd still be wrong, but you'd have the added bonus of coming across as a pretentious pseudo-intellectual.
(114.59 KB 412x400 what in the goddamn.jpg)
>>337456 >pretentious walking simulators Are you fucking retarded? If you're gonna shit on something at least not be a total know nothing about what you shit on. >>337461 Are you concerned about the open world meme? If so I can understand due to shit like BOTW being big but fucking empty with a lack of shit to do or the alt of having a lot to do but none of it really being meaningful. >>337464 Are you missing the frontal lobe of the brain?
>>337404 >when the advertisements tell you a game is shit what advertisement told you the game would be shit, and since when has anyone with a bit of conscious thought taken what others say at face value completely; you have brain problems. >if the things they show you don't make you want to play then the game isn't for you, that doesn't mean it's bad. >I know you agree I agree that games that I don't have an interest in won't take up my time. I know that I don't like turn-based RPGS, and I know I don't like the grind of an MMO, but I know that doesn't make it objectively bad. You sound like a child. >>337425 >you sound like a shill my dude, the game isn't even out, being this hard and fast in an opinion is like saying you don't like broccoli because it's green. >>337456 >!? your reddit is showing >that image imagine caring about what other people do in their free time.
>>337479 >my dude >imagine caring about what other people do in their free time Well if there was any doubt about where you came from before it's gone now.
>>337468 >Are you concerned about the open world meme? Yes. Open world game design conceptually is a good idea but in practice it always seems to be completely disappointing.
>>337490 >Yes. Open world game design conceptually is a good idea but in practice it always seems to be completely disappointing I can't fault you on that and I'm someone who enjoys Sandbox/open world stuff but even I have to conceded to them being poorly done a lot of the time.
>>337468 Dark Souls games are some of the most overrated games this decade, the only thing they did well was it's translation of a metroidvania into a 3D environment. The combat is way to simple, it absolutely pales next to action games like Ninja Gaiden, Good Hand, Platinum games and DMC. Character building is close to nonexisting thus it doesn't come close to the majority of RPG out there, even Code Vein shit on it in this department. And don't get me started on the lazy boss mechanics. >>337479 >imagine caring about what other people do in their free time. Shiteaters like you ruined every entertainment media, and you telling me not to fucking care, reddit cancer.
>>337503 What made me look at you like you are a drooling imbecile was the whole "pretentious walking simulators as games" quote is just so objectively retarded that I'm stunned you thought it was intelligent to even post that.
>>337503 >you ruined entertainment media I don't see how, I wasn't able to consume until I was around 18, and I chose the things that I wanted with my wallet then on. When I was 18 it was about 2016, and by then entertainment media was pretty deep in shit, save for some gems. You're forgetting we had an entire era where the games from older generations were being released again, and that was the only thing to tide people over; not remade to be a new game, but the exact same game released for the second time. A game that desires to do decent things for a fanbase that craves what they have been making, but with just a bit more, a fresher coat to it, some more elbow room, doesn't seem that bad from the eyes of someone who saw a lot of good games come through, and then some real shitshows of generations.
>>337503 >The combat is way to simple I don't know about that, not everything needs to be DMC. The complexity comes from how you strategize when fighting enemies who have different attack patterns and weaknesses, plus there's various builds available and magic spells. My problem with elden ring is that it isn't new. Its no different from call of duty or battlefield releasing the same game every year with only some gimmicks to make it different.
>>337518 I'm willing to wait to see more of the game before ripping it's anus.
>>337518 Using the same ground work of previous games isn't bad. Obviously they're adding new elements to the formula with a mount, traversing with that mount, & having to do an open world setting. Plus just the fact it's a new franchise disconnected from the story or worlds built from the Souls series or Bloodborne already makes it different. Did people complain like this when Bloodborne was revealed?
>>337518 From what they've released it seems to be building off of serkiro with the jumping mechanics and stealth mechanics.
>>337529 Which isn't a wholly bad thing.
>>337527 >just the fact it's a new franchise disconnected from the story or worlds built from the Souls series or Bloodborne already makes it different Let me use an extreme example to try illustrating a point. Say fromsoftware announced a new ip called shadow spirits. In the world of shadow spirits the world was originally a foggy gray wasteland inhabited by hydras until ice suddenly appeared and 4 individuals came to collect the king souls from it. The first being Gawayin, king of the sun, the second being the she-wizard of Izeland and the third being neetbo the lich. They then killed all the hydras and millennia later the game takes place. The world of shadow spirits is a medieval gothic land inhabited by those cursed with un-life and the player is one of those. At the end of the game the player must decide whether to refreeze the ice or let it melt. Would you say that shadow spirits is different from darksouls by virtue of being a new franchise disconnected from the story or worlds built from the Souls series or Bloodborne? <but elden ring isn't a carbon copy of darksouls I was using an extreme example to illustrate the flaw with your argument. Though I don't know why I bother since arguing with people online is a futile endeavor, especially when they're emotionally attached to the subject of the argument. Despite what you'll no doubt say in reply, I'm not emotionally attached to hating the game. In fact I even plan on playing it. I just don't view it as this holy idol that is above criticism like you do.
Does From ever do demos or open betas anymore? I'd really like to get some hands on experience with ER to see how I really feel about it. >>337529 Could you imaging how good it would be if they made a Bloodborne successor but with Sekiro's jumping and movement mechanics?
(5.97 KB 200x200 asked for this.jpg)
>>337617 >Could you imaging how good it would be if they made a Bloodborne successor but with Sekiro's jumping and movement mechanics?
(606.43 KB 620x877 81390100_p0.png)
(919.78 KB 877x620 81390100_p1.png)
(100.98 KB 1000x1000 uyijg92jmck51.jpg)
(670.28 KB 1000x3296 270d4736848221aa3870bea75ea8e6cd.jpg)
>>336172 I think you've got it almost exactly backwards. What causes fans to lose patients with a developer is when they change things too much not too little. Decades of sports games bear this out. As well take things like Battlefield or CoD, people only started bitching when they started fucking around with it. Also take Dragon Quest. It's a series that has only slowly and incrementally changed since 1986 and it is to this day a well beloved series. To put even more of an exclamation point on this Sekiro which is based on the souls concept and probably the same engine but varies in a few key ways caused a minor rift in the fanbase, with some considering it too hard because being single player only they couldn't summon the Blades of the Darkmoon to save their asses or because lack or builds/replayability which is potentially a valid complaint. AND EVEN THEN THE GAME WON ALL SORTS OW AWARDS AND WAS FULLY ACCEPTED INTO THE SOULSFAG PANTHEON. You may not like it but From could easily release 20 or 30 more years of not-Dark Souls games.

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