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Uncommon Time: Year 6 Anonymous 07/21/2021 (Wed) 20:27:57 Id: 665364 No. 368859
We have an ongoing issues where we don't have someone to stream the game, and the other guy on zzzchan basically refused to do it for personal reasons. Here's the rest of the OP from the thread if anyone wants to discuss it.. >What is Uncommon Time? It's a bad RPGMaker game made by a sexually-ambiguous girlboy that has been streamed bi-annually for the past six years now, usually once in December and again in the first(?) week of August. It has notoriously bad writing that is laughable at best and infuriating at worst. >Why should I care? It's a forced tradition that's guaranteed fun and typically generates a decent amount of content, already having at least three fan games, two rewrites plus mine, an alleged voice acted production, some fan fiction which is kind of gay, and a lot more art and macros that it deserves. That is, so long as it's streamed. >Who's streaming? YOU CAN DO IT! I BELIEVE IN YOU! >I don't know who or even if it will be streamed; this sort of thing is never really organized to my knowledge. The first one was this schizoid named Lolioasis who eventually fell into drunken insanity and then disappeared. The second streamer is Thassil, who may or may have not committed suicide by now. The third streamer, Teaganbestgirl, has only streamed for the winter and is almost certainly a homosexual. I picked up the mantle for a December-January stream and my only crime has been having shit taste in music as far as I'm concerned. While I can't stream, I don't mind setting up a cytube room since I had some pretty nice CSS and a good amount of emotes that should almost all be preserved, and I may be able to share some OBS scene configs if anyone is interested in those, but I really wouldn't know how to even go about that since I don't do this often. I should also be able to get some moderators to help mitigate some spam if that's an issue that comes up, so that should alleviate 90% of the pressure. >In the meantime, feel free to ask questions about streaming if you're interested as well as post any discussion about the game and the content that has come from it. I know the turn-based tactics spinoff has been going quite well and that rewrite guy has been keeping a fairly consistent devlog.
>>368859 A streamer was found nerd.
(1.81 MB 1200x2000 Medieval Teagan.png)

>>368859 I'm glad the rewrite and the tactics game are still coming along nicely. But whatever happened to the voice acting project that 8chanmania was working on? also what the fuck happened to him in general?
>>368891 Really? That's good news.
>>368893 He opened /x/ on zzz but considering we are a handful of anons spread across 4 sites it never really took off. Had some ok threads though.
>>368893 There was an idea to do the entire thing in falsetto like Monty Python.
(9.88 MB 1280x720 teagan.webm)

>>368859 Has it been that long already?
>>368979 Shit, I thought they were just doing streams once a year.
I still remember the first time we saw Duet. Shit was magical.
Give us more info on the rewrite and tactics game please. How far along are the two?
>>369225 Check the agdg thread nigger.
>>368996 Originally it was one in summer and one in winter until around the pandemic hit
>>369225 >How far along are the two? For the tactics game: Code: 75% of the coding is done, though the remaining 25% is mostly just a "in case something goes wrong" estimate. Honestly it seems more like 90% of the coding is done, but I'd rather not say that in case something unforeseen happens. Abilities: 4% of the party member abilities are done. Until I actually sat down to calculate this number, I did not realize just how far behind I have gotten on this. Story: 15% of the story appears to be done. I actually am at about 1/3rd of the way through the total plot, but I decided to go back and give more areas for the player to walk around and explore. That way it isn't just one long cutscene that is only broken up by combat. Art: 17-27% of the art is done. So far I have 5 of the 9 party members done. I need additional art for random generic NPCs as well as the important villains. Additionally, I intend to have important sequences be displayed as comics, so there's a lot of art that needs to be made. It seems I bit off more than I could chew with this project, but to stop now would be a waste.
(1.58 MB 1366x768 q6nv66.png)

>>368859 I've still got the streaming site configured for a large audience, although Uncommon Time is pretty much the only stream that requires it. It's been neglected lately, but I'll try to give it some love after the next site update rolls out. I'd be happy to help the new streamer configure things. I'd also be happy to help deflect spam again. Anything to make things go smoothly, really. They can always shoot me an e-mail at codexx@cock.li or /query Codexx on Rizon.
From sleepychan, though even there are people reluctant to stream - >Here's some downloads: <https://mega.nz/file/5i5ByAjQ#V6WAR_iDkJTJBqSyAyNV54p7ly8UBAJ6Qe1k_Ak2rKw >This is Duet, the version of the game with the modded extra ending and reduced level curve. <https://mega.nz/file/9zASBLAa#mM7kIn-D8SNO3zC4x2qZ96NlPMMvmDMYSJH9iLHoyuY >A save file that's at the right point to go into the duet ending. <https://mega.nz/file/lm4lwA7I#odptZfI0kFz9hu_wYJPScQT0guajerC0IDoTZlJtges >Coda, an intensely autistic followup to one of the game's other endings. This one's a standalone RPGmaker game. <https://feralphoenix.itch.io/uncommon-time/devlog/104774/uncommon-time-v111 >And most importantly, the latest official version of Uncommon Time, updated in October 2019. Duet was made with an earlier version, so if you're going to play the game you should use this one since it has some updates and extra content that I think hasn't been streamed before since people used the duet version or didn't realise there was extra stuff.
>>370171 I thought they had someone stepping up to do it? Or did I misread that?
>>370291 Anon is, but trying to stream on watch.8moe won't play well with there, so another streaming site?
>>370320 Looks like a cytube is being setup if in reading it right. Just like go to the thread nerd.
>>370342 Oh wait, I'm the nerd. Someone did mention the 8moe site and there aren't any spergs yet so who knows.
(76.81 KB 800x859 Teagan.jpg)

>>368859 >THREE fan games I believe I have one of them, but what were they?
>>370171 I decided to open the version_history.txt of the patch notes since duet which is based on 1.07. Take this information how you will: 1.22.2017 - v1.08 Fixed passability issues 5.23.2017 - v1.09 Added cutin variant for puzzle in final dungeon Small information updates to post-End 1 extras room 3.08.2018 - v1.10 Added hint skit to Behemoth boss battle Small information updates to post-End 1 extras room 10.15.2019 - v1.11 Added foreshadowing for a thing in a place Rebalanced a few boss battles slightly Replaced demo afterparty end roll images New battler graphic for Movement 2 final boss New sidequest "Alto & Solenne" added Instruction booklet added to game package
>>370171 Sleepychan's still alive?
>>372873 Its not dying any time soon, mark.
>>372873 Where do you think the gamenights come from?
>>372939 Doesn't zzz organize that? Or is Sleepychan zzz now?
>>372947 Anon. Sleepychan IS zzzchan. You know like zzz... I'm sleeping. Did you really think there were two boards?
>>372996 Look anon it genuinely took me until this year to realize the Eldar's "mon-keigh" is them saying monkey, I'm not a smart man.
>>373240 In lore it's "mammal", from a meta perspective its supposed to sound like monkey.
(103.29 KB 570x526 DOUBLE MONKEIGH.jpg)

>>373240 Thats deathguard tier of slow.

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