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(1.24 MB 1200x832 ClipboardImage.png)

Minor News Thread Anonymous 08/23/2021 (Mon) 22:32:02 Id: 9cb4c9 No. 396559
Basically this is a thread for those minor news articles that are interesting but not necessary big enough to have their own thread. We will be taking the bigger stories from these threads and making them into their own threads, Anons are welcome to do the same. We will NOT be heavily enforcing these threads, so please keep that in mind. Basically things like game announcements, live stream events, new gaming hardware, etc. should have their own threads while shit like NEW GUILTY GEAR DLC 3 "SLAYER" or something like that should be posted in this thread. While we won't ban anyone for doing the former, we encourage anons to use their best judgement when posting news content.
>>471604 >>471639 It doesn't even look good, she's already really thin and that new waistline makes her look emaciated. I think this is the case of the editor wanting to feel like he did something valuable.
>>471306 The only thing that surprises me is how long it took them, custom life-sized plush dolls (mainly of the eevee line) were already a thing, and yes you could order them ready to be fitted with your onahole/dildo.
(1.40 MB 850x1228 ClipboardImage.png)

>>471604 If you've seen other LoL official art, the women are always unrealistically skinny and with cartoonish proportions. Rather than it being an attempt to make it sexier, I feel this may be more of a "bringing things towards our style" thing.
>>471306 haha, imagine if they included a blue doughnut as a plus it would he funny haha
(94.43 KB 1038x576 SleepTogetherArcanine.jpg)

(69.02 KB 1000x563 life_size_arcanine_plush.jpg)

>>471306 Call me when they make a Braixen♀ plush >>472116 Joking aside, they did sell official life size Arcanine plushies too
>>472082 >yes you could order them ready to be fitted with your onahole/dildo Like, official ones? Need a source on that if true
(1.15 MB 1000x563 ClipboardImage.png)

(841.94 KB 1000x563 ClipboardImage.png)

(1.24 MB 1000x563 ClipboardImage.png)

https://www.spike-chunsoft.co.jp/miabyss/top.html https://www.4gamer.net/games/568/G056843/20211122014/ https://archive.ph/wip/mNj5F Actual info about that Made in Abyss game announced half a year ago. >title is Made in Abyss: Binary Star Falling into Darkness >beyond help action RPG >stars custom character (the A and B choices are labeled voice and clothes) >single player only >date still only given as 2022
>>471306 that is just cute
>>471306 Someone out there is going to buy it, cut a hole in it, and fuck it
>>474315 Looks decent, I thought they were just going to make a visual novel, so this is an improvement.
Guess who's back
>>471638 >Slimmer thighs. So it's shit
>>475260 Looks like shit
(751.13 KB 854x480 It Does Look Like Shit.webm)

(205.67 KB 705x1080 Costner kino.jpg)

>>475507 Why do fags hate AquaWorld again?
>>475524 Waterworld isn’t as bad as the Postman as far as bad Kevin Costner movies go.
>>472227 You just know
>>475527 I liked Postman as well
>>475524 the loli was ugly
(333.60 KB 640x480 Gary_and_Arcanine.png)

>>472227 Is that really life size? I thought Arcanine was supposed to be huge, the pokedex says it has a height of 6'03" and quadrupeds are typically measured at the shoulder. Though I suppose it could be 6 ft long like Furret is and the anime could be just fucking up scale like it usually does.
>>469488 >claim that they'd slap down Saint's Blow for faggotry is insane You're seriously underestimating the greed of your average C-level suit. To get there, you have to be the kind of guy willing to sell his grandmother for a quick buck, aside from a workaholic. Swede or not, actual political orientation or not, if you try to separate a C-level exec from his bonus, you're gonna get cut.
(375.99 KB 634x2704 Capture.png)

>>475937 The Big Three have all said this, expect more companies to as well.
>>475937 It's amazing to watch Activision Blizzard implode this hard
>>475937 >>475937 They are kicking it while its down
>>475937 Imagine if all three big guys just cut off Activision from publishing on Console unless Kotick leaves. Fuck imagine if even Steam doesn't want anything to do with them. It'd be funny as hell
>>475981 I believe some former Valve guys were urging Gabe to say something but I doubt he will.
>>475983 Honestly, good for gabe, he should focus on his company, new vidya and the steam deck, not virtue signaling.
(1.69 MB 2774x3089 jesus.jpg)

Look at who I found in my yearbook...
>>475937 Remember how Nintendo sold out the entire Video Game Industry to fucking spite Sega during the "Muh Videogames Cause Violence!" Kangaroo Court by those Political Kikes? They didn't have the balls to tell China to fuck off and promptly told Hong Kong to go pound sand. This is the fucking same. No fucking evidence, no lawsuits, just pure opportunism.
>>476035 >Why be plain when you can be crunchy That does sound like Sam alright
>>476035 Nice find, anon. I miss when Sam Hyde wasn’t a scam artist
>>476039 >scam artist what happened? I keep hearing people say this, I haven't been attention to Sam Hyde since his adult swim show got cancelled.
>>476035 >reverse searched it >no results Seriously? Sick. He wasn't a bad looking guy back when he didn't let his moustache hair curl into his mouth.
>>476061 He put all his videos behind a paywall, is convincing everyone he's been working on a video game for about 10 years now, and is making boatloads from reddit donations, plus he takes on fat unfunny grifters as his new posse, and each one is less memorable than the last.
(725.78 KB 846x2472 ClipboardImage.png)

<Star Citizen Has Raised An Eye-Watering $400,000,000 Since 2012 >According to Star Citizen's official website, the game has now generated more than $400,000,000 from fan-raised funds. Despite its community's generosity, however, Cloud Imperium Games is still yet to release a full version of the game even though its crowdfunding campaign started back in 2012 https://archive.md/D6w4a
>>476035 Nice dude. Those quotes sound just like him. It's been over 2 decades since he put that shit there and he seemingly never changed his stance. He's still a faggot who puts stuff up his butt though.
>>476399 Can you really blame the guy for becoming like that when he got screwed over by everyone? Fuck Tim Heidecker by the way, slimy alcoholic jewish fatso.
>>476554 Can we get this to one billion dollars before the executives are all rounded up and publicly executed?
(377.46 KB 599x8533 ClipboardImage.png)

(28.68 KB 769x335 ClipboardImage.png)

>>476650 Well then you better start generously donating your JPEG ships so they have more to sell. >>476649 Tim was one of the fags who lost their mind when Trump was elected right? Or was he just always a cunt?
>>476673 Isn't EVE Online significantly worse and more nefarious than Star Shitizen?
>>476687 Honestly no idea. I never really bothered with or kept tabs on it. Hopefully another anon who did can chime in on the subject though as it would be interesting to see what space game can best drain your wallet.
>>476673 He was always a cunt and became a real shitter in 2016. The guy was pals with Lazzo and got preferential funding for his unfunny projects over real shows for the network. Surprised surprise, Lazzo is thrown out and real shows are immediately announced, plus new seasons for old shows people liked, and now Tim can't seem to scrape any money together to do his shitty productions any more, and the world turns. You know it's bad when industry suits can make better decisions about shows than guys who were trained as writers in comedy and entertainment.
>>476694 I guess star citizen, because it's not even out yet. Eve is at least an actual game.
So according to 4cuck /biz/ someone put the entirety of Super Mario 64 onto the ICP (Internet Computer Protocol) blockchain. SM64 is basically going to be on the internet FOREVER unless Nintendo buys a 51% stake in the coin or owns half of the nodes for the protocol https://boards.4channel.org/biz/thread/43826343 https://archive.md/wip/US677
(436.75 KB 1600x1200 mario and luigi bersaglieri.png)

>>478907 Are you challenging nintendo?
>>478907 I never understood stuff like this and blockchains. How can I buy stakes in this? Do I need to buy it with other crypto currencies? Econ class never taught us this shit back when I was in school.
>>478915 ICP as a coin is supposed to "redefine" the internet according to their whitepaper. That doesnt matter. The game isnt running on the internet or anything magic like that. This is just a bunch of arbitrary data shoved onto the blockchain. Why this matters is that some blockchains can support large data, and second, this is copyright/illegal content. Its there forever on the transaction ledger. You have to have consensus from half the entire protocol to fork/alter the ledger, so that arbitrary data is basically there forever. tldr anyone with access to the ICP protocol can access SM64 (and possibly other games) forever
>>476687 Has EVE Online taken FOUR HUNDRED MILLION dollars from people without providing a game?
>>476687 Considering EvE has had an actual, functioning game for 18 years now, no. Any real game beats vaporware by default. Eve however, does have the limitations of an 18 year old game for the most part. Tab targeting (at least when I last played it) is a shit so combat is boring, eternal imbalance, and spreadsheet simulator, but, well, that's just all economic-focused games by default.
>>478917 What gets put on that ICP isn't vetted or anything? It's open source?
>>479043 Go outside and slap one of those BOPE guys to see if they are so powerless, luciano.
>>479065 Do it then, go and show me, if you do so and post evidence ill go and blow up a goverment building, deal?
(291.18 KB 1200x1600 Cossack.jpg)

>>478917 Wouldn't the resolution to the case just be that Nintendo just sues the fuck out of the one guy who uploaded it and the devs? Unless if I'm understanding this correctly the coin is so successfully decentralized that no one person currently has 51% stake. In such an instance, would the theoretically legal move be for Nintendo to sue ICP stakeholders collectively until they collectively choose to remove that code? I'm assuming the stakeholders aren't private, but I don't know the details of the coin.
>>476687 Eve is an actual game, whatever you may say about the quality of that game, it actually exists. Star Shitizen is the promise of a game, and until that game materializes, EVE, by mere grace of actually existing, is better.
>>479275 I'm pretty sure Star Citizen is pretty far along in development now. It's just failed to deliver on when it would be done because it evolved into a perpetually developer live server game. Not that that excuses anything but it has been actively developed and you can play it. I've heard it's kind of impressive but jenk.
>>479277 Oh yeah I know there's been actual gameplay released at some point. Whether or not that will be worth it or not is a different question, and it's almost a certainity that it will come out. However, until it fully does in it's entirety, any comparison between EVE and it are marred by the fact it isn't realized yet.
Shadow Tactics is getting an expac. To be honest I felt something in my throat with that last reveal. I miss him a lot.
>>480525 >stealth is YOOOptional for this mission
>Kingdoims of Amalur, a game that almost bankrupted an entire state, us getting an expansion pack What the fuck is THQNordic doing? I get they want to use the shit they've acquired but KoA?
>>484369 that DLC was promised last year so that's not really news
>>484383 Was not aware. It releases next week so I guess that's news.
>>484369 KoA is unironically a good game, it was just way too expensive and didn't sell well.
>>484385 I remember it being really on the easy side.
Squeenix announces a Chrono Cross teaser...
>>485024 >>485025 Honestly I'm almost relieved. If Square released a remaster of Chrono Cross and massively fucked it up it might be the thing that puts me over the fucking edge. At least the art is spot on.
(653.37 KB 1080x2400 VP.jpg)

Senior VP of Playstation Network George Cacioppo was recently caught by a sting group trying to have sex with a 15-year-old boy. https://youtube.com/watch?=14INdlFIe-k
>>485093 I guess shitty games and jewish practices isn't the only way Sony knows how to campaign for Democrats.
>>485095 >wordfilters What fucking site am I on?
>>485093 Isn't this one of the really pro-censorship people at Sony? Why are they always sex pests IRL? Is it some kind of projection thing? >>485096 Word filters against CP no less lmao. Acid really caters to pedos as hard as he can, doesn't he?
>>485095 >>485096 >>485098 Wait what word is filtered? Is it Democrat activism?
It seems like I answered my own question. It's the naughty term for cheese pizza.
>>485093 >VP of Playstation Network George Cacioppo was recently caught by a sting group trying to have sex with a 15-year-old boy Not shocking. Likely the first of many such cases over there given soynys direction lately.
>>485093 It's weird how he's a bigshot at Soyny but he didn't just move to Europe or some other place where the AoC is like 14, dude would have been greenlit the entire way, a hero in their eyes for being a gay too.
(5.27 MB 1280x720 PRAGMATA - Coming 2023.mp4)

I kinda want to get this game solely because of the cute blond loli in it. When was the last time you guys seen an actual beautiful white woman or girl in a western vidya?
(640.40 KB 550x413 ClipboardImage.png)

>>485289 >When was the last time you guys seen an actual beautiful white woman or girl in a western vidya? Do we include stylized artsyles or purely realistic?
(122.93 KB 1280x720 cordelia.jpg)

>>485289 That witch from dead estate. Also, the ammount of SFM porn that little girl will spawn will be unparalled.
(95.69 KB 700x990 Tormented Souls.jpg)

>>485289 >When was the last time you guys seen an actual beautiful white woman or girl in a western vidya? You won't see anything decent by AAAshit I can tell you that much. Last AAAshit with actually decent looking women was probably Overwatch.
>>485289 Don't know what year it came out, but i grabbed shadow of war for $5 and shelob is genuinely pretty.
(2.11 MB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)

>>485332 It's honestly very difficult to think of any recent game from the west that has a beautiful woman (white or not, for that matter) that isn't Overwatch or a Japanese game. You probably had a few 5 or 6/10s back in 7th gen I wanted to fuck Faith from Mirror's Edge (original, not the inferior Catalyst version) but only because I had yellow fever during my teenage days but that's about it. >>485351 Is this her? She's alright.
(89.74 KB 1280x720 Katarina.jpg)

I just remebered that Dungeon Siege 3 exists. That is still 7th gen era, so pretty far. I never played it, and don't know if it's a good game.
>>485355 But she's a fucking spider
>>485093 And he just got fired too. Sony no doubt hoping they can just bury that shit https://archive.vn/NZPgz
>>429546 Just do not give money to netflix. Nobody cares what you watch on it. If you give money to them, they'll use it to make propaganda. No matter what you watch. >>433778 Bastila will turn ugly and she say cute things anymore and she won't say cute things anymore and definitly not "I'll be utterly yours, master!" And what's going to happen to the nigger that can't solve grade school math? They'll change it. I'm sure.
>>485355 I mean, Fortnite has some cuties, but that shit is chink owned.
>>485506 Are we still going to have Twi'lek jailbait?
>>485572 Hell fucking no.
>>485289 That's a cute android girl. I don't like that everything beautiful has to be artificial. That's also a hollywood brainwashing thing to degrade us. So I'm sceptical. >When was the last time you guys seen an actual beautiful white woman or girl in a western vidya? >western That makes it really hard. Beautiful is hard because it requires a lot of polygons and we only have those since recently but recently also means more Jews in vidya. Bastila (KotoR) was cute but she had few polygons. Can't blame her for that. Ashley in Mass Effect 1 was okay but she was an ugly mutt and so was Shepard. Liked her racism though. Lara Croft in Tomb Raider 2013 looked okay. In Tomb Raider Underword she has bigger tits though a less western face. Characters in BloodRayne all looked like ugly skanks. Triss looked good IN WITCHER TWO. In 1 and 3 she's ugly. Portal bitch is an ugly flatchested Brazillian. Fuck her. The co-op robots were just as good. Skyrim can have some good looking women. After you modded it. I feel like there aren't that many western games in which women actually have character and appear for more than a few seconds. >>485314 He said western. So artstyle doesn't matter as long as it's made west of Russia or by Russians.
>>485572 They definitly won't give the Twi'lek dancers tit physics!
>>485572 Only if it can be modeled after some ugly baboon.
>>485289 I hate to say Mercy from overwatch. but Mercy from overwatch.
(133.02 KB 1280x720 mercy.jpg)

>>485605 Fan art doesn't count. Face is Bing Bing Wahoo tier tbh
(99.80 KB 806x982 DEMON.jpg)

>>485617 Exactly. Go with girls who are hot in-game.
(985.08 KB 1920x1080 4010470-1444074995.jpg)

>>485630 Triss Witcher 2 I say.
(178.94 KB 1600x900 Freud.jpg)

>>485641 >Your females are about as aesthetically pleasing as your teeth Where did your mother touch you?
>>485645 People to respond to blatant bait deserved to be banned just as much as the baiters
>>485649 I was angry because he spelled Freud wrong.
>>485645 >Sigmund "penis envy" Freud
(98.09 KB 1280x720 Onirism Emily.jpg)

>>485482 >But she's a fucking spider Like that's ever gonna stop me.
>>480525 Is out.
>>485820 >No piercings anywhere Damn, I almost thought they were going to ruin these cute designs before expanding the images.
Anno 1404 is free until the 14th. Catch is that it's ubisoft gay launcher exclusive.
>>486380 The only time the daughters are ruined is when they lose health and then you have to sacrifice another daughter to heal them And that also you can't pick the hairstyles, they're randomized.
>>487080 You had me exited there for a moment.
>>487115 Just pirate the damn game, and you skip the step of them datamining your computer. And, you won't feel guilty as they're giving the game away for free in the first place.
(291.40 KB 460x215 ClipboardImage.png)

(5.47 MB 1920x1079 ClipboardImage.png)

(4.46 MB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)

(4.54 MB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)

Call of Juarez Gunslinger is free on steam for a short time for people too lazy to just pirate it.
>>487986 Announcement for something at TGA?
>>487997 Seems plausible considering the timing.
>>487986 Is there a one stop place that keeps track of all the free games on all the different launchers out there?
>>488004 ross from accursed farms usually says something about free games on his twitter profile https://twitter.com/accursedfarms?lang=en >>487986 are those games any good? all I know is that the one that tried to go modern was awful, but had some neat ideas to go along with it, dunno about the actual western ones
>>488017 I liked Bound in Blood, but I haven't played since it came out so I have no clue how that holds up these days. Gunslinger was a bit different but still pretty fun and definitely miles better than the modern era game that came before it. For the price of free, I'd say play it if you like western settings.
>>488017 >are those games any good? To be frank, not really. They're very standard first-person shooters of the era. Health regen, waist-high walls, turret sections, annoying forced companions, the works.
>>488017 I played almost all of them, Gunslinger's quite good if you ask me but it doesn't play like any of the other games in the series, which are ok but are mostly standard fps games of the era like >>488158 says.
New career for Vermintide 2 got announced/released. Warrior Priest for Saltzpyre.
>>489235 Have they enabled proton EAC yet? Or better yet have the removed the anti-cheat all together since it's completely fucking pointless for a game like vermintide?
(29.27 KB 714x504 ClipboardImage.png)

>>489294 Most recent news I remember seeing on that topic was two months ago. https://archive.md/OLuX5
Didn't realize nobody mention it: Metal Max 2 DS translation is out.
Pokemon devs posted this. Honestly, I grow more disappointed every time I look at this wooden Voltorb. I've seen some lazy designs, but this is just slothful incompetence.
>>489549 Well there's no real way to come up with a new voltorb design, since his whole thing is being a possessed pokeball, i would actually be upset if hisuian voltorb was yet another bipedal furfag OC like cindeace or locario.
>>489549 I'm not sure what you're upset about. That video is cute
>>488017 >all I know is that the one that tried to go modern was awful The Cartel wasn't any different to the previous games, stripping it of the Wild West setting just made it apparent how utterly generic the Call of Juarez franchise is. Gunslinger is the only good one and that's because it's nothing like the rest, it's arcade shooter instead of Call of Duty but in the 19th century.
>>489569 Give it decorations and an exclusive move based on one of the 7 apricorn balls. >Heavy gets Grass Knot >Lure gets Surf >Friend gets Healing Wish >Level gets Whirlwind >Fast gets Rapid Spin >Moon gets Moonlight >Love gets... something
(64.84 KB 445x488 f0012248.jpg)

>>489320 >https://isthereanydeal.com/specials/#/filter:&giveaway <Everything from Nioh, to Injustice, to Leisure Suit Larry, to Space Marine, to Hitman, to GTA, to Sonic Mania, to Saints Row, to XCOM has been free at some point in time What's the point of buying PC ANY games when they're just going to release it for free eventually?!?
>>489956 What's the point of buying any vidya if you can just pirate it?
>>489956 If you're waiting for a game to be free just pirate it man, you're not supporting the devs anyway
>>490104 Isn't that the kicker? If all of these companies are releasing their biggest games free of charge, then where is all the money coming from to support them?
(18.16 MB 854x480 Empires Trailer.webm)

Just noticed how a little over a week ago, DW9 Empires got a new trailer. Description of the game below: >“Combining the 1 vs. 1,000 action of DYNASTY WARRIORS with the addition of strategic elements, including unit command, DYNASTY WARRIORS 9 Empires sets players on a quest to conquer ancient China by both sword and strategy. Powerful Siege Battles enable commanders to deploy units to capture strategic points on the map like castles. Experiencing high-stakes fights at every turn, players can now take control of these central points on the battlefield through the use of fire attacks or other stratagem, siege weapons, and, at times, simply by force as commanders execute their strategies and attack enemy troops by issuing vital commands to units throughout the skirmish >Also added is an enriched edit function that enables gamers the ability to create the officers of their dreams and interact with the heroes of ancient China through an expanded domestic system. Players will be able to live the life of an independent officer, govern as a kind ruler, or act wickedly as a villain, helping create a more lifelike and fulfilling Three Kingdoms world with ever-changing human relations and dramatic events where the relationships between characters will have a greater influence on gameplay than ever before.” <Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires releases in the west on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch on February 15, 2022
(72.04 KB 616x353 Wars and Roses.jpg)

It's time to get your coc/k/ ready /v/ https://store.steampowered.com/app/1786200/Wars_and_Roses/
>>490168 That looks like one of those malware mobile games, except on PC.
>>490168 >first person What's the fucking point?
>>490168 While I like the idea, this particular game looks and sounds like shit.
>>490215 From what I understood, you're not one of the girls, but their commander.
>>432460 >all this free labor for a garbage company like Valve Disappointing.
>>489956 Well, most of those games are a few years old, so not many people are buying them anymore. The exception to the rule being the games that are given away on EGS because Tencent are paying the devs to make them free to entice people to their shitty storefront.
>>490245 But is the commander also a sexy(?) girl?
>>490168 I hope they fail miserably. Steam's already a platform to boost the volume of garbage games in the world. I can already see this becoming the next Rapelay if it sells any copies and the media (either flavor) gets whiff of it.
>>490358 3d ASSet flip shovelware on steam isn't exactly a new thing, anon. Hell here's another upcoming game. I dig the idea but the actual mechanics of the "parkour" seem fucky, especially how sticky the wall appears to be
>>490369 Thats worse then sticky walls, she flat out doesn't move but has the running animation anyway. Also the gameplay just seems to be jump off a wall, shooting something without moving in midair, then go back to the wall and repeat.
>>490116 Money laundering. Exactly the same as Pedowood. You didn't have this amount of free games when there weren't marxists using taxpayer money to fund their propaganda outlets disguised as game companies.
>>490150 With everyone rightfully hating China, and with Kecmo cucking out on Dead or Alive's sexyness to pander to child rapists from EVO,, only to be proven wrong by low sales and by everyone at EVO being exposed as faggot child rapists, there is no fanfare to anything announced by the company anymore. not even from fans.
>>486380 They couldn't help themselves with exactly one character >>488004 r/GameDealsFree since it's just an automated feed updated by a bot
(1.20 MB 1604x904 ClipboardImage.png)

>>490168 >Languages: English and Simplified Chinese No, it's one of those malware-infested asset-flipped mobile trash, a chink trash to boost.
>>490434 Good catch, it's definitely Chinese, Taiwanese people would've used traditional.
>>469097 >>469105 Most likely they don't have time to make all those changes. What they are doing is buying time to manipulate public perception of the game. They think that people will forget how garbage this game is and try again at marketing. Don't think for a second these people have common sense or any awareness. All they know is manipulation, profit, ideology. Nothing but animals at this point.
(91.06 KB 633x408 tit us.jpg)

$70 pricing is coming to PC, starting with Square Enix’s next games. https://archive.md/Boc89 That also means that base game FFXVI will also cost $70, ofc not including possible DLC or expansions Of course it will be that way unless nobody buys those games at that price thus driving it back down to normal, but we all know that won't happen.
>>490474 >greedy niggers want $70 now I never pay over $20 for vidya and that will not be changing. None of these fucks make anything even remotely worth paying full price for anymore.
>>490474 >Raising the price on gayrpgs that are already not worth $10
>>490474 >pricing What's that? The thing that happens to people who don't know how to use a VPN and a bittorrent client?
>>490168 >first person shooter >and a dating sim Um. >and a harem aggregator, since you're saving sexy women in your gun battles >with static mannequin models, as though the girls are too terrified to move in your presence Why.
>>488004 I use the free games listing in the "GX Corner" tab in Opera GX. You know, the new browser made "by gamers, for gamers" that has integrated procedurally generated background noise for everything you do in the browser, integration with your PC and accessory RGB lighting, and integrated streaming picture in picture, so you never miss a second of your favorite jewish shi--I mean, influen--I mean, gamers just like you. I use this browser unironically, but I don't use any of those features, even ironically. Anyway, the list of free games is okay. Updated often enough.
>>490443 That is being cynical is the strongest weapon against those animals and against consumerism. >Everything that is for sale is shit. >Everything that makes a profit for someone is shit. >Every product is shit for existing. That mindset is what keeps a person sane and away from the manipulation done by those animals.
(363.43 KB 2000x1270 Idris-Elba-as-Knuckles.jpg)

Character with dreadlocks. Now voiced by a nigger.
>>490886 >ginger now voiced by a nigger
(362.03 KB 494x1492 doa dlc.JPG)

>>490474 >DLC Dont worry, that will cost much more than the base game.
>>490886 Those are Knuckles' spikes, not his dreadlock, you dumb nigger!
>>490890 >75 dollarydoos for a costume set Holy fucking shit
>>490886 >His very first line >Do u kno de way
(1.88 MB 1080x1080 ClipboardImage.png)

Shadow Tactics is free on GOG
>>490886 >>490888 This was announced months ago how are you angry now The voice fits honestly
(3.58 MB 426x240 1.mp4)

>>491036 because Sega keeps treating Knuckles like he's black
(1.39 MB 1280x720 dumb.webm)

>>491040 I wonder if that has anything to do with how they keep making him increasingly retarded.
>>491005 Funny how things work, this was one of those games I've been hovering the purchase button during steam sales.
>>491047 Just go through the following links and check to see if any of the games you have on your wishlist have been released for free at some point: https://www.pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/List_of_freeware_games https://www.pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Category:Free-to-play https://isthereanydeal.com/specials/#/filter:&giveaway https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/topics/free-games https://nichegamer.com/?s=free https://nitter.ca/accursedfarms/search?f=tweets&q=free&since=&until=&near= If they have, just use the links from the share thread to download it and play it.
(65.96 KB 446x401 retards.png)

>>491045 Ever since the launch of Sonic and Knuckles Sega have really not been subtle about Knuckles being the furry equivalent of a black dude. That is exactly why he has always been retarded.
(127.10 KB 595x732 Capture.PNG)

Ubisoft confirmed a Splinter Cell remake. https://archive.fo/OJX9n What could possibly go wrong?
All this Sonic discussion reminds me, right now is actually a decent time to be a Sonic fan despite the recent 3D games, huh? >still have all the old games to emulate >Sega treat fan works with a modicum of respect and even hire some of them >Sonic Mania is received well by most fans >Extremely autistic people and/or children on the internet got a genuinely good and high effort remaster of a Sonic.EXE mod with NINE songs (one of them is literally 8 minutes long, jesus christ) >You can at least watch the new Sonic movies while drunk or stoned (or both) if you enjoy mind altering substances >if you grew up with Sonic, you potentially get a massive nostalgia factor that helps overlook jank/issues in some of the first 3D games and all of the non-vidya media >Tails Gets Trolled There's a lot to enjoy even if there's also a lot to hate. >>491198 I watched a video about Sonic Adventure recently that went into the weird shit revolving around what Knuckles is actually supposed to be. >Knuckles starts out being implied to be a Jamaican furry >then in Sonic Adventure he's revealed to have Aztec-ish ancestry >a lot of his music is family friendly rapping as if he were an American black dude I agree with the video in that Knuckles is fucking confusing. I have no idea what Sega actually wants him to be in terms of human ethnicity.
>>493177 >NINE songs *eleven songs, I am fucking retarded sage
(1.25 MB 2026x2529 Expeditions_Rome_Keyart.jpg)

Hey, expeditions rome has a free demo on steam if you want to check it out.
>>493161 Recent reports indicate this may just be to poach talent after a wave of resignations. The industry preys on passion, Splinter Cell is something a lot of people would like to work on. What they're not expecting is to make one Splinter Cell game, then immediately get pushed onto Far Cry and Assassin's Creed for the rest of their career.
Pathfinder: Kingmaker is free to own on EGS, if you swing that way.
(232.68 KB 605x803 asdasd.png)

Merry Chrismas for PC gamers! http://blog.esuteru.com/archives/9810317.html As confirmed by a local media and a Japanese tester, the Great Shina Firewall has officially blocked Steam Store on the mainland.
>>498413 I've seen others say this has nothing to do with the Great Firewall, it's a DNS cache poisoning attack against Valve in China for the Winter sale. The CCP usually makes announcements about these sorts of things.
>>498415 >>498413 What really bothers me with the Chinese on steam is that you come across this game that's reviewed really highly on the storepage, and then you scroll down on the reviews and it's like 16 english reviews that are mostly critical and fair to it, and then you turn off the language filter and you get these billion one line 0.1 hours played recommendation reviews that tell you nothing.
>>498413 that's cool fuck chinks
(499.10 KB 1000x657 ClipboardImage.png)

>>498413 Nice. Fuck you CCP faggots, and also fuck you to the Pope for selling out the Catholics over there. >>498419 Yeah they do the same on Amazon/etc. I remember I bought some cheap headset years ago and I rated it 4 stars or something. They soon offered more than what the headset cost in amazon gift cards to change the review. That shit is crazy.
(6.61 MB 2894x4093 ClipboardImage.png)

ESRB rates Gundam Battle Operation 2 for PC, which hasn't been announced. This follows a Korean rating last year. https://archive.ph/wip/oRNDi It's gatchashit, but hopefully it means Code Fairy (rebalanced, non-gachashit, single player only game in same engine with cute Zeon girls) will eventually come to PC.
>>498423 All online reviews are pure scams these days. The only way to get a proper read on a product is to find a reputable jewtuber to review it. Unfortunately that isn't always possible for every item. A lot of shit being sold in official market places is just straight up dangerous and fraudulent goods. Even official IRL stores will sell shit like knock-off controllers without even knowing they're knock-offs because of how corrupt supply chains are now.
Dead End Aegis: Gaiden just released on steam, and it's free. For those that enjoy VNs.
>>505125 sir this is a video game board
>>505269 VNs are a type of video games.
>>511035 I don't believe you.
(1.77 MB 3840x11108 platinum games new ceo.jfif)

PLATINUM GAMES HAS A NEW CEO https://nintendoeverything.com/atsushi-inaba-appointed-new-ceo-of-platinum-games/ https://archive.ph/6RCFN >Platinum Games has appointed a new CEO after Kenichi Sato stepped down from the position in December. Sato was the CEO of Platinum Games from 2016-2021, but he is now an advisor on the board rather than the head of the company. >Atshushi Inaba is now the studio head, and he has been with the company since its inception. >Additionally, he has served as the vice president for some time now, but is now being elevated to the CEO.
(113.13 KB 500x500 question 2.jpg)

>>511035 >>505125 Are there any good VNs that have actual gameplay in them, such as well-written branching paths and mini-games and stuff? I've never really looked into the genre and am wondering what are considered the classics and best-of examples.
(293.71 KB 1000x1000 STALKER-2-delay.jpg)

Stalker 2077 has been delayed from April to December.
>>512148 Guess they need public sentiment on NFT's to shift some more first.
>>512148 >Stalker 2077 Don't be like that, Stalker 2 hasn't had any false advertising.
>>512194 I refer to 2077 because it's the most recent example I can think of of constant delays and whatnot.
>>512195 A delayed game is better than a rushed one though, atleast the delayed one has the chance of being good.
>>498413 China does own the Epic Games Store. Maybe this is a case of eliminating the competition (Steam) and creating a monopoly where their own chinese-controlled, chinese-approved Epic Games Store is the only vender left.
>Shadow Warrior 3 will launch for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via Steam on March 1, according to its newly opened PlayStation Store and Microsoft Store pages. After 2, I'm not expecting much. Although anything is possible.
>>496505 >a nigger and a bitch as roman soldiers Never happened.
>>515358 I'm sure if you looked hard enough you could find some Nubian auxilliary in the African provinces, but yeah, there was never any niggers stationed in the European legions.
>>512131 >Atshushi Inaba is now the studio head >Inaba
>>515341 >Devolver donating to Feminist Frequency >Game looks like some silly shit with no concrete art design pandering to Fortnite kiddies I expect the worst and I'll probably come out dissapointed. At least I'll come out of it better than 2 as I expected an actual good game and got shafted.
>>515368 >This is as stupid as saying the Nazis were Indian because Some Indians did fight against the allies in WW2 due to a long-term hatred against Britain. I CAN'T BELIEVE THAT THE VICE PRESIDENT IS A DESCENDANT OF NAZIS!
(2.50 MB 640x360 Sonic and Race.webm)

>>515358 Neither are roman soldiers, one is a gladiator called beast.
>>515361 You have no power.
>>515535 The black ex-gladiator is a soldier, but only a low level one who joined after winning his freedom and joined the legion upon realizing he had no skills etc. beyond killing stuff. He's actually disliked there because he's undisciplined and emotional. One of the women is a gladiator, and the other is a reverse trap that joined the legion and, when discovered, was recruited as a spy rather than killed. All three are relatively plausible backstories, and the other two companions are straightforward archetypes of Rome (a snobby centurion and a scholar mentor). The devs actually talked about this in their dev blogs. Some of the companions are meant to be straightforward archetypes, while others are others are much more fringe.

(973.18 KB 640x3862 archive.ph vl5Or.png)

Nvidia Quietly Prepares to Abandon $40 Billion Arm Bid >Nvidia Corp. is quietly preparing to abandon its purchase of Arm Ltd. from SoftBank Group Corp. after making little to no progress in winning approval for the $40 billion chip deal, according to people familiar with the matter. >Nvidia has told partners that it doesn’t expect the transaction to close, according to one person, who asked not to be identified because the discussions are private. SoftBank, meanwhile, is stepping up preparations for an Arm initial public offering as an alternative to the Nvidia takeover, another person said. >The purchase -- poised to become the biggest semiconductor deal in history when it was announced in September 2020 -- has drawn a fierce backlash from regulators and the chip industry, including Arm’s own customers. The U.S. Federal Trade Commission sued to stop the transaction in December, arguing that Nvidia would become too powerful if it gained control over Arm’s chip designs. >The acquisition also faces resistance in China, where authorities are inclined to block the takeover if it wins approvals elsewhere, according to one person. But they don’t expect it to get that far. >Both Nvidia and Arm’s leadership are still pleading their case to regulators, according to the people, and no final decisions have been made. And through it all, the companies have publicly maintained their commitment to the purchase. >“We continue to hold the views expressed in detail in our latest regulatory filings -- that this transaction provides an opportunity to accelerate Arm and boost competition and innovation,” Nvidia spokesman Bob Sherbin said. >“We remain hopeful that the transaction will be approved,” a SoftBank spokesperson said in an emailed statement. >Nvidia shares fell as much as 5.6% to $220.70 in New York on Tuesday. SoftBank’s U.S. depository shares slid 4.9%. >If Nvidia manages to get the deal over the line, it would be a massive coup for Chief Executive Officer Jensen Huang, who has built a graphics-card business into a chipmaking empire. Already, he’s sitting atop the most valuable U.S. company in the semiconductor industry, with a market capitalization of more than half a trillion dollars. >But it will be an uphill fight. Qualcomm Inc. pulled the plug on its $44 billion takeover of NXP Semiconductors NV in 2018 after nearly two years of regulatory hurdles. >The sale of Arm is under heavy scrutiny because its chip designs are used in everything from phones to cars to factory equipment, making neutrality the foundation of its business model. The world’s biggest tech companies rely on Arm technology, and they fear they could lose unfettered access under Nvidia. >Tech giants lined up against the takeover. A group that includes Qualcomm, Microsoft Corp., Intel Corp. and Amazon.com Inc. have provided regulators around the world with what they believe is enough ammunition to kill the deal, according to people familiar with the process. In addition to needing approval in the U.S. and China, the Arm purchase needs clearance from the European Union and the U.K., both of which are studying the deal closely. >The ordeal has created divisions within Nvidia. Some people at the company are resigned to the acquisition’s defeat, but others think management could use the FTC trial to demonstrate the merits of the transaction. >In the end, though, Nvidia will probably be fine without Arm, said Sanford C. Bernstein analyst Stacy Rasgon. >“While owning the asset could have been wonderful, we don’t believe they had to have it either,” he said in a research note. The deal could have helped Nvidia’s push into data-center chips, but the company “presumably can and will” continue their stand-alone efforts, Rasgon said. >Within SoftBank, there are factions that want to let the process play out -- especially since a gain in Nvidia’s stock price has made the transaction more valuable. Even after a recent tumble, Nvidia shares have nearly doubled since the Arm deal was announced. That’s added tens of billions of dollars to the initial $40 billion price tag. >Others at SoftBank would prefer to pursue an IPO for Arm sooner, while the chip industry is still considered attractive to investors. Already, concerns about a slowdown are growing. >The initial agreement between Nvidia and SoftBank expires Sept. 13 -- two years after it was forged -- but could renew if a deal is agreement is reached. Nvidia said at the outset that closing the transaction would take “approximately 18 months.” That timeline would suggest completion around March of this year -- something that’s no longer likely. >The FTC lawsuit alone could take months. And the European Commission and the U.K.’s antitrust watchdog will have to weigh in. >SoftBank and Arm are entitled to keep $2 billion Nvidia paid at signing, including a $1.25 billion breakup fee, whether the deal goes through or not. >Nvidia also has to get signoff from Chinese authorities at a time when trade tensions are running high. The U.S. has sought to prevent China’s semiconductor industry from getting access to the latest technology. Many of the country’s fledgling chipmakers are Arm customers, giving Beijing extra incentive not to let the technology pass into U.S. ownership. >In arguing against the deal, companies like Qualcomm, Intel and Google have said that Nvidia can’t preserve Arm’s independence because it’s an Arm customer itself. Nvidia, the largest maker of graphics chips, competes with Intel in server processors and is expanding into new areas that would put it in direct competition with many other Arm licensees. >Nvidia also supplies chips to businesses such as Amazon’s AWS and Microsoft’s Azure, providing technology that handles artificial intelligence processing in data centers. Those companies also are developing their own chips, making Nvidia both a supplier and a potential rival. Source: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2022-01-25/nvidia-is-said-to-quietly-prepare-to-abandon-takeover-of-arm https://archive.ph/vl5Or
>>512134 Utawareumono >>512212 >he has faith in this console garbage
>>516258 That actually sounds pretty interesting. Honestly, PC shit doesn't bug me as long as it's not too outlandish and makes for a decent story. Like the fag mage in DA:I, him taking it up the ass actually was important to his backstory.
>>520974 Maybe NVidia will start making their own chips again
>>521013 >ike the fag mage in DA:I, You could've at least picked a faggot from a better game if your going to defend your taste
>>512134 The only VN with good gameplay is Sengoku Rance. And the gameplay in that game is in fact better than most "normal" games out there. As for writting, Saya no Uta has a good overall story, and Clannad is an emotional rollercoaster with a slow build up. Good starters would be Symphonic Rain (music mini-game), Nanairo Reincarnation (no gameplay), or Yume Miru Kusuri (branching story, aka routes). The biggest issue with asking for VN suggestions is that most people will suggest utterly trite garbage because those people are incapable of self-reflection or objectivity. Imagine asking for a VN with good gameplay and getting Utawareumono or Kamidori as answers if you will: both those games do feature gameplay as a core feature, but the systems are simplistic, the difficulty trivial, and the combat as a whole feels much worse than even the most average of "normal" games of these types. Both the games I listed are SRPGs but suck compared to something mediocre like The Banner Saga or Langrisser.
>>521113 >Kamidori >not good What. Just because it's not Rance doesn't mean it doesn't have its own appeal, the gameplay systems aren't as monstrously complex but they're plenty satisfying. Not only that but you compared it to 2 totally different games. Kamidori has a sizable focus on crafting and building up your guild through creating goods, managing units, getting materials and whatnot, neither of those 2 games have any significant aspect similar to that at all, and the way their stories are told, and really their plots are differently styled as well. Plus the way the characters get stronger in Kamidori differ from those games, calling Kamidori an SRPG doesn't make much sense as it tries to categorize it into what I'd call a largely incorrect box.
>>521139 >Kamidori has a sizable focus on crafting and building up your guild You get infinite time, to farm infinite resources, to craft infinite of what you need, so you can buy infinite consumables. At least the game limits you to 99 (or 100?) per map, but you can just buy more each map. Your stats aren't high enough for the map you're on? Grind infinitely! Not your thing? You can spam revive/heal your party members with those consumables. There's no real pressure on you at any given time. The crafting itself is super simplistic: just go down the list and craft a few of each things and you'll get all the promotion points and furniture you need. Mind you, I'm not saying Kamidori is overall a bad game. I'm saying the gameplay isn't good, especially when compared to other games in the same genre. And Kamidori's genre absolutely isn't "crafting" or "store management". Defining it as such would be an insult to games like Atelier. Kamidori is a good porn game as far as porn games go. It's a pretty barebones SRPG, and the crafting is an afterthought. The story is shit, the girls are great, the protag is a man-whore, and the bartender's a fucking jew. The H scenes are amazing and it's fun to play. You need to be able to compartmentalize the things you analyze, understand each part, get a feel for how they interact with one another, understand them individually and as a whole, and then compare them with other, similar things and see how they hold up. As you practice this and as you experience more of the "thing" you try to analyze, the more precise you'll be with your analysis.
>>521167 >infinite time Since when? The postgame? If you fall underneath the amount you have to sell to pay off your rising debts/expenses, you're fucked. >there's no real pressure on you at any given time What are you talking about? There is a point where expenses rise faster than the pace you can sell things at in the early-midgame, and costs accumulate because upgrading the place does eat into things and increases expenses. >insult to games like Atelier Atelier is purely crafting, its combat-related shit is absolute dogshit. Its also literally one of the easiest JRPG franchises in existence for pretty much every single game in the franchise. Its ultra-casual. If you want to talk about lack of pressure and then compare it to fucking Atelier, you must be insane or something. >at least the game limits you to 99? or 100 per map What are you talking about? Postgame shit? Also, just because you can buy consumables doesn't mean you can sell what you make at a quick enough pace, your money is limited, and time does pass by in the game. If people don't want to buy what you sell, you're fucked, and that happens quite often in the early-mid game when your shit is low-tier, expenses are high or increase rapidly, and your ability to sell things period is minimal, on top of the difficulties of maintaining upgrading the place in parallel with all the other duties of the shop and game. I remember distinctly that I had to keep up the pace and claw and survive in terms of income to expenses in the early-mid game, until things started ramping. Once you're snowballed, maybe in the middle of the midgame or later, then things just end up as a nonstop money train, but before that point, you have to build up yourself up and get things rolling, and moving something as static as an early-game shop took some time and effort. On top of this, the SRPG elements often had notable difficulty spikes when it came to enemy strength, grinding is generally a stupid way to deal with it, as is with consumables, especially if you spend too much on them.
>>521179 If I kept a folder of smug anime girls, I'd be digging through it right about now. It seems like you're thinking of Recettear. I never mentioned that game. >Atelier I haven't played much Atelier, but the games I did play were far, far more in depths than anything in Kamidori. As far as I know, some of the Atelier games have time limits, which is a hard requirement for the crafting part of a game to be considered good. So while I don't know all that much about Atelier, I do know that the crafting in that series is generally miles ahead of anything Kamidori has to offer.
>>521183 >it seems you're thinking of recettear Nigger what are you talking about, I actually played through Kamidori, I have never touched Recettear. Granted it's been about 2-3 years or so since I last did so, but nothing I said was inaccurate afaik. >as far as I know You know nothing, Atelier is a very casual game, it's described as "comfy" for a reason. It's crafting system is deep, but the game is piss-easy, especially compared to Kamidori. Kamidori doesn't have much crafting depth but it has enough for what it is, and it combines genres as a result. Atelier is nothing like Kamidori, and neither is Recettear.
(698.04 KB 741x488 ClipboardImage.png)

(732.67 KB 756x479 ClipboardImage.png)

>>521185 And to add to this: What do you think happens when you fail to pay your expenses? My ass Kamidori doesn't have time limits. Do you see the word "Days", have you even played Kamidori? Were you just spouting shit out of your ass?
>>521187 >>521185 You need to craft like 1 item every 10 hours to pay guild upkeep past the first hour of the game. It's not a time limit, it's a system that's meant to force the players back to town in order to trigger events and not have events happen out of order. Let me put this plainly: during any given chapter throughout the story, all you need to maintain the upkeep is to craft a single item from the materials you gather from a previous chapter's map. Furthermore, each chapter requires you to craft a set number of items to gather point to increase your guild rank. Most of these items will be multitudes of copies of useless weapons and armours. In typical RPG fashion, you'll sell all but two or three copies. Now let me make this clear: the amount of gold you'll make from spam crafting those junk items will not only EASILY clear away any dues currently accrued, but the funds you'll get will EASILY keep you in the positive a hundred fucking fold. For a single item. Even if you try to ignore the crafting portion of Kamidori, you'll end up making THOUSANDS of times more money than you will ever, ever need to keep up with the guild dues. Like I said, that system only serves to force the players back to town at least every 30 days; it's presented in the form of guild dues for purely story and immersion purpose.
>>521192 No, you need to sell the item, and that's very fucking different from just crafting it If its a shit item, it won't sell, if you're spamming low-quality items, they won't sell and you'll have lost your money for doing so If your guild is not attractive and using the slots correctly, nor has a good shopkeeper, the items won't sell It costs money and time to get more slots and upgrades, and you have limited time and money. >1 item every 10 hours What are you talking about, are you insane? JUNK ITEMS DON'T SELL, HAVE YOU PLAYED THE GAME? Early game you have minimal selling skills and the shop looks like shit, only good items will sell, and good items are rarer. Selling copies of an item that looks like it might sell is risky because people can often buy 1-2, and then stop entirely in the early game, and you're stuck with a stash of shit sitting there on the shelf that you spent money and time on, but is literally wasted totally while your expenses climb. The scenario you're describing doesn't happen until the snowballing period, it is simply not possible in the early game whatsoever, and the midgame, it depends on how and what you've done exactly.
>>521192 Also, you literally cannot ignore the crafting, what the hell are you talking about? And money-wise, things get expensive later on, as in the good shit. So no, that's simply not true that you'll have such a crazy amount to trivialize the game. You'll have lots of money, but shit costs a lot more obviously. >story and immersion purposes You can't ignore the workshop you dumbfuck, if what you're describing was the case, it wouldn't be a forced game over, and a possible source of soft-locking as a result.
>>521201 Anon, I'm trying to put this argument into perspective. Here's my attempt. Imagine we're arguing about Baldur's Gate 1. I'm saying that making a fighter type CHARNAME with minimal charisma is fine because there aren't any meaningful interactions with charisma for your PC. Then you come in and argue that the 3-4 small events that are altered if you talk with the NPC with a low charisma character mean that having a low charisma PC is bad... except that if you were knowledgeable enough, you'd know that what matters if which character you initiate the dialog with, not your PC's stats. And that you want your party leader to have high charisma for the shopping discount anyways. In any case, >you need to sell the item Trivial to do, just put Tits or Flat while you're clearing a map for mats and most of what you have will sell. >if it's a shit item it won't sell Item quality and worth has no meaningful (if any) relationship with how fast any particular item flies off of the shelves. The quantity of stuff you sell is governed by the Attraction stat >if you're spamming low-quality items they won't sell Lower tier items will sell. In fact, due to the amount of lower tiered mats you'll get, a large portion of your income will come from selling low level junk. >you'll have lost your money There's no listing fee, and no per-item upkeep. You don't lose money for having stuff listed. >if your guild is not attractive and not using slots correctly You get furniture for free form playing the game. Dumping it haphazardly into your rooms will get you through the game on NG. Minimal effort with the "bigger number = better" mentality will cover 99% of your shop's needs and your alchemy's needs. >you have limited time and money Absolutely wrong. Kamidori has no time limit, no grinding limit, or any kind of money making limit. You are flat out wrong. >you cannot ignore the crafting I said "even if you try to ignore", which means even if you do the bare minimum of what the game asks of you. >things get expensive later on And your money making abilities sky rocket once you get the foxy lady to teleport your ass around maps. Gather all the nodes on a good map in 2 minutes, repeat until you hit the 30 day "limit", hit the town, craft one item, put Tits or Flat as clerks, go back out and farm for another 30 days. You come back, and you get enough money to carry you for 10 hours. >you can't ignore the workshop You don't need to interact with it all that much if all you care about is getting through NG. Most of the interacting you do with the shop is through grinding materials in maps. It's perfectly fine to MOSTLY ignore the workshop once you get a bit of pocket money. The game will force you to craft stuff pretty frequently, just craft and put stuff for sale when you need to craft story items and you'll do fine. To me it sounds like you have minimal experience playing the game, and are arguing from a position of ignorance. And it also sounds like you're really, really bad at managing the store in that game, that or you're completely missing something obvious.
>>521236 >3-4 small events <game overs and the mechanic being connected with literal progression in the game are comparable to small NPC dialogue events Excellent start to the argument. >tits or flat while you're clearing a map <just give up one of your very few party members in the early part of a game with notable difficulty spikes to sell shit for a mechanic that "doesn't matter" >item quality and worth has no meaningful relationship with how fast any particular item flies off the shelves, its just the attraction stat Nah, there is a difference I've noticed. You can't sell nothing but dyes and dogshit items and expect to be fine, but the second you put up a different kind of item, often a higher quality one, it'll leave the shelf relatively quickly compared to the "commodity"-tier good, until the later game when you have more ability to sell everything in your shop with ease. >no listing fee or per-item upkeep That's not what I'm referring to >you get furniture free from playing the game Yeah, and you don't get good, actually useful furniture until later, and it costs time, money and materials to increase the slots to even have places to put the furniture to begin with. Dumping it haphazardly has minimal effect, you still need to actually get shit. >Kamidori has no time limit <game over when you fail to pay dues within a set period of days isn't a time limit >I said even if you try to ignore, which means even if you do the bare minimum of what the game asks of you I have no idea what you're trying to say here at this point. >craft 1 item Just what kind of item can you craft that can hold you over for 10 fucking hours? My first playthrough of Yuela's route took 90 hours, in that time I still had to sell shit, guild dues weren't a big deal in the later game, but item and gear costs went up drastically for the good stuff. >You don't need to interact with it all that much if all you care about is getting through NG. Most of the interacting you do with the shop is through grinding materials in maps. It's perfectly fine to MOSTLY ignore the workshop once you get a bit of pocket money. The game will force you to craft stuff pretty frequently, just craft and put stuff for sale when you need to craft story items and you'll do fine. <the game will force you to craft stuff pretty frequently <the game will force you to craft stuff pretty frequently <the game will force you to craft stuff pretty frequently So, its not once every 10 hours? How long does it take to get to the foxy lady again? How many quests do you have to do again? Remind me? I'm not bad at all, I went through the game's normal difficulty curve of struggling in the early-midgame due to limited resources, and snowballed when it was appropriate. You on the other hand, literally have contradictions in your own post yet you act like you have the game perfectly figured out. So does the game force you to craft often, or is it just "once every 10 hours"? Can you just automatically get the foxy lady from the start? No? Really? You mean you don't have the teleporting chick in the early game, and possibly even the early-midgame? (Disregarding the annoying effort it takes to get her in the first place) So, all of what you just said about the game is comparable to 3-4 small events in BG1 being altered by low charisma? Have you thought about anything you've been saying? You're acting like you start out as a god from the start or something, have you forgotten you actually need to play through the fucking game to get what you're describing?
>>521252 >game overs and the mechanic being connected with literal progression in the game are comparable to small NPC dialogue events Disingenuous. You have to go out of your way to get a money related game over in Kamidori. Hell, I didn't even think it was possible to get a game over that way until you brought it up. Of all the times I've discussed this game, you are the first and only person to mention the dues as being a significant part of the game. Every other discussion surrounding Kamidori that I've had since it the translation was released ignored that system because it's a non-factor unless you greatly deviate from what the game tells you do, from what the game expects you to do, from what the spirit of the game is about, and from what the game forces you do. >just give up one of your very party members You do realize you can go back to previously cleared story maps and gather materials there, right? You don't need to clear story missions while you leave one of the girls on clerk duty, that can easily be done between missions while you gather materials, 100% maps, and get extra experience. >difference on item quality There isn't. What you noticed is that each item listed gets sold at a certain rate. If you have say 50 red stones listed, you'll only sell 2-3 a day. If you have 50 red stones and 3 Sword of FuckTheLastBossInTheAss+20 Vorpal+7 MountainSplitting+11 that's worth a trillion gold, they'll both sell 2-3 a day. Those numbers are approximations. Attract stat dictates the volume, along with Sales. Now that I think about it, I'm not exactly certain which is more impactful because I never really needed to test it since you want to maximize Price. Attract and Sales will go up by virtue of progressing through the game, upgrading your workshop, leveling up your characters, and finally with furniture. >what's not what I'm referring to What were you talking about in regards to losing money? Using materials and putting up stuff that doesn't sell as opposed to stuff that does sell? >furniture You'll get a good amount of so-so furniture for free along with complete junk you can craft. Furniture isn't very important, and incremental upgrades every few chapters will serve. >Kamidori has no time limit NG+ has a very small amount of quests with a generous time limit. All are side quests, and they're all very easy to complete. Early on, the game forces you to craft stuff all the damn time, which will get you more than enough funds to become established. Once you complete these first few story missions, you'll have more than enough money to keep you going for a long, long time. At that point, failing to pay your dues is impossible unless you're actively trying to fail. With that being said, if I were to re-download and install the game and have a fresh start, I'd have no issue keeping up with the game's upkeep by clearing out the tutorial level with Will. If you can go back and clear the tutorial and make more than enough money to ignore the guild dues system, then time no longer counts as a limit. Finish tutorial > farm tutorial > make infinite money. Given enough autism, it should be possible to hit the gold cap in the tutorial mission as soon as the game lets you pick which mission to embark on. To me, that means there's no time limit because past that point (where the game lets you go where you want), your money making potential keeps skyrocketing until you finish NG+. The 30 day timer isn't a time limit in the typical "You have 3 minutes to complete this Super Mario Bros. stage" definition that most gamers go by. It's a pacing mechanism at best or a poor system to make sure players don't break the game at worst. That's why I don't refer to the 30 days as a limit, since it doesn't limit you in what you can do or accomplish. Unless you go out of your way and try to fail that system. And like I just pointed out, Kamidori allows for infinite money making at almost any point in time throughout the game. >I have no idea what you're trying to say The game requires you to have a certain amount of crafts done to upgrade your guild rank. To get enough points to upgrade your guild rank, you need to craft a LOT of shit. Most of that shit will be sold for profit. That profit will easily keep you afloat. >what kind of item can you craft that can hold you over 10 fucking hours Dragon stuff? Up to date weapons and armor? We must be playing the game way differently. Again, I've never heard of anyone ever having any money problems whatsoever playing Kamidori. >so it's not once every 10 hours Once every 10 hours assuming you're just doing random shit, or just doing side events, or grinding, or what have you. If you're actually progressing the story and doing quests, you get showed in money and materials that you can turn into more money. >how long does it take to get the foxy lady? 20-30 hours? Is she needed to farm? Absolutely not, she just increases your efficiency. She lets you gather materials on a map in 1-2 minutes instead of 2-3. It's a very nice bonus, just like Ful's Mill and extra movement. But you can grind without those and make as much money as you want without those. It's a matter of time efficiency. >you have the game perfectly figured out I do. I beat the game from a fresh start three times, the last two times were full NG+++ 100% clears. >have you forgotten you actually need to play through the fucking game to get what you're describing >I'm not bad at all Go read the part where I said you can grind infinite money as soon as the game starts. You are bad.
(162.38 KB 1111x752 ClipboardImage.png)

>>521271 How the fuck am I disingenuous for stating the truth and bringing up your comparison and analogy? Are you acknowledging your own disingenuousness? >you are the first and only person to mention the dues as being a significant part of the game I have talked about the game before, in fact I found the /hgg/ thread I made back on vch.moe when I finished the game, I bring the dues and midgame up at times when it gets discussed if the difficulty of the game is mentioned. Pic is not me though, but other anons from the thread discussing how they couldn't sell anything until they figured things out. Their shit differed from you in that charisma made the biggest difference, but when your party members are limited, its a pain in the neck, and describing as "keeping it afloat" is not something that sounds trivial. One anon discovering how to do this shit by chapter fucking 4. Regardless, if you're comparing shit like this to Atelier as an example of no-pressure comparisons, you are a lunatic. >You do realize you can go back to previously cleared story maps and gather materials there, right? You don't need to clear story missions while you leave one of the girls on clerk duty, that can easily be done between missions while you gather materials, 100% maps, and get extra experience. Grinding cheap filler items doesn't make a difference if the items don't sell, you can only craft limited amounts of things in the early game. I did do that, but days are a resource that is taken when you do so, and you need to make the most of the time you get there. This was also a first-time, blind playthrough I refer to, which is what most people have when they go through a game for the first time. I don't like to grind much in games either for that matter, I'd prefer not to trivialize them in such a tedious and repetitive way. >What you noticed is each item listed gets sold at a certain rate Then the items each have unique rates of sale, I am confident in that. If I can go many days without selling a single item of a large stack after a point, but other items (but only of a higher quality) will sell fine and consistently, something is different between them. This has literally happened with me in the game, iirc it was with several of the dyes (pink dyes or so being the worst offender), compared to higher-level items. They would literally sit for such a long time that I just took them out after that point and gave up on them entirely, it was a waste until I actually had enough shit going on for me that everything would sell, which was later in the game. >What were you talking about in regards to losing money? Using materials and putting up stuff that doesn't sell as opposed to stuff that does sell? Yes. >Go read the part where I said you can grind infinite money as soon as the game starts. You are bad. <grind infinite money as soon as the game starts What the fuck are you talking about? You can't grind infinite money as soon as the game starts. You start out with absolute trash, and what you find is mainly trash, and you're selling trash, in a shitty shop that nobody wants to buy from. What would you get from the tutorial level that you can use to be fine for the whole time in terms of guild dues? I don't remember anything like that. >20-30 hours? Topkek. But she's not "required", she just makes the process less awful, so if you're willing to make the game play like dogshit, you can just "grind", as if that's not something against the game if we assumed what you were saying was true. >Attract and Sales will go up by virtue of progressing through the game, upgrading your workshop, leveling up your characters, and finally with furniture. So... its almost like beginning of the game, the middle of the game, and the end of the game (and the in-betweens) are different from each other in terms of your resources and ability to sell goods. You start out with little, a minimal ability to sell, and resources that you basically have to spend on improving your shop if you want to progress through the game in a timely fashion.
>>521284 >How the fuck am I disingenuous for stating the truth and bringing up your comparison and analogy? Because they're both mostly insignificant. >you are the first and only person to mention the dues as being a significant part of the game >doing so removes all upkeep problems and all challenge in the game Don't blame me for not looking at the big button on the UI that says clerk. Even the anon in that screenshot is saying what I'm saying: money making is trivial. >comparing to Atelier I'm comparing the depth of Kamidori's crafting system to the depth of Atelier's crafting system. Or to be precise, I've only played two Atelier games for a few hours each, and what little memory remains of those game tells me that what they had was far more robust and interesting than what Kamidori has to offer. Compounded by the little bits and pieces I've heard regarding Atelier over the years, the time limit being particularly noteworthy. >Grinding cheap filler items doesn't make a difference if the items don't sell Everything sells quickly with one of the girls on clerk duty. >you can only craft limited amounts of things in the early game Limited in how many different kinds of items you can craft, but there's no limit on how many copies of each item you can craft. >days are a resource that is taken when you do so Days are not a resource. As I've previously explained, you have an infinite number of days available to you. >blind playthrough I refer to, which is what most people have when they go through a game for the first time. And I had no issues with my first playthrough. Kamidori was the first game I've played with a store management aspect. In fact, it wasn't a "no issues", it was a "completely trivial" kind of thing. >I don't like to grind much in games either for that matter, I'd prefer not to trivialize them in such a tedious and repetitive way. Neither do I. Good gameplay needs to be challenging and infinite grinding removes the challenge in most situations and games. It is possible to grind your heart out in Kamidori, no idea why anyone would do it. It's not fun, it's not rewarding, and it's not needed. >Then the items each have unique rates of sale, I am confident in that. I'll take your word for it. >You can't grind infinite money as soon as the game starts. You can. There's no reason to, but you can. You definitely wouldn't want to, but you can. >What would you get from the tutorial level that you can use to be fine for the whole time in terms of guild dues? Whatever starter recipes the game hands you. The dues are quite minimal, you'll make a good profit margin even at the beginning. Completely awful compared to what you'd make after an hour or two into the game. >he just makes the process less awful, so if you're willing to make the game play like dogshit, you can just "grind", as if that's not something against the game if we assumed what you were saying was true. You need to grind no matter what before you reach the Fox chick. Not a whole lot, but some. Even if you DID want to grind a whole lot before getting her, what you have available to you is somewhat limited. You don't have that many good recipes that need a lot of annoying mats, so there's no real need to go out of your way to grind. But then again, she's not a game changer. She won't be tripling or quadrupling the resources you get or cut down the amount of time needed to get those resources by some monstrous amount. She's a good quality of life, but farming stuff doesn't feel like dogshit without her. Until NG+, but that's a different argument. >You start out with little, a minimal ability to sell, and resources that you basically have to spend on improving your shop if you want to progress through the game in a timely fashion. Yes, I'm glad we agree on this. But what's your point?
>>490168 >Girl on the right with the sniper rifle Didn't know Quiet was in this game.
(105.64 KB 1280x720 kao22.jpg)

(118.78 KB 1200x675 Kao_22.jpg)

(65.13 KB 1280x720 Spyro the Bandicoot.jpg)

For any Polish anons that may be here, a new Kao the Kangaroo game got announced.
>>512150 I saw one of the gaming rags claiming that even developers don't like or see a need for NFTs. Regardless, it's probably more correct to say that they need time for publishers to convince developer higher-ups that NFTs will make them money.
Another good reason to switch to Linux. https://archive.fo/kjHsD >Windows computers need at least eight hours of online time to obtain and install the latest operating system updates successfully. This information comes via a post on the Microsoft IT Pro Blog by David Guyer, program manager for Windows Updates in Endpoint Manager at Microsoft. >Another revelation in the post is that Microsoft tracks how long PCs are connected to Windows Update, calling the statistics ‘Update Connectivity’. The data is available to IT managers in the InTune app, a component of the Endpoint management suite. >The post details Microsoft’s attempts to figure out why some Windows devices aren’t getting the latest quality and feature updates, and discovered that two hours of continuous connectivity was required to get updates. It then took six hours after the release of the patch for a machine to update itself reliably. >Microsoft’s figures show that 50 percent of Windows devices left behind by Windows Update and running a build of Windows 10 that’s no longer serviced do not spend enough time connected to have the patches downloaded and installed in the background. This figure drops to 25 percent for customers using a serviced build of the operating system that lags behind in security updates by 60 days or more. >"You can work to ensure that more devices across your organization meet the minimum Update Connectivity measurement by communicating with device owners, encouraging them to leave their devices plugged in and connected—instead of powering them off overnight—so that updates can download and install properly," writes Guyer. "Impress upon them the importance of keeping their devices connected so their devices can stay protected and they can stay productive." >Windows 11 updates are smaller than their Windows 10 counterparts due to improved compression, and new Microsoft Graph APIs released last year should also help speed up the update process.
>>526189 >David Guyer >David Hayte played Guyver in the second movie The memes will be incredible
(798.23 KB 678x665 koooot.png)

>>457587 >Endless Legend 2 After the trashfire that was humankind I can only feel disappointed. >Frostpunk 2 This makes my pp the big PP >S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2: Heart of Chernobyl Please be good. >Starfield New IP with zero old lore to leech off from. This is the definitive "Bethesda is trash" game. >The Elder Scrolls VI Pain. >Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2 So they are still working on it? I though it was in limbo.
>>526224 >>S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2: Heart of Chernobyl >Please be good.
(621.89 KB 677x1226 Capture.png)

>>526216 Since you mentioned David Hayter. https://archive.fo/SlSDy
(131.74 KB 434x640 STALKER laugh.jpg)

>>526224 >>S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2: Heart of Chernobyl >Please be good.
(126.01 KB 850x653 kot.jpg)

>>526228 Update when?
>>526234 Kinda happy for McGee
(200.24 KB 2048x1024 ClipboardImage.png)

You remember that "Bloodborne on PSX" project that some tranny was working on and people were actually interested in? It just released, and guess what: It's a fucking tech demo that the fag made using PhysX. It IS NOT a PS1 game.
(10.78 MB 680x444 Doubt.webm)

>>457587 >Dead Island 2 This just makes this leak look even more bullshit, that game was revealed 7 years ago and there hasn't been any news about it since then.
>>527340 >it's not a ps1 game Did you actually expect it to be a real ps1 game? Shit i could've told you it wouldn't be if you asked. Very rarely are Demakes actually made for the hardware they are emulating, it's almost always a demake for X system but only on PC.
>>527354 It has Ghost of Tsushima PC port on Feb 8th which is 4 days away. Definitely bs by now.
>>527354 >>527456 All of the release dates are placeholders you autistic pendantic fucks.
>>527502 >placeholder >Ghost of Tsushima PC port will be released in 20 fucking years as a remastered for wangblows XX <see, you autistic pendantic fucks? the list was right
>>527340 >tranny gayme is bullshit And the sun is hot
>>527514 Yes you stupid motherfucker, what matters is that the entry in the database exists, meaning it exists. Stuff like Crysis 4 and Final Fantasy 7 Remake. The dates have been stated as bullshit since the day they were out, you're 6 months too late.
(44.21 KB 603x403 ClipboardImage.png)

Next GTA development cycle is "well underway" https://archive.ph/vyW6N
>>527363 >Did you actually expect it to be a real ps1 game? Yes because it was advertised as being a PSX game.
>>527527 I thought GTA4 to GTA5 development cycle was long, and that was 5 years. Has of now it has been 9 years since a new GTA has been released. >>527529 I guess you should also take every AAA game marketing at face value. I'm sure that will go well
>>527340 So, it's complete, or it's only the tutorial part of bloodborne, or fucking what? I don't fucking care about the tranny, might he suicide in any moment, i only care about the fucking Game
(3.21 MB 1144x4091 ClipboardImage.png)

https://factorio.com/blog/post/fff-367 https://archive.is/Wny1A Factorio is getting a new expansion that they claim will roughly be the size of the base game. Also the same price as well.
>>527529 >Yes because it was advertised as being a PSX game. Retard. everyone with even a passing familaratiy with 3d demakes knows they very rarely are made to run on the actual console. Only retro computer fags have the actual autism to do that.
(2.16 MB 1280x720 ClipboardImage.png)

Swordcrat Story successor Maglam Lord is out in the US.
(94.31 KB 461x136 Untitled.png)

>>528487 Cast of characters looks very thin compared to the GBA titles, which was the last time I played this series. Male MC looks like a faggy edgelord too which is a minus.
>>528505 >male MC >in yuri game Why does it matter what he looks like if nobody is going to play him. Also Also >edgelord The PC is literally a demon lord.
>>528208 I should really start playing this game.
So master splinter finally got revealed as a playable character in shredder's revenge, think they will add casey jones?
>>528647 I bought it and tried playing it but then i fucking realized that instead of having fun i was just dealing with the same shit i do at work and getting stressed.
>>531553 I really hope so I'm expecting him to be DLC though I just want the fucking game at this point, looks so goddamned good.
BANDAI NAMCO PLANS TO DEVELOP ITS OWN "METAVERSE" Relevant bits from the document about their mid-term plans: >On an IP axis, Bandai Namco will develop a metaverse for each IP as a new framework for connecting with fans. In this IP Metaverse, we are anticipating virtual spaces that will enable customers to enjoy a wide range of entertainment on an IP axis, as we ll as frameworks that leverage Bandai Namco’s distinctive strengths to fuse physical products and venues with digital elements. We are aiming for open frameworks that provide venues for connections with and among fans and business partners. >Through the IP Metaverse, we will establish communities among Bandai Namco and fans, as well as among fans themselves. Through these communities and content, we will build deep, broad, multifaceted connections that continue for long periods of time, and we will focus on the quality of those connections. In this way, we will work to maximize IP value over the medium to long term. >To advance development, we will collect IP information so that we can provide a variety of information to fans, develop content that leverages Bandai Namco’s distinctive strengths by fusing physical and digital elements, and build communities that will be venues for connections with and among fans and business partners. >(4) Investment plan for accelerating evolution in the IP axis strategy >Over the three years of the new Mid-term Plan, we will implement a total of ¥40.0 billion in strategic investment to accelerate evolution in the IP axis strategy. > - Strategic investment to maximize IP value: ¥25.0 billion >  New IP creation, Groupwide IP projects, open innovation, etc. > - Investment to develop the IP Metaverse: ¥15.0 billion >  Establishment of data foundation (data universe), development of content <Total of ¥40.0 billion SOURCES: PDF: https://www.bandainamco.co.jp/files/5_E4B8ADE69C9FE8A888E794BB_E.pdf (Archive.Today can't save PDF, sorry) Random news article about it: https://archive.is/jOP6U
Maggs is off the KotOR remake. "Quit" on a monday. https://archive.fo/PkOcu
(4.13 MB 440x316 stalker partyhard.mp4)

>>533929 Wew, thank god, i wonder what more horrible critter they will bring on board now.
>>533928 I know what each of these words mean individually but none of this formed a coherent sentence that I could parse.
(185.98 KB 1226x2048 EqPZoniUYAAJyhe.jpg)

>>533928 But not only Bandai Namco wants to have a share of the metacake, the Chinese want some of it too. MYHOYO PRESENTS ITS "HOYOVERSE" >Today, we are excited to announce the official launch of our all-new, forward-thinking brand, HoYoverse. The brand aims to create and deliver an immersive virtual world experience to players worldwide through a variety of entertainment services. >Since day one, our primary goal in content creation has been to provide our players all over the globe with something extraordinary, fresh, and intriguing. Our game titles — including Genshin Impact, Honkai Impact 3rd, and Tears of Themis — have been warmly received by a broad spectrum of players in recent years. Meanwhile, we have also introduced a wide range of entertainment content to fans worldwide, expanding our range of game titles and expertise in technical research with the release of the virtual character Lumi and the N0va Desktop App, anime, manga, light novels, and music, among others. The launch of HoYoverse reflects our growing commitment to providing global audiences with immersive entertainment through high-quality, diverse content. >"Our mission in establishing HoYoverse is to create a vast and content-driven virtual world that integrates games, anime, and other diverse types of entertainment, which will provide players with a high level of freedom and immersion," said Haoyu Cai, co-founder and CEO of HoYoverse. "We will continue to focus on long-term operation strategies, consistent technical research, and innovation in a variety of fields, including artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and pipeline construction, to ensure that sufficient content is created to meet the expectations of players worldwide for a virtual world experience." >HoYoverse will expand its content production, technology research, and publishing duties through operations in offices in Montreal, Los Angeles, Singapore, Tokyo, and Seoul. With global talent and employees located around the world, HoYoverse will continue to research and develop cutting-edge technologies to enhance its capacities and capabilities to provide high-quality content that enhances and optimizes the player experience. SOURCE: https://www.hoyoverse.com/en-us/news/101566 https://archive.is/vqA2a
(14.62 MB 854x480 meta.mp4)

>>533938 tl; dr: video related but with vidya brands instead of Walmart. Metaverse® is Second Life (focus on living an alternative digital life) and VRChat (focus on using VR to interact with others) but sterilized and owned by Faceberg and soon equally horrible corporations. After seeing normalfags and numales waste thousands on air (gachashit and more recently NFT), tech companies are preparing a new way to fuck them in the ass by creating virtual safe spaces where they will own nothing and be happy.
>>533944 Walmart Shopping Simulator looks sweet as heck. When's it out for Steam? When's the Freaks & Weirdos DLC out?
(812.11 KB 1280x720 JESUS CHRIST.mp4)

>>533944 >that fucking mp4
(595.30 KB 850x662 31131656_p0.jpg)

Physical releases of Klonoa: Phantasy Reverie Series confirmed by a Spanish seller and @BandaiNamcoES: https://archive.is/2er0q https://archive.is/SxLPP
>>533929 Thank fuck, maybe now it will be shit but not absolutely fucking terrible.
>>533983 >>533944 I'd rather a trapped in an infinite and hostile IKEA VR game to be honest.
>>533929 >>533932 >>534097 According to MrMattyPlays she barely involved with the project to begin with, note how she listed herself as a "writer" and not "co-writer", "lead writer", "narrative director" or anything else? Titles matter in the entertainment world, if I were to guess she was probably doing NPC dialog or flavor text and not quest design or core story direction. If so it would make sense for her to quit because Sam doesn't really like doing that kind of work judging from her resume, she's usually the author or lead writer of everything she works on. Also she left awhile ago, last year according to herself. She only mentioned it recently for whatever reason. She was only involved with the game for a few months.
>>527559 No doubt GTA6 is going to follow the trend where the devs have been fucking around and are only now rushing to make a game they had a decade to prepare. But they'll still pretend that 1-2 year dev cycle was the full 9-11 years between games.
>>534127 Isn't that a SCP entry?
>>534150 >No doubt GTA6 is going to follow the trend where the devs have been fucking around and are only now rushing to make a game they had a decade to prepare. Nigger they probably didn't even think about it until Red Dead 2 was finished. Fallout 4 and Cybershit 2077 were literally that though, the games were obviously rushed out in 2 years.
>>534218 Work on Fallout 4 supposedly started before work on Fallout 3 DLCs was done, and before Fallout New Vegas was released. Do you have any evidence to point to the contrary? I do believe GECK does have proof that work was done in the late 2000s, as there are dates on some work done internally on assets, and when they were edited last
>>534284 Depends on what "work" means. Pre-production and planning before actual development can be called "working on a game".
>>534127 Hi joel. >>534140 Still anon, these cunts are the kind to get in the way of everyone and demand changes to fit their narratives, atleast now theres one less red flag to worry about.
No more eShop purchases for the Wii U and the Nintendo 3DS after March 2023 Applies to: New Nintendo 3DS, New Nintendo 3DS XL, New Nintendo 2DS XL, Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo 3DS XL, Nintendo 2DS, Wii U Deluxe, Wii U Basic https://archive.is/a4ZSW
>>490484 >>490474 >None of these fucks make anything even remotely worth paying full price for anymore. The Triple gAAAy industry doesn't even make shit worth pirating for free honestly. >>534803 >Nintenblow continues it's planned obsolescence trend And they wonder why people opt to just emulate their games instead, I guess their end goal is to become the ///Apple\\\ of Vidya? Ehh even then they're one of the least cancerous companies today which is sad. to say the least. Maybe they should either invest in a engineer to design a console that isn't a gloried low grade toy or just port their games to PC already and sell various controllers and physical copies to SD cards instead of their priority bullshit. Granted I'll give credit to the quality of Nintenblow's priority bullshit as at least they're solid durable little suckers, after all decades have past and my old Nintendo DS cards still work like a charm and I've played a lot of Mario Kart with my mates back then.
>>534872 Nintendo's decisions, save for the Wii U and GameCube, have been smart. If they're smart, they will never port their games to PC. Why the fuck would they? The reason people buy their shit is exactly because of this. You're port-begging right now, proving their effectiveness with retaining their games on their platform and increasing the value of them as a result. You might not like it, but that's the reality of things. If you don't want to emulate, using Ninty consoles is the only way to play those games.
>>534803 Yet I can still purchase PS3/Vita games on my actual fucking PS3 after Sony reverted their plans to close those stores down. How come modern Soyny can make better decisions than fucking Nintendo?
>>534874 I can smell the butthurt through the screen. wew
>>534876 They tried shutting it down but the sheer backlash forced them to go back on it for the time being, they'll probably try again sometime soon Soyny is cancer ever since the censorship campaign began (and they weren't great before that point either but that was definitely the big turning point in the cancer metastasizing)
>>534140 It is also likely that she simply finished her part of the writing and moved on once she was done. >>534872 >Triple gAAAy industry doesn't even make shit worth pirating for free honestly This is true. Especially with how big the downloads have been getting since devs don't give a flying fuck about keeping their shit from eating up huge chunks of your free space. >>534878 Yeah this is pretty standard. Once people forget about it, they will try to quietly shut it down again.
>>534877 Butthurt about what? It makes perfect sense. As a business, Nintendo has cultivated one of the most autistically devoted fanbases, and they have complete control over them, and they will always give them money. Part of the reason for that is their sheer exclusivity of the platforms. If they gave that up for a few bux in the short-term, they would have to be genuinely retarded. Would you listen to someone who was telling you to port your shit to a platform that wasn't yours, when with your platform, you get 100% of the cut, 100% of the control, and an entire audience that isn't leaving any time soon and will grow itself for you no matter what? Nintendo is currently, afaik, the oldest, most thriving, still-living gaming platform company. This isn't by chance or accident.
>>534880 >120 GB for a single game >Still looks like poorly textured, poorly lit shit Everytime
>>534883 >Would you listen to someone who was telling you to port your shit to a platform that wasn't yours Yes, absolutely. The more people that get to play my games, the better.
>>534883 >Butthurt about what? <You're port-begging right now, proving their effectiveness with retaining their games on their platform and increasing the value of them as a result. <You might not like it, but that's the reality of things. If you don't want to emulate, using Ninty consoles is the only way to play those games. You were so angry that you didn't even read the TORpedos wholes post. He even had the same talking points as you do.
>>534885 >the more people that get to play my games, the better no offense anon, but you're retarded. You might as well not even have a platform at that point. Nintendo's games literally force people to buy their platform specifically. There is no need to port to anything when you have people who are literally feeding into your entire gaming ecosystem. >>534886 I fail to see what you're talking about. He was expressing annoyance that Nintendo didn't port their shit to PC, when their current strategy is what's raking in the money and allowing them to continue as they are. Why do you think, as an example of the others, that its memed that the PS4 has no games? Its not that it literally doesn't have games, its that its games on it are multiplats which are inherently devalued by their nature of being multiplat since you can get them anywhere else (especially including PC). What they're really saying is that it doesn't have enough quality exclusives, that's why its called a bloodborne machine as well, one of its only notable exclusives.
>>534803 Metal Max 4 still needs its DLC dumped properly. All the existing dumps are just sharing one corrupted set.
(7.49 MB 1280x720 darkmessiah.webm)

Ubisoft Shanghai recruiting for "Open World" Might and Magic title for chink market https://archive.ph/wip/Q6c8R https://archive.ph/wip/IsbYX https://archive.ph/wip/2HX37 Remember Ubisoft has a long record of fucking up Might and Magic in ways that demonstrate extreme incompetence >French translations never took the text parser puzzles into account making the games unbeatable showing they never playtested them >after Dark Messiah (made by external studio) was well loved they delayed the promised mod tools till people forgot about it >made actually pretty competent Might and Magic 10 but saddled it with shitty DRM they did nothing about it till the servers died 7 years later <this means they never put it on GOG where people buying all the other M&M games might grab it
>>534884 It is pretty sad. I've also seen indie games that look like they should be a few gigabytes tops, that instead now fill 20-30 GB. This crap is obnoxious and no one seems to give a shit. >>534897 >Ubisoft Shanghai recruiting for "Open World" Might and Magic title for chink market I was disappointed then mildly interested then right back to disappointed all in one sentence.
>>534897 For some reason the phrases "open world" and "chinese market" juxtaposed make me think the game will be a mobile game. Do they like mobile games much over there?
>>534915 China is one of the larger creators of mobile games, mostly gatchashit. miHoYo with Honkai Impact and Genshin, and MICA Team with Girls' Frontline for a few examples
>>534897 God, dark messiah is such a chaotically retarded fun game, i wish there was more.
>>527502 >All of the release dates are placeholders Then they should've written down TBA instead of very specific dates. >>534876 >How come modern Soyny can make better decisions than fucking Nintendo? You're retarded if you legitimately think Sony make better decisions than anyone else. >>534897 >Ubisoft Shanghai recruiting for "Open World" Might and Magic title for chink market Good chance that it's going to be a gacha game.
>>449276 I can already see it. Normalfags going the THE CAKE IS A LIE after watching Portal: The Movie. Why did you make me think about that?
>pancake comes up in a conversation somehow THE PANCAKE IS A LIE HAHAHAHA
>>534940 They don't write 'em like that anymore They just don't write 'em like that anymoooooooo
(526.96 KB 494x594 0XBO8v2.png)

>>534940 >It never got the sequel it deserved because Ubishit didn't like the sales of the Xbawks port This is the same company that also killed Massive, they deserve nothing but scorn.
Wii U and 3DS eShop Will Be Closing in 2023 https://archive.ph/MV1Be >Nintendo’s North American branch announced it is closing the 3DS and Wii U eShop in late March 2023. Users will no longer be able to make purchases or download free demos from the store. The company will also cease support for credit card transactions and the use of Nintendo eShop Cards. It also opened a My 3DS & Wii U Memories site.
>>535311 Not a single person has had the chance to even order one yet retard.
>>535304 Niggerbrain >>534803
(218.53 KB 480x640 ClipboardImage.png)

(886.55 KB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)

Resident Evil official history website updates with Outbreak. What's notable is the models used have new textures and touch ups beyond upscaling. This is consistent with the GeForce Now leak including Outbreak among the games listed. https://archive.ph/wip/J9CVG
(9.53 KB 480x360 sadtodd.jpg)

Bethesda.net is kill. Users will be offered to migrate to Steam >We’re saying goodbye to the Bethesda.net Launcher this year. We would like to thank you for your support and assure you that all of your games are safe. If you’re not playing PC games through the Bethesda.net launcher then your work is done here. Thanks for reading! If you do have games through the Bethesda.net launcher, don’t worry. Starting in early April you’ll be able to migrate your games and Wallet to your Steam account. For more details on what this process will look like, read on. >You have plenty of time to plan and begin migrating your Bethesda.net library to your Steam account. The migration to Steam will include your game library and Wallet – meaning you will not lose anything from your Bethesda.net account. Many games will also have their saves migrated, with a few requiring some manual transfers. For games that require it, you will still use your Bethesda.net login to sign in to play. Your Bethesda.net account will not be lost and will still be accessible on our website and in-game, and we will continue supporting all Bethesda.net accounts with our future titles. Source: https://bethesda.net/en/article/2RXxG1y000NWupPalzLblG/sunsetting-the-bethesda-net-launcher-and-migrating-to-steam https://archive.is/38rpA
>>540863 Any idea if this includes "free" games like the time they gave away Morrowind?
(260.02 KB 500x637 Demon Todd Howard.png)

>>540863 It just didn't work.
>>540865 >Q: Will I have access to the games I own on the Bethesda.net launcher available to me on Steam? <A: Yes. You will need to take the steps to transfer your Bethesda.net account info to your Steam account. Once the migration process to Steam is available, we will let everyone know and update this FAQ with the link on where and how to migrate. Please note, that you may begin this process at any time after it becomes available, but in May you will no longer be able to play your purchased games on the Bethesda.net launcher. You will not lose access to your Library on Bethesda.net in May, only the ability to play them on the Launcher. That's all it says about games.
>>540856 >Code Veronica >Outbreak and Outbreak 2 Oh shit!
(4.02 MB 2672x1437 Stalkan roof.png)

>STALKER 2 is about to be cancelled CELEBRATION TIME!!!
>>540952 >no source So you're just shitposting.
>>540952 Hopefully Sergay gets it from a Grad rocket.
>>541198 The source is the news literally everywhere that Ukraine is currently being buttfucked like no tomorrow by Russia. The devs will be lucky to have a home to go back to at all.
>>541215 Oh yeah, it's developed there, I forgot about that.
(1.05 MB 759x759 chris on vacation.png)

>>540856 >code veronica and outbreak Yes please!
(62.18 KB 624x1290 ClipboardImage.png)

How does this affect Elden Ring getting cracked?
>>541672 >no denuvo gee anon, we'll never know
>>541672 Well, Elden Ring doesn't have denuvo as far as I know, but I guess the tranny takes over as king cracker. And they're not entirely wrong that the scene became gay as fuck and taken over by posers.
>>541672 Well... shit.
>>541672 It's just been one bad thing after another today.
(759.61 KB 826x1418 ClipboardImage.png)

<Dragon Age 4 executive producer has left BioWare again >News that the Dragon Age 4 executive producer has left BioWare means Christian Dailey, who took up the reins after Mark Darrah left nearly a year ago in December 2020 – making this the second time an executive producer has left the project >“I want to reiterate that the Dragon Age team is killing it and the game is in amazing hands,” he followed up with. “Don’t fall for the hate. Lots of positivity, can’t wait for when they can share more.” https://archive.is/4RZ4f
>>542544 >This right after they advertised that production was going very well wew lad
(3.75 KB 264x234 herp.png)

>>541672 What version of Denuvo did CODEX crack? I recall no one cracking Denuvo for fucking ages until some unknown called BALDMAN showed up.
>>542549 They cracked a few Denuvo ridden games but they mostly focused on non Denuvo releases.
(9.31 KB 376x164 ClipboardImage.png)

(203.11 KB 923x360 ClipboardImage.png)

(31.73 KB 841x250 ClipboardImage.png)

<Due to the military operation in Ukraine, game chats were disabled in World of Tanks >Dear players! General and combat chats on all servers, as well as personal channels are temporarily unavailable. We will inform you about the resumption of these services later. https://archive.is/wip/n7SPz https://archive.is/wip/kWmRi
>>542625 wew Wargaming is based out of Minsk, Belarus after all. In other news, GSC Game World's office got hit by a rocket barrage while they were in it, hopefully Sergay didn't make it out.
>>542625 Did the nuNKVD came around and told them to shut down? >>542634 Fuck, source?
>>542634 >GSC Game World's office got hit by a rocket barrage while they were in it It's fake retard
>>542544 Hopefully, they all get Corona and lose a lot of money with the flop of Dragon Age 4. >>542547 All companies always lie all the time about everything.
>>542625 >>542634 Wargaming fired Sergey after he tweeted out >I support the operation of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, the DPR and the LPR. The rest are nuances. Wargaming responded with: >Sergey is an employee of the company and expressed his personal opinion, which categorically does not coincide with the position of the company. All our forces are now focused on helping our over 550 colleagues from Kiev and their families >Sergei's opinion is in complete contradiction with the company's position. He is no longer an employee of Wargaming https://archive.is/Gf2Lt
>>543547 Hes russian, right? So if anything, theres nothing wrong with him being patriotic, it would be like someone from GSC coming out to cheer for the ukranian forces and getting fired for it.
>>543547 >>543551 >Multinational company wants to be neutral in all of this shit Do you think a private company cares about any of this shit? Top brass just want some fucking money and that statement is one step away from losing half of it.
>>543557 Youre actually not wrong, its very responsible of them to keep their employees mouth shut before bringing heat to their company.
>>543563 This used to be the MO of most companies, but this virtue signalling bullshit trend in most American companies is done because they're literally rewarded by investment companies. It's literally propaganda
(132.78 KB 1024x1024 v1_01_1024x1024.jpg)

I don't know if this counts as even minor news, but New Blood have started selling dakimakuras of V1 from Ultrakill. They've been playing this "sexy robot" angle with him for awhile and I don't get it.
>>543570 Even more reason to kill their owners.
>>547358 Well, the game is made by faggots, so it's no wonder they'd cater to degenerates. They did a charity drive for homoshit sometime earlier this year or late last year, I don't remember exactly. Which is a shame, the game looks dope as fuck.
>>547358 >I don't get it. It's a joke
(357.67 KB 1920x1080 glover-03-07-22-1.jpg)

I didn't expect this. https://archive.ph/2OyyY >Piko Interactive has announced Nintendo 64 cult classic Glover is coming to Steam. >While Glover is coming to Steam “soon”, a tentative release date is set for April 20th, 2022. >Piko Interactive and Bleem! not this version of Glover “is completely redone from the original source code (N64 version of the game)” and features improvements for modern PCs, including Steam features like Achievements and Trading Cards (which they’re currently implementing). >Glover was originally developed by Interactive Studios and published by Hasbro Interactive back in 1998 for the Nintendo 64 and Windows, and later for PlayStation in 1999. A sequel titled Glover 2 was planned but was unfortunately cancelled.
(1.49 MB 1920x5647 ClipboardImage.png)

(95.34 KB 616x733 ClipboardImage.png)

>>549846 It's an interesting re-release, but I suppose it's worth pointing out that people on twitter are complaining that once Piko interactive buys the rights to a game they will DMCA rom preservers to take down 20 year old leaked prototypes, as well as complaining about other things they do. https://twitter.com/StoodUpOtomo/status/1500859499833270275
>>549846 >>549952 The company shills NFTs, too. Throw them in a fucking trash.
(275.51 KB 534x300 ClipboardImage.png)

Not really anything special, I just like the concept of it: <xScreen turns an Xbox Series S into a portable console >The xScreen is an 11.6-inch (1080p) display that attaches to the rear of an Xbox Series S, and it transforms Microsoft’s miniature console into more of an Xbox laptop for on-the-go gaming https://archive.ph/lgE1A
(506.38 KB 600x800 ClipboardImage.png)

(200.66 KB 474x474 ClipboardImage.png)

>>554614 Things like that have existed for a while.
>>554614 Not even remotely worth the cost of the device.
>>554621 Yeah and I liked those too. Any other recent consoles do anything similar? >>554623 Yeah definitely not, doubly so with how disappointing this gen is. I just like the idea of slapping a screen onto a console.
(1.18 MB 789x3501 ClipboardImage.png)

<Interest In NFTs And The Metaverse Is Falling Fast >In the gaming space, where I operate, almost every major publisher seems to have been scared straight on NFTs after being lambasted by fans every time they are brought up, and those have become relegated mainly to purely blockchain based games outside the rest of the industry. As for the metaverse, the term has been repeated so much and so often it’s become almost meaningless, these days most often cited regarding blockchain-based shared worlds that have concurrent player averages outside the top 200-300 games on Steam at any given time >The blockchain and all it spawns may not be going anywhere, but all the predictions about NFTs being the inevitable future and the metaverse being the birth of web 2.0 feel…overblown, to say the least. I would not be surprised to see these concepts return later with new names to feel more fresh, but for the time being, interest in both are clearly waning https://archive.ph/SR5PF
>>555182 Good, people arent falling for that scam.
https://archive.ph/wip/vggri Director for shitty Perfect Dark reboot left studio. The question now is if this will be vaporware or released quarter finished and be hilariously broken.
(465.58 KB 727x1433 ClipboardImage.png)

>>555358 I completely forgot that was a thing. Hope it never sees the light of day.
(147.26 KB 979x1667 ClipboardImage.png)

One less event to suffer through. <EA Play Won’t Happen This Year; More Games to be Revealed “When the Time is Right” >"We love EA Play Live as it’s our way of connecting with our players and sharing what’s new with all of you. However, this year things aren’t lining up to show you everything on one date. We have exciting things happening at our world-class studios and this year we’ll reveal much more about these projects when the time is right for each of them. We look forward to spending time with you throughout the year!" https://archive.ph/oTBMq
(281.77 KB 1903x918 ClipboardImage.png)

New Capcom trademark.
>>556523 >capcom TCG Didnt they already have something like that with videogame characters? Meybe they are trying to expand into real cards instead of digital?
>>556525 Read the full thing. It's an all of the above filing and trading cards are just one of many things filed for.
Killing Time, 3DO horror FPS from 1995, is being distributed for free on Zoom Platform (A non-cucked version of GOG): https://www.zoom-platform.com/product/killing-time
>>556527 I heard people talking about Zoom as if it was a scam platform, like Epic Games. What's up with them And why the fuck would I want *another* launcher? It's enough I put up with steam kikes and their rental service
>>555501 Events and conventions were never good. Just corporate garbage disguised as a circus for corporate drones.
>>556523 >>556525 >>556526 It will end up being NFT.
https://nintendoeverything.com/knights-in-the-nightmare-remaster-gets-new-release-date-of-april-7-in-japan/ Knights in the Nightmare is getting a re-release on 7th of April. I can't find confirmation of an English version.
(1.36 MB 994x1987 ClipboardImage.png)

Gaylo fans are you ready for some $225 shoes? <Wolverine's limited-edition Master Chief boots are for hardcore Halo fans >Developer 343 Industries has partnered with footwear manufacturer Wolverine on a limited-edition boot inspired by Halo's iconic protagonist. As the story goes, fans were quick to point out that Wolverine's Hellcat boot looked like something straight out of Halo when it debuted in August 2020. Rather than brush it off, Wolverine reached out to 343 Industries to make something that Halo fans can truly call their own >Only 117 pairs of Wolverine x Halo: The Master Chief limited-edition boots are being released. They're scheduled to go on sale March 29 at 12 p.m. Eastern over on Wolverine's website priced at $225 https://archive.ph/QRKvg
>>562096 I dont even know if wolverine is a reputable brand for shoes, but if their target audience was the same as the game's ie niggers and mutts, then it would have been a better idea to partner with jordan or ugg.
>>562096 At least they look like normal functional boots. Could be worse.
>>562096 See i never will get this bullshit, if you gave some more realistic prices, you would get a higher ammount of sells, only a nig or a retarded fanboy would pay 225 bucks for a pair of shoes, while if you sold them at say, 80 dollars, im sure plenty more dudebros would get them.
>>562127 It's meant to be a limited item that "collectors" buy. I know a kid, who actually speculates on this market, by buying all these collector item shoes, then selling them a few months later at a profit, though he does keep a few pairs, since he really likes shoes, and before anybody asks, no he is not a nigger, just Eastern European. The high price is to create the illusion of an "exclusive, high quality item", that only wealthy people can buy, and not the common masses, kinda like with Iphones and Mac laptops.
>>562134 Wouldnt they make more money by bulk?
>>562138 We don't have the marketing data and analysis that these companies have, so all I can assume is that they believe, that if they were to price and market them as "regular shoes", then not a lot of people would buy them, sicne they would rather buy actual shoes, and not shoes with HALO or God of War decals plastered on them, as such they might believe that it's profitable to make plain shoes and sell them at 10 x price to the whales collectors, than to sell at regular price to the general audience and try to compete with all the other brands. I think for such times, they just make limited inventory, market that as well, and try to sell as many of them, as fast as possible, instead of trying to slowly sell them in 2-3 years. Again, this is all speculation, as we do not have the marketing data they have, but we do know that Apple's business model of "exclusive", "premium" phones work and can compete with all the other, "regular" Android phones.
>>562127 >only a nig or a retarded fanboy would pay 225 bucks for a pair of shoes You've clearly never paid for a good pair of work boots before.
>>562208 No, my company is obligated to provide me with such things.
>>562096 Believe it or not, I was always looking for green boots like those, they would go great with my cosplay. For that price, tho? Yeah, no I do agree with other anons, Niggers and trannies seem to be the main fanbase of the games now, not the dudebros, who are all grown up and either moved on from video games or are married/employed and have barely any time for them. Nigger brand and/or smaller price would have much better sales, but then again, I don't think 343 has it together, if that new halo show is of any indication >>562134 The thing with collectible items is that it's usually something like figurines or something, an item that can be put on a shelf by anyone. Shoes are a very particular LE item, in that, well, they need to fit perfectly, otherwise you're that idiot with a pair of shoes on his shelf he will never wear. While I do know there are people who will do that, vast majority of people, niggers included, tend to WEAR the shoes they buy/steal, so unless they buy out all the available sizes, and then somehow sell all of them, I don't see this being a bright idea. >>562208 Who's gonna wear gaylo boots to work, tho? I guess it all comes down to their quality, to see if they are worth the price or not. The are definitely not worth 225$ if you just want shoes for everyday use
>>562212 I've never heard of a company providing someone with work boots. At most they cover 80% of the cost and just tell you to go buy whatever the fuck you want. At least that's how it works in the military.
>>562096 >green boot, goes with nothing, attracts attention >just a boot, looks nothing like master chief armor >nobody goes around wearing armor anyway so weird pull >has 117 on it so people will know you're autistic >niggers don't go apeshit for boots, only sneakers, because their jew handlers didn't program them to like a wide range of footwear, so the only target is retarded white bro trust fund types who don't think it through >>562127 >>562208 this, have you seen what RM Williams boots cost? Serious, quality steel-caps are expensive too. >>562767 I've worked for two companies in a row that provided boots for free as well. I also got free high viz gear and a hard hat. I've had to use them exactly once in a decade but there you go. Those boots, incidentally, are more beefy than this crap, too.
(482.23 KB 691x476 ClipboardImage.png)

<Inside ‘Halo’s’ universal aspirations Some highlights: >Frank O’Connor, franchise creative director for Halo, said he and his team have likely evaluated tens of thousands of proposals from a plethora of companies asking to work with the Halo IP. The potential partners range from promotional opportunities to novels to screen plays. With so many people clamoring for a piece of the Chief, how do they decide what new ideas are okay as 343 tries to grow — but also protect — the Halo IP? <“It’s kind of like porn,” O’Connor said of the opportunities that ultimately make sense for Halo. “You know it when you see it.” >“I think it’s a huge opportunity for us being able to go off console and think about a broader audience,” said Bonnie Ross, general manager of Microsoft’s 343 Studios, who pointed to Marvel’s approach as an example of how Halo hopes to position itself for multiple platforms: feature a uniform aesthetic but allow differences between the games and shows or films. “And I think both with the Halo TV series bringing in a broader audience, with free to play bringing in a broader audience, and then for us, I think it really is learning about how to be an ongoing service and having an ongoing dialogue with fans and getting the infrastructure right.” >In many ways, this latest phase of the Halo franchise — with both the show and the game — has been plotted by focusing on a North Star of reaching new audiences. It was a prime motivation behind making the game free-to-play, a decision reached in Fall 2017. It was likewise a reason the franchise returned to PCs after “Halo 2” through “Halo 5” were released as Xbox exclusives. The studio simply wants to widen the ways people can find and fall in love with Halo <BROADER AUDIENCE >But as Ross notes, even as 343 shoots for the stars of a “universe,” it has to reckon with several factors that threaten to keep it grounded, including those aforementioned fans <being threatened by the fans Ross back when Bungie fucked off: >“I put a pitch together that kind of laid out the universe, the timeline, stories I thought we could tell, as well as noting that I really wanted to have all parts of Halo in one studio, because that’s not how we did it before,” Ross said. “I wanted it to be more like George Lucas [and Star Wars], where we basically owned everything, whether it be TV or movies or games. And for whatever reason, back then they gave me the keys.” This cunt is the kathleen kennedy of gaylo. Now onto the TV Show deviating from the lore: >“It’s hard because I think for some people, they can see it as something being taken away from them, which is understandable because you want the players to feel ownership over the character,” said Kiki Wolfkill, the studio head for Halo transmedia and entertainment at 343 Industries who has been supervising the show’s production. “And that’s why I’m really hoping to be able to express to the audience that this is a different experience. And I do want you to be able to step out of the suit and hopefully enjoy this other perspective.” On making Chief take off his helmet in the first episode: >“I have so much understanding and respect for people who feel that this is a violation. This is a violation of my character,” Wolfkill said, referring to the attachment players feel as they embody Master Chief in the games. “In order to tell this John-focused character story, we have to be able to see John. Because this isn’t just about the Master Chief. The story is more about John or as much about John as it is about the Master Chief. And so it just felt very important to be able to see him emotionally and to see what he’s going through and especially with an actor like Pablo [Schreiber, who plays the role in the series] >“My hope is, again, that once people are able to get into the story, if they are one of the people who don’t want the helmet to come off, they’re able to sort of separate from their game character and appreciate the story and appreciate the character in a different way.” https://archive.ph/ATCRC
>>563973 Fans threatening leftards is a good thing. Bullying always works.
(130.16 KB 800x1200 ClipboardImage.jpg)

>>563973 >This cunt is the kathleen kennedy of gaylo. Why do you think they had to pull Staten back into Halo after the guy was busy minding his own business making MFS?
>>563973 >make a brand on the back of dudebros and mountain dew chugging wannabes >reduce the show into basic bitch karen late afternoon talkshow with "emotional drama" and stuff <wow why are people angry against us These guys will turn a barbie tv show into edgy teenage pregnancy and suicide bullying, just because they want to "subvert expectations" and claim the show as their own making
(558.67 KB 589x850 Tweet.PNG)

Now they've done it https://archive.ph/sSKtU
>>564246 >dendy is kill no
>>564246 Fuck, destroying history sure is fun for authoritarian shitheads, eh.
>>564303 That's what war is about. Destroying and obliterating the past. See any european city before and after WW I or WW II. Radically different places, Not only city wise, but culturally and socially. War is a nasty thing people take too lightly. And not only the warmongers since its to be expected of them, but the common man. The niggercattle that would rather support a war than actually see both parties sit down and talk.
>>564371 Anon, the point of ukranians fighting so hard is precisely to get a better peace deal than "puppet goverment, lose crimea and eastern territory, disarm your nation and you arent allowed to join nato or the EU".
>>564379 Of course you're going to defend your own (well, maybe) country. I'm talking about Amerimutts wanting the war to escalate further. They don't act like mediators, they only keep pouring more gas to the fire.

(744.21 KB 1280x720 ClipboardImage.png)

(745.79 KB 1280x720 ClipboardImage.png)

(1.92 MB 1583x1086 ClipboardImage.png)

Postal 4 is leaving Early Access and Getting it's 1.0 update April 20th. The update will have Corry Curse and Rick Hunter return as Voice options for Postal Dude.
>>564732 >They got Rick Hunter back Holy shit about time. I bought Postal 4 earlier on after release and it was a buggy mess PLUS it didn't have Rick Hunter so I refunded that shit quick. If any of you who have it can tell me if it's improved gameplay-wise at all, I may buy it again. Rick Hunter or bust, I say.
>>564732 >Rick Hunter return That's fucking great. I'm a huge autist for keeping VAs on their roles (unless their shit clearly doesn't work). >video I'm not going to get my hopes up about getting something inspired and fun but some of those those shots kind of look like it.
>>564732 Looks like a soulless unity asset flip. Should have stuck to the original graphics.
>>564732 Will it still run like ass and have a fuckton of glitches?
(226.45 KB 706x1000 Amerindian.jpg)

>>564732 >1.0 >GOG >The update will have Corry Curse and Rick Hunter return as Voice options for Postal Dude. Now I will buy the game
(1.87 MB 3840x8688 bloodstained child of light.jpg)

(1.74 MB 3840x7848 nobunaga switch.jpg)

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night reveals playable character Aurora from Child of Light https://nintendoeverything.com/bloodstained-ritual-of-the-night-reveals-playable-character-aurora-from-child-of-light/ https://archive.ph/YW5Ba I didn't know this game was still being updated. Isn't the sequel in development? Nobunaga’s Ambition: Rebirth confirmed for Switch https://nintendoeverything.com/nobunagas-ambition-rebirth-confirmed-for-switch/ https://archive.ph/wip/DupeA Though no plans for a western release is even mentioned.
(551.41 KB 1108x1080 miriams thighs.png)

>>566208 >Isn't the sequel in development? Yeah but they still have people working on the original game, iga is very thankfull for all the people supporting his kickstarter. He also got a team-up with other games, miriam appears in blasphemous and kingdoms 2 crowns.
>>564754 >>564792 >>564840 I saw an interview with Rick Hunter some time ago, he explained he was having some kind of personal problems at the time I can't remember if it was drugs or what, but that's why he didn't voice in Postal 3. He talked about cleaning up and missing the role, so maybe that's why they brought him back.
>>566239 It was apparently a very rough breakup and he was the one who actually recommended Corey Cruise.
>>566211 >iga is very thankfull for all the people supporting his kickstarterTrying to milk it before no one buys Bloodstained 2.
>>566246 >milk it >the updates are free You really didnt think that through did you?
>>566239 Yeah, but Postal 4 was due to the fact that at the time he was the voice of a radio talk show and didn't want to be associated with Postal 4.
>>571103 I'm not holding my breath. Has Ron Gilbert been politically outspoken? I'm scared if anything. I can predict feminism and a gamergate jab, it seems like the kind of game that would do it. And I love the original two.
>>566208 >Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night reveals playable character Aurora from Child of Light Is there What the fuck did they do to her?
>>571596 Brutal
>>571596 I'll paste my answer from another thread Visually, it's like below this 2008 game. Mechanically, it looks about on pair with Monster Hunter Tri at best, not the way I expected something like this to play. Also all those hideously low-res textures and blocky environments, the generic cheesy J-Pop...I'm not really holding my breath here.
>>571596 sorry about this but. This looks like shovelware.
>>571596 Is Made in Abyss finished yet? Is it still good? I decided not to get into anime until it's over so I don't get invested in something that turns out to shit the bed at the end.
>>571670 It's far from finished and it's not very good. Just misery porn, like an eastern TLOU2.
>>571670 >Is Made in Abyss finished yet? Nope. >Is it still good? I like it, the worldbuilding is enjoyable.
(573.04 KB 1280x1677 11.jpg)

>>571687 This Anon is a blithering fucking retard. Made in Abyss isn't a shitty pozzed revenge flick, ignore him.
>>571711 I'm not saying that it's about revenge, they don't share a plot or meaningless virtue signaling. What I was trying to convey is that they are equally miserable and not worth your time unless you just enjoy watching people suffer for suffering sake.
>>571596 >vomiting >extreme violence towards children This feels like Eliminator Kaede if it were AA.
>>571596 This looks fucking awful. Like REALLY fucking shit. Like worse than a fucking unity asset flip bad.
Repost from the metroidvania thread. >>567909 >New trailer for Gunvolt 3 has been released with an official confirmed released date of July 28, 2022. Some Highlights for things in the game. >Gunvolt's affiliated with a sub-branch of Sumeragi called "Shadow Yakumo" a hidden group that operated under the shadows of the Sumeragi corporation. >Shadow Yakumo specializes in sealing away an adept's abilities and likely assisted in the development of glaives. >Kirin's tags called are called "Radiant Feathers" which seal away adept abilities. >Gunvolt's power expanded to the point where he's become a "primal dragon" of sorts and had to have his ability sealed with over 1,000 swords by Shadow Yakumo. >The blue dog that follows him is actually Gunvolt in a sealed stated due to his power being restricted. >You can swap between the too during gameplay allowing you to perform crazy and power combos. >Gunvolt's considered the "easy mode" of the game since he doesn't have any health but a meter that drains over time and every time you use an attack. He has pervasion on all the time and generally stronger overall. >A new mechanic called "Image pulse" allows you to summon old enemies, rivals, and other previous characters as assist from the past games, The trailer shows you being able to summon Viper, Jota, and the new fire boss for Gunvolt 3. The ability's a combination of the Azure Striker Septima and Kirin's Radiant Feathers. >Lumen's most likey an image pulse as well since the game mentions her as an illusion and the real Lumen's been sealed in Mytyl at the end of Gunvolt 2. >There are over 152 images pulses you can collect in the game. https://yewtu.be/watch?v=3icCimtZdLI[Embed]
(389.10 KB 500x500 ClipboardImage.png)

>>571103 >>571110 I just hope it will be better than the 3d ones
>>571103 I really hate this style of graphics, feels cheaper than even motionless sprites. The only positive is that it's faster to work with than 3D models.
(174.25 KB 1280x720 Battle Operation 2.jpg)

Gundam Battle Operation 2 coming to PC, thank fuck it's not just the shitty MOBA. Hopefully we see Code Fairy as well https://store.steampowered.com/app/1367080/MOBILE_SUIT_GUNDAM_BATTLE_OPERATION_2/
(1.85 MB 3840x10062 zss dread boss rush update.jpg)

Metroid Dread update out now (version 2.1.0), patch notes https://nintendoeverything.com/metroid-dread-update-out-now-version-2-1-0-patch-notes/ https://archive.ph/h9leI >Boss Rush mode has been added to Metroid Dread >3 different rushes available >12 Boss gauntlet >5 minute high-score mode >Dread Rush (Samus is OHKO)
>>573477 Not too surprising: ESRB rating happened months ago and Korean board rating happened last year. Also hoping to see Code Fairy.
(132.19 KB 1200x675 water submissive.jpg)

New Subnautica game in development. https://archive.ph/smzuf
>>575452 Better be better than Below Zero
>>571687 >>571738 I honestly have no idea why MiA is as popular as it is, you'd have to be fucking deranged to enjoy watching that shit. Do people think it's "mature"?
>>575459 Yeah after the last one I kind of stopped caring.
>>575459 >>575511 I played Subnautica a few months ago and loved it, is Below Zero really that shit? What does it do wrong?
>>575459 It's going to be pozzed and cartoonish out the ass, Unknown Worlds are some of the worst virtue signalling Californian fucks you have ever.
(571.71 KB 769x1009 67991760_p1.png)

>>573712 Fuck code fairy, i want breaker 3 on PC. >>575510 Lolicon/shotacon bait, and misery porn and hurting cute things is very popular for some ungodly fucking reason.
>>575517 Niggress mc that never shuts up and talks to her other niggress accomplice on the phone. Also, they fired the sound designer that made the game sound special, because of some innocent things he said on twatter.
Advance Wars got delayed once again for yurops, had Wayforward claim they will remove some war aspects from the box art (probably some details from Blue Moon too if the war is not over by Summer) and for all their efforts got a beta version of their game leaked.
>>575709 is this the remake with cursed visuals? nothing of value was lost then
>>575597 the music in below zero wasnt that bad actually, but yeah the first game ost was something else
(89.60 KB 897x435 bad-subnautica-tweets-3.png)

(127.44 KB 1080x1253 DVIu2cRX4AEaaZl.jpg-large.jpeg)

(660.17 KB 1627x682 bad-subnautica-tweets-2.png)

(409.62 KB 621x831 bad-subnautica-tweets-1.png)

>>575597 lol reminder to never support this industry
>>575517 It does a lot of things wrong. Off the top of my head: 1 - world is 1/6th the size of the original. This isn't my estimate, either. That's what the devs confirmed. Not only is it smaller, it's design is dog shit compared to the original. It feels cramped as hell since the game is designed around the new vehicle, which brings us to point 2. 2 - new vehicle is shit. The sea truck is supposed to be a compromise between the sea moth and cyclops, but like all compromises, it just fails at both. It's not fast or agile unless you're not hauling anything (which is almost never), and it doesn't function as a mobile base due to the tiny storage capacity and inability to make food on the go. 3 - SJW bullshit in game. The MC is a black, female Mary Sue that talks a LOT about how much smarter, faster, stronger, ect. than other people she is, and there's even a line said by your PDA, who now talks like a street shitter, about systems of power. 4 - SJW bullshit out of game. The sounds some of the new monsters make are so poorly done that it's crystal clear that it's just a slightly tweaked man screaming. There's nothing like the low, rumbling sound of a reefback or the unique moans of a gasopod anymore, and this, along with all the other ways this game is inferior to the original, is a direct result of SJWs in the company getting talented people fired.
>>575823 >literally "Go home gamer girl" Its embarrassing that our enemies are this much of a parody of themselves, the fact that they attack and browbeat ordinary gamers while doing shit like this is truly laughable if it weren't so disgusting
>>575859 They'll only support women and shitskins when they think exactly like them.
>>575714 >is this the remake with cursed visuals? Yep According to a jewtube funnyman that I follow, more leaks are to come soon, too https://twitter.com/killetheth/status/1512870820523167745?t=89KrNQkMusUHgNDOovpgpw&s=19 It looks and sounds as bad as you think it does. The only positives are the CO character designs and the little pre power animations. Most people though are interested in checking out what's gonna happen with Advance Wars' online presence. Since America and Japan will have it simultaneously and Europe will trudge along in like six months' time, I'm hopeful that it will be enough to prevent Nu-tendo from shutting down Advance Wars By Web.
>>566208 >>571114 That's such an odd choice for a bonus character. I wan't aware anyone but me had even played Child of Light. Why would they add a character from an obscure game from like 8 years ago that most people have never even heard of? Maybe someone on the Bloodstained team is a fan. And yeah they fucked up her appearance. She looks like a mystery meat with dyed pink hair. >>575856 Well shit, I guess it's too much to ask that San Fran residents not let petty politics get in the way of making good games.
>>575856 The curry nigger AI pisses the shit out of me even though it's one of the smallest changes. Even though it's such a small change it makes it just that much harder to understand what that bitch is saying it's so fucking retarded. No only does it ruin the fucking gameplay it makes no goddamn sense ANYONE would use a non native speaker voice as a voice for an AI. Adding to your list 1 - EVERY SINGLE MAIN CHARACTER IS A FUCKING WOMAN THAT DON'T SHUT THE FUCK UP ABOUT HOW POWERFUL ANS TRONG THEY ARE 2- Game feels like an exact retread of the original without any of the mystery or sense of exploration the first game, probably because the game has a much more narrative focus. 3- land exploration is absolute dog shit, it's just water exploration with a heat mechanic.
>>575546 >>575510 You faggots vastly overrate the extent that it's misery porn. People are such pussies nowadays. If Berserk released today you would have a bunch of niggers like you kvetching about it.
(151.05 KB 508x960 71674967_p0.png)

>>576532 It's way different, guts overcomes nearly everything they throw at him and none of the characters sans schierke are what one would call "cute", in MiA it's struggle after struggle with everything getting worse the deeper they go, remember that one cute girl that looked like she was going to join the protagonists? She got turned into a juice box and used as fuel. The bunny cunny is probably dead. The new bunny (?) cunny is not fully on the protagonist's side. The blonde girl with glasses is more or less a zombie that won't stop until she gets to the bottom of the abyss because it literally calls out to her, all because her mother had a defective womb and chose to keep her alive with the amulet she carries. And the author can't help but sexualize the scenes where the characters take a shit, hell the latest chapter has the new party member state that her butthole smells good. It's fucking disgusting.
>>576604 Grow a pair. Worse shit happens in berserk.
>>576615 The difference is that none of the characters are moeblobs, call me a faggot but i can't stand seeing cute things suffering.
>>576393 > it makes no goddamn sense ANYONE would use a non native speaker voice as a voice for an AI. I (slightly) disagree: There's one situation where a non-native speaker would be picked as an AI's voice, and that's when the AI's voice is the creator's (since sci-fi is full of AI built by one person). That's not the case there though.
>>576532 >If Berserk released today you would have a bunch of niggers like you kvetching about it. A bunch of slack jawed faggots "discovered" berserk on twatter recently and one of the cunts made a post along the lines of "It's shit and I'm glad muira's burning in hell" because of one of the panels they were bitching about.
>>576604 >guts overcomes everything in MiA it's struggle after struggle with everything getting worse the deeper they go nigger what. The same literally applies to Berserk if not worse. What do you think the Eclipse was you dumbfuck? <these characters died >but the characters in Berserk dying, who gives a shit about that I guess Griffith really doesn't deserve to suffer after all, clearly people like Casca, Pippin, Judeau, and everyone in the band of the fucking hawk didn't matter?
>>576532 >If Berserk released today you would have a bunch of niggers like you kvetching about it If Berserk was released today it wouldn't be nowhere as edgy as it was decades ago. Miura became "softer" with the times, and it's reflected in later arcs of Berserk and side works like Gigantomachia (the oneshot about the pro-wrestler and the loli with magic pee) and Duranki (the manga about futa loli/shota who is the last God and was raised by farmers). >>576616 >call me a faggot but i can't stand seeing cute things suffering I'm exactly like this, specially when said cute things are lolis, shotas or young animals. Even "light" suffering like pics related manage to make me feel bad if they don't end in a positive way, and "heavier" things like seeing a peppy character that played a big part of the plot suffer greatly or die can make me stop reading/watching/playing their story for some time.
>>576667 To be fair, the Eclipse, Black Swordsman arc and the period leading up to the Mosgus/Tower of Conviction arc is Guts at his lowest. Everything after that is building him back up, since he gets a new party and fully commits himself to trying to fix Casca over getting revenge on Griffith. >I guess Griffith really doesn't deserve to suffer after all Griffith's suffering was his own fault, a result of his hubris and petulant anger at Guts trying to be his own person, after dumbass Griffith told him he could never consider someone who didn't follow their own ideals and ambitions a friend. His suffering was deserved, and the sacrifice of the Hawks is yet another selfish tantrum on his part spurred by the horror he feels at knowing that his two most loyal pawns (Guts and Casca) now have more loyalty to each other than to him (Also, he's buttmad Guts is fucking delicious brown tomboy mercenary girl puss instead of his faggot ass)
>>576621 Yea I specifically mean something that is meant to provide assistance to a person. It's retarded to design something that is specifically there give guidance and directions to a person and give it an accent of any kind.
(1.38 MB 3840x5130 bandai namco remaster.jpg)

(1.54 MB 3840x10092 valkyrie no densetsu.jpg)

Nintendo has contracted Bamco to remaster a "3D Action Game" which requires a level designer to remake the levels in HD.
>>577552 I think it's probably gonna be Kid Icarus
>>577555 My guess is the same. Re-releasing KIU with proper twin stick controls. Some are wanting Star Fox Assault since Bamco helped make the original back in the day.
>>577566 Assault would be neat, but the game also needs like double the content/
(54.29 KB 1163x301 ClipboardImage.png)

TaleWorlds is finally beta testing custom servers for Bannerlord. I am still looking forward to seeing the Full Invasion mod for it. https://archive.ph/V2eXx
>>577619 And fix every tiny bit of damage causing a giant flinch. >>578734 Neat. Never tried the MP because it needed rootkit battle eye to use official servers. >once Beta 172 moves to the main version Sounds like that won't be anytime soon. That's the main thing keeping me from picking it back up again after dropping from a save corruption: 1.7.2 adds a bunch of optimization and has some neat looking new mods exclusive to it, but one of the critical mods doesn't support beta branches.
Publisher XSEED Games and developer Grasshopper Manufacture will release No More Heroes III for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via Steam and Microsoft Store this fall, the companies announced. No More Heroes III first launched for Switch on August 27, 2021. The new versions of No More Heroes III will include improved high-definition graphics, higher frame rates, and faster load times. A physical Day 1 Edition will also be available for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and Xbox Series / One for $59.99. It includes a copy of the game, a 5.3 by 7.3 inches softcover art book with 70 pages of content, a CD featuring select songs from the soundtrack, and a seven by four inches Santa Destroy commemorative biker license plate, all housed within a custom box featuring a new original illustration by series artist Yusuke Kozaki. Here is an overview of the game, via XSEED Games: >Being the “number-one assassin in the world” isn’t what it used to be. Otaku hero Travis Touchdown is back once more, forced out of retirement to defend Santa Destroy, and Earth, in an intergalactic test of might while proving he’s more than just a washed up has-been who talks to his cat. Warm up those beam katanas, tighten the all-new Death Glove, and get ready to partake in outrageous boss battles against the evil Prince FU and his nine alien henchmen as Travis fights his way to the top of the Galactic Superhero Rankings! https://archive.ph/vIEe9
>>579279 Finally we get to play Reference Man III in silky smooth 25fps, 24 more than on the Switch
The Witcher 3 next-gen upgrade is not in 'development hell,' CD Projekt insists https://www.pcgamer.com/the-witcher-3-next-gen-upgrade-is-not-in-development-hell-cd-projekt-insists/ https://archive.ph/nR3xY CDPR can't even update one of their own games anymore. That's how bad things have gotten over there.
>>580848 The upgrade was delayed because the original studio was Russian and they took the project off them to work on it in house. Now, why exactly they took it off a Russian studio is still up for debate. CDPR is Polish so there's speculation that the employees demanded they stop working with sovoks after Russia started up on their imperialism again. The more common speculation is bank sanctions making it impossible for them to work with companies based in Russia. Regardless of the reason, the upgrade being delayed is because the original studio got taken off the project and now CDPR has to try make it while also developing two new games on top of working on Cyberpunk. They're stretched thin here.
(657.15 KB 859x1610 ClipboardImage.png)

(867.88 KB 548x3834 ClipboardImage.png)

>343: "I’ll tell you right now, the only BR we’re interested in is Battle Rifle. The original BR. So, calm yourself" <Halo Infinite’s Battle Royale mode has been involved in multiple leaks, and content creators have started talking about the potential of the game mode. Though 343 Industries hasn’t officially commented on the matter, Halo Infinite Battle Royale is looking at a potential 2022 release >Yesterday, it was Jez Corden speaking about what he’s heard from inside sources, namely that the big mode Certain Affinity is working on is a variant of a battle royale >The Battle Royale mode may make its debut under the name of “Last Spartan Standing,” which looks to be a decent name for a Battle Royale mode https://archive.ph/jVHGU https://archive.ph/2UCYm
>>580848 How they are having trouble is beyond me. The remaster no doubt just going to be akin to Beamdog where they just take community mods and slap them onto the game. I highly doubt anything more than that.
>>581447 Welcome to 2001
(1.44 MB 1913x1076 unk.png)

(4.98 KB 0U4yGyjb.txt)

Something something about an official GBA emulator for the Switch leaked at 4chan's /vp/, plus a .txt file with some Git commits. Links of the stuff leaked (I haven't downloaded anything yet): https://anonfiles.com/p5QeKdX1xe/0100d870045b6000_dev_nsp https://anonfiles.com/5dP3K7Xcx6/hiyoko_unsorted_7z https://anonfiles.com/RfC0K0Xex0/01008bf00a1c8000_nsp Archive of the original /vp/ thread: https://archive.alice.al/vp/thread/50217865/#50217865
>>581526 >software ripped off from FOSS getting leaked Comical
(2.29 MB 3840x10886 switch gba game.jpg)

(1.89 MB 3840x9958 el shaddai remaster.jpg)

(1.60 MB 3840x10258 minecraft mamoa.jpg)

Switch Game Boy and GBA games leaked Featuring Astro Boy Omega Factor AKA The best licensed game ever. El Shaddai getting a remaster I know some anons love this game for whatever reason. Jason Mamoa to star in a Minecraft movie according to the Hollywood Reporter Sounds like a joke so it's probably true. Honk honk. Does anyone know of a handy plugin for automatically archiving news articles?
(555.31 KB 632x1523 ClipboardImage.png)

<Sega Wants to Reboot Crazy Taxi, Jet Set Radio as Fortnite-Style Hits, Report Says >Sega is working on "big-budget reboots" of classic early 2000s games Crazy Taxi and Jet Set Radio, Bloomberg reported Tuesday. They're apparently part of the Japanese publisher's "Super Game" initiative, which is designed to create online, community-centric titles, and it's aiming to mirror the success of Epic Games' megahit Fortnite >The reference to Fortnite suggests that these games would be free-to-play, come to multiple platforms and include microtransactions, where you can pay real money for in-game items https://archive.ph/BqZyR
>>582315 >Fortnite-style F2P Jet Set Radio reboot
>>582315 WOW! And I was just shitting on Sega in another thread. Should I feel vindicated or cursed?
(747.46 KB 1064x1643 ClipboardImage.png)

Amy Hennig is making a star wars vidya: <Skydance New Media, Lucasfilm Games Team to Develop Original ‘Star Wars’ Game >Douglas Reilly, vp of Lucasfilm Games, added: “We couldn’t be more thrilled to be working again with Amy. She and the Skydance New Media team have the talent and ambition to create a unique Star Wars adventure. Their vision for making inviting, cinematic interactive entertainment makes this collaboration very exciting. We’re working hard with their team of experienced and talented developers, and we’re looking forward to sharing more with Star Wars fans when the time is right.” https://archive.ph/DGCkC
>>582863 I have no interest in Star Wars but I hope it's good, Hennig has gotten a raw deal in the industry. She hasn't been the director of anything in over a decade and she doesn't work on much anymore, so it's nice to see her getting more active.
(80.70 KB 671x768 headaches.jpg)

>>582315 I can't take this
(971.26 KB 2700x3300 raziel ascended.jpg)

>>582863 Oh shit, raziel's mom is getting her hands on a star wars vidya, atleast that means we will get a neat story and characters if nothing else.
>>582863 Wasn't she working on one previously that got canned? Did it get re-started after development was put on hold "indefinitely"? >>582920 >Oh shit, raziel's mom is getting her hands on a star wars vidya, atleast that means we will get a neat story and characters if nothing else. Not if KK's "story group" has any say in the matter.
>>582921 >Not if KK's "story group" has any say in the matter. Well youre not wrong, what have they been up to lately after getting buttblasted at people liking the mandalorian more than any of their movies, books and comics?
>>582922 Putting out their "High Republic" shit that got fucking blown away in sales by an old unpublished EU novel.
>>582863 Also, i want to point out. >co-creator of encharted Fine. >not a single fucking mention of soul reaver, even though its one of the most well written and acted games in vidya history Fucking journos assblasting me again. >>582925 Wich book? Honestly save for mando, boba fett, the mods for empire at war and the lego game, i havent paid any attention to star wars.
>>463467 >"Memes" as you know them - as in, that format of text on images, got started there. It's called an image macro, you fucking nigger faggot.
>>582927 Heart of the Jedi, which was supposed to be released about the same time as Zahn's Thrawn trilogy but it never did for whatever reason. Then it got released randomly on Kindle (some say by Favreau or Filoni themselves to show up the High Republic) and hit #3 on the best seller list with zero fucking marketing.
>>582941 >Heart of the Jedi, which was supposed to be released about the same time as Zahn's Thrawn trilogy but it never did for whatever reason. Shit, i gotta read that then, heir to the empire was great. >(some say by Favreau or Filoni themselves to show up the High Republic Wouldnt put it past then, they are 100% at war after KKs group got gina carano fired due to butthurt of them making luke a badass again since thats against the message.
>>582863 Expect some shitty adventure game with ok writing and barely any interactivity.
>Alien Swarm is somehow still getting major updates Bless those devs.
>>583031 played it again recently and it still seems like the same game, also my nostalgia goggles were too big, the new "swarm defence" games just blow this shit out of the water, riftstalker for example, the mob density in alien swarm just cant keep up
>>464582 Isn't YIIKES hard left "cultivation theory" embracing garbage? They must be desperate if they're adding sexy prostitutes dressed as police girls to them game despite thinking it literally causes violence against women.
>>582920 >ever being hopeful of anything corporate to be good
>>583224 Im not putting my hopes in corporations, in putting them on amy hennig since she has proven she is an extremely competent writer.
>>583227 Corporations dictate what is written . Not the writer. The writer is just a puppet used for marketing.
>>583227 You're replying to Luciano Stop
>>583246 Sometimes he appears to say something reasonable and i confuse him with your average torpedo.
GTA V removes drag queens NPCS for lgbtq NPCS >Apparent change comes after pressure from press, LGBTQ+ developers. https://archive.ph/LrMZe
>>583287 Pathetic
>>583287 Wokestar.
(62.19 KB 500x450 1587181870759.png)

>>583287 >removing Drag queens, who were among the first groups to march and protest for LGBT rights, just to please a couple of looney troons who were triggered by the models because they looked like them Woketards never cease to amaze me with new ways to be extremely offensive towards minorities.
>>581419 Let's be honest, this was inevitable. >>582315 Looks like Bomb Rush Cyberfunk is our last hope for a JSR sequel. >>583287 But I though fags loved drag queens, they keep pushing them in schools after all.
>>485024 >>485025 Sad, but it's great how much of Harle's ass got shown off. I didn't know it was gachashit when I watched the trailer, and that copious amount of sideboob really caught me off guard.
>>521201 Store management was such an EZ part of the game that I can barely even recall doing it. It's practically an afterthought. Until you mentioned it, I didn't even remember the game had deadlines, and got through every map in the game except that very last DLC one with all the fucking OP angels.
>>583441 Apparently it's because the npcs were "stereotypes" of trannies, as in they were men in dresses and stuff, and that offended them. So it's okay to stereotype other people like mexicans and blacks but not trannies. >"Unlike other random NPCs, the way Rockstar designed GTA V's trans people actively plays into the hateful stereotypes harbored by many transphobic players," Petit wrote. "The trans sex workers you can encounter, with their garish makeup and prominent penis bulges, seem calculated to be ridiculous and repulsive to players who bring their pre-existing transphobia to the game with them. It’s as if they’re designed specifically so that some players could relish hurting and killing them because they are trans." They seriously believe it's just an irrational hateful perception that trannies are depicted as mostly offensive and ugly men in dresses.
>>571730 Might was well never enjoy anything with conflict in it. I like a nice story with determined characters that remain positive despite horrendous adversity. Riko sees and experiences all kinds of horrible things, but to her, it's worth it to see and experience all the wonderful things practically no one else has before that the Abyss has to offer. She's a real adventurer. I also really like the monsters this guy makes, and will be greatly disappointed if this game, which he help write original story for, has no bestiary. Preferably a bestiary written by Riko. I'm undecided as to whether I'd want only her commentary with full rotatable, animated, 3D models, or if it would be more charming to have the bestiary depict the monsters with flat, somewhat crude illustrations by Riko.
>>576604 >She got turned into a juice box and used as fuel. She still joined them. Riko gets her box, spills it, and finds a white whistle in the goop. The white whistles are actually sentient, and can borrow the senses of their owners. She's been able to see the world through Riko's eyes ever since then, and they can talk in her dreams. Faputa can also talk to white whistles directly. >The bunny cunny is probably dead. Nope. >The new bunny (?) cunny is not fully on the protagonist's side. Did you finish her recruitment arc? She's all on board.
(176.86 KB 540x610 drinkup.png)

>>583287 Who is pressuring them to do this Drag queens are a real thing and are a pretty big & important part of "queer culture", some of the first camp movies like Pink Flamingos and Rocky Horror prominently featured drag queens
>>583580 >Pressuring Most of it is from Rockstar/TakeTwo itself. Nobody remembers some side character wore a confederate flag but when remaking the GTA trilogy specifically went out of their way to take it out. The classic tale where they care more about showing how progressive they are to drum up sales while cutting corners with the remaster and refusing to pay the rights for the original music.
>>583441 >But I though fags loved drag queens Some like them, others hate them. The LGBT collective isn't a single entity, and in the past decades the tensions between each group (gays, lesbians, bisexuals, queers, trannies, asexuals, etc.) have increased a lot because the protests for freedoms/equality/tolerance of some groups have been steeping on the freedoms of other groups (like MtF trans "invading" the spaces of cis lesbians and cis women in general) and/or tainted their image of the collective as a whole (like when NAMBLA/pedos tried to join the LGBT soup, or more recently the cases of teachers grooming children into coming out as trans). Of the different groups, transexuals (and specially MtF trans) have been the largest sources of conflict within the collectives and with third parties, and coincidentally they also have been having the largest exposure in media in the last years.
(857.98 KB 800x600 ClipboardImage.png)

Postal 2 is free on GoG.
>>583621 Postal 4 is also free on GOG ;)
>>583885 >Femboy Films What are you trying to pull?
>>583929 your pants
>>583929 FemboyFilms is a user who helped with the project >>583931 lewd
>>583885 Why not post this in the share thread? Also is it subbed?
(604.88 KB 2000x2560 WEBBeardra1.jpg)

(127.60 KB 1500x900 h-1-drag-queen-cannabis.jpg)

(1.73 MB 3369x1902 gay-pride-nyc.jpg)

(517.93 KB 2048x1365 DSC03904.jpg)

>>583492 >The trans sex workers you can encounter, with their garish makeup and prominent penis bulges, seem calculated to be ridiculous and repulsive to players who bring their pre-existing transphobia to the game with them. >with their garish makeup and prominent penis bulges Trannies become irrationally angry when depicted as they are: freakish degenerates. Show them a mirror and watch as they recoil.
(533.48 KB 970x546 ClipboardImage.png)

Took some time but gaylo infinite finally got it's roadmap for season 2 and 3. Season 2 starts May 3rd. >two maps (one arena and one big team) >King of the Hill, Land grab, and Last Spartan Standing game modes >Narrative Events "Interference" May 3-18, and "Alpha Pack" -July 19-Aug 1 >new 100 levels of battlepass + earnable credits >Fracture: Entrenched Week 1 -May 24-30 >Campaign Co-op -Late August >Campaign Mission Replay -Late August >Forge Open Beta -September Season 3 (starting in November) mostly repeats but with even fewer details. Mentions campaign splitscreen co-op but marked as TBD so I doubt it. Reactions to this so far seem to lean on disappointed.
>>583998 I would love to see someone defend this ugly culture.
>>583287 Is there a confirmation of it happening on all platforms? If so, I would find it hilarious if they actually managed to patch a x360/ps3 game in 2022, just for this >>584966 this looks so fucking gay, GaaS is such a fucking cancer. can't believe oldschool gaylo servers died out so they could replace it with this >last spartan standing that's the battle royale mode, right? lmao, didn't they say that "the only BR we care about is the battle rifle!"?
>>585003 >Is there a confirmation of it happening on all platforms? AFAIK, it's only effecting the Pissthe5th/SexBox releases.
>>585004 good, that means that the last gen versions have a reason to exist, for the time being good to see R* isn't THAT committed to TRANS RIGHTS as they say they are, when they can't even be bothered to "fix" an old game like this. Not like it never happened before, I remember just a few years ago MW2 got a patch that removed some very obscure muslim writing from a multimap, it was removed from playlist and everything until it was fixed, and how many people still play MW2 on consoles these days?
>>585003 >that's the battle royale mode, right? It is a 12 player version of it. The big BR mode is being developed by another dev and not 343, which is allegedly coming around season 4 or 5 last time I checked. >BR quote Yeah see >>581419 >>585019 It was some islam quote having been placed in a favela bathroom and how it was forbidden to do so. They also got in trouble again later with CoD Vanguard when they scattered pages of the Quran across the floor with blood on them.
Splatoon 3 got an official release date as well as well as some turf war gameplay.
>>585003 >>585004 >>585019 While Rockstar of David and TakeJew surely are pushing this, I'm pretty sure they're pressured by Soyny and Micro$haft as well. I'm just glad both platforms are doing worse and worse by the year.
(1.59 MB 3840x10202 famitsu 2022 04 18.jpg)

Switch still outselling Sony in Japan, with the new big baseball release doing nearly double numbers on Switch compared to PS4. No PS5 titles in the top ten. Again. By the end of May the Switch will have outsold the 3DS in Japan, despite being on the market for less than half the time.
(1.77 MB 3840x10202 famitsu 2022 04 18 30.jpg)

Not a single PS5 game in the entire top 30. Super Mario World + Bowser's Fury is at number 30 with just 1,437 copies sold, so not a single PS5 game managed to sell more than that during the week of April 18th in Japan.
Intel CEO now expects chip shortage to last into 2024 >Intel’s Pat Gelsinger now expects the semiconductor industry to suffer supply shortages until 2024. >The CEO told CNBC the extended timeline for the chip crunch is now due to a lack of manufacturing equipment. >Intel on Thursday reported weaker-than-expected guidance for its fiscal second quarter. Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger told CNBC on Friday he now expects the semiconductor industry to suffer supply shortages until 2024. In an interview on “TechCheck,” Gelsinger said the global chip crunch may drag on due to constrained availability of key manufacturing tools, serving as an obstacle to expanding capacity levels required to meet elevated demand. “That’s part of the reason that we believe the overall semiconductor shortage will now drift into 2024, from our earlier estimates in 2023, just because the shortages have now hit equipment and some of those factory ramps will be more challenged,” Gelsinger said. The CEO’s comments come one day after the California-based chipmaker offered a fiscal second-quarter forecast that was lighter than Wall Street expected. Its fiscal first-quarter earnings and revenue topped analyst expectations, however. Intel shares were down more than 6% on Friday. The need for more semiconductors has been growing for years, as the world becomes more digital and processing chips go into everything from smartphones to automobiles to washing machines. The Covid pandemic caused an acute shortage, though, as factories were disrupted at the same time demand for consumer electronics took off. The shortage has had significant economic consequences and has contributed to the U.S. economy experiencing its hottest inflation since the early 1980s. Since Gelsinger took over as CEO in February 2021, Intel has announced a slew of major investments to geographically diversify chip manufacturing. The company is spending heavily to build semiconductor factories, known as fabrication plants, in the U.S. and Europe. Most of the world’s chip manufacturing capacity is now concentrated in Asia. “We’ve really invested in those equipment relationships, but that will be tempering the build-out of capacity for us and everybody else, but we believe we’re positioned better than the rest of the industry,” Gelsinger said. Source: https://archive.today/uE2hW
>>590945 Prepare for this to be the norm, between the chips here and the GPU scalpers, we're running out of electronics, and there is no easy way to break it to the normalfags addicted to their smartphones and other electronics. Bad times ahead, I genuinely hope anons here are prepared, and I don't just mean spiritually As far as Videogames go, I think this might be the last console generation as we know it. Playstation 5 is a disaster, and electronic components needed to make even stronger consoles are not going to be worth it at that point, and xbox doesn't really need anything more than simple upgrades to keep shilling more passes, and in the near future, complete streaming subscriptions. I don't know what the future holds, but it's going to be interesting
>>590953 It certainly is interesting. The big 3 want consoles to exist since they can control everything from the OS to the marketplace to the user data collected. The big battle will be in streaming services and in marketplaces. Microsoft has an advantage, but it still has to sell games on Steam while it can control the entire marketplace on Xbox. Sony and Nintendo might be at a disadvantage where they have to become like Sega since own neither a major OS nor have a large foothold in PC gaming.
>>590953 Nah Nintendo will make at least one more console
<Apple Arcade is getting a Mario Kart-style racer starring Hank Hill >Later this month Apple is adding a Mario Kart-style racer to its gaming subscription service. Called Warped Kart Racers, the game brings together 20 different characters from 20th Television animated series like American Dad and King of the Hill, with gameplay that looks heavily inspired by Nintendo’s iconic racing series. It’s expected to debut on Apple Arcade on May 20th https://archive.ph/s83Ma
>>593018 >Fox Sitcoms Kart What a time to be alive
(580.95 KB 1018x886 ClipboardImage.png)

>Intel CEO believes chip shortages to continue into 2024 https://archive.ph/HsPFQ This has been affecting cars heavily, but I don't see the point of modern vehicles needed to get so many damn chips. >Crysis 4 gets Ex-Hitman 3 game director https://archive.ph/omWUH
Duke Nukem Forever (2001) got leaked. https://archive.ph/Is0LL >Almost every chapter is present in some form. A huge chunk is playable, a huge chunk is block-outs with no enemies. All of the E3 content is there. >Not just the editor, we will be releasing the full source code too. >All weapons are functional with the exception of the chainsaw and the freezer. >Do you have any date on when you are gonna leak it then? June. >The editor works. We also have the engine and UnrealScript source code and have written instructions for compiling it. >Two builds, but only the content for one. >It is Unreal Engine 1, like the final game. >There is no complete game. It was never finished. >The E3 2001 iteration but not the E3 2001 build. >The shrink ray is in the game, it’s the first weapon in slot 4. >The theme is just the Megadeth version. It starts playing as soon as you boot the game. >Bombshell is not visually present in the game at this point, there is a log file showing that her model was deleted. >The strippers can be seen and interacted with when you first enter the club. By the point in the game that was recorded, most of them are dead. Some gameplay clips are in the article.
>>596829 That looks pretty great, and it has lots of weapons, i particulary like how the trip-mine explodes fowards.
>>596829 Where can I download it?
(156.32 KB 314x561 compoletely erect.png)

>>596829 I'm hyped, but I'll believe it when it actually leaks and I get my hands on this. >>596851 Read anon, it's supposed to leak in June.
>>596829 word of god confirms it is real, if there was any doubt https://archive.ph/5WORE Hopefully, the part about the editor is correct, and we can "finish" the game ourselves. What is there looks like a terrific base for a fun shooter
Download: anonfiles.com/p0e3O0e3y8 Press Kit: anonfiles.com/Vdo6O7e1y2
(38.76 KB 540x400 business todd.jpg)

>>597078 this shit legit?
(34.06 KB 400x300 carl.jpg)

>>597136 Yeah, it's some of the best dolphin porn I have ever seen.
>>597142 >wait a minute I didn't know there was a cut sea world level in dnf >why is Duke Nukem getting naked by the dolphin pool >"looks like I'm about to stick it in your blow-hole, on porpoise"
(43.50 KB 1390x655 NVIDIA_Share_nGNwXLIKUb.png)

>>597078 Supposedly, cuckchanners claim it has a trojan in a thread it was leaked in. Can anyone here confirm? Looks pretty sus to me, but I don't want to fuck around with it if it's real
>>597157 >MaxSecure, sketchy as hell website >Virus is literally called 'susgen' It's fucking nothing. Scan it yourself if you're so paranoid about your furry cub stash being compromised.
>>597157 I'd say to give it a minute with this being a very recent development with an assload of intrigue and mystery behind it so it would serve well to be cautious But I'm also sure that something like this would need to be compiled to run properly so if someone does a lazy or shitty compile it can also throw up a false positive
>>597161 I don't really trust cuckchanners on anything serious, but I was hoping for some independent research from the anons here. This was planned to drop in a month's time, and it's available today, seems a little fishy What are your overall thoughts about the game, if you downloaded it?
>>597142 Awesome.
https://archive.ph/WM2ZP Rittenhouse parody game where you shoot antifa dropped, and the usual suspects are already on the case
>>597180 That's a lotta words for a shit game made in two days for the sake of shocking people.
>>597157 It(at least the download, not the press kit) requires building it so I'm wary of building shit shared by anons. Sorry I can't really confirm.
(11.52 MB 640x360 5qttin.mp4)

>>597136 >>597142 >>597150 >>597157 >>597161 >>597164 It's real, there's videos of it. Here's one. The guys over on 4chan have been teasing this for years, videos and screenshots. They didn't release it for a long time because they were afraid of Gearbox lawyers finding them. Randy has been very protective of this build. Planning to release it in a big collection eventually or something. I'd like to say why they finally decided to release it, but I don't know.
(709.92 KB 500x206 1.gif)

>>598604 >And we want to ensure that you receive the best, most polished versions of them Whatever you say, Todd.
my adwarfable metal goddess is in the game, I'm oozing cum. <tenth attempt at posting this post
what a shitty out of touch thread
(824.04 KB 498x278 mlaatr-xj9.gif)

>>599400 Oh shit, its jenny! I thought the game had been abandoned.
(891.23 KB 1024x768 ClipboardImage.png)

>>599473 We could be exploring space and driving around in hover cars, and instead we get this shit Oh well, at least we finally got duke anybody got that comic in style of stonetoss or "I expected X I got Y, where you have people back to the future characters going into the 2010s, expecting hoverboards and flying cars, but get told they're misgendering trannies for implying they're not women. I think redpanels drew it, but I can't find it
(190.40 KB 900x900 Kike.jpg)

>>599473 >with an eye towards what Chomatas calls "the ultimate goal" Subtle as a brick through a window
(580.25 KB 1280x720 Goyim Slayer.jpg)

>>599473 Some "King" he is.
>>599473 This is retarded
>>599473 Lgbt abominations are still being killed all over the world. Human beings will never tolerate abominations.
>>599473 This shit is so meta. Like, the wildest imaginations couldn't have thought of this shit. Every time I look at an apple, I think to myself, "Is the world run by pedophile satanists?"
>>599473 This shit makes very little sense, how does ability correlate at all?
(773.12 KB 794x796 ClipboardImage.png)

(335.39 KB 1259x976 ClipboardImage.png)

>>599473 This kind of diversity checklisting is forced and will feel artificial. Making a new character becomes less of "how can I make a cool/interesting person" and more of a "how can I check off and combo these particular traits to please my boss". I still laugh when looking at casts and seeing the skin tone rainbow make an appearance again. It takes me out of it every time too. This will likely be the same way if it gets adopted by many.
>>599473 >>599599 I got an idea, people... /v/ MAKES THE MOST INCLUSIVE OVERWATCH CHARACTER! Time to check off all those boxes! We can see if a drawfag would donate their time to draw them/xem/xir afterwards, too. >How do I play? Redtext one characteristic, at most three times per post. Has to be diverse and inclusive and can't hurt anyone's feelings! Try to check all boxes in that overwatch character designer. <Mystery meat <Missing teeth <Mid-fourties
>>599605 Make another thread for it. That could actually be pretty funny.
>>599606 I'm on it.
>>599473 King at least got one idea right: highlighting ethnicity. >>599605 >>599606 I propose crossing over with the drawthread for maximum fun: >>573156 Also, <Limbs and sensory organs replaced with poorly functioning cybernetics picked out of junk yards <Constant stuttering and misinterpreting other character's dialogue <Aging rapidly <Toddler intellect
>>599605 <SINGLE MOTHER <OF A BIRACIAL CHILD <Never lost the baby weight and indeed put on a dozen more pounds yet still keeps pace with super soldiers.
>>599610 >>599611 new thread >>599612 post the ideas there, anons!
>>599610 I've been staring at this comic you posted for 20 minutes and I still don't get it.
>>599642 She's "the important bits". What this has to do with Jews/Israel I couldn't tell you because I can't tell if the guy on the left is meant to be a country/ethnicity/religion or just a dude.
>>599732 It has nothing to do with jews/Israel, unless you count that it's an Israeli gun being represented by an anime girl.
(5.66 MB 1920x1080 cow tools-jZHauYCXPtI.mp4)

(33.40 KB 517x368 1581911160066.png)

(13.63 MB 1920x1080 Duke Nukem.mp4)

Will we be doing a Squilliam montage this year? I know the in-person E3 event is shitcanned, but you know there will be digital events.
>>599906 E3 as a whole was shit canned, even the digital events. There may be directs around the time, but they'll be scattered in time.
https://p-ch .jp/enquete2022/na/ (broken in case referals checked) New Atlus USA survey, seems mostly about platform choice and ports. Flood them with demands they stop putting trannyshit and denuvo in games.
>>599906 We should do one last Squilliam montage.
>>600145 If we do, I can imagine ending the montage with a "congratulations" like scene from NGE, to drive home that it's an end of an era, and that we all made it E3 2021 was real shit, so if this was going to be the direction the event was going to go, better for it to stay dead I don't have it, does anyone have that Take Two panel full of feminists and gay niggers, literally talking about influencing and infiltrating the industry? No video games were shown, I could have sworn someone edited stonetoss "Videogames?" meme over it
>>600161 E3 is dead, journos are dead And that's a good thing The industry is healing
(83.47 KB 912x317 skele yes.jpg)

>>600145 >We should do one last Squilliam montage. YES >>600161 >If we do, I can imagine ending the montage with a "congratulations" like scene from NGE YES
>>600161 This >>600161 The best message of all is one that remarks that E3 is dead, and GamerGate is alive. >May include "get woke, go broke" into it.
>>600145 I agree.
Arma Reforger, a prototype for Arma 4, was supposed to be announced this weekend but the presskit leaked. Set in alternate 1989.
(428.26 KB 200x183 1471591535108.gif)

>>601279 >Set in alternate 1989., So what's changed? Nothing?
(565.15 KB 217x200 ´Puke.gif)

>>601279 >Contrary to prior instalments in the franchise, future Arma releases will be multi-platform titles. Arma Reforger is expected to launch on PC, Xbox (One/Series X), and PlayStation (4/5 in the future
(22.51 KB 531x181 purpose.png)

(407.41 KB 1280x1400 wew.jpg)

(1.83 MB 1283x679 2020 NuMale.PNG)

>The purpose of ARMA Reforger is to: '''-Introduce Arma to a new (console-oriented) audience''' Fucking Christ, DayZ was a mistake, Dean Hall was a mistake.
>>601348 >>601346 >>601337 good luck with that, if you can't run and shoot right off the bat like in call of duty or gaylo, the modern cattle will not have the attention span for even a heavily watered down version of ARMA
(37.50 KB 490x195 this is not how it works.png)

(19.24 KB 408x110 monetization.png)

(7.55 MB 854x478 The ARMA Song.webm)

>>601348 >>601360 >good luck with that, if you can't run and shoot right off the bat like in call of duty or gaylo, the modern cattle will not have the attention span for even a heavily watered down version of ARMA webm related
>>601346 Automatically shit.
>>601367 >Possibilities Code for "we have no direction and no clear goal for our product".
Brazilians are automatically shit.
(73.15 KB 800x600 1628381095171.jpg)

(99.02 KB 1280x720 1633889003839-1.jpg)

(70.17 KB 601x622 1651077135967.jpeg)

>>601379 ==I'VE GOT THE 1488 IN MY BLOOD!!!1
>>601379 Brazillians have nice asses, but they are loud obnoxious cunts. >>601403 Lose weight.
>>601413 >Brazillians have nice asses Is that why they like ripping ass so much
(1002.37 KB 998x3118 archive.today-ORc4S.png)

Melvin Capital LP, the hedge fund that tried to short GameStock (GME) but lost miserably to Reeeddit and /biz/rael of all groups, is shutting down. Plotkin’s Melvin Capital to Liquidate Funds After Losses >Gabe Plotkin plans to wind down Melvin Capital Management after suffering billions of dollars of losses and angering investors with a botched plan to reboot the firm. >The once high-flying hedge fund told clients it would liquidate the funds and return cash to investors. The New York-based firm managed $7.8 billion at the end of April. >[...] >Plotkin became the target of a retail trading army in 2021 that used Reddit to bid up stocks, specifically GameStop, a struggling bricks-and-mortar retailer, which was one of Melvin’s bearish bets. >When the stock took off-- along with other shares Melvin was shorting -- it erased about $7 billion of the hedge fund’s capital in January 2021, a path it never recovered from. Source: https://archive.is/ORc4S
>>601403 You dropped these "==" >>603413 I wonder how gamestop will fair now.
>>601379 t. impotent corporate shill.
>>603413 No wonder you see a lot of jews sperging on all threads about how "nobody can do anything against the elites". They are, once again, desperate and losing.
(828.17 KB 1920x6334 famitsu sales 5 9 22.jfif)

Xbox outsold PS5 in Japan last week. Nintendo software dominated the top ten. Not a single Sony game sold more than 4k units during Golden Week which is basically their Black Friday sales period for the year, meaning the entire Sony catalogue got outsold by BOTW, a fucking Switch launch title.
>>604265 >Xbox outsold PS5 in Japan last week That must be a pretty big kick in the balls. I'm used to hearing about MS basically giving up then trying again for a bit on the next console only to repeat the process.
New Switch ARPG incoming, sure to be an "available shortly after this presentation" announcement in the non-E3 June Nintendo Direct. Lots of notable names attached to it, including character designers from Xenoblade, game designers and a composer from Trials and Secret of Mana. If you've been wondering what Tri-Ace has been up to recently, this is it.

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