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(1.24 MB 1200x832 ClipboardImage.png)

Minor News Thread Anonymous 08/23/2021 (Mon) 22:32:02 Id: 9cb4c9 No. 396559
Basically this is a thread for those minor news articles that are interesting but not necessary big enough to have their own thread. We will be taking the bigger stories from these threads and making them into their own threads, Anons are welcome to do the same. We will NOT be heavily enforcing these threads, so please keep that in mind. Basically things like game announcements, live stream events, new gaming hardware, etc. should have their own threads while shit like NEW GUILTY GEAR DLC 3 "SLAYER" or something like that should be posted in this thread. While we won't ban anyone for doing the former, we encourage anons to use their best judgement when posting news content.
(65.38 KB 1024x576 94.jpg)

Gamefreak released a 100 screenshots of Pokemon BDSP https://www.serebii.net/brilliantdiamondshiningpearl/pics.shtml
>>396564 This looks like a Wii game
(602.66 KB 828x1281 ClipboardImage.png)

>Goodbye Volcano High is Delayed to 2022, Story is Being Redone >“In addition to Global Events™️, 2020 saw us rebooting the narrative of our game,” the developer said in the update. “Those two factors have delayed our release timeline. So we are making what we’re sure is by now an expected announcement: Goodbye Volcano High will be a 2022 title, not a 2021 one.” https://archive.is/SPX12
>>397329 I'm sure this was in no way motivated by saltiness ofver snootgame.
>>397329 I read about this a few days ago. Great sign when your story-driven game is getting a narrative rewrite in the final stages of development.
>>397329 Holy shit Snootgame must have blown them out of the water.
>>397329 I think its a sign how much accurate and predictable the story was going to be that halfags anons figured it out and made "amends" to it. Rewrite is going to make it stray from the original vision and probably try to put a new twist to it, possibly have some not so flatering jabs at snootgame.
(169.01 KB 595x473 laughingboobs.png)

>>397329 wwwwwwww
(910.52 KB 800x450 ClipboardImage.png)

(1.80 MB 1611x905 ClipboardImage.png)

(4.56 MB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)

(4.50 MB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)

ONIRISM UPDATE JUST DROPPED, A REALLY BIG FUCKING ONE >new game mode: hunt replaces survival with new maps and guns for it >difficulty modes >new enemies >forest area overhauled >reworked loadings, all of them should be much faster except for the initial one, and are much more stable >better pajama models >A FUCKING SUNDRESS
>>397329 I look forward to seeing whether snootgame affects their story.
>>398346 >Early Access game with ugly dreamworks looking trannies
>First Vidya Lounge >Now Minor News Is Mark Mann trying to slowly phase out Gamergate threads?
>>397329 fucking snoots
>>396559 >yet another containment thread to stifle actual activity
>>401261 >muh pph
>>401263 That's a separate issue. This is me being sick of the trend of everything getting herded into a few recurring generals. QTDDTOT kills boards, and this will do the same.
>>401266 This thread is for vidya news though. Any feedback about /v/ should go in the meta thread :^)
Attention /v/. My ass itches
>>401297 Worms
>>401297 That means you have the gay.
>>401240 Don't be a snooty bitch. >>401297 This is the minor news thread. If you have something that's major news, you should make a thread for it.
(1.26 MB 1024x2380 ClipboardImage.png)

<PEGI Rating For Gambling Descriptor Is Now Always 18+ >An example is Overboard. This is a murder mystery game where the twist is that you are the murderer trying to fool people into thinking you are innocent. The game is a text adventure with some illustrations and includes "Mild Violence, Suggestive Themes and Use of Alcohol" at the PEGI 12 level >However, because there is a scene where you can play blackjack with another character the game is rated PEGI 18 for Gambling. It's also worth noting that because the other elements aren't at the PEGI 18 level they are not included as descriptor logos >This was explained by a VSC Game Rating Board spokesperson. "The purpose of the descriptors is to explain the issues that led to the rating in question, rather than to highlight all content that’s present in a game, it’s inevitable that raising a rating will lead to the loss of any descriptors that relate to material that would have been acceptable at a lower rating." https://archive.is/q9Sw8
(52.63 KB 197x190 Comfy_guy.jpg)

>>404016 >Gambling now warrants a higher age rating. FIFA and Madden will be 18 plus rated
>>404016 It wasn't before? I thought that was why Pokemon couldn't have game corners anymore.
>>398346 Call me when they hire someone from an asian country to redo karol's model. Lolige is shit when the protagonist is ugly, can't believe even a taiwanese subhuman understood this yet a frog didn't. >>404054 No, but they scared gamefreak into censoring HGSS in the west (goldenrod game center is still in the japanese version) and all the games from then on for all countries, now you have to grind shitty minigames or team up with a borderline retarded NPC for the battle tower if you wanna earn enough special currency to trade for a useful item or TM.
>>397329 Why did they have to name it "snootgame"? Just have it be Goodbye Volcano High to confuse normalfag.
>>404075 That dress is a French design, eat shit weeb
>>404075 >having a nose makes someone ugly you need to lay off the anime.
>>404091 >>404101 >implying the clothes and nose are her only problems Just fucking look at her, i've seen western AAA games with more palatable little girl designs, nobeta may be generic, but she's cute.
>>404106 I see less appeal in a cookie cutter anime character whose only distinguishing feature is their clothing. if a game is going to base itself around the player character it should at least be a unique one.
Tonight, on "Nintendo fags still not getting the message on fangames". https://www.yewtu.be/watch?v=EOnjV7QJ8zo https://www.yewtu.be/watch?v=F0VlCVdow9U No demo, no release, no shit, but hey please support me on patreon :^^^^^) I know this is probably just some scam to get people to donate but what the fuck is wrong with all of these fan-game creators? What's so difficult about keeping shut until you have something to release, then releasing it so that someone might have something to actually play before it gets C&D'd?
>>404189 It seems there's something extremely attractive to a certain type of potential game dev about getting paid for making a game without the payments being strictly tied to progress. If you do that with Nintendo fan games, however, Nintendo finds out about it and you don't have a project any longer. Surely everyone who's been around long enough has heard the stories about these games; I also have no idea why every new one thinks their project will be any different. I guess it's either optimism or scamming.
>>404189 Some people just want the attention associated with remaking a classic game in Unreal 4 or Unity with all the bells and whistles of a modern engine, but don't have the discipline and motivation to finish the project. They might intentionally choose a Nintendo game, because they know that they will get C&D, and then they can go "Oops guys, we really wanted to make this new Ocarina of Time, but Nintendo stopped us. Thanks for all your donations on Patreon, but no refunds will be given. See ya later :^)"
>>404219 But the thing is this isn't even Unity or Unreal 4, it's the Freespace engine. Which implies someone on the dev team actually wants to make this happen which baffles me as to why they're announcing it this early
>>404221 Freespace? It's a Star Fox game, you mean? Then they're probably just airhead furries like all those LoK devs who've risen and fallen over the years.
>>404236 Yep, a "standalone star fox game using the Freespace Open Engine"
>>404189 Autists lack the ability of introspection, or to imagine the minds of others.
Sega has announced Super Monkey Ball: Banana Mania downloadable content character Hello Kitty. She will launch on October 5 for $4.99. here's the trailer.
>>404480 Brings back memories...
>>404480 How can Japs complain about motion sickness in FPS games while playing this?
>>404480 She's very cute
>>397329 Noot snoot
>>404523 >Japs complain about motion sickness in FPS games Say what? When?
(2.21 MB 2894x4093 sketch 1093.png)

>>404574 >if you like what I don't like, you're a leftist The absolute state of TorahNiggers
>>404101 >having a nose makes someone ugly This, but unironically. Noses are gross, unattractive, and unemotive. That's why anime girls are superior.
(95.73 KB 420x420 master shake.png)

>>404597 Wanna know what Urbosa can do with her nose?
(197.29 KB 1075x1464 1413916364243.jpg)

(151.09 KB 640x640 maripi4.png)

(104.52 KB 368x387 annemarie_grins.png)

(101.29 KB 578x620 1520578611-1.jpg)

>>404106 But Carol is a good design though. She's cot that cute Eurololi looking going on.
>>404607 >loli Mélusine Go on...
>>404124 Nobeta has a lot going for it though, the combat system was pretty deep even in the state it was first released, and the developer has been adding more and more stuff to it, it's not just a game you play for 5 minutes to UUOOHH, cum and forget, even though the main artist has been pumping out nothing but borderline porn (first 2 are official art, third is a tentative swimsuit DLC, last is from a meme trend). >>404607 Carol's design just doesn't do anything for me, i think it's the eyes that bother me the most. I have absolutely no problem with french loli art, in fact that's what surprised me the most about this whole thing, that a french developer couldn't design a cute little girl even though they've been cunnyseurs for far longer than other countries sans japan.
>>404264 At this point I'd take a Star Fox porn game made in the Freespace engine. There are no good spaceflight games any longer.
>>404997 I haven't played it, but was Rebel Galaxy: Outlaw that bad? I recall Rebel Galaxy was pretty comfy.
>>404075 >>398528 >>398346 she a cute though
>>404682 >Carol's design just doesn't do anything for me I respect that, no design can appeal to absolutely everybody. I do think it's a pretty good loli and a perfectly fine design though.
>>404682 >first 2 are official art, third is a tentative swimsuit DLC That artist is based as fuck
>>404016 So SM64DS and NSMB are now officially designated school shooter games?
(23.91 KB 967x299 steamdb.png)

>>404682 >Nobeta has a lot going for it
>>405198 Yeah they're currently franchise creeping instead of focusing on making the actual fucking game.
(948.89 KB 893x1407 ClipboardImage.png)

these connection failed issues when posting are driving me nuts. <Horizon Forbidden West Will Not Feature Free PS5 Next-Gen Upgrade; Only via $80, $200, or $260 Special Editions >Can I upgrade my Horizon Forbidden West PS4 version to the PS5 version? >To access both the PS4 and PS5 versions of Horizon Forbidden West, you need to purchase the Digital Deluxe, Collector’s, or Regalla Editions. Dual entitlement does not apply to the Standard and Special Editions https://archive.is/DFqHN
(1.06 MB 900x506 ClipboardImage.png)

(924.31 KB 524x931 ClipboardImage.png)

(1.54 MB 570x1120 ClipboardImage.png)

GITS crossover with SMT mobileshit https://archive.ph/wip/TBpAF
(57.62 KB 441x302 wheeze.png)

>>405669 >$260 for Sony brand Ass Creed.
>>405669 Why the fuck not? The same retards who will buy this will be the same ones who own serval different platform Skyrims.
>>405669 >dual entitlement I hope this pushes a few more people over the edge into piracy for not being allowed to play a game they already bought. >>405683 I work with a guy who's exactly the type of debt-ridden pea-brained retard willing to spend every penny he earns on the next new release.
the GameCube console's 20th anniversary will be on September 14, 2021 this post is minor reminder that 10 days are left
>>405669 >Dual Entitlement This is getting ridiculous.
(455.91 KB 891x1144 ClipboardImage.png)

>>405669 <First-Party PlayStation Titles to No Longer Feature Free Next-Gen Upgrade; $10 from PlayStation 4 to PlayStation 5 >Earlier this week, SIE had announced Horizon Forbidden West would not feature a free upgrade from PlayStation 4 to PlayStation 5. Instead, they would need to purchase certain special editions of the game (Digital Deluxe, Collector’s, or Regalla Editions) >Later, SIE President and CEO Jim Ryan retracted this, and stated the game would have a free upgrade to PlayStation 5. However, this came with the announcement that they would no longer be offering free upgrades >“I also want to confirm today that moving forward, PlayStation first-party exclusive cross-gen titles (newly releasing on PS4 & PS5)–both digital and physical*–will offer a $10 USD digital upgrade option from PS4 to PS5. This will apply to the next God of War and Gran Turismo 7, and any other exclusive cross-gen PS4 & PS5 title published by Sony Interactive Entertainment.” https://archive.is/X18l5
>>408410 >The PS5 is selling well <But nobody buys our movies for it This is how it sounds like.
>>408676 Because that's how it is. Sites are spinning for Sony, saying it's the selling better than the other consoles because it gets more $ in sales, but the Switch moves more units and the PS5 games are lucky to crack the top ten on the sales charts, and if they do they're there for a week, maybe two. Meanwhile, Switch evergreen titles are in the top ten week in, week out. If you want to know how truly fucked Sony are, just look at sales charts in Japan. The Switch Lite regularly outsells the PS5, and the Switch itself quadruples PS5 hardware sales every week. Last I checked, Sony had three games in the top thirty and none in the top ten in Japan.
>>408410 Normalfaggots deserve every inch sony pushes down their asses
Smelter, an action platformer, strategy game hybrid got a release for the PS5 on September 3, 2021. The plot's about adam and Eve getting separated after eating an apple and becoming a scantily clad Kamen Rider Esque warrior with the help of a living armor called smelter. You journey through the monster-infested territory called the Rumbly Lands and expand smelter's once-massive in the strategy-based segments. Also available on PS4, Switch, Xbox One, and PC. https://archive.fo/tmlmf
>>409288 >Scantily clad woman on PS4 I don't believe you, this shit must've been censored for that console.
>>409400 I'd played this. there's a lot of underboob on Eve on PC. It also has a really good ost that is not online.
There's a doom TC for Age of Empires 2. It's called Age of Doom and it's on moddb >>409408 >check again >the game has a gog version >gog-games has the OST God bless gog-games. I unfortunately do not have any of the footage I had recorded for the game around. The game's pretty fun but if I had two issues is that >there's no momentum on dash jumping because it's an upgrade for one of your forms >the overworld "twin stick" bosses and gauntlets are on the bit of the long and boring side. >A file had a format that is not allowed by the server God fucking damnit
>>409423 >and all of my mp3s to webm conversions just got eaten by the site What is this shit. https://files.catbox.moe/1vgkuu.webm https://files.catbox.moe/3agpgp.webm https://files.catbox.moe/0ahclw.webm
>>409426 >What is this shit. Let's test something.
>>409438 Fuck, mine got eaten too. I thought that since the video streams in your webms are in gbrp, that might be the culprit, so I tried reencoding one with yuv420 instead. But nope, mine didn't upload as well.
(123.51 KB 812x872 chris thumbs up.jpg)

>>410284 Nice, thanks.
>>410284 Vaas did 9/11.
>>410284 I guess there's no way to just grab the CD key and import it to Steam without downloading Ubi's bullshit. Oh well, thanks for the heads up either way, anon.
>>410382 I think ubi is really gay and forces you to log into uplay even if you have the game on steam. So you're forced to use it anyway. That's how it works for driver san fransisco.
>>410384 someone remembers driver san francisco. I guess no one will even try to recreate the mechanics
>>410384 >>410394 Wasn't Driver SF completely delisted because of copyright expiration on the music or something like that?
>>410557 It might also be some licensing issues with Atari. I'm so goddamn sick of these kikes sitting on IPs and just pumping out low effort garbage. Though I guess it means we don't get some Nullywood kike shit just pulling any IP they own to appeal to retarded nostalgiafagging normalnigggers. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt10838180/
(66.61 KB 640x575 113837_front.jpg)

>>410394 >I guess no one will even try to recreate the mechanics <Ubisoft DOES remember that they made their own Driver clone, right? >>410557 >>410597 More than likely it had to do with car licensing as that's the reason why Outrun 2006 and Wheelman are no longer available for digital download.
Something I saw in the emulation thread. Spine, a PS4 emulator for Linux, got released. https://archive.is/NjAxO The name is a play on Wine, the Windows compatibility layer. This is because Spine acts more like a compatibility layer than a traditional emulator, as the PS4's architecture isn't that different from a PC and its OS is Unix-like. Spine is still very early and most games don't get past the main menu, the games that do run ingame are usually very buggy with many graphical issues. It's still a huge step forwards for emulation. And no, Bloodborne isn't playable.
>>410679 Are there even any exclusives on the PS4 besides bloodborne worth caring about? And even bloodborne will probably get a PC port before it's playable on the emulator.
(30.35 MB 1280x720 Circuit Breakers.mp4)

More footage of games running on Spine
(21.36 MB 1280x720 Downwell.mp4)

#2 >>410683 There are a couple, but the main thing would be PS4 games that were ported to the PS5, but not PC.
(31.26 MB 1280x720 Spelunky.mp4)

#3 Now of course, running Spelunky is not that impressive. What is impressive is how it's running the PS4 version of Spelunky almost natively.
#4 Here's Spine attempting to run a more complex game. Very glitchy, but it does work. I forgot to mention, the compilation posted here >>410679 is around 18 months old and was before the official release.
(59.70 KB 640x213 7th Gen.jpg)

>>410683 Gravity Rush, Vanillaware games and some NIS games. That's about it, everything else that's good is on PC. Last 3 generations were a fucking embarrassment, I can't wait until home consoles just fucking die out.
>>410692 Developing an entire compatibility layer for like 5 games is kind of pathetic.
You better uninstall Titanfall 2 if you still had it for some reason, because some autistes discovered an exploit to execute code on your machine through the way the game connects to the EA servers.
>>410697 There are a lot more. Here's a non-exhaustive list. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:PlayStation_4-only_games Those are just games with Wikipedia articles, so any obscure indie titles exclusive to the PS4 aren't there. Casual gamers would be very excited for this because of games like God of War and Uncharted, but it's Linux only so I don't think they'll care too much about it. Still a neat thing. >>410698 Poor Titanfall, can't catch a fucking break.
>>410698 Reminder that I'm pretty sure basically all multiplayer Valve/Source games still have a remote code execution exploit in them if you connect to a malicious server. Valve was notified and just haven't fixed it for like a year and a half. But at least with Source games there are generally plenty of trustworthy known servers and it isn't something in the official Valve servers either.
>>410704 Are you referring to the videos that appeared after the TF2 source leak last year? Those were hoaxes that came from 4chan. If you're referring to something else I'd like to see it, because I haven't heard of remote exploits in modern Source.
(576.95 KB 1024x699 ClipboardImage.png)

>>410704 Yeah, but the way Titanfall 2 specifically connects to servers is the problem.
(1.76 MB 1200x965 Aesthetics.png)

>>410700 >66 games >half are AAA cinematic cancer >the other half is shovelware >There's fucking Deep Down on the list, still Fucking wew So the decent stuff the PS4 has is: -Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise -Gravity Rush 2 -Shadow of the Beast -Bloodborne -The Witch and the Hundred Knight 2 -13 Sentinels Aegis Rim -Sakura Wars -The Idolmaster Platinum Stars -Everybodys Golf That's some pathetic shit, even the OG Xbox had more games than this, and they were also more marketed as well.
>>410708 That explanation sounds very fishy, Windows is sanitized so an attack like that wouldn't work in your file system. Is there any proof of this happening or detailed explanations? Because so far this seems like a hoax.
>>410712 It might be hijacking the anticheat as well which runs at kernel level.
>>410679 >its OS is Unix-like It's basically a mangled FreeBSD. Wonder if the dev will consider making a version for BSDfags. >isn't playable What about games featuring a certain cinnamon bun? >>410697 Last I checked, PS5 used the same software stack as PS4 (with some generational improvements, naturally), so theoretically there could be some forward compatibility between Spine and PS5. Assuming PS5 will have anything at all worth emulating, that is.
>>410707 No, there was a real RCE in Source engine games for 2 years. Though I just read that they apparently finally patched it after the security researchers that reported it went public months back and it became public knowledge. Keep in mind that they had to publicly expose a fucking RCE after 2 years so it could be exploited in the wild just to get Valve to pay attention and patch it. Apparently there are multiple other exploits that they've failed to address also though that are hopefully less significant. None of these companies give a fuck about you or your security. They'll leave vulnerabilities in their software that could ruin your life as long as there isn't enough bad press about it.
>>410734 >as long as there isn't enough bad press about it. More like as long as you and other victims of consequences of shit security won't make it financially difficult for them by lauching/joining a class action lawsuit. Caring about security means spending dev time on it, and time equals money. Like fuck are the companies going to spend money for no apparent for them reason, unless it gives them more money in return or avoids an even bigger expense like legal payouts. When PSN was hacked in 2011, Sony updated its EULA to try and duscourage class actions.
>>410683 >Are there even any exclusives on the PS4 besides bloodborne worth caring about? Gravity Rush 2, Shadow of the Beast, and Fist of the North Star. From there, opinions diverge as you also have Ghosts of Tsushima, Until Dawn, and PT.
>>410711 >That's some pathetic shit What about the Xbone's SOLE exclusive being a Panzer Dragoon clone?
>>410753 The Xboner had more that just that, but it's still pretty rough. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Xbox_One-only_games
>>410755 >Xboner had more that just that <Gimped versions of older titles <A game compilation <Kinect shovelware <Halo 5 Like I said, the Xbone's SOLE exclusive, worth giving a slight damn about, is a Panzer Dragoon clone.
>>410757 Well that's just shifting the goalposts. I never said they were good but it does factually have more than just that like you were implying.
>>410712 Sounds like a traditional buffer overflow vulnerability.
>>410704 >Valve was notified and just haven't fixed it for like a year and a half. Why would they fix it? Killing every community that exists outside of official matchmaking has been the objective for a long time now.
>>410711 J-Stars Victory VS+ (non Plus version has same page so it didn't get the category, also only + was ever released in English) and Gundam Breaker 3 (nominally on Vita, doesn't actually run at a remotely acceptable framerate there) should be added to that. There were also a lot of Nipponese games (from Koei Tecmo, IF, Falcom, and Bandai Namco among others) that were exclusive but have since been ported to PC after 2+ years so it seemed like a better console around 2016 that it actually wound up being.
(1.62 MB 2560x1440 team_ninja_logoHD.jpg)

>We will premiere a gameplay teaser for Wanted: Dead, a third-person shooter / slasher game currently in development by the Ninja Gaiden and Dead or Alive team. It will focus on the making of the game hosted by the studio management and the lead actress. It will also feature an interview with Dasha Rush, a larger-than-life EDM artist from Germany that is composing some of the musical pieces for the game. The closing part of it is the in-game live-action cooking show episode from the game. source: https://www.gematsu.com/2021/09/tgs-2021-online-official-live-stream-schedule-announced >Ninja Gaiden developer Team Ninja ‘will announce multiple games this year’ source: https://www.videogameschronicle.com/news/ninja-gaiden-developer-team-ninja-will-announce-multiple-games-this-year/ >Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection Producer Would 'Like to Make' Female-Led Spin-Off source: https://gamerant.com/ninja-gaiden-master-collection-team-ninja-interview-female-spin-off/ >Koei Tecmo unveiling mystery title at TGS 2021 source: https://twitter.com/KoeiTecmoUS/status/1432991294448537602
(661.41 KB 1276x1150 fighting fantasy legends.png)

Fighting Fantasy Legends is coming to Switch. If you ever enjoyed a CYOA book as a kid you might be interested. https://archive.ph/wip/koukN https://nintendoeverything.com/fighting-fantasy-legends-announced-for-switch/
>>410977 An Ayane/Kasumi NG style game exploring their rivalry could be interesting.
>>410977 >Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection Producer Would 'Like to Make' Female-Led Spin-Off I would be all for this so long as if a proper NG sequel got greenlit it just featured Ryu because all the levels the girls got in mainline titles fucking sucked.
(90.06 KB 597x660 respawn bug.png)

>>410698 >>410700 >>410704 >>410708 >>410713 >>410787 https://archive.is/CCQCr Respawn responded to this. They say the bug just crashes the game, it doesn't allow remote code execution. So yeah, >>410712 was right. Those guys were spouting total bullshit.
>>411001 >>410991 >>410977 Funny enough I'm doing a playthrough of all the 3d ninja gaiden games atm, just finished sigma 1. It's weird I remember gaiden black being way better. How is 3? I never played that before.
(34.50 KB 565x600 1313716997001.jpg)

>>411020 It's unfortunate but I feared it was the case, especially with all the "uninstall Titanfall 2" nonsense going around about this as if the game were malware. Just a bunch of Discord skiddies making things up for clout.
>>411056 Vanilla 3? it's trash, avoid. Razors Edge? it's an improvement on vanilla 3 but it's still crap compared to black and vanilla 2.
You can now emulate original NG2.
>>411061 Could you emulate the original NG:Black now? Last I remember seeing it had some FPS issues and graphical bugs.
>>411062 NGB has a few issues but you can play it mostly well, iirc lava causes graphical issues.
>>411063 I've been waiting so long to play it I guess waiting a bit more until it's all 100% perfect wouldn't really matter.
>>411060 >>411056 Razor's Edge actually isn't bad, but it requires you to completely relearn how to play the game. Anything that worked in NG Black, or NG2 usually won't in NG3RE, you can't play it like those games, if anything they made the gameplay punish you for trying to play it like those games, Once you figure that out, and then start playing Razors Edge how you're supposed to it's more fun. It's not quite on the same level as the pervious two, but I think it's good in it's own right. In a way Razor's edge can be both the Hardest and the Easiest at the same time, The removed everything that the player used to be able to use as a crutch, No items, so no Healing whenever you want "unless you save the few Health upgrades in the skill try" You can't spam Nimpo to get out of sticky situations because Nimpo is a meter you fill now, Nimpo also refills your health so you're encouraged to use it when you have it, instead of saving it, since you can fill it again after not too long. You can't use healing or Nimpo to get past every fight you'd normally have trouble with tho, so allot of the time you really are forced to just Git Gud. If you get you're shit recked early on in a boss fight and have low health, the boss checkpoint will start you with Low as shit health, so if you want to keep fighting the boss from that checkpoint you're forced to learn how to beat it with no damage. The game punishes first time players far more then, someone who's beaten the game once and is able to unlock more things on a new playthrough. NG3RE can be fun, but you have to go into it with the idea it's not going to be like NG 1 or 2 at all. It's not perfect, but I think it's better then it's given credit for most of the time, it can just leave you with a bad first impression if you go into it with the wrong expectations.
>>411060 I played the shit out of 1 and 2, gotta try 3 now though. I'm still salty that the game glitched and didn't give me the dark dragon blade on hard mode though. >>411062 >>411063 Lava causing issues kind of fucks the entire late portion of the game. >>411086 That does sound really different, I'd need to get hands on with it to see how it handles to really give an opinion then. I've been purposefully avoiding it and I purposefully didn't look at it hwne it came out either as I had more important shit to do at the time. If it's able to hold its own as a game I can see myself being interested. I seriously hated playing as Rachel in sigma though, she's so clunky to play as.
>>411091 When it comes to the storyline of NG3RE don't expect it to be like the same Ryu from NG1 or NG2, since it really isn't they got the Guy who wrote the NES games back so the Ryu from NG3 acts allot more similar to the NES Ryu then he does the Modern Ryu. The Modern Tomonobu Itagaki Ryu in NG 1 and 2 and Dead or Alive is far more Stoic, he's basically supposed to be the Peak of Humanity so he never fucks up since he's too well trained to actually make mistakes, other people need to mess things up for the plot to happen. NG3 Ryu is way more Emotional, and he acts in ways and Makes mistakes the NG1 or 2 Ryu simply wouldn't, but if you're familiar with the NES Ryu, he actually fits in with the tone and direction of those games.
>>411100 IIRC, Itagaki said that his NG games are essentially prequels to the NES games.
>>411108 That may have just been an off handed statement, since the actual portrayal of how Ryu acts vs the way NES Ryu acts just isn't the same. NES Ryu is actually kind of not Smart, he's always doesn't know what's going on, he need to listen to people tell him exposition, he's always getting tricked and manipulated, or acting emotional. There is allot more "Drama" going on with NES Ryu. modren NG 1 and 2 Ryu is just far too competent, to devolve into the level he was in the NES games, Itagaki's Ryu would never be tricked into getting shot in the back with a tranquilizer, he'd never Not understand what's going on, He perfectly understands his role in the world, and the role of his enemies, he's a Master Ninja who's mission is to destroy evil whenever it lurks out of the Shadows, he's too much of a professional to let his judgment be clouded by emotion, at most that only happened in NG1 due to the attack on his village, but he never let his anger be shown on the outside. and in NG2 he's always calm cool and collected, only showing a bit of emotion at the Disrespect Elizabeth has for Genshin's death. Ninja Gaiden 3 Ryu feels like everything about his character in NG1 and NG2 was erased, he does plenty of things that the story tries to uses to Humanize him, but it's just not a natural change. The Ryu at the end of NG2, and the Ryu at the Start of NG3 aren't the same character, but the Ryu in NG3 does feel like a similar character to NES Ryu. Interestingly enough I look at a bunch of NG games stories recently and I found the Ryu in Ninja Gaiden for the Sega Master System is Far more closer in Tone to Itagaki's Ryu then the NES Ryu is. The Master System Ryu goes though his entire quest with on his own skill and cunning. He even fights a villain very similar in concept to Doku, "The Shogun of Darkness". Itagaki's Ryu feels more like That Ryu, rather then NES Ryu.
>>410977 Nice, i liked playing as kasumi in 3RE, her moveset was oddly fleshed out for an optional character, the other two were rather generic but this girl could set up an obliteration attack from a launcher, something not even ryu can do. >>411086 Another thing, the game did away with the izuna drop/counter spam of Black and 2, enemies are now capable of blocking mid-combo (in the earlier games if the enemy didn't block your first hit he was fucked), meaning izuna drop isn't as effective as before, and doing a counter no longer instakills, it merely chops off a limb (which sets them up for a obliteration attack, which IS an instakill but you have to get close and press heavy attack, and it leaves you wide open after executing). They also introduced a specific enemy that you simply won't be able to get past with X spam, he will block everything from light attacks to launchers, forcing you to guard break him first with heavy attacks, but even then the amount of time you get to hit him with normal attacks is absurdly short, so a lot of people (myself included) either use a ninpo or bait a grab, dodge then charge a LV1 UT, which delimbs 50% of the time.
>>411152 Yeah it feels like NG3RE's enemies are made to force the player into doing different things with the combat, instead of relying on what they're comfortable with. It can be both good or bad depending on you're perspective. on one had the game forces you to get allot more out of it's mechanics if you want to succeed, but on the other you can't play with as much freedom as NG1 or 2. You either play NG3RE the Correct way, or you die.
Is NG3RE the one in the PC collection then?
>>411164 Yes the NG collection has Sigma 1 & 2 which also have the previously excusive PSVita content in them, and NG3RE is the same as the other releases, only the collection is lacking the Online Mutiplayer of Sigma 2 and NG3RE. Single-player wise it's exactly the same, except you can't play as the Custom Multiplayer character anymore who really just played Exactly like Ryu.
https://nintendoeverything.com/famitsu-software-sales-8-30-21-9-5-21-top-30/ Weekly sales for Japan are out again. Sony has one PS4 game in the top ten, two in the top thirty. No PS5 games. No hardware sales yet but if patterns hold the PS5 will sell roughly the same as the Switch Lite and the Switch itself will sell four to five times as many.
>Uncharted 4 coming to PC https://yewtu.be/watch?v=IfrfJn_-24g Not that I care about Uncharted, but playstation is really living up to no games.
>>412169 I thought it was the entire uncharted collection, not just 4?
>>412171 It's a collection in the sense that you get the dlc included. The first three games was re-released for ps4 back in 2015. Maybe we get an actual collection in 5 years time.
>>412177 Is 4 the one with that black lady who wipes the floor with the main characters and eventually just gets to walk away at the end of the story? Are any of these uncharted games even good gameplay wise or are they the PS2 God of War type of deal where they're really shallow but try to make up for it by having a lot of spectacle and setpieces?
>>412182 >Is 4 the one with that black lady who wipes the floor Yep, and the dlc is nigger and poo. I have only played Uncharted 1 and 2, (and a little bit of Golden Abyss because I got it for free on the Vita) but I seem to remember them being somewhat fun. It's (1 and 2) third person shooters with simple platforming and the occasional puzzle solving.
>>412182 Yes, 4 is the one where the nigress kicks your ass. Yes, she doesn't die in that game. Neil Cuckmann is the writer after all. Lost Legacy came after 4, but the pajeet MC teams up with that nigress. >Are any of these uncharted games even good gameplay wise The cover-based, third person shooter gameplay itself is kinda generic. But it keeps the combat interesting because you can also climb the environment during gunfights. Also, no. I played them all, but the uncharted games are extremely linear with zero replay value. After the first playthough, they don't offer much to do afterwards. These linear movie games were made to be rented rather than owned.
>>412182 The main Selling point of Uncharted 1,2, or 3 to me would be that they're written by Amy Hennig, so they're basically what if she wrote Indiana Jones movies that where actually games. Then she got the boot from Naughty Dog, and as you can see Uncharted 4 has that Nigress bitch beating the shit out of 2 grown men at the same time, and that's what happens when she's not there to be a tard wrangler. It's probably for the best she doesn't need to be on a team with any of those fuckers anymore.
>>412297 Also a big difference is the fact that Uncharted 1 (which is honestly just kinda terrible in general outside of the writing, but whatever), 2 and 3 use puzzle solving and platforming sequences as a break from a series of action segments, whereas Uncharted 4 and IndoNiggian Adventure or whatever the women one is called are like 80% walk & talk or puzzle segments with 20% actual action.
>>412307 To be fair the "puzzles" in the Uncharted games aren't too far removed from pic related
>>412310 Yeah, that's why in the old games you had at most 3 dedicated puzzle segments, totaling maybe 45 minutes to an hour of the game, while the rest of the game was shooting and watching shit explode.
Webbed just came out. Figured I'd try it, relax a little with something chill. First thing I'm met with is some message about ancestral lands (yet the creators still refuse to move, imagine that, empty virtue signaling as always), and the spider that gets kidnapped is your boyfriend. Since a moth refers to you as "buddy", I can only assume we're playing a male spider. So it's a game about gay insects. The rainbow spiderweb really tells it all as well. I've already uninstalled it. Thank goodness for piracy, imagine paying for this shit.
>>413047 >some message about ancestral lands Oh yeah, pander to the people who got the name of a cheese changed because they thought the cheese was racist towards them. >So it's a game about gay insects The gog pages says you play as a female spider trying to save her boyfriend apparently.
>>413054 >The gog pages says you play as a female spider trying to save her boyfriend apparently. Huh, so it does. Well, color me surprised, since I didn't check the store page. I just pirated it without a second thought. Could have signified it a little better than the moth calling you "buddy", but whatever. Maybe I'll retry it then.
>>413047 >First thing I'm met with is some message about ancestral lands So this game is banned in Europe for being right-wing propaganda?
>>413055 Its a pretty comfy game. The ancestral land and I thought it was a male spider too rubbed me the wrong way but I stuck it out
(2.02 MB 1278x672 Uncharted 4 PC.PNG)

Where's that fucking Bloodborne port goddammit?
>>413179 At this rate the only way we are going to get a Bloodborne on PC is via emulation.
(93.47 KB 331x429 smug assburger.png)

>>413179 Man, if it's really just uncharted 4 that's coming out on PC, and not the whole series, that must mean either Cuckmann is ego tripping again (or really hates Hennig's works), or it really flopped back in PS4.
>>413192 >or really hates Hennig's works He's a feminist that chased a woman out of the industry, of course he hates her works! He hates and fears them, both because she's better and far more interesting than him and people will always fondly remember the stuff she has done, while he will always be known as Cuckmann the buttsex gay.
>>413192 >Cuckmann is ego tripping That's surely the case, that one is a big sociopath shifty Jewish parasite and I'm pretty sure he has enough clout now to make business decisions like this, much like Vince Zampella in EA.
(92.37 KB 950x791 1471960107572.jpeg)

>>413193 TLOU2 is ironically a blessing in disguise, it shows how much of a downgrade Druckmann is compared to Hennig. It's pretty much a lesson on why this new wave of feminism, that seeks to destroy the ideal image of the woman (being very competent and looking good doing it, see old Lara Croft), and bullying those who agree with the old ideals, is harming more the women than it helps. >>413195 The rumors that Druckmann made his team watch snuff for TLOU2's gore wouldn't surprise me if they were true. Hell, maybe he even filmed the movies himself, knowing his ego, they probalby all end with "directed by Neil Druckmann".
>>413228 >The rumors that Druckmann made his team watch snuff for TLOU2's gore wouldn't surprise me if they were true I honestly don't think that's a bad thing, Croteam did the when making the gore for Serious Sam 3 and HD. Normalfags are simply too goddamned coddled, especially of the Amerishart variety.
>>408687 Nips not buying Sony products really does spell the end.
>>413192 Uncharted collection sold enough to get a greatest hits rerelease (you need to sell at least 1 million physical copies iirc) and get included on a lot PS4 slim bundles (console+3 games), plus they gave it away for free back when the coof reached the west. If they didn't port the first three games alongside 4 and sheboon+mudshit adventures it's because cuckmann thinks they're not woke enough, plus it wouldn't make sense seeing nathan dropkicking drugged out yeti's with superhuman strength in 2 only to get his shit slapped hard by an average neggress in 4.
>>413192 >>414276 What a fucking dissapointment. I thought it was all the games. No way in fuck i'm even touching 4.
(44.45 KB 800x451 donut drake.jpg)

>>413192 >>414276 And there's also pic related, naughty pozz is no fun allowed: the company, and unlockable costumes that you have to earn (instead of just paying for them) are a big no in modern vidya, your average journo/shitter would bitch like there's no tomorrow.
>>414279 Unlockables and secrets would mean you actually need to put time and effort into a game. Journos can't have none of that
>>414278 If you want a "final" episode to the Uncharted trilogy, there's the prequel in the Vita.
>>414295 I just wanted to play 1 through 3 on pc, anon.
>>414297 But Neil wouldn't want you to play those, because It's not directed by him and it bothers him people prefer Amy's writing to his the original trilogy is pretty outdated and you should wait for its eventual reboot by Neil on PS (and PC).
Epic v. Apple (Epic's anti-trust suit against Apple regarding their digital store's restriction on external in-game purchases) concluded on the 10th. The judge ruled mostly in favor of Apple, except that their anti-steering policy (restriction against products that direct customers to other platforms) was anti-competitive (and therefore impermissible). Epic is apparently intending to appeal the judge's ruling that Apple's digital store isn't a monopoly. I anticipate that appeal will be doomed to fail.
>>414299 I thought Neil wouldn't want you to play those because they don't let you realize his fetish for being femdommed by "realistic" strong women.
(18.56 KB 410x222 ClipboardImage.png)

(17.17 KB 327x150 ClipboardImage.png)

(64.93 KB 593x221 ClipboardImage.png)

(39.54 KB 593x141 ClipboardImage.png)

(183.91 KB 333x315 ClipboardImage.png)

Deathloop released and people are not happy about the stuttering + Denuvo issues. Has a "Mixed" status on steam.
>>415594 >A game running denuvo has performance issues Wow consider me shocked, denuvo still not proven to cause performance issues right fellas? Everyone who doesn't want denuvo is just some filthy pirate, yeah that's it. Fucking morons every single retard who keeps buying this shit time and time again. Is it me or is your steam store a bit more purple than usual?
>>415597 Side effect of copy - pasting images, it always fucks with the colors when I do it.
>>415594 >>415597 General consensus I'm reading is that the game is good, but suffers from a lot of technical problems that make it unplayable even on high-end rigs.
>>415629 How exactly is this shit "good" when it's pretty much "unplayable" even for highend? From the look of it, it's pretty much Dishonored with automatic gun while Corvo and the Heart quipping oneliner every other second.
>>415594 >pay for game >get worse product than people who pirate it
>>415629 >General consensus I'm reading is that the game is good Seems like it is one of those "either you will love it or absolutely hate it" kind of games. My idiot friend who got it said it was like a watered down Dishonored with retarded AI and Dark Souls style invasions. >>415655 (checked) >quipping oneliner every other second What is it with modern writers being afraid of even a moment of silence. >>415656 And yet retards still pre-order and defend this cancer.
(40.87 KB 400x400 thank this guy.jpg)

>>415687 >What is it with modern writers being afraid of even a moment of silence.
>>415702 Joss Whedon and women share something in common and that is both don't know when to shut the fuck up.
(71.20 KB 1280x720 calling the police.jpg)

>>413228 Why is that horrible ara molesting the poor shota?
>>415738 They were molesting the cute kids anon, not us.
>>415740 God damn, i wasn't expecting a reply from reality.
>>415738 I think, in reality, you would actually be scared and crying.
(135.15 KB 256x492 australian woman.PNG)

>>415738 It's probably not as pleasant IRL as it is in Doujins, in all honesty. I'm rather glad I didn't get molested by an older woman when I was 8, if I'm being totally candid.
>>415737 That is a shota?
>>415743 >>415744 I remember having those fantasies very early on in my life. I specially wanted my kindergaten teacher to kiss me in the sunset light after everyone had left. The room dimly lit with the orange light from the sun, and the only sound audible was her whispers on my ears while she kissed me like an adult. I was madly in love of that woman. I don't even want to see how she looks now. I started going to the gym when i was 11, and the woman that was training me (she might have been around 25/27) was also perfect for molesting me. I remember coming back every day from the gym and jerking off laying on the cold floor of my bathroom.
(3.28 KB 327x159 Nesting_Logo_Red.png)

(927.69 KB 2500x1667 _O0A7921+copy.jpg)

Ex-Ubisoft Devs Create New Studio to Develop AAA RPGs Without the Open World Model https://archive.is/JXZrC https://www.nesting-games.com/ Today, game publisher Digital Bros (the owner of 505 Games announced the co-ownership of newly established studio Nesting Games, which aims to develop triple-A single player RPGs without the open world model. Located in Quebec City, Nesting Games was founded by many former Ubisoft developers who worked on titles like Assassin's Creed Syndicate, Assassin's Creed Odyssey, Assassin's Creed Valhalla, and Immortals Fenyx Rising to name a few, all of which were open world games. It sounds like they've had enough of that kind of gameplay, and there might be a niche there. Chief creative officer Jordane Thiboust stated: > We want to go back to creating RPGs that are focused on immersion, great characters, powerful storytelling, and strong gameplay. We are moving away from the 'massive open world' model, full of icons to clean up, and returning to experiences that are content-driven and ultimately respect the player's time. Whether you play our games for 30 minutes or a two-hour session, what you will get is always interesting content and a gratifying experience. Abramo and Raffaele Galante, owners of Digital Bros, added: > We are extremely grateful to be co-owner of Nesting Games and collaborating with extremely experienced and visionary developers. Quebec City is a new hub of the video game industry, one where we trust Nesting Games will be able to create exceptional games with the complete creative freedom Digital Bros offers them.
>>416919 Good, I hope they're successful.
>>416919 Thank fucking god. Hearing that was like a breath of fresh air. Fucking open world shit has been the biggest crutch of modern game development in the last 15 years.
>>416919 I'm glad everyone is moving out of Montreal, Stockolm and Commiefornia.
>>416919 >We are moving away from the 'massive open world' model, full of icons to clean up, and returning to experiences that are content-driven and ultimately respect the player's time. lmao that shade they're throwing at Ubisoft games
>>416919 >>416931 Sounds good.
>>416919 Interesting, but I'm skeptical. The games they are veterans of were trash, although I suppose you can blame Jewbisoft for that. Not being open world sounds good to me, but I'm worried that's just extremely positive spin on what will end up being "cinematic experiences" with some RPG aspects.
>>416945 It reminds of how telltale used to describe their games.
>>416919 That sounds good but i´m a bit concerned about the second image. Both women (i think the one who looks like Tommy Wiseau is also a woman but i´ll treat it like a guy for now) have tattoos and those shits on the ears and the rest don´t inspire me much trust. Maybe on the inside they are passionate about their work but time will tell.
(471.32 KB 640x698 drilllolitransparent.png)

>>416919 > Jordane Thiboust https://www.mobygames.com/developer/sheet/view/developerId,446412/ 3 actual credits (2 asscreed, 1 PSP WarioWare clone)+4 special thanks. Earliest credit in 2007. Prepare for nothing
A new Wipeout games was announced! For smartphones.
(2.91 MB 200x150 1367063832922.gif)

>>417543 >unique card-based racing
>>417543 The second Redout game did the same, then released on pc. The music wasn't even as good as the first game, and I still miss Pipe Down in my ost, because nobody uploads the second part of the Redout OST. The music in that trailer is nice, but the fact that they did this sucks. Do you guys think GRIP is gonna end up on mobile too?
(12.70 KB 342x328 GENOCIDE.jpg)

>>417543 >new WipEout >a fucking deckbuilding mobile game
>>417543 >>417569 >>417588 So its like Mille B4ornes but with graphics?
(79.53 KB 555x555 5.gif)

>>417543 yesss. YESSS
(11.77 KB 241x209 234234.jpg)

>>417593 The only way to get 5's is by trusting the soul of the chan
(441.69 KB 1800x1364 archive.is_R3V1U.jpg)

Former Capcom USA and Europe CEO Kiichiro Urata joins Sony Interactive Entertainment as head of Japan Asia Partner Development & Relations >Kiichiro Urata, the former CEO of Capcom USA and Europe, has joined Sony Interactive Entertainment as the senior vice president and head of the Japan Asia Partner Development & Relations Division, the company announced. >Urata was head of Capcom’s Americas and Europe business division from September 2011 until August 2021. He was also a managing corporate officer. Source: https://archive.is/8rM8E Original press release article (in Japanese): https://archive.is/R3V1U I translated the press release article, see pic related.
(146.32 KB 1200x630 Kson.jpg)

Hey, everyone remember that Taiwan incident with vtuber Coco & Hololive and China? Well, it looks like it's happening again. For those who don't know, Coco graduated some months ago to go back to being Kson On Air. Kson was invited to be a guest at Playism Game Show but it seems like she was cancelled for that appearance since the show is hosted on Bilibili as well or associated with them, I think Not sure on the specific details since it's still fresh. Anyway, their Playism youtube reserve stream got ratio'd, even though they really didn't have much or likes or subs to begin with. Just goes to show that just can't escape China if you incur their ire. They'll haunt you for life and maybe generations to come. We really should destroy the bugmen's economy so they don't have such a big influence in ours.
>>417543 Guess BallisticNG is still the closest thing we have in the meantime
(223.29 KB 1280x680 coco faggot.mp4)

(287.88 KB 1600x900 coco v winnie.jpg)

>>418057 I'm not a fan of vtubers but the clips I've seen of the dragon lady were amusing, and she seemed to enjoy being lewd and causing her management team to have a stroke. I'm also not a fan of the chinese. They're a bunch of faggots, webm related.
>Sega says they're announcing a new RPG https://archive.vn/G5xpz >Trailer drops >For smartphones https://archive.vn/ugScT >Sega proceeds to get roasted by everyone in the comments https://archive.vn/bWaSo >Even by the Japanese: <I've always thought sega has a great ability to choose the opposite path in the direction that users want the most. <While there are many manufacturers who close the comment section, I think it is great that it is available to write with the awaree that it will be beaten. <I can't know the true RPG at the time with my smartphone (affirmation <A genius who disappoints👏 <To everyone waiting: Yes, it's a smartphone game. Let's go home. Let's go home. <I'm looking forward to all the RPGs in the past (in many ways). <Smartphone games are the image of guru guru circumnaviging games, but it really makes you ??? I hope it creates fun other than gacha. <The expectation went up halfway. Get back the true RPG "On a smartphone" <You will surely know the true RPG. (Smartphone) <If you think it's home, grass with a stable smartphone <Because I was disappointed once in Hydra that I put out in the 30th anniversary ... It's going to be buried unless it's a very innovative game. <From the one Korean in the comments: Just give me a console. <The rpg of the smartphone is a story in that sense because the experience changes depending on the character drawn by gacha? <0:56 True role-playing games don't come out on smartphones. Please understand. <Why would it have been great if there were no lines "on my smartphone"?? 😂?? <Make all RPGs in the past <I feel that most of Sega's SMARTPHONE RPGs are out of service soon <Talk about the history of the game with your smartphone, Are you going to make a new comedy movie? <"It's not a single road." Ironic to the recent FF?? The will is good, but the smartphone RPG has a powerful rival called Haragami ... <I can't make a game unless I degrade others... <What you put out on your smartphone can not be called a game. It is a collection device. <Laughing dead <Have you done all the RPGs in the past? <True RPGw on smartphone. Well, that's what I was told after Tales of Arise came out. <It's a smartphone. Sega wants to enjoy free billing with a smartphone. <Well, I wonder if NGS, which is a big work, can be expected to be a new work even if that body works, I have the impression that it is a company that can not make games properly even if it is a major company when doing PSO2 related, No problem??
(1.42 MB 1280x720 Fubuki - Where Are You.mp4)

>>418057 They claimed it was just about Coco while they were destroying her career, but what are they doing now that she's gone? Ruining Fubuki's career. It's pretty much Coco all over again in her streams. She can't collab with anyone without the bugmen raiding them, too, and she and anyone else she might be working with has to set their stream to members only to mitigate the insects. Coco held out for almost a year. We'll see how long it takes for Fubuki to crack.
>>418254 I think Coco gave up when she started getting IRL threats and became concerned for her safety. I wish I were a cuckolive vtuber so I could slide in all the redpills I wanted, and since I'm a freedom-loving, armed American, I would fear no chink.
>>418057 my hope is the problem sorts itself out with the purges they're doing. Hopefully the useful idiot bugs get purged for being too western for circumventing the firewall.
Looks like the JP TAS community discord got nuked and most people on it banned because it had a restricted loli / shota channel. western TASfags on it claim that they weren't aware of that.
The Wario Ware Tetris Cup is currently active. If you're like me and like to jump back in just because whenever there's a new thing to win, the Wario theme is available today and tomorrow.
Jagged Alliance 1 Gold Edition is currently free on Steam.
>>418739 Thanks for the heads up, mate.
>>418739 Also Titan Quest.
(842.61 KB 722x406 ClipboardImage.png)

>Maglam Lord rated by USK! https://archive.ph/wip/kinif Do USK ratings normally exclude PC ports?
>>418739 Thanks bro.
>>418739 It's pretty fun, but I often hear about JA2. How much of an upgrade it is compared to the first?
https://yewtu.be/watch?v=zWQs4UpiKlg tldr; >DF tests the slowest supported SSD on PS5 >Almost 1/2 the read speed of internal SSD >It's virtually the same performance as the super fast internal SSD Sony went on and on about >All that bullshit normalfags ate up about how "this new SSD will change everything" confirmed bs
>>421112 Man, who could have foreseen this coming? a company lying about their product to make it more appealing to the masses? I am shocked. Shocked to my fucking core.
>>421112 I'm surprised since DF seem to enjoy sucking Sony's feminine trans penis.
>>421112 What a fucking surprise! It's not like they didn't do this 4 fucking times now. And their clueless shit for brains fanbase fall for it each and evety time.
The PS4 CMOS battery issue that bricks your console has been fixed in the latest firmware update(9.00). Consider updating and disconnecting your PS4 from the internet. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BWQg7uEFHFM
>>422187 Haven't even turned on my PS4 in over year. What's the current state of modding? Is it even worth it?
Syberia 1&2 are currently free on Steam for 24 hours, they're point and click adventure games that I've never heard of before, does anyone here know if they're good?
New Pokemon Arceus Trailer Shows off a new Scyther evolution, Kleaver, which is a bug/rock pokemon with axes for hands. Graphics are still shit, Game Freak will never be able to properly optimise a game.
>>428397 >Black ancient Sinnoh trainers Sheeit, we wuz Hokkaidens and shit. And here I was hoping the setting being an explicitly Jananese region (and in a historical era, even) would eliminate this practice.
>>428397 There's something about battling Kleavor at the end with that music that just makes the game look soulless and hollow. Maybe the kids will like it but aesthetically it feels empty to me as an adult. Like an indie fangame I guess? Maybe I'm just being a pessimist. I think that MOBA looked great though, for what it's worth. Don't own a Switch either way.
(80.47 KB 589x579 FAQ0NSeXEAIbLSW.png)

>>428397 It wasn't in the trailer but here is one of my favorite new pokemon designs! :^)
>>428409 Nice paws owo
>>428397 >Graphics are still shit Graphics look fine to me and fine is all you can really expect from the switch seeing as at its core it is just a handheld pretending to be a home console.
(90.70 KB 960x640 furry.jpg)

(8.30 KB 300x168 kill yourself.jpg)

>>428415 >furries
>>428488 >furries
(63.94 KB 960x720 stop it.jpg)

(74.34 KB 1280x720 League of Legends.jpg)

League of Legends netflix adaptation
>>429220 Bonk!
>>429546 I'm so tired of all this uglyfication.
(1.82 MB 1203x949 ClipboardImage.png)

Just a little over a month shy from it's 25th Anniversary the PC Version of Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain finally got a digital release. Up until now the only way to get a legit Digital copy was the PS1 version on the PlayStation store. https://www.gog.com/game/blood_omen_legacy_of_kain
(83.64 KB 828x404 consider this raziel.jpg)

>>429776 >someone at squenix remembered LoK exists Oh no...
>>429786 Nosgoth 2 baybeeeeee! Nosgoth wasn't even that bad, shoulda been it's own IP though
(781.31 KB 992x674 ClipboardImage.png)

>>429786 Soul Reaver 1 was also removed from digital stores recently due to them working on some "Important Updates" if they were working on a straight up remake, it wouldn't really make sense for them to remove the original Soul Reaver from Purchase. so who knows if it will be only an update for the original to work on modern systems better, or more then that.
(322.12 KB 1400x1050 LoK.png)

>>429786 Oh, Legacy of Kain. Got it.
>>429792 In other times i would be happy, now, i can only worry. Lets hope that we get a C&C remastered out of it and not the gay romance between raziel and kay facing the evil oppressive human patriarchy.
>>429798 I remember playing this game when I was nine. I'm lucky it didn't turn me into a furfag.
(159.94 KB 1000x563 edf6release.jpg)

EDF 6 release is delayed until 2022. Also they're gonna release it on nogamestation 5. >Still no PC release insight
>>429939 Well, they are probably polishing it, so its ok.
>>429939 We'll get it eventually. Never support shabostation.
(268.54 KB 1280x800 VRless.jpg)

A No-VR mod for Half-Life: Alyx has been in production for some time. It's made major progress, looking downright official. The team has had to retool and rework entire parts of the game to fit a computer screen model instead of VR, including creating original animations for weapons and interactions. https://youtube.com/watch?v=Ji9nuBNwTz4
>>432460 Im glad, i played it on VR and its a fun game.
(102.09 KB 1024x768 im doing my part.jpg)

Yo fags, starship troopers terran command just released a demo, its fun, are you doing your part?
>>433164 Combat seems fun but I remember the devs raised a few red flags/woke shit about the story in an interview.
>>433410 I remember that but i think it is a misinterpretation seeing the story thus far, you get pushed by officers to do unsavory shit like forcing miners to work or launch reckless pushes for prestige and advancements in your career, so i think thats what they mean with the decisions stuff.
>>433164 Can you only play as humans or are the bugs a playable faction?
>>433468 Seems like only the humans, but it is a demo so i dont know. Homever, the bugs do have a variety to their roster, so maybe they will add the mi nthe future?
>>433164 Yeah, I'm downloading now I'm glad they added fun mechanics and updated the textures. Hope to see Marauder suits
>>433468 Not at launch
>>433478 Watch out for friendly fire, i lost an entire squad because of a misplaced grenade.
(3.18 MB 2388x3484 Starship Troopers.jpg)

>>433494 The game really needs better music, some of it is ok. Most of it is just generic Demo is also obviously lacking some sound effects, I really enjoyed it though, some great texture work despite was done despite some obvious generic 3D assets to make the levels. Also really like all the terrain stuff they did with the game which affects both fog of war and if you can shoot enemies or not. The game is neat, just needs more polish. They also better add voice acting for each unit type, that shit ticked me off.
(105.96 KB 2560x1440 KOTOR remake.jpg)

Old news, but I initially brushed this shit off because I thought EA owned the KOTOR trademark, but it's apparently being developed by Aspyr, which is nowadays owned by Embracer Group, and being published by LucasArts. I'm not expecting a good job, quite the contrary, but without the EA/Bioware stink, this might actually have a chance of being decent and make LucasArts start working with other devs instead of being a pozzed piece of shit of an embarrassment shilled by 300 people and made by 20 interns that completely kills the franchise for good. Thank fuck the Mouse/EA exclusive deal is over, thank fuck the NuWars movies are such shitshows even the Mouse is kvetching over it.
>>433778 <eing a pozzed piece of shit of an embarrassment shilled by 300 people and made by 20 interns that completely kills the franchise for good Anon, they hired a femnist who outright admitted to disliking the original.
(69.96 KB 612x449 FUCKING LOL.jpg)

>>433778 >Sam Maggs Oh wait, nevermind RIP, dumb of me to have any kind of optimism in any kind of AAAshit.
>>433781 My only wish is that this tuns into another Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines 2.
>Alan Woke Remaster is out <why nobody talks about it >it's on Epic Well, that's probably why
>>434853 The fact it's an Alan Wake remaster is probably why no one is talking about it.
>>428397 Pokemon should have never went 3D. Also, the soundtrack gets worse every generation. Compare R/B/Y or G/S/C which evokes the feeling of "shit's going down" (in battle) to...whatever this is.
>>434876 I don't think the music got that bad. After RBY and GSC, RSE was worse, but the other games weren't bad. GSC especially holds a special place in my heart, but it might be nostalgia. The newer games are still non excusable for other reasons.
>>434876 >Pokemon should have never went 3D. >all Pokemon games on the ds are bad. IMHO
>>434916 You're not wrong, thought I'd say Black and White is decent
(12.55 MB 1280x720 UNSIGHTED Launch Trailer.webm)

(1.05 MB 1024x574 ClipboardImage.png)

Unsighted, a sci-fi top-down action game where you play as a Dark skinned QT Android named Alma taking place devastated by a post-apocalyptic war between humans and android like automations brought about a gradual loss of a resource called anima that gives androids sentience causing them to warp into mindless killing machines called the Unsighted. The game has multiple endings, each based on which characters you save as you race against time before you become unsighted. https://archive.vn/ixGi1
(174.62 KB 900x1200 pikachu.jpg)

Battlefield 2042 beta started today. It's fucked. It's all kinds of fucked. And not even reddit likes it.
>>435595 These fucking pieces of shit can't even nail art design, what makes anyone think they can nail good game design or competent physics and networking? THEY EVEN RAPED THE THEME DEAD IT'S ALL FART NOISES YOU ARE NOW HANK HILL/RANDY MARSH
>>435658 Why does it seem like actual rock music is a rarity in games these days?
Demonic titties simulator game Succubus is out. From the people who brought you Agony. >>435595 Was anyone really shocked by this? AAA is filled with almost nothing but activists/propagandists and the usual risk averse feature checklisting/trend chasing fags now. There is very little chance of anything of value coming from that environment. >>435658 There are a lot of bad games I've seen where I at least could say the soundtrack was alright (even if the rest of the game was a mess), glad they chose not to include anything nice here. EA always gives such great value.
>>435700 Everything looks like melted together wax. What's the actual game play like? >>435255 I can't get over how asinine "unsighted" sounds. I wish we still had Myspace just so people could be easily and quickly informed of the quality of their writing by comparisons to it.
>>435700 >From the people who brought you Agony. The same idiots who went on-and-on about how their game was going to be uncensored, and then cucked out at the last minute so that they could get a console release?
(14.02 MB 1280x720 gameplay.mp4)

>>435833 (checked) Yeah I probably should have grabbed the gameplay clip as well. Forgive my laziness. >>435837 Yep, and they later then went on to release an unrated version anyway.
>>435658 What in the god damn am I hearing? Is it Feralphoenix tuning the cello from the Uncommon Time OST, but dialed up to 11?
>>435677 Companies follow trends, it's as simple as that. It doesn't matter if the devs would want to put Rock or not. Doesn't matter if Fans don't like the music choice, they'll buy the game anyway. like when Doom Eternal had that Rap Song in the Trailer, people just changed the Trailer to play different more fitting Music, and that just advertised the game even more. The guy in the suit pointing at the pie chart is going to convince the higher ups putting in "current popular genre of music" in the Trailer it will lead to 7.5% increased profits. Either that or you'll get something like War Pigs by Black Sabbath in the Trailer of your War time FPS game.
>>435869 Reminds me of the X3 Capsule theme, which is literally broken
>>435995 >war pigs I don't think War Pigs is even that common for wartime FPS trailers. I do remember that like 3 different Vietnam games, including a Call of Duty used Sympathy for the Devil, and I do remember that Run Through The Jungle is burned into my brain because of Tripkike's terrible server browser for Rising Storm 2 wasting hours of my time. >Doom Eternal rap trailer Doom 2016 and Mick Gordon have been a disaster for the videogame music industry in general.
>>436002 Now that I've somehow gotten past the broken Capcha, more details. I'm referring to this abomination. It sounds the way it does because it's trying to play a music file as a sound effect (or was it SE as music?) https://yewtu.be/watch?v=EdJSbQ8fUAc Here's how the theme sounds in the prototype, which is how its supposed to sound. https://yewtu.be/watch?v=Ia2B7Getp1c
>>436006 >a Call of Duty used Sympathy for the Devil Yeah, they used it in Black Ops if I remember correctly but the funny thing was the level they used it in, had the song on the radio months before the song was even recorded or even released. The level took place in February but the song didn't release till December of '68.
>>435677 Rock is too white and European for the average Amerimongrel these days. It's all about Rap and Hip Pop these days.
>>434903 GSC being the best probably isn't nostalgia. GSC added a lot of content and was a generally large upgrade from RBY. It made the game feel alive with the time based system and extra region. RBY is good because it's the first, it's a classic, and it's where most people got into the series (and they had nothing to compare it to). That part's nostalgia. RSE removed a lot and didn't offer much except upgraded graphics and faster movement. I remember being a little disappointed and I've never had much of an urge to go back to it. I mean it was okay, it just wasn't as good as GSC.
Koichi Sugiyama, composer for Dragon Quest, has passed away at 90
>>436186 r.i.p in peace
https://archive.ph/dA9JT >As reported via the official Dragon Quest blog, Sugiyama died on September 30 of septic shock. His final work was composing the music for the upcoming Dragon Quest XII. >Sugiyama first started working on the Dragon Quest series back in 1986, for the first game in the series. The story of how Sugiyama got involved in the Dragon Quest series was also rather interesting, as Yuji Horii explained when I interviewed him a few years ago. >“Sugiyama-san sent a letter to Enix telling them what he didn't like about one of their Shogi simulators. Basically saying "this game is terrible, this is what is wrong with it" and they realized that this guy is a famous composer. So Enix then thought let's ask him to make the music for this new role-playing game. Then he came along for that.”
>>436190 >DQ12 will have new music from him. >Sugiyama kept working till he died. Holy fuck man.
(391.05 KB 364x512 ClipboardImage.png)

>>436190 Checking the list of Enix titles published before DQ, it's presumably pic related unless they released another shogi sim without shogi in the name. It got a sequel 4 years later, and I wonder how many of Sugiyama's criticisms were addressed.
>>436006 >Doom 2016 and Mick Gordon have been a disaster for the videogame music industry in general. Why?
>>436207 that in itself is worthy of respect
>>436207 He lived a long life and died doing what he loved. Not everyone gets to go like that. I can't help but he happy for the guy.

(992.69 KB 2560x1440 R63 JC Denton.png)

Sony will no longer allow purchases via non-Playstation Network Cards or Paypal for PS3 & Vita: https://www.playstation.com/en-us/support/important-notice/ In other news: https://yewtu.be/watch?v=naDOv1W6-Cc New Deus Ex mod that replaces JC with a female version of himself complete with 1,700 fully voiced lines and scene changes to accomodate the gender switch has been released.
>>436268 >>Doom 2016 and Mick Gordon have been a disaster for the videogame music industry in general. >Why? You know how after Inception got popular every trailer had the BBBBBBBRRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAPPPPPPPPPPPP fart noise in it because Inception had it? I think it was Inception anyway, I may have wires crossed here. Or the dubstep epidemic that suddenly had every trailer using dubstep instead of something fitting the theme or visuals of the subject? Now everyone is trying to copy Mick Gordon instead of actually creating something of their own, and the shit wore thin before nuDoom was even cold.
>>436268 Because everything and its mother has to have repetitive industrial rock tracks because that's what is "badass" now. Plus it goes beyond just the music. Glory Kills, cooldown based dashes and contextually based grappling hooks
(317.12 KB 1080x1423 _.jpg)

>>436268 >>437679 >>437685 Why does nobody ever blame the copycats?
>>437664 >New Deus Ex mod that replaces JC with a female version Is it lewd?
>>437690 There's a lot of content that's arbitrarily locked behind the online mode, so if you're playing the offline DRM free version (the only reason you'd be on GoG in the first place) you're missing out on a lot. And the game constantly reminds you of that too.
>>437688 Shouldn't have been on the store to begin with if they couldn't get io to drop the online shit.
>>437690 GoG's whole selling point is no-DRM. Selling a game with lots of content locked behind online-only DRM is ridiculous and I don't think it's the first time GoG's done this.
>>437720 AFAIK they've only done it with things like multiplayer, and they mention it on the store page. And none of them are like Hitman where they're constantly in your face telling you about everything you're missing by not being online.
As not really a surprise, Rockstar announced the GTA trilogy "the definite edition". Anyone willing to bet that it won't be a shitty upscaled and censored mobile port again?
>>437786 This started out well. Digital games are cancer.
>>437786 I bet all my money it's a censored mobileshit port filled with bloom and with Unreal Engine as the backend for the UI which will bloat all 3 games to like 30GB
>>437788 Except that thanks to digital distribution they're all readily avaiable on pirate sites and people who bought them still legally own and can downgrade the original version of the games. Rockstar has also censored their physical games after release since GTA3, with newer copies having slighly modified content. This isn't new or exclusive to digital you fucking dinossaur DRM free digital is superior to everything
>The Definitive Edition Imagine saying the 20 year old already existing games that were globally well-received aren't the definitive edition of themselves just because they were old. No it's this rehash we did without half the people that made those games in the first place who probably don't even know what they're doing. It's another Warcraft 3: Reforged or whatever dumb shit Activision called that.
>>437847 It's the definitive edition because there was totally not a fan-made project to actually remake and re-release those games.
>>437853 Which had/has original code and is 100% legal regardless of kikestar's actions so if they buckle and cuck to their empty threats I'd think less of them. At the very least take the C&D letter and dev the whole thing, then anonymously release it in a complete state and whoopsydaisy musta been a bad actor because it wasn't me I was a good boy. Obviously DFEing every piece of dev material to totally destroy the proof otherwise before releasing it (or after releasing it before publicizing it.) Kikestar's only move is lawyer spam if the code is yours, doubly so if you released the code as a plug-in type system to the game assets (if using any) at the user end like how say Morrowblivion doesn't distribute Morrowind resources but the installer recognizes and accepts the contents of them when present. All anti-white companies deserve to have their copyrights aggressively violated in subversive ways.
(26.61 MB 1280x720 Lay D Denton.mp4)

>>437664 This is hugely impressive, the voice actress and her delivery fits the game perfectly. If you never played Deus Ex and didn't it didn't have a gender option, you'd probably think this was official. They even altered the the pronouns JC is referred to as into female ones, like mister into miss.
>>438256 > If you never played Deus Ex and didn't it didn't have a gender option *If you never played Deus Ex and didn't know it didn't have a gender option
>>435658 I'd say it sounds like something an AI could have come up but I'd be insulting AIs. It sounds like the same disease that took over nuDoom OST.
>>438256 That's a really nice voice to be honest. Could use to be a bit more deadpan but I find this good enough. tfw JC Denton doesn't have big J Cups
>>438256 >changed NPC dialog >some entirely new lines >it's not blatant jank How?
>>438696 The infinite power of nanoaugmentation.
>>438256 Now this is some nice inclusivity, its impressive they added stuff for the NPCs to reflect JC being a girl.
>>438368 Obviously it stands for Juicy C-cup Denton
>>438256 >inb4 next update allows you to switch between male and female pronouns
>>438719 Her breasts are augmented. >>438725 Wouldnt that defeat the point?
(27.35 KB 640x454 1426632488665.jpg)

>>435658 Holy shit the BF 2042 muzyk sounds absolutely terrible.
>>438742 This is what happens after 15 years of pure fucking cronyism and nepotism.
>>438820 Consider a company as a living, breathing life, and each change in management is a new generation of that life. By having inbreeding (cronyism and nepotism), it manifests as having flawed business practices and schizophrenic decisions. Its an interesting parallel to consider
(2.70 MB 502x376 dropthebomb.swf.mp4)

>>438897 You think Sam Maggs is writing for like 4 AAA videogames because she has talent? The only 2 things she has is a Rich Daddy and some dicksucking lips. The shit happening with Zoe Quinn has only gotten worse in the AAA space and it's slowly but surely killing them while new blood make their own business and pave their own success.
>>438920 >Sam Maggs is writing for FOUR(4)(2+2) videogames Jesus Christ, what? I thought it was just that shit Kotor remake and that's it.
(268.33 KB 640x640 free of charge.png)

>>438923 -Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart -Call of Duty Vanguard -Dark Alliance -Tiny Tinas Wonderland -KOTOR Remake -Anthem https://archive.is/A99FD Scroll down to the Games section.
>>435255 lesbians ripping cave story?
>>439066 Nope, Hyper Lesbian Drifter
(146.67 KB 498x345 Untitled.png)

https://archive.ph/vlxaz > Battlefield 2042 dev says you (the consumer) are the reason they don't interact with the community >Ben Walke, one of the producers at DICE, recently took to Reddit to talk to players about the ins and outs of the beta and how the team addresses fan feedback. >A member of the Battlefield 2042 team has pointed the finger at toxic players for the reason why studios are reluctant to open up conversation between themselves and their fans.
>>439409 "Toxic" players eh? I'm willing to bet the reason these fucks don't interact with the community is because they are spineless cunts who cannot take a single ounce of criticism because they think putting a lot of time into something means your work cannot be criticized.
(11.63 MB 800x600 THQnordic AMA.webm)

>>439409 Any chance we'll see a dev do something on the level of the 8chan AMA again?
>>439409 >>439421 For Buttfuck/Cawadoody I might believe it, those kinds of games are notorious for having angry squeakers and furious tryhards.
>>439435 If you want to harvest so much asshurt out of any battlefield, just jump onto an AA turret and shoot at your team's lifting off aerial vehicles. They don't take damage(at least in Bad Company/2) but force is still applied to the vehicle so it's difficult to lift off and people often crash. It's hilarious seeing people then go apeshit at you and having almost nothing they can do about it.
>>439409 You know, considering that developers spent decades not "interacting" with fans, this isn't that bad of an idea, because ever since developers did "interact" with fans they always turn out to be insufferable gigafaggots who don't care about their customer base.
(160.20 KB 1480x833 battlefield-v2-1480x833.jpg)

(28.15 KB 1200x675 EbXQI2qXgAMuyVx.png)

>>439421 >they are spineless cunts Yes. This is the only reason. Their team is filled with manginas, faggots and women. http://archive.today/MYbBd When Fentanyl fiend died of a heart attack they had that shit plastered on all their games. Even on fucking BF3. Never ever support DICE or whoever does this fucking games now.
>>438938 >Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart Well that explains why the game's story was so shit and its characters were unlikeable. >>439409 >Battlefield 2042 dev says you (the consumer) are the reason they don't interact with the community I see they're still butthurt about the fan backlash they got from Battlefield Vagina, who'd a thunk that being antagonistic towards your playerbase makes them treat you like shit in return.
https://archive.is/4BvTn Yakuza creator is leaving Sega.
>>439467 >Well that explains why the game's story was so shit and its characters were unlikeable. How shit are we talking about, and is the game in general also shit?
Square Enix trademarks Valkyrie Elysium. Expect mobile shit even if it is a VP followup. https://archive.ph/wip/9XLfC
>>440789 There was already a Valkyrie based mobile game named Valkyrie Anatomia
(435.10 KB 750x929 ClipboardImage.png)

https://www.ace-attorney.com/anniversary/ Ace Attorney anniversary site open. So far just sales on digital versions of series and some merch.
>>440307 Generally the characters quip all the time like it's a Marvel movie and there's never more than a few seconds of dead air without a very obvious remark or "witty" comment.
>creator of God of War couldn't get gud at Metroid Dread and uninstalled it after two hours >biggest complain was that it didn't tell him what to do or where to go lmao https://archive.is/We3wZ https://archive.is/BO2a6 https://piped.kavin.rocks/watch?v=6IGX9sPftLE
>>441171 The God of Soy game or the other one?
>>441171 Considering Gay of War is just casualized western DMC, no surprise. >>441174 The original.
(91.25 KB 1400x900 wat.jpg)

Reposting because apparently this is a different service called also Binge System Shock Live-Action Series in the works by Startup Streaming Service Binge https://web.archive.org/web/20211013190949/https://www.ign.com/articles/system-shock-live-action-tv-series-in-the-works-binge I have no idea, either
>>441171 Jaffe was always a fag with shit taste he's right about joy cons being garbage but everyone knows that
>>441196 Sure, but whens the remake of 1 coming?
>>441171 Holy crap. Watch his other videos about Metroid, they're shocking. Jaffe seems on par with DSP in his knowledge of how to play games. He's been working in the industry since the early 1990s, how can you be this clueless with this much experience both making and playing games? Then again I shouldn't be surprised, the original God of War series was nothing but a mindless sequence of QTEs.
>>441171 >>441236 Search for his name on Twitter - it's an OCEAN of angry Mexicans.
>>441241 Angry because of him being a dumbass or what?
>>441242 Ooh yep. From what I gather Twisted Metal and GoW were popular in Mexico, so seeing the creator acting like a complete novice at gaming is making them furious. Anybody want to translate some tweets and post 'em?
>>441246 I dont have a twitter, but if you give me some samples ill translate it for you.
Oh, and sorry about my ID Switching. I'm posting from my phone and PC, 5d0aaa is also me.
>>441236 >He's been working in the industry since the early 1990s, how can you be this clueless with this much experience both making and playing games? In interviews for Twisted Metal 2, he explains that his original goal was to get involved with filmmaking: https://yewtu.be/watch?v=QS6HG_ZxwcI
>>441254 >1st Again with the "debate" over difficulty in videogames, now David Jaffe (creator of god of war) criticises kena, metroid and returnal for being too hard, buy a pair of hands and get over it, boss, remain strong kena, great game! >2nd Everyone is saying that metroid dread is very hard but im very good at it, its like playing super mario bros. because of the 2d platforms, David jaffe can go on crying and whining about difficulty >3rd The creator of god of war hates difficult games like kena, metroid dread and returnal. >4th For david jaffe, creator of god of war, "kena, metroid and returnal" are games so hard that he said "its like the developers wanted to scare off the players", what do you think about that? >5th The previus director is as crazy as 7 goats, David Jaffe, the actual director on the other hand says its pretty good, well, not the actual since he was replaced, Cory Barlog. >6th Something i must recognize is that for better or worse david jaffe notices the content and this gave a lot of relevancy to that bald dickhead. sadly! >7th David jaffe criticizes the difficulty of metroid, kena and returnal saying that the devs want to scare off the players. Me: want a tissue? >8th Later on David Jaffe will come and say the game is shit because its "too hard" and because of the graphics, i want him in jail. >9th Our review of metroid dread is ready and we wont complain like david jaffe, creator of god of war, about how difficult it is (clown) >10th Its just reporting it. >11th In a shamefull display, david jaffe talks agains a game because he couldnt find some hidden blocks to advance, pathetic. >12th I dont understand half of it, sorry. >13th Reporting about it and mocking david with a soyface. >14th You see the problem is that GOW is designed so that you can beat it only with the O button, everything else is too hard for david. >15th David Jeffe is still talking about metroid pic: get me outta here
I deleted my first post because I didn't like how it looked. >>441254 https://twitter.com/PabloArcadia/status/1448364851261161473 >Again the "debate" about the difficulty of videogames. Now David Jaffe (creator of God of War) criticises Kena, Metroid and Returnal for being too difficult. Buy yourself a pair of hands and that's it, capo. Cheers to Kena, total blast of a game! https://twitter.com/antonio_mellino/status/1448376904386494472 >Everyone says metroid dread is hard but when I play it for me it's like playing super Mario bros for the 2D platforming 😎 let David jaffe cry for complaining about the difficulty. https://twitter.com/TheEnemyBR/status/1448380856045907970 [this one is a hue] >God of War creator hates difficult games like Kena, Metroid Dread and Returnal https://twitter.com/CCMiike/status/1448331995097047044 >For David Jaffe, creator of #GodofWar, "Kena: Bridge of Spirits", "Metroid: Dread" and "Returnal" are such difficult games that he went so far as to express... "It's as if the developers want to scare gamers away". How do you see it? https://twitter.com/SilexCarlos/status/1448373438696067078 >The PREVIOUS director who is crazy as 7 goats, David Jaffe, the current one says he is the dick, well, the current one, who has already been removed as director, Cory Barlog. https://twitter.com/Kris_vs1/status/1448370616353103876 >There is something that I must admit that for better or for worse David Jaffe paid attention to its content and that gave relevance to the bald dickhead ...!!!! Unfortunately !!! https://twitter.com/Deivitron84/status/1448369970384154633 >David Jaffe criticises the difficulty of Metroid Dread, Kena and Returnal saying that if the developers want to scare gamers away. >Me: [insert tissue meme] https://twitter.com/PabloArcadia/status/1448369902272884738 >And then David Jaffe comes along and says that the game sucks because it's "too hard" and because of the graphics. I want him in jail. https://twitter.com/JillSandwichTV/status/1448350967485894661 >We have our #MetroidDread review ready. >We're not complaining like David Jaffe, creator of #GodOfWar about how hard it is 🤡. >Go check this video, link in our bio and next tweet (Subscribe!!! 🙏🏻🙏🏻) https://twitter.com/pnintenderos/status/1448315586015121414 >God Of War creator David Jaffe says he didn't like Metroid Dread because he found the game too difficult. 😩👌 >Via his Twitter account he said that "there is no prompt or guide for the player to know what to do or where to go". https://twitter.com/Ashen_Snake/status/1448277837375545345 [another hue] >David Jaffe on an embarrassing journey against a great game just because he couldn't find some hidden blocks to advance. Pathetic https://twitter.com/LadinoKrow/status/1448359522230210576 [and another] >David Jaffe is crazy https://twitter.com/MeriStation/status/1448362179430952962 (this is a popular news outlet in Spain, lol) >God of War creator David Jaffe criticises the difficulty of games like Metroid Dread, Returnal or Kena https://twitter.com/mannyz25/status/1448355754767945736 >For David Jaffe, creator of #GodofWar, "Kena: Bridge of Spirits", "Metroid: Dread" and "Returnal" are such difficult games that he went so far as to express... "It's as if the developers want to scare gamers away". How do you see it? [the reply to that post is better IMO] >It's just that GOW is designed to be played with the O only. Everything is difficult for David Jaffe. https://twitter.com/Aranuel/status/1448354606673764357 >David Jaffe still talking about metroid. >[insert "Get me outta here" meme]
>>441272 >>441273 Thank you two very much. Have some porn for your troubles.
(844.08 KB 1920x1080 anon living the dream.png)

>>441281 Anon delivers.
>>441272 >>441273 >You see the problem is that GOW is designed so that you can beat it only with the O button, everything else is too hard for david.
(471.83 KB 800x800 ClipboardImage.png)

>>441236 >Then again I shouldn't be surprised, the original God of War series was nothing but a mindless sequence of QTEs. That's the thing GoW 1 wasn't just Mindless QTE's at least if you played on the hardest difficulty, it did require actually being good at the game, and there's enough depth that learning how to win fights against the harder enemies with no damage feels good. BUT at the same time every GoW game comes with a baby bitch easy mode, and they are also designed in a way were it's nearly impossible for the player to fuck themselves over. Chests are balanced in such a way that they will always give the player exactly what they need when appropriate. if the game feels the player is getting close to needing a Health Bar or Magic upgrade, it will give the player one, if the player doesn't have as many Red orbs for upgrades as the game things they should have the Chests will give them Larger amounts of orbs. Due to this by the end of the game The player will almost Always be maxed out and ready to fight the final boss with a full tool kit of what is needed. It's actually a brilliant way of balancing the game, the only negative is if you actually go out of you're way to open every chest in the game then they start having less useful things, and they'll end up being just Health or Magic refills, so it's actually better not check every knook and cranny to hunt down the chests. God of War's design is the opposite of Metroid. GoW you will always get what you need no matter what. Metroid if you want to be more prepared you have to go out of you're way to make sure you will be.
>>441171 Imagine having all this crap on your walls to show how much you're an ebin geek gamer XD and you can't even beat a Nintendo game. Just an incredible reality check right there.
(296.42 KB 430x470 whatever.png)

>>441384 >Making it so you don't have to explore the game is actually a brilliant way of balancing because you have to think less about the game You're a subhuman.
(269.35 KB 550x413 sonic-is-unamused.png)

>>441394 I'm not saying it's better then how Metroid does it, or this is objectively the best way to do things. I'm saying decisions like that are what made God of War a billion dollar franchise that normalfags ate up day one. It's similar to how Resident Evil 4 adjusts the Difficulty without telling you about it. You're Not supposed to know this is how the game works, and that's why it worked.
>>441171 >>441254 >>441273 Could one of you guys with a Twatter account ask him what his thought are on Flashback because he claims that it was the title that first got him "interested" in gaming.
>>440307 It has the same problems as the 2016 reboot/movie tie-in game, everyone is a plain, boring, one dimensional character and the villains do stupid shit that allows the heroes to win.
>>441236 Haven't played the game, so I will play devil's advocate here. I assume he needs to shoot the platform(he calls it a ceiling) to advance into a new room to continue with the main mission, and not to collect some hidden item, as such is there any visual/audio indication that you need to shoot the platform? Up until that point have there been any other cases in which shooting, what appears to be a normal platform, will reveal a new path? If there was no written tutorial, was there an enemy that would explode revealing the fact that some platforms are destructible, or are you just supposed to mindlessly shoot everything you see in a room, to see if there is any hidden content, even if that "hidden" content is required to advance the main game?
>>441588 >is there any visual/audio indication that you need to shoot the platform? Up until that point have there been any other cases in which shooting, what appears to be a normal platform, will reveal a new path? Multiple Anons have confirmed that it's part of the game's "tutorial".
>>441591 Additionally, in the clip he keeps trying to hit the enemies on the ceiling by jumping up to them. If he aimed upward like a normal person, he'd like miss a few shots in the attempt (either direct misses, or firing after it is dead) and accidentally hit the ceiling in the process.
>>442243 https://archive.ph/05hQV https://archive.fo/IYv6r EXP Share Returns and Can't be turned off in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, TMs Single Use Again, Secret Bases Cannot be Decorated outside of statues.
>>405669 >>408410 I am sure this anti-consumer shit will help with PS5 sales :^)
>>441390 >Imagine having all this crap on your walls to show how much you're an ebin geek gamer XD and you can't even beat a Nintendo game. Just an incredible reality check right there. You can blame that "Big Bazinga Theory" crap on talmudvision for making retards pretend they like stuff like video games. <Hello fellow gamers, i am one of you, look i have game tattoos, posters and filled my house of junk merchandise, am i one of yours yet? <TV told me that liking video games makes you cool, like those retards of that shitty sitcom with laugh tracks after every single line.
(135.94 KB 534x1376 ClipboardImage.png)

(29.23 KB 1061x475 ClipboardImage.png)

(17.83 KB 405x509 ClipboardImage.png)

<Call of Duty’s kernel-level anti-cheat RICOCHET has already been leaked to cheat developers >Yesterday, Activision and Raven announced a new kernel-level anti-cheat system for Call of Duty Warzone and Call of Duty Vanguard, RICOCHET. However, it appears that this anti-cheat system has already been leaked to cheat developers >Unfortunately, the kernel driver for @CallofDuty new Anti-cheat called RICOCHET got leaked today, and P2C devs are already reversing it, this is already very bad https://archive.is/AClOg
>>442325 At this rate all proprietary corporate software might as well just be open sourced. It's getting leaked left and right and always gets cracked by cheaters and hackers. It would probably be more effective if they just fucking let random autists fix it for them or at the very least come up with better solutions than they can. Security through obscurity clearly isn't working.
>>442350 They could also just let the players host + control their own servers and let them deal with it instead of wasting whatever large amount of money they burn through making this crap.
>>442369 But then they might *gasp* make custom maps. Then how could we ever convince them to buy our own custom maps or payed skins?
>>442489 I don't care for the games(one's Early Access and the other just didn't appeal to me much) but I really like how indie FPS like Prodeus and Dusk are pushing for really involved map-making and modding tools. I doubt it'll happen either but I hope Duskfag's design of having a modding scene that's close to Doom's pans out as well.
>>442489 God forbid they stop using matchmaking that ruins game communities or play on modded servers that let you bypass the shitty weapon/skill/lootbox/etc grind forced into every game. I also love how a lot of modern games only let you "rent" servers from the devs usually with extremely gimped customization for the games. Can't let a third party take money from your game by hosting their own servers, and you definitely can't let anyone else own a god damn thing as that would be giving up control.
In RTS news, Mental Omega, that one Yuri's Revenge mod you may or may not have heard of over the course of 15(?) or so years, is finally getting its final version Soon™.
>>443418 >there's now an entire new faction for Mental Omega Wow, last time I played, it was just a new campaign, I think. This is an insane amount of effort. I'll have to dive back in.
>>443418 Never really liked MO. Feels more like a Starcraft gookclick than C&C.
>>443418 Nice, shame the trailer is shit. Promised some groovy Rocktronica and went full Hans Zimmer.
>>404585 Look up Hyper-susceptibility to Motion Sickness in Asians, or whatever the study was titled.
(230.74 KB 750x1051 2.jpg)

Katy Perry is officially on a pokemon card
>>445451 Why girls fuck pokemon >>445453 Lindsay Lohan has a fursona attached to an NFT The fuck do you mean "why"
>>445451 >Katy Perry is basic.
>>445453 She probably made some jap's dick hard.
(83.52 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault.jpg)

(257.81 KB 750x1051 1.jpg)

(185.50 KB 750x1051 3.jpg)

>>445453 Gamefreak is allowing the music industry to use pokemon in their music videos. Katy Perry's Electric: https://youtu.be/ojpTpT5i-PI Two other musicians got cards too. Post Malone: https://youtu.be/G-kGzeZbEV4 J Balvin: https://youtu.be/K_IjmegkXuY
(3.16 MB 594x4191 ClipboardImage.png)

>>445461 I think gooks aren't listening to our warnings, anons.
>>445461 Embarrassing. Unironically, video games (and cards based on them in this case) are just too good to mix with other trash media. I'm sure this was made to say, "look, we're cool, we have the music celebrity people!" but the effect is exactly the opposite.
>>445461 >>445457 >One-off limited production runs Boring. It's a commemorative card. If it was like, a run of 1000 or something I'd get some for investment purposes
>>445466 >I'd get some for investment purposes TCG have become just that for the regular run cards.
(248.68 KB 1600x1200 Freeman.jpg)

Seemingly out of nowhere, Valve has been implementing major updates to the beta branch of Half-Life 2 and all related projects. This includes bugfixes for glitches that have existed since launch, official Vulkan support, GUI scaling and more. https://steamdb.info/changelist/12882066/ All of these changes have been figured out either through play or data mining, there's no official patch notes as it's in the beta branch.
>>445451 This has been in the works ever since the Pokemon anniversary concert where she wore a Pikachu tail, I'm certain. Is media mixing the next race mixing? >>446066 My guess based on nothing is that a small team has been tinkering with this stuff for a long time while the rest of Valve is busy supporting Steam and hardware and assfaggots or whatever other garbage they've been developing. This might just be some manager giving those guys the OK to push to "beta production," if I can say that, and might not indicate some major shift in priorities on Valve's part. Or it might. Who knows? We probably will have to wait to see if they decide to start saying anything, hiring people, or releasing more updates.
>>446066 Oh this could relate to the half life 2 remastered being mentioned in nvidia leaks, seemingly fan mod for hl2 in source 2. We do know valve doesn't actually want to work on games so they give out to others

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