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Vita thread: It ain't over until the last Vitafag Dies Edition Anonymous 09/04/2021 (Sat) 02:04:22 Id: 70c945 No. 406576
Starting this thread off with some (somewhat) fresh OC that I think came out pretty well (minus some flaws that I was too lazy to fix, sue me), with music versions too that make it much better to watch. I hope you fags have been having some fun on your vitas. Whatcha >PLAYAN >HACKAN >BUYAN (kek) >WANTAN PREVIOUS THREADS: https://ghostbin.com/paste/d2BOH https://archive.is/xQU91 (Gitgud hackpaste) First-time buyer's FAQ: https://pastebin.com/Xhz0ijN6 Physical game list (Western/Asia-English/EU released): http://web.archive.org/web/20190705133424/http://retailgames.net/playstation-vita/complete-list/ Vita hacking: https://gitgud.io/8vitagen/hackpaste/blob/master/guides/vitahacking.md#vita-hacking https://vita.hacks.guide/ Vita homebrew/plug-ins: https://gitgud.io/8vitagen/hackpaste/blob/master/guides/vitahomebrew.md#vita-homebrew-and-taihen-plug-in-recommendations Vita game mods: https://gitgud.io/8vitagen/hackpaste/blob/master/guides/vitamods.md#vita-game-mods For me personally its been a rough time, I haven't had much time to play on my Vita (or many games in general) as of late, but I'll probably start something up on it tonight or tomorrow if I can decide on a game, thinking between a nep game, continuing Saiyuki: Journey West, Disgaea 1, or something along those lines. I'm in the mood for some kind of nice, story-driven (with good plot) JRPG. What about you anons? If the chartfag is still around I'd love to add and expound on some additions and entries to the chart. Feel free to do writeups and reviews of games you've played as well. Make sure you treat your Vita well. always love her, and never abandon her or allow her to be damaged or broken or you're no better than Soyny. And reminder not to buy anything digital that supports Soyny (unless its for archival, sharing and piracy purposes ofc, which might become important pretty soon). In terms of news, I'm too lazy to make a compilation of any but anons should post any they find, there's always something going on. I've heard of numerous homebrew port attempts as of late like F/SN (which would be nice if its successful, I heard its mostly finished)
And one of the other +music versions (though I didn't lower the volume on the music so you can't hear the dialogue properly, just watch the first or second one or something, too lazy to change it)
(232.73 KB 436x1400 ClipboardImage.png)

I spent most of the evening cataloguing and combing the shit out of the old archives, and I managed to find almost every Vita thread from 2015-16 that bridges up to where the threads got cut off in July of 2016. Was a pain in the neck, but I'm so glad I was able to see all those good times again . The vita threads were truly an absolutely wonderful community, its sad that things are so much worse than they used to be, and what happened to the site in general is fucking tragic. We deserved better than what this currently is. https://archive.is/d0gFI
Heard from a friend of mine that the homebrew scene on the vita is going very well, porting a lot of stuff into it and unlocking a 4th core, is it true?
Dumb question: do you think the Vita would have been a bigger success if it were named the PSP 2?
>>406908 That's not a dumb question, that's a good question and the answer is a definite yes. The main reason the Vita failed was poor marketing and Sony dropping any support for the thing the second it wasn't as big of a hit as the PSP. It was only called the Vita because it fit with the PS4's codename Orbis. The names came from "orbis vitae" which is Latin for "circle of life". They of course didn't call the PS4 the PlayStation Orbis, but for whatever reason they called their next handheld the PlayStation Vita even if it didn't make sense anymore. If it were called the PlayStation Portable 2 instead that would have fixed some of the marketing problems. That alone would have been an extra easy 5 million units at least, which might not sound like a lot in the context of video game systems but it would have helped tremendously for the Vita as it only sold 17 million units throughout its life.
(18.31 KB 400x400 1470725423211-0.jpg)

I want to bully fuck this weeb neet retard. >>406920 You think this extra success might have stimulated more support for the hardware?
>>407041 But Anon Killzone, Uncharted, and PS2 ports!
(171.42 KB 734x554 Vita bullied.png)

(45.24 KB 303x294 Vita Tan.png)

(126.65 KB 500x424 Vita Mad.png)

(147.52 KB 1280x1480 Vita bully.png)

(613.34 KB 1500x1000 Vita Tan Bullied 2.png)

Threadly reminder
(109.72 KB 616x353 utawarerumono.jpg)

(71.20 KB 379x600 touka.jpg)

(285.20 KB 850x1360 good times.jpg)

Recently finished Utawarerumono: Prelude to the Fallen, the visual novel/SRPG, and it was personally one of the best games I've played on the Vita.I'm currently doing Mask of Deception so pls use spoilers for the other games in the series. >Summary from vndb Hakuowlo, a man who wakes up in a tiny backwoods village near the mountains with heavy injuries, no memory, and a mask he cannot remove. After being nursed back to health by Eruruu, the girl who found him lying at the point of death in the forest, he starts to view the village as his new home. But when an oppressive ruler threatens the peaceful life of Hakuowlo and his newfound friends and family, they find themselves hurtled towards war, chaos, and a destiny far greater than any of them imagined. >Pros I'll start with the general pro's >Music, Artwork I listened to the original OST and it captured the world's atmosphere and brought you in, almost like telling a story near a fire. I would highly recommend keeping the original soundtrack here. The remake artwork was well done and, in my opinion, better than the original. >Voice Acting/Translation They had an all-star cast for voice actors and you can tell no expense was spared with it. Every line is voice acted and these guys know how to act. The voice actors, in combination with the music, can evoke emotions out of you as well. The translations are also well done, I had no issue with them. I actually liked their translations for some of the honorifics. >Story telling Amnesia can be risky as a poor writer can make it feel like a cheap and meaningless way of building a story. In Utawarerumono, the protagonist is not just facing amnesia - the world he is in doesn't seem to make sense to himself either. For instance, the girls he meets that tend to his wounds have tails and fluffy ears, something he feels must be a costume which isn't. Not just that, he wakes up with a mask that cannot be removed no matter what he does. You are in the same boat as him, but at the same time, you constantly find yourself asking the question: "Where the hell am I, and who am I?". The best part is, the more you people you meet and understand about the world, the more pieces you are given to these puzzles. The pacing for unfurling the mystery is perfect as well, you're never felt wanting the story to go in a certain direction or another. The questions are given small answers that lead to an incredible payoff in the end. It's a legendary story, in every respect of the word. >Setting This is one vast world and I loved the hometown that Hakuowlo wakes up in. You are welcomed by sincere, kind village people. This is one of the few games where I felt an attachment to the village at the start. Normally in games with an adventure, it's hard to grow an attachment to your starting area because thats what it is: a place to leave quickly and move forward. You shed tears, become a pillar for the village, and an essential member. I won't give spoilers, but I will at least tell you that the VNDB summary only tells maybe the first few hours of the game. The reality is this story is a grand journey, spanning many cultures and countries. But, despite that, I still view that village as my hometown. This is in part related to the amnesia, but because the world is so foreign, you want to know as much as you can about the world and no detail feels wasted or pointless as a result. In fact, you grow respect for each of their cultures. >Characters The characters in the story have a lot of depth as well. These characters are not just people who are introduced, then become a party member and no longer have a say in anything like typical rpgs. When they join you, its because you are truly their friend or have gained their respect or trust. As such, they will have a lot of events and conversations with you. Almost all the characters have a meaningful inner battle they themselves are facing. Some games, especially silent protagonist games, you solve their problems by just standing there. Here, you become a friend by taking decisive action. Nothing is wrapped up easily and you have to earn their trust and become a friend worth dying for. In some cases, the characters just show such unbelievable kindness towards you that you can't help but care for them. This aspect makes the characters so unforgettable and the moments you share with them can easily bring you to tears as a result. I won't lie, I choked up myself more than I can count and had tears flowing throughout. Theres also something I have to add here: The type of relationships you have are wide and varied. In some cases, you are an older brother, a best friend, a lover, a son, a leader, an uncle, a father figure, etc. The list goes on. This variety is outstanding and I can't think of a game that had this happen. >Oh shit! moments This game had a surprising amount of "oh shit!" moments when something unexpectedly either gory or fucked up happens. If I could compare this to another visual novel - Muv-Luv and Umineko come to mind especially. Those 2 games had an incredible amount of moments when you are shocked by what happens. Utawarerumono had a fair amount of this, and I love this. Cons: <Lack of sex scenes Its understandable, given that this is a vita port. While I usually don't care too much about sex scenes, I think the story needed them in certain cases. I did Muv-Luv also on the vita and didn't like the censorship for the H-scenes as well, but I love playing on the vita so much that I can forgive both cases. I ended up going to the PC version and seeing the uncensored scenes myself - which there aren't that many, maybe 5-6, of which I think 3 would have been important to know details. <Gameplay could be harder The game is an SRPG and the gameplay was pretty fun. However, I had it set on hard difficulty and it was slightly challenging in the beginning but nearing the midway point to the end, it was not that hard. If there was a nightmare mode or making enemies stronger or more intelligent, that would be better. While I never felt like it was a complete blowout, I never had to retry a mission after around the second half of the game which should not have been the case for the "Hard" mode. Its hard to review without giving spoilers, but this was one of the most memorable games I've played and its left an impact on me. For anyone that's played the trails series, its given me much of the same vibes and I'm glad I picked this game up. This is a must play on the vita if you haven't already.
(27.74 KB 674x375 ClipboardImage.png)

(203.46 KB 533x958 ClipboardImage.png)

>>406908 Like >>406920 Said, it would've helped with some sales. Every unit would've counted for the Vita. Vita-tan really deserved better. >Proprietary memory cards >High vita prices that were never aggressively lowered until it was practically too late >Had an active group of people who wanted it to fail for no reason other than hatred >never got the positive attention it deserved for its excellent library and strong community and despite being the best handheld console >Sony goes full censorship in 2018 onwards against the entire niche audience and kills as much of the Vita as they possibly can >Firmware was locked down tight until 2016, and they still kept trying to keep people out until the last 2-3 years with FW updates to plug up vulnerabilities In fact the Vita pretty much got "negative" support when they tried to port as much of the Vita's library to the PS4 as possible to push sales in Japan on that dogshit console that nobody wanted, even making games initially made in development native for the Vita to be multiplat, just to hurt the Vita even more because it wasn't the PS4. Doesn't even get into shit like Persona 5 not being on the Vita; if it had come unto the Vita that would've guaranteed another half a million to a million vita sales, at least if not more. People probably would've even been willing to pay for 2 carts with the game if one wasn't enough to fit it all in, what a waste. >>406906 The homebrew scene is indeed going fairly well; I dunno anything about "4th cores" but apparently PPSSPP will soon be able to be ran on it, which would apparently be better than the adrenaline core because reasons (probably something to do with resolution and performance being able to take advantage of the Vita's power or something to improve performance) that tech autism is beyond me regardless. >>407036 no bully anon, she's been through enough by now >>407041 >>407051 Why were these posts deleted? Some more delete all posts by ID bullshit? >>407036 What do you mean by support for the hardware? You mean stuff like accessories and modifications? >>408083 Think you can summarize the experience into an entry for the chart anon?
>>412085 Yeah Mark killed every post from me for the past couple weeks. You would have to ask him why.
>>406730 I miss the old community. Anyone remember that dumbass who came into the threads to talk about lightning from FFXIII but he was obsessed and had never played any of the games but she was his real unironic waifu? I used to play peace walker with the psp group and got an early vita, played soul sacrifice, killzone mercs, and wipeout with the crew.
(92.26 KB 640x910 91353_front.jpg)

(119.98 KB 640x907 125577_front.jpg)

(146.06 KB 640x1100 161728_front.jpg)

(53.81 KB 500x448 162917_front.jpg)

(78.53 KB 500x861 76856_front.jpg)

>>412085 >In fact the Vita pretty much got "negative" support when they tried to port as much of the Vita's library to the PS4 as possible to push sales in Japan on that dogshit console that nobody wanted, even making games initially made in development native for the Vita to be multiplat, just to hurt the Vita even more because it wasn't the PS4. You DO realize that much of the Vita's library are already ports, right?
>>413094 I am aware that the Vita had a good amount of ports; but I am also aware that the Vita versions tended to be the best available versions of the games and renders much of the point moot. It was not just things like performance improvements, a lot of them had significant content additions, changes, options, improved translations (like in Muramasa's case), along with the hard work of making it fit on the Vita without compromising a la P4G. The devs who ported and remade games for the Vita did their absolute best to make sure the games were made and put on the Vita with the utmost care and improvements when possible. They were not forced to do any of those things and could easily have compromised on the Vita if they didn't care well that's not quite true admittedly, the Vita was the only current generation handheld in JP that had true freedom for 2011-18, until the hybrid in the Switch came along and rose in popularity and also freedom for 3rd parties Moreover it allows for a lot of those games to actually be translated since many of them were JP only. Persona 4 Golden, Odin Sphere Leifthraisir (which is one of the best remakes made), Muramasa Rebirth, all of those were the best versions of their games for example. Arcana Hearts 3 was similar until recently where there was some relatively new version where they added 3 characters, but that's a complicated situation to address. Basically the Vita had the best version until it finally died; I don't know how the newest version is with regards regards performance and the like and only base that on the additional characters. Plus the creator and main writer passed away years before that version's release so I'd have reason ro question it But at any rate, the Vita is not just some cheap port machine that cannibalized off others the way that Sony handled the PS4.
>>412085 No I mean more games obviously. Especially from 3rd parties. I always thought that it conspicuously lacked support from Rockstar and Capcom. Where is the San Andreas Stories and obligatory RE4 port? Fuck you Rev2 shite port and buy a shark card.
(151.09 KB 640x805 585370_front.jpg)

(75.67 KB 640x640 326911_front.jpg)

(79.60 KB 640x914 240834_front.jpg)

(159.51 KB 500x861 422087_front.jpg)

(251.48 KB 640x741 332005_front.jpg)

>>413153 >But at any rate, the Vita is not just some cheap port machine that cannibalized off others the way that Sony handled the PS4. Such as? The only one that comes to mind is Gravity Rush and Escape Plan. And, looking it up, the only other ones I can find are 13 Sentinels, Galak-Z, and Kyoei Toshi. Every other "PS4 game" that had a release on the Vita also had a PS3/3DS/Wii U/Xbone release, which makes them multi-plats altogether, not some grand conspiracy over at Sony to kill the Vita. And, if there was any "conspiracy", it encompassed more than just the Vita when they had official PS2 games releasing in 2013, PSP games in in 2015, and PS3 games in 2017. With that knowledge in mind, it seems to indicate that Sony wanted to ax all their previous systems altogether and have all players shunted onto the PS4, now the PS5. And, in response, developers either started porting to every system under the sun and/or finally started utilizing the PC.
(113.21 KB 640x818 160308_front.jpg)

(125.22 KB 640x815 199456_front.jpg)

(182.87 KB 640x816 400716_front.jpg)

(178.66 KB 1050x680 ddq-promo.jpg)

>>413177 >I always thought that it conspicuously lacked support from Rockstar and Capcom. Capcom was in a mess thanks to the work of Con-Man and focused on their cash-cows that was Monster Hunter on the 3DS while trying to fix up everything else with remasters and rereleases, though there were some games. >Where is the San Andreas Stories It's called GTA V.
>>413222 They took away a lot of the games that would have been developed for the Vita and ported a lot of games after the fact, and encouraged developers and western branches to more or less abandon the Vita. I don't know what games you're looking at, or why you're showing PS2 and PSP games in your post. Moreover, the PS3 was still having support because of its sheer sales by comparison. They don't just cut off support for an old console immediately after the new generation console comes out, especially not one that eventually sold as much as the PS3 did for them. The PS3 is irrelevant to this conversation because its literally the direct predecessor to the PS4 and therefore had some parallel overlap because games take fucking time to be developed and released for the new console. A console doesn't just automatically have a full library of games on launch for it, but the PS4 was artificially bolstered with games natively developed for the PS Vita. Examples of this include Ys MoC and Ys VIII, Danganronpa Ultra Despair Girls, the Neptunia remakes, Uppers, Tokyo Xanadu, the SAO games (which also falls into the second category), Persona 4 DAN, This also doesn't include that sequels to games that were initially developed natively for the Vita became multiplats later (or worse, PS4 exclusives or at least on other platforms excluding the Vita) afterwards, like Gravity Daze, Estival Versus (when Shinovi was Vita-developed), Yomawari Midnight Shadows, Cold Steel 3 (though this was shared with PS3 too admittedly) Your "conspiracy" regarding Sony is completely correct, but console libraries don't have unlimited lifespans either. The PS2 lasted that long because of its sales, same thing with the PSP and PS3. By those times they were not "current generation" and had not been for some time in most cases. >And, in response, developers either started porting to every system under the sun and/or finally started utilizing the PC. Yes, that is correct. Sony doesn't exclusively hate the Vita of course, but it hates it the most out of every other platform it created; the others they were more or less at least forced to support them especially while they were still current generation . The Vita they dropped most pretenses after it initially failed in sales and let it flounder while taking what little it did have and giving it to their prize pig, the PS4. They didn't have a problem supporting the PSP and PS3 when those were alive, but they did for the Vita while it was still fighting for its life. Your arguments involving these other consoles are basically a different situation to the Vita. Conclusion is the same with Sony pushing towards their new platforms, but the comparisons are dissimilar. And past multiplats are also irrelevant to compare if there is significant difference between versions, imo, like there is in the case of most ports to the Vita, which were either enhanced ports, full on remakes, or featuring a new translation that did not previously exist before
>>413481 >They took away a lot of the games that would have been developed for the Vita and ported a lot of games after the fact, and encouraged developers and western branches to more or less abandon the Vita. Is Sony also the reason why those games are available on the Switch and PC, especially when the latter was released before the PS4 version?
>>413481 And if we decide to include ports that have at least notable differences beyond just FPS or resolution improvements, such as content additions, new characters, new translation, etc, then some of that list grows to include shit like the Danganronpa mainline and the Shiren the Wanderer game you posted for example. >>413495 Sony doesn't have absolute control over 3rd parties, but they can certainly encourage devs attitudes and influence the way games release on their platforms. >Especially when the latter was released before the PS4 version What are you talking about? You aren't making any sense anon, game development isn't some universal thing. I also don't know what game you're referring to, or how other platforms have any relevance to the Vita. We are talking exclusively about the PS4 and the Vita here, and a very minor extent about the PS3 and a little about the PSP, but not as much because those platforms have their own unique conditions and issues. Here is how the PS4 can detriment the Vita to its advantage: >simple port/remake after the fact This takes away the exclusivity/semi-exclusivity of the Vita and incentivizes purchasing a PS4 along with increasing its library >changing development of a game or sequel to be multiplat with PS4 This slows down Vita development and forces the Vita version to compete with the PS4 version in terms of sales, along with encouraging future titles to be developed mainly for PS4 first and Vita second, if at all. Games that would logically have been on the Vita while it was still alive were stopping while the PS4 were mysteriously getting their sequels. There were also rumors circulating of Sony influencing, incentivizing and encouraging devs to develop for PS4 in favor of the Vita when possible. The 3rd party platforms are utterly irrelevant to this conversation unless they were released on all those platforms at the same time, and that rarely happens. I also don't know what game you refer to in question. Way to take the entire post, grab a single sentence, and use an irrelevant point to try and argue something entirely arbitrary and unrelated to it anon.
>>413510 >What are you talking about? All of the games attached to that post where also released on the PC and/or Switch, sometimes even before their PS4 versions in the former case. > We are talking exclusively about the PS4 and the Vita here So, Sony driving away developers to other platforms DOESN'T effect the sales and performance of the PS4? Why am I getting flashbacks of of Wii U discussions that blame that systems failure on some grand conspiracy rather than on the reasons the system failed? Which, in the case of the Vita, boils down to: <Expensive system <Expensive memories cards <Zero attempts to court/bribe third party devs <Zero attempts to support with first-party software <A bias against Japanese content <Too restrictive of an OS Don't mistake this as saying that the Vita was destined to fail, as it still could have succeeded had it fixed the middle three issues. However, it didn't so here we are and the system flopped commercially. Although, that's also ignoring something else, that I have been wondering for a while, which is why are you letting Sony still dictate what games are on the Vita? The system has been fully hacked for three years. Why not make your own games for the Vita, compress them into a VPK package, and sell that for other people to install on their Vitas?
>>413547 >grand conspiracy You would have to be blind not to see Sony's hostility to the Vita. Its not some "grand conspiracy" to state that Sony did not like having to even acknowledge the Vita's existence. It just was a bother to even keep it alive for them, so they did the minimal amount possible and the devs themselves had to do most of the work, and even then they were undermined, First it was neglect and then outright fuckery later on, I believe. The PS4 being the golden child in a zero sum game they fostered is far from implausible. Most of those points you made were never denied. If anything they were largely affirmed. >All of the games attached to that post where also released on the PC and/or Switch, sometimes even before their PS4 versions in the former case. That has no relevance to anything. We're talking about what Sony does control here. This does not concern other non-Sony platforms. >So, Sony driving away developers to other platforms DOESN'T effect the sales and performance of the PS4? Sony's policies on exclusivity were far more relaxed than Nintendo until 2018. They are lax with regards to developers, which is why they had more 3rd party games to begin with than Nintendo's platforms by a massive margin until the Switch, and more Japanese games than the Xbone because they were a Japanese company. It does affect the PS4, but decisions about hardware made the other 2 console holders of the generation (the Wii U and the Xbone) caused those consoles to fail massively compared to the PS4, lowering the impact of such things. When you're the top dog with fewer gaping problems than your competition, you don't have to worry as much about what they do. If they pick up your scraps, so what? Moreover, the Switch only came out in 2017 and picked up significant steam in 2018, around the time when Sony became hyper-cancerous. Look at what was happening before that time. By that time, most of the damage to the Vita was done in terms of neglect, and then the rumors about Sony's sabotage of the Vita began to circulate around 2016-17 and onwards. >why not make your own games for the Vita I am not a game dev nor am I interested in doing anything like that, though I was considering posting bounties for shit I would like to see ported to the Vita. >Why are you letting Sony still dictate what games are on the Vita Nigger, are you dense or what? This has got to be one of the most asinine, naive, and pointless statements I've seen in a long time. People make their own homebrew games, but I don't give a fuck about whether a game is homebrewed or not. I just want good games that I can play on my Vita, and Sony's actions prevented a lot more good games showing up on the platform. I will never forget what happened with 13 Sentinels, for example. If someone ports it someday or I will be eternally glad but I'm not holding my breath. I don't have time to learn porting and I don't even think the PS4 is broken to the newest point of being able to port that game anyways and Atlus fucked with the translation of it anyways so I have to hope for a fanslation or learn Japanese which is another massive, dubiously valued timesink. Truly if I just learn to do everything in the universe, I can dictate the games on a piece of hardware made by a megacorp. Too bad I won't have the time to play and enjoy those games, but those are the breaks right? My Vita is hacked, but the number of games is limited and I don't have the time, money, energy or knowledge to port, pay for ports, or learn how to port shit or make my own game.
>>413593 >You would have to be blind not to see Sony's hostility to the Vita. Its not some "grand conspiracy" to state that Sony did not like having to even acknowledge the Vita's existence. There was no denial in the post that Sony neglected the system. The ISSUE is your assertion that Sony influenced, bribed, and/or forced developers to make games for other systems for purposes of sabotaged the Vita's continued existence; which is a tall order to make. On the first account, that requires you to show where Sony, NOT the economics of the market, urged developers enough to believe that they'd make more money making their titles for several systems rather than remain exclusive in system that's only popular in Asia. And, the latter two accounts requires even more proof to assert that it happened. Can you provide any source that claims that Sony bribed developers to make Vita game for the PS4, not to mention actually FORCED projects to cut production completely for the Vita?
(199.25 KB 1436x878 ClipboardImage.jpg)

Anyways, is there anyway to get games like Toro's Friend Network working again? And, what other games should I avoid downloading because they're online-only?
>>413621 >can you provide any source which claims bribery No. The circumstantial evidence makes it more than plausible imo, but there's no "smoking gun" evidence out there with regards to this claim. Good luck finding hard evidence for a claim like that, do you think there are many ethical investigators in the field like game journalism? :^) >requires you to show where Sony, NOT the economics of the market, urged developers enough Except Sony's influence directly affected the market. The proof is largely in the pudding. There was no official announcements or anything along those lines, and yet despite the PS4's terrible sales in Japan, there was a rash of games made for and ported for the PS4 that would normally have shown up on the Vita in around 2016 onwards (either first, or at all), but didn't, and this trend continued and got worse over time. 2016 is a safe year to point this out as this more or less beginning, 2015 isn't unreasonable to say either. 2018 was a year that was basically the last sabotage, they tried to murder the Vita for all intents and purposes. The number of high profile cancelations due to Sony's actions that year (no more production of Vitas worldwide, ending of western cartridge production (which resulted in numerous high profile cancelations, causing demoralizations in the community and a reduction of support for the system that snowballed), massive censorship campaign starting notably with Omega Labyrinth Z If you want an argument against economics being the issue, the mere fact of developer and publisher support for the system despite Sony's efforts should point to a legitimate desire to support the system. The indie developers came out in force to support the system, and there were still developers in Japan who tried to support the Vita even close to its death, the problem was that it was decreasing and decreasing with each action Sony took against it. All the limited run games for the Vita sold out most quickly, and thing for Eastasiasoft/Playasia, and that's compared with other platforms too. Those places acknowledged the value of the Vita's community and the average user's high attach rate (meaning the average Vita owner purchased more software for their system) over other consoles. The mere fact that dozens of games received physical releases and ports on the Vita even late into its life shows there was still economic merit in developing for the system at least as a small to middle-sized developer, and there were still releases of games in Japan of course. First the bridges between east and west were crumbled while they ruined the western side with impunity, then isolated and eventually, slowly, destroyed the eastern side. Despite Sony's activities against the Vita, pre-2018 the community was pretty damn healthy and energetic, ready to support games, developers and all. Post-2018 it was like a despair-filled ghost-town and graveyard. Basically 2015-16 was the beginning (more or less) of Sony trying to cannibalize the Vita's body for the PS4 because they noticed its community, library and dev support was somewhat healthy especially in Japan, and 2018 was when they sped up the process because of how the Vita and its community refused to die. There was literally no reason to take the actions they took then, maintenence costs were nowhere near anything that they could claim was worth cutting out the legs from under the Vita. The censorship issue could be said to be a different story but 2018 onwards was the true "death stage" of the Vita.
(135.78 KB 640x640 ClipboardImage.jpg)

Also, question about Vita storage. I had downloaded a load of games using PKGj and, while that only took up 70 GB, I noticed that the "System Use" folder, according to the Content Manager has managed to balloon to over 30 GB. Is that normal? If it's not, how can I fix that? >>413727 >2018 was a year that was basically the last sabotage, they tried to murder the Vita for all intents and purposes. The number of high profile cancelations due to Sony's actions that year (no more production of Vitas worldwide, ending of western cartridge production (which resulted in numerous high profile cancelations, causing demoralizations in the community and a reduction of support for the system that snowballed), massive censorship campaign starting notably with Omega Labyrinth Z If you want an argument against economics being the issue, the mere fact of developer and publisher support for the system despite Sony's efforts should point to a legitimate desire to support the system. Why did it take you this long to bring this up? I honestly forgot about much of that, especially how Sony's abrupt announcement made a lot of multi-platform titles officially announce their cancellation of the Vita versions, particularly Bloodstained. But, then again, I was also caught off guard to find out that the 3DS is discontinued as of one year ago.
>>413740 >Is that normal? If it's not, how can I fix that? Never mind, figured it out. Turns out that the Content Manager is extremely stupid in how it organizes files. It categorizes some game files, the patches, and the DLC for games all under the title of "System Use".
(171.62 KB 640x818 179561_front.jpg)

(85.14 KB 640x818 179603_front.jpg)

(255.19 KB 640x804 179625_front.jpg)

(113.59 KB 640x816 179632_front.jpg)

(109.98 KB 640x783 214194_front.jpg)

Okay, now I have a couple of theories after going through some of the Vita games that I managed to miss. Remember all those "killer apps" of hit series or created by hit studios that came to the Vita? Yeah, I believe Sony was using the system as an excuse to restructure everything in the West. Why? Let's look at the games attached to this image. Three of the studios that made these games were all immediately closed within a year of their game releasing. One went onto make a PSVR game, then was shuttered. And, the last one didn't make another game until two years ago. Not done yet. When you start looking at other games made by Sony's Western branches for the Vita (Like Motorstorm, Smart As, etc), every single one, with the sole exception of Media Molecule (LBP, Tearaway), closed up shop or was merged within a couple years after. "But, what about the Japanese games" one may ask. They were chugging right along, pumping out games right after another until 2015. Even exporting the development of some games to other studios, like for Oreshika and Freedom Wars. But, things don't end there. Remember that back during the years of 2014-2016, Sony was in a huge amount of flux with wanting to get into the Chinese market (Like everyone else), as well as moving their headquarters to California. And, remember what was announced at the end of 2016. It was everyone's favorite lesbian golfing simulator. If I may be so bold, I think I can come to the conclusion that the Vita was purposely designed to fail. If you actually look up the sales numbers, none of the home consoles have really sold in the country since the PS2: https://archive.ph/ZZZbs And, the systems Japan was buying was the portables like the (3)DS and the PSP. So, if Sony's next portable console "failed" due to being designed for the Japanese, then they could point that being a sign that SoJ doesn't know what they're doing and to hand the reigns of the company over to SoA. And, that's exactly what happened in 2016. So far, the only issue I see with this theory is that the person who is credited as "designing" the Vita is the same person who "created" the PS4. However, I remember that when you actually read through the interviews, the guy talks about just signing off on everything, not being there for all the important design decisions, and didn't really bother with the Vita altogether as his focus was on the PS4.
>>413809 I think that's a fair theory, pretty spooky to consider that those were basically skeleton/makeshift companies meant to pump out something and then just die, and even more spooky if the Vita was used for something as sinister as a hostile takeover and massive power grab of the company from the western branch. The design of the Vita itself isn't too relevant to the conversation; if certain factors are just too brutal on a console's launch and release, it just won't overcome them no matter what. The Vita's high price on launch that was not aggressively lowered like the 3DS's was one such example, along with the library lacking strong support from the beginning (in fact losing out on big titles like Monhun was really rough for the Vita). The Vita could be the perfectly designed handheld (and in my opinion it comes damn close) but it doesn't matter if it doesn't have any games or costs too much. The person who creates and designs these things is less relevant than the policy deciders and the people who set guidelines above him for the console's launch, life, and release.
Is there any way to archive things like game updates? Are they already archived? For various versions, are most of them saved at least? For example I don't trust nu-XSEED if they updated Trails of Cold Steel at all within the last 2-3 years, but the versions before that were probably just for shit like bugfixes, typos, etc. I'm a bit concerned with the Vita store soon closing, that for one thing we won't be able to DL the free DLCs (like Jap voices for games) anymore since that's connected with the store and possibly even updates that are practically necessary for the games to run properly.
(109.32 KB 800x800 game cover.jpg)

>>412085 >Think you can summarize the experience into an entry for the chart anon? >Utawarerumono: Prelude to the Fallen "A remake of the visual novel/SRPG, Utawarerumono. The story follows a nameless man and his legendary conquest and journey to protect his people and find his true identity. It is recommended to start with this game in the Utawarerumono series. There is some censorship in H-scenes, so for those interested the PC edition would be best here. Regardless, its compelling story and fun gameplay are untouched.
>>416000 There's no need to make it so dry-sounding anon, infuse your own flair, experience and personality into it. This is a chart for anons made by anons. Sounds like a "back of the box" type description. Plus that's a pretty short description anyways
(219.38 KB 1818x558 Oreshika Bloodlines.PNG)

Was looking through the archives for anons reviews and opinions on games to add and edit for the chart and found this funny bit for Oreshika
(32.43 KB 1260x236 ClipboardImage.png)

(89.09 KB 1200x755 IG.jpg)

Could someone riddle me any and all locations of game-related data being stored for: >digital >cartridge >DLC I'm clearly missing something. Hopefully this can be solved without a complete reset t. just tried installing Muramasa DLC for the gorillionth time
>>418763 >t. just tried installing Muramasa DLC for the gorillionth time professional doubleposting retard I forgot to mention: >have US copy of the game >bought EU DLC like a tard >tried installing US DLC from no-pay, didn't work >(tried to) uninstall all data relating to my cart >installed US Muramasa + US DLC from no-pay, didn't work I missed something somewhere.
>>418765 >I'm clearly missing something. Hopefully this can be solved without a complete reset This can be done through pkgj, hit triangle and click on DLC.
(178.76 KB 279x461 God's work.png)

>>406576 >It ain't over until the last Vitafag Dies
PS Vita can stream games, to a PC screen, via a capture card for the PS TV or plug-in with the handheld. Tested it recently and it works. PC is better at emulation but portability is super nice. It is the predecessor console to the Switch and Steam Deck.
>>419863 Also, make sure that the title (PCXX-00XXX) matches what's printed on the cartridge/box art spine to make sure that you get the correct version of the DLC.
>>419863 >>418765 For reference, I had the physical Muramasa and downloaded the DLC through pkgj. If you are on vita shell and want to actually see where the game is, I believe the following is the 2 folders to check. If you run into an error while trying to download from pkgj also - you will probably need to update it that ended up happening to me for any game above my firmware and was resolved by updating the plugin. ux:0 - Memory card - likely where your game is stored ur:0 - Device Internal storage - mostly config stuff I think >>419970 Interesting though I think I personally prefer the graphics the way they look on the handheld screen but I can see use for games that may have had mods to upgrade resolution.
For the chartfag, here's some updates, entries, additions and possibly revisions for the chart. Try to adjust it however you want if you feel its warranted. They're probably too long but whatever, can figure out how to shorten/trim or whatever needs to be done, maybe even increase the size of the boxes in the chart to allow for longer descriptions? Or save on space by tightening the categorical sections together? Just some thoughts. I basically went through the old thread archives recently discovered and more or less synthesized these based off anon's reviews (and 1 or 2 of my own) Plus some of them could use less formality/stiffness and more descriptions written in a more "anon's" style. >Hatsune Miku Project Diva F 2nd One of the best rhythm games on the Vita, its a fun music/rhythm game, where you can dress up the various vocaloids with costumes you unlock/buy from completing songs or certain goals related to a specific song. You can also decorate each vocaloid's room, give them gifts, food, etc. It's a music game with a mini-pet simulator basically. It's some comfy shit. >Touch My Katamari Not much really to say, it's Katamari. You roll shit up in a ball to appease the King of Cosmos whims, trying to rack up the highest score you can within the time limit. It's quirky and cute. >Corpse Party Blood Drive: Was the first game's story enough to satisfy you or did you want more from it? Different from the previous two games especially when you hit the second half of the game. The game does have some technical issues such as the loading which quickly gets annoying since it loads everytime you open the menu and framerate which takes a hit when you use the flashlight in game. Despite hiccups the game looks really good rendered in 3D in the later chapters when shit starts to look like it was ripped from Silent Hill. The story goes from spooky to completely batshit insane from the shit that happens in it which you will either hate or find so interesting you have to see where this train is heading. So it's up to you if you want though if you've played through all of Book of Shadows already. This game and story has brought anons to tears, its probably worth a shot at least, but first play the 2 games before it though. >Superbeat XONIC XONiC is great, you won't regret it. You might go full touch controls because the sticks are too far from the arrows/face buttons and it was awkward for some anons trying to do the hold notes. YMMV for the controls but the game is excellent otherwise, expect to have a BLAST! It's got that quality you're expecting of a DJMax game even though it's another series. Very hard game. >Moe Chronicle Babby's first first-person DRPG. It's light hearted, fun, is decently long, and has tons of cute monstergirls to add to your party, each one with 4 different "job panties" which changes their stats/skills. Top-tier lewds too, second maybe only to DT2. and/or Cute ecchi dungeon crawler that has you rubbing monster girls in their sensitive spots in order to get them on your side to help you save the world from the Ultimate Monster Girl. Your experiences will probably sound weirdly funny if you have to explain it, like finding a bee girl inside a penis forest or something. (Has a decent combat and crafting system behind the fanservice) + Asia-E release has very competent Eng Subs. Alternatively >get moe chronicles >play >fight against monstegirl >boner >capture monstergirl >boner >bond with monstergirl >boner >Soul Sacrifice (Delta) its Monster Hunter with less grind meet Dante's Inferno. The lore is pure sex. Surpising depth of the fluff around each and every monsters, and arenas. Presentation is A+. Delta is like playing a different game compared to vanilla, definitely much better. The gameplay is a little different from MH in that you carry six Offerings (weapons/utilities) instead of one main weapon, which you can upgrade for increased power/effectiveness. Some people find the gameplay lacking to the point that it gets in the way of the story, but that's a matter of preference. It's also a bit faster than MH, and you have special moves called Black Rites that you can invoke if the battle is difficult. Each Black Rite does something different, like turning your arm into a chain of bone to hold down Archfiends, or sacrificing your skin to summon an inferno, but the general idea is that you sacrifice a part of your body to do massive damage to Archfiends. The best part about the Offering system is that there are combos you can pull off using certain Offerings. If you're playing with someone who has an Arm offering, and you have a Morph offering, they can punch you in Morphmode to send you flying at Archfiends. Or you can combine Bomb and Mine offerings to create an elemental mortar cannon. It adds a little bit of flavor to the combat >Coven Labyrinth of Refrain It's hard to put into words. If you've played Makai Senki Disgaea, it's by the same folks, and has a lot of the same sensibilities - you can have up to 40 people in your party at once, you can knock down a large number of the walls of dungeons, there's tons of character and gear optimization to be had, and yet it still somehow manages to keep a feeling of tension and can easily fuck your shit up if you don't know what you're doing or just go in blindly. >Airship Q It's basically babby's first Terraria. It's got some cute Engrish voice acting, but it gets pretty annoying after hearing "heaaave-ho!" for the ump-teenth time. Thankfully, you can turn the voices off. Right off the bat it isn't nearly as varied or deep as Terraria. The maps that are generated are all set too. The Airship is pretty nifty though. All the areas you explore are floating islands, some larger than others. You move your character around with the left stick and can freely move the Airship around with the right stick. This is great for when you're flying around and have an enemy drop in on your ship or something.Not hard to see the game is more or less somewhat aimed at a younger audience, what with the cute characters and simplified explanations. But it hasn't been shabby thus far. Definitely worth getting if you want a simpler and/or cuter Terraria, it's certainly just as comfy. >Risk of Rain Risk of Rain is an indie-pixel-platforming-roguelite that doesn't suck ass, unlike many others. It's actually enjoyable to play, has plenty of replay value with the other 11 unlockable characters. You start out with Commando, and each unlocked character has their own moves and styles of play, mix that with the ludicrous number of power-ups you can acquire (which can drastically change the way you play, for that run at least). It's pretty damned great. Its a favorite of some anons to go back to when they can't think of anything to play. >Natural Doctrine Natural Doctrine is really good if you like tactical RPGs that will punish you very harshly for being dumb. The kind of game where you'll be in a cave you just cleared out the 1st room, open a big door, and the character who opened it gets their skull blown out by 4 snipers and then you lose. You learn quickly. >Atelier Totori Best described as cozy?There's a time limit for things, but you won't felt pressured or rushed. It's just pleasant. Brought some warmth to an anon's cold, dead heart. >Toukiden Kiwami The closest thing to Monster Hunter for Vita. It does what it does well. Don't go in expecting MONHUN though, like some anons did, or you'll have a bad time. It's a lot easier than monster hunter is, for starters. Enemy designs and weapons are pretty damned cool though. Some of the stronger Oni/bosses REALLY get tough too. 1/? (Text limit)
>>422646 >Superbeat Xonic (Cont.) Superbeat Xonic is fucking slick. Screenshots alone won't do the eyecandy justice. The game is pretty hard though. Especially as someone who played DJ MAX before, the new tunnel vision "beat cockpit" can really fuck you in the head. >Disgaea 4 4 is a lot of fun and the characters are very colorful. They built up a LOT of new stuff. Geoblocks, for example they've added quite a few different things with those, such as towers of them and putting multiples of the same color erase them etc. You can also do Tower attacks. As in, stacking your party members up on top of each other and using a Tower skill. Instead of just leveling up, you spend Mana Points, which a character earns depending on how much damage/how many kills from a battle. The Cheat shop is neat too…there's a lot of fun stuff here. >Freedom Wars Hunting game where you're a prisoner and are tasked with missions to go save citizens from rival prison groups and strange mechs; pretty cool designs and customization, a little story heavy at times. Feels like God eater meets AoT. You might feel weird, even bad the first time killing another human. One anon felt like he was murdering someone when he did it. Lacks enemy variety, and they could've followed through better on the cool concepts they had, but still a fun game worth trying out and playing with other anons and friends if you're able to. Combat is great and satisfying. Music, artstyle and presentation is cool. YMMV on dialogue and story handling, some liked it and other's didn't. Definitely could've been better overall, but still likely enjoyable. >DoA5+ Has a very big story mode. Very pretty graphics, nice music, good controls; all around fun game. >SAO: Hollow Fragment Plays like a fun, singleplayer MMO. Great controls and battle system. If you didn't enjoy the anime to *any* degree at all, its a bit hard to recommend. Picks up from end of first arc and goes "alternate timeline" on it. You do have play as Kirito, but you can customize your appearance, voice, etc and what weapons/playstyle you use as well. It's got a ton of great fan service with all the waifus. As for the actual gameplay, you auto-attack/mash O and use sword skills Which look pretty damned cool and give your waifupartner support commands. The bosses can really fuck you over too if you don't pay attention; Floor and Hollow Area bosses both force you to pay closer attention, use buff skills, etc And when it comes to partners, you can encourage them to use certain strategies for battle. This adds a nice layer of strategy to it, depending on whatever you've got to go up against. The only real worth the waifu part the game offers is ranking up affection with the girls, which allows you to give them better weps, armor, etc as they rank up. You also can get a few CGs by participating in the waifushit dating sim stuff You probably never played a better hand-holding/bridal-style carrying simulator in all your life. Cutscenes will probably make you bust a gut, translation is comically bad in a funny way at least. Also breast physics, skirts flying up when running, 100% pantsu. (Could've said more about the RISK/Switch system but it was getting too long as it is) >Atelier Ayesha You'll probably go autistic over crafting to make the highest quality shit you can. A game many anons have enjoyed and can attest to. (Poison Aqua OP) One of the easiest JRPGs on the Vita, even for casuals. Enjoyable character interactions and the soundtrack in particular. The story was pretty nice too I actually teared up a few times in a few spots One nice feature is unlocking a ton of artwork and such in the Extras after clearing the game once, background pieces, and the environments in the game are very cool. >Gravity Rush a 3rd person action-adventure game where you play as a dark-skin qt and do everything you can to defeat Nevi and save the town of Heksville. Story is pretty cool, has a lot of unanswered questions, but that's what Gravity Rush 2 is for I suppose. Gravity sliding is quite fun. Despite some underdeveloped characters, story has gotten near and dear to some anons' hearts. (RIP GR2) >Trails of Cold Steel Constantly switching the Link Attacks between characters forces me to pay attention and keeps battles from getting stale. >Deemo: The Last Recital A pretty straightforward game. After playing the first two songs the story "begins" with the little girl falling down through the ceiling, and Deemo catches her. You can explore by sort of point-n-clicking your way around, but there's not much to do so far in these segments aside from tapping the little girl to get some dialogue and tapping Deemo for some ellipses. You have to keep playing songs to go through more of the story. You'll know you've progressed story when a cutscene plays. Speaking of the cutscenes, they're friggin gorgeous. The art style is beautiful, and each song has a little image to go with it too. It's nice. You just tap the screen when the oncoming note lines up with black line, there's tap notes and slide notes.And you can adjust song speed after selecting a song, to make it as fast or slow as you like, scaling from 1 to 9. 1 being the default speed, and anything else increasing the speed of the song. Playing on Easy is almost as if you're the little girl playing the piano with Deemo. Normal is as if you're Deemo playing the piano, and Hard is as if you're doing both parts, that's kind of how I see it in my head anyway. The music, of course, is where it shines tl;dr shit's comfy and cute as fuck. Great music, gorgeous art >Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines You have your clan mate with gods so your bloodline can pass on. Some of the males here look pretty good too and they even consider niches like traps and other things It lets the vita capture your face to modify your three starting founding father. So in a sense, it's you fucking all these gods. Very comfy game at the start, you learn more about backstory of the game as you move forward and fight bosses, gets intense the further you get. Each generation and death motivates you to break the curse. It can be freakishly heartbreaking, you're 10 hours in the game you finally started building a real team that can reliably progress, then the respectable ane-san of your last generation of meat head start to be too old to fight reliably, then one after another you see the stats decrease, then they drop like flies. It's the tragedy of time. Pretty good, surprisingly accommodating. Also one anon had a horrendously ugly, gassy nigress baby who was a god-like, overpowered genius so he couldn't get rid of it. Difficulties range from “casual, normal RPG, or ordeal” >Operation Tokyo Abyss A more "hardcore" DRPG on the Vita, pretty hard compared to other dungeon crawlers on it. For example, going back to town doesn't magically heal your party and you can't save inside dungeons unless you have a rare item you can only get by killing certain mini-bosses. Needing to rest to get exp points, limited use of spells going up as you level, rerolling stat points on char creation. The game also has a crafting system you need to use extensively if you don't want to get raped. Gear is way more important than levels and some enemies can't be killed unless you enchant your weapons with an element they're weak against. The dungeons are usually pretty big and full of traps, dark zones, floors that spin you around, zones where you can't see yourself on the map, etc. The story is nothing ground-breaking but it's alright, and there's little to no fanservice (might be a breath of fresh air if you've had a lot of it dumped on you) There's a lot more entries but the problem is I don't know if they count as recommendations because while they might seem somewhat positive, its more commenting on a game's unique weirdness, like Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters 2/3 b/c text limit

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