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(7.41 MB 1528x2156 win_samandmaxhittheroad.png)

(7.13 MB 1880x2510 Chart.png)

TRADITIONAL MOSAIC THREAD Anonymous 09/13/2021 (Mon) 23:40:19 Id: ea49c6 No. 415191
TIME FOR A MOSAIC, FELLOWS! This time we're doing the Sam & Max: Hit the Road cover. Almost certain this one hasn't been done yet. I'll start this OP with the original cover and the chart, then I'll be dumping the tiles. For those of you who don't know how to do this, you announce which tile you'll be taking ITT, then you draw over it or add your own little 'touch'. I'll also post a few example mosaics so you can get some inspiration but don't outright steal ideas, faggot Without further ado, here we go!
(428.45 KB 382x539 A1.png)

(451.98 KB 382x539 B1.png)

(451.40 KB 382x539 C1.png)

(430.25 KB 382x539 D1.png)

>fucked up the first post
(451.59 KB 382x539 A2.png)

(495.82 KB 382x539 B2.png)

(489.36 KB 382x539 C2.png)

(471.22 KB 382x539 D2.png)

(505.04 KB 382x539 A3.png)

(494.31 KB 382x539 B3.png)

(485.04 KB 382x539 C3.png)

(470.43 KB 382x539 D3.png)

(473.43 KB 382x539 A4.png)

(486.76 KB 382x539 B4.png)

(478.84 KB 382x539 C4.png)

(459.59 KB 382x539 D4.png)

I'm glad combo breakers aren't such a thread on slow boards. Here's the last of the tiles. Posting some example mosaics now.
(2.79 MB 1372x1850 geimu mosaic.png)

>>415199 >tfw /geimu/s mosaic is still unfinished
>>415191 >>415194 Claiming C2
>>415207 I know. I already did one tile but I think I'll just take a few more.
Taking B3
(388.34 KB 382x539 B3.png)

>>415194 I'd like to claim D2, lets see If I can into photo editing. I'll free it if im too retarded for that. Deadline when
>>415313 No deadline since the webring is slow.
No deadline? I will take D1.
(144.01 KB 382x539 C2 done.png)

>>415209 I actually engaged tryhard mode this time.
Hey Mark pin this thread.
>>415191 >so called template threads get bumplocked but the ones that the mods like can stay Whatever, I'll pick a square later on >>415265 Absolutely perfect
>>415473 D1 was already taken >>415385
(95.37 KB 800x600 time gentlemen please.jpg)

>>415479 Is this a Ben There Dan That/Time Gentlemen Please reference or just a coincidence?
>>415489 Ah, I was just wondering as it's also a point and click adventure game heavily based on LucasArt's stuff.
C1 claimed
>>415495 Needs more pee. Turn the dick on the flag around and make the thin end entirely yellow
C1 done >>415504 Actually I was thinking more like this
>>415199 anyone got the other ones we made throughout the years?
>>415657 I think that Deus Ex one was the first mosaic /v/ ever made on 4chan
>>415665 No, there's a dick.
>>415664 It needs more crac-- I mean, uh, "zyme" pipes.
(12.71 KB 160x160 c1.png)

>>415752 When ever I look at the first one I always wonder if that one anon's eyesight got better.
>>415191 I choose C4
(330.73 KB 382x539 D1nohat.png)

(329.15 KB 382x539 D1attempt.png)

Here's my attempt. Included one without the hat.
>>415198 Ah hell I'll take D4.
(98.66 KB 382x539 D4 done.png)

(1.53 MB 1880x2510 mosaic as of 9-15.jpg)

We're doing pretty darn good so far.
>>415191 >>415193 Whatever, claiming A1 for tomorrow
Claiming A4
Only 6 squares left unclaimed.
(385.13 KB 382x539 A4.png)

>>415198 Claiming B4!
(477.07 KB 382x539 B4 finished.png)

>>417162 >>415198 B4 completed.
>>415390 >>417188 Fucking A my dudes
(382.57 KB 382x539 A1.png)

>>416722 And done. It was supposed to say "SJ" but I guess you'll just have to squeeze real hard to see it.
>>417459 >It's supposed to say "SJ" You fucked up royally on that. Did you think the letter J curved the other way or something? If you have trouble seeing how the tile will look in the mosaic, just look at the chart in the OP.
>>417538 Oh yes, I've just noticed my mental retardation. Give me a sec I'll fix that
(386.91 KB 382x539 A1.png)

>>417538 >>417459 Fixed, or rather, fucked around with
>>417577 Yeah I wanted to play off of what you were doing, I'm glad you like it brother
C4 anon still here, I swear I'll finish the tile today. After I finish studying for the day.
(1.51 MB 1880x2510 mosaic 9 16.jpg)

Daily update. 5 spaces waiting to be claimed, 2 spaces waiting to be delivered. We're going fast, maybe we should do another mosaic after we finish this one if we keep this pace.
>>417715 Could we do YIIK?
>>417758 Already done
Claiming D3
(332.03 KB 382x539 1312312313.png)

(374.24 KB 382x539 C4Draft.png)

Finally done
>>417945 I hope that one day we do one of these and every square just ends up as nothing but gondolas and spurdos.
>>417954 If we did “Die Fugger” as a mosaic im sure that would happen
>>417955 That sounds like a potential plan, anon. A damn good plan.
>>417715 I claim 2B
>>417970 Hands off my waifu
>>415194 Claiming B2, O F F I C I A L L Y
>>417954 We had one for Red Dead 2 (that I don't have on my pc) and it was awesome.
>>418048 beautiful
>>418048 >FDR did Pearl Harbor Allowed it to happen, but based
zchan almost finished one for dragon's crown that had some cool square anons did. Shame it never got finished cause the thread is gone now
>>418165 I thought they finished that one. >thread is gone now fug
>>418169 Just goes to show how little zzzchan’s /v/ moderation cares about its users. Many such cases!
>>418174 >many such cases
>>418174 Shut up Mark
>>418174 Did someone at least save the completed squares?
(1.49 MB 1880x2510 mosaic 9 17.jpg)

>>415313 D2 anon are you still there?
(369.80 KB 382x539 D2.png)

>>418430 Yes, sorry, I forgot about this.
>>418572 >when your portfolio collapses into the red
>>418136 No literally pushed the Japanese into being preemptive instead of telling them that the Pacific was the US's domain and they'd butcher anyone threatening their hegemony, you can't do that under an isolationist policy so you manufacture an escape clause.
>>418572 bretty gud
>>418577 The US dropped their oil export to Japan because Chiang Kai-shek managed to make public opinion of the war turn south for the nips by having them fight next to the Shanghai International Settlement by throwing human waves at the Japanese and letting them die horrifically. Word back home spread fast and both Europeans and Americans alike got buttblasted at the military junta and decided to pull embargo after embargo against them. One of the reasons why Japan withdrew from the League of Nations is exactly that they pointed out the hypocrisy of European powers occupying foreign lands vs. their concept of colonies (keep in mind that the Japanese were murderaping mud hut people).
(289.50 KB 382x539 A4.jpg)

>>418894 see >>416998 (which is more effort, if you ask me)
Taking C3
(299.42 KB 382x537 C3.png)

(121.29 KB 280x246 7e5.png)

>>415830 What was that even supposed to be? >>419601 Fucking nice.
(444.71 KB 382x539 C1_final.png)

Since I made the original with >>415479 in mind here's the C1 for >>415864
I love how much cooperation there is in this one. Some may argue it goes against the point of a mosaic but I think it helps keep mosaics from becoming pic related.
>>419690 That one might have just been a case of too many squares and not enough on the cover itself to actually keep the separate drawings connected. What was it anyway, Xenoblade?
>>419710 It's clearly Turbo Plus Ultra Advance Nigg Lick Ltimaterials. Gosh, read the label.
>>419710 >Xenoblade Wrong, it's Niggah Lickah 3 Turbo Plus Ultra Advance Ultimaterials for the Piil
>>419710 Monster Hunter 3 for the Wii U
>>415199 i love this hellhole board
(6.03 MB 1880x2510 update.png)

>>419607 Two more to claim and also 2B anon hasn't delivered >>417970 >>418014
(280.88 KB 382x539 A3.jpg)

(358.58 KB 382x539 A2.png)

>>419845 A2 if you want it
(301.11 KB 382x539 C3.png)

>>419601 Fixed proportions
(1.46 MB 1880x2510 almost there.jpg)

>>419915 Maybe someone should step in and do 2B proud
>>419924 I would myself but it breaks my personal mosaic code to do a square directly next to a square that I've already done. Also I'm exhausted.
>>419925 I would do it but I’d rather not make another tile if I’ve already drawn one (unless its really fucking dead for a long time)
>>419915 I've got it covered, it will be finished tonight!
>>419962 Sounds good anon.
>>419884 What's that on the left marker and is that a tree ass
>>420101 silhouettes and a moon ass
(9.63 MB 376x498 2b.gif)

>>419915 2B 2B 2B
(389.79 KB 1200x1054 couldn't deliver.png)

(1.08 MB 1440x2560 Screenshot_20210905-201414.png)

>>419962 Hurry up NIGGER
>>420305 Maybe he meant TONIGHT tonight instead of last night tonight.
>>420349 That's what I meant. Here you go:
Hooray. It's finished
>>420380 Updated caption that I like better
>>420381 Damit I just got it stitched together. It'll be a minute.
>>420384 Thank you, I appreciate it
(6.15 MB 1528x2155 Sam & Max complete.png)

(6.30 MB 1528x2155 Sam & Max alt take.png)

HERE IT IS Give yourselves a big round of applause!
>>420388 I will cherish it forever. I'm putting it up on my OC freezer in >>>/s/187
(4.46 KB 303x243 1288491124389.png)

>>420388 Another masterpiece hang up on the fridge wall.
>>420388 It;s fucking beautiful fellas
>>420388 Noice
(597.13 KB 1980x1080 rock and roll.jpg)

>>420388 >SJW & Max's Gay Android Fetish >Shit What The Cum Fug :DDDDD
>>420388 lol it's so big I can't even shill it on halfchan
(595.82 KB 900x1000 78923566_p0.jpg)

>>420388 Christ almighty, bless this mess >>420515 Double the chan, double the file size
>>420388 Das it mane
(2.15 MB 868x1224 small.png)

>>420515 would 2mb work
>>420609 It would. Now to find an appropriate threat to slip it into.
(18.57 KB 1428x73 df.png)

Back when it looked like we were going to finish in only a couple of days I got inspired and made an additional mosaic but I guesses I'll sit on it awhile now.
>>420677 That seems like too many tiles. Maybe shorten it down a bit?
>>420677 I love the idea but I would say give it some time, at least for the creative juices to flow back into most anons. This mosaic turned out really well but I doubt everyone who contributed would want to work on another tile already. Who knows, maybe by the time the next one starts we'll have a lot more willing participants? >>420743 Actually it looks like the same number as this one was (4x4). The last two thumbnails look to be the image in full resolution. Probably the cover image and the image split up, just like the OP. >>415191
>>420743 >>420750 Yep it's the exact same number of tiles. >>420750 >I love the idea but I would say give it some time, at least for the creative juices to flow back into most anons. This mosaic turned out really well but I doubt everyone who contributed would want to work on another tile already. Yeah that's what I was thinking too. I'll give it at least a month or two at bare minimum.
(19.73 KB 390x356 concernedpintsize.jpg)

>>420750 >but I doubt everyone who contributed would want to work on another tile already. Speaking on behalf of the ones who arrived too late to contribute... we wouldn't mind another one.
>>422898 Does anyone want to put it to a vote? What's the strawpoll site that everyone uses?
>>422925 Ah, found it Should we do another mosaic right now? http://poal.me/ob64aj

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