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(1.51 MB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)

ayyy Anonymous 09/24/2021 (Fri) 09:21:25 Id: 9f4718 No. 424678
(427.85 KB 644x499 anti-zionist rogen.png)

movies are for niggers. If you've ever watched a movie or wanted to you're a black gorilla obsidian class giga-nigger who deserves a lynching. Vidya supremacy.
(480.05 KB 720x519 ClipboardImage.png)

>>424722 Gorillas are noble creatures. Don't compare them niggers.
>>424722 I'm going to watch Cuties 2 on theaters next week and you can't stop me.
>>424728 Why do they have weird pecs? is that better for climbing trees or something?
>>424720 IF HE'S PAID TO
>>424706 After he said that his manager tried to damage control at the speed of kike.
THIS DUDE SMOKES WEED LMAO >>424706 That's just typical Hollywood grandstanding against muh nationalism; he'd rather his kind roam around and infect everything than stay in their own place.
You absolute niggers are still at it, huh
Aww... I was hoping for some R&B singing like in the cartoon.
(20.66 KB 64x64 K.K._Slider_DnM_Model.gif)

>>424678 I can understand casting (((Jack Black))), but what in the world could have possibly made anyone think (((Seth Rogen))) was a good choice in any way, shape or form? It must have been nepotism, there's no other explanation.
(1.55 MB 640x360 Jack Black.webm)

>>425447 >I can understand casting (((Jack Black))) Really?
(256.60 KB 500x333 seth rogen.png)

>>424678 SLURPS
>>425465 I can understand Chris Pratt as Mario. Its Miyamoto sending a message to fags. They aint welcome in the mushroom kingdom.
>>425465 Why not? I hope they have something on the level of beelzeboss.
>>425730 Isn’t Martinet a pole smoker himself?
I can kinda see Charlie Day's voice working for a second banana type of character like Luigi, but the entire lineup just looks like one of those fake leaks that throws in well-known people without really trying to be sensible at all. I don't know who the woman is. She kinda looks like that Italian chick Marzia that Pewdiepie married.
>>425887 He actually might be.
>>425887 I heard he lives in a pink house like a faggot.
(2.38 MB 1558x2653 Blue_Toad_2.png)

Do you think they'll make toad blue again?
(16.22 MB 640x360 goldmember.mp4)

>>426055 >the entire lineup just looks like one of those fake leaks that throws in well-known people without really trying to be sensible at all. what if it's all a ruse and that cast only show up as cameos in an in-universe movie like the opening scene of Goldmember
(1.70 MB 1179x1475 image.jpg)

>>426055 ayy lmao
Will it be a fresh experience?
>Directing the movie are Aaron Horvath and Michael Jelenic, the pair behind the Teen Titans Go! show and its movie, Teen Titans Go! To The Movies.
>>426418 more like team titans go fuck yourself.
>>426418 The original Teen Titans only had 65 episodes. TTG has over 300.
>>426422 300 episodes of quality.
Oh yeah speaking of Teen Titans, does anyone know what the official name of the music that plays during this scen is, or if it's on the soundtrack to begin with?
>>426055 >>424678 Terry Crews would have made for a much better and more well loved Donkey Kong.
>>426429 Oh that woud be great, but SJWs ould be even more mad since hes a non-person too like chris pratt.
>>426432 What did either actor do?
>>426433 Chris Pratt is a Christian and Terry Crews #metoo'd a faggot (or more than one) that tried to fuck with him but he got in trouble for speaking out about it for some reason because something something women's time to speak?
>>426433 I dont know what that guy mean by non-person but Terry Crews also doesn't support black lives matter and said that the way they are doing things they are more like "black lives better" or something along those lines. I still think they are "burn loot murder" but thats just my opinion.
>>426055 >charlie day All i can think about is that image where mario is explaining paralell diamentions to yoshi.
>>426418 it just keeps getting worse.
>>426433 Terry crews is against BLM and thats being racist, a fuckhuge, muscular black man is a racist against black for saying all lives matter.
>>425887 I believe it, I have no evidence; but I believe it.
(885.51 KB 1559x867 Horror - Terror - Anime.png)

(162.05 KB 2048x1536 deer licking its own ass.jpg)

>>426303 >herbivore eyes
>>424678 Jack Black is also Jewish but no one give a shit about that apparently.
>>426303 Despite years of hard work women can still be rendered utterly powerless in the face of a torrent of raw male power. Anger is energising, rage is not
(1.37 MB 1536x2048 Jack Black Bowsette 2.jpg)

(95.07 KB 790x1024 Jack Black Bowsette 3.jpg)

(261.17 KB 2037x2000 Jack Black Bowsette 1.jpg)

(159.54 KB 1900x1400 Jack Black Bowsette 4.jpg)

(204.20 KB 1080x1300 Jack Black Bowsette 5.jpg)

Jack Black Bowsette
(335.39 KB 2590x1880 Jack Black Bowsette Stop Sign.jpg)

>>427143 What's the difference between rage and anger? >>427155
>>427155 Vile.
>>426339 Mario and Bowser will get cooked by Donkey Kong. I'm surprised he isn't voiced by a nigger. I guess they had the nigger voice Kamek because he's "intelligent archtype".
>>426418 The Teen Titans Go movie is apparently okay in some respects. I'll never watch it so I can't say for certain.
>>426339 Don't remind me. I'm surprised the movie didn't announce rabbids, weren't they made in the mode of Minionshit?
>>427155 But why?
>>426339 What the fuck are turtle shelves?
>>427206 Western artists celebrating a has-been Kike star.
(3.11 MB 3840x1746 Purge.webm)

>>427155 Stop it.
I just don't really get the Chris Pratt or Seth Rogan choices, like I don't really give a shit since I'm not going to watch it but it just seems nonsensical. Especially Chris Pratt, I just don't see how he could be mario.
(1.44 MB 640x360 Casting.webm)

>>427238 that doesnt explain the kike playing the nigger monkey though. since he is a gross kike who has made a career out of being that very thing.
>>427241 Rogan is probably a producer role on the movie(more likely has friends as producers) and wanted a VA role in it as well.
>>427185 It was only good for the cum scene with Wonder Woman. That's it.
Remember when animated films were voiced by actual character actors and VAs instead of celebrities that just voice themselves? I remember.
>>427249 You mean, the 70's?
>>426427 I don't know, maybe you can ask on twitter, peoe there can answer quickly
>>427249 You mean like Shrek, Mulan, and The Lion King? Because I don't either, underage faggot.
>>427253 The 80's had Huey Lewis and Billy Joel in Oliver & Company, Judd Nelson and Orson Welles in the Transformers movie, and Dom DeLuise and Christopher Plummer in An American Tale.
>>427246 Elaborate.
Jack Black is literally the same character in every movie, so I'm curious to see how he's gonna do Bowser. His acting style of just SHOUTING about how AWESOME everything is doesn't match the character and neither does his voice. This is gonna be a shitshow.
>>427317 to play devil's advocate, the same arguments could have been made about bradley cooper playing rocket raccoon. that being said though, bradley cooper is an actor. jack black is not.
>>427185 >Robin pushes them towards thier deaths. Actually funny.
(2.77 MB 398x266 [sweating_angrily].webm)

>>427317 Do any of their voices match the characters?
(994.67 KB 480x270 greenman.gif)

>>427340 Charly day could pull off a really good luigi, he has now fully become the green man.
>>427155 fuck you, not checking those dubs
Visits the Federal Reserve
>>427494 What purpose would auditing the FED serve? Everyone either knows its corrupt as an open secret, and otherwise its too ingrained to remove from the system, and even if there was a huge scandal, the public wouldt care. And Im not trying to be blackpill but look at it realistically. In my mind the best approach is to (sadly) accept it as a necessary evil and work around its existance
>>427514 These supposed "hearty laughter on stream/call" reactions always feel so very fake to me.
>>427533 >try to start your own payment processor >get shut down for H8 speech >try to use various Crypto Currencies instead >government threatens to Nationalize it in the up and coming glorious peoples republic bipartisan ''infrastructure bill'' >lose access to critical tech needed to guard against DDoS attacks because Buzzfeed or CNN wrote a one sided lie by omission article about you. At this point we should just go back to having couriers transport gold coins under contracts agreed to in Tox or Telegram with strict gate keeping rules.
>>427514 Why the spider?
>>427566 Because spiders are the fiercest killers in the insect kingdom.
>>427682 Man that would be handy to have in a conversation.
>>427540 That's how most "reaction channels" work, though I won't say this one is fake, just multiplied by the number of people
(90.45 KB 1280x720 godless-world.jpg)

(9.23 MB 1280x720 Bernie trial scene.mp4)

>>427317 This entire casting is such a fucking mess. I still can't get over Chris Pratt as Mario. Is he going to be doing the modern Mario voice, the Captain Lou voice or just Chris Pratt? About Jack Black's acting though, have to remember that actors usually aren't the ones deciding how they act, that's the director. Black has done dramatic roles and he's good in them. Directors typecast Jack Black as that silly overly positive guy but if you've ever seen his own work like Tenacious D you'll notice he isn't a "wow, so WACKY!" type, he plays more into a loud asshole role.
(40.69 KB 161x200 Shock.png)

>>427249 That's a thing of american comercial movies, you faggot, just watch anything else.
(16.62 MB 1280x522 Free Guy.webm)

Anyone watching, producing, acting or otherwise involved in video game related or themed movies is committing the equivalent of the burning of Alexandria's library, times a hundred. Who the fuck makes this shit?
>>428246 Do you want the source of Kevin Smith's speech about working with producers? Or do you want the source on the youtube channel that put the clip together?
>>428260 It's incredible how 40 years on the people making vidya movies still don't understand video games at all. It was excusable in the 80's when most producers and directors were 65-year-old men who were born before video games even existed, but it's 2021 now. Those people are gone and the guys running the show are a lot younger now. You'd think most of them would have touched a Playstation at some point in their life.
(372.18 KB 500x600 ClipboardImage.png)

>>427514 >2nd Webm Now the whole Superman vs Giant Spider becoming the Wild Wild West Giant Spider is a funny story. But the main thing I never really understood is that I'v heard for years Wild Wild West is a bad movie, and I never really understood why exactly. Maybe it's because I grew up watching that movie and I have never watched the original TV Series it's very loosely based on. But it's not like the Film is meant to be taken seriously, the film knows what it is, it's a cheesy and fun popcorn movie. The actors are entertaining in their rolls, they have good chemistry on screen, the set pieces fun, the jokes are funny, The Villain is hammy in the right way, What about it is meant to be bad again? since to me it feels like it accomplishes everything it set out to do.
>>428277 >Those people are gone and the guys running the show are a lot younger now. You'd think most of them would have touched a Playstation at some point in their life. You think SJWs, specifically SJWs that work in Hollywood, actually play vidya? They culturally appropriate nerd culture so they can colonise it and "fix" it by taming those wild savage gamers who don't know the True Word of Saviour Marx and who have outdated beliefs in things like "biology". >>428246 The youtube clip is from here and starts at about 5 minutes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DunHdR7UIY The actual Kevin Smith speech is from here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wo2KB1dEDdk
(372.19 KB 1920x816 tropic thunder.jpg)

(765.34 KB 1168x612 muppets.png)

Jack Black is funny only when he is tied up
>>428280 >Maybe it's because I grew up watching that movie That's exactly why. Just like the tasteless retards who defend the 90s Mario film as "b-b-but it's fun I saw it when I was 5", you're doing that with WWW because you think your own specific, subjective nostalgia is a shield against criticism. It's not. It's a dumb movie for anyone over the age of 10. Zoomer will use this "muh nostalgia" defense for this new Mario movie in about 20 years.
>>428260 You know, it would've been a million times better if they just cut out the fucking reaction shit. I don't know what's this about but i'm guessing that this must a be like Ready-Player-One where the main protag have to beat the OP baddie. It's camp but still tied to the dreaded references which just kills the originality of the movie. Unfortunately, that's not even the main problem with this scene. Why the fuck would put it other people's reaction shot on something that's happening? It kills the flow of the movie and people can do that themselves without having other people to react to it. I mean, do you really need to spend 10 seconds on some milquetoast """"""Youtubers""""""" have to say what's going on right now? It makes the fight scene flow like shit, since you have to cut the camera into a dozen people's faces before we get to know what happens next. I thought people learnt this shit from Film school, and making a bazillion cuts in a fight scene was derided as it should be ever since films like John Wick or The Raid made long unbroken fight scenes cool again.. I bet 10 years from now those fucking """"""Youtubers"""""" will be as relevant as WingsofRedemption right now since putting mere references into the movie just for the sake of references will just make it age like milk. Not to mention that it kills the suspension of belief for the movie when """"""Youtubers"""""" IRL suddenly reacts to a footage of a movie. I'm not watching some shitty 10 minute reaction on Youtube, i'm watching a movie. Do people today are that fucking brainless that they need other people to react for them?
>>428410 >Do people today are that fucking brainless that they need other people to react for them? To know what they expect of the audience, skip to the near end where they go "IS THAT A LIGHTSABER?" multiple times, just in case the Star Wars music, Star Wars sounds, the first time of someone mentioning that yes it's a lightsaber, and the fucking visual of the lightsaber were not enough for the audience to realize that they're looking at a lightsaber.
lightsaber to fortman melee prop to gmod physics gun to portal gun and then random black man saves him in the end kek
(342.66 KB 853x480 jokes are now real.webm)

(16.44 MB 1280x720 RLM Rogue One.webm)

>>428412 When you look at the people that consume this shit, where's the lie?
>>428406 >you think your own specific, subjective nostalgia is a shield against criticism Now I understand your point anon, since there are absolutely people who do that, but that's not my question. Since yeah I am also a fan of the 90's Mario movie, but I'm not trying to use Nostalgia as a shield i'm asking an honest question. Now the Mario movie I somewhat understand more when it comes to people saying that movie is bad, since yeah it kind of is All over the place, even if I do think it's a fun time. but when it comes to WWW I'v never heard actual "Criticism" of the movie, i'v only heard that it's bad, as if saying so is meant to be fact. Someone pointing out the problems isn't going to make me like WWW any less I'm fine with it being something I personally enjoy even if it's not objectively great, i'm just genuinely curious since the only thing I can really see as a fault with the movie is that it's you average Hollywood Will Smith movie from that time, trying to keep the money train success of Men in Black going.
>>428427 the lie is that these people need to be told what they should 'member, recognize and clap when sawn instead of immediately clapping anyways even if they didn't recognize it.
Didn't know the guy who starred in the Pest and the live action Super Mario movie was so woke. John Leguizamo "Too bad they went all white." https://archive.is/QmWHW I can't believe you have forced me to defend the Minions made Mario movie but I'm pretty sure Keegan- Michael Key is black by most measures but I get the reason for the dig. Gotta score those twitter points. Also, it's voice acting. Back in the old days it didn't matter who the color of the person or even gender behind the voice was. It was the voice that mattered and if they fit the role. The major problem with the movie is that it went full Hollywood and picked whoever was popular for this role at this current time and nothing else. Hey, the new Super Mario movie could be good, despite all the signs that it's looking to be a complete disaster. Though, I wouldn't hope too hard since even the current Hollywood movies released now are still woke and this movie was in production during that time. I'd be surprised if Mario isn't put in his place for his toxic masculinity and not let Princess Peach save herself and whole movie being about her while Mario is sidelined and put down through most of the runtime.
>>426418 Is Nintendo purposely trying to make this movie fail? First they hire a crap animation studio, then cast really unfitting actors for the main roles and then get the two hacks behind one of the shittiest cartoons in existence as directors, what the fuck were they thinking? >>427155 And I thought people making Bowsette art for attention was already cancerous enough. >>428410 >Why the fuck would put it other people's reaction shot on something that's happening? I think the reason why they intentionally filled this movie with these annoying reaction shots is they're supposed to be a reference to livestreaming since it's so heavily associated with video games
(442.91 KB 631x767 1620788495073.jpg)

>>428410 I will say that there are very tasteful moments where you can do the reaction shot montage. The first digimon movie comes to mind, when people all over the world were looking on as Tai and co. were desperately struggling to finish the bad guy off. The end of the first Pokemon movie with all the pokemon looking at Ash and Pikachu is also a good one. There was a certain solemness to those moments however, emotional depth. As far as moments like these where the people are just reacting not in a meaningful way, but just a reaction youtuber way does kill the movie though.
>jack black >michael-keegan key >seth rogan So many "comedian" voice actors. I guess the Mario movie will try to have funny dialogue.
(160.72 KB 680x680 costanza comic.jpg)

>>428602 But none of those faggots are funny.
>>428618 I know. Hence the airquotes
>>424706 I'm sure this makes up for being a pedowood sodomite that never produced anything of value. >>426422 Don't remind me man. >>428410 What are they doing to floofy girl?
>>428260 Jesus and I thought about watching this in the teather.
(44.92 KB 555x456 Anime Monch.jpg)

>>428299 Thank you!
>>428280 >But the main thing I never really understood is that I'v heard for years Wild Wild West is a bad movie, and I never really understood why exactly. Because it's literally Men in Black, except all the conspiracy and sci-fi elements replaced with Western and steampunk. Which is beside the issue that the TV show was basically James Bond in the wild west, and the movie exemplifies known of that. It's similar to why every Netflix adaption of an anime is shit.
>>428170 >>428469 It used to be voice acting for voice alone, but since animated movies became big in 90s, adding big hollywood celebs became a new marketing tactic and trendy to cast "face actors" for voice, just to get that hype and movie posters. Now it's gotten that you GOTTA HAVE some celebrity voicing in your cast else its not "cool and popular". Unless you're making some niche netflix/amazon prime show, and even they are slowly getting into peer pressure
>>428548 >I think the reason why they intentionally filled this movie with these annoying reaction shots is they're supposed to be a reference to livestreaming since it's so heavily associated with video games I can see that but do they really have to shove in streamers like that faggot Ninja reacting to what's happening in the movie? Does Mortal Kombat would be much more better if the fight scene between Johnny Cage with Goro would have some famous guy from the 90s such as, i don't know, Michael Jordan? reacting to Johnny punching Goro's nuts off? It sure as hell would be shit. Although i guess it will be a time capsule of sorts when future generations will view the film as a product of it's time. Not that it'll be remembered in a few years anyways.
Remember, embed related was 2009. It's been 12 years and Hollywood writers are still as dogshit as ever when writing about video games, why wouldn't this movie suck all the ass in the world?
shower you with coconut cream pie!
>>429199 I don't know, it looks kinda okay, apart from the "GAMERS RULE THE WORLD" vibe. It looks like a normal hollywood movie Thing is if there came a really good video game movie that is authentic to source material, its success will trigger a horde of copycats video game adaptations vying for the next "cinematic universe" fad and saturate the market. Then we will say no to video game movies
>>429199 >that aspect ratio
>>429115 >It sure as hell would be shit. Although i guess it will be a time capsule of sorts when future generations will view the film as a product of it's time. Not that it'll be remembered in a few years anyways. So, it will go down in history like the UPN movie Mac Knight: https://yewtu.be/watch?v=B16zqPAzXxQ
>>429255 >it looks okay >it looks like a normal Hollywood movie Pick one.
(98.07 KB 770x646 SAD.jpg)

>>428260 Western media is rotten to the very core and everyone just keeps lapping it up because they never knew any better and don't want to know any better. God I hate westshit so much
(19.57 KB 266x406 Orang Sipp.jpg)

>>429339 Then list some good media then, please!
>>424722 Objectively superior medium to videogames.
>>431007 Old video games and non-yakuza-funded anime/manga
(7.79 MB 640x270 Meme Hell.webm)

>>428260 What a thrill
(165.19 KB 716x1000 gothic 2.jpg)

(33.63 KB 220x279 homam.jpg)

(186.13 KB 600x850 fallout 2.jpg)

(158.76 KB 800x800 ja2.jpg)

(25.12 KB 256x324 smac.jpg)

>>431007 Here are some objectively good games.
(4.78 MB 2651x1574 ClipboardImage.png)

>>428260 Get up guy
>>431198 >Fallout 2 The first game is better though Otherwise pretty kino
>>428410 >>428412 It's just the 'groid mindset. They absolutely need people to agree with them in the climactic moment so their brain chemistry can feed off of the ecelebs'. It's foreign to us because (I hope) most of us don't hang out with these "people." They're incessantly annoying as fuck and talk about vapid shit no one should care about, you were probably too offended by their presence to get to know them. They're the type of people who would say meaningless phrases like "another day, another dollar" just so they can get their drip feed of peer validation. It's almost impossible to relate to these sorts of people if you have critical thinking skills, even my parents (who would almost certainly be considered normalfags here) can't stand them. >>428864 I was thinking about watching a pirated copy of it while drunk, good thing this clip talked me out of it. Now if you'll excuse me I'll go vomit.
>>431322 >They're the type of people who would say meaningless phrases like "another day, another dollar" Every single person I've talked to who has unironically threw this line out there are some of the saddest people I have ever encountered. They constantly live in the past, despite going on endless tangents about how "terrible" their past was, and have no real drive to do anything aside from go to work, come home, and then drink themselves into an early grave while watching NBC. And, if you try to say anything positive to these people, they're always going to find something about it that's a "crime against humanity". The solution I've found in how to deal with them is to just keep my mouth shit, and reaffirm their statements with one-word answers.
>>428260 Not exactly sure why everyone in this thread is watching a clip of a parody movie and expecting something good.
>>431198 I haven't played a single one of these.
>>431335 >parody What does that even mean anymore? At this point, a parody of today's movies would be a film playing it straight.
>>428260 I hope everyone involved in this gets cancer. Ass cancer to be more specifically.
>>428170 >Black has done dramatic roles and he's good in them It's not so much about whether he can do dramatic roles as whether he can make a voice suitable for bowser. Bowser's a pretty big guyfor you and he has a deep voice.
>>431335 Parody movies used to be things that could stand on their own as comedies like Airplane!, which you can enjoy as a comedy even without any familiarity with the Airport series which it lampoons. Now, apparently it's just what South Park referred to as "manatee gags" from Family Guy, references in place of humor done at random with no rhyme nor reason. I guess if there's something in that clip from Free Guy that is supposed to stand on its own as comedy, it's that the in-film audience is in varying states of not really caring about what's presumably supposed to be the climatic action scene of the movie, but that lasts for about 5 seconds until they all turn into marks even dumber than your standard pro-wrestling fan.
>>431315 I was considering whenever to include F1 or F2. F1 is relatively smaller and more coherent, whereas F2 has more of everything. >>431337 So play either HOMAM III or Fallout, they are the most accessible. SMAC UI and controls are dated and needs some time to get into, JA2 is (by today's standards) quite hard.
>>431389 If that movie is parodying anything, it's the audience but nobody watching or making the movie knows it. Well, okay, maybe some of the studio knows it.
>>431121 What anime/manga is even Yakuza funded?
>>428299 Man, what the fuck happened to Kevin Smith?
>>431761 The need to stay relevant. Being an out of touch millionare that still thinks he is just an indie, outsider filmaker that just wants to have fun with his friends.
>>431761 >what the fuck happened to Kevin Smith? See >>424678
>>426419 Does he let it go?
>>428280 I remember thinking it was just fine too. It's obviously not trying to be any bigger than it is, it's just a stupid, campy "western" movie. It's okay in that regard. I certainly wouldn't recommend it to anyone, but I wouldn't leave the room if someone put it on or anything. It's an adequate movie.
>>431389 I never really thought of it that way before. I just sort of assumed that anyone who paid for a ticket to that movie knew what they were in for just by watching the trailer. Like its sad that the quality of parodies has gone down, but if people pay for then theres nothing to really be done about.
(127.82 KB 460x319 simpsons completely calm.jpg)

>>426073 >I heard he lives in a pink house like a faggot. Did you think you could talk shit about people who live in pink houses and I wouldn't find out, faggot?

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