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(74.96 KB 366x511 fightautism.png)

Anonymous 09/24/2021 (Fri) 14:06:29 Id: 5f552e No. 424817
Do fighting game character tiers matter if your not a tournyfag? Almost every fighting game fanbase is obsessed with which characters are high/mid/low tier but, aside from secret god characters or joke ones, it doesn't seem like you would even notice unless you are in the top 1% of players.
>>424817 Depends. At lower skill levels character tiers may even be reversed because characters with higher skill ceiling may even have a lower skill floor. Character ranking on its own is hardly an objective act, even without factoring in different skill levels, so there's no general answer to be had.
It depends on the game, some games are fairly balanced while others the difference between the top and bottom characters is massive. Further, while at lower skill levels you can always just improve your skill to make up for a low tier character's deficiencies that still only goes so far and you may be better off switching to a more viable character. Ultimately, regardless of being casual or competitive, people will tend to gravitate to picking characters they feel they play better with (unless they are deliberately handicapping themselves) which is usually (but not always) higher tier characters. It should be noted that ease of use it not considered when tiering characters, only ability to win and match ups. In some games, high tier characters are braindead easy while in other games high tier characters are more technical/difficult to play. As an aside, tier lists should not be taken as word of god, they're still made by human players who don't necessarily know everything about a game. And tier lists change as new discoveries and tactics are found.
Sometimes the game is unbalanced enough to where, unless you have a significant difference of skill, its grossly in favor of one character over another
>The character with the jiggling thighs is B tier I've never even played whichever Guilty Gear this is, but I bet it's a shitty game.
Tier lists can be helpful but a majority of the time they are just a list for sperglords to funnel people into playing certain characters so they do not have to remember as many match ups. Always pick every character until you find the one who you feel the most comfortable with even if they are the runt of the litter, so be it. Better to play a character you like that is garbage than a character that you hate that might be high tier I say.
(3.77 MB 320x240 Tiers R 4 Queers.mp4)

I almost always select the Random option, for every match, when playing with my friends.
(105.99 KB 600x800 perfect.jpg)

I like tiers. I can play a "bad" character and get bonus points when I win and if I loose big whoop, I'm at the bottom of the list, you didn't achieve shit. The best part is that at my level nobody knows how to really take advantage of the best characters anyway, so they end up picking characters they think are good and have no skill with. I can't loose.
>>424828 I do remember, as a kid, all of my friends wound up using Kilik in the Soul Calibur games, except for one always played as Voldo because he thought he looked cool. I have no idea what tiers those characters are in.
Depends on the game and the skill level of the competition. Tier lists assume competitive players who understand the metagame. Some characters are going to inevitably be better than others because their moves have higher priority, their moves happen faster, the character is faster, the character has a smaller hurtbox or bigger hitbox, their combos are better, they have access to unique mechanics which favor them, their playstyle lends itself well to the game's mechanics, or their moves are just easier to execute. So there are inevitably innate differences in quality between characters. There's also match-ups, due to the interraction of two competing optimal playstyles one character who is bad in most other aspects may do favorably when matched up against a character that more conventional (metagame dominant) playstyles struggle with. Match-ups will be accounted for to some extent in a tier list, but it won't be controlling so if you just go by the tier list, you might be in for a rude awakening against a skilled low-tier player. So to answer your question, tier lists give a decent understanding of how characters qualities compare but it is only a heuristic outside of competitive play. Things shape tier lists that do not affect casual play, but the most controlling factors (relative quality of the characters) likely will. I'd recommend further reading on the strengths or weaknesses of a character if you want to know how they'll actually stack up against totally random opponents.
>>424871 >Jigglypuff is mid tier This must be some sort of Newgrounds shit.
>>424817 It all depends on the game, the skill of people in question, the characters skill ceilings and whether the people on that skill level can reach it, the skill floor, and whether or not you play online (some stuff becomes easier, some harder with lag), and who made the tier list as most pros put the character they main at at a lower tier. Characters that are completely competitively unviable can end up dominating the multiplayer or low to high skill tiers, but there are cases where a character is shit regardless of how good or bad you are.
>>424817 >Do fighting game character tiers matter From what I've heard, tiers are just arbitrary charts that don't mean anything. They're even less useful games that show characters having differing stats. So, all I really do is just play through the characters that I like the look of, then main the characters that are fun to play.
Tiers are usually useful even if people suck. Like, no one is going to think bowser is better than sheik even if they're dogshit at the game and just throw items all day. I guess tiers become most important when discussing easy to use characters with obvious mechanics.
>>424817 >Do fighting game character tiers matter if your not a tournyfag? Depends on whether the tier is made to measure objective efficiency of a character/strategy or just what you can do at the highest level of mastery, but generally speaking they amount to fuck all in normal play. If a game is super competitive or if the skill gap between tiers is extremely high (think winning a platformer stage with an invincibility power up vs slightly higher jumps), then tiers are necessary to determine what characters make the game more unfun to play, although sometimes it gets ridiculous like with TF2 where they ban like 90% of the weapons because they take less time to master than muh stocks. Also, generally speaking, people who make tier lists put characters who can cheese a game in S tier or upwards, so in theory you could just use those characters and win every single player match like that.
>>424958 Nope, just old I think. Tiers change depending on when high rank players shake up the meta, e.g. hungrybox It's only further proof tiers are 4 queers in any decently balanced game
>>424817 >Do fighting game character tiers matter if your not a tournyfag? Tiers lists aren't exclusive to fighting games and they exist for a reason, some things are just objectively stronger or weaker than others, so people categorise them as such. >>424871 Imagine getting this butthurt over tier faggotry.
>>425822 Yeah, nah, you're retarded. To stick with fighting games as an example, if the skill ceiling is higher than ground level then different characters will be stronger at different player skill levels. The tier lists that are promulgated for these games are for the competitive scene, not for normal people on the couch playing with friends and pubbies.
I honestly don't like how preexisting characters get updated movesets. Just leave them alone and add new characters.
>>425858 Don't pretend that imbalance does not exist. Some characters are clearly the developers' favorites and as such will get more given to them. Obviously that won't mean terribly much for the casual player, but anyone who considers themselves anything but casual will have to follow those tier lists since, skill ceilings aside, one can easily win something simply by picking the character that has the cards stacked in their favor. t. Ex-Professional Dota 2 player
>>425892 >t. Ex-Professional Dota 2 player
>>425892 If you think there is no middle ground between "casual" and tourneyfag or speedtranny, then sure. If you're a regular person, though, then still no.
>>425858 If you don't think that there are certain characters/weapons/factions etc. in some games that are so powerful that anyone who isn't complete shit at the game can get good results with little effort, then you're the bigger retard.
>>425897 Don't worry, I stopped at the 7.0.0 update. I was a badass Oracle player, I shit you not.
>>425941 Of course they exist, put them goalposts back.
Judging by how many people in Pokemon Showdown just copypaste smogon mons and still somehow lose to showderp's shit teams, it doesn't seem to matter in casual.
>>425981 When did I move the goalposts, faggot?
(1.55 MB 320x240 Mascarita Dorada.mp4)

>>424911 I absolutely loved playing El Fuerte in SF4, I was the bane of every lariat-spamming Zangief player.
>>426264 you were the bane of everyone, even other tortilla-pressers
>>424817 Nope.

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