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What are you playing? Anonymous 10/07/2021 (Thu) 15:06:50 Id: 955212 No. 436180
What games have you played lately? Were they any good? Do you recommend playing it or not?
Mechwarrior 5. And no, I don't reccommend it at all. I started having memory issues after declining the kestrel lancers dlc, and now I'm considering starting all over again and install more mods. I don't know what the issue is, and I don't know who to turn to for help.
I tried out a cute girl game that dropped near the end of September. I think no one heard of "Kena: Bridge of Spirits" because it's epic gay store exclusive for now. I pirated it: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:C6990C5647352EBDD71BC8E3522182111135CEE2 You get a sort of pixar / dreamworks waifu-bait who is followed by minions. She can collect and use the minions to clear parts of the world that are contaminated with evil or some shit. Haven't played very far, but aesthetically I like the environments a lot. You can do a move that sends out a pulse which shakes ground foliage and highlights some things. I wish more foliage was rigged to react to it though. Combat is so-so with light attack, heavy attack, dodge, some minion abilities, and there's a bow later. I don't have everything yet, so it's very simple right now. Don't know whether I'd recommend it yet, but the girl is cute. If you want a pixar / dreamworks waifu-bait cute girl game then "Ary and the Secret of Seasons" kind of tries to do that as well AND it has different outfits AND the season-shifting mechanics are interdasting so I'd recommend that. I pirated that too: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:03C130F02CE69D5F3D48D99763DCCAADA58C3BDC
>>436187 Anon, did you actually play a game because "muh pretty waifu"? That's gacha-tier. >I think no one heard of "Kena: Bridge of Spirits" It's been at every major showcase since early 2020, that's the only reason I know of it.
Ive been playing EDF 4.1 and hades, i just got inquisitor martyr as a gift so ill give that a try too. >Were they any good? Hell yes. >Do you recommend playing it or not? Do youl like killing giant bugs and feel like youre from starship troopers? then yes. Do you like hack'n'slash roguelites and also like greek mythology? then you might like it, but its like, the fresh prince of hellas version of greek mythology.
Lately, I been marathoning the Alien movies. And so, I also started replaying the two Alien games I own. >Alien: Isolation Still the best. No other Alien game even comes close to this horror masterpiece. >Aliens: Infestation Made by WayForward (the Shantae devs). Ironically, it's a metroidvania game. Metroid games heavily borrowed ideas from the Alien movies. And now, this Alien game is borrowing Metroid's metroidvania gameplay.
>>436184 It's not worth it, the studio behind it are lazy sacks of shits. >>436187 > I think no one heard of "Kena: Bridge of Spirits" because it's epic gay store exclusive for now. PayPig Phil managed to get the developer's ire by insulting them and telling them they should have had an epic "Dark Souls" final boss encounter.
(149.98 KB 546x1268 ANGER.png)

(7.98 MB 580x320 sadness.mp4)

(375.63 KB 3840x2160 Jehuty.jpg)

>>436198 >I JUST WANT TO BE A BIG ROBOT WITH LARGE MACHINEGUNS, HOW IS THAT SO DIFFICULT IN THE YEAR OF OUR LORD TWENTY TWENTY-FUCKING-ONE?! Holy shit dude I fucking know, right? Every time I see a new mecha game it's always an online FPS or has some weird shitty gimmick, like being a deckbuilding game or being a furry FTL clone (looking at you, Volta-X). Why can't mecha games just be mecha games?
Onirism, Jagged Alliance, Saints Row 2, and Half-life with a Max Payne mod. All of those are fun. I recommend trying those.
>>436188 >gacha-tier Gacha is purely a means to extract money; it is not video games. It's insulting to compare actual video games to gacha. By speaking of gacha in the same breath as actual video games as if they are related you drag down video games and legitimize gacha. Don't do that. >did you actually play a game because "muh pretty waifu"? Yes and no. It also has nice environments. The cute girl is good, but you need gameplay too. If the combat doesn't get any more depth I'll probably drop it.
I played Psychonauts. I don't recall which game it was but there was definitely this one PS2 game that had a demo or a trailer for it back in the day. I was like 8 back then but the trailer stuck with me because the game looked kind of gross and weird. So far it seems like a bog standard 3D platformer with interesting aesthetics and funny writing, I can see why this would be a childhood classic to some like other overrated "My first 3D platformer" games such as Banjo-Kazooie and that Spongebob game but it isn't that great or worth going back to. When I really think about it, most 3D platformers aside from Spyro 1-3 and Mario are really shit. I actually think I hate this game.
(218.49 KB 2220x1248 brian.jpg)

>What are you playing. Kenshi. Doing my upmost to piss off the holy nation as their absolute autism gives me giggles.
(2.62 MB 1280x720 Anger.mp4)

>>436204 And on pc no less! Imagine, im-fucking-agine, if, by some fucking miracle, FromSoft released Armored Core for pc. You can utilize the FULL potential for pcs. ARGH! Titanfall 2 was good, but the campaign is so short (and sweet), and I'm not much for multiplayer. But Mechwarrior 5 almost had all the right ingredients, ALMOST! But now I can't even get blueballed anymore, I'm just straight up denied my fun! FUCK! I'm so fucking angry right now. >>436206 >Don't speak of them in the same breath >Proceeds to do just that Dude, come on.
Played Blood Omen 1 recently and loved it. Before that I finished up Temple of Elemental Evil and I am currently replaying ES Arena while I wait for Severance Blade of Darkness remaster thing to come out and play that since it was another game I saw but never played as a kid and it looks pretty fun.
Warlock: Masters of the Arcane. The game is surprisingly engaging for something so simple. If anyone have any recommendations for similar games, indie or old, I am all ears. I will also replay Masters of Magic (DOS game) later.
>What games have you played lately? If VNs count I'm going through Steins;Gate for the first time (no prior exposure to the series). If not, I've been playing Pokemon Conquest and Cuphead. >Were they any good? Steins;Gate: pretty good so far, but some of the theoretical physics shit is going over my head. It's intriguing though and the characters are likable. Pokemon Conquest: Yes. The strategy is simple and the game is easy, but it is definitely fun. Cuphead: Yes. I can't really say anything about it that hasn't been said ad nauseum. The old school cartoon art style is great, the run and gun gameplay is pretty fair, and its orientation around boss fights is pretty cool. >Do you recommend playing it or not? All three, generally yes. Steins;Gate requires being able to tolerate words words words and engaging with discussions of theoretical physics, so if you have a short attention span or don't like having to think to understand what is being said I'd recommend playing something with gameplay instead. Pokemon Conquest is good for anyone that likes strategy or Pokemon, but isn't looking for a challenge. You could probably self-impose challenge into the game, but it is designed for children to have no trouble. As for Cuphead, I can't think of anyone I wouldn't recommend it to.
(172.08 KB 1440x1052 ClipboardImage.jfif)

I recently beat Rocket: Robot on Wheels. Great game. I was interested because it was the first game from Sucker Punch, whose next game would be Sly Cooper. While I would not say Rocket is as good as Sly Cooper, I would say it's as good as, or at least close to, Banjo-Kazooie, which is the game it feels most similar to. It has a few mechanics that feel similar to Sly, like a swinging mechanic that they basically reused entirely for Sly, as well as a high number of collectables in each stage, (tokens in this game, bottles in Sly), which sometimes will drive you crazy searching the entire stage to find the last one. But then at least you don't have to get all of them on a single run/life like in Banjo-Kazooie. Stages are quite large, and while I wouldn't say the graphics are as good as Banjo, they are generally nice to look at. I did find the camera annoying at points, but only because it ratchets in set increments like other N64 games, instead of moving smoothly like something like Spyro, so sometimes it gets difficult to get the camera just where you want it. But you can place it directly behind you, so that helps. The fact that Rocket is on wheels is actually fairly important to the gameplay, and suits the main gimmick of the game, which is that it is much more physics based than other similar games. Rocket's main move is to grab objects, and then you can throw them, or if they're set in place, swing on them. Grabbing and slamming enemies is your only attack, and it's not particularly useful, but that's because the game isn't really built around combat, and more about how you maneuver around. A lot of challenges involve balancing platforms that shift based on your weight, and the weight of objects you put on them. Picking up and moving things to weigh platforms down or build a structure you can climb on to jump to a higher platform is common. There is also a different vehicle in each level, and while each of them is fairly simple, they can get pretty interesting to use, like one level that has a motorcycle with retractable wings, so whenever you have enough speed and launch the wings, you lift into the air and can glide as much as your speed allows. Of course, being able to fly around a big open area, that level is the one that left me hunting for the final token the longest, but if you've played Sly 2, you'll get it. If you like Sly Cooper, I'd say check this out. If you like Banjo-Kazooie and are looking for more games like it, this is one of the closest I've seen, but is also different enough that it doesn't just feel like a straight copy. I recommend it to anyone who likes 3D platformers or collectathons. It has a good balance between collectathon exploration and actual platforming movement challenges. Check it out.
>>436180 >What games have you played lately? Morrowind and Blue Reflection >Were they any good? Morrowind is fun. I don't know what to think about Blue Reflection, maybe the last JRPG I played (Cold Steel 4) is effecting my view on it because of how well designed it was. It feels like they just had some ideas involving cute girls, built some simple gameplay around it, wrote a bare bones story and threw in some optional content, in order avoid it being called a glorified visual novel. At least the sequel looks better by a long short, here, have some teasers. >Do you recommend playing it or not? Morrowind: Yes. Blue Reflection: Maybe if you want to look at cute girls by Kishida Mel in various attires, or if you (like me) watched the anime and got interested in what the game's all about. The anime had at least a low budget charm to it, it doesn't really translate well to the game. But you're not missing out if you decide to skip this one.
I played quite a few vertical shooters/bullet hells and even made a thread for it but nobody else wanted to talk about those games.
>>436344 I forgot to add, the translation is pretty bad, and Koei Tecmo seems to have no intention of fixing things in the sequel.
>>436345 Seems the more specific your topic the less traffic exists to support discussion of it. Hell, if you want to discuss ONE game it had better be popular or your thread will have a slow death with a single digit reply count. The captcha system breaking doesn't help either. I wanted to talk about cute girl games, but the only mildly-relevant thread I saw was specifically about cute witches so I had to make a new thread. Then I thought "What's the point in making another narrow topic if those threads are starved of replies?" In the end I made a thread even MORE generalized and broad so people can talk about ANY goddamn game otherwise the thread will be starved of discussion and die. We had a draw thread take 5 months to hit bump limit making it abundantly clear there's not enough posters let alone drawfags to move those threads - can't blame the broken captchas for it since AFAIK they were mostly functioning during those 5 months. /metapost
>>436356 Cute girl games is probably a broad enough topic to get a fair amount of activity. It would mostly devolve into autistic waifuposting, but it would probably get traffic.
(158.52 KB 1280x720 ms2_hameln.jpg)

Mary Skelter 2. It's much better than 1. Teambuilding is more involved since you can't oneshot everything with a multi-target move. Items matter more, traps do more damage, jail bonuses are not useless anymore. Middle game it kind of stops being relevant if your team is good. But late game picks up the difficulty again. Game is very long, too, I'm already 80 hours in.
>>436192 >Aliens: Infestation So how is it? My experience with WayForward would lead me to expect it to be pretty decent by licensed game standards (their Batman the Brave and the Bold game for the Wii was pretty fun). >>436210 >Psychonauts I wasn't a fan of that one either, but my only experience with it was through Gametap (an ancient game streaming service), so like any complex game that was streamed in that era, I'm sure there were problems out the ass with the version I played. >>436356 (spoilers for off-topic meta posting. That kind of a mentality practically guarantees that specific discussions will only happen during hype cycling. I think people need to get it out of their autistic fucking heads that not every thread has to brush up against the bump limit and that there's nothing wrong with having some threads that get three or so replies before fading.
Minetest The nodecore and exile subgames. Both are in some way focused on survival and a tough hobo phase. Nodecore is the less conventional one, it tries to have no menu mechanics, other than achievements acting as hints. Your hotbar is your inventory and you craft things by placing them in the world. Some more unique mechanics include climbing and navigating by touch, both of which include right clicking a block with an empty inventory slot for some time. Climbing isn't very interesting, but navigating by touch is useful for traveling pitch black caves. Basically, by right clicking a block for about 2 seconds you light up blocks in a small (1-2 block) radius for a short amount of time. This allows you to go through the darkness and light up most of the floor of a room. It's a very limited type of visibility that makes it easy to get lost if you're not paying attention. There are some generated structures where you can loot items, which is how I got most of my tools. I haven't seen any creatures yet, it's probable there aren't any. I haven't figured out how to make tools other than the wooden adze yet, so there's not that many things I can do at the moment. Exile is a survival game of the "keep your meters full" variety. You're spawned into a freezing environment and try to survive. Most crafting is done via crafting blocks with a UI. It isn't explained ingame, but energy drain, which is caused by low temperature, makes all your other statistics drain quickly. Energy is recovered in real time while you lie in a sleeping tile, if the temperature is right. Even sleeping right next to a campfire isn't always enough to give you the necessary heat. Digging your sleeping place into the ground and placing a block above the fire seems to be the simplest way to get a good temperature. Campfires will also spawn fire around themselves, which can burn you if you don't put them out immediately. Clothes are the most important item when you spawn, but are rather costly resource wise. You need 156 plants to make a basic set. After temperature the next challenge is thirst. There doesn't seem to be a way to drink from bodies of water. and I had to find a guide to even find the ways to attempt to quench thirst. Some of the crafting is also unintuitive. To fire clay, which is necessary for rainwater collection, you apparently build blocks around a fireplace to make a kiln. There's nothing that even hints towards this. In short, both of the games are brought down by crafting and mechanics that are not explained and hard to figure out.
(1.37 MB 200x113 internet_hugs.gif)

>>436359 >It would mostly devolve into autistic waifuposting, but it would probably get traffic. As long as I'm not shouting into a dead, lifeless void I don't mind. >>436366 >there's nothing wrong with having some threads that get three or so replies before fading Hitting bump limit on every thread is unrealistic, expecting a two digit reply count is not. Posts that can be addressed in three or so replies wind up here: >>228459 because they didn't need to be a dedicated thread. You can feel free to disagree with that policy, but it seems needless to shove threads off the board which contained a lot of content / discussion in exchange for threads that end quickly.
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(438.75 KB 1100x825 ClipboardImage.png)

(754.13 KB 1100x825 ClipboardImage.png)

(318.87 KB 1100x825 ClipboardImage.png)

(2.05 MB 1100x825 ClipboardImage.png)

A random load of PS2 games. I'm doing a first pass checking compatibility emulating with most so far.
>>436381 >As long as I'm not shouting into a dead, lifeless void I don't mind. What's the point if there is nothing of substance. Quality is more important than quantity. >>436385 What are the games?
>>436381 There's a reason why threads delete after so much inactivity. If no one has anything to say in the a goddamn month (the bottom of our catalogue's last post date), the discussion is over and no one is coming back to it. So many threads overstay their welcome anyway because reply-hungry faggots turn them into dump threads in a half-baked excuse to keep their threads alive past their natural expiration date. You do not need a double digit response count for your thread to be worthwhile, you just need to have had something worth your time in the few responses you get.
(443.84 KB 1100x825 ClipboardImage.png)

>>436386 >State of Emergency Forgot this existed, old Rockstar riot brawler. >Castlevania: Lament of Innocence Only checked this was functioning so far. >Robotech: Invasion This is pretty rad and I'm glad it ran, it had no entry for compatibility testing. >Scarface Has way better shooting than GTA games of the time. Robotech has similar soft lock-on and fine aiming. >Flatout I kind of prefer running it this way to the PC port, less controller nonsense.
>>436388 Its the reality of the board suffering such a catastrophic loss after 8ch.net went down for over a year with literally no solution being given, and what did eventually come was so horrendous that it became intolerable, and led to where we are now. We are on an extremely slow recovery as of right now, but things are slowly getting better, its just a shame that this happened to begin with. >>436361 I wish the sequels had came out on the Vita since I keep hearing 2 was better than 1. I bought the LE for Finale even though I don't own a Switch (yet), but fuck Sony for everything they did, I hope every executive and leftist in their company burns for this, so many games that it should've gotten but didn't, so many games censored and fucked with, so many hardworking developers utterly shafted. At least Ninty became the home for these games, even if I don't care for the Switch. I hope they make a better lite version soon.
>>436187 >Kena To be fair, it dropped off of my radar immediately because the reveal trailer on the Playstation was mostly CGI and heavily featured the goofy not-"minions" bullshit. It wasn't until much later and seeing actual gameplay that I thought it might be worth checking out. But it doesn't look interesting enough to deal with either Sony or Epic, or a torrent with my slow as fuck internet. We're getting 1Gb symmetrical fiber at the end of the month - so maybe I'll give it a pirate then. >>436180 I've been bouncing between games since finishing Like A Dragon. Started up Paper Mario: TTYD, but I keep getting weird texture related crashes so I haven't gotten past Hooktail's castle yet. Tried Subnautica: Below Zero on Gimp Pass, but survival games just aren't really my thing. Trying to push through and hoping it opens up for me once I get established into a resource routine - but so far it's just the worst parts of MMO fetch quests distilled into it's own genre. Mostly I've been playing Icewind Dale and have made decent progress into it. I've got a nice little "Black Lagoon" party of chaotic neutral and semi-evil outcasts who are just looking to get paid for their hobby of slicing things up. Made it past the Dragon's Eye and into the Severed Hand, but the story is just so fucking mediocre so far that I'll probably quit and either hope the expansion is better - or just try IWD2. I also need to get back to playing Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin, Lost Odyssey, and Jade Cocoon. I've also pretty much stopped playing PSO2:NGS altogether except ocassionally logging in for 15 mins to do some easy dailies. I've gone back to playing PSO:BB on Ephinea and it's so much more fulfilling of an experience. Beyond those, I've also dipped my toes into Tangledeep and Omega Labyrinth Life to scratch my rouge-like itch, still playing Project Diva and DJ Max for rhythm, and War of Rights for a comfy online shooter where the real meta of the game is standing along a fencerow with a bunch of assholes yelling obscenities at those nigger-loving Yankees. They also just added musician classes and upped the team limit to 100v100. Dipped my toes into Sea Dogs, but lost interest quickly because of the total lack of tutorials coupled with a retarded control interface - not to mention the first shipment haul I got on my pirate island town sent me to an enemy port where I cannot dock and just get wailed on by the local fort. I've pretty much played my fill of CivCity: Rome, and just have a few more missions to clear out before taking a break. It's quickly become a game of Warehouse Manager: Rome Edition. Oh, and I just got GunBird 2 because I wanted a cute-em-up bullet hell and the new Cotton game isn't out yet.
(693.19 KB 600x835 ClipboardImage.png)

So far it's fun if a bit easy even on the harder difficulties, though I'm still early in the game. I'm also planning on finishing dragon's dogma once I get more free time.
(51.76 KB 800x450 assassin.jpg)

>>436191 Reporting back on inquisitor martyr. Its fun, has nice aesthethics (and titties) and the weapons are meaty, but holy shit is the soundtrack boring, wich is an oddity in a 40k game. You can also play a toaster boy.
(412.56 KB 1920x1018 20211007192755_1.jpg)

(203.14 KB 1920x1018 20211007202040_1.jpg)

(430.87 KB 1920x1018 20211007203258_1.jpg)

(198.57 KB 1920x1018 20211007203452_1.jpg)

>>436180 Playing the Recently released Castlevania Advance collection. Say what you will about Konami, but the team who put collection together did a pretty good job. There are some quality of life additions for each game. Circle of the moon, and Aria of Sorrow will show you if an enemy will drop a Card/Soul, and if you already have it or not. Harmony of Dissonance displays how many Relics and collectables in the current area you are in. So for the most part it cuts down on spending time in areas you've already fully explored. there is also an Encyclopedia for the 3 games, so you can look up Gear and Drops from enemies. You can also select between the NTSC, J-NTSC and PAL versions of each game. The SNES version of Dracula X is also included as a bonus. I played that one first, I heard it was on the lower end when it comes to the Classic games and yeah, I can see that since it's pretty Janky in how it's designed, I got through it without much hassle but I can see the game being frustrating to most people. The final Dracula boss felt the most off, since his hit box was just not right. it's like you can hit his Forehead, only his Jaw and Keck area. Fighting him with the Whip makes the fight feel frustrating, and every sub weapon is fairly useless, the only exception being the Axe which makes the fight extremely easy instead. Then it's been my 2nd times playing Circle of the Moon, and Harmony of Dissonance. You can really tell they were made by different teams. Circle of the moon feels more tightly designed, It can be hard but if you know how to play well you can beat everything no damage, so Level grinding Can get less skilled players though harder parts, but skilled players it's not as necessary, Circle feels like a proper mix between Classic and Igavania styles. Dissonance on the other hand feels like more Quantity over Quality, like they were trying to see just how much of Symphony of the Night they could pack into a GBA cartridge, you have all sorts of Magic attacks, and there tons of bosses, but over all the game feels more casual and easy. Circle has less bosses but they're more fun to fight since it's not quite as easy to Plow through them all. I'v still got to get to playing Aria of Sorrow again, but If they end up making another collection like this for the DS games then It's probably be pretty good too.
>>436628 >payed for a pre-packaged emulator jesus christ anon
>>436628 Dracula X is a gimped shit port of the PC Engine version for the SNES. Dracula X is so shitty it's over before it starts, Dracula X Dracula boss is so garbage with it's instant death pits that I had no qualms in using save states in that area just to finish that garbage fire.
I've been thinking about trying Tome4 again. It's like the Diablo 2 of roguelikes, except without potions. >>436345 Sorry, anon, but I only like non-bullet-hell shooters like Tyrian and Einhander. I don't really mind memorizing those games' patterns, but bullet hells are just not it for me.
Europa Universalis 4 >Were they any good? Err, good enough if you want some mindless map painting >Do you recommend playing it or not? No unless you are a Parajew drone that wants everything ironman compatible!™. Shit required like a zillion of mods to make it into something resembling an functioning game aka European great powers are actually "great" and not getting their shit kicked in by some random tribal niggers after a stupid noble burnt down a nigger hut some 30 years ago.
>>436180 succubus just came out. abortion powerups 🙀
currently installing Naraka Bladepoint wish me luck
>>436680 >succubus just came out. Isn't that the shitty sequel to that shitty Agony game? If you want shitty games, at least play a shitty game with some decent demoness titties.
Ive just finished katana zero, and i need some answers right now, fuck sake
>>436725 >fuck sake Don't fuck sake, you'll get your dick stuck in the bottle.
>>436720 this is skyrim mod tier garbage, even down to the shitty lighting... why do you have such awful taste?
>>436736 I'll have you know fucking sake is valid foreplay with Oni.
>>436725 Had the secret bossfight with the therapist?
I've been busy with SSX3 over the week. It's fun.
Melty Blood Every time I touch a fighter like this I realize that I really am the guy from the "same" copypasta. It can be enjoyable every now and then when I get the right opponent and we get a real competition going. Do i recommend it in it's current state? No Online is questionable. Mostly works with the odd crash or teleporty lagfest here and there, but even delay netcode fighters are playable on release. If I run into a problem every few games now then once the release hype dies off and the population settles this might actually be terrible. I'd wait and see on this one.
playing actraiser renaissance (im on the pos game content) heard a lor people saying they ruined the game, but nah the game is still pretty fun. also is undenable, the 3d is ugly as sin
>>436720 >3rd pic I can smell the "unity stolen assets" from this, like that shitty superheroine "single player MMO".
I've been playing Metroid II Return of Samus, using my GBA SP to swap the color palettes every time I boot it up. I've beat it enough times to pretty much remember every Metroid location, so I'm just breezing through it. I tried using missiles and morphball bombs instead of the beams, as a self-imposed challenge, but the sand areas made me switch back to beams, and once I got my missile total up to 100 it made my challenge redundant. Still had fun though, even if it is a bit simplistic. The space jump is very liberating, once you've mastered the timing. I got all 5 energy tanks, 220 missiles, and I just made it to the final area. I'd recommend it, as it's a definitive upgrade from the original NES game, but it's short and sweet if you know what you're doing.
>>436908 >only 5 etanks Clearly super has spoiled me
>>436180 >What games have you played lately? Black Mesa, heavily modded New Vegas, and Medieval II Total War with the gilded vanilla mod (which is pretty much Vanilla with balance changes) >Were they any good? Yes >Do you recommend playing it or not? Moot question YES
>>436631 >Dracula X is a gimped shit port of the PC Engine version for the SNES. No it isn't. It has completely new level design. You sound like you've played Dracula X, so the only way you could think this is if you've never played Rondo of Blood. Which is weird, because you seem to think, rightly, that it is much better. Go play Rondo of Blood. You're missing out on the best in the series. And it's even better than you expect, because it isn't just a better version of Dracula X, it actually has totally different levels, there are more of them, and they're all better.
(1.91 MB 833x1326 Eyetaker.png)

Golden Light. Kind of expected it to play like a boomer shooter but nah, it feels a little closer to Silent Hill. It's got some interesting mechanics and does a pretty job of remaining consistently creepy. Even shit you'd think would be comforting is just kind unsettling. Like at one point I was able to get a friendly version of this fucker and the cunt mostly just scared the shit out of me by flailing around, screeching, and smashing walls until I accidentally blew his fucking head off
(1.67 MB 1280x720 THEN WHO WAS PHONE.webm)

(1.36 MB 1280x720 ladies and genitals.webm)

(4.32 MB 1280x720 FUCK.webm)

(5.78 MB 1280x720 jojo.webm)

>>436180 I've played Kingpin: Life of Crime and I'm currently playing Blood. Kingpin has super basic gameplay that doesn't allow you to be creative at all, which is unfair because the enemies have ĺightning fast reflexes, a ton of health, and generally good aim, but after it gets going and you get familiar with the weapons it's entertaining enough. I found the dialog fun and the sound design is very good. It was also interesting to play a game that clearly is very related to RTCW in terms of level design and sound design. They reused a lot of assets from this later in RTCW. Blood I only started playing recently. It started off tough and it was starving me for ammo and health but now I have plenty and it's become quite fun. There's clearly a fair amount of detail put into the game, such as the character reacting to some of the things you do, which I think is cool.
>>437574 I'm pretty sure that FPS devs as a whole were still figuring out how "realistic" guns were supposed to work in games that weren't set in WWII when Kingpin came out. Soldier of Fortune had the right feel, for comparison, because they were focused on things like "make sure people see that the shotgun can blow a guy's arm off," which worked for them. Then again, that game wasn't exactly trying to be realistic-guns too hard and I think the AI was made by that one guy who made those Quake bots.
>>437574 >>437595 My hope is that the upcoming Kingpin re-release balances out how bullshit the enemies are in that game.
>>437595 You can still blow appendages and even gib characters in kingpin. >>437596 Yeah, excuse me for not having any hope. Even if they end up fixing that issue they'll end up creating way more. I'm willing to bet right now they'll change all the dialog because it doesn't fit their vision the world.
>>436180 >What games have you played lately? Fallout 4 and Bloons TD6. The former to see what all the fuss was about and the latter to cleanse the palette from the former. >Were they any good? Both look nice but are a whole lot of more of the same. Fallout 4's dialogue and writing is godawful and bioware tier. Combat can be fun but you have to give yourself major handicaps because the game is way too easy otherwise. >Do you recommend playing it or not? No. Fallout universe was never good for alternative history is akin to post modern trash. Apocalypse wastelands are boring and depressing. BTD6 is a decent time waster that you will use your brain a bit for but not a very good tower defense other than looks. The developer is trying to add things to spice up the gameplay which is good. >>436720 ARPG is my bag so I will give the titty monster game a go.
(15.84 KB 800x500 stephan.png)

(2.33 MB 640x360 heel turn.mp4)

Lisa: The Pointless: Scholars of the Wilbur Sin, it's a mod for Lisa: The Pointless that adds shitloads of content, from characters and zones to bits of storyline. It's pretty faithful to the original game, and the difficulty being as pronounced as it is makes it great to play as you synergize your characters abilities to not get torn to shreds. I did miss a lot of content when I first played it and an update has been released recently that revamps some of the fights that were considered too easy, in favour of something much more difficult. It's really fun
(686.92 KB 1543x1003 Untitled.jpg)

I recently learned about duckstation and playing the OG TR games. Hell ye they are good and I recommend them. I think its funny tho how emulation works way better than the official pc ports. Besides that ps1 has a ton of worthwhile games I never played either cause I was a poorfag or because they never released on pal, so im having fun.
(1.55 MB 1203x649 ClipboardImage.png)

(6.03 MB 1465x1560 ClipboardImage.png)

(297.13 KB 360x450 ClipboardImage.png)

Still gonna get some use out of the Trusty old PSP before the Steam Deck eventually becomes my main portable system. Going to play the PSP version of Spider-Man 2, which gameplay wise seems to be based on the 2002 games engine, so that looks neat. Going to play Metal Gear Solid VR missions for the first time, and also Metal Gear Acid. I tried playing this game a long time ago. I ended up filling my deck with as many Gray Fox' cards as possible and only using those to defeat enemies, then I got stuck when I reached an enemy that was immune to that card, and gave up. must have been retarded back then, I didn't understand the card game deck building gameplay at all, so I'm giving it another shot.
(1.69 MB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)

Silent Hill 4: The Room with the Silent Hill 4 PC Fix by Steam006. Its OK I guess. I'm assuming the game also has difficulty scaling like 3 did which is why I have no healing items and a shit load of ammo and breakable weapons I have never used and really don't need at this point in time. I can't get the game to downscale, when ever I set the resolution to be higher then my monitor it gives a Direct X error. The lack of tank controls is frustrating as shit as the camera based system doesn't work well with the dramatic camera work they are pulling.
(87.61 KB 220x146 charlie-brown-my-nigga.gif)

>>438092 >VR missions Severely underrated game.
>>438093 Yeah, SH4 is basically Ok at best. Out of the original 4, it's probably the weakest in my opinion. The entire second half of the game is literally just a long escort mission where you backtrack through the previous levels. There's no goofy endings either like in the previous games, not even a UFO ending. It just kind of feels like the devs just kind of stopped caring about the game halfway through development with how half hearted it is. Also you start getting more health items after the ceiling fan in your apartment falls. At that point you stop recovering health when you're in your apartment and hauntings start showing up in it. I'm guessing the reason they don't give you any healing items early on is because you really don't need them until that point. Also the golf clubs are the only breakable weapons. They're not actually all that great. The bottle I guess kind of counts as breakable but it's more like you need to break it for it to actually be useful.
>>438156 So far 4 is tied with 2 for weakest. Henry is far more likable. and sympathetic then James and doesn't constantly say retarded shit that makes everything worse and be dumb motherfucker who I would rather see killed then survive his ordeals. Both 2 and 4 has escort sections, but at least 4 your escort can handle her own. The fucking Mary mini episode pissed me off so much, she knows damn well how to take care of herself and threw a god damn revolver away. What a fucking cunt.
>>436180 Company of Heroes with the back to basics mod. They tweaked the AI so it livens up my skirmish rounds. I only have two complaints atm. I wish CoH had an auto-reinforce for squads, and that AI pathing didn't lead to constant traffic jams in narrow areas. >Do you recommend playing it If you want an excuse to play more CoH and to give the new AI a test run, yeah. Dawn of War retribution with vengeance of the blood ravens mod. Closest thing to an apocalypse type mod that I've played for DoW2. Adds in the Tau and grey knights among a fuckload of other things including unit upgrades. Also dramatically alters the balance. Major gripe is with performance since the popcap is so high the AI almost never stops building. Problems with this arise with an AI issue where they like to blob armies at their base randomly leading to horrific numbers gathered in one place that kill the fps. Also prone to crashing in about a third of my matches and a high amount of freezing in the post game loading screen. >Do you recommend playing it Yes and no. It is a genuinely fun mod and I like it more than Elite mod and vanilla, but the crashing issues piss me off too much to give it a clear thumbs up atm.
>>438176 Nah, SH2 is probably one of the best ones, right after SH3. James may be a fucking moron but it at least makes him memorable. Henry on the other hand is just boring. He's got basically no reaction to all the shit going on around him, he's got no real distinct characteristics, and he doesn't even have a notable background. He might as well be a silent nameless protagonist. I'm not sure if this is your first time playing SH4 or not but if you're giving Eileen a weapon and letting her fight then you're making a huge mistake and probably in for a massive fuck you at the end. Basically you're on a time limit for the final boss and that time limit is determined by how much damage Eileen took while you were escorting her. If you don't beat the boss within that time limit you get a bad ending. So basically if you're letting her do a lot of fighting, she's gonna take a huge beating which will leave you pretty fucked. Oh and you can't just leave her behind momentarily to clear an area because she takes damage over time if you're separated from her.. The segment where you escort Maria was at least short and fairly easy. The only time I've ever had her die or even take damage for that matter was when I was fucking around with manual aiming and shot her for shits and giggles. Eileen's escort segment literally lasts the entire second half of the game. Also Maria could at least run. Eileen is basically limited to a slow and awkward stagger.
(121.79 KB 1063x580 zss dread short hair.jpg)

(168.24 KB 1200x846 zss dread zero suit.jpg)

(1.89 MB 1840x2010 zss dread.png)

Just finished Metroid Dread Was really excited with how the plot developed in the last section, but then... Anyway, my final run time for my first playthrough was 10 hours. Once I got to the final area I actually went back and filled in every little square on the map because I didn't want it to be over yet. Missed one fucking pixel because it was covered by a grapple box and that really caused a schism in my 'tism. Gonna replay through again now for best ending and then do hard mode. Performance really goes to shit in some places once the plot develops, and I'm not sure how much unlockable content there is. I hope Nintendo just don't abandon the game and release patches and fixes and maybe a content drop or two, but since it's not one of their biggest titles I don't have much hope. Overall it was a good game. Not as good as Super but then nothing is.
>>438997 Samus's new armor is super cute, i like how it reacts to her body motions.
(121.03 KB 412x186 ice punch.gif)

Finishing up the Castlevania Advance Collection right now. Beat Circle of the Moon, Dracula X and Harmony of Dissonance, all that's left is Aria of Sorrow. M2 did a great job with the porting. The rewind feature is great for grinding for rare drops without ending up with an overleveled character, having a full encyclopedia always on hand is great and better music quality for all the GBA games was a nice touch. Playing through the collection really improved my opinions on all the games included. Especially HoD.
>>436180 I have a 600+ backlog of games and VNs to get through. Problem is I'm a Sim addict so most of my time is playing shit like American Truck Sim, or now recently Gas Station Sim. There's one VN on the Switch I'm trying to get through now that I expected very little from but actually has some decent arcs and a nice amount of content for. I recently finished Sugar Style because I enjoyed Making Lovers. Was pretty good but dragged on for a long ass time for one arc let alone multiple. Been trying to get back into Elite Dangerous but holy shit what a slog it is, and the shit that I'm hearing coming from Odyssey is making me want to avoid it more. I'm debating getting SoS: PoOT for PC because it's performance on the Switch is absolutely pathetic for what should be such a simple to render game. I'm just chipping away at my games slowly but surely. I'm a wagecuck that works 70+ hour weeks with no aspirations for dating or going out so I have too much disposable cash at my hands. I either blow it being on the road so much, or on games and shit for my PC. When I was younger I used to wonder at all the other dudes who'd complain about having big backlogs, I grew up only have a couple games at a time to play so any that I had were played to death. Now that I'm approaching 30, I totally fucking get it. I'm at the point now I'm debating getting into aquariums or some shit just so I have something slightly more productive to nig out on.
>>439105 I have the same problem. Tons of games, but I just spend time playing GSGs and CRPGs, which take the most time and never really end. I'm thinking of forcing myself to go through a couple hundred games with definitive endings just so I can chop the list down and feel less bad.
>>436180 I'm playing Metroid Dread, it's pretty fun.
(53.92 KB 1280x720 LOR.jpg)

(273.80 KB 832x674 nuggets.png)

Been playing Lobotomy Corp sequel, Library of Ruina a lot. Unlike the first game the game which was management sim this one involves deck building and dice rolling. Something I found cool was that you could recreate your former employees in the game. I used the one who survived all the way on LC.
>>439088 > better music quality for all the GBA games was a nice touch. Wait what? Sauce?
(725.03 KB 1907x999 ClipboardImage.png)

>>439217 That's what the collection claims in the settings.
(5.81 MB awakehq.ogg)

>>439223 Huh. Checking online only finds references to locating the sound folder on an install ( \windata\022\stream ) . I wonder if this is post-processing or what. Here's Awake ripped directly from a GBA rom then converted to ogg (at best quality foobar will convert at) so it can be posted here. Can you post the collection's version of Awake for comparison?
>>439223 >>439233 Potentially it's just something similar to XQ audio in mGBA meaning you don't have the radio like hiss the GBA has as much (shit quality samples will always be shit), maybe higher quality versions of the original samples if you're really lucky.
(4.40 MB XX09.ogg)

>>439233 I used an online .ogg converter, this is the exact file otherwise. the quality you posted is better, and the quality durring gameplay with the setting on is better. so it must be some kind of post processing effect. Also gonna post this Goemon-ass music from Dracula X because it caught me off guard how it sounds stright out of Mystical Ninja for N64.
(2.32 MB Circle04.ogg)

>>439255 I forgot the fucking actual file you asked like a retard, THIS one is Awake
>>439233 And I just realized updating foobar or its components seems to have somehow utterly broken mid+sf2 combos, which means the conversion has the wrong soundfont. Disregard this while I figure out how to fix this.
(5.26 MB awakehq.ogg)

(8.22 MB hodtrack.ogg)

>>439233 >>439266 Here's what it should actually sound like. The problem seems to lie with a newer version of foo_midi, as downgrading to the oldest on file fixed stuff. I also realized HoD would be the better test as that OST gets destroyed by the GBA so I included a track from that (not sure what it's called, the tracks don't have names when extracted, only their internal number). Oh and the program I use to extract is gba-mus-ripper
>What games have you played lately? Castlevania symphony of the night and aria of sorrow, metroid zero mission and dread. Why? Because i've played a couple "metroidvanias", but not the franchises that birthed the genre. >Were they any good? <Castlevania Yes, funnily enough i ran into the bad ending on both games, looked up what i missed (holy glasses, red demon's soul), beat the final bosses then unlocked the inverted castle, after that it was more or less a mad dash to the true final bosses, both were super easy since i went out of my way to acquire the crissaegrim and claiomh solais. <Zero mission and dread I am currently playing dread just acquired the gravity suit, currently stuck on some thing with tentacles that shoots ice, and so far it has been merely alright, my main complaint is that the game railroads you into a certain path right after you acquire a new power-up and doesn't let you go anywhere. either because it locks all the doors behind you or flat out traps you into a room with a teleporter. >Do you recommend playing it or not? The two castlevania titles absolutely, dread not really, i guess if you've played the other games and have nothing better to do, not that it's bad, but i've played a lot of metroidvanias that weren't this linear, and it doesn't even have the excuse of being old since it just came out AND it was made by a new studio.
(56.45 KB 498x280 ClipboardImage.png)

>>436180 >What games have you played lately? <Star Ocean: The First Departure R I think that I'm halfway through finishing the game, but the levels are intense because how long it is to reach to the boss and the enemies are ridiculously strong. It pains me that I need to level up my characters even more. <Devil May Cry 3 I'm on my way to the demon world so that I can kick Arkham's ass. >Were they any good? I find Star Ocean to be good, but its a chore that you need to level up your characters and horde for good items because there are moments where the strong bosses in this game pull some OP attacks to kill you and your teammates almost instantaneously. And DMC3 is fucking fun. >Do you recommend playing it or not? Sure
>>436187 Played a little bit of this today. Still don't have the bow. The little nigger minions can move heavy things and wear silly hats.
(3.33 MB 3000x2070 3neverever.png)

Mega Man ZX and onto Advent via Legacy Collection with undub mod. ZX was really, really, rough and poorly realized in a lot of places. Advent simultaneously fixes a lot of the really stupid parts of ZX (the backtrack heavy hub, only having one active quest at a time, unlocking new areas being more a factor of keys than new abilities, map actually makes sense, there's a bit more to find from exploring, energy recharging on its own encourages using other forms more, money being mostly useless if you get level 4 finishes, level 4 finishes being a thing), but takes steps back in a lot of other areas (copying other people's forms isn't nearly as nifty as girl transforming into other outfits, areas are now all lines where the original's were often at least triangles). Form balance is kinda better, but that's mainly from the first game being terrible (ZX had 5 primary forms in ZX, HX, LX, FX, and PX and the last three were really only useful when the game made it mandatory.) while ZXA has reasonable use for (barely) more than 2/5ths of its form (FX got way buffed by less i-frames on bosses, now there's several major foes it kills in seconds.). Too bad it never got a third game that improved on all the development lessons.
I just finished Spec Ops: The Line. A storytelling masterpiece. It was interesting to play as somebody with PTSD and commit war crimes. The game controls got in the way several times but that's a minor issue. This is one of those games that makes you feel something even if it's unpleasant. A shame this series got cancelled. Players are too attached to always being "good" guys or invincible superheroes all the time.
Don't fall for it
I don't play videogames anymore, though I still visit this board.
>>440690 > Players are too attached to always being "good" guys <GTA <Saints Row <Payday <Manhunt <Kane and Lynch <Drakengard <Overlord <Army Corps of Hell <What Did I Do To Deserve This, My Lord <God of War <Deception <Blood
(1.04 MB 640x655 ClipboardImage.png)

(250.22 KB 300x333 ClipboardImage.png)

(1.73 MB 931x1295 ClipboardImage.png)

(1.21 MB 1200x671 ClipboardImage.png)

>>436180 <Oracle of Ages it's leagues better than I was expecting. My retard brain definitely misses the action that Seasons has, and don't get me wrong, Ages does indeed have action in it. But it's not to the absurd level of almost run and gun with a sword kind of shit that Seasons has built in to it. The puzzles are fucking incredible, however. I'm genuinely kind of shocked they put this kind of shit into a kids game, given even as an adult it stumped me a lot of times, and forced me to really check my entire toolbox to see what I'd overlooked. It's great, would recommend. <SMB Banana Mania Pretty good. I barely played the OG 2, but even I can tell the physics are kind of thrown off by the lowered acceleration. At the same time, I also can't say I hate them, since the intent behind them clearly succeeded. Said intent being to let players fine tune movements at lower speeds, more easily without throwing the monkey all over the place. Still, I wish there was a way to just unlock the OG physics in the game's shop, or something. If Unity can support Project Hero, there's no way it can't match the OG SMB physics if not 1:1, at least like, 98:100 or something. <Guilty Gear Strive Second actual fighting game I've sank time into, I don't count Smash. I'm digging it, the fact that the tutorials actually explain everything in the game, has me liking it a lot more than the time I sank in Pokken, where you kinda just had to guess on shit beyond basic combos IIRC. But it's great. Dunno how it stacks up to the rest of the series, I'm hearing it's akin to like going from SF3 to V in terms of depth, but since it's my first GG game I really dig what's here. Also it's helped me realize I actually really fucking love fighting games, and throwing down with other players over it. So that's a plug. <Sonic Spinball After having played the shit out of Demon's Tilt and Pinball Deluxe Reloaded, as well as the Zen Pinball/Pinball FX series, since the last time I seriously played this game, I gotta say it's a lot better than I remembered. People complain about Sonic's ball speed in this, even on the fast mode, but honestly if a pinball table had the ball speed Sonic does in the genesis games/mania, it'd be an absolutely absurd slope. That and the way the physics work, there are things in this that you can do on a pinball table, but not in a Sonic game. Things like backhanding and dead flipping, but alley passes area no go, but none of these you can do in Sonic games to begin with. The shots on the tables are also pretty good, and there's a lot of little guides you can rely on for shots off screen, and even small indicators for if a shot's safe or not like in The Machine. Overall I can see why Spinball is the much maligned genesis spin-off. Because it's a pinball game starring sonic, not a sonic game with a focus on pinball. And in turn, you gotta be actually good at pinball to get the most out of it, which even at the time of release, wasn't exactly common.
>>440720 Good guys as in characters you can't completely hate because the story gives them some degree of relatability in order for you to self-insert as them. And some of those examples also fall into being unstoppable superheroes in that you are a demi-god or abomination where 'might makes right' so standard morality rules go out of the window. Or maybe it's not know beforehand that you are actually the villain is how these twists work nicely. >>440701 If I wasn't a NEET, I would only have enough energy to screw around anime Mario Party for a couple of hours before turning in for work next morning.
>>440740 Work days I usually play CSGO and CSS Zombie Escape maps. Highly enjoyable casual pastime
I was playing Secret Of Mana in a SNES emulator for something to do. I played it for a few minutes, though it was fairly meh. There was an item "candy" I imagine when i was a kid I may have liked this game. Though the dialogue was a bit annoying to read. Another game I was playing was MyonMyon on Android. It's a Touhou spin off game. It's a neat game, though not for the faint of heart. the typical game of this i last maybe a few minutes and that's when I'm doing well. It's not as hard as the actual touhou games that were on the PC. I dont play video games much anymore, since a lot of video games kind of suck and are more of the same. I havnt played a game console much since the ps2. I did play some ps3 on my roomies ps3. Though consoles are just too expensive for me to bother with. I rather game on my PC or on a phone. I play Tetris on my gameboy. It's still a good game. I'm surprised these things still work in this day in age.
Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous. Performance issues galore, load times are long and get longer, loading screens whenever you move between an area, including when going in and out of a house or in and out of crusade management, stuttering whenever particle effects occur such as when you kill something or cast a spell. Entire weapon classes are useless since there's nothing good in them. They do give you a weapon that can change into whatever you want, but it's useless against two enemy categories that show up a lot later in the game. Bugs are plentiful, such as Hold Monster paralyzing humans. Cannot recommend unless you really want an RPG.
best $60 ive ever spent
>>440784 > Hold Monster paralyzing humans. That's not a bug. Hold Monster is a better version of Hold Person that works on "any living creature" (anything other than undead, construct and things explicitly immune) instead of a humanoid.
>>436385 What's that second game, looks fun.
>>440867 >What's that second game, looks fun. Castlevania: Lament of Innocence. https://www.yewtu.be/watch?v=Jnal7OwIN2k
(124.81 KB 616x353 capsule_616x353.jpg)

I just played Steel Assault. It was okay but I can't help but feel disappointed, especially considering this game took 6 years to make. >way too short overall (~30 minutes). needed at least two more stages. >nothing to keep you coming back aside from 1CC >higher difficulty levels only change damage taken and i think enemy health. >tether mechanic was underutilized and i was never truly put to the test with it. >the motion sensor hazards were a worthless inclusion that can be easily avoided and add nothing to the level design. >final boss' second phase can be brute forced with close range attacks if you have enough health. >no scoring system whatsoever there also isn't a co-op mode and while that doesn't bother me, i can imagine that being a bummer for a lot of people.
(80.64 KB 616x353 luckys tale.jfif)

I've recently been playing New Super Lucky's Tale. You know what? It's fun. It's simple and easy, and it has all the charm of a typical Microsoft game where middle-managers file off anything that might be interesting for the sake of mass-appeal, but it's a decent mascot platformer. It feels a bit out of time and place to be honest. If you miss the old mascot platformers I'd say give it a go. It's not super challenging but for want of a better word I'd call it "comfy". BTW finished Metroid Dread in under 4 hours, next I'm doing it on Hard to get those other three ending image unlocks. Then once that's done I'll go and get 100% item completion. On replaying it I can appreciate the flow of the game much more. Usually the next objective/powerup is only a few minutes away with a boss or two in between so it's easy and intuitive to speedrun but it also rewards exploration and doesn't herd you as egregiously as Fusion and ZM did.
>Hades >Sekiro Both excellent must plays. Truly the best games released in their years
>>436187 >"Ary and the Secret of Seasons" It's weird how I've never heard about that one before, looks like a Zelda like game right? Is it complete garbage or something or why does no one ever talk about it?
>>440915 I played NSLT before, it was alright. I was trying to get everything, but in the end I didn't 100% it because after you complete the main stuff there are more levels that appear that I didn't bother completing. The auto-run levels are kind of strange as there's no reason to be automatically running and there are plenty of levels where you don't auto-run. So why not give some reason for it? Like have something chasing the fox.
>>440993 Ary and the Secret of Seasons lacks polish, but it's still decent IMO. I liked the central game mechanic where you can make a radius around the character change to another season to reveal certain things. Like removing ice or freezing water and IIRC the season of spring made climbable vines. There was a boss fight with a guy who makes spiky waves of ice and you use the season of summer to remove the ice. There are of course dungeons that utilize these mechanics. You can even fuck around with water since the water level is different per season. You can make like a bubble of a certain season that removes or adds water and you can swim or fall through it although I think you have to unlock the ability to swim underwater. It takes a while to get all the abilities and seasons. As mentioned before there is various clothing, but I think it was purely cosmetic. Biggest lack of polish is in the desert. Seems like they wanted to do more with it, but didn't so it's pretty empty. Kinda wish they put in more content. In the beginning Ary has short hair, but stuff happens then she cuts her hair short to look like a boy because only boys get the responsibility of the seasons or something. It seemed like they were trying to do some Mulan shit, but that gets dropped quickly since plenty of NPCs recognize Ary thus defeating any attempt to look like a boy. Her short hair is cute though; has two thick strands that stick up and are rigged to bounce around when she moves. If you want something like Oracle of Seasons, but in a 3D Zelda maybe it's not 100% that, but you get to mess with seasons, do dungeons, fight bosses, so eh close enough.
>>441089 this game desperately needs a nude mod
>>441090 >>441089 I see thx, ​will probably try it out soon. I guess you can't change her hair back to how it was right? I'm not rly a fan of that cut tbh.
On a final note regarding Ary and the Secret of Seasons: There's a place that looks like a cathedral. When you go in there it wants you to do stuff with metal balls, but it's definitely possible to fuck it up and get soft locked where one of the metal gates won't open so be careful in there. If you get into the rafters and do some good platforming along the walls making your way to the upper landing where the boss fight is, you can sequence break the dungeon and fight the boss early without doing the busy work required to open the way. I wouldn't recommend this though as it could maybe mess up your save. >>441093 If a nude mod for Ary exists I don't know where you'd find it. For example, nudepatch.net has many nude mods but they don't host loli nude mods. Many modding sites won't host that. >>441096 >I guess you can't change her hair back to how it was right? I'm not rly a fan of that cut tbh. Same. I liked her long hair better, but I can live with the tomboy cut. Seems you're stuck with it unless you find a mod.
>>441100 allthefallen
>>441102 Requires an account and doesn't cover as many games. Thanks anyway. Which gender selection grants me instant mod powers on the forums?
>>441118 Nobody ever said "it has what you want and also isn't full of faggots."
been playing pee shi enjin shi dee desu. I'm really intruiged by the sort of mismatch of low-tech and hi-tech shit going on, its what the sega-cd wished it could be. Kinda reminds me of DOS games. Needless to say its all shoot em ups, my preference being cute-em-ups. Tried a Sailor Moon game thinking it was an RPG, but it is a visual novel, heh. I like the pixel art animation with voice acting and chip tunes, its way more classy than full motion video bullshit of future generations. Its like NES 2.0++ with voice acting and animation but still shitty PSG audio/music. Interesting. Was this thing for rich niggaz? Why was it so much better than sega-cd?
Sunless Sea, gor drawn into it pretty hard. Waiting for Sunless Skies to go on sale. Would definitely recommend trying it out. If you like the writing, then it's for you. It's writing and atmosphere are what's good about it, gameplay is subpar so no need to subject yourself to it if you don't like the lore and writing.
(17.33 KB 460x215 Them_and_Us.jpeg)

(54.95 KB 1280x720 Game_options.jpeg)

(46.59 KB 1280x720 OTS.jpeg)

Them and Us, cleared it and got the bad ending then just had reload and stay the route for the neutral ending. >Do you recommend playing it or not? Yes, it's an interesting attempt of having both fixed camera and over the shoulder options into one game (First person view is a DLC).
>>441577 >Why was it so much better than sega-cd? It was aimed at and primarily successful among the Japanese, whereas the Genesis+Sega CD targeted Western shores and barely existed in glorious Nippon. The PC Engine could also display 482 of its 512 color palette per frame the Genesis could only display 61 of 512, this matters considerably when looking at digital pictures of anime girls drawn by competent artists from the time.
>>441708 >having both fixed camera and over the shoulder options into one game Good on them. Crapcom couldn't even be bothered to try and pull that one off.
(130.62 KB 850x849 waht.jpg)

>>441708 >First person view is a DLC
(111.22 KB 1001x517 DLC.jpg)

>>441708 Posted that too quick >Is it any good? The game is a decent survival horror. Item management is similar to old RE games(starts with 2 slots then 6 and 8 through story progression). Enemy variety consists of zombies, cultists and otherworldly monsters with the first two having some variants. Weapons are your standard knife, pistol, shotgun, there's a bowgun which somewhat acts as a RE2/3's grenade launcher with the ammo variants and the submachinegun. Puzzles aren't too hard but won't handhold you either (I did get stuck for a bit since some of the key items are dropped by a specific cultist and I've been juking most of them). There's 5 endings and most seem to be related to what you do at the end. >>441923 Pic related
>>441923 >First person view is a DLC In this case the game was retrofitted after release for first person, which required fucking around with a lot of assets and code. If they've gone to that effort then I guess it's OK to charge for it, as it was something created afterward and not intended for the original release (unlike CDPR's "free" DLC for Witcher 3).
>>441923 >>441708 >It's only two dollar. Why make it paid DLC in the first place if it's that fucking cheap? I expected to be mad but now I'm just baffled.
>>442490 Because it's costly enough to make that it justifies a price tag but it isn't so much work that you need to charge more than $2, probably the main cost here is making new FPV models for weapons and hands and a few animations.
I've been rotating through three FPS at the moment >Overload I lost track of which replay this is. I really like this game and wish there were more newer 6DoF games out like this. I still fucking hate Golems and Valkryies as enemies and think they fairly slow the game down when they're introduced but otherwise this is what I think the FPS of the 2010s is. It's so much fun, the level design is great, the combat is fantastic, I love the music and I find it just so much fun to play. It's a shame that according to the devs this didn't perform as well as they had hoped. >Arthurian Legends This is a newer released game, I think the closest thing I can think of is Witchaven by Capstone but I feel this plays much better. Very meaty melee combat that's challenging enough but gives you enough options to avoid damage if you're skilled enough. My issues are is that movement is a bit on the slow side, I understand why because dashing around at the speed of doomguy in melee combat would trivilize everything but at the same time I wish it was faster for when I go for secret hunting. My second and more pressing issue is that the game is very technically in a rough state with FPS drops, HUD size mismatches and whathaveyou. I think it's an engine problem according to the dev's posts on the steam forums because the game is not technically demanding(at least just looking at my resource monitor while it's running) and there's nothing in the options menu to turn on or off, but it drops down to 30-40 in various places. I wish they'd fix it because I'd like to play more of the game considering how much I'm liking it so far. >Vomitoreom another one of those "I made a GZdoom total conversion and am selling it" games like Hedon. This one's more of a metroid type game with a focus on exploration, getting key ability items which open up more exploration. It's nice but it's also fairly rudimentary and considering how I've played 20 minutes and am 33% secrets discovered out of what I assume are all the secrets in the game, I think this will be a short game. It's a shame because I'm liking it and I've been starved for a decent metroid styled game for a while. I'm not sure whether or not I should give Dread a shot. I've seen anons say it's decent but I've also hated Fusion and I'm very biased against Mercury Steam thanks to their Castlevania titles.
>>442596 Give Dread a shot. It doesn't hold your hand like Fusion and it doesn't herd you in one direction as severely (hence the Twitter complaints about "getting lost" and not knowing where to go next) and there are plenty of chances for backtracking and some great sequence breaks have already been discovered. While it might not be saying much, it's the best game Mercury Steam has made yet though that could be the Nintendo factor forcing them to competence since this is their first home console first-party franchise title and not a handheld remake or a third party licensed game. It's not perfect, but the sheer fact that half of Twitter is calling it "problematic" for being too difficult is a strong recommendation in my book. Even Jaffe, the guy behind God of War and Twisted Metal, got his ass blasted for being unable to find a "secret" that was clearly visible on his map using a technique (i.e. shooting fucking walls) that was clearly explained at the beginning of the game and during loading screens. The salt is delicious. Also, Samus just moves really well and feels extremely tight to control. It might be heresy to some, but she moves better in Dread (and Zero Mission) than she did in Super. You can see in one vid how you keep momentum/spark wall jumping while speed boosting. I did not get this powerup that way, I stored my shine from an area above and bombed down to get this one.
>>442607 As much as I like Super I liked A2MR in terms of control the most mainly because it felt like the "smoothest" of the bunch. Super feels kind of shackled on the SNES hardware to me in a way I find hard to describe besides "powerbombs are slow".
(147.71 KB 670x720 kys kike.jpg)

>>440726 >Strive
>>436180 i haven't played a video game in like 2 years..
>>442618 That’s good, man. Keep it up. Video games are ultimately counterproductive to society.
>>442631 Yeah. Fuck video games. Why are we here again?
>>442596 Well, I finished Vomit in an hour spread out over the day. Just as short and basic as I feared but it was fun I suppose, not really crazy about GZdoom bosses being "circular arena, throws loads of projectiles at you but is super easy to actually just circle strafe" because it's just a minute or two of me holding down the fire button and circle strafing. Not that I'm claiming any of doom's original bosses were amazing or anything but I don't like it. So far the only bosses I liked in an FPS were the ones from Wrack and that wasn't even particularly good. I'll say looking at Dread all I really want to do is find a really good 2d indie metroid-like to play. I'm itching to go play Hollow Knight again but I must have replayed that 5-6 times + mods like the gunslinger one, lightbringer, the dash one(moth something?) so it's kind of played out for me. Mainly because I'm still not sure if I can get over my bias over Mercury Steam, but also because I haven't emulated a Switch game yet and I'm not sure how well Dread's going to emulate on my machine or even where to get the dump/emulator.
Just finished Momodora, not sure what to think about it, had fun but its kinda flawed as well. I liked the atmosphere it's cute and charming although it gets a little dark towards the end. The gameplay was fun but it has pacing issues imo, you get the fun items and moves a little too late so you only have them for the last few bosses while you feel a rather weak at the beginning. My biggest issue is the map though, you go somewhere and there are multiple paths, you pick one and there are again multiple paths, you pick the next and end up with multiple paths yet again. In the end, most of these paths are connected to each other and there are even shortcuts for backtracking you can unlock etc. so its not that bad, but you feel extremely lost at times especially as there is like no way to tell if you are going into the right direction or you did a loop and end up where you started. I'm a retard so I didnt know that this one is actually the 4th Momodora game, are 1-3 worth playing does anyone know?
(479.99 KB 499x209 want a smoke.gif)

gave up trying to find something new to play and I'm back to dark souls 3 again
>>443009 They're not as polished but I found them worth a play. Minoria on the other hand is complete shit and you should not play it. Especially if you're like me and you really, REALLY hate 2d games where a busted parry/counter attack mechanic exists that completely overshadows everything else the game has for combat mechanics.
>>443009 I'm going to own my own shittiness here. I played Momodora on the off chance that it was a competent action game with some thrown in cheesecake, whereas it was just a competent action game. This is entirely my own fault for hoping the game would be something it never portrayed itself as. >>442671 To talk about video games we played before we cared about our time too much to play video games but not enough to stop talking about them, surely >>442610 Well, that's because AM2R has the benefits of arriving after Super and learning from its deficiencies, and also because it was on a superior platform. Given that it was made by amateurs with no agenda and was portraying a Metroid game that was contemporary with beloved entry Super Metroid, it really should feel like a smoother version of what Super Metroid did right. >>442490 Remember horse armor? The whole idea of microtransactions is that they're small enough that many people's philosophical objections to paying money for things they shouldn't have to pay for is supposed to be overruled by how little money they have to spend on it.
(516.20 KB 420x490 ClipboardImage.png)

(352.07 KB 1920x1080 20211018002059_1.jpg)

(303.20 KB 1920x1080 20211018002141_1.jpg)

(1.94 MB 1280x720 ClipboardImage.png)

Unfortunately XEMU can't run Unreal Championship 2 just yet. but I was in the mood so instead I decided to play Unreal Tournament for the first time. I played on Adept since judging by descriptions that seems to have it so bots aren't handicapped by moving slower then the player. For the most part things went pretty well. That is save for CTF Hydro, I was on that Fucking map for an Hour and a Half Straight, If I lost when it was 2/2 I would have flipped a shit. Aside from Loving Unreal Championship 2, my prior Experience was the series was playing Unreal Tournament 3 on 360 and being very disappointed it was nothing like UC2, and I tried playing the original Unreal a few years ago, and it really couldn't keep my interest, UT99 on the other hand is actually fun, obviously considering how famous it is,
>>442671 They're a cultural domain, can add to enjoyment of life during time. Say when we're in our bunkers because zog bots on the surface are exterminating the masses with forced injections. They're what we will enjoy after we emerge and defeat them and establish the eternal reich. But yes, a balance in life is needed. Doesn't mean you can't take a breather, your mind needs it, especially during these dark times. That is; AFTER you have your shit in order. May everyone here heed that. ("enough said" they say)
>>445129 I stopped enjoying vidya once i let myself go. The time i got my shit in order, got a job, got my body in check, lost the extra weight and work out every day, that's when i was able to sit down again and have fun with whatever i'm playing. Being to comfortable kills a man's spirit.
I don't know what i've gotten myself into but there's SJW shit five minutes into the game.
(143.29 KB 768x1024 1602726907057.jpg)

Diablo II, not the remastered version. It's fun to teleport around, juggle f-keys and hunt for runes. The story is barebones and stupid, but that's fine.
>>442607 Those visuals are fucking vomit
>>445591 I thought the characters looked cute. Aything relating to Tumblr is completely alien to me, I was like 13 when that site was relevant and I'm not American. Go easy on me.
(119.04 KB 600x600 eastward.jpg)

>>436180 Currently playing a "full version demo" of Eastward. I'm not sure what I think of it. The cut-scenes are pure CalArts and the citizens you talk with are pretty cunty, but I guess I would be too if I lived in a trailer park during the Fall of Man. It's pretty enough, although the little girl is a pain in the ass when she talks and she reminds me of a white-haired Mabel from Gravity Falls. I don't think I'd pay what they're asking but I'm just through the prologue and into Chapter 1 now, so it may pick up. Actually bought Into The Breach when it went on sale for $5. It's a fun strategy game with random terrain and mission objectives, although the bugs I'm fighting are somehow able to both burrow up from the earth AND launch an attack in the same turn, which irks me. Still, I played it for four hours last night, so they must be doing something right.
(82.08 KB 900x856 mars-planet.jpg)

>>445519 >I don't know what i've gotten myself into but there's SJW shit five minutes into the game. I reckon if we managed to track them all down and bury them alive beside their (((masters))), we'd finally be able to progress enough as a species to finally have a moon station and Mars colony within the next 20 years.
>>436180 Too depressed to really play video games. I've been playing Ys IX, but I can't continue with it long enough to remember what happened last time I played it.
(7.65 KB 300x225 barf orggll!.jpg)

>>445879 Not even with your dick, anon. >>445935 >Too depressed to really play video games. If it helps any, games like Minecraft or Terraria help me deal, sometimes. Just quietly building away on something that doesn't exist can sort of take me out of my own head for a bit.
(154.47 KB 1280x720 into-the-breach.png)

>>445876 If anyone cares, I actually finished an Into The Breach scenario last night. It's fun, a new game every time, and it has something that I think should be adopted going forward. Any achievements you manage to get give you a gold coin to spend in-game towards buying new mech teams and possibly other stuff. The only downside to this will be the inevitable "ARGH! I JUST NEED ONE MORE FUCKING COIN BUT I CAN'T GET IT BECAUSE THAT FUCKING HOPPING BUG KEEPS BLOWING UP THAT SPECIAL BUILDING IN THE FINAL LEVEL!" anxiety.
>>445935 better ys 8?
>>446237 Not that anon but I dropped 9 fairly quickly when I 100%'d 8. 9's issue is that it really shows how that gameplay style has overstayed its welcome, it's stupidly easy, flashy with no real substance. Bosses are the same shit, big monster type cunts that swipe forwards but since you move quickly, can dodge and can recieve shittons of iframes through flash move/guard none of that shit will actually hit you so you just wail on these super boring bosses while some fairly good music plays but is unable to actually keep up with how fucking boring the game is to play The big gimmick here is your party members all get edgy fursuit forms called the Monstrums. It's an excuse for more "out there" designs but really it means that Adol looks slightly edgier and with a ponytail, the flat merchant girl has cat ears, the big tiddied bartender is a cowgirl, etc. Gameplaywise they get some movement ability like a glide, wallrun, grappling hook that feels really contextual to use because it's super clunky to use in normal movement. Also for being a big "prison town" everyone feels infinitely less interesting to interact with than the survivor camp of Ys 8. Otherwise it shares a lot of gameplay similarities it's just much more boring. I'd say skip it and hope that if there's a Ys 10, it's a different gameplay style and it's actually a good, fun return to form because the Ys games have been floundering around as below average shit ever since after Origins.
(22.60 MB 1280x712 Them and Us Secret Ending.webm)

>>441708 Fuck these people.I want another Dino Crisis game
>>445540 >he doesn't rebind the skill hotkeys The fuck is wrong with you
>>443412 >>445129 Maybe I've just become too much of a normalfag for this board now but I never had the urge to backlash out of self-loathing on my own identity and burn all my vidya. I wouldn't say I'm the most "balanced" or manly man on this board but I have hobbies other than vidya, I cook for myself, and so on. I guess my most recent accomplishment was finally finding something physically active to do that I can do regularly without being bored out of my mind a couple of years ago. So yeah, I still enjoy vidya, have since I can remember and don't see myself stopping.
Still playing REmake. Finished the knife-only run with Chris last night, now I'm doing invisible enemy mode and then real survival and that's everything done. Don't know what I'll play next. Might just spend the week reading a bunch of books and writing something.
>>446429 Some people are just jaded faggots. I'd say they belong back on cuckchan since they don't play games either, but that might be too cruel
>>446428 >he can't manage quickly hitting the f-keys Do you even touch type, bro?
>>446441 Play 0 with cheerleader rebecca.
>>447005 Yes I touch-type you ape-brained motherfucker, that's why I am able to use QWER/ASDF/ZXCV for skills instead of moving my hand all over one row like a printer head. You are the one who can't touch-type if you have to restrict all your keys to one row, thus preventing you from forgetting where your hand is.
>>447165 >being this autistic and defensive Just chill, nigger.
I'm starting Desperados. Just got past the mission where not-Bruce Willis has to rescue a dynamite chucking nigger from the plantation, and it seems alright so far. Seems a bit rough around the edges though, and not just because it's an older game. It's an isometric RPG-like, but there's no stats or inventory. You have infinite ammo, and each character has special abilities. It's not quite a strategy like Xcom or Wasteland though, since there are no turns, equipment loadouts, hit percents, or similar game mechanics. Feels really stripped down, and I suspect it can get a bit fucky when having to coordinate several character's specials from different areas of the map in order to gain an advantage over the enemy. Seems pretty easy to fuck something up because enemies have a decently long view detection and it's easy to misgage their detection range at the edges of their vision when they patrol. Before I get too far in, is it going to be worth continuing, or should I move up to Desperados 2?
>>438072 I've gotta get around to playing Pointless sometime, everything I've seen about it looks really good. >>445876 >>446226 Into the Breach is a great game, each level is like it's own puzzle to figure out. Good luck with the other mech squads, some of them are really hard to get working well. Also keep an eye out for any glowing mountains.
>>447959 >He's comparing this game like XCOM or Wasteland >He think it's a isometric RPG-like Desperados 2 is worse in many ways no matter how you play it even with Helldorado that slightly fixes D2 it's not enough, really stick with the game and realize the vision cone thing is easy to deal with, you can 'surf' at long distances and run/crouch, you can intentionally shoot your gun to make noise or pile a bunch of bodies with the power of shooting a lot, etc. Again you have your watch thing that allows you to queue up actions. If you want a modern game, play either: Shadow Tactics, Desperados 3 or the game that released recently War Mongrels. But that said, Desperados 1 is a classic for a reason.
(586.46 KB 1080x1167 1631996125158.png)

Played Psychonauts 2. It was pretty good.
(85.08 KB 791x729 gg retard with sock.jpg)

(128.13 KB 603x463 gg wherever, whenever.jpg)

>>448020 You'd better have pirated that shit, nigger.
Just finished the hard mode of Zero mission. It was more fun than normal in some areas, not so much in others. It wasn't much more difficult than normal though after you get some upgrades. Regarding the overall game, it was alright but not amazing. I'll move on to the next game, since I plan on playing the old metroid games before dread so I can have an informed opinion on it. So far however I have a hard time imaging it to be worse than the old games since the game I played, while fairly fun, wasn't impressive.
(46.50 KB 620x355 ClipboardImage.png)

>>447973 >>447959 desperados3 is pretty good. too bad they jewed it up. I found a homm3 light. pic related. I actually bought it
(107.31 KB 230x345 6162.png)

>I was looking for a good game to play in halloween spirit >Just remembered that a game was released 12 years ago called "I made a game with zombies in it"(in leetspeak) >Simple, bird's eye view perspective shooter with a cool song and visuals, only cost a dollar >didn't get it back in the day because I didn't want to pay for a glorified flash game, especially since the flash gaming scene was still alive back then >want to buy it today, so I can have something fun to play for a couple of hours >It's gone >All indie games are gone off xbox marketplace >Find out some other games, like Scott Pilgrim Vs The World are also gone, likely due to licencing issues >MFW plz gib me something similar to play. I want to at least try something similar to that game, even if I can't play it any longer here is how it looked like https://invidious.snopyta.org/watch?v=v5T6qenbdUc for now, I will make due with dead ops arcade, but I will probably look for something similar later
>>436361 Finished the game, only hate the final boss, and the shitty "true" ending - there's no good ending. Anyone played Finale?
>>449307 Renegade Ops is not halloween themed but it might be up your alley.
>>447941 >can't handle the bants >still needs babbys groups of four keys to feel his way around the keyboard Casual.
>>449341 looks interesting, will give it a go found something else on my own in the meantime, might as well mention it since they are rather obscure: company called sigma team made a series of oldschool, bird's eye view twin stick shooter like arcade games called alien/zombie shooter 1 and 2(essentially reskins, but alien shooter came first, and has both more content, as well as more polished mechanics and lore) 1 for both of them is very arcadey, feels like one of those games you can complete in a single binge, if you're good enough, the second one(s) are more indepth, have RPG mechanics like talking NPCs, quests, interactive levels and leveling mechanics. The two core modes in all games are story mode and survival(divided between classic arcade survival and new survival mode in 2, where you get more progression and leveling up mechanics to guide you, rather than random RNG and pure arcade reflexes) Funny thing, alien shooter 2(called alien shooter vengeance in some countries) actually has multiplayer, supposedly. Not sure how that works, or if it's even still alive, but maybe an idea for a future gamenight?
>>449307 https://archive.org/details/XBLIG It's archived here. You could try to run it in Xenia.
Finished MGR for the 10th time, still a top tier game, best game of 2013. Sewer and Marshall HQ sections can go fuck themselves though.
(82.37 KB 486x772 Regina.jpg)

About to start Dino Crisis with the SourceNext port and the Rebirth patch. Any tips?
>>436180 Inscryption. Kept doing well through breaking the game's systems that I didn't realize you need to use the knife to progress, since it's such an OP item and my instinct was to save it. Wound up wasting three runs to that, and then two more trying to get a good squirrel totem and not bothering to deck build. Went and actually played the fucking game on my sixth run. Found out that was only the first act, at like 9 hours in, when most people are finishing the second one, but pressed onward. I was then assdumped five decks worth of cards, in the second act, and had to build my deck from the fifty two pickup the dev just vomitted onto my character. Despite this, he has zero faith in his own systems to compel players, since there's a big "auto complete" option at the bottom of the list of cards you've chosen. With so many options at my disposal, and knowing I wasn't even halfway done with the first of four dungeons, in only act 2 of 3, I rage quit out of sheer exhaustion with the game, and how thin the dev has stretched the game, on an otherwise decent card system. I'm not exaggerating on the stretching part, either. If you're two good at exploiting the systems, and beat a boss before the plot has progressed enough, the game throws an infinite wall of one of the toughest cards in the game, at you. You can beat it, but it's clearly meant to not be done. I don't think I hate it, I liked Battle Network after all, but holy fuck is the design just handled fucking poorly, going from a roguelike to a deluge of cards + deck builder. Because did I mention these new cards in the second act, can be one of four types of decks? Each deck has unique mechanics that are not explained to you, beyond the one type you just got through the first act with. If that all sounds fun? Knock yourself out playing it, this game would be like fucking porn and crack to someone who lives for this kind of game. If you don't like card games and RNG heavy mechanics? Pass it. This one won't change your mind.
Playing Starlink: BfA as Star Fox because fuck you. Honestly this could have been an incredible game. As it sits its really pretty good, but bogged down by an excess of grindy repetition. A modest amount would have been fine, but they went so heavy the game suffers for variety. If hyperspace traps were a little less common (fucks up my exploration rhythm and the peaceful autism of space travel), there were more unique secrets and locations to find (think Skies of Arcadia), and the missions had better variety (how about rail-corridor missions, and boss fights against non-generic enemies kinda like Starfox 64) it could have been a GOAT. As it is, its a fairly grindy 7/10 that's still enjoyable to play. What could have been, though.
>>449595 Near the end of the game you'll encounter a small number of really powerful dinos that will oneshot you, and they live in an area you have to run through multiple times. If you save your Resuscitates you can combine them with something else to make a poison dart that will instantly kill them, where other weapons take forever. Try to have 3 or 4 of those darts handy when you get near the end of the game.
Reinstalled Sniper Elite 3 on a whim and started replaying it from the beginning since I never actually beat it. I forgot just how fucking massive the levels were. I think on average it usually takes me an hour or two to beat a single level. That might just be because I'm a ridiculous perfectionist though and feel like I'm obligated to do perfectly stealthy runs. I've never once whipped out an MP44 or Thompson and I've never swapped out my Welrod for the other pistols. It's been all rifles, traps, and Welrods.
>>445876 I played 6 hours of Eastward and have now deleted it. It's pretty but the kid is annoying as piss and it's just slow as fuck.
>>450973 Thanks dude!
For some reason, I started playing Tome4 again. It's the best game I've ever played for starting a character, getting two hours in, and then restarting because I want to try a different build for a different class. It's a really tough game to recommend, though. It wants to be a roguelike, except that it's actually a Diablo 2 clone in a turn-based engine. It has next to no features of a real roguelike's game play loop. There's very little kit building, because there are only about two things in the main campaign that you really need specialized equipment to handle. Instead, you just tend to keep whatever works best for your class. There's next to no management of limited assets. After each group of enemies you're generally back to 100% except for some specific classes. It's always online and has features that don't work right if you aren't online. I sometimes think that it's only good for spending hours being busy, because it's not all that much fun to actually play.
Currently playing Mega Man 11, on the Gear Fortress levels. I feel like I fucked up picking the hardest difficulty because that disables health/weapon pickups and beefs up enemy health and damage numbers. It's really nice fighting souped up boss attack patterns but on dogshit bosses like the gorillionth refight of the Yellow Devil seriously I get he's a series staple but enough of this cunt it's just frustrating getting killed in four hits. I like the double gear system, but I feel the speed gear is infinitely more useful than the power gear and I'm not sure how they could have worked around it. Otherwise I also really dislike the "faux chiptune" EDM music but having switched to the DLC instrumentals I quite enjoy the music. Overall a solid game but I kind of want to finish it and play the Zero/ZX games
>>446242 Would you say that the rest of the series is better off skipped after origins? Never played any since Origins and the remake of 3.
>>451878 Honestly? Yeah. In my experience the absolute best parts of the Ys games were the bossfights and starting with the party games it feels like they just gave up. This is due to a combination of both the actual boss design just being shit(all big monsters who do big AoE back off attacks and nothing but big AoE back off attacks) and the new mechanics just not fitting(having three very flashy combatants attacking one thing makes visual clarity a nightmare, having the ability to stack nearly infinite healing during a bossfight, having your health bar and damage numbers split up across three-six party members at any given type, having three-six party members each with their own massive set of usable skills all of which pretty much do the same shit with different animation lengths which is one wasted opportunity because it would have been infinitely better just giving each character four or even less unique, heavily tuned/specialized skills and having them level up or upgrade as the game goes on, having the ability to negate enemy attacks at no cost and spawn ridiculous amounts of i-frames, and being encouraged to do so because it speeds up your character animations significantly and can give you 100% crits which helps go through the health sponge bosses faster) so there's not much to enjoy in the games anymore besides the cute girls and music. Unless Ys 10 comes with a big gameplay shift I would not even bother with the series. Yes I'm a falcom shit-eater but in my opinion going from the gameplay of Trails of Crossbell/Cold Steel1-2 to the more involved Bravery System/Break rhythm of 3 was a really cool breath of fresh air and I actually started enjoying myself with those games again I haven't played it yet but I worry Kuro's gameplay's shit again. I want that with Ys because Origins is one of my absolute favorite games and it's saddening barely trudging along in games like Monstrum Nox for a month before dropping them 40% of the way in when I had found Origins so fun on the first playthrough I finished two of the three campaigns in the span of 20 hours and it's a game I replay on a semi-regular basis since 2015.
>>436210 Spyro the gay purple dragon is gayer than barney and his games are shit.
>What games have you played lately? Going through Honest Hearts in Fallout New Vegas. Almost done with my first play through. Halfway through Warriors Orochi 2 on PCSX2. Just started KOF XIII last night. Also playing Pillars of Eternity. Finished Gundam vs Zeta Gundam. Halfway through Tales of the Abyss. Men of War: Assault Squad 2. The Dark Eye: Memoria Trying and failing to get into Street Fighter 3rd Strike Halfway through Deus Ex. >Were they any good? Fallout New Vegas is one of the best RPGs I've ever played. Warriors Orochi 2 is ok. I'm coming from Samurai Warriors 2 Empires and I really like the weapon system in this one. I am missing the Empires features though. Street Fighter 3rd Strike might be the hardest fighting game I've ever played. I'm playing on an emulator and I might buy the Steam edition. Gundam vs Zeta Gundam is ok as an arena shooter. Not better than GSD Federation vs Zaft 2 plus though. Deus Ex is amazing. The Dark Eye: Memoria so far is ok. Nuri is waifu (birdfu?). >Do you recommend playing it or not? Fallout New Vegas is amazing and an easy recommend. Already on my TOP 5 best games I've ever played. Deus Ex is the easiest recommend if you like sci-fi at all. Gundam vs Zeta Gundam only if you like mecha. The rest is too early to tell.
>>451881 >can't handle anything close to actual movement challenges and just wants to walk around forever like in Banjo
>What are you playing? Since i have been VERY disappointed with what has been going on with COD for many years now, I decided to drop the games for good, until they can get their act together(which I highly doubt will ever happen) >Why would you play COD? casual trash, cuckchan blah blah blah Nazi Zombies game mode is part of the COD games, so I have to buy them if I want to get full experience. The storyline for the mode has actually been going on for about 10 years, and ended with BO4, so that's the last game I bought and participated in(I did buy MW2019 only because I played the free beta and thought the franchise would actually evolve, but dropped it when I realized it was just an advertisement for their shitty battle royale. That was the final nail in the coffin) Despite what the COD franchise has become, the Nazi Zombies mode is actually much different, has it's own story, set of characters, and a unique blend of gameplay I Have not seen any other game even remotely copy(Killing Floor comes the closest, but it's still apples and oranges). Since it's halloween, and like I said, the current state of the franchise really depresses me, especially what they have done with the latest zombies title, cold war, I decided to revisit every single zombies map and give it a serious go again, after 10+ years of practice. Didn't feel like I would get a better time than now >What games have you been playing lately? (Good) COD Games that have zombies mode in them, so WaW, Blops1-4, Infinite Warfare and Advanced Warfare. Each zombies title is different, believe it or not: WaW is very janky, as the mode was a last minute addition, but it's the simplest and very fun, Blops1 is much more polished and very fun to play, but has the weakest weapons, making getting to high rounds a chore to play. Blops2 was very ambitious, and every single map is very different to one another ,but this also leaves only 1 or 2 maps that are simple, fun ones, where you can just chill out and easily get to high rounds, Blops3 is the closest one to perfection, giving you bigger maps, harder zombies and generally being a very polished experience. Gobblegums(one time abilities that are technically pay to win, but nobody actually pays for them since they are very easy to get normally if you have played any zombies game in the past) change everything, and can drastically change a game, making every encounter different. Blops4 changed a lot, mostly for the better, and it's almost a different game now. The meta is much more balanced, and focused, but that means that unless you stick to it, you will get mauled very early. Zombie health caps at a certain point, but they keep getting faster, leading to some very ridiculous benny hill type chases in the later rounds. Gobble gums are back, but are not ruling the meta anymore, and cannot win you the game. Overall, I like Blops 4 the most, but it is also very different to other titles. Advanced Warfare was the odd one, adding exo suits to the mix and giving another studio an opportunity to give it their own take. It is a very interesting game, with a lot done right, and exo suits absolutely do change everything. Only problem is that there is only one simple map, 2 very big maps that force you to play objectives(something usually reserved as an optional challenge or part of the storyline, which in itself is also optional), and one map which is essentially just a boss fight, with a very small map that leaves you fighting hordes in a little corridor afterwards. I wish there were more maps, as the game has a lot of potential. Last zombies game I played was Infinite Warfare, which is the second best. Take everything good about Blops 2 and 3, then give it to the OG developers at Infinity Ward, and have them put a cartoon spin that doesn't take itself too seriously and just wants to have fun. Every map is a "movie" now, with each one being set in a different decade(80s, 90s, 70s and 50s, in that order), with the last map being very different, and not in a good way. Take that map aside, and it's a very good experience. Game has a loot crate system, but you can really just ignore it, there are some very fun guns you can use to replace base weapons to completely change how they play tho, which is neat, but I abhore all P2W systems. Gobblegums are a mix of Blops3 and 4, which means they are OP but you really don't need them, it's a classic zombies experience with a new coat of paint and some much needed up-to-date features that will keep me playing this for years >Were they good? Yes, and I broke my records in almost every single one. As someone who completely understands how the game works, I can also say what makes it good and fun, so at the very least I can say that I was not wearing nostalgia goggles for all these years >Do you recommend playing it or not? Yes, I recommend pirating them, but unfortunately, IW and Blops4 are life service games, so doing so would be impossible. IW on PC is like 5$ on a key store, and Blops4 should also be discounted, but the problem is that most maps are locked away to DLCs, which I don't think get discounted unless it's black friday or something, so RIP All I will say is that it is a very unique game, and you will either get bored to tears within minutes or get hooked right in. You have to try it yourself to really know, but if getting to high rounds and finding new strategies in action games, or resource managing on the fly is your thing, I suggest giving it a go. If you only care about one game, WaW and Blops3 have custom maps and editor, with countless mods(Blops1 and 2 have been reverse engineered not too long ago, and have gotten a few mods of their own as well, but not nearly as much). I suggest playing the games in chronological order of release, to appreciate the decade of refinement that this mode has been put thru, especially if you're one of those people that whines that COD is the same thing every year.
>>452341 Zombies has been absolutely terrible since Black Ops 1 and that game only had 3 maps, one of them being a top down gimmick. It's nothing but the same gamemode but more bloated, just play modded WaW or BLOPs 3 you fucking retard.
(4.32 MB 1280x720 Brazilian_moment.mp4)

>>452346 <I never have friends to play with it the post Sad and pity.
>>452346 the game actually had 4 more maps, which were the better ones. you also got a port of the previous 4 maps, with much needed refinement plus wonder weapons, which makes them the optimal way to play those maps today >the game just becomes more bloated like I said, Blops1 gets very boring after a while because the guns stop working after a certain point, which means you either depend on traps or wonder weapons to get thru them. I assume it's very interesting if you're a speedrunner, trying to get to higher rounds, but not when you're just casually playing the game. I would say Blops1 is the game that depends on the nostalgia goggles the most, as when compared to others, it is definitely the most flawed one, but it still just fucking fun to play, there really isn't anything more to it. If you want more maps, people started modding the game not too long ago, like I said, one was even going to have VA of woods come back and voice his character again, before activision stepped in and stopped him(which he was not happy about)
(887.13 KB 1287x758 Kf_characters.PNG.png)

>>452356 I played modded WaW for around 80 hours with IRL friends and internet pals you fucking spic. You will never know the joys of finding out that Killing Floor 1 is, to this day, still the best horde shooter.
>>452360 >the game actually had 4 more maps, which were the better ones. you also got a port of the previous 4 maps All DLC, I'm not Actikikes piggybank. Blops 1 is terrible and so is every CoD after WaW which is are nothing but shitty Michael Bay/Bond flicks.
(61.17 KB 242x364 1430648617368.png)

>>452363 I thought I smelled a Jian
(230.71 KB 1004x1145 EYE casuals.png)

>>452372 I don't say I support the DLC system for those games, or any DLC as a matter of fact, but I am just telling you that you missed out on some of the best zombies content there is. I always pirate games, but I make(or rather, made, since the game mode is over) exceptions for them, definitely would not be the case if I didn't like the mode that much. Definitely still saved more money by not paying for games than I spend on those COD titles, so it was a good deal >Killing Floor I mentioned it in my post. It is also a solid game, but completely different. Nazi Zombies are still where it's at, but KF is fun with Co-Op(so is zombies, but I digress)
>>452363 Many people might say EDF is better but it doesn't have near the same mod-ability as KF1 does, so I agree with you anon.
>>452495 What's the appeal of EDF? From what little I saw, it's a sandbox where you get to use a ton of weapons and vehicles to shoot giant bugs(for the most part). Not saying that's not fun, but I don't see the appeal. The games also seem super janky and cheap, almost like those crappy unity games, at least the cod zombies and KF games have the budget and are professionally made. Are EDF games really that good?
(166.66 KB 640x896 EDF what i expected.jpg)

>>452632 They are self-aware in their jankyness and thrive on it, you soot lots of bugs and sing songs with your fellow soldiers.
(205.75 KB 400x238 Velgata.png)

>>452389 >you missed out on some of the best zombies content there is I didn't The mode peaked with Der Riese >>452390 They happened, along with C&C General pizza nights and joining up Sourcemods and CSSource just to grief faggots. >>452632 For me personally, it's the gigantic scope of the game, the aesthetics and the sandbox feel of it. The coop just shines through a good game. There's nothing like protecting your Fencer that's low health after aggroing enemies with Sonic Speed for over 20 minutes, with a Velgata/Nyx, while he calls you Aniki.
>>452638 I see. I know there is a lot of titles for this series, is there a tl:dr that would tell me where to start, if I was interested?
>>452632 charming time wasters really. I liked sandlot's mech games better to be honest. EDF are like higher quality b movies with social asepcts. They're not really good games but their unique enough and well designed enough to not be actually bad(or at least the one I played was.) It's pretty much survives by catering to a specfic niche of kaiju enthusiasts. Vid kinda related as it's what made me play the game:https://vid.puffyan.us/watch?v=yPfdjlqTSbg
>>452642 >>452640 >>452632 Wrong video, my bad. I actually saw this e-celeb's video and thought it looked fun:https://vid.puffyan.us//watch?v=ddwks5Y6VaYY
>>452648 Also found out about the franchise through an eceleb. This one https://vid.puffyan.us/watch?v=ntDyECvmnIo
>>452649 I remember seeing this video and this one clip from a small e-celeb stream group when I was a child:https://vid.puffyan.us/watch?v=xOmrbDsS-LI I had completely forgotten about the game till I stumbled upon that other e-celeb's video.
(255.66 KB 720x480 Carl.png)

>>452653 >Watch us at justintv Fuck I'm old, watching videogames and the internet turn into a big pile of cancer filled with braindead consumers and cancerous sharks has made me jaded as fuck.
>>452640 edf 4.1 first then 5. Though gameplay wise 5 is better, 4.1 has that DESPAIR shit. and is still fun. You'll appreciate 5 better after 4.1
>>452934 >>452640 edf 4's also cheaper if he plans to buyfag to try out the game and sees if he likes it. Can pirateted copies even play online?
Currently replaying Kingdom Come Deliverance. I never finished it due to the absurd amount of bugs and the game running like absolute shit at launch but it seems like everything has been fixed and the game is really good. I did notice they nerfed a lot of perks from last I played like the sadist perk which caused enemies to hemorrhage like crazy which made fights piss easy and it seems like enemies are a lot more psychic from what I remember as it seems to be pure luck if you manage to get off combos without being instantly countered while the enemy is still in hit-stun but other than that, the game is really fun and looks gorgeous.
>>451881 Spyro is top tier 3D movement design as far as platformers go.
>>453016 This reminds me, whatever happened to that fangame that was C&D'd so they decided to make their own IP? Was called Myth Awakens or something.
(2.00 MB 240x180 im_retarded.gif)

>>452363 how does one into WaW online? every torrent i've tried, the cracked servers are dead or it doesn't accept the key
>>453022 I bought a COD collection from 1-WaW couple of months after MW2 released, for 20 bucks. I think it has happened only 4 times since then. I didn't play with pubbies though, so if you want to get into it you'll have to find someone else to play it with and host it yourself.
(8.77 MB 3696x2112 1021259.jpg)

(2.77 MB 3840x2160 1174389.jpg)

(12.51 MB 5000x2813 1151582.jpg)

(12.23 MB 5000x2812 1151581.jpg)

I'm the anon that said he was interested in Rainbow Six: Extraction during the last E3, and one of the few who actually filled in his report card. That said, I actually put my money where my moth is, and bought my first game in years. There is a weekend beta happening, and it ends in about 12 hours from now. I played enough to put my first thoughts. I should say, this is essentially working off the same engine and has very similar gameplay mechanics as rainbow six siege, a game I do not care about, and have no experience in, so I will simply post my reactions based off what I saw over the last few days: >Why on god's blue earth did you buy a ubishit game? same question I asked myself, the game feels very much like a generic, by the books modern day(post far cry 3) product, written by a committee to be as inoffensive and "inclusive" as possible, but the concept and the gameplay I saw, not to mention similarities to call of duty ghost's extinction mode, saved it in my eyes. >what is this about? story is nothing special(and not very fleshed out in the beta), and it will likely not be the winning point in the game. essentially, some sort of alien parasite took over all of new york, with a black mossy like substance devouring the statue of liberty, and later, the rest of the town. strange creatures started popping up wherever the black moss appeared, and anyone unlucky to be captured near a hive creating said moss get captured in a cocoon. the infection is spreading, and a team of snowflake operators from siege form a special task force to take care of the issue >gameplay loop game is divided into three zones, each filled with enemies and objectives. you gain exp for every action, much more for completing objectives, and maximum amount of exp for completing every objective and escaping the zone. there is an extraction zone that players can use to quit at any time, if they want to quit the game, and they will keep their exp, which will otherwise be lost upon death. there are three zones with a randomized objectives, but you can skip it and go to the next one, you cannot return to previous zone once you move on, however. there is a good variety of objectives, ranging from extermination of special enemies, to killing special hives that spawn stronger enemies, to rescuing captured operatives and civilians from cocoons(which acts as a minigame that involves holding use button to get them out, but also destroying hives that form the cocoon at the same time before they regrow, much easier done with other people). you cannot take much hits, but neither can your enemies, it's one of those games where you need a functioning team to win. health operates by left 4 dead rules, meaning you have permanent health and temporary health. you cannot restore your 100 health points, but there are equivalent of pain pills scattered around the map, and one operator has the adrenaline syringe, minus the speed effect. every snowflake operator has unique stats, abilities and weapons. I don't care for any of them, most are either shitskins or women, all look like fortnite characters. one interesting feature is that your operators keep their health when you extract, meaning that if you extracted on the brink of death, your operator needs to rest and you need to choose someone else for the next mission. it hasn't happened to me yet, but when your operator dies, you have to retrieve them next time you replay the exact same area you lost him in next time you play with another operator, or you lose progress, kind of like dark souls. it would be an interesting mechanic if you lost them permanently, and had to grind to "bring them back to life", but I don't see it happening. >technical aspects game ran very smoothly, and had no stuttering, lag or technical problems, aside from an annoying overlay that made it hard to see(it was just random numbers, makes no sense so I assume it's either some sort of error in texture or some sort of way to prevent people from taking accurate/clean looking screenshots, in case they want to spoil the game or some shit). my rig isn't the best, but the game ran smoothly, and looked decent, all the same. I assume the game operates the exact same way as siege, so it's likely due to my computer being able to handle games from mid 2010s well >final verdict I know nobody here cares, since you will just cry about how I dared to buy a modern day game, from ubishit no less, but I will say I am satisfied with what I am getting. the game offers a unique gameplay loop, good action mixed in with slower, more tactical gameplay, but is overall very similar to the extinction mode, which I enjoyed. I can't be certain everyone will enjoy it, but if you like what you see, the game itself likely won't disappoint. it's very rare I enjoy a brand new game nowdays, let alone get excited about one, but this is one of those rare occasions. while I do not have much gameplay or technical grievances, I do wish the game had better writing, a more unique setting and less shit playable characters, altho I do appreciate the visuals of the aliens and the REACT(task force that fights them) tech, a bit less with the actual operator aesthetics, but that's because that's all aped from siege itself. I have no interest at this time, but if I enjoy extraction enough, and it's on sale, I might buy siege, just to have something I can play online, after I get used to the weapons, movement ect. comfortably enough to play PVP
(873.96 KB 559x559 ClipboardImage.png)

(1.13 MB 1024x576 ClipboardImage.png)

>>460450 >put my money where my moth is Why is a moth in charge of holding your money? >actually buying modern ubishit Jesus anon. I appreciate the long write up, but not at this high of a cost. Next time just let the moth keep the cash. <I might buy siege Think about who you are giving money to. Even the most die hard fags I knew that played that cancer will say they turned the game into absolute dog shit.
(2.06 MB 3840x2160 1174395.jpg)

(12.84 MB 5000x2812 1151583.jpg)

>>460515 I am watching something right now, so I wrote this with one hand and only half paying attention, so to speak. I'm aware of grammar/misspellings >think of who you are giving money to I am well aware of tranny/furry/brony operators, but I honestly don't give a shit. I don't plan on paying for cosmetics or caring about loot crates or what I get from them, I just care about gameplay. I very much hate ubisoft for killing off rayman, killing off splinter cell conviction(aka sam becomes a hobo simulator), and generally making tom clancy spin in his grave, but if there is a good deal on black friday on siege, I might just buy the game. As I gave the extraction benefit of the doubt, and not paying for games for all these years saved me quite a bit of cash in my hobby jar, I paid full price for it and have no problem with it, now that I know what I am getting, but I refuse to pay more than 15-20$ for a game that has pink furry operator outfits in it. still, I am glad ubisoft is at least trying something new for once, extraction seems like a breath of fresh air when you compare what they have done with far cry and assassin's creed, same damn thing every year(I actually got black flag aka pirate assassins creed for free years ago, but I never played it, but I also heard good things about it, but that's about it)
(1.71 MB 957x1200 ClipboardImage.png)

(367.69 KB 602x872 ClipboardImage.png)

(560.49 KB 888x996 ClipboardImage.png)

(461.26 KB 800x450 ClipboardImage.png)

(2.02 MB 1280x720 ClipboardImage.png)

>What games have you played lately? NieR Replicant Ver.1.22474487139... Digimon World DS Digimon World Dawn I'll write a separate post for each. >Were they any good? NieR Replicant is pretty good and I found definitely worth a second playthrough (or, as far as how Yoko Taro's game functionally work, I supposed this is my 4th, 5th and 6th playthrough of the second half of the game.) Though technically this is the first time NieR Replicant has been released to Western audiences (the only differences from the NieR the US got [called NieR Gestalt in Japan] is that the main character NieR in Replicant is the brother to the important character Yonah as opposed to the Father in Gestalt.) I can safely say the two are functionally the same game, so it's not anything groundshaking if you played the PS3 version. The combat has definitely been made more "fluid" and "Platinum-like" ala the influence of the massive popularity of Automata. If you liked Automata, you will probably enjoy playing NieR combatwise. If you liked the original NieR, trust me, it's infinitely less fucking awful as far as magic integration goes, so you'll probably also like it. If you've played neither, at best I can describe the gameplay as a medium-paced ARPG with dodge, block and combo mechanics sprinkling in some additional systems, though honestly, actually doing all of those things at the same time can be murder on your figures. For example, you "light attack" by hitting the X button, you can dodge by assigning it to one of the shoulders or bumpers, but you can also constantly be shooting magic bullets/spears/charging fists while fighting. You do this by assigning and depressing that button at the same time as you do everything else. This can get quite annoying, as it's like playing Dark Souls except one finger must be held down on the shoulder buttons at all times to be the most effective, though, to be honest, I shouldn't even really need magic that often, so it's not the worst complaint in the world, as much as the closest thing NieR has to "high-level gameplay" being painful handwise. As much as I hate the concept of "fixing" games graphically with remasters, if there's an ARPG that needed, god it was NieR. I played the original on PS3 and it was fucking horrendous looking. Enemies, cutscenes, cavemen dad, everything was pretty bad. Game definitely looks less shit now. As far as how I feel about the difference in protagonists. I'll be honest. Boy Nier is infinitely better than Pre-timeskip Dad Nier. He is adorable, I like his Japanese voice actor, and his outfit is cute. The additional lore of him being a prostitute really ties it altogether. Meanwhile, Adult Brother Nier is worse than Post-Timeskip Caveman Dad Nier. His boots look weird, his stupid sleeves are weird, the way he limpwrists his sword is annoying. The way he talks is annoying, and I find his face has the unnerving "Korean Male Idol" look in the remake that just isn't good looking. His artwork has him more masculine. I should also say Kaine's face also looks slightly weird to me in the remake, but that might just be me. I think they made her eyes a touch too large. >Do you recommend playing it or not? Unironically yes, for all of it's flaws and poorly explained and executed mechanics, it is definitely superior to the original, which was already a game worth playing in my opinion. In fact this is the first Yoko Taro game where I felt playing the game did not actively get in the way of enjoying the story (which is where the good shit is) as opposed to the Drakengard shitfests that I ultimately gave up on because they were that bad. It plays well for as long as it needs to, the designs are interesting, the story goes in places most people wouldn't take them, and I like looking at Kaine's penis bulge in her Samurai outfit. The fact they included such a bulge in the final product pushes my score to a solid 8/10.
(124.39 KB 220x197 ClipboardImage.png)

(1.04 KB 50x50 DotFalcomon.gif)

(32.95 KB 346x387 ClipboardImage.png)

Digimon World DS >Is it any good? If I did my best to describe it without nostalgia glasses, it's probably a 5/10 without cheese, and a 6/10 with cheese. The main combat loop is alright, it has enough depth to keep you entertained for the length of the story, though the overworld actively hinders you at times. Digimon of course can digivolve, but they do so on branching paths. There seems to be an element-weakness system but honestly it's barely noticeable. There's a buff system, but it's also negligible. There is an equip system, and it does matter, but really only for certain items that gives moves. What matters most is your attacks. The enemy filed can have up to 5 digimon at a time while you are restricted to 3, and your moves can either hit multiple times or multiple zones. Obviously the wider covering moves com later. Most bosses are "oversized" and take up three zones to compensate for the fact multi-zone moves would be useless against them. All boss battles play out basically the same, but that shouldn't be too surprising. Encounter rate can get really fucking annoying if you're lost and there's no items to lower it, so good luck with that. If you dick around too much the grind can be intolerable, but that's unlikely. The isometric perspective does it no justice as far as overworld movement, and makes it look pretty crummy to be honest. It's kind of amazing how bad this game looks in comparison to Pokemon Gen IV. However, while the world looks like shit the actual digimon themselves aren't half-bad, if you're a fan of digimon, I think you'll like the pixelwork. There's a quest system, but it's pretty poorly implemented. Basically just put random digimon in your farm and talk to them and maybe they give a quest that can involve getting an item or talking to some digimon. Now as far as that cheese I mentioned. There's a code entering machine in the main hub area. The codes for this machine are, as far as I am aware, there's no way to find these codes in the game. The codes give you a DotAgumon, a DotFalcomon, and the Legendary equip set. All of these things are busted. DotFalcomon is a rookie that stays relevant until the final boss, dealing decent damage to the end. It's fucking ridiculous, giving him the Legendary set just makes it even more fucking absurd. I'm talking one shotting bosses for the first 3/4 of the game, and even if he takes damage, it makes it a pitiful "1". DotAgumon is different in that he just has ridiculous base stats, but can easily be changed into WarGreymon, to just beat the game for us once Dotfalcomon finally falls off. Honestly it's fucking ridiculous and I didn't struggle with anything until end game content. There's an entire farm system that's supposed to help you raise digimon, but it's not intuitive or very rewarding. In fact it's probably just plain bad from any angle other than just forcibly grinding up digimon stats from my experience. >Do you recommend playing it or not? If you like digimon, it's good enough you'll enjoy it. if the franchise has no innate appeal to you, it's not worth your time. I can't say whether you should use the codes or not, on the one hand it makes everything pathetically easy, on the other hand the bosses aren't fun anyway. The best part of the game is just wrecking shit with your digimon so I can't say that any "challenge" involved wouldn't just make the experience obnoxious.
>>460450 I only hope you have fun anon, which I can't say about my friends who used to play it since launch and fun degraded slowly into playing while raging/no interest/just timepass because "its the only thing we all play"
(464.38 KB 1194x1200 parasite eve cover.jpg)

Currently emulating Parasite Eve for PS1. The combat is a little clunky, the polygonal 3D art style looks like Lego vomit, and the CG models for cutscenes look like Toy Story 1, but the combat has enough unique about it for it to stand out from most other turn-based/real-time hybrid systems, the music and environment design are great, and the story is actually somewhat interesting. Not sure it's worth a recommendation, but if you're a fan of RPGs and are looking for what some consider to be a hidden gem, maybe give it a look.
>>474523 >Not sure it's worth a recommendation Played it on halloween and had a great time, definitely recommended.
(667.53 KB 960x540 Wolf 2009 Freeze PC.webm)

Been playing Wolfenstein 2009. This morning and yesterday morning it's frozen twice and I've had to hard reboot my pc. Only started near the end of the game. Been playing it since Thursday. Only last two days it's done this. Funny thing is I've had another freezing issue with my computer lately and was thinking it was that, but I'm thinking it's just the game being freeze happy. Aside from that it's okay.
>>474523 Sorry but it's obvious you're underage. >the polygonal 3D art style looks like Lego vomit, and the CG models for cutscenes look like Toy Story 1 It's a PS1 you nigger, those are just indicators of the time of its release. Hell having Toy Story CG even in FMV sequences was considered high tech for a PS1 game. >what some consider to be a hidden gem It was one of Squares biggest titles next to Final Fantasy, and got a sequel followed by a third game that pissed too many fans off. Point being it's was a hit in 1998, not a "gem".
>>474581 >It's a PS1 you nigger, those are just indicators of the time of its release. Hell having Toy Story CG even in FMV sequences was considered high tech for a PS1 game. How does that make anything he said not true?
>>440690 You literally played a game where the devs went full fag when they realized that no one would take the bad guy option so they couldn't talk down to you, and removed the actual choice in development. You got scammed my dude
(663.48 KB 500x500 ClipboardImage.png)

Sengoku Rance. I'm shit at it. I'm cheating. You can't stop me. 8/10, pretty entertaining.
The Division 2. Feels like an improvement over the first game but it still suffers from some of the issues the first game had like some missions that are kind of bullshit (fight through a swarm of dudes, quite a few of whom are armored in less than two minutes to destroy a few jammers which seriously fuck up your vision and prevent you from using your abilities and then immediately fight a boss accompanied by a fuck ton of enemies immediately after destroying the final jammer because fuck you). It feels like a good number of the main missions were meant to be played in co-op which is stupid because there's no guarantee you're going to find many people grinding the fuck out of those early missions
>>474571 Wolfenstein 2009 was alright. My issue with it was that it felt more like a Call of Duty game than anything else since you had regenerating health, grenade indicators, and grenade spamming nazis. The fact that the more exotic weapons were super weapons you rarely got to use, the non exotic weapons were just your standard issue WWII shooter arsenal, and the fact that the vast majority of enemies were just standard nazis didn't help much either. If you took a bunch of screen shots at random intervals throughout the game they'd be pretty much indistinguishable from a Call of Duty or Medal of Honor game
>>474646 >I'm shit at it That game fugged me up at first too, but eventually you will get it. >>474523 >hidden gem >hidden >Parasite Eve What? >>474585 I believe anon is making the argument that judging a game made back then by today's graphical standards is unfair. He is not discrediting what he said by the looks of it to me. >>474599 (checked) Yeah I remember trying that game after a friend wouldn't shut the fuck up about it. The fact they railroad you into something and then try to act like you made a choice to do so is retarded and ruins the impact of the event completely. >>475019 Not going to lie I'm amazed anyone here would even bother playing modern ubishit these days. >It feels like a good number of the main missions were meant to be played in co-op which is stupid because there's no guarantee you're going to find many people Stuff like that makes me wish more games let you take AI party members to cover for that shit. Yeah they were usually never that good in most games that offered them, but they were 100% better than nothing.
>>475019 The eternal problem with games that strongly encourage co-op is making missions that are achievable by single players (so you don't drive off lone players) but satisfying for co-op players. The usual answer is "scaling," but no amount of scaling can take care of the fundamental difference between an encounter that supposed to be approached by four human players who, ideally, fill four roles with some distinction between them and one guy trying to cover all those roles himself (or ignoring the ones he can't). With a game where the missions are more or less about "shoot all the guys, then go to a place, and maybe sometimes defend a guy or a thing" it's easier, of course, than with games that have "don't get spotted" or "do two things at once" or "one guy carries the stupid ball" or "you have to bring an Engineer" or similar objectives, and so the other trend is to not make games with complicated objectives. Someday we may have a generic decision making AI framework for video game type decisions, but that day is probably not in the near future.
>>475059 >Not going to lie I'm amazed anyone here would even bother playing modern ubishit these days. Not all of their shit is bad. They're a mixed bag for sure and they've got their fair share of bloated cash cow franchises like most AAA developers (mostly the Assassins Creed franchise) but they still put out some good games from time to time. They also seem significantly less predatory than some other AAA devs/ publishers, namely EA. The one thing I absolutely can't stand about them though is their marketing side which is generally cringe inducing as fuck, like slapping Tom Clancy's name on everything, even shit unrelated to anything Tom Clancy ever wrote and their fucking awful trailers that play out like those shitty "HAHA GAMERS RIGHT LOOK HOW TOTALLY IN AND HIP WE ARE WITH THE GAMER CREWS WE SPEAK THE GAMER LINGO GUYS" scenes in TV shows.
I'm playing three newer, smaller games at the moment because I fell ill again and did not want my first playthroughs of System Shock and Homeworld to be ones where I constantly have to stop and spend ten minutes shitting my brains out. >Hong Kong Massacre Honestly I was going in expecting a worse hotline miami and got something that's vaguely like hotline miami, but somehow tailored to scratch an itch I never knew I had. It's much slower than Miami, the levels are much smaller and it's completely focused on guns. Honestly I just love that and if HLM2 was a bit more like it I think I would have enjoyed it a lot more, it's really satisfying to play and I actually quite like the music over HLM's synthwave. My only complaints with it is that >doesn't have a quick restart button >Has only four weapons >You can upgrade weapons by gaining "stars", finishing a level under par, finishing a level without using slow motion, and my most disliked, finishing a level without missing a shot. The last one gravitates you towards using nothing but the shotgun because it has a wide cone of fire and pushes you away from stuff like the SMG which really feels like defeating the purpose of having a spray and pray gun like the SMG or akimbo pistols. >Lovely Planet Remix Lovely Planet was this obstacle course FPS where you had this crosshair-less projectile gun and was asked to go through quick 10-30 second levels without missing shots and taking care of all enemies. It had really funky music, a really simple artstyle and got ridiculously tough later on. Remix is a sequel that has every level "set" change your properties while providing you levels tailor made around those modifiers. Classic's the same gameplay was Lovely Planet, Jelly has you lose air control and your weapon turns into this very wobbly noodle meaning you have to aim very smoothly and not do snap-shots or movements. Tactical has your jump turn into a very sharp arc'd hop and faster projectile speeds. Etc. I find it really fun and I wish I could get the OST because it's really good. >Gunfire Reborn I'm not really sure what to think of this. My initial thoughts is that this is a much slower Ziggurat 2. It has the same mediocre meta-progression system where you get increments to damage or health, it has the same "dash except it has a 3-5 second cooldown" mechanics, it has the same "press E to use special ability" mechanic. The downside is that the game feels really, REALLY slow to play. You move ridiculously slow, enemies move ridiculously slow and there's this element of bullet sponginess I felt about the game. My second try this morning I was a lot more open to the game. I think the weapon design is far better than Ziggurat 2's(less gimmicky at least), I've also realized that now that I've started unlocking new weapons and damage types that everything's weak to a specific type and that kind of reduces my bulletsponge complaint. I just wish the movement speed across the board was much faster because I think this is just as slow, if not slower than your standard 2010 era modern military shooter.
>>475103 >and their fucking awful trailers that play out like those shitty "HAHA GAMERS RIGHT LOOK HOW TOTALLY IN AND HIP WE ARE WITH THE GAMER CREWS WE SPEAK THE GAMER LINGO GUYS" scenes in TV shows. IT'S HAVOC
I beat Starlink: Battle for Atlas last week, and finished Torna: The Golden Country yesterday. Not sure what to play next, but last night I was binging on some Daemon X Machina online play.
>>475059 >That game fugged me up at first too, but eventually you will get it. Not worth my time. Too much long term trial and error involved with getting events to happen at the right time, plus RNG savescumming to get some things to happen at all. I knew as soon as Ishuroku Yamamoto caused a forced loss whenever using Rance until she gets captured, that I wasn't going to like the mechanics centered around the story.
(539.72 KB 640x640 duke not reading all that.mp4)

>>474646 There was a guy streaming it a way back, and he failed too at first and gave up
(268.04 KB 1920x1080 maya3.jpg)

(425.68 KB 1920x1080 southern cllif.jpg)

>>476730 Borderlands 2. Im replaying after playing once in 2013, and now playing with a beefier system I'm noticing a lot more, plus my perspective have changed a lot too. And all the DLCs. I might make a new thread for this But the few things I noticed >Game scenery and some environments are very beautiful >the music is also very beautiful, almost fantasy like but has the base of western theme, kinda expected when you have jesper kyd <The action skill only unlockable after level 5 is absolute dumb decision, for the fact that if you normally played the game you'll only get to level 5 AFTER the first boss, which will kill you a lot. Having DLCs and cheesing through few locations give you enough XP to have level 5 earlier, and it improves the game significantly <Main quests are almost an afterthought, and leveling up through side quests are so much more fun Its not an example of "wasted potential" like I felt with Bioshock infinite, but a case of "it has too much bloat to get to the good stuff"
>>476881 Biggest issue I had with Borderlands 2 aside from the God awful writing was actually the side quests. Since they don't scale up to your level I'd always wind up with a pretty long list of quests I just straight up couldn't be bothered with simply because they posed no challenge and the reward just wasn't worth the tedium by that point.
(804.83 KB 1920x2576 4fe476e8a199662362f6b2c8fa5e49ce.jpg)

(2.79 MB 2160x3240 moxxxx.jpg)

>>476883 writing is one of those problems that if you don't pay attention to it you won't mind, but some times it so weird its pulls you out of the game. Anyone has the post where someone easily corrects the angel betrayal and subsequent new-u station configuration? The level up and xp you gain is drastically low down once you level up, to the point having 2 levels above means you're cheesing through enemies, worse the xp they give is so insignificant you don't even use them for farming. And the gunplay isn't fun enough then. Actually I can make entire post about what's wrong with gunplay. I heard the unofficial patch fixing many xp drops, haven't tried it though. And few tweaks from pcgamingwiki significantly improved my performance, like do you know the default corpse timeout is 600 secs? I reduced down to 30 and CPU load drastic go down. Shame moxxi will be remembered most through sfm porn, like lizzie
>>476897 Borderlands is shit & moxxie is trash I'd still fug her though
(217.97 KB 394x447 ClipboardImage.png)

(929.89 KB 1172x978 ClipboardImage.png)

(3.60 MB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)

Ah yes. I almost forgot that I hate Alicesoft.
I'm playing MGSV Phantom Pain right now. For some reason after 4 I got the impression from 4chan etc. that Kojima was making it too serious and removing all the campy fun stuff. But when I started playing this, I saw the chicken hat, the soldier procurement item, the soldiers telling me to choke them harder etc. It looks to be pretty fun, so I think I'll enjoy.
I'm playing MGSV Phantom Pain right now. For some reason after 4 I got the impression from 4chan etc. that Kojima was making it too serious and removing all the campy fun stuff. But when I started playing this, I saw the chicken hat, the soldier procurement item, the soldiers telling me to choke them harder etc. It looks to be pretty fun, so I think I'll enjoy.
>>479236 name?
I'm playing Dodonpachi Daioujou (White Label) and eXceed 2nd. Both very fun shmups with unique mechanics I love, like chaining and hypers in the case of White Label, and a polarity-switching mechanic like Ikaruga in the case of eXceed 2nd. I'm not very good at them (PB on WL is 9.1m, PB on eXceed is 2.7m), but it's fun figuring out and mastering strategies, and the fast-paced nature of shmups makes it easy to fit time in my schedule for them, since a full run can take less than 20 minutes.
Currently playing smelter, an action platformer with a secondary top-down tower defense section as its hub. It's fun but pretty difficult especially the trials that you need to get through to unlock more skills from your skill tree. I'm having fun despite the difficulty. The plot doesn't really matter all that much considering it doesn't go anywhere with it. Just a save a significate other motive with next to no input from the supposed protagonist.
>>479255 The game or the characters? This is Sengoku Rance. The loli that magically becomes a non-loli just for her sex scene is Kojika. The gangraped loli that is the only other loli in the game, and a main character, is Kou Oda.
(Re)playing Code Vein. I actually bought it this time. Hate to give in to Denuvo but at least I pirated it the first time. In any case, it's better than I remembered, and I remembered liking it enough that I eventually bought it. I've played a lot of souls clones and I think this one holds up as one of the best, especially if you aren't the type to be filtered by the beige labyrinth.
>>479301 >replaying That was a one (playthrough) and done game for me. What about it has you not only replaying, but buying it as well?
>>479354 The way controller players have a massive advantage due to their pseudo aimbot is pretty bullshit, though.
>>479317 I'd been wanting to replay for a while, but the pirate version never got cracked past the release day patch (no DLC). I'd already played through NG++ to finish the alternate endings the first time I've played a lot of Souls styled games, including The Surge 1+2, Hellpoint, Remnant, Mortal Shell, Nioh 1+2, and of course Demon's Souls, Dark Souls, and Sekiro. That's not to mention 2d games like Salt and Sanctuary, Ender Lilies, and Blasphemous. I also play tons of traditional JRPGs. In any case I'd say Code Vein has the best story and characters out of all of souls, though a bit weaker on lore and worldbuilding than DaS. The gameplay is also quite good, not the best but this time I've been using a much larger variety of weapons (probably thanks to the patch balancing) so it's good enough.
>What games have you played lately? Life. I've been playing life and life has been playing me, I fucking hate this shit. Also 7th Dragons 2020-II for the PSP >Were they any good? Life's never good anon. Life is hell because faggots want to take advantage of you and shit all over you. Game's pretty cool actually, I have finished it quite some time now, two years ago I believe? But the grind for maximum stats via level resets is just so therapeutic in this game, it just makes the final secret dungeon all the more enjoyable given the context of the game >Do you recommend playing it or not? No. It's for extremely hardcore players only because even on normal mode, you're just suffering. Fuck yeah I would. You can basically select from quite a nice arrange of remixed class archetypes, cool implementation of active skills and passive rng-based buffs based on class and stats and it has some nice artwork for your CACs, with some pretty nicely selected VAs for the ultimate shitpost team, like Cloud Strife, Solid Snake and Kazuma Kiryu going around punching dragons in the face and shit. It's a fairly solid JRPG for the PSP and it knows exactly how to space out the enjoyment and difficulty between dungeons for when you need to put the game down. It requires a bit of a guide for the skill descriptions but once you memorise the hiragana and katakana for them after reading the translations, you basically remember exactly what each one does. >>452657 >Fuck I'm old, watching videogames and the internet turn into a big pile of cancer filled with braindead consumers and cancerous sharks has made me jaded as fuck. <Description : anon.txt
(17.16 KB 500x371 4d4.jpg)

>>436180 >What games have you played lately? I finished Breath of the Wild and Mario Odyssey. I started playing One Piece Pirate Warriors 4 and Bayonetta. >Were they any good? Odyssey and BOTW are masterpieces and I'd like to say they are the best games of their respective franchise At least the 3D parts. Pirate Warriors 4 has pros and cons compared to the previous game, but I've been enjoying it quite a lot. As for Bayonetta... I don't know what is it with it, but I find it so hard to play, never been a big fan of that kind of game, though, especially for how stupid the fucking rank system is, you got touched once? Fuck you, bronze. >Do you recommend playing it or not? Sure, all those games are pretty good, really.
I've picked up Risk of Rain 2 finally and I think I can narrow down what my issue is with both RoR games. The actual gameplay part of Risk of Rain is great, my issue comes in two parts and compounds into one. >Some survivors and stats are too basic. Commando, attack speed, movement speed, jump height, crit chance. This leads to certain items(Soldiers Syringe, Lens Maker, Goat Hoof, etc) feeling too boring except they're nearly mandatory for certain survivors(attack speed for commando, for example). >Luck is over-all extremely random at the beginning of the game, leading to some runs starting off intense and fun with lots of enemies spawning in and other runs starting off incredibly slow where you're just waiting on enemies to spawn so you can get items and then open chests This all leads me to one big problem I find both games have is that compared to other rogue'lites' there's very little way to mitigate your early game luck which leads to lots of slow, boring early game runs where your luck was just shit(I find this applies very much to characters like Commando or Engineer, even with mods like Starstorm 2 and Mando Gaming and very little to characters like Loader, Huntress or Merc where your skill can very much make up for poor early game luck) and you wish you can just skip to the "good part" where you have a decent variety of items and enemies don't let up while you can still manage them because you didn't get nothing but war horns, goat hoofs and cautious slugs when just one tri-tip dagger, soldiers syringe or even just another healing item would start letting things be managable. I wish base stat +% items like syringe or glasses would be removed and instead have your character slowly increase those stats per level up(like base damage, also I hate starstorm 2's fork item for this same reason despite base damage increasing per level up anyways) and instead focusing more on "out there", more active items instead of just flat percentage increases. It's a shame because this complaint slowly goes away the further you get into a run, it's just that the beginning of a run is almost always boring shit no matter how many mods, relics or modifiers I try to fix it and for some characters(MulT or the other bot, the one that's mostly organic) it just makes me not want to play them to begin with.
>>486475 Also another issue I have with RoR2, that's mostly fixed with mods, is how poor the overall balance of surivors and their kits seem to be. Shit like Huntress' arrow rain or commando's grenade is just finnicky shit to use. Stuff like the Commando unlockable secondary is mandatory because of how shit phase round is, even with mods that add stuff like terrain clipping, larger hitboxes, chain lightning and ramping damage the more enemies it pierces. Loader's unlockable hook that deals damage and stuns is just a straight up upgrade. Then you have characters that are just bland to play like Artificer(yeah the mod that adds all sorts of elemental attacks to her kit is great but it feels like it should have been what vanilla was going for). Then you have characters that are just objectively less fun, and less useful than others. Bandit is a load of fun to begin with, while Commando relies too much on items to start being fun. Loader's a shitton of fun, Merc's a lot of fun, the organic robot(RE-X?) is just boring. Huntress is lots of fun, engineer requires lots of items and is overall not particularly fun. Just feels all over the place, the high points are really high but the low points make you wonder when the next high is.
(7.17 MB 2557x1439 SH2 at 2560x1440.png)

Working my way through Silent Hill 2, Director's cut right now. I just dropped Maria off at Brookhaven Hospital. I fucking love the atmosphere and I'm amazed at how good the game looks at high resolutions on PCSX2. I render it at 5120x2880 to get rid of any jaggies.
>>486475 One thing I could say is that like many modern games and any 'competitive' game, the ways you can have fun in here is pretty limited. For commando, you have fun when you're mowing down enemies. When you're dodging projectiles or to an extreme, just traversing the map is not fun, when you're using your brain to funnel enemies down a path is not fun, when you're surviving your bare teeth against a swarm, is slight fun. But I kinda think the devs wanted the game played a certain way and certain way only. Has anyone feel these way?
Just started playing No Man's Sky. It's not as bad as I thought it'd be (I'm guessing it's because of all the content patches they did). I do have some gripes but nothing that makes me want to drop it. The inventory system kind of sucks, can't say I'm a fan of base storage containers requiring power, and there's still v quite a few bugs (I actually managed to make a few hundred thousand units because I somehow managed to dupe a crashed fighter I was salvaging and ended up just scrapping one of them). Might be because I'm still early in the game too, but I haven't encountered many real threats. Hell, I've only died twice so far, once because I stupidly tried to mine a whispering egg early on and immediately got surrounded by a swarm that killed me in like two hits and another time because I pissed off some kind of fauna I still don't know what to make heads or tails of (killed me before I could get a good look at it but from the surface it was like a crack in the ground with light emitting from said crack) when I tried to use the terrain to dig it up to scan it. Still having a bit of fun with it though. Just got my first hauler which was a crashed one that I ended up fixing up. Actually felt pretty rewarding once I got it fully repaired it and it's made base building a lot easier since I can just stash some building materials on it, cruise around in my fighter, and then call the hauler down once I find a suitable building spot. Also people are stupidly generous in the game. When I was in the anomaly station some dude just randomly came up to me and gave me a few artifacts that were worth quite a bit. Still no idea why.
>>486585 > Might be because I'm still early in the game too, but I haven't encountered many real threats. There are no real threats besides maybe the walker sentinels if you max out the alert levels. There are a grand total of 3 types of sentinel (planetside), one type of hostile spaceship (sentinel or otherwise makes no practical difference), two types of horrors (one you fought with the egg, another underwater), and a few more that only appear on derelict freighters (mainly turrets and smaller versions of the same horrors). Once in a while random fauna might attack, but it's never a real threat.
>>487141 I've encountered pirates twice now. The ones I fought weren't too tough. First one I got chewed up a bit because I wasn't expecting to suddenly get ambushed, only had the basic pulse laser, and kind of fought them in a panic. Second time around I basically ended the fight instantly with a lucky borderline blind shot from my rocket launcher that managed to destroy all the pirate ships in a single shot (didn't even realize rockets don't have lock on capabilities at the time so it was an especially lucky shot). Also noticed there's a lack of lock-on weapons in general which I actually kind of appreciate. I've always found good old unguided weapon style dog fights a lot more entertaining and satisfying than ones where it's just a constant cycle of trying to get a missile tone while releasing counter measures whenever there's a missile lock on you.
I've been playing Chorus, an anon mentioned it in the QTDDTOT and I was interested enough to pirate it. The game, as in the actual pure gameplay part, is super fun. You control a fast, fairly overpowered space ship and shoot shit. You have three guns, a gattling gun which is good for hull, a railgun which is good for shields and a rocket launcher that's good for armor. You get a really cool afterburner that lets you go really nice and fast, and while your turning is shit you get a "drift" mode that lets you turn at a much better speed while retaining your current momentum, and exiting drift at an angle transfers your momentum to that angle. You also get a "leap" which teleports you behind enemies so you can fuck them up. It's pretty fun. The issue is that there are two parts about the game that insist on dampening your enjoyment as much as possible >The story You play as Nara, an ex "Circle" elder. The circle was basically this intergalactic empire founded to combat something called the faceless that I guess spiraled into becoming an ebul empire hellbent on forcibly converting everyone to their cause or killing them. The elder's are a bunch of special people who use the not warp to have gifts, basically the primarch equivalent of a space ace with super overpowered shit and abilities. Nara destroys a planet and then decides "I don't want to be Circle anymore" so she cuts herself off from most of her powers, dumps her super cool ship and AI into a temple and decides to be a scavenger for "The Enclave". Sooner or later the circle shows up and she has to go fight them. Neat story. Except Nara's a depressing, infuriating, judgemental bitch of a character that constantly drags the fucking game down. You see Nara's a woman, and she looks like that other woman from Hellblade(shaved hair, face tattoos, scars, basically a very unattractive looking woman because this is "art" and you can't pop a stiffy at a sexy pilot because that's a no no) so she spends the entire time jumping feeling down and depressed about oh no I don't want to kill anymore, oh no I'm forced to kill again what a cruel fate I'm in, being mildly angry at times when the game wants to prop her up as being "badass" and the worst part of all, you get to hear her thoughts. This is terrible because it's presented in this way where the voice actress is whispering to you and it's in the most self centered, judgemental, FUCKING CUNT tone possible. I cannot fucking stand it and there's not a single character in sight so far that makes me want to enjoy this world or game. I'm pulling sick fucking drift runs on battleships destroying multiple turrets in one go and pulling insane trench runs with the drift, Nara shouldn't be going "OH NO THEY DIDN'T STAND A CHANCE" in that godawful whisper voice when I get to hear her thoughts, her thoughts should be fucking eurobeat. >The mission structure The mission structure reminds me a lot of when I played Doom 2016 where the entire game, just as fights felt like they truly were beginning they ended. That's what Chorus feels so far, enemies come in short waves and just as you're getting into it they either stop spawning until you're done with the current wave or you've finished the fight and you're left limp. Or you have these boring talky segments where you're following someone so this dogshit dialog can bore you to death and then you stop for either a fight or a "use detective vision pulses to enter memories/collect items" segment which kills the mood even more. The game should just drop the fuck out of all of this superflous shit and let me have fun shooting shit up, give me swarms of enemies and tight areas to manuever and fight in, don't just give me empty space and waves of 4-6 enemies at a time and call it a day, fuck. I really want to like this game but it seems to insist on taking my fun away and I hate it, I love the gameplay but there's barely fun scenarios making the best out of it so far and I can barely play for 30 minutes a day before quitting. I'm still in the starting points of the second system for christ's sake.
Been getting back into Arma 3 multiplayer. I had forgotten just how bullshit the AI can be. Last night me and several other dudes in a little bird helicopter ended up getting killed because an enemy AI managed to hit the pilot with pinpoint precision. I've been cheating a little bit and using the TWL scope since half the time it's basically the only way I can spot an enemy before they spot me.
(1.14 MB 2560x1440 Sable_2021_12_10_21_38_08_368.jpg)

(1017.28 KB 2560x1440 You ARE the Innkeeper.jpg)

(603.17 KB 2560x1440 Sable_2021_12_10_12_57_56_592.jpg)

(2.32 MB 2560x1440 Sable_2021_12_11_09_45_03_406.jpg)

(854.74 KB 2560x1440 Sable_2021_12_10_20_20_25_114.jpg)

Tried Sable. Even on the latest update from gog-games there's a lot of jank: wandering NPCs get stuck on objects, hoverbike gets stuck on objects or ledges when called, flickering textures, broken / incomplete / misaligned / floating geometry, "climb up" animation triggering on very low ledges or triggering repeatedly, other animations repeating with abrupt endings that do not blend, quest dialogue not triggering, creatures spawning stacked in mid air, framerate is locked to 30 every time I load a save until I open and close the menu. I haven't been through the palm forest since updating, but the framerate in there was terrible. Overall, neither the CPU nor GPU is fully utilized yet the framerate is inconsistent. Quests seem to work so far with minor hiccups, but I've seen complaints about quests breaking so I feel it's only a matter of time until something cannot be completed. The "design choice" to have no animation tweening for characters just adds to the jank since camera movements, particle effects, etc. are smooth thus making the not-smooth, low framerate character animations just look like performance lag. Other than being objectively poorly made, it looks neat, has a nice 'exploration' vibe. I can kinda see what they were trying to do, but their ambitions where greater than their ability. I don't mind overambitious games that try to do things which don't necessarily pan out. EYE Divine Cybermancy was like that and it was amazing. So I'll probably keep playing until something breaks too badly to continue. Exploring this world is still kinda nice despite the jank.
Was Playing Star Ocean for the SNES but got bored and dropped it.
(78.85 KB 625x500 y.jpg)

Cataclysm DDA Going terminally underweight and then finding out about the calories system killed my enjoyment entirely.
>>490416 I recall there's a fork of DDA that is less autistic aabout the simulationist elements. I believe it was called Cataclysm Bright Nights
(78.01 KB 308x320 all smiles.png)

>>490138 Wonderful review, anon.
(107.68 KB 1280x720 Bloody_Mary.jpg)

(210.24 KB 1280x806 terranigma.jpg)

I'm playing Terranigma for the 1st time. Got stuck on the Bloody Mary boss. People weren't kidding about this absurd difficulty spike. Took me an hour to beat her.
>>490235 Quests have yet to completely break, but I'm encountering new jank. I was climbing cliffs and there was part of a ship there with a sealed door, but I could trigger the mechanism on the other side of the door to unlock it. So I got into it from a side I wasn't meant to, then something in there triggered a sound clip which kept repeating forever. I even quit to the main menu and the sound was still playing in the fucking menu. Had to exit and re-launch the game to get that sound to stop playing. I also encountered some objects like plants or containers that showed a prompt over them to show that they were interactable, but I couldn't interact with them. There was a surface that had a texture with big holes and I could walk across the big holes; they should have tiled that texture more to make the holes smaller. I also noticed that if you climb a tree the branches moving in the wind can sway out from under you but you just stand in midair where the branch was. There are big cylindrical batteries you can carry and place into slots to power things; I once placed one down at my feet in such a way that it somehow launched me up into the air. I couldn't replicate this though and it could've been a fun glitch if I could. Still liking the environments and exploration despite the jank.
>>436180 Wrought Flesh is another one of those retro shooter made to scam boomers. Don't ever pay for this unfinished garbage. It's painfully boring that doesn't deserve pirating.
(19.01 MB 640x500 2021-12-10-1447-55.mp4)

(10.25 MB 640x500 2021-12-10-1500-23.mp4)

Playing some SM64 romhack called B3313. It's supposed to be based around "liminal spaces" and feel uncanny or something
(1.24 MB 298x224 Blacked_NTR.webm)

Still playing Terranigma here. I must say... I wasn't expecting this game to have NTR. Especially not Blacked NTR. When you arrive at the United States continent, there's suddenly black npcs everywhere. One of the white male npcs is too busy inventing stuff (namely, the telephone) and hasn't been home in a while. He asks you to check up on what his wife is doing, and the unfaithful white slut is making love to her black boyfriend. If you choose to tell the inventor the truth that she's cheating on him, his heart breaks and he goes to the pub to drink away his misery.
>>490762 Sounds like a dystopia
>>490762 I don't remember that at all. Then again I mostly remember africa and the lions mostly.
>>490846 You might've missed it because it's an optional sidequest, but it's a necessary one for helping that town grow more prosperous. The invention of the telephone and all that. But sweet Jesus. A black guy? I can't imagine how horrible it must feel to be cucked and find out your wife prefers getting dicked by Tyrone's BBC. What a shitty sidequest.
(32.37 KB 480x270 ExoOne.jpg)

Played Exo One. Short game, about 2 hours. Didn't need to be any longer honestly. The environments are neat. Nice clouds. Would have been neat to see some spiraling tornadoes made out of those clouds but I didn't see any. The story and its delivery was kinda odd, but I figure that was intentional to make it stand out a bit. Mechanics are basic, but fun. Roll around, use slopes with your weight-altering ball physics, become thin to glide (with limited duration), glide through clouds to get higher, collect upgrades, make it to the monolith that warps you to the next planet. There were some planets with water you could cut through and launch up out of like a dolphin or just skip across the water's surface like a stone. There were planets with wind, lava shooting up, trees, cubes, etc. a lot of interesting visuals on alien worlds. There was a higher difficulty planet that robbed you of your abilities. There was another part where you have to move between planetoids which were very close to the surface of a sun. Story is whatever. You're piloting the Exo One, a craft based on alien blueprints I think, trying to bring back your crew by traversing space and time to prevent an incident on the planet Jupiter that killed them all. It reminded me of exploring in Space Engine, but more satisfying because you have a unique transforming craft to traverse the planets with fun physics movement.
(649.54 KB 2560x1440 Noctis.jpg)

Playing Aeterna Noctis, finished the first boss. I was a bit concerned considering the reviews were pretty mixed but I actually really like it. It feels so far like Hollow Knight with an aesthetic and story I dig. It seems to borrow a lot of stuff from hollow knight so far, including stuff I dislike >The same tight movement as hollow knight >Except it also has this bit of momentum retained when you dash in the air which I really like >Overall platforming seems to be tight so far which I really like. >Combat's pretty much like hollow knight sans the timed parry, unfortunately. I liked Hollow Knight's Combat a lot so I'm all for this. It also seems to have the same neat enemy interactions, the ghost hammer enemy can charge you and if you dodge and lead them into a wall they'll be stunned for a bit trying to get their hammers loose from the wall. >Besides my potion complaint I really liked the first boss. <Bit generous with the checkpoints <Also really generous with the "health potion" mechanic during bosses. Enemies can drop health potions which lets you heal out of thrones(save points), but bosses can randomly drop potions every time you hit them. Meaning if you constantly consume them it's very possible to just tank the boss depending on your luck. <Also has that shitty part of Hollow Knight where money isn't magnetized to you until you go for an upgrade, except while in Hollow Knight it was a charm, here you have to spend retarded amounts of money for it. <Has a superflous, boring upgrade/perk system. So far I've done nothing but beeline for dash cooldown upgrades because I could not really care for +10% melee damage or +5% crit chance. I hope it gets crazier later but considering how the one gem(I guess the equivalent of a charm here) I have so far is another +5% crit chance I'm not really optimistic. This is my biggest complaint, but then again the upgrade system practically ruined Ori for me so maybe it's for the better it's just shitty stat upgrades. I like the story and aesthetics a lot. Basically God Chaos made infinite universes and free will, and from them sprung the queen of light and the king of darkness. They're niggers and they decided to fight for power, so Chaos made them immortal and forced them to fight to the death in an endless cycle where the victor rules for a while, while the loser loses most of their power and abilities and has to go gather them before confronting the other. You play as the king and I guess this cycle there's something different because there's a mention of a plan being sprung and he was also fairly smug and satisfied at losing to the queen. My guess is it will most likely have a secret ending/boss where you go fight Chaos and break the cycle. Regardless I like the aesthetics and animation(even though it feels a bit inconsistent, every time you get a power or the first boss felt like they were animated differently from your normal sprite set). Also the translation seems off. There's a character that clearly can't speak quite well and is supposed to be a foreigner, but there are also some really oddly phrased sentences(the explanation of the dash is one such thing) by the king. I like it so far but I worry that the mixed reviews means it gets shit later on.
(513.39 KB 640x505 ClipboardImage.png)

(342.70 KB 540x731 ClipboardImage.png)

I've been playing Monster Girl Island for a while and its passable, to say the least. One of my gripes with this game is that you don't basically fuck all of the girls because its a demo, and what's worse is that Patreon screwed over the creator that he had to remove the game from the site. Redamz said that he's still continuing with the game's development, but I haven't heard of anything yet for the next chapter of the game.
(296.00 KB 787x6655 Monstergirlisland.png)

>>492836 >what's worse is that Patreon screwed over the creator Is that what he said? Redamz is Yandev tier, he's not going to finish MGI because he's already made his money. Also like Yandev he buddied up with 4 & 8chan until he didn't need them anymore, or decided they didn't give enough asspats. In Redamz case, he left in a huff after /monster/ called him a faggot for adding a trap.
>>492856 >>492836 Not only that the sharkgirl was supposedly going to cuck you for absolutely no reason at all or a good one anyway. There's more to it as well but the dev is a sack of shit. Just stick to 2d images fuck it otherwise.
>>492865 I forgot about the NTR, that probably explains more why he got on /monster/'s shit list.
>>492856 You got more of these anon? I had a feeling that something was off with this game, like the models of some of the girls are more detailed than the others. >spolier I don't even know why he added a trap in the first place since the game's about monster girls. >>492865 Jesus Christ. I didn't expect him to be much of a faggot as Yandev. I don't know why some devs are fucking lazy and terrible liars towards their audience.
>>490614 Budget games never change
>>492836 The game looks nice but I refuse to support it because of the dev outright lying and general behavior. He said no cuck shit and no homo stuff. He then went on to add traps. His defense of this? Unironically "traps aren't gay :^)". Look, I don't care if you like traps, but he was obviously pulling a bait and switch to pull in the starved vanilla monstergirl audience only to rug them in favor of basic bitch weeb taste when his game got popular. Kind of like Yandev actually. There's way worse shit he did but that's what most people dislike him over.
For years I had never played Dead Space 1 because of it's technical issues, but after finally getting them fixed with some patience, I finished it. It's good, not System Shock good, but good nonetheless lots of details and lots of ambition, just needed more depth, but unfortunately this is a 7th Gen AAA franchise. I started replaying the 2nd one which I finished at launch back in 2011 and found ok, and comparing it to the first 10 years later, it's so much more linear, lacks tension and pacing, cutscenes everywhere removing control from you and characters that won't shut the fuck up. Giving it more budget and making it more action focused didn't help, even the Zero G sections are butchered for streamlining, and the first ones gameplay was already pretyy goddamned streamlined. Art and sound design are still top tier though, and the gameplay is pretty much the same but with more weapons and more budget/polish, so that's good. But the shit that happened with 3 was already happening with 2: streamlining and casualizing for retarded fucking casuals. Dead Space 1 is a much better game, much less DLC fuckery as well.
>>493090 They should have kept it at the lower end of AAA budgets. It could have had a nice niche audience that would have kept supporting it. All that added cash doomed the series in terms of identity and the added fact there was no way in hell a game like DS was going to get the numbers EA wanted.
>>490614 Completed Sable. Not 100%. I got all but the final batch of chums for the stamina upgrades. I think I'm missing some gear, but I have all the masks. Seems they've fixed quests breaking by this version despite all the other jank since I was able to complete the game. I discovered most things on my own except that Wyrm you can enter as a vore dungeon. I saw that while skimming an article online that said how to enter. I went there once on my own, but I didn't know how to get in. There's a journal at the entrance, but it doesn't tell you how to enter. You have to get near some plants, whistle (which you never use aside from calling your bike), the plants produce chunks that you can carry and drop into a small pool, then the Wyrm mouth opens. I could have figured out the pool part, but using the whistle near the plants did not occur to me. I did manage to get to the oasis on a tall cliff at the end of the dungeon without actually going through the dungeon. By climbing and gliding around on things with all but one stamina upgrade it was just barely possible to get up there. So I saw both the entrance and exit of the Wyrm dungeon before knowing how to enter it. I took some closer screenshots of Sable on the bike which could have looked neat, but I realized her hands are not aligned with the handles. Yet again, more jank. Ultimately, I chose the guard mask since you only seem to make one actual friend who you meet repeatedly, that friend is a guard, a tall amazonian woman. Some members of the occupations like the mechanists are welcoming, but they are more acquaintances than friends (unless you count the one at the Ibexii camp). Aside from just remaining with the Ibexii at the end, out of all the choices to actually leave the Ibexii clan choosing the guard makes sense since you have an established guard pal with a wealth of experience who can not only get you in, but mentor you to get you started. The only aspect of choosing to be a guard that doesn't make sense is that Sable is a pacifistic game with no combat so Sable is not well-versed in that. I guess Sable becoming combat-ready as a guard is like a part 2 that never happens since you don't actually get to play your chosen occupation. If the devs were more competent I might look forward to such a continuation, but there's still broken shit in this game that they need to fix.
>>493098 And now they're making a fucking remake out of it because their major cashcows are drying up. Funny how it goes with these kikes.
Replaying Deus Ex. I don't think I need to tell anyone that it's great. Any good mod recommendations?
Minecraft because the new update is interesting >but minecraft is shit Anon, i just want to ser up my little autistic feitoria in a couple of islands and set off to explore the world and gather resources.
>>493368 And it will die just like the others because no one there knows how to make quality + well budgeted video games anymore.
Metal Max 2 Reloaded with the translation patch. Game is excellent, but balance is poor. Some fights are pathetic, but others are 10+ minutes long even after doing all/most the side content you can at that point. Class balance is also kinda meh since you gain a second class relatively early (fairly early if you rush it) and the execution is odd since you only get the second class's skills and 2/3 classes (Nurse, Performer, and maybe Mechanic) of the 7 are valuable exclusively for their skills (getting lesser equipment and stat growths), so there's no reason to use them as a primary class. Comes very close to GOAT jRPG with just the relatively minor issues holding it back from greatness.
>>479301 After finishing Code Vein, I think a lot of the reason I liked the gameplay so much this time around is that I was doing a level 1 playthrough. The game is designed such that staying at level 1 doesn't lock you out of anything (you can equip any weapon or gift you would be able to at level 300), but it does make things significantly harder. Mostly because you get 1-shot, but the companion system helps with that as you can get revived from dying most of the time, so you can treat it like Sekiro where death is just a part of your lifebar. Anyway I spend multiple hours each on a large number of bosses, which I think is what I'm really looking for in a souls-like game.
>>493384 GDMX is the go to. I really liked a combat build in that mod.
>>492630 Playing this a bit more, I have some more opinions on it >Overall platforming design is scratching an itch I've had for a long time. It feels like it's made especially for me, but looking at the steam forums/reviews I might just be in the minority here. Never the less I find it really fun >Overall the game doesn't fuck around and I like that about it. Yeah it's very generous with the lanterns, but likewise the platforming sections are precise enough not to feel like a joke but are also generous enough not to feel like the more 'pixel hunting' parts of meat boy like the IWBTG crossover. >I really like the story of boning your immortal nemesis after an eternity of fighting them and (I'm guessing here) plotting to secretly overthrow the guy who doomed you both to that eternity of war. <The combat needs a dodge or an iframe, a parry, something. A lot of enemies are those "blobs that explode on death leaving some projectiles that spread out in a random pattern" design which constantly clips you. There also isn't the hollow knight parry where you can downward slash an enemy attack to avoid it(or it seems to exist, just on very specific enemies like the sword of light and the flail using women in the forge) so a lot of time the dash window on attacks feels very strict, especially in certain bosses(Garbaldi, the guy in the crypts. Yeah I might be fighting him much earlier than designed and there's a prompt for it but still) who teleport towards you to attack and if you're near the walls(which have spikes on then and cannot be wall grabbed) you're just fucked because you can't dash away from him or through him. <I really, really hate the hollow knight "go find a vendor to unlock the region map" design, especially since unlike hollow knight the maps are far larger, and unlike hollow knight there's no sound cue or visual cue to where the vendor will be. <The game's very pretty, but the visual clutter's a bit too much at times. Overall there's a lot of bloom and lighting effects which are really harsh on the eyes(The Tower of Light is a very good example of this, between the occasional discharge hazard eye-raping me and the rooms with the very bright stained glass combined with the blob enemies sharing the same colors, to the chase sequence at the end with the sword constantly distracting you with the unsheathing animation(instead of the unsheathing just happening when you're not moving because otherwise the attack never actually executes so what's the point). Also the burning parts of the crypt, or the really harsh bloom on the projectiles of those flying necromancers in said crypt, or the waterfall effects in the goblin mines). I wish I could turn that off but there's only a graphics preset in the options and it only seems to control aliasing and not the bloom or post proc effects. It reminds me a lot of Ori where it looks very pretty but it's hard to play for extended periods of time. I overall really like it, much more than hollow knight strangely enough.
>>493098 Not gonna lie, I enjoyed the early parts of Dead Space 3 where you were actually in space. Flying between areas with the Skip was kind of a cool way to transition between areas and I enjoyed the few times you got float around in zero g in space. Honestly I think it could have at least been a decent game if the entire game was like that. It's when you go planetside that the game goes down the shitter. Instead of zero g segments to add variety to movement in combat you've got rappelling which is kind of boring and instead of the Skip for transitioning between levels you've got a train that just travels down a long boring tunnel. Also there's no real sense of exposure or urgency when you're outdoors like when you're in space since you don't have to worry about oxygen and they ditch the whole freezing from exposure aspect like 10 minutes after you land on the planet. The story probably would have still sucked though. I think the only part that stood out for me in the entire game was Isaac saying "Oh thank God" and looking stupidly relieved when he checks one of the corpses at their crash site when you reach the planet, mainly because I couldn't help but laugh about how much it made Isaac look like a sociopathic dick.
(48.61 KB 460x215 715654_front[1].jpg)

(20.74 KB 256x224 374200[1].jpg)

(86.55 KB 640x908 16412_front[1].jpg)

>>436180 >Psychonauts 2 solid followup, uses the events of the VR game to justify power loss without actually saying it. Not quite as ambitious as the original but significantly more polished. Very creative at times. only things I really didn't like was the nerf to the levitation ball compared to the first game, and the lack of new game plus combined with 100% and the last power being postgame means you can't enjoy being a perfect badass at any point during the main game. Even the late game powers of the first game had practical application during the story >Medarot - Kabuto version (GB) it's time to battle. Robattle. This is the gameboy original where you play as Hikaru (Henry in the anime dub) fighting the Roborobo gang. Novel ideas for a mons game and SGB color support. Still, it's clear this is a first attempt and mechanically it's nowhere near the polish of what we got on the GBA >.hack it's a love it or hate it. The story's fantastic. The gameplay was dated when it released, having been delayed until well after Kingdom Hearts's release in the west and it just doesn't measure up. Mostly replaying it for the sake of finding secrets I missed when I last played it over a decade ago and so I'm fresh on it when I play the GU trilogy on PC
(453.73 KB 540x360 GETOUT.webm)

>>494651 >Psychonauts 2 >solid followup That shit sequel is overall inferior to the original
Playing Praey for the Gods. Apparently a small team of 3 guys worked on this since 2014. It has mechanics from Breath of the Wild like the glider, lighting arrows/weapons on fire, weapon durability, climbing, sprinting with a stamina wheel, trees can be chopped down + they break apart exactly the way they do in BotW, etc. Unlike BotW, they have a one-handed grapple hook like in Twilight Princess with grapple points, but you can also just grapple to stone walls so the points are more useful when they're on non-climbable surfaces. You can craft weapons, grapples and arrows. It seems everything requires wood. The protag is a redhead like Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn except not made deliberately ugly post-concept art. Bosses are clearly Shadow of the Colossus style. You climb and attack the highlighted points which are weird bell mechanisms embedded into their body. You can cling / climb the bosses on spots where they are furry. Speaking of fur. There's some nice fur on enemies and clothing, clothing + hair (+ fur?) physics, there's snow deformation when you walk or trudge through it depending how deep it is, there are the aforementioned BotW and SotC mechanics, but one omission I noticed is there is no animation when you break open a crate. When broken crates just vanish dropping whatever they contained. There's no animation for sitting down at a fire, you just instantly teleport into position to cook at the fire. There's no 'wetness' map on clothes after getting out of water. You can't re-collect arrows it seems. There are two separate difficulty sliders. You can make swimming require stamina, you can set it so you have to deal with the cold even when it isn't storming, you can have heavier penalties for not eating or sleeping. I think enemy damage has three different levels. There's a little bit to play with for difficulty so you can set your own challenge. The game had some text littered around telling you how to do things, but after that you have to either figure it out yourself or bring up the help screen. Environments are very reminiscent of the coldest parts of Skyrim. Lots of snow and lots of stone. Temples. Caves. Mountains. Ice. Rivers. Lakes. I get the feeling that there may not be any variety in the environments though - it's just going to be cold and winter everywhere because the game's story revolves around that. The story is whatever thus far. Protag doesn't speak, but those who do jabber on a bit too long. After you beat a boss a wolf drags you by the foot back up to the tower where you can see symbols of the bosses on the walls (there appears to be 7 bosses). The wolf stops to drink some water - I think the water will become a pool filling more after each boss maybe. I don't know why the wolf is helping, but I kinda wish you could do more with the wolf later - have them follow you, attack enemies or something. I doubt this will happen. So far this game doesn't seem to have puzzles, but the second boss had buttons you had to press to activate some things which activates a main thing that makes the boss fall down so you can finally climb it. Maybe it'll get more complex later with some puzzles who knows.
(99.99 KB 1006x811 latest.webp)

Currently playing Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor. My son recommended it. I had shied away from it because an early review back in the release said it was broken, but he assured me it was either a bad review or they fixed it. It can be very frustrating when you're going after a named uruk only to find out that two others are in the vicinity, and occasionally the MC jumps to the wrong place, but for the most part it's grisly fun. There's no trace of moral ambiguity to the kills. Orks and uruks are pure evil and every single one you eliminate from Middle Earth is one less stain upon the land. And it should get boring sneaking up to a monster and quietly slitting its throat, but I'm about 900 kills in and it still hasn't lost its magic. Got it on sale recently on Steam and it came with all DLC for $7-something Canadian.
>>494661 Another thing they have from BotW is if you use the bow or the grapple hook while gliding it initiates bullet time. Unlike BotW you can repair items apparently. I just noticed that and wish I had noticed sooner so I could have fixed that soldier's sword, but instead I broke it on a mini-boss in a colosseum that I wasn't even supposed to be fighting. He just happened to be between where I came from and the map marker for the next boss so I thought he was the next boss. I could just go back one save and fight him again, but repairing the sword during the battle would get me killed since the ginger slow-walks and carves a stick while crafting so I'd still have to swap weapons anyways. Maybe I'll just wait for another guy to show up who has that sword nbd. The mini-boss is not that hard to avoid if you roll between his legs, but if you want to get more than a single hit on his weak point you have to take damage to do it otherwise you only get one hit and the fight will take ages. I wasn't sure how to stagger him, so I just kept hitting his legs and it takes a while for him to stagger if you do that. Maybe there was a specific time I had to wail on his legs, but I don't know. Most annoying thing about the mini-boss is that when he moves around he'll stagger or knock you over with his big fucken legs then you have to quickly get up before he slams that staff down onto you. His staff can do a ranged attack which surprised me the first time because I was waay up on a cliff looking down at him, apparently he saw me, he triggered his ranged attack that casts a magic explosion wherever you're standing. I didn't think it would reach that far, but he sent me tumbling down the cliff side so I started fighting him, but died not knowing his pattern, then I crafted a fuck ton of weapons because it took me ages to stagger the fucker to his knees and the weapons kept breaking in the process. I can only craft an axe right now for melee weapons. I don't remember if I picked up a blueprint for that or what, but hopefully I'll be able to craft other weapons later because the little stone axe seems weaker than the sword. I also found a nicer bow that I cannot craft, but can repair. I've been encountering the blizzards I saw mentioned on the difficulty menu. They widdle away your warmth meter which eventually starts killing you. You can make a fire but it eventually gets snuffed out by the winds. It's better to use a cooking fire if you can find one since they only require one wood to get going and they don't seem to blow out while you're sitting at them. There's also bottles of stuff that can increase warmth, but I don't come across them often. The higher difficulty in which cold reduces your warmth meter even when there's no blizzard now sounds like a pain in the ass. You'd absolutely have to upgrade your clothing at a cooking fire to get more cold resistance. I forgot to show the outfits. I have more slots so there are definitely more outfits, but this is the stuff I started with. Default outfit and the Halloween DLC: Night Shaman outfit + Witch outfit. No, I didn't actually buy this. I pirated this copy which includes the DLC: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:EDCA4716AF0A1016AA06BCC995CDDC391B96E490 I'm hoping to see more outfits with furs since it looks neat. There does seem to be fur physics because during a blizzard I equipped the Nigh Shaman outfit and the fur seemed to deform in the direction of the wind. Wind does effect you gliding so If you're trying to glide in a blizzard you're going to get pushed.
>>494799 Also just noticed that upgrading the main outfit caused some minor design changes to it. Seems I'm not very observant.
>>494799 I went back a save and fought that mini-boss again so I could get my sword back that got broken on the other save, got a better screenshot of him, and wasted less resources in the fight. The wind-up for one of his attacks is actually so slow that I was able to repair the sword during the fight. Only had to repair it once. It clearly does more damage than the axe. The fur looks better in game than in screenshots btw. Fur is using that weird layering effect like Shadow of the Colossus. The next actual boss is under this light in the sky (pic #3). Which is above this door (pic #4) so maybe he's in there. Some other things I noticed: If you play this with a controller the rumble implementation sucks. Vibration is either fully on of fully off instantly with no ramping up or down. Luckily you can just turn it off entirely. It was wasting my controller batteries and wasn't adding much. Rumble got stuck vibrating once and wouldn't stop until I examined some object. Could be some jank from using DS4Windows with a DualSense controller, but any d-input should be hidden entirely with only the emulated x-input being visible to the game. When I tried Kena: Bridge of Spirits using the same controller with DS4Windows the rumble was FAR superior with light and heavy vibration not just full or off so it must be this game's implementation of rumble that's shit. Kena was Unreal Engine while Praey for the Gods uses Unity I think. I don't know that it's Unity though since I don't recall other Unity titles using rumble this poorly. There's a day-night cycle, but it's a bit too abrupt. A transition to night exists, but it's a quick transition. Maybe they thought it was spookier to have night suddenly happen rather than making it more gradual. I don't mind it tbh. The IT'S NIGHT NOW approach is more visually entertaining. Although it could just be because I was getting closer to the boss that night fell so quickly. As I said I'm not very observant, but I think night was always happening that quickly.
Played some more. Wolf is putting on mass. Bird boss was cool. Fat boss was kind of annoying. Big serpent dragon boss was cool. I'm finding more clothes that kinda look worse after upgrading. There are maps that mark an x on your map to show you where caves are, you do a simple task inside the cave like lighting torches (not really puzzles) then you can get new clothes. I also found an "elite" sword that I can't repair so I don't want to use it. There are more colosseums, each with a nearly identical mini-boss (ranged attacks differ, everything else is the same), mini-bosses drop unique items. I can only repair one of those items. I'm wondering why I can only repair some things.
(1.52 MB 480x360 MY fucking brain when.gif)

>Finishing Dark Messiah for the 10th time >With the Ultimate mod including New Game+ >For once try to get heavily into Might & Magic lore <Pic related
>>494799 >>494867 >>495389 >Girl isn't an ugly dyke Suprising
I was looking at top ten boobs in video games list and found this Japanese game for the 3DO and Saturn with an unofficial version on the ps1. It's an laughably bad strip game where you play rock paper scissors with 90s Japanese women, No knowledge in Japanese needed. It's very repetitive and there is no skill involved, but you get to see cute naked women dance. Here is the ps1 rom if you want https://archive.org/download/variousps1june2020thcollect and here is a lets play of it if you don't want to play it https://archive.org/details/SaturnLongplay136TheYakyuuKenSpecial
>>495559 Tell me about this ultimate mod, i got the game recently and thus far ive just been playing it with dickass thief + magic build just because i enjoy the chaos it provides.
>>495559 Once Ubisoft got ahold the series they rebooted it. Dark Messiah, M&M10 (which is actually fairly good but killed due to horrible DRM that only just got removed, and only because it no longer worked), and Heroes 5 onward are all in their own continuity. That continuity is much more of a generic fantasy than the old 3D0 one. By the way, Ubisoft had the interest in the series to purchase it when its old owner went bust was because they did the French translations for the early games... all of which were broken to the point of being unwinnable because the answer prompts for riddles didn't work with French, indicating they never playtested them.
I beat Praey for the Gods. Put in about 14 hours. Before the "last" boss I went around exploring for upgrade totems and tried to get all the clothing. I don't know if I got it all. Each set has 3 items: top, boots+pants, arms+hands. I got the medium set, the heavy set and the soldier armor set so I found 9 pieces of clothing total. I also got 3 unique items from 3 colosseum mini-bosses: a grapple, a bow and a sword. I could only repair the grapple, but the mini-bosses respawn so I assume they wanted you to just fight them again to get another sword and bow when those break. After beating the "last" boss (wasn't that difficult, but they do introduce a new mechanic right at the end with these seeds you have to fling at him) there was a sequence with more big bosses in lava world, but you fight them one after another while climbing up to the final one which is another serpent dragon, but different than the last one since this one has lava and rocks on it with different weak points revealed by activating orbs and I think it's much bigger also. For the final weak point the wolf shows up and you get to ride on their back as they carry you to the boss's head. Wolf doesn't show up until you've attacked all the other weak points first. It's kind of funny since the big serpent dragon spins around upside down sometimes and somehow the wolf is still clinging to it with only its front legs. After lava world you go back to ice world. They also show a scene of a desert world that some unknown person enters. Can't be the protag so it's a teaser for a sequel? After beating the game the protag can continue exploring ice world as a zombie with glowing eyes and grey skin. Weird approach to the post game, but okay. Overall, I liked it. It was alright. Far less jank than Sable. It's an attempt at Shadow of Colossus + Breath of the Wild from a small indie dev team of 3 guys so it's not going to be AAA as those games, but it can give you a little more of that sort of gameplay if you wanted it. It's not as polished, but that sort of gameplay is there.
Playing some Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance via the recent PC port which is surprisingly not bad, kinda sometimes gas weird stuttering issues but that goes away with a restart, nothing's been changed and it's based off the XBOX version which means there's a few clipping issues on models but that's not the end of the world. I kinda forgot just how unforgiving and unfair that game is latter on, even with a meme-tier minmax strat (Ball lightning kiting) I'm still getting my shit pushed in by insanely fast everything that can randomly instakill you from full health in the best armor you can find. Though I gotta appreciate the devs for knowing their stuff was bullshit hard and throwing a fuckton of resource and high grade gear opportunities at you. Near the end too and I'm not 100% on what I'm gonna play next, choices being >Othercide >Smelter >METALLIC CHILD >Earth Defense Force World Brother >AC3 >EDF4.1 Inferno AP999 RTA >>496107 Good shit I've been waiting to play it for quite a while, and it seems that this is one of the few early access game that's not a dud.
>>497909 Othercide and Metallic Child are great games to play in conjunction with others. I quite liked both but I found Othercide's UI a pain in the ass to deal with, the game relies heavily on managing your units health and as such it feels really annoying having them lose so much of that health because figuring out whether or not an enemy can get in range and hit you, what reaction attacks are going to trigger in which order is a coin toss. Those big hunter type enemies that can just decide they can leap far greater distances than their movement distance, AND move AND then attack a unit constantly got on my nerves. Metallic Child's just overall really cool but I feel it has a bit of visual clutter at times.
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(6.06 MB 2047x2447 ClipboardImage.png)

I finished Metroid: Dread and its really good. What I'm surprised to find out is that the development behind this game was made by a Spanish studio called MercurySteam and they also did Metroid: Samus Returns.
>>498228 Yeah, they will likely become one of nintendo's pet developers at this rate.
>>498238 Speaking of pet developers, I wonder what the fuck's going on with Retro Studios with its development of Prime 4
(109.36 KB 1024x768 Samus cosplay.jpg)

>>498246 The basics from what I understand >Nintendo tries to do Prime 4 for cheap with Bandai Namco Singapore >2 years go by, heavy in development >it's a total mess >nobody at the company has ever made a game like this before >higher-ups don't like how it looks >devs don't like how it looks, not sure if they can finish it >Nintendo decides to scrap the whole thing >Retro is hired to work on it this time >everything going fine >pandemic hits >progress slows to a crawl >as late as October 2020 they were still looking for storyboard artists implying they hadn't even finished the outline of 4's story yet And that's about as far as I know. It's a mix of bad decisions and bad timing. Next month the current iteration of the game will have been in development for 3 years.
Decided to give Death Stranding a try because post apocalyptic UPS man simulator actually sounded comfy to me. I'm actually enjoying the actual delivery shit but good fucking lord the cutscenes drag on too long and some of them feel like wasted gameplay opportunities. For example the part where you're in a truck with the CD guys transporting a corpse that's about to necro could have made for a decent introduction and kind of teaser for driving and possibly even timed missions while also kind of demonstrating the urgency of said timed missions by demonstrating that the consequences for failing them are severe as fuck from a story standpoint but nah, got to make it a long ass cutscene. Also Norman's facial hair bugs the shit out of me. He looks like he's got stray curly pubes stuck to his jaw. I think I might have accidentally cheesed the first encounter with BTs as well. I basically just ended up just kind of hopping from rock to rock down the side of the mountain the incinerator is on so I think I ended up bypassing a ton of them. Can't say I'm complaining too much about that part though. Navigating the steep slopes and ledges like some kind of mountain goat kind of presented its own challenge.
>>498386 Dont know why they are bothering with Prime. Its western FPS trash. Dread though made by western devs was overseen HEAVILY by Nintendo so it came out fine. Fuck Prime let that series die Nintendo should concentrate on mainline Metroid games instead.
>>498404 Have you never played Prime? It's technically an FPS but it plays nothing like a traditional shooter.
>>498404 Why are you shitting on Prime anon?
(582.28 KB 1065x561 calm down faggot.png)

>>498408 >>498412 >Defends Prime. If it is not 2D its fucking trash.
>>492630 >>494028 I unfortunately soured on this game. The platforming was my favorite part, but it introduces this "crystal arrow" mechanic where you throw a projectile that you can teleport to. It's a solid mechanic and there are plenty of good platforming challenges to be had with it, but at the same time it's not really implemented in the best of ways(lots of blind teleports or required teleports at the edge of the camera, sometimes you can teleport through just to be instantly killed, there's no guard condition to stop a teleport if you're teleporting into death. But what really soured me is the combat. Here's where Hollow Knight does combat better >You're arguably the smallest thing in Hollow Knight so it's easier to dodge attacks since you're so nimble. No such luck here, you're human sized and enemies are either slimes or human sized. Flying/wall attached enemies in particular are complete fuck to fight, especially the dragons at the edge of the world because their sprites when their wings are up can actually hit you when you attempt to go above them and keep down slashing them. >Likewise all of your attacks sans the katana have too short of a range. It's utterly pathetic and bloodboiling how short something like the scythe is and with how hitboxes seem to be exactly mapped to the sprites, which oscillate up and down, it makes for some pretty annoying scenarios where you can't hit shit because you're too far away despite being really close. >There are no good defensive options. You have a shield which either recharges in a decade, or you take the gem which has it recharge in two decades, but it lasts a second(which isn't enough for most "lingering" attacks so what bullshit) and if it gets hit during that second it recharges in two seconds or so. The gem route seems fine but there's a bug where attacks just decide they have a collision box that you can't pass through and so you're stuck dashing in place or being carried by a projectile until your shield expires and then you eat a hit. The katana can destroy some projectiles but not all, and you can literally teleport behind people and slash them with the katana but it's finnicky and I often end up teleporting into the enemy so I eat a hit anyways. There's no parry, or phase through dash, or anything like that which this game desperately requires. >There's just so much visual clutter. This is especially bullshit when the game starts introducing bosses with "permanent projectiles" in their boss rooms that you can lose track of because every attack in this game is flashy as fuck and like I mentioned before the game doesn't fuck around and expects you to be on point with very tight windows for everything. What really soured me was fighting two souped up versions of two bosses I hated to begin with, with even more visual clutter and bullshit permanent projectiles rotating around the boss room, only to be awarded an utterly shit gem that reduces arrow cooldown. Like holy shit what a pointless, boring fucking upgrade which fits in line with every other pointless, boring fucking upgrade. I don't even want to continue the story anymore despite finding it interesting, especially now that I'm left with two gimmick areas that I just can't really stand anymore. It's a shame, but I really liked the early platforming. And the music wasn't half bad either. Not really sure what to play now, would like another good 2d metroidvania. Is Tails of Iron any good?
(623.05 KB 640x360 you're retarded.webm)

>>498483 >doesn't elaborate
Got Breathedge and refunded it like 20 minutes in. It's probably one of the worst survival/exploration games I've ever played. You're basically leashed to your quarters because you've only got like one minute worth of oxygen to begin with and one of the materials for building the very first oxygen tank upgrade is an absolute nightmare to find. Also for whatever reason the devs decided to make it so that using oxygen consumables doubles your vision making it extremely difficult to see shit so they're pretty much worthless. Also tools have durability and ridiculously low durability at that.
(88.97 KB 448x570 retard.jpg)

>>498504 >Explains why Prime is trash. >Explains because Its 3D not 2D. >Pretty fucking easy to understand the reasoning some people like 2D Metroid better. >Anon replies with "doesn't elaborate" You might not agree but the reason was stated.
>>507353 I prefer the 2D games over Prime, but I don't see why some people bash the games without any decent explanation, other than its not a 2D sides-scroller like the originals. You can make the same argument on the 3D Mario games, but some of them like 64, Odyssey, and Super Mario 3D World turn out to be fine.
(32.83 KB 349x344 Enough of your shit.jpg)

>>507353 Because his explanation is 100% absolute trash on the same level as "Sonic's arms are not blue!"
>>507375 >2D vs 3D <having a literal fucking dimension of difference is the same as sonic's arms not being blue nah, you're just butthurt that he has a differing opinion. Its entirely legitimate.
(129.50 KB 1024x642 anon what you doing.jpeg)

>>507375 >Sonic's arms are not blue. Anon hedgehogs having the wrong colored limbs can eventfully lead to psychosis, trooning out and the raping of mothers. This is a dangerous subject we are not qualified to discuss.
>>507378 >>507373 IMO Metroid Prime is one of the 2d-to-3d conversions that did the best job at capturing the feeling of the 2D games. Zelda did it pretty well, but I don't think I'd say it did it that well. Sonic Adventure got Sonic's movement down, and I'd say Sonic Adventure 2 got the level design feeling pretty well, but Sonic is only 1/3 of each game and the rest is wildly different. Mario 64 is so radically different from 2D Mario that they later did 3D Land and 3D World where the gimmick was essentially "what if 3D Mario actually tried to convert 2D Mario gameplay into 3D instead making up something completely new?" (Even though the new stuff they made was still good.) But Metroid Prime really does capture the feeling of 2D Metroid incredibly accurately. The extra dimension really didn't change things as much as you'd expect, despite being used very effectively.
>>507335 I had an itch for survival sorta games so I tried Breathedge. There are easy to miss things that HAVE to be discovered to make any semblance of progress and even then progress is slow as fuck. I made it to the first major point after which you're given another quarters and the game keeps going, expecting you to continue exploring and finding things, but the pace was so tedious I had no desire to continue. Just building up resources again in my new quarters felt like a massive chore so I stopped playing. The gameplay was way too padded. Another survival game I tried during that time was Among Trees. It was okay, but it would have benefited from a smaller map since all traversal is on foot. You really have to be prepared since nightfall just makes you freeze to death if you don't have anything in your inventory to help you. In Among Trees bears are fucking assholes who guard materials you need and maul you to death with little chance of escape. The aesthetic and some of the sound design was nice. I had some rare plant spawn in a way that I couldn't grab it and I was pretty pissed about having to hunt for it. I didn't 100% the game, but I think I got most stuff and the pet fox. It was not as obnoxious as Breathedge with the pacing, but it is a survival game so you're dedicating time to survival resources as well as progression resources.
I forgot I had a screenshot of my Fox pet laying down to nap in a river like it's trying to drown itself.
Age of Decadence. Fun RPG that needs multiple playthoughs to get the most out of. First starting out can give you some trouble if you're not sure what to spec into.
There are some good takes here. Any anon who wants to effortpost even more and write a full length review of any game, zchan is (trying to) making a magazine, so far has couple of works done. It doesn't has to be that much detailed, just clearly talked about. Or any other essay on topic. Here are some of the works
>>507685 Are they going to publish it physically in some limited capacity, like at cons?
>>507700 Nope, it will just be a shitpost that some people may or may not save to their hard drives when it is posted initially in the zzzchan thread.
>>507435 rip >>507685 >zchan is (trying to) making a magazine Was this the same anon trying to do the last magazine thread? I remember some anon trying this before, but I didn't care enough to see how it went.
(53.98 KB 836x836 viper dying.jpg)

>>507685 Why are you posting this here? This is a thread about recently played games. We're also not zzzchan, no hate to you guys but do your own work.
(380.14 KB 1920x1080 onirism.jpg)

I hate the fact that I love Onirism so fucking much. Despite being Early Access, kind of janky and needs optimization on older rigs, it's a very fun shooter with an unhinged loli, good jokes, already tons of guns and content, like 15 hours of gameplay in what's already in adventure mode, without counting the little extra survival modes, but the reason I hate it is that these kinds of cutesy games are prime bait for the insane trannies on the Internet, and I just KNOW that when they'll hear about the game, they're gonna demand "trans representation" and put a dick on the spider MILF or claim Carol is trans, and they're gonna soil a perfectly fine (and even very good) game with their pus-fillled axe wounds.
>>508897 Frogs will laugh at them
>>508901 Well pray they're not Parisians, then.
>>508897 Why would you let how other people react to a game effect your experience? It doesn't matter unless the devs pander to them, and if the devs were the type of people to pander than it was doomed from the start.
(302.56 KB 1603x931 Untitled2.jpg)

(1.77 MB 1920x1080 9900_20211230233127_1.png)

Mostly STO, they had a year long campaign for 2021 that included promotional ships as reward, really enjoying my durgath class heavy dreadnought. Apart from that just making lolies in honey select, as you can see, Lolith is not happy with competition.
>>509066 Forgot to add, I don't recommend either, Honey select only allow you to make goblin shortstacks with mods and then the animations are fugged, thats why I either make lolies to moobitches with silly boob physics. Sto for that matter, I find it fun cause I collected a lot of free shit over the years if you just starting out you will have fun at first untill you reach lvl cap and need to get a t6 ship, which you dont get outside summer and winter events and during some yearly events where they give out a free -100% coupon on a t6 ship, or the yearly event that now includes promotional ships. You can buy any off that off the auction house but boi the prices are high. And then there are the recruit events which give a shitton of account wide start ups for new toons, but thankfully they decided to repeat the recruitment events every year or so. As far for ground modules the lockbox stuff is shit, you better off grinding and using the free shit, for space, hoo boi some of the traits are op as fuck, you can buy the traits from the exchange for relative cheap but it's te ship traits that require you to level a ship to lvl5, which require you to have the ship and T6 ships go from 1bil to 1.5bil, it's a lot. It's a fun game if you see it as a single player mmo with optional friend co-op, but mmo it bad unless you collected years of free shit, also the pvp is ded, no one does it. Also bugs that haven't been fixed in years, how hard is it to delete the orginal voice acting when you revamp it because you finally got garak actor to play, he even did a okey job, UNLIKE WORF who sounds like he read his lines of a notepad on his break.
(206.67 KB 1920x1080 Scarf_2021_PC.jpg)

I'm trying a 3D Platforming puzzle game called SCARF. MSI Afterburner screenshots didn't work so I guess if I play more I have to use Nvidia Ansel to get any screenshots. I'm not really paying much attention to the story, mostly skipping cutscenes, but your scarf is a red shape-shifting dragon. I think the dragon is sad that their mother dragon was ripped apart and used as materials to make portals into other worlds. Seems you're going around reclaiming that power. There are other blob guys like you and when you reclaim the power from them they look terrified and cower afterwards so I guess you're the bad guy. Again, I'm not really paying attention so this may be wrong. There are minor puzzles so far and few collectables. The scarf transformations are kinda neat. The ones I've seen so far are temporary wings that give you a double jump, slingshot, glider and a grapple. The scarf has flowing physics as you move around. The game environments look neat. I just got to the desert and there's a weird flowing effect on the sands like wind plus you also deform the sand when you walk over it. The way it moves looks more like clouds or water than sand, but it looks cool so whatever. I thought the game was going to be lame, but then in level one they do a thing where you carry an orb that makes water vanish in a sphere around you so you can walk around on the sea floor. Then I thought "Wait a minute, this game is doing something kind of cool now so I'll keep playing." The puzzles and platforming are not that difficult. There are many moving platforms where you can just walk onto the next platform without having to even jump to it. There are some crumbling platforms thrown in that require timing to get to moving platforms. Puzzles are pretty simple so far. I was in some temple where I could change the water level and I had to get a lever handle then place it onto a wooden platform so when I raised the water the wooden platform would float up and carry the handle up to me. So far it's alright. I don't know if I'll finish it, but I wanted to play a 3D Platformer so this is something to scratch that itch for now.
Additionally, Scarf has Chromatic Aberration enabled with NO TOGGLE in the graphics options. There are a few UE4 games that do this shit and it's annoying, but you can disable it. To disable Chromatic Aberration: 1. Open the file AppData\Local\Scarf\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor\Engine.ini 2. Add these lines to the file & save it: [SystemSettings] r.SceneColorFringeQuality=0 If you can find the Engine.ini for other Unreal Engine 4 games it may work for them too. Also, I pirated Scarf here's the magnet link: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:C509DA160A9A53385E04858CD4D03E4983F9552F
Trails of Cold Steel 1. I really like the way it changes pace between school life and then the field trips. It's got a nice steady rhythm to it and feels very episodic. This might sound dumb but it plays like one of the best anime I've seen in a while. It's also making me nostalgic for a high school experience I never had. Emma best girl BTW.
>>510486 >Emma I swear there has to be an unwritten jap rule somewhere that all witches have to have giant, soft, lovely breasts. I fucking hate the whole haremshit character relationships the trails series started adopting in Crossbell. Yeah Joshua was a minor haremfag but at least he and everyone else on the character roster had some relationship to each other beyond "must fuck".
>>509088 It's fun to fuck around with Honey Studio, though.
>>510758 >boobs are magic >the greater your magical aptitude the bigger your boobs the only exception i can think of is the goth loli from dragons dogma but she probably grows up to have massive cans
>What games have you played lately? Valorant >Were they any good? no >Do you recommend playing it or not? no
>>510896 >Valorant Isn't there some chink spyware disguised as anti-cheat like in Genshin impact?
(538.66 KB 1920x1079 SQ43Cp.png)

Got a "free copy" *nudge nudge wink wink* of Inscryption and gave it a try. Played through the first map and enjoyed it enough to add it to my Steam wishlist. I'll grab it when it goes on sale. AAA games get no such consideration, because fuck them, but I try to support the small timers. If anyone knows if the creators have done stupid shit, I'd be obliged if you could tell me. I don't give my money to shit-heads or SJWs. If gamergate taught us nothing else, it's that complete pieces of human garbage deserve to starve.
>>510473 I played more of Scarf. I mapped the shortcut keys for Nvidia Ansel to the microphone mute button on my Dualsense controller in DS4Windows so I can take screenshots easily now. It's so useful that I can macro that to a controller button that I wasn't using. Anyways, the puzzles are getting a little less simplistic. They had boxes with pictures that I have to place, but I also have to move them onto a circular platform and rotate them into the correct orientation. #2, #3 & #4 are the water mechanic I was talking about. #5 is the sand deformation I was talking about, but it's hard to demonstrate that without motion.
Here's the scarf transformations I was talking about. #1 Double Jump #2 Glider #3 Slingshot #4 Grapple #5 Steal
Here's the dragon when it's not a scarf (pic #1). There was a part where some guy kept making it really hot with a heat wave visual effect and the scarf dried out turning from red to white (pic #2) so then there was a section where I had to collect and feed special drops of water to re-hydrate the dragon. There are times like that where it takes the dragon scarf away and you have very limited abilities so you're traversing and doing puzzles in a more restricted way. In pic #3 there's a pink crystal that must be carried from a distance then placed in a slot to make the steps appear to reach this platform (which had a thing on it), but I managed to just jump up the rocks at the backside even though they added some weird collision to them to try to stop you from doing that. I tried cheesing my way to some other areas with the glider, but they set it up so you drop like a rock when you get close to skipping anything using the glider. Sorry about the weird resolution. I set it to 2560x1440 borderless windowed, but the screenshots Nvidia Ansel outputs are 2048x1152 for some reason. I just unlocked the portal to the forest level, but I haven't played it yet.
>>510927 >If anyone knows if the creators have done stupid shit, I'd be obliged if you could tell me There's three parts and the second part of the game ditches the unique style of the first part in favor of some top down Gameboy graphics bullshit.
>>436316 Eador: Genesis Age of Wonders series (best are AoW 1 and AoW: Shadow Magic - Planetfall is the worst) Heroes of Might & Magic 3
(319.45 KB 1920x1080 20220113192833_1.jpg)

Playing Troubleshooters. Kind of liking all the little attention to detail >Anne is underage so she can't drink >Her fucking sad puppy dog eyes when you order beer for your employees She just looks so depressed about being left out when everyone's getting drunk. It's kind of cute.
>>512879 I quite like the game but I found it depressing how it seems to handle the tougher boss level enemies. These JRPG-tier bosses are not suitable at all for a TBT. >Have a mission to fight spoonists while rescuing civvies >ok no problem >finish that mission >given the chance to leave or wipe out remaining enemies,pick the latter >stumble on "John" >Move up irene to stun him >he one shots her >"Oh he's one of those" >Surround him, stun him, flashbang him, if it's a debug, he has it >Gets down to 10% health >John has gained immortality(can't be knocked out for two turns, the most retarded fucking buff you can have in a TBT) >Immediately jumps the turn queue to #1 >immediately gains full SP and overcharge >gains permanent final resistance(100% block, basically I can't damage the fuck beyond Severe Bleeding which Albus had) >uses overcharge ability to wipe out just about everyone I had surrounding him besides Albus(my dodge tank) >Have albus occupy him while I move up ranged attackers in a cautious cordon >finally, immortality expires >kill him >lmao second heart, also jumps the turn queue again to #1 >albus uses forestallment to crit him, all good >he goes down again >lmao third heart, jumps the turn queue AGAIN and gains 2k health >one shots albus I'm a bit miffed, to say the least. I will say Hard feels thematically appropriate to how overwhelmed the troubleshooters/police are with work. I wanna fug Jane
Also, been playing Dead Cells. I didn't expect to like it so much, but it reminds me of Super House of Dead Ninja but supercharged with some really fun build variety. I really like just about everything about the game(Besides the cross promotion with Guacamelee because somehow even in a different game that fucking chicken powerup still continues to bother me in how shit it is), but I wish the roguelite mode was a side mode while there was a classic "igavania" mode for it. I'm not sure that would have worked but I'm a bit pissy when it comes to roguelites. I also find it fairly ironic that I fought and beat my first Hand of the King(final boss) using a weapon that's nothing but kicking(Spartan's Sandals). The game's a lot easier than I expected once I realized it's little quirks and how it has Dodge Offset too.
>>512893 Yeah there's a couple of bosses that can be annoying. I've been putting off the optional boss fight where you fight Jean's friend in a one on one duel after I failed it last time
>>510966 I beat Scarf. It was okay. The puzzles never got very challenging. The only challenge was missing something then realizing "Oh, I needed this thing over here." so the puzzle I spent the most time on was underwater and there was a lower room I just didn't see until I looked around enough. I was also dumb about the hide-and-seek game not realizing all I had to do was lure the seeker away then touch base. I thought I had to lure the seeker to the dragon and have it steal his power. Pic #1 there were these two guys. I stole the power from one of them and the other one ran away terrified, but tripped like in a slasher movie then I went over and stole his power too. I think this is meant to hammer it into your head that the Scarf dragon is actually evil and you're supposed to side with the little blob guys by the end. You can find pieces of darkness that reveal the story and add this sparkling sludge onto your character. I didn't get all the collectable gold things, but I did get all the pieces of darkness which reveal that the scarf dragon was lying about their mother being killed, you're being used to gather the mother's power and return it to her so she can presumably enslave the little blob guys again. If you collect all the pieces of darkness, revealing the story, you can just destroy the mother and take the dimensional portal power for the blob guys which the game heavily emphasizes is "freedom". There is no boss fight though since the game is committed to having no combat.
>>510962 The flying scarf thing reminds me of spawn's cape a bit.
(1.39 MB 1920x1080 123.png)

(452.85 KB 3840x2160 1.jpg)

(521.19 KB 3000x1818 3.jpg)

(1.85 MB 1920x1080 4.png)

Finished RDR2 recently, very mediocre. Story was okay but rockstar has so many backwards design choices it got tiresome and I just found myself racing through the main missions halfway through the game just to get to the end. Hedon I'm halfway through, I'm a sucker for retro shooters and this is definitely one of the best ones. The atmorsphere is top notch it makes you forget the Orcs are the artist's fetish creation. Outer wilds is another one. So far I'm liking it but it can get rather tedious getting to time-gated places. For now a solid experience. Unsighted is a gem, doesn't really do anything new but excels at what it does. Much like Hollow Knight. Gameplay-wise that is. The pixel art is not up to par and the story is woke shit but it's thoroughly enjoyable.
(53.90 KB 205x205 1363764900373.jpg)

>>514858 >The atmorsphere is top notch it makes you forget the Orcs are the artist's fetish creation. Did you forget his fetish was also slapping giant throbbing cocks onto these orc/demon women?
>>514858 >I'm a sucker for retro shooters and this is definitely one of the best one wat Hedon isn't bad but I wouldn't call it one of the best retro FPS, it plays and feels like a Doom mod. Probably because it literally is, the game is a .wad file packaged with a GZDoom exe. >Orcs That's the fetish you know of? Not the massive futanari demon that you play as? >The atmorsphere is top notch The game's art fucking sucks though, it's one of the worst aspects
>>514906 >>514911 >demon girls >Not just puffy pussies at worst Everyone is a fag until proven otherwise, I'm sure of it.
>>514906 That's what I meant by Orcs, didn't really wanna go into details. My point is that it doesn't detract from the game in any way even though it seems like it should have. >>514911 >The game's art fucking sucks though, it's one of the worst aspects Specifically the character art is pretty bad yeah but atmosphere =/= art. > it plays and feels like a Doom mod Not necessarily a bad thing.
>>514858 You want atmosphere and Doom anon? Play Ashes 2063 and Total Chaos, plus this is coming out soonish: https://www.moddb.com/mods/deluge-onset >Red Dead Redemption 2 I still remember playing that at a friends >30 FPS >Post processing making everything a blurry mess >Everything you do is "cinematic" and removes control from you >Input lag plus lag from the animations themselves >1 hour intro Dropped it before I even got to the open world
>>515004 Deluge looks breddy gud, thanks for the rec. Also seconding Ashes 2063 and its sequel Ashes Afterglow, both wonderful wads for Doom 2.
>>515004 i was actually just thinking of fucking around with doom earlier and maybe modding something myself >deluge can't find the actual wad/pak for it. >ashen looks great, thanks anon
>>515004 I'll admit I haven't checked out too many doom mods, too much other shit to play. Those seem solid thanks anon. Yeah RDR2 was awful as a game, even though I played on PC, every other issue aside from performance was present.
>>515034 Deluge isn't out yet anon
The Inner Word, a fun and pretty point-and-click-adventure game. I recommend it for humor, gameplay, art, and voice acting. It reminds me a lot of Discworld 2.
(79.90 KB 399x400 Crash_Team_Racing_cover.jpg)

>>436180 Been playing this. ps1 nostalgia.
Almost completed Dragon Quest Heroes I and just started II. DQHI was such a surprisingly fun game. Though I am having mixed feelings about II, because on the one hand it's objectively better in all aspects (barring performance on my toaster), but on the other hand I really do not care about any of the new characters or the guys from DQ 6 or 7. I just want my boy Yangus back.
(362.20 KB 1000x1000 King_Of_Cards.jpg)

Beaten King of Cards NG+, King Knight is really an asshole.
(620.56 KB 640x820 dinksmallwood.png)

>>436180 Unironically Diablo 2 and Dink smallwood (well, the GNU version). They're surprisingly more fun than I remember. I'd definitely recommend playing these kinda games again. Also, I only just noticed dink smallwood is a dick joke after all these years...
>>516697 I was a kid when I played this, you expect 8 year old me to know dick jokes?
(342.21 KB 1920x1080 20220119000729_1.jpg)

Been playing Shipbreakers. So far I've been having a good bit of fun with it. I was kind of surprised that it's actually got a story line and plot with characters and shit. I just figured it'd be a game where you select a ship, disassemble it, and that's it, kind of like Viscera Cleanup Detail. I've only died twice so far. Once when I tried to fling a grid like piece of metal into the processor but accidentally got myself hooked around it and tossed myself in along with it and the second time I burned myself to death trying to dismantle a quasar thruster for the first time. Also Weaver's my favorite character so far. I'm gonna be pissed if he turns traitor or some shit down the road
>>516709 Isn't this some commie shit?
Been playing some Rimworld. Got a bitching base set up inside a mountain and getting pretty close to building the ship, it's like my second run through. Honestly not too bad. Though that might just be luck of the draw with mineral spawns and ok neighbours.
>>516710 Is it? Not >>516709 , but I found it alright back before there was a story Found it relaxing to just take apart a ship with the mix of coutnry music and space techno.
>>516710 Closest thing I've seen to commie shit as far as the story goes is the ship breakers trying to unionize. That kind of shit is something I'm actually fine with though because unions in hazardous work environments is something I actually support (I've worked in a few industrial workplaces that weren't unionized and seen some serious bullshit) so it's a plot element I can kind of get behind.
>>516727 I wouldn't exactly call unions commie shit lel. >>516709 looks fun, shame there is no DRM-free version, is it worth playing?
>>490762 Actual WTF. If I saw this I would actually just stop playing here. Shame there's not an option to kill them or something. I'm a firm believer that adulterers should be killed.

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