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(83.54 KB 500x500 2713.jpg)

tmnt games Anonymous 10/12/2021 (Tue) 10:33:57 Id: 7309aa No. 440154
discuss about any game of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise that you want to
Turtles in time, that is all.
>>440218 >I don't play many games
Too bad Japan hates the Turtles, if they didn't maybe Platinum Games would have tried to make their Turtles game good instead of going out of their way to make it their worst game.
>>440276 Yeah, that was a bummer.
>>440276 why do the japanese hates the turtles?
I really doubt Japan hated the turtles Everybody likes the ninja turtles
>>440276 >Too bad Japan hates the Turtles Nigger Japan made their own Turtles OVA in 1996. Fucking Konami was behind the best Turtle games in the 80s and 90s.
>>440318 Well at the very least Platinum hates the Turtles.
>>440276 What kind of retarded take is this? Activision were pulling the licence so they didn't have time to finish it.
>>440318 >1996 >the 80s and 90s Cool. What did they do this millennium?
>>440636 Thats not really fair, thats like saying they dont enjoy 90s x-men anymore because they arent releaing stuff with them.
>>440276 TMNT nearly killed Castlevania, it was so popular with the Japanese. CV3 didn't perform as well as Konami's NES Turtles games, so they demoted the CV1-3 producer to working at an arcade.

(1.38 MB 2287x3648 DSC03186.jpg)

>>440154 I've only really ever played TMNT on the GBA and in the arcade to any length. Went to see the first TMNT movie for my birthday with my cousins, and there were four of us, so when we went to Showbiz Pizza afterwards we spent a few bucks and beat the arcade machine. Managed to draw a small crowd because few people there had ever seen the ending. Not that the game was particularly hard or anything, but you just didn't see people putting in the time or money to beating arcade cabinets very often. Other than that, I don't really play Turtles games much. I like them for a time as a kid, but I wasn't a super-fan or anything.
>>441229 >GBA GameBoy original
>>441257 GameBoy Aboriginal?
(64.66 KB 600x805 75.jpeg)

>>441229 oh yeah, I also played "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Fall of the Foot Clan", very simple, but a fun game anyway
>>441395 >Aboriginal That's clearly a Kayapo or some other Xingu indian.
>>441442 What's the difference?
>>441444 >What's the difference? Loincloth wearing Jungle Niggers are more civilized. Abbos, even more than niggers, are pretty much a sub-species of humanity. Africa actually had a lot of trade routes, conquest, and colonization over the years which introduced and mixed genetics with the wider human genome. Australia was isolated for nearly 50,000 years since their arrival to the arrival of Dutch explorers in the 1600's. Abbos, more than any other group of existing humans, shot off on their own evolutionary path completely isolated of the rest of humanity.
>>441521 >April O'neil >Attacks with her ass/hips like Princess Peach's attacks in Smash hot Also I laughed when you walk up on the screen she faces from the camera & you can stare at her ass in the jump suit truly the 80's jumpsuit is the pinnacle of her design
So, anyone in here as played the TMNT GBA game based on the 2007 film of the same name? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dr-MteKbLPo
>>441522 >>441529 I miss /aus/neet
>>441229 Once I played the arcade with my cousins and uncle. It was epic as fuck.
>>440636 I thought the 4Kids iteration of TMNT was cool, like Utrom Shredder and the Battle Nexus tournament arc

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