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(189.90 KB 540x430 f01e5e26e2ab7aee.png)

Tails Gets Trolled 10 year Anniversary Anonymous 10/12/2021 (Tue) 20:04:32 Id: 000000 No. 440480
I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU ASSHOLES FORGOT Can someone please storytime it for us?
(754.72 KB 767x720 1459546509310.png)

Wait, it's the 10th year anniversary and UTGT still hasn't released the next episode? What a missed opportunity.
(233.83 KB 848x722 000000 ch1cover.jpg)

(402.90 KB 900x2049 ch1pg1.jpg)

(447.02 KB 900x2049 ch1pg2.jpg)

(460.59 KB 900x2049 ch1pg3.jpg)

(539.21 KB 900x2049 ch1pg4.jpg)

I'm gonna go ahead and dump chapter 1. If no one picks up after that, I'll be dumping more tomorrow.
(497.14 KB 900x2049 ch1pg5.jpg)

(454.16 KB 900x2049 ch1pg6.jpg)

(477.99 KB 900x2049 ch1pg7.jpg)

(447.50 KB 900x2049 ch1pg8.jpg)

(477.40 KB 900x2049 ch1pg9.jpg)

(283.69 KB 900x2049 ch1pg10.jpg)

(427.74 KB 900x2049 ch1pg11.jpg)

(454.46 KB 900x2049 ch1pg12.jpg)

(483.13 KB 900x2049 ch1pg13.jpg)

(441.62 KB 900x2049 ch1pg14.jpg)

(492.24 KB 900x2049 ch1pg15.jpg)

(421.79 KB 900x2049 ch1pg16.jpg)

(503.65 KB 900x2049 ch1pg17.jpg)

(483.49 KB 900x2049 ch1pg18.jpg)

(505.87 KB 900x2049 ch1pg19.jpg)

(465.25 KB 900x2049 ch1pg20.jpg)

(586.29 KB 900x2049 ch1pg21.jpg)

>>440523 And there we have it folks, the chapter that started it all. What will happen next in this exciting adventure? Find out next time on Tails Gets Trolled!
I still can't believe that torniggers are allowed to post pictures. Also TGT is still being updated to this day and the lazerbots shading skills went to complete and utter shit.
>>440814 I thought Lazerbot stopped drawing and the last chapter has been drawn by other people, based on his script. Also, I thought he announced that he retired entirely a few months ago, so whenever they finish drawing the chapter they have the script for, they'll either get a new writer, which will suck, or they'll be done.
(2.89 MB 1600x1200 sonia.png)

>tails looking forward to the 2nd sonic movie?
(29.37 KB 455x288 sonic so angry.jpg)

I've never been able to get a straight answer about this. Did this comic started as your usual MSPaint autismo comic and later gained self awareness or it has always been aware from the beginning?
>>440863 Everyone I've seen comment on it tend to say that it was the former and as it went on, it became deliberately self-aware.
(169.23 KB 346x285 jacko.png)

There are way too many great moments in TGT, but this one is one of my favorites.
>>440850 If they chose to end it. I'd have no problems on it.
Tails gets trolled is a shitty goon meme, go back to Something Awful
(331.21 KB 448x473 Nofun_robot.png)

(29.32 KB 500x374 EE0-6XZW4AEe9ga.jpg)

>>440924 You again. Each time there is a LOL thread you have a fucking brain fart. And everyone can tell its (YOU) as you post the same tripe each time. Fuck off back to the GG containment thread you joyless faggot.
(644.00 KB 670x1067 bestboy.png)

>>440916 Newer chapters have some pretty good shit, too. Lazerbot actually came back to do the artwork for the cover of the next one and it's full-on Berserk.
(187.29 KB 758x611 ch2cover.jpg)

(375.13 KB 900x2049 ch2pg1.jpg)

(439.77 KB 900x2049 ch2pg2.jpg)

(427.11 KB 900x2049 ch2pg3.jpg)

(441.38 KB 900x2049 ch2pg4.jpg)

Welcome back! Where we left off, tails was about to fight back against some trolls. Let's see how it goes.
(379.83 KB 900x2049 ch2pg5.jpg)

(619.70 KB 900x2049 ch2pg6.jpg)

(507.86 KB 900x2049 ch2pg7.jpg)

(595.51 KB 900x2049 ch2pg8.jpg)

(476.46 KB 900x2049 ch2pg9.jpg)

(487.71 KB 900x2049 ch2pg10.jpg)

(457.11 KB 900x2049 ch2pg11.jpg)

(185.20 KB 900x2049 ch2pg12.jpg)

(457.52 KB 900x2049 ch2pg13.jpg)

(479.63 KB 900x2049 ch2pg14.jpg)

(457.65 KB 900x2049 ch2pg15.jpg)

(501.25 KB 900x2049 ch2pg16.jpg)

(363.21 KB 900x2049 ch2pg17.jpg)

(395.86 KB 900x2049 ch2pg18.jpg)

(410.60 KB 900x2049 ch2pg19.jpg)

(422.59 KB 900x2049 ch2pg20.jpg)

(452.08 KB 900x2049 ch2pg21.jpg)

>>441122 And that's it for chapter 2, where we meet a bunch of new characters, including the Troll Slayers.
(122.08 KB 600x484 ch3cover.jpg)

(524.73 KB 900x2049 ch3pg1.jpg)

(752.89 KB 900x2049 ch3pg2.jpg)

(448.36 KB 900x2049 ch3pg3.jpg)

(346.30 KB 900x2049 ch3pg4.jpg)

>>>>441126 A shocking betrayal! How will things play out now the plan is laid bare? Find out here!
(308.17 KB 900x2049 ch3pg5.jpg)

(352.42 KB 900x2049 ch3pg6.jpg)

(342.65 KB 900x2049 ch3pg7.jpg)

(393.25 KB 900x2049 ch3pg8.jpg)

(424.31 KB 900x2049 ch3pg9.jpg)

(465.62 KB 900x2049 ch3pg10.jpg)

(350.45 KB 900x2049 ch3pg11.jpg)

(324.21 KB 900x2049 ch3pg12.jpg)

(394.16 KB 900x2049 ch3pg13.jpg)

(362.23 KB 900x2049 ch3pg14.jpg)

(364.67 KB 900x2049 ch3pg15.jpg)

(273.03 KB 900x2049 ch3pg16.jpg)

(389.50 KB 900x2049 ch3pg17.jpg)

(453.69 KB 900x2049 ch3pg18.jpg)

(419.88 KB 900x2049 ch3pg19.jpg)

>>441151 Things aren't looking so good for the troll slayers. Meanwhile...
(360.91 KB 900x2049 ch3pg20.jpg)

(465.44 KB 900x2049 ch3pg21.jpg)

>>441156 The fight against the Troll King begins.
(172.53 KB 758x643 ch4cover.jpg)

(361.34 KB 900x2049 ch4pg1.jpg)

(376.99 KB 900x2049 ch4pg2.jpg)

(340.24 KB 900x2049 ch4pg3.jpg)

(412.69 KB 900x2049 ch4pg4.jpg)

>>441160 How will it play out? Read the exciting conclusion here!
(400.85 KB 900x2049 ch4pg5.jpg)

(370.02 KB 900x2049 ch4pg6.jpg)

(426.38 KB 900x2049 ch4pg7.jpg)

(389.73 KB 900x2049 ch4pg8.jpg)

(384.57 KB 900x2049 ch4pg9.jpg)

(400.62 KB 900x2049 ch4pg10.jpg)

(428.50 KB 900x2049 ch4pg11.jpg)

(368.65 KB 900x2049 ch4pg12.jpg)

(311.18 KB 900x2049 ch4pg13.jpg)

(352.64 KB 900x2049 ch4pg14.jpg)

(293.04 KB 900x2049 ch4pg15.jpg)

(284.04 KB 900x2049 ch4pg16.jpg)

(367.78 KB 900x2049 ch4pg17.jpg)

(282.02 KB 900x2049 ch4pg18.jpg)

(526.75 KB 900x2049 ch4pg19.jpg)

>>441180 What a twist.
(483.70 KB 900x2049 ch4pg20.jpg)

(483.34 KB 900x2049 ch4pg21.jpg)

>>441183 You thought the betrayal was finished?
I heard he called it quits, but the last time I checked his site it said he was continuing. Which is it?
(166.04 KB 758x642 ch5cover.jpg)

(496.33 KB 900x2049 ch5pg1.jpg)

(507.01 KB 900x2049 ch5pg2.jpg)

(470.96 KB 900x2049 ch5pg3.jpg)

(419.25 KB 900x2049 ch5pg4.jpg)

>>441186 In this chapter, Tails' kid takes a nap. haha >>441190 Apparently he's continuing, but I haven't kept up.
(166.04 KB 758x642 ch5cover.jpg)

(229.47 KB 900x2049 ch5pg5.jpg)

(227.67 KB 900x2049 ch5pg6.jpg)

(228.15 KB 900x2049 ch5pg7.jpg)

(207.35 KB 900x2049 ch5pg8.jpg)

>>441212 Whoops, didn't mean to spoiler. Here's the cover again
(180.41 KB 900x2049 ch5pg9.jpg)

(356.14 KB 900x2049 ch5pg10.jpg)

(358.49 KB 900x2049 ch5pg11.jpg)

(378.03 KB 900x2049 ch5pg12.jpg)

(468.02 KB 900x2049 ch5pg13.jpg)

>>441215 Tails takes a nap
(348.06 KB 900x2049 ch5pg14.jpg)

(379.97 KB 900x2049 ch5pg15.jpg)

(426.37 KB 900x2049 ch5pg16.jpg)

(448.17 KB 900x2049 ch5pg17.jpg)

(407.68 KB 900x2049 ch5pg18.jpg)

>>441217 Meet the newest faction!
(454.50 KB 900x2049 ch5pg19.jpg)

(498.57 KB 900x2049 ch5pg20.jpg)

(239.84 KB 900x2049 ch5pg21.jpg)

>>441220 And thus, the secret history of Pac-Man is revealed
(94.39 KB 758x610 ch6cover.jpg)

(457.72 KB 900x2049 ch6pg1.jpg)

(445.88 KB 900x2049 ch6pg2.jpg)

(465.77 KB 900x2049 ch6pg3.jpg)

(460.20 KB 900x2049 ch6pg4.jpg)

>>441222 Now for the last chapter I'll post today: Join Silver and company on their travels. The destination - the city of trolls?
(552.80 KB 900x2049 ch6pg5.jpg)

(478.57 KB 900x2049 ch6pg6.jpg)

(465.14 KB 900x2049 ch6pg7.jpg)

(328.60 KB 900x2049 ch6pg8.jpg)

(456.83 KB 900x2049 ch6pg9.jpg)

>>441226 Troll off! Who will win in this outrageous competition?
(379.07 KB 900x2049 ch6pg10.jpg)

(315.11 KB 900x2049 ch6pg11.jpg)

(395.86 KB 900x2049 ch6pg12.jpg)

(381.15 KB 900x2049 ch6pg13.jpg)

(410.46 KB 900x2049 ch6pg14.jpg)

>>441228 Things are getting tense. Meanwhile the guy with no ears shows his true nature.
(356.06 KB 900x2049 ch6pg20.jpg)

(426.21 KB 900x2049 ch6pg21.jpg)

(819.28 KB 1024x2264 underbitepg1.jpg)

(758.26 KB 1024x2264 underbitepg2.jpg)

(732.08 KB 1024x2264 underbitepg3.jpg)

>>441231 End of Chapter As a bonus here's part one of a side story about a certain troll. I'll be continuing tomorrow. Any suggestions for the storytime?
>>441235 I don't have the time today after all. I'll continue next week.
(1.17 MB 608x1080 chrischan 'ma, I'm home!'.mp4)

(133.37 KB 401x308 chrischan NO!.png)

>>441116 And into my reaction folder ye go, me pretty
(73.08 KB 512x416 trickortreatbitch.jpg)

>>440480 Masterpiece.
>>440480 >>442181 Shame that OP had to die, I would've loved to see him post more of this classic. I hope somebody else can continue where he left off, especially since this comic is still getting new chapters and pages to this day.
(142.49 KB 758x610 ch7cover.jpg)

(492.97 KB 900x2049 ch7pg1.jpg)

(505.99 KB 900x2049 ch7pg2.jpg)

(360.18 KB 900x2049 ch7pg3.jpg)

(407.67 KB 900x1974 ch7pg4.jpg)

>>465719 Well shit nigger, it's your lucky day! The dumper isn't OP by the way, that was another torfag. When we left off Teemo took a mountain to the face and Knuckles went off to smoke a blunt and Mario decided to face the Troll King once and for all. THE SAGA CONTINUES
(457.39 KB 900x1974 ch7pg5.jpg)

(349.47 KB 900x1974 ch7pg6.jpg)

(292.17 KB 900x1974 ch7pg7.jpg)

(298.05 KB 900x1974 ch7pg8.jpg)

(290.28 KB 900x1974 ch7pg9.jpg)

>>466002 But first, some backstory.
(338.27 KB 900x1974 ch7pg10.jpg)

(331.18 KB 900x1974 ch7pg11.jpg)

(301.13 KB 900x1974 ch7pg12.jpg)

(276.53 KB 900x1974 ch7pg13.jpg)

(288.62 KB 900x1974 ch7pg14.jpg)

>>466003 The fight heats up.
(321.38 KB 900x1974 ch7pg15.jpg)

(287.51 KB 900x1974 ch7pg16.jpg)

(378.68 KB 900x1974 ch7pg17.jpg)

(310.18 KB 900x1974 ch7pg18.jpg)

(339.56 KB 900x1974 ch7pg19.jpg)

>>466007 Can Mario stand against the most powerful word in the english language?
(412.60 KB 900x1974 ch7pg20.jpg)

(352.92 KB 900x1974 ch7pg21.jpg)

(25.56 KB 105x108 AHH.png)

>>466009 Things are looking bad for Mario. But wait, who's this? End of Chapter
(82.92 KB 756x610 ch8cover.jpg)

(384.60 KB 900x1974 ch8pg1.jpg)

(362.36 KB 900x1974 ch8pg2.jpg)

(348.73 KB 900x1974 ch8pg3.jpg)

(339.07 KB 900x1974 ch8pg4.jpg)

>>466013 And the Mario fight concludes. mean while
(396.74 KB 900x1974 ch8pg5.jpg)

(356.68 KB 900x1974 ch8pg6.jpg)

(322.66 KB 900x1974 ch8pg7.jpg)

(423.51 KB 900x1974 ch8pg8.jpg)

(354.39 KB 900x1974 ch8pg9.jpg)

>>466034 Blaze gets snatch blocked by a raiding party. Who's gonna save the day?
(354.08 KB 900x1974 ch8pg10.jpg)

(396.86 KB 900x1974 ch8pg11.jpg)

(357.12 KB 900x1974 ch8pg12.jpg)

(431.17 KB 900x1974 ch8pg13.jpg)

(387.98 KB 900x1974 ch8pg14.jpg)

>>466036 Tails is still training.
(386.00 KB 900x1974 ch8pg15.jpg)

(308.48 KB 900x1974 ch8pg16.jpg)

(437.31 KB 900x1974 ch8pg17.jpg)

(461.47 KB 900x1974 ch8pg18.jpg)

(409.81 KB 900x1974 ch8pg19.jpg)

>>466041 lol he tk her 2 da bar??
(409.36 KB 900x1974 ch8pg20.jpg)

(435.19 KB 900x1972 ch8pg21.jpg)

(70.71 KB 301x397 cars.jpg)

>>466044 It's time to get wasted because it's the End of Chapter. Here's some trivia.
(96.75 KB 756x610 ch9cover.jpg)

(399.96 KB 900x1972 ch9pg1.jpg)

(421.05 KB 900x1972 ch9pg2.jpg)

(388.59 KB 900x1972 ch9pg3.jpg)

(423.37 KB 900x1972 ch9pg4.jpg)

>>466050 Things are heating up. Things they call "joints".
(444.93 KB 900x1972 ch9pg5.jpg)

(307.59 KB 900x1972 ch9pg6.jpg)

(410.52 KB 900x1972 ch9pg7.jpg)

(376.36 KB 900x1972 ch9pg8.jpg)

(399.42 KB 900x1972 ch9pg9.jpg)

>>466057 This party's getting crazy. The hangover is gonna be a ride.
(389.85 KB 900x1972 ch9pg10.jpg)

(514.41 KB 900x1972 ch9pg11.jpg)

(432.13 KB 900x1972 ch9pg12.jpg)

(398.66 KB 900x1972 ch9pg13.jpg)

(326.35 KB 900x1972 ch9pg14.jpg)

>>466064 Fenceshitter powers, activate!
(466.15 KB 900x1977 ch9pg15.jpg)

(570.39 KB 900x1977 ch9pg16.jpg)

(460.60 KB 900x1977 ch9pg17.jpg)

(445.91 KB 900x1977 ch9pg18.jpg)

(506.53 KB 900x1977 ch9pg19.jpg)

>>466077 Hey Porky, what's cookin'? Meet Virgil from the DmC May Cry franchise!
(449.60 KB 900x1977 ch9pg20.jpg)

(538.24 KB 900x1977 ch9pg21.jpg)

(92.17 KB 756x610 fug.jpg)

>>466082 Here's a chapter summary. That's all folks! See you tomorrow!
(103.41 KB 756x608 ch10cover.jpg)

(363.37 KB 900x1977 ch10pg1.jpg)

(346.39 KB 900x1977 ch10pg2.jpg)

(450.43 KB 900x1977 ch10pg3.jpg)

(553.21 KB 900x1977 ch10pg4.jpg)

The saga continues.
(639.76 KB 900x1977 ch10pg5.jpg)

(474.76 KB 900x1977 ch10pg6.jpg)

(418.71 KB 900x1977 ch10pg7.jpg)

(420.63 KB 900x1977 ch10pg8.jpg)

(382.60 KB 900x1977 ch10pg9.jpg)

>>466778 Knuckles' master plan is finally revealed and we get some more of edgelord supreme.
(412.87 KB 900x1977 ch10pg10.jpg)

(684.20 KB 900x1977 ch10pg11.jpg)

(538.24 KB 900x1977 ch10pg12.jpg)

(598.18 KB 900x1977 ch10pg13.jpg)

(468.92 KB 900x1977 ch10pg14.jpg)

>>466783 Tails' next challenge is words words words.
(457.45 KB 900x1977 ch10pg15.jpg)

(501.21 KB 900x1977 ch10pg16.jpg)

(415.32 KB 900x1977 ch10pg17.jpg)

(497.08 KB 900x1978 ch10pg18.jpg)

(437.27 KB 900x1978 ch10pg19.jpg)

(447.61 KB 900x1978 ch10pg21.jpg)

(462.57 KB 900x1978 ch10pg20.jpg)

>>466792 Next up: Cheetos End of Chapter.
This series is outsider art
(108.40 KB 756x608 ch11cover.jpg)

(388.17 KB 900x1978 ch11pg1.jpg)

(490.01 KB 900x1978 ch11pg2.jpg)

(417.73 KB 900x1978 ch11pg3.jpg)

(464.79 KB 900x1978 ch11pg4.jpg)

Captured by trolls and called mean names. It sure ain't easy being cheesy.
(421.36 KB 900x1978 ch11pg5.jpg)

(318.16 KB 900x1978 ch11pg6.jpg)

(465.10 KB 900x1978 ch11pg7.jpg)

(462.33 KB 900x1978 ch11pg8.jpg)

(400.76 KB 900x1978 ch11pg9.jpg)

>>466811 Today on TGT: Shadow commits war crimes.
(453.43 KB 900x1978 ch11pg10.jpg)

(554.11 KB 900x1978 ch11pg11.jpg)

(336.03 KB 900x1978 ch11pg12.jpg)

(384.92 KB 900x1978 ch11pg13.jpg)

(540.82 KB 900x1978 ch11pg14.jpg)

>>466812 It's burger time!
(594.38 KB 900x1978 ch11pg15.jpg)

(452.28 KB 900x1978 ch11pg16.jpg)

(446.78 KB 900x1978 ch11pg17.jpg)

(433.56 KB 900x1978 ch11pg18.jpg)

(291.33 KB 900x1978 ch11pg19.jpg)

>>466818 Burger clown gets a talking to, and edgelord's brother has had enough of his shit.
(309.42 KB 900x1978 ch11pg20.jpg)

(302.62 KB 900x1978 ch11pg21.jpg)

(55.25 KB 454x251 TGT in a nutshell.jpg)

>>466825 End of Chapter. Cheeto Man really knows what's up.
(100.78 KB 756x608 ch12cover.jpg)

(334.64 KB 900x1978 ch12pg1.jpg)

(265.87 KB 900x1978 ch12pg2.jpg)

(285.50 KB 900x1978 ch12pg3.jpg)

(329.30 KB 900x1978 ch12pg4.jpg)

Alright, go grab some popcorn! This chapter is 100% action.
(305.21 KB 900x1978 ch12pg5.jpg)

(318.43 KB 900x1980 ch12pg6.jpg)

(365.77 KB 900x1980 ch12pg7.jpg)

(262.35 KB 900x1980 ch12pg8.jpg)

(226.36 KB 900x1980 ch12pg9.jpg)

>>466836 Amazing trap ahead.
(525.50 KB 900x1980 ch12pg10.jpg)

(496.53 KB 900x1980 ch12pg11.jpg)

(336.63 KB 900x1985 ch12pg12.jpg)

(281.15 KB 900x1985 ch12pg13.jpg)

(406.86 KB 900x1985 ch12pg14.jpg)

>>466837 It looks like the fight is drawing to a close. Or is it?
(408.13 KB 900x1985 ch12pg15.jpg)

(419.47 KB 900x1985 ch12pg16.jpg)

(557.95 KB 900x1985 ch12pg17.jpg)

(447.62 KB 900x1985 ch12pg18.jpg)

(381.98 KB 900x1985 ch12pg19.jpg)

>>466838 Not when I shift into MAXIMUM OVEREDGE
(317.44 KB 900x1985 ch12pg20.jpg)

(837.84 KB 1024x2264 underbitepg4.jpg)

(705.05 KB 1024x2264 underbitepg5.jpg)

(763.73 KB 1024x2264 underbitepg6.jpg)

>>466843 End of Chapter. Have the next episode of the Underbite Troll side story.
(480.29 KB 250x309 triggeredsouthpark.gif)

>>466845 >changes font every other panel
>>440480 I never remembered in the first place. You will never convince me to read his shitty autistic comic.
>>466845 Hey OP/TORanon, why did you die again? There's still 12 full chapters to go and the 13th was recently updated. I hope you can finish the storytime before the year is over.
>>440523 This is the best panel in the chapter, hands down.
>>440480 I don't have the patient to go through these comics. English is not my native language and putting the effort to translate these is so mind boggling that I rather look for the best parts like >>499499 ✓ It's the same feeling when I tried to read CWC's comics.
(117.67 KB 1680x1080 ClipboardImage.png)

I went ahead and read Tails Gets Trolled all the way through because I didn't want to wait around for anons to post the panels for me. That being said, this is a masterpiece and a classic that I'm glad I finally took off my backlog. It's the kind of extremely complicated, surprisingly deep, autistic, and extremely dark at times kind of story that only a braindamaged internet autist from the 2000's could write. I can confidently call myself a fan.
>>440863 He was homeschooled and isolated from the world at large. He never learned how to formally spell or learn social norms, so 'gained self awareness' might not be they right way of putting it, since he's practically a foreigner who knows some normalese. -t. watched a video
(342.83 KB 900x363 ClipboardImage.png)

Luigi bounding into frame, landing both feet perfectly on this guys head and goomb-curbstomping his skull open is still one of the funniest things I've ever seen on the internet.
>>502496 The best part is his expression as he does it. Not anger or even satisfaction, just a tiny hint of something resembling perhaps a grimace, as he looks away, not wanting to actually witness what he is doing. But he looks to the sky, upward, knowing that he is moving forward and that this needed to be done. How this contrasts with Mario's expression in the first panel you posted makes it even better. And when you get the whole context of the story, it all makes sense. Lazerbot is sincerely one of the most expressive artists I've ever seen, and when people laugh at it, they might not even realize it, but they are laughing with him, not at him. They are laughing because he is exceptionally skilled.
(219.11 KB 357x375 most unlikable.PNG)

>>441228 Silver had no right to win against this godly line.
(188.32 KB 595x511 Tails.png)

>>518055 I legitimately can't tell if he and Tamers are for real or doing it for laughs. I really am concerned about their mental health.
Tails gets boned
>>518198 Why does it always have to be Sonic fucking Tails? I don't know why, but that always disgusts me a lot more than if a human was fucking him.
>>518309 Probably because it's borderline pedophilia
(186.67 KB 349x229 Upset Egg.png)

>>518309 It's just tasteless homosexuals who can't handle the other common theme of Tails being a chick magnet, whether he wants to be or not.
(39.03 KB 498x441 e05.jpg)

>>518337 >muh pedos
>>518377 No. I'm afraid you can't dismiss someone rightfully calling out pedophilia by putting a 'muh' in front of it. That doesn't work with pedos. Sorry. And I say this as a Tor poster.
>>518367 Tails will never say no to chad cock.
(31.04 KB 268x435 1508561130-2.jpg)

(139.46 KB 354x355 nostalgia pedo 2.png)

>>518377 >Where do you think we are? Not /b/, that's for sure, dipshit. You degenerates want to diddle kids, that's up to you, but keep it to your containment boards until the cops finally get you and throw you in genpop.
(512.22 KB 1280x720 You are fucking stupid.webm)

>>518438 Hey retard, he was mocking a faggot talking about 2D being "borderline pedophilia", try reading next time so you don't look like a nigger.
>>518309 Well Sonic is always cucking Tails the least he can do is stuff his foxhole and give him a reach around. There are lots of pics of Tails fucking Cream though.
>>518998 >There are lots of pics of Tails fucking Cream though I'm aware of that.
I'm not letting this disappear until someone fucking finishes the story time please.
>>545218 Same here buddy, I don't care if it takes several more months to finish it.
(103.35 KB 756x608 ch13cover.jpg)

(353.32 KB 900x1985 ch13pg1.jpg)

(431.41 KB 900x1985 ch13pg2.jpg)

(394.24 KB 900x1985 ch13pg3.jpg)

(405.09 KB 900x1985 ch13pg4.jpg)

>>545218 >>574477 I'm moved. When we left off, the fight between not-Sasuke and his brother was drawing to a close. Witness the exciting conclusion now!
(378.98 KB 900x1985 ch13pg5.jpg)

(393.70 KB 900x1985 ch13pg6.jpg)

(320.89 KB 900x1985 ch13pg7.jpg)

(272.92 KB 900x1985 ch13pg8.jpg)

(494.45 KB 900x1985 ch13pg9.jpg)

>>574552 I can't believe the real victor was a wannabe zelda boss
(461.46 KB 900x1985 ch13pg10.jpg)

(434.28 KB 900x1985 ch13pg11.jpg)

(614.97 KB 900x1985 ch13pg12.jpg)

(500.11 KB 900x1985 ch13pg13.jpg)

(454.65 KB 900x1985 ch13pg14.jpg)

>>574559 Little known TGT lore: Sasuk- er, Demaro can identify his hated foe solely from the sound of his explosions.
(493.54 KB 900x1985 ch13pg15.jpg)

(509.04 KB 900x1985 ch13pg16.jpg)

(494.33 KB 900x1985 ch13pg17.jpg)

(347.97 KB 900x1985 ch13pg18.jpg)

(426.98 KB 900x1985 ch13pg19.jpg)

(530.56 KB 900x1985 ch13pg20.jpg)

(385.16 KB 900x1985 ch13pg21.jpg)

>>574582 And that's the chapter. I should be able to dump the next sometime within the next few weeks.
(176.63 KB 756x608 ch14cover.jpg)

(366.72 KB 900x1985 ch14pg0.1.jpg)

(368.25 KB 900x1985 ch14pg0.2.jpg)

(378.09 KB 900x1985 ch14pg0.3.jpg)

>>574588 today is sometime within the next few weeks :^) You can tell lazerbot got a few comments comparing his works to Naruto.
(340.83 KB 900x1985 ch14pg1.jpg)

(409.95 KB 900x1985 ch14pg2.jpg)

(395.87 KB 900x1985 ch14pg3.jpg)

(455.19 KB 900x1985 ch14pg4.jpg)

(375.68 KB 900x1985 ch14pg5.jpg)

>>574702 After powering up for an appropriate amount of time, the fight between the bug zapper and the guy with no ears begins.
(514.45 KB 900x1985 ch14pg6.jpg)

(420.83 KB 900x1985 ch14pg7.jpg)

(597.50 KB 900x1985 ch14pg8.jpg)

(562.21 KB 900x1985 ch14pg9.jpg)

(525.05 KB 900x1985 ch14pg10.jpg)

>>574715 Before the fight against edgemaro can begin it gets interrupted by flashbacks.
(474.41 KB 900x1985 ch14pg11.jpg)

(450.07 KB 900x1985 ch14pg12.jpg)

(511.19 KB 900x1985 ch14pg13.jpg)

(700.82 KB 900x1984 ch14pg14.jpg)

(436.11 KB 900x1984 ch14pg15.jpg)

(422.81 KB 900x1981 ch14pg16.jpg)

(376.97 KB 900x1981 ch14pg17.jpg)

(459.91 KB 900x1981 ch14pg18.0.jpg)

(496.91 KB 900x1985 ch14pg18.1.jpg)

(459.02 KB 900x1981 ch14pg19.jpg)

>>574727 Plot twist: Rob dies
(496.41 KB 900x1981 ch14pg20.jpg)

(433.37 KB 900x1981 ch14pg21.jpg)

(815.56 KB 1024x2264 underbitepg7.jpg)

(853.29 KB 1024x2264 underbitepg8.jpg)

(663.51 KB 1024x2264 underbitepg9.jpg)

(869.29 KB 1024x2264 underbitepg10.jpg)

(934.32 KB 1024x2264 underbitepg11.jpg)

>>574733 End of chapter and I'm finishing today with another episode of Underbite Troll's adventures.
So is there any news of how Pisschan's doing in the hoosegow?
(707.08 KB 690x968 jesus1.png)

(1.17 MB 608x1080 chrischan 'ma, I'm home!'.mp4)

>>574990 Bumping. I want to know if he's getting passed around or if he's established himself as their Autistic Bull Queen.
Isn't it depressing to think that if this was made today, it would have political shit, random characters going trans for no reason, and characters like amogus or sans? Would this comic even still be readable? Everything is a product of it's time, but we will never get anything like this again, it's all "super ironic" humor or idpol with the newer gen anyways
Some madman is remaking it into FNF. https://yewtu.be/watch?v=EemGPB2zPGs
(19.73 KB 390x356 concerned pintsize.jpg)

>>575835 >FNF For a second I read that as "FNAF" and the mental image of being raped to death by Sonichu became my new phobia
>>575835 Man, FNF songs are long.
>>518055 This comic is technically super shitty but also legitimately engaging, I don't understand why this works, reminds me of the feeling I get from Deadly Premonition.
(70.64 KB 750x1334 p3mwx14n0rj41.jpg)

>>594149 > I don't understand why this works, reminds me of the feeling I get from Deadly Premonition. Because they read like the diary from Se7en. Each page is Chris's mind writ large and colorful, and there is probably some sort of autistic "DaVinci Code" hidden within that decrypts into "TODAY I SAW MOMMY IN HER UNDERWEAR."
I will always envy the autistic confidence of this guy, my drawings are nowhere as shit yet I don't have the self-esteem to draw constantly, meanwhile this autistic nigger churns out visual dirrheah at breakneck speed. It's fucking impressive how nothing keeps this guy down, even if his art is extremely shitty
>>594149 reminds me of One Punch Man
>>518420 It's about Tails, so, yes! >>518438 Go back to 8kunt, the place where you finally got your wish granted.
>>608932 >this autistic nigger churns out visual dirrheah >implying Lazerbot is excellent at expression and, to a slightly lesser degree, fight choreography. Very important in a comic in this genre. I'd argue the expressiveness of his characters might possibly be lessened by a more classically respected style, and therefore the work would be lesser for it. Lazerbot is unironically an excellent artist.
>>613345 Lazerbot > Shadman I would cum buckets if he drew porn.
(60.21 KB 803x500 chrischan rocking out.jpg)

Anyone got any updates on whether "Christine" has managed to impregnate one of his fellow inmates? When you think about it, except for the lack of Sonic, Chris is probably living his best life in prison. Desperate women, scheduled periods of food, rest, recreation, exercise... it's an autist's wet dream come true.
>>623844 Didnt he convert to islam?
>>623844 >Desperate women I haven't kept up with this, is he in a women's prison? I remember there was kind of drama over that.
>>623906 I thought he got moved to a mental care facility.
>>623860 No, but someone tried via mail. His response was something like I'm god of muslims too >>623906 Mens prison, in solitary far as we can tell >>623908 He was in one but got sent back to normal jail recently
>>623844 Chris has doubled down on his autism, now saying crazy shit like "the apocalypse is coming" completely dropping his dimensional merger shtick
(212.18 KB 900x705 ch15cover.jpg)

(409.69 KB 900x1981 ch15pg1.jpg)

(571.02 KB 900x1981 ch15pg2.jpg)

(435.54 KB 900x1981 ch15pg3.jpg)

(538.31 KB 900x1981 ch15pg4.jpg)

Well shit, here I go again. Last time on TGT Shippuden, two major fights broke out, Tom and Sylvester had a body count contest and Elmer Fudd found a new corpse. The story continues in Chapter 15.
(493.22 KB 900x1981 ch15pg5.jpg)

(556.81 KB 900x1981 ch15pg6.jpg)

(626.75 KB 900x1981 ch15pg7.jpg)

(538.21 KB 900x1981 ch15pg8.jpg)

(528.30 KB 900x1981 ch15pg9.jpg)

(602.56 KB 900x1981 ch15pg10.jpg)

(549.01 KB 900x1981 ch15pg11.jpg)

(476.35 KB 900x1981 ch15pg12.jpg)

(584.93 KB 900x1981 ch15pg13.jpg)

(590.55 KB 900x1981 ch15pg14.jpg)

>>662025 Turns out that Teemo is completely immortal. Meet the new troll slaiyers.
(379.37 KB 900x1981 ch15pg15.jpg)

(622.59 KB 900x1981 ch15pg16.jpg)

(527.28 KB 900x1981 ch15pg17.jpg)

(560.78 KB 900x1981 ch15pg18.jpg)

(389.98 KB 900x1987 ch15pg19.jpg)

>>662033 Back to the Tails training montage.
(520.93 KB 1024x2261 ch15pg20.jpg)

(522.17 KB 1024x2261 ch15pg21.jpg)

(74.21 KB 295x341 troll_face.png)

(84.03 KB 272x315 Demaro_dab.png)

>>662038 Will the real troll face please stand up? RIP Ch 16 tomorrow.
(256.40 KB 1024x802 ch16cover.jpg)

(532.90 KB 1024x2261 ch16pg1.jpg)

(498.83 KB 1024x2261 ch16pg2.jpg)

(493.28 KB 1024x2261 ch16pg3.jpg)

(627.11 KB 1024x2261 ch16pg4.jpg)

Chapter 16 continues exactly where it left off. Tom in trouble.
(639.73 KB 1024x2261 ch16pg5.jpg)

(572.53 KB 1024x2261 ch16pg6.jpg)

(675.03 KB 1024x2261 ch16pg7.jpg)

(671.71 KB 1024x2261 ch16pg8.jpg)

(632.63 KB 1024x2261 ch16pg9.jpg)

(765.35 KB 1024x2261 ch16pg10.jpg)

(921.29 KB 1024x2261 ch16pg11.jpg)

(709.31 KB 1024x2261 ch16pg12.jpg)

(760.07 KB 1024x2264 ch16pg13.jpg)

(681.44 KB 1024x2264 ch16pg14.jpg)

>>662777 Do you enjoy WORDS WORDS WORDS?
(639.71 KB 1024x2264 ch16pg15.jpg)

(542.67 KB 1024x2264 ch16pg16.jpg)

(1.48 MB 1440x3184 ch16pg17.jpg)

(1.07 MB 1024x2264 ch16pg18.jpg)

(1.20 MB 1024x2264 ch16pg19.jpg)

(1.06 MB 1024x2264 ch16pg20.jpg)

(681.91 KB 1024x2264 ch16pg21.jpg)

(77.65 KB 289x321 Tom seriously.png)

>>662786 End of chapter. This fight is gonna last a while.
>>440480 As time mover forward all will be forgotten. Theres no escape to oblivion...
(36.13 KB 476x353 1437935059074.jpg)

I love lazerbots work ethic, dudes autism drives his passion, it doesn't matter how bad his art gets because the meaning in his work comes through. Like, I get so self conscious with my drawings that it's fucking unbearable, and this guy just goes to town with whatever he wants to make, even if it comes off as hilariously bad, yet he's doing it, he is expressing himself, I'm not. Guess some peoples brains are wired differently, nothing a little bit of dissasociative and psychedelic drugs can't fix.
Crash Retold when?
>>662799 Wouldn't being forgotten be an escape to oblivion?
This autist has a better work ethic than that faggot Yandev.

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