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(724.44 KB 735x1294 ClipboardImage.png)

Halo Thread Anonymous 12/10/2021 (Fri) 07:15:50 Id: c19d87 No. 489356
Last one's bumplocked. Now that's the actual campaign for Halo:Infinite has actually released. This thread should be the designated containment thread for Gaylo discussions. Talk about the new story because i don't give a fuck about the story post-3, how 343 still fucked up the launch of their one and only job, or how Micro$haft fucked customization for Infinite by locking fucking colors behind a lock. Or maybe post some Cortana art. God knows everyone likes them. >inb4 i'm a shill I swear, people are that deluded that they think anyone who brings up modern games are instant shills.
Denying that you're not a shill pre-emptively makes you look more like one
At times I really wonder if anyone would even give half of a shit about games like Call of Duty Vanguard, Halo Infinite or Battlefield whateveritscalled if they weren't called Call of Duty, Halo or Battlefield.
Why did god make niggers, or were they out here by the devil?
>>489402 I believe a certain author wrote a poem on this exact topic.
(261.54 KB 932x660 tired bitch juice.png)

is the multiplayer fun atleast?
>>489411 It's better than battlefield 2042, and it is especially better than call of duty vanguard, look at the thread of the latter if you don't believe me. however, that is a very low bar to pass, and the game itself is very janky, clearly unfinished, filled to brim with questionable microtransactions and even worse battle pass progression, not to mention it feeling very little like oldschool halo. on the upside, it is free, but so is that russian halo online game(assuming it is still up), that was leaked to be a russia only free to play halo game, abandoned and then later finished by halo modders. It is a halo fan's wet dream come true, but was forced to halt development via threat of DMCA(the devs of halo actually liked what the russians have done, but microsoft forced their hand), so no further updates can ever come If you want actual halo experience, I would suggest playing oldschool halo on 360 servers. Oh wait, they shut those down, guess you will have to shell out money on MCC and pretend you're playing the oldschool games then. BTW, both MCC and Infinite have heavy censorship, with the latter censoring "White Lives Matter" in chat, and former replacing a police car playercard and replacing it with BLM shit
>>489411 I have never played Halo before so I wouldn't know. It takes either weapon switching quickly or 40 seconds to kill a single person. Maybe this was always part of the Halo games but I hate it. You can't coordinate with your team. I tried capturing the flag only for my team to still be defending bitterly until the rounds end. It's poorly optimized and even on a RTX 2080 will get lag spikes on low.
(8.35 KB 213x224 6063446.png)

>>489443 I'm going to rename all my images to ClipboardImage when i post just to spite you.
>>489356 So the campaign is what I would describe to be the Halo equivalent of "The Last Jedi + Rise of Skywalker". >The in media res story has them killing a lot of Spartan IVs and destroying the Infinity, less context when they're just showing shit happening as little as possible >Everyone who has appeared in Halo 4 and Halo 5 are missing, barely mentioned, and mentioned half off >The choice of putting Big Bad Atriox from Halo Wars 2 and the dumb as shit books front and center. >Killing then redeeming then replacing Cortana with a "Quirky" version, overall SHE DINDUNUFFIN! Even after killing a planet full of billions because psychotic AI bitch >They're going all out in "Humanizing" Master Chief with shit you'd think you'd find in a Playstation exclusive game with his interactions with Pajeet-Spanish Sidekick Pelican Pilot who is supposed to be a replacement for Johnson. >Terrible "Egg Hunt" story where there's more mysteries that pile up one after another even after you kill the Doom ripoff Harbinger of Truth and Escharum the Big Brute >Doubling down with "THERE ARE WORSE THINGS THAN THE FLOOD" bullshit >ANOTHER ANCIENT EVIL AWAKENS >Muh OFFENSIVE BIAS ACTIVATE! Overall, It's another soft reboot of the "Reclaimer Saga" with the Adventures of Master Chief in the Zeta Halo, it's both in offensive and inoffensive at the same time! 343 and Microsoft are just making shit as they go. And there's also these >Disc versions of the game only have the Campaign while you need to download the multiplayer portion to even play the damn thing >$3000 worth of cosmetic bullshit in the in-game store >No playlists yet
>>489443 This is the first time I've seen anyone complain about this. Seems you're trying to start a trend.
>>489452 >This is the first time I've seen anyone complain about this. Seems you're trying to start a trend. You have to be 18 and lurk for two years before you can post here, newfriend torpedo. It's not the first time, but it's rare. The complaining, that is.
>>489452 This is the third time I've seen that complaint in the past month, and anon's actual problem is the recompression from JPEG and multiplied filesize which happens any time ClipboardImage.PNG is posted. OP's pic was about 70 KB on his HDD.
>>489418 >If you want actual halo experience, I would suggest playing oldschool halo on 360 servers. Oh wait, they shut those down, guess you will have to shell out money on MCC and pretend you're playing the oldschool games then. Or, you can play the original PC versions of Halo:CE and 2 Vista, and wait for 360 emulation to catch-up.
Infinite's story is trash. Modern vidya is not canon.
>>489524 Are you kidding me anon, Infinite is great. He's the tallest of mountains he is the roughest of waves
Sangheili That is all
i came here just to see the cortana dump, i'm dissapointed.
It's so crazy that Halo is the least cancerous game currently.
>>489441 Higher TTK is usually better because it creates time for skilled players to be skilled. Any 12 year old can quickscope on Call of Doody. That was never Halo's problem, it was always the lack of mobility and the fact that the game generally felt like it was taking place on the moon or underwater if you were on foot. So far only 343 has attempted to address this issue, Bungie never gave a shit because they were afraid of confusing the consoleniggers, and all they've come up with is adding sprint and a dodge across 3 games (the jetpack was slow as fuck and made you a huge target so nobody used it). Now with their 4th, they've added a grappling hook, which is good but it's a very limited powerup. On top of that custom games are in a sorry fucking state so if you want to play games where everyone starts with the grapple and you don't have 7 friends ready to gay it up in Gaylo at the drop of a hat, go fuck yourself. No custom games browser, limited customization and a totally asinine interface. >>489448 You forgot to mention they expect you to pay $60 for what is effectively "Hey guys what if Far Cry but HALO!" complete with copy pasted structures on a big map with less variation in terrain than the very first game. >>489591 It isn't that surprising considering Microsoft was the only publisher with enough of a brain to enact an audit and realized all the diversity hires at 343 were worthless, and then brought in original Bungie staff (Staten) to oversee the project. Even then it ended up a bit of a mess, but at least it isn't a barely working trashfire like Battlefield 2042 or a gallery of clown aesthetics like Vanguard. It's just generically mediocre and lacking in content.
>>489591 >>489613 >It's so crazy that Halo is the least cancerous game currently. >I only focus on AAA shit It's incredible cancerous anyway, it has microtransactions and an online that's very heavily tilted in favor of console gamers.
(19.58 KB 400x300 s-l400.jpg)

Halo is good The campaign is hood and the multiplayer is hood. I'm playing through the game on heroic as my first playthrough and I'm having a blast. 90% of the faggots saying the campaign is bad are just being contrarian fucktards. There may be some things to hate about it but nothing super major has cropped up yet. I just beat the spartan killer brutes. I'm loving the bosses so far.
(22.69 KB 300x226 Killer.jpg)

>>489638 >The campaign is hood and the multiplayer is hood Halo: San Andreas?
>>489639 No I'm obviously talking about Lord Hood. Also you can jack peoples rides in the game so maybe.
>>489640 >Also you can jack peoples rides in the game so maybe. That's been a thing since Halo 2.
>>489570 What do you think some kind porn board? ill have you know I never dump porn. I just happen to post a lot of eechi stuff.
Forgive the watermark on the third one.
>>489648 >These faces Western pornographic art was a fucking mistake
(640.96 KB 640x320 back to cuckchan you go.webm)

>>489651 >Memes Halo also what >>489652 said
>>489356 >I swear, people are that deluded that they think anyone who brings up modern games are instant shills OP, you faggot, they're paranoid because actual shills have been here in the past. >>489448 >The in media res story has them killing a lot of Spartan IVs and destroying the Infinity This is fucking retarded when you remember the Banished couldn't even beat one outdated UNSC spaceship with only two spartans and a civilian class AI onboard in Halo Wars 2.
>>489445 I already started doing this ages ago. >>489411 Better than gaylo 4 and 5. Worse than the original trilogy. Playlist options suck, and progression challenges have people frequently quitting trying to get the correct modes they need or just flat out doing shit that in no way helps the team. Give it 6 months before trying, as they clearly put this out before it was ready. >>489665 Yeah they really pulled this one out of their ass. I expected as much though with how badly they have written the series up until 5. They had no idea how to salvage it so they just said fuck it and hit the reboot button.
>>489669 gaylo should have ended at 4. game was ass, and the final boss was a cod tier QTE, but at least the ending slapped. cortana and chief, along with arbiter, were the last survivors of the original halo ring, everybody else has died by that point. in a sense, the story wasn't about the forerunners, or whatever the fuck happened there, it was about chief having a final goodbye with cortana, trying to cope with a loss like he has never have before. He's the good guy, he's the hero, he's the overwhelming force that wins the day, no matter what the odds, that's literally what he has been engineered to do, but even he can's "get the girl" at the end, cortana's life cycle has reached it's end and there is nothing he can do. The ending is perfect, because it leaves chief on a bittersweet note, while we see humanity starting to rebuild, and the forerunner threat defeated. It is a perfect ending, gaylo 5 and infinite shouldn't be considered canon as it defeats the whole purpose of one thing gaylo 4 did right. >but gaylo 3 ended the fight! gaylo 3 ended on a cliffhanger, barely any better than gaylo 2, I can argue that 4 was the epilogue that was truly needed to finally put chief at peace.
>>489591 When the rest of the competition are such trashfires that even e-celebs swore off them, you know how bad they were. Infinite came at the right moment where even though they didn't manage to get everything promised at launched, it still barely manage to surpass expectations of a 343 Halo title. >>489665 >OP, you faggot, they're paranoid because actual shills have been here in the past. Well of course there were shills in the past, but the point is that hate faggots who says 'muh shill' everytime a modern game is brought up because it stifles discussion. >>489673 I barely remember anything from 4 besides the Cortana redesign, the Mech, and the Sticky Detonator. Who was the Didact anyway? And why are the Covenant remnants still fights the UNSC?
>>489356 >I am an actual shill Yeah, we know.
>>489683 I don't remember anything about gaylo 4, either. that's why I said that the chief-cortana dynamic and the ending are the only thing that matter in that game, since it actually feels like an epilogue to gaylo 3(the new weapons were awesome tho, shame they weren't there from the start and were only introduced in the worst gaylo campaign to date, minus 5)
(272.59 KB 606x371 eldewrito.png)

I remember trying to start an ElDewrito game night, but no matter what I did, my server never showed up in the server browser. I fucked with the firewall settings, forwarded my ports, set everything up to have custom maps I snagged online, etc. I hope someone here, or alternatively sleepychan, can be convinced to host one soon.
>>489638 I've seen nothing about it that appeals to me and the videos I have watched about the campaign portray a repetitive grind comparable to every other "paint the map" Far Cry/Infamous ripoff except Halo flavored. Tell me again why I'm a contrarian and your opinion is objectively correct. Is it the sixty buckaroos? >>489683 Were you not here for the guy who spammed images ripped straight from Waypoint? You'll just have to accept that Halo threads draw shills like flies to a bug zapper. Denial without an accusation just makes you look retarded.
>>489719 to be fair, making an entire game out of the second halo CE level isn't a bad idea, when it's one of the most fun and iconic levels of the whole franchise. just because far cry/ubiosoft fucked open world games to death in the recent years doesn't mean you can't make a good open world game anymore. hell, watch dogs legion had a very good premise, that would have likely worked if it wasn't a ubisoft game
>>489648 >>489650 >>489651 nice, Halo 1 cortana is still best cortana.
(7.08 KB 300x200 Chad Daddy.jpg)

>Gaylo 2 niggas don't play this shit This shit is mad gay
(82.57 KB 368x778 Smoked and broken 2.jpg)

>>489617 >>489591 >>489683 >When the rest of the competition are such trashfires that even e-celebs swore off them, you know how bad they were. Infinite came at the right moment where even though they didn't manage to get everything promised at launched, it still barely manage to surpass expectations of a 343 Halo title. Despite all of the >Auto aim >No option to only play with your same control scheme outside of ranked solo/duo >Melee lunge doesn't consistent >Sword lunge too consistent >Hammer windup being so long a melee can drop you >Latency fuckery >Jank hitreg >Awful feedback from damage dealt >Minimal spacial sound design >I N C O N S I S T E N T >Ranked system values "did you win" and "did you kill" over way too much other shit >Weapon sound effects are poor AF >ECKS DEEEEEE VAULTING THAT CAN JUST HAPPEN AND KILL YOU!!!! >Sometimes Pocket DMR pistol >Progression system >Lying about the events being free >"No bro... we just.. we're listening. that's why... we're... gonna fix it... uhh... later. Cause we're taking teh weekend off but we're leaving the shit up for sale." >Front backsmacks >Side backsmacks >Not getting backsmacks from behind >Out of game UI is really really really really bad >literally 0 customization at level 1, almost every other halo title had this >Only heard the halo theme after multiple hours of having played it But despite all of this cancer it's still one of the least bad and when I have to say 343 of all fucking people aren't the worst, it really should showcase just how fucking awful this year has been for gaming is when a 343 Halo game looks decent in comparison.
(131.64 KB 1920x1080 cortana.jpg)

(213.62 KB 1920x1080 weapon.jpg)

>>489895 what the fuck
(36.07 KB 896x513 Halo 1.jpg)

>>489895 Facially I think she looks fine, of course an awkward facial pose looks awkward, but she looks nothing like Cortana. This has been a problem starting in Halo 3 where she looks like a completely different person every game.
(787.65 KB 1024x576 elites.png)

>>489901 That's not strictly a problem with Cortana - that's a problem with Halo. Everything is redesigned every game for no reason. I'm posting the Elites but they have it easy, the Brutes and Jackals look like different species from game to game.
>>489895 Mass Effect Andromeda
(48.78 KB 255x255 wtf_skeleton.gif)

(30.91 KB 600x450 cortana_press_x_to_use.jpg)

>>489864 >it really should showcase just how fucking awful this year has been for gaming is when a 343 Halo game looks decent in comparison Yeah that is a miserable thought. >>489895 Disgusting. >I'm Cortana! No. No you are not. This is not the ass I remember.
>>490009 How do you fuck an AI? Genuine question.
Don't these philistines understand there's an artistry to beautiful naked women? Dare I say there's a beauty to them?
>>490015 Have a robotic onahole implanted in your suit and give her control of it.
>>489895 Not-Cortana doesnt look that bad all of the time. That's just a goofy face she makes sometimes.
(1.36 MB 779x726 ClipboardImage.png)

Halo Infinite's campaign is a lot of fun. Only downside is that in the latter half of the game driving vehicles is more of a liability than an advantage. But it's okay because swinging around with the grappling hook is INCREDIBLY satisfying and it also kicks ass to electrocute faggots with it before punching them in the face. Also tfw Cortana literally wipes Australia off the face of the Earth
>>489725 There were other parts of the first game that were highlights and could have been included. Truth and Reconciliation for example. The mental approach of "let's take one level and stretch it out to an open world game" isn't exactly the best recipe for success and variety. >just because far cry/ubiosoft fucked open world games to death in the recent years doesn't mean you can't make a good open world game anymore. Again I haven't seen any evidence that this is a good open world game. Honestly I wouldn't be difficult to please for an action open world game, just include a really fun and ubiquitous movement mechanic like skiing in Tribes. But all the level design I've seen looks pretty boring.
>>489638 It's not good, it just passes for most (normalfags usually) because it's one of the least shit things of recent. Not at all unlike nuDoom in that regard.
>>490098 >Honestly I wouldn't be difficult to please for an action open world game, just include a really fun and ubiquitous movement mechanic like skiing in Tribes The grappling hook really is fun to use. As are most of the vehicles. You can do some spiderman stuff to get to the top of really tall structures.
>>489864 what manga is that? reverse image search does not work.
>>489895 Weapon's teeth look like shit the whole game. I don't know how any company can hire hundreds of overpaid artists and still get simple things like this so wrong so consistently.
>>490324 It's especially jarring because this is the same company that made Halo 4's Cortana and this is what they make for their new game on stronger hardware.
>>490332 >>490324 Remember that the message nowadays from the left is that they want representation. What they're saying is that they want to see real people in video games instead of the elisions of real people that video game characters tend to be because of hardware limitations or developers who were human. Real people are ugly.
>>490105 It has a gay cooldown. The vehicles are OK, but I'm talking about movement where I can gracefully soar through the map, shit on dudes with rockets while soaring above them, and pass on by to the next objective, etc. The grappling hook is only good for short bursts and getting crazy positions not continuous movement. Stuff like the Spider Man games or Infamous or Prototype. This is what makes an open world game good, frankly, is being able to skip all of the boring shit you put in it, because open worlds always end up with a ton of empty space. Otherwise it will seem strange or too dense. Far Cry has always had this problem too. Go to your next thing to do, oh shit it's a group of dudes that will destroy my shitty jeep if I don't kill them first, time to stop and kill them for the 400th time in another completely indistinguishable outpost. It's tedious. Developers are strangely inclined to limit the player when it comes to first person. Maybe it's because they're afraid that too much movement is too jarring from that perspective, or maybe it's due to some unconscious bias towards realism. Think about other non-linear games that don't have problems with tediously trudging from point A to B. In some Metroid games you can jump infinitely, and in all of them since Super you can sprint faster than a car while destroying everything in your path, then crouch and turn yourself into a living bullet. Why is this not allowed? In the books Spartans can sprint that fast anyways.
(137.50 KB 800x1139 ClipboardImage.jpg)

>>491666 >Maybe it's because they're afraid that too much movement is too jarring from that perspective No, it's because then you'll have people bitching about how they cannot play the damn game. Need look no further than all the complaining about Mirror's Edge, where some idiots slammed the game because they cannot understand movement in a 3D space.
>>491681 To be fair, the FOV helped the motion sickness. That's usually the issue for most people, plus low FOV gives you the perception that you're going slow as fuck. Whenever I change to a wider FOV and some clueless normalfag is around they usually state how the game looks much better and playable but they don't know why.
>>489704 I hated that release. There was a better one that I can't find anymore.
>>491681 >thought about playing Mirror's Edge for the first time in a years >someone posts it Mindfuckery. God it's such a good game.
>>492044 It's a shame the sequel was such generic shit. Mirror's Edge was an incredibly unique game, it didn't need to be a Ubisoft style open world slog.
>>491666 >It has a gay cooldown. The grappling hook can be upgraded in the TACMAP screen and maxing it out early gives you a really versatile tool for movement and combat. It basically renders the cooldown irrelevant.
>>491844 >good Mirror's Edge was mediocre EA fodder.
(39.58 KB 847x485 ClipboardImage.png)

I feel like the open world genuinely adds nothing to this game at all, other than making the thinly disguised "fight 3 areas of dudes then hit a button" design of the old games even more painfully obvious. If the arenas are quickly chained together and actually different you tend to phase it out in the old games, but when you have long ass periods of downtime and nothing happening between the three almost identical arenas it's just obnoxious. You get to a place, the place is locked, Nottana goes "we need to disable the mining laser/AA guns/find the code at these three or four locations", and then all of the locations are just very similar, except the singular AA guns that has you fight hunters along with the regular banished. Game also runs like utter shit and nothing has improved with the full release. At least the multiplayer is fun, but desperately needs more maps, modes and a fucking nerf to the console aim assist and the assault rifle.
>>492091 >image I saw somebody point out that to be on par with the average accuracy of a controller user, you'd need to be in the top 50 KB+M users. Not top 50%, top 50 people. There are 50 people with aim as good or better than the auto-aim controllers have. Somebody over at 343 is obviously a console fan.
>>492094 PC also has some weird hit detection problems which, I assume, stem from the game relying on some part of the aim assist to decide whether a bullet is hitting or not. Because all of a sudden 343 decided that bungie maybe did something good and copied the way range, bullet magnetism, and hitboxes work from Destiny, but did it in the worst fucking way possible.
>>492070 I was talking about the eldewrito release of halo CE>>492070
>>492062 Fair enough. Still, I'm not really looking forward to grinding out Enemy Base #65 instead of playing one of the more carefully paced and designed campaign levels you'd find in any game before Halo 4. All while becoming steadily more overpowered thanks to the upgrades. Last time I played an open world game with progression like this (Ghost of Tsushima) I was completely unbeatable shortly after the 2nd act started on the very hardest difficulty. I got bored at that point and dropped the game, even while deliberately not stealth killing everything. Open world games with RPG like upgrades are very difficult to pace for non-RPG developers. Heck, they're hard to pace for most RPG devs also. It also seems from footage I've viewed that you can spawn any weapon you've acquired on demand at a base, then kit out your Marines with them. I'm sure filling a transport hog full of rocket Marines is fun the first time but not the 20th. I guess I could always challenge myself by not taking those weapons, or up the difficulty, but I dislike it when difficulty boils down to extremes of "you instakill everything and they also instakill you." And limiting myself tends to get boring quickly.
>>492272 I was talking to the Anon below you. You both had the same dubs.
Why is Cortana naked? Does she have any shame?
>>489356 Does anyone know if Infinite's already been pirated?
(172.53 KB 780x2354 ClipboardImage.png)

>>492494 I kind of wish Cortana didn't have a visual form at all, have her be a pure AI.
(14.44 KB 877x133 ClipboardImage.png)

>>492494 She did it to fuck with/manipulate people. Do not worry though. 343 fixed that after being ashamed of what they made her look like in 4. >>492993 In the books I read, the AI have much more interesting forms. In the games they always just look like people because 343 are lame.
>>492997 >pic note to self: Making people horny gives you a conversational advantage.
>>493025 It's even sillier when you consider a lot of the people she'd be talking to are Spartans who don't have a libido.
>>493025 >Making people horny gives you a conversational advantage To be fair to her, thinking with your dick has been a popular way to fuck up just about everything throughout human history.
(420.47 KB 2392x1344 f15220648.png)

How is the enemy AI in Infinite?
>>493978 Meh as fuck and allied Marines can't even drive vehicles You're expecting too much from a fucking AAAshit game, they even removed the blood puffs showacsed in the Gameplay trailer because of China.
>>492494 >No vagina >Not even a single nipple >naked
>>493986 >Marines can't even drive vehicles Even though they usually got me killed, letting the marines drive and trying to stay alive during that process was incredibly funny. Also was cool to fight alongside allied vehicles in the bigger battles, but as usual 343 disappoints me.
>>493978 Enemy behavior has barely changed since CE. The only few thing of note are that allied marines are completely worthless and wraiths have somehow dethroned jackal snipers for the most annoying piece of shit enemy in the game, since they start attacking the moment they see you and can snipe you with a retarded amount of accuracy.
made me think of this shit OP
>>494107 More cotana pls
>>494030 >sniper jackals Those niggers and their buttbuddies, the sniper craigs are also god damn insufferable. Sniper craigs are a 50/50 of either him completely missing repeatedly, or just instakilling you with a skewer or the lightning rifle. Sniper jackals can burst fire the stalker rifle and instakill you if you don't have maxed out shield upgrades, or sometimes they fire one shot, miss, then just deactivate and stop shooting in general.
>>489411 They cloned Halo3 and taped some new bits on.
>>494538 Your enemy elimination priority should be: 1. Jackal snipers 2. Brutes 3. Everyone else
>>492997 It's not even like there's anything borderline explicit shown. It's generic barbie doll nudity that was par for the course in 90's JRPGs and Anime. Functionally indiscernible from a latex suit. These cunts are now even more censorious than the soccer moms and anus clenching Christian moralists of 40 years ago... and they grew up railing AGAINST such censorship. What a mindfuck they've had to have undergone to get to this point. As for Halo Infinite, I haven't played it yet. I can't play it. My computer should be more than capable of handling the game, but once you get into the open world the FPS tanks to 20 and stays there regardless of the resolution or graphics settings. Low and Ultra both have the same performance, even though you can see the visual differences. They really shit the bed with support for older AMD cards.
>>493025 You say that as though it isn’t obviously true.
>>495836 >What a mindfuck they've had to have undergone to get to this point. Nothing like that ever happened. Their "rebel phase" just ended and they started shitting things up for the newer generations just like their retarded and useless cunts of parents did for them. The human acts on prinicples, morals and knowledge and elevates himself and society beyond its boundaries. Animals on the other hand follow the "monkey see, monkey do" mantra and those are the results you now have.
>>495836 >and they grew up railing AGAINST such censorship They grew up against another group's particular brand of censorship. Not censorship in general, which I think is important to note. This is why they are now all suddenly fine with censoring things so long as they are the ones in charge of it.
>>493025 >>493041 I do like the idea of computer code portraying itself as a sexy woman solely to get what it wants, that's like something from HG2G.
>>495836 It was never about opposing censorship. It was about power.
>>506944 Well they fucked up by lying about their intentions then, because they convinced too many people, like the people here, that censorship is actually bad, so now that they've seemingly done a 180 on it, the people they taught to hate censorship are left hating them.
(87.19 KB 664x1199 ClipboardImage.png)

(12.35 KB 623x180 ClipboardImage.png)

Some gaylo infinite news. 343 may finally be fixing Big Team Battle which has been broken for some time now, ETA some time in the kind of near future maybe probably not. They hilariously believe Big Team has been "playable" for most people by the way. Also still no acknowledging of the desync issues. Make sure to buy $10 cat ears and the $20 color swap skins to finance this timely support work though. This last bit got a laugh out of me too: >We are working on a broader info update and driving towards being able to share more details and a roadmap to help answer your questions and manage expectations >That exercise is going to take some time to flesh out but please know it’s in process - there’s just a lot to dig into and it’s a rather complicated web of work items / dependencies / priorities, etc… so we want to be sure to share informed, accurate information So even the roadmap is sounding like a challenge for them. The line about managing your expectations seems to imply "Don't expect much of anything from us." to me. What a fuck up of a dev team. Even reddit is shitting on them. https://archive.is/6vTj1
>>511263 Allegedly their testers acknowledged the desync issue in some other leddit thread some weeks ago. I still find it hard to believe how slowly most AAA devs address issues like these
>>495815 Here's a much better version
(1.33 MB 1091x608 Shang thumbs up.png)

>>512198 Very good.
(30.94 KB 640x452 iraq's.jpg)

>>511741 Its mostly because newfag devs don't understand the importance of quality control in the development stage itself - they think they'll "fix the bugs later". And they basically patching over and over a rotten and unscalable core code base, which itself was written in a span of few weeks by a guy in development team, who has now left the company due to huge crunch times, And the guys patching it now are not even from development team, they're a smaller maintainence team.
>>512276 >sunsetting I absolutely hate PR spin terms like this
>>512432 All you get are corpo speak these days. No one talks like a human being at these places anymore.
>>512437 That's just the world we live in now. Get corporate or die.
A Jewtuber made a video on Infinite's lack of diverse biomes compared to its predecessors. https://yewtu.be/watch?v=iZg_8AI3em8
>>513154 You have to understand 343 is a small developer with a smaller budget. You can not expect them to have so many biomes. Besides, aren't two types of pine trees enough for you? Seriously though, even some of their own prior Gaylo work puts this to shame environment wise
>>513154 This was a problem even as far back as Reach. Every single fucking map in that games rotation was made on forge world.
(33.36 KB 797x344 ClipboardImage.png)

Big Team Battle Fix coming mid next week. To make up for the inconvenience they are generously giving people 5 XP Boosts and 5 Challenge Swaps. Try not to get too excited!
>>513280 >Reach More like ODST, Reach actually had some different biomes, ODST is a samey mess made with reused assets everywhere.
>>513305 I'm talking more specifically about the multiplayer map rotation. The problem with Reach is that instead of porting over old maps they just remade them inside of forge world with the generic forge world textures. It was a miserable experience compared to the older games. I don't remember enough about the campaigns and their biome variety.
>>513298 Oh boy! Now I can boost my XP so I can get more Challenge Swaps! Then I can swap my challenges so I can get more XP!
(28.85 KB 600x339 Dorito pope.jpg)

>>513341 Remember when people got pissed off at this? I remember thinking it couldn't get any worse. Thank fuck the middle market exists now outside of Japan.
(152.39 KB 1472x854 url(1).png)

>>512211 Fuck the basic rules of cost of implementation, people buy our trash anyway. >>513324 Reach's campaign didn't have that much in the way of variety. It's mostly a generic rocky foresty biome with the occasional structure. I think there was one or two missions that take place in a more rocky cliff area. The structures are easily the most interesting part of the environment. Those structures are still more interesting and varied than Infinite. And they did a decent job of filling the battlefield with enough Marines and NPC vehicles to make it feel like a large scale war over humanity's last stronghold before Earth.
>>513341 >>513346 The people I'm seeing placated by being offered a pittance to help deal with a problem of grinding that 343 themselves created in the first place are incredibly retarded. I can't wait to see 343 go even more jewish and make the XP boosts/swaps tied to each season of the battle pass. Just to stop people from hoarding them for later.
>>513358 Did you hear about the progression capped event bullshit? There are events where you can get armor sets and whatever for free by grinding, but they're split up into one week periods separated by like a month between them. And if you grind too much for a given week they cap your progress on it.
>>513359 >but they're split up into one week periods separated by like a month between them. And if you grind too much for a given week they cap your progress on it Sounds like they really want to keep people around by abusing the fear of missing out for maximum effect. Luckily that is not going to inevitably burn out the community and further annoy an already annoyed playerbase. These companies are fucking horrible.
>>513358 >Just to stop people from hoarding them for later. After forcing people to keep cans of Mountain Dew and bags of Doritos around FOR A FUCKING YEAR while they waited to redeem their initial EXP boosts? No, they won't do that. It's a class action lawsuit if they try it.
>>513358 How did grinding even become a problem in goddamn multiplayer games? This isn't a 1980s JRPG, it's a first-person shooter.
>>513430 They monetized the hell out of the progression system setup that has cemented itself in every modern game. Progress too slow? Buy an XP booster! Getting tired of one of the three challenges they intentionally limit you to? Buy Challenge Swaps or buy Premium! Tired of having to play the game to get your next dopamine hit from unlocking new gear? Just straight up buy a fucking level up. I've seen more people upset about progression system and shit than people angry about the abysmal state of the actual fucking game. People have been thoroughly conditioned to not only accept this cancer, but to be outright disappointed when it is absent. Everything now is designed to try to monopolize your time because games as a service (and similar types of cancer) require it. I'm glad there is a good amount of flak being thrown at 343 for their handling of it at least.
>>513430 Because companies currently make their money from microtransactions, not players getting good at playing a game.
>>513430 Players got used to the canard that things like unlocks and RPG mechanics were always merely ways of making multiplayer games more fun by giving players more options for how to play them. They got sold on the ideas that everything couldn't be available up front because, first, it would be more enjoyable to have slow progression because it would allow for even more ways of playing the game (it becomes necessary to try and find intermediate builds to use before you unlock, say, gun 3, which ideally is not just a straight upgrade), and, second, it makes it either less likely or makes it take longer for the community to settle into the ruts that build systems pretty much inevitably develop. Then, of course, people monetized progress through microtransactions (buy gun 3 now! buy faster progress! buy the newly released gun 4 so that you have even MORE option). Also, since these are games made by real people with motivations like greed and schedules, builds and progress ended up not conforming to ideals like actually offering players more choices in how to play. If gun 4 is a straight upgrade to gun 3, either for a given playstyle or just overall, then progression for that gun is just so much "wasted" playtime until you get the real gun. It's similar to how in MMOs there's the idea that the "real" content of the game happens after you've ground through 80 or whatever number of levels. In both situations, it's tough for players to just enjoy the ride because they're constantly telling themselves "the game will be more fun when I get (situation X)" which in many cases ends up twisting into "the game isn't fun before I get (situation X)." That fairly naturally led to people being willing to buy their way past the "boring" part of the game, eiteer with in-game currencies or powerleveling or achievement servers, and then with actual money when those methods weren't available or weren't fast enough. Now, certainly some of that "fast enough" is due to gamer attention spans getting shorter, but at least some of it is also due to the gaming demographic changing. Young gamers grew up with these kinds of shitty practices and so they never got to experience fun that didn't involve grinding or unlocking things. Non-gamers entered the hobby through mobile games--the exact strategy that game publishers relied on to draw in people who'd be willing to put a buck in the mobile game's slot to keep playing it. So the composition of the gaming community changed: newfags with no sense were born or were led to become "gamers;" many old time gamers who knew that they were supporting shitty practices slowly cucked out and started playing games with unlocks and battle passes, which helped give the numerical support to devs and publishers who did those things to spin up the narrative that all gamers were okay with them. Even if a person didn't buy a battle pass or didn't buy in-game currencies, just playing the game let shitheads show numbers to other shitheads that led them to decide that their methods were sound enough to make money. Seeing those successes--really a lack of effective resistance to them--other big publishers started to push their devs to do the same kinds of things. There's probably a really interesting history to be written about the rise of modern shitty practices like "battle passes" that might never get released, the "patreon treadmill" of giving money to devs or publishers for games that may never actually be complete the way they were originally pitched to purchasers, DLC and horse armor and paid mods, the tendency for publishers and devs to own the responsibility of hosting multiplayer servers (which stifled to death the modding/total conversion community and allowed them the centralized control to push ads and other shitty practices), and the expectation that games don't need to be finished and working and even reasonably complete when they're released (and the fact that the definition of "finished" is so nebulous today). Putting such a timeline together honestly would probably be the first step in educating people who play games as to why games are deliberately designed to be shitty these days.

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