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Games the names of which you can't remember Anonymous 12/21/2021 (Tue) 18:47:43 Id: 9b0522 No. 496526
As the thread title states, let's talk about games that you can't remember the title of but remember something about it and try to remind each other. I remember there being a webm with an old RPG game with a creepy enemy that went "I LOVE YOU" over and over again, but I can't remember the name of a game.
For years I've been trying to remember the name of an isometric game I played on Genesis. It was a fantasy setting, with more realistic-ish characters, as opposed to a very cartoony style. It begins in a town and I recall talking to villagers and stuff. I can't remember if it was action or turn based, which is my real issue here. For years I thought it was Rings of Power but then I actually played that and it wasn't.
>>496539 Light crusader?
>>496539 it's probably Light Crusader. it is >isometric >an rpg >realistic artstyle >starts in a town
>>496539 You guys blew my mind. I never bothered to ask before, and was just randomly trying tons of Genesis games over the years whenever I remembered to care. The fact that you guys got it so fast amazes me. Never heard anyone ever mention this game until now. Thanks for the help. I'm off to see if it's still as forgettable as it was to me in the '90s.
>>496526 >I remember there being a webm with an old RPG game with a creepy enemy that went "I LOVE YOU" over and over again, but I can't remember the name of a game. Drakkhen
>>496563 >The fact that you guys got it so fast amazes me. There's only a handful of isometric rpgs on the Genesis. It wasn't hard to narrow down.
(7.43 KB 800x600 drawing.png)

There ware two games I remember playing a long time ago on those old G3 iMacs but I could never figure out what their names were years later. One was a basic memory matching game. All I remember was the voice sounded like Alvin Chipmunk (they would say "No way!" when there wasn't a match) & when I cleared a level, a jingle would play & then it would crackle before the next level loaded. Pic attached is my only visual memory of it. The other game was monochrome & had me connecting the dots. My only memory of it was completing the big dipper & animations that played when the picture was completed.
>>496526 Basically I remember seeing this trailer when I was very young about a robot who was macerating as a vigilante, someone asked if he was trying to be a hero and then he replied "no, I am *title of the game*" For the life of me I cannot figure out what game it was, nor have I ever seen the trailer ever again. Perhaps the game was canceled, but regardless it was about a robot in the future who was trying to avenge something.
>>496564 I just replayed that the other day and was swooping to the rescue, and here you are. >>496655 3D or 2D? About what year? Console or PC? Mega man/KOSMOS 99% human robot or Clank-like bleep bloop robot? Any details you remember help.
PC game, "RPG" I've played around 2005. Lots of walking and finding your way around. Think most of it was in a city. Not even sure if it was in English. Lost hope of finding it since I don't really have any detail. The view was of the old Pokemon games IIRC. Pretty sure it was a small game, a single EXE, no install.
>>496991 Pretty sure it had leveling as well, I think I reached only level 4 or 5 as I didn't know where to go. Might have had sword combat or something similar (not very developed).
It was a tetris game where you could stack things in certain ways to make forts or a castle or weapons and you had to destroy the enemy fort at the same time. I think it was a handheld game.
>>496816 Mega man/KOSMOS 99% human robot, looked 3D
The only game I have yet to find the name of over the years was a Windows 95 era PC game I played as a kid. I remember it was a dungeon crawler game where you played as a sort of medieval knight character. The opening fmv had you wandering out of a blizzard into a cave and that's where the game began. It was punishingly difficult for child me and the main thing I remember was having to find food like cheese and roast chickens on the ground to refill a hunger meter while fighting off monsters and traversing the maze like tunnels.
>>497027 Feels like a console-y remake to me. Remake devs might've thought dropping the name of an old familiar title was clever. I looked at trailers for Bomberman Act Zero and the Bionic Commando remake, but neither of those seems to fit the bill. Probably not one of the late 2010s Terminator games either. A robot masquerading as a vigilante suggests an established character, too, which is why I thought "remake" at first. I could be totally wrong. I could see the Japs having Samus call herself the Other M in one of their trailers because they like awkward English, but I doubt that's it. "Edgy humaniod robot" is a pretty popular trope, though. >>497161 Might be some rare foreign thing. Hunger meters were never extremely popular elements. Stonekeep and Arx Fatalis didn't have them, and I don't think Ultima Underworld would've done the snowstorm-to-cave thing, but I don't even remember if that one had hunger like the main games. Was it a first-person game or is that me reading too much into "dungeon crawler"?
>>497265 That video actually jogged my memory kind of randomly. It was Fortress for the gameboy advance. Thanks anon.
There is this one Doom-ish game/wad I still can't find to this day. It started out in a maze garden with bright marble/sandstone floor tiles and green bushes, the garden had a fountain, a 3D bench and a small key lying around somewhere. After getting the key you could open a gate leading to a castle, this would trigger a loading screen doubling as exposition in the form of a yellow scroll full of german text in fraktur whose contents I can't really remember, something about an evil wizard perhaps. After that it drops you in front of the castle drawbridge, past that is a room with a small table, a trapdoor behind the table and one prison cell on each side. The prison cells contained spooky skeleton gifs that either ran straight towards you without dodging anything or aimlessly roamed around, opening the cell doors and punching the skeletons to death would get you a shortsword/dagger. Past the trapdoor were a set of stairs leading into a long corridor, at the end of said corridor sat a giant red waist-high 3D cockroach. Setting a single foot in the corridor would cause the roach to charge towards you at sanic speeds and kill you in one hit, which is as far as I ever got in that game. The game ran at SVGA resolution and was very smooth as I was playing it on a 1ghz CPU under Win9x, I reckon the roach's invincibility and fast movement speed might have been side effects of the game being intended for older hardware.
A not very good, pretty short 1v1 fighting game for the Sega Saturn (I think), the only detail that I can recall is the last boss (of about 9 fighters) was a featureless liquid metallic looking dude you could unlock by beating him. I think there might have been one more 'hidden' robotic-ish character after that. AND I've asked this one before but forgot it: A Genesis/Megadrive sidescroller shooter with robots where you could modify the weapon, armour and I think legs of your bot, in a kind of rock-paper-scissors style of protection/damage/speed. You could shoot off other bots gun-arms and pick them up to use as your own. Feels like it should have Ultimate and or Battle in the title somewhere.
(24.67 KB 620x465 ClipboardImage.jfif)

>>497556 >a featureless liquid metallic looking dude You mean Dural from Virtua Fighter?
>>497561 VF was good, so it can't be that.
>>497556 First one: Eternal Champions? The only hidden character I remember was a parody U.S. senator though. There was a PC robot fighting game made by someone you wouldn't expect (Blizzard or Psygnosis or something) that had some number in the 2000s or 3000s in the name, but I can't remember the full name of it for the life of me. Neither was very good.
OK, bear with me here because I'm going to very vaguely describe a game I played maybe 20 years ago. It's an isometric horde shooter with prerendered 3D graphic sprites, similar to games like Mario RPG or Fallout. The enemies were all aliens, I think they looked kind of like crabs or spiders but that could be a completely false memory. This was probably around 1998-2005.
>>497915 Crimsonland?
>>498096 Great guess, but that doesn't seem to be it. The game wasn't straight top-down, it had an angled view like a traditional CRPG.
>>497915 alien shooter?
(92.57 KB 1280x720 shooter.jpg)

>>498280 Oh shit, you might be right. I don't remember the title and the UI isn't familiar but this seems like what I described. Are there any other games like this? If not, this must have been the one.
>>498292 this is the mobile version, try looking up the PC release from 2003 there is also theseus:return of the hero(reskin, it's free) on sigma team site, and the sequel to alien shooter, alien shooter vengeance(or alien shooter 2 depending on where you live), but that one came out in 2008. Most enemies there are spiders/crabs, so I assumed you meant that game, but it wasn't around as of 2005 btw, I am still mad sigma team went full blown casual mobile dev, I would love an alien shooter 3 right about now, especially if they made it into an open world RPG or something along those lines, first game was a very casual experience and the second one, despite having RPG elements in it was still mission based, with maybe 1 side quest in the entire game(and only 2 endings) so much lost potential, I hope there are more games like these out there. I remember owning a game made by techland that looked similar to AS, but I never got around to playing it before I lost the disc
>>497556 >A not very good, pretty short 1v1 fighting game for the Sega Saturn (I think), the only detail that I can recall is the last boss (of about 9 fighters) was a featureless liquid metallic looking dude you could unlock by beating him. I think there might have been one more 'hidden' robotic-ish character after that. Found another game that may fit your description. It was a SNES fighter called Doomsday Warrior/Taiketsu!! Brass Numbers. Remaining pics are of the "liquid metal" character.
(39.36 KB 1356x1017 ClipboardImage.png)

I used to play some freeware Win9x(?) game where you played as a silver-gray spaceship and had to transport cargo between landing pads to proceed. The left/right arrow keys would turn the ship in any direction and the up/down arrow keys provided thrust, the game had a physics engine which was extremely stringent on careful, correct landings where you had to angle your ship almost perfectly on the pad and descend at a very slow speed else you'd explode or the game would give you a shit score. I never got past the green cave level because that had really tight passages, turrets that shot at you and cargo that when picked up made your ship twice as heavy which was a real problem because the ship turned rather slowly I don't think it had reverse thrust either and some turns in the cave required advanced comprehension of Newtonian physics which were beyond my childhood self in addition to the ship's limited fuel reserve and some pads being situated near slow-firing turrets so you couldn't even refuel and drop off cargo in peace.
>>497910 >There was a PC robot fighting game made by someone you wouldn't expect (Blizzard or Psygnosis or something) that had some number One Must Fall 2097, published by Epic MegaGames.
>>512400 Your image and description seemed familiar, so I went searching on Mobygames. I found something that fits, but this looks unfamiliar to me. https://www.mobygames.com/game/windows/arcade-pack >Arcade Pack is a collection of games from Double Oak Software. >Space Pilot: This is a Lunar Lander clone with several different 'worlds' to play on
(62.90 KB 400x400 1d2db44faa3f3786.png)

(66.28 KB 400x400 d6dd6ca3cda46352.png)

(16.27 KB 400x400 161871e6b0fe4ab3.png)

(57.16 KB 400x400 756122f7af036217.png)

(10.23 KB 400x400 948565275a36606b.png)

I remember playing Three Sister Story on DOSbox long ago, but there was another porn VN I played that I can't remember the name of. I feel like I may have asked before and forgot yet again. Need to write it down somewhere. In my vague memory of it, you get trapped within the grounds of a mysterious mansion surrounded by a fog. There are girls there you can romance and fug. One of them was a ghost. One of them had the body of a teen but the mind of a child. It may have been the same game or a different one, but there's one girl you discover masturbating in the library and you can barge in and start raping her, but if you do that she kills herself with a knife or something. Please also recommend other good eroge on DOS. I need to just make a list. In exchange here's some aesthetic lolis (mspaint?). The artist is lokulo_no on on baraag. -- There was another game I played as a child on an old Macintosh at school. You can choose an image from the computer and manipulate it, but it had these little animated guys who would come out and do it. Like there was a guy who came out with a bike pump and would "bulge" a part of the image while doing the pumping animation. Well, that's my memory of it. I was probably like 5-8 years old so maybe I dreamed it and it didn't even exist.
(110.47 KB 1141x1141 0gxpou2q20hz.jpg)

This is going to be an actually difficult find. The game was on a demo-cd that came with a packard bell pc in the late 90s. The game was a first-person point and click adventure game set in ancient egypt, i remember that the game started at the entrance of some tomb with your character and some dude outside that you could talk to, i remember it being voiced in norwegian, most likely dubbed. Once inside the tomb, if you just walked straight, you would eventually come to a large hole witch you could fall down and die. I remember that you had do find a plank of wood to get over said hole. There was no live-action actors, the characters and environment was pc modeled. I have seen everal games similar: Riddle of the Sphinx - An Egyptian Adventure, Ankh - The Mystery of the Pyramid, Pyramid: Challenge of the pharaoh's dream, but it is none of those.
(22.20 MB 320x240 Kane fucks Katie Vick.mp4)

DOS Dungeon Crawler where you were on an ant hive There were humanoid Black ants and Red Ants and outside of that I can't remember much more.
>>497376 Sorry forgot I posted in this thread. It was first person and had similar animations to ultima but definitely wasn't that or any of the games you've listed. Must have been some indie shovelware or something because I have never been able to find that game.

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