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(3.86 MB 2000x1200 2021 Merry Christmas 8chan.png)

(658.10 KB 1280x1024 Feeling Old Yet.png)

(3.26 MB 2736x2190 Christmas Vivian.png)

(848.75 KB 2000x1200 8 years.png)

Draw Thread: Happy New Year Edition Anonymous 01/02/2022 (Sun) 06:22:53 Id: 6aaae0 No. 504119
Here's to another year of shared suffering while we attempt to have fun. /v/ Draw Thread Archive of last thread: https://archive.ph/gEjZu Thread making resources + the OP can be found here: https://mega.nz/#F!Suhz0D5Y!BSrBrV1kxK9B5G1SSiJmwQ Relevant Boards >>>/loomis/ >>>smuglo.li/a/ - Drawing Improvement Club Books and Tutorials If you're starting out, just have as much fun as possible and give it your best shot. Don't worry too much about these as they're info overload for absolute beginners. Sometimes they get nuked but >we try to keep them updated. https://sites.google.com/site/ourwici/ https://www.mediafire.com/folder/5strtvods5gda/Drawgfag_Resources https://hubpages.com/art/how-to-draw-learn Helpful Resources Interested in learning how to draw? Check this shit out. Learn fundamentals with exercises: drawabox.com 8Chan Art Wiki: infiniteart.wikia.com/wiki/InfiniteArt_Wiki Online poses with timer: quickposes.com/en/gestures/timed /loomis/ resource hub: web.archive.org/web/20190721220321/http://www.8ch.net/loomis/hub.html HOW TO DRAW - an /ic/ guide: hubpages.com/art/how-to-draw-learn Great resources by /co/ veteran: comic-con.org/toucan Real life reference of normal people: oh-hi.info/ Animu key frames: sakugabooru.com Drawfag resources: mediafire.com/folder/5strtvods5gda/Drawgfag_Resources 4/ic/ Resources: ''/ic/ itself: Filled with namefag, cancer and horny art but its where all drawfagging began. Explore around, you can still find diamond in that septic tank. /ic/ Beginner Guide: docs.google.com/document/d/1uwaXKU7ev6Tw_or__o8ARpUb6r2rCZYJGqwSFV9AD98/edit#bookmark=id.15jx3pyuimvj Drawfag resources: mediafire.com/folder/5strtvods5gda/Drawgfag_Resources Helpful Video Resources, mostly YouTube ProkoTV: Good for basic anatomy needs Sycra Yasin: General in-depth talk about ways to improve and being an artist CG Cookie / ConceptCookie: Advanced techniques and many livestreams (on Wednesdays) and tutorials FZDSCHOOL: Founder of FZD School (in Singapore) Feng Zhu showcases his workflows by re-working art from his students Scott Robertson: Advanced lessons on drawing fundamentals and concept artwork Ctrl+Paint: Free lessons on basics and fundamentals of drawing and painting Draw Mix Paint: Free lessons in traditional painting Level Up Sessions: Livestreams and talks with professional artists Booru and Delivery Archive https://ourobooru.booru.org/ (Superior new booru) 8-booru.booru.org/ (Retired booru because the owner is fucking dead) Tips for a healthier Drawthread >Spot out any autistic shitter and repeat offenders ||You know who they are unless you're new, in which case lurk moar.|| >Anyone can participate, even if you're dog shit. The livelier it is, the better, but don't go begging for (you)s or pity. This is not deviantArt. >If you do draw, draw to the best of your ability! If you're not giving it your all people will notice. >Any drawfags with works in progress, please post any updates so that the requester and everyone else knows that people are still working hard! >If for any reason a request is scrapped, upload what you have and say it's at its most complete state. Maybe ask if someone wants to take over and finish it for you. >Comment. Every artist loves a compliment, it validates their hard work. Don't be afraid of dishing out them (you)s as long as you feel they deserve them. LASTLY, PLEASE READ THIS These threads are not meant to be spammed every day like a fucking general. This isn't an art board. Give the Drawfags their time to do their thing and leave the thread-making to them. Anyone attempting to make this thread in a newfag/cuckchan/low effort manner will be met with disdain and mockery. Hope you all had a happy new year, here's to many wonderful arts to come.
(1.33 MB 1385x1500 anchor_vivian_pirate.png)

Request Anchor
(1.52 MB 1385x1500 anchor_v_pirate.png)

Delivery Anchor
>>504120 Requesting a big breasted lady
(305.18 KB 608x1600 demifuhrer.jpg)

(3.68 MB 2220x3889 Naoki_Kashima_render.png)

>>504120 Draw uncle hitler as the demifiend.
>>504294 this but also big hips
>>504120 Draw John Madden playing Madden on a Sega Saturn
(20.31 KB 160x230 sad fairy.jpg)

>year of ox is soon over. >year of tiger soon. >all the nips, chinks and gooks will stop drawing cow girls for tiger girls. >TFW no more big titty girls in cow print bikini.
>>504359 A most horrid state of affairs.
>>504359 I think we'll be fine.
>>504120 Requesting Teagan in a tiger striped bikini like in >>504361
>>504294 >>504311 this but also big thighs
>>504537 People does use /loomis/ though.
>>504120 Request: Vivian James cosplaying Cowboy Bebop. No specifics, go nuts. As Spike, As Faye, whatever! Just give us a jam!
>>504585 >>504585 >As Spike, As Faye, whatever! As Ed?
>>504587 now you're talking
(45.88 KB 460x345 sengoku rance.jpg)

>>504120 Requesting this image but Rance replaced with a Gondola or Red Anon wearing the same outfit
(3.43 KB 564x467 comfy gilda.png)

>>504587 Viv is too chubby to be ed, that would be a job for gilda.
>>504120 Vivian James Cosplaying as Lum Invader from Urusei Yatsura.
>>504120 Requesting something of Kid.
>>504120 THE APE HAS ESCAPED! Spike=KKK Ape=Nigger
>>504120 >>504121 Anon where did you get these delivery anchors from?
>>504806 Check the OP.
>>504120 Requesting Chihaya Mifune (the blonde) and Shinya Oda (black haired) in one of two scenarios: 1. Shinya getting a surprise hug from Chihaya, pressing his face between her pastied tits while she blushes and bites her lip excitedly 2. A flirtatious Chihaya offers to be Shinya's mommy with a flirtatious grin I'd like for Chihaya to be wearing her cow girl outfit. A hint of lactation is a nice optional bonus for either
>>505087 Go comission that shit, fuck dude
(119.89 KB 500x385 nep butt.png)

(57.96 KB 300x535 Half-Naked Vita Tan.png)

(71.26 KB 394x327 cute.PNG)

(295.89 KB 694x387 Noice.PNG)

>>504120 /r/'ing an edit or drawing of Vita-tan like Neptune in first pic related, dialogue and all
(1.78 MB 1505x1025 ClipboardImage.png)

>>504120 Luigi = Chihiro King Boo = No Face
>>505228 You made a good choice asking here in addition to asking on zzzchan since there are no drawfags on zzz, however I get the feeling you're going to add this drawing to the zzzchan magazine and still pretend like 8chan doesn't exist. That doesn't sound fair to me if you get the drawfags from 8chan to fulfill your request.
>>505263 Anon, relax. I'm a productive anon of both boards especially considering I'm the OP of this draw thread to begin with, and the OP of the Vita thread here as well, I don't like bringing up anything that can tie to an identity though. I'm not trying to "steal" anything. That request has nothing to do with the magazine either (unless it somehow works out well for it), I just wanted to see more Vita-tan and felt it was a fitting meme for her.
(50.66 KB 259x361 Crying Reimu.png)

>>505228 What manga is the first picture from?
>>505581 Oh shid I forgot how willing mark is to engage in board wars shitflinging with zzzchan, my bad.
>>505517 Official Nep manga, i'm told.

(379.16 KB 1400x1200 Viv & Erika Master Race.png)

(2.49 MB 1200x1200 Tea Time.png)

(2.60 MB 1100x1000 Windy_Vivian.gif)

(2.38 MB 2180x2000 Freya & Gilda Sybian Horse.png)

>>504628 >Viv is too chubby to be ed These characters are not always depicted the same way. They're aged up and down, chubby and skinny, varying styles, while the only limit is imagination.
(1.31 MB 2000x2000 Vita_Comfy.jpg)

>>505293 >I just wanted to see more Vita-tan Here's one from November if you missed it.
>>505599 >fifth pic So that's what the full version of that pic looks like.
(568.61 KB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)

I made a thing
>>505646 now make them nude
(812.08 KB 1068x1682 edviv.png)

>>505836 Very cute! Good job, anon
>>505836 Cute. I want to kiss Vivian's belly
>>504537 >WHY DOES NO ONE USE /LOOMIS/ Because it's full of furry faggots, elitists, and generally unhelpful people who don't share any knowledge and selfishly make art into a competition while themselves drawing nothing except tranny undertale shit. I remember asking for feedback and ways to improve and I got nothing from those clowns, they just want to shit in their corner of the room.
Anyone got a link to the 8chan art discords?
(70.52 KB 448x473 no_fun_allowed.jpg)

>>504537 >>505842 >>505847 I get the impression that it's not fun.

(1.55 MB 956x1377 C.png)

(895.37 KB 1000x667 syanna.png)

>>505847 requesting a white mage with top hood and cape like syanna.png with white and red color scheme, a bottom frock like C.png and long ribbons
>>505646 what is this kind of cartoon style called, I find it very clear and fun. Thanks druid anon
>>505847 Hopefully it works out, thanks for (potentially) offering anon. Requesting Hector with a huge and threatening-looking axe, drawn like a looming Jotaro (maybe with the iconic "menacing" font), and a soldier's nervously sweating, terrified face in the foreground. If dialogue is an option, Hector saying: "You! Soldier! Are you just going to stand there and watch?"
(64.45 KB 728x485 bee2.jpg)

>>505847 draw a really fit bee
(1.44 MB 1764x3106 White M.png)

>>505871 >>504121 I will call it 'rkgk' because it didn't take a lot of time I'm so good, ha
>>505842 I haven't notice any of this, when was the last time you browsed it?
(6.38 KB 173x215 thumbs up.jpg)

>>506092 That's cute AF anon. Well done. What did you use to create it?
>>506092 Its weird to consider how many skilled drawfags we have here Nice job
>>506209 Clip Studio >>506210 Is cool, should be attracted for games artwork, but shouldn't anime pull even more?.
>>506227 Smug does have some skilled drawfags left, I've seen some of their shit on the ourobooru PLW probably would have some too if it weren't dead Really the userbase is important, they have less people than us so logically less drawfags plus smug's moderation doesn't exactly encourage posting in general but that's their problem; most drawfags I know would probably get b& over there for poor grammar because they're ESL and just fuck off
>>505842 What are you talking about? There's maybe one or two infrequent furry posters, and I haven't seen an ounce of pro-tranny sentiment the years I've lurked there. Where did you even get the idea they liked undertale?
>>506171 >>506267 I recall joining one of the art discords from the loomis people and they came off as a bunch of clique faggots who got offended at anything resembling fetish porn and kept drawing gay tumblr shit like furry lizards and Jojo characters. I even remember one of those guys had a tumblr page. I forget his name, I'm trying to remember, something like ionize-arts or something? It began with an I.
>>505842 Anon what the fuck are you talking about? None of that is accurate.
(76.31 KB 1024x1024 cryingemoji.png)

>>506274 >discord Well there's your problem.
>>506274 >Jojo characters >tumblrshit Its official, you're a retard It also makes literally no sense that they would be drawing furry lizards, yet be offended at anything resembling fetish porn It just sounds like you're trying to throw a bunch of shit on the /loomis/ people and see what sticks to the wall if I'm being honest Also having a Tumblr page doesn't necessarily mean anything on its own since it was one of the biggest art sites for a long time.
>>506296 Was? It's still there. What else should people post their art on? Deviantart? Artstation? Only on imageboards?
>>506274 >one of the art discords from the loomis people There's no official discord advertised on the board mind you, so is this a big chunk of the board indulging in fandom, or like one person? For all I can tell it could be commissioners falling for the draw4furries meme.
>>506300 Pixiv, DA, twitter, artstation, pawoo, newgrounds, and unfortunately paywall websites Tumblr has no value anymore ever since the NSFW purge
>>506304 >Tumblr has no value anymore ever since the NSFW purge Tumblr has less moderation than 8chan does. I can go find porn right now. Nobody over there gets paid enough to actually censor anyone. It's a ghost town. A lawless wasteland forgotten by time.
>>506317 If that's the case hat's, it's probably because it's lost so much traffic and value as a site that it's not even worth it anymore Most of the Tumblr cancer already migrated to twitter and other sites by now Its like 8kunt at this point, nobody cares whats posted in a graveyard
(778.78 KB 640x360 I grow pleased.gif)

>>506322 Exactly.
>>506322 ig censors all righwing stuff, probably flagged by Karens
(455.57 KB 820x1100 MOAI.png)

>>504120 Requesting a gondola admiring Benis de Milo.
(2.69 MB 1440x1080 1640554643207.png)

(5.44 KB 160x224 Roll-in.gif)

what'sup fellas, happy new year. requesting roll in the outfit on spoiler.
>>506340 Oh I've not seen you around here in a while, how are you doing?
>>505219 Thanks, already uploaded it to sankaku.
(90.80 KB 1110x1467 FHukMAMUUAEZBdX.jfif)

>>506342 well, last year indeed has been rough, and starting this month its gonna be again very harsh for me due to the situation were i live, but on the positive, i started focusing more on Pixiv Fanbox and even streaming and recording drawing sessions for rewards, tough in teh newxt few weeks i will close my Patreon account because on one hand i can barely post over there and some months i cant even post stuff and i dont wanna take advantage of it, and i dont trust them either in all sincerity. Oh, and i got permaban from shitchan over this picture of Mayl.
>>506353 Nice ass but I'd say you should post you work here more often. It'd be nice to have another artist around.
>>506358 i know, lesson learned
(195.51 KB 987x1001 7d8d08ad5ad15a83.jpg)

(141.80 KB 871x1353 6ea644a912bba82c.jpg)

(130.92 KB 945x1011 2a6e7608ce57eb89.jpg)

>>506353 I'm sorry to hear all that happened. I hope things start looking up. You make some of the most excellent Roll and Inspector Gadget art out there.
thanks fellas
(876.29 KB 500x379 captain.gif)

>>506353 I had no clue you were active on Fanbox. You've got my support. Keep up the good work, friend.
>>506366 you can find the link on my twitter mang https://twitter.com/ShinPepi
>>506367 Sorry to (1) and done but the fact that is is ON twitter is probably why no one here knew about it. By the by, take a swing by /delicious/ while you're here, they've been real fine to Alkemanubis and I'm sure they'd appreciate another artist of western lolis in their midst. Also probably get more tasteful commissions (if you need the cash) than the typical "normal" nigger.
>>506353 >Permabanned for that What a fucking shithole
>>506371 And after they have a fullfilled mayl thread on too of that, ever since they used that tappermonkey+3rd eye thing.
(2.61 MB 1080x1070 God likes happy elephants.png)

(1.35 MB 1764x3106 whiteMage=.png)

>>506092 Thank you anon. I took the liberty to add a little text. Here is a happy elephant
(252.66 KB 820x568 1638895069938.png)

Does anyone have any of the old shrug shoops from that one template thread?
>>506405 I want that white mage to realize her goals and dreams.
(5.66 MB 500x500 Shrug'n.webm)

>>506409 I only have the WEBM.
(77.57 KB 355x369 mokoucomeonboy.jpg)

>>506296 >>506302 >It also makes literally no sense that they would be drawing furry lizards, yet be offended at anything resembling fetish porn That's literally what they did. It was a cabal of discord drawfags who posted on hotwheels 8chan. Now that I think about, I don't think they're around anymore because of the domain swap, but those guys were major faggots and since meeting them I've distrusted./loomis/. But maybe things are different now. Either way I'm hesitant to post on /loomis/ again because I don't want to run into those shit eaters. I think I remember one of their names, he went by Iggy-Arts or soomething. Iggy was part of his name on tumblr. I just want to make art gains. I don't know what I did wrong to run afoul of those pricks. I don't wanna meet them again.
>>504120 Requesting a drawing of pic related, with both expressions of blonde and brunnet girls emphasized. The man is not important.
>>506317 Does that mean that Democrat activism is as prevalent on Tumblr now as it was before they banned porn (because of it) in the first place?
(208.54 KB 403x440 you can weaponize nice.png)

>>506491 >the man is not important
>>506514 >Does that mean that Democrat activism is as prevalent on Tumblr now as it was before they banned porn (because of it) in the first place? I dunno, I don't see any of that shit. People who take politics seriously are a joke to me.
>>506582 He means people were posting cp on tumblr, thank you Acid and your word filters, it's almost like I'm back on /pol/ circa 2017 putting up with ImKamfy.
(3.40 MB 1433x1754 fraya 2022 tiger.png)

>>506623 Bless you, loving every detail on this piece, especially the implied cameltoe on the panties. >fraya instead of Freya
>>506353 >permabanned for a worksave pic wtf
>>506623 I like the texture anon. Really nice. >>506630 Well they don't call it cuckchan for nothing.
(335.45 KB 1200x675 ClipboardImage.png)

(1.07 MB 1000x1000 ClipboardImage.png)

(304.85 KB 1314x841 ClipboardImage.png)

>>505873 >what is this kind of cartoon style called The best thing it's been called is "Radimation" so I'll go with that.
>>505646 >>506871 This makes me happy, but why is the blonde dio droodanon?
(59.88 KB 640x480 unknown2.png)

>>506883 the idea came to me in a dream
>>506623 Love your work Anon. I'll miss the cow print bikinis, but tiger bikinis are just as nice.
(72.43 KB 471x546 down eyes.jpg)

>>506623 The eyes look a bit down on the face, making it look she has down syndrome
>>507057 Her mouth is inside her chin. Her nose is too big. Yeah her face is all jacked up.
>>507057 >Dani, this wasn't whey
>>507057 >she has down syndrome The perfect woman for Mark then.
(416.75 KB 471x546 ClipboardImage.png)

>>507057 I nudged a few pixels here and there
>>507708 Much better
(283.37 KB 500x500 ClipboardImage.png)

>>506623 >>507057 Pro tip, the top of the eyes should generally line up with the top of the ears.
(87.55 KB 942x546 lines.jpg)

>>507708 It looks like >>506623 tried to go for a face looking-down-and-to-the-side-at-you (the shading under the hair suggests this), but the headband is drawn for a head that is not tilted forward, and the head shape is also straight. The eye fix aligns with the headband and the head shape. Nice teamwork.
>>506092 do you have an artblog nil? I love your stuff
(151.95 KB 960x960 FIYlW6xXMAIRwTt.jpeg)

(359.42 KB 1637x1637 FIYlW63XMAw4oSV.jpeg)

(530.69 KB 2048x2048 FIgjYTtXoAIeDe8.jpeg)

>>504120 Requesting one or more designs with red anon replacing the And1 mascot in these designs. For the "Pray" design, the anons in church are green anons praying to a steam logo instead of the basketball. Red Anon could be holding anything of your choosing maybe a vita For the "Mama" one, replace the text on the newspaper with "Anon goes for 50" or whatever you think is good. Bonus points for replacing the mama with Mark
>>504120 >>507880 Had another image which follows the same pattern. Replacing with Red Anon and throwing a PS5 into the garbage.
>>507865 Yes https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/27043439 Although, what I post here is not there, and everything there I've never posted here. I didn't shared before because I didn't want to be a bother, but if someone ask is different. >nil I did browse the booru and noticed that that's how they tag me, but i don't know where it comes from.
(907.16 KB 1044x1614 nice.jpg)

>>507919 Ty for sharing. I had no idea of a lot of these, they're very impressive. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your work.
>>507943 I will keep at it, anon!
(668.94 KB 1243x1171 YaitoA1.jpg)

>>506340 while imma waiting for my request if anyone is interested, i give you a little Yaito
>>508509 Is that loli fempyro? why does he have a face?
>>508521 because nobody cared who he was until he removed the mask
(196.83 KB 749x1014 1641624621542-1.jpg)

(354.37 KB 900x900 1641625873453.png)

>>508521 No, its Olivia from the comics. Should also note they arent mine I just happened to be observing some spontaneous drawfagging and wanted to share.
(116.43 KB 336x950 1641626346347.jpg)

>>508530 >>508528 >>508509 I like this loli a lot. >>508203 Very nice.
(65.34 KB 432x461 viv is only seven.png)

(243.40 KB 620x877 vivian seventh birthday.png)

>>504120 Requesting regular Vivian sitting angrily/embarassed in an elementary school classroom, surrounded by actual seven year olds. Alternatively, papa /v/ helping her in the evening with her homework, which includes things like multiplication tables or spelling.
(54.01 KB 299x1148 ara viv.png)

>>508752 Should we really trap an elementary school classroom with Vivian?
>>507882 >Red Anon and throwing a PS5 into the garbage Given the text he could also be throwing Neil Druckmann into the trash. (or some other industry hack) >>507880 And to add to this idea: replace AND 1 logo with (You) (1)
>>508757 It’s either Vivian, who has at least a 35% chance of molesting a shota, or Gilda who’s probably on the same mental level as the 3rd graders she’s teaching.
>>508779 >only 35% She WILL molest the shotas. 100%.
(665.23 KB 800x600 ClipboardImage.png)

(828.59 KB 1280x720 ClipboardImage.png)

(503.37 KB 1549x956 ClipboardImage.png)

requesting first pic related replaced with happy chaos and bedman
>>508752 >given name >surname This wasn't made by an American.
>>509182 If it was Vivian would be a furfag
>>509205 >If it was Vivian would be a furfag ʘʬʘ
(1.72 MB 2288x1350 Color.png)

(1.23 MB 2288x1350 White.png)

(848.68 KB 2288x1350 Transparent.png)

I decided to improve an old sketch
>>509614 That made me chuckle. I like the expression on Doomguy.
(159.34 KB 1282x904 Doom 2020.jpg)

>>509614 Nice improved lines and shading and great coloring. Improvement is a huge success
basado and rojopilled Eltonel is streaming https://piczel.tv/watch/Eltonel
>>504120 Requesting this image from Roblox redone with a kind of "who's behind the computer?'" sort of thing to reveal the KKK is actually a black person saying it and the slave is actually a skinhead, and they're both having a jolly good time. Second image is for reference.
(296.14 KB 1376x568 ClipboardImage.png)

(419.51 KB 1280x640 ClipboardImage.png)

>>504120 /r/ing the Red Sentai Ranger and Vita-tan doing the Epic Handshake meme and grinning at each other for the 500k get
Does anyone care sbout this thread?
(3.59 MB 1920x1080 hanyuu.mp4)

>>509614 this is gold
(79.73 KB 1558x854 Untitled.png)

(17.54 KB 320x301 (´・ω・`).jpg)

(584.50 KB 1509x1020 vita tan no print.png)

(690.64 KB 1509x1020 vita tan.png)

>>505228 >>504121 Here. I took some liberties and color it, I don't know how to make the manga background, still somewhat a quick job. The movement lines made me realize I should really do a master study of a good manga or doujin, strongly reference the style and also use/copy the composition. Also, version without the print panties because they don't look too good. >>513198 Is rough but that's ok. >>513681 I'm dumbfounded.
>>513681 Better than whatever Nomura comes up with. >>513900 Portable butt
>>513900 Nice anon, I like the hair and facial expression and I want to button mash on the ass
>>513900 Much better than the zchan one
(21.28 KB 216x133 ClipboardImage.png)

(15.15 KB 133x147 ClipboardImage.png)

(14.55 KB 268x246 ClipboardImage.png)

>>513900 Very nice job anon, she looks too adorable, her hair looks nice and you've done her butt justice as well personally I like the print panties, it helps identify her more easily, gives her a nice flair, and the design isn't very obtrustive in my opinion on that note, it might be a good idea to put the "Vita" text coming out of the trim on her hoodie, since she doesn't seem to have it here and it helps more easily to identify her as Vita-tan, at least the "V" part of it would help
(694.29 KB 1509x1020 vita tan v2.png)

(356.97 KB 1509x1020 vita tan v3.png)

>>513924 Ok, added the V and cramped in the 'i' too. Added the bare drawing for a better look at her butt, although it looks emptier
(630.65 KB 1509x1020 vita tan [pattern w liquifiy].png)

(1.29 MB 1727x2889 liquifiy text.png)

>>513900 >>514073 You can create a pattern in Photoshop and use Liquify to warp it around the curvature of her ass. I didn't do it very well, but you get the idea. I used this technique once before on Coco's Freya to make text that wraps around her tits, but I redrew the text afterward to make it cleaner. Warping anything with Liquify in Photoshop makes edges shitty so you can either gaussian blur it afterwards and use it as is, or redraw it using the warped pattern as a guide. Anyways, Photoshop's Liquify is one method of getting a pattern or text wrapped around something.
>>514115 Man I want Freya to sit on my dick
(366.30 KB 1509x1020 My mistake.png)

>>514115 I personally prefer do it all hand drawn but thanks for the tip, i guess it could be translated to applying texture and transform on CSP. After let it rest a while I do notice that it doesn't portray the volume of the butt, that and maybe the pattern is too dense makes the print too heavy and misaligned. Truth is, I added the pattern at end and rush it, so I didn't went thru the process of sketching/making sure it has volume. Will try to do better next time, I guess.
(81.16 KB 400x401 Intrigued.png)

(1.14 MB 1059x1783 Freya teaches Dani wrestling.png)

(232.03 KB 651x608 ClipboardImage.png)

>>514073 Very nice anon, its the little details that can really help a work shine like 3rd pic related, hooooooo boy. >>514115 Now this is an intriguing effect, its a bit extreme here so it looks kinda like she has a wedgie or something, but I still like it a lot. >>514133 Someone posted this Freya x Danielle pic in the GG thread that was just unfair to anyone with a working penis, but I wanna see more Danielle pics with a thick ass too, she has a great chest but she can't neglect those hips and glutes either, Freya's gotta get her on track.
>>514198 just have her enticing anon with reverse cowgirl Or just straight up go for cowgirl & impregnation after reverse cowgirl is so underutilized
>>514198 I'd kill to see a version of that Freya pic where, instead of wrestling, it's Freya exercising her quads by holding that position while Dani is sitting on her legs, and Dani is encouraging Freya to keep holding on even though her legs are about to give out.
(318.00 KB 1020x1019 vita_tan_v3_cropped.png)

>>514073 It looks emptier due to cropping and Vita herself being slightly off-center. >>514167 The panties are perfectly fine in original pic, I think the perceived lack of volume comes from the skin being flat color. Maybe add a touch of shading to highlight the roundness of the bottom part of her cheeks?
(193.70 KB 750x500 stubbysquid.jpg)

(252.19 KB 546x600 SSBU_Inkling_Boy.png)

(264.72 KB 603x599 SSBU_Inkling_Girl.png)

inkling-ify the Googly Eyed Stubby Squid, boy or girl doesn't matter

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