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PC Hardware Anonymous 01/07/2022 (Fri) 03:36:03 Id: 0db5b8 No. 507496
Old thread is anchored and archived: https://archive.ph/ceUXJ Ask questions or discuss anything related to PC hardware on this thread.
Do you actually need these "thread rippers" with 64 cores for any game on the market, or would a 16 core expensive "gaming laptop" with an 8 gig vid card work while being portable.
>>507501 Good thing about these is that they last around 10 years with no issue if you're not a rich normalfaggot. I usually buy mid spec cards though, usually last me 6 years >Laptop Overheating garbage piles
>>507501 >Do you actually need these "thread rippers" with 64 cores for any game on the market That depends. Do you want to play games in 4K at 60+ FPS with ray tracing?
>>507501 Threadripper CPUs are pretty much high-end workstation CPUs and if you do need a lot of cores I think Ryzen 9 would do you very well.
I must ask thoughts on Intel's GPUs?
Should I sell my 160 shares of AMD at 200 or 250?
>>507568 I'm not /biz/ so I'm unable to help but I can link the thread to you. https://prolikewoah.com/animu/res/60722.html
>pic name I can actually afford a new gpu. I just don't want to pay five times what it's actually worth. The price hike exists purely because theres a shitload of retarded rich idiots who are willing to pay that much. Much like the automotive industry video card manufacterors are attempting to normalize the bullshit prices of electronics in order to push the exclusivity ideal on them. Reality is, none of that shit is even worth that much to begin with. >>507501 Not unless your running workstation loads like blender renders, 4k video editiing, training nurrel networks or compiling software. You don't even need that many cores for raytracing (*fake raytracing found in video games) or that like as some other anons have said. it's purely for workstation shit. >>507548 shit, don't buy. They still have a fuck ton of hardware vulns and have shit performance for the price compared to amd.
>>507594 Hopefully it ends this year so I can actually buy an Nvidia GPU that doesn't burn down my house without MSI Afterburner.
>>507501 There's probably one game out thee that actually benefits a lot from 4/8 channel RAM or absurd ammount of cores but right now 8 core is more than enough, 10-12 core is the peak of what you could ever need and that's stretching it to emulation and only emulator that would really benefit is RPCS3 Vast majority of game will be either GPU limited or single core limtied far before thy're limited by CPU multicore performance, even the handful of games that scale with multicore tend to not do well past 6-8 cores and many have negative scaling (more core same or worse performance because syncing overhead > perf gain from an additional core. That said you can be the one guy on the planet streaming software 4k60 encoding or playing modern games in full software rendering if you want with such a setup, it's extremely pointless but you can do it
>The Steam Deck is a console, so we're not going to compete against it. PC is fucked. >6800U The only APU that can keep up with the Deck. AMD's best offering, expect to spend $1000~ for your laptop. >6600U GPU cut in half for product segmentation, worthless. >RX 6500 XT Probably the shittiest GPU released in the last decade. Would unironically consider buying a PS5 instead. >RTX 3050 The last realistic option for a DIY PC. If you can get one at MSRP, you're golden. >Alder Lake, B660 It's an improvement, but paying $400~ for a 6c/12t "budget king" and mobo hurts when a fucking $300 Series S has 8c/16t. Once the supply of consoles stabilizes, PC will start bleeding out its userbase rapidly. Interesting times ahead.
>>507568 I remember when zen+ was announced and one of linus's video had titled "I should buy AMD shares - Ryzen 2700x review" then was quickly changed. few months later he had video of him buying a new house. Enjoy your money anon
>>507699 The deck has a super limited TDP, I wouldn't expect the 6600U to keep up with it however the 6800U will be a bunch faster >6500XT If it can beat a 1070 and the price isn't too terrible that's not too bad, puts it above the 5600XT, 4GB makes it very unattractive to miners, that might actually be the one GPU you can buy for a not fully retarded price. >RTX 3050 >8GB You're gonna be paying 2-3 times MSRP for one.
>>507501 >Do you actually need these "thread rippers" with 64 cores for any game on the market No, those are better suited for mining XMR or running an imageboard server and long-term futureproofing if you have too many shekels lying around. >gaming laptop Don't, they're scams with no ventilation. If you want a laptop for playing the occasional vidya on get one with a decent enough iGPU, but remember that even those don't have good cooling solutions in many cases so you gotta be careful. >>507600 >MSI Afterburner D-don't tell me Nvidia's official driver has no built-in fan control utility? AMD added one 6 years ago to their Windows driver and it was a dogsend as unlike (((Afterburner))) it would run 100% of the time and never shut down the fans mid-session.
I'm angry. Angry about bandwidth. Thunderbolt 3 max bandwidth = 40 Gbps Thunderbolt 4 max bandwidth = 40 Gbps USB 4 max bandwidth = 40 Gbps Things are just now starting to get USB 4, but even with that we're still stuck with this 40 Gbps bandwidth limit that chokes external GPUs. They've been adding higher and higher PCI-E spec yet can't get any more bandwidth to external ports? Is there some conspiracy to ensure eGPUs literally never become a viable option? Imagine having a slim laptop with an eGPU that all fits into a backpack. So long as the CPU in the laptop isn't shit and you can socket any desktop GPU into the eGPU enclosure that's literally all you'd need for portable desktop-tier gaming. But this fucking 40 Gbps bandwidth cap has been holding eGPUs back for years and it just won't fuck off. I think Asus or someone got sick of waiting for more bandwidth so they implemented some proprietary eGPU that has a better connection, but I think it had some special GPU in it that can't be swapped out or upgraded. The entire benefit of the eGPU concept is being able to upgrade your GPU. Long ago there was a laptop from Clevo or someone that had a desktop AM4 socket in the laptop. I somehow doubt the cooling would ever be sufficient, but that was another instance where you could upgrade the part quite easily since it's a desktop part. The dream of using a slim laptop with an upgradable desktop GPU in an external eGPU enclosure will not come to fruition until these fuckers increase the goddamn bandwidth. The "update" from Thunderbolt 3 to 4 was especially infuriating since they didn't increase bandwidth at all.
>>507716 >but I think it had some special GPU in it that can't be swapped out or upgraded. I'm fairly sure there's a way, making a custom GPU just for an enclosure would be counterproductive, unless they recycle laptop GPU dies and it's just a soldered GPU laptop soldered onto an external board. >I somehow doubt the cooling would ever be sufficient 45W TDP is enough to make a 5800X useful and you can definitely cool it, you could push for 65W TDP which makes a 5900X reasonably usable but that's vergin on impossible to cool in a laptop format, 5950X is straight up not worth it. A LGA1700 equivalent would be interesting but you'd need fairly fine control over voltage and TDP limits to make it work.
>>507715 Nigger I'm telling you that I own AMD and their Ryzen Master fan controls barely work. Card fans didn't work properly at launch either Plus the card overheats like a bitch, even after I carefully dissambled it and applied new thermal paste and pads.
>>507699 >Once the supply of consoles stabilizes, PC will start bleeding out its userbase rapidly. PC is so mainstream and user friendly that that's not going to happen. Cucksoles also don't offer anything new anymore.
>>507699 The Steam Deck literally isn't a console though. Doesn't AMD make the GPU in that thing? You would think they of all people who know it's just a weird laptop.
>>507751 Most normalfags I know own gaming rigs it's extremely common at this point and hardline cucksole owners while there are becoming a minority.
>>507806 I've seen a few people say the Steamy Dick is a console and I don't know where they're getting that from. It's literally a mini computer running Linux, you can plug it into a computer monitor or TV with a keyboard, set it to desktop mode (it uses KDE as a desktop environment) and use it like normal computer. It can do digital painting, word processing, printing, web browsing, coding, image/video/audio editing, it can run scuba diving software if you want, whatever. Anything a normal Linux computer can do. >>507810 >and hardline cucksole owners while there are becoming a minority. And you know what's sad? The main console warriors are the same fucking people who were engaging in console wars back in '07, even though exclusives are mostly a thing of the past the main two "srs gaymer" consoles are about the same in performance. Instead of teenagers arguing that this exclusive is better than that exclusive, it's now a bunch of 30-year-olds arguing over which branded gayming box is better. They're making the same arguments they were making when they were 17, using the same insults and in many cases playing the same games. Brand loyalism is scary.
>>507914 I'm making the same arguments I'm making when I was 17 because the last good games came out when I was 17, and therefore buying new hardware for the sake of playing new games is fucking stupid no matter what platform we're talking about. I also get people thinking I'm advocating for buying new consoles because they say stupid shit like "PC was always better," and I am too autistic to point out that they're obviously newfags who don't remember what it was like to play video games pre-2007 (AKA when video games were actually good). People think I'm advocating for (modern) consoles, but I'm not. I'm just arguing against modern games in general, and the "PC Master Race" are generally idiots who actually care about modern games.
(626.57 KB 1992x2656 Curry.jpg)

>>507960 >last good games came out when I was 17 >pre-2007 (AKA when video games were actually good) <Hollow Knight <Bayonetta <EYE: Divine Cybermancy <Divinity: Original Sin <Fallout: New Vegas <Bloodborne <Sekiro <Yakuza
>>507960 There are good modern games worth getting a beefy rig for. You fucks really need to stop looking at AAAshit
(348.08 KB 320x240 Terry_Buster_Wolf.gif)

>>508002 BUSTA WOOF
>>507960 Do you only focus on big budget so-called "AAA" games? Look at smaller projects, there are still great games coming out all the time. A recent one was Fight Knight. >hurr indieshit FUCK that "indie" and "AAA" dichotomy, that was solely cooked up by big publishers in the late 90's and really took off in the 7th gen. There didn't used to be such a thing as "AAA", a game made by a small team considered a game like any other, not an "indie". Games used to exclusively be made by teams of 1-12 people for a very long time, this idea that they're now some kind of other not truly within the sphere of "real games" is PR bullshit. Play the vidya, anon.
>>507968 Your post doesn't contradict anything I said. I was being slightly hyperbolic, as of course there have been a couple good games, but your examples are still lame. >>507983 Yeah, get a beefy rig for indieshit SJW propaganda #976789 >>508015 >Do you only focus on big budget so-called "AAA" games? Look at smaller projects The genres I liked were all mid-range "AA" stuff anyway, at least since the early 2000s, and now the few examples that come out have both bad gameplay and SJW shit. Meanwhile, there are a zillion games I've never played from before 2007, more than anyone can ever play in a lifetime. I'm fine playing those, and wasting your money on modern games just for the sake of getting indoctrinated is stupid when you can emulate everything from the 20th century on a toaster. The only reason to get even a slightly better computer is for better emulation, but stuff like Saturn and Xbox doesn't emulate well no matter your hardware, and people who say 360 and PS3 can be emulated well both have supercomputers and are lying, since only a few games work. And it's a moot point anyway because only the first couple years of the generation were any good. >FUCK that "indie" and "AAA" dichotomy, that was solely cooked up by big publishers in the late 90's and really took off in the 7th gen. There didn't used to be such a thing as "AAA", a game made by a small team considered a game like any other, not an "indie". It's also been cooked up by the "indie" developers themselves, who use it both as an excuse for why their games are shit ("well it's a good game considering it was made by one guy!"), and a way to signal that they're hipster faggots that just want to make a game to teach you how evil it is to be male.
>>507914 >And you know what's sad? The main console warriors are the same fucking people who were engaging in console wars back in '07, even though exclusives are mostly a thing of the past the main two "srs gaymer" consoles are about the same in performance. Instead of teenagers arguing that this exclusive is better than that exclusive, it's now a bunch of 30-year-olds arguing over which branded gayming box is better. They're making the same arguments they were making when they were 17, using the same insults and in many cases playing the same games. Brand loyalism is scary. Jesus Christ even my fag normalnigger pal who only plays AAA FPS gaymes realised that playing on PC was just a better option and that FPS on a M&KB was better. He even said "I can't justify owning a PS5 when I can play COD and other games coming on with free online with always being able to upgrade my PC" if a normalfag who plays COD took a hint then you know PC gaming is mainstream. >>508021 > but your examples are still lame. Those are all good games it just seems you are a fag trying to fit in.
>>508025 >Those are all good games it just seems you are a fag trying to fit in. If I was trying to fit in then I'd say I like the games that you and other people on the board like, wouldn't I? But no, I'm willing to point out that plenty of people on this very board have bad taste too, even if that makes you fags mad at me.
>>508025 >Jesus Christ even my fag normalnigger pal who only plays AAA FPS gaymes realised that playing on PC was just a better option Normalfagnigger FPSfags were the first normalfags to get into PC games, for things like Left 4 Dead and Team Fortress 2. FPSfags would be more likely to get into computer games than people who are into most other genres. Though frankly, it's moot when talking about modern games because modern Xbox and PlayStation have no games, so really it's just "do you want to play Nintendo games, or do you want to play other shit?" I'm much more interested in the Nintendo games, due to the things like 3D platformers, and not having SJW shit like the 3D platformers that come out for everything else, but still not interested enough to get a Switch or a beefy rig that can emulate it.
>>508032 >>508040 Why the double post?
(109.85 KB 616x353 WarNo.jpg)

>>508021 >indieshit SJW propaganda #976789 Go play Angry Goy or some shit Better yet, acquire some taste you tryhard faggot
Since switching over to a 1440p 180hz display I can't ever go back to 60hz the difference is night and day. With older titles I play it's so buttery and with recent stuff from 2014-2019 I notice much more fluidity overall.
>>508063 Just from 60 to 70 is a big difference Not just fluidity either, in LCDs input lag and screen tearing are pretty much a non issue with those kind of frames. Though they still can't be a CRT, but finding a good one is hard to find, much moreso if you don't live in the USA or a big city.
>>508068 I'm on a Nano IPS display I'm unsure if that makes a difference.
>>508070 That's just contrast
>>508077 What makes a CRT good anyway? It's been 20 years since I saw one.
>>508083 Pros: Low latency, high refresh rates, better color/contrast, no native res Cons: Power hog, hard to find a good model, res won't go past 1080p in the later harder to find models, HUEG
For the love of God, give me a motherboard that doesn’t look like utter shit. Also, what’s a decent CPU at the moment? My old computer has a 4690k, but I’m told that AMD is doing much better. I’ll be doing programming and emulation.
>>508337 AMD and Intel are trading blows seemingly every quarter now. Currently Intel is on top, but just barely. AMD's next lineup will likely come out ahead of them. Unlike the GPU market the CPU market is actually kind of nice right now. Only awkward bit is the transition to DDR5 happening this year.
>>508344 When is DDR5 expected to come out? I need to build a new computer, but if it’s coming soon then I can try to wait it out.
>>508359 Honestly I'd wait a bit to adopt DDR5.
>>508359 Intel will probably have the edge for DDR5, they usually get first pickings when it comes to new tech.
>>508359 It's already out for Intel's newest CPU's. But it performs the same as DDR4 right now. It takes awhile before new RAM starts to pull ahead of the old generation so it's not super relevant right now. I don't think AMD will be on DDR5 until the fall, and they are launching a CPU this spring before then. Even by fall DDR5 modules might not perform significantly better than good DDR4 modules so it's most just a matter of caring if you get "stuck" on a DDR4 motherboard right as that generation of RAM is dying out, but practically speaking I'm not sure that's really something worth caring about. I'm still on DDR3 myself. I just call it awkward because being on the verge of new platforms releasing gets people worried about the potentiality of things.
I only got on DDR4 in 2019 and it was quite the boost from DDR3 but I got into it when DDR4 was mature as a platform.
>>508361 >DDR5 was meant to come out in 2018 >came out in 2020 >still isn't widely supported in 2022 I've been hearing about DDR5 for years yet haven't seen it in anything. I wonder if this is like the M1911 situation?
>>508769 Could be that problems in assembly and embedded applications(phones, graphics cards and consoles) have kept it out of enough consumer hands that other firms don't bother.
>>508769 It's in the ADL platform right now, the gains are substantial if what you're doing is RAM bandwidth limited (as expected) less so when you aren't. It does have major issues right now probably due to how young the platform is, and some external issues making it very costly and scarce. Expect mobos for anything using DDR5 to be insanely costly due to having higher signal integrity requirements pushing the need for more layers and harder to deal with design constraints.
>>508769 >I wonder if this is like the M1911 situation? What?
(2.46 MB 2720x1580 M1900.jpg)

(373.75 KB 2560x1652 1903 Pocket Hammer.jpg)

>>508785 A famous pistol, it was basically ready to be produced since 1897 but wasn't widely manufactured until 1911 because of constant trials and changing specifications by the US Army. They made a model in 1900 with a tiny production run of less than 5000 firearms then larger runs of a few ten thousand firearms with the M1902 and 1903 Pocket Hammer, but the design wasn't widely adopted until the Army decided what they actually fucking wanted.
>>508788 > until the Army decided what they actually fucking wanted. Colt were also retards though, and spent a few years ignoring what the Army was asking for because they paid for the M1900 tooling before getting any actual orders and refused to make the necessary changes.
>>507748 Is this some kind of 7D backgammon scheme to get normalfags to destroy their PCs with those open-loop watercooling kits influencers have been shilling recently? >>508083 Pros: >analog, extremely low input response >no fixed "resolution", the image is created by an electron gun shooting electrons across a mask imbued with base color phosphors that glow when hit, no need for scaling algos in old games as low-res fullscreen images are simply displayed in their native resolution there is an upper limit defined by the phosphor mask "resolution" and another by what the electron gun can physically handle >the phosphors emit light by themselves, so blacks will be displayed in perfect clarity and the high contrast ratio makes low-light images look far better than on a backlit LCD >no blue backlight=easier to stop posting and fall asleep >long lifetime, phosphors don't age at varying rates depending on their color unlike (((OLEDs))) >vacuum sealed glass tube is thick and robust >games on pre-7th gen consoles often used the poor image quality of analog RF or composite TV connectors for ad-hoc anti-aliasing, dithered transparency and fake color effects which are the source of much autism in CRT filter threads Cons: >analog, older CRT TVs/Monitors could destroy themselves when plugged into a source with a resolution/frequency/refresh rate etc. beyond of the tolerance limits of the display, digital signals need an DAC to convert back into analog in order to be displayed not a problem with the NES, SNES, old GPUs etc. as those had internal DACs well optimized for their purposes whose lag is factored in by speedrunning autists to begin with, chink HMDI/DP-to-VGA/SCAR/Component adapters on the other hand can be bad enough to negate a CRT's low inherent response time when using Retroarch. >phosphors can burn in, albeit at a far lesser rate than (((OLEDs))) do >low brightness compared to LCDs >grey mask is visible during daytime and diminishes the otherwise high contrast ratio by a good margin >glass is reflective, anti-glare coatings unavailable >heavy, large, consumes far more power than an LCD >they struggle with handling anything past 1080p, assuming they can get that far to begin with >most CRTs weren't designed to go past 60-75hz at their highest supported resolutions, theoretical refresh rates increase at lower resolutions but it isn't recommend to go past 60hz for safety purposes >no VRR as far as I know >no HDR support >no longer in production, get 'em while you can In the mid-2000s Toshiba and Canon developed a flat-panel display technology called Surface-conducting Electron emitter Display, which consisted of a pixel grid where every single pixel had a tiny electron emitter affixed to a substrate with a phosphor mask above it. These prototype displays had 1ms reaction time in 2005, lower power consumption compared to LCDs and virtually all the pros of traditional CRTs save for variable resolution with engineers saying that future refinements could bring down reaction times to 0,5ms and refresh rates north of 200hz so of course patent jews shoah'd it giving us the current horseshit situation with OLED scams, QD faggotry and impracticably expensive microLEDs.
>>508861 Probably not because I was a fucking retard and got a reference model as those were the only ones avaiable at the time.
>>508861 jan 6 us a hoax, no cops died, only ash babbi, a defenseless angel about dead by a democrat pig .. .... ............ WITH NO WARNING
>>509019 What sort of Qfag squizoidposting is this?
>>508898 Oh. Have there been any major changes in cooler design performance/competence between manufacturers? I remember ASUS' DirectCU II coolers from way back being darn good thermal wise while MSI's lineup of R9 cards were probably part of the STC used to dispose of Jews back in Auschwitz.
>>508861 How do you get a CRT now that most people are using the typical flat panel displays? Shipping one to your door is expensive because of the heavy hardware, too.
>>509030 I got a trinitron just like that but maybe a little bigger. Found it on Ebay for about 200 dollarydoos. Worth it if you ask me.
>>508861 >long lifetime, phosphors don't age at varying rates depending on their color unlike (((OLEDs))) >phosphors can burn in, albeit at a far lesser rate than (((OLEDs))) do A lot of OLED gaming monitors got announced at this year's CES. Although I do acknowledge OLED as having the best response times (ms) and picture quality for 4K gaming (darkest blacks, brightest whites, etc), the myriad of problems you listed are what keep me from getting one. Burn-in occurring more often in OLEDs + a shorter lifespan because of the organic material degradation. So if you want to use one on a daily basis, it comes at the risk of getting one of these crippling problems.
>>509030 I'd keep your eye on craigslist. I got a giant CRT for free because an old man had been keeping one in his lakehouse. Shit is fucking heavy, but it's looking pretty okay.
>>509036 Here's some firsthand anecdotal experience with OLED: I use two LG OLED 4K TVs daily for PC. Old model (C6) shows image retention (not burn in) easily while newer model (C9) is brighter and never notice any image retention on it. As far as burn in, the C9 (which I use the most now) has never shown any while in the past when I was heavily using the C6 at very high brightness I managed to burn in a corner logo. This went away after a few weeks, but had me worried when it happened. LG claim they've made generational improvements for addressing these issues, but if you don't see it for yourself you'll always be skeptical. All that said, bear in mind that even before my LG OLED TVs I was using a Panasonic Plasma TV so I had already adopted paranoid habits to avoid burn in like switching off the screen any time I walked away from it to use the bathroom or get a drink. I also have a script that loads and displays a fullscreen black image if I'm listening to music with a static desktop. Another paranoid habit is that I have this software called Custom Desktop Logo and I made some black PNGs of differing shapes to cover over REALLY persistent elements; for example an always-on subscriber box on a Twitch stream that lasts MANY hours. I'm not leaving that shit on my screen for that long so I just cover it up with an always-on-top black box. Anyways, these paranoid habits + LG's generational improvements have led to zero burn in on my LG C9. All in all, my LG C9 can do 120Hz at 4K with insanely fast pixel transitions, perfect black, HDR, low input lag and adaptive sync. Despite any potential shortcomings, nothing can compete with all that in one package. Plus it's 65" with very thin depth. CRTs aren't giving you all of that, but I guess if you have to have real scan lines rather than simulated ones and you're not willing to engage in paranoid habits (my habits are probably overboard, to be fair) then CRT is the only game in town. Until micro-LED becomes available I don't think anything is competing with OLED and even when micro-LED is available mini-LED has already shown us that the pricing will be absolutely laughable compared to OLED. It's new tech VS mature tech so that's to be expected.
>>509053 I don't know about burn in but image retention isn't an issue exclusive to plasma and OLEDs. Back in the early 2010s I used a 40-inch Samsung LCD tv made in 2007 or 2008 as a secondary PC monitor, and it had lots of issues with image retention. The Windows taskbar would become burned in, but if I only used the tv to play fullscreen games or watch anime, the taskbar "shadow" would disappear after about 8h - 12h of use. If I played some game for too long it would also have retention issues with hud elements, or broadcast watermarks when watching anime. It never really suffered burn-in though since the images always disappeared after a few hours of use on something else (they wouldn't disappear if I just left the tv turned off though, funnily enough). No other LCD tv I've owned suffered retention issues, maybe it's an issue with older LCD technology at the time.
(116.79 KB 600x808 007.jpg)

Are there any wireless mechanical tenkeyless keyboards with GOOD wireless connection? I've tried a few and the wireless connection is always flaky. It either cuts off, lags or double inputs key presses. Whether using Bluetooth or a 2.4GHz dongle a mechanical keyboard wireless connection has never worked reliably for me. I'm getting the feeling that the only hope I have is Logitech's Lightspeed wireless. I don't know what it does differently, but my Logitech G305 wireless mouse has always had a very solid wireless connection and it uses the same tech. Only TKL keyboard with lightspeed that I've seen is the Logitech G915 TKL, but they've made some really stupid decisions with it like making the keys low profile or making odd changes to the key layout (but I've seen some images without these layout changes). The biggest deal breaker would be the low profile keys, but even the full (non-TKL) G915 was doing the stupid low-profile keys shit. I don't want to feel like I'm typing on a laptop keyboard, but if it's the ONLY wireless mechanical keyboard with wireless that actually fucking works then I'll just have to adjust to using low-profile keys.
>>509102 Additionally, I'll say that flaky wireless connectivity is likely because I live in an apartment building with at least SEVEN goddamn 2.4Ghz wifi connections visible on my phone (excluding any 5Ghz or Wifi 6). I can't even use my printer wirelessly with all this fucking interference, it has to be on a cable to work.
>>508788 is that the one Michael Byrd used against the unarmed terrorist?
How do I tell what the fuck the arbitrary model numbers on GPUs mean? All I know for sure is that 6000 is the newest AMD series. Is there a lis or a guide somewhere?
>>509488 How bout the manufacturer's website? I'm sure you can figure it out, everybody else did.
>>509488 Small number worse GPU, usually. 6500 bad gpu, 6800 good gpu.
(568.21 KB 2016x1512 widescreen.jpeg)

I'm considering replacing my current monitor (23" Full HD from 2014) with something larger and more up to date. Option 1) 24", 16:10, 1920x1200 - that's what's I'm currently leaning to, seems good enough for me. Option 2) 27", 16:9, 2560x1440 - absolute display height is only 4 % more than Opt 1, and width has extra 15 %. So main advantage over Opt 1 would be denser pixels and extra vertical stripe. Getting 4K monitor seems pointless, considering that normal stuff (UI, text) would need to be upscaled anyway for me to be able to read it, and as for games - my current GPU handles Full HD just fine, but 4k would left it begging for mercy and in current situation I'm not really interested in replacing it, if I'm unable just walk to the sore and buy one. So, what are your recommendations, or what you use or plan to get?
>>509549 1200p is great for work but for games it's not great especially now that most games do not properly support 16:10, on top of that there is strictly no monitor with good refresh rates or low input lag so that's a certain consideration, though panels tend to be somewhat good otherwise if you have a lot of spare money an EIZO monitor is probably the best looking monitor you can reasonably get. 1440p has some very good high refresh low input lag panels but the quality is extremely variable even at higher price points.
Which current GPU manufacturer has the least shitty coolers on average? I want to avoid unknowingly buying part of the STC used to dispose of Jewish bodies at Auschwitz from MSI again. Are generic AIO GPU waterblocks any good? >>509036 Given that the first "true" Quantum dot displays current "QD" panels are just LCD panels with a generic QD >filter shoved somewhere in the substrate as opposed to passive QDs using red/green QD color filters against a blue LED backlight or active/emissive QDs where the QDs themselves emit light the latter isn't expected to be available before 2025 at the earliest are expected to reach mass market sometime this year these OLED gaymen monitors smell like a scheme to get rid of panel inventory. >>509053 Did you have any display areas with permanently lowered brightness/visible color shift on either of your OLEDs? The strip normally occupied by the black status bar on Android being brighter and less yellow than the rest of the screen when displaying fullscreen images is a common issue with smartphone OLEDs.
>>509568 >Which current GPU manufacturer has the least shitty coolers on average? Sapphire especially Nitro+ ASUS though not for all AMD models and mostly TUF / Strix Asrock if Taichi or OC Formula Surprisingly Gigabyte for Nvidia EVGA sorta, but only if you manually reset the BIOS to not retarded TDP. >Are generic AIO GPU waterblocks any good? Good enough until you go over 300W then you have to consider full water blocks, also needs some hefty cooling for VRMs/VRAM
>>509554 You mean even if the monitor has a high refresh rate it could still suffer from input lag? WTF.
>>509596 https://invidious.mutahar.rocks/watch?v=TN58rsnP93g Monitor manufacturers just straight up lie about the specs of their monitors.
>>509596 Input lag is entirely separate from refresh rate and response time, those last two being entirely separate as well. Usually they are somewhat vaguely correlated, but there's some very big outliers.
>>509602 How the fuck are you supposed to know which ones are any good?
>>509605 You look at reviews with measurements.
>>509549 1440 will give you more options, and more software support. That seems like a safer option.
>>509549 1440p with 144hz
>>509554 >>509652 thanks for your recommendations >>509876 Too bad almost all 144+ Hz monitors looks like they have been designed for hip 12 year olds.
>>510348 You don't specifically need 144hz. Anything above 100 will be enjoyable. 120hz is fine. You get diminishing returns on higher refresh rates.
Seems like I'll have to update to W10 soon. I have a W7 pirated version, I asked here some time ago if I could upgrade for free, but even though I can because of the method I used, I can't do so anymore because Microsoft free update expired. Is there a way to upgrade what I have in this HDD without losing anything by upgrading to W10? Do I need to boot it as if I was installing any other windows? Please help, I'm fucking tired of this no support bullshit.
(589.13 KB 1924x2939 patchouli_sad_concern.jpg)

>>510766 >upgrading to W10 Do you absolutely have to?
>>510766 Updating from previous versions of Windows usually does not end well. The problems you get from trying to upgrade from a previous version will eventually force you to do a fresh install regardless. I wouldn't even call it a gamble. It's practically inevitable that something in 10 will be fucked because you upgraded from 7 instead of doing a fresh install. Better off just backing up everything to an external drive along with programdata and appdata, then restoring it all after a fresh install of the newer OS. It's more tedious this way, but many copied programs will still run without needing to be reinstalled so it's not as much work as you'd think. The problems caused by upgrading Windows still exist with 11 as well. Upgrading from 10 to 11 shows poorer performance than a fresh install of 11. Hardware Unboxed showed data demonstrating this, but I can't remember the name of the video.
>>510766 You should upgrade to Gentoo, anon.
>>510766 I wouldn't bother doing an upgrade, just means you'll have to do a fresh install in a few month 99% of the time if it even works at all to begin with.
(828.89 KB 1004x1764 cannon printer.png)

in some good news - cannon forced to sell drm free ink cartrides due to chip shortages https://archive.is/JRYVE
>>510766 Backup everything to another HDD, preferably one that can be disconnected from the machine. Then proceed to install Linux or your shitty meme operating system.
>>510907 I use refillable cartridges with my Epson Artisan printer. No need to keep buying cartridges with more chips, just buy the ink itself for the refillable cartridges. Only problem is that the chips in the refillable cartridges are supposed to reset when you take them out and reinsert them so it will read as a full cartridge again, but they don't reliably do that. I have to assume the printer software or firmware has done something to prevent the resets, but this mitigation doesn't quite work since they DO reset if you keep trying. My family insists on buying the cheapest printers which always have expensive ink and I keep telling them to just search for the cheapest ink on ebay then buy the printer that ink goes to, but cheap ink usually goes to an expensive printer not a cheap one. I considered a Continuous Ink System, but it seemed like it would be overkill considering I don't print THAT much stuff. Refilling the cartridges is a minor hassle, but I don't have to do it that often since I don't use that much ink anyways.
>>510951 Just save up and get a laser printer. Toner lasts far longer than ink and is easier to install if you ask me.
>>511025 Not being able to print color can be quite a downside.
>>511030 Anon, laser color printers do exist.
>>511036 Yes but I recall them having many drawbacks and being incredibly expensive compared to inkjet printers. When you need to print very infrequently but never know what you'll need to actually be printing at any given moment it's hard to justify a very expensive printer. Even dealing with how often the inkjet printers just straight up break ends up being more cost effective. Unless you're printing often I don't see laser being worth investing in.
>>510766 >Win10 >upgrade Try out a Linux distro first. I'm not telling you to switch or to go full Gentoo, but start up a virtual machine and mess around a bit. Think of it as an experiment, go into it with no intention of changing and have fun with it. See what you can do. If you don't like it, then move onto Win10. Just know that it wouldn't be too long until Microshit start deprecating it in favor of Win11, so you'll have to Switch off of Win10 as well sooner or later.
>>510907 Not surprising, the Xerox production printers I deal with have been a clusterfuck to get toner for.
>>510840 Is it really that bad on Windows? I run Debian, and my current build was installed as 9, and since then I've upgraded first to 10 and then to 11 without problems or re-installing. The worst I had were a few cosmetic issues where a theme elements didn't work properly. I would have thought that Windows, which should be more uniform given MS's tighter hold on the system, would be able to manage it too.
>>511056 Windows has been shit since 8, the further you drill down into control panel entries, you can see all the different era's of Windows up to that point. Instead of changing everything all at once, they phased it in piecemeal and made the UI look like a disjointed mess, like using KDE apps in Gnome. That said, when I ran, the upgrade from XP to Vista to 7, it wasn't all that bad. Then again, I didn't install or customize things all that much.
>>511041 >Yes but I recall them having many drawbacks and being incredibly expensive compared to inkjet printers True, 300-500 upfront is a bit steep but over time it's definitely worth.
>>511056 A big problem with Windows is how its UI is a mess for everything other than the most casual of uses. If you ever want to find an obscure setting you have to look it up, you'll likely never find it on your own. Everything is nested a thousand times in weird and often unfitting places. Why are mouse settings separated into "Mouse" and "Mouse Properties", with the former being almost entirely about scrolling options? Why are network connections only available through "adapter options" in the Ethernet menu or the Network and Sharing Center and not the control panel directly? Why aren't they displayed by default in the Ethernet menu or the Network and Sharing center? Why are any of these things separated at all? Why are internet settings spread out between like seven different menus, most of which display no useful information but links that are also separated out into various menus? Across all of them there's a total of like 18 different options menus for basic internet settings that most systems would display in one place Why is there a USB settings screen that consists solely of a fucking checkbox for if you want Windows to tell you about problems with USB connections, why isn't that in the Device Manager? Why doesn't include a link to the Device Manager? Why aren't there any other options in this menu like selective USB suspending, in fact why is every other USB option nested somewhere else in the far unseen reaches of the universe? Why is there an entire menu for a completely useless option most people would never use? Who designed this?
>>511177 >Who designed this? Presumably quota hires / H1Bs.
(8.69 KB 468x390 spang.jpeg)

>>511177 >why is there a USB screen that consists solely of a checkbox >that can't be true >check the settings >it's fucking true BRAVO MICROSOFT
(490.41 KB 950x750 Shodan Eggs.jpg)

>Check GPU prices if they're going down >20% increase in price Holy fuck, this has to be the peak right? It's going to be ok in mid 2022 rite?
>>511209 Lately I've been considering getting a tesla GPU and seeing if I can get it running in a VM and trying out lookingglass. The tesla prices don't seem to be as bad as regular consume GPU's. Problem is cooling the fuckers isn't easy.
Bought pic related recently along with an adapter online, I'm gonna run Retro Arch on it and finish playing the old Tomb raider and Crash Bandicoot series along with some other stuff I'm curious in trying since I never beat those games back when I was young and can't go back to my old Gaystation since the disk reader died in that like they always do and I haven't had it since then. Give me a break I was like 10 and very retarded back then and my mom just took it back to game stop and traded it for a Nintendo DS. It should arrive some time on Friday, perhaps even sooner. >>510766 Don't fall for the eternal Gentoo meme anon but I would personally recommend dual booting your current Win partition with Linux Mint to see if that's a viable replacement instead. Plus the XFCE version pretty much acts as a traditional Windows desktop so no much of a learning curve to navigate on top of it being pretty retard proof for newbies. >HDD Is that in a laptop or tower? You really should consider upgrading your hardware if your still running a solid disk with your hard earned shekels instead anon. Personally I'd recommend just spending a little more on a Samsung SSD as your new SATA drive, the performance is worth the extra money but SK Hynix and Acer make some good budget tier drives too if you aren't worried about lighting speed or large amounts of storage and most SSD's even garbage bottom of the barrel bargain drives will out perform most HDD's nowadays. Come on anon it's the current year +7 now. Also here's another reason to consider ditching Windows anon >>>/v/511034 >>509549 Watch Girls Last Tour on your wide screen when you get it. >>508788 1911's are fucking sexy awesome shooters, if I was stupid rich I'd basically own one in all the relevant calibers from different manufacturers and I dunno give charity money to the doctors without borders organization founded by some faggot French or some boring gay shit like that after I've appeased my autistic obsession with Mormon firearms. Also to be fair the concept of not being an absolute fucking retard with firearms didn't exist back then so that was a very reasonable concern back then for the top Brass not wanting to loose GI's due to miss fires and negligence. Though having a flip safety and a grip safety is a bit redundant.
(1.19 MB 250x188 oh no.gif)

>>511177 (checked) And I thought KDE sucked at design. Reading this description made me angry at the incompetence of all of the people involved creating such disgrace.
(55.23 KB 500x356 even sleep won't fix.jpg)

>>511177 What makes this even worse is that this is still less retarded then MacOS let that fucking sink.
>>511260 Is it though? MacOS is shit for a lot of reasons but a counter-intuitive UX is hardly one of them.
>>511260 >still less retarded then MacOS I genuinely doubt it can be more retarded than this.

(83.03 KB 635x465 windows 11 menus.png)

(98.74 KB 1366x815 two sets of icons.jpg)

(145.11 KB 920x1504 azuGmWQ.png)

(465.54 KB 747x693 dialer.png)

>>511275 >>511281 This is exactly what I'm talking about, thank you. It's like modern day Rome, you have all the ruins of the old empire still there with modern buildings mixed in.
>>511275 >I genuinely doubt it can be more retarded than this. oh yes it fucking can. Apple and M$ are in a race to see who can make the worst OS they can.
>>511295 Have more pics because why not. Also compare this pic of the screen saver menu with the one on >>511275.
>>511275 >>511281 >>511309 What the fuck am I looking at?
>>511309 I don't understand what is the problem with the second pic. At a first glance, it seems like the 2021 version gives you more options, but you just have to click "Drive options(advanced" and you should have the same options as the 2021 one. Or are you telling me, that it's actually the same drive and for some reason Windows Vista/7 sees 16GB, and Windows 10/11 sees 60GB?
>>511315 It's called autism.
>>511318 I figure it's pointing out a lack of change in 15 years beyond the background color. It would have made more sense to show it clashing with the rest of the setup which is in a completely different style. A lack of change isn't itself much of a negative.
>>511315 Peak Microsoft design. >>511318 It's about how the installer kept the same "theme" after 15 years and at least 3 UI redesigns (win7, win8 and win10, but I think win 10 got multiple HIG during its lifespan). >>511320 no u
(114.58 KB 326x326 ClipboardImage.png)

>>511177 >USB settings screen that consists solely of a fucking checkbox for if you want Windows to tell you about problems 450 billion dollar company by the way
Graphic and UI design has gone to the shitter since smartphones. It's sad to see
>>511349 *Graphic design
(423.07 KB 983x1054 disgusted_libbie.png)

>look through recent gaymur mainboards out of curiosity >all these plastic covers with gay RGBs on them, looks fucking stupid but thankfully there's still some that expose most of the PCB and look like a motherboard should >rear socket layouts are almost identical to my 10 year old board across the board >headers for pumps and radiator fans, I don't remember those >Realtek ALC 12XX codecs so advanced you can't find the drivers and specs on the official site anymore and probably have to use chinese driver updaters or worse, the official utilities which list the exact same shitty crapware they had 10 years ago to pull HDA installers from Nepalese monasteries, reading through forum posts from renegade OEMs their specs are barely better than my own integrated audio from a better time so what's the fucking point >boards with integrated wireless don't have an ethernet port >same boards with an ethernet port don't have integrated wireless Why? This is even dumber than cases with 3 front fans behind a glass panel with no air inlets and no 3.5 inch drive bays.
>>511507 Over-segmentation in mobo is a real problem, especially now that some brand are trying to push super pricey mobo to the mainstream. As well as focusing on entirely wrong things, like having 4+ NVMe on a midrange consumer board.
>>511507 >This is even dumber than cases with 3 front fans behind a glass panel with no air inlets and no 3.5 inch drive bays. I hate that these exist
>>511507 man I wanna impregnate that Oryx.
(512.79 KB 856x1378 Libbie Slayers.png)

>>511507 >boards with integrated wireless don't have an ethernet port I don't believe you.
>>511548 Yup I'm like to see her with me for sure.
Is the Athlon 3000G considered a 3rd gen AMD CPU? I bought a motherboard that supports my Ryzen 5 5700G, but needs to be updated to do so (it has no BIOS flashback option and this is my first build), and i can get a 3000G for $25 solely to boot the computer and update the BIOS, which is faster than sending it back for the seller to update it or asking for one of those kits that i need to send back right after.
>>511235 I do have an SSD, but I do have important shit here, otherwise, I wouldn't mind just starting again since I did some months ago, I installed W7 because I'm ok with it, but everything missing DLLs right now is getting stupidly annoying lately.
>>511676 It's Zen, specifically Zen+ so it's compatible with your Ryzen 5 compatible motherboard no issue. If it's that cheap and temporary I'd say go for it.
Complete newfag here, i need some help with my build. I already asked a friend about this but it won't hurt to ask here as well. >Corsair 175R >Gigabyte B450 AORUS PRO WIFI >Ryzen 3 3300X >MSI GTX 970 (a gift from my friend who's glad i'm finally putting together my first rig) >Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 3200MHz 16GB 2x8 >Gygabite 500GB SSD (plus the 4TB HDD where i store my important stuff) All that's left is the power supply, but i don't know which one to choose between the Corsair CV650 and the CX750M, and yes it has to be one of those two because i'm on a budget. Another thing that bugs me is my HDD (WD Elements Portable), can i remove the case and plug it the same way i'll plug the SSD or will i have to use it via USB?
>>512494 Neat low mid range there CV650 should be more than enough If it's a portable HDD then it's going to be USB anon
Posting here along with QTTDOT to hedge my bets; Looking for either a quality headset with mic, or a standalone mic for a pretty low budget (under $50 ideally) to start recording audio for making videos, and double as good headphones if possible Anyone got any suggestions?
(11.96 MB 4288x3216 SANY0001.png)

Nice, my SD card arrived sooner than expected. >>511677 Just buy an external hard drive or large capacity thumb drive. Make sure it's at least MLC or 3D nand because TCL is shit and will fail on you. Speaking from personal experience. Heck if your really paranoid get two thumb drives as backup and then put one of them in a fireproof safe. >>511507 >all these plastic covers with gay RGBs on them To be fair the covers/stickers themselves act as heat sinks but the Fa-GB lighting is indeed unnecessary, sadly lighting up your PC tower up like a Commiefornia pride parade Christmas tree on the 4th of July is just the industry standard for high end PC parts now. >>512494 Better than my ancient ass gamer rig. I've got a thin little Dell notebook that boots up faster than it now by comparison, the difference is seconds vs several minutes and it's just booting off an old SK Hynix Msata drive. Maybe I should just wipe and sell my current rig for scraps and save up for something that isn't a decade old... >>512545 I dunno much about mics and my current poorfag setup is nothing to brag about but I hear Blue Yeti's are great mics for the price if you want a big white snow ball on a stick on your desk that is.
>>512545 >mics That reminds me, are the inline mics on wired earphones any good?
>>512494 >can i remove the case and plug it the same way i'll plug the SSD Yes you can, though the case might be clipped together so be careful that you don't fling the HDD across the room in the process of trying to pry the plastic apart.
>>512494 >can i remove the case and plug it the same way i'll plug the SSD or will i have to use it via USB? It depends on the external drive. Some can be shucked and used like a normal internal drive, but some have the USB controller soldered directly on, with no SATA connector. The WD Elements Portable is, as far as I know, the directly-soldered kind, and can't be shucked.
>>509030 Go to any electronics disposal place or just check local sites like craigslist for people giving stuff away. Nobody but imageboard users wants CRTs anymore. I don't have the space for them but if I did, I could've gotten a few dozen of them in the past few months alone.
>>512514 Both PSUs cost the same, is the CV650 strictly better? >>512602 >>512607 That sucks then, i guess i'll still have to keep all my important files in said portable drive until i can afford another one.
>>512643 >>512494 Shit my bad, i meant CV750, is this one better than the CX750M?
>>512653 Just woke up from a shitty hangover and can't think and write well without PAIN. But here, https://itigic.com/comparison-corsair-cv750-vs-cx750m-power-supplies/ and https://igamesnews.com/pc/corsair-cv750-vs-cx750m-power-supply-comparison/ Read the whole thing and just be warned some of these shitty comparison articles are always questionable.
>>512658 Thank you, it looks like the CX750M is way better, the only advantage of the CV750 is being smaller, which only matters if i have a small case.
>>507501 Threadrippers are not gaming CPUs, you will get worse framerates with them than regular Ryzen 6/8/12/16 core CPUs. And as for just gayming, 6 cores is optimal price/perf, 8 cores is top perf. Anything more is "I need additional cores for video encoding because I'm a strimer/jewtube video maker" territory. Do not buy with assumption "more cores = will future proof!!!". It never happens, old 8 core ryzen 1000/2000 series are getting their asses whopped HARD even by just 4 core ryzen 5000/modern kiketel cpus.
>>512494 >Another thing that bugs me is my HDD (WD Elements Portable), can i remove the case and plug it the same way i'll plug the SSD or will i have to use it via USB? Depends on the model Some are SATA internally some have that frankenstein USB PCB grafted, in either case you lose the warranty if you open it so I wouldn't bother. >>512582 Thumb drives make zero sense nowadays Even a cheapo QLC SSD + an adapter will be cheaper faster and more reliable. >>512545 Headsets are shit, almost no exception, professional broadcast headsets are fairly good but they're out of you budget If you just need cheap Superlux has a couple in your price range and they're not too bad. >>513091 >Do not buy with assumption "more cores = will future proof!!!" Yes and no, the performance levels will decline far slower if you do, hell one very good example of that is the FX8350, nowadays with games it tends to behave better than 4C/4T far newer than it and thhat's literally a shit tier CPU even for the time, there's a reason why people with early intel 6 / 8 Cores don't really see a need to upgrade even now. But you are correct that you'll end up with mid end stuff destroying high end then low end doing the same after a while.
>>512582 >I hear Blue Yeti's are great mics for the price if you want a big white snow ball on a stick on your desk that is. I have one of those. I can speak with my mouth pretty much against it and it still needs boosted. Fairly clean sound. I just wish I got more volume out of it. I don't use it anymore though. Should probably sell it.
(320.40 KB 1173x1200 meteor.jpg)

>>512545 >>513127 You can try samson meteor, they're cheap and quality.
I'm this >>512494 retard, my friend texted me and said he found his old intel CPU (i7 5960X) in a box and he wants to give it to me as well, this one is way better than the Ryzen 3 3300X, right? Is it compatible with my motherboard? Can my power supply (i went with the CX750M) handle both this and the GTX 970? Assuming i refund the CPU, would it be wise to spend that money on more RAM (same brand and specs, 16x2)?
>>509030 I won't recommend getting a CRT unless its for retro content or novelty reasons. Most modern content would look terrible or just wont scale right to a 4:3 display. I spent an entire 2 days trying to figure out why Sonic Mania would'nt work properly in 240p on my IBM monitor even with online help. Another example in Neir Automata where the UI and text doesn't scale properly in lower resoultions and what you get is a nice mishmesh of a blur mess. If you really want a good CRT experience, just stick to retro stuff. If you really want to play you're modern games on a CRT, get a downscaler to pump the image to 240p. Even then, the hassle may not be worth it in the long run.
>>513187 > Is it compatible with my motherboard? If you mean the B450 you mentioned previously, no. 750w should be enough for anything you could get your hands on without selling a kidney.
>>513187 >Can my power supply (i went with the CX750M) handle both this and the GTX 970? At 750W yes it can handle most of anything. >would it be wise to spend that money on more RAM (same brand and specs, 16x2)? 16GB is probably fine if you're doing simple stuff and not running thing like virtual machines. It's conceivable that 32GB could be beneficial for gaming at some point in the next decade, so if you don't plan on upgrading your platform any time soon it might be okay to get 32GB of RAM. but more likely than not you'll just never end up utilizing it. >this one is way better than the Ryzen 3 3300X, right? Not really, they seem very similar in performance. https://www.cpubenchmark.net/compare/Intel-i7-5960X-vs-AMD-Ryzen-3-3300X/2332vs3716
>>513222 >Not really, they seem very similar in performance. The 3300X has a lot more headroom for OC, I've seen a few run @ 4.8Ghz without it being unreasonable.
>>513222 Even though those benchmarks say they're similar, they also say the 3300X has significantly better single-core performance, and that's probably going to be more noticeable.
>>513215 Oh damn, i guess i won't refund it then. I'll still take the intel and see if i can sell it on craigslist, i'll need a decent mouse and keyboard as well. >>513222 I'm keeping the 3300X and i dont plan to upgrade until i can afford a good GPU, so i'll stick with 16GB until DDR5 goes cheap, then i'll buy 32GB of that.
>>513248 You'd need an entire new board for ddr5, more than likely a new cpu. If it's any consolation the intel from 2014 won't support ddr5 either
Since I replaced my GPU last year, I've noticed that my audio has had hissing and other noise when the computer is under load. I assume it's electrical interference between the motherboard's audio chip and the rest of the board. At some point I'd like to do something about it, but I know very little about audio equipment, the data are hard to quantify, and my perception of the topic is that audiophiles are an endless fount of bullshit that makes it hard to learn anything concrete. As I see it, I have three possible solutions: >a dedicated sound card >an external DAC >a higher-end mobo I include a motherboard on the list since I plan to grab a R7 5800X or X3D at the end of this year to replace my R5 3600, and I'd move the 3600 into a secondary machine. I'll already be buying a motherboard for that, so if a better motherboard would solve the problem (presumably having both a better audio circuit, and more stable/isolated circuitry overall), then instead of getting some cheap B450 for the 3600, I might keep the 3600 in my current one and get a better board for the 5800. But I don't know if I'd see any significant difference, at least not without going way overbudget. On the other hand, I don't know if a better motherboard might be worth it in other ways for the 5800. I'd be wanting to spend less than $100 on this (or, for the motherboard option, $100 over what I'd be spending anyway). But for the three options I don't have a good understanding of the cost-vs-performance value, and the strengths and weaknesses of each, both in general and within my specific budget range. For reference, my current board is an Asus Tuf B550-Plus (so the lower-tier chipset, and a mid-tier board within that chipset, compared to e.g. Asus's own Strix line). The headphones I'd be plugging into whatever I get are the Sennheiser HD569. Also, I'm on Linux rather than Windows, so drivers/firmware/etc are a potential issue to consider.
>>513572 personally an external dac is better option and also cheaper just get one of those apple usb c to 3.5mm jack make sure its the US version tho (model: A2049) because the eu one have lower power because of france law a dedicated sound card and higher end mobo might not fix your problem in the long run as theyre inside the pc case which have higher interference than an external DAC if youre more interested in higher end mobo try searching for mobo that have clear separation between the audio part and the other power delivery because supposedly it reduce interference (I dont really know about their effectiveness, pretty hard to see as well as theyre start covering every inch with heatsink,) you cant depend on specs as well because some manufacturer (asus that I know) rename the parts they use, also stay clear from any mobo that advertised nahimic audio stuff they install a bloatware that runs all the time in the background.
(375.08 KB 1600x1732 E9SJXVfVEAAaOiW.jpg)

>buy expensive laptop on black friday hoping to take advantage of rakuten ebate cashback bonus >they don't honor their end of the deal Are all companies just complete scams these days? I'm used to companies trying to rip me off, not outright scam me.
>>513654 >laptop you scammed you'reself
>external dac I have a FiiO BTR5 and it's pretty good. Versatile since I can use it through USB or BT with 3.5mm or 2.5mm balanced output with plenty of volume. It's also small and portable. It seems like with every motherboard onboard audio I've had when I change the default sample rate or anything like that it eventually stops outputting sound forcing me to change it back to default. At some point, after years of dealing with onboard audio and only willing to spend enough for Superlux headphones (Superlux sound okay, but very plastic / creaky build quality), I wanted to invest in better audio so I got the FiiO BTR5 and HIFIMAN Sundara Planar Magnetic Headphones with a 2.5mm balanced cable since HIFIMAN's included cable is stiff garbage which is bullshit since the Sundara are around 350 fuckin dollars so you'd think they'd give you a good cable, but HIFMAN are notorious for including shitty cables. In my research, I saw audiophile (snake oil territory, be that as it may) reviewers raving about how good the Sundara are for the price, how they can compete with cans up to 600 dollary doos whether I can believe that or not. My previous Superlux cans were described similarly as 'good bang for buck' so that sort of description generally appeals to me the most. I also own some Moondrop Aria IEMs with a balanced cable, but I'm just far more used to headphones for long-term use.
>>513654 >Rakuten >Black Friday Are you a time traveler or those retards at Rakuten still processing shit at a snail's pace?
This psu good? I want it to power an athlon 3000g (and a ryzen 5700g once i get the cash for it).
>>513943 Please respond, it's currently selling for $50 and i already missed a great deal on two sticks of ram.
>>513943 >>513952 Buying a PSU is probably the most important part because a bad one will ruin everything else in your PC. 650 is generally not enough for a gaming PC, since you want the PSU to be at max at about 80% load. So find the total power draw of your components, especially your GPU, and make sure the PSU's wattage is higher than that by at least a quarter.
>>513943 >>513952 I don't know much about PSU's beyond Gigabyte brand ones exploding recently. Researching quality PSU's requires a bit of effort. https://linustechtips.com/topic/1116640-psu-tier-list-rev-148/ I don't know if this thread is still relevant.
>>513965 >>513966 Which one would you buy then? Don't recommend me $500+ ones please.
>>513972 what type of case you got?
Has anyone managed to actually acquire a GPU at a reasonable price? It looks like the only options right now are direct buy, when they're actually up.
>>513975 I got a 3070 ti for 1000ish from a store here in Canada but I still paid too much for it. I honestly would try Newegg shuffle or Best Buy wait list shit.
>>513975 >>513980 Looks like 3080s (including Ti) show up regularly on sites like Offerup for ~1000, sometimes less (700-800). Most of them claim to be new/sealed. I've never actually tried buying any of them to know if the shit is legit though.
>>513943 >>513952 >>513965 >>513965 >650 is generally not enough for a gaming PC >make sure the PSU's wattage is higher than that by at least a quarter. Anon was talking about using an athlon 3000g or a ryzen 5700g. 650W is fine for that. Much more demanding hardware can use even a 600W PSU: https://invidious.snopyta.org/watch?v=Bdohv96uGLw A quality power supply is important, but don't needlessly overspend on wattage you don't need. It is common for some people to go overkill on PSU wattage because it's 'more efficient in a certain range of operation', but it's not wholly necessary and if you're on a budget you don't need to be allocating more of that budget into a higher wattage PSU. TL;DR Don't over-spec, just get one that doesn't suck (many good reviews with no mention of catastrophic failures). For example, It's not hard to avoid that exploding Gigabyte PSU if you just read the reviews on it. There were people who couldn't avoid it only because Newegg was forcing it into video card bundles, but if you were only buying a PSU then you'd have no excuse since the reviews for that exploding Gigabyte PSU were terrible.
>>514040 You definitely need to overspec SOME. PSU power/efficiency diminishes somewhat over time, and chip voltages/power draw are never absolute either. What works now might not work when you boot up a particularly (or peculiarly) demanding game, or 5 years from now on the same games. You always want some headroom to be safe
>>513943 This should be fine for your use case.
I have an absolute dogshit 24 inch 1080p monitor which I got because I wanted to upgrade from a 1280x1024 19 incher from 2005 it's not a CRT, I would've not upgraded if that were the case, but the former has some butt ugly vertical yellow stripes and I'm considering replacing or getting rid of it since it makes me mad I got ripped off like that. Not only that, it's 60 Hz. My budget gaming laptop has a cheap ass 120 Hz IPS panel and it feels like heaven compared to it. I'm in the market for a >144 Hz monitor, preferably a somewhat cheap one, color quality be damned (so TN is okay), though I do not want any outright fucking defects. Anyone got good suggestions for a budget ~240 Hz, 1080p monitor?
>>514436 240Hz means VA or TN, you do not want either Get a 165Hz IPS Iiyama G-MASTER G2560HSU-B3
>>514461 >240Hz means VA or TN No, it doesn't. 240Hz IPS Monitors: LG 27GN750, Asus ROG Swift PG279QM, MSI MAG251RX >you do not want either VA and TN have their drawbacks, but that poster outright said "color quality be damned (so TN is okay)" thus you can assume they want something TN or VA offers like the lower price of TN "preferably a somewhat cheap one" or the better blacks of VA.
>>514466 >No, it doesn't. 240Hz IPS Monitors: LG 27GN750, Asus ROG Swift PG279QM, MSI MAG251RX Didn't know about those, but those ain't cheap, maybe the LG, but then it's an LG monitor. >but that poster outright said "color quality be damned (so TN is okay)" thus you can assume they want something TN or VA offers like the lower price of TN "preferably a somewhat cheap one" or the better blacks of VA. High refresh rate IPS already sacrifice color quality quite a bit compared to even office tier cheap IPS, they do till retain fairly good viewing angles whereas TN doesn't (though technically IPS glow is a form off viewing angle limitation) Cheap HRR VAs produces so much blur you might as well not bother, they also have tons of black crush unlike good VAs, with high refresh rate it's also hard to find a good and non curved panel (curved is shit for 16:9), high refresh rate VAs are a meme you shouldn't fall for.
>>513572 >dedicated soundcard A meme since EAX died, don't bother. >a higher-end mobo Don't buy one with a DAC with less than 100db SNR unless you want your hopefully impedance-matched headphones to sound like they were bought in mildly used condition from a street stall at a Shenzhen wet market. Don't know about external DACs but I suppose the same would apply there too. >Linux Unless Realtek are complete and utter niggers most chips adhering to the Intel HDA standard should work fine these days, though you're obviously missing out on integrated proprietary driver-level meme features like the DS3D+EAX 2 hardware support mine has under WinXP for some reason though some of these can be recreated with Pipewire filterchains there are config files for 5.1 and 7.1 virtual surround on the wiki that work quite well and have free Dolby Pro Logic II decoding built in should you want to emulate 6th gen consoles.
>>513975 Micro Center regularly gets shipments and allocates them through a lottery that you have to be physically present to enter. Just show up there shortly before they open and within a few visits you should get a GPU if you're not picky about which model. Took me four attempts to get mine, the three failed attempts only wasted about half an hour each.
God i fucking hate amazon, i'm never buying anything from there ever again. >order CPU and MOBO from a different online shop because they were 30% cheaper >case, PSU, RAM and M+KB were supposed to arrive the same day >wake up next day, find out amazon temporarily suspended my account due to suspicious activity (?) 30 minutes after purchase >and thus, the rest of my items won't get here until god knows when >even though they charged me just fine, gave me tracking numbers and set an arrival date (i went to sleep right after doing this) >"to resolve this, give us all the credit card details (name etc) and upload some bullshit where you can confirm the credit card is yours (it isn't, i get paid "under the desk" and always used my father's credit card for online purchases, but this has never been a problem before) and that you've been charged the specified amount, you've got 72 hours to respond or the orders will be canceled (and thus my money won't be refunded until months later or AT ALL) >my father lives hours away, and hasn't replied my texts Probably unrelated, but what do i do now? I've got two useless items lying on my desk now and i really need my new PC, i obviously can't request a CC receipt because it ain't mine.
>>514754 Well easiest is you manage to give them what they're asking.
>>514629 >Don't buy one with a DAC with less than 100db SNR Current board already claims 108dB SNR. >your hopefully impedance-matched headphones My what now? The headphones are 23Ω but I don't know what I'm supposed to match to that or how.
>>514899 that resistance is very low so its fine with almost anything really
>>514899 99% of audio equipment targets 32Ω so you'll probably be fine, just remember to turn down the volume before plugging anything in so you don't accidentally overload them. Are high impedance headphones even worth it in the first place? Been doing fine with 32Ω dual driver earbuds on my end.
>>515053 >Are high impedance headphones even worth it in the first place? Depends, there's literally only a single case where I would recommend you never touch the lmow impedance model and that's the High end Senheiser stuff, the HD660S is just not good compared to the HD600/650/6XX/58X

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