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8chan Ultimatum - Volunteers Needed
Modeling, Voice Acting, and Animation

8chan.moe is a hobby project with no affiliation whatsoever to the administration of any other "8chan" site, past or present.

(246.46 KB 1273x725 8chan Ultimatum - cover.png)

(15.38 MB 1280x720 8chan Ultimatum - WIP.mp4)

8chan Ultimatum - Help Required Anonymous 01/12/2022 (Wed) 06:14:17 Id: 6f6cfc No. 511348
Hey anons, this the drawfag who was making a pastiche of the Grinch Ultimatum video by PilotRedSun. I pretty much finished around 80% of it. Now i could do the other 20%, but what if i ask you faggots to help me instead of having to do it all by myself? And that's why i'm here. Currently, all of the 2D animations are finished, lacking only: 1. The 'It's Claus' Scene, since i'm not familiar with 3D rendering nor modelling 2. The voice lines for Jim. It doesn't have to be exactly like the video since i could adjust it, but try and keep it within the scene's timing. 3. The final scene. I could make it by myself but i'm too lazy. All in all, that's 3 things that i need to fully finish this short little tribute for my experience with 8chan (circa 2015). If you would like to help me, just post the files i need on the thread. If you're here to call me a huge faggot, you can do that too. Though, do try and be a good neighbor as the good book says. The WIP version's come attached by the way, you guys can see it for yourself. Sorry about the quality, i have 0 idea how it works
Here's the original to compare it against. Nice work
>>511348 Nice. I still love the music in that video. >need Jim audio What was Jim's jewtube channel again? He did plenty of retarded streams/videos anons could likely clip for this. Assuming it is still around.
Hey Mark why not pin this for a couple of days at least.
Fucking amazing, I wish you the best OP Don't know shit about 3D moddeling, but here is Jims channel if anyone wants to start clipping his voice lines. https://m.youtube.com/c/hare63/videos
(162.92 KB 454x511 ƎVI⅃.png)

Never seen the original video but I cannot describe how much I love this OP
>>511391 >>511404 Checked it out and Jim doesn't say 'lolis'. You know, i wonder if Mark can ask Jim to say the lines himself. >>511415 Kek, didn't even notice it during editing. Shame that i can't encode for shit so the quality ends up terrible.
>>511532 I doubt it. the best I can do is reach out to Ron, but I'm pretty sure he's too busy gathering Qboomers to make him a senator. Also I'm not in the best relations with them.
>>511348 What’s the voice line for Jim?
>>511535 It's really up to the voice actor, but since i'm going with consistency with the source material, >Okay Mark, you got two options here. >You can post lolis >Or you can support Q >Those are your options, patriot. >So what it'll be? >Hmm? >Hmm? >Lolis? (lol) >or Q? (¿Qué?) >....
>>511543 I could do the VA if you want me to.
(34.45 KB 506x404 Billy phone.jpg)

>>511545 Why not? Jim's voice isn't that remarkable anyway. Go for it.
>>511550 >>511556 Get a room and kiss faggots.
(45.18 KB 323x559 the gay community.jpg)

>>511587 >kiss faggots. Gross, that's how you catch GRIDS.
(34.86 KB 580x852 hitlersaturdaynight.jpg)

>>511545 We're going to need an audition read. Make an mp3 of you saying the following: >"We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children"
>>511721 Oy vey that's anti semitic SHUT IT DOWN
>>511721 Stupid files wont upload. Heres 4 different versions including a Nixon and a JFK. But will they upload?
>>511736 The mic quality makes it sound more authentic. Nice.
>>511780 Torniggers always have the worst posts. Ugh.
>>511753 >>511766 >>511780 This thread is not fucking about Mark, stop with your metaniggery
(726.65 KB 1st recording)

(720.53 KB 2nd recording)

(716.45 KB 3th try)

>>511738 If no one else is gonna upload I guess I got the job? Heres 3 takes (including a joke take)
>>511819 betty nice
>>511348 I am moved to tears, good show anon I think your talents should be used to make original animation though, I know this is mostly a copy of the original but it looks like tons of work went into it
(213.47 KB Attempt1.mp3)

(270.28 KB Attempt2.mp3)

I am throwing in my efforts at the Jim voice. Tried to do it slow like he usually talks but I don't have quite the same tambre as he does.
>>511348 Also, regarding point 3, you would just need to find a bunch of cheap gifs and a few cheap transitions, plus maybe a few 8ch related things. I'll see if I can contribute on that end. For point 1, you might be able to make Jim's face using that web browser 3D modelling thing that was popular a few years ago, don't know if it's still around. It was posted on pre-exodus 4chan or 8chan some time ago and people made things like Sanic and some funny reaction images in it. Does anyone know what I'm talking about?
>>511835 Bretty gud. What the time frame we are supposed to match? I tried for 16 seconds. But I went over in every take.
>>511845 OP can cut and edit the audio files as he sees fit, as long as there are spaces between the "lines", which I believe both you and I did.
>>511855 It kills me that I prefer your take. It has to be said though. Jealousy aside. You did a better job I think. Certainly a better mic.
>>511857 You do a better JFK than I do, be satisfied with that. I recorded a "Foa Suppa Ier uh want a pahty plahtah" but deleted it out of shame.
>>511532 >You know, i wonder if Mark can ask Jim to say the lines himself. >>511533 >I doubt it. the best I can do is reach out to Ron This sounds like the worst idea in a long history of bad ideas. Just ytp Jim's voice to say lolis. >>511545 Or do this.
Why do you all have normal voices?
>>511882 jewcy boy asking the important questions
>>511882 Idk. I guess blastoise. Dudes got 2 cannons. That's enough dakka to get me hard.
This is excellent.
>>511404 your time is up, pedo
>>511835 2nd is close
this is autistic kill yourself thanks
(1.02 MB 892x1024 ClipboardImage.png)

>>511348 OP here. Unfortunately, the innate old man gene inside me made me forget that the final scene has a voiceover as well, sorry for the 'i forgot notice'. Here's the line: AND THAT'S THE TALE OF THE DARK WEB CRETIN Speaking of which, post what you guys think is the best fit on the final scene. Make sure it captures the best 8chan 'spirit'. >>511819 Third one's best funnily enough. The other two are too 'normal' for Jim. >>511835 Yeah second one's best. That added bit tho lol. I'm going with this one, thanks >>511840 >Also, regarding point 3, you would just need to find a bunch of cheap gifs and a few cheap transitions, plus maybe a few 8ch related things. I'll see if I can contribute on that end. Well yeah, that's the point. I was just too lazy to make it lol. Most of the simple moving animations you see are simply recorded on powerpoint. although i pirated After Effects later one to compose the whole thing. >For point 1, you might be able to make Jim's face using that web browser 3D modelling thing that was popular a few years ago, don't know if it's still around. It was posted on pre-exodus 4chan or 8chan some time ago and people made things like Sanic and some funny reaction images in it. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? Nope, though the 3D render scene does not have to be pigfarmer himself, you can just model a giant 'Q' with the American flag texture and it'll do the same job. Then move the camera up to down diagonally and render that bitch. The flashing text is '''it's Q!!!
>>512367 >Speaking of which, post what you guys think is the best fit on the final scene. Make sure it captures the best 8chan 'spirit'. 3D Vivian James renders some anime MILF clip that "reply of the cossacks" picture but with the old 8chan cast (yes kikewheels included because we don't do damnatio memoriae) something with Baneposting involved That one Jewish Clown picture (maybe in the version using that tooth-gap cosplayer that the one redtext autist hated so much) Earthworm Jim a cathedral of misogyny
>>512367 You also need the VA to say "lol" and "Que" in a goofy voice that echoes when he says "lolis" and "Q" if you want to mirror the original
(83.97 KB 1250x813 Point.jpg)

>>512378 oh yeah that too, >>511819 >>511835 Could either of you please do the funny line? I forgot again. I'll add the echo effect myself.
(359.13 KB 850x720 CX.png)

>>511835 you sound fat, nigger
(57.27 KB 500x565 a pure human.jpg)

I don't know what I was expecting, but I'm pretty surprised. Good for you anonmator.
(146.72 KB 960x720 panic_stricken.jpg)

>shartmericanos pronounce it LAWLY This will never cease to upset me. NEVER
(24.47 KB Attempt+1.mp3)

(27.28 KB Attempt+2.mp3)

(29.53 KB Attempt+3.mp3)

>>512385 >>511835 Here you go, I didn't know if you wanted Que as in the Spanish word or just a funny way of saying Q so I gave both. >>512467 I added 100 pounds just to make my impression of Jim that much more authentic. >>512520 Do you really think Jim would take any care to pronouncing Japanese words correctly?
>>512520 Loanwords are pronounced according to the rules of the language that adopts them. You're not telling me you pronounce every Japanese loanword like an autistic weeb, right?
>>512520 Are you one of those guys who thinks /pol/ should be pronounced Paul? And technically Lowlee isn’t correct either since the Japs actually say Rawree
Give me some nice cheap and tacky gifs to use for the final 'scene' I got one here
(413.22 KB 650x666 Keine hold me back.png)

>>512552 >>512417 I'll use both of you guys recordings, thanks! Now the only line left is the heavily reverb'd end narration: AND THAT'S THE TALE OF THE DARK WEB CRETIN >>512584 Bear in mind that i'm still going to pick which gifs that goes in the end, as well some other images that accompany it.
>>513161 Shouldn't the cretin part be TTS?
>>513174 It is? Well scratch the recording then.
>>513178 I could do a faux-TTS voice and try to sound like the original but you may get better results using an actual TTS voice
>>513184 Yeah i'll do the TTS myself thanks.
(56.25 KB 577x720 disgust kot.jpg)

>>512561 >loli >japanese word
>>513161 "Dark Web cretin" doesn't sound like it flows or is very iconic or memorable Christmas cretin is an alliteration, maybe something like that would work
>>513245 Do you know what a “loan word” even is? You should, because English is 90% loan words.
>>513161 How about "That's the tale of the anime image board faggot"?
(200.24 KB 600x754 bear.png)

>>513269 What are you even talking about? How does your reply have anything to do with my post besides being vaguely on topic?
(522.00 KB 320x240 1393912396707.gif)

(2.00 MB 600x678 1426707269926-3.gif)

(360.36 KB 197x236 1543045010564.gif)

(406.45 KB 600x628 1499581200349.gif)

(1.21 MB 1000x1000 you can never go home.png)

>>511348 Reminds me of the old as fuck 4chan animations only it's extremely depressing instead of being badass and joyful. Regardless, I've always thought this kind of things are cool as hell and imbued with a lot a place's culture so I'm happy this exists. Now finish it up faggot.
>>513263 Hey, i'm all ears for suggestions. I invite everyone to participate in the creation of this thing so that i can get feedback. >>513270 >How about "That's the tale of the anime image board faggot"? Ehh that's a bit too clunky, maybe cut the 'anime' part and straight to 'imageboard faggot'. But that kinda undersold old 8chan's rep as the 'dark web' >>513558 >Now finish it up faggot. The only thing left that i really need is the 3D render scene >>512367 . Too bad that i have zero fucking idea how it works, so if anyone here has any Blender know-how, please help.
>>513297 man krool has some fucking nice asscheecks
>>513649 even if you were actually gay I wouldn't believe you
How about, >And that's the tale of the autistic anon or >And that's the tale of the Aspergers anon (Assburgers could also work too)
>>513709 I'll go with autistic, anyone else?
>>513760 I can ask a friend to do the 3D modeling, but I doubt I'll be successful.
>>513709 Don't know if it's on par, but >And that's the tale of the dark(dank) web dunce For a more viable option for what was initially proposed.
>>513815 thanks doc
(350.46 KB 640x480 thing.webm)

This is the best I could do, anon. You might have to speed it up to make it look more tacky or something. You will have to chroma key with the background to do the non euclidean thing. You might also chroma key the shadows to get a different effect inside of the box.
(223.47 KB 640x480 thing2.webm)

>>514388 New version. Thing movement more closer to the original
(236.74 KB 640x480 thing3.webm)

>>514425 Smooth interpolation on keyframes, zoomed in, brighter light.
>>514426 You might also want to reverse the animation halfway through in this to loop. The same thing was seeminlgly done in the original scene.
(90.67 KB 640x480 thing5.webm)

>>514388 Realised the original 3D animation does only one cycle. So looping and reversing this one should be enough.
>>514431 Find a new Jim image and make it the focal point, plus make the axle that camera spins on a little more like the original.
>>514440 > Find a new Jim image and make it the focal point Give me one
>>514445 That image of him rubbing his hands would be perfect, and has transparency to boot. Does anyone have that?
>>514388 (check'd) >>514425 >>514426 >>514431 This is serviceable, but get rid of the orb and replace the still image of Jim with >>514463 which unfortunately also not have.
>>514513 *which i
>>513579 How about "It's about ethics in games journalism"?
>>514518 >the jew is a homophile Gas the jews and their shitty products.
>>514513 this one?
>>514530 Not my fault Leafniggers such as Jarv have shit taste but he's an alright artist so I tolerate him. I wish he'd come post here.
(239.55 KB 640x480 thing6.webm)

>>514559 Here's what I have now. Getting the image transparent is another whole hassle and I'm not really in the mood to deal with it right now. Maybe later.
>>514572 I appreciate the effort but this is just shit.
>>514573 Yeah, I kinda agree. I'd like seeing this chroma-keyed once though (with proper timing and all that.
(882.47 KB 1000x563 FNV_Vault_3_door.png)

>>514572 Nice but needs his lower half. Make the image longer and then draw him pants and shoes. Also shouldn't the background be a vault instead of a roof on account of a giant mushroom cloud being seen in the beginning? Just throwing idea's out is all. >>514573 >I appreciate the effort but this is just shit. Well it's not a high production movie anon, shit edit's are part of the charm anyway.
(841.79 KB 1163x798 a.png)

>>514578 The background of the roof insides is intentionally green because in the original one, the roof top sky (inside the white frame) gets chroma-keyed with the rest of the background as well (outside the white frame.) Maybe the background can be some sort of weird mushroom cloud then. Changing that to a vault would require editing the 2D segments before it.
>>511348 Looks ah bit too norhdick. The colours are a give a way. I have and extremely bad mic, so just pitch the l.ines and I'm good. Just give me the lines. My voice is some where between a screeeiiitch of a train wheel and a Serbian politician. Fight me!
>>511348 > 8chan Ultimatum Will we also get the 8chan Identity and the 8chan Supremacy?
>>514850 Is there a reference im not getting?
>>514886 Do you have amnesia?
>>514891 I had to look it up. I don't watch action movies, let alone Bourne stuff.
>>514587 Oh understandable, well I'm sure you'll figure something cool out.
>>511348 (OP) >PilotRedSun This your Odysee then? https://odysee.com/@PilotRedSun:d Cool.
(562.39 KB 1111x1111 8Kunt man.png)

Free speech honey :)
(546.43 KB 675x968 8Kunt man.png)

Forgot to crop it...
(347.83 KB 1016x958 ref.png)

>>514572 Ah this is much better than before, although please make the image transparent and make Jim bigger, pic related. And use this too >>514973 >>514976 (veri nice) >>514931 What? No! I'm making pastiche you dumb nigger.
>>514979 >(veri nice) Thx, I'm always happy to put my GIMP skills to use. >What? No! I'm making pastiche you dumb nigger. Oh, so you don't have a video channel then?
(8.30 MB 1280x720 Noelles Ultimatum.mp4)

>>514931 >>514981 You are the odysee using anon from the gg thread?
>>514983 Webmposter? No, I still don't have an account because I'm a lazy fuck who hates making accounts to anything guess that's one of the reasons image boards are so appealing to me. I'll probably have more energy come Summer as this cold basically sucks away my motivation. At least I forced myself to actually start learning how to use Kdenlive so that's good, it's actually quite intuitive.
(5.97 KB 448x357 364.png)

>>514994 >I still don't have an account because I'm a lazy fuck who hates making accounts to anything Understandable, hopefully it starts warming up around where you live sometime soon. >Webmposter? No, that's me. I was just wondering if you were the same tor anon since you're pretty much the only one around here who talks about the platform.
>>514999 Thanks for your posts lad, they're great for archival purposes, found tons of older stuff that's gone from most places and found tons of new gold. Cheers cunt
(268.06 KB 640x480 thing7.webm)

>>514979 any more adjustments?
(543.68 KB 675x968 8Kunt man1.png)

>>515020 >>514979 Am I the only one who's a little annoyed that the jar of honey is floating in the air? Here's a fix to that hopefully.
>>515020 >>515024 This is definitely better when compared to your first attempt, the footage is a bit too fast but i can slow it down to fit in the scene. Thanks! Alright, that's about does it. I should be able to finish the whole thing since all the vital parts are here. All that's left are the stuff that i put into the last scene.
>>514931 >>514983 OP isn't PilotRedSun, he's making an alternate version of his animation. If OP were PRS he'd probably make an entirely original animation.
>>513815 Also, >And that's the tale of the dark(dank) web dunce This is good, i'm going with this unless there are better suggestions.
>>515027 Seconded, that is a good revamp. Nice job anon. continue striving to be better, though
>>515020 If I may offer some suggestions >instead of six reindeer add six pigs, kinda like these https://open3dmodel.com/3d-models/pig_21288.html https://free3d.com/3d-model/pig-v1--664474.html >instead of a sleigh you can add a wheelchair, kinda like the pig-goblin's https://free3d.com/3d-model/wheelchair-outlast-91581.html https://www.cgtrader.com/free-3d-models/science/other/wheel-chair-bb812fec-c30b-4c18-8075-d177bd270713 >instead of "It's Claus!!!" you can write "It's QAnon!!!" >instead of WIP(note sure what it stands for), might as well add W1GWAG for shits and giggles
(279.41 KB 640x480 thing8.webm)

>>515097 >>instead of "It's Claus!!!" you can write "It's QAnon!!!" Its Jim. That will be done by OP. >>instead of WIP(note sure what it stands for), might as well add W1GWAG for shits and giggles Did you even read the thread?
>>515128 Quality, god bless you anon
>>515002 This is the first time I've been attracted to a gondola
(195.14 KB 399x600 Gondola negress.jpg)

(25.52 KB 650x608 Thick gondola.jpg)

(577.34 KB 783x1108 smoothie.png)

>>515128 >pig sleigh Hilarious.
(395.53 KB 1920x1600 1450740939782_Jake-Lloyd-11.jpg)

(15.97 MB 1280x720 bumper_4.webm)

(7.58 MB 1280x720 Scene 6 key_1.mp4)

(9.08 MB 1280x720 Timing 2.mp4)

OP here, does anyone still have other bumpers like this one? I've only managed to find one of these in my hard drive. >>512417 >>511835 >>512552 >>515128 Here are the finished scenes. Thanks for the work anons! Now all that's left is the last scene. So a reminder to post what you think fits in with the closing.
(15.79 MB 1280x520 Welcome to 8ch.webm)

(10.35 MB 1280x720 duel bump.mp4)

(7.78 MB 1280x720 bump_extended.webm)

(8.28 MB 1280x720 4th Birthday Bumper.mp4)

(9.74 MB 1280x720 8 men.mp4)

>>515586 I happen to have a few of these in my collection.
>>515586 Incredible
(6.77 MB 640x360 8chBumper.webm)

(2.38 MB 412x576 8chBump.webm)

(11.56 MB 1280x720 8k22.webm)

(5.24 MB 1280x720 8chbumper5.webm)

(8.00 MB 1280x720 bumper_3_v2.webm)

(15.97 MB 1280x720 bumper_4.webm)

(7.07 MB 1024x576 bumper.webm)

(15.63 MB 1280x720 bumper_8ch.webm)

(11.70 MB 1280x720 bumper2_8ch.webm)

(1.10 MB 370x270 bumper6.mp4)

(10.35 MB 1280x720 bumper10.mp4)

(5.90 MB 640x360 bumper9.webm)

(4.56 MB 1920x1080 bumper12.webm)

(4.82 MB 1280x720 spinning8chanbump.webm)

(9.13 MB 1280x720 Memories.mp4)

(11.41 MB 1280x720 White Bumper.mp4)

thats all the ones i have.
>>515586 Shouldn't it say "It's Jim!!!"?
>>515667 Jim IS Qanon.
>>515598 What's the song in the extended bumper?
>>515725 RiveR - Solo
>>515729 Thank you, the song is a real jammer
>>515586 Definitely need to edit the audio with echoes and the other effects used, maybe slow it down and lower/fuck the pitch a bit till it sounds appropriately funny in case that wasn't already the plan
>>515586 You should insert a cough or something so there's not an extended silence due to the missing dialogue.
>>515586 You should put a slight reverb effect on Jim's voice to fit with the original video, otherwise it sounds off. You could also mess around with the EQ settings to make it fit into the video better.
>>515586 Looking and sounding great

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