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Xeno Thread Anonymous 02/10/2022 (Thu) 03:56:52 Id: 17a10d No. 531142
The long rumored Xenoblade 3 just got announced and it seems like most of the rumors were true. I figured it was best to start an actual thread rather than just post in the Direct one. What are your thoughts? Did being cucked drive Nia and Melia mad? Is Mio actually related to Nia? Will any other past characters show up? Will this be the end of the “blade” games and the next ones will be Xeno-something else? Talk about any of these things. Or just post lewd fanart. That’s fine too.
The character designs in the trailer looked painfully generic and boring compared to 2
>>531143 Everything about this looked generic, I would have honestly liked a port of XCX or a remake of Xenogears over this.
>>531153 A remake that actually finishes the damn game would be nice. Personally I would like to see xenosaga rereleased. I don't even care if they update the graphics.
>>531143 I’m hoping it will be like 1 and there will be outfits but I agree. It feels a bit like they’re trying to tone down the fanservice which bugs me. It’s why I’m hoping for changeable clothes. Still this is a very first look at it. I probably like the blade hammer girl’s design the most but it’s still tame and generic compared to XB2. A large part of that was probably the first designs though. Who knows, maybe there will still be some of that in this game.
>>531158 *guest designs, not first.
So far, it looks like XB3 is going to be a fusion of all there previous games. I hope it has the character customization of XB1, the combat of XB2 minus gacha, and the world of XBX. >Keves and Agnus >Kislev and Aveh Looks like they might be rebooting the story of Xenogears. I think it's a bit early to tell whether or not the fanservice was toned down for western fans. I think the change in art direction, making it a fusion of all three previous games, is putting people off. Look at the girl in the first pic in >>531158 you can see she's got some decent milkers, but they're somewhat covered by the more modern clothing of X. >>531159 Yeah, I think the guest designs really skewed perception as for to expect out of the third game, but who knows. The guest designs could still come back, let's hope they fit more with the game's art style more than XB2's because they could be down right hard to look at in game sometimes, like Vess.
>>531167 >kitchen-sickness I'm quite surprised that google translate got confused by chuunibyou.
>totally organic torposting >totally not samefag >letter by letter the same shit on the other board The jew fears the samurai.
(45.47 KB 680x383 Nia meme.jpg)

I just want more Xenoblade. I liked 1, loved 2 to death, and never got to play X because the WiiU was shit. I just hope that 3s combat is as overblown and addicting as 2s was.
>>531167 >I wonder if Monolith knows why 2 sold so well. It's not like they don't but rather the sjws where bitching about XC2 along with being forced to censor pyra/mythra for smash they probably thought these resetera approved designs would be safe. Oh well it's not like gachas aren't starting to adapt to making 3d games and or that the normiecattle they are trying to pander to is already playing genshill. I guess they have to relearn the lesson they should have learned with XCX.
(3.55 MB 480x360 here lies blackpill.webm)

>>531185 >forced to censor pyra/mythra for smash In fairness that was CERO’s fault, not the west’s. Also that TOR poster is using pretty standard Niggerpill lines which coincidentally always happens whenever someone says anything slightly negative about an upcoming or newly released Japanese game.
>>531186 You say that, but then explain Samus's breast reduction between the smash games.
>>531186 Yeah I know it's niggerpill he copied that post from another anon in the direct thread so I wanted to put my thoughts in this thread as well.
I hope you can undress the girls like you could in the original.
>>531190 Sakurai is on record saying it’s CERO. He has complained about them and the extra work they give him.
(4.49 MB 720x900 xenoblade chronicles.mp4)

Alright, convince me on XB2. Why is the combat interesting, and why is the game good? Played it a hell of a long time ago and couldn't get into it for the life of me. Nia's fucking cute, but for the life of me, couldn't quite get engaged with the story and the gameplay. The story's not a huge deal since some of it was amusing, but I just couldn't get how the combat could be especially interesting compared to some other RPGs. Fairly interested to get back into it because waifus.
>>531209 Mostly it's waifu bait. The characters are somewhat interesting enough to keep you going even though the story is kind of retarded. It's mostly about getting new characters and unlocking their little side quests and doing that sort of stuff, the combat never really gets any more interesting since it's more about your set up of characters before the fight begins and then just cycling through them. I'm not sure if you got far ahead enough but you eventually get different moves that combo into other moves and then you can unlesh big damage elemental stuff, it's not bad but it's pretty samey by the end. Basically if the waifu's / characters aren't enough to keep you interested, the gameplay probably won't keep you there. Nia in the story is quite nice though.
>>531209 It's waifu bait, and the combat system can be pushed hard. You can flail through the game half braindead, but if you do its boring. Mastering the combat gives it a sort of rhythmic depth that never got old to me. Its hard to explain, but once I really got into it, it was just a joy to play. I logged nearly 400 hours, did NG+ once and still wasn't tired of it. The story gets a B. Starts off interesting, veers into boring for about 3 chapters, and then gets very good near the end. I also liked all the characters except for Morag, but opinions on those vary wildly.
Mio’s core crystal is Nia’s but upside down. Also at the very least the artists are already starting.
>>531218 >concept art has girl naked with nipples Is there more?
It seems like all the people from Nia's kingdom have blade crystals, but nobody from the other ones do. Mio has a similar crystal to Nia, but seemingly smaller and upside down. Has everyone there been turned into flesh/blade eaters?
A theory I've heard was that the Architect basically transplanted Shulks world on the other side of Alrest from where the titan's merged at Morytha. Decades later the two civilizations met each other - Shulks with all the machina and shit, and Alrestians with Ether and blades. Then they all went to war for some reason. Personally I think Monolith is going to punt. This will be an entirely new world that just happens to have aspects of all 3 Xenoblade worlds in it. Like a Star Trek mirror universe, everybody's roles are flipped around. Then at the end they'll tie it into the other game endings somehow.
>>531210 Go back
(548.75 KB 3000x1500 FLM9vD2XIAIKSoQ.jpg)

(244.08 KB 1482x1955 FLMbFnVXEAEtQD1.jpg)

(309.21 KB 1536x2048 FLMbb3GUYAETJ_L.jpg)

(2.10 MB 2250x2641 FLNnje7aMAMGupU.jpg)

(2.23 MB 1600x2501 FLNKQl-UYAAvyOL.jpg)

1 2 and X are In my top 5 favorite game of all time. Incredibly excited for 3 It looks great. I'm a bit concerned about the story i don't like the idea of the characters turning evil because of brainwashing or out of character personality changes. No one else seems to have noticed it but me but the trailer mentions time and clocks many times. I'm thinking there is some sort of time travel bullshit specially since Vandham, a dead character from 2 is clearly alive and an old man in 3. Could also be different dimension stuff introducing X based on how Future connected ended its obvious those portals mean something to the world of XB3 because thats what FC is set in. Also has quite a few things I've spotted from as being from X and the level design certainly looks like it will contain pilotable mechs like in X, the Junks ship being drivable on the water. X being brought in I'm sure is a surprise they don't want to spoil just like how they said 1 and 2 weren't connected before launch and we had to play the game and get very late into it to learn that not only were they connected they were deeply entwined to one another. I have full confidence in Monilithsoft everything they have put out thus far has been a masterpeice I'm slightly concerned by the explanations I can come up with based on what little we've seen but thats why they designed it the way they did. To build intruige
Oh boy looks like we have a fucking herdnigger raid.
>>531250 >Implying it’s not one samefag
(759.12 KB 1280x720 Nia rolls eyes.png)

Why is this one guy trying to hard to shit on this game and try to pretend /v/ ever hated XB2?
Is there a reason why they keep changing the art style? All 3 games look different.
>>531220 Maybe it's a human/homs vs blade war?
>>531264 Probably the same reason DmC2 fag keeps shitting up every DMC related thread.
(1.60 MB 1772x2362 ClipboardImage.png)

(347.32 KB 656x937 ClipboardImage.png)

>>531158 The art is also by Saitom why does it seem less vibrant?
>>531268 I'm just hoping there's a secret seventh or eighth party member like Poppi or Alvis.
>>531268 >>531270 One thing I just wanna point out is that they COULD just be teenagers rather than full fledged adults like Pyra, Zeke, Brighid, Adam, Jin, etc. So that might be why one of the party members doesn't have melons.
(1.84 MB 2419x3490 002.jpg)

(2.57 MB 2447x3490 003.jpg)

(2.76 MB 2480x3490 009.jpg)

(3.07 MB 2480x3490 010.jpg)

>>531222 >>531166 >Looks like they might be rebooting the story of Xenogears. They're never doing that due to Takahashi's massive autism to adhere to his plan from 30 years ago. Each part of the Xeno series, even Gears, is somehow linked to each other and it's no secret that Takahashi still tries to follow that. He laid that plan down in the Xenogears artbook as well. Just some of the pages from that, it's an interesting read. Reminder, Xenogears, is episode 5 out of a massive galactic, trans-dimensional, millenia spanning epic that originally needed fucking 8 discs on the PS1 just to tell the story of one part of Episode 5 and it was truncated to two discs instead. Say what you will about the man's aesthetics or narrative choices but he's dedicated to his chuuni shit and his autism guides him to create. I just want more Xeno X and Gears-type games, Sen no Kiseki wasn't enough
(961.63 KB 699x800 disgusted_otter.png)

>>531142 The only thing I could think of when I saw the trailer was "This English dub is fucking terrible" They ended the Direct on a godawful English dub and I immediately forgot anything good about it aside from Kirby.
(53.44 KB 680x510 well this aged badly.jpg)

>>531233 > i don't like the idea of the characters turning evil because of brainwashing or out of character personality changes It will be more simple than that. There looks like there has been a massive time skip of thousands of years. Melia and Nia will have just lived so long that they really are not the characters you met in previous games. Consider Klaus he did not start out evil, he started out wanting to help humanity in his own messed up way but he got so old and powerful he halfway forgot who he was. I think we will see this mirrored with the friendzoned duo. As this is most likely the last part of Xenoblade and with Monolith still working of that high fantasy game no doubt another Xeno series in its own right fans of either girl will have to brace themselves for the worst. One or both is going to die and I think it is Nia, I really do think she is the main antagonist you will have to take down and it is all due to Xeno games liking their own in game symbolism. Nia's out though a throwback to her blade form also mirrors Zanza while Melia's look mirrors Meyneth a little bit. So it is quite easy to figure out who is going to be this game's alpha arsehole.
>>531282 Nah its great no burgers, fuck Hollywood voice actors.
>>531282 Xenoblade UK voice acting is iconic. Only X used US voice actors and it lacked the charm XB and XB2 had.
I'm walled at the final boss on the wii version of xenoblade. This shit is xord/whatsherface from the bionis heart. Do I suck or does this game just have show stoppers because thats what it feels like.
>>531233 >mask on face, now evil Is this like when cat gets paper bag stuck on head and goes batshit crazy?
(124.07 KB 1200x852 Pyra and Mythra - casual.jpg)

(363.82 KB 1440x1080 pyra and mythra - bluethebone.jpg)

(4.73 MB 1280x720 Nia - nodusfm.mp4)

>>531142 I wonder if the Blade mechanics will be present in this game since we see characters with a Core Crystal in their chest. >>531265 Probably because the concept artist for each game has a different artist. I'm not sure if 3 still has Masatsugu Saito. >>531209 The gameplay is alright, although the gacha mechanics is a turn off for me. The story isn't as good as the first one since the villains in 2 are so lame compared to Zanza.
>>531326 Xord isn't the final boss, he's the second boss.
(28.76 KB 320x320 Haddock.jpg)

>Can't complain about blatant censorship because Nintendo Everytime
>>531290 >>531299 Sounded like a standard bad English anime dub but with some Brit accents sprinkled in. Breath of the Wild had a similar sounding dub and everyone complained about it because it sucked. Emoting and emphasis is practically always bad in English dubs. You're lucky to get even one or two English VAs on a English dub that give a "decent" delivery or give a single fuck about what they're doing. I don't know how you can praise it even if you're used to it. It just makes me want to switch to Jap audio. Would I need an undub for that? I remember in that other Xenoblade Chronicles they removed the titty slider and you had to get a patched copy to get it back, but the dialogue still had cringey "localization" moments. I suspect that censorious attitude getting worse and the Japanese comments appear to expect this as well.
>>531352 There's a difference between censorship and just having more modest designs.
I love Xenoblade
>>531369 It's hard to tell because we don't/wont know if they where affected from the constant bitching from sjws unless they did an interview stating such, at which I really wouldn't be surprised.
>>531373 You're not alone in that. Shame nobody does Rex with Niall, I can only think of like two pictures of them together.
>>531394 I strongly doubt it's an SJW thing and more of a design decision. We don't know if the Blade system is returning, nor do we know about the world of the game itself. Other than that the worlds of XB1 and XB2 are at war for some reason.
>>531299 >Iconic It's just dog shit.
(100.31 KB 1000x1000 smug nia.jpg)

>>531409 >Nintendo shun America. >Close down most of NOA >Western localisations go to the bongs. You fags should not have fucked up the western version of XCX then. The US had its chance and it dropped the fucking ball.
>>531299 >>531409 I'd say it depends. XC1 had by far the better voice acting, XC2 had some good like Nia and most main cast but Rex's too old sounding, however some were horrible, like Ursula and a few other rare blades. The we are Ursula's new groove and we'll do what we can line is left permanently in my mind now, fuck that shit. I still remember that awful quest of hers, the longest, most boring piece of crap, with barely any reward, having to hear that line or the Japanese equivalent that was just as annoying, only for the dumb cunt to decide she didn't want to sing in the end. Not even a single cutscene or some track of the VA singing was given, it was just all a huge waste of time for a shitty Blade. Fuck was I pissed off.
>>531430 >implying I think the American dub was any better All dubs are trash.
>>531352 Until we’re told or shown there’s no outfit customization I’m not going to complain. XB1 had pretty modest default designs, but you could put the girls in sexy outfits later. That could easily happen here. It’s true there are no titty monsters so far, but that’s probably due to base art style here being different. XB2 had to account for like 30 different guest designers so it was more anime looking. They seem to be going for more of a XB1 thing here. And we’ve only seen a handful of characters. I say it’s too early to judge.
>>531448 >probably due to base art style here being different Saitom seems to be the artist of the main cast like he was in XB2.
>>531456 Weren’t Pyra and Mythra designed by a completely different artist though?
How is the Switch emulation nowadays? already played XB1 a long time ago, might give XB2 a go before XB3 lands
>>531434 Should've been dubbed in Scotland, bare minimum.
>>531153 >wanting the worst game to come back Did all the oldfags leave already? No one should want X.
>>532044 >this is the most transfem design i've seen in my life What?
(10.66 KB 368x277 SMACK.jpg)

>>532047 Don't talk to Niggerpill, dumbass.
(1.37 MB 476x360 slapslapslap (1).mp4)

>>532047 >replying to niggerpill
>>532027 I actually haven't played X
(86.74 KB 973x621 XCX Logos.png)

(46.36 KB 704x1176 XCX names.png)

(3.75 MB 1556x2514 XCX costumes.png)

(556.41 KB 806x1232 84usingitem.png)

(788.76 KB 1280x720 smh famola.png)

>>532027 >Did all the oldfags leave already? No one should want X. It's the oldfags that would want that on their switch just so they can have it on standby with the other ga/m/es they have on it. I know I do the nip version that is >>532135 Don't even fucking get me started on XC2 because both XCX and XC2's localization is so gutting of the content, tone and references that are needed for that game. 8-4 in general can go swallow their own crusty shit and fuck off alongside other (((localizers)))
>>532135 I'm aware of the bad localization job, I'm more so talking about the actual game itself.
>>532135 Yeah XC2 was a good game, but got fucked over hard in the localization process.
>>532163 How badly did XB2 get fucked? I'm only aware of the name changes like Homura to Pyra and some dialogue not matching up with JP voices.
>>532178 I'm also under the impression that it was insignificant.
>>532178 >>532190 Despite keeping the game the same visually, they removed a ton of religious references and such.
>>532221 Are you talking about XCX on the Wii U or XB2 on the Switch?
>>532270 XB2 on the Switch. Off the top of my head... Architect=God Aegis=Holy Grail (this change kinda fucked with a scene in the Torna expansion) Elysium=Eden Poppi Alpha=Hana JS Poppi QT=Hana JK Poppi QTπ=Hana JD Along with the titans being named after the Seven Deadly Sins. Forgot which is which though.
(26.77 KB 290x350 nothing.jpg)

>>532728 This discussion was had when the game came out, and the changes were mostly translations from Japanese into equally appropriate Western terms, ironically still filling the game with religious references despite what you say.
>>532748 In any case it was a breath of fresh air, especially after what Treehouse pulled with WiiU/3DS games.
>>532748 >>532753 So localization isn't just a meme? It can actually be done correctly?
>>532748 >This discussion was had when the game came out, and the changes were mostly translations from Japanese into equally appropriate Western terms, ironically still filling the game with religious references despite what you say. There were also at least 3 instances were the naming schemes in the Japanese version clued the player in on the actual identities of certain characters yet in the english this is niggered because you have Blades have ancient world names and then you have fucking Rex but then fucking Nia blindsides you about it when it was obvious in nip from the first moment you realised what the naming conventions were. Also by doing something this retarded, Treehouse fucked up the fact that the reason Blades have japanese names is because they were named that way from japanese people of the real world and Klaus / Deus / God gave them those names as well to honor the memory of the world he came from Don't even get me started on how fucking wrong some personalities are in the localization process. >>532776 It's a giant meme. XC2's localization is on par with DQ or FF7remake's.
>>532776 Yes, but I can count on one hand the number of times they actually did anything justice. Localization has typically always been a buzzword for dilution of source material, and it got worse when unfunny hipster faggots started doing translations. Cause clearly something needs memes for the Western audience to comprehend. >>532778 >spoiler I did not know this. Can you elaborate instead of posting irrelevant images? Honestly that's all I have been fishing for and you are disappointing me. >XC2's localization is on par with DQ or FF7remake's. Extreme exaggeration.
(2.95 MB 640x338 one eyed monster.mp4)

(3.20 MB 636x360 亀頭.mp4)

XB2's translation while not totally perfect was one of the better ones in recent years.
(189.10 KB 1920x1080 Klaus 1.jpg)

(141.11 KB 1920x1080 Klaus 2.jpg)

(381.60 KB 1920x1080 Klaus 3.jpg)

(219.54 KB 1920x1080 Klaus 4.jpg)

>>532784 >Can you elaborate instead of posting irrelevant images? Here you go. Remember a little bit from XC1 and the very, very flimsy connection of XCX as well the world is shit so they divided arks and such Klaus was in the research center that was full of americans and nips at the time and he used what little DNA exsted on the planet very few humans due to the war between countries and if XCX also happened when Klaus passed through the Gate then aliens had started molesting the planet as well so he would have even less lifeforms to experiment which is probably why he created the basic molecule bonding crystals that form the basis of TItans as he created the two worlds of XC1 and XC2, with similar systems. The reason blades have nip names is because the Titans / Alus have nip names as well due to being the first beings to come to life and the "watchdogs" that report to Klaus directly, based on the watchtower's researchers DNA and the exceptions were the three main Blades, Ousia, Pneuma and Logos who were named after gnostic ideas about the human body and spirit and christianity etc but the rest of the blades are "born" from Arus -> Arus are nip named -> Blades "evolve" into Arus etc. Meanwhile the humans begun life on top of the Titans bodies and came to be just like we did and they just happened to not have nip names. And humans don't have the basic memory functions and info-feedback with Klaus, which part of the reason why newborn and unshaped Blades like the common ones we find in common cores, still have nip names despite being "just" born. The blades "remember" that part of the old world. It's partly why the only nip thing in XC1 are the giants being niponese giant concepts but the rest of the species fit in some western fantasy, Zanza / Klaus was directly responsible only for them and the rest of the species just sprung out of them, while Zanza incubated inside the Kishin or was it the Kyoshin? I forget which one was retardedly translated as "Mechonis" Takahashi's wild ride doesn't end in 1 game. And since the Gate / Conduit is actually the Zohar you have to go back to Xenogears as well to remember why all the nips references are important. The Zohar exists in multiple planes and dimensions and XC1-2, XCX's prologue and Xenogears first Zohar incident happen at the same time, some years after 2001, with different results
>>532814 Treehouse versions fuck up a bit the real world staff and names so it gets lost in translation amongst two games. It becomes especially hilarious when they change the name "Galatea" to "Galea" because part of the reason Klaus does all this shit is because he was in love with her and based Pneuma on her, and it's the myth of Pygmalion all over again, which becomes especially hilarious due to Takahashi being a massive Evafag and Gendo tries to Pygmalion with Rei and her clone army
>>532789 I've wanted to play xenoblade 2 but watching this has convinced me to skip it. Thank you anon.
>>533261 XB2 is a great game I'm unsure why there is such an effort to hate on the game.
>>533261 What?
>>533282 >>533285 Maybe he doesn't like the somewhat exaggerated animations and expressions.
>>533286 This is it exactly.
>>533282 It’s Luciano and the niggerpill posee (assuming it’s not all just him). They try to d&c any Japanese game that gets a positive reputation on an imageboard, doubly so if the game has fanservice. You should know this by now.
>>533373 I legit didn't like 2 though and X1 is one of my top loved JRPGs
>>533373 Yeah, they did the same with bloodstained and DMC5 when it came out.
>>533403 Then you have a legitimate grievance. Doesn’t mean they don’t still do that with this game and others. Sadly for you that makes it harder to separate the signal from the noise. Kind of like the legitimate posters who use TOR rather than those who abuse it to fuck over discussion.
>>533403 Have you tried combining the elemental system with the chain attack and then mixing elements to then have a chain reaction break? There's also other techniques such as IV attack invincibility and some other cool stuff.
>>533447 No, I hate the characters and presentation. Hopefully X3 is better.
(1.90 MB 1771x2508 FLNYqeraIAUlUib.jpg)

A cute
>>560564 Thumbnail looks like she pissed herself
(201.91 KB 850x850 I diagnose you with gay.jpg)

>>533543 >He hates sword tits
>>560564 >no abs fucking cowards
(91.21 KB 1024x655 nia...jpg)

>it's been two months since the reveal trailer >only glimpse of gameplay was in that trailer and no combat >little news since then They are probably waiting for the June/July direct, but the lack of updates regarding the game has me a little concerned.
>>579085 I wouldn't be concerned, they're likely waiting till June/July to show more off during a Nintendo Direct.
>>579085 Considering Zelda was delayed, Xenoblade is probably their only big game for the fall so they'll start hyping it up around the time E3 would have been.
(382.33 KB 1920x1080 hero.jpg)

New key art was uploaded by Nintendo possibly in error.
>>579558 I mean those are all the characters we already knew so I don't see why that would be released in error. I'm kinda worried there's not more though. It's the smallest Xenoblade cast to date if there aren't more.
(743.37 KB 979x939 Fiora.png)

>>580297 >It's the smallest Xenoblade cast to date if there aren't more. Xenoblade 1 had seven characters with the seventh one being hidden for most of the marketing due to spoilers. It might be the same case here cause I can see a major rival character or Melia/Nia turning good again and helping the party once the real antagonist is revealed Zanza style.
>>580297 Because it was uploaded in way 99% of people aren't gonna see. Some nerd used a scraper or something to find it, I have no clue. It hasn't officially been posted or used anywhere. This link is the source. https://assets.nintendo.com/image/upload/ar_16:9,b_auto:border,c_lpad/b_white/v1/ncom/en_US/games/switch/x/xenoblade-chronicles-3-switch/hero?_a=AJADJWI0
>>579558 Now I realized that big sword is the Mechonis sword, and that Titan looks like Uraya. But I wonder what kind of entity used that giant sword to kill the Titan since both titans in XC1 are destroyed.
wish they cut like 90% of those awfully long cutscenes from the previous games
(159.29 KB 1200x1200 1531720621776.jpg)

We got a new trailer, some gameplay, and even a new release date of July 29. https://yewtu.be/watch?v=Rt9pfN-2S0k >all six party members at once >back to seven arts >fusion mechanics
(1.27 MB 913x911 ClipboardImage.png)

>>582225 Why am I getting Persona/SMT vibes after watching those spirit-like beings?
>>580297 Baten Kaitos halved its cast size in the prequel and made all of them fight at once. That game was better for it both in gameplay and characterization.
>>582284 Looks like a knockoff Evangelion.
>>582225 Thrilled about the release date news however... >Still no Poppi QT Pi or Tora
(189.39 KB 706x1000 AstralChained.jpg)

(1.51 MB 1277x637 ClipboardImage.png)

>>582284 The design makes me think more Astral Chain instead of SMT/Persona >Astral Chain 2 never ever >>582337 They might getting kept as a surprise until the game launches; it is best to save all the twists and turns a secret until then. Wish somebody told the guys who made the Kingdom Hearts trailers that.
>>582349 fair enough, I just thought that form of Poppi was underutilized.
Since this thread got some activity, might as well ask now. I want to read Nietzsche's Thus Spoke Zarathustra, before I start playing the Xenosaga series. I am sure it only took some surface level elements, just to make it look cool, kinda like Anno's Evanghelion, but I still want to know what exactly they took from the book, besides some names. Now my question is, do I "need" to read any other books, before playing the series, or is Nietzsche's book enough?
>>582353 I don't think you'd need to read a book before playing the games.
(3.20 MB 3099x1700 Star Wars.png)

>>582355 I guess "need" was a bad choice for a word, let me rephrase. What books could I read to enjoy the game even more, kinda like in this meme pic, but in a serious way.
(829.52 KB 1171x869 XenoZekePandoria.png)

>>582337 I'm hoping Zeke and Pandoria are still around too.
(25.26 KB 480x295 anime tiddie expert.jpg)

>>582225 I am deeply concerned with the lack of big tiddies
>>582382 I'm still at least hoping for outfits a la Xenoblade 1, but it's starting to feel like a pipe dream. I'm worried the fanservice has been toned way down to appeal to (((western))) whiners.
(759.53 KB 2564x1448 Screenshot 2022-04-20 063240.png)

>>582382 The opening frame of the new trailer was big titties anon. It was literally the first thing we see after the Nintendo logo.
And there are fusion robo-titties. Even Melia got bustier than I remember. And there are some nice butts too.
>>582316 You mean it looks like Rebuild?
(879.81 KB 900x1200 ClipboardImage.png)

(2.10 MB 1668x1725 ClipboardImage.png)

>>582752 Literally still named Vandamn and still dies. Classic.
(2.06 MB 2260x2354 ClipboardImage.png)

(974.21 KB 989x711 ClipboardImage.png)

>>582752 An alternate one. I can't find the source on 2nd pic but info not in the trailer.
>>582752 >>582754 thanks weebs
(92.22 KB 956x903 xen.jpg)

(151.70 KB 591x751 lewdness intensifies.jpg)

>>582752 >>582754 That Ethel woman looks hot.
(88.97 KB 400x400 Bald_Perfection_Image_BW.png)

>>582768 No, not that Xeno.
(740.42 KB 1280x1859 1.jpg)

>>582771 >paired with the nigger Let's hope that Taion is akin to one of those japs that has dark skin, but isn't a nignog like a gyaru.
>>582775 Ethel is the girl on the left anon, not the bird girl.
>>582777 Whoops. Also, nice trips.
>>582752 >>582754 So the two kingdoms, each ruled by a cuckquean, are at war with each other, fascinating.
(3.39 MB 1793x989 ClipboardImage.png)

(1.08 MB 886x1198 ClipboardImage.png)

The twitter has pretty much the same info but this picture is pretty cool. https://twitter.com/XenobladeJP I'm surprised by 7 active characters in battle. Thought for sure it was just gonna be 4 like they showed in the announcement trailer. Hope it doesn't have performance issues, they've had 5 years to work on it since 2 so they will know the system much better now. I hope this can be seen as a sign it'll run well.
>>582809 Haven't played 2 yet, but is it that bad performance-wise? Xenoblade Chronicles/X ran impressively fine on weak hardware and showed that Monolith Soft can handle it. Unless over time they lost the employees responsible for the magic of making it work.
>>582814 2 has issues in just a couple specific spots and in fights where there are a lot of enemies and lots of things are also going on. It has variable resolution to keep a steady frame rate but it can get pretty pixelated. I have 400+ hours in 2 and its not a frequent thing but I wish it just didn't happen at all. My concerns for performance aren't that 2 was particularly bad I just want it to be an even smoother and crisper experience. 2 was actually pretty impressive to me overall performance wise with few exceptions. I've also been playing Rune Factory 5 and that game is a fucking disaster performance wise so its just in my mind.
(342.10 KB 2560x1440 mpv_nyVW8sBH7Y.jpg)

(545.93 KB 2560x1440 mpv_jCtTu5Oha6.jpg)

(551.12 KB 2560x1440 mpv_JyMId6IsI5.jpg)

(290.58 KB 2560x1440 mpv_0rTvBbdwWk.jpg)

All regions have the same collectors edition this time around. No US getting cucked and EU or JP getting the vastly superior version. Its also not a particularly great one either. Just a basic Steelbook, Artbook and nice packaging. In most collectors I expect at least these plus a Soundtrack CD and a few more goodies. Keychains, stickers, art cards, posters, etc. We also got a total of at least 9 playable characters so far Valdi and Zeon who were shown for just a second or two each as being a party member. 4th pic I think could also be another party member shes was just shown off in a cutscene. Its looking like we will likely have at least a dozen playable characters. There have been a number of references to X so its likely a large cast is part of that.
(2.47 MB 320x227 shamecube.gif)

>>582413 >>582417 should have spend more time analysing the video
What are the odds of this guy being right?
>>583440 I like it better than the more common theory, that Melia and Nia are being mind controlled by some evil entity. Sadly, because it sounds like a better plot idea, it probably won't happen.
>>583440 Doesn't get nearly batshit crazy enough for a Xeno game, so I'm gonna say no. 2/10, plot is too pointy.
(1.45 MB 1430x853 ClipboardImage.png)

ESRB description of XB3 is up. T for Language, Mild Blood, Suggestive Themes, and Violence. Make of it what you will. >This is a role-playing game in which players follow fighters through a conflict between two nations. From a third-person perspective, players complete quests and engage in melee battle against enemies (e.g., animals, creatures, human boss characters). Combat is highlighted by impact sounds, explosions, and cries of pain. Cutscenes depict further instances of violence: characters impaled by sword; a character shooting herself off screen; a man stabbing himself off screen. A handful of scenes depict blood (e.g., droplets falling from a wounded character; drips of blood on a character's face). Some fantasy characters/creatures are designed with revealing armor and/or anatomy (e.g., deep cleavage, partially exposed breasts). The words “sh*t,” “ar*ehole,” and “b*tch” appear in the dialogue. For comparison, XBDE is T for Blood, Mild Language, Partial Nudity, Use of Alcohol and Tobacco, Violence >This is an adventure role-playing game in which players lead characters on a mission to save their worlds from destruction. As players explore fantasy environments and interact with characters, they use swords and magical projectiles to defeat various creatures (e.g., dragons, wolves, dinosaurs, giant robots) and human-like enemies in melee-style combat. Battles are accompanied by slashing sounds, colorful light effects, and depleted health meters. Some cutscenes include other instances of violence: a god-like character getting impaled with a spear; a dragon getting slashed with a sword. Some environments depict blood splatter on the ground; in one cutscene, a character is depicted coughing up blood. A handful of female characters are dressed in skimpy outfits that reveal large amounts of cleavage, and one cutscene depicts a male character's exposed buttocks. As the game progresses, players can accept a quest from a character who appears drunk, and slurring their speech (e.g., A drink . . . to shelebrate? *hic*”). One cutscene depicts a man smoking a cigar. The word "bastard" appears in the dialogue.
(2.61 MB 1881x2656 XenoBath.jpg)

>>583941 >A handful of female characters are dressed in skimpy outfits that reveal large amounts of cleavage Nice >one cutscene depicts a male character's exposed buttocks Too bad it's not a female character but that's always been a double standard. That probably would have raised it to M.
>>583948 That's Xenoblade Definitive Edition's description in the second.
>>584050 Oh. Honestly now I'm less hopeful. That description makes it sound like there won't be much fanservice apart from that one Ouroboros we've seen, Hopefully I'm wrong.
(1.47 MB 984x1271 ClipboardImage.png)

(1.54 MB 925x1241 ClipboardImage.png)

(1.11 MB 750x1220 ClipboardImage.png)

(1.33 MB 872x1268 ClipboardImage.png)

>>584053 They likely included blades made by guest artists like Newt and Dahlia. Also, the ESRB were probably counting Pyra, Mythra, and Pneuma as separate characters, even though they share the same body at least until the post credits scene so it would make sense they would have the same rack size. >Some fantasy characters/creatures are designed with revealing armor and/or anatomy (e.g., deep cleavage, partially exposed breasts). There's still some hope here. >>583941 >a character shooting herself off screen; a man stabbing himself off screen Now I want to know what's going to happen here. The stabbing part might be a reference to what Vandham did before he died.
>>584087 >I didn't read again and mistaken XBDE for XB2 Whoops. Well now I'm afraid that we might not get custom armor anymore, which is a shame since that was one of my favorite parts of XB1.
>>583440 Hearing about Xenosaga again reminds me how much of a mess that series was because of its development hell. I hear from other anons that the first one was the only good thing, 2 was garbage, and 3 was meh. >>584444 I still don't get why XC2 lacked custom clothing, instead the game got accessories that had pre-made outfits.
(18.36 KB 1151x173 Xenoblade 3 premise.png)

>>584451 Some retailers got the premise on the store page. >expose the true enemy pulling the strings behind the conflict Nia and Melia confirmed getting jewed into fighting this war. My money's on the Nopon.
>>584950 >My money's on the Nopon. Poppi is the big bad who is trying to bring up Tora as the leader of the (((chosen)))
>>584950 >Only 10 years to live Christ, Shulk and Rex somehow managed to "save" their worlds into becoming something even worse.
>>584950 >10 years to live and fight What do they mean by that? >spoiler Well, XC2 had Bana profiting off Torna's help of mass producing artificial Blades.
(282.50 KB 1080x1021 blm.jpg)

>Black character has the hottest love interest
>>583941 Interesting
>>585554 Can't pander to the west unless you include the hollywood ship.
>>585554 >>586048 What black character?
(448.76 KB 1593x1192 FQ2SeUsacAcxuxD.jpeg)

>>586055 The forced diversity character pitched by NoA/NoE.
(19.50 KB 474x547 fact.jpg)

>>586066 >pitched by NoA/NoE
(3.47 MB 1280x720 XC3 part 3.mp4)

(2.94 MB 1280x720 XC3 part 2.mp4)

(666.89 KB 1280x720 XC3 part 1.mp4)

Here's some clips I got from the official Xenoblade Chronicles Japanese Twitter page. I deleted my previous post because I made two of the same video.
(208.76 KB 1080x781 DWEDFEW.jpg)

(3.00 MB 2432x1390 erl2u78pomy51.jpg)

(153.70 KB 1524x564 CWEfcewfw.jpg)

(254.09 KB 1560x974 CDVwwfrw.jpg)

>>586075 Monolith said in an interview that nintendo localizers are flown out to Japan to arm chair develop their games, Looking at the concept art of Pyra and mainly Pneuma you can see how XB2 was effected by this. And if you throw in the massive amount of asshurt over Pyra and Mythra over the years you can understand why theres a token in the main cast. https://archive.ph/CgBWT
(239.59 KB 1800x1200 FLRWdDOXsAMV0nx.jpg)

(215.02 KB 901x1389 FLgrSgCWUAICAeG.jpg)

(232.26 KB 1407x2048 FLcsnjUX0AE_leh.jpg)

>>586214 I wasn't aware of that interview. After my initial hype of the game announcement died down I did some reflecting I felt that character designs in XB3 may have been precensored. We may never truly know unless we get another interview confirming designs were altered or see designs in the artbook but it is a possibility. However, XB1 and XBX were nowhere near as sexy as 2. 2 was a bit of an outlier. Not to say they weren't sexy at all because both certainly had their fair share of fan service costumes(more so X) but X and 1 were fairly modest in default outfits. 1's bikinis and sexy outfits don't really compare to X's. Many of them you need to grind quite hard for. Took me forever to re-find the first image but this is something they may have changed. I'm sure you can imagine how they could have changed the designs across the board. We still don't know if XB3 will have a armor system like 1 and X but it seems unlikely thus far. They have shown changing to other classes and auto switching armor and weapons associated with that class. In all likelihood it will have a costume change similar to 2 but hopefully not taking up a valuable skill slot this time but its own slot.
Niggerpill is so annoying. >>586310 Increasing sexiness in a series isn't uncommon (especially considering how sanitized the 3DS platform was compared to the Switch, and in the west even more so, and including the Wii U), but toning it back this heavily is a serious issue if the sex appeal was something that the fans actually liked of it.
(63.54 KB 300x271 Time to cut bitches up.png)

>>586214 >>586310 >Really hate those faggots and how they've fucked up literally everything good about society <Can't even hurt them because they play their martyrdom so hard that even aliens believe that shit This shit has become so tiresome. >Not to say they weren't sexy at all because both certainly had their fair share of fan service costumes(more so X) but X and 1 were fairly modest in default outfits. 1's bikinis and sexy outfits don't really compare to X's. Many of them you need to grind quite hard for. You have to remember, Xeno 2 had a fuckton of famous artists, most of which were not only oldschool but also had illustrious careers in hentai, in print form, digital form and animated form, the most famous one is the woman who did the bunny lady. Her last major project before Xeno2 was Macross Frontier for example and I think Raita was also present in the list of guest artists. Out of all the mainstays, only Pyra was an outlier as to how scantilly clad she was dressed, the rest were about on par with the Xeno series lewdness. The artstyle may have made people think that it went into turbo overdrive with the sexyness but that wasn't the case. The problem now is that Xeno3 faces a certain hurdle regarding whether or not the censors will go up to Japanese HQ and screech at them for being "vile sexist male pigs", forgetting that the main artist and most of the artists of sexy women in the series have been fucking women in the first place but then again, those nutjobs don't even aknowledge Yoko Shimomura and thus don't aknowledge some of the greatest and most american-patriotic music ever Here's hoping they don't try to make the nip version as horrible and inclusive as the nigger'd worldwide editions.
>>586439 >Niggerpill is so annoying. He went extra hard today to the point where I'm almost sure he is a Retardera fuck or something at this point.
(984.08 KB 735x520 ClipboardImage.png)

(945.74 KB 512x724 ClipboardImage.png)

>>586214 Are the Japs aware for the fact that many localizers aren't always in favor of them and will squeeze some bullshit into the games? I wonder if Nintendo of Japan saw fuck ups like the localization of Fire Emblem Fates, and some mistranslated text in other series like Zelda and Animal Crossing. >>586448 >and I think Raita was also present in the list of guest artists. Not really, he was an artist for Fate/Grand Order and made some hot babes characters like Minamaoto no Raikou and Murasaki Shikibu.
(1.03 MB 1619x1378 having a tan isn't a race.png)

>>586066 So him being tanned is black?
>>586800 No but the lips are a dead giveaway.
>>586793 They need to be made aware that the localizers are effecting the source not sure what good that will do when nintendo is most likely paying for these plane tickets. You would figure with dragalia lost's EoS they wouldn't give localization teams actual power in the development phase. It weird that they are ok with leaving 3d parties to the rating systems only to pull a sony with their inhouse studios as both Xenoblade and Fire emblem will be the most effected by this.
>>532728 >JS >JK >JD >no JC >moving up is the upgrade instead of the downgrade Gay. Flat is justice. JD's are hags.
>586874 >586875 >586884 >(1) Fuck off niggerpill
>>587091 take your meds shizo.
(359.07 KB 497x1096 1634644106051.png)

>>587091 >attractive female character is prejudicial to women. By censoring attractive female characters in media, society will learn not be prejudicial to women. What fools.
>>587108 rent free
>>586817 >No but the lips are a dead giveaway So again your trying to pull shit out of your ass?
So is this the new nigpill?
>>587124 Yeah he seems to be very dead set on trying to claim censorship over every minor detail despite there being a large lack of proofs that there is any censorship at all. The only proofs seem to be >the chest of a completely need and different character isn't as big that is it. Sure it's a bit disheartening that there isn't as many big tiddies, maybe slight pandoring but hardly censorship.
>>587124 >>587129 >post proof of the devs admitting that the localization team has a hand in development >he's a nigpill While I'll admit I don't have 100% hard proof that this game was censored from the ground up, it is a bit concerning that nintendo has those practices in place and given the colossal amount of asshurt over the previous game I am more than willing to believe that I am right, as they'll probably do another interview in regards to the development of the game. Maybe the main girl will get a new form that is a sexy as Nia's as she seems to be a flesh eater if that happens then I'll gladly eat my word.
>>587150 Give hard proof anon.
(278.85 KB 1280x1838 img0110.jpg)

On the topic of the fusion and the androgynity of the whole thing : I think I know where it comes from : There have been many mystical beliefs in the history of the peoples and one of them is that humans are incomplete beings, one half being a man and the other hald being the woman and when two people get together forever, that person becomes "whole" when they die, as the two souls fuse together to complete the being that was seperated in two bodies. Some believe that's where the phrase "soul mate" originally came from. It seems that the game is playing with these beliefs, making the fusions take on the gender of the person from the...Noah faction cause I can't be bothered to learn both nip and english names yet since these seem to function as the originator of the soul or the closest thing to how the original being looked like. Takahashi has played with a fuckton of mysticism, Jungianism, philosophy and religious stuff in his sci-fantasy games, it wouldn't surprise me if he included the merging of souls in a game about merged worlds or something. >>586793 >Raita wasn't one of them I see, my mistake. Have a Kimura. >>587150 But birb lady does have big boobs, the thing is that all of the main characters are teens so I don't quite expect them to be like Homura / Pyra or Kagutsuchi / Brighid etc.
(200.24 KB 1620x2048 FRcOF8vVcAA_w8o.jpg)

(926.36 KB 1000x1000 FRcIg7HUYAE8I8N.jpg)

(1.87 MB 1200x763 74433123_p0.png)

(311.97 KB 800x800 62450645_p0.jpg)

(122.62 KB 813x1024 EF3xtdWXYAItsfr.jpg)

Happy 7th birthday to Xenoblade X. I hope after 3 comes out we get the long awaited sequel to the cliffhanger that was X.
(319.97 KB 458x371 dead_inside.png)

>>589769 >it's been 7 years since Xenoblade X >it's the only worthwhile game on the Wii U that still remains exclusive Wow, I can't believe it's been that long. I would have probably played it if it wasn't for the insane amounts of censorship putting me off. Here's hoping that an X rerelease/remake gets that shit undone. It probably would since TMS rereleased with the same censors it had and it flopped HARD. Nintendo probably wouldn't want to repeat that mistake since it's been stated X would cost a lot of money to port to begin with.
>>586839 >>587150 There is an interview with the French translator for Nintendo games. https://invidious.snopyta.org/watch?v=-65fxN0wXck He lived in Japan while working on various games, discussing things directly with the devteam and not some middle manager. This was in 1995-2001, and here you are acting like it's some super secret modern manouver from the lolcalizers. The travel trip is irrelevant, the problem is the kind of faggot doing this job these days. And one feature of the faggot is its inability to hold back, you'll find it boasting about even the smallest change on twatter or reeeeera. This means you will have your proof, if you can keep it in your pants until then.
>>589769 >cliffhanger Honestly fells more like the story just sort of stops rather than a calculated end.
>>589769 >the cliffhanger that was X. Just read Takahashi's bible anon so you don't feel lost when you play the last part Xenoblade X 5 aka Xenogears >>589803 >Spoiler That's probably the saddest thing about it. >TFW I just want to play a good XenoX edition with minimal loading and all the cool mechs >>589824 >Honestly fells more like the story just sort of stops rather than a calculated end. You'd be surprised.
>>531143 2 looked like throwaway weebshit. I'm actually looking forward to 3, since it feels more like what 1 did.
>>590781 >Just read Takahashi's bible anon Would it be better just to play the Xeno games in release order?
>>608931 Asuming you include Xenogears and Saga, you'd just get stories vaguely connecting with each other instead of Takahashi's magnum autism, the dude took it very seriously when Square didn't allow him to complete Project Noah.
Can't tell if this is niggerpill or not.
>>617080 It's clearly a robot depiction of a male, the (((translators))) are probably using the fact it's a male to use the "they" pronoun as if that's accurate
(1.22 MB 1960x2000 LucianoNiggerpill.jpg)

(789.81 KB 1366x1611 LucianoNiggerpill1.jpg)

>>617085 It absolutely is. But remember, Niggerpill is Luciano.
(295.46 KB 606x596 XenoHe.PNG)

https://archive.ph/y8NJD Official Nintendo account says "he." Get fucked, spic. Maybe try not to get baited be "fan insiders" next time and actually confirm your shit, you taco eating retard.
(54.79 KB 351x354 Sad Heihachi.jpg)

>>617097 >he >femboy, not a tomboy
>>617097 Why are blackpillers trying so hard to ruin this game? Are they still salty about XC2 having so many hot chicks?
>>617232 Probably, and now that Taion exists and large breasts are less prominent in the main cast despite only two major characters in XB2 having large breasts, not counting Mythra's different forms and personalities, they see this as their chance.
(308.74 KB 1280x1855 img0018.jpg)

(299.52 KB 1280x1796 img0065.jpg)

(301.88 KB 1280x1834 img0072.jpg)

>>617233 Three, Hana / Poppy is the hidden one >We could have had Pandoria be huge chested but the devs didn't want to Why?
(5.85 MB 1280x720 Xeno3KevesBattle.mp4)

OST preview of a battle track.
(370.45 KB 603x572 ClipboardImage.png)

Xenoblade 3 Nintendo direct on 6/22 at 7am PT
>>627221 looking forward to it. >mfw the game leaks the same day because of salty ninteniggers
Should i buy Xenoblade Chronicles 2?
>>627306 Yes, it's good.
(363.82 KB 1440x1080 pyra and mythra - bluethebone.jpg)

>>627221 Is this the only thing Nintendo will show? Because if it is, this summer of gaming presentations sucked so much balls. >>627306 If you played the first game, the game has couple of changes like the Blades mechanic that they are the main gimmick of the game. Although I'm not a fan of the protagonist, the game's fun.
>>627349 >Is this the only thing Nintendo will show? Yes, it's a 20 minute long XC3 Direct. There's nothing to say there won't be another Direct a week later though, as Nintendo's done the "one game only" Direct followed shortly by a general Direct before.
>>627555 Luciano, you fucking nigger, you push that narrative by yourself and everyone here knows it. Everyone knows you post on halfchan too you colossal faggot. You already got blown the fuck out in this thread once by shooting your load early only to get debunked, making yourself look even more retarded than usual in the process. Halfchan might not be able to recognize your autistic samefagging ass, but we've had to deal with you for years. You aren't fooling a single person.
And like clockwork you move to TOR to prove my point about samefagging. Thanks for falling for the bait and letting everyone know you were the other poster, though.
>>585554 >females have less skin shown than all previous games in the series >"Hey guys, all these characters ARE 18, I repeat: THEY ARE ALL 18. DID WE MENTION THEY ARE ALL 18 YET?!?! IT'S OKAY, YOU CAN SAFELY FEEL SEXUALLY ATTRACTED TO THEM NOW. Disregard the fact they are all the same exact age, that is totally natural feeling instead of some being older and some being younger, it's not like we wanted to meet some arbitrary conditions or anything haha" >"Oh, by the way, one of the main characters is a white blonde-ish brunette blue-eyed girl who is paired up with a black man, totally nothing to see here either" The only way it could be more obvious is if Taion was super ripped standing behind Eunie while she's on "the" couch, and I guess if the girls were in hijabs, but those would be a bit TOO on the nose.
>>627743 Xenoblade characters have never cosplayed as your mother.
>>627746 That's very rude, you shouldn't say such things about your mom
>>627743 I can't tell if you're trolling or just retarded.
>>627751 Brother, how can you say this?
>>627751 >Your mother is a whore >Yeah that's a true, she always dressed up as a whore. >You shouldn't shit-talk your mother. >n-no I-I was t-talking about your mother! How many times were you dropped on the head? Be honest, anon.
(861.17 KB 1164x2000 94802968_p0.png)

(101.33 KB 1280x939 15p32bia9f211.jpg)

>>627306 Yeah, it's really good, I think the gameplay, story, and music are even better than the first. Sadly, it does have problems that add up that make the game as a whole below XB1. I should list them just so you know what you are getting into: >Gacha >Blade Skills being necessary for progression, especially late game >tutorials are absolute dogshit, just look up Chuggaaconry and Enel for better tutorials >Challenge mode locked behind season pass which is worth it because it's the cheaper way of getting the Torna prequel, which I am finally getting around to playing. >Combat is slower than the first one, the food that increases art regen is a must-have >ENG dub is weaker than XB1's I played with Japanese VAs on both games, so I'm not sure how bad it really is except for Rex not being able to scream. >game limits you to only two blades until chapter 4 and it takes until chapter 5 for all three party members to have three because Tora only has Poppi's first form until CH4's End Boss. Still worth it.
>>627846 I'm gonna be honest, I thought pyra's design was pretty shit, and then she got that amazing swimsuit and became a 10/10 in my opinion
>>627848 >I thought pyra's design was pretty shit What are you? Gay?!
>>627896 nah, I just thought her shorts did not look good and made her ass and legs look like shit, did not work well with the rest of her outfit A good example of shorts done well in an outfit would be the Atelier Ryza girl
(173.80 KB 600x365 Xenozuz.png)

>>627846 >better than the first one >story It drops its tone too often and goes way too hard on shonen-tropes. If you're not on the same wavelength as the devs or don't have a high tolerance for shounen tropes, you're shit out of luck. You're also forced on the backfoot when fighting Torna way too often in cutscenes and shit gets obnoxious when the faggot with the glasses shows up, though Malos was cool. Zeke should have been the protagonist, with Rex's growing importance and maturation being plot slowly build up upon over the course of the story as a sort of fake-out. The first game is a lot more consistent on its narrative, more bittersweet with it's events and the backdrop of a proper war makes it a lot more palatable. The standalone Torna expansion is genuinely better than the main game as a package and would rather reccomend that one to anyone that enjoyed the first game or games in general. >gameplay Unfortunately the Gatcha system puts a hamper on a shitload of things and affinity charts are a fucking chore to fill out even for the units you want to keep throughout the game, also the lack of any real gear feels pretty gay to use even if menu usage is cut down by a shit-ton. Music is very hit and miss, though Drifting Souls is not real replacement to engage the enemy and I unironically listen to it on occasion
(1.18 MB 5365x5405 Smug_Xenocats.jpg)

>Cuckchanner outs himself to shit on a flawed game
The real question you should ask is why Luciano is so assblasted about Xenoblade that he devotes so much autism to it in particular.
>>627913 Because hes niggerpill and he constantly shits on japanese games to ty and demoralize anons.
>>627915 That's true, but he seems to focus specifically on Xenoblade a lot. He's obviously doing the same on halfchan going by his posts. So he's spending a lot of his time on this specific franchise.
>>627919 >game beloved by anons and with big anime tiddies >the yare adding someone dark skinned and the girls have less exposed skin Prime material for him to shout that japan is completely pozzed and all is lost, he did the same with SMT5.
>>627921 yep a legitimate grievance with something gives him plenty of ammo to fuck with people, and its dangerous too because if you legitimately have criticisms for the game you could get conflated with the fag and get fucked in the crossfire because mods are retarded
>>627924 The best way to fight that is to be evenhanded with your grievances. Luciano can't help but scream in hyperbole. If you're calm and measured in what you complain about about it should be simple enough to avoid being conflated with him. For instance, I too feel XB3 is a bit lacking in the fanservice department, but I also don't think it's gone "full poz" and is mostly just sliding back towards the first game in terms of tone.
>>627904 >Zeke should have been the protagonist, with Rex's growing importance and maturation being plot slowly build up upon over the course of the story as a sort of fake-out. I agree with that, despite not really disliking Rex. Zeke was a far more memorable character than him. >The first game is a lot more consistent on its narrative, more bittersweet with it's events and the backdrop of a proper war makes it a lot more palatable. That's fair. I hope XB3 follows suit with that. But I do think the main antagonists are more developed than XB1's. Zanza is the typical JRPG crazed god final boss that appears at the 11th hour not counting the short time we met him on Prison Island with no development until his death and meeting his other half at the end of XB2. Dickson just wanted to fight, although it's implied he truly cared for Shulk, and I don't even remember the name of that High Entia bitch. I'd argue Egil is the only well written villain, but for over half the game, we don't know who he is, why the Mechon are waging war, and it's not until we reach Agniratha that we learn why. With XB2, Jin and Malos were there from the start and they are developed over the course of the game. Amalthus, while also introduced at the halfway point, had decent buildup and while he also served as the same role Zanza had, he was given some development beforehand that showed us why he is the person he is while also simultaneously giving development to Malos, as he was influenced by Amalthus' then-subconscious desires when awakened. >affinity charts are a fucking chore to fill out even for the units you want to keep throughout the game, also the lack of any real gear feels pretty gay to use even if menu usage is cut down by a shit-ton. Shit, forgot to mention those faults. >Music is very hit and miss I actually think like that regarding XB1's soundtrack, like the first battle theme. More hits than misses though. XB2's credits song is not as good as XB1's though. >though Drifting Souls is not real replacement to engage the enemy You're thinking Counterattack, Drifting Souls only plays three times when a character is about to be killed counting Nia's heart. >>627908 >Jun 18 2022 >He still browses Cuckchan
>>628051 Anon, you said and implied nothing other than your own mother being a whore, thus once again you are self-roasting yourself, because your green-text is wrong. The desperation to correct a bad comeback means you failed to come up with anything thoughtful and instead gave a freudian slip. Tell your mother to stop fucking other men and take care of her brain-damaged failure of a son.
(1.83 MB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)

(2.03 MB 1700x956 ClipboardImage.png)

Just watched the direct for a 2nd time. 3 is looking so fucking good. I don't know if I want to rush the main story and do side quests in NG+ or take my time and do a 100% my first go. I need to know just what the fuck is going on with the story but you can only experience a 1st play through once. Only 37 days to go. And then gotta wait a bit more than a year for the expansion story. 12/31/2023 is likely just placeholder but its not far off.
>>628318 Well you have fun with that anon
>>628318 >3 is looking so fucking good Yeah, just finished watching the stream and it's looking to be the mechanically deepest game yet. >multiple classes, but hopefully none as useless as Shield Hammer >Master Arts >Gems and Accessories instead of one over the other >Two Ouroboros forms each >Seven party members >SWITCH PARTY LEADER MID-COMBAT Yeah, things are looking up for this game. >New Outfits locked behind Expansion Pass You just know it'll be those sexy outfits everyone here's been wanting. >Challenge Battle locked behind Expansion Pass AGAIN Damn, I was hoping they learned their lesson with how XBDE had it on launch. >Story DLC confirmed >But it'll take over an entire year after launch I'm not sure if I should wait and see it gets a Torna style physical release with the season pass or not.
(2.50 MB 690x388 XenoMio.gif)

(187.83 KB 992x1194 Xeno3Butt].jpg)

I'm feeling better about this after the direct.
>>628273 >peanut brained mutt tries mental gymnastics 70iq take and gaslighting attempt. Clearly the result of a failed abortion. Stop samefagging and kys and your mom for not aborting you properly.
>>628337 DE didn't have any DLC so I don't see the issue with it being in the expansion pass same as 2. 2's expansion and all of Nintendos DLC is well worth the price, smash being the one exception. One of my biggest regrets is not getting the physical of Torna, especially when it was on sale for only 15 bucks. If 3 expansion gets a physical I'm not making that same mistake again.
>>628388 Wasted dubs. >Peanut brained mutt >but doesn't understand the meaning of gaslighting >samefagging I'm not samefagging nor denied I was ever the same person, other than the first anon you argued with at first. I don't need to either nor never have samefagged, because I know I'm right in calling you a faggot. Your IP has also changed, so you're looking even dumber accusing me of minor changes. Again, tell your mother to stop fucking men and to at-least give the mentally retarded the attention it desperately needs.
Can the Switch emulator run Xenoblade Chronicles?
>>628405 I think so. The thing with Switch Emulation is every game tends to have it's own little quircks. Usually people will have their own settings for each game. But I say just try it on the newest version of Yuzu or Ryujinx and see what works best for you. It's also best to optimize your cores when doing switch emulation, I find. Giving the emulator only four cores to work with tends to improve performance a lot.
>>628405 It runs perfectly on my machine, but I also have a top tier computer.
>>628408 Thanks anon, I've been wanting to play Xenoblade for a long time, I recently played Xenosaga Episode 1 and I loved it >>628411 Hopefully it will run on my Ryzen 7 5700g
(374.20 KB 2047x1327 1609917431221.jpg)

>>628392 >DE didn't have any DLC Whoops, I was mistaken and thought it was patched in. >If 3 expansion gets a physical I'm not making that same mistake again. Alright, I'll wait and see if the physical release happens. >>628405 You should look up Yuzu's and Ryujinx's compatibility lists and see how well they run on each game. I never tried Switch emulation, but I'd imagine one of the emulators can run one of the games better than the other, so switching per game might be necessary. If you can't run XB1, you can always fall back on the original Wii version on Dolphin with an HD texture pack, but you'd be losing out on QoL improvements, Challenge Mode, and Future Connected.
(349.10 KB 1280x1440 xeno pyra fan.jpg)

>>628318 Watched about a half of it and it didn't spark any interest in me to actually play it, everything looks so bland and generic, even the cat girl. XC2 had big tiddies, sassy catgirl, robot grill and tons of other stuff...
>>628453 Stop pretending to be retarded you nigger.
>>628453 Why? He was evenhanded with his criticism. Or are you just being a cunt and trying to imply to everyone in this thread who doesn't have a doom and gloom mentality about the game accuses everyone who dislikes it of being niggerpill, when that clearly isn't the case.
(1.22 MB 1919x1079 What did they mean by this.png)

>>628337 I just wish the fucking series dropped that dogshit battle system and instead got Kuro no Kiseki's system with a few tweaks. This middling MMO-lite hotbar action shit where Takahashi can't decide between cool action gameplay and turn based shit is getting on my nerves. They always do some of the coolest things for JRPG systems and the battle system always sours me on them. >Two Ouroboros forms each Wasn't this known a long time ago? From what I understand it's the switching mid-battle that's new and the Ouroboros tree which looks like it'll give the Blade skill trees a run for its money in terms of broken abilities. <Expansion pass Fucking hell, I'd bitch about Jewtendo but this is a series all about the (((Zohar))) and its (((chosen people))) after all 8^) >>628412 >Negresco Immaculate taste, anon.
(3.16 MB 1280x720 Xenoblade3 voice sync.mp4)

The lips are synced for both English and Japanese. Not often we see this amount of effort. Probably gonna play mostly in Japanese but its nice they're finally doing it. Its a shame 2 and 3s voice acting is nowhere near as good as 1 and Xs.It may be a bit too soon to judge 3s English cast but from what I've heard so far I'm not a fan.
>>629204 X is the odd one out there, though, since that used 8-4 and American VAs, whereas XB1, 2 and 3 all use UK VAs.
>>629216 It is but the VAs were all quite fitting and gave good performances. Same can't be said for 2 or 3.
>>628532 >Wasn't this known a long time ago? It was theorized, but not really confirmed until now. >Ouroboros tree which looks like it'll give the Blade skill trees a run for its money in terms of broken abilities. Wonder if it will have its equivalent of that skill that lets you recharge arts on crits. That made Mythra with her large crit rate overpowered as hell and it only got worse with that accessory that healed based off of crits. >>629204 >language specific lip-syncing Nice to see them going the extra mile now after seeing how badly XB2's didn't sync up outside of the unvoiced, unknown dialogue at the very end of the game.
>>629252 Agree to disagree. I think the "standard anime dub" feel of X is way more alien and generic than 2's slightly cringy but singular feel.
>>629204 It's even effort anymore, the companies have developed an A.I. tool that basically auto-corrects lip flaps between languages. I think SE used it first and even showcased it, twice in two different tech expos, in regards to Final Fantasy 7 Remake of all games. They taught the A.I. how to correct lip flaps in Japanese, English, French, Spanish and German IIRC? Here's the demo from CEDEC 2020 Presentation on FFVIIR's animation tech. It's some wild shit and I think it's practically the reason the normalniggers and the industry itself gives it so much of a pass aside from >MUH GRAFIX this tech will just save tons of money, a ridiculous amount of work hours and probably will require far less shitty twinkering around motion face capture as well. >>629252 The only real shitty one is 3. At least X1 and X2 have some kind of meme factor due to the overwhelming welshness of some of the actors and their enthusiasm. Rex sounding like a race car when he screams is pretty funny. >>629266 >It was theorized, but not really confirmed until now. Ah, ok. >Wonder if it will have its equivalent of that skill that lets you recharge arts on crits. That made Mythra with her large crit rate overpowered as hell and it only got worse with that accessory that healed based off of crits. If Xeno games post Gears and Saga 1 are anything to go by, you will probably land on an equally broken, stupidly overpowered thing along your way. This game, it seems to be the Ouroboros trees, because the classes swapping etc didn't seem that broken, even with the combinations of skills and techs you seemingly, potentially can do.
>>629345 I would kill myself if I worked on the gameplay of any FF game from the past 15 years, but it must be pretty sweet to work in the graffix department, pushing the boundaries of what's possible to render in real-time. The final result is definitely overproduced, but each ingredient on its own is extremely impressive.
>>629269 Generic is much better than offensive to the ears. 2's dub is so atrocious I can't suffer it for a second. Makes my skin crawl. >>629345 My first time hearing of this tech. Neat. I'm sure 3 will have plenty of cringey english voice work just like 2. Don't fret.
>>629364 >I would kill myself if I worked on the gameplay of any FF game from the past 15 years I dunno dude, the KH teams loved it when they worked on some of them. Then again, not all FFs were strictly turn based. Just weep for those poor souls that had to program the gameplay for FF 11, 13 and 14. >>629367 >I'm sure 3 will have plenty of cringey english voice work just like 2. Don't fret. The voice actors don't inspire much confidence here, a stark downgrade from 1 and 2 for sure. None have charm, not one of them has a spark of UK chuuniness, nothing. I'll honestly be kinda mad if only the side characters that appear for 15 seconds get to have the memey voice acting instead of the heroes. Part of what made Torna tolerable in english was the absolute unit they got for voicing Adam, the man delivered his line with great gusto and a full platter of ham. >First time hearing Honestly it seems kinda weird for this place, you'd think with all the news spammed at the /gg/ thread, this shit would have cropped up or at least in other FF7RE topics but I guess everyone's burning hatred for the fucking time jannies was incredibly blinding.
>>628408 Been running it on Yuzu with no issues save for my specs not being good enough for 60fps
>>629371 Anything having to do with the ff7 remake I actively ignore so its no surprise I missed out on that bit of info.
>>627953 >Jun 18 2022 >He still browses Cuckchan <Legends have it, that when a Xenoblade topic opens, even on the vile 4CHAN, LuPill would crawl there, even if that board is the most abandoned, walled and gatekeeped of them all due to its nerdyness. No boards are safe from Luciano's spergery, not /v/, not /a/, not /m/ and certainly not <insert new boards Hiroshima might have opened> Being the huemonkey must be a unique kind of suffering and existential crisis.
Yuzu EA is experimental, not every bleeding edge version will run as well as the last, they're always working on new features, the latest broke loading screens to be a stuttery mess. This one works best for me at the moment. https://github.com/pineappleEA/pineapple-src/releases/tag/EA-2764 >>628408 >>628405
(827.98 KB 1049x590 Remove_Japan.png)

>>629957 Xeno isn't the only series he spergs on. I've seen him in the Falcom threads too, he acted up on Nier threads, and I wouldn't be surprised if it turned out he was the DmC2fag as well. Funny enough, I was the guy who made the first "It looks like DmC2" thread when it was revealed. Sometimes I wonder what fuels Luciano/Niggerpill, outside of a deep distain for Japanese games.
>>630133 >Sometimes I wonder what fuels Luciano/Niggerpill, outside of a deep distain for Japanese games. A desperate need for attention, just like that Turkroach ImKamfy when he would avatarfag as Rachel Maddow.
>>630433 He would also avatarfag as Tatiana iirc, made me hate her
>>630133 He's currently shitting up the E3 thread again. He also (((coincidentally))) happens to hate all the things that anti-GG hates, so he's either still a paid shill and trying to ruin anywhere not controlled by his owners, or he's literally so ass-blasted that he's doing it for free, out of spite or because he's a True Believer™. He either has to be here because it's his job or because we mind-broke him. Either way, we're not stuck here with him, he's stuck in here with us.
(785.45 KB 1366x768 XenoGARs.png)

One of the best moments in Xenogears and Takahashi unleashed his full otaku power. >>630133 > I've seen him in the Falcom threads too, he acted up on Nier threads I know dubsanon, I've told him to go eat his own dick a few times in the threads he's appeared, especially in the Falcom ones. Shame on you anon >Sometimes I wonder what fuels Luciano/Niggerpill, outside of a deep distain for Japanese games. Well, that's not the only thing he feels, there's also a deep case of schizophrenia, disdain for anything normal and healthy, an irrational hatred of wholesome and cute things, sickness when witnessing genuine happiness etc. all caked on top of him wanting to shit on all of that, yet go around as Niggerpill just to appear, again, and go through his cliche cycle of "owning the left". It's madness, plain and simple. >>630438 >He's currently shitting up the E3 thread again. God fucking dammit, did he also start the recent waves of shitty bumps on months old threads? >because he's a True Believer™. Well, he was one click away from sucking Billy D's D for free, so...
(3.15 MB 1551x873 Xenoblade 3 D and N.PNG)

(624.43 KB 869x761 Xenoblade 3 Miiks World Egg.PNG)

Mr. Wild Ride's name confirmed as "D" and also there's an Evil Noah. While Evil Noah's name is listed as "?", if you examine the page and look up the file's HTML alt tag you'll find his real name is N.
>>634493 DICKSON!
>>634504 >>634506 I'm actually willing to bet that's Dunban over there!
>>634529 I doubt it mainly because Dunban would likely be dead due to old age and Dickson was part of Zanza's trinity
>>639206 Get a real job niggerpill.
>>639209 Not everyone who ever has anything negative to say about something is niggerpill, retard.
>>639213 Using the same shitty pictures and red-texting faggotry every time wont help your case, niggerpill.
(759.10 KB 1280x720 Nia rolls eyes.png)

There's a new overview trailer for XB3, but it's in Jap only and there doesn't seem to be any subbed versions of it yet. >>639213 But it's mostly certainly Niggerpill/Luciano, it's the same posting style as well as the same arguments and low-quality images. All that's missing is that twitter tranny pic talking about Blade Nia and that recent Cuckchan thread shitting on XB2.
>>634647 No one's ever really gone.
>>639235 >Nia rolls eyes.png Where's the dickshadow and heart eyes edits?
>>639273 Nia is not for lewds... she's for the cum cleanup
>>642081 >1 You didn't play 1 did you lmfao 2 was the one with good designs
(1.63 KB 207x190 marie.jpeg)

>Xeno thread >no Xenos
>>642101 The full outfit actually looks really nice imo, but god damn that mask is so stupid. Completely ruins the aesthetic of what is clearly a kimono. That said, it really is different from her XB2 outfit.
where's the NSP?
>>642236 Not here yet. It's rare for an NSP to leak weeks early. Most of the time it's a few days.
Thank God I never got into this franchise.
(156.46 KB 623x414 [possibly laughing].jpg)

>(((Luciano))) is still bitching and complaining about this game and trying to pretend he's multiple (((niggerpilled))) posters at once Watch him reply with his usual bot-tier shit.
>>643363 What are you talking about? Xenoblade 2 was only released a few years ago. I will say that this definitely looks less and less good the more that gets revealed; feels like its pandering to the worst crowds with its designs. >>643367 He's a fag but the game deserves a lot of skepticism and concern, at least from its first impressions and with the way so many other companies like capcuck are going, censoring their shit.
>>643368 He's been spamming nothing but twittershit from (((fandom))) cuckolds and trannies as "evidence" of poz since the recent trailer was released, do not even look like you are agreeing with him you fucking triple nigger homosexual.
>>643370 >do not even look like you are agreeing with him Nah, fuck off. Guilt by association is cancer, especially if you want to curate opinions and censor the board. Too many people have already been falsely banned for niggerpill before because the mods and Mark are retards who can't read. Posting the designs themselves directly, which has been occasionally done, and people actually replied to, like >>642121 >>642091 are legitimate. The comparison between OG Nia and the new one for example was fucking horrendous.
>>643363 Didn't 2 came out in 2017 tho
>>643374 At the end of it, yup.
>>643370 It's okay to be skeptical, anon. Enforcing a "you must be positive" attitude also plays right into Luciano's hands. He's even tried to use it as an argument before. As long as people express skepticism in a reasonable and not unhinged way it's not a problem. That anon was fine. I'm personally waiting and seeing, myself. It's pretty clear at this point the game won't be nearly as fanservice-heavy as XB2. This game is obviously taking way more from the first game than the second.
>>643378 >you must be positive The problem isn't him doing that, he just immediately assumes pasting the same (((niggerpill))) shit but in reverse is "positivity" when really it is still garbage. It's better to wait and see actual official shit than get your opinion from whatever trash (((Niggercianopill))) dredges up from the (((tranny))) side of twitter and uses as "proof" the game is shit.
(1.84 MB 1909x2164 Xeno3Springs.png)

There's hotsprings apparently.
>>648820 5 bux on there being more gay fanservice than str8 in it
Move those goalposts, Luciano. I laugh every time you take another L.
>>648962 not luciano fag, the game just looks gay what good is a hot springs scene with no tits and ass fag?
>>649727 Yeah some people do have it. Hopefully the NSP leaks soon.
>>649735 >Yeah some people do have it. Well, I guess it's time to stop watching this thread because I actually want to play this one blind.
>>649764 What is the point of posting comments from the opposition, other than to blackpill.
>>649775 Anon, it's Luciano. Don't be thick. All three of those posts were him.
>I summonded niggerpill God damn it.
>>649775 Because you are responding to fucking (((Niggerpill))) you god damn retard.
>>649784 >brown guy is the smartest character trope I have never seen this in Japan, its usually >brown-skinned people are more aggressive/dangerous
>>649828 Either that or >brown-skins / tans are thugs / mansluts one of the two since the second plays in that retarded gyaru-oh trend. Though the guy in Xenoblade looks like an arab than the random brown okinawan, so maybe it plays in a weird stereotype the nips have about arab dudes? Rashid does exist and he's this weird super-inventive weaboo that wants to be Ryu or something.
(23.32 KB 720x405 jacko robotnik.jpg)

>>650207 The mysterius and creative arabs might be becaude of the arabian nights mythologies, not everything about them is hurka durka takbir.
>>650216 I know that anon, arabs have fun aspects about them when its not all about theocracy et al, it's just the nips make them weeb inventors or super-crafty weebs. The brown guy in this game uses specifically Ofuda in the shape of cranes which is the second most weebish thing anyone can do apart from watching anime. And he's also the strategist of the group.
>>650222 >Cranes And I had a brainfart. Looks like a rabbit the way he holds it compared to when they were flying around him.
(9.80 KB 205x277 1592825972075.jpg)

>>650222 He looks like a professional esports player. Fucking gay.
>>650407 sounds like you speak from experience
>>650447 Yes anon, I was once an MLG phenomenon, but I couldn't handle all the dicks being shoved in my face so I decided to quit for the sake of gaming and leave it to the real homosexuals
>>650458 that sounds gay
People are uploading the XCI as we speak, are you ready /v/?
https:// 1fichier . com/?p4fu7f8sudzmneqe8d5o Get it while it's hot.
(150.05 KB 620x509 HitlerRenard.jpg)

>>651413 Also >14.88 gigs
>>651413 What xeno is that?
>>651417 3, man. It got leaked. No idea how it runs on emulator yet. I'm still downloading mine. But I'm seeing other people posting screenshots so it's real.
>>651418 OH SHIT OH FUCK
>>651420 Blah blah me use aria2 to DL X3, run Yuzu EA on my AMD Aerith device, post a picture on the social medias and stoke some artificial controversy. fuck cuckchanners
>>651413 Be mindful of performance issues you may encounter. If the latest version gives you stutters, use the pre-andio build of yuzu ea. You may need a patch to disable dynamic resolution in order to get a clean 4k image in emulator, xenoblade definitive edition and 2 use it which causes blurry image at times. https://github.com/pineappleEA/pineapple-src/releases/tag/EA-2788 Please see >>646022 for more info, and be sure to use ryujinx if you get crashes on yuzu because it tends to be more unstable in certain games. Have fun!
>>651440 From what I understand, Yuzu's recent releases have (strangely coincidentally for some reason no one knows) have started to increase performance dramatically on Xenoblade games. Right before the third one comes out. Very fortuitous timing indeed. But I will dink around with various versions to see what I get. I've heard reports than Ryujinx running vulcan will crash past the first cutscene. Can't confirm this myself as my Ryujinx is openGL since I don't have an amd processor.
So it's looking like Ryujinx is just flat out not going to work with this game yet. It crashes in the first cutscene. I got the game running in Yuzu so far. Only in OpenGl. Vulcan crashes before the first cutscene starts. The performance isn't perfect. Definitely getting slowdown here and there. Noticed some graphical glitches on the title screen too. Worst thing is probably the audio de-sync. It works better with split core, for sure, but doesn't fix every problem. I got the dialogue to run at the right time but certain sounds in cutscenes are delayed and I can tell it isn't sounding like it should. I tried importing my Yuzu save over to Ryujinx once gameplay proper started to see if it was just something in the opening cutscene it didn't like but nope. It crashed before the save even loaded so Ryujinx is out for now. That's a shame as it's usually a stable backup even if you can't get peak performance out of it. Gonna keep playing with Yuzu a bit more to see what I can find. If anyone here finds an optimal setup I'd love to hear it.
>>651442 Well, it's typical yuzu shenanigans, they improve perf in one game but break many others. I know that Mario Strikers runs decent on their latest version but mario odyssey took a nosedive and performance became fucking dogshit. It's a hassle trying to find the best yuzu version, also, last I heard, vulkan api runs worse on ryujinx than it does yuzu, but I will look for the vulkan build to see if that's still true. You don't need an AMD CPU/GPU to use it by the way, so I'll share it so you can try it on your end. >>651448 What yuzu build are you using? Specs? I will try it as well and report back.
>>651452 The absolute newest one which is 2855. I have no problem downloading and earlier one, but the 2788 you suggested up there doesn't seem to run it for me. It just locked up on the loading screen before the main menu.
>>651457 Try 2800
>>651462 Yep, that seems to be the magic ticket anon. Replayed the opening again and it was basically flawless. Still at the very beginning and I have no idea how performance will react to the big areas but this is already a massive improvement over the most recent version. Someone should start up a database of the best version of Yuzu for each game. Seems like it needs it. Regardless,though, this should probably get me through the whole game now.
>>651467 >Someone should start up a database of the best version of Yuzu for each game. Seems like it needs it. Yeah, seriously. It's hard keeping track of which games break and which ones actually improve, I know Sonic Origins runs well with 2800 as well, it crashes with any other version.
(397.61 KB 830x900 1658549362319719.png)

Sadly ran into a problem with the 2800 version. After the tutorial fights there a 20 minute backstory cutscene. In the last three minutes of that the game would reliably fteeze each time. I eventually tried on the most recent version of Yuzu and got through the cutscene, though I can tell it hitches more. So I might have to bounce back between the two versions if I get freezes in the other. The joys of Switch emulation. At least saves are communal for all Yuzu versions, so I don't have to bother copying them.
(592.30 KB 943x438 XenoRexHaremCanon.png)

>>651494 Holy fuck, why didn't you post the rest of this image. The fucking madlads made it canon! THEY MADE IT FUCKING CANON!
>>651515 Wow very nice I will play your trilogy for free now.
(194.50 KB 814x570 skele comfy.jpg)

>>651515 >Rex grows up to be a complete chad >impregnates Mythra >impregnates Pyra >impregnates fucking NIA I can't believe they made the harem ending canon. Holy shit that is awesome.
>>651531 >Nia uncucked herself. She did it lads. She beat the memes.
Now if only I could find an emulator combo that doesn't freeze every five minutes, since now I'm actually really motivated to play this. I was kinda worried before. Not now. I don't suppose using the NSP instead of the XCI would make any difference?
(20.81 KB 235x235 joy.png)

>>651547 I'm using the NSP version and it doesn't help, I can't play for more than 5 seconds with Yuzu or Ryujinx regardless of what build I use, even with OpenGL. Also looks like ass with how the game's dynamic resolution kicks in, gonna need a patch for that probably.
>>651560 You'll absolutely need a patch for it. Luigis Mansion 3 is unplayable without one. Be on the lookout for anyone uploading a patch! https://gbatemp.net/forums/nintendo-switch.283/?prefix_id=56
>>651560 Honestly even if the draw distance looked like shit and the game just looked bad in general I'd be fine if it was at least stable and didn't freeze.
(331.10 KB 960x720 Rex and his waifus.jpg)

(40.10 KB 500x456 I'm_just_so_happy.jpg)

>>651515 Beautiful.
>>651515 What is this supposed to be?
It's called Xenoblade Chronicles 3 because 3 is the number of girls Rex gets pregnant.
These games are only loosely connected to Xenogears right? I can't fully emulate the games, but I have a Switch and was thinking of picking up the new series. Are even XC1 and XC2 connected storywise? Just how bad is the gacha in XC2? Where does XCX fit in and is it worth playing?
>>651668 They share concepts and such with Xenogears and you could think of the Xenoblade series as being a kind of spiritual successor but that's about it. XC1 and XC2 are definitely connected though. The gacha is fucking obnoxious and you'll be better off not focusing too hard on it. As for XCX, it doesn't seem to be tied to the other games at all, and the story and censorship is atrocious even if the core gameplay isn't bad. It's worth at least checking out if you like the rest of the series, though it really is a lot different to the other mainline games and I'd suggest focusing on those to begin with then maybe coming back to XCX afterwards, or at least play through XC1 first.
(12.21 KB 335x275 Serene.png)

>>651653 From what I gather, at the end of the second game, Rex and the two main girls Pyra and Mythra stand together looking off into the horizon, and it's implied they're both his lover. However, the Welsh Catgirl Nia clearly loved Rex throughout the whole game, and fans were pissed she got shafted by not getting his shaft. So the ending cutscene was patched so that she stands with them, and smugly looks back at the camera for a moment. With the new final cutscene, it's implied, but not explicit, that all three girls are in his harem. Not that stupid slice of life, romantic comedy crap with one main girl, a bunch of secondary girls, and ecchi hijinks where the guy never gets together with any of them, but an actual harem where all three girls are his wives. With this photo, in this cutscene, with all three girls holding a baby, and Rex standing behind them, hands on the chairs of the girls not in the center, the third game now makes it explicit canon that Rex made all three of them his wives and gave them all his hero dick for the sake of babymaking. It's the kind of a fanservice everyone wanted.
>>651671 Oh yeah, censorship. Wasn't something to do with the Poppo robo girl censored in XC2?
>>651672 I hate harem, it's degenerate polygamous jap bullshit.
>>651675 >I hate harem Faggot detected.
>>651677 I just am not completely jaded by hentai.
>>651678 You dumb fuck, hentai isn't the only place where you can have a harem. My grandfather had 4 wives.
>>651515 FUCK YEAH!!!!
(314.90 KB 490x490 AAAAAHHH!.png)

>>651515 HYPED
>>651675 >muh degeneracy buzzword Take a shower.
I don't suppose anyone has found a better emulator solution in the time I've been asleep?
(1002.92 KB 1280x720 Awaken my boner.png)

>>651515 fuckin' YES
With the most recent update the game works in Ryujinx now, though it's so choppy as to be almost unplayable. The newest Yuzu released a few hours ago seems to run the game a bit more stably. It's far from ideal and has slowdown, but I haven't had a freeze yet.
Another Yuzu release in the last few hours and performance has improved notably again. I think it's safe to say they are hotfixing for this game in real time. Who knows what damage it's doing to the playability of other games but if your goal is to play Xenoblade 3 Yuzu seems to be the way to go for now.
>>651986 >Who knows what damage it's doing to the playability of other games I don't understand why changes like this focused on a single game rather than general emulation aren't made into a setting specifically for that game? I recall in PCSX2 there was a section of the settings with a dozen checkboxes to modify the emulator for specific games that were outliers. Why isn't just that whenever a change to the emulator is made for a specific game, the emulator is designed such that that change as a setting is only applied upon attempting to the run the game, and reverted when no longer playing it?
(2.82 MB 640x360 XenoHaremProof.webm)

>>651515 Here's video evidence. Switch video files don't have sound so we still have no idea what the dialogue in any of these scenes is and subtitles are separate too. So far all that's been extracted are the pre-rendered scenes, so we're missing a shitton of context.
(179.87 KB 599x484 1437205198099.png)

>Xenoblade Chronicles 1 came out in 2010 for the Wii >Definitive edition for the Switch is still $53 physical and $60 digital 12 years later as XBC3 is coming out >XB2 came out in 2017 for the Switch >Still $60 all around >XB2 has a $30 expansion pass, a $40 expansion to add Torna, and a $90 bundle for the game with Torna >XB3 has a $30 expansion pass for pre-order and 4 waves of DLC (cut content) planned out for a year after the game comes out
>>652080 >cut content The expansion isn't coming out for like a year so I doubt that's cut content. The other stuff, maybe. But anon, the game is up there higher up in the thread. What are you so bothered about?
>>652081 >The expansion isn't coming out for like a year so I doubt that's cut content. No, anon, they have 4 expansions planned out, and the very first one releases the same day the game comes out. That's cut content, and arguably the three later releases, 5 months, then 4 more months, then 8 more months later, are just as much cut content that they decided work on and release later for more profit rather than delay the game and release the finished product later.
>>652083 Cut content is content that was ALREADY FUCKING MADE not future content they have not made yet, kill yourself.
>>652083 From what I remember of the dlc map they showed there's only one piece of story content that's planned. It's a large one and it's not releasing for an entire year. Everything else is like side mission packs and knowing Xenoblade side missions, that's basically just busywork.
(42.96 KB 493x358 ease off the ass.jpg)

>>652084 I said arguably when referring the latter 3 DLCs. It's not possible to know without inside info which of the following three is the case. >Game comes out and is complete >But content is cut out to be released as DLC on day one This is cut content, obviously. >Game comes out and is complete >But content is cut out to be released as DLC at intervals after release This is also cut content, but less obviously so, and possibly what this game is doing. Staggering the release of cut content DLC eases the strain on consumer wallets at one time so they're more willing to spend that money since it's not in one large chunk, and it creates a more continuous stream of cashflow and purchases to show bean counters. It also looks more consumer friendly by not appearing to be day one DLC on the surface. >Game comes out and is incomplete >DLC is developed for incomplete sections that aren't important to the main story and released later as soon as it's finished This is not cut content, and what you are assuming is the case for XBC3, on your faith that they're not trying as hard as they can to nickel and dime you. Considering Day 1 DLC is by definition cut content, and this game clearly has it according the DLC wave plan available on the Nintendo eShop, I'm not as willing as you to give them the benefit of the doubt that the staggered DLC plan isn't also cut content.
>>652063 Those kids will grow up to be all fucked up
>>652092 I guess a type of cut content DLC/expansion that is acceptable, is that if during development they were working on content, but because of time and money issues never got finished and dropped from the game. The game is still "complete" even without that planned content, but because they got a lot of money from the sales, they now have the time and funds to finish that content and release it to the public. Otherwise, they would just put the cut content in the sequel.
(2.47 MB 1920x1080 XenoShill.png)

>Nopon Merchant >Named Shillshill
>>652210 That's what happened with Torna apparently. At least we got a separate physical copy out of that.
Here's a config mod for Xenoblade 3. Should definitely help with graphics. I've noticed an improvement. Keep in mind, though, the game has a memory leak that won't be fixed until a day 1 patch probably, so the longer you play the worse your performance will get. https: //gbatemp . net/threads/xenoblade-chronicles-3-graphics-settings.615901/page-7#post-9889431
So for those who've played the XC3 leak, how's the gameplay? Is the open world fun to explore? Is the combat similar to other games? Does the story make you give a shit about all these characters because fucking hell there are six characters in the party at once.
(11.48 MB 854x480 XenoWeightOfLife.mp4)

(4.68 MB 854x480 XenoALifeSentOn.mp4)

(9.45 MB 854x480 XenoAgnusBattleTheme.mp4)

(11.51 MB 1280x720 Xeno3DriftingSoulBattle.mp4)

>>652997 Still early in chapter 2 (when things first open up). Gameplay feels similar to 2 in that is introduces systems slowly and the world becomes more complex (chain attacks just got reintroduced). The main gimmick this time is anyone can reclass as the other characters and as each class gains experience they gain abilities and some can be used cross class. Exploration wise there's been the usual big, pretty areas, unique monsters, stuff to find etc. I haven't been super wowed by the two I've been to so far but it's still very early. The environments were very beautiful when I turned on 4x graphics with mods, but sadly with OpenGl and no other options it simply chugs too much to be enjoyable so I turned it back to base for performance. Still looks better with the mods even still. Character wise I found the opening a little slow, focusing just on Noah's team. However once the two groups meet up and plot starts going I've found it interesting. Very different vibe from either of the two previous games. But honestly, it's still so early in the plot I can't give you much more than that. I like the characters. None of them bug me so far, which is always good. But they've also only really just met so dynamics have only begun to develop. The game is very cutscene heavy. Especially at the beginning. It was actually a problem because if the emulator crashed in the middle of cutscenes I'd have to start all over and when you skip a cutscene in this game it skips every cutscene until the next playable segment. So if you're interested in the story like me, crashing in the middle of a long story section means rewatching like 20 minutes of cutscenes until you get to the part you haven't seen yet. Thankfully this only really happened to me once when I was still figuring things out, but still. Music is very nice, though, which is hardly a surprise.
(1.22 MB 1919x1079 What did they mean by this.png)

>>652219 >Nopon Merchant >Named Shillshill The nips know about the (((Nopons)))
>>653338 >Sources? <Niggerpill said so!
>>653342 >English dubbers are pozzed News at 11. Let me know about how they fuck up the script though, and if that fucked up script ends up as dubtitles for the subtitled version of the game.
>Non binary because English VA is that >The VA for the non native translation defines what the character is >An out of context screenshot >It's not even the same character you tried to claim was non-binary last time before getting completely btfo
>>653351 And since you're a faggot I decided to look up the character since she was discussed in plenty of per-release material. She she she she. It's used again and again. It's she on the wiki for fuck's sake. So literally all you have is a pozzed VA. Congratulations, you discovered western VAs are pozzed. What an astounding revelation.
(1.58 MB 1023x905 XenoRexStatue.png)

(23.01 KB 680x760 XenoRexChad.jpg)

I dislike japanese games because they sell me a fantasy that is not possible and frustrate me compared to what I have to deal with the real world. There I said it.
>>653927 Isn't that the point of entertainment media? If we did the shit we see in video games, movies and stuff in real life we wouldn't need them. This has been a thing as old as human history, right down to oral storytelling before people had writing.
(1.05 MB 480x384 Homer Jackin in.gif)

>>652063 >The image is real
>>653933 You guys as a whole don't understand the difference between plausible fantasy and impossible fantasy. His type of fantasy is plausible things happening to him. Finding anbandon gold mine that still has gold, being famous, a war hero, having sex with op, etc. These are technically possible things even though the odds are happening to him are less than the chance of winning reverse russian roulette, they exist, it's still possible. Impossible fantasies are just things that are just plain impossible to happen. Riding a dragon, having sex with your wafiu, throwing fireballs because you touch a weird flower, and him not being a faggot. It can feel like false hope sometimes, this is what people mean by saying 'it's not real'. They're telling you to abandon your false hope. But these impossible fantasies can inspire men to develop and creating things that can make that impossible fantasies a bit more plausible.
(175.67 KB 848x1200 3DPDManga.png)

>>653976 So pic related?
>>653977 Yeah that's an example of a impossible fantasy mindset.
Apparently the day 1 patch is already out so should show up shortly hopefully.
>>654185 Awesome! I just hope vulcan gets working soon. OpenGl is just so much worse. It had so much trouble with the shaders.
>>654202 OpenGL support is being deprecated, or lowered in priority last I heard, so Vulkan is now the default for it iirc. https://github.com/yuzu-emu/yuzu/pull/8393
>>654216 That's great, but sadly Xenoblade 3 still crashes when you try to use Vulkan.
>>654216 angus :DD :DDDD
(472.81 KB 2562x1401 20220727_164323.jpg)

>>654321 >https: //gbatemp . net/threads/xenoblade-chronicles-3-graphics-settings.615901/page-7#post-9889431 Nice. Remember this will brick any current mods you have, though, such as the res mod posted above. So until those get updated you're playing on vanilla again, awful dynamic resolution and all.
>>654325 PATCH IS DONE Now waiting for a download...
>>654325 Yeah I ended up reverting for the time being. I doubt this patch fixes anything worth worrying about for me anyway - I wasn't having memory leak issues like others probably due to my AMD card.
>>654327 I wasn't having issues on my nvidia card either, weird. It's probably driver dependent, yuzu has issues with newer driverz.
(18.02 KB 800x440 count em.webp)

(389.95 KB 680x479 xc2 nia.png)

How long does Torna take to finish? Pic related no longer canon.
>>654231 Mmmm, beefy.
(1.53 MB 544x306 XenoMioStroke.gif)

>>654365 This image is extra hilarious as her daughter is literally one of the main characters of 3.
>Listening to a couple of ecelebs discussing the new Xeno game >Their opinion of the game boils down to that it's the best in the series <BUT state that they wish the game was on another platform <Because, according to them, the framerate chugs an awful during the game <Repeatedly say that the problem is that the Switch is not "powerful enough" <Ignore the issue being that dev do not optimize their games anymore Why do people keep blaming the hardware and not the software for the reason why games are not running at 1080p and 60 fps?
>>655743 Nintendo continues to make low end hardware. If you "optimize" it too much it'll look like shit. I'd rather it look like shit and play smoothly, but most people who buy consoles games won't agree and are happy to settle for 30 FPS or less.
>>655743 >>655764 BOTW and mario odyssey look good both in docked and portable mode, those retards just refuse to optimize their game, but again what the fuck did anyone expect when XC2 ran at sub 480p on portable mode and could never hit 30fps stable while docked.
>>655743 because Nintendo is literally running on old hardware, its well-known that that's their strategy so its clearly limited. Yes, devs can optimize their games more, but a device like the Switch is far from cutting edge for games that aim to be closer to "new" in style, presentation and assets than old. >>655770 Who'd have guessed that flagship games of some of the biggest franchises ever, with essentially unlimited budget would be able to run well on the hardware they were made for? Monolith is a Nintendo subsidiary, but they don't get the absurd advantages that those games do in terms of budget and focus by the company.
>>655743 Because DE, Torna, and XB3 are far more optimized than XB2. They have gotten much better increasing performance and resolution as well as the graphics. It is the hardware. They have done the best they can with the extremely limited hardware.
The newest EA Yuzu build finally had Vulkan working but it crashing during cutscenes so it's still functionally useless. For now I'm currently using OpenGL on this custom version of Yuzu: https://www.mediafire.com/file/c0e2dt5dhk0mbdb/yuzu-windows-msvc-development-build.rar/file With these Resmods at 1x: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Qf1ljI86uuyCxldwQ0IXB3X8tKoDWS51/view And I'm getting constant 30 fps even during cutscenes. It's the most stable setup I've been able to find so far. Maybe Yuzu Vulkan will improve in the coming days.
>>656228 I'm gonna just wait, not like I've played 2 anyways.
(1.61 MB 4096x2418 XenoHarem5.jpg)

>>656231 I hope you enjoy it, anon.
I got XB3 today and am 5.5 hours in. I am a huge fag for XB2 and this game is pissing me off. >Back to XB1 shit mobage combat >Bland as fuck MC with none of the personality of Shulk and not on the same planet as Rex >Game was clearly rushed. Character movements are unpolished, party AI gets stuck on rocks, jumping is visibly jerky >The plot contrived the party together so early so fast that their character interactions seem out of whack >The combat is boring >THE COMBAT IS FUCKING BORING >There is what feels like two hours worth of the most banal, hand-holdy, deisgned-for-a-toddler-who-has-never-seen-a-videogame, unskippable tutorials I have ever encountered in my entire gaming life, in just the first 5 hours The worldbuilding has set up some mystery boxes that are enticing me to keep playing, but this is seriously pissing me off so far. Xenoblade deserved far more than this for a third sequel.
>>656842 >There is what feels like two hours worth of the most banal, hand-holdy, deisgned-for-a-toddler-who-has-never-seen-a-videogame, unskippable tutorials I have ever encountered in my entire gaming life, in just the first 5 hours Sounds like they took the newer pokemon generations approach, starting to think this is becoming common among Nintendo IPs at this rate Also sounds like it needed a lot more time in the oven and wasn't playtested at all
>>656842 Combat gets a lot better once you get the full party, chain attacks, classes etc. It's also cool once you realize that a lot of the basics of combat work differently depending on which place the person you are playing as is from. Noah and his team's canceling, arts etc work like Xenoblade 1, whereas Mio and her group work like Xenoblade 2. The game's tutorials are pretty obnoxious but I'm well past that part and am really enjoying the exploration and such. Noah is a bit bland but he's definitely not the only character the narrative follows. It's much more of a group thing this time around.
>>>/v/657044 >some random blogger >proof of anything Get some better material.
(792.01 KB 1918x2150 The japanoyim know.jpg)

(782.84 KB 1918x2150 The japanese know.jpg)

You're welcome.
(6.04 MB 1280x720 2022073100253801_c.mp4)

h8chan shall live forever
(18.18 MB 1280x720 2022073023594200_c.mp4)

(18.10 MB 1280x720 2022073107492500_c.mp4)

>>655743 I rather think some people are trying way too hard to make the Switch look like it's an ancient hardware that can't run anything (and which is somehow dooming the entire industry), despite it's magnitudes above what the Playstation Vita could ever achieve in my experience. Often on the level of a PS4 although I'm playing japanese games for the most part on it, I don't doubt western games are generally scaled down a lot less well on it. Sure, a couple of improvements wouldn't hurt to make things a bit smoother (certainly once a successor will come out in several years) but it's kind of funny to see people complaining about framerate and visual fidelity on a portable console, while other consoles or the Steam Deck have gotten a pass. First video is recorded docked and the second one is on portable mode btw.
(7.76 MB 1280x720 2022072923280501_c.mp4)

also boob jiggle
>>657600 I really need to stop visiting this thread these days, retards like you make me feel embarrassed to be on the same board as such cancer
(265.12 KB 1280x720 2022072923022400_c.jpg)

>>657603 >feeling 'embarrassed' because someone doesn't share your view on Y might as well find yourself an echo chamber instead
>>657603 /v/ isn't one person
(741.29 KB 787x500 2022 graphics.png)

>>655743 >>657600 >I rather think some people are trying way too hard to make the Switch look like it's an ancient hardware that can't run anything, despite it's magnitudes above what the Playstation Vita could ever achieve in my experience. The Switch isn't a Gamecube or anything, but it's disingenuous to say it's not an incredibly outdated piece of hardware. It's not entirely Monolith's fault Xenoblade 3 runs so poorly when they had to make it for a severely anemic system. Its GPU barely more powerful than the PS3's. The Switch is 236 GFLOPS, the PS3 was 180 GFLOPS. For comparison, the Steam Deck is 1600 GFLOPS, the PS5 10300 GFLOPS. The only games that look anyway decent on the Switch are anime games, and stylized games always punch above their weight in the visual department. Team Fortress 2 is 15 years old and still looks passable. I'm not a graphics whore, but having a game run well should be paramount. The Switch often can't even handle the limited games made for it.
(24.49 MB 1280x720 2022-07-31 18-09-22.webm)

>>657663 I'm fairly certain that gflops numbers don't mean anything when there are other factors to take account within the hardware. Granted, the Switch is no powerhouse but the gap between the portable console and home consoles has gotten a lot narrower (compared to previous gen with the PS4/Vita), and it does the job well enough for the japanese and indie games. There are also examples of neat Switch ports such as Alien Isolation, 13 Sentinels, Demon Slayer, etc. And Xenoblade 3 actually runs pretty fine on the Switch. Framerate drops aren't exactly uncommon in large-sized battles in the wide fields, but the game never becomes a slideshow in spite of all the action going on, and while animating the rest of the surrounding environment.
>>657591 Any way we can make that into a banner?
>>657663 >Its GPU barely more powerful than the PS3's. The Switch is 236 GFLOPS, the PS3 was 180 GFLOPS. Yet the developers had zero issue making absolutely gorgeous games on the PS3, so why can't they do the same with the Switch?
(138.98 KB 426x276 Musky laugh.png)

>>657794 Power of the Cell of course modern devs can't code or optimize for shit and people nowadays want a 60 FPS standard instead of sub 20 FPS like in 7th gen which means less detail and shittier art design
>>657796 >and people nowadays want a 60 FPS standard Which never stops being funny because Smash Bros. and F-Zero have been doing that since the N64, and no one cared.
(4.05 MB 1280x720 2022030222510701_c.mp4)

>>657796 >people nowadays want a 60 FPS standard Unlike what enthusiasts want you to believe, the dirty secret is framerate isn't a deal breaker unless it's an actual slideshow (aka going in the single digits) Otherwise we wouldn't have Switch versions of japanese games selling marginally better than the Playstation ones, and 60fps is the sole "advantage" those PS versions have
>>657794 Also, fuck your post processing filters that are present in the first two games and look like ass. Fucking godawful shit
>>657805 >framerate isn't a deal breaker But it's what devs are pushing towards to, which means shittier visuals. Also, bigger and bigger resolutions, unlike in 7th Gen where the standard was 480p.
I'm perfectly content with anything above 30FPS. 60 may be a little more important in fast-paced action games where timing and combos are critical gameplay factors, but in no other circumstances do I even notice the difference between 60fps and say, 45fps. Then again I grew up playing a lot of Perfect Dark on the N64, which ran at 30fps normally and dropped to like 10 when the screen was full of explosions. And I had no trouble playing that game for years. The main reason I hate graphics whores is that meeting their demands is what drove up development times and costs so much, and led to so much recycling of game engines. Tbh I think Gamecube/Xbox360 level graphics is a great "stopping point" where developers should quit worrying how the game looks beyond that and focus on content and reducing development costs so they can charge cheaper prices, especially for digital releases. I remember saying this back in the day but scaled for the PS2. "Imagine a PS2 game that had the graphics of an N64 game, but the entire rest of the DVD was filled with content. Imagine a 1000 hour long, mastercrafted RPG built like that. Or a racing game with F-Zero GX level graphics with hundreds of customizable cars and tracks."
>>656848 I'm now 10 hours in and my opinion has only changed slightly. >The plot is doing this weird thing where it takes itself way too seriously while the characters are reacting to it in unrealistic ways. Its like some sort of "uncanny valley attitude" thing that's making me resent the cast. >The chain attack system sucks compared to XB2. Its harder to control and not nearly as impactful. >Classes are kinda neat in theory, but they're all identical. Its less like the character is changing class and more like you're just swapping skins around because they play the same no matter who is what. Also if you want to try and change up by swapping everyone's classes around you're gimped for a long time. >Arts have WAY less freedom than you'd expect, because you NEED Break/Topple/Daze for harder fights and these are locked to very few Arts, meaning you have to have those equipped at all times. Considering of the other Art options only one or two are decent on each character, all the rest might as well not even exist. >Healing is pretty terrible. I'm finding if I don't main a healer in harder fights I wipe fairly often, which leads to the following problem >Swapping characters in combat is really annoying. I want to main Mio as a healer for how she plays, but every time I need big AOE heals I have to cycle through to Eunie or the Nigger to activate their Ouroboros form, then drop out of that, then cycle back. This game feels really overcooked in the UX department. Like I can almost hear some kikenose executive at Nintendo yelling "It must be moal ACCESSIBRU!" and the actual gameplay and story both clearly suffered for that redirection of effort. I don't hate it, and I'm still playing it, but after 10 hours I think I'd rather have a root canal done than ever replay it again from scratch. Contrast that with XB2 which I've played through 4 times just for fun and could go for a fifth whenever I feel like it. Also Noah just fucking sucks as a character, man. Imagine Squall from FF8 without the edginess. He's the blandest nigger MC I've ever met, and I'm a big fan of FFV.
>>657827 Have you unlocked heroes yet? Because that's where a lot of the class variety comes in. Different characters will learn arts from different heroes and since you can apply the arts to the left menu you can start to multiclass in specific ways so that you aren't as limited in who you have use to do certain jobs.
>>657794 Those games look like ass compared to Switch games. If those games came out on the Switch right now everyone would shit on them.
>>657893 >If those games came out on the Switch right now everyone would shit on them. Several of them already have (Not those games specifically, but other titles from the same generation and systems), yet no one's complaining.
>>657905 yeah, because it was the only way to play them portably.
>>657905 I have seen much shitting on Switch ports, with poor performance (even worse than older platforms in some cases), unreadable text, lazy shit, lack of anything new added, and so on
>XBC1 >Shulk and Reyn have both well established an understanding that the Monado lets Shulk see the future >Shulk sees Reyn die in the near future <Should I tell him? Naaaaah <Oh no! He's about to die! Shit, fuck, damn! >Reyn only survived because Shulk happened to get a new Monado power at the last second <Reyn, I understand now, my visions, they aren't set in stone! No, fucking duh they aren't. Your very second set of future visions was seeing enemy attacks mid combat and then using that to your advantage to avoid them. Why in Bionis' name would you fucking think you can't deviate from the visions? This is fucking stupid. Shulk is a fucking retard, and Reyn should have died for his stupidity.
>>657948 >MUH NADO
>>657942 >with poor performance (even worse than older platforms in some cases) Well, like a few other Anons have pointed out, none of the people making games know how to develop them anymore. ALL of these titles should be soaring on the platform, with little issue, yet the developers seem to kneecapping each and every one, either purposely or unintentionally. One example is how the rushed version of Assassin's Creed III on the Wii U manages to beat the Switch "remaster" in terms of performance. Then, there's also how all of the Kingdom Hearts games (Even the PS2 originals) are only "cloud" version on the system.
(42.46 KB 720x750 XenoShulkKino.mp4)

>>657948 >Why in Bionis' name would you fucking think you can't deviate from the visions? To be fair, having visions out of context can cause more problems than it solves. Shulk telling his best bro that he sees him dying could result in him second guessing every action, becoming unreliable as a result.
>>657976 I doubt he was thinking about it that hard. He could have just said, "Hey bro, I saw you die by running into a swarm of spiders by yourself and getting ambushed from above. We're walking into a spider nest right now, so stick close."
>>657811 >"Imagine a PS2 game that had the graphics of an N64 game, but the entire rest of the DVD was filled with content. Imagine a 1000 hour long, mastercrafted RPG built like that. Or a racing game with F-Zero GX level graphics with hundreds of customizable cars and tracks." As long as it has a decent resolution and framerate (1080p 60fps should be standard minimum now we're in 4K territory), I don't really care what the models/meshes look like. N64/PS1, that's fine with me, just make sure it fucking runs well.
>>658271 I'm right there with you anon. I think we can do better "on a budget" so to speak, than PS1/64 era. Really the Gamecube had excellent graphics capability (see Xenoblade 1 or Twilight Princess) and could represent a sweet spot that developers could aim for before deciding "this looks good enough, now let's make a real game in there." I'm now 25 hours into XB3, and a few things have changed for me. >The plot thickens like a motherfucker. The mystery boxes are multiplying and going in interesting directions and I REALLY want to see how all this shakes out. I'm finally hooked. >Combat is better. It still sucks, but at this point my characters have enough to do that I'm not just sitting for 3/4 of every battle watching auto attacks while tapping a button once in a while. It's still XB1 shit mobage combat, but its becoming spammy, and "boring but spammy combat" is still an improvement over "boring combat." >The difficulty of story fights took a big hike around Chapter 4. I'm ten levels over the last two bosses I fought, and they were still hard fights where I came near to wiping and had to rez multiple people. I beat both on the first try but it was rough both times. I'll also give other people a tip for the beginning of Chapter 3. When you get near an area that has level 40-ish enemies lurking nearby, slip past them and go exploring. You can find several locations in a fairly small area that will each give you ~1500 EXP for the discovery because the area level is way higher than you're supposed to be. After finding 5 or 6 I went and rested at a camp and gained 6 levels just from that bonus XP, meaning I didn't have to grind any for all of Chapter 3 or 4. Also just like past Xenoblade games, if you're fighting a boss try to save a Chain Attack for when he's down to a sliver of health, then Overkill the shit out of him with the Chain Attack for huge bonus XP. Doing that a couple times, plus the aforementioned exploration trick, has me at level 39 in chapter 4 when most of the mobs are still in the 26-30 range. Also Eunie best girl. She has the most personality of the cast and just the right slightly snarky but cute attitude. A certain cutscene made me want to pet her wings and protect her. Lanz is also cool. The rest still suck and Lanz should have punched Noah in the fucking face during a certain scene, but that goes back to the "character's not reacting appropriately to what is supposed to be a super-serious plot" problem.
>>658271 If I could get a game like Ocarina of Time, with its resolution and framerate, but a DVD's or Blu-Ray's amount of content, I'd be very happy. I don't give a fuck about 1080 or 60fps. All my favorite games don't do that and they're still fine.
>>657811 >>658271 >>658809 >>659312 Could I point out that the problem with this line of thinking is that it's resulted in developers putting out low-effort trash, such as the meme about Indie pixel-shit, and "boomer shooters" that look like it could be a Quake total conversion mob but still chug a modern top-tier PC? If anything, I feel like part of the problem is that developers don't have limitations on how games are made anymore. You guys talk about how you want a game that "looks" like it could from the N64/PS1 era, but you forget that games on those systems ranged from Lego character models on JPEGs (Like FF7) to complete full 3D adventures (Like Syphon Filter, Driver, and Azel). And, that things likely won't be solved unless there's a massive attempt to revive discontinued systems with new games (And, I mean more than just the occasional Dreamcast game using the Windows CE workaround).
>>659331 Yeah but all that indieshit doesn't actually have any content, or any reason to tax the hardware the way it does. Obviously what people mean is that they want games made like the best games of those eras, but not limited by disc space, and thus larger. We just want larger games. Other stuff doesn't need to improve. I don't need super hi-res textures taking up all the space. I want larger worlds and more stuff to do taking up all the space.
>>659331 Hey come on, dont shit on boltgun, the devs clearly wanted a 40k shooter back in the day but never got it and now they got the chance to do their take on it.
(184.37 KB 921x495 bait.png)

>>659331 How many times are you going to spam those same three images over the board? As a few anons have pointed out, those terrible looking retro pixelshit games were a brief thing from like 2010-2016. And the "boomer shooter" craze is totally different because many of those games actually look good or pull the style off well like Ion Fury or Amid Evil.
(9.76 MB 1280x720 2022073111453301_c.mp4)

(154.47 KB 1280x720 2022072919445500_c.jpg)

(138.80 KB 1280x720 2022072920263600_c.jpg)

(182.47 KB 1280x720 2022072922302900_c.jpg)

(256.14 KB 1280x720 2022072922495800_c.jpg)

>>657942 >I have seen much shitting on Switch ports Bad Switch ports have rarely happened in my experience though. The "worst" one I've played was the Serious Sam 3 from the Serious Sam Collection and I still managed to beat the main game + dlc campaign because it was still playable anyway, even if obviously the performance wasn't nowhere as good as when I've played it on PC years ago. But there is virtually no difference between the Switch version and the ones on other platforms in the vast majority of cases anyway (Atelier Sophie 2, Sakuna, Xmorph Defense, Fate Extella Link, SD Gundam GGG, Mary Skelter, Cuphead, etc. basically a lot of japanese games and some indies), which also often give me no reason to ever prioritize my desktop PC as the form factor of the Switch is way too damn convenient in everyday use. And I would say Xenoblade 3 can look too muddy on handheld mode if I were to screenshot or capture videos that way.
>>659355 >the devs clearly wanted a 40k shooter back in the day but never got it
(151.70 KB 591x751 lewdness intensifies.jpg)

So any of fags played XC3? How does it compared to the other games? >>659360 Man, I wanna fug Ethel.
>>659363 Not the guy you're replying to and I get these as a retort, but Fire Warrior fucking sucks and Blood Angels is both somewhat primitive and a different kind of game. I think anon meant something like Duke 3D or Blood, have you played Blood Angels lately? Its level design is barely a step above Wolfenstein.
>>659373 >I think anon meant something like Duke 3D or Blood Yeah pretty much, or just your average doom clone, although boltgun seems to be going for quake a bit too.
(152.73 KB 1280x720 2022073116021200_c.jpg)

(31.87 MB 1280x720 Chapter 4 intro scene.webm)

>>659366 I haven't played Xenoblade 2 (yet) so I can't comment on that But compared to Xeno 1 (DE on Switch), my main complaint would be how the gemcrafting has been dumbed down to something relatively simple with zero incentive for experimentation, unless the game plans to introduce new mechanics (I'm only in the middle of chapter 4) but I sorta doubt it. >ether crystals are gone and replaced by various materials you have to gather instead >four types of gems (red, blue, green, yelow) for only five gems each that have a specific effect (higher auto-attack speed, higher HP pool, better healing, etc) >each gem has a level order, from 1 (I) to 10 (X), but the gap in stat boost between gem between each level is small (auto attack speed is 15% for lvl 1, 17% for lvl2 and so on for instance) >characters can only equip one gem when the crafting is introduced, up to a maximum of 3 once leveled up enough, which is a far cry of the equipment autism in Xeno 1 >no partnership between characters of your party for the heat process like Xeno 1. You just craft and that's it also tutorials will force your hand as if it was your very first videogame ever but I recall they can be disabled in the options. Otherwise I have no other complains and the game is still fun. Big titties and big mecha ahoy
>>659381 >But compared to Xeno 1 (DE on Switch), my main complaint would be how the gemcrafting has been dumbed down I'm playing Xeno 1, and I'm surprised considering it's not that complicated in the first place.
(344.49 KB 604x888 twenty one.png)

Xenoblade Chronicles 1 seems pretty boring so far. Combat is this weird auto-attack, special attack with cooldowns, MMO shit. Evasion rates matter too much. You're not allowed to punch above your weight for even a second, not because enemies have too much health or attack, but because you can't fucking hit them. >level 19 and want to try the first level 20 trial >The enemies in the first two waves were EZ >Third wave has a level 25 enemy >Guess what, fuck you. He dodged 95% of your attacks and it's going to take ages to kill him, so quit and come back later Waste of the player's fucking time. Combat only really feels like it has impact when you're doing high damage by playing well with positioned arts, and the rest of the time it's just waiting on cooldowns like a fucking Faceberg game. You only really feel enemy attacks when they do a big art. Several times now my characters just died to mid-level enemies from chip damage because I didn't even notice they were dying, not that this wasn't incredibly easy to recover from. WHO'S FUCKING IDEA WAS IT TO MAKE YOU UNABLE TO SWAP CHARACTERS DURING BATTLE? >I know how we'll make our JRPG gameplay unique >We'll make it feel exactly like an MMO >Complete with retarded AI to mimic retard MMO guild members you have almost no control over Who the fuck wants to rely on the AI to perfectly time Break, Topple, Daze combos? The window to Topple and Daze is only 2-3 seconds, and the fucking cooldown for the skills needed is 20-30 seconds or even more for Daze skils. How much longer is my only option for Topple going to be a single skill attached to Reyn? Combat feels both boring and unwieldy. Quests are boring too, and almost none of them make me care about these dozens of NPCs. >Shulk the retard, at it again >Sees Juju and Karna die <Should I tell 'em? Naaah. >Jewjew runs off <Oh fuck guys, by the way, I saw Juju die! >Sees Karna die again moments later <Maaaaaybe I should warn her? Nope. Nevermind. Too awkward. <Oh fuck, Karna is about to die! Better hope I get lucky again and unlock a new Monado power that can save her at the last second Twice now. You'd think he'd learn his lesson the first time he failed to warn Reyn, but no, he continues being retarded. Everyone around him should be dying for his incompetence, but he's the hero, so whenever he fucks up, he just gets a new superpower and saves the day. >Subtitles read Sharla >Everyone is clearly saying Karna Why? How many other pointless name changes are there? Is Kenny Rohan a fucking lolcization Jojo reference, or an actual Jojo reference intended by the devs? Is there any censorship? It seems awfully convenient that the original three main characters just all happen to be 18 years old.
>>659366 Better than 2 by far. I don't miss shit like field skills, affinity grinding, gacha and so on.
>>659583 If you're playing in Japanese you better get used to the names being completely different.
>>659366 The story is very interesting and has me hooked (36 hours in, chapter 5). But the gameplay is shit. Combat sucks even once you get all the options unlocked because it plays like a spammy phone game MMO, exploration is mostly pointless unlike XB2s, and I still dislike the whole main character cast except for Lanz the Only Sane Man and Eunie. The bladenigger Taion is beginning to grow on me just a little bit though. But man, fuck Noah. He's the blandest, most passively emo faggot JRPG character I've seen in years and a slab of unpainted drywall has ten times more personality. I unironically want him to die. And Mio isn't much better, what with her 99.9% default expression of "speak softly and look slightly sad about absolutely everything." Bitch just die already and make room for a more interesting character. Fuck I hate the main pairing.
>>659895 Is Taion a blade? I don't think everyone from Agnus has blade DNA or a core crystal. Sena does because she's obviously descended from one, and Mio does because she's Rex and Nia's daughter, which is why she has an inverted version of Nia's flesh eater core crystal but I'm pretty sure there are plenty of people in Agnus who don't have blade traits and still just have the traits of one of the races.
8 hours in, just unlocked Chain Attacks, about to unlock gem crafting, and I'm not really feeling it. I liked XCX more than this and it had an atrocious localisation, but at least it had a cast I liked. The only two I like are Eunie and Lanz. Noah can fuck off, the cat-girl is a neutered character, the nigger's a nigger, and the fire-hair hasn't been deliberately obnoxious (not that she has shown much character yet) but her VA rubs me the wrong way. And the OST hasn't been great yet either. Granted I've only been to three main areas (the starting dusty hub, the Milick Meadow, and the desert area) but the other OSTs were fucking brilliant right out of the gate with Guar Plains and Gormott and there hasn't been a great piece yet. Even the XCX OST which was terrible nigger beats and rap in the hub area had some great tunes in the starting Primordia area. I think I saw Lao in one of the cut-scenes but I'm not sure if they're attempting to tie XCX into this as well, or just 1 and 2. Oh and the character designs are bland as fuck. I wasn't expecting XC2 levels of fan-service again but the fucking bird girl has the biggest bust of the three FMCs and the nicest ass, and she doesn't look like an anime character, just your typical ethot on Instagram in her "workout" clothes. I'm honestly considering just dropping this game and playing Ryza instead. It's been in my backlog for a while but I've never played an Atelier game before.
Nintendo sent me a survey to fill in about the game. I don't think they'll like the response I gave. I straight up told them (paraphrasing my earlier comment) how much of a disappoint it was and listed it as the worst game in the series. I hope it gets through their thick fucking heads. I also told them XC2 had the best character designs and XC3 is bland and Noah is a shit. I picked Eunie for best girl because she literally just called Lanz an asshole for splashing her and that's the most character any of the cast has shown yet.
(13.66 MB 854x480 Xeno3RibbiFlats.mp4)

(22.14 MB 1280x720 Xeno3ConsulTheme.mp4)

(9.39 MB 854x480 Xeno3DriftingSoul.mp4)

>>659945 Personally, I disagree with your take about the music. I've found a lot of tracks I like such as attached related and others here >>653011 As for Noah and Mio, I'm not going to pretend they're my favorite characters or anything, but I guess I just don't mind them is the best word I can use?
>>660243 >ni/gg/ers Back to Julay's corpse, hanging foreskin
>>660255 Post sources for your claims instead of Resetera screencaps if you don't want to be a shitter I think you're genuinely detrimental to those who want to criticize this game's issues with your retardation
>>659583 Xeno 1 was pretty meh and the combat is AFK-tier, don't expect much out of it
>>660258 Luciano doesn't have fucking sources. He's just a retarded spic who deserves to be burned to death in a pile of tires as is customary for his people. Just report his posts and don't engage with him. It's a hazard in this thread. Any honest criticism is going to be followed by a whole run of Luciano posts because he sees it as an opening.
>>658809 >When you get near an area that has level 40-ish enemies lurking nearby Are you talking about the Elaice Highway just after leaving Colony 4 on the way to Ribbi Flats?
>>661007 Yeah the one that starts the Colony Iota sidequest I think. Though the Dannagh Desert close by is slightly lower level and is a huge area that can push you up to that level too.
>>662135 Seems like the expected outcome. Anons in this thread are saying the game is shittier in all aspects compared to XBC1, which I don't have a great opinion of myself so far, and it looks like the lewd has been heavily toned down, not just in the English release, compared to 2. Polygamy confirmation aside, I've not heard or seen much lewd fanart since the game released, and normally if a game is doing well and has some decent amount of sexual appeal, that shit is exploding all over the internet. I don't know about negropill's claims of pozz, that tranny shit is defintely grasping at straws, but this game is clearly shit in many other ways. Why can't they just give people what they want? It would be so easy to make a game even half as decent as XBC2 and sell gangbusters off the coattails of the last game.
>>662135 From what I can find XC2 sold about 98k in its first week including Limited Edition sales, so this is actually a step up.
>>662135 >and I'm play Japan didn't fell for the woke shit in the game The Nips didn't like the fact that there were so many cinematics in the game.
>>662146 sales doesn't necessarily translate into more profits if they expected significantly more from bigger marketing and higher productions, which racks up significant expenses basically if they spent AAA money but only got AA sales numbers, it would not be good >>662152
>>662146 Really? So it's actually doing great? Then where's all the lewd fanart for filthy secondaries?
>>662152 I mean Enel is a faggot but he's talking about fictional characters there. That's not pedophilia. I thought you meant he got caught grooming a discord member or something. That would be actual news. Some one liking loli (that character isn't built like a loli and looks like fucking 20) isn't news.
>>662152 forgot to say: if this is some fake bullshit and you're conflating loli with pedo, kill yourself I also assume you may or may not be luciano, lately some faggot has been bringing up e-celeb retards who don't matter in other threads like a retard
>>662159 Do you want me to start dumping art from gelbooru right now, Luciano?
>>662155 You're not wrong, but we also have no way of knowing how much XC3 took to develop compared to XC2. If anything it likely took less overall than XC2 did, I'd wager.
>>662161 I'm not him, but yes. Prove to me how much people like these new characters. How much art did XBC2 have shortly after it's release of just the main girls?
>>662162 We have an idea of their expectations XC2 sold over 70% of initial shipment; XC3 sold between 40-60% despite having similar sales numbers, they expected growth and improvement in sales logically, and almost certainly expended budget and effort to accomplish as such XC2 sold 117.5K in 8-9 days
(775.63 KB 685x692 Elly Disgust.png)

>>662135 I'm okay with this, not like there's much Xeno left in there anyway.
>>662177 Oh, also: XCX was released only 2 years before XC2, meaning they had, at most, 2 years of free development time (since XC1/3DS was released the same year, no way they had time to develop for 2 during those times, specially on a console that didn't exist yet) XC3 has taken over 4 and a half years of uninterrupted development time assuming development began shortly after XC2's release.
(739.00 KB 2627x3751 XB1.jpg)

(310.08 KB 844x1181 XB4.jpg)

(554.15 KB 1448x2048 XB5.jpg)

(2.70 MB 2480x3591 XB3.jpg)

(3.10 MB 1500x2398 XB2.jpg)

(610.25 KB 900x1282 XB7.jpg)

(148.32 KB 1000x1133 XB10.jpg)

(3.51 MB 2480x3440 XB9.png)

(5.55 MB 1500x2250 XB6.png)

(2.43 MB 1254x1771 XB8.png)

(2.03 MB 1495x2070 XB11.jpeg)

(170.48 KB 1500x1061 XB14.jpg)

(238.83 KB 1000x1618 XB15.jpeg)

(2.49 MB 1500x2805 XB12.jpg)

(2.67 MB 1500x2805 XB13.jpg)

That was from the first couple of pages of Gelbooru and Pixiv alone. I can keep going. I barely got a bit into it.
Fair enough, mod, but you have to admit the soccer line was good.
>>662182 Xenoblade 3D was actually mainly handled by Monster Games since Monolith had started development on XC2 during the latter half of XCX's development.
(126.04 KB 1280x960 HE HATES IT.jpg)

I will never get a Xenoblade Choronicles X2 will I? Feels bad man. The Xeno franchise without mechs lost half of its fucking identity for fucks sake bring them the fuck back monolith soft please. >>662196 faggot. I always get outright banned for lesser shit, primarily obvious jokes.
>>662186 Danke.
662221 If you want that (((You))), you'll need to suck My dick Even harder, motherfucking bastard >>662188 >>662187 >>662186 Bless You, anon
(30.58 KB 529x439 Hmm1.jpg)

>>662274 >See this post in another thread nearly word for word Man this is just getting pathetic.
>>662281 He's also still obvious pissed I instantly found art and has been seething for hours waiting to repost, hoping mods are asleep.
>>662277 >The shitty new Tales Of game that was literally inspired by fucking Life is Strange of all things is considered better than XBC3. Literally by who?
>>662284 Anon, you should know who you're talking to. He has like three sentences in his word bank.
(97.56 KB 960x852 1578695818490.jpg)

>pre-release materials refer to Juniper as she >JP script refers to her with same pronouns as Eunie >EN script calls her 'they' once when the party don't know her and only refers to her in first-person after I think what happened is some faggot lolcalizer wanted to make Juniper into a tranny but was told no.
>>662307 Basically every time "they" is used around Juniper it's in a situation where the "they" could also apply to colony Tau as a whole. Whoever localized this was extremely precise and deliberate in how it was handled because I can tell they wanted people to take it as non-binary shit (they wouldn't have hired that VA otherwise) but they also wanted deniability on it. It just comes off as stupid. You can feel the writer bending over backwards to not give the game away and it comes off awkward as hell. Especially in Zeon's secondary quest where Kite falls in love with Juniper. It was painfully obvious she's supposed to be a girl.
(23.02 KB 1080x708 FZbSOZUXoAMZOB5.jpeg)

(87.85 KB 1713x469 FZatA59WAAAGVOe.png)

>>662309 There's quests where multiple Heroes interact with each other? Neat. But yeah this all seems intentional, even the Xenoblade wiki cucked out to these morons and locked Juniper's page. Somewhat related, but do we know if Saito also designed any of the NPCs? That green-haired Entia girl in Colony 9, Trish I think is super cute, I think I like her design more than Eunie's.
>>662316 >There's quests where multiple Heroes interact with each other? Yeah I was surprised too. I only started doing the secondary hero quests in chapter 5 and really liked that touch. >That image Also I'm pretty sure that passage you have there from the official Japanese account introducing the character, which is being completely ignored obviously by the people trying to push this shit.
It gives me no end of pleasure to see just how much I broke you with one minute of searching for art, spic. It literally ruined your entire day and you can't let it go.
>>657827 >sample
>>662171 >Prove to me how much people like these new characters. How much art did XBC2 have shortly after it's release of just the main girls? See: >>662186 >>662187 >>662188
Is it ever explained why Noah and N's swords look so different from each other? At first I thought it was some kind of Moebius corruption thing like M's chakrams but then in the flashbacks to Noah's past lives it shows N's purple sword. Game seems to be implyingNoah and Mio specifically shouldn't exist since N and M were effectively removed from the cycle of rebirth so I guess it has to do with that. For now I'm assuming the difference is because of something Alvis/Ontos did, he should still have his powers unlike Pneuma and it seems like the kind of indirect intervention thing he'd do.
>>665729 Honestly I think it's just handwaved as Origin magic via Melia. Noah's is like a better, more complete version I guess. They use the origin to handwave a lot of stuff at the end.

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