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(506.51 KB 1280x720 C&F.webm)

Loli Games Thread 2: Electric Boogaloo Anonymous 03/12/2022 (Sat) 21:35:47 Id: 79e4dd No. 553005
Previous thread: >>444741 .
Edited last time by pururin on 07/10/2022 (Sun) 01:52:58.
No one ever talks about Spirits and Spells or Stretchy Cunny
Guess I'll start the thread off with dead by daylight which recently got a DLC that adds the girl from the ring as a playable killer. As much as the game itself is a mess I've still been having fun jumping out of TVs and murdering people as the ghost loli. Plus so many streamers play it that I often get to enjoy going back and watching myself murder them with extreme prejudice from their perspective.
>>553007 Is Sadako a loli?
>>553008 Depends, in the western version shes an 8 year old girl and in the japanese version shes a 19 year old biological male with testicular feminization syndrome. It's like the twilight zone, usually you'd expect the western release to turn the cute loli into an old tranny not the other way around.
>>553010 > in the japanese version shes a 19 year old biological male with testicular feminization syndrome Woah, I don't recall that from the movie, was it ever explicitly stated?
>>553011 The movie is the western version, the novel it's based around is the japanese one. In the japanese version it's the doctor that puts >her in the well after being attacked for finding out >she has testes.
>>553012 Oh wow, I need to read that book then.
(960.23 KB 1200x675 ClipboardImage.png)

>>553008 Kinda?
>>553014 >implying you wouldn't
(3.10 MB 1080x1920 alma wants to play anon.png)

>>553014 >>553019 Does alma make FEAR count as a loligame?
>>553025 Plenty of games have lolis in them, its the ones with playable lolis that these threads are for.
>>553027 Playing as Alma would sound fun.
(3.90 MB 1280x720 Alma sfm.webm)

>>553025 I found this
>>553041 Isn't that how FEAR 2 ends?
>>553030 Wouldnt that be OP? You just walk foward menacingly and everyone burns. >>553042 Yes but much more creepy.
>>553042 Yeah, except she looks more like a skeleton.
>>553042 >>553047 >>553050 Too bad FEAR 2 sucks dick
(6.91 MB 1280x720 FEAR 2 ending.mp4)

(1.83 MB 1458x1160 ClipboardImage.png)

>>553042 >>553047 >>553050 Well depending on the point of view and interpretation putting a bun in Alma's oven could have looked a number of ways depending on the Artist making porn of the scene >>553054 yeah one of the key examples of a consolized sequel, Sex with Alma was the only Carrot on a stick that made me actually finish the game.
>>553059 >yeah one of the key examples of a consolized sequel It's worse than that, it's actually a console spinoff turned into a mainline game.
>>553059 I dont recall wich game it was, but im pretty sure pointman had a PTSD scene of getting raped by boney alma, 0/10 not cute OR funny.
>>553065 I'm pretty sure you are referring to the scene in Fear 3, and that's with Becket that you played as in 2. Not Pointman who you play as in 1, and 3. And that's simply one of the issue of when you take a Silent Character and then give them a Voice, when playing Fear 2 I as the player was totally on board with having sex with Creepy Killer Psychic Lady. where in Fear 3 Becket is simply a dead beat who doesn't want to take responsibility and marry Alma.
(562.20 KB 800x600 ClipboardImage.png)

(393.15 KB 510x510 ClipboardImage.png)

(440.49 KB 640x480 ClipboardImage.png)

(164.60 KB 395x303 ClipboardImage.png)

Is this a good version of Tetris?
>>553102 No, it's garbage gimmick tetris like Tetris Gaiden Spin Off and Nintendo Tetris 2
>>553110 What a shame. Can you elaborate?
>>553112 It's not traditional tetris, like in many Arika games there are special pieces and moves that don't allign with established tetris standards. If that's your thing then great. Also pieces don't rotate properly when near the top and your screen is almost filled.
(491.62 KB 240x160 kissu.gif)

(531.25 KB 1226x1190 kissevent.jpg)

(201.40 KB 485x457 47497674_p0.png)

(287.49 KB 502x708 86443435_p19.jpg)

(611.14 KB 1077x754 86443435_p3.jpg)

Translation never ever. Why aren't you learning Nipponese?
(19.58 KB 156x230 sixhead.jpg)

>>553119 We've moved beyond fiveheads and entered sixhead territory. How did she even fit that thing under the hat?
(94.44 KB 480x640 behold!sincipitalblast!.jpg)

>>553171 It was an eleven gallon hat
(20.48 KB 155x258 sevenhead.jpg)

>>553174 BIGGER
Man I fucking love huge foreheads.
>>553312 Its so you can cum on them
>>553005 I still don't know why they changed Sayaka's name for Yumi in the US version. What's the point?
>>553341 I think the western version of Sayonara Umihara Kawase changed Umihara's name to Yumi. Maybe translators just love that name.
>>553119 First of all, at least give us the name. Secondly, I'm far away from being equipped to read without the aid of machines and I doubt OCR programs can catch kanji that low res.
>>553677 >I doubt OCR programs can catch kanji that low res. You would be surprised what kind of pixelated trash good software can identify.
>>553341 No idea, europeon version keeps the name sayaka as well, on all languages.
>>553677 That's very clearly Swordcraft Story 3. It's a kid's game with barely any kanji in it.
(185.26 KB 640x400 ClipboardImage.png)

I found this AGI (Sierra adventure game engine) series that stars a naked loli called Naturette (can find it on archive.org since it was freeware). Can't figure out how to do anything meaningful even when dissecting it with WinAGI (but I don't really know what I'm doing with that). Can find her panties are a distinct game item you can take on and off though. Any ideas?
>>554858 Yep, it's weird. It works on ScummVM at least.
>>554860 >>554865 Also the developer Robin Gravel is still active on Youtube, his last video upload was 12 days ago so you could ask him for advice. https://www.youtube.com/user/robingravel
>>554340 I love laid back kid's games stories.
>>553729 Capture2Text had some difficulties with some SNES games and KanjiTomo is a resource hog? Are there others? >>554340 Which oddly makes things hard for me as I'm very used to seeing kanji on account of the rampant synonyms/homonyms inherent in the langauge. Though it's absence is understandable. Thank you.
>>555722 Oh no, not the Twitter bots! Niggerpill was rite!!!
>>555722 No...
(138.57 KB 251x268 775scared.png)

>>553314 >>553312 Men of taste.
>>555887 I've checked sites around the net and the whole panda movie thing is getting shilled hard in certain sites (4chan /co/ especially and we all know they're full of marketers) and everywhere else is dead silent about it. Kinda getting tired of these marketing companies? I remember back in the day when people did this shit they got nothing but anchovy pizza at their door for weeks.
>>555887 Post deleted. Nitter link? I like seeing normalfags freak out over loli.
>>555887 that chink loli looks like ardman claymation with a varnish of anime
>>556249 Literally who? I mean it's not suprising.
>>556362 you just responded to niggerpill, admittedly so did i when i said >> 556357 but is comprehensible given the baffling stuff the utterly unhinged life known as niggerpill post's something that in its mind means... something? there are time where i wonder if its parents where normal and had to suffer him of if he is the result of them
>>556357 It's just Stephen Universe. Don't kid yourself.
>>553006 >stretch panic I'm still confused about what the story is about. Groping and slapping old hags and your sisters? It's another one of the obscure PS2 games that will never be ported anywhere else.
>>556418 I really want to play this
(406.46 KB 600x600 1646595497182.png)

>>556364 As if anyone would be surprised that normies don't like lolis.
Gurumin, rabi-ribi and dragon's dogma are on sale, is there anything wrong with the steam version of these games? Like they're censored or missing content or something like that? I've grown tired of nobeta and metallic child.
Don't mind me just posting this.
>>556532 Is there an easy way to install the Dragon Quest Monsters 2 remake translation for Citra?
post /tot/ games
>>556438 >normies
(342.62 KB 900x630 inside_the_mind_of_miura.png)

>>556249 >Faggot shitting on lolicon, wishing characters were in college instead of highschool in many anime <Berserk avatar
>>556803 When I was typing it, I knew someone was going to say something.
>>557002 You knew better and you still did it. Truly, the mark of a normalfag.
>>556789 Are there any /tot/ games?
>>557123 Check out "Sneak In and Sneak Up!" and anything by Exotic Condenser. Real sickfuck hours.
>>557123 Not enough.
There should be more /tot/ games with tot dress-up and wholesome stuff in addition to the lewds, loli is replete with these things but /tot/ not so much.
>>557123 Can only think of Youmaen, and that's not full /tot/ either.
Since it's only $2 i bought gurumin and turns out it's english dub only and they censored the sole pantyshot the game had, however i remember being on a cuckchan thread a while ago where some guy had a mediafire folder with patches/fixes for this game (including the PSP outfits), and then i remembered i nuked the partition in my laptop's HDD that contained all those files. Luckily the archives saved all this info, and my life is boring and repetitive enough to remember the exact words he used when he replied to me the thread is from 2019. https://www.mediafire.com/folder/3xd1misdnh92q/Gurumin Can't test most of them due to having just started the game, but the japanese voices do work.
>>556443 >>557549 Assuming you're the same guy Gurumin only has the issue of needing a patch like you've just discovered, the JP VA is a contract / money thing, the panty shot being removed was technically unintentional at first but it was intentionally kept that way after being pointed out, got the game for free for voting to get it on Steam back when greenlight was active. Rabi-Ribi is not a bad choice now that it's self published and sekai project is not involved anymore. Dragon Dogma is Capcom, make of that what you will
>>557558 I ain't, but i'm trying to buy all the games on here >>556532 that i possibly can, obviously all on sales. So far i have nobeta, metallic child, gurumin and the umihara games. DD and rabi-ribi are on sale yes, but from what i've seen you don't play as a loli on the later (fairies are an entirely different thing, and even then you play as the bunny girl) and DD requires you to make your own loli, and i am absolutely awful with character creators.
(139.06 KB 850x1377 tsubaki.jpg)

>>553171 >>553174 >>553177 >>553312 >>553314 >>555936 A little offtopic but fellow 5head enjoyers should check out kunoichi tsubaki no mune no uchi. The manga has been going on for some time and there's an anime coming out soon. It's about a village of 5head ninja lolis who have never seen males in their lives and the main girl (pic) secretly craves the D. It features plenty of 5head , belly, spats, fishnets and, of course, Justice.
>>557697 It's fucking dogshit, the one with the shogi loli was his best work, but the author committed the fatal mistake of introducing more love interests even though the premise was already good enough (unlike the cuck from takagi-san the protagonist never denies his lovelust for urushi, but he wants to prove he's both physically and mentally superior to her before he indulges in cunny).
>>557697 >>558172 Forehead ninjas airs now in April. Forehead shogi airs in July.
>>558172 >unlike the cuck from takagi-san the protagonist never denies his love But dont they end up married and with a little girl?
>>558179 “Love” to the average Anon means fucking balls deep because he’s addicted to pornography.
>>558179 Way later, yes, but the protag from soredemo never hides his love for the girl, he doesn't get teased all the fucking time either.
>>556422 the good news is the emulator can run it, i finished the full game on it.
>>557549 Thanks anon, I still have my jap audio files from back when but I didn't know about the panty shot thing. >>557558 >got the game for free for voting to get it on Steam I remember that, I did the same thing. Always thought it was a dumb move for the dev, it's not exactly a popular game and likely anyone who had any interest in it probably got it for free. They basically guaranteed they wouldn't make any money from that release. I just checked and the steam group you had to join still has 24 thousand members even years later. That's a lot of free copies for a niche jap indie game. I'd be surprised if they got more than a few thousand actual sales.
(432.59 KB 1920x1080 20220328235355_1.jpg)

(267.04 KB 1920x1080 20220329000659_1.jpg)

(327.05 KB 1920x1080 20220328235228_1.jpg)

(324.76 KB 1920x1080 20220328235233_1.jpg)

Been playing Bannerlord as a loli (reminder the nipples are official and don't need any mods). I managed to take Lavenia Castle and got the Aseri to pay me for peace (only 60 denars a day though). What should I do now that I have my own kingdom? Fief is pretty stable (near max loyalty) thanks to a governor companion I recruited, and I've got max workshops (for income) and have been building improvements to the castle I own. I've got ~300 trained soldiers between my party and garrison. Any suggestions on the next step toward conquering Calradia? >>557549 The panty shot isn't censored on the PC release, it's just exclusive to the hardest difficulty. You can find it mentioned (and which file to rename to see it in any difficulty to use that version of Parin's model in on any difficulty) on Nipponese wikis.
>>558192 S3 of Takagi just ended with him confessing his love for the girl, are you gay or just retarded, anon?
>>553102 I'd rather play Puyo Puyo if I want a tetris-esque game with cute lolis in it.
>>565038 Bannerlord children are designed to look like real children, not moe goblins.
>>557697 Stay away from his shitty jiangshi noincestbully series however.
>>565797 >http://takaji.sakura.ne.jp/0505/top.html Why can't I click any of the buttons?
>>556418 It's all available in the manual. The protagonist is a tomboy loli who takes after her late dad, while all her sisters take after their vain mom. All the characters in the game get their idea of beauty physically warped by the primiarily-antagonistic monsters I forget the name of. This is also why the protagonist's scarf gains powers, as it has value to her as a gift given to her by the previously mentioned late dad. It also explains why the game has a bunch of giant tit enemies, as they were originally women who simply wanted bigger boobs and had the desire twisted in that manner. You can also get an idea of what the protag's sisters' interests/views of beauty are in each boss fight (and also a more direct explanation from the manual). Long story short, the game is a pro tomboy supremacy work.
So i got banned by the trannie jannies at shitchan over posting this images on /v/ during midnight, like jesus what? but most normies still hang at that shit place, anyway, lets post cute and funny girls from vidya. this is tsunade from the far east of eden.
(33.20 KB 768x672 2651532-motokochan001.png)

(6.74 KB 214x235 índice.jpg)

(35.75 KB 220x401 Motoko_chan_sfc.jpg)

>>553005 >>553005 >>553005 >>553005 >>553005 >>553005 see But i'll contribute, Motoko-Chan's Wonder Kitchen for the SFC
...Shit wring thread sorry.
>>569396 >>569396 Nah this is ok
>>569391 Was this created by the Moon RPG guys?
>>569528 Love-de-lic? I don't think so, those people worked at Human before founding their own company and then split into Skip and others. This is some supermarket tie-in game IIRC, but someone from soon-to-be Ldl could be involved, i'm not aware.
(44.06 KB 583x650 fuck_outta_here.jpg)

>>569387 Go back to where you came if you're gonna bring your retardation from there to here.
>>569387 The world needs more girls with wide mouths.
mergan with the loli thread
Would Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin count as a loli game?
(632.13 KB 1440x1217 rice goddess coming through.png)

(412.99 KB 675x1200 Sakuna.jpg)

>>569387 Lurk for 2 years, faggot. >>569547 Image how much she could fit in such a big mouth. >>570015 Absolutely.
(648.38 KB 2160x720 prisoners.png)

>Bannerlord save corrupts after difficult fight >oh well, decide to update to beta and start new game >turns out mod that lets you play as loli isn't compatible and not planned for beta compatible >also other mods aren't compatible and annoying to figure out which Welp. Uninstall and wait for stable before playing again. Started the DQM2 remake. Looks great and seems to differ from the original a good deal. Any recommendations for early game monsters/skills to pick up? Any way to make load times better on Citra?
>>571302 >mod that lets you play as loli I was under the impression that you could play as a loli without mods by using console commands to set your age lower.
https://nichegamer.com/deathsmiles-i-ii-is-coming-to-pc/ >lolis smile back >>571310 To a degree, but there's other issues with that that mean it's way less annoying with the mod.

(745.43 KB 1018x1193 tsunadeBa.jpg)

(421.71 KB 943x1397 tsunadeA1nofi.jpg)

>>569543 no fun allowed mate?
(2.35 MB 304x208 lunarstripschool.mp4)

Any (non-H) games with pre-rendered lewd video of lolis?
>>571349 Don't bring crap from cuckchan and integrate, otherwise have fun.
(725.50 KB 1200x675 ClipboardImage.png)

>>571427 Would you look at that, I wasn't aware of a Nintendo Switch/Steam re-release. I wonder if it has been censored?
>>571428 I don't know if it was censored, but there is bad input delay.
>>571351 Is that a young Lemina in the back? Cute.
>>571427 Where are the lolis lewded in the cutscenes?
>>571747 Don't need them for a game this good.
(4.02 MB 1280x720 rice cunny.webm)

>>571428 What can possibly be censored?
>>575460 Pantsu.
>>571349 Things that are cute and funny are always allowed here.
What's the comfiest loli game?
>>575968 No one?
>>577974 Guess not...
>>575968 >>577974 >>580247 Posting has been difficult this week. >comfiest Hard to say. I'm guessing you meant loli games instead of games that happened to have a loli in it.
(691.22 KB 2560x1440 grow1.jpg)

(411.33 KB 2560x1440 grow2.jpg)

>>575968 I mentioned it last thread but grow song of the evertree was definitely the comfiest loli game I played last year. I still pick it up every now and then, it's therapeutic like a zen garden to grow these little worlds based on seeds that you make from random elements. I used a bunch of gross elements on my latest one and ended up with a world where everything has eyes.
>>580342 Dude I love No Man's Sky
(243.82 KB 1920x1080 nms1.jpg)

(290.37 KB 1920x1080 nms2.jpg)

>>580343 This but unironically, playing interstellar photographer is actually pretty relaxing.
(62.97 KB 156x512 longheadislong.png)

>>553171 >>553177 long head is long
>>580342 >>580356 I'll be sure to check these out! Thanks!
(215.59 KB 870x381 ClipboardImage.png)

(90.58 KB 274x380 ClipboardImage.png)

(70.82 KB 522x348 ClipboardImage.png)

Came across these on Twitter. Someone at Nintendo either fucked up, or Knew exactly what they were doing.
>>585234 Inb4 porn of this is trending on twitter/pixiv tomorrow.
>>585234 >can't win matches because your teammates are too busy fucking around doing morphplay and squidbagging in a corner I hate online games
(128.32 KB 433x709 young v with baby viv.png)

>>585234 Its obvius that the people behind splattoon knew what they were doing with the inlkings from day 1, you cant even pretend to fault people for it.
>>585242 I'm very surprised Splatoon was as much of a success as it turned out to be. It was just the right niche at the right time and it has cute girls to boot. Is this Nintendo's last successful new IP or am I missing something?
(84.20 KB 1007x621 Absolutely woomy.png)

(66.24 KB 862x736 octomankobones.png)

(394.00 KB 494x925 octo.png)

(442.90 KB 652x1000 SquibE.png)

>>585234 We need more info. Are these official? Is the white one an edit? Is this just polished concept art? Or do that look like that in the game and no one noticed until now. It's always been known that squid vaginas are gross, and they had every intention of making them so, the question is the degree to which they made them sexy.
(1.00 MB 889x980 975.jpg)

>>585401 >It's always been known that squid vaginas are gross Fucking word filters, lmao. SQUID KlDS ARE SEXY.
(1.01 MB 1315x831 ClipboardImage.png)

>>585401 The white one is an edit, I just happened across the pictures on twitter, but it is an official render for Nintendo. looking it up it came from the Japanese Splatoon 3 website. The annonced the release date today, so there is new renders and stuff. https://www.nintendo.co.jp/switch/av5ja/index.html
>>585413 Ah, so this sexy new inklings are how they'll be rendered in the next game. I hope it's not censored.
(1.98 MB 1280x720 Splatoon 3.mp4)

>>585420 The render is for the in game animation they've done when you shift forms.
(33.34 KB 256x384 thelolione.png)

>remember Monster Tale was a neat metroidvania with solid mechanics but some really poorly executed details >wonder what happened to the 3DS remake >see it was reannounced for "modern platforms" at the start of last year <it was supposed to release that year and no news has been mentioned Cursed game.
>>585597 God fucking damn it, I never managed to finish it, so I was waiting for at least a port for a different platform, because the mechanics are very specific to be played on DS, and I refuse to play it on phones or with the mouse.
>>585424 You know Nintendo knew going in how sexy they were
>>585404 >SQUID vaginas are gross No they are not. I'd wager that they keep making them uglier even.
>>589845 Haven't played Splatoon but they look hot in that Splatoon 3 video. I've always been tempted to buy it just for that.
>>589846 Just look at char customization in 3 and compare that to 1. They keep nigger-izing them.
>>589847 I'll look into it. Isn't the setting urban and by inking stuff, it's kinda like graffiti? I dunno, whatever, like it makes more sense in games like this and Jet Set Radio and other games of that nature. And Marina is one of the better brown girls just based on hentai alone. Totally inappropriate name though. Marina is a white girl name and Pearl sounds like more of a black name.
>>589849 Yeah it is but they just keep making them look uglier and like tiny San Francisco hipster faggots instead of cute.
(585.48 KB 800x450 Frost and rust.png)

Adventure mode for Onirism finally got an update after over a year of arcade updates. Thankfully it's a pretty big and nice one, features a big open battle with a series of objectives to accomplish in a limited time, followed by a raid in a factory and a boss fight, and a new zone to explore which is a western canyon with cowboy frorcs, new guns and costumes including a Fio Germi and Caleb outfit. New update adds 3-5 hours to the campaign, not including the grind to get all the new clothing and weaponry.
>>590819 I wish that game would hurry up and get finished so that I can play it, I don't like playing half a game and then waiting 5 years for the rest.
(253.49 KB 462x476 FUCKING HELL CHRIS.PNG)

>>590837 You're gonna wait a lot then. According to the roadmap, they might be only at 50-55% of the full game, I don't expect this game to be finished for about 2-3 years by now considering how big this half-game already is, and that's if they don't get shit happening like the whole team getting sick like 2 months ago. At least I can withstand the wait, since I like Onirism very much.
(3.40 MB 620x976 roll.gif)

(65.19 KB 353x897 Rolled_kunoichi.png)

>>592045 I have no idea who this is but I would impregnate.
(300.70 KB 760x1263 001.png)

>>592045 I'm ok with this.
(51.93 KB 683x875 which 2hu is this.png)

>>592045 She's kind of cute.
>>592045 As a huge Takagi fan, I approve of all those girls, but this one works too
(567.55 KB 1280x720 Tachiaoi.jpg)

>>592054 I got the same one.
(92.74 KB 404x571 who.png)

>>592555 The uuooohhh is off the charts with that one.
(639.56 KB 2437x5460 97808953_p0.jpg)

>>592045 unprotected vaginal sex with mokuren
>>553005 Who is the art designer ? Nothing shows up on wiki.
(19.94 KB 612x312 Et8D7DcVIAM61sy.jpg)

>>553012 There is actually A japanese movie and a korean one. there was also a television movie in japan before that. Haven't seen any of them myself though. On the subejct of videogames there was also a dreamcast survival horror game and a visual novel for the wonderswan. The dreamcast game doesn't let you play as sadako though. No clue about he wonderswan VN.
>>593467 >shes (male) wearing dirty sneakers I find this oddly endearing
(69.07 KB 853x1280 1596145614662.jpg)

(59.96 KB 854x1280 1596145551966.jpg)

(368.40 KB 1375x774 ClipboardImage.png)

It's kodomo no hi! I'm posting the only worthwhile part of a shitty remake. Also pics of a toy.
Nobeta got a release date!
(1.14 MB 900x1276 82653363_p0.png)

>>599846 >august >no graphical improvements, just new voices, more areas and presumably better combat and more spells >the animated trailer looked jank as fuck All the budget went to the v-tumors and professional cunny artist. Glad to see the dev has his priorities straight, so it'll be a 7/10 game at worst.
>>600021 Still better than 90% of shit they put out as games these days at least.
>>601796 Retard
>>600021 Dude, the game looks great. I want it to remain somewhat janky, I don't need normalfags playing my lolige.
>>601914 Most normalfags won't play it anyways, they're scared of being seen as "weird" by their normalfag friends for having played it. They may LARP about playing it like by using their oh-so-funny FBI memes. In a worst case scenario we'll get something like touhou where 80% of the people who talk about it never played the mainline games once, let alone 1cc'd anything on normal.
(1.51 MB 1661x1800 Casual Playthrough Nobeta.jpg)

>>600021 >image You call that a fail state?
(329.36 KB 588x697 aaah.png)

>>602263 >rape Absolutely shit tier, subhuman niggerish fetish.
>>602396 >implying its a real person that can be raped whats next being able to discern their age?
>>602421 What the fuck are you talking about? I'm just saying that the picture is hot garbage because rape is a shit-tier fetish along with guro and the like.
(186.05 KB 1900x1227 Little-Witch-in-the-Woods-Art.jpeg)

(17.40 KB 572x354 EUN23ESUYAEuciB.mp4)

(28.18 KB 300x300 EASEf4nUwAIg44v.mp4)

While we're on the topic of witch lolis here's yet another game selling itself on that. No idea if it's any good but you can never have too much magical cunny so I figured I'd post it here.
>>602421 What next? Black dicks fucking anime girls is alright because it's not a real nigger?
(90.14 KB 640x640 donk.mp4)

Anyone has working torrent of that loli with guns game that was being talked last thread?
>>602467 Kind of looks like the Atelier games with a bit of zelda, i"ll keep an eye out.
>>602476 Do you mean Onirism? The one with the plastic guns?
(767.41 KB 255x3060 fullbruce.png)

>>602507 I'll never forget the time this idiot's script doxxed himself.
>>553005 >sayaka is japanese for yumi i could get behind character renames in Pokémon, even though i hate them, but what's the point changing one japanese sounding name into another japanese sounding name?
>>602527 Probably the whole localizers get paid more by increasing the raw amount of changes to the script shit, and the faggots trying to minmax their profit.
>>602396 No, implied rape is shit: >>600021 If you're going to imply it then just do it like: >>602263 It's like an anime having "yuri undertones" but no actual yuri scenes. >>602470 In that image it literally isn't. It's the tall ghost enemies in Little Witch Nobeta which are black or red. Making those ghosts into niggers would require your own headcanon in which case the problem is on your end. >>602476 >>602488 Getting recent versions of Onirism through piracy is not easy. The "giga mega update" may have been the last version I saw and the only version I saw before that ended in the Swamp area. >>602540 Reminds me of how English dubs of anime always add a fuckload of unnecessary dialogue (not present in a translation) which obliterates any semblance of subtlety. Everything gets ruined by shitty cram-in-more-words dialogue just to pad out some worthless hack's paycheck. Better to just watch it subtitled because the chance of the people involved in the writing/acting of the original dialogue actually giving a fuck is massively higher. >>602527 In the case of changing Sayaka to Yumi you could at least fool yourself into believing that's her first and last name since it's not being changed to something English like changing Ran Mori to Rachel Moore. Although changing from a Japanese name into another Japanese name seems rather pointless.
>>602396 what's about ntr?
>>602547 No, fuck you. All rape is shit. I don't like non-consensual content. I don't enjoy seeing cute things suffer. >>602550 Just as bad really, but for entirely different reasons.
(17.05 KB 356x374 interjection.png)

>>602557 Women orgasm during rape
>>602561 How does that change anything?
>>602563 Does an orgasm qualify as suffering? Rape exists throughout the animal kingdom yet in their greater intellect humans decided that humans mustn't be raped. This leads to rape play, orgasm denial, femdom, face-sitting, bondage, fifty shades of rape fantasies in popular media, all sorts of kinky mental contortions to feed an innate desire for rape that had always existed. In worst cases you wind up with open borders to the most violent rape-filled countries championed by women desperate for aggressive forced sex. Rape is part of humans whether they consent or not, pun intended. Being offended over fictional struggle snuggle seems very out of place here to begin with.
>>602589 I'm not going to engage you on an unnecessarily long diatribe. I don't come to the videogame board to see cute lolis getting raped. That's fucking all, I will bitch about it if I please, nobody named you the arbiter of discussion.
>>602599 Also fuck your /pol/ tier posting and justification for your nigger tier fetishes, tl;dr go die.
>>553005 Has Caladrius Blaze been mentioned? Nina and Noah Twinning classify as loli I think. >>602589 What's stopping you from raping women? Afraid of the law? Are you a little pussy who is afraid you'll get caught? You wouldn't feel guilt for causing mental anguish by taking a woman against her will would you? After all, you're just a monkey. You're nothing but a feral beast. Get out of your chair and go be a primal animal you fucking hypocrite. Humans and their shitty intellect. Go be an animal. Stop posting and go rape. If you don't start raping today then kill yourself because you suffer from nigger-think.
(1.31 MB 500x475 headpat the tomoko.gif)

>>602604 Please, dont post such innocent looking pictures of tomoko while talking about rape, it makes me feel weary and worry about the poor thing, specially now that she was kidnaped by yuri writers.
>>602604 Nigger.
(496.42 KB 1275x711 ClipboardImage.png)

>>602589 >"That's immoral, molestation this. Sex offender registry that" >"Did you think every rape in history was apart of some big old conspiracy?" >"Bullshit! Rape is just apart of who we are! why fight it."
balls jaws
>>602626 You are a nigger.
>>602608 What happened to Tomoko was like the Metamorphosis doujin...really tragic shit.
>>602631 Not as bad, but turning her from female sperg adventures to yuri harem is certanly a fucking sin, specially after she had been straight the entire fucking time.
(330.06 KB 680x680 big plastic.png)

>>602547 >Getting recent versions of Onirism through piracy is not easy. I simply just bought it after trying a crack that was posted here and loving it. Didn't want to search after each big update that adds several story hours for a game that only probably 200 people played.
>>602730 Why are you in the loli thread asking this?
>>602730 lmao cuck, enjoy your roasties.
>>602601 >>602604 >>602628 What's with the continued insistence that rape is an exclusively nigger thing? It was laid out clearly that rape is a human thing that has existed forever and permeates media. >>602589 Also stop crying "nigger nigger!" like a faggot trying to fit in while simultaneously being openly triggered by fictional drawings. We wouldn't even have loli posted here to begin with if everyone had such fragile sensibilities. Grow thicker skin if you're going on image boards. God forbid if that loli gore GIF were posted. You know the one.
>>602835 Your fetish is bad and you should feel bad for deriving sexual pleasure from the suffering and mental as well as physical scarring of others for your own amusement. Hedonistic cunt. Nigger
>>602839 drawings aren't people
>>602843 I know and I also happen to know where you are going to with that reply so this is the last (You) that You (f66fab) are getting from me.
>>602844 aaargh noo
>>602844 Watch this, >>602846 Here's the another you, on behalf of 693854.
(432.29 KB 1673x990 This Thead.jpg)

>>602865 >OC Noice.
>>602865 This is not the community I remember.
(825.83 KB 1537x900 green anon slapped.png)

>>602868 >moral fagging over drawings <This is not the community I remember. Go back then.
>>602870 You go back to /interracial/' Fucking retards can't handle having their shit-tier fetish being called for what it is, animalistic behavior. Animals eat their offspring, shouldn't we do the same too then? Fucking nigger.
(120.28 KB 412x363 LMAOing at ur life rt nao.png)

(789.63 KB 470x360 nigger alarm.webm)

>>602871 >comparing drawings to real life again >keeps crying nigger to fit in
>>602874 You are the one using muh soy and muh fedora memes from 2016, faggot. I'm not the one trying to fit in, explain to me how 'rape' is a good fetish and not barely above guro.
(1.34 MB 1700x1900 77416412_p75.jpg)

Autism like this is why shota remains the superior fetish.
For the record morals separate man from lowly animals, acting on your perverse impulses without second thought is something proper of a beast, not a civilized creature. The term nigger is the most apt because negroes commit the largest amount of rapes, since they are statistically and genetically stupider than other races, which puts them closer to a lowly animal than a human, therefore more prone to engage in these disgusting acts. I don't care if the drawing is fiction, because the kind of fetish you consume speaks tons of you as a person. Getting off to something pretty being forcefully debauched is just really shit, right along with scat and guro.
>>602876 I never called rape a good fetish. You're just overly triggered by drawings of it and that's silly. It's not even interracial rape or fag rape. It's not NTR with some cuck watching while weeping. It's not mind break. Like, there's much worse. You can't white knight and protect fictional girls from being drawn getting raped. >>602878 Not every girl wants to be tenderly loved and caressed, "nice guy". Many women enjoy if not demand forcefulness. Many women fantasize about and consume rape fiction. Assuming your pussy approach to women betrays a lineage of masculine conquerors and reveals you as a soy tard which is why you were mocked as such. Insisting "only the uncivilized (niggers) commit rape" when it has been done throughout history by every race regardless of how "civilized" is a delusion of your own creation.
>>602881 > You're just overly triggered by drawings of it and that's silly A lot of things in this site are silly, you and a bunch of others continuously engaging me on this argument is silly. I showed disgust for a picture depicting Nobeta being raped and someone just couldn't have it, they had to tell me why I was "soy" and a billion other 2016 Sam Hyde tier buzzwords. Consensual forcefulness or rough play or whatever is completely different from rape. >Assuming your pussy approach to women betrays a lineage of masculine conquerors and reveals you as a soy tard which is why you were mocked as such A lineage of what? Dude what are you even talking about, I don't care if some barbarian borderline caveman raped women a thousand years ago. >Insisting "only the uncivilized (niggers) commit rape" when it has been done throughout history by every race regardless of how "civilized" is a delusion of your own creation. How does that make it okay? Historically, countless atrocities have been committed by many groups, that's life but why should I accept it or shrug my arms and act like that's okay. Complete apathy, is that what you want? I'm not falling for any blackpilled bullshit, faggot. > It's not NTR with some cuck watching while weeping. It's not mind break. It isn't but it's just as bad, it's Nobeta bawling her guts out while she's being forcefully penetrated which is causing her severe pain. I don't like that, I won't have it and I will express my discomfort so. If you don't like me doing so then shut the fuck up and don't reply to me or I will go on a autistically long tangent about it, you faggots started it when you replied to me.
>>602884 >you faggots started it when you replied to me You openly whining over drawings started it. Certainly tastes differ, but if you go around whining over drawings you will be bullied. I don't even have to be the one to do it since anons who've been around image boards for a long time generally don''t tolerate fragility. The kicker is that it was spoilered. You clicked the spoiler expecting vanilla lewds when the post did not suggest that would be the case. What does "You call that a fail state?" make you think the image was? She wasn't going to be getting head-patted and served pancakes behind that spoiler.
>>602877 No. I like both but fujos are some of the worst people on the internet. Also this whole argument is gay so I'm not participating.
>>602903 >Certainly tastes differ, but if you go around whining over drawings you will be bullied. I wouldn't consider this bullying, if anything it's an autistic back and forth from which there is no escape. If someone replies to me, I 'will reply back. My rat brain tells me that I must have the final word. I never did say nor imply that. I was fully aware and expecting it to be rape. >anons who've been around image boards for a long time generally don''t tolerate fragility Le epic oldfag amirite?
>>602878 So I take it you're not in the loli isn't pedo camp?
(292.18 KB 678x397 laughing kumi.png)

>>602884 >Regular rape is just as bad as NTR Lmao.
>>602911 >>602912 You could have made that a single post, cuckchanner.
>>602906 Good call. This argument is mildly entertaining at best >>602908 >I was fully aware and expecting it to be rape. Then why did you click the spoiler? Just to be angry on the internet? >Le epic oldfag amirite? Yes. Is this the next argument? It usually devolves into posting old shit that could be found anywhere so I don't want to bother with it to be honest.
>>602891 >>602900 I hate these imageset with the dozens of intermediate steps where the artist just slid a transparency scale for the clothes layer a tiny bit a dozen times. You're not "padding out" the number of drawings you did, you're just bloating the number of files in a set. If you want people to see all the fucking transparency levels so badly, release the original files and let people open them and adjust the transparency themselves. Or just fucking release a normal image set, you fucking faggots.
>>602916 >Then why did you click the spoiler? Just to be angry on the internet? Yes, that's all.
(317.00 KB 576x432 Super Virginia.png)

>>602914 What's that? The guy who can't stop bringing up niggers and /interracial/ hates short multiple posts?
(178.11 KB 546x794 pee.jpg)

Here's a better moral quandary for this thread: is it okay for teenage girls to pee on shotas?
>>602923 I remember bringing that exact same doujin up some time ago and bitching about that.
>>602923 Only if the JK lets the shota pee on them first, to confirm watersports are on the table, and thus can justly spray back at them since turnabout is fair play.
(17.16 KB 245x204 enjoying_my_anger.jpg)

>>602919 You know what? I can respect that.
>>602925 Those aren't what transparent clothes look like. That's a fucking layer with a transparency slider, and I fokking swear on me mum, I've seen the other versions of those images before.
>>602923 >>602924 Wasn't the other girl talking like she was blessing the shotas with her piss or some such nonsense? It was kind of funny. She clearly just got off on it.
>>602933 It's from Agata's later works which keep getting worse and the femdom aspect has escalated way too much.
>>602930 >posting the illegal loli in your effort post in the midst of kazu sperging out I salute your bravery good sir.
>>602934 It reminded me of "dare you enter my magical realm" so I laughed.
>>602930 >I don't care who you are there is always that part of your brain when you are in public that goes "What if I just grabbed that person and fucked the shit out of them" No, I don't. Even before I thought 3D was PD. I only ever had regular violent thoughts, not sexual ones. Are you okay anon? As for that whole "pretense" thing. I like rape hentai now and then, but I've never preferred it. If rape fiction was throwing out the pretense, wouldn't anyone who likes it consume it more predominantly once they've started to like it and thus abandoned said pretense? >Porn really isn't okay How, and so what?
>>602938 > If rape fiction was throwing out the pretense, wouldn't anyone who likes it consume it more predominantly once they've started to like it and thus abandoned said pretense? That would mean that the slippery slope is real.
>>602939 guess that means loli should be banned after all. think of all the lost anons and wasted time we could have saved if only we knew this sooner.
>>602939 >The slippery slope There's no such thing. There's lots of real slippery slopes, such as censorship, I'm sure most here would agree. Calling something a slippery slope by saying A leads to C without a clear B is a "slippery slope fallacy" because you claim there's a slippery slope with properly proving it. Just invoking "muh slippery slope" doesn't disprove that any one thing is a slippery slope.
>>602944 Fag marriage was clearly a slippery slope, although by the time it passed the institution of marriage was already thoroughly destroyed by family courts. On the subject of fallacies "Correlation does not equal causation" is something that's been hammered into the ground. Even when the things being correlated are strongly and demonstrably related you're not permitted to suggest any causation between them. Generally "Correlation does not equal causation" is used to protect certain groups from taking blame for anything that they're overwhelmingly causing more than any other group. Absolute worst fallacy IMO.
(210.15 KB 640x480 ClipboardImage.png)

>>602938 >I only ever had regular violent thoughts, not sexual ones. Are you okay anon? I just mean when you see someone attractive and you have thoughts about wanting to fuck them, if you were to indulge that then and there, that would very likely lead to rape, maybe the intention isn't Sexual Violence but that's the most likely outcome of mindlessly going with that urge. >wouldn't anyone who likes it consume it more predominantly once they've started to like it and thus abandoned said pretense? Well I can only speak from my own experience. Thanks to Zone's Newgrounds porn parodies corrupting me at a young age, Rape is usually my first go to choice. I didn't really slip down a slope when it comes to Porn, I started at the bottom and worked my way up. >How, and so what? Well the main primal goal we all know exists in life is to procreate and pass on genes, Porn directly inhibits that process, If a person didn't have access to porn they would undeniably have a stronger desire to fuck an actual living person and fulfill this goal. I'm not going to pretend that porn isn't an obstacle in my life that i'm going to need to overcome, If you have no desire to fuck a real woman and have a family of your own, then your just admitting you are an evolutionary dead end, and if that's the case then good luck figuring out some other meaning to your life, since you crossed out the most basic one.
>>602949 >I just mean when you see someone attractive and you have thoughts about wanting to fuck them, if you were to indulge that then and there, that would very likely lead to rape Now see, you're adding addendums here. First is was fantasies about immediate fucking, now it's specifically rape, if you did it in real life. But that's not what the fantasy is, necessarily. By this logic, thinking about sex with anyone is thinking about raping them. You're retarded. >Well the main primal goal we all know exists in life is to procreate and pass on genes Humans are a social species, capable of individual sacrifice for the survival and the benefit of the whole as a group organism. This is observed in some animals where a member of a group will intentionally act as a decoy for the rest despite it being the worst possible evolutionary strategy for passing on its genetic legacy. Once life becomes complex enough, it becomes about more than just making more babies. Even though that will always be an important part, it's not necessary for all individuals, and even justifiably discourageable for those with genetic disorders whose "most basic meaning of life" as you put it, actively harms their own children and the species by perpetuating objectively bad genes. Children are optional for large parts of the group, especially for apex predators who need not fear extinction due to underpopulation. >inb4 replacement rates, muh niggers Gas the niggers, birth rates will rise again to replacement levels once the elderly start dying off. Birth rates are a meme perpetuated by the media to encourage immigration from the turd world.
>>602956 >Birth rates are a meme Do you really think people are having the same amount of children now that they were thirty to fifty years ago?
(1.21 MB 980x652 rP0n36xG-_bk9Am4.mp4)

(1.08 MB 384x239 GET_IN.gif)

>openly triggered by fictional drawings Where did I imply that? I was calling you a retard for implying rape is a normal human behavior. Wanting your fetishes to be accepted in everyday life is what trannies and faggots do.
>>602967 No, not one bit. You're illiterate.
>>603099 >Wanting your fetishes to be accepted in everyday life is what trannies and faggots do. and "lolicons"
>>603211 lolicons are becoming as annoying as furries.
>>603211 lolicons are becoming as annoying as furries.
>>603099 >for implying rape is a normal human behavior Human, yes. Normal is a stretch. Rape constitutes a tiny fraction of the drawn images I have since it's not "my fetish" as you claim, but seeing butthurt over it is funny because the idea of posters being so pussified on 8chan that they're sperging over drawings is silly. Loli even being here at all is because posters here are predominantly not pussies who sperg over drawings. >accepted in everyday life I don't think posting a drawing of rape on 8chan is normalizing rape fetish in everyday life. You genuinely sound like a journalist with that assertion. >what trannies and faggots do Posts on 8chan are a far cry from the influence of well-funded LGBT groups in education, media, politics, HR, advertising, etc. This false equivalence and exaggeration suggests that maybe you should get into journalism. These arguments are so weak I can hardly muster the interest to reply to this anymore. "I DON'T LIKE THING" So what? Get over it. Maybe don't click the damn spoilers then. >>603211 >>603262 >>603263 Where do you think we are? You're free to leave any time.
>>603266 >Anons shouldn't be enraged over things >Anons shouldn't seek to remove those they find unpleasant >Anons should take everything as it is
>>603271 Take my cock, faggot.
(405.36 KB 600x449 ehh.png)

>>603266 >it's not "my fetish" as you claim >I don't think posting a drawing of rape on 8chan is normalizing rape fetish in everyday life >These arguments are so weak I can hardly muster the interest to reply to this anymore. "I DON'T LIKE THING" So what? Get over it. Maybe don't click the damn spoilers then. I have not said any of these things. I haven't even implied them, I was replying to >>602589 who very clearly is talking about real life. And I only mentioned real life. I wouldn't be in this thread if I didn't like the subject matter. When I see something retarded like this I am going to call it out. Thinking humans are just another animal and rational thought is a social construct is either the view of a teenager or a retard.
(221.19 KB 500x500 73662953_p0.jpg)

Hory shiet, take this discussion about rape to the lounge already. >>602906 >fujos are some of the worst people on the internet I have never met a fujo online or in real life. The closest thing I've seen was a (probably underage) female translator hosting her own translations of Hanako-kun in a Tumblr blog that pics of him everywhere. >>602923 NO.
>>603211 When have you seen the loli pride parade or men walking out with loli pussy tee shirts in the millions? Is there loli in every other commercial on tv and every other television show? Does walmart carry the onahole simply known as "7"?
>>603266 I take back what I said, lolicons are as annoying as furries
(197.93 KB 735x1000 37829014_p0.jpg)

>>603398 >men walking out with loli pussy tee shirts in the millions? A man can dream.
>>603437 The elite have been trying to normalize pedophilia since Walt Disney's black and white Alice films.
>>603437 add 200 pounds of lard on the dude for extra realism
>>603350 Ah, got you mixed up with that other one. >Thinking humans are just another animal Humans are animals. Humans are mammals and "race" was basically a politically-correct replacement for "species". >and rational thought is a social construct You're told rape is a human thing not exclusive to niggers or uncivilized societies, that it exists throughout history and in popular media, you're told these things exists, so your conclusion is that what you're actually being told is that rational thought isn't real even though that wasn't in the text of the post. I can't help you with that. >>603394 >I have never met a fujo online or in real life I know a fujoshi IRL. Repugnant, poor hygiene, trash / clothes / food / dishes all over their room, obese, mostly into anime or manga with pretty boys if not outright fags. It's understandable why they're despised. >Hory shiet, take this discussion about rape to the lounge already. I get the feeling we're too far gone now with the "drawings = real life" shit creeping in like we haven't seen that a billion times.
>>603440 they haven't been trying very good, as if they haven't been trying at all, as if your spouting bullshit
>>603440 No they haven't. The elite don't want to normalize Pedophilia because they already do it and they get off on being able to do it behind people's back. Then pushing all the blame on regular people through shit like stranger danger. The only thing close would be gays and trannys but that isn't trying to normalize pedos that's about making those people a protected class, they see it as a continuation of gay and trans rights not pedo rights
(232.71 KB 1280x1024 216910-cooke.jpg)

post (not a well known) loli from a vidya and anons rate her >Cooke from Lost Odyssey
>>609510 Pretty cute, but how funny is she?
(398.29 KB 462x385 5092-416280333.png)

(52.25 KB 512x384 22-aht-jump4.gif)

>>609510 Aht from Radiant Historia. She's a furry and a gypsy, but also a top qt.
>>609513 pretty sure she wears black panties under that mini skirt (it topped with an open midriff and bare shoulders makes for a pretty suggestive design) i would check her game model but l have no idea how to apply color on her in blender with the files i got >>609519 she looks like an adorable beetle girl with those horns and for a furry she sure shows a lot of skin btw what is this game and series? any good?
>>609525 She's a goat, you dingus. >btw what is this game and series? any good? Yeah, it's pretty decent. It's a JRPG on DS that involves time travel. You basically play through two seperate timelines concurrently, using shit from one to help you progress in the other. It has a fairly unique combat system where enemies are placed on a 3x3 grid and you have various moves that knock them around that grid, with the idea being to knock several enemies onto the same tile so you can hit them all with a strong attack. The characters are good too, the women are cute and the men are bros. Just make sure you play the original and not the 3DS remake; that fucked things up.
>>609525 I wanted to know if she was actually funny, not if she's lewd.
(26.11 KB 400x145 ClipboardImage.png)

>>609525 > l have no idea how to apply color on her in blender with the files i got Assuming it's not just you having no idea about pressing pic-related: What's the file format.
(30.86 KB 661x230 ClipboardImage.png)

>>609565 Sounds interesting, I'll check it out >>609673 Well excuse me for following board slang, she's a cheerful little thing who makes her living by selling with her twin brother. >>609705 It's .pga shit, the model itself is psk, google says i need to individually choose every model's chunk and apply corresponding color file to it, but i honestly have no idea where to press, google tells me i need to do something in "UV Image Editor" but where is it, look i didn't exactly crash course 3d modeling, i only installed it for one thing
>>609735 >she's a cheerful little thing who makes her living by selling with her twin brother. NICE
>>609736 *selling flowers fuck im really embarrassed
With Tera shutting down what's the go-to loli MMO? Blade and Soul? I know FF11/14 have the Taru/Lalas but not as much of a fan.
(342.22 KB 1920x1080 20220531183603_1.jpg)

>update Bannerlord >turns out they fixed the easy text edit to remove underwear >and gave lolis a top This is terrible. Is there a mod to fix it?
>>611363 RIP. Now I don't want to buy it at all.
>>611363 RIP easy nudity, but I'm going to come out and say butterlord isn't the best game for it anyway due to potatofaces.
>>611363 Is Bonerlord finally completed? Or at least are there mods to fix what's broken in the base game? Been waiting to play it for quite a few years at this point…
>>611092 >Tera shutting down Butt why? They should copy-left the project and let the users enjoy it then. Maybe pirates can help them do it nya~
(8.58 MB 4347x5613 82248723_p0.jpg)

Any game with fat lolis?
>>614796 Just go to mexico
>>614796 Rune Factory Frontier
>>614796 Ur daughter :^)
(536.13 KB 522x644 seriously_nigger.png)

>>553005 >>553805 what game is this?
>>615690 Ape Escape 3 for the PS2, a fairly underwhelming gimmicky platformer that only is remembered because lolicon like the female character you can choose to play as.
>>602865 >if you dislike rape you are reddit >posts niggers raping lolis to 'own' the haters Absolute state of this site.
(2.44 MB 1920x1080 Aht.png)

>>609519 >>609565 >>609525 One of the few good things the 3DS version did was add more fanservice.
>>602865 Post the sauce for all of those pictures or I swear I will fucking cum inside you.
>>626032 >1080p >blurry and artifacted as shit fuck's sake
>>626041 At least one of those pictures has a nigger male, neck yourself.
>>626078 Welcome to Acidmans website, newfag.
(57.35 KB 206x244 that is soda.png)

>>615690 Ignore this fag >>615703 Rape Escape 3 was fun as fuck, and it is only later in life as a perverted adult that I place any focus on being able to play as a loli. >>626023
>>626055 I couldn't find an asset rip from the games files. If you or someone else could I'd certainly appreacite it. The best I could do was a screenshot.
(14.25 MB 1280x720 Trepang2 - Bolt Launcher.mp4)

Among the loli games you played which one you can recommend is the most action-packed? I'm just saying this because I've been playing some FPS like Blood and the Trepang 2 demo and wondered if there was a game where you blast people like that but as a loli. I played Onirism already, and while it is really good, I want to play something more "explosive", similar to vid related.
>>611092 checked blade & soul website and all loli race girls there dressed in stupid elf costumes head to toe with no skin showing, not gonna even bother with that shit, but returning to tera, that game was your average mmo trash nothing valuable lost, maybe there's a chance that somebody makes custom servers without the pay 2 play bullshit
>>626679 Why would you want to play as a loli in first person?
(233.40 KB 768x1024 509.jpg)

>>611092 FF11/14 if you can bear the ugly looking lolis. TERA had deformed lolis too but they grew on me. Blade and Soul also has ugly lolis. I dunno why no one can design a little girl properly in an online game. It's like they want to pretend it's not a loli. They always have some sort of fucked proportion like a way too wide lower body. >>628481 TERA has private servers and it also has nice combat but it hasn't aged well at all. There's little reason to play it other than nostalgia and trying out things from the time period. Even on release a boy pretending to be a girl pretending to be my girlfriend introduced me to the beta and it felt kinda dodgy. Like it's okay, but it's not the best action game ever. The movement is a bit stiff and you have to use this legally gray proxy thing some dude made to play at a low latency if you don't live next to the servers. Server side movement in an action game is not fun. >>628490 You know why.
>>628497 You don't need first person for that. You don't even get to look down and see boobs. You're stupid.
>>628497 i think official TERA is finally ded. Gonna miss the Baraka
(541.93 KB 1191x1536 Mp5_norm.png)

>>628490 It doesn't HAVE to be first person, I just want gunfights, explosions, and lolis in one package.
>>553005 archive of previous thread? (link says its been deleted)
>>628861 It truly is a tragedy that such cute designs go to waste in yet another Gatcha shit game. I mean imagine these in a game that isn't a gloried jpeg casino...? Well technically you can just Grind for hours but fuck that I got tired of it and that was the last Gatcha shit I ever played and will ever play and from what I hear it's one of the less cancerous ones actually. Also when I tried it out I did so on a dual boot system for a desktop Android that was a pain in the ass to get to work which basically lets you use Jewoogle apps with a keyboard and mouse so I didn't give any data that Goolag could actually sell beyond "Linux nerd likes weebshit" but there are dozens of people who don't know how to do that which means they're essentially helping Tencent and by extension the CCP gather enough data to blackmail future generations of retards who will do what the Chinks tell them less their nudes and cheating gets revealed. Still cute though
>>628874 >>628861 There is a weird dynamic with people who want lolis in their milsims. Do you really want to see cute pure maidens hurt? Or dead? Cause that's what they'd be in a war situation. I think they are best kept as pinup girls rather than women in actual combat situations.
>>628928 It doesn't have to be gory, Onirism is a good action-aventure game, I want something more explosive and ridiculous like F.E.A.R or Trepang is in terms of action.
(82.54 KB 901x1200 DSYt3rgVQAAO1Me.jpg)

(135.19 KB 1200x1024 DG4INQhVYAErD_q.jpg)

(122.30 KB 1032x1200 DS8YiOQU0AERNkk.jpg)

(125.59 KB 848x1200 WWIFrenchTankCrew.jpg)

>>628939 Those two games are definitely quite violent. You don't want to see cute girls violently hurt, do you?
>>628942 No, I want to blow up things and people (or just send them sky-high like the Team Rocket if you want to keep it kid-friendly) as a little girl as the enemy radio chatter goes >She's behind the shelf-OH GOD OH FUCK WE CAN'T STOP HER
>>628942 Also, for all we know, Subject 106 from Trepang could very well be a very tall loli since there's no voice or mirror to find out :^).
>>628942 Ahem. Today I will remind them. dutchko
>>628928 >Do you really want to see cute pure maidens hurt? Or dead? Basically the Made in Abyss audience. They want to see cute little girls struggle with extreme hardship and overcome it, because that's THE ESSENCE OF MOE.
>>628497 Wide hipped lolis are superior.
>>629361 They might as well just be shortstacks rather than lolis at that point. There's no reason to like those.
>>629369 There's a world of difference between a loli with noticeable hips and a shortstack.
>>629369 >Not wanting your loli to be able to take the roughest lovemaking like it's nothing >Not wanting your loli to lock you in her thighs when you're about to pull out, making you cum inside her during the first ovulation of her lifetime
>>629639 Thank God.
You should play Kurumi Miracle.
>>629653 Allah is not God, just an Arabian moon deity just like Muhammad was not a prophet, just an Arabian bandit leader.
(443.62 KB 500x381 1432218983055-1.gif)

>>603440 >Walt Disney's black and white Alice films. The what now?
>>629677 >tfw you were born too late to write a story for your lgf and have it be renowned across the world and go down in history as a based pedo with all your photos and portraits of little girls preserved for all time I don't care how smart our phones get humanity peaked in the 19th century.
>>629681 Being a simp isn't suddenly okay just because it's for a little girl.
>>629646 What was it? Ban reason was derail.
>>629723 Faggot was derailing the thread to be about pedophilia and "muh evil christians"
(212.50 KB 768x1080 carolswimsuit.jpg)

Frogjank's about to get his usual summer update. I wish they could stop doing that shit eventually and focus on finishing the fucking main game, it'll come out in 2031 if this keeps up. I did the math.
>>629841 The game is gonna be older than the loli when it comes out.
(994.69 KB 448x336 She wants brouzouf.webm)

>>629945 >developpement started in 2015 (including training in Unity) >Carol is cannonically 10 You might not be far from the truth.
>>614796 As protagonists, no, as far as I know. But as secondary characters, only one. Sam (from Psychonauts), but I don't know if she would be considered a loli, since she's a teenager, but for her size in the game, maybe yes.
(242.60 KB 1500x2000 OH GOD CAROL LOOK OUT.jpg)

>>629841 >>629945 And there it is, the 3 things they announced were : >swimming underwater, which technically also corrects a glitch where you go into the void from the swimming zones. Some adventure sections are reworked to fit the new system. The swimming is honestly fucking slow, I hope they fix it >reworking the 3 Super Slime Blast tales. While SSB3 just gets better textures and lightning/shadows, SSB1 becomes a CoDZombie-style mini-map with more guns and a swimming section The slimes not having a swimming animation makes it so fucking awkward and Carol gets a swimsuit/sweater combo and gets rid of her rubber ring, while SSB2 is now a much bigger map and features a fuckhuge and vertical water park >Announcing the upcoming adventure update (the arabian/egypt section which should also feature Serious Sam-based enemy encounters according to the trailers), which implies they're actually picking up the pace on finishing the adventure instead of adding 5% if it every year Minor, but not terrible since SSB1 really got old, but the most important thing will only come out in the next update, which has no release date yet, possibly in around 2 months, as usual.
any of you guys ever modded sims 4?
>>632015 >Game where characters look 3DPD No, why would I play a game for lolis when it has no cute lolis? Are you a Skyrim nigger too?
(1.09 MB 1920x1080 sims4.png)

>>632015 Compared to 3 there's barely anything for child sims to do so it pretty much requires mods if you plan on playing one for any extended period of time. I've added mods that unlock almost every skill in the game so kids can do them too from gardening to building robots, plus being able to use their supernatural powers before adulthood. The new and improved vampires were the only thing that got me to play 4 so I was pretty pissed to find out that in vanilla you can't have an immortal vampire loli because they don't get their powers until they grow up. But thanks to mods my loli vampire is one of my favorite saves, who needs an adult to pay bills when you can just break into whatever house you want and mesmerize the owner so you can have it all to yourself? >>632843 >he can only play games that have cookie cutter moeblobs It must suck to be you.
>>632870 >It must suck to be you. I thank G*d every day that I don't have a fetish for literal goblin faces.
(866.70 KB 768x1024 Midna Giving Flips (you) off.png)

>>632978 >I thank G*d every day that I don't have a fetish for literal goblin faces. This ain't twitter, dumbass. You don't need to censor yourself here.
(40.86 KB 311x285 Confused Tsuzuru.png)

>>633040 >Insulting ugly little snot nosed brat faces is "censoring"
>>633050 he means the God thing
>>632978 >>633050 >TORah nigger censoring God That fits.
(417.50 KB 969x825 gob.jpg)

>>632978 >I don't have a fetish for literal goblin faces. >implying
(140.37 KB 464x480 tragic clown.png)

>>632015 >>632870 >tfw fell for the TS4 meme early and bought it on a sale without looking into it I need to find a fucking DLC unlocker someday. I only fucking blame myself.
>>633302 >Gob-loli-n
>>632843 >>632978 >>633050 >the torpedo who protests too much is back haven't you made enough of a point about how much you don't want to vote Dems? or have you not convinced yourself yet?
(150.61 KB 1366x768 hajimete gal boner.jpg)

>>633402 I pirated that fucking shit, fitgirl always updates this game. >>632843 koikastu party/sunshine already filled the moeshit i need but sometimes you just want to play something thats not straight up a porn game and that actually runs without memory leaks out the ass >>632870 Oh god an immortal loli vampire, never knew this is what i needed, that sounds perfect.
>>633050 You're being treated pretty well, given that's an (((Ultra-Orthodox))) thing.
>>633073 >>633282 >>633436 >>633623 Oh that. That's doesn't count as censorship, because it's kosher. This is a Hebrew board, y'know?
>>629681 That still doesn't answer the question about >>603440
(103.81 KB 850x400 I'm going to Alice!.png)

(486.41 KB 640x480 Liddell.png)

(264.61 KB 320x480 イーディス立ち絵1.png)

>>635357 I've heard the dev is working on a Black Souls 3. You know if it's for real? You think he can actually pull it off? BS1 and BS2 were fairly unique, and putting another large game in the same multiverse might be pushing it.
(709.78 KB 858x1200 new girl.jpg)

>>636116 Not him but yes, he said he will after making the red hood and the 5 princesses games.
This looks cute and funny.
Is Lost Life any good? It looks really cute.
>>637844 PC looks worryingly slow.
>>637866 I've seen webms and it looks hot as fuck. >>637844 This however looks like it's mediocre with decent visuals.
>>637866 Yeah actually, and it gets updated alot. Right now its at 1.51 and the devs are workinng on a version 2.0, just dont expect a story.
>>637912 >>637924 I'm guessing it's not on any of the usual online game marketplaces.
>>637965 Here mate. https://mega.nz/file/uYUQ0a4R#aAYZndz-fDzTp9qyqS6YcRJWQiFa2eALVg-LvWiW3aM Its the dev version, you get to cheat and is also uncensored without having to fiddle with patches and such.
>>637968 Is it up to date? Cant check right now.
>>638113 The latests version as far as im aware.
>>638114 Nice, thx anon.
(448.15 KB 720x898 Carol by @yuyami99.png)

>>638260 >now even my download link for the game got nuked What the- Goddammit pururin, don't wipe posts by IP like a lazy nigger.Here's the link: <https://mega.nz/file/uYUQ0a4R#aAYZndz-fDzTp9qyqS6YcRJWQiFa2eALVg-LvWiW3aM <Its the dev version, you get to cheat and is also uncensored without having to fiddle with patches and such. I also restored the posts that were talking about the game without bringing the subject of cocks. I SUCK NIGGER COCK
Edited last time by pururin on 07/07/2022 (Thu) 20:02:51.
(7.62 MB 960x540 laura.webm)

now back to the topic at hand has anyone here played unteralterbach? :^)
>>638279 I've busted so many fat fucking loads to it, those girls really do it for me. Wish it got a sequel.
(84.00 KB 300x300 smuganya.jpg)

>>638280 but why do they do it for you?
>>638372 Post the full pic.
>>637844 >Top Hat Studios Reminder, this is the publishing company established in response to Steam and other online stores censoring or banning games. They have all but stated that once they become a large enough company to tank a potential lawsuit, even lewd games that explicitly and an unashamedly state "All characters are NOT over 18" may be available on their store. They responded to the loli/shota question without revulsion and a clear understanding that it's legality varies by territory. I don't hear about them often, so it's quite fitting that one of those few times I do is them publishing a cute and funny game where a loli is wearing the spats+skirt combo. archive.is/RMLSV archive.is/UjiMi >inb4 they could just be cozying up to the freezepeach crowd for an initial boost before dropping them when they get big A distinct possibility, but I'd like to think less likely than usual given how they responded to the loli question on their official social media account.
>>638453 and then cloudflare shuts them down forcefully because the internet belongs to them. the end.
>>631927 so what mod are you using to remove those locks on child sims? i wanted to try to look for them but fucking sims mods are spread out over different sites
Thanks, mod for being less faggoty today and removing /hebe/ niggers.
>>638484 Meant for. >>632870
Give me some games where you can have sex with lolis or kill them.
>>638677 Black Souls and Black Souls 2. The second game is superior, but the first game gives highly beneficial context. Only a few of the girls are lolis in each game though.
(486.41 KB 640x480 1.png)

>>638677 >>638689 Pic related.
>>638757 Is the sperg gone? Is it safe to repost the edit from earlier now?
>>638824 Which sperg? The one who deleted it, or the one who replied to it?
>>638826 >The one who deleted it No I deleted it myself because I stupidly saved it in the wrong bit depth and then closed the file before I realized it so I had to partially remake it and that took a while.
>>638838 Wew. I thought some sperg reported it after some sperg attacked it as pedophilia, so some sperg volunteer sperged out and deleted it.
>>638838 I don't know what edit you're talking about so post it.
(694.22 KB 960x540 nele and steph ayylmao.png)

>>638840 And then I realized that I had a mask on the wrong layer so I had to partially redo it again for a THIRD fucking time.
(245.37 KB 510x510 animu nose.png)

(13.70 KB 510x510 nonose ayylmao cga ordered.png)

(240.87 KB 510x510 nonose ayylmao.png)

(277.70 KB 510x510 nonose.png)

(160.87 KB 510x510 1412547106409.jpg)

>>638844 That's pretty good, but can you erase the noses from every CG and sprite in the game?
>>638847 >but can you erase the noses from every CG and sprite in the game? >he wants Oban Star Racers: Lewd Lolis Edition
The Garden Defender https://odysee.com/@sketchandjam:1/the-garden-defender:e >rows of deleted posts WTF happened this time?
>>638904 Niggers posting the old pedophile 2D/3D argument because they are upset (((/hebe/))) was deleted and banned from returning.
>>638871 Yeah.
>>638904 >>rows of deleted posts WTF happened this time? If you can see the (deleted), just click on them and find out for yourself.
>>639046 >don't care whether or not the child in question actually exists >and thats why game publishers like top hat studios don't feel comfortable allowing porn games featuring canonically underage characters What the fuck are you talking about? Those are two different things, and TopHat never touches on the former. TopHat doesn't feel comfortable allowing porn games featuring canonically underage characters because lawyers have told them it could lead to potential legal issues, despite the fact that the publisher clearly believes they'd win a properly funded case on the grounds of free speech. And they're right to think this. Remember the guy who had that website selling erotic literature about children? He got in legal hot water, since money was involved and the government could make a quick buck off him while claiming to fight pedophilia.
>>639137 >TopHat doesn't feel comfortable allowing porn games featuring canonically underage characters I wouldn't either, that's pretty gross.
>tophat studios sounds familiar >check site >apparently they're publishing Peripeteia wow can't believe an agdg project got picked up by them
>>639175 The tranny music game?
>>553119 >Translation never ever it still hurts man. although my japanese have improved significantly since the last time i played it so who knows.
>>639286 The AGDG fags behind it cut most ties with AGDG because a tranny SJW is composing their music. The creature goes by Sewerslut
>>639446 Damn it, I know who that is. Unfortunate.
>>639446 Sewerslut is a more sane, more productive version of chijo, but that doesn't say much.
>>638453 What would even be the point of using an obscure storefront with no users when they could just leave their shit on dlsite instead?
>>609519 and yet i never saw a porn image of her
>>640152 DLsite requires Japanese censorship laws to be followed and takes a huge cut of the the sales price unless you drastically overprice your game. It's also primarily Japanese.
>>640152 Did you already forget about the news of dlsite banning loli content?
(39.61 KB 382x491 proofs.jpg)

>>640366 It was in response to some vtuber shit, so they are adopting a no more fan games no more loli ruleset at some point in the near future, the thread the article was in fell off of smug months ago.
>>640384 How the fuck am I going to support loli h-games now? You'd best being joking nigger.
>>640365 Considering 毎日キスしてロリータ (amazing VN, by the way) was consistently one of the top 5 sellers in the month it came out it's never going to stop. The money is too good for them to actively ban anything more than randoserus and direct mention of the little girls' ages. >>640384 And they already went through with it. Doujin content isn't getting banned so long it falls under the realm of parody. It just means they can't directly evoke the original copyright. That whole mess started with the Princess Connect strip mahjong game and Cygames betraying its roots to become another anti-otaku jewish company of the lot, and this is more or less the answer.
(344.49 KB 604x888 twenty one.png)

(595.17 KB 617x1447 Human rights0.png)

>>640409 >randoserus and direct mention of the little girls' ages. That's still censorship beyond Japanese law, and it still negatively effects the developers' visions. They're going to ban all 47 positions of backpack sex and any mention that girl is under 18 or in elementary or middle school? What's next? Banning lolis from masturbating with a recorder? Banning lolis from having security buzzers? Banning lolis that are ignorant of sex? I still need sources. This feels like my chain is being yanked.
>>640428 I thought it was just a body type thing
>>640430 Woah there. Can't discuss the finer points of loli fetishism in the loli games thread. Take it to the meta thread, where it's kosher, for now.
>>640428 I'm not entirely sure where he's coming from, but recent changes HAVE made it near impossible to accurately point out the age of characters engaging in sexual conducts under bugman law. It's why every lolicon work has the magical two-letter acronyms slightly scribbled off for safety. I also happen to vividly remember back when Park Molester Simulator ver. MAKO released two versions, with the DLsite one having all mentions of age and randoserus completely wiped off. A true lolicon should also notice every game with loli content on DMM and other online platforms suffers from similar issues. These platforms aren't at fault, it's payment processors that enforce these regulations on certain content while having a monopoly on the global market. It's through the pockets of all that globohomo enforces its will.
>>640460 But why do you care about the age? I'm fine with it not being mentioned at all.
(138.46 KB 192x324 fuglyfeet.PNG)

>>640389 >How the fuck am I going to support loli h-games now? Fly out to lolikettos and buy physical CD-ROMs from your favorite loli devs, duh
>>640463 >Why do you care about censorship! You sound exactly like an SJW defending censorship of titties. >Why do you care so much about the tits? If you want tits so bad, go look at porn!
Anyone know what happened to Quiet Girls by Chomes? Is the game still in development? I got the game in Japanese but I wonder what happened to him.
>>640524 only seen it go up to chapter 2, dunno anything else
>>640460 >recent changes HAVE made it near impossible to accurately point out the age of characters engaging in sexual conducts under bugman law. What recent changes? I need sources? >It's why every lolicon work has the magical two-letter acronyms slightly scribbled off for safety. No they don't. Tons of recent works have it completely explicitly there, as well as ages. You'd see "censored" ages now and then going back over a decade by some artists that did it as a gag, where the scribble has the age still clearly visible. Or when not visible at all to let the reader fill in the blank with whatever number gets them off. Maybe there was some fuckery from publishers/editors causing some of that, but it was still pretty uncommon, and not dictated by law. >I also happen to vividly remember back when Park Molester Simulator ver. MAKO released two versions, with the DLsite one having all mentions of age and randoserus completely wiped off. Were they trying to sell and English version on the site? Or are you talking about a purely Japanese game? Pirate link? >>640524 You should ask on PLW/hgg/. Those pics you posted are new to me though, so some progress has been made since I last checked on it years ago. I don't even remember there being a 5th girl. Is that last picture fan art? It looks stylistically different.
>>640524 Very much still in development. Just bookmark the ci-en sites for projects you're interested in. https://ci-en.dlsite.com/creator/998 Also follow fellow loli-creators on Pawoo if you don't mind the whole making an account thing.
>>640524 >degradation >rape >grotesque creatures Why are all h games like this?
>>640530 japs arr same
(1.68 MB 1920x1080 sims4-2.png)

>>638484 Sorry for the late reply but I don't frequent this place as much as I used to thanks to the meddling jannies that seem to have been running amock in this thread since the last time I was here, but enough about that. For the mods that remove the child locks on certain skills I'd recommend cepzid, if you search their name alone you should be able to find them, they're called things like "kids can garden" "kids can workout" "kids can cook" etc. In some cases the change seems to be purely in the code resulting in the child's model stretching to fit an adult skeleton to perform the animations which is unfortunate, but others have a smaller table with their own animations like the flower arranging one or a stepstool with its own animations like the cooking one. Then theres allthefallen's mod for the wicked whims mod that adds a bunch of relevant sex animations, but I purely use it to unlock the romantic social options because I'm just interested in playing the game and want as much variety in the gameplay as I can get not just wohoo animations to fap over. But hey if that floats your boat too all the better. Oh and I'd also recommend the mod for quitting school so you don't have to spend the vast majority of your time stuck in a pointless rabbit hole. I always hated the rabbit holes in these games but sims 4 is a little better about it as a benefit of no longer being open world (the drawbacks of which are in no way worth it but I won't get into that), still the less of them you have to deal with the better as far as I'm concerned.
>>640530 Social attitudes create an environment where artistic substance is not financially rewarded in sexual content.
>>640524 unfortunally im not very hopefull for the game chomes has been realease one doujin per year and it seems in the past he was called pedophile because of it. it seems it is starting to get to him.
>>640885 Is sims 3 better than 4 in regards to mods?
(2.95 KB 708x107 Untitled.png)

(1.10 MB 1320x1080 niggerareyouserious.png)

>>641056 It's more like sims 4 needs mods to even hold a candle to sims 3 in terms of content, I've just played sims 3 for so long that I've basically exhausted everything the game has to offer to the point where mods aren't going to help. Even if 4 is more lackluster content wise I'd still rather climb the icy mountaintop of mount komorebi for the first time rather than grave rob egyptian pyramids in 3 for the nth time. But if you haven't experienced what 3 has to offer yet then I can't recommend 4 at all until you have. Also I know I'll probably regret bringing this up but can someone please explain to me what the fuck is going on here? I feel like I just walked into a mad house and got groin punched for no reason.
>>641072 >Also I know I'll probably regret bringing this up but can someone please explain to me what the fuck is going on here? I feel like I just walked into a mad house and got groin punched for no reason. >>641023 >>641026
>>641075 Always something isn't it? Oh well let's just leave it at that.
>>640430 >>640431 >>640463 all of these are hebenigger
>>637866 Why did she bite my penis off?
>>641142 Because you have a brown nigger dick
>>641072 so sims3 is the way to go still, even after 10+ years. What can you say about mods and community still being active for 3 while 4 being stagnant? I guess its a matter of audience not wanting to change platforms for minor imrovements. So far there hasn't been any competition to the sims-like genre, despite being serious money involved. just pedofags who were kicked out are still mad and going on about how both loli and real child models are basically same, that we need to include them inorder to protect lolis & free speech, that we're high horse hypocrites for allowing one and not other, and we're in denial of being pedos, can't tell difference between traced cp, we have cognitive dissonance etc. Basic standard "you're not better than us" bitching while behaving like furries. Along with dramafags, /cow/ posters, shitflingers. Happens every weekend
>>641155 >>641072 And I have played vanilla sims 3 and mods, just never went crazy with it. Maybe its time I fire it once again and go full mods then pirate 4 and see how it plays out
>>641132 Middle post isn't him. Because it's me. I reported the posts yesterday. Including mine because I was feeding the hebenigger. But the vols did nothing.
(494.84 KB 1600x900 1350629054318.jpg)

(346.55 KB 1586x755 1350630091490.jpg)

>>641155 I forgot the puddy faces of 3, although i do kinda wish to get back to it. >>641072 >>640885 Ah yea, Also, I found a few things annoying in 4 but the most irritating shit for me is how sims get spread out all over the fucking place when you get back to your lot after you leave somewhere with a sim. I would leave sims sleeping then take another sim to for out only to return with every sim in the household in front of a tv or pc spread all over the lot. Shit gets annoying.
>>640460 >>640528 I found an example, though not exactly super loli. https://exhentai.org/g/1617351/866aaa32bc/ https://exhentai.org/g/1477357/bc249251ef/ In this work from August 2019, during the story she's called XX years old, or in the JP version ◯◯ years old. However, in the character page for the girl, she's explicitly stated to be 14. The whole thing is available on DLsite.
>>641503 UU◯◯◯◯◯◯HHHH years old :-DDD
>>641505 Go back
>>641506 Sorry, I couldn't contain the urge for making a bad joke.
>>641511 >porn comments
>>641513 Yes, and? Videogames.
>>641521 I feel like it's really easy to access exhentai now, i would used to have to alter cookies, but not just logging in to the first site and then to exhentai gets me in, did they make it easier?
>>641533 It's been easier ever since it stopped truly being the panda, that is when the site went down and came back and the crying panda was gone. Now you just get a blank page.
>>641220 >first spoiler ah, my bad, sorry
It's been forever since I've been on exhentai, is there really that much there now that's not on other free sites you don't have to jump through hoops for?
>>641693 You don't really have to jump through any hoops anymore for the panda. Just liek, make account, bada bing badaboom. And yeah, the Panda has the most shit, and most others sites tend to just scrape the panda, usually taking just the low resolution web versions of the images instead of the full resolution source. Scans and translations are uploaded there first more than anywhere else, and even a lot of non-porn like old game guides and other random shit is uploaded there for online visibility and distribution. Personally, I prefer the panda for featuring a continuous scrolling feature, but you have to wast a bunch of time playing their shitty game or cough up a few bucks to access it. Or just contribute to the site through scans or translations. That's another thing. The bounty system help encourage more scans and translations. Not sure if anyone is converting those points back into real cash though. The tagging is system is solid. While it's often too rigid and stupid in some ways, being largely unchanging helps keep down mountains of superfluous and redundant tags. It may have a lot of shitty thing about it, like the faggot brony owner who probably let the site nearly die for some quick cash, and comments being hidden and further deleted if they get too many downboats, but the site has too many benefits keeping it on top, even aside from its legacy status. I don't think there is a really less shit alternative. Now have a vidya related cap from the site, since this is now wildly off-topic.
>>645142 I know why you guys are talking about it, but Mia and Erik's relationship in DQXI was so cute and endearing.
>>640409 >>640428 I found it. It was 48, not 47. You're trying to tell me pic related is now banned to draw in Nippon?
(2.23 MB 894x2062 Mia.png)

(52.46 KB 320x480 kid.jpg)

>>645142 >>645151 I'm almost certain that Mia and Erik are alternate universe versions of Schala and Janus. Hell Mia looks just like Kid but with blue hair and blue
>>637866 https://lolibooru.moe/post?tags=sang_%28vcxzw%29 Most common tag for the artist are 'dark_skinned_male', 'rape' and 'realistic' This is what their art looks like on average I had to actually look at this just to tell you that you are a piece of shit nigger faggot with shit taste
>>647572 I don't know what the fuck you are talking about.
>>647576 A bunch of posts got deleted and someone got banned for posting this exact thing about this exact post around a week ago.
>>585401 Actually, the OG artist is Tukada, but the bottomless version was made by a friend of mine who prefers to remain anonymous.
>>585401 those spindly legs are so sexy
>>637866 i liked this idk why
(3.78 KB 640x220 itisamystery.gif)

>>648424 This was pretty good as well but i feel bad for fapping to it
>>648431 Fuck I forgot to spoiler
(32.99 KB 305x350 Promotions.jpg)

>>648431 >this was deleted completely I'm pretty sure it was a screenshot from the game.
I don't like this
>>648465 I don't understand why my post got perma pruned. It's literally a game I got from >>638267
(262.40 KB 661x585 butte.png)

Any decent games on the switch?
>>648531 Anything that's on Switch probably has a superior version with mod support on PC. Like A Hat in TIme, which has birthday suit and pantsu mods for PC.
(95.57 KB 800x750 1653923335494.jpg)

>>648539 But I already have a bunch of loli ero games on my PC. I'd like something on a console that's less pornographic and more lewd or just cute
>>648548 Lewd loli on the Shitch? (laughs) I'm guessing you already know about Sakuna which is incredibly mediocre but might fit the bill of cute. There's also Demon Turf
(643.08 KB 827x1169 1653912380887.jpg)

>>648557 Yea Sakuna doesn't do it for me. The porn is good though Demon Turf actually looks fun, gonna add it to my wishlist
>>640483 >just hope on a plane during a decade of rising gas/oil prices and resource scarcity which are likely to continue rising because war economies are a financial black holes and Winter has to come eventually and people have a tendency of not wanting to freeze to death The Polish government is even telling people it's okay to just go cut tree's down for firewood which is fine in of it's self, communities should be more energy and heat independent and they would if government bureaucracy didn't stand in the way but I'm worried their national forests will take a huge hit since you need time to grow proper tree farms in urban centers. Fucking Eurocrat "logic" and tyranny. If I want to lay a bunch of solar panels made in Malaysia in the formation of a several Swastikas out in my back yard to power a mini PC's for the sake of seeding cue loli games that don't get published anymore then that's my god given right, but no NOW says the tyrannical moral busy body it's okay because the EU;SSR bureaucrats are scared shitless of their own population eating them alive when the middle classes quality of life goes down sharp and suddenly. Shoulda fucking thought about that before turned turned their citizens into lazy coddled eaters who only know how to work a desk job, it's basically bad parenting but at the government level. Huh turns out being America's bitch, Turkey's bitch, and Russia's bitch wasn't a good long term strategy, surprising. Shit's fucked anon, we'll never get to visit Japan now, or at least not for a long time anyway. I can't even remember the last time I've seen a plane, I dunno was probably 2 days ago?
(750.28 KB 1118x565 Untitled2.png)

That frog loli game is out.
>>660407 is it any good?
>>660423 Yes, it's like a 3d saturn platformer game, and it's cute.
>>660407 Post a magnet or gtfo, shill.
(101.37 KB 949x1024 1610928600060.jpg)

>>660448 Give me a break.
>>660545 >>660448 anon delivers it's on gog-games, you idiots https://www11.zippyshare.com/v/dRpsT8vE/file.html
(101.38 KB 560x420 tfw no updates for months.gif)

>been waiting for the next Onirism update >expected the Arabian levels would come this August >instead, it's gonna be a Chroma Falls rework >again
>>662410 >It's another early access game dev spends more time reworking existing content than making new content episode Tiresome.
(535.77 KB 790x615 Water.png)

>>662491 I hope they'll have at least the decency to release the Arabian update in September.
>>662657 Heavily stylized and unrealistic fictional cartoons are not "children", most lolicons are literally repulsed by children and pedophilia is unanimously hated in every other lolisho space, 8ch is no different Kill yourself groomer, fuck off back to your deep web forums and stop gaslighting lolicons
>>660407 I seriously didn't like it. It reeks amateurishness through and through. The sheer audacity of the spic dev to charge 15 bucks for this is really the diarrhea icing on the turd cake. Level design is flat and uninspired, kind of like those PS1 frogger games, sound effects are abysmally bad, music is forgettable at best, the game has retarded 'retro' filters that look nothing like actual CRT screens and then you have the subpar art design and poorly drawn deviantart tier cutscenes. Seriously, fuck this game.
(155.99 KB 714x610 1658009812098.png)

>>663395 Fuck off pedophile Your ilk isn't welcomed here
Dragon's Dogma aside, what non-MMO games are there with character creation that lets you make a loli (but does not require it or a shota)?
>>664754 Mario Odyssey's DLC
>>664772 Elaborate.
Todays Misogi's birthday anons! We have to congratulate the world's kindest prankster somehow don't we.
(283.45 KB 1920x1080 20220728070627_1.jpg)

(294.19 KB 1920x1080 20220728071159_1.jpg)

(364.77 KB 1920x1080 20210716115848_1.jpg)

for all the shit Nobeta gets, it's still pretty much the only non gacha/mmo game that's at least half-competent in its execution and design, which allows me to run around as a cute loli with her butt out (granted, only thanks to mods) vanquishing monsters, and isn't solely centered on coom factor but actually on gameplay. I'm overjoyed that we have at least this much, even in incomplete state.
>>665813 Anyone who knows their way around Unity could put out something of similar or higher caliber in less than a month.
>>665815 so why hasn't japan
>>665815 Okay Anon, I'll see you on September 10th when you drop your game.
>>665819 I don't know how to use Vulkan but the point stands, almost everything in the game except for Nobeta and other characters is store bought. It's a drag-and-drop game, a money making scheme ala Inafune down to a T. Even with the promise of an anime. >>665817 maybe they have.
>>665822 Vulkan err Unity lol, I don't know why I posted Vulkan
>>665822 if they have we literally would've have heard of it. all jap indie scene ever produces is vns, story based rpgs, or any kind of platformer-like castlevanias or danmakus, which hardly qualify for what i have in mind, not so much disappointing as it is strange, they have such big market for enthusiast made indie games, but something as simple as a souls clone running on unity is unheard of
shut up and post lewds of that whore
>>665838 nobody wants to see your mother here though
>>665843 Haha what an epic joke that no one ever made before!
>>665844 I want to see your mother. I wish I could fuck ALL of anons moms.
>>665805 Video games?
>>665846 yes gachas are videogames
Where's the jerky?
>>665813 >(granted, only thanks to mods) Then there's a bunch of other games.
>>665813 Weren't alt costumes, one of which has pantsu, already confirmed?
ALL HAIL THE NEW BREAD >>666020 >>666020 >>666020 >>666020 >>666020 >>666020 >>666020 >>666020 >>666020 >>666020 ALL HAIL THE NEW BREAD
>>666021 >>666020 >Making a new thread while the old thread is still on page 1, just because it hit the bump limit
>>666038 Whatcha testin?

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