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/v/ makes the most inclusive video game character ever Anonymous 05/14/2022 (Sat) 00:02:30 Id: d230c4 No. 599612
Hello, /v/. Would you like to play a game? For those of you not aware, Blizzard reveals the latest way they make the most inclusive characters vidya has ever seen - this soulless checkbox-filler described in the picture and this archive: https://archive.ph/R5ryu >“An important principle for us at King is that all players should feel welcome,” says Chomatas. “The intention is to inspire game teams not just at King, but throughout the Activision Blizzard King network, to think outside the box and challenge pre-conceived notions around how characters should look and act. As a result, hopefully we will create more characters that break the mold, and better represent women, non-binaries and other under-represented minorities in the industry.” So it got me thinking, let's show the world who's the most in-touch with the under-represented. Enter - /v/ MAKES THE MOST INCLUSIVE VIDEO GAME CHARACTER EVER! We'll have anons describe the least-offensive, most inclusive, most degenerate, most diverse Overwatch character, fitting every box that the Blizzardfriends have left for us. Victory will only occur after we have maxxed out the graph entirely in every single category. We can then see if a drawfag would like to draw this marvelous character for everyone's enjoyment. >How do I play? Simply redtext three characteristics at most each post, with the goal in mind of this character being as cultured, non-age-discriminatory, sexually-progressive, racially diverse, least ableist, most alternatively-beautiful (think less of a Disney princess and more like a Stephen Universe gem), etc as possible. If your suggestions are shit, and most anons agree, your idea can be thrown out, so put some effort into it. Pozz your mind as much as possible, we cannot let Blizzard outdo us here. For the sake of setting an example, I'll go first. <Bugchaser <Half Aboriginal, half Arab <Dirt poor
>>599612 Reposting my idea with some addendums <Single mother of a biracial child <fat <FtM transexual.
>>599612 <FtM transexual <Lesbian <Islam <African who was previously enslaved <250 years old <Can summon the ghosts of slaves <Obese No on can beat this and they know it
>>599612 Isn't this just straight up racism? Like even screaming "NIGGER" in Jew York is less racist than this.
>>599617 Pick 3 only, nigger
(2.46 MB 2048x1151 Blizzard community.png)

>>599623 is that a requirement? fine <MtF transexual <African who was previously enslaved <Islam
(312.66 KB 1920x1080 E4baz0-XoAgvZXJ.jpg)

(296.32 KB 1920x1080 E4bfViRWYAEwPHj.jpg)

(281.04 KB 1920x1080 E4Bv9TxVEAEAkAD.jpg)

(275.57 KB 1920x1080 E4Gdh1QX0AY99YK.jpg)

(266.54 KB 1920x1080 E4ggmOiWEAcnTVK.jpg)

>>599630 I've got an entire folder of shit like this when I was looking thru SHG tweets. Crazy how fucked the west is, I genuinely don't think there is any coming back from that, even non-niggerpills can openly say that Back on topic <MTF trans, then FTM again, how this abomination looks at that point, it's up to you <Black/Jewish mutt <Changed the color of it's eye, white part replace with black, eye color changed from it's mutt brown to red so it looks like a demon, went blind from procedure for bonus diversity points
>>599640 These fuckers look like a nauseating Wyatt. Mann caricature, particularly 3 and 5. 3 looks like he rapes kids and so does 5.
(538.96 KB 1536x2048 DxLCaEIUwAAVamk.jpg)

(83.05 KB 1023x575 latinx soy.jpg)

(1.93 MB 1893x828 women's comittee.png)

(1.08 MB 4000x2666 diversity manager.jpg)

(349.20 KB 585x710 troon.png)

>>599646 They're from Sledgehammer Games, known mostly for putting in niggers/women in a WW2 game and removing swastikas from it. In their latest title, COD Vanguard, they even removed the teams, no more axis/allies, just "Your Team/Enemy Team". Supposedly, their awful, nightmare fuel gun gore customization options also came from the fact that they told actual WW2 experts to piss off, as they didn't want a "right wing gun nut" in their office. Despite only working on COD games, these freaks can easily compete with the likes of blizzard As a matter of fact, let's choose 3 random characteristics from their studio and add it to our list. Diversity is our strength, let's see what our brave little snowflake can learn from them: <#BelievesAllWomen, no matter what context. Is responsible for his business now having a "diversity manager", a queergendered woman, of course. <All of his superiors are women, has a "woman's council" that determines if everything in the office is diverse and inclusive enough. Any and all women are welcome in a woman's council, no skills or talent required in making decisions <Makes soy photos and "epic gamer pwnage" comments on his social media like pic related, moderates 4channel board "/v/ - vidya" and deletes all problematic or on-topic content he can, still lets gamergate live rent free in his head a decade later
>>599655 >Supposedly, their awful, nightmare fuel gun gore customization options also came from the fact that they told actual WW2 experts to piss off, as they didn't want a "right wing gun nut" in their office. Man, that's fucked up.
(100.37 KB 1024x576 Ebip06bUEAEoitM.jpg)

(227.54 KB 1920x1080 E4gitwtXwAET-q7.jpg)

(259.30 KB 1920x1080 E379kiMXEAAdmu3.jpg)

(329.80 KB 1920x1080 E4ggy8FXoAcMcAy.jpg)

(332.28 KB 1920x1080 E4QgwqCXwBIkihp.jpg)

>>599663 If you look at vanguard as a whole, or even COD WW2, it's not surprising. There is plenty of receipts of what makes Vanguard an awful game in the COD thread, if you want to check it out, I'm sure Jewtube also has plenty of videos detailing it even further. Even people who buy COD games every year hate both, and it's not because of the setting or SJW elements, that should tell you something I believe the said gun expert did make a video mocking them, so it's all good, lmao https://invidious.snopyta.org/watch?v=nVCQ4_mnyts and thanks to refusing his help, we have shit like japs using stg44s in pacific, even back in WW2 these retards didn't understand that PPSh41 wasn't used by the germans, let alone in fucking normandy, of all places
>>599655 >latinx I've heard the term 'latine' used recently, probably to do the same as latinx
What ever happened to NES hippies? I miss those psychedliciacs.
wtf I love blizzard now?
>>599671 >4th pic I want to take one of those junkyard magnet cranes and dangle him by his piercings until either they rip from his flesh, or he dies in a hallucinogenic trance caused by dehydration and pain. Shit, could probably pass it off as a non-culturally appropriating way of recognizing Native American traditions, and he looks like the kind of faggot who would volunteer to show how much he supports Native peoples.
>>599708 This is why I still show up to this board.
>>599708 >he anon, look at "his" name, it was born as a woman
(449.50 KB 694x1266 566.jpg)

>>599612 >Ethnicity >Culture >Gender Identity. >Ability >Sexual orientation. This is streamlining racism. You could make a white guy and just fail all those quotas.
(59.00 KB 1200x675 70f.jpg)

(455.79 KB 783x1535 9c3.jpg)

(287.26 KB 862x989 52f.jpg)

(358.33 KB 1087x986 70a.jpg)

(80.06 KB 407x701 8d9.png)

>>599724 >Why yes, I'm racist to everyone.
(78.85 KB 684x1024 disabled tranny nigger.jpg)

Is this the ultimate blizzard character?
(472.71 KB 480x360 Faggot shit.webm)

>>599640 >Da west The USA, most European countries are not even close to accepting these fucking delusional faggots openly. Even faggotry isn't even close as accepted as the USA Mutts and their money keeps pushing this shit on their sphere of influence, but with their steady decline and change of attitude towards American shit I hope it all comes tumbling down. I'm fucking sick and tired of retards romanticizing and defending being a genetic dead end.
(177.34 KB 1080x1598 blm activist.jpg)

>>599744 Its the best unintentional comedy.
>>599741 blond hair means he is an enabler of the right wing, likely a secret hitler supporter his hair needs to be neon so everyone knows he represents the movement also, math is inherently racist, let him(or her) focus on more important things, like gender theory or reversing colonialism >>599744 While you sit around and make posts like this, these "genetic dead ends" remove your history, groom your children, rewrite your past and destroy your insititutions, not to mention re-write what is normal and just. They might not breed, but the damage is done, neither europe nor US has to accept them, as simply allowing them to live lets them do enough to make sure you won't be able to stop them within a few generations, it is that simple >The only thing evil needs to succeed is for good men to do nothing >>599746 was this cuck ever identified?
(282.50 KB 1080x1021 blm.jpg)

>>599747 I think he had a reddit account where he was posting this stuff, idk if he was found.
(283.19 KB 1080x1021 Average USA citizen.jpg)

>>599746 >>599746 I can't even laugh at this point, it's just fucking sad. These beings used to be human once...
(543.02 KB 857x1024 1640576000420.jpg)

>>599749 >>599750 lol, /v/ is a hivemind what a disgusting creature. not sure what's more pathetic, what is shown, or that he needs attention and validation, he was definitely molested, possibly raped, as a kid, and wants to normalize that kind of behavior. judging by the pic, the sexual offender was definitely black, and he suffers from stockholm syndrome
(1.70 MB 1430x971 anti white fat jew.png)

>>599752 reminds me of this fat jew from a few years ago.
(84.38 KB 640x640 lel.jpg)

>>599752 Is it any wonder that these are the people who want to subject themselves to becoming corporate drones?
>>599755 meant for >>599754
(3.35 KB 132x70 genders.jpg)

(7.16 MB 3840x2160 Helena.png)

<Autistic <A Female girl <Part British
>Somalian descendent who was once enslaved by Americans (bonus points if it's someone from the south who was against slavery and never owned slaves for that "historical realism") >Islamic >transgender but they never say either MTF or FTM because "non yo bidness"
>>599773 >Somalian descendent of slaves whose ancestors were once enslaved by Americans fuck me, what a start to my day make a cool yasss queen backstory about how the slaves fought to get away from the united states during slavery and became kangs and qweens upon returning to tha mothaland
>>599727 So going by 5s metrics and what their presumable opposites are when low: <Sand nigger <Religiously insane <Ancient <Retarded <Fully Blind <Obese <Haggard as fuck <Woman/Tranny <Homo/Bifag <Slum level poor They basically want some mystical female Persian Zatoichi who wants to get her arm stripped to stitch a fake cock on her ratty, yet untouched, cunt which she can't see cos she's so fucking fat.
>>599612 <Female Arab with Halitosis and a hard to pronounce long last name <Burdened with an elongated clit from a wardrobe malfunction <Suffers from anxiety and does not like men with a smaller genital.
>>599767 I love it when these wokefag companies espouse all this shit but under the hood they just can't put anything else in there but MAN and WOMAN. Now I think trannys must fucking hate binary code, I know some fucking mooks were trying to get programming languages changed to get rid of 'slave' and all that shit but binary must really stick in their craw.
>>599776 >>599727 I think it's up to debate, but the polar opposites of each (and thus the most diverse/inclusive) would be >Culture <Zulu or some retard ice tribe >Race <Mix of aforementioned tribes or Aboriginal >Age <Old but not vampire/elf old >Cognitive <Vegetable/Cerebral Palsy >Physical Ability <Wheelchair/Paraplegic >Body Type <Blocky whale >Facial features/beauty <Possibly elephantism or heavy acid/fire scarring, few teeth, one (cataracts-stricken) eyeball >Gender Identity <Female to Male then back to female >Sexual orientation <Pansexual >Socioeconomic background <Dirt poor
(24.55 KB 605x454 constanza.jpg)

>Here's a diversity meter now get to the fucking Cosby suite and milk those breasts, bitch, I'm thirsty Screw that, let's just make barely-clothed battle babes with big titties, wide hips and thick thighs. A whole squad of Rule 63 Duke Nukems. >>599746 >/interracial/ will jack off to this
>>599810 >A whole squad of Rule 63 Duke Nukems. They would be hot but also turbo-sluts.
>>599612 It's ironic that blizzard is doing it, yet they've donekack shit about the sex offenders. Great just blizzard off to the gas chambers you'll go.
(48.05 KB 702x528 overwatch studios.jpg)

>>599612 Conversation between Mike Morhaime and Jeff Kaplan circa 2008 <What do we got? >An idea. <What idea? > An idea for the game. <I still don’t know what the game is. >It’s about being gay. <Right. >Everybody’s doing something, we’ll be gay. <So, we go into Blizzard, we tell them we’ve got an idea for a game about gay men. >Exactly <They say, “What’s your game about?” I say, “Cocks.” >Everybody’s making good games, we’ll make gay games. <So, we go into Blizzard, we tell them we’ve got an idea for a game about being a faggot. >Exactly. <They say, “What’s your game about?” I say, “Sucking dick.” >There you go. <I think you may have something there.
>>599679 >latinx >latine >latrine its evolving but backwards >>599671 >>599655 >>599663 Do they specifically join in groups into studios that has always made call of doody shit, just to shit on everything and plant their pride flag and claim as "victory"? Just like they think cutting their balls off is "defeating the patriarchy"?
(4.05 MB 288x360 nigger tranny.webm)

(13.32 MB 1280x720 Section_8_tranny_war.mp4)

>no abomination posting I can fix that.
>>599822 >its evolving but backwards So devolving? >>599830 I can only see chimpanzees anon
(797.47 KB 856x866 trans love wins.png)

>>599831 Time to step it up
(49.84 KB 450x600 neanderthal shaved.webp)

>>599835 The fuck? I thought they were all genocided in the finno-korean hyper wars.
>>599835 Lol they aren't even trying.
(70.08 KB 498x657 bombshell1.jpg)

(55.33 KB 438x674 bombshell2.jpg)

>>599810 >A whole squad of Rule 63 Duke Nukems. Not a squad of them but Bombshell was going to have a rule 63 duke. Shame they wimped out and changed her.
>>599842 You mean the other way round, right? That Bombshell was a Rule 63 Duke? Also, There's always the Alien Armageddon mod for DN3D.
hey sir
(48.57 KB 576x1024 winter witch.jpg)

(1.24 MB 1440x1562 disabled and cute.png)

>>599840 They still live.
(10.87 KB 400x400 Brianpeppers.jpg)

>>599854 Holy shit, how old is that thing? It might be the illegitimate spawn of Brian Peppers, it certainly looks like it.
>>599854 Looks like he's got more then hender disphoria.
>>599854 Cut the hair, take off the glasses, and stop pretending to be someone you aren't. He'd be able to look pretty normal.
(107.57 KB 1200x800 sonicfox.jpg)

>>599612 <Black <Furry,can transform to a werewolf form <Homosexual Gay(Faggot) (Any resemblance to real life characters is purely coincidental)
>>599879 Motherfucker also smells like shit, according to what I heard.
>>599880 Probably wears an adult diaper due to his asshole being unable to close now
>>599880 that's what you get when you mix a nigger's stench with a bugchaser's and an unwashed furfag's smell :^) Also Sauce? I'm pretty sure the source material is spicy.
>>599879 Not to mention <that ID colour code lmao
>>599883 >Sauce? I'm afraid I don't have it, but I'm sure it was posted in one of the threads long ago.
double post I liked it better when we were talking about Bombshell and other attractive female concepts.
>>599879 Fox is a tranny now, so he's got more oppression points. He just needs to cripple himself and he'll be at the top.
>>599887 LOL. Suicide live stream when?
(20.89 KB 378x252 the dubs community.png)

>>599888 hopefully soon dub-tripsman.
(254.88 KB 357x270 1426202912061.gif)

>>599888 Exquisite
>>599888 checked and sneeded
>>599887 Guess getting his self-insert modded out of skullgirls really did a number on him.
>>599617 >an ooga booga necromancer game I'd consider playing it.
>>599901 Also, upon further reflection, it could be an allegory about how blacks were often the overseers for other slaves
>>599617 Where I sign petition for that?
So far we got.. <Bugchaser <Half Aboriginal, half Arab <Dirt poor <Single mother of a biracial child <fat <FtM transexual. <MtF transexual <African who was previously enslaved <Islam <Autistic <A Female girl <Part British <Black <Furry,can transform to a werewolf form <Homosexual Gay(Faggot) Any we should remove? Anything that's redundant? I personally vote to combine FtM and MtF into someone who transitioned into male and then back to female. >>599640 >>599655 Pick 3, anon.
(27.55 KB 143x409 4debaf7383fd6e233b90c1.jpg)

How can you rank which character has a better (more inclusive) culture than others lmao? these fuckers went full circle and now they are putting social darwinism and scientific racism shit like ranking cultures, holy shit.
>>599901 Blizzard already made the witch doctor.
>>599923 I guess it's a scale of >What's the most oppressed? In addition to, >What's the most disgusting to the majority of people? Don't worry anon, soon enough we will transcend Weimar levels and shoot up straight to Eldar-Before-The-Birth-Of-Slaanesh levels
This seems fun, I'll give it a shot <Andine peruvian <Terrorism survivor <FtM trans
>>599907 oh shit some one managed to catch on. Good on you for knowing your history >>599912 ask Blizzard
(256.11 KB 1440x1800 Scourge-Swarm.jpg)

>>599928 Hope they dont eventually become deldar then.
(20.26 KB 584x640 s-l640.jpg)

We need better representation of 8chan.moe dwellers. There should be a pedophile character in every game, since 8chan.moe peeps are all pedophiles.
>>599933 >There should be a pedophile character SECONDING THIS
(63.05 KB 850x400 plato.jpeg)

>>599928 >>599923 These posts reminded me of how Hitler got to power and this plato quote. It would be ironic if some neolib shithole turns radical tyranny.
>>599935 Ironically, it can happen once, but if we aren't going to restart the world order, ofcourse.
>>599923 Is that Cio from KSBD?
(988.35 KB 640x658 1652392725318.webm)

A stat sheet for calculating your diversity ranking sounds like a joke /v/ would make however blizzard somehow did it unironically.
>>599936 >implying neolib shithole ain't radical tyranny
>>599854 See? There is no god.
(277.98 KB 700x630 Wow.jpg)

>>599888 HEIL'D
These idiots are going to tear themselves to pieces with infighting as soon as someone asks whether jews or muslims are more diverse.
>>599915 Combining all those aspects together into a backstory for a character: >Alluh Bckar Shlama was a girl born in Nigeria. Her father is a black native of the country while her mother is first generation baby who was born in the England while her parents are immigrants from Saudia Arabia. After the end of the first world war, and the British pulled out, they left her mother behind who lived her father. However, with the power vacuum left by the British, the Islamic nationals took over the country, killed her father, and enslaved both her and her mother. Eventually, Alluh is sold to someone across the African desert, and the caravan is destroyed during the journey by a sandstorm with her being the only survivor. While searching the wreckage, she manages to unleash a jinn who grants her one single wish, and she wishes to return to the homeland of her mother. However, due to her unspecified wish, she is sent back in time to the Medieval period of England, and turns into a man as a result of jinn trickery. While wondering lost around the English countryside, she runs into a werewolf and is bitten and forever cursed. While struggling to survive in her his new environment, she succumbs to her his wolflike urges during a full moon, transforms, and ends up raping some lost peasant girl. While leaving the girl completely mind broken, she carries the girl to some priest who takes pity on her him trying to find a way to exorcise her his curse, heal the girl, turn back into a woman, and return to her his own time. After finding some lost relics, she manages to turn back into a woman and only diminishes but not fully exorcise her werewolf curse. As a way to heal the woman, she also manages to magically transfer the girl's pregnancy into her own womb, and return the girl's virginity and mind back to her. As a final part of her goals, somehow a portal is opened that manages to return her to her time. However, the portal is only designed for adults to traverse it and, as an attempt to protect the baby growing in her womb, she tries to take on much of the strain of the portal and results in her becoming autistic due to stress her mind experienced. But, at least, she's in mid-20th century England. However, because she's an illegal, with no identity nor funds, she's desperate and receives help from the first passerby. Who just happens to be a flamboyant lesbian who runs a brothel. Eventually, under the dyke's care, she gives birth to her hybrid child, but never really works off all that baby weight that she gained while pregnant. In addition, her broken autistic mind results in her spending much of her days doing wolf cosplays with her lesbian lover. Is that good enough of a story?
>>599640 >Outsource Artist Uhh yeah I like to contrast my light blues with chink sweatshop labor and a touch of gook animation.
(523.29 KB 502x472 me canna handle dis.png)

>>599879 >>599887 imagine pounding that chocolate twink while he still wears the suit and yips with each trust haha
>>599980 why was this deleted
>>600026 Anon, no. NO. Get some fucking standards man christ. He's not even one of the top percentile in terms of fuckability.
>>599880 >>599882 >>599887 >>599888 Footage of her(his) future death,probably
>>600026 Hey Sonicfox
>>600125 >He's not even one of the top percentile Oh, I didn't realize I was dealing with a connoisseur here. Who's your pick, Roger Ebert?
(66.40 KB 640x635 furfag.jpg)

>>600475 >/fur/ here
(1.22 MB 685x1024 ClipboardImage.png)

>>599612 Is a faggot trying to become an elf counts? >>599640 >>599655 >>599671 Shit like this is why I don't want to work for a game company because of these freaks. >>600165 Fuck, shotgun in the face can be so godawful to watch.
(559.29 KB 1536x2048 soy.jpg)

(661.76 KB 4096x2127 EjWjLBbXsAAYDEC.jpg)

(664.22 KB 2048x1536 D-VMHQcUIAABqNd.jpg)

(355.30 KB 2048x1348 D-Mj0aEUEAAIl-J.jpg)

(369.90 KB 601x685 last of us.png)

>>600502 sledgehammer definitely has some soyfreaks, that's for sure. I have no clue how these retards hot tasked with making WW2 games, but it sure does explain why they suck so bad. don't let that discourage you, some of the best games I played over the last few years came from small studios, or even one dedicated dude, remember that cave story was a one man operation >>599915 pick 3, huh? okay <our special snowflake forced a diversity manager on xer's work place, and mandated it be a woman. a diversity council, also compromised of entirely of women, was shortly also declared, and for his help, xer now runs the company's twitter account <moderates 4channel's /v/ board, and removes all problematic or on topic discussion, shills pozzed up games frequently and is friends with ABIB and other head honchos of the site <black and red demon eyes, as described in original post I think the list is coming together fairly well
(622.65 KB 570x884 nig buck broke face.png)

(180.73 KB 850x1202 4.jpg)

(282.08 KB 850x1105 5.jpg)

(274.82 KB 850x1202 1.jpg)

(345.99 KB 850x1242 2.jpg)

(589.14 KB 917x1200 3.jpeg)

What do you all have against diversity? It's great! Delicious brown MILFs aside, I dislike how instead of supporting and pushing for "minorities"(in the sense of countries that make little to no vidya, comics, movies, books etc.) to make content they want developers to superficially tackle material they would have little to no experience with just because it comes from a different contienent or has been deemed a minority by rich college cunts. I do want to see more ruskies do crazy video games. I do want to see someone who actually knows shit about African culture past and present make a game about that. I do want to see more shit like Wakaliwood. I want see more of countries you don't often get to see depicted by people in that country, like Dusk Diver's Taiwan. I do want to see more crazy out there shit like Darkwood, Cruelty Squad, The Precursors. "Diversity" is shit because it's the most superficial phoned in shit possible.
<nigger-chink hybrid <asexually gender-queer, pronouns: they/her <crippled
>>600026 put me in the screencap
(187.29 KB 600x335 scauses.jpg)

>>600827 anon its the same mentality that "1 like = 1 prayer", ribbons to support feminist causes, change profile pic to support israel/ukraine/blm. Its Slactivism. Virtue-signalling. "Atleast I'm doing something for the cause". Things that may/may not have any effect on improving the situation, but superficially talking about few points, glossing over it with a wide brush, and saying you solved racism. Couple that with the fact their entire lives revolve around TV, internet, media entertainment, and consuming, they actually believe blacks are now happy in real life because they saw black people acting happy on a TV show. Now black people are "empowered" to be happy in real life. And its not even a recent thing
(26.50 KB 500x461 1386338910001.jpg)

>>599821 Not gonna lie, that was pretty kek.
(57.63 KB 1125x907 1621573426056.jpg)

>>600026 What the fuck
(911.36 KB 480x480 frustrated.mp4)

>>600026 I hate every word of what you posted.
>>600445 No, my pick is guys who have actual fucking hygiene.
>>615293 >my pick is guys Can the gay community leave this place already?
>>615310 Right? They should all go to your house.
>>615364 Wouldn't want to steal your guests away, plus I don't have an oven large enough to fit all of them.
>>615293 See above
>>615293 >the actions of your sexuality is about sticking your dick in another man's asshole quite literally where shit comes out >every time you have sex you have to wipe the layers of literal shit off of your dick afterwards >my pick is guys who have actual fucking hygiene
>>615310 You're on /v/. If you haven't yet noticed that everyone here is either a faggot or a closeted faggot then you are incredibly new.
>>600827 Diversity in the way SJWs mean it is shit because its a collectivist construct based on another collectivist construct of race. It doesn't think about merit, so obviously if you take workers based on characteristics different than merit your end product is shit. Plus you are neutering any creative input those people might have had by forcing them to do something under dumb and strict rules instead of letting their creative juices run free.
>>628175 Wouldn't a "femboy tranny" have to be a girl who acts like a girl but claims she is a boy?
>>615310 Where do you think you are?
>>628196 >>628203 >haha, /v/ is gay <what is loud minority <what is trolling for shock value This is a terrible battlefield of faggots, tomboy enthusiasts, MILFposters, loli fanatics, and Mark's fanclub.

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