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(149.48 KB 1920x1080 1651611911859.jpg)

Anonymous 05/14/2022 (Sat) 10:35:24 Id: 4779f7 No. 599869
>release extensive year one roadmap full of big updates >make millions overnight >add one update that just adds quality of life changes and some building options >buy a horse and fuck off >modders finish the game for you >somehow break the mods every week or so with bug fix patches is this the most based studio of all time?
Why did he buy a horse? Is he a cowboy?
>>599869 Why did this shit make so much money so quickly?
>>599913 because it sold a lot. it was a really good coop experience having to find resources to build a base and not get killed while exploring and trying to see what was out there. however, they committed the sin of early access. as developers usually do. instead of finishing the game (or get real close to it) and releasing a small portion of it as a demo for people to try while they finish the last bits, they made half the game and decided to cash out early, what they released as "early access" when they released it was the full extent of the games content at the time. now they're dragging their fucking knuckles in the sand trying to come up with more stuff for players to do, they haven't added a single biome since "release" and instead added a bunch of QoL and little thing to do here and there, like some new furniture, some new enemies in existing biomes, some new materials in existing biomes, some new caves in the mountains, some new gear sets that you could drop from the new enemies. if you check their dev blog/posts you will see that they only began worrying about the sixth biome like a year after release. which proves that they didn't even have a modicum of a thought about how the sixth, seventh, eight, and ninth biomes were going to be. they just made the landmass for them and fucked off to ride that horse they bought IRL. my friends are probably not going back to it. even after it fully releases, they already squeezed the enjoyment out of it and are probably permanently burnt out.
Generic survival game #3589583 right down to the developer drama.
>>599869 I find it incredible how slow the updates are, and how little content they add into the game every update. The strongest gameplay aspect of the game is the almost freeform building, all they had to do was add fuckloads of building types/structures, even if they're just decoration. Hell, if they wanted to go full lazy dev mode, all they needed to do was add decent modding support and just fuck off.
>>599962 Forgot to add, the updates wouldn't be so bad if they didn't try to hype them up like they're massive, when in reality it's like >added one new armor set >added one new table >fixed bugs
>>599963 You have to remember the abysmal baseline standards of retardittors and cuckchannel dwellers where they'll forgive a developer that explicitly lies to them and overpromises so long as they make a facade of attempting to reach the original "vision." As long as you have a multimillion dollar marketing budget and fill their preconceived notions you can do anything to them and still take their money with nary a struggle. Happened with Nu-Male's Sky, happened with CDPR lol W3 wasn't even that good but again, deddit standards, and it has happened with this title. Ironically enough, Early Access games that set out to fulfill and exceed fan expectations like Teardown and Troubleshooter only meet modest financial expectation, likely because a publisher-funded marketing campaign is required 99% of the time to penetrate public consciousness online and titles that practice EA in good faith tend to be self-published. Without Coffee Stain I doubt Valheim would have gotten anywhere.
>>599913 I remember getting recommendations for this on jewtube all the time, I guess youtubers shilled hard for this.
>>599913 >>599968 >its finally here, the mountain caves and the mysterious cult of wolf druids or some shit >they added 1 dungeon type and 1 armor set imagine waiting 6 months for a randomly generated set of 4 rooms where the enemies inside of it are the same enemies that show up in the regular game at night.
>>599869 I had some high hopes for this, but actual play is a bit of a cock. Punched a couple of trees to death and then got raped by some sort of humanoid creature before I could figure out what I could make. Mind you, I wasn''t really into it enough to gitgud at the time (chronic depressive) so I'll take it for a spin one of these days when I'm in a better mood.
>>600712 I find it pretty fun Viking themed explorer crafter. Generally most of the gameplay systems are well done enough that it is above most of other games in a similar genre.
>>600810 its a great game, which is exactly why it hurts so much to see it mismanaged like this.
>>599869 >No subject title. Faggot.
(11.00 KB 634x467 explorer_oKpKyzoWkm.png)

I played an early build of this game and thought it was so generic that I never gave it another thought. And then it became massive.
>>599913 Got lucky in the algorithm-driven e-celeb world. This is how it is for indies: somehow have one or two e-celebs pick you up and then a snowballing of the content delivery sites (youtube, twitch etc) will do the rest for you.
>>601412 That was what I figured. I just found it odd how the game basically exploded in popularity all of the sudden. Especially when it was just another co-op survival game that there are thousands of. The viking theme was the only thing that looked unique about it.
>>601421 To be fair it does have some decent innovations. Non-blocky destructible world, nice free-form building, use of dungeons and bosses in specific encounters to stop you cheesing them with the building mechanics and so on. Also nice atmosphere and exploration. The big problem is there's a very clear grind-loop for each biome which you can feel resetting like an MMO might and basically they can only extend the game by adding more treadmills like that onto the end.
>>601456 The resource grind is very steep if you're trying to fully upgrade your equipment and the difficulty to gain resources doesn't help a bit. Enemy encounters are very unrewarding, especially late game mobs. Item weight and stack size is also shit. The game seems to be designed to be padded with grinding to balance out the lack of content. Another issue is the lack of options in regard to what you can do to older equipment or unused items, you can't recycle them and you can't delete them (unless you throw them into the ocean miles away from your base). Mods fix all these issues to the point that I wouldn't recommend playing the game without them.
>>601475 Pretty much agree with all of this, also there's not enough to do in the sea despite the travel being fun. >The resource grind is very steep if you're trying to fully upgrade your equipment and the difficulty to gain resources doesn't help a bit. Doubly so in coop: the swamp biome (already weaker than the two before it) only gives you iron in the dungeons instead of minable and to fit out multiple people requires repeatedly finding new swamp biomes which is a problem in a game that's mostly fun in coop because of the enjoyment in building together or taking out the content together.
>>601492 Yea the iron resource loop is pretty balls. Finding dungeons to mine mud is shit especially since you only get a piece of iron every 3 or 4 blocks.
>>601492 >>601498 fun fact: there IS iron in the overworld part of the swamp. but finding it requires you to have the Boss item from the swamp (that is, the Wishbone). and to make things worse, the damn thing is seriously spread out. when you find a dungeon you have several nodes guaranteed and even chests with small stacks of it inside.
>>601568 Good point, I'd genuinely forgotten that was a thing. I don't think it's practical either to farm for a lot of players though. Another half complaint I have about the game, in the swamps this is noticeable, is that building roads etc is pretty much pointless as you mine out the resources in an area very quickly. Far better to just move along the coast for boat transfer historically accurate, maybe, but a bit unsatisfying.
kinda sad cuz the game is actually pretty fun. a shame its so obviously early access without much shit to do after 20 hours or so

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