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(1.09 MB 1440x1080 ClipboardImage.png)

E3 Minus E3: CAPCOM IS LIVE Anonymous 05/28/2022 (Sat) 17:33:12 Id: 23fc36 No. 609366
JUNE 25TH TO 26TH STARTING AT AT 10PM EST Indie Games Connect 2022 at Konami Creative Center Ginza in Tokyo on June 26 from 11:00 to 17:00 JST https://www.konami.com/games/event/igc/ JULY 1ST Bandai Namco Entertainment Summer Showcase at Anime Expo 2022 on July 1 at 8:30 p.m. PT / 11:30 p.m. ET JULY 2ND Aksys Games Panel at Anime Expo 2022 on July 2 at 2:45 p.m. PT / 5:45 p.m. ET. to 3:35 p.m. PT / 6:35 p.m. ET. Spike Chunsoft Panel at Anime Expo 2022 on July 2 at 5:45 p.m. PT / 8:45 p.m. ET to 6:35 p.m. PT / 9:35 p.m. ET. FINAL DAY OF THE E3 THAT NEVER ENDS (hopefully) Nacon Connect 2022 on July 7 at 10:00 a.m. PT / 1:00 p.m. ET. Rumored for this week BOTH ARE BIG ONES Sony: State of Play Nintendo Direct Even with E3 canned, it never ends.
Edited last time by Mark on 06/24/2022 (Fri) 20:02:06.
>>623577 I never knew there are images you can't see without an account on Paheal. What else do they have blacklisted?
>>623587 I have no idea. I made a throwaway account with an empty blacklist and it's still not showing up.
>>623586 The cunny has been delayed
>>623624 Whats so huge and impressive about that game that it keeps getting delayed with nothing to show for it but the little girl?
>>623625 Lolifags are just like that, they're annoying.
(228.71 KB 1342x729 Zoria1.jpg)

(235.62 KB 1342x729 Zoria2.jpg)

(99.46 KB 1342x729 Zoria3.jpg)

>>623684 Goblins you say? Technically half orc/human but who cares, muh greenskins.
>>623686 looks good, i hope there's no ryona though
>>623688 There's a demo. It's not much special but I dig it. Zoria and the Cursed Land.
>>623311 >shitty fighting games There are a million of these to choose from, please don't pretend to be retarded >Mega Man A million and one indie games, including arguably the most famous one ever which started the modern indie scene, Cave Story >Resident Evil As stated above, there are several indie games which are heavily based off RE. >will you spoonfeed me jewgle search results because I'm not really an enthusiast No, fuck off
>>623692 >You shouldn't play AAA trash, and you should be ashamed that you're doing it! <Okay, what games should I play as an alternative that will give me the same kick? >Fuck you, I'm not telling you what other good games exist.
>>623609 >>623577 They're both giantess images.
>>623707 god, I hate games that get popular simply because they appease to cumbrains. lowest common denominator, even if the game is good, it's fanbase is probably going to be dogshit
>>623709 Having both fanservice and good gameplay is very rare but it happens sometimes, Lost Ruins comes to mind.
>>623711 Really? Lost ruins didn't appeal to me much. I liked the mechanics a lot but not the execution. I might give it another pass though. >>623707 Disappointing.
>>623712 It's very short, you should be done with it in a few hours. I enjoyed the Noita lite environmental mechanics and a lot of stuff being breakable.
>>623686 >Search for Zoria. >its a village in donetsk, Ukraine. Well thats funny. I got that and another game called Zoria:age of shattering.
>>623715 Zoria and the Cursed land.
(9.46 KB 181x255 1463722009541.jpg)

>>623709 >simply because they appease to cumbrains I doubt it was the intention, it's just that the world has become so sex-crazed and shameless about fetishes and paraphilias, showing ONE giantess for ONE second in a trailer makes everyone drop their pants and reach for the credit card. If a Totally Spies vidya was annouced, you just know people won't shut up about the "kid-freindly fetish fuel show haha".
>>623709 Go back to cuckchan tranny
>>623624 Naked dogeza is always hot.
>>623709 >>623726 There's also the fact that people are tired of every single female character in Western, and more high-profile Eastern, vidya are being turned into masculine fat trashy orges who lack any amount of femininity; so people proceed to immediately blow their load when something comes along with female characters that are even the slightest bit androgynoustic.
>>623586 >>623624 I don't expect anything good from modern Capcom unless Itsuno's involved.
I think Mark should edit the OP to indicate what day these next events are happening on. It doesn't mention the Dragon's Dogma 10th Anniversary is tomorrow.
>>623701 >what games should I play as an alternative that will give me the same kick? Old pirated games from console and PC. More importantly: >what games should I play as an alternative You don't need an alternative in order to boycotts. Boycotts are to deny money to companies.
luciano. Do not respond.
>>623927 When can I fuck fictional girls?
(1.10 MB 1280x1920 1637274564892.jpeg)

(5.27 MB 1280x720 PRAGMATA - Coming 2023.mp4)

(3.46 MB 3840x6475 cute moon loli.jpg)

>>623684 She's hardly a goblin.
>>624045 Too uncanny valley for my liking, too real...disgust
What's the hour for my soul to be crushed tomorrow? About the anniversary video.
>>624045 What even is this game? Looks like she's some kind of robot loli who hangs around with a hologram cat, but what is the actual game? Why does a robot need such a big coat? She should be naked.
>>624104 Loli Android/Cyborg goes on SciFi adventures with Power Armor dude.
>>624104 This is basically all we know. Looks like it's Banjo Kazooie but with a Astronaut and a robo loli.
>>624076 >>609366 Missed time during event, but it's here 16th, 1500 PDT (1800 EST) On youtube: Dragons Dogma, CapcomUSA
>>624076 >>624115 Added to the OP.
(294.66 KB 600x666 82283992_p0.png)

>>623684 >uncanny valley >not uncunny valley Step it up sempai!
>>624124 >>624117 Pedoniggers like you deserve rope.
>>609366 We still don't know when the Nintendo Erect will be, do we?
(133.59 KB 1280x720 Corporate SoyHipster art.jpg)

>>624131 >That first picture
(253.12 KB 1920x1080 day_of_the_rope.jpg)

(3.30 MB 240x400 JumpRope.webm)

>>624134 that looks more like a chain then a rope >>624136 could the famicom/nes use tilesets that big?
>>624137 >could the famicom/nes use tilesets that big? Most likely it could. Virtually every "sprite" in an NES game is actually made up of usually at least 2 to 4 technical sprites anyway. The only real issue would be sprite flickering when too many sprites got on screen (see Ninja Turtles if you are unfamiliar with this). You could avoid even that if most of her body were made of BG tiles instead of sprites. The caveat there would be that you would probably need to position her in front of a solid color, like the blue of the sky, and so you would have to tweak the composition a bit.
>>624149 Yeah, the NES's 4 color limit and its stupid rules is probably a bigger hinderance than sprite size.
>>624137 Or do you mean the number of unique tiles required to make up her "sprite"? In that cast the answer is probably but it depends on how much space your cartridge has, which varied and increased over the lifespan of the system, and how much space you needed for other tile sets. Since this is a single screen jumping rope game you could probably pull it off easily. You'd probably want to make slight modifications to her sprite to make sure that she remains symmetrical all the time so you could mirror the tiles and and thus halving the number required right off the bat. There's a lot of single color space on her body too so that also lowers her tile count.
>>623701 You're too lazy to do the most basic of research efforts and you clearly know nothing about the medium, so yeah, shut the fuck up and play more games
So, I have no idea about timezones. How long until the Dragon's Dogma disappointment?
>>624242 15 or so hours?
>>624243 Alright, so at night on my perspective
>>624245 Silly question, but what happened to Capcom not to use Fly into Free once again?
(100.87 KB 500x256 pain.png)

>>623133 >While you're at it, tell them to port Gotcha Force to PC <ByKing, the former Capcom devs responsible for all the Gundam VS games and the Power Stone games also made Power Stone, a great stepping stone to the Gundam game series since it gave us Federation VS Z.A.F.T. <They left Capcom because the Top Brass was gigantic niggers <No more Gotcha Force games with the newer Gundam VS mechanics and gameplay It hurts. >The closest thing we ever got to a sequel to Gotcha Force was Level-5's Danball Senki series that doubles as a Medabots spiritual sequel as well. It still hurts nonetheless. >>623282 >now The entirety of slav-Europe has been gay since its inception. >>623311 Waste of some excellent digits. Boycotts are useless if they're only carried by a single dedicated autist, which is far more often than not, the case. You have millions of fags screeching about >Fuck X Company <Boycott Y Game And they are the first in line during the midnight launch of it, no matter how they present it later. If nobody does it, there's not gonna have any effect. >>623726 Exactly right anon. >>623793 It could be worse anon. Your fellow normalnigger citizens could actively discourage you from marrying western women and instead try to conveince you to proceed with (((race mixing))) just like they do with the hordes of niggers and browns that flooded your country instead of some qt nip girl or something >>623968 The very moment sexbots are perfected. Trust in Nippon.
>>624256 If a sexbot existed, it wouldn't be fictional.
>>624252 >Silly question, but what happened to Capcom not to use Fly into Free once again? Licensing issues, mostly with the record company that manages the band, B'z. B'z are still somewhat big in Japan, they were huge back in the day but that's neither here nor there. The problem is that Fly into Free is actually a remake of one of their older songs about sex and love and shit, turned into an action shounen-type anime intro for the game. This is atually quite common in Japan, a few artists do that often but it's not often that you see it on big products. Case in point, the first intro to Shin Mazinger! Z Hen anime, called "Kanjite Knight" sang by Hironobu Kageyama was actually a song called "Kanjite Night" sang by the guy in 1980 when he was in pop rock phase, all about driving around town in the bubble era and having a sensual night with the ladies, filled with carnal pleasures, trying to imitate The Scorpions of course Forgive the crappy audio, had to rip them out of AMVs I found on youtube
>>624258 Just saying that it would be incredibly hype if they used Fly into Free IF they announced Dragon's Dogma 2.
>>624259 It would but given how fucking cheapskatish Capcom is, that they didn't even license it for Dark Arisen, despite Itsuno probably begging them for it, should tell you what they think
(153.03 KB 855x588 let it go arisen.png)

So, shall we be coping?
>>624311 >coping You came here straight from twitter didn't you? Probably learnt about it from the buffaggot's manifesto.
(21.96 KB 320x240 1423090094093.jpg)

>>624324 Why so angry?
>>624324 >buffaggot's manifesto I thought you were referring to some swole homo and not the buffalo guy.
>Luciano was summoned At this point I'm conveinced that the faggot has an app or something that alerts him whenever specific words that trigger his impotent rage and monkey autism are posted on this board and he comes rushing in to spew one of his 10 stock comebacks to "own them leftards" or whatever he spouts that he learned from Billy. At this point I wonder if he was also /t/'s niggerpill that spammed the old 8kunt boards back in 2017.
(601.41 KB 705x1200 cuckchan justice1.png)

>>624348 That image was popular on 8chan in 2015, now I know for sure you're a newfag trying too hard to fit in.
Poorly fitting in
>>624347 Anon, luciano IS niggerpill, they always show up together.
(68.18 KB 640x640 Cuckchan scum.png)

>>624324 >>624348 >>624353 Man just go away, this kind of shit is always so annoying.
>>624352 Oh, I know that. I'm wondering if Luciano was also the /t/ niggerpill from 2017 or so, who had a very similar obnoxious posting style but peddled for way different things, often not having to do with vidya. I'll search for my pics later but I have saved from the threads that had niggerpilled depicted. >>624351 For fuck's sake...
(89.51 KB 566x356 Back to cuckchannel.png)

(70.42 KB 960x547 fellowanons.jpg)

>>624363 Hello fellow Anons, how do you do? Boy I sure hate cuckchanners
>>624352 Here you go, there was a third picture as well, with some anon shouting something and then niggerpill was running in the distance, slowly closing in.
>>624362 >using "cope" as your only comeback You're either a newfag or just as much of a faggot as one who just uses the latest trendy insult. For a while it was smoothbrain. Then it was touch grass. Now it's cope and seethe. Go back. Don't care which one, just go back.
(70.00 KB 550x408 (YOU).jpg)

>>624363 Are, by any chance, a nigger?
>somebody used no-no word >thread derailed DRAGON'S DOGMA 2 IS not GETTING ANNOUNCED TODAY, THERE WILL BE ROOM FOR THIS LATER
>>624378 >>624378 You see, telling someone that they cannot cope with the situation is saying that they ought to deal with it better. Not just an "only comeback", it's English. I am patient with autists though do not worry.
(322.89 KB 680x697 Cuckchan trash.png)

Did you get any videogames since the beginning of not e3?
>>624408 No, all of them are shit. Just waiting for anything interesting.
>>624408 Symphony of war plus a shitton of demos. I haven't finished any because they all seemed really interesting and I wanted to play the full games instead.
>>624408 Anyone got a big list of all the games announced during these events? That one anon was doing them, but I forgot to copy them to look up later.
>>624422 Saved, thanks lad
(742.27 KB 695x900 Cuckchan.png)

>>624418 PC Gaymer did a list: https://archive.ph/QNMbA
(21.69 KB 500x381 awaken.jpg)

A link to the Dragon's Dogma stream We're live in 5 hours https://youtube/watch?v=ndLqGPqeQqM The video is "inappropriate" so you'll have to have a YouTube account to watch it. They might also be streaming on Twitch which doesn't require an account.
(579.61 KB 988x720 Hope.webm)

>>624458 I have no hopes, I'm expecting something really stupid that wastes everybody's time.
(44.14 KB 229x231 I want.jpg)

>>624458 I want to believe.
>>624458 I know there will be only sadness. But I believe it.
(42.66 KB 680x577 mirko huge thighs.jpg)

>>624458 I'll pretend it'll never happen so I can be pleasatly surprised it it does happen.
(2.83 MB 640x480 It is a good pain!.mp4)

>>624458 I like the pain, as much as I don't want to admit it.
Why do people like Dragon's Dogma so much? I played it and it felt extremely arcady and at time i felt I was just wailing at blobs of health likes it some MMO.
>>624471 It released very close to Skyrim and people liked to compare the two since Dogma looked and played so much better than Skyrim. For that, it earned a bit of a "respected" authority on /v/. Regardless, Dogma does have its own problems, gameplay-wise. I take that as Japan's ineptitude with any game genre that isn't JRPG turn-based combat or shoot-em-ups. Not a bad game, but it never clicked with me.
(1.17 MB 353x300 200 percent wat.gif)

>>624471 >>624478 People like Dragon's Dogma because it has great combat, that's it. Why does everybody play dumb about this? It's not some fucking mystery. >Skyrim It was compared to Dark Souls at the time more than anything else. Not that those games are alike, either. I could be wrong as this was over ten years ago but I don't remember Skyrim having a bad reputation on /v/ until years later, around 2013 maybe. Some people shit on it but you'll find that with every game on /v/, especially that era.
>>624471 I think it's one of those games which you either love or hate, personally I am in the former category. I liked the combat a lot, the fact that you could switch classes, and some were hybrids which did change the way you would play the game. I liked how my pawn would learn from me how to fight. I liked the boss fights and how you could burn a griffon's wings or use a fire sword to stop the hydra from regenerating it's health after you cut it, or how you could attack a cyclop in the eye to stun him. The fact that you could climb the bosses or grab the enemies was also great, and I wish more games did this(and yes I played Shadow of the Colossus). I really enjoyed the music, it really pumped you up for those fights. Other things, like night being actually dark, entering water would turn off your lantern, were also good. Personally I think the underlining themes of the story, in that it becomes an essay on free will was quite good, and not a lot of games do this type of thing as good as DD, though this is something that not a lot of people talk about. Now I am not some rabid fan, I do acknowledge that it has a lot of flaws, such as repetitive combat, even if it's enjoyable at first, and the only way to sorta mitigate it, is by changing classes to "experience something new", the game is unfinished and rough, the Warrior has only 3 skills which sucks, the pacing of the story is horrible, most sidequests are just escorts or fetch quests, and I would just place those teleporting stones in key areas to reduce time. The map isn't all that interesting, as there isn't all that much variety in scenery, though the way it is structured, it is a bit ingenious, as it appears to be open world, but it's actually a series of cleverly put corridors, and I think a game like Elden Ring would have worked better with that kind of map. All in all, I think that most people who are hyped for DD2, are those, like me, who hope that the sequel will fix most of the problems of the first game, and add most of the cut content like the Moon or the tower. As it is right now, Dragon's Dogma is a very, very rough gem.
>>624485 Also furying into furee I might add.
We're live in about 3 hours.
>>624501 I can't wait to be fucking disappointed!
>>624502 DRAGON'S DOGMA 2022 clothing line, available now at GU :^)
>>624502 >it's a hour long presentation about Dragon's Dogma 1, and it's impact on the culture >the video is about to end, but Itsuno wants to announce one more thing >video showcases a new game, that kinda looks like DD but with better graphics >looks very promising >it's coming in 2023 >then the narrator says : <The long awaited sequel to beloved franchise, Dragon's Dogma will soon be released, introducing Dragon's Dogma Online 2 >Itsuno takes a bow >presentation ends
>>624514 <And it's only for the asian market!
>>624514 >>624515 >goes offline after 3 years >private servers not allowed
Will there be restream? I don't have jewtube account.
Roughly an hour until we're live. >>624532 They might also stream it here https://www.twitch.tv/capcomusa Maybe Mark will re-stream it also, he'll post a link if so.
I'm not staying up just so I can get disappointed. Crapcom isn't going to deliver.
>>624534 Hmm, doesn't seems to have anything scheduled on twitch.
(193.07 KB 680x594 Chun-Li sex life.jpg)

>>624467 >Mirko sex life
(1.24 KB 248x45 DD10th1.png)

1 hour https://youtube.com/watch?v=so27-39aL2w It looks like they took off the age restriction?
Can't wait for a whole load of disappointment.
(852.44 KB 313x200 Megaman.gif)

>>624550 Can't wait for a whole lot of absolute nothing.
>>624551 >They Announce Dragon's Dogma 2 The Netflix animated serie
>>624553 Don't even joke about that
Well, I'm going to bed and watch the stream on my cellphone. Tomorrow I'll tell my reaction and see everyone's reaction.
20 minutes left
(196.65 KB 680x594 Mirko sex life.jpg)

(54.20 KB 1000x500 feet-pride-stonetoss-comic.png)

If DD2 is announced, I will lick jelly off Mark Manns musky taint
Less than ten minutes
can't restream today. I have plans with a friend I made a week in advance. I hope THE WIND pushes you all.
(378.58 KB 2077x760 Gayhamehameha.png)

>>624567 buzz off fat
>>624567 with friend you mean a cake, right?
>>624570 Kazu pls
(14.04 KB 528x396 media_FVU90diWUAQDpfb.jpg)

>>624567 >being gay >scheduling gay sex and announcing it >telling the board about your faggot escapades >being the submissive one during gay sex >letting your friend creampie you God I love how unabashedly gay you are, I envy your homosexuality you know that? You know you're jewcy, we know you're jewcy and you've embraced that part of you, beautiful.
>>624538 This link doesn't need jewtube account https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=so27-39aL2w
>>624571 No I mean my weeb friend, we're going to watch Macross.
>>624574 why is this post so fucking funny I'm going to ream your asshole, whore
>>624574 JEWCY
(1.45 KB 243x51 DD10th2.png)

How long will the stream last?
>>624584 Equal to the length of Itsuno's benis
Damn it I'm starting to get hyped without any valid reason, I know this is just a stream full of 'memberberries with no new announcement.
>>624588 I know the feeling
(272.17 KB 449x449 samus.jpg)

I'm incapable of hype. It's an ok feeling. Neither good or bad.
(197.69 KB 687x768 gigasuno.png)

>hypes stream for 10th anniversary for Dragon's Dogma days in advance >stream finally starts >doesn't talk about the game whatsoever >talks about completely different games
>Devil May Cry figures in the background >talking about Devil May Cry Itsuno is such a blueballing motherfucker
>>624592 More kojima than kojima
(852.76 KB 1116x666 DD10th3.png)

Oh my god it's Anthony Fantano
>>624595 I chuckled
>Dragons Dogma is based on Wales
(132.58 KB 307x307 question.png)

>>624593 Based on what, anon?
Holy Shit it's nothingburger and a trailer for S2 of netflix western anime
>>624597 Makes sense, it does look a lot like rural Britain
(7.86 KB 288x175 download.jpg)

>>624600 But...Wales?
>>624598 ligma
>they didn't want to make the Pawns smarter because it wouldn't feel like real online play
(2.56 MB 720x720 BASED.mp4)

>>624603 I thought that was funny.
>>624603 Yeah what the fuck kinda of scapegoat to PS3 limitations is that?
>Nips understanding the mythology of the monsters far better than the western devs As expected
(338.85 KB 800x600 /tmp/phpkVWo5p)

(362.21 KB 480x270 excited.gif)

(25.73 KB 500x378 Miki Shinichiro IRL.jpg)

(448.33 KB 1167x698 kizunahuh.png)

>they confirmed it >they didn't show anything but a logo
(170.37 KB 424x500 rena sparkle.gif)

Release date when?

(285.70 KB 1708x2123 2840229c7c3fb17444534bb9762be217.jpg)

(91.42 KB 540x720 Z9JSHGA.jpeg.jpg)

(472.89 KB 633x478 Devil_eared_Ren.png)

>>624623 >Whenever it's ready Is probably the closest estimate currently.
Loli pawns in 8k, imagine
(540.34 KB 1920x1080 capcomleaks2.png)

(1.97 MB 1920x1080 capcomleaks.png)

>>624623 End of 2022 or first half of 2023. Everything else on the data breach was delayed two quarters.
>>624631 >modern JP dev >allowing merriment in the character creator On the miracle it's allowed in the JP creator, it'll get censored in localization.
>>624629 All is according to cakekaku.
>>624629 and your taint, let's schedule an appointment >>624565
>>624629 is it milky
Let's hope Capcom doesn't fuck this one up too.
I dropped Dragon's Dogma after escorting the cart and getting squashed by an Orc
>>624646 Isn't that literally the first few minutes of the game?
>>624646 Didn't even finish the tutorial pre tutorial
>>624646 >he didn't beat BBI underleveled and then blazed through the base game.
>>624642 >>624641 MEME MAGIC
>>624646 >getting filtered by an intro Really shiggying your diggies there anon
>>624647 It felt like hours
>>624646 Did you at least beat the bandits on the way to the loli witch forest?
Anything from the Final Fantasy VII stream?
>>624654 nobody here watched it
>>624653 I think the last things I did was meeting Mercedes and getting to know the Pawn System. I was mostly testing Proton when I tried it so I didn't really bother much with it.
>>624654 Who gives a shit?
Oh yeah, I saw that whomever you are.
>>624658 >tranny music
(173.00 KB 1080x1080 Bonne Hangs Out.png)

Oh, alright! You can have your Dragon's Dogma 2! Now if you excuse me, I'll go sulk and read fan fiction about Megaman Legends 3. I'm getting too old for this shit!
>>624666 Your satan trips ensure that tron bonne will never again show up.
(1.46 MB 917x845 Butterfly.png)

>>624661 I don't care if a trannoid made it, it's good
>>624666 Tron Bonne source was in Capcom leak and they were actively updating it. Will prob at least get Legends+2+TB+5 Island Adventure with playable controls as a legacy collection.
>>624670 That would be cool, Tron Bonne is best MM girl bar none and Roll Caskett best roll.
>>624661 >>624669 Isn't Sewerslvt doing the music to an 8chan game? Perpetita or whatever it's called.
(105.10 KB 1252x1252 Kuririn.jpg)

>>624666 (checked) Satan trips confirm, Rockman Dash 3 never ever
(79.01 KB 600x858 Free Shrugs.jpg)

But seriously though, why didn't they just announce DD2 during the Capcom showcase? This was such a short video that it didn't need it's own livestream.
>>624672 That's an 8chan game the way Katawa Shoujo was a 4chan game.
>>624672 They're using it for promo material but I don't think they'll use it ingame. Especially since Sewersluts sex pet 51% and he stopped making music after getting depressed.
>>624674 Capcom Showcase was for details on previous released games, plus Dragons Dogma 2 deserved it's own spotlight.
>>624678 >Sewersluts sex pet 51% what, did he rape his pet?
>>624681 I don't fucking know and honestly I don't care enough to find out.
>>624681 His pet killed himself like most mentally ill trannies do, here's a documentary about sewerslut and their tranny escapades https://yewtu.be/zx9jf-o9tDU
>>624685 I'm not watching that but I believe you.
>>624686 Ah okay, just wanted to make sure you did
(9.03 MB 498x280 IFF.mp4)

>>624685 It grosses me out all the comments calling him a she. I dont care if hes a talented musician, all trannies disgust me to the core.
>>624654 Crisis Core remake apparently?
>>624692 And FF7 Reboot/Alternate Universe on Steam
>>624654 Crisis Core remake this winter. FF7R2 next winter.
>>624700 July 4th of this year, behind the Silverball Retro Arcade at Asbury Park
>>624678 >and he stopped making music after getting depressed. So much for trooning out being a cure for these people's mental problems. >>624700 He's already in here.
>>624698 >>624692 Just watched the clips. Surprised any of them are coming to the Switch at all. R2 seemingly a PS5 exclusive...for now. Still waiting for that Nintendo Direct. The week is nearly over and the month is half over.
>>624698 I saw something that looked like a classic FF7 remake on an IGN clip just now, what was that?
>>624706 The Crisis Core remake is very clearly less graphically demanding than the big FF7 remake. It looks better than PSP but definitely not current gen. >Still waiting for that Nintendo Direct. The week is nearly over and the month is half over. Current rumor on that is the 29th.
(38.10 KB 1038x241 ntwewy.JPG)

(30.36 KB 690x279 itsuno.JPG)

>>624674 Probably some political bullshit behind the scenes. Japanese passion projects within a big corp always get discriminated against to an extent. See NEO: The World Ends With You last year for a similar case study; the entire team behind the first title wanted to do a sequel for a long time but got split up into other ventures for over thirteen years because corporate said so, despite the original being an unequivocal critical and commercial success. It got so bad one of the codeveloping teams meandered into factory-producing mobages. Once N:TWEWY got approved, there was a conspicuous lack of marketing for a series revival of a cult classic. Yes, there was an anime adaptation of the first title produced, and the game actually got shown off in a Nintendo Direct, but it was way less than usual for a title with Tetsuya Nomura attached. Without anybody's surprise, N:TWEWY "flopped." This actually occurs a lot within the entertainment industry, where the suits may approve a bigwig creator's passion project to keep them happy, but only after they've fulfilled certain guidelines (read: a string of commercial successes); the suits then give the project little to no support because it's a "favor" and they'd much rather get the bigwig back on something like Exoprimal stat. Itsuno doing DD2 was always an inevitability after DMCV's profits got him back into good graces with the suits, however. If it wasn't being announced this year it would be the next. https://archive.ph/GC6Ma
>>624714 >4th pic I don't remember the visuals looking this garish
>Crisis Core Remake >on Switch I bet it'll be a Cloud version and SE learned nothing from the KH debacle.
Official twitter confirms DD2 uses RE Engine https://twitter.com/DragonsDogma/status/1537561220558950402
>>624716 The 7th Gen versions did have lower res textures
>>624721 Wasn't there an optional Free DLC pack for that version which increased texture resolution?
(423.78 KB 640x360 JJJlaugh.webm)

>>624722 PS3/360? They couldn't even run the game at the full 720p and needed perma black bars.
>>624724 So I must be mistaking it with a different game, because I recall this one PS360 RPG having an optional texture pack which was like several extra GB of data.
>>624720 IT'S FUCKING POZZED HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA >>624715 >See NEO: The World Ends With You last year for a similar case study; the entire team behind the first title wanted to do a sequel for a long time but got split up into other ventures for over thirteen years because corporate said so, despite the original being an unequivocal critical and commercial success. It got so bad one of the codeveloping teams meandered into factory-producing mobages. >Once N:TWEWY got approved, there was a conspicuous lack of marketing for a series revival of a cult classic. Yes, there was an anime adaptation of the first title produced, and the game actually got shown off in a Nintendo Direct, but it was way less than usual for a title with Tetsuya Nomura attached. Without anybody's surprise, N:TWEWY "flopped." Seems like Square Enix made the right call for once in their cocksucking lives considering how fucking dreadful NTWEWY was.
>>624598 ligma >>624725 That was common among many games of that era, especially on 360. Games like BF3 and other games required HDD space for the best looking graphics and performance.
(571.24 KB 640x360 Ligma.MP4)

>>624722 Looking it up, the 360 version had a separate disc for Dark Arisen that contained "HD textures" that you had to install.
>>624714 >3rd pic What's she sayin'?
>>624729 >Seems like Square Enix made the right call for once in their cocksucking lives considering how fucking dreadful NTWEWY was. How bad was NEO TWEWY? All I know about the game's quality is the horrendous localization.
>>624724 <360p
>>624618 >>624641 i like how 8chan is the only place i can find the Japanese version of this song
>>624736 Nagi's textures are setup for her to have pantsu, but she has ugly shorts instead.
>>624734 I knew I wasn't imagining things. Thanks anon.
>>624738 Should upload it somewhere then.
>>624738 You can find the original version from the 90s, but not the one made for DD, likely due to licensing.
>>624729 >using their engine is poz Does that word even mean anything anymore?
>>624741 i like being able to hear it here ever so often more >>624743 >>624258 never even knew that was the reason. Today i learned
>>624744 Its an anon that is obsessed with saying capcom is pozzed because they changed to scanned faces instead of anime style.
>>624747 You're a strawmanning faggot, you said the same thing to me in another thread and I never implied that. MH Rise is proof good things can be done in RE Engine.
>>624747 >>624748 Furthermore Capcom has been using motion acting and scans for years, they just stylized it rather than making it photo realistic.
>>624748 >>624749 Then stop yelling pozzed because you dont like boobarella.
>>624750 Literally who?
(93.79 KB 640x706 heh.jpg)

>>624752 I'm not getting what you are saying but you made me laugh.
>>624749 >they just stylized it rather than making it photo realistic. I'd say that's the bigger issue with the RE Engine. It was designed with "realistic graphics" in mind, and we've seen the results in REmake 2, REmake 3, and DMC5. Now, is that the case all of the time? No, as evidenced by MH Rise. But, with the nature of the engine, they have to go that extra mile to make things look more stylized and appealing.
>>624757 They've done a more realistic look before, it was common on 6th gen consoles. They didn't try to be as photo realistic as possible. I don't know why they would make a whole engine around one rendering gimmick when their previous ones were multifaceted and worked for a variety of realistic and unrealistic looking games with ease. At the very least it shouldn't look uncanny and weird like RE2 did.
>>624762 They talked about it for 7, it saves them a lot of time and money since they can just scan stuff. Hell, they scanned a dead dog for weeks to get rotted flesh.
>>624766 >Hell, they scanned a dead dog for weeks to get rotted flesh. Is that legal? They killed a dog for the game?
>>624767 Who knows, maybe it was already dead, maybe it was roadkill. Don't ask questions unless you want to be next.
>>624767 I dont think they killed it, that wouldnt make sense if they talked about it later.
(1.41 MB 4961x7016 92066848_p2.png)

(4.59 MB 2008x2061 95940161_p0.jpg)

>>624739 >ethics committee strikes again Shame, but that doesn't mean the game's irredeemable. >>624762 >I don't know why they would make a whole engine around one rendering gimmick when their previous ones were multifaceted and worked for a variety of realistic and unrealistic looking games with ease. Probably because it was meant for only horror games and such, but then they realized they spent too much money on it to only be used on a couple of games and Panta Rhei was never going to be a proper MT Framework replacement, so they just stuck to the RE Engine ever since.
(305.50 KB 918x1230 media_FJQ6xRbXwAEHZ7e.jpg)

>>624701 Can I eat your ass too or is that off limits?
>>624774 >Probably because it was meant for only horror games and such This might work quite well for Dragon's Dogma. Fantasy RPGs are supposed to have scary dungeons, after all.
>>624782 It really shows in dark and rainy enviroments.
>>624774 >Shame, but that doesn't mean the game's irredeemable. This everything else about the gameplay is great, besides 2 very awful localization lines and those pantsu. I love nearly every button being a customizable attack you can chain.
>>624774 >2nd pic It's not often that I see wholesome porn that makes me feel a semblance of joy instead of shallow horniness
>>624787 >wholesome porn
>>624715 >This actually occurs a lot within the entertainment industry, where the suits may approve a bigwig creator's passion project to keep them happy, but only after they've fulfilled certain guidelines (read: a string of commercial successes); the suits then give the project little to no support because it's a "favor" and they'd much rather get the bigwig back on something like Exoprimal stat. This shit is exactly what Yidsney did to Treasure Planet.
>>624744 It means about as much at this point as "fascist" or "nazi". Humans are very lazy thinkers, on average.
(61.94 KB 1079x828 porn.jpg)

>>624787 >wholesome porn
>>624790 It's also Nickelodeons specialty. It's kikery every step of the way
>>624790 This is what happened to Barry Lyndon (movie)
>>624707 <IGN It never ends, the summerfags. The mobile game, which ironically enough fills the "remake" description more faithfully than the namesake. There's going to be some gachage bullshit monetization, but presuming that Square Enix doesn't get super jewy and stick the cast in garish costumes to make you have to buy the original costumes, this might be a more ideal way to have the remake the fans actually wanted. For free even. assuming you're okay with SE servers invading your privacy every update. Reminder to get an original Tifa model mod ready, unless SE preemptively fill that demand and pimp her out in every fetish attire under the sun due to relatie lack of regulation on mobages A LOT of this expanded universe oversaturation seem to be Square really wanting every mileage out of the models they've made, from the Crisis Core remake to the terrible battle royale they have. Constant asset remixing and reuse everywhere. There will be a high probability of this simple proposition getting fucked up when it comes out this fall. It's Square, it comes with the territory.
>>624804 >summerfag It's winter in the south hemisphere and I used an invidious instance dork.¡
>>624804 >It never ends, the summerfags. It mostly ended when we left for 8chan.co. Only recently have cuckchan users started complaining about something that was largely nonexistent outside of cuckchan until cuckchan arrived here.
(340.46 KB 664x602 REboot 4 trailer.PNG)

(35.42 KB 665x400 Sherry REboot 4.jpg)

(97.79 KB 984x554 Mia Winters.jpg)

>>624744 No Capcom literally heeded the complaints about the shitty faces and made them actually better, but somehow we still have these mindbroken golems pretending the entire world is against them. While It's understandable that people are apprehensive to most media being tampered with by American SJW cocksuckers, it's gotten to the point where anons are so jaded and paranoid that they are actively trying to find shit to get pissed about.
>>624815 maybe on resident evil, but chun-li looks like she has fetal alcohol syndrome on SF6
(208.54 KB 183x231 KoFXIII Mei.gif)

>>624821 I don't think anyone but the biggest cocksuckers or actual shills can deny that Chun Lee looks like absolute shit in SF6 along with every characters and the game itself She looks like a fucking Chink caricature
>>624815 You make a fair point until you launch into a retarded absurd fantasy >but somehow we still have these mindbroken golems pretending the entire world is against them To make it seem like everyone who disagrees with you is crazy. Also everyone should be pissed that these games are shit regardless of how they look.
(6.55 KB 250x192 Mike.jpg)

>>624825 >To make it seem like everyone who disagrees with you is crazy I'm not, I'm saying that the anon that called the game "pozzed" because it used the RE engine is a fucking retard. >Also everyone should be pissed that these games are shit regardless of how they look. Not really, Village was alright and the REimagining of 4 has me interested as they're going in a more horror and less linear route, plus the RE4HDProject by the Spaniard madlads is all I ever need and Capcom will never be able to make something as good as that, it's impossible for most companies considering the time and location.
>>624838 The game is pozzed for turning Jill and Claire into nu-Femoids and RE Village is a boring piece of shit. I can't believe people have such low standards these days. I guess years of being assraped by shitty unwanted sequels sets the bar extremely low.
(23.36 KB 768x403 0_Eurovision-768x403.jpg)

(6.26 MB 1280x720 Vergil'sStormIs.mp4)

>>624847 DMC5 was also made on the RE Engine. A game that is largely considered good by most anons here. More important, like Dragon's Dogma, that was an Itsuno game.
>>624850 It's a good game, my complaints are minor. Gameplay the camera could be a bit further out and V could not be boring to play. Visually it's drab and gray, with the visual updates of Lady and Trish being awful, and those characters not having reason for being there. Blacking Morgan is also weird and stupid. That smoking jewish cunt that sells you shit was a mistake, she is hideous.
(64.90 KB 627x421 Cuckchan.jpg)

>>624849 Go back
(1.24 MB 1280x720 DmC2.mp4)

>>624850 >DMC5 More like DmC2
>>624847 >Jill and Claire into nu-Femoids Literally didnt happen, you take scenes were claire is getting tied and beat up by chief irons and jill being confrontational to umbrella's goons and pretend the whole game is that,
>>624867 You take that scene and pretend that it is ONLY that.
>>624847 >The game is pozzed for turning Jill and Claire into nu-Femoids And then they fixed it after people complained you nigger.
(534.82 KB 537x537 032563.png)

>the autistic retard is still crying about DMC5 after all these years >he still thinks "fuck you" was the worst thing about DmC
>>624872 The female characters still suck ass, what did they fix again? Ooo they got moderately better at making faces? I still hate all of them they suck and aren't as memorable as the older characters.
>>624869 All the other interactions they have with neutral and friendly NPCs are kind or professional and they arent walking propaganda.
(5.48 MB 3090x1191 Face models DMC.png)

(454.77 KB 2048x1536 Mark DMC5.jpg)

(1014.74 KB 1366x768 DMC5_Nico_face_model.png)

>>624873 DmC2 BAYBEH!!! >>624875 >Ooo they got moderately better at making faces? Much better, plus more tits > I still hate all of them they suck and aren't as memorable as the older characters. That's on you and you alone you jaded cocksucker.
>>624876 They are boring with half of the personality in a shallow cheap imitation made by modern game devs. >>624877 Lol just kill yourself you shameless shill. No standards whatsoever. Your such a dumb ass you post pictures that prove me correct. 1st and 4th one specifically are fucking hideous examples. In the first picture almost all of the models look better than their in game counterparts. You utter jack ass. What tits?
>>624879 >They are boring with half of the personality in a shallow cheap imitation made by modern game devs. Nigger what personality? If anything they have more dialogue now, youre literally grasping at straws because EVERYTHING MUST BE SHIT!
(24.64 KB 500x500 Billy.jpg)

>>624879 >Shill >Retarded cocksucker didn't even realize those images weren't a reply to him Yeah buddy, I get paid per post, get that head out of the gutter and actually enjoy when non faggot devs do something right.
>>624867 Oh yeah Jill goes from understandably confused at why she would be helped by Umbrella employees to being a snarky cunt that tells people she knows what a radio is. That was nice, so was the rest of the dialogue. >>624880 >more dialogue good Did you also like the never ending talking mid gameplay? >>624882 Capcom has not done something right for Resident Evil Since Outbreak. They are the biggest faggots for toying with their fans like the greedy inconsistent fucks they are.
>>624883 >to being a snarky cunt that tells people she knows what a radio is. She doesnt like them at all in the beggining and then carlos comes along to explain to her how to operate a radio when they already knew she was S.T.A.R.S. >Did you also like the never ending talking mid gameplay? Not at all actually, ive never liked that in vidya.
>>624882 You do it for free which is worse A fanboy
>>624885 She is an unnecessary cunt and it differs greatly from the original. He didn't explain to her how to operate it he just gave it to her while saying to use it to keep in contact which is normal behavior. You're making excuses.
>It's DmC2 when Nero, an angrier character than Dante since DMC4, says fuck you to the main antagonist after he ripped off his arm, killed countless innocents twice over, manipulated him as V, tried to kill his uncle, and abandoned him before he was even born Whatever, Tameem.
>>624889 >She is an unnecessary cunt She is dealing with umbrella goons, umbrella got her team mates killed and destroyed the city, she was also confrontational to them at the beggining in the original. >it differs greatly from the original The original dialogue is a sanitized, 90s version of it, carlos has to tell her to chill out because hes just a hired gun and has nothing to do with what the company does.
>>624891 >She is dealing with umbrella goons No no no, shut up and compared the original cutscene with the new one. It's unreasonably how much of a tryhard cunt she is now.
>>624892 > shut up and compared the original cutscene with the new one. It's unreasonably how much of a tryhard cunt she is now. Nigger the same goes for everyone, the dialogue in the original games was extremely limited since it was a haphazard translation from japanese by a kamen rider writer, look at how hard leon goes on ben in the remake, and leon is a fucking pussy in 2.
>>624883 >Re releasing Remake on modern platforms >REboot 2 >About to re release Outbreak >Completely disregarsing the abomination that was 6 and going more horror If you say so >>624887 If I was a fanboy I'd be sucking clamoring about how STALKER 2 is going to be a masterpiece or some shit, but I know better than to trust Sergay and the fucking Xbox logo. STALKER being my favorite franchise, I'd rather stick to fan mods than whatever the fuck that atrocity is going to be. If I was a fanboy I'd be sucking off SF6 and Exoprimals instead of calling them diarrhea dogshit. If I was a fanboy I'd call RE7 and Village great games instesd of mediocre which is what they are. But hey, you do you buddy you want to be miserable, that's your choice. >>624890 Que te jodan!
>>624893 Ben was another character that they somehow managed to do worse than the original. >>624895 >rerelease What a wonderful thing to praise them for, releasing the same shit because they cannot do better. The fucked it up as well! Even better! >a ok at best reimagining no one asked for That's a positive? It's not RE2. >Rereleasing a game again >a game that deserved at the least a re release in the 7th gen but did not get it and would only get it now for money >more horror is good even though it's chasing modern horror game trends that suck Pathetic, you got anything else? Any actual Resident Evil?
>>624897 >Ben was another character that they somehow managed to do worse than the original. That is correct, i liked how much of a cunt he was in the original game, in the new one hes jsut scared and gets killed right off.
>>624897 >Ben was another character that they somehow managed to do worse than the original. It's amazing how Capcom can ruin a character that was only on screen for about 5 minutes.
>>624895 I'd actually be miserable if I still had hope for this franchise like you seem. Assuming that you're the same guy that said Village was alright anyway. It might shock you that while I have a massive hate boner for crapcom I can get excited by other things. Lets not do the normalfag thing and pretend that are critical of one thing are just miserable in general. Especially in a place like this no less where everyone is "miserable" over something. It's the oldest cop out argument ever.
>>624901 >can't even do a short side character correctly
(501.28 KB 1280x720 JillRadio.mp4)

(5.71 MB 320x240 Francis E. Dec [360p].mp4)

(208.08 KB 419x424 Glow.png)

>>624877 You going to go over to the webring and complain about how "mark" bullied you, again?
>>624923 Getting bullied by cakekike is kind of a sad thought.
(17.87 KB 196x379 thinking-man-ben.png)

(144.61 KB 450x360 reeeemake0ben-bertolucci.png)

(17.69 KB 768x378 REWRCbertolucci-768x378.jpg)

>>624897 >Ben was another character that they somehow managed to do worse than the original. Well, they turned Ben from a not-gonna-give-as-shit-gonna-take-a-nap-while-the-city-burns-good-riddance Journalist to a Cuckfeed Blogger who knows what Umbrella does to snoops and snitches and just blurts out he knows about the G-Virus is in an interview.
>>624929 So they took a journo character, made him a parody of modern journos and then killed him violently and that's a bad thing?
>wake up >apparently I've been proved wrong and Capcom did deliver >It's just a few seconds of a logo And none of you see anything wrong here? What the fuck is wrong with any of you? Eight years and all they can show is a fucking logo? I want to be excited as much as anyone but this is hypocrisy, this is no different than any of the cinematic trailers AAA garbage show or getting excited over Dad of War 2's logo. It's still Capcom and it's still an 8 year gap between the first, no guarantee it'll be good.
>>624930 Character assassination and retarded dumb shit "reimagining" not like Claire and Jill have the same personality traits, where they seem to be less terrified in what they are facing and more annoyed when G-Birkin or Nemesis appear with fucking Josh Whedonism banter like I am listening to a Buffy the Vampire character.
>>624931 Read the thread nigger. I made a post on this earlier. >>624715 >eight years Itsuno was working with Division 1 for at least three of those years to release DMCV. The earliest DD2 could be started was 2019, then Kung Flu happened and probably prolonged production.
>>624933 >less terrified I never thought Jill seemed that scared in OG RE3 to be honest. She even gave Nemesis a one-liner before she killed it.
>>624937 >I made a post about this You've made a post saying that it's a passion project, that jap publisher fuckery is a common thing and that it was "inevitable" that DD2 would be made. It still doesn't excuse that they've shown nothing but a logo. It's nothing but an announcement. It didn't show screenshots, it didn't show gameplay gameplay, and it's not a demo where you can conclusively prove it's going to be great. Anons are literally just getting hyped over an announcement, which puts them on the same level as people getting hyped over the God of War 2 announcement from last year.
>>624938 >I never thought Jill seemed that scared in OG RE3 to be honest. She even gave Nemesis a one-liner before she killed it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TBHjhB-kCow Watch the cutscenes and her scripted actions, she tries to avoid fighting that BDSM Tyrant Gimp head-on, saw and was horrified that Brad got introduced to Japanese tentacle fetishism, talks to Carlos after getting the vaccine whether Nemesis is indestructible. And that "You want STARS, I'll give you STARS" was a one-liner catharsis, before that it's conveyed with that tired limping walk even if you no damage kill Nemesis in the final boss fight, that she's sick and fucking tired of his shit. It was perfect. Now you got Nu-Jill saying "BITCH CAN'T EVEN SWIM! or some dumb shit like "TAKE A FUCKING HINT!". Subtleties are all gone.
>>624941 >Anons are literally just getting hyped over an announcement, which puts them on the same level as people getting hyped over the God of War 2 announcement from last year. I'd have to disagree because they know the history behind the game, they know the people who are involved in making it, and they know what to expect based on those factors in addition to recent works those people have put out. Meanwhile, with nuGoW2 and even the previous nuGoW, while the title it does have the virtue of being a passion project, the people behind the games are not the same people who developed the original saga on the PS2/PSP/PS3, in addition to how the biggest aspect surrounding the nuGoW games being that they're focusing upon celebrities, diversity, subversion, and delivering upon everything BUT what a GoW game is. Now, is this a guarantee that Dragon Dogma II is going to be a good game, much more one of the greatest games to exist? No! For all we know, the title could be everything feared based on what happened with DDO, or worse. However, given the game isn't being developed by the DDO team, and Itsuno managed to capture lightening in a bottle with DMC5 (Which did have some issues, but managed to scrape by relatively unscathed), people are rightfully excited because it appears to be a match made in heaven.
(359.60 KB 399x407 1560137672.png)

>>609366 >E3 Minus E3: CAPCOM IS FUCKING DEAD Fixed.
(1.15 MB 640x360 unknown.gif)

>>624702 Trannies are extremely emotional creatures, pretty much textbook bpd. That means high highs and low lows, which can be like a sad clown that tries to hurt you.
So DD aside, are we flying into free? Is there nothing else until the 25th where Konami does their indie show?
>>625052 Pretty much, unless Nintendo does a Direct out of the blue. Gamescom next
>>624977 >Megaman There's like 50 fucking games plus the Gunvolt games.
>>624786 >besides 2 very awful localization lines Just the two that keep getting posted? Is the translation servicable otherwise?
>>625052 There's the Annapurna showcase in late July, a couple things in August and then we get into the Winter showcases/events like TGS and TGA.
>>625036 What show is that image from?
>>624786 >>625070 >2 very awful localization lines <Just 2 lines https://archive.ph/N5j6P https://archive.ph/izosY >I like to think NEO: The World Ends with You was in safe hands as we were always going to be respectful of the established style. https://archive.ph/QGlb0
>>625074 Spinel from Steven Universe the Movie.
>>624666 >>624977 There are 11 base Mega Man games 8 Mega Man X games 4 Man Man Zeros 6 Battle Networks 2 Legends Over a dozen spin-offs in all these different series How are you not satisfied?
(140.82 KB 720x936 1403416691751.jpg)

(1.16 MB 1189x5470 Clean 2021 Bingo Card.png)

Guys I made last year's bingo card did someone make one for this year? I moved away from my parent's and have been too full to make one. I demand it pretty please.
>>625165 Nobody made a bingo card this year which was disappointing, there are still some events coming up in the latter half of the year if you want to make those. Gamescom, Tokyo Game Show, The Game Awards, Eurogamer Expo and PAX. I don't think those last two have game reveals, they're trade shows people go to try out games.
>>625180 I leave for one fucking moment and you guys do.
>>625184 Emperor Radiation on Youtube
>>624931 I was honestly hoping for there to be no finished footage at the announcement. The Nvidia leaks confirmed it was being worked on, so it's not like it was on the "never ever" shelf. A gameplay trailer at this point would indicate to me that they're cutting corners for a cash grab. >Eight years and all they can show is a fucking logo Itsuno finished DMCV before he even got started on Dragon's Dogma 2. They had two years of development, at most. >no guarantee it'll be good Itsuno cares about the game he's leading and he has a pretty good track record. And if you want a guarantee of quality just don't preorder it, retard. >>624877 DmC2fag, is it really you?
(93.19 KB 480x360 No Drink The Bleach.mp4)

>>625228 >It's one guy
>>625089 When tartakovsky had enough of rebecca sugars gay shit
>>625357 Shut up niggerpill, we know its you.
>>625069 >>625153 No Roll spinoff series.
>>624646 FOURNIVALD that CUNT ruined the ENTIRE game for me. FUCK that jewish little DWARF you cant even THROW the cunt into the river or KILL him like in bethesda games. FUCK. FOURNIVALD. THE CUNT.
>>625492 What are you talking about anon? Don't you want to outjew the competition? Fournivald is the biggest bro ever, he'll always have your back if you have his. He was the one my pawn met up with on the beach in the postgame ending Also his daughter is best girl, unironically.
>>625509 He's a filthy fuck goblinoid scum cunt that charges his rent-ees exhorbitant amounts and then wonders why they complain. I dont think you can pick him up and throw him like you can with other NPCs so I'm basically progress locked until I can slay him like the odious little manlet penny pincher he is.
>>625511 Spoken like someone that didn't get the gold idol. Symone is a treasure.
>>625516 >gold idol Probably when I played it on the PS3 nearly a decade ago. Im sick of fucking jews anon, I dont want them in my games. Or their gay idols.
>>625517 cuckchan can't even obtain a simple quest item that you get from showing a child a good time and playing a game of hide and seek with them. Incredibly sad. Do you have any children or younger siblings? I'm guessing your zoomer ass has neither.
>>625521 Dont insult me just because I dont wanna play fetch quests with your queer landlord jew caracature instead of throwing him down a well where he belongs. >zoomer That accolade doesn't fit. >Do you have any children or younger siblings? I'm guessing your zoomer ass has neither. I made my character to be a great brute of a man, someone to slay giants and topple buildings, not to do fetch quests for jews and play hide and seek with children. Pick up a coloring book you faggot.
(10.78 MB 680x444 Doubt.webm)

>>624943 >Now you got Nu-Jill saying "BITCH CAN'T EVEN SWIM! or some dumb shit like "TAKE A FUCKING HINT!" God, I hated that shit so much. Jill responds to seeing Nemesis' final form as if her roommate just asked her to pay their share of the rent for the month. I also remember years ago on 8kun, there was a faggot there who thought the dialog in the RE3 remake was unironically better than the original's. >>625229 >makes the same arguments as the DmC2fag >post the same images as the DmC2fag <it's totally not one guy
when i played dragon's dogma, my character ended up romancing the fat ugly shopkeeper at the end even though i was playing a male. this ruined the game for me because i don't remember ever romancing this character.
>>625523 >I made my character to be a great brute of a man, someone to slay giants and topple buildings, not to do fetch quests for jews and play hide and seek with children. I see, building toppler and not hide and seeker with children. You are the chadermensch. Obviously.
>>625529 Better a jew slayer than a jew slave
>>625530 Topple all of the buildings you'd like and refuse to play hide and seek with all the children you'd like, it's your choice, kid.
>>625532 Sure, and its your choice to defend 'gods chosen' shlomo, mine is to destroy them.
>>625523 >I made my character to be a great brute of a man Truly a brute indeed, if you can't spare a moment to make a child happy. >>625528 There's not exactly any romancing in the game, the beloved is just based on who you have the highest affinity with. If you got Fournival it probably means you helped him out on his quests and bought a lot of stuff from him.
>>625543 >Truly a brute indeed, if you can't spare a moment to make a child happy. True. Only those who understand this will be worthy of the gold idol. To give oneself for the happiness of a child is an endeavor worthy of gold.
>>625528 It's less romance and more the characters you interact with the most end up as your "beloved". It's one of the most hilarious mechanics in the game. >>625228 You don't get it anon. Dragon's Dogma was eight years ago(apparently I'm wrong and it was ten years ago). So far there's nothing to get excited about beyond your imagination running wild with what was cut of Dragon's Dogma 2. It's like Kojima coming out and going "prease anon sama getu hypeu ai have game comingu soon™", if I was a Kojima fan I'd be interested but there's still nothing tangible shown. I completely get wanting to believe. Part of me still wants to believe. It's like that Wo-long game Team Ninja showed, yeah Three Kingdom's Nioh is an interesting concept I'd love to play but I still don't see any gameplay and as such the reveal is a net negative for me. At the very least DMCV showed some really good looking gameplay(rocket punch and combos and BANG BANG BANG PULL MY DEVIL TRIGGER) and as such I was more open to it from the start, if it was just the cinematic I would have probably written it off on account of how Nero looked. >preordering What?
>>625228 I really really wish they had some teaser, the logo is not enough to satisfy me. What chance would it be that dd2 will simply be a "finished" dd1 with all the concepts?
If they did that, the story would be different to disquisition it’s nature as a remake. It would still take place in Gransys but be however many years before or after the first one or in another universe.
>>625165 There was nothing of note to bother writing about. There was an interesting game here or there, but nothing that got anyone excited. Even the triple A studios didn't bring anything interesting, it felt like they only showed up because that's what was expected of them. The biggest moments I can think of was the announcement of DD2(with no gameplay), and people collectively laughing at Starfield's gameplay reveal, that's it >>625517 >people openly posting twitter jaks in threads now >they stay up no wonder everybody left this board, and whoever is left can't be bothered to make anything good anymore >>609366 Is there anything else even going anymore? OP has nothing
>>625543 >>625558 Eat shit redditors, I was miserable as a kid, that little cunt can suck it up.
>>625672 >people openly posting twitter jaks in threads now >they stay up >no wonder everybody left this board, and whoever is left can't be bothered to make anything good anymore Buddy, you're posting on the corpse of 8chan. There's been 6 new posts in this thread in the space of about 12 hours. This corpse is being held aloft by memories and good will alone, and the fact that many of you refuse to be able to move on. I dont blame you, the times were good, but the only way you can effectively live in the past is by travelling through it.
>>625695 nigger, just a year ago this place was still very active. I have no idea what happened between then and now, but clearly something went wrong, I expect people posting doges and reddit edits like overlord acid likes to do because clearly, this is the direction that this site is taking, only accelerated by the recent rapefugees from hispachan
(2.57 MB 480x272 DisciplineIntensifies.gif)

(603.57 KB 1280x1810 003.jpg)

>>624717 MARLOS >>624736 >How bad was NEO TWEWY? It wasn't. >>624746 >never even knew that was the reason. That's why you should take your time and read other posts as well anon >>624258 >>624752 Granny Boobitch over here has a thing for young blood, not Ethan's mold. >>624757 >It was designed with "realistic graphics" in mind, It was mostly designed with VR capabilities in mind, it was first used for the "Kitchen" demo of RE7 after all and it kept being worked for additional capabilities. Given what it did with MH Rise it would seem that it does retain some of MT Frameworks' DNA in its code, so hopefully, it can do wonders with very few alterations such as porting all of the data of Dragon's Dogma and upscalling them a bit since the two engines share the code thus porting assets is easy >>624996 Anon, you control and entire fucking team with four of your buttons at once and can customize each one to do a number of attacks you want to pull of some crazy shit you even get to have up to either 6 or 8 people at once in your team, acting as "pairs" for each button and you can do even crazier combos
>>625698 Well 8kun was fucked, so loads of anons started shilling for the webring and some tor nodes so people literally got scattered to the seven winds. I come back occasionally here to check whats going on and each time the activity is about 1/6 of what it used to be pre (((SHUTDOWN))) so it feels pretty pointless. I dont know about a year ago, but like I said I check back here occasionally and each time its low activity
>>625702 Speaking of 8kunny, I found the doQumentary for free https://soap2day.ac/EczoyMDoiMTU3NDExfHw5Ny43My4yNDQuODUiOw.html Jim Watkins truly is the man who sold our world.
>>625718 >Wojak yeah, fuck off
>>625718 >doQumentary The HBO one? I watched that, it's full of bullshit to be honest. A good example is them claiming Anonymous came from 420chan.
(13.66 KB 480x360 hqdefault.jpg)

>>625719 If you told me back in 2012 that wojack would regenerate this much anal devastation by presence alone, I wouldn't have believed you, the meme still was never liked by me personally, but now that everyone hates it, I feel unsatisfied because I simply wanted him gone, not to mutate into the brainchild of the obnoxious horde of bugmen that helped ruin vidya. I always knew, deep down, that wojack was cancer, it just took until the zoomer bullshit to fully take over and corrupt every bit of good sentiment for wojack until other people to understood what I was trying to warn them of. >>625722 It really goes to show how much of a newfag ron is and always was.
(14.23 KB 194x214 marcille surprised.png)

Fuck, what did I missed?
>>625729 Dragons Dogma 2
>>625729 I set an appointment to slurp elly off of mark manns taint
>>625734 That's it? And fuck, I wasn't expecting for a sequel.
>>625745 Resident Evil 4 Reimagining and release dates for previously announced games. Starfield is a literal Fallout 4 reskin That's it
>>625748 >Resident Evil 4 Reimagining Goes to show how irrelevant it is, I already forgot about it It's probably bunched up in the same corner of the brain as the latest call of duty game, in a sense that I know it is COMING, but I Just DON'T CARE
>>625750 I'll give it a go HD Project is all I ever need and I enjoyed REboot2.
>>625824 Torpedo, you are relevant only by your Id digits.
>>625827 Okay, im gonna answer you genuinely for a sec because I know you will only do ad hom otherwise. 8chan is dead, this is marks bunker, you are a kike, yes or no?
(15.72 MB 1024x576 C O N D O L E N C E S.webm)

>>625838 >this isn't even mark's bunker, it's a site owned by a fed. Whut? I did not know this..
>>625845 I checked out when 8kun nosedived and everyone spat on Jim, and everyone who complained about cake kike still hustled on down to .moe.. It's nice to see pockets of it now and then but this bunker is dubbed 8chan in name only, everyone else scattered to the winds, including myself when I realised we'd never get an actual 8chan again, just splinter groups and sub factions.
Speaking of demos has anyone tried any? I think so far Midnight Fight Express is my favorite of the bunch. >>625729 Tall buff paladin with child bearing hips. And not much else. Some neat demos though.
(1.29 MB 1280x960 nomad_gondola.webm)

>>625853 I like sleepychan but it has it's own problems, I just wander around now and lurk for the most part.
Take any meta drama you see with a grain of salt! Majority of it comes from Julay's former administration who keep posting nothingburgers like they're the end of world. Their posts are a dime a dozens over on the other sites like PLW.
>>625853 Thanks for the heads up on zzzchan m8y, its nice to actually see an 8chan/imageboard derivative that isn't 4chinks and also aint dead. I dont follow the latest happenings because to me it aint 8chan its bunkerchan. >I bet cuckchan is getting better and better NO. If you compare the two, even right now, you can see 4chode still has its own unique set of problems -- typically being the first hurdle and most high profile imageboard means that all manner of shite, tranny and golem gets filtered through there first. When 8chan died, the four winds scattering began, some unironically went /back/, others went further afield, highly likely now that the majority of these same 8chan posters are now united only by shared memoirs and no longer a place to inhabit in a united fashion. Me? I folded, So I can tell you firsthand I know which is worse and which is better even with lower post volumes, but dead is still dead. cuckchan is embroiled in a constant war with itself, the kikes, glowniggers, trannies and leftypol all concentrate their efforts their, so its not that the site is dead, far from it, its that 1/3 of all posters are either a kike, tranny, glownigger, shill, twitter socialite, normalfaggot, or all the above. Everything is seeping out even in /pol/, I dont stop, so I followed the action, and that was in the cuckchannel. Kikes have a significant hold, but its not enough. I gotta be honest with you, unironically and without doubt, despite how bad things are with cuckchan, if it wasn't to exist NOW, with the absolute death of 8chan, we would be looking at the death of the few shallow remnants of free speech, unironically. Anyway, thats my 2 cents, Im just glad I'm not a full refugee, I discovered 8chan before I ever went on 4chan so I dont feel as bad as some of you obviously do about it when moot caved, but hotwheels took me off guard. only go to cuckchan if you crave high PPH, otherwise prepare thyself for much cancer, and say NIGGER and KIKE often, it really riles up the trannies there.
>>625872 There isn't a point to high PPH if the overall post quality is terrible. Yes it sometimes is bad here and on the webring but it's still on average a few orders of magnitude better than what I saw on there.
>>625863 I think you're right, this reeks of shitstirring. Says this community is the "least desirable" and dead yet tries to push people from here to their boards because he wishes they had more activity
>>625850 >everyone who complained about cake kike still hustled on down to 8moe you don't remember the actual history at all then. Most people used fatchan (which died due to their incompetence), and then julay (dying due to their drama/cancer) because this site was still in its infancy, and people used boards across the 'ring, otherwise. Most of the boards had some level of activity. It was only after the death of both that this place started getting a good amount of people properly. At the end of the day, you need a functioning site to go to. If you don't have that, you have nothing.
PLEASE Do NOT ruin this thread with meta autism. We already have a thread for it, and I don't wanna see this thread ruined because of it.
>meta bullshittery >inaccurate meta bullshittery shameful
>>625880 Then clean up the posts faster next time. I'll stop though.
(698.36 KB 1399x830 468687646.png)

>missed the meta autism God fucking damn it this always happens, so unfair >:(
>>625994 It wasn't worth reading, just some people discussing how zzzchan is confirmed to have an IP-scraping operating afoot. Most have already known this for months. Please get this thread black on track. Is that Nintendo direct still happening eventually?
>>625995 >Is that Nintendo direct still happening eventually? The rumors say the 29th.
>>625995 It's slated for the 29th iirc
>>625880 Mark, should I shave your taint before spreading jelly on it and rimming it? we're still doing this, right?
>>625995 >IP scrapping OP What does that mean? I mean yes i been banned from shitchan for stupid reasons anf right now i got a full month banned over calling out some soyboy e-celeb youtubers trying to grift peoole into buying overpriced downscalers that promise to do 240p but is likely chink shit locked at 480i.
(61.50 KB 710x480 1655394332272.jpg)

>>625872 Cuckchan went to shit to me when they introduced the dreadded WORDFILTER, to change the words soy, soi, cuck, soyboy, wojack and soyjack into BASED. Btw, lately they implemented the filter on /co/ to the words Onions and Onion. They claimed it was because people overused those words but we all know thats not true, thats not the reason they did it, the story goes that some soyboy mod on /v/ who looked weird and fruity posted its battlestation and got mock left and right, so they introduced WORDFILTER in retaliation as a way of censorship, this is why everytime you see the word "based" on Cuckchan there's no way to know if it was based or cuck, im other words, its the emperor's cloths.
>>626030 >>626034 Yes, anon. We understand that cuckchan is shit and have since at least 2014, though many of us knew it was shit for many years before that. What does that have to do with e3, though? Also, that anon is talking about sleepy/v/, not cuckchan. I would also be very skeptical of the claim that zzzchan has an IP scraper, it sounds like low effort FUD intended to stir up shit in this thread.
(77.57 KB 355x369 mokoucomeonboy.jpg)

I came to an epiphany that Nintendo makes really shitty games. My first mistake was buying a Switch. You have to decide for yourself if the games are worth $60 and in most cases they're not. And I'm too retarded to softmod it to pirate shit. This console is seriously the worst one they've made since the Wii and that says a lot. Garbage games, uglier ports, trash online, next to no storage space, and fucking joycons drifting all over the place. I wonder if they're actually testing how shitty they can make a system and have it on the market. Stay tuned for the Switch 2 where the controller is covered in razor sharp spines and you lacerate the fuck out of your hand every time you want to enjoy Official Super Mario Product 2 featuring more reused gameplay assets from the Gamecube.
>>626038 >Nintendo makes really shitty games I'm surprised it took you this long to realize it.
>>626038 >I'm too retarded to softmod it to pirate you kinda deserve what you get honestly
>>626038 Which Switch games have you even played?
>>626038 > You have to decide for yourself if the games are worth $60 and in most cases they're not. No game is worth 60$. As someone who actually buyfags on rare occasions, I either buy something on sale, or I don't buy it at all. As for Nintendo's games, I don't think that they're shit, but they're never, under any circumstances, worth 60$. Pirate Nintendo games or don't bother with them. Have you tried emulating them? That's what I do with Switch games these days.
>>626038 >This console is seriously the worst one they've made since the Wii But, there are a lot of fun and excellent games on the Wii. > Garbage games, uglier ports When it's boiled down, isn't the Switch just as relevant as the PS4 when it comes to the games to buy for it? Recently cleared out my vidya wishlist, and realize that there are only five games that I "need" to buy a Switch to play as everything else is physically available on an earlier system: <Astral Chain <Fit Boxing <Kitaria Fables <Panzer Paladin <Xenoblade 2
>>626038 > And I'm too retarded to softmod it to pirate shit Switch emulation is very easy and is always out day 1 (or sometimes earlier if it leaks). I haven't gone back since.
>>626038 Fuck if you don't softmod it, could I buy it off you? I gave my modded switch to a cute blond boy I was infatuated with stopped talking to him when he invited me to dinner with a guy twice his age who was fucking him
>>626061 anon, what the hell is wrong with you? Stop being gay and retarded.
>>626067 How do you know that isn't a girl anon?
(1.48 MB 720x480 Faggot.mp4)

>>626072 On an image board faggot is 99% more likely. Also, he specifically mentioned the other person being a faggot. It's a fag.
>>626079 Or it could just be a random person merely pretending to be a peter puffer. Is there really any way to know for sure?
>>626082 Merely pretending to be retarded is no different than being retarded in my book.
>>626085 It doesn't work that way with gayness, especially if you say "no homo".
>>626072 this place has a /cb/ board and there are visiting faggots so I assumed it was a fag its possible its a chick, but very low chances
>>626088 >its possible its a chick, but very low chances 0% chance without specialized training to be able to post like a man. Judging from posting style, it's either a fag or a not fag pretending to be a fag. Attentionwhoring either way. Isn't this supposed to be the e3 thread? e3 is itself gay and retarded, though, so I suppose this conversation is still on topic.
>>626038 >Japan makes really shitty games. FTFY
>>626103 What are some western games you'd recommend :^).
>>626038 I would like to remind everybody there are Switch emulators that exist right now that can run games in a fully playable state. I would also like to inform you Nsw2u has a large repository of Switch roms.
>>626107 That's generally how it is with Nintendo. If you're patient, you don't have to pay a dime for their, at best, okay games. Still better than what the western game industry manages to shit out, unbelievably. It really shouldn't be that hard to make games better than what the nips do, they really need to fix their shit and actually try.
(1.82 MB 1036x1635 1650965615563.png)

>>626111 The joke is that if Nintendo games are considered shit then everything else is typically worse, it just means that video games are really shitty now. People are dicksucking a Capcom game that hasn't been released yet since the only other game people were interested in was a needless remake of RE4, things have been bad for a while.
>>625994 YIIK IV drip when? YIIK2 when?
(73.60 KB 877x1011 PokeYIIK.jpg)

>>626281 This fall.
(61.82 KB 919x702 FA590nUWQAMk_ok.jpg)

>>625994 >>626281 ok seriously you assholes yiik 2 may actually happen if you keep memeing it so stop it immediately this game should not be played by anyone for any reason LET IT FUCKING DIE
(139.64 KB 1360x680 YII.jpg)

(837.67 KB 763x1634 YIIkesAgain.jpg)

(4.72 MB 1327x3264 YIIkesPlagerized.png)

(74.08 KB 1024x512 YiikesPortrait.jpg)

(313.98 KB 588x502 YIIkPalm.png)

>>626297 Look buddy it's not plagerism if it has a credits menu, doesn't matter if it was added later or if Two Brothers was stealing music from other games, its not plagerism.
>Try out the terra invicta demo >it's a fucking 4X You've got to be shitting me.
>>626338 What pisses me off is that its a complex and pretty interesting vidya and then they decided to pozz it up.
(2.19 MB 3536x3368 miningthechans.jpg)

>>625872 >>625874 >>626034 don't forget about this
>>625830 >this is marks bunker So? >you are a kike, yes or no? No.
>>625874 The "dead board" non-argument is 100% from goons and plebbit. They want exactly high PPH lowering the overall quality and burring discussions that expose corruption in t he government and entertainment.
>>626107 >Nsw2u try to open the website it open with cloudflare captcha, the captcha cant load because umatrix is on. immediately get access denied what kind of advanced faggotory is this
>>626417 The site has some serious bullshit going on, apologies. It's the only place I know of to easily get Switch games.
(36.33 KB 623x569 E-E8pMoX0AEG6Jg.jpg)

>>626038 >>626287 Hey retarded switch anon. I NEVER once bought a single game for my switch and homebrewed it as soon as I got the chance to and that was all the way back in 2018. First buy a switch RCM jig and a 64gb to 258gb SD card, you need an SD card to store space for your games I can't believe you didn't know that. Here is the guide, as long as you can read English and follow basic fucking instructions it should be easy as peasy. https://switch.homebrew.guide/gettingstarted/beforestarting.html Then get the tinfoil store so you can download ANY one of the thousands of games on the switch with the push of the button here, make sure to follow the instructions. https://github.com/carcaschoi/tinfoil-json Have fun with all your new games and if you get confused with something as easy as that I will just assume you have a room temperature IQ. Please don't breed in that case humanity is full of enough retards.
I don't know why it's even in question that the Switch itself sucks. All you have to do is look at the fact they monetized a formerly free (the online) WITHOUT making it at all better than the Wii/Wii U's online to see that they're anti-consumer.
>>626507 Everyone knows the Switch sucks, for one reason or another, but the question was just how much it sucked. That's also beside the fact that selling 100+ million consoles lulled people into thinking that there must be some decent games on there, which there are, but it's all drowned out by ports and game collections are either old as shit or terribly ported over because modern devs cannot optimize even if their life depended on it.
(48.48 KB 133x157 moblin.png)

>>626531 >>626507 I'm fine with it all as long as the games are all free (through piracy), I even got some of games which were leaked early, sometimes by a week or two like Smash Bros Ultimate and SMTV. I do NOT give a shit about the online part, its all dogshit with poorly maintained barely functional servers anyways and barely any of the things the other two consoles offers. I also downloaded retroarch in my homebrew broswer to turn my switch into an emulation console too. PPSPP works too but its buggy as shit and some of my psp.iso's flat out corrupted themselves on there. Its fun to play games on handheld and then pop it into the dock to play it on the TV instead anytime I wished to.
So the Nintendo direct is happening, it's just about Xenoblade
>>627757 There's going to be another one next week.
>>626507 >>626531 >>I don't know why it's even in question that the Switch itself sucks. >>Everyone knows the Switch sucks Except it doesn't >portable console that can also act as a home console and tablet >largest japanese 3rd-party game support and genre variety on a Nintendo system since forever (DS and Super Famicom respectively in their own home/portable category). Many japanese devs are now referring the Switch as the main platform. >Nintendo doesn't censor said japanese third-parties like Playstation and Steam both do (which are coincidentally american companies). Arguably, Steam's policy is even worse as it doesn't allow the ban to be appealed by changes, and a recent case is the unreleased PC port of Dungeon Travelers 2.
Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Direct coming up today.
So what's everyone drinking this morning? I got some hot chocolate myself since I wasn't in the mood for Coffee
Also the stream is technically live if you guys are interested in Xenoblade 3. https://www.twitch.tv/nintendo
>>628219 >twitch Granted, Youtube isn't any better but still.
>>628222 I mean, just use youtubedl or something
So are they gonna show gameplay of XC3?
and it's over, what did you guys think?
>>628243 Apparently nobody watched it
>>628243 It was alright. I didn't expect that they added this support Hero thing that you can get allies to help you in battle. >>628245 I have no idea what are other anons even doing.
>>628243 >>628245 This place is borderline dead when it comes to the very thing this place exists for. >seemingly no spoilers >a good look at most of the mechanics >cool cutscenes <no customizable armor <more jackets <still no word on reinstating the preorders <can't have outfits OR color variants of jackets unless you buy overpriced DLC DAY 1, and you need to wait almost a EIGHTEEN months for the full DLC to come out. That last one pisses me off more then the absence of lewd. May do the same as XB2 and wait until all of the DLC is released.
>>628246 Probably didn't realize it was on or didn't care about Xenoblade. >>628248 >This place is borderline dead when it comes to the very thing this place exists for. We were very active during not-E3, it's this event nobody cared about.
>>628249 It's also nothing that's gonna have any major surprises like a capcom or general Nintendo Direct. Being so early in the morning didn't help things either.
(468.48 KB 733x443 ClipboardImage.png)

>>628243 >what did you guys think? A mix of "I slept through it", "I have never given a single fuck about xenoblade", and "oh look at the nigger". Then it cut me off saying the video was unavailable. >>628248 >This place is borderline dead when it comes to the very thing this place exists for Did you forget the other events all broke 100-200+ pph.
(179.84 KB 480x360 Baron Ashura.png)

>>628257 the hell is wrong with his face, fucker looks like Baron Ashura from Mazinger.
>mostly soulless dub VA especially for the MC and narrator >mediocre character design >combat looking generic as fuck without any good visual distinction >music was decent >melodramatic dogshit for dialogue >story sounds weird >world aesthetic was okay >monsters looked kinda generic/unimpressive usually Overall it's not great.
>>628260 My problem with the story of "find out who the real enemy is" shtick is that XC1 and 2 had already told something similar about it when pervious tittles had Zanza and Amalthus (although Malos was gonna become the final boss). I hope the third game's story is different from the others.
>>628260 >>628248 The lack of costumes are a break for me, I'd put up with the shitty toned down bullshit if they had costumes to mitigated it. Sad thing is that the game might do better than XB2 because the drones will buy it anyways.
>>628295 Now you're just being retarded anon.
Niggerpill we know its you. stop pretending.
(89.51 KB 566x356 back to cuckchan.png)

>>628280 >browsing cuckchan
>>628285 >one of them uses they/them Factually wrong since official sources use he/him, you're looking at some nigger fandom shit.
>as soon as he gets called out he gets desperate and blows his cover As usual, youre such a failure.
(195.88 KB 1447x1112 NIGGERPILL GOOD JOB.png)

(789.81 KB 1366x1611 LucianoNiggerpill1.jpg)

Man, Niggerpill/Luciano got up early for this one.
>people really misreported my post as niggerpill because I said I am not buying the game. I hope that shit flops.
>all I said was I wasn't buying it <the shit that was reported was all twitter screencaps of nobody (((fandom))) accounts being used as "proof" the game is pozzed
>>628246 >I have no idea what are other anons even doing. I was sleeping. I didn't bother trying to stay up because I've never cared about Xenoblade and related games.
>>628462 Then ask for that post to be restored instead of bitching about it, but don't go around claiming half the shit deleted wasn't niggerpill posting twitter screencaps.
>>628322 >>628297 When everyone is niggerpill, no one will be.
>>628457 Mods are shit no matter what the site is Get a bad actor with no nuance fucking with something and suddenly all criticism of a game is de facto banned
>>628472 >I was sleeping Honestly that was the better choice. >>628488 >claiming half the shit Nigger fuck off. I claimed myself and one other person were lumped into getting incorrectly flagged as niggerpill. >posting twitter screencaps I still got the thread up. They fugged up with who they banned/deleted as they often do. >Then ask for that post to be restored Still waiting for them to undo the ban, but I'm not getting my hopes up.
>>628526 You just announced that you are ban evading.
(8.65 KB 260x194 laugh.jpg)

>>628632 ><"This game will save gaming!" ><"(Insert game name) got announce BAYBEH!" ><"(Insert company name) is in it' redemption arc!" When has anyone here ever posted like that other than obvious foreigners? >Mark is a shill for many companies LOL
(257.18 KB 597x303 guys ea is gud now.png)

>>628647 >company/redemption arcs Every time I see this shit I feel the urge to lynch someone.
>>628529 You act like anyone wouldn't ban evade if they knew how. It's half the reason bans are pointless (besides Acid not wanting to ban Tor).
>>628248 >>628257 https://arch.b4k.co/v/thread/603401656 >all that reasoned debate going in depth as to thy XB3 is not just a bad game, but one of the worst titles of the 2020s, detailing why the story, gameplay, and character designs are the biggest betrayal ever G-guys? You told me there were no more good posters left on halfchan!
>>628900 So go back.
>>628902 This! Reasoned discussion bad! Cutting off your nose to spite your face good!
>>628903 There's 1000 ways to not come off as an obnoxious cuckchan faggot and you're clearly not one of their quality posters.
>>628908 We're too small for any boycott to be effective, but I would like to see more movements like gamergate.
>>628862 Companies can redeem themselves, but it takes YEARS for it to occur, sometimes up to a decade or longer. However, that doesn't stop company shills trying to say "We learned out lesson, please give us money again." >>628908 >they're making the effort to boycott <Cuckchan <Where you can get b& for spoilering the latest pedowood flick >they're making the effort to boycott Go back and stay there!
>>628933 >but I would like to see more movements like gamergate. Gamergate started during a moment where all journalists where being exposed for no giving a shit about their readers, where colluding with one another to push specific politics, and all of it being censored off the net in a manner that was obvious to everyone. However, very shortly, it progressed into how Progressive influences were invading vidya and other media either through government funded programs or by people infiltrating the media itself. And, from there, things went to Hell because you had people initially involved with GamerGate who wanted to use the movement as their own personal army to create their own specific media cliques, and had ZERO interest in wanting people to improve the state of things. Fortunately, many Anons called them out, and it resulted in a mass sperging that's still going on even to this day, with the /leftypol/ admin came right out and said that the point of /ggrevolt/ was to destroy GG because they couldn't use it as their own pet politics project. In fact, go to the threads right now, and you'll see a couple of fags lambasting anyone attempting to get an OP going.
>>628982 >In fact, go to the threads right now, and you'll see a couple of fags lambasting anyone attempting to get an OP going. With good reason. Fuck everyone else, they made their bed and I'm done trying to help normalfag lemmings. I just wanna be able to stay comfy and shitpost on a site that will never go down, and engaging anywhere near the leftist fucks has proven tiresome and prone to getting my sites killed by glownigger faggotry. For once, nobody knows we're alive and are leaving us alone. Let's keep it that way, Luciano and Niggerpill are annoying enough.
>>628862 >RagingGoldenEagle I heard from others anons that guy used to browse in old 8chan's /v/, I'm not sure if that's true.
>>629787 I know he supported 8chan and anti-censorship, including defending loli freedom when most every other "anti-censorship" e-celeb decided loli was icky, dunno if he browsed though
>>629804 Niggerunkey shit on XC 2 as well because it was "sexist". I hope it flops, don't get me wrong, but only because the game is obviously censored in many ways and it was all done under the table so people wouldn't realize it.
>>629804 >>Dunkey shitting on it. Doesn't Dunkey shit on every JRPG, though? Plus he defended The Last of Us 2, so we know what he wants.
>>629807 The point is that many normalfag ecelebs are dunking on this game and in turn making it look undesirable to the normalfags. Although yes, I and so many other anons here hope it flops as well. The only people hyped for XB3 are Resetera fags.
>>629815 So why are normalfag e-celebs dunking on this game. I understand why an someone around here would do so, but why the normalfag ones as well?
(222.53 KB 350x340 1552087605.gif)

Niggerpill needs to get new material, he always just reposts the same shit for whatever the current flavor of the week is for him.
>>628900 I read through that entire thread and I didn't see any debate. Just complaining and two factions getting into a fight as to whether astroturfing was going on or not. I also don't see what the fuck all these people are going on about with the "muh censorship" as the outfit designs I've seen are in line with Xenoblade 1/chronicles and there's still plenty of skin-tight outfits and such. Can one of you blackpillers just spell it out already so we can have a proper discussion on it rather than saying "muh censorship" over and over and over without giving any specific examples?
>>629868 Did you compare the XB1 remake designs or the original Wii/3DS designs? They did censor some of the outfits for the Switch remake.
>>629868 >I read through that entire thread and I didn't see any debate. Just complaining and two factions getting into a fight as to whether astroturfing was going on or not Niggerpill loves to link pointless cuckchan and twitter shit.
>>629868 XB1C's female character designs were mostly dogshit by comparison and a lot of it'd male character designs were literal fagbait, there was basically no fanservice in it at all, And 3's is clearly worse due to the gender ambiguity of the designs along with no females having any assets worth a damn and no exposed skin at all, tight clothes work best when you actually have something to show through the tightness you retard, not to mention the dudes' outfits being tighter than the chicks >MC <feminine trap/femboy with a ponytail >grey-skinned boy <has an outfit that would look better on a girl with an actual chest >nigger Joker >all the female characters having no good assets worth a damn, ugly aesthetics, almost no exposed skin from any of them >the recruitment characters looking like literal fags or women trying to be men like Ashera, Valli, or Juniper with her baggy KH Sora-looking pants At the end of the day if you can't immediately see it having already seen 2's character designs, you're blind and retarded and not worth interacting with
(7.85 KB 311x162 index.jpg)

(182.43 KB 860x1798 seven costumes.webp)

(121.73 KB 829x1347 Sharla_Makna.webp)

(116.02 KB 1000x849 Sharla_Middle.webp)

>>629908 I tried looking for them, but most I got was about X, and something about blood being black in a few scenes, and a general "they reduced cleavage on an outfit", but without any pic to compare them. I also found the first pic on an ING message board that is no longer accessible, so I don't know if it's the same context. I played the game, and found these costumes, so I would like to see what exactly they censored.
>>629655 >Fuck everyone else, they made their bed and I'm done trying to help normalfag lemmings. Wouldn't things like alternate software to use on your computer, and/or alternate sites to watch videos on be for your own benefit as well?
>>629914 Well excuse me princess for not being a mind-reader, geez. No, I'm not very familiar with 2 so I would not have noticed stuff like that. And looking through the new trailer I don't think the new chars look bad, nobody's quite on par with pyra/mythra/pneuma but they're on par with the other members of the cast in 2 like Morag and Nia and such (or I think they are with what little I know of the game from a friend who talks about it a lot). And what's the issue with the black guy, skin color don't mean shit if he ain't acting like a nigger in the story. And hell, even niggers can have the most appealing character arc in a shit game, like Dohalim from Tales of Arise being the only redeemable char from that game and one of two or three good things about that shitpile blight on the series. (Though he acted more like any stuck-up noble earning redemption than anywhere close to a north american pavement ape). >>629917 Thinking on these outfits is another thing that has me wondering about the new game. The default designs in XB1/XBC weren't too revealing but some of the armor you'd get throughout the game was quite revealing, especially on chars like Sharla.
>>629914 The blade girl with the tanktop kinda does it for me, especially when she's just covered by what is essentially a sports bra in the desert. But that's because I like the sporty tomboy look.
>>629923 >Well excuse me princess for not being a mind-reader, geez. >And hell, even niggers can have the most appealing character arc in a shit game Get the fuck out
Man me saying I liked the way one of the girls in the game looked super triggered the retarded spic didn't it?
(3.03 MB 1280x720 ALERTA MACACO.mp4)

>>629921 >alternate software to use on your computer have you tried getting anyone not already initiated to use those long-term? They're tech-illterate and all they wanna do is browse like niggercattle and play triple-gay games reliably without shit like Wine, that's why they're using store-bought prebuilt computers with Wangblows to begin with. >alternate sites to watch videos on be for your own benefit as well? Don't get me fucking started. Somehow they're even stupider there. The very few times they decide to even leave the more-videos grazing grounds of Jewtube, they ALWAYS go to the most cuckolded and retarded "alternatives". >Bitchute, the UK-based faux-free speech where you can't even search Anne Frank anymore because they let (((Hope Not Hate))) fuck with their already-hot-garbage search engine. >Odysee, the """"""""decentralized""""""" app where you have to pay their shitty proprietary crypto token bullshit if you want to post any videos, and to even get their crypto shit you have to verify yourself on (((Dicksword))), just read this: https://archive.ph/Bbfke >Back in 2019 when there was a scare about Jewtube passing the buck on their COPPA violations, there was an "exodus" of animators to a site called Vlare. They stayed there for all of 2 weeks until Jewtube clarified all they were gonna do is disable comments on videos their bots called "kid-friendly", then they came running back because they're sellouts terminally in-need of attention and unwilling to grow a new audience on a new site. Two years later Vlare died, having paid money for bigger servers for their new audience only for them to betray and abandon them. Fuck them. They're slaves who want to be slaves and no one who's offering them alternatives knows what they're doing (Voat, name-any-search-engine), are grifting (Bitchute, Gab.ai, Parlor, CuckCuckGo, that one shitty Reddit wannabe, the list goes on) or just cannot sustain the number of people Jewgle does with its government kickbacks (Vlare).
>>630095 >The very few times they decide to even leave the more-videos grazing grounds of Jewtube, they ALWAYS go to the most cuckolded and retarded "alternatives". The most recommended sites for posting videos on are Rumble, Veoh, and Vidlii.
>>630102 You're missing my point. It's not about "what's best", and it's about "they don't care to use alternatives for any long period of time, and the few times they do it's for something their favorite e-celeb was paid to say was good as controlled opposition". That was why I brought up the example of Vlare.
>>630125 >they don't care to use alternatives for any long period of time That's because, you idiots, moan and groan about how it's "pointless" to fight the system like the niggerpills that you are. FUCK OFF!!!
>>630137 Oh don't you fucking start with that thought-terminating boogeyman bullshit. The only one spamming hysterical redtext like him is you.
>>630156 "You try to shut us down, and it would be like blowing on a dandelion, all you're gonna do is spread the seeds" -Jim Watkins
>>630211 He may be a pigfucker and bred mark real good for a few months, but his quote was right on the money. If 8chan wasn't shut down and turned into 8kun, we wouldn't have the myriad of websites on the webring and of course, our dearest moe.
>>630215 I wonder how many have feminine benises
>>628647 >When has anyone here ever posted like that In the Dragon's Dogma 2 thread, all the time, for example.
>>629821 One of the reasons might be the fact that Elon Musk reinstated previously banned accounts from right-wing normalfags while also banning fake accounts from leftards, which showed to everyone how small the leftards are in number. E-$elebs only care about money, and as soon as they saw the real numbers, they changed sides.
>>630213 >>630213 >If 8chan wasn't shut down and turned into 8kun, we wouldn't have the myriad of websites on the webring and of course, our dearest moe. On the flip side of the coin, we'd be united with an active userbase if 8chan hadn't died. For the past 2 years since everyone exodus'd that Qboomer hellhole have been slow enough that consistently there are complaints about how dead boards are (you only need look at how the spics from hispachan have flooded out legacy boars like /co/ or and even overtook /v/). I wouldn't call this ideal circumstance for anyone from >our diaspora. But all I wanted was the world to fuck off, so if that means shitposting with the same barely-90 /v/ anons so be it.
>>630445 >we'd be united with an active userbase if 8chan hadn't died. The only difference would be that instead of having to click over to three different sites, you'd have just the one. Even when 8chan was alive there was a lot of people who stuck to "their board", not to mention you already had divisions like the multiple /pol/ splinter boards, the /a/ & /animu/ divide, etc.
>>630447 True, but you're discounting the effect of our dropoff of anons who weren't paying attention when Cuckflare killed the place and Jim was hauled off to congress to plot his rebrand abortion. Though admittedly, /pol/ was in a state of living-death in that there were too many that valued the legacy name/activity to abandon it, but ever since Codemonkey ousted Kampfy it was in terminal decline in terms of quality--kind of a failed example of "just make your own board" in that sense.
(49.03 KB 750x738 Kermit Slap.jpg)

>>630502 I thought it was fucking hilarious how C!OdeMonkey was perma-banned from /pol/ by imkikey, only for ron to chimp out and tear that turkish jew a new asshole by revoking BO status from him. It really felt like I saw a man get pimp slapped over the internet, rons been reading his books. I wish I could've fucked ron.
>>630504 It was the only way in the face of a complacent userbase of a site-defining board and I'll respect that, but don't sing Ron's praises. Remember what he put us through. https://archive.ph/T3UmJ#16923828
So Konami's "indie connect" is today, right?
>>630514 Corporate indie branch is the most greedy "give us money for a name" retardation that this industry created so far.
>>629969 >The blade girl with the tanktop kinda does it for me, You mean the character who literally derails the plot for the sake of a "MEN BAD ME STRONK INDEPENDENT WOMXN" dogshit?
>>626034 If their /co/ is so bad, why hasn't the average anon left for another /co/? Like we have one here and it's okay. >>626038 No, Nintendo makes mediocre games most of the time and the one time they make an exceptional game everyone tries to copy it, including themselves.
>>631018 If it flops, will Nintendo and the devs know why? Will they know its because of the censorship?
>>631045 I don't think its gonna flop per se, because it's a Switch game and a Nintendo-published game, those 2 facts alone pretty much guarantee a decent chunk of sales since everything on the Switch sells like hotcakes It probably will sell less than 2 though (though you never know, 2's success might increase 3 sales because a lot of people dont pay too much attention to detailed marketing before buying a game) Ninty will only know if people actually complain about it to them directly though
>>631049 Should I send my complaints to the devs or nintendo? Which one will get to the right ears? I am concerned about the series' future as you can tell.
>>631054 Send it to both in Japan, NoA will filter out and ignore the material or have it written off as "Le Ebil Wacists".
>>631054 Nintendo of Japan is the better option, but sending it to the devs is fine too. Can't hurt to send it to both.
>>626438 Ive seen some switch games on 1337x or is torrenting switch games a bad idea some how?
(3.55 MB 480x360 here lies blackpill.webm)

(80.31 KB 468x372 obscenely smug gobumi.png)

>he hops to another (1) immediately outing himself
(195.88 KB 1447x1112 NIGGERPILL GOOD JOB.png)

(789.81 KB 1366x1611 Blackpill.jpg)

>>631117 How is it so hard for you not to blow your cover every single time? How are you this bad at your job?
>>631119 They aren't sending their best.
>>630210 Is that a real quote from him? Do you have a source? If so, it proves literally everything I said about the site from the moment he took power and we started to see our userbase dwindle. I fucking KNEW that he did it solely to keep us from uniting and moving as one body to somewhere else. Make them THINK they're still free and that everything is organic while little by little destroying the place and making people leave one at a time rather than all at once. They learn from their mistakes. I got called a shill for exposing this shit, but it's fucking exactly what happened to the original.
>>630939 Reminder that cuckchan was completely co-opted by paid ZOG operatives in 2014, which is why any of these alternative websites even exist in the first place and you will never fool us into believing that they are good ever again.
>>631120 the fucker truly is the pics related of shills
>>631131 >normalfags are not conservatives are you sure its not time for you to dilate yet?
(789.81 KB 1366x1611 LucianoNiggerpill1.jpg)

(1.22 MB 1960x2000 LucianoNiggerpill.jpg)

Reminder Luciano (the guy sperging about Xenblade and posting screencaps of his own cuckchan posts he pretends are other people) is also the guy niggerpilling up there. They are the same person. It isn't a raid. It's a one man autism show, like always.
Shit was the Konami thing on today? How was it?
>>631161 Apparently it's at least 8 hours from now.
>>631162 You might be right as I can't find anything on it, but it it starts at 11AM JST, wouldn't that have been almost 16 hours ago?
>>631167 I think Japan's still on the 25th of june right now.
>>631168 No, it's tomorrow there.
>>631168 Japan is ahead of us, it's currently the 27th of June over there. I think we missed the event like we did last year. Fucking time zones. As far as I can tell there was no stream for it or anything, it looks like IGC is more of a trade show/expo for people to try out games, kind of like PAX.
>>631169 >>631170 Oh, in which case I'm okay with that. Knowing Konami they would have found a way to shit up indie games.
Did it start yet?

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