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TMNT Shredder's revenge thread Anonymous 06/16/2022 (Thu) 17:46:06 Id: 589643 No. 624468
Are you niggers playing it? i had to stop because my thumb hurts. >favourite character? >favourite stage? >did you unlock casey yet? >april or irma?
>>624468 I didn't even know this was a thing. Thank you very much.
I will have to check for torrents later.
I'm finishing up some games but I'll get to it this weekend
>>624480 Yeah it came out today.
I thought there would be a good chance that I would enjoy this game, but it honestly exceeded my expectations. It really is good. >favourite character? Donatello. I know he's a favorite on IBs when it comes to the turtles, but he really is the best character in the game, maybe tied with Casey. >favourite stage? Maybe the mall or one of the space stages. Seeing Foot ninjas working the food court and playing in the arcade is funny to see. The sky level has the best music, however. Also, I'm annoyed that they felt the need to include not one, but TWO nigger tracks in the game. >did you unlock casey yet? Yes. >april or irma? April. Gotta give credit to the devs for going with sexy comic book April, rather than some manish-looking, SJW-approved garbage. All in all, I've really enjoyed it. It's mechanically sound, feels good to play, looks great, and can be easy to get lost in for hours at a time. I like how they handled online as well, you're basically free to jump in wherever, whenever, and get straight to the action. I think I spent about 7 hours on this game so far. Definitely worth playing for anyone who may be on the fence about it.
>>624881 I like mutants over broadway though, its so catchy.
>>624884 Mutants over Broadway is actually pretty decent, I grant you. I'm really more annoyed that they put a rap track in for the first Shredder battle. Rap never sells the tension of a decisive final battle.
(9.46 MB 1280x720 Libera Me from Hell.mp4)

>>624896 >Rap never sells the tension of a decisive final battle. wrong, its possible at least though I'll admit most of the time its shit
>>624904 I know music is subjective, so I'm somewhat hesitant to make this post, but I don't believe you presented a very good example. For one thing, it's easy to tell that English is not that rapper's first language. I'm sure he speaks it well enough, but attempting to rap in a language that you're not fluent in is inevitably going to interfere with the flow of the lyrics. Granted, it wasn't a major issue, but it was noticeable if you listen closely. Secondly, and more importantly, this song demonstrates pretty handily just how antithetical classical/opera music is to rap or hip-hop. The songs don't seem to mesh well at all. The first half of the track sounds like someone is switching back and forth between two separate tracks, while the second half sounds someone is rudely playing a rap song in the audience of an opera show. At no point do these two styles seem to fully meld or compliment each other. It's probably as good a mix as anyone could do of the two genres, but it still sounds a bit clumsy and awkward, due to just how different the two genres are. It's fine if you personally enjoy it, but I fail to see how this is an appropriate track for a 'final showdown' scenario, or any battle for that matter.
(65.21 KB 1024x768 Bonta-kun.jpg)

>>624468 >>did you unlock casey yet? GOONGALA!
>>624913 The thing is rap represents the desire for liberty, the defiance of the autism of the anti-spiral, who are represented with the classical orchestra. They don't mesh well, and that's the Grace, same with the Back and forth, it represents the clases between humanity and the anti-spirals, and that's why the song it's like that Withouth the context, sounds a Little bit strange, but cool, and with the context, sells fucking well the idea of the final Clash
>>624916 Clashes* Sorry for the typo
>>624916 >>624917 That makes sense. You're right about it working better with the context, sounds a bit off otherwise. At any rate, I still wish they chose a different track for the Shredder battle, but I can live with it.
Though one thing that was disappointing about Mutants over Broadway was that the beginning sounded like it was going to be eurobeat, which sounded like it would've been fantastic with the track rhythm and style, but the music is still good Really I'm listening to the OST and I'm shocked, because it has that special, rare trait where it sounds like the people who made the music actually had fun making it, you can hear it in their style and the solos/portions where the music goes a million miles a second with the instruments going absolutely wild. One such portion is Jaw-Breaking News at around 45-ish seconds (really its all good and builds up to that point well, but it just goes wild and nonstop from then on) And the Big Apple at around 40 seconds and 1:30 >>624913 anon, no offense, but I'm going to discount your taste for any further posts and assume you are either just a newfag or someone with utterly shit taste. You might as well have trashed the theme of /v/ and also have no understanding of anything related to that song. If it weren't for the fact that you try in your analysis to explain your position, I would've assumed this was just bait. The point of the track (aside from its very special context within the work it came from) was literally to have a clash between the two opposing themes and even downright genres of music in a glorious, slightly chaotic, yet strangely harmonious conflict in an utterly unique way, that's the fucking point, yet you somehow missed it. Go watch Gurren Lagann, lurk more, and stop being a faggot sometime in the near future.
"Remember that time I became a giant?" Gee, Irma, how could I possibly forget.
>>624919 >Really I'm listening to the OST and I'm shocked, because it has that special, rare trait where it sounds like the people who made the music actually had fun making it >composer is Tee Lopes Wait a minute, that name rings a bell. >PagodaWest composer >did Sonic Mania's OST >has a YT channel where he did remixes of vidya themes for years before he broke in Everything in your commentary makes sense when you do the research. >>624896 >Rap never sells the tension of a decisive final battle. Hilariously wrong. Somebody has never played Max Anarchy. JP musicians make the original rappers grovel at how their culture is being "appropriated."
(38.45 KB 500x917 Anita Approved.webp)

>>624881 > rather than some manish-looking, SJW-approved garbage. Yeah... I mean, who would be stupid enough to turn one of the most iconic characters of the 90's and try to say that she wasn't complete until she was a stronk black (probably lesbian) of color who don't need no turtles. >>624468 >Character Donatello, because I like Spears/Bo Staffs as weapons - but in this game, Leonardo seems to be a bit OP for what's supposed to be an all-rounder. >Stage Probably Return to the Technodrome, not because it does anything special, but it was a nice callback to fucking it up in the arcade version. >Unlock Casey Yes >April or Irma April If anybody has some top tier lewds of Irma, I'm open to reconsidering.
>>624958 >worst April >webp It's like pottery.
Why does splinter resemble a rat more than the turtles resemble turtles?

(139.72 KB 600x405 9.jpg)

(13.02 KB 400x307 14715.jpg)

>>624984 I guess because it's harder to make reptiles friendly looking and "realistic" at the same time.
(369.79 KB 900x1277 slayers.jpg)

In this game April O'Neal is voiced by Veronica Taylor, who voiced Ash Ketchum in the Pokemon series when it was still good, and also voiced Amelia in Slayers. April also uses Cammy and R. Mika attacks as an "homage" (AKA they fucked traced it) so there's that too, and fills the role of the speedy brawler which makes her good for grappling and terrible for bosses.
>>624997 >(AKA they fucked traced it) Shut the fuck up, you and that retarded video. Capcom didn't create jumping kicks or buttslams.
I actually got Tee Lopes to do some music for my game. Now that he's really high profile and making music for Sonic and Ninja Turtles with literal celebrities like the lead singer of Faith No More and the honest to god motherfucking Wu Tang Clan I pretty much have no hopes of ever getting him to finish this soundtrack. But at least I'll always have the tracks he made. He's a really sweet guy, I had fun talking to him.
>>625007 >gigadev got the sonic mania guy as a composer didn't expect that, gives me some hope for your game, though you should aim to get it done in a timely manner if possible (i.e. aim for 3-4 years after you properly start development). Is it going to be 2D or 3D? good music, but it sounds like main menu/character select music rather than a character's theme. who knows, maybe he'll finish the OST for you though, here's hoping
(63.05 KB 800x800 ice cream.jpg)

>>625007 NEVER EVER.
>>625013 How can every day be a nightmare when April's ass is a dream? they had to know exactly what they were doing and I love them for it, I bet every April player will be inherently moving upwards on the screen.
>>624998 >buttslams. >>624997 >April also uses Cammy and R. Mika attacks >>625014 >April's ass is a dream? I want proof of these outrageous claims.
>>625026 I'm referring to this dumb, probably parody video. As for april's ass, well all you have to do it just play it and move up as April.
(88.21 KB 668x1024 April TMNT.jpg)

What makes Power Level go up? Progression system seems arbitrary
(610.01 KB 889x1200 irma.png)

>>624958 >If anybody has some top tier lewds of Irma, I'm open to reconsidering. This was the best I could find. It's a shame really, I think she has a lot of potential. Her design is basically just non-furry Jeanette Miller, which could be great. I'm always a fan of not jacking off to furry art. Mousey girls with glasses are the best, especially when they're not actual mice. Or hardcore leftists. I feel like that's a simple fetish that I shouldn't have to turn to internet pornography for, but here we are.
>>625060 Combos or using taunts, take into account you can abuse the system and spam taunts when you clear the screen to get full power before every wave. >>625073 I just like dork girls.
>>625079 >you can abuse the system and spam taunts when you clear the screen You can't actually, only works when an enemy is present.
>>625086 Anon, ive been doing it.
>>625091 Probably a bug the, I've tried it and it doesn't work unless there's an enemy on screen.
(2.44 MB 1080x1440 april practices journalism.jpg)

>>625055 those sprites dont even look remotely the same. They way you guys were talking made it seem like they gave april a dumptruck ass.
(78.07 KB 801x961 Anon shiggy.png)

>>625094 >Still hasn't drawn Noa from Patlabor
>>625092 Maybe it only works in story mode? Im saving arcade for when the faggots of my friends have a free day.
(167.07 KB 966x518 Alphonse approves.jpg)

>>625095 >Noa >not the Patlabors themselves Don't tell me they aren't the cutest things
>>625095 >>625101 Is there a watching/reading guide to patlabor? Ive seen clips on it and looks exactly like my kind of mecha content, where the mechs are machines instead of magical metal people that fly around and are gracefull like gundam.
>>625102 it's all pretty self contained except the second OVA series is a sequel to the TV show. It's all worth watching imo but bear in mind the TV show is mostly goofy slice of life comedy, if you want plot watch the movies.
>>625098 Doing Story mode as well Weird >>625101 >Lewding Labors Disgusting
>>625133 Yeah i just checked, i was in the museum level trying to get the air attacks achievement things and i can still taunt between screens to fill the meter back up.
>>625136 Maybe it's unlocked after a certain power level
>>625138 Im currently level 9 with leo.
>>625139 Level 5 with Raph
Is the game fun?
>>625155 Very much so.
(126.62 KB 1305x900 strut.jpg)

>>625133 Hold on now, I never said anything about lewding them. I said they're cute.
(5.41 MB 1280x720 Technodrome Redux.mp4)

(420.50 KB 720x540 Divide_and_conquer.png)

I like how the abandoned Technodrome is a special little nod to the Red Sky seasons. Makes it seem like a genuine tribute to the show in it's entirety. Even if they weren't able to include everything in there, both for money/time constraints and legal reasons.
(3.73 MB 608x342 1529640893-4.gif)

>>625073 >Her design is basically just non-furry Jeanette Miller >implying The Chippettes' entire design is basically >draw a tarutaru >call it a girl chipmunk They're only "furry" in that we are taking the animators word for it that they are in fact rodents and not Mitsudomoe characters lost in time and space.
>>626316 What would you ask her, anon? >>625847 What did they miss? Even the triceratops show up to ruin your air attacks.
>>626350 The one on the left is some modern fashion shit i've seen way too much those days.
>>626350 That's a lot of panty for a kids show.
>>626379 >>626379 oh yeah, that movie... haven't watch since I was a kid so i did not pick up on any of that. I just thought the animation was really nice and fluid.
(24.30 KB 400x306 casey business.jpg)

So apart from the lack of dodge, is there any downside to casey? He seems like leonardo but faster and with the reach of donatello.
>>626669 None that I can tell. He stomps all over everything even at level 0. I'm digging going SPIDER-STING on crowds of enemies with April, though.
(2.79 MB 1024x1445 ClipboardImage.png)

(466.74 KB 600x450 ClipboardImage.png)

(344.36 KB 355x528 ClipboardImage.png)

>>625847 Maybe later they'll add more later season stuff. Like Lord Dregg, Mutagen Man and playable Miyamoto Usagi. The devs said, there's no DLC currently planned, but it's not out of the question.
>>627607 Game seems to be highly sucesfull, i hope they atleast add some alt costumes.
>>627634 I at least want the colour option back so Donatello is a nice brown-ish green while Mikey is a darker green. I think it was called the "comic colours" option in Turtles in Time.
>>627638 I played it on couch co-op with some friends and some had a hard time knowing wich turtle they were playing.
(940.52 KB 3840x2160 Comic Skins.jpeg)

(45.11 KB 352x218 Mona Lisa.png)

Looks like there's a mod that gives the turtles their comic skins. https://www.nexusmods.com/tmntshreddersrevenge/mods/18 Also Mona Lisa was found in the files.
(116.65 KB 850x529 boner.jpg)

>>627666 >Also Mona Lisa was found in the files.
(13.23 MB 4300x3300 vattletoads-blistaassnosig.png)

>>627679 Do you like amphibians, Anon?
>>624988 If I didn’t know Denver the last dinosaur existed. I would’ve thought the intro was a parody of 80s cartoons made now. Denver looks too 80s to be 80s.
>>625094 >>624468 >>624958 >Want to talk about cartoons >visit our /co/ >Ben garrison threads anchored >News that makes Disney look bad anchored >pointing out how bad American comics sales are anchored Why is /co/ always the biggest faggots in imagine boards? Given our /co/is far less faggy than Cuckchan /co/umblr but still. Our /co/ BO is an ultra homo. >
>>627708 Western culture boards are usually trash and eastern culture boards are usually good, except jp which is bad.
>>627708 >Ben Garrison thread anchored If it's the one I think you are talking about, it isn't a Ben thread, it's a "dude what heroes would gun grab lmao" thread
>>627698 What a good design for a non-human slut
(484.23 KB 1000x1537 Mona Lisa intro.jpg)

>>627666 SATAN TRIPS CHECKED >Mona Lisa not bad but her design was better in the comics.
(230.27 KB 565x358 Red thinksyour a faggot.png)

>>627754 >Mona Lisa's design was better in the comics.
>>627857 >>627754 YIFFE BEGONE
(131.44 KB 326x317 kiryu majima.jpg)

>>627754 So if one of the ninja turtles fucks Mona Lisa wouldn't that technically be bestiality since the ninja turtles originated from animals and Mona Lisa was originally human?
(315.15 KB 640x480 Mona-Lisa.png)

>>627956 >she looks like she fucks turtles
(548.55 KB 797x853 peach breathplay.png)

>>628060 >WGFT
>>628060 WGFT? Are you implying april and irma get railed by the heroes in a half-shell?
>>627712 >>627714 On the subject of western cartoons . Can someone explain how the hell a cartoon from Mexico made by Mexicans for Mexicans is now an white supremacists alt-right /pol/ boogeyman? White SJWs and trannies really hate Villianous. https://archive.ph/ZPFPT
>>628778 >cuckchan
>>628780 Not just cuckchan, cuckchan's /tv/.
>>628778 I'm guessing it's because Mexicans tend to say problematic things like calling women women and calling trannies trannies. If leftypol is shitting their pants about the creator it's probably because he said something completely normal and sane.
>>628060 what the fuck does that mean? Which girl fuck them?
>>628930 White girls fuck turtles.
(403.27 KB 539x455 Lickie.PNG)

>>628778 >cuckchan Reminder that you get banned on cuckchan/tv/ if you post movie spoilers.
>>628930 I think it comes from an old Common Filth (alt-right podcaster) meme "white girls fuck dogs", it was spammed a lot on 8/pol/ because he for some reason had a lot of fans there despite hating white people and supporting ISIS. Since then it's spread out and become a more normalfag meme you'd also see on Twitter, most of them probably don't even know where it came from.
(733.67 KB 1800x2767 8.jpg)

>>627956 >wouldn't that technically be bestiality since the ninja turtles originated from animals and Mona Lisa was originally human? Literally a plot point in the comic.
>>629044 Doesn't help when female streamers kinda prove it
>>629063 why is sans there?
(474.79 KB 450x331 gibbs slap.gif)

>>629063 This comic sucks ass and the people who made it need a hatchet in their skull.
>>629063 <shitty woke comic >cute albino loli turtle I'm conflicted by this picture. Also the Turtles should never take their masks off, holy shit.
(972.13 KB 1000x1500 rogue.jpg)

So, Xmen brawler by the same devs when? I need it for reasons.
(374.66 KB 475x296 XmenGIF.webp)

>>631158 Ive been saying the same shit since the announcement trailer.
>>631158 I want a new TMNT fighting game first.
>>629596 >>629609 A tranny wrote it
>>631285 Is it a cute tranny?
>>631285 >A tranny wrote it That's not at all surprising. I'd still like some fanart of the little shelled loli. >>631294 >a cute tranny
>>631158 Yes. Reasons.
(16.24 KB 480x360 Ross Campbell.jpg)

(44.15 KB 281x453 'Sophie' Campbell.jpg)

>>631294 >>631376 >Is it a cute tranny?
>>631508 Show the backside, his ass and balls
>>631458 Noble, pure hearted ones, I assure you.

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